Piggy poop
I had no interesting story for a long time, but I hope you enjoy this story.

Last Sunday night I went for a walk with my husband (I am a quite pretty woman in her 30s). It was'nt cold, and we walked already for half an hour, when I realized the increasing pressure in my bladder. First I tried not to pay attention to it but the urge of peeing kept growing. Then we went past an old, long disused, and totally abandoned playground. (It is very important that no children would go there playing ever so long, since I'd never do my business where I hurt any children.) So, when I spotted an old swing (without any back rest) on the playground, an idea rushed in my mind. I would sit on the swing, and pee there. I whispered in my husbands' ear that I had to pee badly, and what if I would sit on the swing and pee from it. He became totally excited because he was fond of seeing me peeing. So, we went to the swing, I pull down my jeans and panties, then sat down on the swing chair. I pushed my ass backwards, so my bottom and my vagina hanged freely over the ground, and I holded on firmly to the swing chain. Meanwhile my husband went round, and started to push the swing. It was a pleasant feeling as the breeze caressed my hindquarters. I relaxed and started to pee. A strong jet came out my vagina, and swung back and forth as the swing flied. We laughed as I sprayed my pee here and there. Then came an embarrassing situation. Suddenly I felt a hard cramp in my stomach. I had'nt poo since three days, and I knew that I had to poo immediately. Although my husband did see me peeing a lot, he did'nt see me shitting till now. I did'nt know what to do, but my husband noticed that I was wriggling in my seat. He asked what the problem was. I told him that I finished my peeing but I had to poo badly too, but I did'nt want to embarrass him. He laughed, and said that he wanted to see me pooing for ages, but he did'nt dare to told me. He did'nt want to embarrass me. "You might push it out here on the swing darling!" he told me. My urge was so bad till that I could'nt wait a moment. I started to push my poo immediately. I farted, and my semi-solid shit started to come out. Since the swing was still moving, my poo drew a long line on the ground. I did my business for a minute or two. When the swing stopped, I pushed out yet another big log under me. I relieved very much. Then I wiped my ass and vagina with cleenex, and got off the swing. We looked my 'product': there was a wide peemark, and a dotted shitmark with some bigger piles on the ground under the swing. We laughed again (I was completely relieved), then we continued our walk.

Hi, I've been reading on here for a long time, but I've never really had anything to post. That changed while I was driving home today. Recently, it's seemed like I have less than my normal strong bladder control. I usually don't even dribble when the urge to go is intense, but lately, little spurts of pee have been dampening my panties even when I don't have to go very badly. Today I was driving home and let out a little spurt, but it wasn't just one. The urgency increased as I was driving, and I kept leaking into my panties. By the time I got home, my panties were soaked, and there was a large wet spot on my pants. Even though I didn't wet myself completely, I was shocked that I could lose control of my bladder that much.

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't had much trouble pooping for a few months now, which is great, apart from once during the week. It took me 20 minutes to squeeze out a small, hard load but it wasn't too bad.

To Keith D: I hardly ever grunt when Im having trouble doing a poo, unless Im having a really hard time. I share a house with another person so I find it embarressing to make noises when Im on the toilet. My bedroom is next to the computer room (Ive got an ensuite bathroom) and my housemate is often in there. If she has the window open and my bathroom window is open, Im sure she would hear me if I grunted and groaned. One time I had to push and strain so much that I started grunting aswell. I had a terrible time on the toilet and it took me an hour to squeeze out my load. Luckily, my housemate wasn't home.

I remember the skidmarks in my knickers all too well. I can also remember being constipated and liquid poo escaping into my knickers. The poo always felt warm and I couldn't control it. This happened to me a few times at school and I hated going to school with constipation. I could smell the poo on me but nobody else seemed to notice. I felt miserable and dirty aswell.

Ive had skidmarks in my knickers as an adult too. This happened to me a couple of years ago. I was a bit bunged up and I had been trying to do a poo in the morning before work. I got some out but some got stuck in my anus. It wouldn't come out, no matter how hard I pushed. So I had to go to work with a rock hard turd stuck up my butt and I felt so uncomfortable. Later that morning, I went to the toilet for a wee. To my horror, I saw a small amount of dried poo in my knickers!! I wiped my butt and more poo came off onto the tp!! I had to wipe a few times to get it all off. I was so embarressed, it felt like I had pooped my pants!!

Have you ever had to break a turd off because it got stuck in your anus and you couldn't squeeze anymore out?? Have you ever had to answer the door or phone with a rock hard turd hanging out your butt? Or have you ever had to dig poo out of your butt? Do you ever stand up to do a poo, if your constipated?? I have to do this sometimes and squat on the toilet bowl.

ok so I am going to be honest. I was chilling in my car smokin and the need to pee hit me so I looked around and pulled down my pants i go free ball, grabbed a cup and was about to pee when a group of three walked by I started my car and pissed while i drove any one else do this

TO Lisa. Men's rooms that do not have doors are situated like that primarily to prevent "crusing" for sex. A famous scholarly book on the subject of "crusing" actually argues that doorless stalls make that practice much easier. Another reason some stalls are doorless is to discourage drug use. Finally yet another reason is to simply disregard privacy for men. By the way my girlfriend has told me she has run into doorless stalls in women's restrooms at parks. Well anyway I should tell you that well over 90 percent of men's restrooms have doors on the stalls.

Texas Hillbilly
Hey yall. In response 2 Greg: i always push my pants 2 my ankles when shitting. A lot of times ill just take a dump in public due strictly towards comfort, its kinda uncomfortable holding in poop. For the most part tho i have never had a bm i cldnt hold

There is This new game out there, It's called"HIDE AND GO POOP" First, a little abot me... my name is Sean and(33 yrs old) found this site while trying to sharpen my skills on this corpoate game.

The game involves having text messaging and or email and all working in the same building.

The object of the game is, The person that has to Take a Poop is to go to a restroom in the building that they are working in,go into a stall ,send an email or text,saying that they are going poo poo( or whatever you call it) and that the challenge is on for the person recieving the message to find their target victim in the stall and pound him/her with wet paper towels,if that happens, the person who throws the wet paper onto the "crapee" gets 10 points,by the same time,If the "crapee" finishes his/her load,wipes,and leaves their stall and is confronted by the Hunter the "pooper" gets the points.

It was after lunch at work yesterday,and the need for me to take A huge shit came on so suddenly,as I noticed my co worker Jason,(We normally poop around the same time at work) In a meeting with the boss, I walked past the window of where they were meeting and decided to send him a text,telling him that I was going to take a huge shit and,if he could find me,he would "score big time",I went to Lisa's desk and asked for her shoesI was able to put them on(she looked at me like i was crazy)but she gave them to me,and I went to the womens bathroom , took a stall and proceeded to take a huge shit and farted too.there were alot of other girls comming in to pee and poop and I got nervous I just got up from the toilet without wiping and quickly left the womens room,as I did that Jason was exiting the mens room and I then told him that He lost! and that I have finished my poop without finding me!

The thing that sucks is that I had a Butt crack full of poop becase I did not have time to wipe. (I would have been had)

Anyone else have ever been caught having to leave the restroom with a poopy butt?

Shit happens,


You talk about having a very lush growth of pubic hair when you were 15, well I am 15 now and I am the same, in fact I have been unusually hairy down there since I was 9 and still getting worse, and yeh it does make it difficult to wipe if I've had a really big one that goes everywhere. I can't not wipe though cos if I don't completely clean myself I stink so badly- I already talked about pooping at school and that's one thing, stinking of poo all day is something else. I actually tried shaving down there for a bit about a year ago but its really awkward.

These days if its been really bad I sponge myself down there as well as wiping, I've got a sponge that I don't use for anything else, I've even used it at friends houses. Can't really do it at school though!

I went to the movies with brittany yesterday, of course there was another panties issue. We were about ten minutes into the movie when she turns ro me and says, Josh I need to go to the bathroom. This was immediately followed by a soft trickling noise as I could distinctly tell she was peeing in her panties. Then she grunted quietly as a crackling noise followed. She just completely filled her panties while sitting right next to me. When she finished she brightly exclaimed "that feels better". She then sat back down as I heard the evident smush. She got some odd looks because of her wet pants, but I don't think anyone knew that she had filled her panties. We got to my house and I helped her clean up. The weird thing about the date was that not once did we talk about the fact that she had messed her panties, even before she got cleaned up.

To: Track Offical

It deepends on what you are wearing and what type of urinal it is. The urinals in porta potties stick out from the wall so if you are wearing shorts that are short enough, like track shorts, you can pull the crotch of the shorts to the side and just stand over the urinal and pee strait down. A lot of girls do that because the seates in porta poties are so gross. I do it alot

I'm a sophomore in college and i witnessed a girl in my spanish class have a really embarrassing accident today during class. she sits in the row next to me and one seat ahead of me. her jeans are always lowcut and i can always see a good amount of her underwear and sometimes the top of her butt crack if she doesn't have a coat on. today she was wearing a pair of cotton victorias secret panties that were sky blue with little purple flowers on them. i don't look for her underwear, it's just hard not to notice her panties showing when she's right in front of me. anyway. she didn't look well during class. about 20 minutes in she was kind of wiggling around a lot. all of the sudden, i heard this weird noise. it was like a rumbling kind of sound at first but then this sound that i cant really figure out a different way to describe than gooey crap filling a girl's panties. i shot my eyes up and she had a pained expression on her red face and her butt was off the seat and there was this HUGE bulge growing in her jeans. i could see the edge of her underwear start to slide down a little bit too. i was really shocked for a second. she rushed out of the room with her legs all rigid and holding her stomach and she was groaning. everyone felt really bad for her. that has to be so embarrassing to do in college. it's one thing to poop your pants in like 1st grade or pee your pants in high school (which i unfortunately have done both of), but she full on pooped her pants really bad in a college classroom. she must have had a bad stomach ache because by the sound it was making filling her pants it sounded like it was really wet and mushy. when i left class and i was walking to my car i couldn't help but remember those panties she had on. they were a light color so i can only imagine those panties are gonna have a really bad poop stain. since i can see her underwear everyday i'm gonna be checking to see if she wears those panties ever again, just out of curiosity because i know a lot of girls throw their panties away when they have accidents (i know i do anyway...when iwas 17 i had an accident in my underwear when i was watching tv in my basement and my brother wouldn't get out of the bathroom. my panties were pale yellow so they got a HORRIBLE poop stain. i didn't throw them out right away, i washed them but when they were clean i looked at them and you could totally still tell i had pooped in them so i just threw them out.)

are there any girls here who poop their panties but don't throw them away afterward?

oh while i'm here i know someone will ask to tell my other stories that i referenced about pooping my pants in 1st grade and wetting my pants in high school so i'll just write them real quick but not much detail. in first grade i once had an accident during recess. for some reason i was too scared to ask to go inside to go to the bathroom but i really had to poop, and i was trying to wait until we went inside but i coudlnt' make it and pooped in my pants. i stood by this one seasaw that no one ever uses and just tried not to talk to anyone and keep it a secret, but when we were going in my teacher knew i had pooped my pants and walked me to the nurse. my mom had to bring me clean underwear.

when i was in 11th grade we were at an assembly about safe driving, and me and my friend carol were just goofing around the whole time sitting near the back. we kept giggling and laughing about things. i really had to pee and i was getting ready to get up and run out to the bathroom, when suddenly carol snorted really loud and it echoed through the auditorium and i started to laugh really hard...well we all know what laughter and full bladders lead to..i completely wet my jeans in the seat and i was mortified. carol started to laugh even more at me and had to sneak out of the auditorium with this huge wet stain on my butt and down the back of my legs. i wento my gym locker and changed into my gym shorts and went home. i thought i got away with it but a couple of kids noticed that i had peed my pants so it wasn't long before a lot of people knew, but no one ever gave me too hard of a time about it. i was just self conscious the rest of high school.

clean up guy
Circe: Here's my advice before you go to bed. Just go and sit on the toilet and try to have a b.m. even if you don't have the urge. Second just to buy some diapers (you can buy them online). Or talk to your Doctor. I hope this will help you out.

Keith D
Hey again Nony. Don't people realise that when they are really cryptic about something that it just makes others all the more interested? Some people are naturally very shy but I think that sometimes people are more secretive if they think they have unusual or noisy pooping habits.

Hmmmm... So "S" is one of those people who sneaks in a quick "comfort poop" whenever she gets the opportunity to sit on a toilet. Personally, my bowels don't work that way - my poop always comes out as one big compacted log that takes a fair bit of effort to force out. I wish I could poop on command at every opportunity - it would be a great way to relieve stress! lol

I wonder how many people pee and poop both at the same time? I can't really, never have been great at multitasking... Not to mention it is hard for guys to do both at once. It can be difficult to keep the spout down and concentrate on pooping at the same time without peeing all over the front of the seat and floor. Usually I keep trips for numbers 1 and 2 separate. But sometimes I find that when the urge to poop strikes and I sit on the toilet my bladder is uncomfortably full. I generally struggle to poop so need to "strike while the iron is hot" so I need to start pushing straight away and try to avoid peeing everywhere.

A few people have described girls "wave peeing". Where they pee and poop at the same time but the pee stream tapers off when the poop is coming out because the pressure is on. I find that the opposite happens to me. The poop moving through puts pressure on my bladder and can make pee spurt out when I'm not peeing. A few times I've even had to pinch the end of the thing shut to keep it from spurting out. Pooping is a number 1 priority because I don't often get to do it and its more enjoyable.

Nony do you mind other people hearing you go? I don't like close family and friends to hear, but with strangers its fine. I don't really know why. But I'm always curious about other people's habits.

Response to Lisa: I think that some mens restrooms, possibly on newer restrooms do have stall doors for privacy, maybe in office buildings. The reason we have stall doors and men don't is because he have our periods, and need privacy. Men are not bashful about pooping in front of each other, as you see from so many posts.

To Circe,

This may be a long shot but I get the impression you are ready to try anything. My bathroom habits can be influenced by my eating habits. If I can delay pooping for a few hours, my pooping schedule shifts. Maybe if you skip supper one night, you will not fill up poop shoot and in turn not trigger a movement. If you make it through the night, try to trigger a daytime movement by having a big breakfast and lunch.

If this doesn't work and if the hubby is willing to help, another alternative would be to set the alarm to wake up during the night at say 2:00. It is possible that you will sleep deeply and not hear the alarm. If that is the case, ask your hubby to check you. If at that time you're panties are still empty and you do not feel any discomfort, reset the alarm for 3:00 or 4:00. If you can determine at what time during the night (or early morning) the event takes place, the goal is to wake up just before and hold (suffer) until daylight. Good luck and let us know how things go...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Keith D: Hey I've just spent another few days with my friend S at her place. Once again she was a shy pooper but I made a few more observations.
I think you may be right--she may be one who poops a bit each time she pees. The first night there it was late she came out of her room and went into the bathroom. I heard her let a small fart and then began peeing. As she peed I'm sure I heard a couple of plops and she rolled off extra tp as she always does when she's pooped. Peeing=1 roll off pooping=3-4
Another time while shopping i took the stall next to hers during a bathroom break. She let a quick fart as she sat on the toilet but all i heard was peeing. I think she was holding it so I wouldn't hear her pooping. Less than an hour later we were back at her place and she went to the bathroom. As soon as she shut the door I heard a loud fart then she started peeing the same wave type pee...and I heard plops when the pee stopped...then more peeing and a couple plops...etc.
That night from her room I heard several loud BRAAAAP type farts. Then she creeped into the bathroom and I heard a short pee and a loud,loose bm.

She wasn't the only one having toilet issues this time. After having a chinese lunch we walked a stip mall and by the time we got back to the car I was feeling a need to shit. Since we were going back to her place I held it. Unfortunatly she decided ti hit the car wash on the way. It was slooooow and I now had to go rather badly. We left there and I was hoping the drive to her place would be quick as I knew I was about to have diarrhea. Luckily it took less then 10 minutes and when she opened her apartment door I quickly excused myself and hit the bathroom. I know she heard me pissing out my ass but at that moment I didn't care.
So any thoughts on this whole thing?

hi, iam female and i have a problem, i don't have to poop during the day but every night i end up pooping my panies. I just don't wake up when I need 2 go. But ironically, i wake up when i need 2 pee. I don't feel it come out either. So useually i wake up to find out when my alarm rings. My hubby is very nice about it and it's been happeneing for three weeks now, and i don't know how to stop it. My hubby says that i should look into pampering, I just con't know what 2 do. what i have been doing though is wearing a mai pad 2 bed and it's sort of protecting my panies. please from the bottom of my soul help me by giving me advice.

Here's my latest saga: Haven't been eating as healthy as we should this week due to time issues and always on weekends I eat more than I'm normally accustomed to. Needless to say, my stomach hasn't been feeling all that great this week, but the worst was today. A bit after breakfast I had pooped a medium amount that was sort of firm and figured that would be all for the rest of the day, even though I knew there was more in there (I always have trouble going all the way).

After lunch, however, I found out how wrong I was about being finished. I started to experience really bad stomach cramps and knew I needed to poop as soon as possible and in a big way, but as I've posted before, I can't poop when someone is in the house with me, within earshot of the bathroom. I knew my mother would be leaving soon to run errands and I prayed that it would be soon. I laid down on my bed because I was in a lot of pain and I was afraid it was going to end up in my panties. I farted a little to relieve some of the pressure, which helped a little. By this point, my mother was in the bathroom across the hall, pooping herself I could tell, and I knew she'd be leaving soon.

Finally she left, but when I rushed into the bathroom, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to push it out because I had been squeezing and trying to hold it back. Luckily, when I started pushing it came out fairly easily and was soft, but when I was done and looked in the toilet, it was so big, and especially long, that I was afraid it wouldn't flush. For that reason, I didn't wipe, and just flushed the toilet, knowing almost for sure, that it would clog. Amazingly, it went right down, so I wiped and flushed again.

My stomach is still hurting pretty badly, so I probably have another big bowel movement in my near future. I'll let everyone know if anything interesting happens.

does any one get small tiny balls of poop in the morning. these balls are hard and dark in color (smaller in size than marbles; similar to poop of goat). I get only two or three in the morning and then in late morning go again but this time normal logs of stool come out. I wonder what could be the reason causing it? Does anyone know?

I'm a sophomore at a moderate-size midwestern college. My roommate this year and I are both language arts majors so we have several but not all of our classes together. Just this past week I've reached an important conclusion about her: since we moved in the second week of August, I've never see Sue use a bathroom other than the one we share in our suite. For example, a couple of days ago we were getting towards the start of our 9 a.m. Brit Lit class and Sue was in the bathroom and yelled for me to go ahead that she would catch up to me. She didn't. She came in at the beginning of class, sat down in the lecture hall seat I saved for her, and about 10 minutes into class, she said she had to pee and asked for my swipe card to get back in the room because she had forgotten hers. She went some six blocks across campus to pee whereas she could have peed in one of the dozen-some toilets on all four levels of Founders Hall. By the time she got back, only 15 minutes of class remainded. As I think back, there have been several times when we are studying in the library or student union and she will make up an excuse about going back to the room to grab something--a work book, her zip drive, a sweater--but I don't often see her coming back with what she went out to get. I'm wondering if she's making up these excuses because she's afraid or incapable of using a public bathroom. Also, we've gone together to a few alt-rock concerts at our local auditorium, and when I go to pee and invite her to come, she always says she doesn't have to. Then, there's usually a reason why she doesn't want to stop and get something to eat on the way back to campus. Sue's a 4.0 honor student but I wonder why she avoids using bathrooms away from our dorm's.

I've read an awful lot of posts about doorless toilet stalls, but I've noticed that they are only from men about mens restrooms. I have never seen a doorless toilet stall, but I have never been in a mens restroom either. Why do they build mens restrooms without doors? Men do the same thing we do on the toilets. Somebody explain? Thanks

Track Official
I am a Track and Field official for many different levels of competition. This past weekend I work at a women's college meet. The facility that was hosting the meet was a older one that only has 1 restroom for each sex. Since this was the Conference Indoor Championship, and many teams would be there, they had to get lots of Port-A-Potties to handle the amount of people that would were at the meet. Well, there is a section of the Fieldhouse that was only for team members, medical staff, and officials. In this area, they put 8 portables to accomodate all of the athletes to use when they need to go. Well, it is also the place where the officials can use them too. I went into one of them, and started to take my leak into the Urinal. The urinals for this one were on the side, and at the top of all the walls, there are vents to get fresh air into them. Well, the one that I used has the vents pushed out on the side with the urinal. Not only was these vents pushed out, but so were the ones next to mine. Anyways, as I was taking my leak, a athlete walked into the one that was next to me. I didn't think any thing by it when she walked into it. Well, what shocked me was that she didn't sit down to use the toliet, she pulled the side of her shorts to the side and just pissed into the urinal like a guy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I've been into bathroom stuff for the past couple of years, and I really love to see a female pee, but that was just the most exciting thing I have ever seen. I'm just woundering if any females that read around here do the same thing.

Hi,it's me again.My posts are becoming more regular.A few things to tell you about.I had an interesting night last night.Went into town and had only been there a few minutes or so when i came upon two females,one of whom was peeing in a quiet car park while her friend looked on.Unfortunately when they saw me,the peeing girl quickly pulled up her knickers and jeans so i only had the briefest of a view and they quickly left,giggling as they went.Much later on i had the good fortune to see another female squating down on some steps.She peed for about 20 seconds or so with quite a loud hissing sound before pulling her knickers up and adjusting her skirt.I had a good view of her bum.
On tuesday,i was just about to start making my evening meal after work when i felt the urge to shit.OH BOY!My stomach was playing up again and as soon as my bum hit the seat,phloooooop!!!a pile of mushy stuff erupted into the toilet bowl.I stayed seated to make sure there was no more ,then cautiously got up and started wiping.Then,without warning a second wave literally exploded from my rear end.It sprayed all down my legs,into my underwear and jeans and halfway up the toilet bowl.Well that was it and i felt empty.After cleaning up as best i could,including disinfecting the toilet, i took a long hot shower until i was all clean and fresh again.I had to change completely as i was going out that evening.Thankfully there has been no repeat of this.I also peed in the sink yesterday,outside at work on friday and in a portaloo last night with the door open.Oh yeah,almost forgot.Peed out in the open while out walking last weekend several times and once on the way home from work.Wow,i think this is my longest post yet but it's been an eventful week.Hope you enjoyed reading it.Let me know and keep peeing and pooing!CHEERS,BYE FOR NOW,

I had the weirdest dream last night. It started out with me looking at a really nice house, but it got strange. I ventured out into the garden and there was a toilet in the open. As if that weren't enough, it was actually fully functional. At one point in the dream, I even ended up using this toilet.

I wonder if reading this forum has influenced my subconscious mind. I don't remember dreaming about toilet stuff before. In any case, there's nothing new to report in the real world. I've been dating a nice guy for a while now. I'm thinking about having him over to my place. Maybe I can find out where he stands with toilet openness.

I used to be shy about my bodily functions, but not nearly as much now. I find myself wanting the kind of relationship some people on this forum have, where they're so comfortable with each other, even a "gross" act such as crapping is okay, maybe even enticing.

Just for fun today, I decided to weigh myself before and after my daily crap. My daily time came as usual, and I was off today, so I proceeded to my bathroom and weighed myself with no pants or panties on. Then I sat on the toilet and grabbed a magazine.

I let out a long loud fart and then like a machine gun fire of smaller farts. Finally, I felt a big turd moving, but it was taking it's time. It inched out and started to smell a little. I heard a little 'flup' as it settled in the bowl. I had another long fart, but quieter this time. Then another turd squeezed out, faster than the first one.

This was a quick crap for me, only 6 minutes. I usually take 10 minutes or so. I had to wipe 5 times to get clean and then I looked in the bowl. Two logs, nearly the same size, each dark brown and curved. I weighed myself again. My scale rounds to half pounds, so I guess I built up about half a pound of crap yesterday.

Jillygwentgirl: I guess I shouldn't say I knew she was crapping, but I had a good idea, just based on the fact that she was on tip-toes, like she was leaning forward.

1.Do you enjoy farting? I guess, not really though

2.Would you ever fart in a guys face? ...

3.Would you let a guy watch you poop? If he wanted to, yes

4.When was your last accident? It's been years, I don't even remember

5.Do you ALWAYS poop in a toilet? Yes, but if I absolutely had to, I'd find a secluded area and poop outdoors

6.If not where else do you like to go? n/a

7.What foods give you gas? Beans, nachos

8.What foods make you shit? Fried chicken sometimes gives me the runs, and for some reason if I drink orange juice I have to pee really bad in an hour. I don't understand it fully.

9.Do you enjoy pooping/farting? Yes. I love the feeling of squeezing out a large turd.


Just a concerned warning - make sure that you have your kid checked for Giardia or other unicellular parasite. My experience of this was acute watery diarrhoea accompanied by lots of gas. The gas persists after the other symptoms abate. A clue is that it smells pretty 'eggy'. The reason I mention this is that mine went untreated for a few years whilst the medicios told me that I was a hypochondriac and, then, that I has I.B.S. Eventually I collapsed with a ruptured gut and acute peritonitis. Wouldn't wish this on anyone!

Multi-drop Pete
When I was a little boy, about 9 or 10, my mother and the mother of a little girl (M.) living nearby, same age as me, regularly played tennis at the same club. The quickest way to the club was a short walk, less than half a mile, along residential streets, but the most pleasant route was about a mile through a wild park. Our mums would walk the short way while M. and I went the pretty way. The first time we took that route, mid-morning, we were walking on a path densely bordered with trees and bushes when M. said she wanted a number one. I was surprised at the expression, as this was the first time I had heard somebody numbering their natural functions; I was used to words like wee, pee, poo and plop; but her meaning was obvious. I didn't know what to say; I thought of suggesting she used the bushes, but was afraid she would be offended; I thought of mentioning that there are toilets at the tennis club, but I didn't know if she wanted to wait that long; so I said nothing. We soon got to a junction with a little-used path, and M. told me to stand at the junction; she went a short way down the side path and squatted down, then in a shocked voice said "don't look at me!" "Sorry" said I, and turned my back; she clarified "look out in case anybody comes along", so I stood facing away from her, turning from side to side keeping a look-out. I turned my head just far enough to catch a blurred glimpse of her in the corner of my eye; I could make out her posture but not any anatomical detail.
During the school summer break M. and I used the same route many times, always mid-morning, and she almost always did a #1 or a #2 in the bushes; she particularly enjoyed an outdoor #2; once on the street before we got to the park she complained that she needed a #2 and was afraid that the feeling would go away before we got to the trees. It didn't; she was able to use the bushes. I don't know if she did a #1 at the same time as a #2. (Would that make #3?) She didn't worry about toilet paper; I presume her #2s were not particularly messy.
After a few days M. asked me why I didn't ever need a #1 on the walk; I was stuck for an answer, as I wondered why she always needed one, but didn't dare ask. I always used the toilet as soon as I got out of bed; I needed it, and it seemed sensible to go before getting dressed, so I assumed everybody did the same. Just so as not to disappoint her I once peed in the bushes, although I didn't really need it. Years later, having seen how other children behave, I presume M.'s outdoor #1 was her first of the day (the day's #1 #1 so to speak).
Once she lost bladder control while still on the open field before we reached the trees; grabbed her crotch, said she needed a #1 (as if I couldn't guess!) and I stood guard while she did it in the open. Luckily nobody else was in sight. She rarely wore trousers, preferring a skirt, but she had trousers that day. If a boy is holding himself he can reach inside his pants with his other hand to squeeze the base of his penis, so I was interested to see how a girl could keep from leaking while dropping her trousers; my sneaky use of peripheral vision showed her squatting, hand on crotch, for a second, before suddenly letting go and pulling down her pants with both hands, so presumably she just made a great effort to stop or slow the flow for a moment using those "pelvic floor muscles" that women talk about.

From Germany
I like to shit in the forest. I do sometimes but not very often really. But some years back my family was doing vacation in Scandinavia. Driving by car and camping. Many times we camped in the forests and mountains and had to go to toilet outside. We did not really talk about this. But we always had toilet paper roll in the car and could go to toilet when needed. I certainly noted when the others went to toilet but I never saw some of them doing it. But I sometimes saw wat they did. But I some times saw other persons from other families camping the same places doing it too. Funny to see adult persons squat to toilet. I think nobody saw me. I had been very shy.

Hey everyone. I just had to welcome Jacob G in Florida back. Jacob was one of my early heroes on this site for about 5 years while lurking before I started posting stories of my own. Now that he
s back for a visit, I hope to get in a few more stories about my buddies Mike and Josh, two of the greatest crappers I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friends!!

By the way, I'm seeing a lot of stories from the guys about their girlfriends doing their necessary business and I was hoping the members of the fairer sex would be so kind as to return the favor and post some stories of their boyfriends doing the same! Thanks in advance!

Texas Hillbilly.... Since you are telling us about the substantial SIZE of your bm's, has any of these resulted in a major emergency where you really had to make a run for it?? Or, have any of these situations resulted in an episode where just you had no choice other than to let loose in front of someone including a member of the opposite sex?? Do you drop your pants all the way to the floor and let them hang around your ankles or just enough to uncover your butt??? Or does it just depend on the situation? What sensation do you feel as you are bumming the turds out of your body? Do you feel euphoric, overwhelmed, or just relieved? Do you have to struggle to get your shit out or is it more a matter of struggling to keep your shit *IN* before you can lay down your offering at the porcelain altar? Do you vocalize audible expressions of relief when the load goes through you or do you just sit there quietly? Does your crap crackle out noisily so anyone in the room will know you're bumming out a major load or does it just slide through without much sound? Do you feel weak and tired after delivering your bundle of joy, or do you feel refreshed?? Letting us know those things will make your stories so much more interesting than just dry statistics like color, texture, and length. It will put a more human face on it!

Be Safe,


Lazy Lizzie
To SUSIE...... the gal who doesn't wipe.......... looks like u have a new found friend LOL.

Alittle about me I'm 33 yo, 5'6", light brown hair, average body and very open re my toilet habits and have always been.I run a small nursery that supplies plants to some of the local retail nurseries. Therefore I am not bothered by customers continually interrupting me. My hot house is hidden behind a large fence, the gate has security device where ppl have to push a button and I can speak to them,prior to them gaining entry to my property/house.

This setup is gr8 for me,cos during summer and spring working in the hothouse is just that "hot". And some days I may be out there from 7 am till 12 pm. I have a little fridge, power so I can take cold/hot drinks and a little lunch if I want. But I do not have a toilet. I mostly wear cutoff bib overalls,which r very baggy and loose fitting. If it is really warm I just wear them, no shirt,bra or panties.

This dressing arrangement is very comfy for working. When I feel the need to take a piss I just pull the left leg of my cutoffs to one side thrust my hips slightly forward and let it go on the ground whatever dribbles down my legs soon dries.The ground is covered by fine gravel and there is often water on the ground from me hosing anyway.

If I need to take a shit and that has happened many times I hold it for awhile and try to finish what I'm doing. By the way my turds are usually fairly solid anyway. I go over to where I have a pile of flower pots, grabbing a 6" pot. I stand and take a piss first, making sure to hold my shit in, then I take down my overalls and bend slightly. Then I open my arse cheeks with my left hand,holding the flower pot under my arse I release my shit into the pot. I then just redress myself and put the pot into a plastic bag and put into the dumpster at the front of the place. Inever bother to wipe my arse until I go back in the house or wait until I have a shower that night Although one time I misjudged the urgency of my need to shit, I did what I usually do,finished what I was doing then went to the flower pot pile. I grabbed a 6" pot, stood there and proceeded to take a piss,then tried to push a very ;oud fart which was immediately followed by a 5" solid turd that pushed its way out of my ring and landed on the ground. I was still pissing , but I knew I had more inside me so I just stood there enjoying this gusher of a piss and shit myself as well. All my turds fell out of my cutoffs onto the ground. I got some paper picked my creation put it into the pot and wiped the inside of my leg where they had slid down. I left my arse and till I had a shower later on.

By the way this subjest could spark a survey or non wiping habits of ppl out there.

Incidentally this is my first post.

The next will be the survey................

Love Lizzie xxxx

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I had the opposite experience of what you are talking about. A few months ago the family took a trip to Aruba. My kids remembered not to drink the water, but my youngest, my five year old daughter forgot to only wet her toothbrush with bottled water. At least she didnt get "REALLY" sick. We were in the city when she said she had to go to the bathroom. i took her and we went into the larger stall so i could be with her. She sat down and just started going nonstop. I heard a really loud barrage of farting, lots of noisy plops and squirts, but she felt fine. That night, she was really gassy. She was holding her ???? saying it really hurt and just filling the whole room with flatulent noises. Ever since that trip she has been eally gassy and loud on the toilet. Anyone know if the water may have given her IBS?

Punk Rock Girl
Hey yooo guuyyysss!

Just a quick story here. On Monday I was suffering from constipation and was only able to squeeze out a couple of rock hard pellets all day. Tuesday morning was the same, but by the afternoon I started to feel some shifting down there. Not sure why, as I didn't take anything, though I did drink extra water.

Anyway, I was at my desk when I felt everything that had been compacted in my guts make it's way down to my ass and I hightailed it to the unisex restroom. I entered my usual stall, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat. A couple of semi-soft squirts came out. At first I thought I had been duped and that was going to be it. Then there was this tremendous ruch of pressure and this monster huge chunk of compacted shit blew out of my ass, followed by a nice stream of diarrhea.

It was so sudden and so powerful, I actually yelled. A male voice I did not recognize asked if I was okay, and I responded yes. My asshole was very sore, but it felt good to be empty. I carefully wiped my ass and pulled up my pants. It was a little uncomfortable sitting for an hour or so afterwards, but even that wore off.

My poor bottom. My IBS gives my anus a workout almost every day and my butt cheeks have both seen their fair share of punishment as well. Oh, well.



Anxiety Andi
I don't know exactly what it is but my mom thinks it might be a type of "anxiety attack" but every time I'm confronted with something like a test or giving a speech or presentation, I either have to pee, shit or both. It's so strange. It just started this past fall when I started high school. I'm 13, almost 14. Today, I had not done my geometry homework, but instead of turning it in, our teacher surprised us by giving us 10 minutes to study it and then we were going to have a quiz. It was a pop quiz, which is why I hadn't studied that hard. Within about two minutes, I could feel my shit coming, even though I had crapped almost a full bowl full at home just about 10 hours before. I gave it a couple of minutes and felt that I wouldn't make it to the next class break so I raised my hand, asked to use the bathroom, signed out on the attendance log, and went down the hall to the bathroom. I went into the first stall, pulled up my dress, dropped my panties and just sat there on the cold seat (I think I was the first to sit on it this morning) but I no longer felt the urge to go. As I sat, I figured I was about 5 minutes away from test time and I was worried. I got up, flushed (I never want to admit to sitting down and not being able to go!)and was at the sink, when that feeling came over me. I worried about being late to the test, but due to the feeling, I went back into the stall, sat down and laid out about a seven inch log. I wiped, made myself presentable and just as I was about to enter the classroom, the urge to pee came over me. I went back in, sat down, and took about a 60-second pee. I felt even more refreshed when I got done and started down the hall and back to my geometry class. As I walked through the door I saw the first problem projected on the overhead and again I felt a rumbling in my intestines. I worked the problem and was ready to start on problem two when I again had to raise my hand and asked to be excused. Again I went in, took a different stall this time, and laid out about a six-inch log. It was large and it hurt, but I came out with pretty good ease. I don't think I was seated for more than a minute and a half. Then I went back to class to finish the problems. As I was working on number five, my teacher came by and asked if I was okey, because I had left the room several times. I said I was. I worked the rest of the 10 problems and as I checked my work and noticed some problems with the way I had set them up, I started to get the urge to pee again. It had only been about a half hour since I had last left the restroom, so I didn't want to ask again. At the end of class, I made sure I was one of the first students in. All the stalls were taken and I had to wait. I remember being amused with the tought that it was kind of ironic that I would be sitting on a warm seat this time, but I wasn't sure how much I would be able to go, but I was starting to hurt. Once the stall opened, and I pulled down my panties and pulled up my dress, I sat on a decidely warmer seat and probably contributed about 45 seconds worth of pee. While I was seated, I remembered the history test that I had also not studied for that was coming. I went into the classroom, was seated for about 15 minutes and after starting my test, again felt the need to shit. I went into the nearest bathroom, sat down and dropped about a 4-inch piece of shit, wiped and after making myself presentable, returned to history class. Trying to remember what I needed to remember about ancient Greece started to give me a headache. I wrote my essay and as I completed it, I started to get gas that I knew would pass too loud if I stayed in my seat. Again, I got permission (and some sarcasm too from my speech teacher)because I was late to class and had been scheduled to make a presentation as part of a group. Wouldn't you know it, but as soon as I stood up their with my two friends and I started to talk, I could feel a large amount of pee building up. As soon as our 20-minute presentation was over, I got permiission to go back to the bathroom, where I sat down and had the opportunity to present a generous amount of pee into a full bowl that just wouldn't flush! The immediate ride home on the bus was very uneventful. As I retraced in my mind the number of times I had been to the bathroom, I started to get the feeling that I would soon be needing to pee. I was just a few steps from entering my house the need-to-pee light went on in my head. I quickly opened the front door and raced to our hallway bathroom where I sat down and reflected on all my toilet experiences earler in the day. How do I get rid of my anxieties? Using a bathroom--especially a public bathroom--that much in a given day had turned into something boring for me.

To Chelsea: Often times cats only really show love and attention to the person they are the most familiar with or the person who feeds them, which may be why she didn't give you a whole lot of attention before. but, since it was the middle of the night, the cat may have decided to butter you up because she was hungry or something. my cat does the same thing, he only really ever asks me for food or wants to be pet by me, but when i go out my roommate tells me thats the only time he gives her attention.

just a thought. let us know if the cat continues to do this when you're on the toilet, and maybe it turns out the cat is just into that.

humiliated haley
i'm haley and something terrible happened to me this weekend. i'm a college freshman and i went to this party on saturday night. i got pretty drunk. i remember walk back to my dorm really trashed and it took forever to get there, and i remember i really had to shit. i got into my room and burst into the bathroom, plopped down on the toilet and took a huge crap. that's the last thing i remember before i woke up at about 7 in the morning. to my surprise i woke up and my neck was in a lot of pain, something smelled awful and i was sitting on the toilet, and my pants were damp. my roommate came to the door which was open, had a goofy grin but kind of a "you're a lunatic" look on her face and said "have a good night's sleep, poopy?" and i just mumbled. i felt like crap. i stood up from the toilet and i felt this squishy warm feeling on my butt. i could see in the mirror that my jeans had a huge bulge and brown stain on the back. i looked in the toilet and there was nothing in it. it was quit evident that i got to the bathroom and sat on the toilet alright. i just forgot the whole part about taking my jeans and panties off, which is the most important part, and i pooped and peed my pants all night until i apparently passed out. i was so humiliated and my roommate just rolled her eyes at me and said "was the party worth it atleast?" and walked away. i felt so embarassed and ashamed. i'm the only person i know who peed and pooped her pants while ON THE TOILET. that's a real knee slapper. anyway, i cleaned up and my jeans and panties were totally trashed.

Older Gentlemen
Tuesday of this past week at work one of the 2 women (early 40's)
who works in the same office as me walked or I should say walked fast towards the womens bathroom,I followed closely behind. Prior to pulling the door open to enter the toilet she bent forward a little and farted not loud but you could certainly hear it and another later as she finally got the door open to the toilet.

I waited at my desk and 10 minutes later she came out of the bathroom and she had a DARK stain quite evident all over of the rear of her light brown slacks. She quickly exited the office for the day.

Texas Hillbilly
To curious: i am a 22 yr old male, being 6ft 1 and 245 i take huge dumps. I had a big 1 at work 2day. I eat a lot and am very active so i take huge but enjoyable bms lol. On the subject of classic posters on this site, does anyone remember Jane and Gary?

Last night I had the most interesting experience. I dreamed I was sitting on the toilet, my mom to my right and other people around the room. It was very casual like a social gathering in the living room. I began to was a strong stream hissing loud enough for all to time passed, everyone began to stare at me. I kept peeing and was like a water tap that just would not turn off. It seemed to "blast" for two or three minutes. Part of me knew it was only a dream, part of me felt self conscious that "a crowd" of people were watching me pee, and part of me expected to wake up swimming in my bed. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually woke in dry panties. I don't normally wet my bed but the two or three times I actually did, it was during a "peeing in public" dream.

Multi-drop Pete
Something interesting happened today.
In my job (multi-drop delivery) I jump queues in shops - it's a necessary part of the job; if I had to wait just 5 minutes for each of 90 drops I would spend 7 and a half hours queuing! Today I went to the front of a short queue, but had to wait a minute as the shopkeeper was doing something complicated with a customer. The next customer in line was a woman with a small girl, aged about 4 I think. The girl seemed a bit fidgety and was walking in circles around her mother; I wondered if she needed a wee. Then the girl said "Stop, stopů", looked at her mum and said "you say it" and her mum chanted, softly, "Stop, stop, pee-pee pot."
The shopkeeper then had time to sign for the parcel and I left. Maybe I misunderstood what was happening, but it seemed that the girl and her mum used a silly chant to suppress the need for a wee. Does this actually work? I haven't come across this technique before.

Z-dude - close call, ever pooped yourself before?

Sentinel Chicken

I really have enjoyed hearing the stories about your girlfriend Brittany pooping her pants. (I dated a girl named Brittany once.) I would love to hear more details and any other stories she has. Maybe you could ask her how she got into pooping herself - if she had an accident when she was younger, etc. How often she does it, places she has done it, things like that.

And if you can't get into a lot of detail on this site there are other places you can find that don't mind more details, if you know what I mean... you can search for things like panty poopers message board and find some of them easily.


Thursday, February 28, 2008


Kari: I am so curious you say in your latest letter that you could tell it was a woman shitting bu the position of her shoes, thats so interesting, please tell emexactly what you mean.

I had an interesting moment in a public toilet recently. A woman came into the cubicle next to me ushering a kid, I took to be her daughter, bolting the door she hurriedly got her panties down and she shit almost instantly, then the kid kept trying to ask if she was alright, the woman getting more and more distraught as she shit and tried to quieten her kid. I was wondering if anybody has hadan experience like that and how they handled it.

college guy
i live with my girlfriend in a little 1 story house near my college. today my girlfriend had an accident while using laxatives. she woke up yesterday morning complaining of stomach pains and was not well all day. it was the same thing today so she went to the health center on campus. they told her she was constipated and gave her laxatives. when we got home she took one and after several hours had no relief so she took a little more. a while later, still no luck. she wanted to go to CVS because we needed a couple of things and she was going to ask a pharmacist about anything that may work better. we went and got into the car and were on our way. unfortunately for her, the laxatives kicked in in the car. she suddenly groaned loudly and clutched her stomach and leaned forward in her seat. i asked her if she was okay and she said "ohhh god i'm gonna shit!!" i told her i would stop and to hold on just a second, but before i could she was whimpering and i could hear farting and crackling. she moaned and strained and said it felt like a big rock was coming out of her. finally she sighed of relief and siad "omg i can't believe i just pooped my pants." not too seconds later, she groaned again, and again clutched her stomach and emitted this loud, squelching fart. i could hear a loud squishing and splattering noise accompanying a lot of flatulence as she whimpered and cried. for a second she stopped and said "i'm a mess!" and i could hear more shitting. finally the storm was over and she looked at me and said "well im not constipated anymore......" and i kind of laughed. the car smelled to high heavens. she complained that it felt really weird because she had one big solid bulge of poop in her panties but they were also full of mushy wet poop. she said it felt like the back of her jeans were gonna split open because they were so full of poop. after i finally got back to the house i asked if she needed any help. i went around to help her get out of the car and when she stood up there was a brown mark on the carseat. she waddled toward the house and little globs of poo were falling out of the bottom of her jeans. there was an enormous bulge on her butt and a brown wet spot going partially down her thighs and up to the edge of her jeans. i told her she should go in through the garage because the bathroom is right across from the door the comes in from the garage, so she could go straight in and not track poop into the house. she went in that way and spent at least an hour in their cleaning up. at one point i brought clean underwear and a new shirt too her and she handed her soiled clothes to me in a plastic bag to throw in the wash. i had to peek, and the panties were white (originally) and even though she had obviously rinsed them they were COMPLETELY

Just a bit curious ..........
Texas Hillbilly: are you a female or a male?

loyal reader
To Amy: Interesting story about your evil teacher going to the bathroom in the woods and you stole her pants. that was a gutsy move and kind of evil too. I would be pissed (no pun in- okay bad pun intended) if someone did that to me. but maybe i would be inclined to agree that she had it coming if you share the story about how she apparently caused you to crap your pants. please tell.

i had a question about celebrity accidents. one time i was at a celebrity gossip site and i read a story about an anonymous celebrity having a possible issue of abusing muscle relaxers. it was said that she had an incident where she was on a lot of them at once and it caused her to accidentally poop in her pants while riding in her limo, and the limo stopped at a target so someone could pick up a clean pair of panties for her. a lot of the posters seemed to come to a consensus that it was paula abdul.

does anybody know anything about this? whether the story itself is valid and whether or not it was paula abdul? thanks.

Hi all,

I have a random animal/toilet story:
I just moved in with my friend, and she's got a cat. Her cat won't play with me, won't eat anything I feed her, nothing. But for some reason, last night at about four in the morning, I went to pee, and since my roommate was sleeping, and I didn't quite care to do so, I left the door open. As soon as I lowered my jeans and sat, the cat came into the bathroom and began purring and nuzzling me. I finished, wiped, flushed, and the cat walked out. And then, just as an experiment, I lowered my jeans again and sat back down. The cat came back in, and did it again. I closed the door, and picked up the cat and let her rest on my lap. I stayed on the toilet for half an hour petting her until my mate knocked on the door and asked me if I'd be long. I said no, let the cat go, flushed nothing, and left.
Why would the cat only like me on the toilet? This is so strange...

Favorite Student
I'm a 14 year old freshman and I guess my mom's always been right: I'm a very regular person. My best friend's mom drops us off a Starbucks every morning at 7 a.m. on her way to work, and after we get our coffee, we walk the two blocks necessary to school. I usually go in an pee before school--shortly after I finish my coffee. It's kind of strange, but very few girls are using the restroom then and I get my choice of stalls. Also, the seats are usually up and I have to drop the seat before I sit down and pee. It takes me about two minutes to empty my bladder every morning, and occasionally, but not every day, I can feel the rumblings of a shit starting to position itself. By the last 10 minutes of lst hour literature class, my shit is ready to be dropped. The bathroom is more crowded on break between lst and 2nd hour classes and Miss Lee, my science teacher, generally comes in. She's new this year, right out of college, and unlike the other teachers who use the faculty lounge bathroom, she uses ours. Some of the girls from her classes offer to let her cut in line and she seems to appreciate that. Our breaks between periods are six minutes long and she's in the stall, on the stool and done within two minutes, usually. Each day last week she took the stall next to mine. She's very pretty, but a few pounds over weight. While I'm shitting, I can hear her talk to some of the other girls, and finally she goes into the stall, you can see her slacks drop, and hear a thud as she throws herself onto the seat. After two or three grunts and a fart or two, you can see her spread her feet wider as her shit starts dropping out. You can hear several pieces rapidly hit the bowl (a plop, plop-type sound) and she sighs. Within a few seconds, you hear her tear off toilet paper, wipe and quickly she's off the stool, pulling up her slacks and opening the stall door--in in about one motion. This morning, however, I listened to her usual routine until she got done with her shit. You could hear her reach for the toilet paper dispenser, try to pull something off, and then cuss when there was nothing left. Not knowing who I was, she asked me to hand her some under the stall, which I did and she said she was very grateful. As always, there was a pretty bad smell from her crap and when I identified myself to her, she replied that I was her "favorite student." She exited the stall fast, but like on any other day, she didn't stop at the sinks to wash her hands. I've told some of my friends about this lack of handwashing on her part, but they said it's probably because she's so busy and that she has to be back in the room before we come in so that the day's experiment will be set up and ready to go. I know that some of us girls don't always wash our hands but I guess I expected that our teachers would. Am I wrong to expect that. I also find that when she's talking in class, I'm sometimes thinking about listening to her shit and then leave without washing her hands. When you regularly go to the bathroom with your teacher in the next stall, it's a little different. Well, at least it is for me.

Tulsa boy
Hi, these past months, i've found myself peeing almost exclusively in the sink (I don't do it if i'm at someone else's house though) i just do it because it's at a more convinient height.
Does anyone else do this?

Find out more after the break

Laura & Steve-

You should have told the manager. If Target has both cleaners of both sexes. The woman should have claened the ladies room and the man should have clenaed the mens room.


JacobG in Florida
Hi Thom and BrentC and Redneck and all the other old posters. I think I first posted in 1998 or 1999. I can't believe it's been about 10 years since I first discovered this site and realized I wasn't the only person in the world with such interests. I'm still around but a lurker these days, mostly because I'm so busy. Now and then, something interesting occurs and I think, "I should post about this on the toilet site" but I never seem to get around to it.

So, while I'm here, I'll post about the most interesting thing that's happened in recent memory. Last September, I talked a friend of mine into going camping with me at a gay clothing optional campground. After a day or so, he mentioned he needed to shit but didn't want to go the restroom alone. I laughed and agreed to go with him. When we arrived, the restroom was empty. As he walked into the stall, he said one more time, "Stay here - don't leave". I stood by the door and listed as he wiped the seat and pulled down his pants (he wasn't into the clothing optional part) and sat down. He's the constipated type so right away he started grunting and straining and panting. After a minute, I heard a series of small plops followed by louder splashes and sighs, and then the sound of him wiping. After he was done he went to take a shower. I continued to stand by the door. Another guy - about 25 years old and who looked like a model - came in and took the first stall closest to the door where I was standing. He hung his backpack over the stall door. I thought maybe he was going to change into his swim suit but I heard him wiping the seat and sitting down. Right away, he started grunting and sighing and plopping. He sounded a lot like my friend. Unfortunately, about that time, the campground bathroom stalker - a creepy looking old man who likes to stare - came in, stood near the sinks, and started staring at me. That was it for me. I left and waited outside at the picnic table for my friend. When he came out, he mentioned hearing the other guy in the stall grunting and plopping. He thought it was me!

Ok, I've been a lurker here for some time, and I want my first post to be kinda cool. I'm 16 and male, and I have to poo right now. I'm going to hold it, and transcribe the sounds I make and what I feel when I go. I'll try to hold it until 11 PM.

10:15 (PM): I almost lost it about 15 minutes ago, but it's better now. I can still almost feel it poking out, but it's staying in.

10:20: Mm, getting a little uncomfortable.

10:25: *Hsss* I just farted and almost lost it again, and it REALLY smells.

10:30: My hole is starting to sting a bit. I don't know that I can hold it too much longer. I'm shaking almost. *Prrt* I farted again, and I can feel it's pretty wet.

10:35: I'm just going to go...Here is the transcription:

*Zip, rustle* Ok, sitting down. ugh, this is kinda hurting...*Craackle* Mm....*Prrt*....*PRRRRT* Ahh...*Crrrckkll..plop!* Uh-oh....*CRAAKKKLLL PRRTT PLIP FALOOMP PLOP PLOP* Ugh, soft poop...I think there's more...*Grunt*...*Plip* Ok, wiping...Wait.....*Plip*. Ahh, that's much better. Ow, my hole is burning. Peeing...*Hsssssssss*

Surprisingly, it didn't clog when I flushed! Well, catch you all later!

Though not new to this site (long time lurker), this is my first time posting. For some odd reason my two previous posts have not appear. Lets try it again. I am 28 years old, black male (not sure how many other men on this site are of color), and love being watched peeing as much as I love watching women pee.

I am 6'4 and have an athletic build (I play pro sports). Oh I really think my friends (and fans) would flip out if they knew how much I enjoy this site.

I have so many stories to tell. I have erectile issues (actually the exact opposite of most...) I am hard for hours at a time which usually makes for some interesting pee situations.

Just love this site and finally got up the nerve to post. Just know u NEVER know who is on this site.


So I was with my girlfriend at her house today. While we were there, I asked her about the pants pooping. She told me that she was absolutely mortified the first time she did it when we met, but that when she was finished soiling her pants at the soda machine, she said she sort of enjoyed the feeling. So I asked her what it feels like, and she replied that she could only think of one way to describe it, but she said that I would have to shit my pants to understand. I told her that That just won't happen, but she kept insisting until I finally gave in when she suggested that she'll do it with me. She said on the count of three. One...Two...Three. I pushed Out a turd as it smushed against my briefs, it felt very wierd to just shit myself after 16 years of being trained to never do it. She pooped for another minute after I was finished. When she finished, we went into the bathroom and cleaned up. It took her a while to clean because she had a soft load. After that she told me that she feels relief to get rid of a turd that she's been holding even if it is in her pants, and she said she likes the warmth against her bottom. As much as I enjoyed doing that with Brittany, I don't think that I will be doing that again anytime soon.

Katie and Mike
I was swimming and I noticed my girlfriend katie getting out of the pool. I looked in her direction and noticed a sag in her blue swimsuit (its a one-piece by the way). She started towards the locker rooms, when she stopped. She then stopped and squatted and the sag in her bathingsuit began to grow. She stood there for about a minute and then she continued walking to the locker room with a massive sag in her swimsuit. I was shocked. My 13-year-old girlfriend was pooping herself. It may heve been an accident, but the way she did it seemed deliberate. She stood and even squatted with a calm, relaxed look on her face. She even smiled. She didn't even try to run to the bathroom. When I next saw her, she was coming out of the bathroom with alot more sag. I asked her what was wrong and she said "nothing, everythings great". I asked her if she had an accident. She then admitted to it and how nice it felt. She said that the bathrooms were so gross and she didn't want to use them. like she ever does while we were swimming. It is just different with poop. She was the first that I knew to like pooping herself. She said she just held it too long, so I let it go.
She still does it to this very day and i still let it slid.

Zip, thanks for sharing your experience. I have no problem with an open stall, but I was afraid the guys in line would yell at me for being gross in front of them. What if they complained about "having to watch me" while they were waiting for some privacy? When you're on the crapper that's a vulnerable position if people get mad at you.

I will try and be more trusting, and let you all know what happens.

To Kari: I love reading your stories. Especially the one with you using the mens room. That must have been something. Please post more stories!

ive been coming to this website since i was 15 and now 23 so thats a long time. tia i know what you mean i have seen alot of those people crapping on youtube as well.

nocturnal poop, nice story

i actually never remember my dreams. not one dream. however, there was a time when i was only half sleep(in a dreamlike state) and i sort of FELT that i was dreaming of using the bathroom, i can`t explain it. anyway, in the 'dream' i felt as if i was pooping(don`t ask how i knew, i just did) and when i woke up i had an urge to go, and so i went and had a few large logs.

i never really had an accident in bed though. i`ve come to realize that when when i`m asleep, my body sort of keeps a death grip on my bladder or spincher muscles, and i`m prevented from having an accident, though i`ve woke up many times being desperate, and even had a small accident with pee when i woke up desperate one day.

Survey(girls only please)
1.Do you enjoy farting?
2.Would you ever fart in a guys face?
3.Would you let a guy watch you poop?
4.When was your last accident?
5.Do you ALWAYS poop in a toilet?
6.If not where else do you like to go?
7.What foods give you gas?
8.What foods make you shit?
9.Do you enjoy pooping/farting?
10.Rate this survey on 1-10

1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?
One- because I always break it up with the back of my bowl cleaner

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?
A month. At the end of the month, I wound up in a public handicapped stall with my pants off, pushing and straining until I turned red. It came out, I bled, it hurt, but felt SO good.

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?
Before a week, it's not really constipation for me.

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?
Grudgingly, yes. Not if I have a choice though.

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?
My pants, garbage can... mostly toilets though.

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
Whenever I feel like it.

2. how often are you constipated?
As often as I want to be. (I enjoy the feeling of relief)

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?
I don't look.

4. if not, what color?

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?
I'm sure I would, depending on the person.

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
My pants. Tight, hopefully.

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
I try not to. If I must poo in a public toilet, I try to make sure I'm alone. If a neighbor comes, I try to be quite until they've finished.

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?
Yes. Namely the opposite sex.

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
If others are around, two minutes. If I'm alone, I take as long as I feel like sitting on the toilet for. I even continue to sit after I'm done.

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
Five minutes. But as I said before, I like to slow it down. Sitting on the toilet can be a relaxing thing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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