Last night me and my mother had dinner at some chinese place. She had a bad cold and had been coughing a lot. On our way home she had one really loud and big cough and was moaning a lot. I asked her if she wanted to go to the store and get some cough drops and totally unexpected she said back "No, I'd like to go home because I just coughed and peed a little bit". That was really strange to hear from her. Anything similar ever happen to anyone?

Texas Hillbilly
Howdy yall, being from the Lone Star State i enjoy beer very much. I really enjoy the beer shits that follow, it is so relieving! R there any girlies that got any hangover poops stories? Good to see u posting again Red Headed Michelle please keep posting

Ashley, talk to your doctor, or a nutritionist. Changes in your diet can really help. If this does not, perhaps your doctor can suggest a remedy for you that is either prescription, or over the counter.

I was in the woods the other day riding my bike around the trails and stuff. I ended up at the parking lot and was turning around to leave when I saw an SUV drive up going a little fast before stopping in front of the building where the bathrooms were. These bathrooms were always locked though and instead they usually had porta-potties. It was March though so I guess they hadn't gotten them delivered yet. Anyways, this woman gets out. My evil 7th grade teacher! She caused me to crap my pants! But that is another story for another time. She is blond, looks like in her early 40's, 150 pounds, 5'6". A fat old ????. She has a slightly stressed expression and is sweating a little. She walks quickly over to the building and tries to open the door . It is locked of course. I could hear her curse all the way from the trail. She tries again to shake it open but it is locked. Looking around a little desperately she walks quickly towards the trail area where I am watching. I hide my bike in the trees and run down the trail behind some trees and watch. The woman walks onto the trail for about 20 yards before turning into the trees. I double back and watch her climb through the dense undergrowth. I was very interested and so I take a path slightly to the north in the general direction she is going. I can see her red jacket through the trees but luckily I am wearing brown and green. I keep walking until I can see her stop. Ducking down I watch as she peers around anxiously.She seems very hesitant and she almost changes her mind. Finally however she takes hold of her jeans and slowly lowers them along with her panties. Her ass is very large and pretty attractive. I slowly and quietly walk closer until I am just 20 feet away hiding in a large hollow tree. Again she looks around nervously but I can see she is also becoming desperate. She squats down and begins to let out a gushing stream of piss. She curses as it hits her lowered pants. She stops and looking around again she slowly pulls her leg out of the pant legs until she is standing naked from the waste down she turns around and I get a full view of her very hairy crotch. She stairs at my hiding place and suddenly I think I am caught. She walks over right next to my tree!. My heart is beating so loud as I pray not to be caught. I look through a small hole in the trunk of the tree and watch petrified as she hangs her pants on the branch of my hiding spot.Relief. Walking back she bends over with her ass again facing towards me legs almost completely straight. She resumes peeing until she is completely empty. I think it is over but then she grunts and pushes and I see a thick turd coming out between her ass cheeks. This continues for a long time at least 15 minutes! I am contemplating my revenge now. Weighing the risks and rewards. I decide to do it! I slowly, ever so slowly reach around the tree and grab the pants. Unhooking them from the branch, I slowly pull them back inside the tree. I laugh silently to myself. Revenge is a dish best served cold , I thought. What the hell does that mean anyway? Finally, she seems to be done and she reaches for her pants. But where are they? I feel the wet denim in my hands as I hold hide them in the tree. Toilet paper, cell phone, car keys. Wow, I have the best revenge. As she is looking for I run. As fast as I can a I sprint through the trees. She turns but I am already gone behind the trees and she is mystified to all that is happened. I laugh openly now. I feel so evil. Yet happy. I watch some more as I see her begin to panic she searches franticly for them and want to watch more but I can see her coming my way. I run out of the woods to the trail and back out of the parking lot. Quickly I throw them up onto the roof of the building. I run down behind the building and watch and wait. As it gets dark I finally can see as she emerges from the trail cautiously. How does she get out of this one I wonder.

Dick's sister Karen
I found this web site in on the computer that I share with my twin brother Dick. As he explained on page 1643, we also share a house. Our parents named us Richard and Karen because they were fans of a popular US brother and sister singing duo of the 1970s. Our namesakes the singing duo also lived together as adults but I didn't think they shared one toilet in the bathroom like Dick and I do.

I see that since page 1611, Dick has been telling some embarrassing stories about me pooing. Now it's my turn to tell some embarrassing toilet stories about him. I think that his experiences as a child started his interest in toilet matters.

When we were 7 years old, we used to play with the neighbours' children, Anna who was 6 and Sally who was 9. Dick was outnumbered by three girls so he did what he was told but he seemed to like playing with us. Our favourite game was to put him into our toddler's pushchair and push him up and down the street, like a baby. When he got bored with this game, we used to strap him into the pushchair so that he couldn't escape. One day he asked to be let out so that he could go to the toilet but we thought he was just trying to get out of our game. "Please let me out, I need to poo", he said but we ignored him. "Please let me out, or I'll poo my pants", he said, but we didn't believe him. "I've done a poo" he announced. Then we took the pushchair into our back garden and Sally said, "Let's see if he is telling the truth". We pulled his shorts and underpants down. "Ooh yuk! He really has done a poo!", Sally exclaimed. Anna didn't have a brother and she hadn't seen a boy with his pants down before. "What's that?", she asked. "That's my willie that I pee with", Dick explained. "Can you show me?" Anna asked. Dick said that he couldn't pee right now but maybe later.

The four of us also liked to play under a large privet hedge in our garden. It was our own little private space that was too small for our parents to get in. After Dad had done some painting, he let us have an empty 5 litre plastic paint tub to play with. We used it as a potty for toilet games. Anna was rather interested in the differences between boys and girls and when we were under the hedge, she sometimes used to say to Dick, "Can you do a pee-pee for me?". If he could, Dick used to pee into the potty tub for her and that pleased her. Then she would sometimes say, "Now watch me go pee-pee" and she would pull down her panties and pee into the potty tub. One day Anna did her pee then she farted and dropped a small round turd into the tub. "I did a poo-poo" she announced. We didn't have any toilet paper so she just pulled her panties up without wiping. Then she asked Dick, "Can I see your bot-bot? Do you stand up when you poo-poo?". Dick explained that he sits down to poo just like girls do. "Can you show me?" Anna asked. Dick said that he couldn't poo right now but he could poo for her tomorrow morning. We got a garden trowel from the garden shed and buried Anna's small poo.

The next morning, Dick didn't do his morning poo in the toilet and later that morning, Dick, Anna and I were playing under the hedge when Anna asked Dick, "Can you poo-poo now?" Dick pulled his shorts and underpants down and squatted over the tub and did a poo while Anna watched him from behind and giggled. Then Anna dropped her panties, squatted over the tub and did her poo while Dick watched her. It was quite firm and she pulled her panties up without wiping. After that, Dick and Anna sometimes used to hold their poo until they had a chance to play together in our garden. They used to whisper in each other's ear when they needed to poo and then they used to go under the hedge together and do it in the potty tub. Dick would then bury it afterwards using a garden trowel. One day, Anna became constipated from holding her poo and she told us that she couldn't poo. The next day we were playing under the hedge in the garden when Anna suddenly said, "Oh no! I'm pooing!" She took her panties down and sat on the potty tub but it was too late, she had done runny poo in your panties. "Mummy gave me poo-poo medicine", Anna explained, then she went home to get cleaned up and change her panties.

I think that spending a lot of time playing with three girls made my brother 'girl friendly' at an age when most other boys preferred to do things like fighting and playing football. He learned how to be sweet to girls and they loved it, especially Anna. She was a cute girl with long golden hair and she was very fond of Dick. He fell in love with her and they said that they wanted to get married when they grew up. Anna's family were Dutch and her father was working at the London office of a multi-national Dutch company. Then one day when we were 9, Anna told Dick that her parents were moving back to The Netherlands and they would probably never see each other again. When they had gone, Dick was heartbroken about losing Anna. It was like bereavement for him, he knew he would probably never see Anna again. Mum told him that he was too young to be worrying about a girlfriend so I was the only person who knew the emotional trauma that he was going through. He was a very sensitive and affectionate boy (and he still is); he used to cry himself to sleep at night hugging his pillow and pretending it was Anna. I hoped that one day, someone would love me as much as he loved Anna. I sometimes used to comfort him and hug him and he became very fond of me. He also wanted me to replace Anna in his toilet games.

We usually did our poo each morning after breakfast and one weekend, our Aunt Sophie came to stay. Just as we finished breakfast, Aunt Sophie said, "Excuse me, I must dash, I've got the runs" and she went to the toilet and spent a long time in there. Dick and I were waiting outside the toilet and we could hear her farting and squirting runny poo into the toilet. "Can I go first, I'm bursting for a poo," I whispered to Dick. "So am I," he whispered, "Let's go and do it in the garden". We picked up a few Kleenex tissues from our bedroom and put them into our pockets. We went out into the garden and under the hedge and we both did our poo in the potty tub. We only had a few tissues so I said to Dick, "Will you wipe my bum for me please?" He said, "OK, but only if you wipe mine". Then we wiped each other and buried the tissues with the poo.

We used to have school meals and one day, the dessert was sultana sponge pudding with custard. We both ate it and that afternoon as soon as we got home from school, we both headed for the toilet but I got there first and Dick waited outside. "Hurry up, I can't wait", he said. I lifted my skirt, took my panties down and as soon as I sat on the toilet, I made a PLOOOOOOOT noise and sprayed runny diarrhea all over the side of the toilet bowl. The smell was awful and it nearly made me sick so I flushed immediately then I wiped and flushed again. As soon as I opened the door, my brother came in and held his nose. "Sorry about the smell, I've got diarrhea," I said. "Me too", he replied.

The next time we had sultana sponge pudding at school, I whispered to my friend Alison that I didn't want to eat it because it made me run to the toilet. She said that it had the same effect on her. We were sitting at the same table as Dick who ate all of his sultana sponge pudding. Then I offered him my plateful and he ate it all. Then Alison offered him her portion and he ate that too. He was a greedy boy at times. At afternoon playtime, Dick whispered to me that he needed to poo. "Well go and do it then", I said. I didn't often poo at school but I would do it in the girls' toilet if I needed to. Dick said that he didn't like pooing in the boys' toilet as he had only done it at school once before and some older boys had teased him and looked at him under the door. He said that he would wait until he got home. That afternoon in class, Dick was sitting next to Alison when she noticed a smell. She put her hand up and said to the teacher, "Richard has done a poo in his pants". The teacher asked him to come to the front of the class. Liquid poo was running out of his shorts and down his leg so the teacher told him to run to the toilet. Then she called the headmistress who phoned our mother and asked her to come and take Dick home. Alison thought this was very funny and afterwards, she used to call him "Richard Poopants".

Nocturnal Poop

I never thought this would happen to me but I've heard similar stories so I guess I'm not the only one. About three years ago I was coming back from the west coast on a long flight with one layover. The weather was turning bad outside and I watched the monitors carefully to see if my flight was going to be delayed or not, thinking I should take a dump before we departed, then suddenly an announcement came on about my flight departing sooner than scheduled! Although it wasn't an emergency, I knew I was due to relieve my bowels sooner than later and hated public restrooms or plane toilets so I decided to hang on until I got home. Later that night when I was heading to the parking lot to pick up my car, I felt like the urge was gone and didn't think about going again. I was jet-lagged and sleep deprived so I went straight to bed. Well, that night I dreampt I'd gotten up to poop, but the strange thing is that in my dream, the toilet was right next to my bed! It felt like a massive dump, taking me what seemed like a half hour to do. In the early hours of the next morning I was awakened by a strong odor and a caked-up feeling on my backside and between my legs. Realizing what had happened, I pulled the bedcovers aside and saw poop smeared all over the sheets, my legs and stomach! I still had a considerably thick, solid lump wedged between my cheeks and amongst it all, I'd come in my sleep as well and this isn't really my 'thing' but since then I've been kind of turned on by the thought of shitting my pants...

Laura & Steve
We saw the stupidist thing today at Target Department Store. At about 3 pm, we both had to use the bathrooms, and they were being cleaned. The stupid thing was the Ladies room was being cleaned by a man, and the Mens room was being cleaned by a woman. It made BOTH bathrooms totally useless. What do you folks think?

to alice: i don't actually live alone, i live with my parents and my younger brother. i have my own room with a bathroom though so i was able to keep my accident a secret, although my mom might be suspicious because she went in my bathroom to empty the waste basket and i had my panties hanging over the side of the bath tub to dry after i cleaned them in the sink, and she took them and put them in the wash. she gave me a few looks that day but i ignored it and just played it cool.

about it not happening in years: when i was 6 i was sick and i was sleeping on the couch all day and i had a trashcan to throw up in because i was too weak to get up and go to the bathroom. well eventually i had to poop but i couldn't really get up. i remember having this mindset that because i was sick it was okay if i had an accident and i just let go and a large amount of diahrrea flowed into my panties and it got all over my pajamas and some on my shirt and on the couch. i just cried until my mom came to help me get cleaned up. also, when i was 14 i had to crap really really bad on the way home from school, and i was walking home from the bus stop and i started to crap my pants. about half the load went into my underwear but i was able to stop it and finished up the rest of my dump in the bathroom.

alice, great post.

great story as well

i have a few stories for today. a few weeks ago i had an accident, something i though would never happen. i was in the kitchen around 4:00 in the morning cooking. i was hungry!

anyway, i felt the need to poop. judging by the hot feeling in my anus, i knew this was going t be a liquidy poop, which is why my next move was so dumb. i tried to let out a fart, but instead got a little more than i bargained for. a small, smelly gush of liquid squirted out. it smelled horrible.

simce everyone in the house was sleep, i was able to get away with it. but it was really a surprise, because usally when i fart i can feel when poop is coming out, then i`m able to slowly let the fart out without any messes. but i guess that day i was just unlucky.

the day after the accident, i witnesses a lady peeing outside. i was just getting back from the store, and had noticed she was strting to stand up after squatting near a tree.

she quickly apologized but i said there was no need to. if you gotta go, you gotta go.

one more story. i was coming home from the library and had to pee like crazy so i went behind a tree.

Esteban-I've been in the same situation several times. There's a perfectly good toilet available, but since there's no door, everyone waits for the stall with the door. If I see a line, I go up to the doorless stall, look inside and see if it looks ok. That means that there should be paper and it should not be clogged. If it looks alright, I'll usually ask the guys in line if anyone is going to use the toilet. Since they are in line, of course they say no. I go ahead and wipe down the seat and place paper on it if necessary. I turn my back to the toilet, pull down my pants to my ankles and then drop my briefs. A few times the paper will slide off into the toilet and I need to put more down while I'm standing in my briefs (or butt-nekkid!).

I basically go about my business as if there is a door. I still wipe from the front, between my legs, then from the back. I even stand up for the last couple of wipes. Just like I normally do. One guy who was waiting for a doored stall said, "that's pretty brave, using the toilet without a door." I just told him, not really. Everyone craps and it's not a big deal.

A few times I've had guys who were waiting for a stall or were washing up at the sinks (if the sinks were in front of the toilets) engage in small talk.

Bottom line: if no one is using the stall, then go ahead and use it. Might as well.

I wonder why my poop floats and sometimes sinks

Thom, it is great to see your post. I am still around. My first post was in 1998 as well. I always loved your stories.

Can't Poop, seven days is a long time without pooping. Three days is no big deal, but seven is serious. You are probably impacted or well on your way to being there. Docusate is not going to do anything for you at this point, at least not any time soon. You seriously need an enema, and if that does not work, a trip to the emergency room. A fleet type disposable enema is probably not going to work that well, but you can try it. An enema of one to two liters of warm water will work much better and should take care of the problem. If you absoulutely cannot get an enema, you can try a Dulcolax suppository. That usually works for me in about 30 minutes.

Running Hard Richelle:

It seems like school has really gone down hill fast, even just in the last 5-6 years. I thought the idea of a bathroom was for people to be able to use it when they need, not to be locked and unavailable. It's lucky you find one you can use, but the point still remains the same.

5 years ago, when I was in high school, the only thing you had to worry about in the bathroom was pee on the seat, and maybe getting a pass from your teacher depending on the time of day. Now, I hear from posters about the men's rooms having no doors, and all bathrooms being locked down the second the bell rings. Are teachers and staff THAT desperate to go home that they'll resort to such measures?

On a somewhat unrelated note, I'm reminded of what is perhaps my most memorable bathroom experience of high school. School had already let out for the day, and I had been holding my pee all last hour. As if ripped straight from a classic nightmare, the woman's bathroom closest to me was out of order. The sign on the door said I could use the men's room, so that's what I did. There was no way I was going to make it to a different bathroom.

There were four stalls, but as luck would have it, they were all taken. I was third in line, a boy and a girl were in front of me. After what seemed like forever, a stall opened and the boy took the stall. Some more waiting, all the while, I was bursting to pee. Another stall opens and the girl goes in. Now I'm thinking, "Please hurry up!!". Finally, a third stall opens and I rush in.

I yank down my jeans and panties and sit on the toilet, and immediately begin peeing. I must have peed for over a minute straight. Only then did I remember I was in the men's room. I was so mortified, having just loudly peed in the men's room. But then I looked in the next stall, and it was the shoes of the girl in front of me. Based on the way the shoes were positioned, I could tell she was crapping.

I wiped, flushed, and left the stall to go wash my hands. While I was doing so, I heard another toilet flush, and the girl came out. She didn't even have the slightest hint of embarrassment on her face. I just thought it was interesting that I was about ready to die of embarrassment just from peeing, and she was doing the one thing society says women don't do - poop, with no embarrassment whatsoever.

Hey everyone it's me again, My cold is finally going away :). I've been waiting a while for it to go away so yeah now I can post more often here again (even though I haven't posted much here anyway I can post even more now that my cold is gone). Heres a little story I have from when I was about 5 or 7. I was in a small city at the time and me and my brother went to go to my school to play (we lived like not even a min from my old school). Well we were playing and having fun I started to have to use the restroom but I didn't do anything about it and shruged it off. Well by now (2 hours later) it was getting pretty seriousbut I didn't want to stop playing so I didn't tell my brother I have to go to the bsthroom, so about another hour later when we decided to go I thought I could make it back but I couldn't so since I lived in the moutian my school was on the moutian too so there were alot of trees and pathways. I told my brother that I had to go to the bathroom he told me I could wait it's only a min to the house. I said " No I can't i've really gotta go " to which he replyd " There is no where to go ". I then said to him what about in the bushes so he said yes. We walked over there and he said go so well I was about to do it I sorta didn't want to do it with him there and since the ground was dirty I didn't know what I was going to do. I finally decided that I was going to poop standing up BAD IDEA!!!. well I was pooping standing up I wasn't aware that all my poop was landing in my underwear so when I was all done there were two fair size soft mussy poo about a bowlinball size all together. My brother said o nice going look what you did which didn't help me any bit. I was so thankful that we didn't live for away cause I had to pull up my pants and walk him with it ( Though it felt good it was the only accident I've ever had) I was wearing grey sweat pants too so I guess some of my poop got on my sweats cause just before we got home my brother told me that theres even poo on my pants which I was embarassed about. When we got home he told my mom and my mom wasn't mad at me or anything she was very sympathic. She told me to go have a shower and get clean up and I do the laundry I said ok too soo I got in the shower and got clean up.

LITTLE LOU; Great to see you posting again, I don't think your so little now at the age of 17 lol but 17 wow your old now what were you before like 6-7?.

desperado; that was a great post about your girlfriend pooping in your ex's thong and shorts. I've got a question though, Does she like to poop her pants or whats the story?

surprised bf; Yes it is abnormal for people to bedwet in there 20's. I heard a sotry about a girl who is 88 years of age and she had never had a dry night in her life. your girlfriend is pretty embaressed though about too so just keep her company and try not to make a fuss about it and do not call her WEIRD!!!! that will really hurt feelings.

Well Everyone keep up the great post and I will post more later kk

~See ya later~

i once pooped my pants at a funeral in victoria. i had diahhria that filled my briefs so much! i almost made it to. now i do it on porpose
allthe time.

Today I was at a friends house, and something interesting happened. We were playing around online, when she started to move around wierdly in the seat. I took it as nothing. She kept squirming around though. Then all of a sudden, she gets up and goes Oh my God, I then see a dark patch appear on her jeans and start to grow. She peed her panties for about 2 minutes. About a minute in though, I heard a crackling noise. She was pooping her panties. She finished and turned around. There was a huge bulge in her pants. She began to cry. I tried to comfort her. She said she couldn't believe she had just pooped her panties like a baby. I explained to her that it was okay. She refused to cheer up. I didn't want her to stay sad. Because her parents are very strict, so if she caught their attention, She might get in huge trouble. After about five minutes of crying, I thought hard about how to cheer her up. I then decided that the only easy way to do it was to join her. So I turned to her and said look, Accidents can happen to all of us. I then pushed. I felt a turd rush up against my panties. It squished against the panties as it made a crackling sound. I turned around to see a huge bulge in the back of my pants. So she stopped crying and hugged and thanked me. We Were now both standing next to each other both with soiled panties. When she stopped sobbing all together we both went into her bathroom and helped each other clean up. We've been friends since we were in first grade, so this didn't seem that awkward to us. So maybe I'll have some more panty pooping experiences with my friend. By the way, while we were cleaning up, I told my friend about my little habit and she seemed okay with it.

Big boi
I loved ur story Fat Chick but i feel sorry about wat happened to you. Please keep your posts coming because i love them and i love this site. All the posts on this site are amazing. I've been a longtime lurker and i have a fair share of stories, so hopefully i will try and post them later. Happy Pooping and Peeing to everyone.

josh, can you tell us what your girl did after she pooped her pants.

Lucky Man
I just got back from a party and have a pretty cool experience to share.

I was hangin out in the living room where most people were, waiting for some more people to get there and then the guy who owns the house showed up with his gf. His gf is about 5'4", brunette, a tad on the chubby side, but in a cute way, with a pretty nice butt. They walk in, put some thing in the kitchen, she sets some food on the coffee table right where I'm standing and mutters under her breath, "Man, I've gotta poo." I was apparently the only one who heard her, and I don't even think she meant for anyone to hear her. She runs upstairs to the bathroom, I wait about 30 seconds, so as not to be too obvious, act like I didn't know she went up there, and then follow her up the stairs. As you're comin up the stairs you can actually see under the bathroom door, and there's about a 3/4 gap under the door (it's an old house so it's not very tight). I see her pants go down around her ankles and hear her sit on the toilet. I was shielded from view from the rest of the house and you can hear the floor creaking if anyone's close by so I risked sticking my head to the floor to see if I could hear anything through the crack (no pun intended). She started off with a very wet sounding fart that lasted a while, followed by a couple equally wet sounding bursts of gas. I hear a sigh and then a soft flooomp like a long turd falling in the water. Another long juicy fart, then crackle crackle floop, crackle crackle floop, crackle crackle floop, brrrrrrrrrrrr, flooop splooot all within about 10 seconds. It sounded like she dropped a huge load that she'd been holding a while. She sighed again, then i hear a TON of soft poop splatting in the bowl for half a minute, then one last long juicy fart. I heard her pulling TP off the roll so I ducked into one of the bedrooms and waited for her to leave. I came out and took a quick pee, then went back to the party. She seemed like a new person when I saw her again.

Well I have continued my tradition of listening to girls pee at musical practice. I usually get one or two good ones per practice because a crowd of girls run into the changing room on break so I just walk into the guys half and listen. I really want to hear my crush pee again but, any girl will do.
Something else unrelated to musical, this morning I went to take a leak and my sister's cat was sleeping in front of the toilet. I had to stand a little awkwardly to not step on her. Does any one else have a pet who does this?

Keith D
To Linda from Australia:

Hi Linda! Yes I know the dramas of constipation. And I've been following your accounts of your recent struggles. Yeah, for me it started as a kid. It's not like it was something that happened at times. I think that from the time I was born, until age 14, I was constipated all the time. I didn't have a normal crap. I only went once or twice a week and it was a huge strain. From 14 to 18 I pooped almost daily but it was an ordeal with much of a struggle. Only after I went to college did I finally become regular and could poop normally. It took me all that time to master a pushing technique that worked for me!

I never got butt phlegm but did mess my pants a little, almost daily til I was about 8. The dreaded skidmarks... Yeah, there would be a brick of almost rock-hard poo nearly 3 inches wide sitting in my rectum, and when my bowels got active they would push it downwards but my butt would clench to stop it coming out because it hurt so much. I would often find a quiet corner in the garden or in a room alone and bend double trying to keep it in. But little bits of wet fresh poop would squeeze out and leave telltale brown stains in the seat of my underwear. I was lucky it never smelt too bad (people didn't seem to notice) I just got in trouble when my Mom did my laundry. I was also lucky that bowels only seemed to start moving in the late afternoon, after I was home from school.

I don't think I could ever have lived it down at school if anyone had found out my secret. I felt so bad and so dirty. I remember once in high school there was this new girl, about 14 years old, who'd only been there about three weeks. One day in the change rooms before gym class, one of the other girls had spotted that she had skidmarks in her panties as she was getting changed. She snatched them and paraded them around school. For the rest of the year, all the kids teased her and called her "Skidsy". I didn't of course. I felt so bad for her. I wished that I could have had a friend that I could have talked to about my problem back then. I felt so alone and like such a freak.

I still can't poop around family or friends but can now go in public toilets. College was a big "eye-opener" as there were so many buildings and so many facilities and I was anonymous so I could just take a stall somewhere and drop. Eventually I learned to really enjoy the sensation of pooping rather than fear it and that made it much easier. And I found it interesting to be able to hear others going and to find that some other people struggle too. All sorts of noises and positions, it seems as though no two people poop alike! I feel much better now, especially knowing that others struggled at school too. Thankyou Linda.

Linda was it noisy when passed really tough poops? Did you need to grunt and sigh or was it just the telltale splashing sounds of pooping you were trying to conceal. I still find it really embarrassing around family. I hope your current "winning streak" continues.

Silent Susan
Me and my friend Meghan spent most of today, like other Saturdays at the mall. We had lunch and were going to stop in the music store when both Meghan and I realized we had better use the bathroom. Both of us had to pee when we first got our food, but we didn't want to leave it while we went down the hall to the bathroom. Also, the place was very busy because there was a sale at every store plus both a bridal show and a dog grooming competition going on. Well, when we got done with our food we had to pee worse--probably due to the 64-ounce sodas we drank. Our worse fears came true when we got to the bathroom because all six of the regular stalls were in use and there was a line waiting. The first stall however didn't have a line because it didn't have a door. Meghan got in line for the second stall and because I feared I was going to pee my pants--actually I trickled in my underwear--I decided to claim the first stall since I was was starting to hurt. As I approached the stall, I was taken by surprise by this lady--she was probably in her 40s because she had partially gray hair--who was sitting there shamelessly with her legs spread, jeans and underwear all the way down to the floor, and she started talking to me about a mile a minute about how she was trying to hurry but it was hard for her to take a shit in public. Others too were looking over at her because she was talking away and making no attempt at being a little more modest in what she was doing. It was like she enjoyed the attention. She said she haden't crapped since Wednesday and that was not really a crap because all she was able to get out were a couple of balls of shit. She talked about eating more salads and vegtables and how that should be helping her move her bowels. She said something about her daughter-in-law cooking too much constipating food like mashed potatoes and how it's always been hard for her to take a "decent dump" away from home. There was some large farting and one really big pop that Meghan later said she thought meant the lady had shit her brains out, but when the lady spread her legs some more and looked into the bowl, she just swore because there was nothing to show for her time and effort. She asked me if I had that trouble, and I lied and said "Yes, sometimes" even though that's not the case. I can usually fill much of the bowl in a minute or less, wipe and wash my hands and still have ample time to get to my next class. Well, finally Meghan got to her stall. She closed the door, quickly dropped her jeans and thong, and you could hear a sigh or relief as she started her pee. It was a steady stream that went for more than a minute, then it stopped and then there was another 10 or 15 seconds of it...only it was not as loud. When Meghan opend the door, the lady next in line gave me cuts to come in. I took them and thanked her nicely as I positioned myself on the toilet for the pee I had been holding. I was a little frustrated that it took me a good minute or so to get my pee flowing, but once it started, it was pretty deliberate. The lady on the toilet next to me was still talking away as I was finishing up. I didn't even wipe or flush, I just wanted to get out of there because she was spooking me out with her talking and questions. Both Meghan and I wonder how long she stayed in that stall. She was sure annoying and didn't mind losing her privacy.

Desperate to poop
Hi All

I'm writing this with a severe urge to poop. Unfortunately my Aunt who is staying over at the moment is in the bathroom and I can't get in! If it was my G/F I wouldn't worry as we go together all the time but my Aunt wouldn't approve and she's having a shower anyway.

Can't really go anywhere in my place the garden is too exposed and there's people outside anyway.

I can feel a really big log screaming to get out. Just hope I can last without going in my nightie.

Happy pooping all

Lately I've been fascinated with watching videos on YouTube of people crapping. I dunno why, but I like it. lol.

Anyways, I had a pretty wet poo this morning. I got up to have my shower like I usually do. Before starting the water though I had to go poo. So I sat down and let out a small fart. The poo came out pretty much after that fart. It just slid right out. A couple smaller pieces slid out after that. plop...plop. I wiped and it took 4 wipes to get somewhat clean and another 5 wipes after that to get totally clean!

Tulsa boy
Hi, the other day, i drank 2 litres of water, then started timing, soon i had to pee, really bad, problem was, i'm a bit shy and there was someone there, so i went downstairs because "i heard the dogs", opened the door to let them out, went outside, and peed on the grass, it was nightime, so no one saw

Andy, I'm a male. I love reading your stories. matt what a great story describing the feelings a male has and why it's so pleasurable taking a dump.

A male reader
Esteban: I would have just used the doorless stall, however, I was raised on doorless stalls at school, parks, and many of my workplaces, so I am comfortable shitting in front of other men.

I have been to a winter holiday in the mountains last week. Every day I have been cross country skiing for several hours. No problem to pee in the snow. But what is the right thing to do when in need of pooping? I just made a hole in the snow as deep as possible and squatted over it and let it go. My friend also did so as far as I could observe. Any other suggestions?

Hi everyone. I hope everyone had a pleasant week. Being Friday, today was one of our busiest days, which means I was working. Luckily, when the time came for my daily crap, I got to go right away rather than having to hold it.

When I first walked in shortly after 1:00, the bathroom was empty, so I took the closest stall and locked the door. I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. No sooner had I farted once and began pushing out my first turd, did the bathroom door open and someone came in. It sounded like high heels, so it was a woman. I'm not sure why we still have only a unisex bathroom, but no one's complained about it, so I guess it'll stick.

Anyway, she took the middle stall and I could hear the rustling of a skirt being pulled up and a thong being pulled down. Whoever it was had no delay being hitting the seat and peeing a gusher of a stream. Meanwhile, my first log snapped off and rested in the toilet. The other lady kept peeing for a while, but finally it stopped. She wiped once and left the stall. I had two more turds that went plop, plop and I was done as well.

It took me only three wipes to get clean and then I flushed the toilet and went out to the sink. The other woman was one of my co-workers. We're not really friends, but we know each other. We exchanged hellos as we washed our hands, and then we left to go back to work.

On an unrelated note, I went out to eat with some friends today after work. We got to talking about many different things, but one topic we discussed on the ride home was how open we are with our significant others. I didn't have much to contribute, as I'm still dating around, not locked in to one particular.

But, one of my friends mentioned that she almost always has her 'morning dump' while her boyfriend is shaving. From reading this forum, I know that's not unusual, but what struck me as strange was the details. She's fine with pooping in front of her boyfriend, but she admitted she'd die of embarrassment if he ever saw her turds.

shawn, have you ever pooed ur pants and if so can ya tell the story

Texas Hillbilly
Hey yall I hate my bowel schedule nowadays, im regular but it always hits me when im at work now and i hate pooping in public! A lil about myself im 6ft 1 and 245 lbs and i live in north Texas near Dallas. Im going 2 try and be a regular poster on here

Thanks Mei thats just what I was thinkin, course I can't remember the details of every last log and fart. There were big ones and small ones, I dunno what order they came out in do they.

I don't flush mid poop though cos I don't like to interrupt the flow. If I end up clogging a toilet well that is the toilet's fault.

Hey everyone!!

As I type this right now I really have to pee BAD!!!!! lol. Since I have a sore thoart my thoart hurts (obivously) so I drink alot of water for it not too hurt(not really water actually. More like crystal light kool - aid etc) I drank two glasses of of Crystal Light (that will do the trick lol) i've been holding it for I say maybe 8 hours. I twitch my legs like very little ( I don't know why lol ) I guess it's just so that I keep a continuess motion going so I forget about it (which I do) but as soon as I remember about myy need I all of a sudden feel like i'm going to pee my pants lol. Well I just thought the readers out there would like to hear this story soo I'll post more later!.

~See ya later~

TO Shawn:
I've been posting here since May of 2000. (OMG! Has it really been that long??) When I accidentally came across this site, it was a happy revelation that I wasn't the only person on the Earth that had an interest in what goes on behind that closed bathroom door - outside of my own personal experiences.

The posts have provided a real eduction at times... For example:
-Before I came here, it never occurred to me that ladies can be just as notorious with their toilet habits as man can. -Not flushing... not washing hands... missing the bowl and pooping/peeing on the seat or floor... et cetera.
-I never knew so many other people also look at their poops to see what is left from that dinner or lunch they had the previous day.
-I didn't know that a lady's menstrual cycle can significantly affect her regularity and the types of stools she passes during her period.
-And tonnes of other things your teachers don't tell you in health class at school...

There have been many great personalities here, but the one I miss most has got to be "Anne (The English Bus Driver)." It would be nice to hear from here again.

Take care!


Hi,I am new to this site,I have really enjoyed the stories posted on here. I have had a couple of recent accidents where i have crapped my pants in need of a restroom. one of my accidents, I was with my b/f ( Shawn)and when I just could not get to a bathroom and shit myself, he acted all disgusted but i could sense that he was really turned on by me messing myself.He prides himself on not having crapped his pants since early childhood. I do not believe that( I think he has crapped his pants in his adulthood just like I have). What I would really like is to have him crap his pants in my presence(as I would be equally turned on by this) How can I make this happen? any suggestions? By the way,as I am typing this He Is sitting on the toilet taking his late morning shit without a clue as to what I am plotting here(lol)


This is in reply to the post from alice.

The first accident as you said was understandable. The second one was obviously staged. But something happened yesterday that explained everything. We were sitting on the couch in my house watching a movie, (cheaper than going to the theater). She started to squirm around a bit. I guess I mistook it for trying to find a comfortable position. About 5 minutes later she turned to me and said that she needed to go poop. I paused it and asked her if she remebered where the bathroom was. She said, Oh that won't matter. She turned as a dark patch appeared on her jeans. She stood there for a minute as the dark patch spread and formed a puddle on the tile floor below her. She then grunted and I heard a soft fart followed by crackling. A bulge began to form on her butt. This explained that she enjoys pooping her pants next to me. She stood there for a full 10 minutes without stopping. She explained that she hadn't pooped since the last time we saw each other. I could tell. When she finished, there was a large bulge in the back of her tight jeans. But the next thing she did wasn't clean up. She came over next to me, grabbed the remote and pressed play, as she slowly sat down. I heard the smush as she sat in her underpants. It didn't really smell. She watched the last hour of the movie together while she sat in her soiled pants the entire time. After the movie ended, I helped her clean up. We went into the bathroom. She took her pants off. Her underpants were stained brown. She stood in the bathtub and slowly slid down her underpants. This, unfortunately, is where I have to cut the story off to keep it appropriate. I would describe her habit as odd, but I'm not going to complain. By the way, her name is Brittany.

Alice, to answer your question, the night I described was definitely not the first time I've witnessed Christa wetting herself, but Becca is usually much better at making it to the bathroom. When she first turned 21 (we're all 25 now), is the only time I remember her ever having an accident before. Becca and I went out with a big group of people right after her 21st to celebrate. After a couple hours, we were both sitting on bar stools while our friends were buying her shots. She had already had three pints of beer, and all of the sudden I saw her kinda tense up. She leaned over to me and whispered that she had wet herself a little bit and needed me to help her to the bathroom. I didn't realize how drunk she was until we started walking and I really had to hold on to her to keep her from falling. I got her to the bathroom and held the stall door closed for her. A couple seconds later, she told me through the door, "Naomi, I can't get my button undone! Help me! I'm gonna pee my pants!" I opened the door and tried to get her button undone, but she couldn't hold it anymore. There was a little wet spot on her jeans already from her starting to wet helself at the bar, but she completely soaked her jeans while I was trying to get her button undone. I had to call another friend who was at the bar so we could try to hide Becca's accident while we walked her out to my car. She ended up peeing herself again on the way home- she just couldn't hold anymore. After that night, she's always been pretty good about making sure she went to the bathroom before she got desperate.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

This is a reply to a previous poster who was asking about girls who do not wipe when they have had a poop.

I rarely wipe my bum when I have had a shit. I matured very early in life, although I am relatively flat chested I have large nips to make up for it and I had a very lush growth of pubic hair as a 15 yo which I still do. I found out when I wiped my bum I always got shit either on my fingers or in the palm of my hand.Because I have such a hairy arse as well I guess when my turds emerged I was bound to get alot of shit on my hair. At the time I was hanging around with an Italian girl,Maria and I noticed her arms were very hairy for a girl.Also on the odd occasion when she wore a tank top and she raised her arms I noticed her pits even though they were shaven she always had a large expanse of 5 o'clock shadow.

So I began to wonder if she had the problem as I do when she takes a shit.But I thought if I brought up the subject she might think I was weird or freik out, so I let it slide for a few months. One afternoon we'd gone for a walk down to the old boat house on hetr parents lake, I suppose we were both about 17 1/2 by then . It was mid summer and quite hot, so we took some water as well. We often wetn to the boat house just to hang out ,talk and stuff. It was then I asked in a sheepish sort of way if she was similar to me , she replied how?

Well I said I had noticed that she was very hairy and did she have the problem when she wiped like I did? I sheepishly explained my problem with getting shit on my hands all the time.I nealy fainted with her response. Next time I have a shit I'll show you what I do.She said for me to come around this weekend, preferably around midday her folks would be out and she would have a strong urge by then.

So next Saturday I turned up at midday, just as her folks were going out to do the shopping. Maria said well come on I'll show u now , I have been holding it in for an hour. We went to her bathroom which was at the end of the house. She said this is how I shit . First of all she dropped her shorts and panties, I noticed Maria had one hell of a bush even had a treasure trail going up her stomach. She lifted the toilet seat, spread her lips with her fingers and pissed just like a man.Amazingly she did not spill a drop. Maria then turned around backed over the toilet bowl with her right hand she opened the cheeks of her bum. I heard her grunt a bit which was followed by a large windy fart. Then a huge brown nobbly turd emerged, it grew to about about 8", this was followed by another 3 " turd and another fart.
well that's it she said, then she tore off a small piece of tp gave her bum a cursory wipe, there was hardly any shit on the paper at all. Maria said she has been shiting like this for along time. Sometimes she doesn't bother to wipe at all. From then on I was hooked, that is why I very rarely wipe. Sometimes if it is very messy or soft I shall, but normaly mine are quite firm.Even the times when I have shit in my panties the clean up is minimal. I shit myself about once a fortnite, like the other day I was in the workshop tidying up when I felt a strong urge to shit, I just let it come out and fill my panties. Later on when I went into the house I just tipped it out into the bowl, there was not much in the way of skidmarks.

So I hope that has answered the poster's question.

By the way is their any other women here who do not wipe????????????????

LOve SusieXXX

Know the situationn well!!!
Try a different type of laxative or a suppository....or a heap of prune juice. If you keep reading earlier posts you will get some other ideas.
Next not let it go so long...and if the problem persists see a doctor. I am a constipation sufferer due to pain meds ...will be having a colonoscopy soon just to check things out.

TO The girls that fear shitting when their bf is around. Some pointers...if you wish the relationship to continue this will need to be overcome so start right now. Point 2..if you poo it will give him permission to poo when you are around and that could be of relief to him. Point 3...being able to "go" when each other is around give you much more comfort in each other`s company. Point 4 ..if he is grossed out then he is tell me who does not poo? Point 5 it may indicate to him something this girl is a keeper etc and trusts me Point 6..some men are turned on by bodily might be well rewarded!!!!
Now if you can accept this intellectually but still cannot bring yourself to doing the deed try a laxative with a bit of a punch and tell him you have a stomach bug and if you feel ask him to comfort you.

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