Today was one of my days off, which means I get to take my daily crap in the comfort of my own bathroom. I find that it's much easier for me to go when I'm at home, with no one around. Well, as per usual, it got to be around 12:45 and I got the first hint that I'd need to go soon. I decided to watch TV for five more minutes and then I headed into the bathroom.

Because I live alone, I never bother to close the door as having the door open allows the smell to dissipate easier. I took off my skirt and panties and sat on the toilet, reaching over to pick up a magazine. Following a few opening farts, there was a silence where nothing happened. Then another fart and a tiny log slid out. I squeezed out one more small log, which kind of broke in to two pieces.

Some more silent farts and a bit of a gap, then I didn't feel anything come out but I heard plip plip. So two tiny pieces must have shot out. I felt there was a little more still in me, so I waited for a bit. After a while, there was a long skinny turd that inched out. That was it, I felt cleaned out. Cleanup took four wipes, an average mess for my craps.

When I stood up and flushed the toilet, I could see that there was going to be some skid marks on the bowl. About half the logs got sucked down, but some of them spun around a few times before finally being sucked down the middle. I was right, there were a series of skid marks leading down the center of the bowl.

Some of you talk about constipation lasting 7 days or more. I can't even imagine that. I've been an afternoon crapper for as long as I can remember. On the rare occasion when I don't go for two days, I feel bloated and cramped.

Running Hard Richelle
It's been a couple of weeks since I posted. You might remember I was one of those high school students who need to use the school bathrooms several times a day and often to crap right after classes get out for the day. It pissed me off that janitors and faculty were told to lock them up immediately after the 3:05 p.m. dismissal bell. Math being my last class and hardest subject, I didn't want to miss class time from 8th hour so I would hold my crap until after class. Then the lock-up! After using the faculty bathroom that one time (I didn't want to chance it after that because there's about 200 teachers and paras in our school), I got to snooping around. First, there's a conference room in back of the administrative complex and it has its own set of bathrooms. The room is kept open because parent and community groups meet there sometimes in the evenings. I've used it about three times. There's just one stool--it's higher so that a handicapped person would use it--and a sink, but it worked fine for me. I get a different feeling, however, sitting so high and with almost no weight on my feet (I'm 5'5"!). Then there's the 3-stall bathroom in the swimming pool. It's for spectators as well as swimmers, but as you can imagine, you have to wipe the seat off and the floor is wet and easy to slip on. One afternoon last week I had a larger than normal crap coming and I moved forward on the stool and spread my legs to agitate it (a term my grandma taught me years go when we were at the amusement park and I was constipated), my left foot went out from under me and I fell against the side of the stall, with my shoulder getting bruised on the toilet paper holder. My crap came and some was smeared over the left side of the seat and I also had some on my left thigh and in my pubic hairs. When I see grandma at Easter I'm going to have to tell her that her agitation method almost cost me my life! I also found in the athletic building, there are locker rooms with toilets that are pretty much not supervised because practices are going on in the gyms and several students are working out in the weight room. The problem with those toilets is that there are stalls but without doors. I just go to the farthest one, sit down and dump. Other than the seats are really cold because there's limited heat, I'm left alone and I'm able to stay regular. I remember there were other posters who had similar concerns to mine. You school may also have some alternatives that you don't know about.

Hey all, I am hoping to become a semi-regular poster on here, so I'll share another story today. This comes from when I was camping again last summer, a bit later in the trip.

We had moved to a new campground, one that was a bit older and more rustic. There were still functioning toilets, but we realized after we arrived that we were lucky to have the camp that we did, our toilets were the only ones working on the whole grounds. I suppose that's the reason why there were very few people around. There was one portapotty that was an equal distance from our camp as the regular toilets, but I was not to interested in using it as I was unsure how the trucks got up in the mountains to empty it out and I didn't want to find out what it looked like in there. This story is of the second day that we were at this new camp. It was high up in the mountains and very cold, so the swimsuit wasn't getting much attention. I was glad for this, as I always wear a one piece and it is such a chore to get on and off. I was a bit bored through the hole trip and though I had been enjoying listening to my friend pee I was shy about the fact that she could hear me just as easily. So I had been practicing the whole time cutting off my pee in the middle. It's not usually too difficult for me, so I was usually limiting how long I peed to how long my friend did. (I was also very constipated on this trip as I find it terribly difficult to make a movement when there are other people around and I'm in a strange place.)

I remember that it was a rather boring day and my friend and I had been napping most of the day. We'd had teas at the little shop that was a ten or fifteen minute walk from our camp and so when I woke up around 6:40 pm I felt a dull need to visit the toilets. But then my friend's little sisters reminded us that there was going to be a little talk for the young children about fireflies and ecosystems and such and the parents wanted my friend and I to take them to it and they would meet us there at the end. The program started at 7 so we were all in a bit of a rush. We ended up being a bit late, but that was alright. A friendly couple with two small boys told us that we didn't miss much. We sat down on the low wooden benches that they had. It wasn't so bad for little ones, but it left my friend and I with two options- let our legs stretch out in front of us or sit with our knees up in a sort of squatting position. That wasn't too comfortable for me because by that point I was really wishing that I'd been able to use the bathroom before we came here. At that point I was more shy about needing to go and I didn't want to get desperate in front of lots of people. But I knew I could hold on until it was done.
However, it lasted much longer than we thought it would, over an hour and a half when we thought it would be perhaps 30-40 minutes long. While we were sitting I didn't think I had to go too badly but once we stood up to walk back to camp, I realized that I did need to go very desperately. I wanted to walk with my legs crossed, but that's kind of impossible. My friend needed to pee also and she told me, but I knew that she had been to the bathroom many more times than me on that day. I mentioned that I needed to go, but I didn't tell her how bad.
Her parents had arrived and they had their big van to drive us back, but my friend wanted us to have a bit of a private chat and suggested that we walk. I reminded her that I needed to pee and she said that we could use the portapottie, which I was glad to use at that point. The other bathrooms were at the top of a long, tall hill that was much farther from where we were. We walked rather slowly because I was afraid that if I rushed, I would leak. When we were within sight of the porta-potty, the made a run for it. I was really mad at her, but of course I couldn't race her because I needed to go so badly. She beat me to it and when I caught up to her I could hear her peeing- not for very long, just like I thought. While she was in there, I had my legs crossed and I was holding myself. I didn't care if anybody walked past, I had to do this! I leaked a little bit before she was done and I was very glad when she came out. I rushed through the door and quickly locked it, pulling my pants down without undoing the button or anything and sat down very fast. I was only about half-way through my pee when my friend said loudly through the door that her parents were coming to pick us up in the van to bring us to dinner and that I should hurry. This was not what I wanted to hear, I was not interested in cutting off my flow. But I did, rushing through pulling up my clothes so that I could exit the toilet. But then she told me that we were just going to walk to the restaurant in the campsite instead. I sighed, upset that I'd had to disrupt my pee for nothing. I knew it would look strange, but I just had to go back. "Okay, you made me come out of the toilet!" I said to her, "Now let me go back and finish!" She looked sort of embarrassed, but I really didn't care. We're very close and it didn't bother me too much because she didn't mention it after that.

Sorry for this being so long! I'll post another memorable story another time. I know that I prefer detailed stories, so I figured that other people must enjoy them as well.

Little Lou
My sister Ellie and I used to post on this site 7 or 8 years ago, well I'm 17 now and she's 22. We occasionally pee together still, on a night out we will sometimes share a cubicle. Sometimes we will go for a pee in the bushes together if we are out somewhere remote and get caught short. Ellie doesn't like peeing outside so much now, however I get a kind of a kick out of it. After a drink or two, I usually go somewhere not exactly open, but where I know that somebody may (or is likely) to chance upon me, like in car parks, alleys or other places like that. It's a bit of a thrill. Sometimes, if we are in the car, whoever is driving will pull over and we will go together in a lay-by for example.

We have not seen our brother Kevin (who also used to post), who is now 23, in 4 years. He moved out following an argument, and we never heard from him again, which makes me sad.

I will post soon with some pee stories and also see if Ellie can be persuaded to post.

Bye for now, Little Lou x

I've been reading this site for about a month and I thought I post my own story about a girl i have a crush on.
I was at musical practice at our school talking to the girl and she finished her sentence and then walked away to the girls changing room. I knew she had too pee because she was already wearing her dance clothes so she had no reason to get changed. So i walked into the guys changing room to go into the bathroom. Now the bathrooms are built right next to each other and are only separated by a wall. so I placed my ear up against the wall and I could hear her tap shoes clicking on the tile floor in the bathroom. the tapping stopped and i listened intently. Through the wall I heard an even stream for about 30 seconds, then i heard her pull off some toilet paper, and then flush. I was shocked because she is a very prim and proper girl who always behaves well. I wonder what she would think if she ever found out I listened to her pee?

hi i am new to posting to this site but have been a "lurker" for many years. my girlfriend also likes this site a lot, we look at it everyday. shes really laid back and cool, and we love each other, perfect for me. anyway the other day she asked me if i had ever pooped myself other than when i was a baby. i said yeah and she said she never did but she was interested. me being a adventurous guy, i didnt care if she did but i would like to watch. she said that was cool, so i thought "alright im gonna watch my girl poop her panties." well i had the suggestion that she not ruin a pair of her good panties, cause we both know that i had a particular ex-girlfriends clothes, a few things in my closet. she said good idea, to my suprise. so my girlfriend was going to poop my ex-girlfriends shorts and thong! this was awesome, plus a final slap in the face to the ex. well my girlfriend had the idea of having diarrhea, so she wanted to take a laxative. i was cool with this, this was a new experience for me. so we went to the drug store and bought her some castor oil cause thats what she wanted dont ask me why. then we went out for all you can eat chinese. she took her dose of castor oil in the car and expected to have diarrhea the next morning. we ate to our hearts content. when we got home she put on my ex's thong and green shorts and we went to sleep. it was kinda weird seeing my girl in my ex's clothes especially her thong, but it was kinda cool. she was a lot smaller so the thong kinda was tight but that was cool too. oh yeah, we had washed her clothes earlier so they werent gross. that night she was farting up a storm in bed, rancid nasty things. she woke up with cramps and she said she shouldve gotten something more gentle cause this was brutal. around 5 in the morning she woke me up and said she couldnt hold it another minute and come to the bathroom. i did. she stood in the tub, clutching her stomach and hunching over, she looked like she was hurtin. i told her to just squeeze, and she then proceeded to totally poop herself. at 1st it crackled and i could see it form around her crotch and it started running down her pretty legs. the smell was bad but i got used to it. i dont know if i liked it or not. she turned around so i could see everything. yep, she definitely had the diarrhea she wanted, it was on her legs, feet and tub. crap was all around the crotch, butt, a little on the sides of her shorts. it was really messy. she said she still felt like hell tho and had to go more, so i told her just go in the tub. she squeezed out more and more came down her legs and after a while i grabbed a bag, threw everything in it, she got cleaned up and we went back to bed. she pooped more in the morning, in the toilet that time and that was it.

Can't Poop
I am a 42 year old male. I have not been able to poop for 7 days. I am feeling miserable. What should I do? I have tried docusate pills without any results. Please help!!!

Hey all, it's me, Alice!

To MikeyPee
Sorry that I did not reply to your post earlier, but I read a lot of posts once in a while so I do not visit the forum a lot.
Thanks for your reply! Reading it I remember some other things my parents tried too to get me to stop wetting the bed. Restricting liquids, trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, etc. did not work for me either!
As I decribed in my last post I was (just like you and probably many others) rewarded when my diaper was still dry in the morning. Like you I tried hard, but unlike you this did not stop my bedwetting. After that I have had some therapy and this, though it took some time, stopped my bedwetting.

To Josh
Kudos to you, Josh! What you did to help that girl was very nice of you! I wanted to ask "How was your date with her?" but I see you posted the answer already! Reading your first post I thought it was a little strange that she just stood there for a minute pooping her pants while not even trying to hide - of course she was completely shocked/frozen. I can really understand her situation, so I did not think twice of it. Then she wanted you to help her cleaning up. "OK.", I thought, "Could be.", but now she has messed her pants in front of you on purpose. She had clearly been planning this, because she did not want to go during the movie.
So, now I have a couple of questions for you. Will you please, please, PLEASE post what happened while/after she pooped her pants? There have been A LOT of posts that go into the tiniest detail and I am VERY sure that at least some others want to hear about it! So will you please describe in detail (as long as it is apropriate for the forum) what happened? Also, did she explain to you why she messed her pants? Did you ask her why?

To PERVasive
I agree with you, as I stated above! ;)

To Claire
I also like peeing in the ocean (through my swimsuit) because of the warm, pleasant feeling! Also, like you I do not pee in a pool. I have a little story about something that happened while I went swimming with a friend of mine at the local pool, though. Here's what happened:

My friend, Megan, came by and as planned we went to the local swimming pool. While cycling I felt a small need to go, but I ignored it. When we arrived we had to wait in line to pay, which took us about 20 minutes. I was now feeling the need to go stronger, but not strong enough to make me rush to the toilet. Megan and I entered a stall and while getting dressed, the urge grew stronger very fast and I needed to pee very badly. I could not rush to the toilets though, because our stuff were still at the bench. It was the kind which you need to flip to un(b)lock the stall doors, so I could not get out. When we had packed all our stuff the bench could be flipped and I dashed towards the toilets. I needed to go VERY badly now, but I did not hold myself as all I was wearing was my one-piece swimming suite and it would've been obvious as there were many people around. I was already dribbling a bit (as I explained in my previous posts, I dribble when I have to hold it), so I quickly told Megan that she could go ahead and find ourselves a spot to put our stuff, so she took my bag and left. I quickly entered a stall and locked the door very quickly. I felt my pee coming out, my dribbling turned into a stream and I just ????ed down on the toilet. I peed forcefully through my swimming suite almost from when I was still standing. Some went down my legs, but as soon as I sat down it went in the bowl. The relief was incredible! I sighed and fully relaxed. I totaly forgot I was still wearing my suite and a turd started to come out. Looking back, there might've been a tiny need to go, but I did not expect this. Only when about 5 cm of poop had already entered my swimsuite, I realised what was happening and quickly clenched my butt cheecks. I quickly lowered my swimsuite and dumpted the piece of poop in the bowl. It had been flattened a bit because my swimsuit is really tight, so there was a small brown stain on the inside of my suite. I cleaned it up the best I could after I had finished pooping. It was not visible from the outside, so I just flushed and went looking for Megan. I felt a little ashamed, though.

To Kelly
That's too bad! You say you're 18 y/o and you did not mention other people so I guess you're living alone. No little sisters who can tease you abou it (hehe)! You said this 'hasn't happened to you in years', though. How old were you when it last happened? Can you please tell us about it?

To Kari
Welcome to the forum! Also: it was SO mean of your co-worker to take so long! Did you ask him why he took so long?
And did you wear your stained panties afterwards? Personaly, I would've, because I think it would be better than no panties at all.

To Kate
Welcome! Nice stories! By the way, be glad that none of it leaked out when you had an accident after tacos. It could've been really messy! ;)
Furthermore: you shared two stories from when you were 12 and 16 y/o. How old are you now?

To Shawn
I totally agree with you. I have not read all old posts (there are A LOT!), but I have read the ones from (Re)Becca and I really really liked those.
So, (Re)Becca, if you are still around, please post again!

To Naomi
That's too bad for your friends... Do they have accidents often?

To Kira
Good story!

To Brittni
Thanks for sharing that experience. Too bad you didn't make it, though. Does this happen often? It happens to me once a month, though it's usually a pee-accident.

To Desperate to poop
Hehe, the 50 y/o lady must've been shocked when she discovered that huge ammount of poop in a toilet that would not flush! ;)

To Gavin
Nice stories! It seems as if your post is missing the ending, for some reason, though...

To shy poop girl
I have never had that problem. Though I am rather shy, I will just poop if I have to...
Do you mean to poop when your boyfriend is around or when he is in the bathroom watching you?
I'm sorry, but I do not have any advice on how to handle this... :(
I hope someone else will react to your post. Anyway, good luck and keep us up-to-date! :)

I hadn't posted in a long time, that's why this post is so long. I hope it's not too long. :)


Shawn, I have been on this board since 1997. I don't post as much as I use to. Plus being 10 years older, priorities change, etc. I am more of a lurker now but I stiil enjoy the stories. I do say that time does fly ! On a personal note, I was recently laid off from the company I worked for almost 10 years. Now being unemployed, my concern is if I will be able to stay in Colorado. Been here since 1995. It is a great place especially for young people but the bottom fell out on the job market.

I was sitting next to my girlfriend, watching T.V. when all of a sudden a shit-ball squished out. It's not like I tried to fart and some accidental poo came with it. I simply squished out poo. I immedtetly jumped out of my seat on the couch, ran for the bathroom,and began cleaning, both myself and my underwear.
I came back, and my girlfriend asked me if I had "skidmarked". Well, the truth is I had done much worse, but I answered, yes. I then looked down at the couch and saw a stain on the fabric.
She was so good about the incident. Ordinarily I would feel so ashamed, but she just dismissed it.

Hi, this is my first time posting here. I am a 15 year old female. Brown hair, thin and attractive. I have a big problem with being constipated.

I cannot poop more often then every eight day or so. So, even when i go my poops are very large and hard to pass. They also take me a long time to get out because my logs will get stuck part way through. My poops are usually in one solid piece, and are quite thick and big. This also cuses a problem because i usually clog the toilet, so i try to use public rest rooms, to cause less trouble at home. It will take me up to an hour to get the thing out. When i don't go for 8 days it hurts a lot when i poop, and i cry because my poops are so thick and big.


surprised bf
hi im dave i just found out why my girlfriend doesn't ever want to spend the night with me (she always insisted on leaving after love making) and it turns out it's because she often wets and/or messes the bed and doesn't want it to happen around me. i found out because i was at her house after work one day and she was in the shower and i sat on her bed and it made a weird sound. i looked and she had a plastic sheet under the regular seat and i could see through it and there were obvious urine stains on the mattress too. also she had a package of what looked like diapers and it said incontinence panties or something. it was sitting right near her dresser. when she came out she noticed that she left that package out and turned beet red. she explained to me that she is a bedwetter and thats why she never spends the night. that's when i told her it was okay and i didn't mind if she had to wear those to bed but then she told me it wasn't just that sometimes she does more than wet the bed so she would be too self conscious. i didn't really know what to say to that it's kind of surprising when your 21 year old girlfriend tells you that she poops herself in bed. i was just wondering is this really abnormal? i've heard of like kids wetting the bed into their young teen years but i've never heard of someone in her twenties wetting and even pooping herself in bed.

I thank everyone who repiled to my comment ( I was suprise actually cause since I'm new I didn't think I was going to get alot of Comments ) Anyway Bridget it's great to hear from you again your post were awesome ( I remember reading through all the old post and people saying they were sad that you didn't post anymore ) I have a cold right now soo I probaly won't be posting much for a while well it's actually just a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY!!!!!! bad sore thoart and a little headache:(. There was a post I got about Stanind well wiping and it said about Clean freaks and stuff ( I think don't know lol soo i'm sorry if i mis understood someone kk ) and it was about like your daughter or sister and how she stands and wipes cause she like to have no germs well thats cool for her it's her life she can do it lol but i only stand when i wipe because well I guess I never learned how to actually wipe my Butty lol :P so i just stuck with standing well wiping. I do go at school and i'm not shy or anything but when it comes to standing & wipingi got kinda shy cause i think someone might look under the stall and see what I'm doing and laugh so I wait till no ones in there and then wipe. I guess I only do that because I think that i'm the only person who does this and if someone found out they would tell the school:(. I know this girl right ( for one i ain't telling her name and two I have a crush on her:$ ) and well shes really pretty and stuff but we had a convo i think like 3 years ago( 2005 ) and it was like sorta a try this thing and stuff. Truth be told i'm not a AB/DL or anything like that but I do like to pee and poo in my pants sometimes ( I don't much anymore cause i think i have outgrown such a thing ) and i asked her to doo it and she said yes and everything like what I said was just do it one time at least once you promise she said she promised but I don't think she ever will do it :'(. We are best friends though so she doesn't think I'm weird for such habbits and stuff she doesn't mind at all actually so I like that fact alot. I've got another question for some people though ( I may have grown out of My habbit but I still like to hear stories about these things ) Does anyone have any stories about parents who tell there kids too poo &/or pee there pants, like if they can't hold it any longer or like " Kids if you have to go to the bathroom during the ride just go in your pants " etc.... Anyway I have to go now soo I will post more later. I hope I got a couple of stories about that though lol :P.

~See ya later~ Shawn

Hey again guys! once more, it's been forever. So my weekend was absolutely insane. Friday night, I was planning on Mike coming over for some fun, if you know what I mean, since we had gotten to talk to each other tons and get to know each other. He's such a sweetheart, but smokes WAY too much weed. Well, my mom found out what I was planning, and I'm grounded until the world fades into oblivion. Plus she called me a slut and took away my cell phone and any phone until after spring break. My life sucks at the moment.

New story: So, at school, I normally use the bathroom during lunch around 11 o'clock. well, Monday, I didn't. I just felt like crap from the weekend, Mike wasn't there, and some other stuff was happening. I didn't even eat. Well, that was a mistake, the not going to the bathroom thing. I had drunk a water bottle-worth of water, and by 5th hour, I had to pee. Bad. Well, my 6th hour teacher doesn't right passes, and there isn't enough time between classes to go to my locker and pee quick. So I left 5th hour and headed to my 6th hour, hoping my teacher would be in a good mood. She wasn't, instead, she was in a horrible mood. Half-way through the hour, I had to pee so bad. My entire lower abdomen went numb I had to go so bad. My body started to tingle, and I just couldn't hold it anymore. I said I felt sick and she let me leave, and I walked calmly to the bathroom, where I ran into a stall, whiped down my jeans, and just let it gush out. It felt so good. I went back to class after I finished up and claimed that I threw up, and left class early and just hung out in the commons area for about half an hour. Then, I went home. Bad ending, but meh, it's a story none the less.

I had my first genuine unplanned accident today. It was last bell during school, when out of nowhere, I'm hit with intense cramps. I didn't want to do it in my panties because The bulge would probably end up showing. I held on for my dear life. We were working on a group project, we got up to head to the computer lab. While in the hallway, I took off my sweater and wrapped it around my waste just in case. As we were walking up the stairs, I let out an accidental silent fart, and the turd just began to come out. I even tried to hold it back, but that didn't work. Realizing that there was no hope, I just let go and let nature take its course. I kept filling my panties for the rest of the five minute walk to the computer lab. Lucky for me, it didn't smell or make noises as it entered my panties. We got to the computer lab, and I slowly sat down on my soiled panties, I felt it squish around my butt and in between my legs. Of all the "accidents" I have had, this is the first time I was genuinely horrified of the fact that I had just dropped a load in my panties. Having a real accident is no fun at all.

Thanks Mei thats just what I was thinkin, course I can't remember the details of every last log and fart. There were big ones and small ones, I dunno what order they came out in do they.

I don't flush mid poop though cos I don't like to interrupt the flow. If I end up clogging a toilet well that is the toilet's fault.

Texas Hillbilly
Hey yall I hate my bowel schedule nowadays, im regular but it always hits me when im at work now and i hate pooping in public! A lil about myself im 6ft 1 and 245 lbs and i live in north Texas near Dallas. Im going 2 try and be a regular poster on here

What would you do? I was at the train station this morning and one of the stalls was missing a door. There was a short line of men waiting to use the other stalls. I have no qualms about dumping in front of other guys, but since no one was using the open stall, I thought it would be weird for me the plunk down in front of them. Besides, it wasn't an emergency.

If all the other guys are waiting for the stalls with doors, is it acceptable to use the open stall in front of them?


Hey everyone!!

As I type this right now I really have to pee BAD!!!!! lol. Since I have a sore thoart my thoart hurts (obivously) so I drink alot of water for it not too hurt(not really water actually. More like crystal light kool - aid etc) I drank two glasses of of Crystal Light (that will do the trick lol) i've been holding it for I say maybe 8 hours. I twitch my legs like very little ( I don't know why lol ) I guess it's just so that I keep a continuess motion going so I forget about it (which I do) but as soon as I remember about myy need I all of a sudden feel like i'm going to pee my pants lol. Well I just thought the readers out there would like to hear this story soo I'll post more later!.

~See ya later~

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hi all--
I have a question. I used to visit this site all the time, almost since the beginning, but I haven't been back in the last 2 or 3 years. I was wondering if any of the regulars from back then were still around? (Rizzo, PV, Tim (and Sarah), Louise (from France), Steve and Louise, Diva, Silke, etc.). If you are, I would love to hear your stories again.

Also, the site seems more geared toward poop now...Does anyone have any pee stories, especially the guys?

I'll post again soon when I have time, but for now, come on guys! Share you stories! (Or girls who have stories about guys)

Hey Shawn, Your question about long time posters/readers made me curious as to when I first found this site. Took a little while but it looks like my first post was May 16, 1998. I don't post as often as I used to but I still read this site quite often. Great stories when I first found the site. and great stories now. I often wonder if some of old posters are still checking in. Bridget was posting at the time I found the site. I am a guy that enjoys dumping stories about other guys. Also found that I was not the only guy who suffered from constipation as a kid and adult.
This has been a great site and one that has moderators who work to maintain the quality that this site has always had. Thanks moderators.
Any old posters out there?

Dr. Fill
Hi, this is my first post in this forum, but I've been reading for a while. I'm surprised that nobody else has posted about this, but maybe I'm the only one who feels it. But to me, it feels really good to poop. I don't mean "relief," where you're just glad the need is finally gone. I mean I get a sensation of pleasure feeling it move through me, and afterward I have a nice, relaxed lethargic feeling, almost like a sort of intoxication. I like these feelings, and with a little practice, they can be increased a lot.

The most important thing is to get the internal, involuntary expelling muscles working. That's where the feelings seem to come from, so I wait until my body is full and ready to go. Needing to pee helps the feelings too. At first voluntary pushing, using my stomach muscles to push, is not allowed. It dampens the feelings. Instead, I concentrate on getting the automatic expelling muscles going. Because of the pleasure, and the years of practice, I've learned how to give them a mental "ping" and (usually) get them going, as long as there's something inside for them to push on.

So, when I'm nice and full, I start by lying face-down on my bed and concentrating on going (ping), so the muscles start up and I feel the poop start to move. The poop is usually hard, so I can clearly feel it moving. After that I relax all my muscles, and just feel the involuntary movement happening inside. It's a great feeling. As it slides further and further, it reaches the opening and starts to come out. Then I press my butt cheeks together to slow it down, but let it gradually keep inching out. This makes the pushing muscles more enthusiastic (mmmm), and they continue trying to push it out. Eventually I know that I can't let it go any further or there will be a mess, so I clamp my cheeks together tight and stop the movement. My body will continue fo push for a few seconds, and then finally give up and relax, allowing me to squeeze it back inside. Feeling it slide back in will sometimes trigger the pushing muscles again, and it starts up again. I love this. I have a theory that when you stop the movement like that, the body releases a muscle relaxer to help things along. Anyway, it feels really nice and relaxing.

After a few of these, my involuntary muscles sometimes start to lose interest, or other times they'll get stronger and stronger. Either way, I eventually sit on the toilet, take a bunch of toilet paper in my hand and hold it in with my hand. All this time, my body has been giving me an urge to push, which I carefully ignored (otherwise I might have pooped on my bed). Now I give in to those feelings. As my involuntary pushing muscles reach their full contraction, and the urge to push along with it hits me, I push while holding it in with my hands. This feels wonderful. The pleasure is so strong, and increases with pushing strength, that I often can't help pushing harder and harder until my whole body is contracting. It probably looks like an orgasm. It feels almost as good, and the feeling can last a lot longer. I finally let it push its way slowly past my fingers, trying not to yell out with my feelings. I almost can't help pushing hard like that, whenever I've tried to stop, I find that the sudden loss of pleasure makes me start pushing again right away. I almost literally can't stop. I've tried, only to find myself pushing even harder a second later. The urge, and the pleasure, are just too strong to resist (I wonder if I could stop for an emergency, or whether I'd have to go staggering out while still pushing). If it's really good, I prolong the feelings by refusing to let it all the way out. A couple of times I've pushed so hard that I passed out, and found myself on the floor with the poop next to me. I prefer to stay conscious so I can feel it come out, but the urge, and the pleasure, can be overwhelming.

Has anybody else ever felt pleasure from pooping, or a related activity?


I was reading a post on an old page, and it reminded me of a story from my own past. I was in the 4th grade and I had a massive crush on my best friend's older sister (she was only a year older) and she also had a crush on me. Anyway, one day I was over at their house and him and his parents had to leave for some reason. I had to leave, but his sister asked if I would come back in a few minutes and she'd let me in.

Anyway, I started to head home, but when I was sure they were out of sight, I went back and she let me in to the house. We hung out for a bit and then I had to pee. She wanted to come with, so I let her and we went into the bathroom. I decided to take my pants off and I peed for a long time.

I could tell she really liked it, and she said watching me made her have to go too. She slowly slipped off her shorts and panties and sat down on the toilet. I thought I peed for a long time, but I could see the pee just stream out of her for what seemed like forever.

Then she surprised me by asking if I was ready for the "real show". I just said nothing, but she spread her legs wider and let out a few soft farts. I said "Are you going to go poop?". She said "Yup. You wanna watch?". Of course I said yes.

She farted one more time, louder this time but it still didn't smell too bad. Now she moaned softly and a large turd eased out into the bowl, followed by a smaller turd that landed with a plop. I was amazed that she could poop so much, and asked if all girls pee and poop more than boys. She told me, no probably not, she just never goes at school, so she always holds it in all day.

It was hard to find time for us to be alone without her parents or my friend getting suspicious, but we did get to do this again. This time I had to poop as well, and we went outside. Sadly, they moved away at the end of my 5th grade year suddenly with no explanation. I almost wonder if her parents found out about us...

My girl friends and I went out to the bar the other night, and all drank quite a bit, as usual. We decided to all go back to my place after, as it was closest to the bar. I used the toilet before we left, but I guess no one else thought to after drinking as much as they did. The drive home from the bar is only 15 minutes, but my friend Christa suddenly seemed incredibly desperate after only 5 minutes. She was sitting in the front, next to me, and I noticed she began squirming in her seat and soon grabbed herself. In the back seat, my friend Becca starting talking about how badly she had to pee too. By the time we got to my place, they had both undone the buttons on their jeans to relieve the pressure on their bladders and were both holding themselves and squirming. I live on the third floor, so they started running upstairs to get to my apartment. I followed close behind them, since I still had the key they needed. On the landing between the second and third floors, Christa stopped and let out a gasp. I saw a wet stain start spreading down the insides of her thighs. She spread her legs out and a strong stream of pee gushed from her jeans onto the floor. She probably peed in her jeans for more than a minute, completely soaking them. Becca was at the apartment door, hopping up and down, yelling for me to hurry up with the key by the time Christa had finished peeing herself. I let her in and she ran for the bathroom while I led Christa to my room to find some dry clothes. When Becca came out of the bathroom, I noticed a large wet spot between her legs and realized she hadn't made it to the toilet quite in time either. Later, we were all sitting in the living room watching a movie when I noticed Becca squirming again. I figured she'd say something if she wanted us to pause the movie, but she stopped squirming for a little while and then suddenly jumped off the couch and grabbed her butt. She tried to run to the bathroom, but her pants were already bulging as they filled with poo. It seemed to just be a really unlucky night for my friends.

Hey, Kira here again. I know it's been a little while since I posted my first post, but I have not had much time lately for the internet. Today I have time though and I wanted to post a few stories I have about a time when I was camping with a friend of mine last summer.

This friend, she is not really too much into watersports or anything and has mentioned that she finds toilets in general gross. So to respect her, I do not talk about my little fetish with pee very often, though I think by now she may realize a little bit what is going on with me when we're together. Haha.

Anyway, the camping stories!
There was a lot of desperation going on with me for the entire week that we were away in the woods. This was because I prefer to sleep in pajamas much more than my clothes and when I first wake up, I have to change before I go to the bathrooms in the camp. There were a lot of hot guys in the sites around us so I was especially aware of how I was dressed each day. But my friend had her period for part of the week, so right when we woke up she would run off to the toilets after having spent the night in her clothes. I was more lazy and would take my time getting ready as I didn't usually have to pee too badly in the morning and I could take my time. I would make breakfast for us and her little sisters(it was a family camping trip) and then put on my bathing suit under my regular clothes for the days full of swimming. Often I would accidentally do this before going to the bathroom, so I would have to hold my pee all along the bumpy ride to the local swimming holes. I personally have absolutely no problem with peeing in lakes and rivers and such, and because the water was so cold I often couldn't help it.

There was one day in particular that stands out in my mind, among others. It was one of the last days that we were to spend at the first campsite and my friend, her brother and I wanted to go shopping in the little town near where we were camping. There was a trolley that would come to get us and bring us back when the day was done and we were all generally quite exciting. We woke up a bit later than we meant to on that particular morning so everything was a bit rushed. As usual, my friend ran off to the toilets the moment after she woke up and I set about to getting dressed. I made sure that everybody was ready to go, as I am a bit more mothering than my friend (or even her mother for that matter) is. And then we took the long walk through the campsite to where the trolley would pick us up. Well I had neglected to pee before this time and although I didn't have to go badly, I was wary of not going before we left the camp. So my friend and I, after I hesitantly mentioned that I needed the toilet, went into the 'A' camp bathrooms. Unfortunately there was a long line for the single stall and the person in there was having dreadfully loud, smelly diarrhea. My friend asked me how badly I needed to go and I replied 'sort of bad...' and she told me that I'd have to use the men's room or something. I took a moment to consider this and how much fun it would be, but I eventually told her than I would wait until we got to the town. There were loads of stores there and I was sure that they would have public toilets as it was a tourist destination. She nodded at me and then we ran to get on the trolley as there was a big line and not many seats and we didn't want to miss it. I was under the impression that the trolley would leave almost as soon as it arrived, but we sat on those terrible, hard seats for twenty minutes before it finally left. And then it was another forty minutes into the town and I was starting to regret not taking the opportunity to use the men's toilets while I had the chance. But once we got into the town and we were walking around and having fun it was easy to forget that I needed to pee. I had one eye out for bathrooms the whole time but my need was not desperate at that point. It wasn't until several hours later, after a waterbottle and a lemonade, that I finally gave in and told my friend that I simply must find a bathroom. I believe my exact words were "I really, really, really, really, really need to pee." She took that pretty seriously and marched with me across the big main road to the McDonald's that we had been sitting across from. There was a sign on the door that said 'no public restrooms' but I didn't take it too seriously until we got inside. The place was completely packed and they actually had a clerk in the back checking for receipts. I am not the type to make a fuss over needing to use the bathroom at all, but I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to hold it until we got to the creek later in the day. Not comfortably, at least. So we decided to wait on line, buy some lunch, and then I could go. The line was much longer than we though, and it took at least fifteen minutes to get through it. Right after we got our receipt, I rushed over to the bathroom, showed the clerk that I was a customer, and opened the door. I was amazed that there was such a long line in there too! I thought that if I ate my food and then went in, maybe it would have cleared out a bit. So after shoving down my burger I went back to the toilets. No luck, it was still super crowded. But at this point I didn't care, I was going to wait on line as long as it took. I was not as desperate as I could have been, but I prefer to be at home in my bedroom when I reach maximum capacity, not out in public with tons of people around. I finally got a stall and ripped down my pants and then remembered that I had my bathing suit on as well. It was a one piece, but I didn't have time to get it off so I just peed right through the dark blue fabric. It felt really good, spreading up my butt in the back. I was certainly glad that I had been wearing black pants, though, or else it would have been quite obvious what I had done.

I have some more stories like this one, but I don't want my posts to be too long so I'll have to write more another day.

Josh, you are one incredibly lucky guy. Treat this girl right, because she's one in a million who wants to poo her pants for you.

Hey Shawn,

To answer your first question, I used to be a regular poster here back in 1997. Wow, I can't believe it's been over ten years already! Anyway, I was just beginning to use the Internet, since that's about the time when it was becoming popular, and as someone who had always been an enthusiast of all aspects of pooping, I started searching for websites pertaining to that subject. And I was pretty surprised, not to mention pleased to discover that such sites actually existed.

I also miss the old crowd who used to post back then. Off the top of my head I most remember the married couple, Moira and George, Nicola, college friends Alex and Steph, Jeff A. or "Jupiter" as he was sometimes known as, just to name a few. I would also like to know if some of these same individuals still visit this site.

Linda from Australia here again. I don't have any interesting stories of late, I haven't had any trouble pooping lately and Ive been going twice per day most days.

To Keith D: I also got constipated regularly when I was a child. I suffered with terrible constipation when I was 7 and it lasted on and off for about a year. I can remember getting butt phlegm, which was digusting. I also messed my pants quite often, as liquid poo would leak out passed my impacted mass. It was beyond my control and I hated it. I hated going to school when I was backed up aswell because I smelt like poo. Did this happen to you too??

When I started high school, I went to boarding school. I was often constipated because I hated going when other people could hear me or smell me going. Like you, I used to look for secluded toilet blocks and poop my heart out. Or I would go in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep. Sometimes, I would go up to 4 or 5 days without doing a poo. One time I had a 7 day bout of constipation. It was a terrible habit to get out of but after about 6 months, I finally became regular.

I wonder how Kayla feels about being asked to give all the details of every turd she passed during her break. I felt sorry for her having to fit it all into 15 minutes so that she had to rush. But this happens to me too and I hate it because I have to get off the loo when I want to stay longer and poop more. I might add that I don't remember the details of every turd and fart. Sometimes I get off the loo and look before sitting down again, but it's all a messy mixture, and in any case I'm afraid to clog the loo so I flush it before dropping the next collection. And frankly I'm more interested in feeling good while dropping lots of turds than in remembering what they look like. Sorry.... By the way I'm happy to see that there are several other women like me who go with a vengeance when they go. People sometimes asked me why I stayed so long and I didn't like to tell them. Now I'm not embarrassed any more.

to Decon:
I'm a high school senior. I pee and crap daily at my high school which is one of the largest in our county with almost 2,500 students. Since I'm in activities, I frequently begin with a 7 a.m. meeting and sometimes we're working on the drama set until 10 p.m. or a little later. I guess I'm kind of like your girlfriend in that I sit right down on the seat to pee (usually 4 or 5 times a day depending on how much coffee or soda I consume), but I add a step by wiping the seat off with toilet paper before I sit on it to crap. That was something my mom taught me when I was about 5 or 6 and she would take me to a circus or ballgame and when I got done crapping, I had a messy butt but when I reached for the toilet paper, there was none. That's when she made the suggestion and it has served me well since then. Sometimes twice a week or more at school a girl (usually a freshman) will come running in, throw her bookbag against the wall, hurriedly place herself on the toilet (sometimes you'll hear a fart explosion even before she gets her jeans and panties down or gets her skirt up), and then two or three minutes later she's asking me to pass her some paper under the stall because she forgot to check ahead of time. Unlike, your girlfriend, however, I have never seen any need to put paper over the seat and then try to stay on it without the paper slipping off. Especially when crapping, I tend to move my legs a bit and occasionally reposition myself. That happened last week. We don't have latches on our stall doors and a girl came barging in and threw the door open against my right knee. I now have a bruise. I was peeing at the time so I simply slide back farther on the seat as I finished up. Some girls are so inconsiderate because they don't look under the stall door or peek in the crack before opening it. She was so rude about it too! She made it seem like I was the one who was inconveniencing her! Hopefully, Decon, this will give you some additional perspectives on your girlfriend's bathroom habits.

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