hi im brittni, i'm 21, blonde, blue eyes about 5'5" and slim. i'm a junior in college and this morning i had an unpleasant experience. it was my friend's 21st bday on sunday so there was a party with a lot of drinking, and i had a few beers. i wasn't wasted or anything but i had enough, and when i woke up this morning my stomach felt awful. it just felt really crampy and bloated and i had to poop. i went to go but even though i felt like i had to i just couldn't. well i had to get ready to go to my 8 am math class. so i gave up and got dressed in pale yellow panties, a white t shirt with a red hoodie over it and some black exercise pants, and i left. the ride to school felt awful, my stomach just kept rumbling and groaning and eventually i had to poop so bad i felt sick. i had to let a couple of nasty farts slip out but it relieved enough pressure that i didn't feel the need to poop as urgently. i figured i would be okay because the class was only 50 minutes long and it was 10 minutes to get home, so if i could hold it another hour i'd be fine. well sitting through class was brutal, i had a couple of instances where i thought i was gonna fart in class but with all my might i held it back. finally class was over. the cramps were so bad from my need to go that it hurt to stand up. i was clenching my butt cheeks together really tight and my stomach just groaned again, and i knew i had to go NOW. i rushed out of the classroom and burst into the girls bathroom, and to my dismay it was a fullhouse. it was only a 2 stall bathroom and there were 3 or 4 girls waiting already because there were a few classes that had just let out. i wanted to cry. i left the bathroom and went outside the building into the quad area and i had a decision to make. i could try to rush to a bathroom in one of the other buildings or i could rush to my car and try to make it home. just as i thought that, some intense pressure struck in my butt and i pretty much realized that no matter what i did, i was going to start pooping my pants in a second. well i didn't want to go into another building and start taking a nasty dump in my pants in the middle of the hallway around people, so i just started to rush to my car. i got most of the way there, but right when i got into the parking lot, i started to go. it was like an abrupt poop explosion. luckily there was nobody close by me because i let out a loud squelching fart as soft wet poop rapidly filled my underwear. tears started streaming down my face. i continued walking to my car as i could feel this squishy wet bulge mushing around against my butt as i walked and it smelled so bad. i drove all the way home with my butt lifted off the seat. i got in and it took me about 30 minutes to clean myself and change my underwear, and as soon as i got done i came to post this..


Kari - I liked your story. I know what thats like, having to wait to take a dump. After awhile it gets really uncomfortable.

This being Presidents Day, I had the day off, since I'm a federal employee. I got up early this morning, because I had to take my wife to work. When we were getting ready to leave, I began to feel the need to take a dump, but I figured I'd just wait till I got home. I dropped her off, then came home. When I got home, my son was just getting ready to leave for school. After he left, I was actually alone for the first time in a long time.

I went on the computer, drank a cup of coffee, while the urge to crap grew stronger. Finally, the time came. I decided since nobody else was home, I could take as long as I wanted.

I took the entire newspaper in with me, sat down, and started reading. After a few minutes, the poop was ready, so I just took my time and took a nice, leisurely crap. After about 20 minutes, I was finished reading the paper, and my legs were starting to fall asleep, so I wiped and turned around to look in the bowl.

It can only be described as looking like a brown, coiled up snake, getting ready to strike. I flushed, and watched it go down the pipe.

I would have to say it was one of the nicest, most unhurried dumps I've had in a while.

Shawn,my 12 year old daughter also stand up to wipe her butt.
She is really fastidious about being squeaky clean down there,and would be horrified if she had so much as a minute skid mark.

What would you do? I was at the train station this morning and one of the stalls was missing a door. There was a short line of men waiting to use the other stalls. I have no qualms about dumping in front of other guys, but since no one was using the open stall, I thought it would be weird for me the plunk down in front of them. Besides, it wasn't an emergency.

If all the other guys are waiting for the stalls with doors, is it acceptable to use the open stall in front of them?


Many years ago, I used to play with Vanessa and Tracy, near neighbours to me, who were one year older. We were probably about 7/8 at the time. Whilst at Tracy's house one day, her parents had gone out and the back door was locked. We were playing outside and the girls desperately needed to pee. As there was nowhere else to go, doubled up they crept round the back of the playhouse in the bottom of the garden. I was intrigued and followed them round, whereby they both had hoisted up their dresses above their waist, and had pulled their panties halfway down their legs and were peeing from a standing position. By thrusting their pelvis forward they were totally able to stand and pee like a boy, directing their stream without wetting their panties. This is a vision that has remained with with me for almost forty years and I have always enjoyed watching girls pee ever since!

Shawn - I've been here since highschool (2000). Now 22 and still can't resist coming back every now and then!

UCGENIE:Hi,thanks for replying to my post and i,m glad you enjoyed it.Yes you are right,i did have skid marks but i showered and changed when i got home.I wasn't able to wipe as it was a case of being"CAUGHT SHORT" due to my bad stomach and i had nothing to wipe with.Just my luck!Thanks again for replying and do you mind me asking if you are male or female? BYE FOR NOW.Andy.
Since my last post i have peed by the side of the road at the side of my car on a long journey back from my parents house.Also on saturday night my stomach was playing up again after a large Indian meal.This time i made it to the toilet where i dropped two huge logs which almost blocked the bowl.I had to flush several times.Thats it! SEE YA!

Desperate to poop
Hi all,

Red Headed Michelle cool story and nice to see you back!

I have a couple of stories

The other day I was on an old train coming back from a trip. It had only one toilet and I felt the need for a poop. I walked through the carriages to find the toilet but it was engaged. I could feel quite a big pooh developing and waited in line.

It was noisy so I couldn't hear anything but I stood there waiting for ten-fifteen minutes. by now I was desperate and needed a pee too.

Finally the door opened and a cute but ???? girl in her late twenties came out. She apologised for the smell and said it wouldn't flush. I said don't worry and couldn't have cared less as I had to go. I quickly went in and hurriedly pullled my jeans down and let out a some soft serve with a noisy splatter. The girl had left two or three largish logs and tissue paper and I splattered on top. There was strong smell of poop but also perfume. I was now pooping a large log and as it slowly eased it way out I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations as it came out (I was in no rush).

Finally after ten mins I was done I wiped up and left. A 50 year old lady was waiting and I apologised for the wait and explained the toilet was broke.

As I returned i went past the girl and smiled. She smiled back

Happy pooping - I'll tell my office diarreoh story later

Tulsa boy
Hi, first time poster, even though i've been on this site for quite some time.

Firstly, some info on me

Age: 14
Height: near 6ft
Gender: Hmmm, let me think, what name an i posting under
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: blue
Colour: White
Fave poster: Diva, i wish she'd come back

Secondly about the name, i do not live in Tulsa, i was there for less then a day, however, i was born there, i live in england.

Ok, now let's have a story.
When i was 12 i babysat for the woman across the road for half an hour, anyway, the girl i was looking after (4) was playing in a paddling pool, and at one point, she got out and began 'talking' to me, about 30 seconds later, she grabbed her crotch and looked at it, almost at once she released a torrent of pee, when she was done she just got back into the pool without saying anything.

I'll return with more, after the break

Keith D
To Claire: Interesting notes on women peeing outdoors even when a toilet is close by. I thought it would just have been a convenience thing and hadn't thought about someone doing it just for enjoyment.

I have to admit that I do kind of enjoy pooping outdoors. I often have no other choice as I work outdoors a lot. But I would never want to be caught though. Never really have been an exhibitionist. It just feels good. I have a story about a recent poop at the beach if anyone is interested.

Claire can you describe some stories of you outdoor peeing adventures for us?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hi everyone it's me again lol

I've got another question to ask people ""Is there any person still on this forum that have been posting since like 97' 98' 99' 00' 01' 02' ( must be only those years ) I really like to know cause there use to be alot of great stories on here ( don't get me wrong there still is alot of great stories on here lol )

*I'll post more later*

~See you later~

Hi to you all. This is one of my first post here ( I have posted here before sometimes they didn't accept it and sometimes i didn't put a name ) i'm going to try and be a regular poster but heres a little bout myselfy. I'm 13 (almost 14) and i'm 6'8 ( i know i'm tall lol :) ) and i'm white 185lbs and thats bout all. Ny first question I have is that when I read the post from 300 - 400 there was this girl named Becca and sometimes she called herself Rebecca and her post were amazing. She was Ten at the time and her sister i think it was Lauren was 6. Her last post was i unno i say about 8 years ago and I was wondering like your 18 now i guess lol and your sister is the same age as me ( almost 14 ) and i was wondering where did you go and if you ever read this post I have here please responed too it. I doubt that you will since you probaly forgetten about this site ages ago but if you do remember this site please feel free to post here again I miss you and i'm pretty sure other people miss yuo too; tell us how your sister is doing how your life is going and etc.. I really hope you come across this and post because i miss your stories they were so kool.

Heres my second question is there anyone out there who wipes there bum while standing up, I do and it's alot better to do it that way too cause your not sticking your hand between your legs so your not coming in contact with germs and two you can see what your doing and lastlyyou don't have to worry about getting something on your hands or something like that because you see what your doing.

*I'll post much more later*
~See ya later~

My name is Gavin, I'm tall, blue eyes, blonde-brown hair, and throughout my childhood I have had a lot of bathroom experience,s with my cousin, Stacy. She on the other side of the state, but she usually visits every few months and will stay for about a week. We are about the same age, but I'm a few months older.

My first experience with her was when we were both 6 and I was visiting her house. Her parents have a 10 acre ranch, and Stacy and I were exploring the wooded area. She said at one point "You know boys pee out of somethin' different than girls?" "No way! Realy?" I said "Yup" she responded. About 15 minutes after that conversation i said "I have to go pee pee" "Me too" she said. I pulled down my pants and got out my penis (She had seen her baby brother's before, so mine was not the first she had seen) and started peeing into the bush. She pulled off her pants and her panties down to her ankles, sqqatted and said "See?", leaning back to show me her "private area" before beginning to pee. It was the first time I had seen one so it was a surprise.

Gotta leave now but next time I'm at the computer I'll write about when I learnd girls pooped and farted, as well as the time Stacy and I shared a toilet.

It's me again! I have some more memories from a few years ago involving Stacy and I. We were both seven, and a family reunion was going on, so were staying with Stacy and her mom for a week and a half. Two days after they arrived Stacy and I went swimming. Afterwards, we both had to pee really badly (It was mid-afternoon and neither of us had gone to the bathroom all day). We first put on towels and stripped our clothes(A rule in the house is no wet clothes), and ran to the toilet. Stacy got there first but I knocked on the door and said I really had to pee. She said we could each sit on one side of the toilet and face opposite directions while we peed. As I dropped my towel and positioned my bum up against Stacy's, I farted and a huge glob of clear mucus squirted onto Stacy's back. She started lauhging hysterically(She always finds farts funny, and I guess the fact i farted right on her made it funnier). I sat down with my tush against hersand we both finished peeing, then I wiped off the mucus from her back with some toilet paper. Since then we have shared the toilet quite a few times.

Another thing happened five days after that. We hadn't gone and explored the big woods on her ranch since I got there, so we went. I had to poop while we were out there, and Stacy watched. While I was pooping, I looked at Stacy and asked "Do girls poop?". I had never seen her or any other girl poop or hear them fart, so it was a big mystery to me."Of course stupidhead! Girls are people just like boys, so they poop and fart just like boys. I have to poop real hard right now, but I didn't want to gross you out." she said. "Oh, it won't gross me out. Will you?" I asked "Sure" she said, and pulled off her jeans and brought her panties to her knees. She sqatted about five feet away from my pile, braced her sphincter, and let out a really big fart, followed by a few logs. I started laughing and she started laughing, it was just so funny. "Okay wait, wait. I have some more!" she said. She stood up straight, squeezed her ????, leaned back then forward, and squatted again. She made a strained face for a second, then let out an even louder fart, this time dropping some softer poo. "Push on my belly." she told me. I walked up and pushed downwards on her lower belly. Some more short, rapid farts came out, then a big 7-inch log to top off the pile. She let out a sigh of relief and said "Man that felt good!". This was the first time I had seen her poop, and her pile was almost three times the size of mine.

Anyway, I'm in a hotel right now, and we are taking a road trip to Stacy's place to stay for a week. Tommorow we get there, and hopefully I'll have an experience to post during the week.

My girlfriend and I were camping together last summer, and she got on her 2-piece to go swimming, which was tight-fitting, white, and *slightly* transparent. We were almost to the lake when we ralized we forgot our towels and beach umbrella. So we were walking the mile back to our campsite. My gf tells me to pick up the pace b/c she has to "pee", but the way she walked with her cheeks clenched told an entireley different story. The port-a-potties were fairly close to our campsite, and we still had almost 3/4 of a mile to walk in the woods before we got there. The woods were peacefully quiet, and I could hear her stomach making a whole symphony of rumbling, bubbling, and squelching noises. She suddenly farted and I could see a small but obvious brown mark right where the art released. Then I could see the brown mark slowly spreading "Shit! My ass is leaking!" she said as she picked up speed. Apparently diarrhea was slowly leaking out even with the tight clench she maintained during her mad dash. She suddenly fell to her knees from gas pains or something, because she had one hand on her stomach and one keeping

shy poop girl
I am a 22/f and I just can't bring myself to poop in front of my boyfriend. I hold it in for days sometimes when I drive to visit him a few towns over. Has anyone else ever had this problem? If so, please give me some advice to get over it.

poop girl
I took an idea from a post from a while ago. I put newspaper all over my apartment. Then, whenever I had to go to the bathroom, I would go on the newspaper. I think my boyfriend is suspicious but I still love to do it. I never want to use the toilet again!!:)

Andy, what a great story. I only have one question. Did'nt you ass ich like crazy the rest of the way home and you must of had skid marked from not wiping?

anyone have storys about pooping their Thong?

The other day I had a terrible case of constipation.I noticed that I hadnt pooped in a fewdays and when it was time for me to poop it wouldnt come out. When it finally did inch towards my hole it came out a little bit but the other half of it stay in my ass. i strained for the shit to come out and even wiggled my ass on the toilet seat to see if that would loosen it up some but it was no use. I attemped to wipe but my hole burned from the oversize shit that attempted to come out of it. i wiped what i could, pulled up my panties then left the bathroom. a few hours later i tried again. It still hurt some but the mission was accomplished :)

Hi everyone, new here. I'll share a few stories of mine.

One is when I was 12, and I was at the beach during the summer. It was cloudy and cool, so my mom and I were the only ones there. I had to poop, but there were no toilets, and I was pretty indecisive about what to do, since I was wearing a one-piece. I finally surrendered and started to walk behind the dunes, but half-way there, I lost control. My swimsuit sagged quite a bit, and my mom was very angry. Luckily, there was not anyone there, so it wasn't a big deal.

The next time is when I was home alone for the day (I was 16), and I was in my pool. I made tacos for lunch, and was suntanning in a bikini out back. I let out a fart, and then turned over to get up and go to the bathroom, but just as I turned over on to my knees, I let out another fart, but everything else followed. It was really messy, but none of it leaked out, so cleanup wasn't quite as bad as it could have been.

I Am one of the few and proud female truck drivers out here. I'm 25 years old, and I just found this website A month ago. Here's my story.

I was driving through Arizona out in the middle of nowhere. I was about 200 miles from the next bathroom stop. When all of a sudden, I felt this intense urge to poop. It was painful and I had to pee too. I held it as best I could. About 50 miles later, the dam broke and I began to pee my pants. They were completely soaked. There was just one more problem. I still had to poop. I held on for another 10 or 15 miles. The pain just became unbearable. I thought to myself, there's no way you're going to make it another 140 miles. And there's absolutely nowhere to pull over. At that, I lifted my butt off the seat, and let go. The poo was solid. I just Drove with my butt slightly elevated from the seat for ten minutes while completely filling my already soaked panties. When It was all over with, I realized that I wasn't any bit ashamed. I actually Thought it felt okay. So, every now and then, when I get the urge, I'll just let go into my panties. And after learning the hard way, I now wear a diaper on any trips longer than 500 miles. I've only had to use them twice. I hope this wasn't too long, but Because I don't get home very often, This will be the only post for a while.

I asked my girlfriend if I could watch her shit and she said "I don't care" and she did it in front of me and I love it.

Hello. I'm new to this forum, so before I post a story, I'd like to introduce myself to everyone here. My name is Kari, I'm a 24 year old girl with long brown hair. I work at the local video rental place five days a week. My friend told me about this forum a few days ago, and now I've decided to post my own story.

I have to crap every day after lunch, around 12:30 to 1:00. Unfortunately for me this means I am forced to crap at work, rather than in the comfort of my own bathroom. Anyway, on most days this is not a problem - I just tell the person I'm working with to hold down the store while I go to the bathroom. Our store has a unisex three-stall bathroom for faculty only, so I can just go in, sit on a toilet and squeeze out my load.

However, on rare occasions, I'm working alone. The manager has a strict policy regarding leaving the store unmanned, even for ten minutes. So I have to hold it in until someone else comes on duty, at which point I can run to the bathroom and take a much needed crap. This story is about one of those days.

The story starts on a Thursday at maybe 11:00. I'm stocking shelves and one of the guys I work with is at the counter. He asks me if, since there are no customers, he could go out to lunch. I agree so long as he promises not to be gone too long. Well, it's a pretty slow day, only one customer comes in, and now it's about 11:30. I grab my paper lunch bag and start eating my sandwich... now fast-forward to 12:20.

My stomach starts rumbling and this is my sign that I need to crap soon. But no sign of my co-worker and the next shift starts at 3:30. I'm so tempted to go to the bathroom and crap really quick, but I know if a customer comes in while I'm on the crapper, my boss will not be happy. So, I decide to hold it for a little while.

12:35 - My urge is still managable, although I'm beginning to regret not taking my chance to go earlier. 12:45, I'm starting to get desperate and the guy's still out to lunch so I can't leave. 1:00... Holding in my crap is becoming still increasing difficult.

The clock reads 1:05, but it feels like it's been hours since I last checked. I know I've got about five more minutes before meltdown. 1:08 - A car finally pulls up and my co-worker gets out. I don't even bother waiting for him to get into the store - my crap is already peeking in and out, I need to go NOW!

I dash to the bathroom in the back, take the closest stall, don't even bother closing the door, yank down my skirt, and my first log forces it's way out into my panties. I take those off too and try and position myself so the turd ends up in the toilet. Sweet sweet relief! At this point, I lean over and close the door and go back to pushing out my big crap.

A log shoots out of my butt and floomps into the the toilet. Another one, splash. sploop, plip, plop. Then another crackle as a formed turd eases out and rests in the toilet. I can't even describe the relief I felt at this point. My nice white panties are rather ruined, with a gigantic stain in the middle, but I'm too relieved to care.

I always like to look at my creations before I wipe and flush them away, so I turn around and look in the toilet bowl. There's a large log curled around the outer edge of the bowl and one down the center. Two floaters and a small log finish off the movement.

I have to wipe a couple of times just to get the crap off of my panties, although as I suspected, the stain is awful. I wipe three times from back to front and then three more times from front to back. I press the flusher and watch my well-deserved crap circle around and around before finally being sucked down the drain.

I hope my first story's not too long. I have other stories from my work place, some others about desperation and some just about regular craps. I also have another story I want to share about the time I got to hear this hot guy I work with (not the one in this story) take a crap.

Long time lurker here. When I was in 6th grade I peed my pants. I had asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom and she said no. Well, as time went on, I became more desparte to pee and little squirts would come out and finnally I just couldn,t hold on and totally peed my pants, and I soaked the chair and the floor.


Just out of curiousity, what's the longest turd anybody has laid?
My own personal best is about 30 inches.

Looking forward to seeing some answers.

Keith D
To the lady who posted the pregnant poop story, what an awesome poop! Really filled above the pan? You should be proud. I bet the next person in was surprised. So was it a fairly thick rope of poop?

Keith D
Hi Rachel, LOL at the toilet paper being "disarmed". Not much of a muffler really is it? Yeah I know it's tough getting some of these things out in the open. But the embarrassment is worth the rewards when you get to a stage where you can poop when you need to. After a childhood of constipation I only managed to become regular after I started college. It was also the first time I was able to use a public toilet for a poop! While I still can't really go with family around, it is now easier with strangers around in a public toilet, especially if they are in their pooping first. But yes, funnily enough, I seem to have problem getting my pee flow started with others around still.

Hey, college-age girls do poop too you know! It might seem like they don't because when everyone is first at college they try to be all adult and sophisticated. And the hectic schedules and often poor diet can mean that regularity can be difficult. I remember some of my female friends from college describing their experiences. Often they would get really backed up, especially on field trips where facilities were often less than private or hygienic.

I found that the easiest way to get over my fears was to find a place where I would be totally anonymous. Easy on a really big college campus. I used to go to another department building, where I wasn't studying and no one new me, and use their facilities. I would take a stall then push out my load without worrying about how much noise I made. Knowing other people are there and not caring is a liberating experience.

Thank you to everyone who answered my post; I was surprised I received so many responses.


I'm sure lots of people have been in the same situation, but you know how alone you can feel because it's not something people talk about, except here of course. As far as your suggestions: I've used the toilet paper trick and it works for the most part, but sometimes it doesn't hit the paper properly or is of a size or consistency that "disarms" the toilet paper. As far as public restrooms, women don't do that when others are around, at least not college-aged women. I can barely pee when others are in that close of proximity, so I can definitely not imagine pooping.

When I was a senior in college, my roomate was depressed a lot. So, she would spend a lot of time in bed. In addition, she had few friends and awkward social skills. Not knowning how else to deal w/it, I took the attitude that life must go on and chose to ignore her being in bed bc I usually knew she was wide awake and should just get help. Being an open person and living in a suite w/a shared bathroom that locked on both sides for privacy, (the bathroom connected 2 rooms but we didn't get along w/our neigbhbors very well) meant that I considered our side secure as long as just my ex was around and she was "sleeping" and I'd always leave the door open. I don't think she ever cared and I didn't either since we're both girls after all and I can be open w/girls bc I have sisters. My ex was the first guy I was so open w/. But her lack of social skills could be annoying at times too. It meant that she didn't have a good sense of boundaries. Physical ones mostly. As roomates, you definitely see more of each other than you want to at times too. Literally. W/her it felt like I saw twice as much as I wanted to on a daily basis. Anyway, I remember one day, I was either rushing off to class/somewhere else or getting back from somewhere/class and I really had to pee. My ex was nowhere around in fact I think I might have even been rushing off to meet him or getting back from seeing him. So, just to be quick I hurried into our bathroom, kind of aware of the fact that my roomate was up and about and following me but not paying much attention. I don't remember if I said, "I have to pee come talk over here if you want me." or not. Anyway, I just know that she wound up in the doorway and the door stayed open and I didn't care much. Her bed was just a few feet away from the doorway anyway and like I said I'm open. But, just because we girls have the same equipment doesn't mean I want to see someone elses' or vice versa. Anyway, she had a question about a letter she was mailing and how many stamps it needed. But, I had to pee so badly, I was already seated and peeing away (maybe even before she realized that's why I was rushing if I did in fact forget to tell her but, even if that wast the case she didnt close the door or leave the doorway after I started peeing) and not knowing where it was going and obviously unable to get up and reach the letter I told her to bring it to me so I could see it. Well, she did and I swear she wound up standing like right in front of me. She could have just come by the sink or whatever but she was right in front of me looking down at me head on and stayed there while I looked at the letter and tried not to notice if she was looking at anything bc she didn't seem weirded out at all, and yes, kept peeing because like I said I really had to go so I must've gone on for at least a minute or more. I laugh about it now, but at the time I felt kinda akward and embarrassed just b/c since I don't wanna see her goods I'm pretty sure she doesn't wanna see mine and when someone is right in front of a girl when she's peeing she can't help but feel it's all in plain view. But, I honestly think that a combination of social awkwardness and what she viewed as a close friendship of hers was all that made her seem so completely innocent and unaware of just how close she was and the fact that I felt awkward at all bc for her sake, knowing all this about her, I did try not to show it. I also wasn't mad and didn't say anything to her afterwards. Just a wee (haha good pun right) bit embarrassed. In retrospect, I wonder if I should have talked to her but know I didn't have the heart to because it was like she just didn't know better and like I said, I do laugh about it now.
Got another one.......
A few weeks ago, I was at my friend's house literally just lying around and talking and laughing and being lazy while she got some stuff done. We'd had Chinese and Sprite for dinner but I wasn't even all that gassy which is amazing for me since it was Chinese and I NEVER drink soda so carbonation in me is like 10x the fun because my system isn't used to it. But, I did have to pee and knew I should but I was being lazy. Eventually, my friend went to put her contacts in to go out and I got up and followed her into the bathroom because I'm always open w/her (we've known each other since elementary school and been buds since highschool) and had to pee pretty badly at that point.I was also rallying for her to wear her glasses bc I like her better w/them on.Knowing her father was in the same general area,I quickly closed the door behind us so he wouldn't see me go in and think I was weird or catch a glimpse of me pulling my pants down bc I was pretty much undoing my fly as I followed her in. So, I quickly sat down to pee and although I had a feeling I was dehydrated before I started I had no idea just how badly till I sat down and actually started and my pee was so STRONG and stunk SO BADLY. I FELT terrible! But my poor friend was trapped inches from me while I was still going (again a little longish bc I really had to go) bc she knew if she opened the door I'd be pretty annoyed. Also, in her case, it was a much smaller bathroom, her eyes were blurry long enough w/o glasses that I felt comfy. I finished peeing right after she put her contacts in yeah, *sarcasm* nice timing I know. She hadn't even had a chance to leave the bathroom yet when I stopped and I hadn't wiped yet either and inthat split second before I did she quickly left the bathroom probably knowing I would have preferred she wait for me in case her dad was around. But I don't blame her. The stink was pretty unbearable in the air even after I had just finished. No farting or even tiny crap at all while I was going just bad dehydration.I did wipe and flush it quickly but and she didn't say anything afterwards when I went back in her room but my attempt to apolgoize later and her silence then too and sorta fake, awkward, laughter made it clear she had been mildly pissed (another great pun lol) or just plain weirded out by the whole thing.I felt terrible but, what could I do? I couldn't help it and we both knew/know it. And yes, I will continue to be just as open w/her as I always have been bc I trust her and she's my bud but also REALLY hope nothing like this happens again anytime soon!

I have been looking at this board for many years - basically about 10 or 11 years. I haven't hardly posted here for a while, just basically lurking here.

One thing that comes to mind but I have forgotten for many years, back when I was about 16 or 17 years old in H.S. there was this Filipino girl I knew who was 2 years older than I was. We were good friends at the time but no male/female type of attraction. One time, she came over to my house for the afternoon, my parents were around but downstairs. She had to go use the bathroom but there was no T.P. Before she could use, I had to hunt down a roll for her and she went in. What I remembered, she was in there for a while. In some ways, I thought it was gross but looking back, I would have enjoyed being in there with her today. I had some interest in girls at the time but preferred younger ones, not older.

What brought this to mind was reading Josh's entry when he gave a ride to a girl who messed her pants to her house. I want to hand it to Josh for being a gentleman especially being at a H.S. age. At my age, I would try to stay out myself but if I was 18, I would have one heck of a hard time staying out and probably would not had the integrity as Josh. For Josh, I hope things go well between you and that girl.

hello i am going to share a story with u that happened to me recently. i was driving to my mothers who lioves in the next state. well as i was driving i felt the need to poop, but thought i could make it to my moms i hate going #2 in public toilets i only do it if i really have to. well about 30 minutes later i realized i wasnt going to make it i was cramping bad i pull into this small gas station get out of the car and run in with my hand on my but i really needed to go. i go in the bathroom is in the back i didnt knock i was in such a hurry i opened the door and my god there was a guy about 30ish sitting on the toilet she said sorry door dosent lock i closed the door and stood by it i could hear him shitting his brains out. after a few minutes i knocked and asked him if he was almost done he said a minute. well5 minutes later he came out and aplogized i just rushed in pulled my pants down far enough to get my but on the seat and let it rip and my luck as i was exploded in the pot hthe door flys open and a woman is shocked and asked me to hurry she had diaerah i said i just got in here and will be a few minutes 5 minutes later i heard u almost done i said no the n i heard her pulling off her pants and i heard her shitting in something well i left a few minutes later she used the mop buckett and by the look of it she did have to go bad

Red Headed Michele
Hello All!

Seems like I haven't posted in forever. I've just been so darn busy with work and personal stuff. Every couple weeks I try to catch up on some of the posts if I can find the time. Desperate to Poop, are you still around and if you are do you have any more recent great desperation stories? I have one that happened to me Wednesday so I had to share.
I work in a supermarket as a supevisior to the cashiers. It's not bad work but one of the disadvantages is finding the time to sneak of to the ladies oom when you have to. If it's really busy I have to be up font in case a cashier has an issue. On wednesday the store was very busy because they were forcasting snow fo the next day. I didn't feel good that morning anyway because I was just starting my period and we know how that is ladies!! I got dressed in my work clothes of black pants and my white button down dress blouse. I hate having to wear these blouses. I have vey large boobs and no matte what I do my bra straps always show and I have a button gap in the front. UGHHHH. Well, I got to wok and it was cazy by then. I had the 12-9 shift which was even worse. The store was crazy and I immediately had to open a register and help out with some lunch orders so people didn't have to wait in line with the people stocking up. By about 12:45 it started to quiet just a bit so I was able to close my register and float around like I'm supposed to. I began to feel a discomfort in my ???? and I kinda dismissed it as period pains. I kept working and doing stuff but not too long later I could feel a rumbling in my ???? and I knew I need a bowel movement. The major problem in our store now is there are only the one set of bathrooms in our store as we are undergoing a major renovation and the employee bathrooms are ripped out. So I quickly headed over to the public bathrooms and went in the ladies. It is currently very small with only two stalls and thankfully will be much bigger this time next year. Both stalls were taken. I was waiting only a minute when I was paiged up front by the store manager. Damn it I thought as I went out. He saw me coming from the bathroom and apologized. He needed my help getting a check approved and when I was done I was about to head back to the bathroom. By this time I was getting pretty bad cramps in my ????. I told him o hold the fort and I was on my way back when I got interuped by a customer. I had to deal with her complaints for about five minutes and then I re-entered the ladies room. To my dismay both stalls were now taken and there were two women waiting. One was a customer just ahead of me and first in line was a girl fom our deli. I sighed and stood in line feeling my ???? want to exploded. One woman exited a stall and Megan from the deli went in. The blond haired lady in front of me was about 35 and had her coat unzipped and was holding her stomach. She looked at me and said I hope the other stall opens quickly for you because I may be awhile. She said she had a really bad bellyache. I just smiled and tried to be polite but i was about to go in my pants myself. Soon Megan exited and the blond quickly went in. The left stall was still occupied by the original person. Another girl who was a cashier on break came in an stood behind me. Her name was Jess and she said that it was getting busy again and John the manager was waiting for me. I told her oh well and said loud enough so hopefully the people in the stalls would here me that I was about to poop myself. Finally the girl on the left came out and i bolted in. I had the worst runny diahrehia. It stunk so bad but I couldn't help that. The bathroom situation at work is just awful!

Hope to hear from you Desperate to Poop! Anyone else have and good desperation stories?

Me and my girlfriend go to the same high school. Although our classes are in different wings of the building, I try to walk her to most of her classes because we like being together. I'm a senior and she's a sophomore. The problem is that after 2nd hour she on most days needs to stop and take her shit. The largest of the girls bathrooms isn't too far out of our way and I find it to be amazing that she can go in, take her shit and she's out and we're back in the hallway on the way to classes within 2 minutes. I just think it's amazing that she can go that fast. Then after 3rd hour, she has to pee. So I walk her to a bathroom on the south wing and it takes her 4 minutes--or sometimes a little less--to do it. I've asked her why because us guys can pee fast and we need more time on the stool for our shits. That's especially the case for me because it may take me a minute just for cleaning myself. Well, Meredith says to shit she just sits right down and it's out within a few seconds. When she pees, she puts paper over the toilet seat before sitting down and she says that takes more time. I can understand it taking more time, but why would you not want to put paper over the seat before your crap also. In each situation, aren't you touching the seat? I just don't understand the logic, but since I'm a guy and I've never worried about sitting right down on the seat to shit, but it just seems strange to me and some of my male friends also agree. However, Meredith says that's what her mother taught her to do and that's what she does. It's okey with me but it seems so weird. To me, a toilet's a toilet and a seat's a seat! Does it make that much difference what you're doing when you sit on it?

LINDA: Please do post your stories about your mom pooping and peeing her pants!

Long time no post. I haven't had much to say. My cousin is a model. I was with her at one of her shoots. She was doing a new brand of blue jeans. Before the shoot started, we were in the dressing room together. She pulled down her pants and then slipped on a diaper. I was puzzled. She said that it makes the butt look bigger. I had no idea that models did that. When she left, I seized the opportunity and grabbed one of the diapers and tried it on. It was a pretty snug fit. I left the dressing room with the diaper on under my sweatpants. About half way through the photo shoot, I felt the urge to poop. I thought about it, and found it pointless to use the bathroom as I was wearing a diaper.I pushed and felt the log slide out into the diaper. I didn't wait around to clean up because if I were to be caught I might hurt my cousin's career. I just thought it was an interesting experience.


Last week was just not a lucky week for my (now)girlfriend. As I said, we went to the movies on sunday as our first date. It was about a 2 hour movie. About an hour in, she turned to me and said she had to poop. I told her she better go, unless she wanted a repeat of friday. She said that she could hold it. I didn't reply, as I hoped that she was right. About another 45 minutes later and she started squirming violently in the seat next to me. I turned to her and told her to use the bathroom now, because the entire crowd would be there when the movie ends. She didn't leave because she said she didn't want to miss the rest of the movie. She made it through the rest of the movie. We walked by the bathrooms, I offered for her to use the bathrooms, but she still refused because of the long line. We walked out to the parking lot. About half way to the car, she stops and regains control of herself. She somehow made it all the way to my house. She ran up to the bathroom, I stood outside, but she invited me in and said that she doesn't mind if we watch each other go to the bathroom. I walked in and she pulled her jeans down revealing her underwear. She said are you ready, and I said I guess so. I expected for her to pull down her underware and sit on the toilet. But what she did next caught me fully by surprise. She turned around with her back facing me. Farted silently, and then proceeded to poo her pants in front of me. I won't go on into detail about what happened next because that wouldn't be appropriate for the forum. But what she did was entirely unexpected.

I was sitting in my girlfriend's apartment, watching T.V. when suddenly I squished out some poo. I don't know where it came from. I didn't feel the urge to poo. It hit me immediately. I burst out of my seat and headed for the bathroom where I proceeded to take off my pants and clean up. I had to leave my underwear at the sink.
I walked out nude from the waist down and proceeded back to where I was.
My girlfriend asked me if I "skid-marked", and I responded that I did, even though it was quite a bit more than a "skid-mark". It was, in fact a bit of poo, in my freaking pants.
Then I walked back to where I was when the incident occured, and I noticed a small stain on the couch seat.
I have to say that my girlfriend was very understanding. She just treated the stain with some cleaner and we went back as if nothing had happened.
Look, I've known this woman for some five plus years, but never have I pooped in my pants in front of her.
My embarassment was a given. How could someone squeeze out a crap and not be embarassed?
I must say that she handled the incident with great dignity

Hi my name is Vanessa
I'm 19years old and life in Sweden I'm 5'6feet and 120pounds
I really like all the stories here
heres a story which happend to me 2days ago
me and my sister ana(17) went out for a walk after about45minutes of walking i felt the urge to go number two but i thought i could hold it so i kept on walking.
after another 20minutes my stomach started to make strange noises my sister asked me if i was feeling good, i told her that i needed to poop she told me that we would need 30miuntes to go home, i said that i cant wait that long.
so she said i should go behind a bush i was shoked when she said it but at the same time i thought it would be interresting to go into the snow.
so we went into a yard and went behind some bushes she said that she had to pee and unziped her pants it was a long stream and i could see that i felt really good. so i started by my self at first a little pee came out then i started to push stinky fart escaped and my sister started laughing i told her to be quit because i didnt want anybody to see me shit in a yard.
i pushed again and i felt some pieces come out of my ... another fart came out this time it was like really loud and airy i thought i was finished so i cleaned my self and left the poop in the snow and left :) on our way home i farted sevral times my sister said that i would fart like a guy and i could win a farting contest :)

i got some questions (specially to the ladies)

1. Do fart a lot while pooping?

2. Do you fart in front of other people?

3. How many times a day do you fart?

4. Have you got any farting stories of you?

So i hope you liked my story.
have a nice day vanessa

I posted last month about my first out door poo and the initial extreme trepidation. It is really a once in a blue moon experience, unlike an out door wee. This is something I had, and have, so much experience of. It certainly stood me in good stead for getting in a good squatting position for that unavoidable out door poo in the wilds.

I read an interesting post some time ago about someone seeing a lot of evidence of girls weeing outside a perfectly clean and open public toilet which they could have used. It does not entirely surprise me. I like to wee out doors and, if there is little chance of being seen and it is not raining or cold, have to admit that I find it a bit of a thrill and preferable to using a toilet. It is a lot quicker than a poo and therefore there is far less chance of being spotted. There is a saying that the world is a mans urinal. I think it can apply to girls as well, but obviously more discretion is required!

It is nice to squat behind bushes when the wee will be absorbed by the ground. On concrete it is preferable to find a slope, no matter how slight, to avoid getting it on your feet. Car parks are a prime location because of the cover. Not having the strongest bladder and liking a drink, many of my out door wees have not been out of choice and under the cover of darkness. Locations include lanes, front gardens, parks and even bus shelters. I recall one occasion when I was really desperate and had no choice but to wee on the floor at the back of a bus! Luckily it was virtually empty and the driver did not realise.

As a toddler my mum would encourage me to wee on the floor, or in a gutter, if I was caught short when we were out. She would only get the potty out if I wanted to poo. I was weeing on the floor outside before I was using a toilet and as a result it became very natural. It was not until I was a teenager, and discovered I liked a drink, that I would regularly wee out doors. It would often be a communal wee with other girls - safety in numbers! I have often had a wee out doors in front of a boy friend or more recently husband. Having a drink has the effect of lessening inhibitions about being seen and I have often been spotted, sometimes during a communal wee.

We have a big back garden and when the weather is nice have barbecues in the summer, right at the back. The loo is a long way away at the front of the house and using it is a bit of a chore if I do not need to go into the house for anything. There are trees which make it impossible to be seen by from neighbor's upstairs windows, so I will relieve myself behind their cover. My husband and guests often do the same.

As a little girl I was often taken to the seaside and toilets were usually some distance away. My mum would encourage me, by example, to wee in my bathing costume when in the sea. I found it a very pleasurable and warming experience. It is something I still do. I will go into a toilet to change into my bathing costume and wait until I am in the sea, up to my waist, before having a wee. It is something I would not consider in a pool of course.

I know I'm not alone in liking to wee outside. I will be having more come the summer. The thought on a freezing day in February is not altogether appealing, unless out of desperation!

Master Blaster
Nothing terribly interesting to report just lately. Been dieting, which I think had contributed to me making less poop than usual. I just got done with a decent one. I had to go really really bad, so as soon as I sat down, my turd rushed out. It was a pretty good one, about a foot long or so. A few small chunks later, I was finished. Nothing to write home about.

Kayla--->Wow, 15 solid minutes pooping and farting? Dang, you really had to go! Is there any way we could get a play-by-play description of that load, like how many turds you did, how long they were, etc.? By the way, your turds smell worse when they are long and out of the water because they *are* out of the water. There's nothing to get in the way of them and the air! So, that's the deal on that. I'd love to hear more details about your load, so bring it on!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Last week my and my friend Lisa were hanging out after school at the school. There were parent-teacher conferences that night and my mom was going to drive us both home (we live about three miles away) after she came and talked to my teachers. So it was about 4 p.m. and we were just hanging out when Lisa told me to come in an pee with her. She took the first stall, I don't know why, but she always does. I guess it had just been cleaned and the seat was up so you could hear her drop it. Plunk. Then she pulled her jeans and panties down and she positioned herself on the seat. We're both 14 and she liked to talk. Like right after her butt hit the seat she's complaining on how cold the seat is, how she hates winter and is afraid her pee is going to freeze up. Pee freezin' up--that's kinda funny! Well, anyway, I was just latching the door in the second stall and Lisa continued to talk away. I was turned off by a full and I mean full (it was over the top of the water) bowl of shit that handn't been flushed. I wasn't about to flush it because I felt it would clog. I studied it and noted there was no toilet paper in the bowl. I told Lisa and we both were wondering how the person wiped. (Apparently they didn't and they are going around with really dirty and smelly underwear). So I went into the next stall. The toilet had been flushed and I put myself on the seat but I really don't know why. I had peed a couple hours earlier and had crapped at lunch, but I wanted to keep Lisa company and we had time to kill. When Lisa's in that mood and talking a lot, I don't say much, I just listen. We'll I heard Lisa start her pee flow and even then she was talking away about how her mom was probably going to ground her if she found out about her math grade. I get better grades, but told her that would suck. We must have sat there while she talked for about 15 minutes. Then this woman comes running in pretty much at full speed, goes into the middle stall so fast that the door hitting the partition jars our partitions, and we could hear a giant eruption and sigh as the crap started exploding out of her just as her butt probably would have touched the seat. You could see her feet move a little as she was going through her purse. Lisa stopped talking and we were both listening as we heard her curse as she bent over to find something in her purse's clutter. I remember thinking at her crap wasn't likely to clear her rectum by much since the bowl was full and I was hoping she wasn't about to try and flush and flood us out. Finally, we could tell she was standing up, we could hear a couple of wipes, and then she walked out of the stall. As I got up off the seat and peeked out from the door I couldn't believe it but it was my mom who was standing at the sink washing her hands. As soon as she left, I told Lisa and we both had a laugh. We looked in the stall and mom added about three large pieces of shit to the collection. I don't even think a janitor could have flushed that. Me and Lisa then went down to the cafeteria and gymnasium where the conferences were being held. When we went up to mom, we asked her "what's up?", but we just looked at one another and laughed. We already knew!

Thursday Night I finally had a date with a very interesting guy. He was good looking(ish) nice guy which I was pretty excited about.

Half way through dinner my stomach was acting up but I figured I would hold it in, then when we left he invited me to come over and meet his room mate and his room mates girlfriend. We got to his apartment when nature called for me to the harshest possible extent. I excused myself and went into his bathroom. As soon as I got in there I go down to business. I let out 3 or 4 huge smelly farts before a strong flow of wet poop exited. I did not yet realize how bad it smelled. After I wiped up and got off the toilet and had to flush twice to get it down I exited and right after his room mates girlfriend entered. She came out in twenty seconds with a discusted look on her face and the whole night she kept giving me snarky looks

last night i was on my way home from the movies. i didnt realy feel good and new i might have some type of movement soo i was driving fast. i was wearing jeans with a sweatshirt and my blue thong. i let out a fart and i knew i shouldnt have it was wet and new something came out. i was clenching the last few minutes home but about 2 minutes away i coudnt hold it anymore and just let it go all in my pants

something weird happened this morning that hasn't happened to me in years. im 18 btw. i woke up around 6 am for school and normally when i wake up i have to pee and poop first. last night it was snowing and there was freezing rain so before going to the bathroom i watched the news instead to see if school was closed. unfortunately it was only a delayed opening, so i just peed really quick and went back to bed, but i didn't poop. i fell back asleep pretty quick. i woke up 2 hours later and i could smell something unpleasant. at first i thought my dog had an accident in the house. but then i sat up and felt a *squish*. my heart nearly stopped. i totally crapped my panties. i was so shocked. i got up and rushed to the bathroom and i could feel this big mooshy poop pancake sagging down the seat of my underwear. i looked at it in the mirror and it was pulling my purple panties down a little and i could see my buttcrack and there was a big stain on my panties. there was also poop on my thigh. i still can't believe i pooped my panties in bed at my age. i guess next time if i plan on going back to bed in the morning i'll poop before i do so i don't have another bedtime accident!

To Julia

Do you have any other stories about pooping your pants. That is the only one I have but my mom pees and poops her pants alot so I'll try to post them sometime.

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