For those of you who like pee stories.

When I was about four years old, my cousin, who was born the same month as I was, and I had been playing in the woods all morning and went in for lunch. By then I needed to pee. I hadn't gone since I got up that morning. But I figured if my cousin didn't go into the bathroom to pee, then I wouldn't either. I found out many years later that men don't ever go to the toilet unless another male friends went first to take a leak. Never be the first one to go is our motto. I never was. I had always been good at holding a full bladder.

After lunch, my cousin and I went back to playing. I noticed after awhile that he was pinching his penis. I figured that he needed to pee but wasn't saying anything. By late afternoon it had been about 8 hours since I went. I was beginning to feel my bladder hurting. But I held on not wanting to say anything.

We continued playing and riding our bikes around. By then I was in agony. I still held on. Finally he said he wanted to go in and get something to drink. I went with him. We both had a soda. Then he finally said that he needed to pee. I agreed not letting on how badly I needed to go.

We went into the bathroom together, locked the door, and went over to the toilet. He took out his penis and I did too. He started to go first. I hesitated saying I didn't have to go that bad. I had never seen anyone but my dad going to the toilet. Finally, as my cousin peed and peed I got my stream going. He stopped and continued to look at me peeing. I went on and on. "Boy, you really did need to go." He kept looking at my penis. Finally, he said, your pee-pee is different than mine. Then I noticed that his penis had some skin over the tip. I wondered why. My dad and I didn't.

Years later as an adolescent a friend and I were peeing together after school. His penis was like mine. I said to him afterward that once I was peeing with a cousin and his penis had a piece of skin hanging over the end of his penis. My high school friend told me he was uncircumcised. Like most guys in the USA we had been circumcised when we were babies. That gets rid of that piece of skin. I had never heard the word "circumcised."

But I was more interested in peeing with a really full bladder. My high school buddy pees about 5 times a day, and he couldn't understand how I can hold my piss all day in school. I am now in college. I still only go three times a day, morning, late afternoon, and bedtime. I have a very large bladder.I suppose that I stretched it all those years I never peed in school.

More pee stories to come.

Johnny Half-Pint
It's always nice to hear that someone is taking a stand against anti-male sexism. Keep up the good work!

Now, a technical question.

In the UK and such parts of Europe as I have visited, most WCs tend to be of the "washdown" variety (where the contents are forced out of the basin by the flushwater, as opposed to drawn out by a partial vacuum); the trap is right at the bottom of the basin, and the exit is full-bore all the way (because if you aren't trying to create a partial vacuum then you don't need a narrow section in the pipe). This arrangement works really well, is all but immune to clogging, and doesn't make an annoying loud gurgle at the end of the flushing cycle (because there is no syphonic action to break).

So how come the USA is so enamoured of the "syphonic" closet?

has anyone pooped then pee or pee poop [pee or is it only me ?

has Anyone peed in a sink [both females and males ] and how do girls stand up and pee ? and have any girls been tempted to use a boys/guys urinal ? and i love playing and looking @ pen**es is this normal ?

The other day I went to a barbeque at a friends house. We eventually ended up inside to play video games. I noticed his Mum go into the toilet which is off to the side of the rooms. I forgot about it until a few minutes later when I heard the toilet flush. Soon after she came out and tended to housekeeping. I quickly thought about going in to use the toilet and decided to as I needed a poo. As I entered and locked the door I noticed the smell of air freshener with a slight hint of poo, confirming she had just sat on the same toilet and pushed some out. I sat down and noticed the seat still mildly warm. This got me excited.

I remember one time I laught at my mom for peeing her pants in the car on the way home and she got back at me by locking me out of the bathroom and I was forced to shit my pants.

does anybody else have a story like this?

to Ambassador Annie:
We have a similar program at my school, but I can't imagine a girl being that mean to me or me allowing her to get away with it. First, I've only known one girl who would have been as bitchy with someone trying to help her. Second, none of my friends put paper over the toilet seats, although a few will do a fast wipe first. I don't unless there's urine to clean off. Most of us don't think about whether we're using the middle or one of the end stalls. The objective is to sit down and eliminate waste and to do it as fast as we can so we don't get a detention for too many tardies. She sure showed attitude when you sat down to pee and didn't give her fears one consideration. Did she expect you to reinforce her procedure by yourself doing the line and tuck routine with the toilet paper? Where and why would a person learn to do such a strange thing and why would they be so bitchy about it? Also jocks tend to be the leaders of the school and are more considerate of others. You could have just sat there and extended out your pee as long as possible. That would probably have pissed her off to no end.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well today, I came home from school to wash my clothes, and it turned out that my brother wanted me to help him deliver some firewood (he has a firewood business). After we got done we decided it would be nice to sit back and drink a fiew beers out by a fire in the back yard. After a fiew beers (I really don't drink to get trashed anymore) I decided to go inside and find something to eat. When I got back to the house however, it was clear that I needed to do just the opposit. Since the toilet by my room is broken thanks to the huge dump I took in it a while ago, I headed for my parents bathroom. I shut and locked the door to their bedroom so I could keep the bathroom door open but not have anyone walk in on me. I got to the toilet, lifted the lid, undid my belt, pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat. Before I startted pooping, I checked the toiletpaper holder to make sure it wasn't empty. "Oh f*ck" I thought as my hand touched nothing but the actual holder itself. I quickly began feeling around the counter next to me for a role while still trying to keep my poop in. Luckally I did find one so I began to drop my load. Things startted off with a nice fart, and then the crap began to emerge. I tried not to do a lot of pushing because it felt really good to have this long shit just work it's way out of my butt. I leaned forward as the one long terd just continued to move out of me. It wasn't the best crap I've ever taken but it felt good enough to get me a bit excited, but this is when things get kind of funny. As I'm pooping I also start to pee, but I don't hear it hitting the water. Nope, instead I hear it hitting cloth... Since I was a bit excited my pee was shooting forward through the space between the seat and the rim and I ended up pissing all over the back of my jeans. I laughed to myself as I felt how wet they were. Around this time my main poop landed in the water with a splash and I pushed out one more small piece. I whiped my ass, got up, and flushed the toilet. Now what to do about the jeans. Thankfully I was the only one in the house, so I went down stairs, grabbed another pare of jeans and boxers out of my hamper, and just changed in to those.
Yeah, I'm notorious at my house for taking massive shits that do a nice job of clogging up the toilet. Sometimes I will go through periods when I seriously can't take a shit and not have the toilet clog. I can remember my brother complaining: "You clog the toilet every damn day!" It's kind of embarissing but it feels so nice to just relax and do a huge poop. Well, I'm outa here. Hope you liked my poste.

When I was a kid and about 6, I was at my next door playing with my friend Jason, who was 7. His dad and mom were doing some rewiring or something in one of the rooms downstairs, and so they had turned off the power for a while, so we were in Jason's playroom, playing camping or something, with really only a flashlight for light. While we were playing, Jason said he had to go to the bathroom, which was down the hall. He had to take the flashlight so he could see, and I was scared to be left alone in the dark, so I asked if I could come along, and he said sure. We went into the bathroom and he asked me to hold the flashlight while he peed. I had never seen a boy pee before, and so I was giggling a little as Jason pulled his pants down (as little boys tend to do) and started peeing into the toilet. I giggled the whole time, because it was really funny to me. After that, he would let me watch him pee all the time.

Master Blaster
Got another story for you all. I haven't had any really good dumps lately, since I posted last time. However, today that changed a bit. I got a really strong urge, kinda out of the blue. I went to the toilet and sat down, it required a little pushing, since it was really wide. It hurt coming out, and the end of it broke off into smaller pieces. They were about 2 inches or slightly more wide, which is really big for me. It was pretty hard, but as it came out, it got thinner and softer. I felt it gain a new speed, and it came out in a rush. It had to be 2 inches long at the end, tapering down to 1.5 inches. It was at least 16 inches long, and curled up the front of the bowl from the hole at the bottom. I still felt a little more in me, so I pushed some more and got several, probably 5 or 6 more very small pieces out. These were about .5 to 1 inch wide and no more than about 2 to 3 inches long. In all, it was a very satisfying dump.

Fat chick--->I really like your post. It sucks that the dude walked in on you, but hey, everyone poops. Just pretend like it didn't happen. Can you tell us about the rest of that shit, when you got home?

Lucky Man---> Awesome story! I wish *I* got to hear some hot chick on the can. Did she tell you any details about the dumps, or just that they were pretty big? Keep up the awesome posts.

Steve--Good story! That sounds embarrassing, but hey, everyone has accidents...and whoever says they don't...they're lying! Post more stories if you have any :-)

I've had a few pee accidents as a kid. Once in 1st grade when I laughed too hard in class and wet myself royally. LOL. Definetly embarrassing.

The same year I was sick and in a deep sleep, dreaming about sitting outside in a rainstorm with my feet in a bucket of water...and well...woke up drenched :( And once when I was about 4, in the middle of the night when I was still half-asleep I had to pee, so I sat on the toilet and started to go...when I felt fabric getting wet...and realized too late that I was peeing through my underwear. LOL. That was not pleasant at all. Talk about a rude awakening.

Those are the ones that stand out the most.

As for pooping...not a lot of change body seems to be really messed up lately.

Some days I can't poop...other days I do gigantic ones....sometimes pebble type ones and sometimes watery.

What the heck?

The past few days I've been going okay...getting stomach cramps each day and pooping every other day, which is a big improvement for me. I used to go once a week. Up to 2 weeks without doing anything.

Every other day is slowly becoming a normal schedule, and I am really happy I'm not suffering so badly and that I don't feel so sick all the time.

The other day I went to the bathroom with stomach cramps and pooped out a turd about 12" long. Yesterday I went twice. The first time was a small one, only about 5" long. The second, very tiny. LOL. Not even worth mentioning.

Hopefully this keeps up and I will finally become regular. Years and years of problems with constipation are finally being relieved (excuse the pun). LOL.

James--Sorry to hear about your accident.

Punk Rock Girl--Sounded like a monster shit!

Loving the stories on more poop and pee accident stories :-)


I've been eating a lot of whole grain rice and broccoli lately with dinner, and earlier I got some pretty bad stomach cramps, so I went to the bathroom, pulled my pj pants down and sat on the toilet. I immediately pushed and it hurt a little bit, but a big turd ejected itself into the toilet. I wiped and pulled my pants up and took a look at what came out.

It was a huge 12" log laying across the toilet bowl. No wonder my stomach had been hurting!

I'm still having stomach cramps, so I may need to go again soon.

Happy pooping!

Stranded on the toilet
To need to go:
I was in a similar situation at work as well recently. while I did not use a cell phone I was caught in the situation of being in a single toilet at work finding only after the fact that the paper supply was gone. As I was sitting there I considered using paper towels to wipe with but knowing that the toilets were connected to a septic system I did not want to chance flushing those. So I sat there wondering what I was to do it is painful knowing that the paper I needed was locked up right outside the door.
Within a few minutes I heard some noise outside the door and and heard the sound of keys jingling in the supply cabinet. I got up the courage to say hey ***** is that you and he said yup. I asked if he could hand me a roll of paper? He said that what he was getting because he had to go and knew that the supply was low and he would be needing it. I shuffled to unlock the door and moments later the door opened and a arm with a roll of paper appeared. I grabbed the roll thanked him got back on the toilet to do the paperwork. I continued my conversation with him as I wiped my hairy but and also said that at least the seat will be warm for you he said thanks because it sure is nippy today. When I finished and I washed my hands he went in and I heard him drop his pants sat down and let out a loud fart said I really need this remarked the the seat was warm. with that I went back to work.

whenever i get my period, i poop a lot. today i had had it for 4 days so it was kinda heavy. i got up with the ugre to shit. so i got up and sat on the toilet and pushed out a few frim logs. the urge went away so i hopped into the shower. when i came out i sat to shit again. this time there were more logs and they were softer. later, at work, i got another urge and made it into the bathroom. as i sat down i could already feel the shit coming out my ass.i pushed out a few firm logs and then some softer stuff. i looked at it as i tossed in my TP and there were like 8 logs in there! i took one more small shit at home bfore i went to bed.

To Thunder From Down Under - Well, I have seen some men go to toilet outside and many of them do not really squat but just bend forward and support their elbows on their knees. Once I also walked in on a guy sitting on a low branch. (A scouts' leader by the way). Immediately I thought he was just resting, but suddenly I noted that he had pulled down his throusers a bit and sat with his bottom bare! When I have seen my boy friends they have always squatted.

when I was 14 in high school I ran X-country. while out on a run I felt it hit me. I had to go bad. I started running back to the school but could not run so I walked and tried to hold it them it came out about 20 feet from the school I started to run as my shorts filled i made it to the bath room and sat down and kept shitting worst of all no paper I used my whitie thightys tossed them in the corner and got my stuff from my locker and walked home i am 27 now and thats my only bad moment but will tell

I will not use a doorless toilet stall. At the J.C Penney's where I work, there are no stall doors in the mens restroom, so, I just use the ladies room. If they can walk in on us, I have NO problem walking in there if I have to shit. If all the guys would do this, I bet they would put doors back on the mens toilets, but guys are wooses, they rather show their most private functions in front of other guys , than complain to management. I don't get it....

Has anybody ever seen or heard anybody like this? We have a girl at my school named Nicole who I swear must have the hugest bladder in world. She's a sophomore like myself and I have her in a couple of my classes. Anyway, she always goes into the restroom after school and takes the most incredibly long pees you've ever heard in your life. I actually think she's proud of her bladder and likes to show it off.

My school doesn't have a large surplus of restroom stalls so naturally everyone piles out of class at 2:40pm and heads for the couple of restrooms near the entrance hall. This girl always takes the big handicapped stall on the end and it's like everybody knows that's Nicole's stall and to just wait for another one because once she goes in there, there's no way you're going to get a chance because she just pees forever! I'm not upset at the inconvenience of waiting as much as I am in awe at just how humongous her bladder must be to hold that much.

Yesterday is a prime example. My bladder was aching by the end of sixth period and by the time I put all my stuff in my locker and got to the restroom Nicole was already in her stall peeing away. So I waited behind the stall next to hers, third in line. While we're waiting Nicole is over there peeing this loud stream and it goes on and on, then it'll stop and start up all over again. It makes all of us who are forced to listen to her have to go even more. All around everybody is finishing and coming out to let someone else in the stall to pee, and she'll still be peeing on and on. I don't want to sound like I'm on her case (Nicole and I are best friends) but all of us tease her a lot and she really seems to like it- even if that sounds weird. Yesterday although I was third in line, Nicole was still peeing away when my friend came out of the stall next to hers. I went in and made a big deal that I had to go so bad. I started up and went for like two straight minutes before my stream started to thin out. From my left through the metal divider I heard Nicole make kind of a smirking laugh and then she remarked "Michelle I thought you said you really had to go?" So I said back to her "not all of us have 10 gallon bladders and can pee for an hour like you." I know she actually thrives on comments like this. Nicole shot back "too bad. Maybe you can do some bladder enlargement exercises so you can pee longer."

As I said she's proud of her bladder. Anybody know somebody like my friend Nicole?

do u guys have ne suggestions - when i was 4 yrs old i was raped and told it was a punishment for wetting my pants and seriously i experienced so much shame / guilt / condemnation - now i'm way older but part of me still feels caught up in that 4 yr old little girl - from that point on i never had an accident but it was out of intense fear - its weird tho cuz now my bladder is way bigger than it used 2 be but my bladder seems so tied to my emotions meaning that if i get fearful or anxious or frustrated or angry it makes me want 2 pee my pants - does anyone know why? not 2 mention i create a million theoretical horrible situations in my head or i read the posts and get scarred that i could potentially be caught in any number of these circumstances and i used 2 do stuff like make myself drink a lot or almost torture myself 2 make my bladder stronger - i dont kno tho - it seems like that event still has power over me / my life is still in some ways stuck in that traumatic event - any suggestions? i dont know if part of it is realizing it really wasnt my fault and its normal 4 little kids 2 pee their pants - ezpecially if they r around disturbing or abusive environments - help please!!

Lucky Man
Hey everyone, I got a pretty cool story.

Last night I was hangin' out at the local university with some friends of mine who go there. This one girl, who I'm pretty interested in, was there too. She's about 5'7", brunette, smaller build but very nice curves with a nice butt. We all had a bit to drink and ended up goin to bed around 1:30 in the morning. Well, I wake up at about 7 with an incredible urge to take a dump. The way the dorms are set up separates the men and women by floor. It being Sunday morning at 7 I figured no one in a college dorm would be awake, and not really feeling well enough to walk up the stairs, I decided to use the women's room on that floor. I see no motion from any of the other 3 people sleeping in the room (including the girl I like). I quietly sneak out so as not to wake them and make it to the bathroom. There are 4 stalls on the left when you walk in, I took the second from the end. I drop my jeans and boxers, sit, and immediately let out a long airy fart followed by a foot-long log that shot out. I still had plenty left so I stayed sitting.

I'd been sitting for about 5 minutes and I hear a door down the hall open and close and footsteps coming in the direction of the bathroom. I hear the footsteps quicken a little and then enter the women's room and I hear the girl mutter a quiet "shit" under her breath. She quickly takes the stall directly on my right, pulls down her shorts and sits. She quickly pees, lasting only about 5 seconds, and stays motionless. Since she wasn't moving, I knew she was in there to poop too. I look down and recognize the shorts, and I guess she looked down too and recognized my jeans, because she all of a sudden says, "'x', is that you?" I say, "Yeah, you alright?" She says, "Yeah, my stomach hurts really bad, I really have to poop. Is that why you're in here too?" I tell her it was.

We stop talking for a while because it was already a little awkward. We don't know each other that well yet. I feel a cramp and just relax, letting a few soft pieces slide out with a wet fart at the end. She let's out a long sigh that was kinda shaky, almost like she was in pain. Then I hear a very juicy crackling sound, another long sigh, then some more juicy crackling that lasted for almost a minute straight. I heard her log slip into the water then I heard a big *sploot, splop, splap* followed by a long wet fart. She sighs again, this time sounding relieved instead of in pain, then mutters "ugh" under her breath. I feel another cramp and let out a very mushy, almost liquid, flow of crap for about 30 seconds and fart a couple times. We both start wiping and finish about the same time. She had to flush twice, even with the commerical grade toilets in there.

We both leave our stalls about the same time and meet up at the sink. She gives me a sheepish smile and said, "I don't remember the last time I had to poop so bad or so much" and laughs a little bit. I laughed and said, "yeah, me neither." I took a look in her stall after she walked out and there were skid marks all over the bottom, I mean it was covered in them. She had a stomach ache the rest of the day, and had to take a couple more dumps, but she told me neither of them were as big as the first one.

Ambassador Annie
My high school has a group of volunteers, appointed by counselors and homeroom teachers, called Ambassadors. We walk new students around to their classes, do some special projects for the PTA and, when needed, help out handicapped classmates. Well, last year we had this junior, Megan, who broke her leg in soccer and she needed help in getting around on her crutches. I got permission to leave classes 5 minutes early to avoid the congestion in the hallways and I would carry her bookbag, help her with the elevator key, etc. We weren't really friends but I was appointed to help her since we had several of our classes together. She was nice to me the first couple of days but on the third day things turned to the worse. Before 2nd hour Megan said she had to go to the bathroom. I saw it as no problem because I had to pee a little too. Well, we go into the bathroom, I put her bookbag down outside an open stall door, and I asked her if the stall was okey. She said something sarcastic about the middle stall and that only a moron would use it because it receives more use than the other stalls. Anyway, I reached in, took my left hand and lowered the seat which had been up, and I checked for toilet paper in the holder. I told Megan she was good to go, or something very close to that. Then she gave me a real funny look and said she wasn't about to take her shit by sitting on the toilet seat. I thought she was joking. First, she was sarcastic, then she asked me to start tearing off sheets of toilet paper and to place them over the seat for her because she never sits right on the seat. I was so surprised at the request because I never think twice about sitting down. Besides this is school, not one of the 30 stalls at Skankville Civic Auditorium. So while she was impatient and complaining, I put three pieces of toilet paper over the seat, but one would not stay on and kept sliding off. She was so snotty to me that I just wanted to sit down in front of her and take me pee so that she would have to wait. I so much wanted to do that, but didn't. She called me "stupid" and "uninformed" when I was struggling with that third sheet. Finally, she ordered me to throw the sheets into the bowl and gave me directions on how to take off longer sheets and how to get them to stay on by tucking them under the seat so that the seat holds them steady to the bowl. I swear, it must have taken me 10 minutes to get things right for Megan, then I held her crutches as she carefully pulled down her panties, picked up her dress and placed herself on the seat. Within two or three seconds there was thunderous gas in a barrage and within five seconds she had filled the bowl with one very long shit that snaked all the way down and was protruding outside the water and almost directly under her crotch. Within a couple of seconds the smell started to stink badly and Megan reached over for the toilet paper, broke some off and in one wipe, cleaned herself. While she was pulling up her panties and taking the crutches back from me, she asked me to flush. As I grabbed for the flusher, I noticed what a huge snake she had left. It flushed a little slower than usual and there was a little gurgle as it almost didn't clear, but I guess it was my lucky day. Anyway, once that was done, I felt I was safe in pulling down my jeans and thong, and taking the seat for my pee. First, Megan seemed upset that it was going to take longer and that she was going to have to stand outside the stall on her crutches and wait for me. Second, she made so rude remark about me sitting directly on the seat--something about her butt not having been on a school toilet seat since like 5th grade. As was the case earlier, I took her bitchy remrks as being very self-centered and demeaning. I peed fast, wiped, flushed and once I got my jeans back up, I picked up her bookbag and we left the stall area for the exit door. I'm pretty good about always washing my hands and I stopped and did that. Megan seemed taken aback by that and became even more sarcastic. Although 2nd hour Calculus was not my favorite class, for at least that day, I was looking forward to it. At the end of the week my assignment was done and another ambassador took over. For me, that was none too soon!

Please, more bursting-to-pee stories! There is a lot posts about pooping but stories about bursting bladders are very rare... :(

Fat Chick
Once again I find myself in the position of having to profusely apologize for my lengthy absence from this forum. I certainly thought I would post a lot more frequently - I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea that one should always be leaving their audience wanting more or too much of something is not a good thing but I will try to post more often in any case. Part of the reason why I have not posted is that about two months ago I had a horrifically embarrassing experience which I will relate to you and full and complete detail here. It was two days after Thanksgiving and I had been constipated since the night before the holiday which was the last time I had been able to poop. I cooked myself a huge meal the next day as it has always been a favorite holiday of mine because I love comfort foods any ways and naturally I pigged out all day as soon as I was done cooking. Over the next few days I pretty much ate up all the leftovers and I could feel the pounds I had gained during that time as my clothes began fitting tighter and tighter. I was already getting frustrated the following day because I was feeling very gassy and bloated but I had no luck when I sat on toilet - all I would do is just fart a lot. I was really plugged up.

Two days after Thanksgiving I found that I needed to go to the store as the refrigerator was now getting pretty empty as I had by that time eaten pretty much all the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn and rolls that had been leftover. It was late afternoon so I put on a gray sweatshirt and a pair of pink sweatpants which were about the only things that were fitting and even the pants were getting pretty snug around my fat ass. I then slipped on a pair of Birkenstocks and got into my old Toyota Corolla and drove the couple of blocks to the nearest grocery store - one of the major national chains. Once there I quickly grabbed a cart and slowly made my way up the aisles filling the cart with the usual assortment of items ranging from fruits and vegetables, frozen pizza and pot pies, cookies, chips and sodas. I figured I might as well just stock up now as long as I was here!

My first embarrassing moment came when I bent down to get a bag of cookies from the bottom shelf. The first package in front looked damaged so I squatted as I reached for a bag further back and as I did I farted really badly - a loud and long one that crackled and sputtered endlessly despite my best efforts to stop it. Nobody else was in my aisle but immediately I heard some boys laughing in the aisle next to me and I feared it was about the fart and when one of them peeked around the corner at me he immediately retreated and the giggling got even louder. How embarrassing! But my predicament was about to get far worse. I was still squatting when I passed gas loudly again. More raucous laughter ensued but what was worse was the tip of what felt like a huge turd began to poke out of my ass! I had not been able to poop for days and now that I was in the middle of grocery shopping I suddenly felt as though I really needed to go big. I was a bit concerned because I knew when I finally did have to go it was going to be enormous and I would have rather been home when it happened but I had no choice now. I got up gingerly and made my way to the back of the store where I knew a bathroom was located. It was one of those small unisex bathrooms with just one toilet and a sink and is only meant for one person at a time. I parked my cart along the wall and entered the bathroom door which was partially open - fortunately nobody was in there as I doubted I could have waited very long. I then pressed the button on the doorknob to lock the door. It was reasonably clean in there and since I knew I was going to likely be there awhile I kicked off my sandals and began taking off my sweatpants and hung them on a small hook located on the wall. I put my Birkenstocks back on and backed myself up to the toilet directly facing the bathroom door. I then slid my panties down around my ankles and then sat down on the white open fronted seat. I then spread my legs wide to get comfortable and immediately an enormously long and fat turd began quickly sliding out of my rear end. It felt sooooo good to begin relieving this fullness I had been feeling inside me. I looked between my legs as this huge brown log (peppered with bright yellow undigested corn pieces) poured into the bowl beneath me with a loud and pronounced popping and crackling sound . It had to have been about two feet long when it broke off and slipped into the water with nary a splash - it was a biggie! Even though I still had a fat piece attached to my ass a loud fart escaped and then more crackling as yet another enormously long bomb eased out of the clutches of my bottom. While the bathroom had been fairly clean it smelled as though somebody else had recently pooped in there but now it was positively rancid! It was at this very moment that the most mortifying thing that has ever happened to me occurred. Here I was stark naked from the waist down. I had my fat legs spread wide open with my panties around my ankles as I was sitting on the pot taking a gigantic crap which at that very moment was still well and truly coming out of my ass when the door to the bathroom opens and what is worse it is the handsome guy I have always had my eye on who works at the store! He is clearly taken aback by the sight of this fat woman sitting on the toilet that he actually stares at me for what seemed an eternity - I think he was in shock. I was absolutely mortified and stunned - the lock obviously did not work and there was nothing I could do as I was basically nude. As he looked at me the second turd dropped into the toilet and naturally right then I felt a tinge of panic and in doing so I began farting uncontrollably - could things get any worse for me? I could not believe this was happening! It smelled so bad by that time - he had to have noticed it! I felt so gross and ashamed yet I still wasn't done! By this time he was clearly embarrassed probably as much for me as himself. "I am so sorry miss." he said apologetically with a healthy dose of sincerity which made me feel a little better. The fact that he did not laugh at me and my predicament certainly was a bit of a relief for me. He shut the door behind him and immediately I pulled off a wad of toilet paper and wiped. I still felt like I had to go a lot but I did not care - I just had to get out of there! The toilet was filled with two monstrous turds which I attempted to flush to no avail. The first one was buried in the trap and completely plugged the opening - the other end of it just rotated in a spiral motion as the water rose to just below the rim of the seat. The other one was floating on top and was brushing the bottom of the seat as it swirled around the bowl. I hastily pulled up my panties and put my pants back on. I then washed my hands and quickly fled the store leaving my groceries behind. Could I ever go back to that store again? And what about my dream guy? Could I ever look at him again and what must he be thinking about me? He probably went back there to use the bathroom and saw that I had plugged up the toliet with my freakishly large poops. He saw my turds! Sigh... I was so upset that I cried all the way home.

Singing Pee Man
Thanks I thought Donovan's mellow yellow was about peeing too?
I would like to go to a Cat Chaser's show.
Well I found some more.

"Wee-Wee, Pee-Pee, Tinkle" about pet's using the bathroom

"Urine Trouble" by Dino-mike

"I Peed Next to Elvis" by Eddy James

I was amazed at how many bathroom songs I found searching the net.

I also found it ironic the "Weird Al" 's A Complicated Song
And Marco of Redlands "He always has the runs" were both on the music download charts at the sametime ,when the songs are about people with opposite problems.

I wonder if thers a song about not being able to pee?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Multi-drop Pete
My last post was about caving incidents; here's a bit more. Most cavers enjoy large quantities of beer (American readers should note that English beer is a strong potent ale, served at room temperature). This can induce some night-time flatulence. A typical cavers' club cottage has a dormitory with maybe a couple of dozen bunk beds; the noises can get interesting. Once, sharing a bunk with my girlfriend, I felt particularly flatulent; it annoyed her if I farted in bed, so I carefully let out silent ones just after somebody else farted noisily so she wouldn't blame me!

Wetsuits, needed down wet caves, are often misunderstood by non-users, who think they keep you dry; actually, they keep you wet. Plunge into cold water and it pours in down your neck and through various joints, agonising for a few seconds, then the water warms up between your skin and the insulating material and it's like wearing your own private warm bath. A large fart in a wetsuit is a weird feeling; the tight trousers suddenly inflate a bit and feel loose, then bubbles of gas tickle your spine as they go up your back and out the back of your neck!

Caving in Wales, we were heading out of an extensive system, with nearly an hour to go before we would reach the exit, when one of the men (E. was probably not his name - I can't remember!) told me he was desperate for a shit and turned round and hurried back into the cave. I was the least one in the group so I had to stand aside to let him past. The cave floor at that point had two 2- to 3-foot deep grooves along it with a sharp edge between, a sort of W-shape cross-section, very difficult to walk along; as I stood aside I slipped, fell and banged my wetsuited shin on the ridge. Now, over 20 years later, I still have the scar. The group leader, H., looked back as I painfully got up and said "What happened? Where's E. gone?" When I said he'd gone for a crap, H. was furious; "What's he doing crapping in my cave? I once had to take a crap; I did it in my wetsuit and cleaned it up after I'd got to the surface!"

When I was a kid and about 6, I was at my next door playing with my friend Jason, who was 7. His dad and mom were doing some rewiring or something in one of the rooms downstairs, and so they had turned off the power for a while, so we were in Jason's playroom, playing camping or something, with really only a flashlight for light. While we were playing, Jason said he had to go to the bathroom, which was down the hall. He had to take the flashlight so he could see, and I was scared to be left alone in the dark, so I asked if I could come along, and he said sure. We went into the bathroom and he asked me to hold the flashlight while he peed. I had never seen a boy pee before, and so I was giggling a little as Jason pulled his pants down (as little boys tend to do) and started peeing into the toilet. I giggled the whole time, because it was really funny to me. After that, he would let me watch him pee all the time.

The nice man
I am from Sweden. I have a sister and she is one year younger than me. This was hapend when I was about 16 year. We have our rooms beside each others on the upper floor of the house. On the groundfloor sleeps our parents. We have two bathroom, one downstairs and a small one on the upper floor beside the hall outside our rooms. The time was about 3 in the night when i wake up because I could hear a loud sound

I looked out to the hall and saw that the bathroom door was wide open and the lamplight from the baathroom was shining out to the hall. My sister was peeing in the baathroom and she have left the door wide open! From my angle in my room I couldn't look into the baathroom. But I saw the wide open door. I could hear a strong, thick and clear peestream. It was a very loud peestream plus the fact that the bathroom door was wide open, so I wonder if someone else in the house wake up like I did. Maybe they did, I don't know because they were on the ground floor

Anyway, she was peeing and peeing and peeing....Like never ending. She must have felt such a relief cause her bladder was totally relaxed and she just let the river inside her bombing the water in the toilett. You could hear that her thick stream was powerful, cause when the stream hit the water you could hear a loud, dark and very dull sound that indicates that her pee was going really deep into the water in the toilett. After a long time become her stream weaker and soon after that was my sister finally finished. I pretend to sleep when I facing her to her way back to her room

Mr. Clogs
Does anyone pee and poop into garbage cans in their room? If anyone does, please post them.


Hey, long time lurker and first time poster here!
I guess I'll describe myself just a tad. I'm about 5'4" and not too thin, but on the lower side of my age's average weight. I have blue eyes and short brown hair about to my chin. My bust is on the small side and I have a long torso, so it's hard for me to find shirts that fit just right and my belly is usually showing a little.
Anyway, I am not too interested in the poopy side of stuff here, I prefer bladder bursting pee stories. ;) I'm bisexual but prefer to read about guys.
I guess the reason why I enjoy pee more than poo is because I have had problems with constipation all my life. Kinda embarassing, but it's true. When I was little I was always too busy or too embarassed to ask to go poo so I just held it in... For a LONG time! Haha. I still don't really like pooing even though the constipation problems are not that bad anymore. The smell is just kind of a turn off to me.
Now pee, that is a completely different story. When I was little, I realized that to hold in my poo I also had to keep my pee inside me too. Once I discovered, around age seven, that it felt kind of good, I would hold in just my pee.
I can remember my first real desperate time when I almost had an accident was on the fourth of July when I was eight or nine. Probably nine. I was still wetting the bed at this point and by now it was getting really upsetting to me. The doctor said that I should practice holding my pee so that my bladder would grow and that was exactly what I set out to do. So anyway, that particular morning I decided that I would put off peeing until later. And since there was a bbq/picnic going on, I had lots of distraction. I grew more and more desperate, but like I said, I was distracted. So I didn't really notice how bad I actually had to go until I tried to put on last year's fourth of July themed shorts. They were really tight on me and I guess squished my bladder a little and made me realize that I was totally bursting to pee. What an unpleasant surprise I had when I realized that the button was stuck on my shorts! I shoved my hand into my crotch and dashed to the bathroom where I ripped the button off of the shorts and tore them and my underwear down, starting to pee a split second before I sat down.
Well, I found that I actually quite enjoyed that feeling and have been putting myself into situations where I'll have to hold my pee in ever since then. I would avoid peeing before school so that I'd have to wait until lunch, hold my pee in before going to babysit or before getting into a car or going to a concert so that I'd be too busy or too far away from the toilet to go. Surprisingly to me, I don't really enjoy wetting myself. Once the pee is all out of you, what's the fun of that?
Anyway, my favorite stories are ones about guys who find themselves in a desperate situation, especially at school or at an amusement park or something. The idea of them having to hold themselves really turns me on. Stories about other girls are good too and easier to find, but I don't enjoy them as much.
Well, I hope my first post isn't too long or anything!

I was in the mall today when I ran into one of my old teachers. She was my fifth grade teacher. I hated her, but you can't just not talk to an old teacher. As we were talking, she sounded distressed. When we finished, she started walking up the stairs to the second floor. I cought a glimpse up her skirt and watched as a bulge started to develope in her pantyhose. I couldn't believe it. I was witnessing my fifth grade teacher soil her pantyhose. She left out of sight. But that was just about the strangest thing I've ever seen.

what up everyone, i'm mike and new to posting but i have been a visitor here for years. I finally got a story to tell. i lost my license a while back and my girlfriend was coming to pick me up after her work. she works at a pizza place and is the best most sweetest girl a guy could ask for. shes got the prettiest smile and i hated what happened to her. she picked me up from my job and i immediately saw she didnt look good cause she wasnt smiling. well she always looks good but she looked like she was in pain. we drove off into traffic and i asked her if anything was wrong. she said her stomach hurt real bad and i asked if it was her period and she said no it wasnt, she thought it was something she ate. she was farting a lot and they stank pretty rank she said she walked to a chinese buffet on her lunch break and ate a lot. well we got stuck in traffic and she was clenching the steering wheel and making faces. i rubbed her leg and she said dont touch me, i might have an accident. i was kinda alarmed. i looked around her car for something like a towel but couldn't find anything. by now we were in bumper to bumper traffic cause of a wreck on the freeway i found out about later. she layed her head back on the seat and said mike I don't think I can hold it much more. it was so sad to see. shes so pretty and has such an innocent smile and i hated to see her in so much agony. i just said dont worry i love you. she then said it hurts i cant hold it and i heard her start shitting her pants. she moaned, cause im sure it felt good to relieve herself but she was obviously hurting and in pain. her face got beat red and the poor thing was sweating. i could hear her poo gushing in her workpants and quickly saw a brown patch on her crotch. she was crying. i tried to console her, but she said I'm still holding it all back I cant help it. i said well you already went, so just let it all out. and she did. i heard it, it was like a crackling sound and the smell was foul. she was constantly appologizing and as soon as we got off the expressway she pulled over and i drove. her pants were decimated, cause she always wore thongs and shit was on her seat. i found a wendys bag and put it down before i sat in it and we went to her house and i helped her but she insisted on cleaning up herself in the bathroom without my help although i offered it. poor thing had diarrhea all night and a couple close calls. thats all i got, she's all better now and couldnt thank me enough for being so nice about it all.


Your story doesn't surprise me. Teachers are sadistic. They become teachers so that they can be mean to children.

steve - great post ever have any poo problems too?

Hi, everyone! Here is a little story.
We we shopping together with my friend on a hot day in a mall after we had a really hard meal. So, in a couple of hours I felt an urge to take a shit.
So I headed for a toilet, went into a stall and sat down.
Immediately a very large turd came out of my butt. Then another.
I began to piss like crazy and while pissing I felt another turd push its way out.
When I wanted to flush I was surprised how big my turds were.
So that is it.
Happy pooping!

hey there i had a little accident a while ago.
I live in northern Ontario .. so naturally in winter theres snow .. and i have a skidoo.. well to make a long story short i was out riding. then i realized i had to go to the bathroom bad .. so i stop and take a leak off the back of my sled so i don't sink in the snow. while doing so i almost pooped my pants cus i guess i had to go more then i knew. I start my skidoo back up and head towards home using a trail that i used before Its about 2 miles to where i need to go, about 5 min later( im travailing slow because of the deep snow ) When i come across a trench dug in the ground ... about 4 feat wide and probably miles . I cant cross it the walls were square to the bottom. I had to turn back ... and head home back the long way .... at lest i could backtrack faster cus of the packed snow. well on the way back .. i hit a large bump i got air off or, but when i landed i sliped on the running boards and fell down on the seat .. that shock , shook my bowels open and i filled my boxers, at lest it was warm. I just got home no one eles was there, so i could shower in peace. hope u like my day on my skidoo


Would you rather wet your pants in a crowded public place, or shit your pants in front of a small group of friends?


Steve, liked your story! Thanks!

We need more pee stories on this site! I don't have many myself, but I will post a couple next week.

Good day all!
TO SPEEDY BK: The first time a woman moved her bowels in front of me was when my g/f at the time ended up in hospital on a third world island...she had to poo and was unable to sit up on the toilet so she had to use a pan...I stayed with her and held her hand. Yes, it was enjoyable.
TO MONIKA & PENNY & CLAIRE: In my pre teenage years we were on an overnight camp and that night I really needed a poo. Due to my nervousness at going outdoors I resisted but it spoilt the evening...I went when I got home the next day...from then on I decided to go when and where needed and did. I was in Central Aust for quite some days on a couple of occassions and I prefer to let it loose outdoors...I found at that stage I passed usually one large turd easily and quickly. Actually I preferred to shit out in the open than on a conventional toilet. My partner still will not poo in the bush...maybe she might if it got too desparate.
These days squatting is a bit hard so I sit over a branch of a fallen tree or put the edge of my bum on a stump. Being a male I find it easier to wee first before beginning the real business. That is I wee standing up normally and then I go down. I have shited in crevases in the banks of died up creek beds....behing on of the Devels Marbles ( a group of large round rocks in Central Aust), behind rocks at the little dips in the terrain in Central Aust where there are no trees for privacy...on the snow behind a the back of boats and in the bush generally.
TO PETE: I would agree, in Aust men go it alone; as for open cubicles there are not that many around...I have used them. I would have no problems at all if I knew I did not know any of the other occupants and they did not know me. You mentioned about the outside toilets where you live...we have the same where I work...sometimes the people who live above sit on there landing near our does not bother me!
TO KAREN M: you raised an important point...what would you do if you really had to go and there were no toilets. If I was in an area where I was not known I would squat, shit and run as opposed to fouling my pants. If I was in my area I would go to a secluded place if there was one.
I have shitted my pants as an adult twice...the first time was driving home after a medical test (scan of the abdo for constipation) when the urge hit big time. I had not pooed for a while, the situation was most urgent, there was nowhere to go and there was nobody at home so I let loose and pushed and it was sooo needed. The second time I was on (briefly) weight reduction pills that give you the runs if you eat too much fat...I had a rather large buscuit earlier and I was out the front of work...I got the urge to fart but pooed as only wrote off my underpants.
That is all

Thunder From Down Under

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Master Blaster
I posted before, around a year or so ago. I'm always lurking around, so I think I'll start to post again. I'm a 21 year old male, about 6 feet tall and 200 lbs.

The other day at work, I got the urge to take a dump. I decided that I would hold it in until I got home, because it's always fun to let go of a real big one. I managed to hold it until I got home, but when I sat down on the toilet, I let out a decent sized turd, but nothing earth shaking. It was about average size for me, around 8 in. long and 1.5 in. wide. I was kinda disappointed; I'd figured I'd have more to do that that.

Not an hour later, though, I felt the urge again, so I went back to the toilet. I squirted out a whole lot of soft, sorta mushy shit, which piled up in the toilet. This was a really good load, it covered up the hole in the bottom really well. So, if you put the two dumps together, you'd end up with a really decent one, at least for me.

Today, I did the same thing. I held my poop all day at work, and released it when I got home. I sat on the toilet, and, incidentally, I've noticed that if you sit backwards, your poop will hit the front part of the bottom of the toilet, and not only will it all stay together in one big log, if it's a firm dump, but it won't disappear down the hole, usually, allowing you to see how big it was. So, anyways, I sat backwards and started pushing. It was kinda wide at first, and hurt a little coming out. I started with a piece that was about 1.5 inches wide and only about 3.5 inches long when it broke off. I still had to go, almost like I hadn't gone at all yet. I started pushing and a firm turd started snaking out. I could feel it was going to be a really big one. I kept pushing and it kept coming. It was thinner than the last one. Finally it fell out and curled into the bowl. It was, as best I could estimate, about 15 inches long and about 1.25 inches wide. That's a really long turd for me; I usually don't get them much bigger than 7 or 8 inches, and if I can top 1 foot, I'm in rare form. So, all told, I shit about 18 or 19 inches of poop. I was really pleased with that; that's a big dump for me.

So, those are my stories.
I'm into the stories of women dumping, I especially enjoy hearing stories about women who have big loads. I always amazed by how big some of you girls do, especially you chicks who are only in your teen years. To hear that some of you do 8 or more logs that are all between 5-12 inches long is awesome. I couldn't imagine doing that much all at once. Keep up the good posts girls; the bigger the dumps and the more details, the better I like it!

See ya later,
Master Blaster

Punk Rock Girl
Hey you guys.

I had my first close call in a while over the weekend. My bowels have been suspisiously cooperative lately, probably because Colin and I have been eating better lately. We decided to be bad on Saturday, though and get Texas Weiners (aka Chili Dogs) from this place in new Jersey. While they were delicious, they were also so greasy that the buns they were on practically disintegrated. I was wondering why they handed us forks!

Anyway, about an hour later, we were on the Garden State Parkway heading up toward the Palisades Mall. My guts started churning and creaking, and all of a sudden I felt everything in my intestines go rushing down into my rectum. My asshole and buns involuntarily clenched up. I yelled at Colin to find me a bathroom quick, I was about to shit my pants.

He got off at the next exit and pulled into a gas station. I jumped out of the car and ran toward the restroom. I hoped I wouldn't need to get the key from the attendant, as I really didn't think I could hold it, but luckily, the door was open. I ran inside, but when I shut the door, I realized that the latch was busted and the door wouldn't stay shut. I leaned out the door to yell for Colin to guard the door for me, but he had decided to get gas. A painful cramp made me quickly decide to take my chances on having someone walk in on me.

I shut the door as far as it would go and went to the toilet. The seat was covered in gunk, dried piss, grease, but thaankfully no shit. I was momentarily horrified to see there was no toilet paper, but then I saw a pile of paper towels on on the sink. I grabbed a handful and covered the toilet seat with them, then yanked my jeans and underpants down and sat.

As soon as my bare ass hit the seat my bowels erupted and what felt like ten gallons of liquid shit sprayed out of my ass, hitting the water with enough force to splash my buns. I sat there farting and squirting for a while. Finally, after what had to have been close to ten minutes, I felt better. I wiped my ass with a paper towel, then dried off my cheeks with another. I stood, pulled up my pants and washed my hands.

I opened the door and saw a big guy with a cowboy hat walking toward the bathroom. I was that close to being walked in on! We headed the rest of the way up to the palisades and my bowels cooperated the rest of the day.



Did you ever notice that females pee much faster but with a much greater volume at one time? It's really different than guys.

This is my first post, I hope you like it!!

I remember one time when I was 13 and I had an accident in my bed. It started when I got home from school. I sat down to do my homework, because it was a Tuesday night and I had school the next day. Prior to getting started, I went to the kitchen to get a drink, since I felt a little thirsty. About half way through a 16oz glass, I realized just how thirsty I was and ended up finishing it off. I then refilled it and proceeded to do my homework. Ahalf hour and another 2 or 3 glass of water later, I felt a very, very pressing urge to pee and my bladder was filling fast, but at the same time I was still thirsty. It seemed like the more I drank, the more thirsty I got. I took a break from homework to go to the bathroom and by the time I got there, I was about to pee my pants. After relieving myself, it was 5:00 in the evening and I had a little homework left, so I went back to finish it. By 5:30, I was done with my homework and had polished off yet another glass or two of water. Also, I had to pee again, so I went and relieved myself, then helped my mom set the table for supper. I couldn't help but drink two glasses of milk at supper, as my thirst had still not gone away, and at 6:30, when I finished eating, I needed to pee pretty bad again. The bad thing was that my mom wanted me to help clear the table and wash the dishes. I stood there in the kitchen trying to ignore how fast my bladder was filling and keep from making it obvious that I had to go. With my hands in warm dishwater, it wasn't a very easy task. My bladder actually started to hurt about half way through washing the dishes, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would end up wetting my pants. I don't know how, but I managed to finish the dishes without squirming or grabbing my penis and without letting so much as a drop of pee out. However, my bladder was completely full and I couldn't hold it any longer, so I headed straight for the bathroom. I made it to the toilet, but by the time I got there, the pee was coming out in spurts and I ended up wetting the whole front of my underwear and a baseball size spot on my jeans. Thankfully, I was wearing black jeans, so it wasn't very obvious and my mom didn't notice. Throughout the rest of the night, I drank another two glasses of water and peed a couple more times. At 8:00, I started to get tired, so I decided to go to bed, because I had to be up at 4:30 in the morning to deliver newspapers. I went to my room and got undressed down to a T-shirt and underwear and went to tell my mom goodnight. By that time, my briefs were mostly dry, so I didn't worry about changing them. After my ritual of saying goodnight, I went to the bathroom to finish getting ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and peed one last time, making sure my bladder was empty and went to my room and crawled into bed. It only took me a couple minutes to go to sleep, but just as I began to doze off, I felt a tingle in my bladder like I needed to pee again. Before I could take care of it, I was out. I don't remember dreaming at all, but when I woke up to my alarm going off, my bed was drenched and I was just finishing peeing. Now, by drenched, I mean I was wet from the bottom of my chest all the way down to my knees. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of myself thea tI didn't know what to do and at first, I just laid there in the puddle. After a couple of minutes, I got out of my wet bed and when I stood up, I could feel pee dripping down my legs. I was so scared that I dedn't even change clothes. I just pulled on a pair of jeans and put my coveralls on over all of it since it was cold out. I then pulled my blankets up on my bed to hide the wet spot and left to do my paper route. When I finished my route, I came home and changed my shirt, but not my underwear and that's how I went to school. the briefs didn't even dry until around lunch. After school, I went straight home and checked my bed. It still had the same sheets on it, so I know my mom didn't find out, but it was still wet. I pulled the blankets down so it could dry and pretty much stayed right by it until bedtime to make sure my mom didn't notice it. The bed was remarkably dry by the time I got in it at 9:00 tha t night. The sheets were white, but my pee was mostly clear, so there wasn't a big yellow stain on them. However, there was a ring where the wetness had spread and if I smelled the spot directly, I could smell a small hint of urine. That Friday, my best friend, John, spent the night and he noticed the "water" spot on my sheet and meantioned it. I didn't say anything and he didn't persue it any further, so I'm not sure if he figured it out or not.

Well, that's it, hope everyone likes it. I'll try to think of more to do with pee, since that's what I like to read about. So, if any guys or boys out there have any childhood pee accidents, please post them!!

In my growing up, my parents were open about nudity and body functions, in that they would not be ashamed about it, but they were private about it whenever they could be. I had glimpsed them on the toilet, but the first time I remember them going to the bathroom unreservedly was on holiday. There were many times after that, but the first time I was 7, I think, because my young brother sister was just 5 and old enough for the journey. We were in Austria. Normally we all poop like clockwork, but our journeying had caused my father to be irregular. After 3 days with no poop, my father decided to go somewhere with a little walking to see if that would help him get some relief. He had heard about a small ruins close by, and so we went. We had to park and then climb up a way to-it was a very small old falling down building. It had some history, but I do not remember, only that it was not a popular or known place, as the visitor book showed the last people had come more than two months ago! When we came to the top of the hill where the ruins was, my brother says he needs to make pee. We quickly found a small hut right there that was the toilet, but the toilet and urinal inside, both were full of pee and poop and paper and it smelled bad and we shut the door fast. My brother said he wanted to pee now very much, he was doing a little dance also. My mother quickly took down his pants and underpants and stood behind him and held his little weiner and told him to pee. My brother made a golden arch on the door of the toilet. He finished and she put his pants back up. She then said she also had to pee, she lifted up her skirt and we were all surprised that she had no underpants, but she laughed and say she left them in the car because she knew she was going to pee and it was more easy without underpants. Sure enough it was, because she only had to spread her legs when standing and a jet of pee came from her vagina. She only had to hold her dress up so the wind would not blow it into her pee. My mother tells me to pee. I say I don't have to, but she says to try, so I pull down my underpants and lift up my dress. I squat and try to pee, but only a little comes out. While I am trying, my mother finishes and wipes with the paper we brought. My father has farted and says he is going to try to poop since we are in a private place. While I wipe and stand up, my father takes down his pants and holds them at his knees while he bends his knees a little a leans forward a little. He says this is not comfortable because he is going to be a long time, so instead he walks over to a skinny wooden bench close to the ruin and sits on it so his bottom is hanging over the edge. He sits there for a while grunting and farting, but nothing happens except that he has to pee, so he takes his weiner and points it into a slat between the two pieces of wood that make the bench and starts to pee very hard into the grass under the bench. While he is peeing, his is still grunting and trying to push his poop out. He says he will be some time and to go look at the ruin while he tries. We are almost in the last room when we hear a very very loud grunt. Alarmed, we run outside and find my father bending over almost all the way while sitting and he says he can feel it coming out. He lets go an even louder grunt, and we see a enormous piece of poop poked out his bum. My mother goes and rubs his back and stomach while he grunts one more time to help him get it out, and my brother and me watch my dad's bottom as the huge poop falls from it. For 20 more minutes, he poops and poops. Finally after a dozen poops have come out, he sighs and says he feels so much better. He takes the paper from my mother and stood up a little to wipe. He bends down and pulls his pants up from his ankles, but before he closes it he is turning around to pee on his mountain of poop. He only pees for a few seconds, then he tucks his weiner back in his underpants and closes his pants. We walk back to the car then.

This was one of the first time I have seen my parents go to the bathroom so openly, there are many more from the trip and from other times but I will tell it later.

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