The other day when I entered a public bathroom in a mall I sat down to poo. On the other stall it stunk really bad.

The other lady was grunting really hard, most of it came out like "Urgh, egh, eee, ahh,". Before I knew it I was pooping large chunks. It came out with large farts at the end of each log. And to sum it up it smelled even worse than before. I quickly finished up and left.

Thirty minutes later I started getting these cramps in my stomach so I returned to the same bathroom, and the same stall. The lady that was there before was still there but this time silent. I let out wet farts of diarrhea. I once again left.

Then once again about two hour later I had to pee. I returned to the same bathroom but out of curiosity. The lady that was there was gone, I went to her stall to see what took her so long. In the toilet there skid marks and pieces of poop.

Steve: you make me bashful! i must say however, since i've been reading this forum i'm inclined to believe that women like me who find it relieving to poop in my panties are probably not as difficult to find as you may think!

To Keith D: Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I had been holding it in, but unconsciously most of the time. I was "reminded" in MacDo's. I held it in for different reasons on Monday and around noon I dropped another load of about the same size. I don't often poo as much as that, so it's a real pleasure when I do.

And no, my friend didn't show up but she did e-mail me with a promise not to let me down next time.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost three years, and while I have no qualms about using public restrooms, he refuses to. He'll only ever use a public restroom if he's absolutely desperate. This is a story about on of those times. About two years ago, when we were in our sophmore year of school, he woke up late and had to run to catch the bus. Obviously, he had no time to pee that day. He realised that he'd forgotten o go as soon as he got to school. We had most of our classes together, except 3rd period, and I didn't realise he had to go until I met up with him after that class. We were heading to our next class, spanish, and he was walking a bit strangely. I asked him if he was okay and he insisted he was fine, he just needed to pee was all. When we sat down in class I saw him discreetly clutch his groin. All through the class he would move to hold himself when he thought I wasn't watching. When that class was over, and we were on our way to lunch I blushed and asked him if he really needed to pee that badly. Even at 15 the thought turned me on... He gasped slightly and told me he did, and that he thought he might piss his pants. All through lunch he clutched himself under the table and I rubbed my hand soothingly up and down his back. I was secretly hoping that he'd wet himself, but I didn't want him to suffer the embarresment. I finally told him that he should just go. But he insisted that we only had 2 periods left, and that he could hold it until we got to my house after school. well, he somehow managed to make it through the rest of the school day, and we got on my bus and the ride was about five minutes long. He practically hobbled off the bus when we got to my stop, but it was still a ten minute walk up a bunch of hills until we'd get to my house. By the time we were half way there, he was openly grabbing himself. Pinching his dick to stop himself from pissing his pants. Suddenly, on a dirt road near my house, he stopped and bent forward, moaning. I asked him if he was alright and he said no. He told me he was about to piss his pants, and that there was no way he was gonna make it all the way up my three flights of stairs, down the hall and into the bathroom before he lost control. So I told him to just go in his pants. He was spending the night and had a spare change of clothes, so it would be alright. He looked at me like I was nuts, and said my mother would notice if my boyfriend's pants were soaked through. I told him my mom wasn't home, and that his pants were dark anyway. I blushed furiously as I continued to say that I really wanted to see him pee. He laughed slightly before moaning and gripping himself even harder. I assured him that it was okay, and he looked at me for a minute. Then he asked me if I wanted to see him pee, or see him piss himself. I blushed harder and said I'd prefer the latter, and I could have a chance to see him pee normally anytime. He said alright and after a moment's hesitation he let go of his crotch. He stood up straight for a moment but at first nothing happened, then he moaned and I saw a dark patch start to appear around his zipper. Before long he was completely flooding his pants, and the look on his ace was of pure relief. He pissed for what must've been atleast three or four minutes. When he was done I smiled and kissed him. Then we went home so he could change. If you want to hear more stories about the two of us, tell me and I'll post them.

Dump Bud
I haven't been here with you guys for a long time but I guiltily sneak back here whenever I can and discover another load of some of the most vivid and exciting desperation tales I've found anywhere, including my own. There are so many of you to thank for the time and brain power you put into your stories, stories that grab on to me and take me to so many awesome places. There are Zip and Keith, whose tireless prowls in the field, expeditions to those sometimes exotic destinations where there's high potential that I'm gonna find who and what I'm searching after, and then you bring it all back to us with descriptive word images of people and places that make me long to have fly-on-the-wall capabilities. Guys, I'm always looking forward to your next offerings. Thanks for it all.
Then there's Greg. Our imaginations seem to be tuned in to the exact same frequency. The way you spin your brilliantly vivid desperation tales, your master craftsmanship with words, the magic of your story-telling. The way you take us literally inside the mind and bowels and bladders of our unsuspecting subjects. Guess a really love your stuff, dude. (Are you blushing yet?) Please keep it comin' and, most all have a fantastic time here, and in The Real World, too. I save and cherish each of your gifts to us.
To re-introduce myself, here's a story I wrote a long time ago. Parts of it were posted here three or four years ago. Parts will be new to this board. It's based on some of my own real life experience, and features graphic word images of what mesmerizes me and transports me to dark and wild and wonderful places. I thank in advance anybody who takes the time to read it, and I'll anxiously be waiting for your comments, criticisms, feedback, and any thoughts about anything it stirs up in you. I'll read them all carefully and intently, and will answer or comment on almost anything you ask. Feedback on my readers' reactions to my tales is the best part of posting here for me. It opens up so many great new angles on the subject front and center here. So, let's hear from you.
My story ends with a cliffhanger, just for fun (yours and mine). I think if after reading this I haven't gotten you worked up enough to come up with a couple of interesting versions of the last act, or to spin a fascinating back story, my work has been total failure, but don't worry. You can bet I'll keep trying until I get it right.
A late afternoon in March. My high school running track. Pumped up, breathin' heavy, I'd just knocked off from a couple hours of after school practice. I was a pretty good sprinter. We had all worked up a sweat on that unseasonably warm day, and with other guys on the team, I gulped from jugs of Gatorade whenever I had a break. As I was turning to leave, the coach called me over and told me about some schedule changes: we were gonna play ???? next Saturday, so be sure to... I wasn't really listening to much of what he was saying, but I strained to make an effort to look like I was paying attention, totally cool and in control and, just like always, cleverly concealing the fact that, at that very moment, every muscle of my well-trained body and all my conscious thought was at the mercy of my bloated bladder, shrieking urgently and incessantly for attention. A wave of cramps. A knife-like pain, shooting from my belly to my leaden pisshard. But, I was cool. As coach sounded like his words were trailing off, I said, Right ! See ya! I turned away, stealthily shoved my hand down the waistband of my shorts, and adjusted my snake, painfully twisted, trapped in my jock. I broke into a trot, heading in the direction of the field house. My Nikes were pounding hard on the cinder track. I was really pumpin, like I was trying to break my own record. In my head, I was already straddling the urinal, and I started to give in to the powerful but familiar urge.
Halfway to ecstasy, my teammate called my name and, suddenly yanked from my pee reverie, I looked over my shoulder and, confused, skidded to a stop. His Dad pulled up in his car, and Jim waved me over. "C'mon, we got a ride!" I started to make an excuse that I left my gym bag in the field house. I know. I know. Like, I was, well, embarrassed to reveal my wicked urge to Jim in front of his Dad. Halfway through my lame bullshit, I stopped. Jim's Dad, obviously pissed off about something, said he was late and had to get going. I mumbled "Uh, it's okay." and climbed into the back seat.
I tasted piss in my mouth. My shorts and jock felt two sizes too small. Secretly, as always, I tensed my muscles, trying to cut off what felt like a gusher. Ten minutes later, I was in a panic. Every few moments, an agonizing spasm gripped my gut, and a red-hot squirt soaked the pouch of my jock. With my fists jammed between my clenched thighs, I looked down and almost gasped. I wet stain was spreading across the crotch of my grey running shorts. My toes gripped the floor through my sweat socks and sneakers, trying like hell to hold back the flood. I just knew I was gonna explode any second.
We were passing a commercial strip, and I spotted a gas station. Through a daze of gut agony, not sure if I was making sense, I blurted out to Jim's dad that I remembered I needed to get to my brother who worked at Safeway and could he drop me... ...right HERE. Next thing I knew, I was alone at the edge of the highway, on the brink of peein myself. The air had turned cold, and my tensed bladder throbbed painfully. I frantically searched around for cover, but it was all wide open. Then I spotted the door halfway open, around back of the gas station, and the sign "MEN". I jogged toward it, praying that I'd make it to the bowl before I had a... accident. I don't know, but ever since I was I kid, I was always afraid something like this would happen. The times I'd lost it and let go in my jeans were embarrassing beyond reason. I never wanted anyone to find out. Ever. I also prayed that nobody'd be inside. I didn't want an audience when I cut loose, shamelessly, out of control, so... so vulnerable. The last few feet to the door, I began to tremble and moan.
The crapper was an 8 by 10 cell, a bowl, a sink, a rubbers dispenser. Everything was filthy. Piss on the floor, on the wall behind the bowl, on the black horseshoe seat. And the stink. You could cut it with a knife. But none of this mattered. At this point, I was insanely desperate, and this is where I was gonna shoot, no matter what. I'd slammed the door behind me, but there was no lock or latch, so it creaked open as soon as I turned toward what was now my only goal in life. I took my stance, planted my feet on either side of the bowl, as I frantically shoved down my shorts and jock, my throbbing, piss-swollen dick flopping out above the bowl. Two thick shit logs floated in yellow-brown water. Whimpering, I grunted... HARD.
A sharp, unexpected fart ripped out of my butt hole. My shit stink rose above the smoldering smells of my former comrades and I gasped. On the outside, my flat hard stomach showed a definite bulge. Inside, the sensation of explosive release, its hard to describe, except once I saw this old Superman movie where the villain causes a huge earthquake and one thing that happens is that you see the gigantic concrete Hoover Dam actually bust open and billions of gallons of Lake Mead explode out. It feels like that. Doubled. Instinctively, my thumb and forefinger clamped onto my angry, straining dickhead. I felt my piss tube quiver. I force my thing down, aiming dead center through the seat (no time to try to mask the dreaded exhibitionistic sound effects now). I inhale sharply, my toes lock clenched with the rest of my muscles. Then, with all my might, I grunt and deploy my abs to contract my obscenely distended and very vulnerable bladder. PAIN. Like someone had lobbed bowling balls at my stomach. I moaned out loud (oh god I'm glad I'm alone). My tortured dick reared up like a stallion. I panicked. Bursting out in cold sweat, I didn't know what the ???? was goin on.
(Now, it was a few years later when, after screwing up the courage to even remember that ordeal, I understood what I'd done to myself. Back in Jim's dad's car, when my dick started to shoot piss into my jockstrap, I made the move that I'd trained for in that secret boys club of Desperation All-Stars. I apply a full-body clench, straining as hard as I can, at first every couple minutes, but by now, non-stop, not daring to relax a muscle for a second. So now, I'd been in the clench mode for about fifteen minutes, strangling my heaving bladder in a heroic effort to stay dry.)
Well, I was dry, alright. Not a drop escaped. All the right muscles ignored my orders to surrender to my horrible gut agony. Now, my bladder really did feel like it was gonna bust any second - like Hoover Dam. Really panicking, I cried "C'mon, c'mon. Oh please, oh f***, I gotta pee soooo bad." From behind me, the door creaked open, and I jumped with a start. It had only been the wind this time but my racing mind was still thinking "You gotta go before... before somebody comes in". I adjusted my stance, widening my straddle and repositioned my body for the best chance of containing my imminent explosion in the bowl. Although I was already standing in dripping filth, even when I was alone I got painfully self conscious and mortified if I accidentally pissed on the floor or the wall, which was very possible in a state of extreme desperation. I shuddered thinking about it. And what if I get goin and some dude walks in on me when I can't stop and hold back? "C'monnnnn I groaned". I thought about how my older cousin felt sorry for me and coached me, that time at Yankee Stadium. "Just relax. Think about something else. Think about being somewhere else. Think about being at home, All Alone". I stared down into the bowl. Thick juicy logs and a wad of shit-smeared paper floating in panther piss. It was totally obscene, vile, nauseating. I tasted vomit, and swallowed hard. But I couldn't stop staring into the bowl. It was like mesmerized. I stared down through that filthy black seat and, in spite of my gut-agony, I couldn't help but wonder who the stud muffin was who had produced this magnificently manful shitload. I remembered my cousin Vince. I remembered the time he walked in on me coming out of the shower.
It was a hot, humid morning last June. My uncle had already gone to work. My cousin Tony was still in bed. I had just turned off the water and was going through the towels, sniffing for one that didn't smell too bad. In our all-male household, things got pretty raunchy. Through the open window, I heard tires squeal and bump the curb at the head of our driveway. Then, a car screeching to a halt. A car door slams. Then, trail boots running on pavement, pounding across the wooden porch. The screen door squeaked open. Keys jangling, crashing to the floor, then jangling again. The front door swings open and bangs against the hallway wall. Trail boots charging across the hallway. CRASH. Glass breaking. Something heavy falling to the floor. Trail boots stomping up the stairs, two at a time. Then I heard a pleading "Ah, f******!" The bathroom door got a sharp kick and flew open. BAM. Vince burst in, both hands occupied with unbuckling his heavy belt, a look of painful desperation on his contorted face. Trembling fingers fumbled to unzip. He groaned. We made eye-contact for a second, but he immediately looked away and bowed his head. He was in another world. Backing toward the bowl, he bent forward as he shoved down his jeans and jockey shorts - worn, torn, stained front and back - down below his knees. His massive pisshard popped up from his sweat-matted bush. Vince slammed down the toilet seat, as he squatted onto the bowl, his sweaty butt cheeks landing hard on the seat where I had plastered my ass to take a monster shit -alone, and in privacy- not ten minutes before. His big hand pushes his hose down into the bowl between spread thighs.
Enthroned three feet from my dripping nakedness, his body stink already overpowered the Irish Spring soap stink in the swelteringly humid bathroom. He grunted hard - twice, his twisted face reddening from the strain. Thundering farts ripped out of his butt, echoing in the bowl, filling the room with his shit stink. Right then he let out a loud groan of relief and I could hear his fierce jet of piss shooting into the bowl, splattering like a fire hose. He squeezed his eyes shut, drew in a sharp breath, and grunted even harder. He was sweating heavy, a greasy sheen covering his stubbled face.
Now I've got to tell you, my 19-year-old cousin was a hot looking pisser, hunky body, handsome face, and being right there while he was totally absorbed in unloading a volcanic crap had really turned me on. His shit and piss stink just about knocked me over, and I tried clumsily to cover my boner with the towel, scared he might notice. No way. He was too involved in his orgasmic release.
He leaned forward, both hands thrust between his spread thighs, clamping a death-grip onto the front of the toilet seat, his body head to toe strained to the extreme, in the classic "bursting a blood vessel" state. He let loose with a long, loud uhnnn-UHNNNnnn-aaAHHnnnnnn-AHHHH. His endless stream of piss shot out ever stronger, and I heard a loud PLOPP, the first big torpedo turd exploding out of his aching butt hole. Then another, "plop", and another "plop, plop", as he grunted and farted shamelessly. Intense, long spurts of piss splattered into the bowl. He inhaled sharply, and an explosion of juicy crap blasted into the steaming brew of his horsepiss. One more of his stinking ripe farts thundered in the bowl.
Finally, seeming exhausted, he collapsed and slumped back on the bowl. Regaining consciousness, he looked up at me sheepishly, suddenly and very obviously embarrassed. As he half stood up, grabbing a wad of toilet paper, he said, quietly "Man, I almost shit my f***in' pants". As he tried to wipe his shitty buttcrack, he tried to explain about who had driven him to such a gut-wrenching state of desperation. Vince and three of his buddies were driving back from a rock-climbing weekend. They had gotten a flat, and by the time they changed the tire, they were running late, and two of the guys got frantic about getting to the jobs on time, or getting canned. The last two-hundred miles, they burned rubber and avoided stopping at all costs. So then, Vince gets this powerful urge to take a dump. Actually, he had been plugged up since Friday. And then all that f***in' black coffee. As his cramps got worse, he hoped that one of his buddies' guts would overcome them too and they'd beg for a pit stop, but they didn't. Soon, he was in agony, having big problems concentrating on driving, particularly keeping anywhere close to the speed limits. He counted the miles, praying he wouldn't shit himself in front of his friends. Even though I was dried off, in a panic I continued to clutch the towel against my junk nervously trying to cover up what was my absolute worst secret for Vince to find out about me, for Vince to realize what his obscene performance was doing to me.
Lost in my remembering, I was distracted from my self-conscious attempt to pee just long enough for my sphincter muscles to quiver and relax for a nanosecond, just long enough to totally lose control, Then everything broke loose. The dam busted wide open, my heavy dick jerked up and before I could do anything about it my piss slit burst open and I shot a blast of hot dark yellow pee, a thick smelly rope arcing high over the bowl, splattering hard on the filthy tile wall behind it. At that very second the door behind me creaked and slammed open with a bang. Startled and shocked, I turned toward the door just as my initial burst of pee cranked up to a full-fledged unstoppable power piss. I was stunned to see a very young fresh-faced cop come barreling in, both his hands frantically trying to unbuckle his thick black uniform belt. The poor kid was just as startled and dismayed as I was, the rookie desperately hoping to have a couple seconds alone, searching for cover, feeling embarrassingly vulnerable as he was forced into performing this oh so private act just as much as I did but, neither of us could stop no matter what. We were both beyond the point of no return. Another split second and I heard hard splatter on my Nikes. My head jerked around to see my horse piss flooding across the floor, my sneakers, the cruddy black seat, and finally, in a panic to re-aim my wildly shooting hose, just by accident I started blasting into the bowl, the churned up water splashing up, the bowl water immediately clouded over acid yellow and foaming, generating my steaming piss fumes taking over from the heavy stink of the shithouse and flaring my nostrils. Then...
"Gasp! Urrrghhahhh...!"

A girl who hates auto-flushers
First off, my name's Bethany. i'm short, i've got brown hair and brown eyes and glasses and a little too much acne.

ok well i was in the bathroom at the mall today. i had been bursting for a poo all day and my friends had just gone home. i was glad to be able to take my time. anyways, i'm pretty short. maybe 5`2 at the most. and i was sitting there, doing my business.. sometimes i like to stretch while i'm on the toilet so i can get comfortable. so i did stretch, touching my toes. and then the toilet flushed. i was really confused like.. wtf? i didn't do anything... i thought nothing of it, sat back up, yawning, and when i let my air out, i started to pee a river. even if i wasn't done, now, i still felt like i had to wipe my *area*. so anyways, i leaned forward again, to get the toilet paper, and the toilet flushed again! i said out loud, "what the FUCK?". a woman a few stalls down, the only other person in the bathroom i think.. said 'alright there?'. 'i'm being flushed on!' i said. the woman laughed. 'automatic flushers. i'm no more used to them than you are'. i asked her why it was flushing with me on it, and she explained how they work. it's a laser sensor. when it senses that someone is not in front of it, it flushes. so apparently, when i lean forward, it flushes because it senses i've gotten off the toilet. well i haven't... careful not to set off the flusher again, i leaned foward to grab toilet paper. it flushed anyways. i shouted more useless profanity. the toilet a few stalls down flushed. 'you done? or is it doing this to you too??' i asked. she said she was done. we said our goodbyes, and i relaxed. thsi time, sucessfully grabbing toilet paper without another annoying flush, i got up to wipe myself - I ALWAYS STAND TO WIPE and it flushed again. i threw the dirty paper in before it was done flushing. why not make use of a perfectly good flush? anyways, i sat back down, and started my poo. it was a hard one, and felt a lot bigger than i thought it was when i first came in. i'll spare the more embarassing details of my grunting and straining and swearing as i pushed it out, but one thing i did do to help it coming out was stretch my legs far apart and lean down- DON'T DO THAT ON AN AUTO FLUSHER. it flushed. it did this four times as i did my poo. when it was all out, i collapsed and relaxed there for a while, reading a bit of a very good book i was reading. it flushed when i first put my head down, but that didn't bug me too much. what DID drive me out of there and never into another futuristic bathroom again, was when, even though i kept my head down and didn't move, it flushed AGAIN! i shouted more profanity. someone who had entered while i was pooing (or must have) asked if i was alright. i just grumbled: 'damn auto flushers..'
so much for saving the environment with low flows.. yeah right. we can't all sit straight as soldiers on the toilet.
i wiped, threw my tissues in the garbage, washed my hands, and left.
i will never, ever, ever use an auto flusher toilet again.

Pee Shy
Hi Alyss. You are telling an amazing story. One piss a day. If you keep that up you will have a very large stretched-out bladder that doesn't work any more. Then you will not have that 1 wizz any more, only none.

pee shy
I feel overwhelmed by the number of people on this forum who have so many different kinds of bowel/intestinal problems. I think you are not eating properly. You need a large amount of fiber and fruit each day. Then your bowels won't be prone to constipation. Going several days without moving your bowels is dangerous. E-coli builds up in the intestinal system. Eventually your intestines are overloaded with bacteria. The intestinal wall breaks down eventually. Even cancer takes hold by the time you are 40 or 50.

So eat your raisin bran for breakfast along with orange juice with pulp. Try pineapple and papaya. Eat an apple a day. Get rid of a meat and potatoes diet, no fiber at all.

I don't worry about my bowels. I can't pee away from home and am ruining my bladder by holding 9 or 10 hours at school. I wish this pee shy problem would go away. I wish it was a matter of diet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I think some of the stories on here are pretty good and I have a few of my own. I like to hold my pee for as long as possible and then unleash in a strage place. Once I was in a fairly empty parking lot at night and decided to sit in the driver seat with the door open. One leg in the car and one spread far out, I had a good long stream on the pavement. It felt so good but it took so long I thought someone might catch me. Another time I woke up really groggy in the middle of the night, I hadn't gone since my morning pee the previous day. So instead of getting up I simply took a sqaut next to the bed and let loose. It took me a good two and a half minutes to finish the job. I don't know why I liked this but ever since that night I haven't taken a whiz during the day since. That was a few months ago! I go once at night whenever I'm lieing there and can't take it anymore or wake up desperate to take a leak. Then I sqaut down and take good long leaks right on the carpet. It doesn't stain and lysol kills the smell easily. If you haven't had a good pee on the floor you don't know what you're missing.

To Asthesia
I saw your question about female police officers needing to poop:

My brother is a cop and he once told a story about a woman named officer Collier in his precinct having an accident during a standoff. He described her as a woman in her early 30s, light brown hair and slim with a kind of big round butt. they had been at a scene for about 4 hours where there was a man on PCP who had his two neighbors trapped in their house and he had a shotgun. he kept wrecking things and throwing things out the windows and kept saying he was gonna shoot them if the cops didn't leave. after a while things were calm and it was just a negotiating situation and everyone had to hold their positions, and the officer collier kept complaining about needing a toilet. about 40 minutes later there was gunfire and a shootout commenced and my bro and two other guys and the officer collier all had to take cover behind one of the cruisers and she just kept saying "oh god oh god oh god" and her partner kept telling her it was over and they were ok, to which she replied "i'm not okay i crapped my pants!!". they said it smelled awful and she had this huge bulge on her butt. she never heard the end of it. my bro said for the next couple of weeks they kept putting diapers in her locker for her and a couple people called her officer poopy. a dispatcher made up a number for "pooping your pants" i think it was like 14-2 or something i don't remember but every once in a while when there was nothing going on people would radio in "dispatch do you copy officer collier needs assistance with a's real bad" he also said someone took a cell phone pic of her butt with the load in her pants but i unfortunately have not seen it.

I was Chapters with my dad and sister last week and I had to go poo really bad. I just eaten McDonalds for dinner and I knew that was what was upsetting my stomach. Once we got to Chapters, I headed straight to the bathrooms. I took the first stall and sat down and started to pee first. Just as I was about to let loose some diarreha, a lady walks into the bathroom and takes the stall next to me. I didn't really want her to hear me having diarrhea so I just sat on the toilet waiting for her to leave. She starts to pee and I'm thinking to myself 'hurry up, I need to poo really badly.' Finally, she finishes peeing. But apparently, she wasn't just peeing. I hear this plop...plop...plop coming from her. I didn't want to sit there and wait for her to finish, so I just wiped and flushed my pee and left the bathroom. I would come back later and take my poo. So I grab a magazine and look at it with my sister. About 20 minutes or so pass and the cramps are coming back and they weren't going away. I get up and head to the bathroom again. I go in and take the last stall. I sit down, let out a wet fart and start having really bad diarrhea. I let out a sigh of relief as my first wave ends. To my surprise, I hear a wet fart come from the first stall and mushy poo falling into the toilet. Apparently, there was another woman in the stall while I was going that I didn't know was in there. So, I finish my business up. It only took about 5 minutes or so to finish and I wipe and flush.

I was watching television tonight and an ad came on for Kenny Spenny on Comedy Cenrtal. They were to challenge each other to see who would lose the most weight in 48 hours. Obviously they were going to do this with laxatives. This brings up the question has anyone ever used very powerful laxatives like the ones to prep a colon for weight loss or to see if they could control theemselves? If so, what happened? Could you hold it? If you could not, what happened?

On the topic of convenience pooping, I guess I could say I've done that a lot. Last week was probably the worst constipation I've had in about five years. I hadn't pooped all week. While I was walking around the trail at the park by our house, I felt an intense urge to poop. I knew that this was the one that had yet to come out after a week. I was about a mile from our house and there are no bathrooms at the park. The pain was just getting horrible. I knew there was no way I was going to make it home in time, and there was absolutely no bushes or trees I could go behind. I thought to myself that I could be able to make it home. But it would be an awful stretch, and it would be a close call. And the pain I was feeling would no doubt be unbearable. So I just decided to do it in my panties. I walked a little off the path and just let go. It was such a relief. I must have stood there for about 20 minutes filling my panties. I was wearing tight fitting jeans, so the bulge was comletely visible. I felt so relieved, and I also enjoyed the feeling of the poo in my panties. I walked the whole mile home with a week's worth of poo in my panties. When I got home, both my parents were there. Unfortunately, to get to the bathroom, I'd have to walk right in front of both of them, exposing my giant bulge. So I had to play it off for a half hour as if nothing had happened untill they left for work. Unfortunately, that also ment sitting down for breakfast. When they left I headed upstairs. I went t=into the bathroom. it took about 2 hours to clean up. The panties were completely destroyed, so I just threw them away. I must say, that that was probably the most relieving poo I've done in my panties ever.

I'm in my twenties...and I have a story from when I was eight.

I've always had trouble with constipation. So one time, when I was eight or so, I hadn't gone for twelve, thirteen days or so. I hadn't felt that I had to go at all, but one time, my mum gave me a laxative and later that day, when we were at a swimming pool, while I was changing into my swim suit, I felt pains through my stomach and intestines. And with my bathing suit half on, I ran to a toilet stall, not bothering to close the door (my mum did that for me, shocked that her son was sitting on the toilet openly in a family changeroom. Well I pushed and strained and my mum stood outside the door asking if I was alright. Before long, the monster poo came out. It was a foot long, three or four inches wide and I bled. Before wiping, I asked my mum to come into the stall. She did, and I jumped off the toilet with my swim suit still at my ankles, and she took a look in the toilet and lectured me on 'that's what's inside you when you don't poo for a long time'. I sat back down on the toilet and pushed for a while, squint eyed and red faced (I still feel embarrassed over this!) And another poo came out: a big ball made of smaller pieces. I cried my whole hurt so much. My mum hugged me. I stayed on the toilet for a good forty five minutes to make sure there was no more. Then I hopped off, wiped, and left. My mum laughed and said not to bother flushing. We swam for the remainder of the time. It was fun.

I used a doorless toilet stall yesterday, at K-Mart Department Store. I had to shit very badly. When I walked in all three stalls were occupied, so to give the guys a bit of privacy I waited by the sinks. While I was waiting, another fellow came in and needed a toilet also. He realized I was waiting, so he came over by the sinks to hung out with me, to wait his turn. The room really stunk from the three men who were shitting, and when I heard the first tug of toilet tissue, I started to 'get in position" I walked over towards the toilets, and one guy was wiping up, I figgured he was nearly done, and he was, so as he lifted his slacks up, I started lowering mine. (I really hadda go badly) I jumped on the bowl, and started squeezing out a fat long log. It seemed like it was sliding out for like 15 minutes. While I was sitting there, another guy started wiping, and the other fellow who was waiting came up to plate to wait for a toilet. We gave each other a half-nod and smile, and he would up sitting next to me, having explosive diahreah. We laughed a bit. I finally finished up, and wiped. When I got up, I saw I had laid was a 15 inch (estimate) log floating in the toilet bowl. I flushed, but it refused to go down. Well, my girlfriend was waiting outside, so I had to leave it there. Can you imagine the shock of the next guy who goes in to take a shit ????

today i was sitting in hallway on my campus between class reading something. i was kind of in a little alcove so iguess this girl didn't notice me, but this girl came out of her classroom for a minute or so and just ripped these two loud farts and let out a sigh of relief. she stood there for a minute then i guess she noticed me and i saw her turn bright red but didn't say anything. she went back into her classroom. it was pretty...interesting i guess i would say. but about 2 minutes later she emerged from the class again and made a mad dash for the ladies room with her hand firmly pressed against her butt. she farted loudly about 4 times on her way. she never came out of the bathroom before i had to leave. i wish there was some way i could know if she made it to the toilet or if she did a lot more than just fart in her pants. that has to be a pretty anxious moment though, being in college and having a sudden and urgent need to poop so bad that you have some uncontrollable flatulence, especially for a girl.

desperate to poop
Happy Easter all!

I had a memorable Easter dump this weekend. My G/F and I visited some friends on FRiday and stayed over. We decided to go for a nice walk in the park on the Sat having had a lovely meal cooked by our friend and several bottles of red wine.

I had been farting away all morning but had not felt the need to poop. There were four of us and we enjoyed a leisurely walk round around the park which was very scenic and had a river running alongside. We stopped off a cafe and had a coffee and a cake and the continued our walk. Shortly after the cafe stop our friend confided she was building up the urge to use the toilet and I was also feeling the need to go to and said I agreed. Our friend knew where there toilets were so we continued on our walk in the direction of the ladies. It tooks us five minutes to get to the toilets as they were over the other side of the park.

The toilets were quite an old fashioned style building and there was Ivy running along the outside of the building. The other two including my G/F had gone in the cafe (I just didn't feel the need) and so the two of us heading in. There was a pink mountain bike chained to the outside of the building one one of the railings so I guessed somebody was already using the ladies. Sure enough I was right. We went inside and there were two cucibles one of which was taken and you could see a pair of trainers and some cycling shorts right down to the ankles. The other toilet was free but didn't look in the best of condition and had some crusty pooh on the rim. My friend Janice was quite desperate by know so I let her go first. She was hopping a bit whilst she cleaned the toilet and then locked the door and proceeded to get on with her business. She quickly pulled her jeans down nested on the toilet and then let quite a fart out. She then proceeded to drop quick turdlets with some oohs and ahhs. The lady that was already in the cucible was also pooping as you could tell by the smell when we walked in. She was having some wet farts and sloppy shits with some sighs inbetween.

After about 5 minutes both cucibles were still in use and I was beginning to get a little more desperate now as the coffee and last nights red wine began to have effect. I wasn't mega desperate yet. Janice was still plopping away and didn't seem to be finishing soon. The other lady started to wipe but then gave another splattering to the pan as some more poop came out. Finally a few mintues later she finished wiped up and flushed. She was in her 30's with Auburn here and look relieved when she came out. I pulled down cargo pants and nestled my bum on the warm seat ready for my own business. A few loud farts and I began to drop a nice big log. Janice perked up bet your glad to finally get to go! I said sure thing and said you don't seem anywhere near finished. She laughed and said no she had a few days backed up! We continued to shit for a further five minutes. Finally Janice was finished and wiped up and said see you in a bit. I was almost finished but needed another 3 minutes to get my final log out before I wiped up, flushed and left.

Happy pooping all

C in FLA
A request for stories about female police officers took me back to a well-publicized news story from about 15 years ago. There was a huge weather related blackout, and every available officer was dispatched to traffic duty. Sometime that evening, a female officer requested that someone be sent to her intersection to relieve her. The response from dispatch was that no one is available, all breaks are cancelled, and she must not leave until permitted, even beyond the end of her shift. When she urgently repeated this request a bit later, it is alleged that she was told to 'just pee in the gutter like everyone else'
Unfortunately for her, the issue was not whether she could hold her pee and/or poop in indefinitely, but that she was having her period, and once that could no longer be ignored, she simply had to leave and take care of it.
Why is her humiliation public knowledge? Because her bosses actually had the unmitigated gall to dock her half a day's pay for leaving her post unattended! Once she filed a grievance, all the local media ran story after story embarassing the people in charge until they reinstated her pay and issued their own red-faced apology.

Doris: Barbara Billingsley never farted, let alone drop a deuce

pee girl
hello my name is debby
this is my pee survey....please answer
*do you always use toilet paper after pissing? no
*Do you always wash your hands after pissing? If there is a sink, but
a lot of the time there isin't because I pee outside alot
*Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed? not for a while
*Has you ever pissed other places than the bathroom in your home? all the time
*What was the worst condition of a toliet or urinal that you last used? The toilet was gone and there was only a hole in the floor to pee into.
2)age: 16
3)sex: Male
4)Have you pissed in a bottle in your bedroom,computer room?
Yes, and I flled the botttle up th the brim with pee
5)How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on
purpose? Never
6)Do you wet the bed on purpose (explain)? never
7)Have you pissed in a doctors office while the doctor was checking you out? never
8)do you ever pee on the floor on purpose(explain)? Yes if there is no where else to go and I have to pee realy badly
9)Do you pee on the floor when you're in the changing room? Sometimes
10)If you pee on the floor when in the changing room, how did you do it(explain)? I just pull out my penis and pee right on the floor
11)Have you ever pee in the sink? Lots of times
12)Do you wipe when you pee? no
13)If you were at your friend's house sleeping while he wets his bed, what would you do(explain)? Nothing
14)If your friend were at your house sleeping while he wets your bed, what would you do(explain)? Get my parents and clean it up
15)Do you ever pee your pants on purpose(explain)? no
16)do you like the feeling of wet panty? no
17)do you change your wet panties or do you remain with wet panty for a lot of time(explain)? I change them

To answer your question, YES there has been one person in my life I feel really comfortable in front of and ALL others not at all. I had a girlfriend once long ago that I had terrible constipation in front of. We were away on a vacation and I hadn't gone in a week. When I finally got the urge I excused myself to the bathroom in our hotel room. When I'd been in there straining for twenty minutes or so she knocked at the door and asked to come in. She knew I'd been constipated because I'd mentioned it a couple of times to see what she'd say. She hadn't made much of a deal about it but said she'd been there and knew how I felt. She came in with a jar of vaseline and asked if I'd let her help. I felt so bad that I'd of let her do anything. She proceeded to put her fingers in me and dig it out while I continued to gurt and strain. After that we both watched each other on the toilet many times...she really the ONLY person at has seen me poop.-- JW

I just thought I'd point out that this site is a legend in its own right. It's been going on for twelve, thirteen years now? And still gets endless posts. I admire the creators.

To Lester:

I never flush the toilet while I'm pooping. I don't usually have big poops, so I see no reason to flush mid-crap. As for going to the bathroom, I don't care where I am, I'll just go to the nearest toilet and use it. Women aren't anything special - we burp, fart, and crap just like men. I mean, I prefer to poop at home, but you don't always have that luxury. Like you said, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I find that even if I don't need to pee at all and just feel the urge to poop, I'll still pee a little before I begin pooping. I think it has something to do with concentrating more effort on your butt muscles so you neglect to hold in the pee, or something like that.

Mark-I'm with you. When I'm in a doorless stall/open toilet situation, I also have my pants and briefs down at my ankles. It is much more comfortable that way. I also wipe from between my legs so it allows for easy access as well. I started wiping from between my legs when I walked in on a guy at a Shell gas station restroom who was in an open toilet situation. Blonde guy, probably mid 20's. He was on the can with his pants and briefs down around his ankles, knees spread apart, he was lifting his "junk" out of the way with his left hand and wiping with his right.

The only thing I may change is when I stand for the last 2 or 3 wipes. If there is someone standing in front of my stall waiting for the toilet, then I'll wipe while still seated.

To Kayla,

A highly educated woman who chooses to soil her pants instead of endure the discomfort is a rare find. If you married me, you would not have to stop. Not on my account anyway.

Keith D
Congratulations Laura, may you have many happy years together.

To Linda from Australia: Yeah, why is it that when a poop gets dry and hard, it gets so much harder to push out? You'd think it would be easier to push against something hard. And your hole has to stretch wide anyway. And when I do finally manage to squeeze a tough one out it seems small, compared to a regular soft log anyway. I read that one of the functions of the lower bowel is to reabsorb moisture from the food mass as it passes through. Does this mean that the longer it sits in your rectum, the more it dries out? Does being dry mean that it has less lubrication to help it slip out? I guess that skin around the butthole is fairly rubbery and grippy lol! Anyway Linda thanks for sharing your trials. I'll have to post some more of my own constipation stories. Sometimes I just wish that I could give in and try the easy way out. Like some of the laxative or manual stimulation methods that people on here describe. Ken carpet cleaner: that certainly sounded like an effective solution!

To Mark: Yeah, in doorless stalls you might as well go with pants all the way down. If you don't people will stare all the more. It's as if they think you're trying to hide something.

To Emmi: that was a pretty impressive load, had you been holding it long? I hope your friend shows up eventually... Yeah, the facilities at Macca's are great.

To the anonymous poster: hmmm... I'm not sure that holding your pee in will actually make your bladder larger. It may increase your tolerance for holding but it can be unhealthy. I've read that it can really damage your plumbing, so to speak, although it is worse for males with the prostate, etc. I can go for a few days without peeing but I'm sure I will probably pay for it later in life and wind up an incontinent old man! By the way, I think many people feel like a small child when in the toilet. Weird isn't it? Is it because we're all alone in there? And yeah, it can be difficult to tell your friends when you need to go. I find it hard anyway and yes it is more difficult with members of the opposite sex. But sometimes I just tell them anyway. Especially if it's a good friend that I like to tease and try to gross them out with a graphic description. And I've got a few female friends who manage to blurt out when they need to go to the toilet and if done with style can be made to sound almost sweet. You assume that guys think that when a girl says she needs to go to the toilet it is something sexual? I guess that might be true for some guys some of the time. A mention of the toilet often gets most people thinking momentarily about private parts. But then again, most guys think about sexual things a lot anyway so I don't think you'd really be starting anything by advertising your need to go. Anyway, I've found that describing some of my experiences on this forum has helped me out a lot and it might be worth a try for you. If you do, you should finally get yourself a name too!

I've loved the recent stories about people pooping while standing. I've done it but it feels weird and I can only manage it when there is a really strong urge to poop. Could someone describe the process a bit more?

long time lurker
kayla - please elaborate on pooping your pants for convenience. Is it very messy and what do you do to clean up? Do you clean up as soon as you get home or do you wait around for a while. Also, how much do you poop? Do other people ever notice?

to the "my accidental wife" guy. I'd love to hear more about your wife's accidents.


peepee poopoo guy
hi. im a long time luker here but never posted anything. im also 14,just starting puberty, and hace a very good school life.(the girls call me hottie etc.)it is still cold where i live so i really bundel up alot. today i wore 2 pair of under ware.1 was briefs and the other was tidywiteys. sinc it was kinda nice i decided to walk home after skool. so i started off on my 9 km walk home.about half way i very suddenly had a huge urge to go both poo and pee. i ignored it until i had to go so bad ilet a bit of poo out in my pants. it was diahhreah.
:( i was 10 minets from home when it just started coming out. i tried to stop it but that just made me pee my pants too. then i gave up. i was mad at my self so i pushed the rest fo it out. i peed for about 2 whole went all the way down to my knees. i got home and my parents werent back yet but my friend was there instead. ****. i got there and he asked if i had had an accedent.****. isaid yes cause he was my best friend. then he surprised me so much by pooping and peeing his pants too. i asked him why he did that and he said he does it all the time and it makes him bad. so we went into the house and cleaned ourselves up. then we played video games untill my parents got home. after that he said good bye and smiled. i am so thankful to him for doing that for me.
bye for now!

-peepee poopoo guy-

benji pooper
Hey its ben here, so i will get right to it.

Me and my baby jessica are at the mall buying a tv for the apartment we just got. and i feel a huge urge to poop. and you know when u get that feeling that you really need to poop, but you just don't feel like stopping what you're doin. Well we are looking at some 50 inch tv's and i got such a big urge i thought i was gonna poop my pants. so i rush to the mens bathroom and jump on the toilet. I had not gone for about 8 days. So i sat there for about 25 minutes. and i pooped out about 30 inches of poop all togethe. I have to go to bed. Jessica is waiting. She did a huge poop the other day, i will tell you guys about it later. Me and jessica are gonna have some fun. Bye all. Have fun.

to Kayla...............

I'm glad someone replied to my "convenience pooping" post. I usually have to shit in the mornings. For instance this morning I got up about 7 am had some juice then went out onot the back porch for a smoke and to listen to the birds. I walked to the edge of the porch, pulled the crotch of my panties tone side and had a gusher of a piss. I really enjoy that first piss of the day. As I was nearing the end I could feel this half baked fart starting up , so I pushed and this squeaky fart cmae out. I tried again, not only did I succeed in making a louder fart but I brought forward my need to shit. Luckily my porch is wel hidden from prying eyes and being in a semi rural area makes privacy good.I took my hands away from my crotch then sat in the old wooden rocker and lit a smoke.I then lifted the right cheek of my arse and shit in my panties. Why spoil a lovely morning listening to the birds, I just sat in my poopy panties finished my smoke then went and made a coffee and sat back outside again. About 45 mins later I cleaned up,trouble is being so hairy does have its drawbacks,cleanups take awhile though.

The other day I was talking to my neighbour, she'd just dropped in to return something and we were chatting in the drive. Now this was about 11 am, I'd been holding a shit back for a little while. I'd known Pam for about 18 months and we are pretty close friends. so I said I'm sorry Pam but I'm gonna have to fart,which was true. I shifted my legs slightly apart and let out this bubbly stinker,Pam said was that all that came out. This fart really brought on the urge to shit and I was all of a sudden desperate. Now we were in the middle of a good discussion. I wasn't sure what her reation would be if I shit in my panties while we were talking , so I clamped the cheeks of my arse tight. That helped a little but the feeling of urgency did not go away, not to mention I let out another sbd, Pam giggled a little and said I think Susie you need to have a shit that's if you haven't already done it. By that time I'd subconsciously crossed my legs as well, so I think she'd picked up that I was holding onto sometihng.

We continued to chat for about 10 minutes or so and in that time I uncrossed my legs and crossed them the othere way.Then I let out another sbd which was real stinker,which also forced me to clench my cheeks tighter. By this time I knew if I didn't leave and go have a shit I would have a real accident.I could feel the turtle's head begin to emerge. Then Pam said something which really surprised me.She said ,Susie why don't you go and have a shit I can tell you are desperate,then we can have a coffee. I said good idea I'm busting but I've got to a stage where if I move I'll shit in my panties. Pam then said why don't you do what I do and I said what's that. She said if she's really busting she just shits herself. You don't know how relieved I was to hear her say that. I spread my legs slightly and just let nature takes its course,the first log was very solid, I aasume about 6 inches long, followed by another 8 inches long thhis was followed by a loud fart.
Did I feel better,lighter and not so bloated. Pam put her hands on my shoulders and turned me around gently. MMMMMMMMM she said, you have quite a bulge must have been hanging onto that for awhile,looks quite solid as well.We walked into the house and I made coffe for us, then we sat on the back porch. When I sat down I felt like I was sitting on a grapefruit. I asked her how often she shites in her panties, she about 3 times a week..... ya could have knocked my sox off. Then she told me the last time she was over here and brought me some plants as she was walking out the drive and we were saying goodbye she pooped in her panties.I prefer to shit in my panties than to hold it for too long she said.

So it appears there are a few of us around who do shit our pants just out of convenience, I'm looking forward to getting to know her in different way.

Love Susiexxxxx

Linda from Australia here again. I just dropped a nice load and it only took about 5 minutes to squeeze out. It felt so good to do a poo because I only managed to get a small one out this morning. A few days ago, I was out shopping and went to a public toilet for a wee (BTW, I have no problems doing poos in public toilets) Someone in the toilet next to me was doing a poo. I heard a plop before I did my wee and another one when I had finished. As I wiped my butt, I heard another plop. The person was still going when I walked out of there.

To Keith D: Have you ever heard someone doing a poo in a public toilet? Did it sound like they were having trouble and did they grunt and groan? Have you ever pushed out a difficult load in a public toilet? Or at a friend's place?

I can remember having constipation when I first started high school, as I mentioned before. At the boarding school I went to, we only had a few toilet blocks, with 5 or 6 toilets in each. There were always other people in there whenever I went so I felt quite uncomfortable doing poos. I often chose the toilet right up the end. I also had lots of trouble completing my dumps so I would end up with half a log still stuck in my butt. I can remember going to school feeling very uncomfortable with dry, rock hard turds in me. I didn't like people hearing me go because of the smell of my poos and the amount of time I spent in the toilet.

When you were a kid and constipated, did you ever try and hide it from your parents? I hated telling my mum when I got backed up but she would always figure it out. I knew when I was starting to get constipated because liquid poo would leak onto my knickers. This ALWAYS happened when I was backed up and I couldn't control it. My mother would also tell me to sit on the toilet until something came out. She told me to grunt and groan to help get the poos out. She would even get a small piece of soap and stick it up my butt. This didn't help much because I only ever managed to push the soap out but not the poo.

Brian at Sears
Hey Mark: In response to your question. I use doorless stalls where I work at Sears every single day. I sit exactly like I would if there was a stall door or if I was home. Trousers and boxers down to my ankles. I need to be comfortable for the few minutes I get to use the restroom. As I have pointed out in the past, I and my co-workers have all been 'caught" several times with our pants down, either by a hard working cleaning woman who merely forgot to knock first, and by 'silly girls" who just wanna catch men sittng on toilets without stall doors. I suppose it's just something we guys have to 'grin and bare" LOL harm, no fowl (except after I eat my wife's meatloaf) then I can clear out ou the restroom, and cause tears from the stench of my doody. I Love You Gina :-)))) Happy Easter to All

Lazy Lizzie
To SUSIE...... the gal who doesn't wipe.......... looks like u have a new found friend LOL.

Alittle about me I'm 33 yo, 5'6", light brown hair, average body and very open re my toilet habits and have always been.I run a small nursery that supplies plants to some of the local retail nurseries. Therefore I am not bothered by customers continually interrupting me. My hot house is hidden behind a large fence, the gate has security device where ppl have to push a button and I can speak to them,prior to them gaining entry to my property/house.

This setup is gr8 for me,cos during summer and spring working in the hothouse is just that "hot". And some days I may be out there from 7 am till 12 pm. I have a little fridge, power so I can take cold/hot drinks and a little lunch if I want. But I do not have a toilet. I mostly wear cutoff bib overalls,which r very baggy and loose fitting. If it is really warm I just wear them, no shirt,bra or panties.

This dressing arrangement is very comfy for working. When I feel the need to take a piss I just pull the left leg of my cutoffs to one side thrust my hips slightly forward and let it go on the ground whatever dribbles down my legs soon dries.The ground is covered by fine gravel and there is often water on the ground from me hosing anyway.

If I need to take a shit and that has happened many times I hold it for awhile and try to finish what I'm doing. By the way my turds are usually fairly solid anyway. I go over to where I have a pile of flower pots, grabbing a 6" pot. I stand and take a piss first, making sure to hold my shit in, then I take down my overalls and bend slightly. Then I open my arse cheeks with my left hand,holding the flower pot under my arse I release my shit into the pot. I then just redress myself and put the pot into a plastic bag and put into the dumpster at the front of the place. Inever bother to wipe my arse until I go back in the house or wait until I have a shower that night Although one time I misjudged the urgency of my need to shit, I did what I usually do,finished what I was doing then went to the flower pot pile. I grabbed a 6" pot, stood there and proceeded to take a piss,then tried to push a very ;oud fart which was immediately followed by a 5" solid turd that pushed its way out of my ring and landed on the ground. I was still pissing , but I knew I had more inside me so I just stood there enjoying this gusher of a piss and shit myself as well. All my turds fell out of my cutoffs onto the ground. I got some paper picked my creation put it into the pot and wiped the inside of my leg where they had slid down. I left my arse and till I had a shower later on.

By the way this subjest could spark a survey or non wiping habits of ppl out there.

Incidentally this is my first post.

The next will be the survey................

Love Lizzie xxxx

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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