Blissey-- If your symptoms continue for more than a few day (probably by the time you read this) you should go into a doctor and have him/ her check you out, and to make sure you're not dehydrated.

personally, I have a quick story. I was out at the mall recently, and was hit by a major cramp, the kind that say, get your ass to the toilet quick. I looked around for the bathrooms, and found one, but the line was out of the bathroom and around the cornor... I quickly went and got a place, but there had to be 40 people in front of me. I asked a lady ahead of me if she knew why the line was so long and she said, "We all have to use the guys because the womens is closed for remodling, I hope that the line goes quick though, I really have to shit." I said "Me too." We then went back to waiting in line, after 20 min I was still about 3-4 people away from even getting inside the bathroom door, and was starting to worry. I was wearing a white skirt and a thong, so if I had an accident, the thong wouldn't hold anything. I got another cramp and doubled over a bit. The lady in front of me was having problems too, and had been letting out wet farts for 10 min or so. After about 5 more min I was 2nd in line for one of the three stalls, with about 5 guys in using urinals or stalls, or waiting in line. A stall opened and the first woman hurried in. I saw her rip her panties down, then heard her fart, and begin having diarrhea . Another stall opened and the woman in front of me ran in, but before she ot to the toilet, just squatted and started shitting her pants. I waited about 2 min and the thrid stall opened. I ran in, and was locking the door when I was hit by another cramp. I felt diarrhea leaking into my thong, then it just felt like the gates opened up, and I completly shit myself. I got it under control as soon as possible, and waddled over to the toilet, pulled up my skirt, and pulled down my thong, and was kind of squatting over the toilet when another cramp hit me and I just started shitting. I made most of it into the toilet, and sat down as soon as possible. I was shitting this green yellow crap that was really mushy, and eventually that changed into diarrhea. After about 10 min of this, I was done, took off my thong completly, wipped, and cleaned up the best I could. The thong I just left next to the toilet, as there was no trash can in the stall at all. As I left, the stall that the woman just ahead of me in line opened and she came out. I looked over at her and said "Well, I guess that neither one of us made it." She said "Nope, and gave a little laugh." We washed our hands and then went out and continued our shopping together.

Becky M
Hi everyone!! It's been a while since my last post. Glad to see everyone is still pooping :). Anyway, a quick story, nothing too exciting. I was in the ladies room at work the other day, in the middle of a bout of diarrhea, when I heard a woman come in and quickly enter the stall next to mine. At first, I was saying to myself "Oh no!", as I prefer to be pretty private about my pooping habits, as I tend to have diarrhea a lot. However, right after she sat down, I could tell she was having her own bout of the runs, so I didn't feel quite so upset anymore, and kept doing my own thing. About 20 minutes later we both finished up, and came out of our stalls at the same time. We got to the sink, and she says to me "I can tell it's going to be one of those days!". I said "Me, too"; of course, I didn't tell her that nearly every day for me is "one of those days". We both laughed, however, and made our way out to our respective offices (there are a lot of companies in the building where I work). I had to pee later on, and I saw her again run into the same stall as before with another bout of diarrhea. Believe me, I can empathize with her plight.

Happy Pooping Everyone!

I don't want my husband to smell my bowel movements. Thats why I go to the 24 hour laundy-mat downstairs from our apartment, whenever I need to go.

I'm slowly getting over this constipation problem. I have IBS-C and have suffered from constipation since I was a baby (finally diagnosed last year at age 20).

I've been eating lots of vegetables and brown rice rather than white rice with dinner and it's been helping a lot. I've been pooping out a large load almost every night.

However the feeling that I need to poop gets really intense. Earlier at school I almost crapped my pants because I had to go really bad.

I walked to the bus stop and I started getting cramps in my stomach. They felt really tight but I tried to ignore it. I clamped my butt cheeks together (using muscles) because I didn't want to accidentally leak diarrhea or anything. That would have been a huge mess since I was wearing a thong and thin-ish jeans. Everything would have shown.

The cramps got worse on the way to school on the city bus. They got so bad I was cringing and trying not to show my discomfort. I had to fart as well but I held that in too. I managed to make it to school but the cramps and diarrhea feeling came back. And there is a long walk from the bus stop up the stairs to the school. I held it in as hard as I could and it was so embarrassing because I didn't want to shit myself but I also didn't want anyone suspecting I was about to either. I was walking kind of bow-legged. I was trying with every muscle not to release any shit. Especially wearing what I was wearing!! A thong is not a good thing to have an accident is. I was sure I felt some diarrhea release but lucky for me it didn't.

I went to the bathroom and tried to push it out but only peed. The thing refused to budge. So I gave up. I got stomach cramps again after dinner, and I finally went. A big soft log had come out. It was about 8" long.

My stomach is beginning to shrink and not feel so hard and painful. Last night I went poo as well and pooped out something approximately 10". No wonder my stomach's been hurting!!

Sorry for not updating in a while. Been really busy with school!!

Keep the stories coming :)


Since someone expressed an interest in Sandra's accident I decided to share. Incident happened about a year or so ago. She and I had gone out to a show in the downtown area, you the kind of grunge and ounk place where you have to look over your shoulder the whole night. On the way there we were in the car and she mentioned her stomach hurting but I thought little of it since she has acid reflux and this kind of thing happens all the time. Well she didn't say anything else while we were at the show and when I asked her on the way home she said it was fine probably just some gas or something. Contrary to her belief though about 20 minutes from home it came back and she nearly screamed. Again she thought it was just gas and let some of it go and after a few minutes the whole car had the scent of a healthy poo. She carried on for the better part of 10 minutes when she again gasped and I asked what was wrong. She said that she tried to fart again but there was nothing left to push out. I asked why that was a bad thing, considering my car now smelled like a toilet. She said it was bad because this wasn't just gas it was an urgent poo and she hadn't been in 2 1/2 days. I was a little concerned but told her it was only about 10 more minutes to my house and she could go there and everything would be fine. I guess she accepted this but in just a few minutes she yelled out,"GET ME TO A TOILET..." and I responded by hammering the gas pedal and driving at very unsafe speeds. Her rather large poo had now reached a level of urgency she could hardly handle and it was demanding relief. As we neared home she pulled her pants down and I heard her grunt, while trying to focus on driving I looked over to see her turning red with effort. I was confused so I asked what she was doing, she said she was afraid it was going to come out and was trying to keep from ruining her jeans if it did. I asked about the redness and she said it was talking all her energy to hold her anus shut at this point and she didn't know how long she could wait. I oofered to pull into an abandoned parking lot and let her go there outside my car she initially said not but I guess the poo had other ideas so we turned in and I drove to a secluded corner near a brick wall where she would be hidden. She of course told me to just stop so she could go becuase it was already part way out. I was strangely intrigues by the idea of her doing it right there but didn't get long to think about it as before I could even stop she bore down in the seat and started to unload in her panties. I watched and aske dif she wanted to wait and dump them her or get out or continue home. She wanted to go home to clean up so we left the lot while she continued to go in her panties. This was quite a load as she was having to really give it so effort to get the whole thing out into her undies. After some serious grunting and arranging of the contents she had finished with a rather forceful wee into my carseat. When we arrived home she gingerly made her way back to the bathrrom and I accompanied her, interested to see what all she had done. After she got her panties off we saw there was very little actually on her but mostly just skiddies from what appeared to be a very firm poo. We both inspected the final product in her panties and it was around 2.5 inches in diameter and several hard logs which some may have been as long as 8" had they been in the toilet. This was quite an experience for me and I was a bit ashamed that she noticed how much I enjoyed it but luckily she thought it was cute that I was even attracted to her panty poo's. Hope you all enjoy... Feedback is appreciated.

one day i had a terrible case of the shits at school. I went to school this morning and felt pretty much fine until near the end of my first class. i knew my stomach was hurting badly. i tried to see if i could make the urge to poo go away. i couldnt so i asked my teacher if i could go to the bathroom. i went to the bathroom and did my business.. then i no Toilet Paper! i didnt know what to do. i couldnt just pull my pants upp.. i pray that no one would enter the bathroom as i scurried to the next stall with my pants down and ass out.
thank god no one came in and i was able to wipe myself.i pulled my pants up but then i had a second wave and had to shit again.
i went back to class and a few hours later i had to poop again. i asked the teacher( different class) if i could go and she said yes.. i went in the bathroom but saw some people in there so i just walked out.. i am terribly poo shy.. so i waited untill after lunch to shit again.. i pooped so much that when i tried to flush it wouldnt go down all the way! so i had to leave it as is..

that was one of the worst days ever

Keith D
To Fr.P: Good question about people getting constipated on vacation. Often seems to happen to me when I'm on holidays and to other people I've travelled with. And a lot of people that post on this forum. Possible reasons? An interruption to people's normal daily schedules, unsuitability of public toilets, using toilets in hotel rooms that don't have the familiarity of home, eating strange foods or eating and drinking more or less, lots of sitting down on hard uncomfortable seats in planes and buses, less time to spend by yourself, and a general lack of privacy when travelling with others. I wonder if most people try to break their constipation while they're on holiday, or if they have an excruciating poop when they get home?

To the anonymous poster who was trying to poop when constipated: It will end eventually. Take heart! You won't really blow up and die if you don't poop. Take some short rests between pooping sessions and it will be a lot less stressful.

To Linda from Australia: Great to hear that you are on a winning streak. May it last a long time! Tough luck getting stuck at your friend's house - in their toilet with a log half out. And doesn't it suck when someone is waiting outside the door?! I like my privacy and find that I cannot go. And its a hundred times worse when you're constipated. You feel pressured by the person outside the door (as if there isn't enough "pressure" inside already) and if someone is listening you can't work really hard at it. I don't like people to hear me straining and shifting position. Funny, as I seem to enjoy other people going.

I guess I nearly always feel "finished" after pooping. My turds are generally hard, reasonably dry and well-formed. Even more so when I'm constipated. They generally come out in one piece. The "head" end (first out) is always knobbly and made up of lots of small individual lumps loosely clumped together. The tail is usually a lighter colour, smooth and tapering and seems to contain the freshest poop. I only do the one log, and it seems that when I'm constipated that the log just gets longer, I don't do any more individual logs. I kind of wish that I could do the multiple poops that some others here describe. I don't think I'd mind the pooping sensation lasting a bit longer.

But when I am constipated, sometimes I only manage to push a few of the little hard pebbles off the head of it out. I hate that. Walking away from the toilet, shaking a little from exhaustion, with a big log cramping up in my rectum still. But the main feeling is one of failure. And it makes me feel dirty, like when I was a kid and would accidentally mess my pants. Although we've had some different experiences Linda, I feel as though our childhood struggles have made us kindred spirits LOL.

As a kid, I generally went twice a week, when my parents made me. Wednesday and Saturday nights, before bed. But I would always need to sit for at least a half hour. And sometimes no result. So generally, 3-4 days between poops, often a week if a sitting failed. The worst was about 2 weeks. How long did I sit at a time? Hmmm.... That's tough as my perception of time as a kid was very different. Sitting waiting to poop (especially when you can't and there's no way its coming) seemed to take for ever. I would have sworn each sitting was for hours. I guess it was always at least half an hour. My parents thought that leaving me there would make me go but it just wasn't happening. Often it would be an hour. My buttcheeks would get so numb! I used to play games by squinting at the tiles on the floor to make wierd visual patterns or watch ants crawling past. I would sit in all kinds of positions and stretch my hole open to try and help me go. But often I couldn't. Later as a teenager I would get bored sitting for long so after only 15 minutes of pure straining I'd leave it for later. Still felt dirty though.

So Linda, what's your longest "losing streak"?

stomach bug girl
a little while ago i was camping when i woke up in the middle of the night really having to shit. I got in the car and quickly drove to the restroom building. The mens side was facing me, so i ran in there. They were surprisingly spotless. I made it into the building, but being able to get to a stall was out the question. I got my panties off and tossed them to the door before an eruptive BPPRAAAAAAP exploded out of me, and shit sprayed like a hose across the room all over the sinks and mirrors. It slowed down, so i ran to a stall, but right after i closed the door i realized i had to puke, so i bent over the toilet to barf, but chunky shit started splattering all over the stall door as i hurled. I finally stopped hurling, so i sat down on the crapper. With each noisy fart, more hot diarrhea shot out, splattering the toilet. I thought i was done, but as i walked out of the stall cramps forced me onto my knees, and more and more shit splattered onto everything behind me. I washed my hands at the only clean sink left, but as i walked back to the car, the cramps had me lying down on my side, just shitting away all over the side of the buildiing. Then, on my way back to the car, another wave hit me and i ended up puking and shitting all over two other cars. At one point i decided to reduce the splatter i would just squat in the bed of someone else's truck and let it all out. After that I felt better, and i had lost 10 pounds! It must have been when the day before when i fell into the river while inner tubing i swallowed a bit of water. Nobody knew it was me, but i feel soory for the man the rangers saw walking away from the bathroom the next morning, because he went to jail, but it was in the news so i wasn't there to fess up.

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

It's been quite a while since I lasted posted, but, for those of who do not know who I am, my name is Laura, I am 28 years of age, petite frame, athletic, 5'9" tall with brown hair just shy of my shoulders and brown eyes. I am a Math and Science teacher at a local private high school in the local area in New England USA.

I haven't posted in a while, but, I thought I would share a story. First, I wanted to share the news that I am now engaged. Jake proposed to me one month ago. He was acting very strange all week. One night, after dinner he and I went out for an evening walk and out of the clear blue, he went down to one knee and proposed. I was not expecting that, I broke down into tears of happiness and of course said "Yes." Even though, we are both engaged, we both decided to continue living in our places until we're actually married, or close to being married. Call us old fashioned, but, it just seems like the right thing to do. He and I are waiting until we get a house of our own. We have both been saving, and we're hoping to use the money to start off in a small home.

Anyway, I am getting off topic here….time for my story. This afternoon I ate a hearty lunch with my co-workers. I was absolutely starving. Since it is St. Patrick's day, I had a ton of corn beef and cabbage, potatoes and a beef stew! It was very good if I must say so myself. After eating that hefty lunch, I could feel the tell tale sign that I was going to have to take my usual afternoon dump anytime soon. Unfortunately, as I was walking out of the faculty break room, I had been reminded by my boss that I had a meeting to attend. I completely forgot all about it. My afternoon dump was going to have to wait for a little while. This was not good, especially since I had been somewhat constipated (I hadn't had to poop for over two days, and I usually have to take a dump at least twice daily). Oh well, like I said, my afternoon dump was going to have to wait for the time being. As I entered the faculty conference room for a conference call, I sat down in my chair, I listened to my boss speak about different teaching methods, etc. It was tough paying attention because I was really starting to develop stomach cramps and I could feel the bloating in my stomach. Luckily for me, the meeting didn't last too long, approx. one half hour or so. Once the meeting had ended, I quickly left the conference room and quickly walked to the other side of the building to the women's faculty washroom. As I was walking, the stomach cramps became much more intense and I had to do everything I possibly could to hold it all back. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I entered the washroom. As I entered, I could hear another woman in the far right stall having a bowel movement as you could hear her lightly grunting and dropping what sounded like sloppy poops into her toilet. She was definitely going to hear (and probably smell) the same thing from me. I quickly entered the far left stall, closed the door behind me, placed my pen and notebook on the small shelf within the stall, placed my purse on the stall door hook, lifted my uniform skirt, pulled down my panties, rolled down my panty hose and quickly sat down. Immediately, I let go of a loud fart and I started peeing. As I was peeing, the first long piece of poop crept out of my bottom as it curled around like a snake at the bottom of the bowl. I could feel more in my bowels. I sat for a few seconds and started peeing again. My stomach cramped up, I farted a few times and then a bunch of mushy poop came from my bottom. P-U, what a stink I was leaving. Unfortunately, I wasn't even close to finishing my poop. I was lucky that I didn't have a class to teach until the next period, as I didn't have to rush. I continued to sit, my stomach periodically making these funny growling noises. When I felt the stomach cramps come back, I hunched over, spread my legs a little wider, farted loudly once again and then the familiar crackling sound of mushy poops coming from my bottom and landing into the toilet water with semi-loud splashes. The woman a few stalls down started to wipe and I felt bad that she had to listen to me (and smell me) having such a nasty dump. Oh well, what can you do, this is a washroom after all and when a woman's got to go, a woman's got to go!

I continued to stay seated on the toilet, even though I was having stomach cramps, I was completely relaxed and in absolutely no rush. With my left hand holding up my skirt, and my right hand holding onto my stomach (I had a stomach ache / stomach cramps), I felt my stomach rumble a few times and had another round of the mushy poops. Ka-plop…ka-plop…ka-plop….ka-plop….into the toilet water below. The feeling was simply unreal. I knew that I was going to have to have a big dump, but, I didn't realize how bad it was going to be. The stomach cramps slowly subsided as I continued to sit releasing bouts of poop with a lot of gas every now and then. Once I felt that I was done, it was time for me to wipe. I could tell that it was going to be difficult trying to get clean back there. I reached for the toilet paper, wiped my front twice, and wiped my bottom approx. 5 times. I decided that I better flush the toilet, just in case if it got clogged. With my panties still down just above my knees, skirt still held high above my waist, I turned 180 degrees, used my right foot and flushed most of my bowel movement down. After flushing, I turned myself around, sat back onto the toilet and continued the wiping process. I had to wipe 7 or 8 times more. The smell that I had created was simply lethal. I really had to go bad, and I was somewhat embarrassed that I left such a stink behind. Oh well, like I said earlier "When a woman's got to go, a woman's got to go!" and I simply had to go badly! Once I felt that I had no more residue in my bottom, I pulled up my panty hose, pulled up my panties, fixed my skirt and flushed the toilet one more time (2 total flushes), grabbed my things from the washroom and went to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands, I was still feeling somewhat gassy. My stomach was still somewhat bloated and I could feel myself needing to let out some more gas. Since I was still in the washroom, I slightly spread my legs to the side and let out a silent but deadly lethal bout of gas. After I dried my hands, I lingered in the washroom for a few extra minutes, in case if I had to use the toilet once again. After fixing my hair, I realized that if I had to go again, I would simply just come back and have another dump.

Approx. 45 minutes later, as I was ready to teach a class, I could feel that I had a lot of gas to release as I was getting gas cramps and my stomach growled loudly. With less than 10 minutes before teaching a class, I quickly walked back to the women's faculty washroom, I entered a stall, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and hosiery and sat down. I did have a lot of gas, and managed to drop a few poop balls. But, other than that, I felt better. I quickly wiped once again, flushed and washed up. I made my class on time. I'm not sure what it is though, but, throughout the day, I've been quite gassy. It must have been the cabbage that I had consumed during lunch.

I hope you are all doing well!!

to Blissey:

I suggest that to avoid these accidents, you spend more time sitting on the toilet even if you don't have to go. I've been sick like that but haven't had that many accidents since I can feel an accident coming a day away. You should stay home from school and literally spend the whole day on the toilet. Trust me.

Mr. clean
Hi to all long time lurcker here love all the posts now I have one.I work at small college in the northeast.On sat. I had to work for a highschool b-ball game. About half way through this event I made my way through the laides bathroom to clean. I was checking all the toilets when I came apon a toilet that had not been flushed. I always look to see what someone has done I could not blevie what i was seeing. There was a very large turd stuck in the bowl,I tried to flush it but it would not move.I went and got a stick to breake up this turd. The turd must have been 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide and at least 9 or 10 inches long. I had to use my stick to break it up then it went down leveing me a huge skid mark to clean.Icleaned and ckecked the paper to make sure it was full reading all the posts with no paper makes me double check and I empty the box on the wall with the used feminne stuff. I'llm post more stories later until next time happy pooping

Haven't visited this site in a while - just saw that flock of "constipation" posts and had to comment.

My only embarrassing dump in the past month or two was one that took about twenty minutes in a cafe toilet - I'd been constipated and (like the earlier poster) was anxious to get this load out when the urge hit, but it came out in massive lumps and wouldn't flush even when I'd used the brush! I thought maybe if I waited it would start to liquefy, did.

The person who told the story about visiting his grandparents interested me - I've never heard anyone else call it "doing uh-uh", but I know my grandmother was in on the lavatorial dramas of my childhood. One time when my mother easn't around, was asking us if we'd been to the lavatory and if we'd done a smell lately (yes, she used the term). I remember her making me drink apple juice because I hadb't done one, but I don't remember her actually administering a suppository. I have a feeling she was around once when I was a toddler and was being given one, but the only other relative who ever "did" me with anal medication was my aunt, who whilst visiting the family once took it upon herself to put me over her lap and put a soap-suppository in me: "you need this, you haven't done a dooey for days!"- I don't remember whether I did one, only that it horrified me because the adults seemed to be ganging up on me.

Today I'm the suppository mama - if I or my daughter get constipated. I don't strain for ages because my ass is in a fragile state most times, and I don't let her strain for ages. I had to do her with a jelly bullet (glycerine suppository) again recently - she'd had numerous tries on the lavatory and nothing was coming out...elle ne pouvait pas faire un odeur depuis 3 jours. Fortunately the suppository cleaned her out and she's been alright since (it's not gonna be like last year, fingers crossed).

Breaking it up manually - the nearest I've come to that in adult life was sticking a device up there (you know what I mean) to see if it stimulated me to push my dirt out. It didn't - and the device needed a lot of cleaning (incl. with dettol) afterwards. My parents of course stuck all sorts of things up my butt when I was little to try and stimulate me to do a dooey - the rectal thermometer dipped in glycerin or liquid soap worked a little, but I really don't recommend it.

loyal reader
to Amy: Great story! you should dare your friend to do it too. let us know if anything happens with that.

benji pooper
Me and Jessica are getting married. I proposed to her when she came out of the bathroom. And she has one of the best butts a white gurl culd have.

P.S. I actually got to see her poop, with her permission.

To Doris:

Interesting questions about June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley). I grew up in that era and watched "the Beaver" then and still enjoy the reruns now on TV Land. I always had a thing for June and her shirtwaist dresses. Back then, no one had to poop, pee or fart apparently because there was never a toilet shown in any of the few bathroom scenes. Anyways, I can imagine June hiking up her skirt and slip/petticoat, tugging down her open bottomed girdle over her stocking tops to her knees or ankles, followed by her white nylon full cut panties. She'd then throw the dress and slip up high in the back and deftly lower herself onto the toilet seat and take care of business. Since she was a housewife and home alone during the day alot, there was probably much farting going on in those undies and girdle.

Pageant Queen
I particularly liked Carolyn's posting about fear in going to the bathroom in public. I'm 16, and although I've been a finalist in two teen scholarship/talent pageants, and an honor student and golf letter-winner, I have a much harder time than most of my friends when I have to use a school or public toilet. Sitting on a strange toilet--especially one where the seat's dirty, loose or cracked--just isn't something I enjoy. Because the latches have been taken off most of the doors at my high school (the counselors say they have been broken off by student abuse!), yes, I have been intruded on several time and, as with the case of Carolyn, I've had more than one door abruptly swung open and into my knees. In one case last month, I had my shorts and thong all the way down to floor level and I was pushing out the largest part of my three-day crap when a special needs freshman threw the door open, came in and stood there in surprise when I didn't get up for her. She said she was desperate and about to pee her pants, but I wasn't about to budge. Besides, I had waited about five minutes for the stall and was already resigned to the fact that I would have to take a tardy to my Science 11 class because the tardy bell had rung and I was just getting my crap to come out. The edge of the wooden door cracked my knee pretty hard and I noticed some blood from the skin just on top of my knee. I grabbed for the toilet paper dispenser and of course there was no toilet paper to be had. And I knew I was going to have a messy butt when I was done. I frequently make the mistake of not checking for toilet paper first because most times my pee is starting to squirt before my butt hits the seat and many times my crap blasts out before I'm actually settled on the seat. Last year when I was at a pro basketball game with my boyfriend, I was in a similar situation and the strangest thing happened. The seat was up and I reached around and dropped the seat just as fast as I was pulling my thong down and I tried to throw myself down on the toilet. Mistake! For the first time in my life, I had selected a toilet with a seat that had a spring on it and it took all the weight of my body and a jump up and down or two to lower the seat to bowl level where I could more comfortably sit on it. Even then I got spooked somewhat by several people waiting in line for each of the stalls and a couple of sets of eyes that regularly were peering in on me from between the door and stall partition. I've modeled and performed in front of more than 500 people in competition but I still don't have a lot of confidence when I need to use a public bathroom. Grade school wasn't that bad because the bathrooms were one or two stalls and located right off the side of our classroom. My sixth grade year was worse because there were 700-some girls in my school and a few of the 8th graders, who thought they were better than the rest of us, started to hover pee. At first, I thought it was a joke, but some told me they did it two or three times a day. The problem was the seats were gross from being splashed and often myself and my friends had to sit right in the pee because there wasn't any toilet paper available with which to wipe the seat down. Try standing in line for 10 minutes on a five-minute pass out of study hall, and then passing up a stall when it's your turn and then turn around and get into another line. No way! While my mom didn't necessarily like such a situation, she did say that urine is the cleanest fluid in the body. Like compared to what? Then when I started high school two years ago the restrooms got larger and the lines got longer. I had trouble getting use waiting 10 or 15 minutes over the lunch hour to sit down for a 45 second to 60 second pee. And with the exception of the locker room toilets, all of the stools at my high school are newer and have these sensors which go off when you make the slightest move. The flush comes so fast and without warning, that sometimes my entire pubic area is sprayed so badly that I have to using wiping paper to dry it. It doesn't matter if I do that while I'm on the toilet or I stand, the sensor activates and I get into further trouble. Just today, when I had my usual average-size crap, I looked over at the toilet paper container and my long hair (my mom says I remind her of one of her favorite singers Crystal Gayle) set the sensor off and some of the water drenched the lowest part of my hair. So although I'm a very successful student, part-time model and pageant finalist, I just can't seem to get it together when I have to use a bathroom away from home. Confidence in one or two areas sure doesn't it'll carry over into others.

Keith--thank you for sharing your story. As I child I also suffered from severe chronic constipation and had to have "toilet time" for about an hour every night. When I did go it hurt like **** which made me afraid to go so I held it and that made it worse. Not fun at all. I think I finally outgrew it after my parents stopped making a big deal out of it or asking me about it. Even now, though, I'm still prone to bouts of constipation.

This brings me to my next point: FrP--I am so glad that you are taking good care of yourself. As we have discussed, you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others and your profession is all about taking care of others. Regarding vacation, it is absolutely common to have a change in bowel habits. This is due to a change in schedule, diet, sleep, routine, etc. Also, because it is a strange place or a place you are not super comfortable (even a relative's or friend's house), your body may not relax. Biologically, we have a natural response of become more alert in unfamiliar circumstances--clearly if you are threatened and in danger you will not stop to poop. When I am going away, I make sure to bring the fiber pills with me.

So this past weekend I went on a trip to a historical site with a friend of mine. We went to a colonial buffet and ate the most amazing friend chicken and mashed potatoes and other things. Then, we went into the country store and were walking around. As we were getting ready to check out, I felt a really bad urge to poop. I have been fairly regular lately, but I always make sure to go immediately when I feel the urge if at all possible. Anyway, we're in the store and I check out and pay and then she is still looking around and getting more last minute things. There did not appear to be a bathroom in the store and I did not want to go all the way back up the hill into the restaurant. So, she finally checks out and the cashier messed up the order by charging her twice for something. Luckily, the manager told her to just ring it up again and she would void the first one after we left. So we get in the car and the urge is really getting strong. As I said, I can usually hold it, but I really prefer not to because of the whole childhood constipation issue. I didn't think I had to go so badly because the urge had just hit. So we drive to the other place we were going, about 2 miles. My friend said she wanted to put something in the trunk and I flipped the trunk and told her to make sure to lock the doors and I practically ran toward the sign that said "restrooms." I took the first stall (there were about 5 or so), wiped the seat and sat down. No sooner than my butt had hit the seat did the poop come out--no noise, no farts, no splashes, nothing. What was interesting was that it looked like a collage or something. It all came out in one solid piece, about 10 inches by 1.5 inches, but the first half was all bumpy and dark brown. The second half was smooth and lighter and had pieces of seed or some kind of fiber in it. I had eaten some couscous the day before, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Very strange. Anyway, my friend came in the bathroom to pee. I felt like I had more to do, but I didn't want to force it, especially with her in there.

After we got back to the hotel that evening, we were resting. It was time to get up to go to dinner and I went to the bathroom and had another poo. It was light brown without anything in it, about 5 inches by 1 inch and a couple smaller pieces. The next morning I had a poop as well. Very strange for me to have 3 in 24 hours as I do not even always go every day.

Well, I'm off to get ready for bed. I should probably jump in the shower--maybe I'll try a standing pee. I haven't had much success lately although when I used to practice in college I did pretty well. I'm positively bursting right now though, so I might as well try it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The story by Linda reminded me of a few days ago I needed a dump and had not been for two days. I was at work but all had gone home. I went out to the toilet with a clear urge to poo...did the usual but pushed and it was really hard and big......I have been through this before and did not want to make my piles worse (haemorroids). I then squatted on the floor, my back against the wall..I tried to relax myself as much as possible (particularly my hole)...took a deep breath and pushed as I exhaled...yes that stubborn turd was making its exit slowly...I thought of gettin onto the toilet but no.....this would be solid and dry and not messy...I eased out over a number of panting breaths a large turd into my hands...not necessarily long but wide..I dropped it into the toilet with a plonk and then sat myself over the bowl thinking that I had passed the plug. I was wrong, there were more rocks inside me....I resumed my squatting position and delivered a few larger pieces of poo and felt so much better and my anus not too sore.
The last few days I have had less toilet problems, despite increased pain medications because I have a glass of water on waking up followed by a large glass of prune juice and then to the gym where I train and consume quite a bit of the end of the session I have a poo and each day so far another poo later on.
I am starting a toilet joke session
Question: Why were the baker`s hands brown?
Answer: Because he kneaded a poo!

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