I used to be really scared of shitting when other people were around. I could just about manage to take a shit at home, so long as no family members were upstairs, but i used to get majorly stressed about holidays, when the whole family would be crammed together in one apartment. I really couldn't bear the thought of anyone knowing i was taking a shit. Somehow that made me completely incapable of going.

The worst summer ever was when I was thirteen. We went on holiday on the saturday and by the following saturday i still hadn't pooped. I knew I had to poop at least twice, because the holiday lasted four weeks, and after seven days my poor bowels were literally aching from the weight of the shit they were holding. We were in the Alps and eating lots of fibre rich breads and cereals which made my insides fit to burst, but whenever i sat on a toilet i was completely devoid of the urge.

By the Monday, ten days since I last relieved myself, things became unbearable. I was halfway up a mountain in the baking heat when i was overcome by the most terrible stomach pains. Not cramps which made me need to go, but terrible sharp shooting pains which made me want to scream. My belly was so swollen i felt pregnant, and every step was agony. But, when I got back to the hotel room that night and tried to poop, absolutely nothing happened. I was beginning to get scared that i would have to go to a hospital, but i was too embarrassed to tell my mother about my problem.

Anyway evening came and it was my turn to take a shower in the bathroom. The toilet and bathroom were separate in this apartment, and as i stood naked in front of the mirror brushing my teeth, i could hear my Dad plopping away in the little cubicle. He had been eating a lot of fish which always disagreed with him and caused him to have really loose and noisy motions.

The sound of him grunting and groaning next door reminded me of my own predicament and suddenly i was hit by a massive urge to empty my bowels. Like, an unstoppable urge. The tonne of crap in my ???? was descending towards my anus at 100mph and nothing was going to stop it. I was stricken by panic. I knew I couldn't hold it until my Dad left the bathroom, as he could be in there for an hour. In fact, i didn't even think i could hold it for long enough to put on my bra and panties.

As the first massive turd began to stretch my hole, i took the only option available to me and crouched down in the bath. The crouching position intensified my urge and soon i had expelled a massive ball. People often talk about how long their creations are but this wasn't long, it was simply huge. I couldn't imagine how something so wide had ever fitted inside me.

The smell was rank but i was still in total agony and knew my dump had bearly started. I heard my mom knock on the toilet door and ask my Dad if he would soon be out as she needed to go. He grunted that he would still be a while. Meanwhile my hole stretched wide again to expel a second turd, even bigger than the first. It made a bang as it hit the floor of the bath and my mom asked me was i okay and what was i doing in there. I told her I was fine as she continued to hover outside the door and pester my Dad. She was obviously desperate and i wondered if she might mess her panties. She had recently had abdominal surgery which meant she wasn't able to hold it for very long.

Anyway my turds kept coming thick and fast. Soon I had a massive pile and began to feel a little relieved as the pain subsided. I had a much needed piss and began to stand up, to the tune of my Dad continuing to squirt in the toilet. Suddenly there was an almighty fart and I heard a strangled grunt from my mother. I couldn't see but i couldn't already picture what was happening. She was a big lady, around 14 stone with DD breasts and she was wearing her swimming costume from having been to the pool. I could tell by the noise that she had lost control when she farted and her large butt was now spewing crap into the crotch of her costume.

At that point I myself was hit by another massive urge and before I could even bend down I was spraying soft mushy poop all over the bath. It stank to high heaven but it felt great and I pushed as hard as I could to expel everything.

then came cleanup. I had to get rid of the evidence, so i picked up my big turds with tissues and chucked them out of the window. The rest of the mess I managed to wash away with the shower. Then i sprayed a bit of air freshener, put on my PJs and excited, just on time to see my Dad open the door to my Mom. She rushed in and stripped off her soiled bathing costume, proceeding to sit naked and blow diarrhea into the bowl without even closing the door.

There were many more poop stories from that holiday!

does anyone know why you really need to shit when you're scared?

Hi everybody this hapen last week-end i had a lunch with a friend her name is jane so before i left my home i have to take a big bm so i went and sit on toilet and made 4 big log probaly 8 inches long and 2 inche wide so when i was done i try to flush the toilet but it clog so i think i would try again later.So i left my house and when to pick up jane and we when to the chinese restaurant we had a big lunche togheter and we left.I ask her after lunch what she want to do and she said let go to your place watch a movie (because she know i have a big screen and home theater) so we stop at movie rental and rent a movie .And after we stop at liquor stor and both som wine anyway we made to my house after a hour she said that she need to go to washroom because she is aboute to !!!! her panty ,and she ask me if i want to join her and we continue to chat together i said ok but i realize when she get in the bathroom,that i clog the toilet a few hours before.I told her but she said i dont care becaus im desperate to take a dump right now i said ok no big deal if ou dont mind to go on a toilet full of shit she said thats ok and she drop her jeans and tongue and position her self on the toilet and let out 5 wave of liquid poop by that time i was siting on the edge of the tub beside her and talking with her but the smell was terible so she spend around 30 min on the toilet and when she was done we try to flush again and it go with the second flush so after that she wipe like 8 time and flush again.So we left the wash room and continue to watch the movie about a hour after she said that she need to go again and want me with her so we go in and she sat on the toilet and let a few wave and then she drop a big log of 6 in long and maybe 2 in wide she wipe 5 time and when she reach to flus i said wait i need to go to so she put her jean back and let me the place .The toilet seat was all warm so i drop my pant and boxer and sit on toilet and let one big log again then she ask me if i want her ti wipe my ass i said yes she wipe 2 time and we flush the toilet and it clog again so we went in the living room and finish the movie and after we went to bed well see you all

accidental baby sitter
I qas 16, and had my first babysitting job. There was a 2 year old boy and his sister just over 3 and a half. I was sitting, kind of keeping an eye on the kids and watching tv.I needed a poo pretty badly by this time, but I was trying to wait until I put them to bed in another half an hour. I looked up to notice the two year old gone, so I got up to look. On getting up, my poopometer went from the soon reading to right now. I managed to hold on as his sister followed me into. We found him squatting behind a chair. Of course, the sister had to state the obvious, Brother doing poop. I guess he finished because he headed out from behind the chair. Now, I had a messy diaper to change before I could head for the potty myself. I had him on the changing table, cleaning his bottom when I let out a couple of involuntary farts. Then it happened, I pooped in my panties.There was no holding back. The sister said you went poopy too?
All I could do was finish changing the diaper and put the two to bed before I could clean out my panties. Of course, the 3 year old had to tell her mom that I'd made poopy in my pants. She called and talked to my mom, and I had to explain what had happened, She had a giidlaugh and said I was a really dedicated baby sitter.

this is from when i was 6. Our house was being fumigated, so we were staying with my aunt and uncle in their new house. The plumbing was still kind of messed up, because the hot water would randomly shut off at any given time. To ensure that me and my 6 year old cousin Kaya both got clean, we would take showers together. well one day while we were showering, she groaned and said"I gotta poop" "girls poop?" i said. She answered my question with a small fart and a little piec of poop. then a big log started inching its way out. I quickly pulled up the shower drain, you know, the metal ones full of little holes, because it wasn't yet screwed on, and pushed the poo down it. The log was still slowly coming out, and she told me it wouldn't stop. She squatted over the open drain, and the at least 8-incher was instantly followed by about two dozen tiny pepple poops all at once. Then she let out some thundering farts.

Also, here is an old joke: The queen of England was in a horse-drawn carriage with the grand duke of a visiting country. The duke had fell half-asleep when several of the horses let out barrages of ear-splitting farts, which woke up the duke. The queen, embarrased by the foul noises from the horses, said "I'm terribly sorry about that." The duke responded "Think nothing of it, your Highness. If you hadn't spoken up, I would've thought it was the horses! Thank you for being honest."

i'm kelly, 21 year old female. it's important that you know that i have MD so i'm in a wheelchair, so i need help going to the bathroom. my mom or an aid have always been around to help. latley however, my mom is getting older and, well, a little more absent minded. on monday, usually my boyfriend is here with me during the day for anything i need but he was out doing field work for a college course. so i had to go to work with my mom all day. well i never got a chance to go to the bathroom. when we got home, i had to do numbers 1 and 2 both really bad, i thought i was gonna have an accident in the car going home because i had to go so bad. i was getting really nervous because of how bad i had to go number 2. unfortunately i've had wetting accidents before so the fact that i felt like i was gonna wet myself didnt bother me too much, but i'd never soiled myself so i was very, very nervous. i got inside and into my bed and my mom went to get my things so i could go to the bathroom, so i relaxed a little because i was gonna make it. well, until my mom screwed everything up for me. she went out into the living room and i heard her phone ring. of course she answered it and started talking away, forgetting all about me waiting for her trying desperately not to poop and pee my pants. i tried to yell for her 2 or 3 times but she is like half deaf it seems sometimes, plus she was on the phone and the furnace closet is in the hall just outside my bedroom and it was going at the moment making some noise to drown me out. so, she didn't come. withing a minute, spurts of pee start to squirt out and moisten my panties. it happened like 3 times before it just started flowing, and i completely wet my pants. i got really angry. i hadn't peed all day so it was a lot. i could feel my panties were completely soaked up to the small of my back and they got all tight and uncomfortable. my jeans were really wet too and wet jeans don't feel very pleasant. i started to yell for her again to get the hell in here before i did something else in my pants. it was no use. the pressure got too bad, and i experienced something very unpleasant for the first time. slowly but surely, my load began to push it's way out of my butt, and while it felt very relieving as it was coming out, it felt very uncomfortable and weird as it smooshed against my panties and spread out, making a soft warm bulge in my pants. i continued to poop for about 3 minutes until i had a large soft bulge completely filling the seat of my panties. i was fuming. i was soaked which is never pleasant, and i had a load in my pants for the first time at age 21. finally, my mom came in and apparantley saw the wetness in my lap and smelled the mess i had made in my panties. she immediately began apologizing like crazy, but i was too mad and i yelled at her a lot. it was really unpleasant changing my underwear. i wound up taking a bath. also my bed sheets needed to be cleaned and the matress needed to be flipped over so i would have a dry bed to sleep in later. i was so made, i still feel so ashamed and embarassed about pooping my pants but i blame my mom completely. thanks for reading my story.

benji pooper
hey guys, my girlfriend (jessica) ( she is really pretty)came over, we were sitting on the couch when she acidentally lets a huge one rip. so i say its ok cuz she is embarassed, so she excuses herself to the bathroom. now there is a hole in my room that looks into the bathroom. so i go look through it. and she pulls down her jeans and farts. then she has the runs. then farts. then wipes and comes back out. i ask if she is all rite. she says no. i say its ok for her to relieve her gas. so she says thanks, and farts loudly. now whenever she comes over, she isnt afraid to fart. g2g. jessica is comin over, btw, me and her are 22, and im gonna propose to her next week. what do you guys think?

My son from my previous marriage is 11 and he lives with me and my girlfriend. He has been diagnosed with borderline ADD so obviously he has problems focusing, concentrating and staying on-task. While this has not been a problem so much at home unless he has friends over and is wrapped up in talking or doing something with them that diverts his attention, but when he's at his elementary school (he's a 6th grader) he will occasionally go into a stall, sit down, and fall into the toilet because he has forgotten to drop the seat. This happened three times last year and once so far this year. When this happens, he gets picked on by some of the other boys because there are no doors on the stalls and there is usually a line for using each of the stalls. Also, when my girlfriend is doing the laundry she notes that he often has skidmarks in his briefs and she thinks it's because he doesn't take time to wipe thoroughly enough. The problem, as Adam explains it, is that he sits and completes his task, but then finds there's no toilet paper in the stall. At that point, there's not enough time to get into another line and clean himself so he just pulls up his jeans and heads off to class. My girlfriend and me have been together for more than two years and she has a pretty good relationship with him. She has tried to teach Adam to grab a sheet of toilet paper when entering the stall, wipe the seat off with it, and use that action for two reasons: 1) a check to make sure the seat is down and 2) an assurance that there is toilet paper he can wipe with. But because of his ADD and I also suspect so immaturity, he means to but doesn't always remember to do it. Not long ago we were at a pro basketball game at our arena and the previous user had lifted the seat to pee. I was at the urinal when, guess what, Adam forgot to check and sat in the bowl again. It's so embarrassing and demoralizing to him, but he doesn't seem to be getting any better. And over the past couple of years, he has resented me taking him into the stalls. What can I do to help him grow out of this?


Thanks for the update. My information on potties in the military was evidently out of date! As for the female privacy issue of which you describe, I assumed that was always the standard procedure. (But you know the old joke about 'assuming' things.)

Take care!


something cool happened today (from my point of view at least, i'm sure it was far from a cool experience for my girlfriend.) so i've been away for the past 3 days and my girl has been home by herself. today i was set to come home, and we had arranged to call and talk for a little bit around 4:30 when she was home from work and i was getting ready to start heading home. i called at 4:30 like she asked and she said she would be home in a few minutes and would call me. i asked her how long it would be because i needed to pack things and get ready to leave by six, so she said she would hurry. she called me back about 10 minutes later and we were talking, discussing our days and plans for later on. there was a brief moment where she seemed very distracted but i didn't think much of it. after that she got quieter and just seemed strange. another minute or so later, she just said "okay babe well i'll let you finish up and hit the road, i haven't gotten a bathroom break all day so i have to go, love you bye" and hung up before i got a chance to say anything. i didn't think much of it, i just thought it was cute.later on i got home and everything seemed fine and we had our little reunion. i took a minute to go into the bathroom, and as i stood by the toilet, something caught my eye. i noticed in the wastebasket, a portion of her rose colored cotton panties sticking out from under several tissues. i finished up and picked up the trashcan and pulled them out from under all the tissues which seemed to be unused. what i found was very very interesting. she had thrown away a pair of her panties that were fairly new, and they were soaking wet in the crotch and the seat. sure enough, i brought them near by face and sniffed gently, and sure enough, it was pee. i was shocked and amazed. she must have REALLY had to go when we were talking and didn't make it to the toilet. i put them back in the garbage and buried them again for her, and when i went back out i waited a minute and then casually asked "babe why is your underwear in the garbage?" she hesitated for a moment and looked away and just said "oh well they're really stretched out so i can't really wear them." and she changed the subject. of course she didn't know i investigated and knew she had an accident in them, and thats why she threw them out, i just really wanted her to admit it so i had to find more evidence. later on, i was in the laundry room and it occured to me, she wasn't wearing just her panties when she got home from i opened up the washer- it was empty. so i opened the dryer, and tada, a single pair of her work slacks. i took them out of the dryer, folded them and brought them into the room. i casually said "babe don't wash things one at a time it wastes water" (something i've professed before so it doesn't seem unusual) she looked really nervous and i asked what's wrong. i really kept asking. finally, i got what i was looking for. she hung her head a little and said "ok well remember earlier i said i didn't get a bathroom break all day and i hung up on you? well...i had an accident when we were talking. thats why i threw out my underwear. im sorry- this is really embarassing" i just told her it was okay and hugged her.

it was like a dream come true, it only would have been better if i was there. i wonder if she had ever wet her pants in the past after not getting a break at work.

Wonderer(To Alicia)

Sounds as though you had it alot worse then my wife.

One of her pooping accidents (dress) happened in public and she to had the runs bad,she was just into her 4th month that time.

Her 2nd pooping happened at home when she was 8 months pregnant,she had dozed off to sleep in a chair and when she woke up she had peed and pooped..bad mushy,not the runs.

Her panties both times were stained and ruined and I helped her clean up.

Neither seemed to upset me when they happened but my wife was embarrassed beyond words.

Have you ever pooped your pants 'after' the birth of your children?

My wife did just once 4 years ago on the way back from a wedding reception where she had a little to much spicy food. She was wearing dress slacks,pantihose and a panty shaper but the poop came thru all 3 onto the car seat.I smiled as she "waddled" legs spread from the car to the house.


More rock hard shits!
The other day, I had not been for two days and that afternoon when everybody had left work but me a got a bit of an urge. I went and sat on the throne...pushed and the poo sort of moved but no more. I then got off the toilet and squatted and pushed, this time the poo moved painfully and was hanging out of my butt...what should I do...if I tried to hop on the pot it might drop and make a mess everywhere. I took a chance and kept on pushing ang grabbed the poo with my hands and after delivering it dropped it in the hands were not soiled so dry was my "product." Thinking I had passed the hard plug I sat on the toilet again but nothing would move...back down on the floor squatting and I managed to push out a few more hard turds...and that was it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I know it has been a while since I have posted. Not much has been happening. I have been working as a substitute teacher. No students have had accidents; but I had almost all of one class ask me to let them go to the restroom prior to an emergency evacuation drill. I let them all go, after the drill. But like I said, no accidents.

I have been trying to think of incidents from the past. One of the incidents that keeps coming to mind was before I was circumcised. The foreskin was kind of a nuisance. The only times I wouldn't retract it was if I really had to pee, it was either at night when I would wake up to go to the bathroom (which is rare) or right after I would wake up. Also, I would never retract it while having a bowel movement.

One of the main problems with the foreskin was that if I really had to pee, I wouldn't always have enough time to retract it to be able to pee. There was a couple of times that I wound up peeing on myself because the foreskin would get twisted up so to say in my underwear. There was one time where I was out with my grandmother helping her do some Christmas shopping. We stopped at McDonalds for lunch and after I placed my order, I went to the bathroom. By the time I got to the urinal, I had to pee extremely bad. I pulled out my penis and about as soon as I did, I began to pee. My foreskin was kind of twisted, so I peed on the front of my pants somewhat. I was able to finish peeing in the urinal and dry off some of the pee. Luckily, I was wearing dark grey sweatpants, so you couldn't tell that I peed on myself. This actually occured quite often.

About the only great thing about the foreskin was that when having a bowel movement, I never had to aim in the toilet to pee. I wouldn't bother to retract the foreskin because I would pee a lot while having a bowel movement and the foreskin wouldn't stay retracted the whole time.

Another incident I just thought of was when I was a lot youger. My friend and I used to hang out in the woods behind our houses (we lived in the same neighborhood). One afternoon, we were both in the woods when we both had to "poo" as we called it then. So, instead of going to his house (which was kind of far from where we were) or to my house (which was a little closer, but not by much), we decided to poo in the woods. We had seen another boy do it before, so we decided to try it out. The only problem was that we didn't realize we needed to aim our penis away from our shorts and briefs to pee, so we both peed on our shorts while pooing. Luckily, we were both able to squeeze our foreskinis to stop the pee until we could move our shorts out of the way. Right after we finished, it started raining, so we didn't get into trouble. His mom was at my house when we got back and both our moms let us play in the rain, so we both peed on ourselves several times. A few days later, we were at his house and we went to the bathroom to pee. We both retracted our foreskin to pee and when we were done, he couldn't move his skin back over the glans, so he wound up going to the urologist and he was circumcised later on that month (his mother didn't want it done until he was old enough to decide if he wanted it done, so he didn't have it dobe right away). It was fun to have peeing contests. He would always win because I always had problems achieveing distance with the foreskin. Eventually they moved to another part of the parish. We still talk every now and then, but not much.

One of my classmates when I was in 2nd grade and I used to hang out at my house after school when his mom would have to work. He would tell me about pooing in his pants when he wanted to. We would never do that at my house because my mom wasn't as cool about doing it on purpose or on accident (even though I wouldn't get into trouble for accidents). I stayed at his house one night. We were both playing in this huge slip-n-slide type deal behind his house when he had to poo. He just kind of squatted and went in his briefs. Then he showed me the mess he made. I had to go and he told me just to go on myself. I was hesitant but his mom wouldn't let me in, she told me just to go on myself. So, I did. It was a weird feeling, but it felt good at the same time.

I have more stories and as they come to mind, I will post them.

Does anyone have any stories about your mom sister yourself or any other family members craping their pants

Hi Keith D. Yes that could be why I'm so interested in her bathroom habits. I don't usually care about hearing a female go but she has me fascinated.
I *think* she's a "poop whenever she pees" person but I don't know for sure. It just seems that way. Either that Or she mostly holds it and goes at night. Also this may just be something she does around others. When she's home alone who knows.
I almost always pee during my poop trips.
I also have done the "wave peeing" I'll be peeing but when a large turd is coming the pee will stop. Once I drop the turd I begin peeing again.
I don't usually mind others hearing me go although like you I try to not make much noise around family. Friends...well I guess it depends on the circumstances. If dropping big solid turds I don't mind the splash noises but if having a loose movement (like I described in my last post) it can be embarrassing.

I'll be seeing this friend again in a couple months (she lives in another state) and hope to learn more of her habits.

Nony do you mind other people hearing you go? I don't like close family and friends to hear, but with strangers its fine. I don't really know why. But I'm always curious about other people's habits.

To CD,

I have been in the US Army for 7 years. I came across a few restrooms without stall doors or partitions. Most of the places in th military where you find these are out of date structures. the military takes privacy more seriously than they used to. Someone once told me set up that way for a few reasons. One was to save money and prevent property destruction. and two was to show that as a team we are all alike. Privacy is a huge issue these days. In Iraq on some of the bases there are porta potties with signs on them saying "Female soldiers only" which obviously means us men are not permitted to use them. But female troops are allowed to use all toilets if necessary.

One time while I was overseas, I stayed on a base that only had 8 female troops. 5 of the 8 were medics, And all of them between the ages of 22-30 the other 3 were various occupations (one of which I cannot mention) like water purification and communications.

since I was curious about their habits I made an effort to go on a morning run around the base around 6 am... I saw 2 of them going to poop around that time. Then another time I waited till about 2 am when it was quiet and I would sneak onto their pad to sneak a peak at their poops. Most of them were almost orange in color and often I saw TP with blood on it. (obviously from menstral cycles) and it didnt really stink.

One time when I was doing this the sergeant and a corporal (I recognized the voices) came by from the internet cafe The Sergeant took the porta potty on my left and the Corporal took the one on my right(being that I locked the one I was in) The sergeant had a very loose bowel movement with lots of farts. and the corporal had a silent but deadly dump. I confirmed my suspicions when the left. The sergeant had a runny orange looking poop that was all over and floating. and the corporal left a pile of 2 large logs and 3 small ones. The corporals stunk worse than the Sgt's.

Another time when I was on another base I met a corporal from 10th mountain Division in NY. She hung out with me while we waited for a convoy to take us back up to Tikrit. Because it was my birthday, She let me watch her take her daily morning shit. This cpl took one of the stinkiest dumps I have ever smelled from a woman. She farted several times at the beginning which stunk to high hell before her poop even came out. Again hers were light brown and she did 3 long turds and a few small ones. I snuck her into a mens bathroom that had running water and when she flushed she left some rather large skidmarks. after that well I cant say what happend...

hi my name is katy and i'm 15. i had a horrible and embarassing accident last week. i'm in 9th grade and i'm like 5'4' and 105 lbs, fair skin and shoulder length dirty-blonde hair. i kind of hang out with the boys a lot because i guess im a tomboy but the guys i hang out with tell me all the time that i have a nice butt. well the other day i'm sure i made them stop thinking that. after school i went with some guys to these woods behind a shopping center like always, because there was this big rope that someone hung in a tree along the creek. we all would take turns swinging across the creek on the rope. so we were swinging and hanging out and at one point i kind of had to poop, but i ignored it. i just tried holding it so i could stay out longer. we kept swinging and swinging and hanging out. eventually it was like 5 o clock and most of us had to start heading home. but this point i had to poop REALLY bad. my butt kept spreading apart and the poop was poking out. my heart was pounding because i was scared i was gonna poop my pants. the worst part was i was walking home with two guys named john and oliver. i had these pretty tight white khakie pants on and light blue underwear. i had to go so bad that i couldn;t help but put my hand on my butt. to kind of ease my embarasment and act like "one of the guys" i said "man i gotta crap so bad" and they both laughed. like 3 seconds later i lost it. my stomach cramped up and i felt a ton of pressure in my ass, and i stopped walking and started pushing a huge crap into my pants. i couldn't stop. i just kept crapping and crapping. john and oliver just stood there watching in disbelief. when i was done i was so embarassed. i had this enormous moist bulge in my pants that im sure was visible. john and oliver kept saying "oh my god" and oliver took a picture of my butt with his cell phone. he was laughing at me and said "katy i can't believe you shit your pants!!" i was so humiliated. by the time i got home i was in tears. on my way to the bathroom my brother saw me and he loudly said "ewww oh my god did you poop your pants!!?" i just cried more. i got into the bathroom and i could see in the mirror that i had a big bulge on my butt. to make matters worse since my pants were almost white i had a brown stain too. i started to cry really hard as i changed my underwear. i emptied my panties in the toilet and i put them in the wash with my pants and i wiped myself off then put on clean panties and my pajama pants. i felt weird and ashamed the rest of the night. i still can't believe i pooped in my pants.

Ricardo Diablo
Oh man. I was recently sitting by my girlfriend and some shit made it's way out. It actually stained her sofa though not badly, but still, I shit my pants in front of her.
There was also a time at Target when I let out a huge fart and at the very next aisle was a very attractive young woman who was working with me and she totally heard the fart and had the audacity to ask me about it. Busted!


Yeh I certainly do have a treasure trail, and its spreading sideways already too. That stuff's easy enough to remove though its the stuff like underneath my lady's bits that's the problem, its so thick. Personally I always wear a one piece swimsuit, for various reasons of which my overgrown pubes are just one!

I tried standing and spreading my butt cheeks yesterday night like u said, I found it really weird, trust my luck to get a long slow poo that just went on for ever the first time I tried it. I was paranoid I wouldn't get it all in the toilet when bits dropped off but I did, a lot of it didn't land in the water tho and that smelt a lot and made a mess, and the stuff that did land in the water was about twice as loud - all of which made me smile as I was at my friends house and u know I like to get my poos noticed!

And your right I didn't have to wipe as much, still some tho

I'm paranoid tho cos sometimes my poos are fired out by really powerful farts, this wasn't a farty poo but when I do have one if I'm standing and spreading it could go everywhere, does this happen to you?

TO wonderer
wonderer: in response to your post about accidents while pregnant: my name is alicia and i'm 33, it happened to me 4 times the first time i was pregnant and once the second time. when i was 26 i was pregnant with my first son and i guess it was because of all the eating i was doing or something but i was very gassy a lot. i had my first accident in the grocery store and it was very embarassing. i was shopping with my sister and my husband and i felt the need to pass gas. i wandered off by myself and found an empty aisle to walk down where i could let off some gas. i walked halfway down the aisle and tried to push the fart out, but a blob of wet poop came shooting out of my butt and made a lump in my panties. i felt my face turn red and i was horrified. from there it was all down hill, as the runs just begun to flow and i filled my pants with this horrible diarrhea. i had beige capri pants on so understandably i had this wet, pancake size poop stain on my butt that caused my pants to sag a little, and there were little stains down the leg from it running down, and some came out of my pants onto the floor. i was afraid to move, i just yelled for my sister and she walked me to the bathroom in the back, and my husband went and got some wipes and paper towels and brought them back for me so i could clean up the best i could before getting in the car. there is nothing more terrifying than being an adult and suddenly filling your pants with a wet load in a public place, BELIEVE ME. your wife must have been mortified as well. the second time was very similar, except fortunately i was at home so no one saw. i had gray sweat pants on and orange panties, and i was in my kitchen, and i got gassy so i farted 2 or 3 times, and before i knew it i could feel something soft and warm spreading in my panties. it just happened suddenly, i couldn't tell i had to poop, i just released a couple of farts and i guess my butt decided it was time to poop too, whether my panties were on or not. i grabbed my butt and hurried to my room to change my underwear. it wasn't as runny as the first accident but it was still kind of loose. those two incidents both happened during my second trimester. the other two both occured during my 8th month of pregnancy, and both happened in bed. the one i slept through, i just woke up in the morning and the first thing i noticed was that i had wet my bed. i'm not sure if it had anything to do with the pregnancy though i think that was just because i was so thirsty the night before i was drinking lots and lots of juice, and i've wet my bed in the past because i drank too much at night. but when i started to get up to change i could feel there was something squishy in my underwear and sure enough i had pooped in my sleep too. 3 days later i woke up in the middle of the night and needed to go so bad that i just didn't make it to the toilet in time, i filled my panties as soon as i stood up from bed and wet myself on the way to the toilet. my husband was upset that i left a trail of pee across the carpet, oops lol. that all happened during my first pregnancy.
during my second pregnancy i brought it up with my ob/gyn and she told me it's not too uncommon, some women's digestive systems just get out of whack from the drastic change in diet and it can cause irregular and/or involuntary bowel movements, and the wetting occurs usually because as the baby grows inside it puts a lot of pressure on the bladder making it a lot more difficult to hold it in when you have to pee, especially if you've had a baby before because giving birth weakens pelvic muscles and increased the chances of incontinence in women- so the pressure on the bladder and the weak pelvic muscles is like a double whammy for some women and they will have wetting accidents during pregnancy. this does not happen to all women though so ladies don't be freaked out that if you get pregnant you're gonna poop and pee your pants. you might but it's not definite. anyway, during that second pregnancy i only had one poop accident, i was 7 and half months pregnant and i was in the car going home from my sister's and i had to go so bad i just couldn't hold it in any longer and made a mess in my pants in the car, it wasn't diarrhea but it was kind of mooshy. it made a bad mess because i wass wearing a loose skirt and poop mushed out of my underwear and got on the inside of my skirt and all over the back of my legs and a little bit on the car seat. other than that i had no other poop accidents during my second pregnancy, however i wet my bed regularly during that pregnancy and i had 3 daytime wetting accidents. one was at home, i sat in this really comfy chair in my living room that you kind of sink into, and i eventually needed to pee but because my belly was so big i couldn't get out of the chair! i yelled for my husband a couple of times but he didn't hear me and before i knew it i could feel a warm wet tingly feeling as i peed my pants. i ruined the comfy chair too :(. the other two times were both embarasing public accidents, one at the bank. i walked in to make a deposit and i had to go as soon as i came in, and because of the pressure it doens't take long before it's REALLY urgent. i was waiting in line wriggling around and i got up to the teller window and started to pee. i frantically asked her where the bathroom was but it was too late, pee was running down my legs making a puddle at my feet, and i just quickly finished my transaction and rushed home. the other accident took place when i was going to see my ob/gyn, i had to go in the car and when we got there i was trying as fast as i could to get inside to use the toilet but i wet my pants in the lobby. i had to reschedule the appt. and went home to change.

so you see wonderer, someone just have difficulty with needing the bathroom during pregnancy. your wife had it pretty good compared to me, if she only had 2 accidents. i had like 9 or 10 incident where i wet and or loaded my panties and that's not including wetting my bed which i did several times during my second pregnancy. tell me, when your wife messed her shorts and messed her panties in her sundress, were you in public? how did you feel about it?

Sometimes I hate to shit. I rather pee. Then sometimes I like
to shit.

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to read being so busy with school lately. I just wanted to respond to a couple of things. First of all, I'm still absolutely rolling over the story about the guy whose colleague at work somehow managed to forget to put his goods away. Not having a penis myself, I can't imagine how that could possibly happen, but it's really funny, especially that he totally didn't realize it despite your subtle attempts to tell him.

On a more serious note, I wanted to respond to the girl who was raped for wetting her pants as I noticed that no one has. First of all, you are absolutely right that it was inappropriate for anyone to do that to you. At four you absolutely are entitled to have an accident from time to time. Having worked in a pre-school and upmteen years babysitting, the proper response is (1) clean up and not make a big deal, and (2) try to figure out what caused the accident (e.g., accidents often occur after trauma or after a change in lifestyle such as a new baby or starting school). It sounds like in your case it may have been caused by emotional distress. I think it is horrific that anyone would even fathom raping a young child for any reason, especially as "punishment" for something you probably had no control over. My suggestions to you are: (1) continue to post here and let us know how you are doing, what we can do to help, seek reassurance that you are totally normal and get suggestions for getting more comfortable with yourself; (2) find a close friend to confide to who will be able to help you deal with situations as they arise; (3) remember that you were not at fault and that the important thing now is to keep yourself away from situations where you feel uncomfortable and away from people who you cannot trust; and (4) see a psychiatrist or extremely competent psychologist to help you work through this. I'm shocked that no one responded to you because this is an extremely serious situation and it took a lot of courage for you to reach out and ask for help.

I also wanted to comment on the discussion regarding the babysitting. I think that 6 is too young for a child to go into a public restroom alone (except when it is somewhere known like school, church, a small restaurant in a known area, etc.) It is not the child I am worried about, but the perverts and kidnappers and such. The child is just too young to be able to handle any unforeseen circumstance. I would say that the best situation where you cannot find a single bathroom or family bathroom is to take the child with you and allow him (or her for the guys) to go into the stall alone. Explain that you trust him, but you are worried that someone might try to hurt him and you want to make sure he is safe. I'm especially concerned that you allow him to go alone at big stadiums and public places. Clearly around 8 or so the situation becomes trickier as the child is too old to accompany you into the bathroom of the opposite gender. My suggestion for this would be to take a friend of the opposite gender or scope out an individual of the opposite gender to keep an eye on the child. Generally, a good person is someone with a young kid (especially when you hear the kid say "Dad" or whatever). I have been asked a few times to keep an eye on a girl of this age bracket and of course I do. Just use the "gut check."

Just want to do some shout outs: Karen and Dick, I absolutely love your stories, both the ones from your childhood and the ones from now. Keep them coming. It's so nice to see the trust and love between you and I know that you will raise Emma to be a very caring, secure and comfortable person.

FrP--I'm glad to see that you are still around and doing okay. Have you been making time for yourself like we talked about to be sure to take care of business prior to mass or counseling? I do hope you have because you will be much better for your community. Good luck with the new community and remember to always take care of your needs first otherwise you are of no use to anyone. Also, you might want to avoid the foods you know make your stomach rebel when you have to conduct mass so that you will avoid embarassing gas. ;) How are the little sibs? Any new stories?

With me, things are pretty much the same. I started a new diet so I've been a bit more regular meaning every day or two rather than who knows. I've been having fairly large poops and have noticed that my toilet at home is not very least I live alone...

Multi-drop Pete
Some years ago I worked in an office. One day, just after returning from a holiday in Greece, I felt weak and nauseous; no doubt something I had eaten, probably at the Greek airport on the return journey. Tried to doze at my desk for a bit; Z. (not her real name) said "Are you all right Pete?" (or would have if my name were really Pete!) "No, I'm not too good" said I, then, realising vomiting was imminent, I stood up - and found I had completely lost my balance! I had to hang tightly onto some shelving to keep upright! I called to the nearest man, M. (not really), for help; I had strength in my legs but no balance, so he held me upright as I staggered to the women's toilet (the men's was up on the next floor - no chance.) Head down the bowl I vomited massively. A women came in; "what's happening?" When M. told her, she decided to come back later. At the same time, different office, my wife (a careers adviser), who had been eating the same food as me, was interviewing a student; she suddenly stood up and threw up on the carpet. The student left; she never saw him again!

Same toilet, different time; I was walking past it down the corridor, reading a computer printout, when B. (not) called me from the toilet: "Pete, can you help me" in a slightly panicky voice. I was startled; why would a gay man be calling me into a women's toilet? Not that I've any problem with gay men; I liked B., good worker, good sense of humour, and his sexual orientation was none of my business. I looked in and saw a flood of foul water coming up from an inspection cover in the floor and B. desperately trying to fight it back with a broom so it wouldn't flow out onto the corridor carpet. "We need a dam" said I (I? that's not my real initial either! This anonymity's getting confusing.) We got through a lot of computer stationery in that company and there was a pile of waste paper just down the corridor; I grabbed an armful and hastily dammed the doorway. Fan-fold paper made a surprisingly effective dam, but it wouldn't last for ever so I asked B. if he had any concrete. There was some building work going on at the rear of the office, so B. ran off to turn off the auto-flushing urinals in the floors above and to get the concrete, which we used to reinforce our paper dam; luckily the water didn't get more than an inch deep and the dam was completely effective. We called in a plumber who discovered serious drain damage between the office and the road; it took three days to get it fixed, a major repair job. An office with nearly 100 people had no working toilets for three days! We couldn't afford to close the office, the company would have been seriously damaged and nobody wanted to lose their jobs, so we just had to improvise; I didn't mind peeing on the back lawn, but most of the staff (75% were female) used the nearest public toilet, in a museum half a mile away - the museum was free entry, funded by voluntary donations, and I expect the managers were surprised at the sudden increase in visitors.

To Penelope,

It could be a reaction to something you ate or drank the night before. I went almost two years without drinking beer. After drinking just two beers one evening, I was surprised when I sharted myself the next morning. I also would wait to see if it happens again before telling a doctor that I filled my panties.

working man
lately i have had a lot of soft poos. i am EXTREMELY regular and i go almost every day and if not, i go 2 times the next day. i have had no changes in my diet but all of a sudden i get about a 2 minute cramp then i get the urge to go. it is very soft, almost to the point of diarea. it is very hard at the office to just get up and go when im working on something. plus my entire office of about 40 people has only 3 stalls in the mens room.does anyone know what could have caused this sudden string of soft shits?

This is a great site. I learned about it while I was shitting at a Keith Urban concert last year. I don't know why, but when there's a line and I have to wait, I have a hard time going right after I sit down. Sometimes (actually often because I live in Minnesota) the seat is cold, sometimes there's the smell from the previous user(s), sometimes I notice there's only a few sheets of paper on the roll and I wonder whether it is going to be enough, sometimes when I pull down my thong and spread my legs the seat is so loose I worry about falling in, and sometimes, my feet slip a bit because there's toilet paper on the floor that I should have picked up first or sometimes water spilled in front of the stool makes it slippery for my feet. Well, as I pushing to get my shit started at the concert I started to read the graffiti some of which had been partially painted over but there was an etching about reporting your experience to so I tore off a sheet of toilet paper and wrote it down. When my boyfriend and I got back to our apartment that night, we must have spent two hours--may be it was three- -reading some of the recent posts. For several months now I've been reading it every morning before I start my day at work. I haven't thought I had a good enough story but my boyfriend Troy has encouraged me to write one and then he says he will write one. Well, here goes. I've already told you that that often I have a hard time getting started right after I sit down in a public bathroom and the reasons for it. Well, there's another thing that has pissed me off for more than 20 years and that's stools that overlow or are partially stopped up because of the things idiots put down in the bowl. Well, beginning in about 4th grade we had this girl in my class called Hannah--some of those most pissed at her referred to her as Hand Towel Hannah because she was so strange. In grade school there was a designated time for a bathroom break every morning about 10 and again at 2 in the afternoon. Then immediately after the break we would have recess. It didn't take much intelligence for most of us to figure out the faster we got our bathroom needs over with, the more time we had for recess. It was like a no-brainer until Hannah moved in about mid-year. She was strange in that while we would all run for the four or five stalls and the lines were forming, she would go over to the other side of the restroom where the sinks were and pull off three our four paper hand towels. Then, after standing in line for a stall, she would carefully tear off each of the towels and place them over the sides and front of the toilet seat. Then she would sit down them while she relieved herself. Too often for me, I was next in line for the stool and her towels were too large to go down the flush, so I would be greated with a bowl of water and what she had left that was higher than normal and likely to overflow if I were to flush it. So I had no choice but sit down, add to her contribution in the bowl, wipe myself, and leave the stopped up bowl. I knew it sucked but the girl who was next in line would give me a dirty look or make a nasty remark and there was nothing I could do about it. Sometimes, they were so repulsed by what they found in the bowl they would make the mistake of flushing and then have to evacuate fast as the water spilled out over the rim and onto the floor. Often, I was blamed for that too. When I was in middle school, several times a month I would (I guess I had all the luck!) be waiting for a stall and sure enough Hannah would come out. The conditions would be the same, but with only four or five minutes between classes, waiting for another stall wasn't an option. So, I would have to sit down and make the best of it. It happened a couple of times my freshman year of high school, but since there were more stalls available (up to 15 or 20 in each bathroom) the odds were better thatI would not be victimized. Hannah graduated with our class in 1988 and I'm wondering if she's coming to our class reunion this June. Even though it's been 20 years, I don't think too many of us will want to use the toilet immediately after her.

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks. Mr Clogs here, hope everyone is doing well.

Oh as for me, broke as heck! Thank goodness for sites like this to keep my mind off of finances and money.

Got a quick post to share.

This morning after I had my morning cup of Joe, I felt my insides churning and I could feel my butt hole open up to crap on myself. So I stopped whatever I was doing and made my way to the bathroom. I quickly shut the door and yanked off my pjs off and plopped on the toilet seat to relieve myself in the toilet bowl. Ahh it felt so good, my turds were ripping out of me like crazy, and was glad I got all of the poop out of my system before I loose it. I sat for a good 10 minutes just pooping, whew what a relief! While pooping, I let out some coffee enriched urine into the toilet as well. After I felt better, I wiped and put on my pjs on and washed my hands and of course flushed the toilet. It must of been all of that chicken with broccoli for dinner last night that made me crap a lot this morning, I damn near filled that toilet half way! That was load and then some in the toilet! Oh well! I miss pooping into containers and stuff, Im going to need the whole place to myself again to do that or get my own place (I need a better paying job for that!). By the way, you wondering why I didn't mention underwear in this post, well because I don't sleep in any, I like to give you know my stuff a breather from wearing underwear. I wear briefs most of the time, I rarely wear boxers now, I occasionally wear string underwear (thong) briefs.

lover: Hey there, I liked your post, I appreciate your descriptions and keep the posts coming.

Lazy Lizzie: I like your posts of working in the plant nursery and occasionally pooping into flower pots, and I like your reply to a survey you posted. Keep the post coming and thanks.

Punk Rock Girl: Hi, how things, as always great posts.

Cheryl: Hey there, I hope you're still around and check out this site. I miss your posts very much, always fun to read them and engauging the reader into the experience that you share. Hope you're doing well, take care.


--Mr. Clogs

The major problem I have with doorless toilet stalls, is what business does a co-worker, or worse yet, a total stranger have seeing the color and lenghth of my shit? If anybody can answer that, I would appriciate it.

Lover, I know the feeling I am like that sometimes too.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Emma, it sounds like you may have a UTI. It's possible to have one and not have the usual pain or burning. Get a small container and let some of your urine into it and examine it. If it's cloudy, there's a good chance that you do. Also, check with your doctor, as they can use a test stick to see if there's any blood in your urine.

Cure For Paruresis (Pee-Shyness)
It's ironic finding this forum when I typed in Huge Bladder in a search engine. Anyway on to my story.

When I was a kid growing up I shared a bedroom and adjoining bathroom with an older brother. Sometime around elementary school my brother, who was three years my elder, paid particular notice that my pees were of a much greater duration and volume than his and started to make my life miserable. I became known as fire hose or more usually hydrant. When he wanted to really embarrass me he would mention it at the dinner table in front of my parents, so by the time I was in Jr. High I thought I owned some sort of freak bladder. In school I never peed, I never peed when we went out and I avoided peeing if anyone was within earshot. I also became inventive; in the morning I'd pee for about a minute into the toilet and then step into the shower where I'd pour it out for god knows how long until I finally ran dry (I actually was accused of using too much hot water on occasion.) While I cannot be sure, all my holding probably enlarged an already oversized bladder even more so by the time I began dating my pee-shyness phobia was pretty well in place. Fortunately, most high school and college women have their own peeing rituals to which they seldom concentrate on a whether or if a guy pees or not- or for how long.

This last Fall I got a part-time job as a fitness instructor at a local gym near my college. Between my classes and my job the paruresis receded into the background and one day I spotted a girl from from one of my sociology classes. Right away I took notice because she was very attractive, into cardio and strength training and (oh) she looked unbelievable in her tight fitting midriff revealing outfits. We started slow but pretty soon training sessions turned to friendship then dating. Most of the time our date were of the short Friday/Saturday evening variety where we'd go out and I'd drop her off at the door of her off-campus apartment. After about a month I noticed that she never went to the restroom on any of our dates, even when we went to a school football game and drank a lot. Finally out of curiosity I made a comment about it and she laughed and said it was a family secret. When I looked puzzled she blurted out that she had a huge mega-bladder- just like her mom.

I was too shocked to continue the conversation right then but that comment came back to haunt me when the relationship became sexual. After the last football game of the season we ended up back at her place and fate would have it my g-d bladder was filled. I wanted to have sex right on the spot but my pee-shy bladder was screaming for relief. She noticed right away that I was acting strange and asked me if I was seeing somebody else. No I said I just needed to pee but I'd be alright. She motioned that the bathroom was to the right and left of the bedroom. I replied that didn't have to go that bad (I lied.) Now to my surprise she flipped on the TV and reached over to the coffee table and picked up a Runners World magazine and casually announced that if I didn't have to pee, she did and that she would be back in awhile. I've dated a lot since high school and she was the first girl ever to take a magazine into the bathroom for a pee, much less announce that she would be back in awhile.

As I sat on the couch absently watching Jay Leno I hear the sound of her closing the door, the toilet lid opening up followed by a moderate pee stream hitting square into the middle of the water in the bowl. Her stream (I kid you not) just went on and on and on, cutting off before starting all over again. Her endless pee was just like those that I read about here on whatever pages. She just would not stop peeing! On the television Jay Leno was taking a break and the interminable commercials came and went; then Jay Leno was back on the air. Meanwhile she was still peeing away in the bathroom. I was amazed at the span of time that had gone by. I thought "and I was pee shy about my bladder" when there was this unbelievable peeing machine pouring a stream without end in her bathroom? I'm not going to venture a guess how incredibly long she peed that but when she came out of the bathroom I was red in the face and quickly made up an excuse that I had to leave.

My stupid stunt would hurt me. It took over a week to repair our relationship and in so doing I was forced to explain to her about my paruresis situation (I tactfully left out the part about me hearing her take a Guinness Book of World Record length pee.) She let out an evil laugh and said "is that all it was?" She thought I was seeing someone else. When I told her about growing up with an older brother taunting me about my bladder capacity and taking too long to pee she reached for my hand and said, "well you definitely don't have to worry about me." With her bladder that was the understatement of the century.

I don't want to get over-the-top or sexual here but she is the best thing to happen to me. Finding a woman that is attractive, has a great personality, into fitness with a genuinely enormous, humongous bladder is a sure fire way to end a paruresis phobia.

Keith D
To Linda: Yeah, I always try to poop as quietly as possible when friends are around, even when I'm really struggling. I don't seem to mind people hearing the splash at the end (I'm almost proud of it) but wouldn't like anyone to hear me straining or farting. Or even for others to notice if it takes me a long time. I take it that your roomie is also discrete about her pooping habits when you are nearby? It would be nice to have a buddy to share your experiences with. Sometimes I wish I had someone to hold my hand while I strained. But perhaps I would be way too embarrassed!

I'm lucky that in adulthood my pooping has become much easier. I think that my childhood constipation was largely due to my general low fluid intake. I used to drink only a few glasses of water a day. Poo was always hard and dry and did not want to shift. But it improved when I started drinking more and learnt to relax my butthole more while I was straining. Sitting position also seems to make a difference and I can now overcome most tough craps.

I don't think I've ever actually broken off a turd manually. When I was about 13/14 and having some really bad problems, I got so desperate that I tried just about every physical technique possible. Funny, I've never tried laxatives or lubricants or enemas or anything like that. As a kid I couldn't get stuff like that for myself and my family just didn't discuss stuff like that. Once I was 13 I was squatting on the bowl after about 15 minutes of heaving against a big dry one. It would get to a stage where it would be half out but then I couldn't hold it anymore and it would slip back up in. Finally I decided to try to reach down and pull it out, no matter how dirty that might be. I pushed it out as far as I could, covered my hand with tp and reached down to grab it. But there was nothing there! I touched it to my anus and there was nothing poking out. My hole was open a little but nothing there. I could have sworn it felt like it was poking half out. I've since read that the anus has an internal and an external sphincter. It seems that the feeling I get when a poop is stretching my hole wide open is actually just the turd breaking through the inner sphincter, still over an inch away from pushing throught the outer hole. When I think I'm starting to poop, it hasn't even seen daylight yet!

Back when I was around that age, I also tried digging it out once. No joy there either. The poop seems to sit up a long way in my rectum and I can barely touch it. And when it is dry and hard it tends to break up into little marbles so its hard to get out. I had a girlfriend once who was a student nurse who was learning the procedure for decompacting patients. She was instructed to practice at home (presumably on herself? - weird classes they must have) and decided to practice on me. She only got pebbles out too. But she seemed to get some thrill out of it.

I have answered the phone with a very strong urge to poop. I think I've written about this before. I was just getting undressed to get in the shower when the urge to crap hit. Then the phone rings. I got stuck talking on the phone to my friend for a half hour, while standing butt-naked in the living room with a poop hammering at my sphincter. Every now and then, it would start to emerge and I would need to clench my cheeks and squeeze it back in. I don't know if she could hear my soft grunting over the phone but she seemed to sense that I was struggling with something. Another time I went and took a crap while arguing with someone on the phone.

I can only poop standing up if it's an easy one. I need to have a really strong urge first. Do you find it easier to poop standing Linda? I find pooping much easier when my legs are pressed up against my chest, as when squatting. It seems to straighten out the internal poop tubing a bit more, places greater pressure against my butthole, and its easier to strain and push when I can wrap my arms around my knees. I find it much easier to poop outdoors because its in a squatting position. I tried squatting over a dunny but it was difficult to balance and the width of the seat meant I had to keep my feet too close together, which kept my legs close together and seemed to constrict my pelvic area and made it harder to poop. My "squat" I do now when I'm having trouble pooping involves sitting my buttcheeks on the seat, then lifting my feet off the floor and on to the front of the seat. Then I can strain to my heart's content and usually succeed in pooping. It's a kind of squatting while still sitting on your butt. Can't do it in public restrooms though cos people notice you lifting your feet off the floor.

Linda it's funny that you should mention getting skidmarks as an adult. I haven't had that before (except for once when I was sick). That was until yesterday. It happened in unusual circumstances but I found it pretty amusing. I guess I'll have to write about it in my next post.

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