I'm a freshman in high school and earn some really good money once a month housesitting for a really well-off family that lives down the street. The parents have a business in another city and once a month they take off for a weekend of going down and taking care of business issues. Their daughter has just turned 5 and she will begin private school next fall. I pick Tara up at day care after my school gets out on Friday and walk her home. In addition to my being paid to stay at their house and look after Tara, they also pay our way to movies, the zoo, shows of all types as well as anything else we want to do. All I have to do is show a receipt for admission, subway fare, etc. and I am reimbursed on my next check. It is THE best babysitting job one could have and I love it. However, it has one drawback that I found out about this past weekend. Tara is hyperactive and always needs to keep moving. On the first of three occasions when we were out and using the bathroom, she disobeyed me. The first time, we had taken the subway to the childrens museum where they not only had a special exhibit and program, but also one very huge crowd. I had stopped at Starbucks for coffee as we transferred subway trains. I got Tara a treat too so she didn't seem to mind the stop off. Within minutes, however, of finishing my coffee, I had to crap and bad. It was 10 o'clock on Saturday morning and the nearby office buildings were closed. I figured I was about 5 minutes shy of a real dumping accident, so I frantically looked around to find my options. On a street pole, I found a rusted sign with an arrow to public bathrooms. I needed to walk so fast that I was practically dragging Tara up to a staircase that went under a walkway and on each side there was a bathroom sign. There was no door as we entered but the stench was obvious. Two stalls, no doors, but luckily, no one was waiting. It made my day. Tara said she needed to pee so I pointed her to the left stall and I took the right. I also lucked out because the seat wasn't wet but there was pee on the floor and the bowl was so stained I don't think you could tell when it was last cleaned. I dropped my jeans and underwear and placed myself on the seat. It was cold but just as I fully felt the cold, the largest bowel movement I had had in several days started to appear. It was one of those situations where I hoped my rectum wouldn't rip, but by placing my head in my hands and leaning forward with my elbows on my knees, I was able to push it out in probably no more than a minute. What relief. I looked between my legs into the bowl and could see that it not only filled the bowl, but was also protruding outside the water, so close to my butt that I reminded myself that I should stand to wipe, because otherwise, I would likely allow it to mess my hand. At that point, I noted there was no toilet paper and I asked Tara to hand me some. There was no answer. I looked under the stall panel and found no legs sitting there. I like freaked out! I pulled up my pants quickly and didn't even bother to zip up my jeans as I took to the staircase calling Tara's name. Back on the street corner I looked in all directions but couldn't find her. I was scared that she had walked off and would probably lose her way. And while I'm not a regular news watcher, I do know that little kids can get snatched up by criminals. Suddenly a police woman came up behind me, called me by name, and took me back down to the bathroom where Tara was. Tara was on the toilet again--this time crying--but her pee flow was having a hard time starting because of her emotional condition. From what the officer could put together, Tara had gotten bored waiting for me and had walked around the wall behind the toilets where there was another two stalls and another set of stairs. She had mistakenly gone up the stairs and then came back down trying to find me. I insisted that Tara stand right in the doorway of the stall while I spent about two continuous minutes wiping myself, although my eyes were almost always on her. When I reached back to flush before getting up off the stool, I didn't even look for the flusher because I didn't want to take my eyes off Tara. Twice later that day both us us had to pee at the museum. Each time I insisted that Tara come in the stall with me and stand facing the door while I sat down and peed. Then I would get up and she would sit down and pee. I was surprised that her pee flow was pretty strong for her age, and since each of us had drank several sodas, there was a lot of pee going into the bowl. Tara kept her word that she wouldn't leave my sight again and because she did, I didn't tell her parents about our experience. I learned an important thing and that's while you still need to use the bathroom when out in public, you can't let a child out of your sight for even a moment.

This is my first posting,I love this site only been reading it about a
month. All of my life Ive been amused and interested in other peoples
bowel habits.. I love to listen and watch in public restrooms I even
go as far as turning the water off in the toilets so I can look at other peoples poo. The bigger the better. My poo is on the small side.
Ive seen some huge turds before too big to believe. ONe of the largest
turds ever was from a little boy about six years old. I kid you not it
was about 18 inches long and as fat as your arm. I have no Idea why I
Iam so turned on by this. I would love to actually meet some others that
are..I think it would be neat to have a buddy to share this interest
with. I go to the mall of georgia every sunday to see who's pooping.
its quite amazing how other guys poo.. My poo varies in size some turds
are long, ten inches or more and about 1 1/2 inches wide. some guys poop
huge fat turds like beer cans that just amazes me.. I have hundreds of stories over the years.

Fr. P
Well, I know it has been a long time since I posted a message on this board, but I've just been really busy with other things, have hardly had time to get on the web at all. I have just a couple stories to share today, as I haven't much time.

I have a friend who I have known for years that is a aerial photographer and bought his own small 6 passenger airplane a few years back as he was tired of having to rent one every time he had a job to do. He is very talented with aerial photography, and he actually took the photographs of the church I am currently assigned to, but I have just recieved a message stating that I am being transferred in May. Anyway, back to my story. He was pretty excited about finally having bought his own airplane, so he invited me to come with him on a job he had to do. My calendar was pretty free that day, so I told him I'd meet him at the airport. Right as I got there, he called and said he was stuck in traffic and he might be a little while, so decided to grab a bite to eat at the snack bar at the general aviation terminal. I got a hot dog and some nachos and sat down outside. After eating, I decided I'd run in and use the restroom before he got there, and looked down the hallway, but was unable to find it, so I inquired at the front desk where the restroom was. The young woman behind the desk pointed me to a unmarked wooden door I had walked past twice. I suggested they should label it, and walked inside. It was obviously a unisex bathroom, with two stalls and three urinals along the far opposite side. I chose the end urinal farthest from the door and undid my slacks and belt. As I was about to finish, a woman in formal clothing burst through the door and lifted her skirt as she ran into the end stall. She almost threw herself down on the toilet seat and I heard this incredible explosion inside the toilet, it sounded as if she had bad diarrhea. She hadn't even noticed I was standing there, so I went over to wash my hands, and as she had not closed the door, I looked the other way as I walked past. Startled to see me, she apologized for the smell, which was pretty bad and slowly permeating throughout the entire bathroom, and then said I didn't have to look away. I turned and she seemed surprised for a second, and then I realized I had forgotten to take off my clerical collar. I said that she was fine and the smell was not bothering me at all. After another bout of diarrhea, she smiled and asked what brought me to the airport. I told her, then washed my hands and walked out as I didn't want to keep my friend waiting. I thought how odd it was that it was a unisex bathroom, I had seen them before, but never where they had stalls in them, there was always just one toilet and one sink. I walked into the lobby and my friend was waiting for me on one of the sofas. We went out, and after he got the plane ready, we got to the runway and took off. It was a beautiful day for flying, the sun was shining brightly, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We headed out towards the ocean, as he was supposed to photograph a marina that had been built recently. It was a fairly long flight to get there, and after making a few circles around it to get the pictures taken, we turned back, flying along the beach. We were still about forty-five minutes out from the airport when I felt the need to urinate again. I was surprised as I usually only have to urinate every two-three hours, and then I realized that it had been almost three since I had gone at the airport. I began to get a little more worried, as I generally can't hold it for very long after I feel the need to go, so I told my friend about my situation, and he reached over underneath the dashboard, or instrument panel as he called it and pulled out a tube. He told me it was a "pilot relief tube" or something like that. I was surprised at seeing such a contraption, but undid my pants and urinated. I felt much better afterwards, and we landed about a half hour later. Just a weird question, but is such a device common in small airplanes?

My second story is really short

I was saying Mass on Sunday (Yesterday) and I had eaten a few tacos for lunch, so naturally I had some gas, and about 15 minutes in, I accidentally passed some gas, which made some noise and I was really embarrassed about it and I'm sure I turned beet red, but nobody else seemed to notice from what I could see, so I shrugged it off. It was really embarrassing, though, as it did smell pretty bad, so I'm sure somebody had to have noticed. Anyone had something like this happen to them before?

God Bless you all!

Father P.

P.S. The soft crap was probably the combination of the bran muffin I had this morning (which explains why it looked like it), the brown rice I had at dinner, the stool softeners and the beer I had today. :-)

We were about 11, the girl I was 'in love' with and I. We both had to poop really bad that day in the park. We walked fast as we could when I said, "let's go in our pants just for fun to see who can make the larger log, and no onw was around. Aw, please, Julie, I said, but she was she still said no.

When we reached the park toilet, we found it locked for the season, and oh, she was mad and desperate. If you won't tell anybody, I'll do it in my pants just for you, and we can empty our pants down back of the park shed, but you go first. OK said I, and pulled my pants out to let out a six incher followed by two five inch soft ones. OK Julie it's your turn. She felt my butt for evidence of the bulge and was impressed. Now you, said I. Oh, no way she said, and wouldn't do her BM in her underwear.

Oh, come on Julie, I thought you were my friend, and I trusted you. Then she kissed me as I heard her poop crackle into her panties. I felt it, and it beat mine by several inches. I loved its smell and size. I was quiet for about ten seconds as a huge dump filled my shorts. Gad it felt good. Then I just had to be quiet for a few more seconds as I pressed into her - until it stopped. What did you do Eric, just now, Ohh you didn't did you? You did! You bad man. she teased. This was over eight years ago. Well, we slept with each other a couple times whan we had to poop really bad. This is our twelth year of marriage, and we still enjoy this pastime.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Loved your story about using the toilet after your friend's mother had just been in the bathroom. Please post more like that if you have anymore stories about using the bathroom after any of your friends' moms.

Also anyone else, please post stories about using the bathroom after an older female just took a dump in there.

Alice T.
Hey all,

I haven't posted in quit some time, but I have been reading most of the posts when I had time. I will read the ones I missed soon. You all should know one thing though: someone posted a short story under the name 'Alice' on the previous page, 1641. That was NOT me! To prevent further confusion, I will post as 'Alice T.' in the future. All posts before the post of another 'Alice' on page 1641 are mine, if I haven't missed any.

Furthermore: Julia and Linda: wonderful stories!

Asthesia: Gosh! I have never heard of someone having this before: that makes two of us! A couple of years ago (I'm 15 now) I also peed between the toilet lid and the rim of the bowl. I didn't notice until I pulled my panties up. It was early in the morning and I was still wearing my pyjamas. The back of them were soaked and there was a small puddle on the floor in front of the toilet. I froze in place when the wet material touched my skin and after I realized what had happened, I cleaned up the puddle and changed my panties and pyjama pants. I didn't even wash myself, because I was afraid I would wake up my parents (or worse) my little sister, whose room was next to the bathroom where I had this incident. Instead, I wiped myself with toilet paper the best I could. After this I went back to bed.

Another story: when I was about 6 I guess, I still had to wear diapers to bed because of bedwetting and to get me trained, my parents gave me some money (not much, but for a child my age it was a lot) if my diaper was still dry in the morning. One day I woke up with a huge urge to pee, and I guess I had already lost a little while asleep, but this did not discourage me being a child who was promissed a reward. So I rushed out of bed to the bathroom, where my mother was brushing her teeth, but I didn't care at that age. I tore open my diaper, sat down and immediately peed forcefully. Only when my mother shouted, I noticed the toilet cover was still down! I had peed all over it and there was a puddle on the floor!

~Alice T.
(previously known as Alice)

dreamsicle, id like to hear more of your stories please

Uncle Allen
Hello all! I have an issue to bring up and I would really like to hear other people's opinion on this. I generally have little problem pooping in public restrooms as long as there is no one around that I know. When I go to a store or somewhere by myself I will often use the bathroom to have a good poop and I feel comfortable taking my time etc. BUT when anyone I do know is around I simply can't use the bathroom because I feel incredibly embarassed. Does anyone have any advice about how to deal with this? I don't want people I know to hear me make any "poop sounds" or to smell anything from the bathroom after I go, etc. To give you an extreme example, I was at a diner tonight and former student of mine (I teach third grade) who is now a senior in High School was my waitress. Before the food arrived, I got hit with an attack of diarrhea, probably because of the antibiotics I am on. So, I started to freak out. I did not want to use the diner bathroom for fear that she might walk past the toilets and hear me or notice my longer than average absence form the table, etc. I was incredibly embarassed, but I wound up going to the bathroom becasue I was literally about to have an accident in my pants- that's how bad the diarrhea was! I got in and out of the stall as quickly as I could and did not waste a second and nobody seemed to notice and no one came into the bathroom while I was in it. All in all it worked out okay but I hate that embarassing feeling and that nervousness about pooping anytime someone I know is around. Anyone else have this problem? anyone have any suggestions to help me overcome my embarassment?

to erika great story

Does anybody have any stories of somebody like a teacher, babysitter, parent or someone else older having an accident? I always have found these stories interesting because usually it is the people they are in control of having accidents.

hi i'm julia, i'm 17 and i wanted to reply to this post by Linda.

I remember one time I laught at my mom for peeing her pants in the car on the way home and she got back at me by locking me out of the bathroom and I was forced to shit my pants.

does anybody else have a story like this?"

a couple of months ago i was in new york city shopping with 2 of my friends and my sister amanda who is 19. we were on the subway and we had to go from upper manhattan down to brooklyn where we were going to meet one of amanda's friends, and it was a fairly long ride, and amanda really had to pee. i kept making dripping noise and talking about waterfalls and rivers and things. then i kept poking her stomach and me and my friends were laughing. eventually the pressure and the things i was doing got to her and she peed her pants. she was really embarassed but we kept laughing at her. she had to go into a store to buy baby wipes and went into the bathroom to clean up and put on some new pants and underwear that she had bought. it was funny, but she got revenge on me about a week later. usually when i get home from school the first thing i do is go in the bathroom because i have to poop. well she's obviously aware of this because it's just the two of us in an apartment with our mom so it's only 1 bathroom. anyway, one thursday afternoon i was on my way home from school and i had to poop SO bad. amanda was at home already because she's in college and has no classes on thursday. when i got inside i threw my bag down and rushed into the bathroom, and to my dismay, as a joke amanda had wrapped a TON of duct tape around the toilet holding the lid down. i was SO MAD. i was about to poop my pants and i had to unwrap all the duct tape. i started to madly rip duct tape off but it was a futile effort, and i took a huge crap in my pants. i was so mad at her but i guess i deserved it. it was a pretty solid but squishy load that filled up the entire seat of my panties, it took a long time to clean. amanda is still making fun of me about it!

Today i had to pee and i didn't have time to use the bathroom because i had to get ready for school! So As i was going to the bus stop i was trying not to wet myself and as i was getting to the bus stop i got an idea why not pee right there? Well my urge was kinda big and why not relieve it there! So I first looked around to see if the coast was clear then i unbuttoned and unzipped my pants! then i checked to see if the coast was clear again! Then i pulled out my weiner and let go a long and hot stream! My stream of pee was getting all over the grass and part of the the people's drive way! then my stream started to dribble and tamper off! I had peed for about 45 seconds to a minute! Then the bus was coming and i quickly put my weiner away and hid my unzipped pants under my shirts and my jacket i was wearing! Then I got on and sat down toward the back of the bus and zipped up and buttoned up my pants!

The variety of attitudes about going to the bathroom vary greatly on both sides of my family. On one side, the norm is to only have a bowel movement once a week, and it's considered to be completely fine. On the other side, there's more of a push for regularity, but no openness about the situation. I was raised most of my life by a single mother representing the second scenario. We are extremely close, but have absolutely no openness about pooping. I usually pee with an open door, though she doesn't, but I cannot have a bowel movement if she is in the house, even far away from the bathroom.

I was finally potty-trained very late (around 4) and I feel was never given the proper information about pooping, especially regarding constipation, and was never given a suppository or anything of the like to help me out. The embarrassment over not being able to bm when anyone is in the house can often cause me to become constipated. Once, while on a shopping trip with my mother, I became very constipated because of the lack of privacy and the situation got so bad by evening that I was in a large amount of pain and ended up having to dig out part of the huge poop because I couldn't push it out no matter what, and that's an extremely disgusting process. I've only had to do that once, but I don't think I was taught a proper pushing method because I often have trouble having a full movement.

I know my mother used to be constipated because I could hear her straining through the door because my room wasn't far from the bathroom, but this issue seems to have cleared up for the most part. I wish we could be open about bathroom habits like some families are, and honest about constipation. Does anyone have any advice on how to broach the subject? I just want to be able to talk to her and tell her when I'm having problems and maybe she could help like she does when I'm sick with other ailments because that's what a caring mother is supposed to do. Thank you for reading.

For Michiel:

You say you are "not normally pee-shy..." Does that mean that you
have been unable to pee other times when anyone is around in the men's room when you are trying to go? What triggered this episode is the complete lack of privacy when trying to piss at a long trough when there were other men peeing away. So you froze up and couldn't go. This happened twice. Your bladder kept filling. You were in pain. What a horrible situation. I have been there ever since I was a 13 year old. It is better now.

What happens is this. Your bladder was full. You held on. You tightedned the muscles that close the bladder and keep the urine from going down the urethra (tube from bladder through the penis) thus giving you relief. You had held it long enough to make it impossible to relax and piss. Forcing it only allowed a few drops through.(You should get checked out with a doctor or better yet, a urologist, to rule out any physical problem with your bladder and/or with the urethra.)

I had a similar situation. I have a very bashful bladder and all through high school was never able to pee there. So I held on all day for about 9 hours when I got home. Even at home it would take me a few minutes and occasionally a half hour before I could relax enough to empty my bursting bladder. I would pee for 1 or 1 1/2 minutes to relieve myself. One time I had to stay at after school for a meeting. When I got home it had been 11 hours since I took my morning piss. I tried to go twice. Still nothing not even a drop.I ate dinner still bursting. I tried for the third time to go. Nothing. I told my mother that I couldn't pee. It had been 12 hours. She took me to the emergency room at the hospital. They asked me to try to go. Still nothing. So the doctor used a catheter to drain my bladder. What a relief. I had
1 and 1/2 liters(1500 ml) of urine in my bladder.

To get help with this problem. Go to a search engine on the Internet (a good one is G. . . .) Enter shy bladder or bashful bladder or paruresis,the medical and psychological term for this social phobia. Find the organization that is listed there. Go to "talk. . ." and get into the forum. You will find lot of personal stories about paruresis.It is estimated there are 17,000,000 men and women in the USA alone who suffer from a shy bladder. You can also get a book available on the web site or from Amazon. They helped me a lot. Most of the time I can pee at the urinal even when others are in the men's room except when it is very crowded and men are standing next to me or lined up behind me. Then I still freeze up.

Advice: use the stall to pee. Even sit down. You can always say to friends if they ask that you need to take a shit. Try distracting yourself by counting backward from a 100. Think about water falls. Try putting your hand into warm water. Run the faucet.

Respond to me about this on this forum. Maybe you can describe when this first happened to you, what were the circumstances. Where can you pee? Where can't you? Or anything else you want to say. It will help others on this forum who have the problem and don't feel compfortable enough to share their experiences.

Blue Rizla Girl
@ Faith, Baddude :

The way I learned how to pee standing up was as follows. 1, squat down as though I was going to take a leak, so my mary opened up naturally of its own accord. 2, insert the middle and ring fingers, just out of the way of my peehole, and press either side of my gates with the index and ring fingers. 3, stand up very carefully without moving my hand, just varying the pressure slightly to keep everything open. 4, force it out good and hard!

(First time I tried this was at a beach, behind some sand dunes, and I completely removed my bikini bottoms so was naked from the waist down. I wasn't taking any chances. Turned out I needn't have worried, but you might not be so lucky.)

Of course, once I had already done this procedure I knew the appropriate position more or less and so could just insert my hand directly from a standing position. I'm right-handed so used my right hand.

Johnny Half-Pint - The full flush kind of toilets are harder to clog, true, but they also are very water inefficient.

Dreamsicle - I used to do kind of similar things when I was a kid.

In preschool I remember we had these plastic slabs with holes in them, which you could build stuff out of. Most of the kids built houses or things like that, but I dug a hole in the ground big enough for me to crawl into, and then made a sort of cupola for it, so you couldn't see inside except where my head peeked out. The purpose was so I could go inside and pee. Even in kindergarten and 1st grade, though I didn't have the same assemblage, I would surreptitiously pee in the sand.

I never wet the bed after I was potty trained, because I would wake up in the night and pee in my hamper. I wondered if I was missing out, so I asked some of my preschool classmates if they did. Most of them did, and the consensus was that it was pretty good, but not amazing. Then I asked if any of them pooped in bed. There was one girl that did, and she said she liked it and I should try it. I figured peeing the bed would be enough of a first step, so I did that one night, and my parents got really mad at me, so I never got to try pooping the bed.

All through first grade I drew constantly, and when I wasn't drawing guns like all the other boys I was drawing pee and poop. One of the first things I ever wrote was an assignment just to write anything. I wrote about how I wanted to pee and poop in diapers.

In second grade I once took a styrofoam container and pooped and peed in it for about a week without emptying it to see what would happen. What happened is it grew mold, started to smell, and my parents got mad. My friends and I, like all kids of that age did the whole "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" thing, but I always felt like I wanted to take it further, so I would poop in my yard, behind a tree. In afternoons, I would often bike to my elementary school and poop in a woodsy part of the playground.

In fifth grade or so I was over at a friend's house, and we were playing in the sandbox with all his neighbors. One of the kids suggested we all pee on the fence. This being right up my alley, I participated. Just our luck, the hard-tushed neighbors across the street got home just then and caught us in the act. That wasn't awkward to explain!

Around the same time I started taking a pair of old cruddy jeans and peeing in them at night in my room. First, I didn't put them on, I just sat next to them and peed on them. I also did that to one of my stuffed animals. After a few times doing that I put the pants on and peed. Since I liked that feeling I kept doing it. I also wanted to poop them, because I remembered the crackly feeling of pooped pants from preschool accidents. I had never liked it then, but that was because I was mostly worried I would get caught. In about sixth grade I finally tried pooping my pants, and the crackly feeling was the same, and I loved it!

When I was 13 my family started having an internet connection, so it occurred to me to search for poop and pee on Google. That is when I realized my fixation was sexual. After reading and seeing the things that other pee and poo people were doing I started to experiment with picking up my poop out of the toilet. I would mush it around then wash my hands - very messy, but fun. I once tried to taste it, but found it absolutely disgusting, so never did that again.

I could write about more recent escapades, but this post is getting long enough. To this day I pee and poop my pants on purpose, and pee in the bath, among other things. You should try revisiting that stuff sometime! :-)

What I meant was my bowel movements smell very badly when my husband prepares hard-cooked eggs with anchovy paste.

Sorry it's been so long guys, I've been busy with life and school and boyfriends, and now ex's, and new guys, and tons of other stuff. It's gotten insane. I'm so excited though. Froday night, I'm going to a basketball game with one of my best friends and an awesome guy, Mike, who I REALLY like. Saturday I'm going to the movies with my other friend and Mike, so that should be fun. I've got a research paper to do for English, and trust me, it's not fun. Love the new pee stories by the way.

I've got a new story for you:
Okay, so I don't like taking a dump, but it's necessary for life to continue. Well, a few days ago, I squeezed out a huge log and flushed it down then showered, and when I got out of the shower (this is around 10 at night btw) I noticed there was very little water in the toilet. I played it off and let my sister shower.

Well, my sister showered, and apparently the drain going down from that bathroom was clogged with my turd and the toilet overflowed, making my sister freak and my mom panic. Not fun. Of course, I was just stunned that something like that could have come from ME.

That was not a fun night.

Been Lurking forever.

Tonight I put in a Suppository havent had a Bm Since last Friday. Stomach aches allot. Will post back later I may need a enema, Getting urgent right now.

I have been peeing allot but I know I need a good bm it's been a week since ive gone

Im back The suppository did it job, I did use a very small enema. I am feeling allot better. Have the feeling may need to make some more trips back tonight. But hope I can get back to normal soon

Cindy Sue,

In your post you wrote about how teachers and administrators lock the bathrooms and yell about how they want to go home...

I found out that administrators are former teachers, which is why administrators are as mean as teachers. (Teachers become administrators so that they can have an easier job and make more money).

Friendly flock
Dreamsicle, look around this site. You are not an odd duck. Many people do it. We're all odd ducks, but at least it's a friendly flock!

I didn't do anything like that because the oppurtunity never arose.. there's been no unused room, or anything like that. But I would have loved to.

Nasty Nasty
Today I had the worst accident of my life. I am not into BM's only here for the pee stories but this is so gross I had to share. I had been traveling for business all week so I guess my system was off schulde or something. Anyway it's Saturday in sunny south FL. I get up about 10AM and take a small dump and pee first thing no big deal. I have two cups of coffee as normal with breakfast. Before I head out to have the oil changed and the car washed I feel the need to sit on the toilet again no discomfort just a medium sized BM I pee again wipe my front and back side and head off for saturday shoping- no food in the house as i've been gone all week on the west coast. I return home and put the food away then head out to the car wash ( they give you a free car wash when you buy a oil change for $38) they tell me it will be about an hour and a half as it gets real busy on the weekend. I think this is when I made a bad descision. I walk over to Taco Bell to have lunch as I'm wating for the car. I order the #3 meal which is three tacos and a large drink for $3.99 I eat slowly as I need to kill some time. I get the car back and think it is such a nice day(80F) I'm gonig down to the inlet to see to boats comming and going and maybe see some goodlooking guys on the beach. About a half hour later I decide to go to the mall to do some shopping I still feeling normal. On the way to the mall I start to get a small cramp no big deal or so I thought! One red light later I get a bad cramp this is not funny as I went twice today already. I 'm feeling some pain and have bad gas only two minites later I turn the car around and think I can make it home in time - no such luck I have to get to a ladies room NOW! I head for the public libary which is the nearest toilet. I luck out an get a parking spot right by the door as I run to the door I see and older man working as a securty officer he notices me as my large boobs are bounceing a bit as I run to the ladies room i'm in pain at this point. I almost make to the toilet but some nasty yellow-brown soft serve drops out from my shorts on to the floor. I'm so sick I run to the stall leaving a trail of nasty smelly shit on the floor. I yank down my shorts and drop on to the toilet an just explode maybe 4 pounds the grosses smelly shit fill the toilet in the first 10 seconds.. the pain is gone. I look down an see that i'm covered in shit my underware did not catch much and I ware full size cotton panties not thongs. My shorts are full of shit maybe a pound of the worest smelling grossest shit, you have no clue how bad this was. I look around an my thoughts turn to clean up. I'm in a very nice bathroom (or it was before I covered it with my smelly shit). My shoes (topsiders)are full of shit, the toilet seat is full of shit, the floor is full of shit the back side of my legs are full of shit,the area outside of the toilet is full of shit and the whole bathroom is smelling so bad that women are coming in and gaging and leaving with out going. I'm stuck I can't put my shorts back on so I must clean up myself then the bathroom. The good news is that im in a stall with a locked door and a sink with a good supply of paper towles and a trash can with a liner. First I flush the toilet 4 times weak water saving toilet no paper just my masive load of soft poo. It goes down at last now I have to get out of my shorts, underware and shoes, all covered in the groess shit but I can't walk becaue the floor is covered with shit 1/2 inch thick with out even wipeing my back side I'm only thinking of getting the shit out of my shorts. I step out of my shorts and walk barefoot over to the trash can to throw my underware away. I look back at the toilet and see it is totally covered in shit I have never seen a mess this bad ever! I take some paper towels and start to wet them to clean my leges and back side, It is only now that I find out that my nice bathroom also has a water saving sink with no (none)water presure and a auto push button only run the driple for 5 seconds! Oh god help me I have a locked door and soap paper towels and a sink but almost no water. I think about flushing the toilet to wash my shorts out but can't bare the idea plus the seat and floor is still covered with my shit. I start to slowly rince out my shorts but the poop is so thick the drain stopps up right a way I take some paper towels and clear the drain in the sink this goes on for about five times and I give in and start using my hand to pull the shit out on the sink drain after about twenty minuntes my shorts are as clean as I can get them but still every time I rince them the water runs brown in the sink. Now it is time for my ass and legs to get cleand up I start with my butt hole gross the paper towels just slide out brown after 10 wet paper wipes I start on my legs gag me oh so sick I now start on my shoes I am still nude from the waist down after a half hour of clean up time I put my shoes in the sink (boating shoes) after this amount of time the shit has started to dry in the nap of the leather on the inside of the shoe I have to scrub with a wet paper towel as I hold them one at a time under what passes for running water. Now to clean the floor and toilet the shit has started to dry a bit on the tile floor I wet about thirty paper towels and make pass after pass to wipe it up. I have been in the ladies room for over an hour the smell is un-godlly people are opening the door and getting grossed out and leaving with out using the other toilets. I think the floor is clean enough to put my shorts and shoes on I wipe my feet off with wet paper towels and go to put my shorts back on only to find shit stuck to the little bit of bush that I did not shave off my pussy. So i wash my pussy and bush and slip into my smelly and wet shorts with no underware. I start to clean the toilet when I hear a tap tap tap on the door, it is the security officer " RU OK in there? " I tell him i'm going to be out in a minute so I wash my hands with soap and the drip of water leaving a very gross toilet, sink, and bathroom floor. I know that I have to face a whole building full on woman that have to go and the poor security gard. I just have to walk out with my head held high and my ass dripping wet smelling like poop. I wish that the story ended with me getting into my car and driving away but you will have to wait for round 2. Nasty Nasty

Running Hard Richelle
Like Cindy Sue, I also need to crap late in the day and the best time is after school. Also like Cindy Sue, my school locks most of the restrooms right after classes get out. It just so sucks! Like I don't want to miss Algebra (my hardest class) to take my crap, but my opportunities are quickly locked right after school. I remember the first week of school asking my business teacher and she said certain faculty are assigned to monitor the halls after school and some of them are required to lock the bathrooms because otherwise students will hand out and faculty will have to stay later and supervise them. On one day in November, I had been holding my crap all of 7th and 8th hour and I just barely missed getting into the bathroom. It just pisses me off to think there's 20 or more stalls in there and they lock us out and that those of us with legitimate needs have to run hard to find a toilet that should be one of our rights because as students, we are required to attend school and we can't do much to regulate our bowels. Twice a week I stay two hours later to do page makeups for our school newspaper. There have been times at about 4 or 4:30 p.m. when I've had to pee and I've had to walk three blocks to the other side of the building where the athletic complex is open and the toilets are available. Once last month I didn't think I would make the 5 minute walk so I went into one of the faculty bathrooms. I was surprised how nice it was, and it had those toilet seat liners, but I didn't use one because I guess I just didn't feel right using one because I never do otherwise and it takes more time. The size of the toilet was a little higher than what the students have and for some reason, I found it was a little faster for me to get my pee flow going. Also, the stall had two rolls of toilet paper. As I sat peeing, I imagined my Alegebra. business and journalism teachers being in there at various times during the day and sitting and peeing and crapping in relative comfort without the crowded conditions, smoking and other distractions we have in the student bathrooms. As I was wiping, the door opened and someone sat down in the stall next to mine and I heard two really loud grunts before a violent eruption of shit dropped like cannon fire. Whoever it was probably got their butt pretty wet from the splashing water. It was one really mean shit. The person wiped, flushed and you could hear her leave the stall and immediately exit--without washing her hands. I found it amusing that a teacher would do that even though they have taught us all to use more personal cleanliness. However, I didn't want to linger too long because I just didn't feel right being in the faculty bathroom. It is nice, though, knowing that it's there and available and it sure beats the alternatives that are locked up just at about the time so many of us need the toilet. How faculty would react under such conditions would be interesting. They would probably leave class early so they could get their "business" over with before the lock-out.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hello everyone i have been watching this message board for a few months now and i thought i would post so here it is. i am seventeen and slender and i honestly love going to poop in public bathroom stalls like in the mall and better when other guys go into the stall next to me I love hearing them poop and just the fact that your shitting with other men . its quite fantastic

To Albert: I think you are wrong for using the ladies restroom at Penney's. You are bound to run into a co-worker or a female manager in there, and it will prove to be very embarrasing for everybody involved. Just use the doorless stalls to take your shit, wipe up and go back on the salesfloor. Remember , ALL the men are in the same boat as you, so theres nothing to be embarrased about. Good luck, keep us posted.

Multi-drop Pete
I wasn't always a multi-drop driver; I did a desk job for a while. One of the women from the next office came in to use the water cooler, which was standing on the floor so you had to bend down. She squatted in front of it to fill her bottle, and one of the men pointed out that the posture, together with the sound of running water, made him think she was urinating. She didn't seem to be offended by his silly joke, but after that she always filled her bottle by bending instead of squatting.

Another time, same office; most of us have left our zip open after peeing, but one man (his name was A.) actually came back in from the toilet with his penis dangling out! I haven't a clue how he made that mistake! Luckily there were no women in the room at the time, so the men could joke about it. D. said "Are you feeling draughty at all?"
"No" said A.
"Sure you're not feeling a draught somewhere?"
A. was still mystified, until another man, J., looked up and yelled "Good God, man, your dick's out!"

At my age you'd think there'd be little left to learn about peeing (my age? Must I tell you? Oh all right, 49. Er, and a bit. Oh and a year or two. Or maybe three or four to be honest), but recently I found after taking a leek there was often a little trickle running down my leg. Just a few drops, but a bit of a nuisance; I was wondering if I should see the doctor. Then I realised it happened only when I went standing up, and only when I was wearing a particular new pair of trousers. The light dawned! The zipper didn't go down quite far enough and was pressing slightly into my willy, barely enough to notice but enough to retain the last drops. I took care to drop my trousers an inch to pee after that - instant cure!

Karen's brother Dick
When my twin sister Karen's baby was born, Karen had an episiotomy. This is a surgical procedure where she was cut and then stitched in a rather delicate place. After Karen want home to her apartment with her new baby Emma, Karen sat on a rubber ring to avoid pressure on her stitches. She told me that concentrated urine caused painful stinging when she did a pee so she drank lots of water to dilute her urine but obviously that made her pee more frequently. Karen said that she was still taking iron supplements and these made her a bit constipated. She was dreading doing her first poo because the slightest amount of pushing would be painful.

Karen had some laxative suppositories that the doctor had prescribed. "I don't fancy swallowing those", I said cheekily. "You don't swallow them, you put them up the other end", she explained. The instructions on the pack explained that they were dual action with a stool softener and a stimulant laxative. Karen tried to insert one but she didn't find it very easy and she had to be very careful not to touch her tender stitches. I suggested that she should apply some lubricating jelly to herself, you know where so Karen applied the jelly and then she asked me to insert two suppositories for her. She bent over and they slipped in easily. Then she said that she needed to hold them in for as long as possible. Karen went and sat on the toilet while we chatted and after about 10 minutes, she said that she could feel her poo loosening up inside her but she still couldn't get it out without pushing. After sitting on the toilet for another 20 minutes, there were noises from Karen's stomach and she said that the stimulant laxative was starting to kick in. Karen just relaxed her sphincter and her wet poo poured out effortlessly into the toilet.

Our parents had noticed that Karen and I had been spending a lot of time together and Mum thanked me for giving Karen so much support. Then our parents came up with an idea to help Karen and to encourage me to leave home. As Karen and I got on so well together and neither of us seemed likely to get married soon, why didn't we buy a house together? If Karen sold her tiny studio apartment then Karen and I could get a joint mortgage and with some generous financial help from our parents, we could afford to buy a 3-bedroom house, with a bedroom each plus one for the baby. House prices in southeast England were increasing rapidly at that time so after about 2-3 years, Karen and I could sell the house at a profit, pay off the mortgage and go our separate ways.

Karen and I bought our house with our parents' help and we moved in with Karen's baby Emma. We also shared a car and we shared all the childcare, apart from breast-feeding the baby of course! We each had our own bedroom but we only had one toilet, which was in the bathroom. We had grown up together, Karen had revealed all to me while giving birth and she used to breast-feed Emma anywhere in the house, so it seemed quite natural for us to see each other in the bath or shower or using the toilet for a pee or a poo.

Karen tried online dating and lots of guys wanted to meet her but most lost interest when they found out that she had a young baby. Karen went out for several dates with a guy called Mark while I looked after baby Emma. One evening, Karen brought Mark home after their date and then they went into Karen's bedroom and closed the door. About 20 minutes later, I was in the bathtub when a happy Karen came bouncing into the bathroom with nothing on (breast feeding her baby had made her bounce rather nicely!). She sat on the toilet and said. "We had a curry tonight and you know what that usually does for me". Karen said that her pelvic floor muscles were a bit weak since childbirth and that when her poo was soft, she had difficulty keeping it in. She didn't want to risk having a poo accident at an intimate moment with Mark.

Karen sat on the toilet and did a wet sloppy poo. She sat there for a few minutes until she was sure it was all out and then she wiped herself. Then she stood by the bath with her back to me and bent over. "Am I clean at the back?" she asked. She wanted to be sure before returning to Mark in the bedroom. I told her that she wasn't quite clean so she handed me some toilet paper and asked me to finish the job for her. I wetted the toilet paper in the bath water and gently wiped Karen clean.

The next morning, Karen was in tears and she said that she and Mark had split up. She also told me why but I can't use her exact words here so I shall try to phrase it more delicately. Something they were trying to do together didn't go too well for Mark and he couldn't finish it. He said that Karen was too slack after childbirth and she said that he was too small. Karen suggested an alternative approach to Mark that involved the place where her poo comes out but Mark said he didn't want to do it that way and he left.

I tried dating a few girls but when they found out that I shared a house with my sister and baby niece, most thought this was a bit odd and lost interest. There was one girl Mandy that I dated for a few of months and one evening, I brought Mandy home after we had been out for a curry. I took Mandy to my bedroom and we closed the door. We were getting on rather well together, then I needed to go for a pee so I went into the bathroom with nothing on while Karen was in the bathtub. Anticipating what I hoped to do with Mandy soon, I had a 'stiffy' and when a guy has one, he either can't pee at all or he can only pee upwards. This isn't a problem outdoors or at a urinal but it makes it difficult to pee downwards into a toilet. I had to stand well back from the toilet and lean forward at an angle with one hand against the wall and the other directing my pee stream. Karen had never seen a guy trying to pee like this before but she thought it was very funny and burst out laughing. Then I sat down to poo and I had to lean right forward to get my dick down into the toilet bowl. Karen thought this was also funny and she laughed. I wiped myself and asked Karen if she would check that I was clean at the back before I went back to join Mandy in the bedroom. I bent over and handed her some toilet paper. Karen wetted it in the bath water and finished wiping me. "There, you are nice and clean for Mandy now", she said.

As I opened the bathroom door, I caught Mandy listening outside the door. She had heard us laughing in the bathroom and wondered what we were doing. Mandy was shocked at what she had heard and she asked me if going to the toilet together and wiping each other's bums was some sort of game that Karen and I used to play as children. She said that she would never let me see her shitting, she never wanted to see me shitting, she would never wipe my bum like a baby and she would never let me wipe hers. Mandy also overheard Karen and I calling each other by affectionate pet names that we have used since we were children but only when we are alone, so I'm not saying what they are. Mandy said that my problem was that I was obsessed with girls going to the toilet and that I was in love with Karen. Mandy also said that I only wanted her to do what I'm not allowed to do with Karen and that there was no future in the relationship between Mandy and I. Mandy then got dressed and went home, saying that she didn't want to see me again.

I was quite upset about splitting up with Mandy and after she had gone, I went back into the bathroom and sat on the toilet talking to Karen while she was in the bath. Karen got out of the bath and dried herself. Now I was in tears and it was her turn to hug me and comfort me. I said that everything Mandy had said was pretty much true and that I couldn't have a lasting relationship with a girlfriend while Karen and I were so close. I said that we would probably need to sell our house and go our separate ways within the next year or two, as originally planned. Karen burst into tears and said she hoped that would never happen. "Excuse me, I need to poo again", I said, "That curry is going right through me". I was already sitting on the toilet with nothing on so I just let my poo go. When I had finished, I reached for the toilet paper then Karen said, "Here, let me do that" and she wiped me gently at the back.

Then we went to Karen's bedroom where we continued our heart-to-heart chat. I talked about my relationships with my ex-girlfriends and Karen talked about her ex-boyfriends. These relationships had all ended in tears and each time it happened we had given emotional support to each other and this had brought us closer together each time. Karen suggested that as dating always seemed to bring unhappiness for both of us, perhaps we should give it up and maybe we could be happy together. I agreed to give it a try. There was of course one thing absent in our relationship that other couples would do and Karen said that she could do without that although she realised it would be more difficult for me to do without it. She said that she was pleased to keep me happy by catering for any of my toilet fantasies, within reason of course. At this point baby Emma woke up and started crying and needed attention.

Sorry it's been so long guys, I've been busy with life and school and boyfriends, and now ex's, and new guys, and tons of other stuff. It's gotten insane. I'm so excited though. Froday night, I'm going to a basketball game with one of my best friends and an awesome guy, Mike, who I REALLY like. Saturday I'm going to the movies with my other friend and Mike, so that should be fun. I've got a research paper to do for English, and trust me, it's not fun. Love the new pee stories by the way.

I've got a new story for you:
Okay, so I don't like taking a dump, but it's necessary for life to continue. Well, a few days ago, I squeezed out a huge log and flushed it down then showered, and when I got out of the shower (this is around 10 at night btw) I noticed there was very little water in the toilet. I played it off and let my sister shower.

Well, my sister showered, and apparently the drain going down from that bathroom was clogged with my turd and the toilet overflowed, making my sister freak and my mom panic. Not fun. Of course, I was just stunned that something like that could have come from ME.

That was not a fun night.

the other day in school I had to go poop fly bad. I am 14 and have brown hair brown eyes. I never had an accident but today during 7th period I had to go rly bad I held it to the end of the day but I have to walk a while home so I was half way home when I farted and new it was sumthifng more so about 3/4 home and I just couldn't hold it anymore I kept walking and let of out in tight jeans my thong was ruined(it was my favorite one lacy baby blue) my parents didn't find out I kinda like doing it

Cindy Sue
I'm 14, almost 15, and I walk home from my high school. The problem for me is that I don't get a chance to crap at school. I usually pee about 2nd hour and again at lunch. What sucks about it is that I have to wait in a crowded bathroom where there is some pushing and shoving when a stall opens, but I've learned to stay so focused that when I stall opens, I get right in there, up on the stool and I'm seated and peeing within 15 or 20 seconds. Sometimes, there's not even any toilet paper to wipe with, but that's OK because a couple of trickles is all I leave in my underwear. The problem for me is that the need to crap comes at about 2 p.m. or a little later when I'm in my last class. Unless I'm out of there fast and into the bathroom even faster, the halls are jammed and it's tough to move through the crowd. Sometimes there might be a fight or other types of trouble and the teachers and administrators over-react by moving everybody out. I mean they shove us and basically force us to the doorways. I think they want the halls cleared within 5 or 10 minutes of the 3 p.m. bell. Well, they won't let you into the bathroom. Sometimes they lock the doors. Sometimes they stand close to them and refuse to let anyone enter. They yell about going home and how mild the weather is and how we should want to be outside. Wrong! I need to crap and I have a 12 block walk home. Yes, I know there's a lot of smoking and vandalism in the bathroom. But I don't do it. I just need to crap and I can't. It really frustrates me. And what sucks more is that when stop to use the bathroom at businesses on the way home, they too are snotty about letting me. Yesterday, for example, I was hurting pretty bad after two blocks and I stopped at this large do-it-yourself laundry. There were several mothers there will children but the bathrooms were way in the back and there was a man there watching the place and he was really mean and wouldn't let me in because I wasn't a customer. I even offered to buy a soda to become one but he said no and told me to leave. Two blocks later my emergency hadn't gotten any better when I stopped at a gas station. The bathrooms were on the side but the door was locked. I sent inside the office and asked a mechanic for a key. He just laughed and said they were for customers only. When I started to get upset and cry he just looked the other way and wasn't about the change his mind. It was another three long blocks and two of them were out of my way until I got the brilliant idea of trying a bowling alley. It was a great choice because it was so large that I wasn't really noticed and the bathrooms were right inside the door. Only one of five stalls was taken and I was in luck. I threw my bookbag down and ran for the first. Luckily the seat was done because I didn't have time to check before I placed myself on it and filled the bowl with one very long and soft crap. It was sooo satisfying and I sat for at least 5 minutes just resting and thinking about how much I went through just for the single crap. I get even madder when I think about how they treat us at school and herd us out--we're not cattle that can just drop our crap right under us in the hallway. That would surely be a suspension and maybe even cause us to be expelled. As I was washing my hands, the door opened to the other stall and it was a girl I know from the apartment building from across the street from ours. Her name is Micki and she had to crap too. We walked the rest of the way home together as (and she came up with the name) "Shittin Sisters".

My bowel movements smell very badly.

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