This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking around here for gazillions of years, even if I'm twelve years old, LOL. I'm twelve years old, I'm a girl and my body is okay, I mean, I can't really say much... lol, I'm kinda shy. I came here at the right time, cuz I've been having stomach trouble since yesterday and I still have it. I wasn't feeling too well at school but it wasn't till around lunch time when my stomach started to growl and I started to feel really full. I let go a couple of silent farts which made me have the strong urge to go to the bathroom. At lunchtime, the girls bathroom is crowded cuz our teachers don't really let us go to the bathroom during a lesson. There were about thirteen girls in there, including me, with three stalls in there. I let out a loud fart in which I made a huge shart in my underwear, every girl in there looked at me with a disgusted look on their faces. I wanted to cuss them out but I didn't. I started to rub my stomach as beads of sweat started forming on my forehead. I doubled over in pain as another loud fart shot out of me. "Are you okay?" one of my friends asked me. I shook my head no. After one girl left the stall, I ran in there and pulled my underwear down, but before I got on the toilet, I made a tiny fart and a soft serve greenish yellowish poo made its way out onto the pink tiled floor with a splat. Every girl in the bathroom screamed and freaked out. I got on the toilet, holding my stomach. Right then my bottom exploded with a loud BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMP as mushy, gooey diarrhea splattered in the toilet. My butthole closed for a little bit, but not more than a second later I exploded again with a soft-servy brownish poo. It was beginning to stink really badly in there and every girl in the bathroom was saying "Ewwww...". I moaned again as liquid yellow poo shot out of me. Finally, the last wave came as something that looked like brownie batter that didn't have all the lumps taken out. I was done, so I wiped about ten times, cleaned up the poo that was on the floor and flushed. When I came out of the stall, everyone but my best friend looked daggers at me. My best friend saved the day by walking out with me silently. I told all of my teachers that I just wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home. On the way to the nurse's office, I threw up in a trash can. The nurse took my temperature--I had a fever, and I had a really bad stomach bug. Once I got home, I ran for the bathroom but I didn't make it. I got so far as the door when I farted a bubbly fart and had a poo accident. I took off my underwear, washed them, then realized I had to sit on the toilet and make more poo. My butt was really sticky by that time so I flushed and I got in the shower to clean up. I got out, dried off and felt really nauseous. I threw up all over the floor in the bathroom. I cleaned up in there, put on some nightclothes and went to bed. I woke up at 4 AM this morning having to poo badly and held my stomach and my butt as huge bubbly farts came out one after the other. I pulled down my underwear, and a bubbly fart that sounded like BRRRRRRRRMP-FLOOP-FLOOP made me make a poo accident on the bathroom floor. I realized I had to throw up so I got a bowl for me to poo into and kneeled over the toilet to barf. In the bathroom that night, the sounds were "RRRRRAAAAALFFFF (sound of me barfing) and BRRRRRMP (sound of me farting and having diarrhea)" over and over again. Finally, I got to sleep an hour later, my stomach feeling sore and my head hurting. My mother came in to ask if I was feeling better this morning at 10 AM and she noticed that I had yet another poo accident in my sleep and it was really huge--a yellowish-green peanut-buttery mushy mess in my undies. She rushed me to the bathroom where on the way I made a big brown mushy poo leaving globs everywhere, took off my undies, plunked me on the toilet where I pooed and barfed a lot. There was barf on my shirt and poo on my legs. She made me wash up in the shower, put on some nightclothes, she changed the sheets for me and made me lay down. I kept having to run to the toilet to make diarrhea, and sometimes having poo accidents all over the toilet, the floor, the wall, on the carpet. Right now, I have to go poo again, so I might publish again to tell you all how that went.

Happy Pooping!

Blissey (Happinasu! :D)

Troy--first of all, don't make a big fuss with your son. He's embarassed enough. Remind him that kids are really cruel at that age and to not let them get to him. He can tell them that it is easier to go with the seat up because it is closer to the more natural squatting position. There was a discussion about this on here years and years ago (maybe 2002). It sounds as though he does not frequently have to use the stall at school--if this is the case, then really let it slide and help him to have it roll off him. I like your gf's idea about wiping the seat--this is habit for me. Once he gets into the habit, it will be a lot easier for him, but (as I know all too well from personal experience) starting a new habit is really difficult, especially with ADD. Just keep reinforcing it and be supportive and not critical. If the teasing continues, you might want to mention something to the teacher that Adam told you that some of the boys are teasing and saying unkind things to the boys using the stalls or something general like that so that she can do a general reminder to the class to mind their own business.
I would just encourage him to use the bathroom at home if possible before going to school, but that he should not wait if he needs to go at school. Another thing he could do if it really bothers him is for you to talk to the teacher and ask her to allow him to go at another time when the rest of the boys are not in there. This may, however, be difficult in his situation with the ADD. I know for me once I get involved in something and I get interupted (e.g., the phone or someone walks by) it is extremely difficult for me to get back into my work.

In other public places, you can figure out a signal to remind him to check right before he goes in so that you do not have to go in with him or say anything.

Regarding sufficient cleaning--again you can remind him the importance of keeping himself clean. Maybe send him to school with a pocket pack of tissues or a few tissues in his pocket so if he finds himself without paper he won't be stuck. I don't know how things work with guys, but girls definitely will ask their neighbor for paper when they find none.

If you are really concerned, mention it (outside of his presence) to his doctor or psychologist for pointers. A final thought is to be really careful with your gf's involvement in this issue. He's at an age where he may resent her not just as the "not my mother" but also as a "this is a guy issue." It is great if she can have that close of a relationship with him, but both of you should be aware of it and be really low-key about it.

Most importantly, however, remind Adam that you love him no matter what and you are there to support him however you can and that he should be comfortable talking to you.


News: I was reading the odd news and there was a man who called the EMTs. His wife had been sitting on the toilet for TWO YEARS! He would bring her food and stuff and she just didn't want to get up. She kept saying "maybe tomorrow" and never did. TWO YEARS! Anyway, it seems that somehow the suction and the way her skin grew made her totally stuck to the toilet and the ambulance had to come to remove her. It said that at first she tried to refuse treatment.

Now, I'm not a big fan of staying on the toilet...I'm also not a big fan of sitting still...but can you imagine not getting up for two years? I mean sleeping and everything...I wonder what was going through her mind.

Hello,IŽm Kathrin,31,5.6 ft,156lbs,with black,chin-length hair.

Here is my story.

Last december i drove home from the work.
At this day, the flush of the toilet in our medical practise had a malfunction,so we could only pee since 1pm.
At 2.30 or so,i felt am movement in my bowels,but our closing time was at 5pm
I thought it would be not too bad,because the pressure seems not so strong and i would doing the most time at my seat behind the reception.
No,problem,so i thought.

But as i drove to home at 5.10pm,i felt already a intense pressure between my cheeks.The backed-up turd in my bowels looked for a date with my black thong.Oh no,they would never come together !!!
But in the next 10 minutes the urge to shit was going so drastic,that i realized,i would never made it in time until home.My only hope was a fiend,who lives halfway at my way home.But what if he wouldŽnt be at home?

With shaking hands i grabbed my mobile phone and did a call.It rang,and rang,and rang...Oh my god,pleeaaase,come on! oh yeah he was there...I described him my distress and told him that i would be there in 10 minutes.
I was so happy,in just 10 minutes i would have a toilet under my poor ass.Escape was so near...

But it was not even 2 minutes later,as the poop attacked with full force.I clenched my cheeks with all might,shivers ran over my complete body.
But to my luck,the pressure calmed down a little bit and so the poop was not came out...not yet....

But as i arrived my friends house and got out the car,the urge hit me again like a hammer.I jittered under a mighty shiver and then the turd started to poking out,overwhelmed my thong and touched the inside of my tights.

I ran the doorway clutching my butt with both hands and as he opened the door, i yelled "its coming out !!!" and trampled with straddled legs in his bathroom,ripped down my pants and then,i relieved my bowels crackling and with huge farts in the toilet.

After the first relief i checked anxiously my pants-and was horrified.
My thong was clumped together and in my tights i had big mess of mushy shit and a few lumps...

Luckily my Jeans was in a better condition and after i wiped the tiny shit stains from the inside, i left my friends house 10 minutes later with hanging head,shattered pride and ego -and with my thong and tights in a plastic bag.

That was so embarrassing....

In reference to military facilities, during the draft days, most of the barracks were the old wood WWII type. Privacy was non existant. There were 10 wall mounted toilets around the room, all clearly visible, and a urinal trough. I believe the movie "Full Metal Jacket" shows that style of barracks.. The showers were all in one common room. When I got out after my 2 years, I stopped at a gas station to poop, and was amazed at the strange feeling of pooping with no one around LOL. In those days, High School, boys clubs, and YMCA swimming pools required men and boys to swim with no trunks for health codes. They made sure you peed and showered before entering the water. If you left to poop, they made sure you were clean. They could tell by the ring on your butt left by the toilet seat. Girls had separate days for swimming at high school, and swam only at girls clubs and the YWCA. They had to wear "tank" suits, and added alum to the water to reduce discharges. Most of that ended when the government outlawed "same sex" activities sometime during the 70s.

Hey people! I'm still sick, still barfing, still having diarrhea and still doing big poos and having poo accidents. I just had a really embarrassing one, right in front of my best friend. She was sympathetic to me about it, cuz we're sorta-kinda like Carmalita and Nu when we go to the bathroom, LOL. I had to wake up a gazillion times going to the bathroom to barf and make poo. This morning I woke up, feeling dizzy, nauseous and really sticky. I rolled over in my bed and I heard a *squish* when I sat up and I noticed an icky smell... I did a poo in my underwear. I went to the bathroom and took them off. The poo was green and really smelly. I washed them off in the sink, and threw them away. I took a shower, making me have some huge smelly bubbly farts. I quickly ran out of the shower and sat on the toilet stark naked where my bottom exploded with a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMP and then HUGE wave of chunky, slimy poo blasted out with a lot of farting, like BRRRRRMP SploopsploopsploopBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMPsploopsploopBRRRMP. It smelled really bad. I wiped my sweaty forehead with a cold towel and the next few waves came out looking like Hershey's chocolate syrup. I picked up a bowl (not the same one I did poos in yesterday) and began to dry heave and barf in the bowl while doing some weird poos that looked exactly like country gravy (whitish color and all). My mom came in to rub my stomach to try easing the pain but I kept making poo. I wiped my bottom, flushed the toilet, got up from the toilet, my mom followed me out and I got so far as to leaving the bathroom when I doubled over in pain as my bottom made a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMP and poo that looked like chocolate pudding fell on the hardwood floors of the hall. I ran back to the bathroom while brownish yellowish green mushy poos were running down my legs and my bottom was farting bubbly farts. I didn't make it to the toilet again, I had horrible diarrhea of every color on the tial floor of my bathroom. My mom gave me some medicine to sort of help with my diarrhea. It didn't help much but if I had to make poo I got to the toilet just in time (and actually did poos in there!), but had a few close calls. Later, my friend came over to bring me my homework and to see how I was doing. She stayed over for quite a while to keep me company and witnessed me taking trips to the bathroom. She said she had to go to the bathroom, so I went with her just in case I had to make a poo. She sat on the toilet, started peeing, and I felt the need to fart. She said "I have to do a poo," and proceeded by bearing down and grunting and she said her poo was really long and I heard a huge splash in the bowl. She still had to make more poo, and I started to sweat cuz I had to make a poo and it was gonna be icky. I told her I had to poo also. She suggested that we both poo at the same time where we both sit on the toilet. I proceeded to undo my shorts pull down my underwear but I did a quite large semisolid peanut-buttery poo on the floor. I sat on the toilet and exploded with poo. There was a cacophony of poo noises, first her soft crackling noises of normal poo and her farts, and HUGE farts and splashes. She reached around and rubbed my stomach as liquid dark green poos, light brown semisolid poos and brown water rushed out of my bottom. Finally, we finished, wiped, and looked at the messes we made. HUGE brown logs (hers), mixed with a lake of brown and green and lumps of light brown (mine). We got off the potty, wiped ourselves and flushed. Right after that, I noticed the huge poo I did on the floor and I wouldn't stop crying and apologizing like crazy. She told me it was okay, we've both seen eachother have diarrhea and not make it to the toilet, she saw me on Thursday do a poo on the floor by accident. We put our underwears and pants back on, and left the bathroom. We played video games for about 30 minutes when I felt the feeling of having to poo some more. She saw me squirming a bit and asked me if I had to poo, and I said yes. She ran with me to the bathroom, only to find someone in there. I waited by the door, crossing my legs, trying not to do a liquid poo in my little jean shorts. I felt like I needed to pass gas so I tried to let off a little gas, but I made a biiiiig fart and liquid poo came out, running down my legs and onto the floor. My friend wrinkled her nose during this diarrhea attack. I didn't blame her, it was smelly. She went home, and I got on my comp to write this. I hate being sick... I hope it isn't anything more than a ???? bug.

Happy Pooing to the rest of you!

-Blissey (Happinasu!)

I just visited Crete with my girl friend. One day when I was preparing for my next exam my gf rented a bike and went biking around in the country side. When returning in the afternoon she told an amusing story. When biking she felt the need for a toilet. She had been a bit constipated for some days so when she felt the urge she found it wise to get it done as soon as possible. She was far out in the rural area, no nearby villages, and no toilets. But without anyone around (she thought) she was quite comfortable with doing it outside. She had some paper napkins in the lunch basked which she took and went just behind some bushes along the road. She said that she found a place well covered from view from the road, pulled down and squatted and got it done. When she came up on the road again she suddenly noticed a man, an elderly farmer, among the olive trees some 100 m away. When she biked away she noticed that he went over to the place she had used as a toilet. She became curious and stopped for a moment and observed that he brought a showel which he used to carry the waste from her body over to his small field beyond the olive trees! She said that she immediately felt very embarrassed as the farmer certaily had observed her in this very private situation. She biked away as fast as she could. I comforted her with saying that obviously he was more interested in the fertilizing effect of her products than voyeuring her white bottom. At the hotel she also told some friends about it and one of them said that once in Africa she went to take a dump in the bushes along the road and then suddenly she was surrounded by a lot of local children staring at her and laughing at this white girl just trying to finish as quick as possible. Another time I remember a situation myself when I was staying at a village hostel. The toilet was a bucket in a small closet in my room. The hostess used to bring it away every day just after breakfast. I found out that she emptied it behind the outhouse where she obvioulsy let it lie to turn into rich soil. I also noted that the family themselves squatted over a hole in the floor of the outhouse when they had to take a dump. Once as a child I went with my parents to stay for two weeks in a cottage on an island in the Carribbean. The toilet was a WC on a balcony at one side of the cottage with a roof over but only quite low walls. One could see into the toilet when passing by and from our cottage we also could see over to the toilet of one of the other cottages. I still remember how amusing I found it observing the neighbours going to toilet, especially in the evening because then the toilet was lying in light surrounded by deep darkness. And the outlets from these toilets went down into a small ditch where one could easily see both human waste and paper. Once I also there saw one of the local farmers go there and take away some of the stuff in a bucket. My girl friend also have told from a visit to Russia or Caucasus where they either took their dumps when out in the fields or used an outhouse toilet at home. There they had two different houses. One was always closed so that the waste should decompose to soil. When that was done, they closed the other toilet and started over again on the first! Well, this have to be all about recycling advice for this time.

I AM TRYING TO POOP RIGHT NOW!!! All I got so far is a very small pebble. I haven't had a bowel movement in 4 days and I haven't had a soft poop in about 6 months!! I've been sitting here for about 20 minutes. I can feel a large mass in my rectum, it feels hard--way too hard to pass. My stomach also hurts a bit from all the straining. Every time I start to push I only push it half way out and it gets stuck there. Then my I`ll start to shake and sweat or my eyes will water. It hurts..It hurts sooo bad!! I've got my feet up..Ok I'm gonna push again...It's still just halfway out, no signs of coming out all the way: ( It's been like half an hour now..I'm shaking like crazy and I feel sore...ThIS IS nEVER gOiNG tO eNd

Mr. Clogs
Hello all, Mr Clogs here and got a quick story to share.

Last night after finished my beer and a bit drunk getting ready for bed, I had to pee very badly, I grabbed an empty soft drink 32 oz Checkers cup removed the lid and peed in it, nice-n-rich and steamy hot golden piss with some fizz into the cup. I was still drunk watching a little TV and stuff I felt the urge again, I got up and grabbed that same cup with some room left for me to fill it again with some more pee, I damn near filled that cup up to the brim! Once I finished, I put the lid back on the cup with the straw in it (how creative) and placed it back on the night stand and went off to sleep.

OK here's another story which was a disaster. Again I had to pee in the middle of the night, I was too lazy to walk to the bathroom to pee. I had another empty container which was my beer can that was 24 oz of Lebalt Blue can. So I put the can up close to the opening as possible without cutting myself. I proceeded to pee in it. OK here is the disaster of this idea. Half way through peeing into this small opening of the beer can, I must to push my urine too hard into the can I missed my target and my piss and running over the can an making a puddle on the floor! My goodness I thought I was going to flood my floor, so I gained my position with the can and finished the rest of my piss into the can. I felt better, but I had a mess to clean up. So I grabbed an old wash cloth to soak up most of the pee on the floor. I put the can on the night stand and went back to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed my story and will post sometime if something interesting comes up. Take care and enjoy!

--Mr. Clogs

Hello all, long time since I've posted, been too busy with school, the holidays, etc. I had an accident around christmastime, so I thought I'd tell everyone here how it happened:

Me and my parents were at my grandmother's house the day before Christmas Eve at her annual Christmas party. I was wearing my best slacks and blazer, as my parents insisted I look nice. Anyway, about 4 hours in, I felt the need to pee and went to the one bathroom in her house, and the door was closed. I knocked and someone responded that it was occupied I said "OK" and walked away and tried to make the urge go away. About 20 minutes later I went back upstairs and checked again, and the bathroom was still occupied. I was beginning to get a bit worried. ABout 10 minutes later, my parents said it was time to leave, and I chose not to let them know about my situation. We said our goodbyes, I put on my heavy overcoat, and we left. It was about a 35 minute ride home, and I wasn't sure I was going to make it. About 10 minutes from home, the floodgates just opened and I soaked my pants. I almost cried I was so embarrassed and upset with myself. I thought about not telling my parents about it, but I decided it would be best that they know, so when we get home I confessed I had had an accident. They could tell I was really upset, as I was nearly in tears, and simply hugged me and said it was OK, we all have accidents at one point or another. My mom helped me upstairs and she said my underwear was probably ruined, but my coat and slacks came clean in the wash. I took a shower and then we watched TV for a while and I went to bed.

This morning I got up, got dressed, and as I don't have school today because I have a head cold, I ate a leisurely breakfast, and went to take my morning pee. I peed for what seeemed like a long time, though it was probably only about 30 seconds or so, and then a fart slipped out and I realized I had to poop. I pulled my pants down slightly, (I usually only pull them down to my knees) and then sat down and farted really loud, it was this huge booming fart that almost hurt my ears, it was the loudest fart I've ever heard. I couldn't help but laugh a little, and then I heard some crackling as my first big turd came out. It came out slowly, but picked up speed as it came out. Then it broke off and fell into the toilet with a splash. I began grunting a little as I felt there was more poop left, and I pushed out several little balls, and felt I was done. I wiped, stood up, pulled my pants up and buckled my belt, washed my hands and left. I checked my email, surfed a few sites, and then came here to post all this.

Hoping to see all of you again soon

Me again. On my last post I said I had to poo. If you're wondering if I made it on the toilet, that's a no... *surprise surprise*. I made it to the bathroom, got to pulling my panties down and everything, I didn't feel a fart coming on, my butt just went BRRRRRRRRRRRMP with a soft crackling sound and a long, mushy, thick creamy semi solid brownish poo fell out and hit the floor. It looked like peanut butter. I didn't even get on the toilet, I felt more poo coming, and indeed it did. I bent my knees and farted a loud BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMP BRRRRRRRRRRMP and poo that looked like chili came out and splattered the bathroom floor. It stank a lot. My butthole closed, so I thought I was finished so I wiped, picked up the poo and flushed that. The minute my underwear was pulled up, I made a bubbly fart which made me shart. My stomach got that "oh no" feeling. However, nothing happened so I wiped my underwear out and kept them on. Before I went back to my room, I threw up in the toilet, flushed that and feeling extremely weak, I went back to my room. My stomach felt sick, like I was gonna make another poo. I fell asleep. I just woke up from a nap only to find out that I had an extremely major poo accident in my sleep, in my bed. Poo of all different colors (light brown, dark brown, cream, yellow, green) and textures (mushy, creamy, liquid, semi-solid, grainy) was in my underwear and the sheets were stained. I felt really nauseous so I ran to the bathroom, with my poo leaving creamy globs as I ran through the hall so I doubled over in the toilet to throw up this greenish orangish pinkish yellowish stuff. While I was throwing up, I started filling my panties with more poo. I got up, flushed down the barf and now tried to concentrate on getting my underwear clean. I took off my underwear, which landed on the floor with a splat. There was poo on the crotch of my underwear, on the seat, on the front, on the back, it smelled absolutely terrible. My bottom, however, was absolutely a disgrace. It took a whole roll of Charmin to wipe my butt and flush it. I washed my panties and just threw them away. Since I smelled like a sewer, I took a shower. The minute I got in the shower, feeling extremely weak, my stomach growled loudly. I knew hot water always made me have to poo (but this would be my first time pooing in the shower cuz I usually got to the toilet and made my poos just in time), I doubled over in pain as I farted and dark brown poo dribbled out. It went down the drain easily so I didn't have to clean anything out but a huge, mushy green poo came out and it really stank. I picked up the big poo I used the air freshener so it smelled like flowers in there. I got into more nightclothes and got into my computer chair to write this. I got onto this site, and I feel like I've got to make poo AGAIN! I just made more mushy green poos in my underwear, so much mushy poo that it's running down my legs. I've lost track of how many poo accidents I've had in two days-- I mean, I've either made poo on the floor or in my underwear. I hadn't made it to the toilet in forever. I'm really worried that I'm making poo too much. I know it's called diarrhea, but I feel like I'm making way too much runny poo and it's gonna cause my body a lot of problems. I'm really scared, I don't want to have any more poo accidents. I've got to run to the bathroom again and poo :P I'll update in this same post if I made it to the toilet to do a poo.

Happy Pooping!

-Blissey (Happinasu!)

UPDATE: I ALMOST MADE IT! I got to the toilet but after I had made poos on the floor I pulled down my underwear (which had poo in it) put them in the sink to wash before I did a poo. My stomach cramped up and I ran to the toilet and I heard a soft crackle behind me and I did a soft serve brownish-yellow poo fell on the floor, and dark brown chocolate-syrupy diarreah squirted all over the floor. I felt that the main eruption hadn't come out yet, so I plunked my messy butt on the toilet and gripped the sides of the bowl as my butt made the ickiest diarreah noise like BRRRRRRRRRRMP-FLOOP-FLOOMP-BRRRRRRRAAAAAAPPPP and I groaned as HUGE mushy green poos splattered into the toilet. My stomach was hurting really badly, I was doubled over in pain on the toilet. My butthole closed but then opened as poo that looked like mashed potatoes (texture and everything) splashed into the toilet. I then did some butterscotch pudding-y poos that were hard to get out cuz I was so weak. I felt so nauseated, I had to get up and get the trash can cuz I knew I was gonna throw up. But then I felt like I was gonna do a poo. I got up from the toilet and flushed it. While clenching my buttcheeks together, I ran (avoiding my other poos I did) to pick up a bowl. I kneeled by the toilet, and started barfing my guts out and farting and doing really yucky chunky greenish poos, light brown poos that looked like peanutbutter, chocolate syrupy liquid poos and semisolid poos. It almost filled the bowl. The bowl of poo looked like someone was trying to make a cake with peanut butter, butterscotch pudding, mashed potatoes, chili, mushy broccoli and chocolate syrup. I got up feeling extremely weak, I actually felt a little more poo in me--my bottom made a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMPPPPP BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMP BRRRMP BRRMP BRRMP and a big green smelly mushy/semi solid creamy poo fell on the floor. My bottom was not done yet so it made a even louder BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMP BRRRRRRRMP BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMP making mushy peanut-butter type poos splatter all over the floor. My butt felt so sore after that.After that, I flushed the poos in the bowl, cleaned up the poos off the floor, flushed them, sat on the toilet, wiped my butt, had another green mushy poo, wiped again, put on some new undies, and came back here. Well, that's all for today-- hopefully I'll be back soon, hopefully this bug will be gone soon. Hopefully I won't have to poo anymore... :( See you all later.

Keith D
Thanks to NoNameStudent for highlighting the plight of the anonymous poster on p1641 who was raped as a child as "punishment" for wetting her pants. This really does deserve comment. Although a lot of us come to this forum out of curiosity and for a bit of fun, there are some serious issues too.

To the anonymous poster: What happened to you was certainly terrible and in no way your own fault. It was not a punishment. The person that did that to you was just using your pants wetting as a pathetic excuse to cover up what they were doing. The worst thing about the crime of rape is that the victims are often made to feel guilty for what someone else has done to them. Blaming their actions on a child wetting their pants was their way of frightening you into keeping quiet about what happened.

But I suppose that you probably realise that by now and hopefully have had some form of counselling or therapy. I guess your question here is about how this traumatic event continues to affect you in your adult life, especially when it comes to your toilet habits. Intense emotional situations make you feel as though you are going to lose control of your bladder? I guess that help and support for this sort of issue is not so widely available.

From my own experience and from reading the posts of others on this forum, I believe that our own toilet habits, including things like control over out bodily functions, all come from ideas and experiences very early in childhood. It seems that anything to do with the toilet in the first few years of life leaves a lifelong lasting impression. Myself and many others have recounted vivid memories of events in our early childhood, that still affect us today. Every person seems unique in their own toilet habits. I guess this is because so much of what we do is done in secret, so we don't have a chance to see how others go about their toileting activities and we don't learn from each other. For almost every other human activity, we learn by copying others or are taught in school. So these early impressions really count.

I don't have any experiences that could possibly compare with yours. I guess I was lucky to have had a good childhood. But in some way I can sympathise. When I was a child I had constant struggles with chronic constipation. I used to be scolded by my parents a lot for accidentally soiling my underpants when a little bit of wet poop slipped past the big solid turds that used to block my rectum. I was forced to spend many hours a week shut in the toilet room and not allowed out until I pooped. I would spend ages sitting on the seat until my buttcheeks went numb just waiting. I couldn't push the whole time it was just too tiring. Once, when my father got really frustrated with me sitting in there for such a long time he came in and said "If you don't poop, you'll blow up and die!" Now he was a kind man and was just trying to get me to stop being so lazy and try to go but it scared the hell out of me at the time (I was about 4). You could die from not pooping? I strained and pushed with all my might. I must have sat for an hour staining my guts out but without any luck. I ended up crying my eyes and and screaming "I don't want to die!" Some of you are probably laughing right now (and it is kind of funny looking back). But at the time it was terrifying. Eventually my father came and rescued me from sitting on the toilet. But that concept stayed with me for years and really terrified me through much of my childhood. Even today, whenever I'm a little constipated and it just won't budge, for a brief instant when I realise that I won't be able to finish, there's a split second of panic and sheer terror. Almost like a panic attack. And I think it all stems from that day.

Like I said, obviously I can't really compare but these things do tend to affect most people. I think it is normal for your early toilet experiences to continue to have some impact later in life. I know that it doesn't help your specific problem just please don't feel quite so bad about it. Anyone else got some more relevant help for this person? C'mon guys and girls, if your in a position to help by sharing something, please do.

Fr. P
Glad to see you posting again, I've missed your posts here. The siblings are all doing fine, and to be quite honest I'm not sure of which foods make my stomach rebel, I don't think there's a specific food that gives me gas, I think it all depends on how it's prepared, cooked, etc. I haven't really had any more stories, I've got a few days off next week, so there could be some more posts from me, as I often get constipated when not at home, I don't know what it is, I'm assuming it's not usual since I see people go on vacation all the time and not have any trouble, but whenever I go out of town, even just overnight I get really blocked up.
Now I've got a question, since I mentioned that:
Is getting constipated on vacation normal, or is it unusual?

And, also, I have been taking time out of my day to take care of my own needs, I always urinate when I first wake up and every evening I poop, even if it feels like I don't have to, because I don't want to have another accident, it's just really embarrassing.
Thank you all and God Bless!

Father P.

lucky guy
cool site. just found this place, i have a story to share from back when i was in high school. i sat next to this girl sarah in science class in 9th grade, and it was right after lunch. at least once a week she would say something during that class like "i have to pee so bad" or "i think i'm gonna pee my pants" and act like she was too shy to ask for a hall pass to go to the bathroom, but she would eventually always leave and go to the bathroom. one time i teased her a little bit about it and she told me she has a really small bladder so she pees a lot. then, this one time, she told me about halfway through class that she had to pee really bad. i told her to just go to the bathroom. she said she didn't want to ask the teacher for a pass because she went in the beginning of class and she didnt' want people seeing her leave to pee twice in one class. instead she just wiggled around in her chair. eventually she said "omg i'm gonna pee my pants." i figured, well she talks about it so much, so...and i said to her "that's okay it would be hot." i figured i had nothing to lose, i said it in a kind of way that could be perceived as just fooling around. when i said it, she gave me this look. she had a really sexy look in her eyes and i thought she was gonna soak her jeans right there. she didn't say anything. she instead told the teacher she had to go see the nurse, i guess so she could go to pee without people thinking she was peeing again. she never came back that whole class period and i was confused. i couldn't tell how she felt about my comment because she gave me that sexy look but then she left and never came back. when class was over i was walking to my next class when she came up to me in the hall. i looked at her pants and they were dry so she must have made it to the ladies room okay. she said to me quietly, "i'll probably have to pee really bad after school. would you drive me home so i don't have to wait for the bus?" (i repeated 1st grade so i was a year older, i was the only kid in 9th grade with a car). obviously i told her i definitely would. finally the end of the day came and i found her waiting by my car with her legs pressed together and she was doing a little dance. she said "hurry i'm gonna pee!" and smiled at me. we got in my car and i drove her all the way to her house. the whole time she was wiggling and making comments about how full her bladder was and that she was gonna burst. she asked me to come inside when we got there. as soon as we got out of the car, she said "uh oh.." and i looked at her, and she was standing slightly bent over with her legs crossed tightly, a big dark spot started to appear in her lap that grew rapidly. i could hear a splattering noise and see a puddle forming at her feet. the wetness spread down the front of her pants too after completely soaking her lap. she turned around and her butt was soaked too and there was wetness down the back of her legs. she looked at me with this really sexy look and said "i'm sorry, i thought i could make it." i didn't know what to do with myself. i followed her to her room and she had me wait on her bed while she went in the bathroom and changed. when she was done she showed me her wet jeans and panties. needless to say, we formed quite a relationship that afternoon. she told me about how she had such a small bladder and needs to pee all the time, so eventually she just started to relieve her aching bladder in her pants when no one was around to avoid the inconvenience of constantly needing the toilet, and she grew to enjoy it. she told me that almost every day when she's walking home from the bus stop she wets her pants. it was originally an accidental occurance but now she just lets it happen. we got into the habit of me taking her home everyday and she peed her pants every day. a few times we hung out on the weekends and she would often wet her pants on the way home and once wet her pants in the movies. she even told me that she wets the bed a lot. i never met a girl who was so intrigued by wetting her pants. i guess she just had so many accidents growing up that she embraced her pants peeing nature. for almost all of 9th grade i had this relationship with her, but one day she got more than she bargained for and it made things awkward and we kind of stopped hanging out. what happened was we were doing the usually drive home and she wets her pants for me at her house routine, but she had to do a lot more than pee this day. first of all, she wound up starting to pee her pants in the parking lot at school but stopped it for a second. she got in my car and completely peed her pants in my car, which she had never done before. i said "wow you must have really had to go" and she just said "hurry i gotta go home" and seemed really nervous. i asked what was wrong and she said "i really gotta go to the bathroom". obviously she had to poop, and pretty bad apparently. we were driving and i could hear her groaning. at least 3 or 4 times she farted fairly loudly and apologized. we were about a half mile form the entrance to her neighborhood when she said "oh my god" and she lifted herself from the seat a little. she had a pained expression on her face, and i heard her release several loud farts, followed by a crackling noise. she sighed loudly and tears started to stream down her face. she said between sobs "omg im so sorry i crapped my pants in your car!" i just tried to tell her everything was ok. i was surprised that despite how much she enjoyed peeing herself, she clearly was mortified by pooping her pants. i dropped her off and she got out of my car. i watched her walk to her door with a soaking wet butt and an enormous stain and a bulge. unfortunatley she never really asked me to take her home after that, and it was awkward being around her at school because she was so embarassed about pooping herself. it was good while it lasted though.

I took a dare from a girlfriend of mine. She dared me to poop my pants in public. I put on a pair of bikini panties and over them I put on a pair of form fitting jeans. I decided on the CVS, so we went inside and went to the magazine section. We started looking though a few of them and then I felt the urge, I knew I was going to have to poop cause I had not went all day up to this point.
I wanted to wait a few minutes because there was a guy right there with us looking though the mags too. I looked at my friend cause the urge was growing into a cramp. I knew I had to unload soon but this guy wouldnt leave. My girlfriend just nodded at me to go ahead, so I made a slight bend over and gave in to my pain of holding back. I made a slight push and I felt a tenting of my panties and then my jeans pulling away from my butt. There was a crackling sound going on at the same time. I went ahead and pushed it out and felt it lodge in my crotch. This guy looked over at me and I felt my face get hot with embarrassment. I couldnt stop then I had more to get out, I didnt even have to push any more. I stood there and filled my panties with a huge load of poop, which made its own room pushing by pushing my jeans out. My friend looked at my butt and started to laugh. I looked over at the guy and he was now watching my show, it was very humiliating. I put my mag down and started walking out of the store. I had such a large bulge in my jeans I could feel it going back and forth as I walked out. My friend was right behind me and she was laughing all the way out!
When I got outside I reached back and felt my jeans, I had a huge bulge going on. I know that everyone that saw me knew I had pooped my pants, it was humiliating but it was a great rush!
Love, Amy

to Troy:
I read your posting about Adam's problem of sitting down and because he fails to check the seat, falling into the toilet. Although he's 11 now and I'm 7 years older, I remember having horrendous fears when I was in elementary school (and by the way, small for my age) of falling into the stool at school and other public places I would need to use. My mom was very nurturing about it and has reminded me of it several times because I have some other fears. I've just started taking drivers training as a college freshman and I've always managed to come up with some excuse to flying. Two years ago I qualified for a national marketing student competition three states over and although the rest of the 13 on my team flew, I took a Greyhound and did stay back and spend a day with my grandparents, but it was largely an excuse because I have never flown. The problem began when I was starting elementary school and I was only 4 and a few inches shorter than many of my classmates. My school, which has since been torn down because it was 95 years old and in bad repair, had these toilets that were higher than the ones I used in day care or the one we had a home. It scared me greatly to sit back as far as I needed to in order to get my butt farther enough back so that my pee and crap would clear the front of the seat and in doing so, I often had a loose or cracked seat that gave me the impression that I could (and sometimes that I would fall in). Since there were no latches on the doors, girls would sometimes throw the door open so frequently and fast that my knee got bruised from the contact. And sometimes I would get pushed back on the seat to the point where I feared I would fall in because my feet would be off the floor. Even today, at 4'-11" in some bathrooms my feet are not as firmly on the floor as I would like. Just last week I had been constipated and was on the toilet at Target and I spread my legs wider to get a tough crap started, but in doing so, my crap slid over the very front of the seat and I needed to use toilet paper to push it into the bowl. Gross! I know that I should sit back farther on the stool, but I fear that I'm going to lose the base that my feet provide on the floor. And frequently, I use the only open stall at my college and that may be the handicapped one when I have to pee badly and don't think I can wait. Well, sometimes when I'm on a date with my boyfriend and we stop at a place like a gas station or convenience store, it's embarrassing and messy because I'll start peeing and it gets partially over the front of the seat or bowl because I'm not confident about sitting back any farther on the seat. I always take the time to wipe up for the next person and that includes my small bush, but it still is gross and at age 18, something I wish I had more confidence with. So I can sympathize with Adam who probably means to do better, but just doesn't have the confidence to concentrate when he approaches the toilet.

To Benji Pooper: If you love your girlfriend Jessica, and you think you will be happy together, propose to her, of course! But if she gives you many years of enjoyment courtesy of her delectable bottom, remember to give her her fun too when she wants it.

to Troy: Adam has option to avoid using the boys restrooms without stall doors, they are generally used by the most confident shitters (jocks and popular guys usually) He can go to the nurses room and use a private toilet, or use the faculty mens restroom (sometimes they have stall doors on at least one toilet, but even if they don't the other boys wont harass him, and the male teachers will be understanding of him situation Or in extreme situations sneak into the girls bathroom (they WILL have stall doors) Good luck ...keep us posted.

How long does it take for pee just to come out without your control if you have no health problems?
Ive been holding my pee for 19 hours. I dont really need to go. Is that bad?

Lately my stools have been green and coming out hard its been taking me over an hour

scarlett :]
A year ago when I was like 22 years old I drove to arizona with my now ex. I live in CA. But we were driving and it was kind of deserted. I mean there wasn't a bathroom, or sign in miles. I really had to go poop. really badly. So we were in my ex's car and he got really pissed at me for pissing in his car months before. So I told him to roll down the window. He did not knowing what I was about to do. I pulled down my pants and underwear and stuck my butt out the window. I started grunting and quickly about 3 sticks of poop were stuck to his car door. he was really mad at me and told me to pull my butt out the window. I did and I still had to go. So I just crapped all over his seat and car. Then I started to pee ><. That didn't work well.

stomach bugs are bad
I had a 24 hour bug, only problem is, I live in a dorm where the bathrooms are cleaned by maintinence staff that tend to take their sweet time doing their job.
so here I am with diarrhea and wanting to puke and who knew when it would hit. I wear protective underwear because of IBS, but still... I do not enjoy crapping myself and would prefer to do it in the toilet when ever possible. I was laying in bed and feeling pretty miserable... I let out what I hoped would be a fart, but low and behold, it was a load of diarrhea. of course, the maintenence guy was doing his cleaning job, so I couldn't go in and clean up in the shower and had to make due with wet wipes. I did manage ok, but it was still really bad. after I finally got cleaned up I went to sleep, woke up and puked in the trash can near my bed... ugh.
unfortunately, the accident I'd had earlier wasn't the last of the daybut I was able to clean up a bit better after the nex one.

Robert-what was Sandra's accident like? Was public or did only you see? Could you see her accident through her clothes?

B-Did you ever find out what exactly happened to your girlfriend at work? Or was it just left vague? Has it ever happened before/since?

TO TROY- It's kind of hard for me to think of any advice to give to you to help your son remember to check to make sure the toilet seat is down before he sits on the toilet. About the only thing that I could think of that I have heard works is for you and your girlfriend to start leaving the toilet seats up at home. Typically, after he would fall in several times, he would get tired of falling into the toilet almost constantly then eventually get into the habit of checking to make sure the seat was down. I know it may seem mean, but that is the only thing that I have heard that works to teach children to make sure the seat is down.

Now moving on...
I had a little bit of constipation earlier today, so I used a suppository to loosen things up a bit. Let me say that it was extremely fast working. I had it in maybe 3 minutes then I had an accident. I am glad I was wearing briefs today.

More stories to come, I have been able to think about even more from my childhood!

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't had any trouble pooping for the last few weeks. Ive been going at least once a day, some days twice or even three times.

To Keith D: I remember being constipated once when I was about 10 or 11. I hadn't been for a few days and I had to go to school with a big mass of poo in me. I hated going to school when I was backed up. Anyway, it was a Saturday and a friend who lived up the road asked me to come over. I didn't really want to go because I was full of poo and feeling a bit miserable but I went anyway.

While I was there, I went to the toilet for a wee. After I did my wee, I decided to try for a poo aswell. I knew I wouldn't be able to push the whole load out but just to get some out would be better than nothing. I could feel a big log in my anus so I tried to push some out. It took ages for anything to come out but I kept trying. Then someone was knocking at the door (this friend had 3 brothers and a sister). I managed to get about an inch of poo out but it was stuck and hanging out of my anus. I pushed and strained a bit more but it was no use. I had been on the toilet for almost half an hour by now and someone else was waiting to use it. So I broke the poo off with my hand and some tp. After that, I got an even bigger urge to push the poo out but I knew it wouldn't help. It took me a while to clean all of the poo away. I was constipated for a few more days after that too.

When you were a kid, did you feel finished after doing a poo? I often couldn't push all of my load out in one sitting and I still get that problem as an adult sometimes. How long did you go without doing a poo as a kid? How long did it take you to squeeze one out when you were constipated?

Hey here is a question for you ppl.

Does anyone here do convenience messings, like if you are doing something and need to take a shit , you just shit in your panties.I often shit my panties if I'm in the middle of something and don't want to take a break.
Here are some samples.

1. The other day I was washing my car and cleaning out all the accumulated rubbish. I felt the urge to have a shit,actually I'd been holding onto it for awhile. But the urge had got fairly strong and I did want to get the car done as I had to go out. I was wearing a apir of spandex shorts,no panties and an old loose T shirt and sneakers.I wasstanding at the back of the car when I just decided to shit in my shorts instead of going inside for a shit.I pushed not that I had to give it much encouragement. My shit was very sticky and as the turds ccmae out they mushed between my cheeks. I soon had a good size bulge around my arse and in the now streched spandex shorts.I then pissed myself which just ran down my legs and onto the concrete. I finished the car about 30 mins later then went inside and cleaned up.

2. One time I was mowing the grass in the back garden and shit in my pants because I couldn't be bothered to go inside to take a shit. I rather like the feeling of shit in my panties. I have had a "convenience shit" when I was doing some painting outside and held in my panties for nearly 3 hours.

I'm sure some of you out there have done the same thing as I have...... tell your stories


how did Barbara Billingsley take a shit with that big dress? Also, do you think she was bashful being the only girl in the Cleaver household when she had to fart?

Gary-I'm not sure I understand why anyone would be able to see the color and length of your crap when you are in a doorless stall. Unless someone is standing in front of you while you are dumping and you lean back a bit to let him see between your legs, no one can really see anything. The few times I've dumped while someone is standing in front of me talking to me, I've never once thought that he could see my crap.

A couple of weeks ago I did use the restroom that had a large (2ft x 3ft) opening between 2 stalls. A guy who came into the stall next to mine tried to hide his face by leaning way forward so I couldn't see him. Of course, that meant he was hovering above the toilet seat so I got a great view of of the turds sliding out of him and plopping into the toilet. And I also had a front row view of him wiping. I could even see his "junk" dangling between his legs as he was wiping. Strange. I guess he just didn't want anyone to see his face. Everything else was OK.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

One day I was hiking with my family in the Alps. It was 2004 which was a really warm summer in Europe and it was nearly 40 degrees even in the mountains. The hotel we were staying in was appalling, there was no air con and the food disagreed with all our digestive systems. On the night before the day in question, we'd been served a platter of thin, pinkish slices of beef for dinner. It tasted good and i ate them all, but in the night I woke up really needing to shit. I crept to the bathroom and managed to relieve myself quietly. I went again the next morning but it didn't concern me; i was glad not to be constipated any longer.

Anyway, we'd been walking for a few hours along a narrow mountain path when suddenly the urge hit. My stomach began gurgling quite loudly, and i could hear the contents swishing about with each step i took. I really needed to fart to release some pressure, and soon began letting go silent bursts of gas. That helped a bit but I could feel soft poop knocking at my anus and I began to get a bit concerned as to whether i could hold on for another five hours until we got home.

Suddenly my mother, who was walking ahead of me, stopped and turned round. She announced that she needed to use the bathroom. This wasn't unusual as she has a small bladder and needs to piss every few hours. Unfortunately, however, there was nowhere very secluded. We were high above the tree line and the path was narrow, the only cover being given by rocks. There were various other walkers along the path as it was a popular route from a cable car to an Alpine restaurant.

While we were looking for a suitable place, Mom lent forward and clutched her ample stomach. "I don't feel good" she said, and began to rub her fat belly. I asked what was wrong and she said she had a pain and thought she might have diarrhea. I asked if she could hold it until we got to the restaurant but it was pretty clear she couldn't.

My sister spotted a rock which would give my mother privacy from the path. The only problem was it was on a really steep slope and my mother is scared of heights. She looked like she was going to cry and by this stage she was farting up a storm. She asked if i would go with her so she didn't fall down the mountain.

So, i helped my mother to the rock. She removed her trousers and panties, which were slightly stained, and i held onto her upper body to steady her. She was crouching, naked from the waist down, and i could see her hairy pussy. Almost instantly she started to piss, then she farted and a load of mush literally exploded out of her quivering arsehole. She moaned loudly, and it was followed by a big semi solid turd which she had difficulty pushing out. After that there was nothing for a few minutes and so she stood up. I gave her back her panties and she had just put them on when she gave a sudden groan and bent over, grabbing her belly. I watched in surprise as a second round of mush was forcibly expelled into her panties.

Eventually she was finished and we rejoined the rest of the family. We continued the walk but i still felt dreadful and all of a sudden I knew I was going to vomit. I tried to keep control of myself but it was no use and I started to puke violently. Once i started it was hard to stop and i became aware that my stomach cramps were getting worse.

I was bent double in the middle of the path chucking up when all of a sudden I lost control of my anus and a spurt of liquid diarrhea leaked into my panties. The floodgates were opened and soon i was shitting for all i was worth. The tight white shorts i had been hiking in were soon stained a horrible shade of brown, and i could feel liquid trickling down my bare legs. Several groups of hikers passed me and i could hear them laughing.

Without doubt it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. My whole family soon contracted full blown food poisoning and had uncountable accidents. But looking back, at least the experience helped me to get over my fear of shitting.

Keith D
Hi all. I haven't posted a story for a while so here's an experience from the beach last week.

I went to my local beach on my day off for a bit of a walk to clear my head. At the end of the beach there are some cliffs and partway down is an old abandoned factory. I visit the area often but had never been down that end so thought I'd explore. The building was quite difficult to get to, having to scramble down the rocks. The old road to it was eroded many years ago. The building was huge and in a big industrial, kinda gothic style. Quite spooky. There was a bit of graffiti showing so some people must visit sometimes but I'd say it would be rare for someone to go there because of the steep climb. I was just walking along one wall when I became aware of the urge to poop. I guess it was all the exercise from climbing down the cliffs but it was very sudden and very strong. A hard, prickly warm sensation punching at the top of my sphincter. I was walking very stiffly and releasing a few silent farts. Good thing no one else was around. In the distance, I could see tourists walking along the beach below so I tried not to be too obvious when I was bending over from the cramps. I started to look for a place out of public view where I could unload. I could have held it in, I have good control over my hole but it would have been a very uncomfortable climb back up the cliff and walk home.

Around the corner of the building and behind some big boulders looked like a good spot. Then I detected the faint smell of poop on the air. Someone had already been there and beaten me to it! Behind the rocks were a couple of pieces of scrunched up tp but I couldn't see any poop. But the smell was so strong... Then I noticed a patch of bare earth. It looked like someone had been kicking up dirt with their shoes. At the edge of the dirt I could see some fresh wet poop glistening through some pine needles but it had been all squished up and flattened... It didn't look like they'd tried to bury it. I think what happened is that someone pooped behind the rock, then someone else had the misfortune to come by and step in it, then tried to scrape it off their shoes on the ground and pine needles. The ultimate landmine! ewwww... I definitely had to find a better place to go. I'd hate to do that to someone (it's happened to me before).

I climbed down around the front of the builing, a huge stone wall. There I was in full view of the people down on the beach below. No good. Then I saw a big drainage pipe going back up under the building. It was huge and you could stand up and walk along inside it. I stepped inside. Although it was hot outside it was nice and cool in there and there was a slight breeze blowing through. Instantly, my butt seemed to sense a change in environment to a sheltered room and decided tjat I was in the right place to go poop. My ring started spasming but I didn't let anything out. I hurried inside. The pipe opened towards the beach but back up the other end was pitch dark. Soon I couldn't see where I was walking. I couldn't go any further. It was weird with all the old industrial gear and other pipes hanging down, kind of like an old dungeon underneath a medieval castle. It seemed like a good spot to go.

I turned to face the open end of the pipe so that I could see if anyone was coming (very unlikely). I downed trousers and briefs to my ankles and squatted. There was a crackle and a spffft as my anus relaxed and opened to the open air. But nothing moved. It had been urgent but as usual, when I get into a comfy position my poop gets stage fright. I took a deep breath started to push gently. A log soon began to emerge and I could feel my ring start to stretch. I paused to breathe and compose myself. Then I noticed that off in the distance, through the open end of the pipe, I could see people walking along the beach. There was no way that they could see me (I wouldn't have been doing it there if they could) as it was very dark up the end of the pipe that I was in. But it's a surreal experience - a poo with a view.

The poop came quickly now - a big firm log and quickly getting bigger. I think I felt my whole rectum expand as it passed through and as my ring reached ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM EXTENSION I gasped audibly and there was a slight echo in the pipline and a squeezed my eyes shut tight. For a moment the poop paused and I could immediately smell fresh poop on the breeze. Poop always smells different when done in an "outdoor" (non toilet) situation. The log finished sliding out and I could feel every bump in its texture, becoming smoother towards the end. It pushed back against my hole, so I guess it was pushing against the floor of the pipe, then it fell with a quiet slap against the floor. As it fell, I felt the tail of the poop draw a poop stripe along the inside of one butt cheek but I didn't care, the relief was amazing. I stood and quickly pulled up my pants (I had nothing to wipe with). Usually my poops are pretty clean and there is little cleanup afterwards, especially if I squat to go. I agree with Susie that spreading your buttcheeks does help reduce cleanup. I usually spread my buttcheeks apart when I sit on the toilet (I stretch the cheeks as far apart between either side of the seat) and cleanup is usually only 1 or 2 wipes.

I briefly looked down at my poop log but couldn't see much in the dark. It was definitely big for me - a single log about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide along most of its length but 2 and a half inches near the end that first came out. It was a tapering shape, round and knobbly at the fat end and tapering gently all the way to a soft smooth tail. I took a quick pee before I zipped up. It was actually quite a powerful stream (the big poop, perhaps three days worth, had been putting a lot of pressure on my bladder) and arched across to the wall of the pipe almost six feet away. I quickly left the pipe. Outside the pipe and back on the cliff face, a gust of wind blew along the pipe (it mush have been open somewhere up the other end of the disused building) and I could definitely smell my poop wafting through. I started climbing back up the cliff. Walking was much more comfortable now and I could bend and stretch and jump between rocks.

The climb was tiring and I was really breaking out in a sweat in the heat. It was running down my face and I could feel my groin area sweating a lot, which had me worried. When I got home I went straight to the toilet and sat to wipe up. Then I noticed - and oh my god - there was a huge brown skidmark in the bottom of my briefs. Like the whole of the fabric from side to side and front to back was brown! My butt wasn't all that dirty and was easy to clean. I guess all the sweating while walking home had washed poop off my unclean butthole and stained my pants. Nothing showing on my trousers at least. Serves me right! Skidmarks as an adult. I sat chuckling to myself, thinking it was kind of funny. I had a shower and washed up properly. I rinsed my pants under the shower and they came up clean (the poopy sweat hadn't dried or stained yet) so I stuck them in the washing machine.

Kayla......... Well my girl it seems as though we share the same problems. I decided many years ago to manage the problem and not worry all that much after all I cannot change what I was given.

I don't know about you but my armpits at the moment have quite a luxurious growth as well. I have found with constant shaving the hair becomes quite coarse , so during winter I just let it go. Come spring and summer I trim ,wear a Tshirt and do not worry. When I go to the beach I wear a one piece like you, but I do trim the sides. But sometimes parts of my bush do get to poke out,although I try to tuck it all in. I also have a bit of hair around my nipples.

I'm glad you tried standing to poop, maybe as time goes by you will become more adept at getting all your turdsin the water. I know when I first started to shit standing I had a few misfires. But now what I do if I feel I'm be gassy or soft I just lower my arse to the seat more. But I mostly just stand and let my turds fall into the water.
But I do suggest you try pooping at home first. If you can hold on till you get home then try having a standing shit in a more relaxed way. I'm holding on now as it in the morniing when I'm posting this. Well I 'd better go now , I can feel my hole dilating and am 2 mins short of having an accident.
all the best susiexxx

pee girl
hello my name is debby
this is my pee survey....please answer

do you always use toilet paper after pissing?
Do you always wash your hands after pissing?
Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed?
Has you ever pissed other places than the bathroom in your home?
What was the worst condition of a toliet or urinal that you last used?
4)Have you pissed in a bottle in your bedroom,computer room?
5)How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on purpose?
6)Do you wet the bed on purpose (explain)?
7)Have you pissed in a doctors office while the doctor was checking you out?
8)do you ever pee on the floor on purpose(explain)?
9)Do you pee on the floor when you're in the changing room?
10)If you pee on the floor when in the changing room, how did you do it(explain)?
11)Have you ever pee in the sink?
12)Do you wipe when you pee?
13)If you were at your friend's house sleeping while she wets her bed, what would you do(explain)?
14)If your friend were at your house sleeping while she wets your bed, what would you do(explain)?
15)Do you ever pee your pants on purpose(explain)?
16)do you like the feeling of wet panty?
17)do you change your wet panties or do you remain with wet panty for a lot of time(explain)?

Wonderer-you could you elaborate more about your wife's accidents? What were they like? Did other people see too?

Hi all, it's good to finally have something I feel is worth posting on this board. I have read here for a long time but nothing interesting ever seem to happen to me until today.
Last night I had just finished my nightly routine and was getting comfortable in bed as I began to feel the slightest urge to go poo. I thought back on the day and remembered I had felt a slight urge several times throughout the day but had put it off until a more convenient time. Once again I decided I wanted to sleep more than poop and went to bed with just a little discomfort
This morning I got up around 11 and had forgotten all about my need from the night before. I layed around for a while and then my fiance arrived and we left to go get my car worked on. It was a 20 minute drive to the shop and while on the way I could feel my urge returning. I thought little of it and figured once I my car fixed we would go home and I would take a nice relaxing poop.
When we got there I pulled my car around back of the little shop and while my fiance waited in the car I tried to offer my assistance to the mechanic. Now that I was out of the car and standing my need completely went away and I continued working with the man on my car. In a matter of 15 minutes we had it up and running and Sandra(fiance) and I were on our way.
We had gone no more than a mile when the vibration of my car spaark a powerful push from my stomach. I new I had to get home and quick. Sandra and I are extremely close, I even go to the bathroom with her pretty often and have seen her have a poop accident before. However she has never gone with me and I am very private about that kind of thing so I kept quiet as we drove home. IN contrast my stomach could not be silenced. It was forcing this day old poop against my anus and it was taking some serious effort to hold it in. If Sandra had not been with me I might have just let it go in my pants but not with her there, so i struggled on. Eventually the cramps started to win and about 3 miles from my house and a clean bathroom the head of this persistant poop began poking out. I was squeezing for all I was worth and the seat was pushing back against a very solid turd head so things were held in check. As I got closer the pressure was getting the best of me and it was inching out into my pants. The second I pull in front of my house I said to Sandra "Don't think I'm gross but I can't wait til we get inside." With that I pulled down my shorts and relaxed as 2 feet of soft, firm poo forced its way out of me and onto the driveway. It was actually a really nice feeling to havee the relief I wanted so bad. Sandra understood and just watched as it all pushed out onto the ground. She said it was cool to finally see me go since we were gonna be living together in a few months. So I was both relieved and excited because now I had opened our relationship and I had a story to post. I hope you all enjoy this. Let me know what you think.

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