This is my 3rd time posting or so, but i haven't been on here in a long time.

So for thoese of you who don't know me, I'm a I'm a high school senior, 5'6", blonde, with C Brests. People tell me all the time I'm pretty. Wonder what they would say if they heard/ saw me on the toilet.

Anyway, I was in school durring 5th hour today, and felt the need to shit. My shits are normally lose, gassy and messy. I raised my hand and asked my teacher for a pass, and headed out the door. As I was turning the cornor, another girl ran into me and vomited all over me, at the same time, I felt a large peice of poop force its way into my thong. I didn't know it, but learned later that she had pooped her self too. I asked her if she was alright, and helped her to the office. When we got to the office, I learned that she didn't have a ride to get her home, so I said, "I can take you, I have to go home anyway and change."
On the way to her house, she thanked me for giving her a ride and being so understanding about everything. I said no problem. about 5 min went by with us talking, when she suddenly told me to pull over, she was going to be sick. So I did, she jumped out of my truck (a 1998 Ford F-250, lifted 4 inches) and quickly ripped her pants and panties down, squatted and began having one of the worst diaherra attacks I've ever seen. At the same time, she started vomiting again. I got out of the truck, walked over to her, and thats when I saw that she had had an accident in her pants already. I asked her if she was going to be alright, and did she mind if i joined her, since i really had to go by now. She said she thought she would be fine, and to go ahead. So I pulled my thong down, hitched up my skirt, squated, and began pushing out a few turds. Mine were all very soft, and I had a lot of gas, but hers were completly liquid, and when she farted, it just blew more out. I finished up, reached into my truck, and got out a roll of tp that I had in there from when I was mudding with a few of my guy friends, and there were no toilets around. I pulled off a few sheets, wiped, and repeted. By then, she seemed to be finishing up, as it was mostly gas, and she had stoped vomiting. I offered her the tp, she thanked me, took it, and spent what seemed like 15 min wiping. We had both empited our loads out of our pants, or, in her case, just take her panties off, and leave them there. We got back in the truck, and to her house, where she ran into the bathroom again, and had more diaherra. I didn't like leaving her alone there, and I'm an EMT-Basic, so I asked her if she wanted me to stay until her parents came home. She told me that if I wanted to I could, so I did. She had 5 more diaherra attacks in the time i was there, about 2-3 hours. I learned later that her parents took her to the hospital, and she had some kind of food poising. But from that day onward, we've been best friends.

COOL DUMPER: I have also thought quite a lot about pooping being not much more a disgusting thing as blowing your nose. I think it has to do with the fact that the anus is in close proximity to your privates (genitals) which makes pooping taboo.

In fact, for men pooping should not be more embarrasing than peeing since for pooping nothing really "sexual" is involved. The only disgusting part about pooping is the smell, but even that, is not more disgusting than the smell of sweat or a dirty person. Farting can also lead to embarrasement, particularly in women but for men, it should not be a big deal.

That is why I think in the long run we could see more unisex multi stall toilets in some places. Of course, gender specific restrooms should continue to exist, particularly in conservative places.

Yes Dreamsicle, you are an odd duck but by no means are you the "1" odd duck. There are many ducks in the world. When I was primary school age, I would not poop at school. My Aunt lived only 1 block from school. When I reached the point of cramps, I would be sent to the nurse, the school would call my mother and she would tell them to send me to my Aunt's house. I would arrive at the Aunt's house, go to the bathroom, and all would be fine. Around age 13 is when I became fascinated with peeing and pooping.

I prefer to shower rather than bathe so my preference is to stand in the shower with my feet together and feel the pee run down my legs. When the golden shower stops, I turn on the other shower and begin washing.


I used to do the same thing I'm a guy though. peeing in cups has always been fun. I remember reading your posts I think if you were once posting under goldgirl.

Hi Jody, yeah I know what you mean about not wasting time in the bathrooms. When I go at school I hear lots of others going and I know they are forcing it out because of the noise they make. But I like to relax on the toilet and I hate forcing it out. That's why I always try and go at lunch because I don't have to hurry for class then. If its just a pee I need Im probably only there for three or four minutes. If I have to go poo though it can easily take as long as 20 minutes. Sometimes if I have been holding it in it comes out quickly but sometimes even though I feel I need to poo, as soon as I sit and relax the urge seems to go away. So I just sit and wait for it to start. And actually it feels real nice sometimes when it starts coming out real real slow. I like that feeling so I enjoy spending time sitting on the toilet.

Dreamsicle - I used to be obsessed with toilet things from about 6 onwards. I remember one time I was about 7 I was playing with my cousins out in the park. Alex was the same age as me and Ashley was about 1 year older. Anyways as usual I didn't want to miss playtime just because I needed to poop. So I kept holding it in. It got so bad I had to hold so hard I stood still and crossed my legs and squeezed as hard as I could thinking they wouldn't know what I was doing. Then Ashley saw me and said "you mustn't hold it in". I remember just staring at her and this time she said "You have to go, you have to let it out". I suppose I was so close to doing it in my pants without thinking I pulled down my shorts and my underpants all the way to my ankles and half squatted right there. They were both totally fascinated, specially Alex and I hardly noticed as they both moved around behind me. I remember my hole started to hurt almost immediately as a huge turd head forced its way out agonizingly slowly. After what seemed like forever my hole closed and I stood up and turned to see what I had done. All 3 of us just stared at it and Alex made some comment about it being the hugest turd he had ever seen. Ashley started giggling and kept glancing between my turd stretched out on the grass and my weiner. What that started was that Alex and me would often play together and we liked to poop outdoors and watch each others turds coming out real close up. Looking back that was a bit weird.

Little story about the first time I peed my pants on purpose. At the time I was 16. I was in a discotheque with a group of friends, drinking beer all night so after a while I had to go for a pee. There was one long urinal where you stood with like ten guys in a row, all peeing in the same urinal. Normally I was not pee-shy, but this time I just could not go. All I could do was squeeze a few drops out, and that was it. The minute I left the toilet I though "Oh man, I have go to pee sooo bad, why did nothing come out?" I went back to the dance floor, as long as I was dancing I felt fine. As soon as I left the dance floor to drink some more beer (oh no!!) I had to hold my penis through my pocket because I had to go so bad. I tried one more time to pee, but again nothing came out… As I didn't want to go to the toilet every five minutes to try to pee (what would my mates be thinking?) I thought I just hold it, and pee outside in the bushes as soon as would go home.

After what seemed hours, we finally decided to leave. At this point my bladder was so full, it felt as if my belly was 20 centimetres bigger than normal. And it hurt very bad! As soon as we where outside I wanted to go to the bushes to pee, but we where talking with some girls, and I did not want the girls to so see I had to pee. So I decided to wait… Never I my whole life did I have to pee so bad, at this point I held my crotch the whole time (it was dark outside, so nobody noticed). After talking to the girls for about half an hour (the longest half hour in my life) we took our bikes and went to cycle home. One friend lived not too far from me, so we ended up riding the last part together. From where he lived it was only five minutes to my place, and then I would finally take the long awaited piss! I said goodbye to my friend and wanted to drive on straight away, but he kept talking and talking. I just sat there on my bike, and he was telling all sorts of stories about the girl he met and I just thought "please shut up and let me go home" Then, all of sudden I thought, why don't I just pee in my pants? It was dark, I was wearing dark pants, so my friend wouldn't notice… I relaxed and let a big spurt in my white briefs. It felt soooo good! The hot, wet liquid slowly soaked my underwear. I let a few more squirts come out, which made a bit of a hissing sound. I was afraid my mate might notice this, but he was still talking. I did not pee my pants completely, but enough to get the preasure of my bladder, and to make my crotch wet. It was such a great feeling having peed in my pants without the friend standing next to me knowing anything about it!

When my friend finally went inside, I drove the last few minute to my house. It felt so good sitting on the saddle with my soaked underwear! When I was home my parents where in bed. No danger of getting caught! In the bathroom I peed some more in my pants, then I took my wet clothes of and took a shower. I kept the wet clothes under my bed a few days until they where dry, and then put them in the laundry basket. My mother never found out.

Hi guys, I'm a lurker and thought it was about time for me to post something. I'm 20 and female, 5'4 125 lbs and i live in the midwest.

the only thing of interest i have to offer about my toilet habits is that i have always been and still am incredibly shy about having bowel movements. because of this i avoid using public restrooms at all costs, so if in public I always ignore the urge and put it off until I get home. I only naturally get the urge to move my bowels once a day, or once every other day so putting it off isn't that difficult. However, it is hard for me to wait longer than 3 or 4 days, because by that time the waste has really built up.

I have only had one complete pooping accident when I was 15, but i have had a few partial accidents/stains because of my phobia about moving my bowels in public.

The full accident I had when I was 15 was very traumatic, regardless of the fact that no one witnessed it. I had been holding my bm in for 3 days since it seemed i only would ever get the urge to go when at school or out somewhere. I was in my last class of the day, chemistry, and i had to go desperately. The entire class period I was fighting to keep my poop in, as i could feel my anus spasming open and closed. When class was finally over, and i was able to get up to leave, i hurried as fast as i could to the one person bathroom 2 floors up, knowing that i could not put it off until getting home. the halls had cleared out so there was no one around, and i was relieved because i couldn't help the desperate expression on my face. However, halfway up the second flight of stairs i felt my stomach twist. for the first time ever my body completely betrayed me, and i felt my anus involuntarily open as my bowels pushed my enormous poop out into my jeans. I naturally slumped into a squatting position on the stairs, unable to do anything but let it all out while involuntarily grunting.

I posted earlier with a curiousity, but no one seems to have responded so I guess I'll post again. I'm curious about the differences between men and women as relating to pooping habits. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like both men and women to answer these questions...
1. Are you male or female?
2. How often do you poop?
Every 2-3 days
3. What time of the day do you usually poop?
It varies, almost never the same time of the day
4. How big is your poop?
Medium sized, it usually fills about half the bowl
5. Do you typically do sinkers or floaters?
Almost always sinkers
6. How bad is the smell when you finish?
You can definitely tell I pooped, but the smell is not overbearing
7. Do you leave skid marks behind after flushing the toilet?
Occasionally, but not often
8. Have you ever clogged a toilet?
Fortunately, no
9. Do you wash your hands after pooping?
Every time
10. While pooping, do you ever sit directly on the seat? If no, please specify what you do instead.
I always sit directly on the seat. I find the notion that you can get sick just from sitting on a toilet seat crazy

Need to go
Recently, while the guy who cleans the bathrooms I noticed that the door to the mens room was closed and I heard a loud fart as I walked by I said to him though the door that I'm not paying him to sit on the job! I would have to dock his pay. He laughed and said that he would make it up and that the bowl would be spotless for my dump that he figured would be needing soon.

Asthesia*-> Thanks, I'll try. It's comforting to know someone else went through what I'm currently going through.

Dreamsicle- Glad you decided to post!

You're not the only one to do things like that. I remember one time when I got taken along to a dinner party with my parents when I was maybe 8. I was playing with the other people's daughter, who was about my age. We were pretending that her stuffed animals needed to go to the bathroom. We tore up brown paper and put it in the toilet so it seemed her teddy bear pooped. Then I decided to try to actually poop. I did, and we got a good laugh out of there being real poop that we pretended her teddy bear did.

I also had these plastic cubes that were open at one end. I used to pee in one of them that was about six or eight inches square. I would also sometimes pee on the fence out in the yard behind the wood pile. That was always really cool in the winter because it would steam.

I don't think I ever pooped in the bath, but I definitely peed in it. It was cool seeing the yellow slowly mix with the clear!

So, you're definitely not the only one that did/does things like that.

Just the other day, I took a really big dump, and I clogged the toilet. (first time ever in this apartment, and I've lived here two years!) I eventually got the toilet clear with the plunger and by flushing a bunch of times. About half an hour later, there was a knock on my door. It was a maintenance guy from the building. He said that there was a clog in the pipes, and to please not use the dishwasher tonight until they could take care of it. I said of course. After I closed the door, I couldn't help but laugh at the trouble I'd caused!


Am I correct in thinking that you're interested in learning to pee standing?

I am a guy, of course, but I've read many, many times on the Internet about the technique for girls to pee standing. I think it's such a good technique for girls to know that I try and help them out at every time I can by telling them what I've heard.

Start out by practicing in the shower (it's not a dirty thing to do; the pee just gets washed down and isn't germy when it comes out). If you practice there, it won't matter if you miss at first.

Use one or both hands to spread your labia apart. This means not only the outer flaps but the inner ones as well! This will clear the path of the pee so that it doesn't hit the labia while it comes out and get everywhere. Try to keep your hands out from directly in front of where the pee will come out, so that they don't get wet. Also use your hand(s) to pull up on everything so that the pee will come out in front instead of down.

Try starting out sharply when you pee (but not TOO hard), so that the pee gets clear of your body and goes out hopefully a reasonable distance in front. If it's splashing or spraying, it might be fixed if you adjust the way you're holding open your labia, but I'm not sure about that. With practice you might find that you can aim the pee up and down by pulling differently on what's down there. Try to aim for the drain of the bathtub, and congratulate yourself if you hit it!

After you feel you're good enough at it, you could try going into the bathtub from outside of it (unless you find yourself unable to pee very far in front of you, in which case don't bother with that), or, if you feel ready, skip right to going into the toilet.

If you're wearing clothes, just pull them out of the way if you can. If you're wearing a dress or skirt, lift it in front. If you're wearing pants, pull them down a few inches in front. Underwear can either be pulled down or pulled aside to make way for your hands and stream. Some girls who have perfected their aim can even pee through the fly of their pants!

Peeing standing can have lots of advantages for a girl - some say that it's a faster and cleaner way of going, once one is used to it. Especially it can come in handy outdoors, where the alternative is squatting (which can easily get messy, exposes one's backside to natural hazards, and perhaps worst of all, exposes one's nakedness to strange onlookers). I say every girl should try it out, and I have a lot of respect for girls who do.

Hope that helped. Report back if you have problems (this goes for any other girl who may read this and decide to try it out as well), and I'm sure that either a girl who is experienced in it or someone else who has read a lot on the subject will be able to aid you.

Outdoor man
I am now in my 40ies. When looking back I think my attitudes towards going to toilet in general have passed four phases. This is best recognized when looking at my attitudes related to going to toilet outside. As outdoor activites have been a central part of my life since I was a child I have had countless such experiences.

Before puberty I think I was quite relaxed about the issue. I remember several times camping in the woods with my family without any problems related to going in the bushes. I can even remember that my mother and I from time to time went to toilet together especially when staying together with others. It was just the most natural thing.

But when comming into puberty it all changed. I got very embarrassed about the issue. When in need I tried to get away without being observed by the others. Even when hiking alone with my mother I tried to find another excuse to get away for example that I would like to make some photos somewhere. I also felt a bit embarrassed when observing others going to toilet, especially close relatives as my mother and my uncle and aunt that often hiked together with us. Once at a school canoe trip I was walked in on by one of the teachers, a woman at about 50. She just smiled and said excuse. I guess she understood that I felt very embarrassed because afterwards she shortly excused for comming by and said that it was really nothing to bother about and that she was in the bushes of the same reason.

Later I went into the third phase first becomming more interested about the habits of others. Once at another hike I remember that I even spied on one of my teachers when she was squatting. I think this phase terminated when I was around 22 when taking part in a cross country camping trip with a big group of students. Then it gradually turned out to be a very natural thing again.

And now it has been very uncomplicated for some decades. Though I feel it most comfortable to be private about the issues except towards my wife. And when our children passed about 10 I feel it ok to be private about it towards them too. But it is no dramatic event when being observed. My wife and I have discussed the issue and she says that she feels about the same. By the way she is a school teacher with gym and outdoor sports among her subjects. Several times every year she takes classes for hikes and camping. Almost every time she tells that she has discovered some of the pupils (mostly boys) spying at her at some occation when squatting in the bushes. The first times this happened she just finished abruptly when she discovered it but now she says that she just finishes in an ordinary way and pretend that she has not noticed it. Perhaps the wisest reaction?

Thursday, January 31, 2008

p diddy
this happened about 3 months ago. i was at one of my friends house and i quess he was havin stomach problems so he went to the bathroom and told me he was going to be a long long time. so i went downstairs from his room (ooo i forgot to mention that his downstairs bathroom was being renavated. like totalyy no toile no bath tub no nothin) so as i was goin down the stairs i passed his mom goin up them and i siad hello and she said hi back and kept goin. i was walkin in the kitchen when i heard bangin from up stairs so i went back up and saw his mom banging on the door and then i asked her wats wrong and she said she realy had to pee. i told her i had to to but then said that his stomach hurt and was gunna be a lomg time. she said ok maybe i can hold it. we wait about 15 min until she said f*** this. went into the closet grabed a role of toilet paper and said she was goin to pee outside and that i could come if i wanted to so gladlly said ok and followed her out back. we went out side and walk behind the shed. it was a pretty closed off spot so i felt comfortable. and then she un did her pants and pulled her undearwear down squated and said if u got to go. go. so i un did my zipper and then started to hear a strong gushing sound. i looked over and saw a strong flow comin out of her crack. so i kept goin and took out my wang. and started to pee. i went for about a minute and then shook my wang dry , put it away and turned to c his mom still peein. she had made a huge puddle that was forming with mine now. i said realy had to pee huh. she looked up and said ya i did. i kept lookin at her pee and she didnt say ne thing so didnt stop until she asked me to hand her he toilet paper. so i did and she stod up wiped her crack and then pulled up her thong and jeans. then we both just looked at the huge puddle that was formed from her pee and my pee. wow was all we could say. and then we went back inside and i went back up stairs.

Hi, everyone.

Faith: I almost always am peeing and then my shit starts to come out. Occasionally I have almost finished peeing before I shit. But I seem impossible to shit and not have a pee.

Rebecca: I will always try to make conversation with the women in the next cubicle as I am having a shit. I guess I just find it comforting. There are some who either never answer or tell me please to be quiet, but the majority chat. The chat is anything, the weather, where they are going, and sometimes its about what they are doing, if they are constipated, or its the 'wrong' time of the month etc.

Now a question for Faith and Rebecca, and any woman who can help. I always get constopated just before my period and it makes it a pretty awful couple of days for me. I wondered if anybody else has the same problem for the first couple of days of their period and if they have any remedies to avoid it?

Edward C: I worked in the temple on Saturday and had to go with a patron when she needed to shit. She was around sixty and quite beautiful. I enjoyed watching her and we went for a nice meal later in the day.

Thats all for now everyone.

Love to all Jill (South Wales)

I haven't posted in the longest time but I am an avid reader and Asthesia's story reminded me of what happened to me about a month ago. I was at the mall shopping and I was feeling a bit excited even before I got there. As soon as I got to the mall I also started to feel I would soon have to sit on the toilet but I decided to hold it in until later. Just a little while later I happened to see something that got me really excited and almost at the same time I felt a really large pressure starting in my ass and I knew I had to get to the toilet pretty urgently. I knew I would pee, because every time I poop I always pee first, even if I didn't feel the need. I knew I couldn't sit because if I peed in the state I was in it would go everywhere except in the toilet. I managed to get to the toilets without any mishap but it was a struggle to walk and clamp my hole shut at the same time. I decided had no choice but to use the urinal. The problem was that as I relaxed to let my pee out I felt my ass relaxing and the nose of my turd started to push out. I was really scared. I tried squeezing my hole shut and that just stopped my pee. So I had to stand there with my pee shooting up and hitting the top of the urinal in little squirts as I tried to squeeze the nose of my turd back in. Eventually my pee died off but my turd had opened my hole and I could feel it was very slowly making its way out into my pants. So without even zipping up, I scurried as fast as I could to one of the stalls, getting a strange look from some guy who must have seen the worried look on my face and wondered why I would make for the stalls after using the urinal. I slammed the door shut, ripped down my pants and tore off some toilet paper. My turd was still coming out as I held the paper in a wad over the end of my c**k just in time to catch another spurt of pee as the rest of my turd slid out of my hole. Luckily I was over the bowl and it landed square in the water with a huge splash. My wad of tp was soaked so my hand got all wet and I did have a large mark in my unders where my turd had hit cloth when I was standing at the urinal. Other than that it was a very narrow escape.

Ello all, I've been reading the site for what's gotta be almost 10 years now. I'm 20 now, but I've been lurking here since I was about 12.

I'm a girl, I always feel awkward as hell talking about myself, especially regarding something embarrassing like this. But I guess I'm sorta waify and anorexic looking if I had to describe myself. I'm fairly short bout 5'4ish and your average, but whatever.

Anywho, I just always had probably a somewhat obsessive interest in bathroom stuff since I was a lil kid. Like from the time I was about 6 up to the time I was 12ish I use to do stuff like pee in places I shouldn't like the corner of this basically unused room we had in our old house. I remember being really fascinated with the way the pee felt spreading out under my feet through the carpet. No one ever really noticed or cared much. I always figured if anyone did point it out, I'd try blaming it on the cat (never really thinking how diff cat pee smells then my own). But yeah, it was always a sort of weird thrill doing that. The only reason I even stopped was just because of developing those usual awkward teen feelings of "you're weird for doing this and should probably stop".

I use to do a lotta weird stuff in the bathtub when I was lil too. Like I had this lil drinking cup amongst my tub toys. And I would keep filling it with water from the faucet so that I could make myself pee and got a kick out of seeing the jet of pee come out in the water. Sometimes I would wait until I had to have a BM before I went into the shower, and I would just basically do the same thing. Like I would just watch my BM coming out under the water or I'd do it in this lil toy plastic box I had (it was for holding blocks) and eventually just pick it up with my hands and take it over to the toilet and flush it.

Basically I was wondering if anyone else did weird stuff like that when they were a kid. Or am I just the 1 odd duck.

Hi, I am 24 and work in a large office.

I have a quick question for the women.

Do you mind taking to the person in the next stall when your pooping.

The reason i ask is that at work i do it when i'm peeing but the other
day i had to take one of those serious after lunch dumps and this other woman i know who i,ve peed with many times went in to the stall next to mine and as usual she started to talk about nothing in general like we all do as i heard her start to pee in the bowl,well i got a few words out
when my poop started with a loud fart and then another and i could feel my face go red as she now knew what i was there for.

I said to her rather meekly,sorry about all the gas and at the same time my first piece of poop went plop in to the bowl quickly followed by some more,and the place was starting to smell bad,well she was quiet for a few seconds and i could hear her pulling tp off of the roll and she said
you should have been in here this morning,i stunk this place out real good and made plenty off noise too so you have nothing to be embarresed
about,ill leave you to finish your business.
So i felt a little less embarrassed,i guess it's true that a girls gotta due what a girls gotta due.

hi everyone! new here. I like carmelita's posts any way i have a story. It isn't some hardcore jobbie, but it's good. yesterday i was constipated . b4 i went to bed i drank some milk of magnesia. Today, i woke up and went to the head to wee. My hubby was shaving. I sat down, expecting just to take a wee but when i sat down i farted SO loud! My hubby laughed and said"molly, are you feeling dandy?"i said "Yes just got a bit of a jobbie to do." "sounds like more than a bit to me!" "well yes, that's the way it goes. What goes in must come out!" and with that i let ut a lot of soft poo, and was quite loud. I just remembered this site, and decided to post. Next time, ill give a play-by-play, but toodles for now!

To GroverFS from page 1553:
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you didn't want to stop doing whatever you were doing? Yes
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were playing a game? (eg. hide and seek; a hold it contest) yes

Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were locked in a room with no toilet or you were locked out of the toilet? yes
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident while travelling in a car? (Or bus etc...) yes
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident while travelling on an airplane? no
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you weren't allowed to go to the toilet? no
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were at the cinema and you didn't want to miss the film? yes, but only a little
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were too tired or lazy to get out of bed? yes
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident while on stage performing or at any other time while a large crowd was focussed on you? no
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident in front of your friends during a sleepover or party? yes
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were too shy to ask to go to the toilet or ask where the toilet was? no
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were waiting in a queue for the toilet but you couldn't hold it long enough?yes, but only a little
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because other kids stopped you going to the toilet? no
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were being tickled? yes

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