the other day i was at the mall and me and a couple friends were in the bathroom, accompanying kristy and company as they had to pee badly. including them, all the stalls were taken over except for one where the door was broken off and gone. i hadn't pooped for five days give or take, and i wasn't really busting but i knew something wanted to come out. i was probably used to holding it in for the past five days, but i just let myself relax just as i heard one toilet flush. i headed for the stall but another girl ran in before me. i could hear her rip her jeans down, sit and let out gushes of something that stunk to high heaven. poor thing.. but now i had relaxed and had the insane pressure of something pushing its way out knocking on my back door if you know what i mean. my friends were asking if i was okay and i said no. i asked kristy if she was done and she said she wasn't only peeing. i was wearing jeans that were already weighed down by chains and already tight so i didn't want to make things much worse by pooing in them but it was already coming out. i had two choices: take the toilet exhibit stall or risk having the poo in my pants. well i told my girlfriends to look away as i was extremely toilet shy, and they did (although i knew that once i got on the toilet, they'd stare at me only to embarass me) and as i headed for the toilet on display, a small girl, maybe twelve or eleven came in shouting from out the door 'mom stay OUT!' or something like that. she was wearing grey sweatpants that she pulled down to her knees and i couldnt help staring at her with disapointment and disbelief. she looked back at me lol its funny cuz her face was tomato red as she let out a torrent of pee. and she said 'sorry. i reallly had to go.' i asked how long she'd be and she said two seconds. i looked away, and i started to hear her wipe, and right before she got off the toilet, my poo started to come out, filling my pants to the point that i swear some came out onto my back. i doubled over, lifting the back of my shirt, making it clearly visible what i had done. the little girl on the toilet looked like she felt sorry for me. she gave me a look, washed her hands, and ran out. i began to cry. kristy came out, and her face was white 'sorry candace. it's free now' she said. i grumbled, went in, and pulled my pants down to my ankles. the girls kept teasing me, i told them to get out of the bathroom. of course, they wouldn't miss this for the world ^o). i took the gigantic ball of poo up with toilet paper, and dropped it in the toilet. it made a splash. the girls laughed. i took my pants fully off (and of course, they could see this from the bottom of the stall) and cleaned it all out as best as i could but in the end i got frustrated and left my dirty panties behind the toilet. i wiped about a million times but nothing made me feel clean. i still can't face them. especailly not kristy i'm kinda mad at her for taking so long!

Hi yall, if you don't remember me I'm the young guy in a wheelchair that needs help going poop.

This first story isn't about me, I was at Walmart with my aunt looking for little kids clothes when i heard mommy i need to let whinnie out, she was about four and really cute tiny with long blonde hair. I thought maybe she was talking about the dog or whatever until i heard her again but more whiny and more urgent and this time the girl added and i have to tinkle too. I knew then whinnie wasn't the dog but yet a word for her Mom to poop. So i drove my chair around still looking at the close but more at her now to see what might happen. The Mom told the girl to shhh and they kept on, after another minute or so the girl grabs her mom's arm and says mommy i really have to poop. I knew now that she was getting desperate, she was dancing foot to foot and after two more minutes the Mom finally said honey i put you in a diaper before we left right? The girl nodded and is crying now, the Mom says if you have to go then go. The girl looks up and says we can't go to the potty? The Mom says no i have to finish shopping before we pick up your brother. So after more crying and dancing the little girl was very red and upset hoped on to the bottom rack of the cart, and puts her little hands tight around the cart and sticks her rear end out with her knees a little bent. And i got closer without looking like i wanted the show. The girl closed her eyes really tight and took a deep breath and she started to make the uuuunnnggg noise and i knew then she really had to go and she kept doing that and you could see her pushing as hard as she could to get everything out she stood on the cart for at least five minutes pushing and i drove by and i could hear the squish iin her diaper because she was a little big for it and really didn't have room to totally take the dump that she needed but was doing anyway. So i noticed that she had gotten done because she didn't look like she was still pushing and had a very happy look and figured she was finishing doing the pee or whatever it was. She got off and was ulmost behind her mom now and after a minute the Mom turns to her and says i bet you feel better. The girl turned red again and said yes but i can't get any more into my diaper. The Mom looked very surprised and said what you still need to go? The girl nodded again and the mom said well honey I'm sorry i don't have another one. The girl seemed fine but said Mom I'm going to finish ook and again the Mom wasn't paying attention. The girl waddles back to the cart a aisle and a half over from her mom and i kid you not quickly pulls her pants down to the floor and un buckles the tape on the side of the diaper. It falls to the floor open stinky and absolutely full of poop by now my aunt is aware of what I'm watching because everyone but the mom was. Poop was still dropping from the girl's crack when she squats over the front end more and releases about a another five small turds. She pics up the diaper and her pants and walks naked to her Mom and says ok I'm done can you throw this away and as she says that her mom turns around frantic all red and was soo emotioned as she takes the diaper and is trying to wipe her daughter off the girl begins peeing just standing there running down her leg like it's just wonderfull to fiinally go.

I'm going to post mine separate

i'll always remember vividly the time i saw my older sister have the wet runs in her shorts in the kitchen...i was like 10, and she was 15. my other brother who was 13 at the time was also there. anyway, i was eating a bowl of cereal at the counter and my sister was at the sink washing some dishes. it was the morning and she always wore these cotton white shorts as pajamas and wore them around the house in the mornings and on weekends. me and my brother hated them because if she was wearing colored underwear you could always see them through her white shorts, and (most) guys aren't that into seeing their sisters panties. anyway, she was standing there in her stupid white shorts doing dishes when all the sudden there was the loud offensive sound of a plates clanging together. we both looked over at her and she was hunched over the sink a little. i thought she cut herself or something at first, then she made this kind of groaning whimpering sound and i heard her farting. that's when i noticed this really dark brown spot suddenly appear on her butt and start growing really really fast and a big bulge formed. i actually jumped out of my chair and my brother shouted "holy crap!" (no pun intended i don't think). she just stood there crapping and crapping in her underwear and holding her stomache. her shorts were like sagging down with this huge bulge in them and her entire butt was stained brown. then she started to try and walk away and all this wet crap started running down her leg and got on the floor. me and my brother both got the hell out of there and went to our rooms. my brother even threw up because of it. the worst part was later on we figured it was safe to come out, it must've been like an hour later. i went back to the kitchen and to my horror the wet crap was still on the floor. i went and told my brother and he went to her room to tell her to clean it up but she said she was still cleaning herself up. it was horrible. she sure as hell never wore those white shorts again though. i never saw them after that, i'm pretty sure they were permanently stained brown on the back after that. that was still to this day one of the most shocking things i've seen. you don't expect your older siblings to crap themselves like that. i mean one second she was just standing there doing dishes no problem then out of now where she's taking this wet crap in her panties right in front of us. she was pretty sick though, i think she shit herself again later that night because she was in the bathroom again for like 2 hours and there was an odor coming from her bedroom, but i dared not go in there to see if there was any evidence of her shitting her pants again. she was really humbled about the situation, she didn't tease me or my brother for weeks after that i guess because she was afraid we'd bring it up.

has anyone else ever witnessed a family member (particularly an older one) have an accident like that?

Jennifer from Georgia
This is really embarrasing but I'm glad I found this site so I can get this off my chest. I'm a junior at a pretty big university in the south and this week is our spring break. My boyfriend is off in Costa Rica doing a missions trip thing with the school while i'm stuck back staying at school in my dorm and working at the grocery store as a check out girl. Anyway, I haven't seen him or talked to him in six days because of his trip and really miss him. I finally got an email from him yesterday morning that said only that he would try to call me tomorrow around 830pm. I was so excited. So yesterday afternoon I went to work for a full shift from one oclock until eight oclock at night and we were really busy so I didn't have a chance to go to the bathroom all afternoon or night until I got off. But my boyfriend was going to call in 30 minutes so I had to hurry back to my dorm because it would take about that long to get back from the store and I didn't want to miss him. I realy, realy had to poop really bad by that time, not like diarhea or anything, just a really big urge for a normal poop since i hadn't pooped in about two days. I held it in and hurried out of the store to my car and drove back, squeezing my butt cheeks hard all the way back to campus to keep from pooping in my panties and kahkis in my car. A couple of times the poop really tried hard to force its way out and I knew it had "touched cotton" to leave a skid mark on my panties but i was able to pull it back in both times, though it left my butt feeling a little sticky.

I finally got back to the school at 8:25 thanks to traffic and found a place to park and hurried as fast as i could with my butt clenched tight up the two flights of stairs - almost pooped myself on the second set of stairs - and finally go to my room, unlocked it, and got inside at 8:29. I desperately wanted to go into the bathroom but as soon as I put my stuff down the phone rang. It was him! I couldn't not answer since I didn't know how long he could talk or anything, so i picked it up and we started talking, he had a lot to tell me about, but here I was in my dorm room standing with my legs crossed as tight as possible, one hand on my butt, half bent over, squeezing as hard as I could to keep from soiling myself!

After a few minutes, my body cramped and gave a push and the turd pushed out no matter what i did. I could feel the tip of it touch my panties again and i pushed my fingers tight against my butt hole to stop it and was barely able to pull it back in. I had to go to the bathroom NOW! I waddled to the bathroom with my legs still crossed and holding my butt, still trying to talk normally, but what could I do? I didn't want to hang up on him or ask him to wait since he only had a few minutes but I couldn't just sit down and poop in the toilet with him hearing it on the phone! I stood there in the bathroom next to the toilet for a second while he kept talking but then my body started to make me push again and I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I panicked and jumped into the bathtub. Just then, my bowels gave a mighty push, my anus opened up, and a huge turd just shot straight out into my panties, pressing them down away from my butt, the firm poop collecting in a giant ball under my cheeks that stretched from mid-crotch back to mid-butt. It only took two or three seconds from start to finish but felt like an eternity. My face was burning hot and beet red. I could see myself in the sink mirror. Only then did I realize I was now peeing full out also and I watched the wet stain spread down my thighs past my knees, a puddle forming in the tub around my shoes. I slowly turned around when i finished peeing to see myself from the back in the mirror and the bulge in my kahkis was huge - you could totally tell I had royally pooped my pants, not to mention the huge wet stain from the pee. I just stood there for at least five minutes while my boyfriend kept talking but I didn't say much. He only had those few minutes to talk before it was the next persons turn - a satellite phone or something, so we said I love you and hung up. I didn't really know what to do from there. I unzipped my kahkis and pulled them down carefully. Lucky for me my panties had held all of the poop somehow so none got on my kahkis. I draped them on the side of the tub and slowly lowered my heavy panties and the giant ball of poop in them to the bottom of the tub, stepped out of them, and reached over and tipped the poop ball into the toilet with a big splash. I just dropped the wet and soiled panties in the trash can and turned on the shower to wash my poopy butt and pee soaked legs. I felt much better after the shower and was really glad nobody saw me crap myself like a little girl, but it was still really embarrasing.

I found this site today after a search to see if this had ever happened to other people and decided to share my story to make myself feel better and somehow it does feel better to tell "someone" about it. I don't think I'll ever tell my boyfriend that I love him so much I pooped my pants just so I could talk to him, haha. :)

Jennifer in Georgia

In response to the question about "convenience pooping".

It's something that i used to do quite a lot as a teen and young adult, and enjoyed to a certain extent, but i eventually became too fearful that someone would find out and i would be humiliated and judged for it, so i stopped for a long while. i'm in my early 30s now and i recently started to do it again, but not as i often as i did years ago. the first time i ever did it, i was 15 and i was walking home from school. it was a fairly long walk and part of it was all up hill and was very tiring. to make matters worse i had to poop kind of bad. as i was walking up the hill, the nagging need to poop was really getting on my nerves. the cramps in my bowels were making the agony of climbing the steep hill a lot worse. so, i thought about it for a second...i realized that i was gonna be the first one home anyway, so i looked to see if anyone was around...and pooped my pants. it was such a relief. i actually liked the feeling of a warm squishy lump in my panties, squishing against my butt with each step. i was just glad i didnt have to poop anymore. i got home and cleaned myself, and felt kind of good about what i had done. from that point on i started to poop my pants out of convenience more often. i'd say maybe once or twice i week i'd poop in my pants, if i was doing homework and had to go, i would just fill up my panties and finish my homework before cleaning up. sometimes if i was watching a show i liked and didn't feel like waiting for a commercial to go poop in the toilet, i'd let loose in my underwear then, too. occasionally while doing chores when my parents were out i really had to go, so i decided to poop my pants. unfortunately that time i had short shorts on, and the poop was a little loose and escaped from my panties and fell on the floor, so it wound up being a big inconvenience instead. as i got older i often pooped my pants while driving home from class or from work if i had to go too bad and didn't feel like holding it. a few times i even woke up in the middle of the night needing to poop, but instead of getting up i would just poop my undies and sleep with dirty panties all night. it was one afternoon i had a really close call that i decided to quit while i was ahead. i was driving home from school and i had to go BAD. no problem, i would just go in my pants as usually. i started to let it out, and it was a bad, wet load. wet gooey poop churned out of me for almost my entire ride home, it was one of the worst dumps i had ever done in my pants. it actually made my jeans feel tighter and i could feel the moist squishiness under my entire butt. when i got home i was waddling to my door and to my horror, my dad pulled in the driveway. i turned around and waved and smiled and walked backwards to the rest of the door, because i'm sure the seat of my jeans were stained brown and lumpy. i rushed inside and went to the bathroom and got cleaned up. i was too scared to do any convenience poops for the longest time, out of fear of being caught.

so, now i'm 31, i recently finished graduate school. i'm living alone now so i have kind of gotten back into the habit. it started up again when i was grocery shopping several weeks ago. i had nearly an entire cart full of groceries and i felt that familiar cramping in my lower abdominal region and i suddenly had to poop kind of bad. i just tried to get my shopping done quickly. unfortunatley i soon realized i was either going to need to use the bathroom at the store or have a total accident in my pants. so, i decided to wrap up the shopping, checked out, and let out a massive but fairly solid load into my panties as i walked to my car. it was such a relief. eversince then i've been doing panty poops when i have to as i drive home from work sometimes. perhaps when i marry i will stop doing it.

To avoid constipation while on vacation,eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of fruit juice.

Hi everyone.
Sorry I haven't written much, been busy and such. I do have a question to put to people here boys and girls.

One thing I have read recently is how hard it is for people to poop with people around, even family. It's hard for them to go if people even had an idea what they're doing. My question is, "does anyone here HAVE a person thy don't mind pooping in front of, in their presence, or within earshot or line of sight?" I barely turned 10, but even so I trust and love my older brother to death. He seems to be the only one I can relax and do my business in front of. I'm a little bottom heavy (in other words I'm a tad chubby)so yeah I'm a little insecure of my body, but he is the only one I can sit down, panties down, grunting and straining, oooooooing and aaaaaaaaing, panting, huffing and puffing, cursing under my breath, then sit back catching my breath a chaotic mess (but oh the relief)in front of and not so much as have a second though about. We have one bathroom so I leave the door open so he doesn't have to wait and such. One time I was sitting in just my undershirt straining away and he walked by and asked if I was okay. A huge plop later and I sat back and replied "I am now". But I didn't feel any embarrassment. My aunt, as many of you have read and know about her, she's a whole other story. I cannot go poop when she's over. I mean even if I locked the door, ran the water in the sink and the tub, nailed the doot shut and pushed a huge boulder in front of it... NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN! (I tried it once, well not the crazy ways to keep her out, but I have been tempted. I told her I went to pee and tried to poop but it would not budge... and it felt like I was gonna poop my pants which is why I broke down and had a seat) Maybe it's cause she insists on going into the stall with me everytime we visit the ladies room. Anyway, that's my question. Thanks in advance for replying.

Debby...(aka) Pee girl
Hello your survey is kinda long so I thought I would answer you this way.
I am 28 years old and I am 5ft 2in tall with dark hair and dark brown eyes. I am female also.
I do wipe after I pee and I always wash my hands too.
Have I ever pee any where in the house besides the bathroom?
Yes, I have pee my jeans before while watching TV.
Have I ever peed or pooped my bed?
I have wet my bed in the past, Yes.
Do I ever pee or poop my pants on purpose?
Yes, I do both sometimes.
Have I ever peed or pooped my pants at the Doctors office?
Yes, I did once. It was summer time I peed before I went to the doctor, by the time I got to the doctors office I had to poop real bad. So I went over and sat down and that helped some, but not enough. I lifted up and pooped my jeans. When I was done I had a real mess in my panties and jeans. When the doctor found out she asked me why a girl of 18 would poop her pants...I told her I didnt want to use the toilet.
She had a nurse help me get cleaned up and then I got my exam. Afterwards my clothes were so dirty she had them put in a bag and the nurse put me in a diaper. I had to wear that and my tee shirt home. Everybody that was in the waiting room saw me in diapers and it was very humiliating!
Loyal Reader,
My friend Konnie will not poop in her pants for any reason. She caught me once when I had just pooped and pee in my pants...when we talked about I finally told her that it was not a accident. She said she wanted to see me do it out in public...thus the dare.
Love, Amy

Hello, i been mulling around here for a while and thought that id put something about me. I am 24,6ft 3" i have short brown hair and i am toned. I go to the gym four times a week. Let me tell you about some accidents ive had because thats what it seems like most people start with.
in first grade i had two, I was at a parent teacher confrence my mom brought me, and i was playing with another kid and i felt the urge to do a jobbie, I was wearing tighty whites. So it started to get bad so i got up to go when all of a sudden some kid runs over to tackle me and he does. I felt this jubbie slide into my undies and it was pretty solid and didn't smell so i just sat down and kept playing. when i was leaving i got up to pick up my stuff and bent over and my mom saw what was in my pants and got histerical.

the second accident that happnened that year was i invited my friend johnathan to come over to the park and all that was there was a porta potty, and it was on the other side and i had been having cramps all day so i was walking holding my cheeks together and when i got there, there was poop all over the seat so i decided to go in my pants and when i did my mom wasn't angry because my situation and my friend johnathan never came over again by his choice.

the last accident i had remmembered having was in eigth grade and i was at my friends house for the first time, and i had to go really badly. we where sitting on his couch when i farted and a little bit went in my pants ( diarrhea). I thought that he would noice I had an accident if i quickly got up so after ten minutes I left and he called me an hour later and said that i pooped my pants on his couch and said i had left a stain on it. well i got scared so i just denied it but i know he knows the truth but hy we are still friends so it wasn't that bad.

I never had any pee accidents so im hoping for no more of them. looking foward tothe furure posts.

Ken carpet cleaner
Hi all. I love to read all these great posts. I do have a story for you all. I havent had a poop in about 5 days. I finaly had a bad pain and was lucky to be off that day. So i sat on my white throne and pushed but nothing. I was really having a really hard time here. So i started to strip and head for the tub. I have a large round tub so plenty of room. I knew what i need to do. I lubed up my finger and slipped it in. I didnt need to go far up to reach my poop. I started to dig my poop out a little bit at time. Then it hit me i pushed and out it came. A hard lump of poop. I get another stabbing pain so i pushed and this long soft log or i should say a snake curled under neath me. Then the liquid slop came out. Well after about 45 min i cleaned up as much of the solid poop i could. I then shower and hose down the tub. I was so happy to get it out. And to let you know i enjoyed the experience.

The other day I had to go sooo bad, I sat down with my magazine. I felt a hard sharp stool. I pushed but nothing came. I pushed again. Still nothing. I took a break and read for awhile but the pain was too sharp. I pushed more, and it hurt. So I kept pushing and grunted. I scrunched my face up and started to sweat. I was clutching the toilet paper roll and grunting. Sometimes I pushed so hard I couldn't hear or breathe. I got up on my toes and walked around. I sat down again and went through the same process. I got it out halfway but it wouldn't come. So I got into the fetal position and gave my very hardest push. The stool slowly made it's way out, I was nearly crying out in pain. But that wasn't all. I still had 2 logs and 5 pellets to go. I pushed and grunted and groaned with every one. The largest one was around 9 inches long,the other two were 4 inches but very thick. the pellets were small nuggets. There was some blood on the toilet paper so I called my mom. She came in and looked at my stools under the light. They were bright green, completly solid, with tiny black specs all over and undigested food.

Has anyone heard from China Girl?

Had a disappointment today - I was to meet a friend for lunch but a) she never showed up and b) I couldn't contact her on her mobile.

I drove sadly home and although I normally don't eat at fast food places, I stopped by MacDonald's. I ordered the set for which I had a discount ticket; and sat down sadly and ate it sadly.

Then I felt like the restroom.... I went in. It was very clean! I pulled down my underwear and gently placed my sexy bottom on the seat.

I weed first; a very long wee. I had been wanting to go all the time I was waiting for my friend....

Then I started the pressure. Normally I go once a day and drop a collection about the size of a football, maybe a bit smaller, and some days only half a football.

This time it was 10 large turds all about 15 cm long and each making a big noise as it dove into the water.

I looked; about the size of a football as usual. But....suddenly a long turd about 30 cm long added itself to the load. I did that one standing, but then sat down again.

Suddenly the toilet flushed all by itself. Maybe because a sensor had detected excessive motions. Then my bottom dropped another long turd followed by several smaller ones.

I realised I was going to be a long time. Fortunately the toilet wasn't crowded.

What a pity I couldn't meet my friend; we have passed motions together before. It wold have been fun this time because I did so many, and maybe she would have too. She dropped plenty the time we went together.

Well, it couldn't be helped, so I went on dropping poo every 2 minutes or so. I think I was about 25 minutes altogether and when I went back into the eating area 2 women gave me funny looks.

Then I drove home, feeling good in my ???? but worried about my friend....

Happy pooping all.

to Pageant Queen:
Are you trying to say that confidence in one or two areas of your life doesn't always carry over into others? Don't beat up on yourself just because you have had success in your schoolwork, as a talent show or modeling contest competitor and as a golfer but you are so frustrated about not being able to effectively handle going to the bathroom in a public place. Many of us have the same frustrations going to bathroom when we're away from home and although I'm a senior and a couple of years older than you, I still have my moments when I'm frustrated with myself. First, yes the seats at my school get splashed up pretty bad after about 9 a.m. each morning. We have the straddlers who I don't even think try to aim their pee into the bowl. And sometimes the flushers are pretty fierce, so much so that water is splashed onto the seat. However, I learned back in middle school that with limited time between classes (and I hate the detentions that come with 6 tardies!) and the number of my friends waiting in line, it's just best to wait your turn, sit down when you get into the stall and not worry about some splashes on the seat. I grew up with two older brothers and I guess I just accept that there is going to be urine on the seat. You're mom is right and I've been taught the same way that urine is clean and there's nothing you can catch from sitting in it. Sometimes, if I have a chance I will wipe the seat off, but often I'm in a hurry and I'm sitting down and peeing before I notice there's no toilet paper on the roll. It is more of a hassle when I've just completed a full bowel movement and then grab for toilet paper that doesn't exist, but I do the best I can. Sometimes there's some paper on the floor that some really clean freak had put on the seat (I so hate those students!) and I will use that but I just think it's a waste of TP to carefully put it over the seat and while doing so, holding up the line for everybody else. Most of the time, less paper then is available for wiping. Back several years ago me and a friend (she was like 3 years older than me and thought she was more grown up and mature!) and we were riding our bikes and we had to stop and use a gas station bathroom. She was sooo surprised when I just dropped my shorts and sat on the toilet to pee. She said like that she had NEVER done that in a public place. When I got done, she showed me how she craps like totally standing up over the toilet. She raised the seat first with her foot and all of her pretty large crap fell directly into the bowl, although there was some splashing. I just thought it was gross! Why put yourself thru that when you can just sit down and go the normal way? Anyway, about people throwing a non-locking door open on you while you're on the stool, I know from experience that sucks. Last month I was at an Aerosmith (yes, I like classic rock!) concert and that happened to me twice in one pee. This girl about 12 or 14 was hurting to go and I think was trying to intimidate me into getting up and letting her have the stall. Like no way! She bumped me twice in opening the door and asking why I wasn't done. I kept her from doing that a 3rd time because I moved much farther up on the stool that I was able to hold the door with my hands while I was finishing my pee. When I got done, I got up briskly, pulled up my underwear and shorts and walked straight out deliberately bumping into her. I also made sure that I didn't flush because I wanted to show here that I was mad. My mom says the latches have been taken off a lot of the doors because of problems with gay and lesbian sex in the stalls and vandalism. I know some of the girls deliberately mess up the toilets in my school because they hate the school and I also think they are bored. My high school is older (built in 1948) and the bathrooms don't have those automatic flushers that are triggered when you move around too much on the seat or when you're pulling up your skirt before sitting down. It's happened to me in other public places, though, and it sucks! I just think those automatic flushers should be outlawed.

I would like to get an idea of how people handle doorless stall or
open toilet situations. More specifically, do you have your pants and
underwear at your ankles, or do you have them as far up as possible to
hide as much as you can? When I shit in an public bathroom with a
doorless stall or in a public bathroom with an open toilet (no stall,
urinal nearby for example), I have my pants and underwear at my ankles - I
figure people are seeing me shitting/wiping/etc., so why hide my penis, etc.
Also, if you were in a public bathroom and saw someone in a doorless stall
or open toilet with pants and underwear down at their ankles, what would
you think? That's weird? or That's cool that he's that ok with it?
BTW, I have my pants and underwear at my ankles because that's how I
do it if I'm alone at home, etc. so why do it differently otherwise.

Dear KeithD and nonamestudent,
Thanks for responding! I appreciate your advice! I really like this site cuz it normalizes the fact that people do have accidents and it really is ok and it really wasn't my fault. It's good. Yeah - I grew up in a really abusive environment so there were a lot of other dysfunctional aspects. It's really helpful to hear the things each of you said even though you don't know me because it resonates more as being true, not you just trying to make me feel better cuz there would be no reason for you to lie. Yeah - it's interesting - I think that what you were saying about not having other people help us form opinions or normalize things is so true. It's different with girls cuz I'm around them and they talk about going to the bathroom but I think when I am with males I assume that they think going to the bathroom is sexual. I need 2 get over being embarrassed whenever im with guys and I have 2 go 2 the bathroom otherwise I end up having 2 go really bad and being afraid I wont be able 2 wait. I think I still have the mentality of a little kid when it comes 2 going 2 the bathroom - like I didn't grow up in regards 2 the bathroom after that - rather than realize I'm an adult now and it will be ok - like if I'm with friends and I ask them if we can stop to go to the bathroom, they really won't think it's a big deal - they won't be mad - it doesn't have 2 be a big issue. Otherwise when I am alone I am tormented by the issue and I will force myself 2 hold it and wait and wait 2 enlarge my bladder to ensure I will never wet my pants when I'm with people cuz I don't know how they'll respond and now I'm an adult and so I think my friends might be weirded out if I were 2 have an accident but I want 2 just 4 the freedom of knowing it'll be ok and I'll still be loved but then I don't or I couldn't unless I really really really couldn't help it but situations like that don't ever happen cuz my bladder is pretty big so I duno - we'll see - but sometimes when I do have to go, I get so scarred - I feel like a little kid all over again

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any storys about female police officers needing to poop in uniform. Not spasificly in their pants but, while on duty. (pun not intended) more stories coming soon! Take care everyone.


Hi long time lurker, first time poster. What happened after? Did you walk around with no panties or did you buy another pair?


does anybody have any stories about pooping in airport bathrooms?

To Keith D: Although I have trouble going at times, I never go longer than 2-3 days without a poo. The last time I was constipated for longer than this was about 5 or 6 years ago. I didn't do a poo for 5 days. I also remember when I was in high school, I went about 6 days without pooping, after eating way too much chocolate. When I first started high school, I got constipated quite often. I went to boarding school and I hated pooping with other people around. So I would hold it in for days at a time, sometimes up to a week.

I do have 'losing streaks' as you call them from time to time. I have trouble going for a week or nearly 2 weeks. This involves only going once per day (I like to go twice per day to feel comfortable) and straining for up to 30 minutes, or even longer. Or I will experience a few times of going every other day or 2 days without pooping. When this happens, my poos are rock hard and huge. A few months ago, I went a whole day without pooping - as in I pooped on Thursday morning, then I didn't go again until Saturday morning. It took me an hour to squeeze my load out. I tried EVERYTHING to get my poos out, from squatting on the toilet with my feet up on the seat, to standing up and trying to push them out that way and sitting on the toilet and leaning as far forward as I could. I ended up grunting a bit too. I even considered digging the poo out myself but I didn't. The poos finally came out and they weren't even very big!!

my accidental wife
hi, i have a story about my wife. she's a beautiful petite woman, fare skinned, flowing shiny brown hair and green eyes. we've been together for 5 years. anyway, yesterday morning we were laying in bed together and my alarm was going off for me to get up for work. i teach high school, and on this morning there had been freezing rain over night and the roads were in no condition to be driven on, so school was closed. i was pleased obviously because it meant i could sleep in. when i got back in bed i told my wife and she smiled, then she rolled over on her side, sticking her pretty little but in my direction. she doesn't like me to do sexual things with her that early but she is okay with me caressing her if i want to, so i slide down her pajama bottoms to reveal her lovely behind, clad with these really tight cotton purple panties that she has. her butt felt so lovely and i just laid there caressing and gently squeezing it as i tried to get back to sleep. after a little while the sun came up, and when some light was shed on her body i noticed something...interesting. the seat of her panties had a faded but still incredibly noticale and fairly large poop stain. i was taken aback. i wasn't sure what to think, did she forget to wipe after a really messy dump or did she straight up just poop her pants one day? i mean it wasn't like a little skid mark, i'm talking this was a really, really big stain that couldn't really be anything other than an accident. i was really surprised. she does have a history of wetting accidents since she has an overactive bladder but i never knew her to poop herself. it was at that moment that i realized the panties she had on were ones that were formerly referred to as being some of her "good" panties. (she has good panties and bad panties, bad ones are ones that are older and more worn out and ones that she wet in, that she only really wears to bed incase she wets the bed she doesn't want to soak a good pair of panties.) so now i was really curious because she was wearing these panties which i knew to be in her good panty collection not too long ago and they had a major stain on the bottom. i just kept caressing for a few minutes before i slowly slid her pajama bottoms back up. i laid there in wonder. eventually she was partially awake and rolled back over toward me. she smiled and said "did you say good morning to my butt?" and i said "yeah babe." she talked about getting up soon. that's when i asked her, "hey, when i was rubbing your ass i noticed you had some of your good panties on, why is that?" she immediatley looked away from me and turned a little red. she mumbled something and said she didn't know. i looked at her and said "come one, you can tell me." she did this thing that she does when she's really embarassed where she tries to act all cute. like when she wets her pants sometimes she'll tell me "..i hadda acci-dent..." and pucker her lip out, i don't know why she does i guess it just helps her cope for some reason. anyhow, she looked down at the bed and mumbled to me "well last week i go...real bad on my way home from work, and i thought i was gonna make it but i go home and i didnt get to the potty in time and did poopies in them.." i was really amazed. i couldn't believe at her age she had such a genuine panty pooping accident. usually when adult women poop in their pants it's because they're sick or under some extreme circumstances. but no, my wife simply just had to poop and couldn't hold on long enough to make it to the toilet, and pooped in her underwear. it was incredible. i gave her a hug and laughed a little bit and told her she was so cute. she said "cute?? i thought it was really gross!" and i told her it's ok it wasn't her fault. i then asked her if she'd ever pooped her pants before that, and she hesitantly said "a couple times..." but i couldn't get her to elaborate. i also asked if she had wet herself too when she had her pooping accident last week, to which she replied "of course.."

hope you liked my story, i'll let you know if i can get her to tell me more about her alleged past pooping accidents.

This question is for the ladies. How many of you have the tendency to flush the toilet while BM'ing? Is it due to the smell? Or, the length of the bowel? Or, if you are in the ladies room, is it because you don't want other females to hear the plopping/gas-like noise you're making? First of all, I tend to flush the toilet when BM'ing while using the men's room toilet in public so I won't smell the waste, but I brake my big stools up at home with an old kitchen knife so the toilet won't clog up and then flush afterwards since my toilet can not handle abundant waste and abundant paper which can clog it up. Also, it's amazing how females view the dilemma of bowel movements where they like to be private when doing it in public, or they will hold it until they get home. From my experience, guys will do it anytime, anywhere, but with us, if you gotta go, you gotta go. What's your take, ladies? Thanx for your input (and courage).

I have a survey for the women. How many of you have a tendency to pee and poop at the same time? In other words, are there times when you don't pee first and poop afterwards, or vice versa? Is it a regular habit or infrequent? Thanx.

hi I'm back.

This story is about me and my new nurse and new gf. I told before in my post that I can't really physically push my own poop out because of my disability being paralized from neck down. So i was at home and my girl was over and she usually leaves when I get put in bed after we talk or whatever. Well that night i had a awful stomach ache from eating alot and the fact that my last poop was very small because I'm sorta constipated. i forgot to take my pill the last time and that's what started my constipation, so my girl and i are playing music and talking when i abrutly stop and close my eyes tight and i hold my breath and i get a tiny fart out. My girl starts laughing and was going P--U. I laughed and about a minute later my stomach really hurts and i try to fart again, but nothing just made the pain worse. And my girl Becky(not really her name) says my name you ok. And i was embarrassed and i said yeah but i stayed really quiet and my nurse shows up now because i have one at night most the time unless we can't fill it. Backy says to my nurse he don't look like he feels good. And i finally say no i don't really. So i whisper my problem to my nurse and she shrugs and says you got to wait until your next time. By now Becky's getting mad because i won't tell her so i said don't laugh, she's like ok and i tell her that i really need to poop. Becky was like oh... But how do you and don't you wear diapers and can go whenever. I was like no i don't wear any diaper and i can't push it out if i did. So becky is really interested now and I'm really embarrassed she's like so how do you get it out, i say well someone needs to help my body by putting their finger in my butt and moving it around until my body starts to push my poop itself. Becky says oooh, but what was the you have to wait part about? So i say that I'm suppose to only get help from someone every other day at 5 a.m. because if i do it more i could have accidents more often because it will just start coming out. Which isn't something i want. The nurse is new and said i haven't done that for him yet to Becky. Becky says to me hun is it hard to do and i said no and she looks at my nurse and says i never have helped someone do a poop, but i know he really is in pain can you help me get him in bed. My nurse says sure my family is out of town so I'm like yeah lets do it. So i get in bed and my nurse says to me I'll do it if you really think you need a bowel movement but i really think you should wait. Becky turns to her and says girl you really don't want to so why offer. And sends my nurse out of my room to watch tv. Becky then takes off my pants and underwear, and for the first time sees my pee bag and my dick. She pulls my dick once and giggles and says nice, i was soo embarrassed but laughed. She's like so still need to shit? I say yes but you really don't have to do this. She's like no i was constipated last week for four days and i know that the only you really want to do during that is shit your brains out. I got embarrassed and i said yeah your right. Becky then ask me what to do next and i tell her to turn me on my side facing the window. She does, now what she asked, i say well i don't want poop everywhere so get a paper pad and a diaper so the when it starts to come out it can go somewhere. So she diggs in my closet and finds all that and puts a rubber glove on and is about to stick her finger in when i say hun that won't really go in without something on it. So found little ky gel and she sticks her pinky in my butt. I was like what you doing she said well i didn't want to hurt you so i started with the smallest. I laughed and said hun if you really want to help go, go straight for the middle finger. She's like ooh a dirty birdy i said yeah and laughed. She put her finger half in and says am i doing this right. I said Becky please shove it in until you can't and she's like ook you would know. Immediately after she was in i rip a huge fart, she was like must be in the right spot. I was really hurting because i didn't realize how bad i had to go and how long becky's finger was so i had the best and worst,feeling at same time. She's standing there waiting still with her finger in and says am i doing anything? so i like grunt out no because the pain. I said you have to move your finger in a circle and then push sorta hard toward the bed. She's like ok and i hear her have a tiny scream. i said what hun she says you are shitting all over my finger, i say great pull out. She does and two big logs follow out as she's watching she's like wow I'm really helping you go. I said yes and thank you, she was like sure but i think your done because nothing is coming out. I say do your finger again but faster circles and push and hold harder maybe a little longer. She says ok and the finger goes in does all that and she's holding when she says hun i feel a really big hard shit up here and it's not moving i said pull it out and she's like oh i can do that? she worked a minute a pulled out a 3 inch wide chunk. After that i pooped and pooped as my body pushed it out she says honey your not going to stop and we are out of space on this diaper you have to stop or something. i said sorry that's part of it once it starts i can't stop until I'm done either she said how about i stick your trash can under your cheek and go all you want said fine. She saw me stop for a couple seconds and threw the pads and diaper in the trash and almost missed the the next wave my body started pushing out i was done 30 minutes later and she wiped me up and said that she should have been home a while ago but said she was so glad she stayed and helped me. I said thanks Becky you did great and jokingly said next time it's my turn to watch. She giggled and said you don't have to wait if you don't want and un buttoned her jeans. I said are you kidding and she said nope and was out of her pants and thong already. She said do you mind if i use this why it's here meaning the trash bag. I was like sure and she opened the bag pulled it over her butt bent her knees and pushed out two logs fast into the bag wiped and said well there see you later sweetie and said ok. And she left and my nurse came back in and was glad i felt better but thought i was really stupid to let Becky do it.

What do you all think.
Was i right to let my gf of less than a month help me take a dump?


Saturday, March 22, 2008

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