Hi friends, it is me Magda again. I wrote some weeks ago about my holiday when I was a little girl, and I now have time to write another story about the same holiday. One day we are bathing at a lake when a big thunderstorm came suddenly. Everyone ran home, but our car was far, so we only went into the small dressing room so we wouldn't get very wet. To go back to our car, we will have to hike a lot, and it was too stormy for that. The strong rain stimulates us for peeing, but the room was only a big room without any toilets or anything. My mother says that probably nobody will see us, because it was raining so much nobody was outside. She and my father helped my little brother and little sister pee against one wall while I take down my swimming costume and pee beside them. When all us kids are finished, my mother and father make us a place to sit with the blankets on the opposite corner. My brother and sister fall asleep almost right away, but I lie down only while my mother takes care of their peeing. My mother stood backwards at the wall and peed a strong jet that came out and hit the wall. In this time my mother says she will have some problems, because she has to poop. She opened the door to go outside, but the storm is raging strongly, and she could not go out. My father says: what can we do, because I also feel the urge to make poop strongly. My mother looked into our bad and found a plastic bag and says: we will go in this. My father says to hurry up because he has to go also. My mother tells him to hold the bag for her and he stands behind her and puts the open bag under her bottom. With some farting, 4 poops slid out of her bottom. She wiped quickly with tissues from the bag. Then my father said he was at his last second-he had already pulled off his costume and was bending down. As he bent, a poop was coming out, my mother quickly caught it with the bag. Frrt-plop-ploop-pfrrt-plop, he filled the bag with poop. While he was pooping he also peed a little by pointing his weiner at the wall. It stopped raining after some while and we went out and put the bad in the trash.

Fr P Don't Worry,My best friend Fr D gets a lot of gas,and farts during mass on a regular basis.
Just remember the rhyme In church or Chapel let it rattle.
He would rather do that than be in extreme discomfort.

We've all heard horror stories about having diarrhea on a first date, but what about having diarrhea on your first day of work?

I started a new job about a year ago. It's great, I love everyone here and we've all become good friends. But the first day was awful. I was one of three new people hired that day. They had a meeting in which we all had a chance to get acquainted with the staff. I was already feeling queasy all morning before going to the office, which I attributed to nerves.

Anyway, the meeting was to be about an hour long. I'm sitting there, and I can feel the pressure building in my intestines. There was no one I could turn to to cover for me, I didn't know anyone there at the time. Just the manager who had hired me, but I only knew him for a few days before everyone else. Worse yet, the meeting was being held in the kitchen, and the bethroom was right next to the kitchen.

Finally, a sharp cramp hit me and I groaned. I couldn't help it. I just got up and said, "I'm so sorry, please give me a moment." I rushed into the bathroom, a unisex and the only one in the office.

I yanked my pants down sat on the toilet and had explosive diarrhea. It was loud, it was painful, it was smelly, and I knew there was absolutely no way that the people in the kitchen weren't hearing every last fart and splash.

After a few moments, I felt better and was able to rejoin the meeting. I apologized again and they all said, hey it happens to the best of us. A mortifying experience at the time actually helped me feel a little but more comfortable around everyone. Nothing like taking a noisy shit with your new co-workers listening in to bring people together!

I did a GIGANTIC poo in school this morning breaktime. My poos are all over the place at the moment and this one was 3 days worth.

I was in there the full 15 minutes of morning break, first in and last out, and it was pretty much constant plopping and farting so pretty much every girl who used the toilet that morning break knew about it. And if you fart in the toilets in my school it echos like 10 times louder round the whole room than if you'd just farted in your pants. Also some of my turds were long and came way up out of the water which I find is when they tend to smell the most so it was really bad.

I missed my whole break and some of of my mates who knew I was in there came in to start fillin me in on what I was missing, but they didn't stay long once they smelt it. They knew I was ok 'cos they're used to this sort of thing from me. By lunchtime pretty much everyone in the school knew how I'd spent my morning break, and although I obviously flushed the toilet, the evidence was still there in a major way, I guess anyone who found it knew who's it was.

Does anyone have any IBS stories? I was just recently diagnosed and was curious if anyone had any good stories. I have also been interested and turned on by pooping and would really enjoy to hear some experiences from others!!

trucker bombs

The local news had a report about trukcer bombs. Truckers pee into plastic water or soda bottles, then throw the containers out of the truck's windows.

The reporter said that the state has to test all liquids to find ot if they're hazardous. Doing the testing takes time and costs the taxpayers millions of dollars.

The news showed a trucker pulling into a rest stop, opening the door of his truck and peeing onto the ground.

Josh - I hope all goes well.
Your story was certainly a very unusual way to get a date but surely one that neither of you would have wished on the other. Something else occurred to me: maybe she had her eyes on you already, or maybe not, but in what was obviously a very sudden crisis could she have wished for a more considerate response from someone who was to all intents and purposes a stranger?
I don't think so! You could have ignored what was happening and just walked away or, worse still, you could have mocked her for what happened. It must have been a very strange and probably embarrassing experience for you too but you did neither - you were simply consoling, modest and understanding of her situation. What could she not like about that?

Thank you to everyone who answered my post; I was surprised I received so many responses.


I'm sure lots of people have been in the same situation, but you know how alone you can feel because it's not something people talk about, except here of course. As far as your suggestions: I've used the toilet paper trick and it works for the most part, but sometimes it doesn't hit the paper properly or is of a size or consistency that "disarms" the toilet paper. As far as public restrooms, women don't do that when others are around, at least not college-aged women. I can barely pee when others are in that close of proximity, so I can definitely not imagine pooping.

To the un-named woman,
I'm sorry about your break-up, and you were lucky to have him at the time. I hope that I will have a bf or husband that is willing to do similar, but I've never experienced anything like that before. It would be nice to be in a living situation with openness since I wasn't able to grow up with it.

I don't really have anything to say about the digging,sorry. My poop tends to vary greatly, depending on food quantity,illness,etc. I'm not sure the biggest I've ever done, but I've definitely clogged the toilet more than once, and different toilets. Frequency also varies; I don't eat very much usually, so I guess on average, I go every other day, sometimes 2-3 days. However, we often eat a larger dinner on Sunday, and I almost always have to do a huge poop on Sunday night, but don't have the privacy to do so at home or at school and sometimes can't let it out until Tuesday, which is extremely difficult. Yes, I sometimes do little bits before the big one.

When I was younger, I used to visit my aunt and uncle and cousins every summer. They only had one bathroom in their house, which would be full most of the evening because we were all taking our baths. My uncle would always drink a lot of water with his dinner, and I was always amazed that he could drink that much and not have to go to the bathroom for the next several hours-but then one night I discovered his secret. I was in my room was at the back of the house, and you could see the back door from my window. For some reason I was standing at the window when my uncle came out the back door. I watched in amazement as he unzipped his pants, got his penis out over his underwear, and unleashed a huge stream of pee into the grass in front of him. He peed for almost a minute, then went back inside. I discovered he did this every night at about 9:30, so from then on, whenever I stayed with them, I would always try to be standing at my window at that time.

The R Man
To Babysitting Shaylen:

I read your ture story about little Elliot and the ladies restroom situation. I that that you are a WONDERFUL babysitter from what I red, I think that is very thoughtful and trusting of you to let Elliot go into the mens restroom. No wonder he loves you. You show him that he is trusted. And he deserves it 100% :) He has proven time and time again that he can be tursted, 100% trust worthy:):):):):):):):):)

JaLe: What a wonderful story. I am sure you and Hanna were stimulated by chatting to each other as you went to the toilet. I know that sometimes having a shit is not a pleasant experience and it is very comforting to know a firend is close by, maybe having a touch time too. Please keep sending your experiences here, it's wonderful to hear them.

I had an experience to relate the other day. In Newport there is a ladies toilet close to John Frost Square. It's underground, down two flights of stairs. I had been having warning signs in my stomach whilst shopping in the market but had ignored them as I shopped. Getting home though was impossible as I walked from the market my stomach was churning horribly and by the time I reached the toilets I was walking awkwardly, holding my ass cheeks squeezed tight together. To my horror there was a queue waiting to go, about six I guessed but I couldn't be sure because the stairs down blocked the view inside the toilets. There were eight waiting to go in fact. There are six cubicles so I wasn't really worried although my panties I was sure would be stained a little. As I fidgetted on my feet the woman in front was doing the same and she turned and explained to me how she hoped they would hurry. It seemed as though all the cubicles had people having a shit, for certain the first three cubicles had women having a shit. The queue lessened slowly and as my 'friend' and I got closer she turned and said as I was wanting to go badly we could 'share a cubicle.' I wasn't sure what she meant, but the way I was feeling by then I just nodded and said yes. Eventually it was her turn to go and we both hurried inside and bolted the door. Fortunately the cubicles are quite large and there was room for us to put our shopping on the floor. We both got our panties down and squatted on either side of the toilet. I shit immediately and she was just a split second behind. Both of us sighing with relief. I could feel her bum against mine and it wqas both comforting and erotic. We both shit several times, bursts of quite loud splashes into the toilet before she reached for the toilet paper and stood a little to wipe herself. I was embarrassed then because I had stained my panties a little, but she made no remark although she must have seen them when she turned and pulled her jeans up. I finished a fes minutes later and wiped myself and managed to wipe the stain in my panties dry too. We exited the cubicle to the astonished looks of the queue that was still waitng to go. She asked me if I felt like a cup of tea and I agreed. We chatted and I found out she worked in nearby offices, we also laughed a little as we exclaimed how it helped to be with somebody as we were going, although not in quite such close proximity. I was thinking of this as I read about JaLe's experience with Hanna. I wonder have anybody had similar experiences?

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks, hope ya'll doing well.

It snowing here in NJ and cold as heck! I can't wait for spring time to come. Well I got a quick post to share, so here goes.

Sunday night into Monday morning, I had pee a lot. Drinking beer like I usually do on Sunday nights and get drunk, and a nice cold glass of water to keep from dehydrating. So I felt good and full, I got myself ready for bed. Just before I hit the sack, I had to pee, I grabbed my pee cup that I use for small amounts of pee, put the put up to my woody and filled it about 1/4 the amount into the cup. The urine was nice golden brown color and rich salty smell. I put my pj's and hit the sack out cold. About 2 hours later, I had another urge to pee. I grabbed the pee cup, closed my door to muffle the pee sound and for privacy and filled up to the brim! Then I put the piss filled cup under my bed and went back to sleep. About an hour later, the urge hit me again, luckly I had my piss bottle available as a backup. So I put it to the woody and filled it half way. A few hours later I got myself ready for work, so I had consolidate the piss filled containers into one. So I dumped the piss filled cup into the pee laundry detergent bottle and put the lid on to keep the bugs and smell dowm.

I rinsed the cup out for next use, took my shower and got dressed for work.

I hope you all enjoyed my post, let me know what you think.


--Mr. Clogs

I was in school no bathroom I had to pee and poop so bad
so I had to hold it all day It was hard to do when I don't go for five days

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hi.Andy from Scotland back again after a while.Today the weather was amazing here for the time of year.As i have mentioned before i work as a gardener.Today i was working in a garden where i had no access to a toilet so as the coast was clear and i really had no choice ,i peed a small stream behind a shed.No one saw me and it felt good.
AS the day went on and i worked in glorious sunshine and spring like temperatures,the only thing that spoiled it was slight stomach pains which increased gradually.A few subtle farts helped,but i still felt uncomfortable.I made it through the day,but as i drove home the pains grew worse and finally the time came where i had no choice but to take a diversion along a quiet road where i pulled into a lay-by and ran into a wooded area.I had hardly gotten my jeans and underwear pulled down and half squatted in the undergrowth when i heard a loud phlllllutt!!!sound and a good sized log fell out of my bum,followed by a few smaller round pieces and some slight diahorea.I stayed squatting until i was done, before pulling up my underwear and jeans.What a relief!I also noticed the faint remains of some more human waste,so it seems that someone else had used this area to relieve themselves.A good day with the chance to pee and poop outside in good weather.Hope you enjoyed this.Please comment as i would love some feedback.CHEERS BYE FOR NOW! Andy.

I was wondering ... what people if any have this problem? I have anxiety disorder, so i get very nerves sometimes I do things to fix it but it still gets to me sometimes. Well when i was talking to my gf one day she started talking about us and how unsure she was about u. Well to make a long story short i pooped my pants coos i was so anxious that i couldn't control it ? This is a rare ocurance but i was wondering dose it happen to other people ???

Wow! I just took a HUGE dump. Right now I'm on my period and for the past few days I've felt really bloated and miserable. My stomach has been somewhat bulgy and I just don't like how disgusting it makes me feel.

A few minutes ago I had the urge to poop...I had to go SOOOO bad that I considered unloading the load into my underwear but I knew it would be too messy so I grabbed a roll of TP and pulled my pants and undies down and pushed. It kind of hurt, but slipped out quickly. Flump. I wiped and pulled my pants up and was AMAZED at the size of it!

It was 12 to 14 inches long (that is really big for me) and sticking slightly out of the pan (where the hole is). Jeez! No wonder my stomach has been really sore and bloated...there was a lot of shit in there!

My stomach still hurts considering there is more poop in there, and I have cramps, but that load made my stomach shrink considerably, so I do feel better :)

It must be all the brown rice and cauliflower I've been eating with dinner every night :)

Problem stomach still has a bulge in it no matter how much I poop. I'm always sick to my stomach. I'm always tired. I always feel terrible. It feels like there is a lump in my stomach.

Is it the Irritable Bowel Syndrome or should I go get it checked out fully?


my most memorable experience was around 5 years ago,
i was 5 months pregnant and in the waiting room at the
doctors surgery, and felt the urge to go, so i asked for the keys
to the toilet,( it was a single public one that the group of shops and the surgery shared) sat down, and i just thought it was going to be an average poo, but it just kept on coming out! it curled around the bottom of the bowl, up the side, and hung over the seat. (i had stood up at this time) it was about 5cm/2" thick and as long as my wrist to my shoulder. i just stood there amazed at this colon sculpture and didnt have the heart to flush it, though i doubt it would have gone down the s-bend anyway, so i left it, returned the keys, had my appointment, and have tried to replicate it ever since!

Babysitting Shaylen
to Danae:

I can so relate to your story because I have a similar child care assigment, but although it pays well especially over the summer months and school breaks, I find the parents are quite demanding and sometimes contradictory. There seems to always be somethng I'm being criticized for or somehow talked "down to" despite the fact that I'm an honors student taking who takes college-credit classes while still in high school under a dual entrollment program. I'm 17 and have been working with this family for more than four years. The money is very good and Elliot, who just turned 6, is pretty nice and we've developed a nice friedship. My parents think he's like the kid brother I've never had. Unlike with Tara, however, Elliot has never gotten "lost" in a public restroom, but last summer his mother called me, had me come over special, and was very "concerned" that I was not "supervising" him correctly, and she got all bothered because I had been letting him use public toilets on his own. At places such as Wrigley Field, the circus and the mall, I would walk him to the doorway of the mens room and then wait there for him to go in and do his thing. Although I would never leave the doorway, she and him fought over how much independence he sould have in such situations. She says she intends to take Elliot into the womens bathrooms until he is at least 7 or possibly 8 because he shouldn't be out of her sight for even a couple minutes. And the problem is that Elliot just hates that! He likes to be trusted and independent on his own just like he is at school. He is in lst grade and has had no problem with accidents. At school, when he has to pee, he goes the urinal, unzips his fly and goes. He's usually done within 3 minutes. The same is true when he has to crap. He finds a stall, sits himself down, wipes, flushes, and then comes out on his own after he washes his hands. He doesn't like the doorless stalls at school, but like I told him, I don't think that's going to change. Well, anyway, last summer we were at a Cubs game and I asked him if he would like to have me walk him down to the bathroom and he could use the mens room by himself. Previously, I had been taking him into the ladies room and because he's a little bigger than some of the others, he was getting stares while he had to wait for me outside my stall. On the day in question, I had been constipated and on the stool for about 5 minutes trying to get something going when I saw him looking in on me as I sat there, frustrated and out of toilet paper, a few minutes later, when my
three-day large crap finally came. I just didn't think that was the best situation for him to be in. You could see Elliot was embarrassed about it too. So like an hour later when he has to crap, instead of taking him into the ladies room, I led him to the door of the mens room and he went in on his own. He apparently had a real messy crap, found that he had no toilet paper, and rather than get into another line and wait for it to move forward, he just pulled up his shorts and considered himself done. Any way, two days later, his mom was doing the wash and found his underwear with some pretty gross skidmarks and she questioned him. She was appalled that I had let him go in alone, go into the stall on his own, and not just the fact that he had left the skidmarks, but that he had been allowed to sit directly on a public toilet seat! She said I should be taking him into the ladies room, putting toilet paper over the seat for him to sit down on, and more closely supervising him. He thinks this is excessive and embarrassing. I was never taught to put paper down on a toilet seat before using it and although I see that some people do, I think that's a bit much and really wasteful of the paper. No wonder the rolls are frequently out when I really need a few sheets to wipe with. What do the rest of your guys do when you have children of the opposite six with you in public places? While my mom agrees with me, I don't expect Elliot's mom to change her demands anytime soon.

Keith D
To Rachel: I understand what you're talking about and have had the same problem. I too feel as though I have never learnt the proper "technique" for pooping, and that led me here.

Some people seem to be able to just sit and drop, with the thing finding its own way out. Not me. Always a strain. And my family never talked about it and were very private. I always felt like a freak for not being able to just go. It made me very self aware while pooping and I still can't go if friends or family are around. I've made many posts on this topic. I'm getting better these days and can now poop in a public toilet, when strangers are around.

People really do need to be more open about this stuff. But some people just can't imagine the frustration of not being able to go.

In the end, I still have trouble going normally (whatever that means). I've found that the easiest way to pass a difficult poop is in a squat-type position. For some reason, pooping is much easier when you squat. I think its something to do with the shape of the intestines and pelvis, and the location of muscles. Others seem to find the same thing. I think Penny has mentioned that it is much easier to poop while squatting, as you do outdoors. I guess that's how I came to learn it.

But squatting indoors can be difficult. On the floor would be messy and balancing over the seat could be downright dangerous. I find it easy if I sit with my buttcheeks on the seat, then lift my legs up so that my knees are up to my chest and my heels are on the front of the seat, but while my butt is still on the seat. This gives a semi-squatting position, which makes it much more comfortable to push and a much mroe successful way to get it all out. But while still using a conventional toilet. Weird, I know, but works very well.

As for sneaking a poop while family is around, that can be difficult. Usually before I go, I drop a few sheets of tp in the toilet so that when my poop drops it doesn't make such a splash. Doesn't help muffle any straining though... I hate having to rush a poop when others are around just so that they think I was only peeing.

Like you Rachel, I wish that I could talk about it with my family.

Brian at Sears
Laticia: As a guy who uses doorless toilet stalls where I work at Sears on a daily basis, and who has been caught by women with my pants down more than once, i.e. the cleaning women, and women who walk into mens rooms for kicks, I'll say this. It's kinda embarrasing for us. Especially if our dicks are flopping out in the open if our trousers are ankle position, and if we have a log stuck in our asses in 'third gear" waiting to drop and a woman comes in and stares. I get a bit flustered. Give us privacy, we give you yours, (and you girls have stall toors on top of it all) Happy New Year everybody. Celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary in March, don't seem posible ....

Laticia : Just because we are men doesn't mean we don't want privacy.I think that if mens toilets have doorless stalls,so should womens.What you did was messed up.We will see who's laughing if a bunch of men walk into the bathroom while you are shitting in doorless stalls.

to Laticia.... I don't think what you girls did was wrong at all. If the guys are shitting in open stalls, they expect to be seen by everybody, and guys love to show off their dicks, and brag about how they stink when they shit. I'd go in with ya when you crash "Mister A"....Carla

German student
My mother is adhered to some religious movement very concerned about harmony between humans and nature. When younger I often went together with her during summertime to some of their gatherings. Very often these were arranged as camps in the woods for 3-4 days. The group was quite small, often 20-30 persons or less, mostly women with their children but also some men. Mostly there was no real toilet. Some times they had made some simple toilets out of tree branches etc. But often we just had to go somewhere in the woods. Everyone did. Not only the children.

Re: Laticia's post. I see where this topic is going so I am going to add my two cents. Guys, what is the problem with a woman seeing you take a dump? It's not like they haven't ever seen a penis in their life. I am all for coed restrooms, etc. and would have no problem using a doorless stall. if I ever have to take a drug test where someone has to watch me piss I always ask if I can have a woman instead of a man. I dunno, I just don't see the big deal with it. Making fun might be a lil excessive for some guys ( I would've found it funny ) but just being in there is no big deal.

To Laticia,

I liked your story,

It sucks that you and your friend got fired for what you did. I have to agree a little with Ron, you probably shouldnt have done that, only because it would have been a bigger deal if two men had walked in on you and your friend going poop in the ladies room. I think your prank would be funny but you might get into worse trouble, and we'd miss you here if it was that serious.

Maybe the two of you could sneak in to the mens room again, and both of you take humongus dumps, and leave them for Mr. E to see and clean up (now that would be some serious payback even I wouldnt do that)

Well if not lets hear one of your poop stories.

Peein' Paige--I really liked your story! I am curious about a couple of things. You say your pee stream was caused by having some extra weight. If you lost the weight (and I'm assuming you did because of the past wording) do you no longer have a strong flow? I've heard of overweight women having seemingly smaller bladders because, much like pregnant women where their bladders are being squeezed from the extra bulk. For the majority of what I have read on women with exceptional bladders, they tend to be on the slender side, but of course there are always exceptions.

I'm curious also, since if you had such a strong flow and would go for more than two minutes at a time, could your bladder not wait to be emptied in the privacy of your home? It would seem that would have saved you some headache, unless your family was up in your business about taking really long and loud pees. Perhaps you drank more liquids than average? At any rate, it seems you found a solution that worked for you, though I would think that peeing on the inner rim of the bowl, particular at your heavy rate, would also make some degree of noise, though certainly not like peeing into water.

One last question--what were your thoughts on peeing able to pee so much longer and louder than your peers (pardon the pun)? I know the name calling wasn't fun, but did you have any satisfaction when some girl would enter the restroom, pee, wash up and leave all in the span of you still peeing a power washer stream? Thanks again for posting, can't wait to hear more! -Bubba

I had a nice pooping session last week at work. One day, soon after our morning coffee break I had to pee and I felt slight urge to poop as well so I went to the ladies room. There are two stalls and both were empty. I picked the first stall and locked the door. I sat down and let out a fart and peed for about 15 - 20 seconds. Then I felt my ring started opening and tip of log emerged out. It was thick, but rather soft so it started sliding out slowly. I didn't push at all, I just leaned forward.

Only the tip of log was thick, after few inches it started getting thinner. It hanged out maybe 6-7 inches and was about to broke off when I heard the door open. Just then the log broke off and it fell with splash and was followed by smaller turd with nice splash. The comer walked over and went into the next stall. She must heard my splashes, at least the second one. I heard the door locking and then clothes undoing. Then for my surprise she said hello and mentioned my name. It was Hanna, one of my co-workers, who was in next stall. There was rather high gap between floor and partition wall and I think she must recognized my shoes under the partition. Hanna is full figured lady in her mid 30's. She is voluble and she started immediately talking to me.

Hanna tinkled shortly. I could hear a bit of strain in her voice so I found that she needed to poop as well. Hanna started grunting a bit harder but she was willing to keep talking with me. Nothing happened for a couple of minutes but then I heard few tiny farts followed by continuos plopping. It sounded like she dropped a bunch of small, hard pebbles. It was lovely to listen. They just came out one after another: plop, plip, plup, plop, plop, plup, plop, plop, blip, plopů

While Hanna was making small plopping sounds, I pooped out two medium size turds, maybe 4-5 inches long. I know I was done, but I didn't wipe yet. I kept sitting and talking with Hanna who was still going. There was no more plopping sounds but she strained and grunted. Between her grunts I could hear familiar crackling sound, you could tell that she was pushing out really big piece of poop. It finally dropped into the toilet with huge splash. Then two smaller lumps evacuated with a fart in between each. She gave out a big sigh of relief and rolled some toilet paper off. I started wipe too. Hanna wiped only twice before she got up and flushed. My butt hole was a bit smeary and I needed wipe 5 times. As I came out of stall Hanna was already washing her hands.

I'm a long time lurker, I've never had anything to post about untill yesterday at school. I was walking back to the Band room from drumline practice (I play snare). When I passed the girl I've had a crush on for the past year or so. I put my drum away in the band room and came back to buy a soda. She was standing at the machine too. That's when I heard something. I heard a her make a quiet fart, and then I heard a crackling noise. I looked down at her butt and saw a bulge starting to form. I couldn't believe it. The hottest girl in the school was pooping her pants right in front of me. She finished about a minute later. I could tell that she really had to poop. She started to cry. She was horrified at the fact that she had filled her pants. She turned around and saw me. She then began to bawl. I felt really sorry for her and offered to give her a ride home. We walked out to my car (it's one of those cruddy little hondas). I sat down, and then noticed that she wasn't getting in. She said that she didn't want to mess up my seat or sit on her loaded pants. I told her that i had a towel to put on the seat. She said she still didn't want to sit on her pants because the poop would mush around in her panties. I gave it a thought and then told her that I could give her a ride, or she would have to walk home. And she got the message. She carefully sat down. As she did, I heard the squelching as the poo spread around in her pants. She was clearly sickened. I opened the windows to let the smell escape. I drove her home. It was only a five minute drive. But when we got to her house, she wouldn't let me leave. She said that there was no way that she could clean herself up. I told her that I couldn't help her because i'd would have to see some private areas in the process. No matter what I said though, she just kept begging. Then my guilt just took over. I agreed to help her clean up. We went up to her bathroom. She began to take her pants off. I looked away. She told me not to worry. She said that she was ok with a guy like me seeing her naked. I still looked away. She said, well, you'll have to help me get my panties off. So I looked over. Man, she had filled her pants. I pulled her underwear down and looked away. I was surely an odd feeling being in the same room as a naked girl. But I forced myself to keep looking away. She took about an hour to clean up. I stayed outside the bathroom as she cleaned. She said its Okay to come back in now. I came in assuming that she had gotten dressed already. She was only in her underwear and a sports bra. I looked away again. She said thank so much for helping me. She walked over to me and pecked me on the cheek. She got dressed into clean clothes. We talked for a while and i ended up asking her out. So I have a movie date with her tomorrow. I still find it amazing that I managed to never see her naked. I'm glad that I didn't though, because we weren't in a relationship at the time. I sure hope that wasn't too detailed.

I pooped my pants again this morning. I usually get up between six and seven but being Saturday I didn't set my alarm. I woke up and aside from having a very full bladder all was fine. I remained in bed ten or fifteen more minutes before rolling out of bed. I knew I could hold the pee so I sat down at my desk to check the e-mail. The computer was already on and connected to the net so checking the e-mail only took a couple of minutes. I started to feel the rumbling of the bowel and knew a poop was coming but didn't think it was an emergency. I pulled on the jeans, grabbed a shirt and headed downstairs. As I reach the bottom of the staircase, I must clench to hold back what I now know is soft serve. I round the corner, walk into the bathroom, and close the door. In the few seconds and about ten feet between the bathroom door and the toilet, the soft serve filled my panties.

I live in China, which is a vexatious trial for someone who hangs onto even the remnants of Western standards for public facilities. As Beijing ramps up their final preparations for the Olympics, the days of the no-stall, open-pit gang squatter are drawing to a close, but to be caught unawares too far from the green zone of the home toilet is still a risky proposition. The other evening I joined my friends for some Chinese food, really a grand a varied repast that included fried grubs, bee larvae, tripe, and a host of unmentionable and unidentifiables. Usually there is an hour of two of leeway after Chinese food, but in the cab on the way home I began to feel a very distinct movement taking control of my guts and blitzing towards the south.

Well, you may imagine that I set all sail to the wind on alighting from the cab, a vision of that home toilet gripping my mind as fiercely as the descending revolt clutched its territory in my bowels. After an agonizing elevator ride, I burst into the apartment to find the bathroom door shut.

"Yitzak, I have a bit of a restroom emergency here"


My roommate is Israeli and takes an infernal long time in his toilette, but I have no evidence and make no claim that there is a connection between the two.

Could I wait him out, or was it time to leave the safety of the green zone? No choice, I flew. The Movement was making rapid advances in its cause, and lobbied with increasingly more influence for some urgent action. I stalled and filibustered on the elevator and then put forward a motion in favor of the McDonald's down the street. The facilities there were an unknown, but the other, documented, toilets in the area were abominable. And I'm talking piss-covered, TP-less, barroom squat toilets for anyone who may imagine my sensibilities dainty. McDonald's was the choice, and at this point I was committed, leaving it to the advance of cultural imperialism that the head would be a throne and not a urinal set horizontally into the floor.

The squat toilet is a singular device with its share of proponents, who advocate for the ergonomic and colon-clearing benefits of the squat position. But I for one have a damnable hard time not peeing on my pants when I use one. With loose stool, there is also the problem of splatterback. Pants, shoes, bum, floor - all are at risk if you don't judge your distance from the bowl correctly, to say nothing of the hazards of loosing your balance. I also find I don't get enough cheek spread on the squatter - I always use a little manual spread and then brace them on the seat. In a word, I am not a squat man.

Well friends, this McDonald's toilet was a squatter alright, and filthier phlegm-riddled loo you have never seen. It was too late to try for anywhere else. The Movement had gone to a vote on its cause, which was seconds away from passing, with or without the pleasantries of a toilet.

So I squatted. Rather, I pulled my pants down and hung splay-legged over the porcelain pit, clutching the handrails that McDonald's so graciously provided for its foreign guests. A jet of liquid shit nearly filled the basin (I will not do it the dignity of saying "bowl") before I had even fully lowered myself. I overcompensated and accidentally brought my rear into contact with the footrests, but I was past caring. The whole thing was over in a matter of seconds. I was drained, purged, turned inside out, dead and reborn.

A quick survey revealed no damage to the pants or shoes, but I had added my own considerable quantity of urine to the floor. I think it was improved for it. Wiping was a bit difficult - the lack of balance and cheek spread really make themselves known here. I had a quick follow up back at the apartment afterwards.

This wasn't my first encounter with the squat toilet, but definitely the most memorable. For great bathroom stories, Asia is hard to beat.


I was traveling to California from NY. I hate flying. Anyway during the flight I went into the bathroom. As I sat down I saw a book on the floor. It name was Deja Poo by Philip Donicker. I laughed so loud the stewardess knocked on the bathroom door because she thought I was having a heart attack.

I don't know if the book was put there by the airline or by a fellow passenger but either way I thank you tons. It made the trip the least frightening in years.

When I got home I ordered the book over the internet and now it's in my bathroom.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Peein' Paige
Because I was a little (about 20 pounds) overweight in middle school, I had a pretty ferocious pee flow. So when I would come into an otherwise quiet restroom, take a stall and sit down and pee, the noise would be audible throughout much of the bathroom. I don't know why, but I would sit as far back on the toilet as I could, spread my legs wide, and of course, the pee's noise would be an attraction for harassment. And when I started peeing, it would be well over two minutes before my bladder was empty. One older girl, who definitely didn't like me, called me the "Flood" because of the amount and intensity of the pee I would produce. Others--probably because they were older--were harassed less even though there were large farts before their shits or very crude explosions of gas. By the time I started high school, I was getting tired of it and hearing remarks about toilets overflowing after I used them because I would be adding a hundred gallons of water to them, etc. So with the exception of when I have to crap--and that's about twice a week--I have devised a way to cut down on the overall noise in the school bathrooms. What I do is put my butt only over the very front of the seat, meaning that while the very front of the toilet is holding me up, my pee is actually dropping onto very front of the inner-bowl and not all the way into it so there's no sound of my pee hitting the water. In order to accomplish this, my knees are practically against the inside stall door, but there's almost no noise since my pee flow iis hitting directly into the bowl and it is avoiding splashing into the water. When the bathrooms are perfectly quiet and that's usually during class periods, I've even had users remark about how we are much more progressive than the neighboring school districts. The labels used don't disturb me, but anything that shuts off opportunities by some of the others to make fun of me makes me feel a lot better. Some students have even accused me of just sitting and not peeing because I'm keeping my process so private. I just don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Hi. I'm 16 years old boy and go to High School. Last week, friday, I went to study at school in the library, after my last period. When I packed my stuff and walked to the exit of the building, I went to the bathroom because I needed to poop. The school was deserted, but there were cleaning ladies. They were cleaning the girls room. I went in the boys room. The bathroom is very small, but still with lots of stalls (five). Normally I don't poop in there because everyone can hear you very clearly. One time this happened and this was very embarassing.

Well I went in a stall and put my pants to my ankles. I sat down and began to push. I had to go all day and had a very full feeling, but it didn't come out easy. While I was pushing, suddenly the door to the bathroom opened. It was a cleaning lady. She started to clean the toilets, while I was sitting there. I didn't know what to do. I tried to be very quiet. She eventually came to the stall next to me. Then she suddenly asked if I was making any progress in there. I said no. She said that I didn't have to be afraid to poop while she was in there cleaning. I was shocked. But I did as she said and went ahead with pooping. My poop made loud splashing sounds while it hit the water, which made me blush. The cleaning lady did't say anything. Then, I wiped and flushed. I hesitated a moment, but then I opened the stall. I saw the cleaning lady waiting for me to finish. She had a big smile on her face and went in my stall directly to clean the toilet, while I was washing my hands.

After that I went to home.

For Alice T (and others, of course)

I enjoyed reading your little storry about bedwetting and diapers as it reminded me of my childhood.

I'm in my late fifties now, but I was a bedwetter until almost age 7. I wore diapers and rubber pants at night and for the longest time nothing my mother did seemed to work. She tried restricting liquids
after dinner time, trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, etc, but all of these things failed.

As some of you might remember I have cerebral palsy (I post here every few months), but my disability had nothing to do with my bedwetting. I can't say why I couldn't stay dry, and I know my mother was
becoming very frustrated. I don't think I was deliberately not trying and I didn't feel especially ashamed about it (at home), although I was embarrassed when others found out. I had a friend at the time who was my age, he had spina bifida, and he was in diapers all the time, so I probably didn't think it was that bad needing diapers at night.

So, one day my mother said to me, I'll give you a quarter (twenty five cents) for each night that you can keep yourself dry. And, that quickly my bedwetting stopped. My mother washed out a jar for instant coffee, and put a slit in the jar's metal lid, and that was my "bank" for my daily quarter. I can't recall how long this went on (maybe a month or two), but one night my mother came to me and said somethng like, "I didn't wash your diapers, you're going to have to sleep without them tonight," and with that my need for diapers ended.

I attended a school for the disabled (kindergarten through high school), and over that time I knew many kids with spina bifida who were incontinent and wore diapers. Because of this, I have had an almost life long diaper fetish, as I've always been fascinated by diapers and incontinence. Given the way I "turned out," I've often wished that I hadn't been so anxious to trade my diapers for those quarters.

Hi Rachel, by all means you should be able to talk to your mom about anything, especially something health-related. Many of us on here had moms that were so focused on regularity that it was our moms that were always bringing it up to us! Just remember she poops too, and probably has more problems than you. Just wait for some time alone with her, or if a similiar topic comes up between you, you can try to steer the conversation that way.
On a sad note, my BF and I split up. He would always help me in the bathroom department, and would do digital rectal stimulation on me when I was constipated. Guess I'm going to go back to doing it myself. I'm trying to stay away from Correctol and enemas, but it seems like once a week or so I just get so stopped up that I need help.

To Laticia: You and your family ought to be ashamed of yourselves, thinking what you and your girlfriend did was funny. How would YOU feel if the ladies toilets had no stall doors, and two men walked in on you while you were doing your business? Men deserve privacy while they are on the toilets, and the Library manager had every right to be upset with you. As for the two men you walked in on, they were probably just trying to make light of a very uncomfortable and embarrasing situation. Most buildings use doorless stalls in mens restrooms to keep the flow of men using toilets at a steady flow, as opposed to guys locking themselves in a stall and reading or sleeping for hours, not for women to invade their private space during their most private function (shitting). Am I alone in my opinion?

Pooping Women
Hey i want to tell a story that happend when i was kid ... a friend of mine was her house and invite me and 2 other friends over to her house for a girls day out event well all went in the shed to get something out to play with balls and tennis rackets and basket balls and she
said to everyone i need to shit but i dont want to go in so we all went into the shed she came across her old grand mothers church she went and put some water in it so nothing would not stick in the bottom of it . and she brought it back with water in it to the shed .....well we asked her was going to do with it with the water she said i am fixing to poop in it and still be here with u all .... so she raised her clothes up and did a nice big piece of poop and she farted some and she did another poop and she got some paper and wiped ..... she said enjoyed us being there while she pooped i hope you all enjoyed it .....

Angry Guy

What you were doing is not right at all. It's down right messed up. How would you like to be interrupted by a bunch of boys when you're trying to take a dump in a doorless stall? Men can't do what you were doing without being arrested or worse. It's totally f***** up! Leave "Mr. E" alone! He was right to fire you for being perverted!

The idea of the men's room not having doors on the stalls while the women's room does is complete bulls***! Either have BOTH rooms with doors, or BOTH without them. Women complain all the time about equality, but what about us men? We should have doors on our stalls!

IBS Blows
Many years ago, I began to notice that I could go from not even having to poop to not being able to stop from pooping in a nanno second. I'd never heard of Irritable Bowel Syndrome till finally I was diagnosed with IBS. But, for years, I've found myself having to empty my bowels at the most inconvenient times. One of those times happened not long after I got married. My wife and I moved into a mobile home which was parked and set up a considerable distance from our work and everything else we did but it was the only place we could find open when we bought the trailer. Well, one day we found out about another trailer park really close to everything we did that had some openings so one Sunday after church we went to go check it out. The place was kind of out in the country and that was cool because we like the country setting a lot. Well, after we checked the place out, we were on our way down the lane where it was located when out of the blue, mother nature started ringing my bowel bells. I knew there was no way I was going to make it back to town and to make matters worse, it had snowed the night before which made wandering around in the woods even more difficult in my Sunday best. But I had no choice, I had to stop or poop in my pants which I didn't really want to do since it was such a long ride back home. Luckily I found a driveway to pull off into, exited the car and found a large tree to hide behind to relieve myself. I barely got my pants down when when the rectal waterfall opened up and out gushed Walton's Mountain. It started out as a nice solid log but quickly gave way to diarrhea. The funny thing was, I thought I was a considerable distance from the road but I guess in my panicked rush, I didn't get as far from the road as I thought because as I was in the middle of my dump, I heard a car coming. So here I am, in a 3 piece suite and tie, squatting down with my pants down around my ankles as this car passes by and it's inhabitants see the whole thing. From their pointing, hollering and honking, it was obvious that they were having a blast with it. But then to make matters worse, I no sooner got the first bowel movement done when they started to move again. And then a third time. Every time I tried to get up to move to a more obscure location, I would cramp up again and then fire away involuntarily. Several cars drove by... every person in them just living it up to the fullest. In a way, I wanted to be embarrassed but it was just so "stinkin" (no pun intended) funny. My new wife, on the other hand wanted to get in the trunk and hide. Well, the last episode in this series did get a little bad, I guess. Apparently, I was pooping on the back side of someone's farm. And apparently, they had just butchered a cow. Because after I FINALLY emptied my intestine, I was running back to the car, and kind of half buried in the snow was the head of a cow... which I proceeded to trip over and landed face first into the snow. Needless to say, we didn't end up moving to that trailer park.

fulup, I LOVED your story, tell us more!!!!!

I normally have very firm poops every two or three days. I don't like to poop at work so I shower in the morning and try to poop at that time. When I woke up this morning, I had a thought. It normally takes around twenty minutes of pushing to make a drop, so why not start pushing before I get to the toilet. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I gave a firm push for about fifteen seconds then relaxed as I gathered my jeans. I gave another firm push...a short squirt of pee escaped into my panties and ran down my legs. A couple more pushes (and squirts) and I felt the movement begin. Time to put on my jeans and shirt and...whoa...I'm pooping my panties!!!

I squeeze hard to stop the advancing poop. Before I got stopped, I had messed myself. With a golf ball size load in my very tight low rise panties, I pull on my jeans and shirt, grab clean clothes, and head downstairs. I arrive at the bathroom door to discover the room is occupied. I am now standing in the kitchen wearing poopy pants. Despite my best effort at damage control, the deposit grows slowly. Finally, the bathroom door opens and I must walk past my mom. Safely in the bathroom with the door closed, I slip the jeans off and relax. In a matter of seconds I finish pooping (in the panties) and step into the tub. Before turning on the water, I sit down in the tub and at that time, the mess in my panties pushes up my butt crack until it protruded above the waistband.

Not sure
Just wanted some opinions on something from either men or women. What do you think about men taking their young daughters into a men's room? Sometimes I'll be out and in a restroom at a urinal and a guy and his little girl will come in. I know that sometimes he has no choice as she's too little and needs help and she can't go in her own bathroom yet but I don't know, it just feels weird. Probably because I feel exposed to someone of the opposite sex and who's underage particularly.

Should I just finish my business or should I try to cover up or stop altogether? Sometimes they'll go in a stall but other times will go to a urinal near me and he'll go with her standing there.

I know little girls of a certain age probably don't understand what's going on or aren't aware yet but as I said it just feels kind of odd. I'm sure other people have experienced this. And is there an age where it's definitely too iffy to do this? There are times the girl looks like she's old enough to go on her own.

my girlfriend had an intestinal infection last week. shes all better now but she was really sick. at first she was cramping up and she got all woozy and couldnt crap. she had some diarrhea, then later that night around dinner she got up and tried to sit on the toilet again and i heard her start puking. then i heard her scream "oh no" and i went in and she had pooped her panties. it was down her legs, i had never seen anything like it. she just shit her guts out it looked like. she cleaned up and threw her panties away. that night she had diarrhea all night and some close calls and we had to keep her hydrated. she almost pooped the bed but all of the panties she wore that week were filled with skidmarks. she was going alot, puking too. when i took her to the doctor the next day on the way home she had another accident. it wasnt worse than the first but still had diarrhea in her pants. she is all better now and with no more accidents, but it took the girl a week to get over it and prolly 50 dumps in the bathroom. i didnt go near the bathroom.

cdn trucker
hey james just read your post and was fascinated that there is someone else that shares my interest in seeing and hearing other dudes shit.................
love to hear your stories and share some of my own as well
i got many too
hope to hear back


Interesting post. Please tell more about digging out your poop. How big are your poops usually? What's the biggest you've ever done? Clog the toilet alot? How often do you go #2? Does your constipation ever cause you embarassment? Your poop must be extremely hard and compact. Do you do little nuggets before you are able to drop a log?

hey everyone,I got a story. So I'm 12, and I was spending a few weeks with my friend Ali driving in the car to the mall (my friend's mother drove)My friend's little sister and brother, who were about 3 years old, well-potty trained, were driving with us.Their baby sister was also with us. The brother and sister were naked (but the brother was in underwear) because they had gone swimming and were soaking wet in bathing suits with no clothes. The baby had a shirt on but no diaper or nothing.Then they both told their mom they had to poop, and we were over a half hour from the mall in heavy traffic. They started crying, and panting and squeezing their legs together. Worse yet, the sister was naked, the brother was only in underwear, and the baby had no diaper on. Suddenly, the 3-year-old girl started pooping, and then a bout of diarrhea flowed. Then she lifted her butt, and then a foot long fat log was released, and made a huge pile. She sat in the pile of poop.It smelled just ghastly.And then she lifted her butt again, and pushed really hard to get more out. Suddenly, the boy started screaming and crying, and his underwear filled up with crap, which overflowed out of underwear. He got diarrhea too, and sat down in the mushy poo. The mother was in disgust, and so was my friend. Worse, the baby filled up her car seat with pounds of poop. When we finally arrived at the mall, the boy stepped out of the car with underwear that was stained brown, filled with a load of poop, and it was hanging down because of it's weight. The naked girl was actually still having diarrhea,and the mother found a towel that she wrapped around both of them. The girl was still pooping all along the walk from the parking lot to the mall, even with the towel around her. The boy was also still filling up his underwear as he walked, but the mother wasn't aware of this because there was a towel around them. As for the baby, we had to wait 5 continuous minutes for her to finish pooping in her carseat, and then we just decided to wrap her in a towel. She continued to poop in the towel. When we finally arrived at the mall, nobody could notice that the kids were full of poop, even though the baby kept crapping. Once we got there, the toddlers had TRIED to stop pooping, but their bowels were just uncontrollable. I never saw anybody's bowel so full of poop. I carried the baby pooping in the towel, my wrapped the boy in the towel and carried him so he could poopin it, and the mother did the same. There just happened to be a pharmacy in te mall, where there was a little room where sick people could rest and a doctor took care if them. We stopped there, and a doctor exameined the guts of the children and baby. Apparently, the toddlers had gotten hold of stool sfteners and laxatives, and they took like a massive overdose of them. The doctor said that taking that big of an overdose of laxatives and stool softeners will not kill a person, but it will quadruple the amount of waste sitting in the colon because of a chemical called extoposeous, and it will rid the body of all this waste. Apparently also the toddlers were extremely constipated according to the mother when they first woke up in the morning, and their mother gave them prune juice, fiber capsules, and a bunch of enemas. I guess it all paid off when we drove to the mall! As for the baby, she had apparently been holding in her crap for TWO WEEKS! We all assumed that it was because she was constipated, but it was really because her rectum had had a huge tear, and when it finally healed, the baby just let it all out. Then they all started pooping again, and we didn't know what to make of it. The doctor observed their guts through some kind of microscope tv thing, and claimed their bowels were STILL full of food. How crazy!!!!!! Then we got them new clothes, and did what we were going to do at the mall shoppingwise. But when we got back to the car full of poop. We just let them do their thing and we drove home, and we put them in the bathtub because they wouldn't use the toilet.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I worked at a library in town. The ladies restroom has doors with locks on every stall. The mens restroom do not have doors. I know because when the outer door is opened, you can see the stall are only as deep as the toilets, plus maybe a few extra inches, and you can see the knees of the guys when they are sitting on the toilets. We girls can't help but laugh at the fact that the guys have to shit and wipe themselves in front of whoever in in the mens restroom. We sometimes wait outside and laugh at the guys from outside, as you can hear every fart, plop, and wipe, from the information desk. There are two caucasion guys who are really cute, that usually go in together about 4:40 everyday. They talk while they take their shits, and fart, and laugh about their girlfriends, while they wipe their assses. One day, my girlfriend Tahina and me walked in just pretending to need a roll of toilet tissue while they were both shitting. They both started laughing and asked if we brought our 'gasmasks". Then the library manager, Mr. "E" came in, and had to use the toilet. He was NOT amused with us being in there, and told us to "Get out THIS INSTANT" We left laughing, Tahina was fired a day later, and I was fired the following week. We plan on returning, and "crashing" Mr. "E" when he is shitting !!!! What do you folks think? My family all think it will be funny as heck.

master chief link
hey can anyone post some diaherria stories? i fnd them really interesting to read so if u got one plz post it.

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