Im female 18 im slim good looking BIG assets but anyway the other day i was at school it was lunch time and i was bursting so badly for a poo, i forgot to go this morning despite not being for 4 days. I had tried to hold it but it was forcing its way out. I made my way to the girls loo but they were closed because someone had flooded them great. the desperation set in i crossed my legs and tried to think what to do next, some boys from my year walked past and whistled at my long curvy legs. I had one lesson left and decided to wait the desperation was growing and growing i would do ANYTHING to be on a toilet releasing my load. When school finished i started waliking home slowly day dreaming about reaching a toilet. On the way back i saw some freinds who were going shopping they invited me i first said no but they weren't taking no for an answer. We got to the shops and i made striaght for the toilets they were always clean and there were 8 stalls but as i walk through the door there was a line of 3 with all stalls taken there was a smel of poo in the air. To make matters worse at least 5 stalls were pooping and making me very desperate and wet. the desperation of the other women the sounds of farts poo droping and sounds of relieve was really a turn on. Some stalls opened and the young school gorls in very shorts skirts rushed in and out. Finally it was my turn my stomache cramps were aweful i was on the verge of pooping myself, i was a bout to take the most desperate poo of my life. I rushed into the stal and peeled down my black thong over my big round white ass and let them hand around my ankles i pulled up my short blue skirt and rested on the toilet and released some long loud farts i was so desperate to start dropping my load though. my first poo rushed out and made a big splash followed qickly by another long desperate and overdue poo. I so badly needed to go i let out my releif so others could hear a girl banged on my stall and asked if i was finished she was desperate to poo i replied that i could still fell mre to come out after dropping 3 more soft poo's the strench was huge but i felt one more was on its way i released a big fart and then a big poo slowly slipping out of my bum i was so releifed and desperate and really really wet i started to have a ??????? my pop finally dropped and the whole experiance produced the best feeling i ever had.

Need to go
I took a morning yoga class at the gym one morning. All of the twisting and bending got my bowels moving. When class ended I went to the locker room stripped completely and headed for the toilets. Within a minute I had company when a fellow class taker had also stripped and entered the other stall. We both dumped and finished about the same time. I headed to the showers while my neighbor stopped to weigh himself. I commented to him he should have done that before he went he just said "no way every ounce counts."

Lazy Lizzie
Hi guys, here is the survey I promised that I would post mainly about wiping after the event .

1. How many of you here can honestly say that they do not wipe their arse after a shit, or their pussy after a piss.

I very rarely wipe my arse, like Susie I have trained myself to shit standing up, I also after a piss never wipe cos I standup to piss as well.See previous post. I spend alot of time at home,especially in the early part of the day,that is usually when I have to take a shit. Therefore not wiping is not a big deal.

2. If you are out and have to use a public toilet and there is no paper do a. find a toilet that has paper. b. do not wipe at all. c. Use your finger to get the excess off then go wash your hands. d. Hold on till you get home and hope you won't shit y'self on the way.

I've done all 4 from time to time. If I feel it's gonna be a SOFT SHIT Ioften look for a toilet that has paper, even though I still stand. Just recently I had to use a public toilet w/out paper, I was pretty desperate. As I almost ran into the stall I could feel a sizeable turtle's head separating my arse cheeks.Even though I stood to let the rest of the shit into the bowl my hole and surrounding area was pretty dirty. If I was at home I'd have just left it till that nite or when I went into the house.However what I did was using my forefinger I scraped off the excess shit as best I could and put onto the empty tp tube. Then I washed my hands, I had to then do my shopping which took 30 mins, my arse was sticky but not too bad. I have held on till I got home b4, the last time I did that I crapped my pants in the driveway.

3. If you are on the phone and the urge to have a shit comes on what do you do?????? a. tell them sorry gotta go have a shit ,be back in 5. 2. Try to hold on . 3. Just shit your panties as if nothing has happened. 4. Search for something to shit in .

Over time I'd plead guilty to doing all of the above. Because most of my phone time is spent doing business stuff re my nursery, I can't very well tell a customer that I'm busting for a shit. If I'm on a very important call and I don't want to interupt it I just shit my panties. I have shit in the waste paper basket beside the desk b4. But if I'm talking to a girlfriend I tell em to hold on.

4 How many of you after wiping end up with shit on your fingers and hands???? Iuse to all the time......... like Susie Iopted for the easy way out.........stand and evacuate!11


TO Lisa:
Hi Lisa... No real deep mystery. Some of the main reasons some mens stalls do not have doors.>

-Crime Prevention
It makes life harder for shoplifters and drug dealers/addicts to conduct their various illegal 'businesses' in public bathrooms.

It's no secret that segments of the general population like using public places to conduct sexual activities (prostitutes... famous singers and actors... various American politicians... among them.) Having no doors in a stall is a significant deterrent to those people.

-Social Context
If you're in the armed forces 'boot camp' or in prison, all your activities are monitored and controlled very close. Privacy goes out the door...
For a lot cultures in the world, seeing someone else take a crap or pee in public isn't taboo or shocking so doors in public toilets are a pointless expense.

Please take care!


To:Lazy Lizzie

I liked your story and I liked the ways you relive yourself with out a toilet. But there are a few things I don't understand. If you are wearing overalls without a shirt or a bra and the overalls are loose then can't your nipples be seen from the side? (or do you not mind)And I is'nt is a waste to throw away a flower pot every time you poop. Could't you use the same one over untill it is full and just put anothe pot over it.

I had a job on a farm and there was this pile of old cinder blocks and when I needed to poop I would squat over one of the cinder blocks and poop in it.

Late problem
I've had to poo for so long but have not had a solid (get it?) opportunity to actually poo in peace. I feel like shit.

Chop's Chick
To Rosalie:
I wonder if Sue has been put down previously by the other girls and as a result, she doesn't want to use public bathrooms. It's sad but I've had some friends really bullied verbally just because they are different. For example, there's Torie. She's 5'4' but weighs over 220 pounds. In middle school she went by Barb (Barbara is her given middle name) but some of the girls called her Barge. One morning we were in the main hallway bathroom at our high school and I was on one stool crapping and the girls waiting in line and on the other side of the stall laughed when they heard Torie hit the seat. She kind of dropped herself onto it and it was loud and her pee was even louder hitting the bowl for well over 3 minutes. Then you could hear a series of about five farts in a row--they sounded like thunder--and then there was some really heavy dropping into the bowl. I swear, I would think she would have gotten her underside and pubic area drenched, but Torie didn't complain about that. Then there was a remark made from three or four stalls down that Barge had dammed up the toilet and water supply in the school. She sure didn't like that cruel remark and was crying when I got done and we washed our hands together. I can relate to what you observe with Sue because my boyfriend (he's a sophomore and I'm a freshman) is the same way. He just hates to crap at school. For the past several years he's been called Chop, because he's stocky and only 4'-9". At the start of this school year, he was starting to crap at school--especially when we would walk and that would be 3 or 4 days each week. We usually walk to school about 7:15 so there's time before classes start at 8 a.m. I will go in and pee and sometimes have to wait for him to come out of the boys room because he's so cautious about not sitting in an open stall no matter how bad he has to crap. He's had a few junior and senior guys snicker and give him other shit about being so small and because he's not able to crap as easily like most of the others his age. In one case back in October, Chop was on the toilet right after school, while I waited for him in the hallway. Three older guys came into the bathroom, taunted him for being less than male, and he decided he didn't have to sit and take it. He stopped his shit, apparently about mid-way thru, and reached ro toilet paper to wipe with and there was none. Of course, the boys made an even bigger issue of that. He just pulled up his pants and left. We walked 15 minutes to my house where he finished his crap, but he also discovered he had some pretty big skidmarks in his underwear. I washed them for him while he waited because he didn't want his mother to see them as part of the regular laundry. So Rosalie, it could be that Sue has had some cruel treatment too. And as for me, I regularly crap and pee away from home but I don't spend one unnecessary second on the toilet.

Need to poo
I need to whine about this:

I need to poo. I've needed to poo for the last five days. I have sat at work, and wished I could go into the bathrooms there, but I'm too shy, and as my constipation gets worse, so does my shyness. We have six stalls in the bathrooms at my work, and they're usually all occupied. I would like to go into one and get on the toilet and push all my poo out, but I can't because with five other women on toilets in the room, I'll be the only one making grunting noises so it'll be hard to face the other women at the sink and in the office. I am at home, and there are too many people around for me to comfortably go into the bathroom and have my poo. I want to be in my own bathroom, sitting comfortably on the toilet, with my skirt comfortably pulled up and my leggings comfortably down to my knees, and I want to comfortably plop myself on the toilet, and I want to comfortably push and get out this monster poo. I really, badly, need to poo. I NEED TO POO!!!

Two stories today. Last Friday evening I was shopping in Wal-Mart when I felt the urge to poop. It was one of those too rare occasions when I felt the need at a time when I could do it up right.
I went into one of the middle stalls and sat down. I immediately began to feel relaxed and felt more and more relaxed the longer I sat there. It was heavenly. By the time I got up a half hour later, I felt like I had just had a massage instead of a bowel movement. The poop itself was nothing special but the time on the toilet was divine. How can a cold hard toilet seat be so much more comfortable than a warm soft chair?

Yesterday morning I had three bowel movements within a four hour period. One around 8am at home getting ready to go to work. One at about 10am and another one about noon at the office. It wasn't diarrhea and all three movements were huge.
How can this be? Normally I only go about every other day. Sometimes I go 3-4 days between bowel movements. I've been eating some granola bars, which I don't normally do but they couldn't possibly have that much effect on my bowels. So what's going on?


My wife is 48 today our son and daughter are grown and moved out
of the house. When she was pregnant for both kids she 'accidently' shit her panties both times. Once in shorts and panties and the other time in a sundress and panties.Both times were the runs and she and her panties were a mess.Besides shitting her panties she also peed them both times.

Any other pregnant women load their panties when pregnant?


To all who like 'outdoor stories', thank-you for your recent contributions, also here are some thoughts on other current threads:

Bathrooms that are deliberately without doors have been a major topic on this site for a while now. My observation in the UK is that it doesn't seem to happen here in any big way and certainly not in stores and major roadside service facilities. I'm pretty sure that in a school, college or other public building such a thing would simply not happen, possibly as a legal matter. In any bathroom there may be the odd stall with a broken latch, or some other deficiency such as a lack of tp, but these seem to be mostly faults caused by janitorial inattention, wear and tear or minor vandalism. It would, however be fascinating to see the response in the media if a major chain store tried to pioneer it!!!
Another thing that strikes me as worthy of note, and I actually have no problem with this whatsoever, is that unisex bathrooms (with more than one stall) also seem to be relatively rare here but they certainly do exist. Maybe this is strange but, given the choice, I'd actually rather take a shit in a stall next to a complete stranger than someone that I know.

Outdoors is much the same but sometimes it is even better if it is with someone you want to share the experience with. I remember a week-long camping trip to Scotland some years ago: there were several dozen of us, from all around the UK, in very small groups who did not know each other until we arrived. There were two facilities - a pub and a small long-abandoned quarry - both within a couple of minutes walk. We all visited both regularly but the former was closed from midnight until lunchtime (by which time we were all out walking in the mountains) and so its facilities were unavailable during this time. The camping area was not an official site and so it was without even the most basic facilities, such as running water or... toilets!
By the second morning the disused quarry a couple of hundred yards away, rather than the pub, became the focal point for developing relationships. Maybe the lack of facilities helped - "two's company, three's a crowd" - so sharing a drink was in more than a few cases followed by sharing something more intimate, which involved finding one's way by torchlight, and usually in the cold rain, to the quarry for a late night shit.
The strangest thing was perhaps that it all felt quite natural and everybody seemed to be comfortable with the situation. It was no secreat and if someone, or another 'couple', saw you then nothing there was nothing other than a friendly greeting and there was an unbroken, but never formally made, rule: nobody told tales and the subject was not mentioned, except possibly between those who shared. Going together was better than risking becoming lost in the dark or being caught alone by a stranger and, since my experience involved a girl that had me in awe of her, it was about as intimate as was really possible when camping!


Thanks for sharing your stories, they were great. Could you tell us more about the time you pooped yourself when you were 17 that you mentioned? I'd love to hear more details about that one like you did for your other two accidents.

Keith D
To Monika about pooping in the snow: At high school I did this survival course in gym class. We went camping an hiking for weeks and the teacher made us poop in plastic bags and carry it around with us in our backpacks with all our tents and clothes and food and stuff. Was really weird and I wouldn't do it (held my poop in the whole time - what the hell, I had to carry the weight of it around anyway, right?). The teachers logic was that burying poop in the snow was a bad thing because it would freeze until spring, when the thaw would reveal it again and there would be turds all around the camp sites! Apparently it was a health hazard! I posted about it on page 1609.

I think you did the right thing going in the snow. I doubt that some poor hunter is going to come along in spring and step in it!

i peed and pooped my pants in class today. iheld it for so long thet
it just started to come out. i am embarassed.

i'm 22 and yesterday morning i woke up and i could feel something warm and squishy in my pants. sure enough i had badly messed my underwear in bed. i've never done this before and i read here that there have been other people this has happened to. i was wondering if there is some medical reason that a woman at 22 might mess her panties in bed and i should see a doctor of if i should just chalk it up as a 1 time accident and forget about it? i'm just really self conscious now of sleeping in a room with anybody, i'm horrified of the idea that i might poop my pants in bed again.

Linda........ Yes to all your questions my previous posts. The other day I felt this urge for shit and I was thankful as I hadn't been for 3 days. I could feel as I was walking to the toilet thhis was going to be a biggy and solid , mine usually are anyway.

As per usual I dropped my shorts and undies to floor, faced the toilet and spread my lips and had a gusher of a piss. By the way from years of standing to piss I'm very accurate. The I turned around,spread my legs so I could position my feet beside the bowl. opened the cheeks of my arse with my hands and proceeded to push. Ever since I was in my mid teens I have stood to shit. I pushed and pushed , finally this rock hard turn started to emerge from my distended hole. I knew if I kept pushing like this I would produce a monster of a hard log. I suppose the log was out about 4 inches, with my left hand I released my left cheek to feel how hard it was. It was definetely out a bout 4 inches about 2 inches in diameter and hard as a rock.
Then the the doorbell rang,which reminded me that the local charity were coming around to pick up an old couch. I really wanted to finish this shit in peace. So I pulled up my panties and shorts and walked to the door with this huge log sticking out of my hole. I hade a pair of bike shorts on and I reached around to have a feel. Yes anyone who had a keen eye would have seen a slight bulge in the rear of my shorts as they are skin tight. Opening the door I was greeted by 2 men in their 40's , the shorter of the 2 asked me about the couch. I pointed to the old grey couch sitting in the carport. Then I realised I'd left a few things on it , so I said hold on I'll get the boogy board and wet suit off. I threw the wetsuit onto a garden seat. I bent down to grab the board when I felt my turd start to move . Great hear I am giving the local charity my couch as well domonstration to the charity workers how to shit in your shorts by accident.
By now the turd had moved another 2 inches I figured, therefore the bulge was, I know obvious to say the least. I just said there ya go, I've got someone on the phone, I quickly departed for the inner sanctum of my house. Just as I closed the door I completelty shit myself, that was close. I felt like I had basketball in my shorts.
Quite a few times I have been on the phone and caught short. If I'm on the cordless and out side I just go in my panties and change later. My turds usually are firm and well formed.

Susiexxx KAYLA, Yes I know exactly what you are going through when you are hairy like we are. Do you have a treasure trail yet? That is a line of hair from your triangle up to your navel, I do , not good for wearing bikinis or short tops. I tried shaving around my pubes and hole for awhile but the itch factor was so gr8 that it put me off alto gether.

Next time you have a poop at home try standing like I do and spreading the cheeks of your bum with your hands. I have found it is not so nearly as messy ,that is why I hardly ever bother to wipe. I have been standing to piss for along while now, very rarely do I sit to piss. I have found if you go to a public toilet that is dirty standing is an easy way to relieve yourself and not worry so much about getting someone elses shit or piss on your body.Also I have been in places where the toilet is clean but there is no paper.

Just another tip if you are excessively hairy you can always just give yourself a trim with scissors, I do that in summer, makes it a bit cooler LOL.........

Good luck Susie xxxxx

Just read a post from Juanita on page 1612.

I am male and just into my 50s. I always enjoy pooping, though I hate being constipated. Juanita, many men may leave their poo for everyone to see, but I am not one of them. I ALWAYS flush. If I pass a multiple poo, I flush half-way through (like Mei). If there are skid marks I clean them and flush again. Public loos are rarely clean, but if I can leave mine perfectly clean, I will. We should remember that if we enjoy pooping, so do others, and they will enjoy it more if we leave the loo clean for them.

PS. I found this site some time ago but this is my first posting. Would you believe it, until I started looking at this I thought women never left their poo behind; only men. My wife, being a nurse, is of course squeaky clean, though she shows me her poo.

To Kayla:

Hello. I just read your recent post to Susie, from a few days back, and to me it sounds like you might want to buy some sort of hair removal solution. This product is commercially available, though I can't verify for certain if it is available at Wal-Mart or not.

Considering how much trouble you have with keeping yourself clean after a big pee, I believe a hair removal solution would be your best option. It most definitely would keep you from having to repeatedly shave your crotch or suffer from razor burns. Razor burns are no fun, I can tell you. I get them all the time, when I shave my face. Aftershave or skin conditioner helps to soothe the pain of a razor burn, but I don't always have it readily available. Yep, as you can tell, I am a male.


Haven't had much to post about lately, except for the fact my BMs have become extremely difficult to push out. I recently had to switch one of my medications from Prevacid to Nexium, on account my med insurance no longer covers the cost of Prevacid by prescription. So far, with Nexium I have yet to see any results for improvement on my irregularity, and I honestly believe surgery might be my best option.

Like so many of you who post here, for the past three years I have been having major trouble trying to move my bowels on my own. I first began to take Metamucil, which DID help for a while, but after a year or so not even that is proving to be the best solution. And it has been quite a while since I last had a major bowel movement. Lately, all I can push out is a few small pieces or slightly larger chunks (each measuring less than one inch in diameter), even though after I am done I can still feel major knotting and bloating in my stomach. I just hope this medication called Nexium begins to help me with my problem sooner or later, but if not I will indeed consult my doctor about a possible surgery procedure. Even my last colonoscopie - on February 23, 2007 - would not reveal the problem I have, which is both frustrating and frightening. I'd hate to think that I will one day wake up only to be diagnosed with some kind of digestive-related cancer.

On occasion, I will resort to a tap-water enema, using the hand-held shower hose in my bathtub. Yeah, I realize that sounds nasty - taking a doggone dump while in the bathtub - but considering my current ailment this often helps me out quite a bit. After a 'colon flushout', as I often refer to tap-water enemas, for several days I will feel temporary relief and will usually feel 'normal'. But after several days worth of eating, the pressure once again builds up - forcing me to either do my usual routine or resort once again to yet another colon flushout. And after most meals, I usually feel so bloated and heavy that it seems as if I weigh in excess of 400 pounds - when in actuality, I only weigh 185 pounds. That is actually a healthy weight for someone my age (37) and height (6'2"), but it most definitely would be great if or when I could ever return to normal bowel regularity.

Well, folks, that's all for now. Please keep up the posts here, since I really do enjoy reading them. In fact, I have this webpage saved to my PC's 'Favorites' folder for easy access. That way, I don't have to keep on manually typing in in the text window on's homepage. Anyway, folks, you all take care now.


Hi Rosalie.

I have been very pee shy since middle school. In high school I never tried to go in the boy's room and used to hold my pee for 9 hours. When I got home I would pee for at least 2 minutes.I am now in college. I have a room with a private bath which my roommate and I share. I have shared my problem with him. He is very understanding.

I think that your roommate is pee shy and has a very bashful bladder.

One way you could find out is for you to tell her a story about how one time in a crowded ladies room, you could not pee and how frustrated that made you. Ask her whether she has ever had that problem.

You also might try peeing with the door to your bathroom open.

Paruresis is the psychological and medical term for this kind of stage fright. It is very common, but more men than women. You might look up paruresis on any search engine. Look it up yourself and check out the forum with stories of others who have the problem and are trying to overcome it.

I wrote an other reply to you but I think it got wiped out.

I don't think I've pooped since my post on Sunday, but maybe I've forgotten. I know it's been at least since Tuesday, and it's now Friday, so it's been between 4-5 days without any urges. Today I feel as if I might need to go, but we shall see. One would think it would be big once I finally go but it doesn't feel like it will be. At this point I'm just worried about it coming out since technically at this point I'm constipated. I'll try to post about it once it happens.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dick's sister Karen
When my twin brother Dick and I were children, we sometimes visited our grandparents' house and some of these visits were quite eventful, toilet-wise.

When we were 9, we went to visit our grandparents on Christmas day. They gave us a box of dates to share and I ate a few and I let Dick eat the rest of the box. Our mum warned us not to eat too many dates, or they would make us run to the toilet. Then we ate our Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings followed by a large slice of Grandma's homemade Christmas pudding that was rich in sultanas, raisins and currants. Dick ate his Christmas pudding and I ate a little of my portion but I didn't want to run to the toilet so I gave the rest of it to my greedy brother who ate it all. He didn't seem to have learned his lesson from the sultana sponge pudding incident that I wrote about on page 1647.

Later in the afternoon, we each had a large slice of Grandma's homemade Christmas cake which was rich in currents and dried fruit. Dick ate his slice and I gave him most of mine to eat. That evening, we were all sitting around the TV and suddenly we noticed a smell. Mum asked, "Richard, Karen, which one of you has made a smell?" Dick suddenly realised that he was having a poo accident in his pants and he told Mum, who rushed him to the downstairs toilet. There wasn't much room in there for both of them so she left the door open while I watched from outside. She took Dick's shorts and underpants down and sat him on the toilet. He farted and runny poo poured out of his bum. Then she took him to the bathroom for a bath and put clean underpants on him. She got some sheets of paper kitchen towel from the kitchen and put a thick lining of absorbent paper inside his underpants in case he had another poo accident in the car on the way home. I teased him about wearing a nappy at his age.

Then when we were 10 years old, we went to stay with our grandparents for a week in the summer without our parents. We stayed in our grandparents' guest bedroom with twin beds and our own private en-suite shower and toilet. We both had a tendency to hold our poo when we were away from home and I became constipated. We never closed the door when we used our toilet so I knew that Dick was also constipated as neither of us had sat on the toilet to do a poo in the first three days we were there.

On Sunday morning, we walked with Grandpa to the local shop where Grandpa bought his Sunday newspaper. I saw some packs of soft candy-coated sugar-free mints and I noticed that on the label in small print, it said, "Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects". This gave me a mischievous idea so I picked up two packs and said to Dick, "I haven't seen these before, shall we try some?". Grandpa thought these were OK because they were sugar-free and less harmful to our teeth but he wasn't wearing his glasses so he couldn't read the small print on the label. He bought us a pack each and we started to eat them as we walked home. I ate one mint and then I said that I didn't like them so I gave my pack to Dick. Dick ate both packs of soft sugar-free mints over the next hour without reading the label. Grandpa sat and read his paper while we played in the garden. I heard Dick farting quite a lot and asked him if he was OK. He said that he had a bit of a stomach ache. "Maybe it's because you haven't done a poo for three days", I said.

After lunch, we were playing in the garden and Dick started to look rather uncomfortable. He was wearing shorts and he stood up and froze as loose watery poo started running down his leg. "Richard's pooed his pants, Richard's pooed his pants", I chanted. Grandma heard me and she took Dick by the hand, rushed him to the toilet and left the door open. I stood outside to watch. He pulled his shorts and underpants down then he sat on the toilet and runny poo poured out of his bum. He sat there for about 5 minutes and then he said that he had done all his poo. Dick wiped his bum then Grandma took him to the bathroom for a bath. Then she gave him some clean clothes to put on. Dick had to run to the toilet several more times that day and I asked him, "Why have you got diarrhea?" He didn't know but he'll find out when he reads this post!

Two days later, I woke up early with a stomach ache. I went and sat on the toilet for 10 minutes and Dick heard me grunting and straining but I couldn't do a poo. He suggested that I should ask Grandma for something to make me poo but I said that we were going home tomorrow and I would ask Mum when we got home. That evening, while we were eating supper outside on the patio, I wasn't hungry then I was sick on the patio. I told Grandma that I had a stomach ache then she asked, "When did you last do 'uh-uh', Karen?" Grandma called it 'uh-uh', which was the word she used when she had young children in the 1950s although I have never seen it written so I am not sure how to spell it. I told her that I hadn't done any 'uh-uh' since I left home 5 days ago. Before I went to bed, Grandma gave me a laxative dose of Milk of Magnesia. "This should make you do 'uh-uh' in the morning, Karen", she said but she didn't say what time in the morning I might do it. "You had better wear some knickers under your night dress in case you do it in your sleep", she said. Then she put a large china potty by my bed for emergencies at either end.

It was a very warm night, unusual for England and Dick and I slept on top of our duvets. I was wearing a short nightdress and I was lying on my side with my bum facing Dick. There was a small night light in the room so he could see me. I knew that he was fascinated by my bum and what comes out of it. I lay awake for a couple of hours and the medicine made me burp and fart and my stomach made gurglng noises, then my digestive system quietened down. Dick knew that I would need to do a major poo soon, either in the toilet or in the potty and he didn't want to miss the chance to watch me so he stayed awake. It was a good thing he did stay awake because at about 3 a.m. Dick heard sudden loud gurgling noises from my stomach then he heard me fart in my sleep and he saw a bulge starting to form in the seat of my panties. He woke me up and asked, "Karen, are you pooing?" He was right, I was doing it in my panties and I didn't have any stomach cramp to wake me up. I jumped out of bed, lifted my nightdress up, pulled my panties down and sat on the potty as a flood of wet poo poured out of my bum. Dick sat on the floor and watched me from behind. I thanked him for waking me up before I had a major poo accident on the bed. Then I told Dick that he could only watch me pooing if he fetched some toilet paper and wiped my bum when I had finished. For the next 10 minutes, I sat on the potty and got rid of 5 days' worth of poo. Then he fetched some toilet paper and wiped my bum for me. It was so nice to have a brother who would do that for me, especially as I was rather messy there. Then I took the potty into the en-suite bathroom with my pooed panties and closed the door to keep the smell in. After that, I didn't go back to sleep for fear of doing a poo in my sleep again but I was OK until the morning.

When Grandma came to wake us up, she found my pooed panties and the potty in the bathroom and took them away. Then, while we were eating breakfast, I suddenly had to get up and run to the toilet where I did a liquid poo. That day we were due to go home and our parents came by car to collect us after breakfast. When they arrived, Grandma gave Mum a full report on the state of our bowels. "Richard had a sudden bout of diarrhea on Sunday and he soiled his underpants. Maybe he ate something that disagreed with him", she said. I giggled, knowing what he had eaten. Grandma glared at me and said, "As for Karen, she became so constipated that she was sick yesterday evening". Then she continued, "I gave her a good dose of Milk of Magnesia last night and she soiled her knickers in the night but fortunately she didn't soil the bed". Then Grandma continued, "Karen has been running to the toilet this morning so she may need a few toilet stops on the way home". Dick and I both looked embarrassed and Mum hugged us both and told us not to worry.

When Dick and I were alone, I whispered to him, "I hope I don't poo my panties in the car on the way home". "I've got an idea", he said. He went to the kitchen and came back with two sheets of paper kitchen towel. "Put these inside your panties like a nappy", he said. "That's what Mum did for me that Christmas after I pooed my pants". I paid a last visit to the toilet and did a small amount of liquid poo then I put a double thickness of large absorbent paper kitchen towel inside the seat of my panties. Dick and I got into the back seats of the car and Dad drove off. After we had been driving for about an hour, I felt an urge to poo. We were on the motorway and I asked Dad to stop at the next motorway service area, as I needed the toilet. Then my heart sank as I saw blue flashing lights in the distance and all the traffic came to a halt. We guessed that there was a road accident ahead as the traffic didn't move for about half an hour. I was about to have a different kind of accident in my panties but the feelng of sitting on the paper kitchen towel was reassuring. Then I whispered to Dick, "I can't wait, I'm doing it in my panties". I felt a small amount of liquid poo flowing out of me but fortunately, it didn't make a smell and the paper soaked it up.

We got to the motorway service area about 10 minutes later and I went to the ladies toilet with Mum while Dad and Dick went to the gents'. I went into a stall and pulled my panties down. I took out the paper kitchen towel with my poo in it and dropped it into the toilet. Fortunately, I hadn't pooed very much and my panties were clean but my bum was messy and I couldn't ask my brother to come into the ladies' toilet and wipe it for me! I cleaned myself up, and then Mum and I went back to the car. I whispered to Dick that his idea had worked well, and then we drove home without any more mishaps. The next day, we went shopping with our parents and my poo was still quite soft and urgent so I put two sheets of paper kitchen towel inside my panties as a precaution but fortunately, I didn't need to use it.

Lisa: Some men's restrooms do have stall doors.

The last few days I have had to scrub the crotch of my undies due to skid marks. My poo has been very hard and I gets stuck in my rectum and no amount of wiping seems to fix things....I have laso developed piles and too much vigorous wiping seems to cause them to play up and they get sore and itchy...this morning I had "a try" at the gym but it was a hard one and I did not push it. I went home and had some Nulax and just before lunch dropped a respectable load witout too much effort and at 3pm dropped a big sloppy load. Thank heavens for laxatives. I have tried micro enemas, which are only effective if the shit is well down and just needs some help...I find micr enemas are a bit harsh etc. I have tried glycerine suppositories which are just as effective but are too rubbery and difficult to get in my hole.
I once had this rock of a shit which was too big to come was so big it put pressure on my bladder and I was weeing with great regularity and almost walking with a limp. I used a glycerine suppository which did the trick but even then I had to PUSH.!!!!
Sometimes if it is a hard one and seems like it will budge I do squat on the floor and when it moves I grab it as it is coming out and quickly sit on the toilet and eject it. Sometimes the initial turd can be very hard but when it moves it is all systems go.
Another point is that when I am backed up I seem to have less room in my bladder and have had a couple , or several, little squirts of urine before I make the toilet...has anyone else had this????

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