Need to go
The other day I was taking a dump at work and failed to check the supply of paper something that I really don't do because we use these mega rolls that last about a month in the men's room. The set up is a three single occupant rooms two for women and one for the men. As luck would have it the paper was gone and my load was a messy one that needed the use of paper. As I'm sitting there pondering my situation knowing that there is plenty of paper locked in the cabinet right outside the bathroom door. Well there was no easy way to get to the paper without making a mess so I gathered up the courage to use my cell phone to call a coworker to see if he would get me some paper I would unlock the door for him. He said no problem in fact he had the key in hand as I called because he knew that the supply was critically low and he was in need of sitting on the pot as well! I shuffled over to the door unlocked it to wait for the paper. Within minutes I heard the welcome sound of the cabinet being unlocked and the quick knock on the door as it opened and in came a arm with a mega roll of paper with the words is this enough? I finished up and my coworker was waiting so he could use the toilet. I thanked him and told him that at least the seat was warm and said sorry about the smell he said no worry because he was going to cover it up whit his own. I never thought that cell phone technology would come in hady in taking a dump!

Karen's brother Dick
Road Runner wanted to know what my twin sister Karen's poo was like but up until the time I wrote about on page 1638, I only saw her doing it a few times over the years. On pages 1611, 1614 amd 1616, I wrote about times when we were children and she had 'the runs' after eating prunes, taking laxative or eating too many strawberries. The first time I saw her do it as an adult was her beer and curry poo (and puke) on page 1622, then her hospital poos on page on 1632. In all those cases, it was urgent and runny but her poo is normally firm. Thanks to Road Runner for his concern about Karen's happiness but her pregnancy was a couple of years ago and there is a lot more to tell you that has happened since then.

After Karen found out that she was pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Mike who had left her, Karen and I spent a lot of time together at Karen's apartment. She cried a lot and felt terribly lonely and rejected. She needed so much love and affection and we spent a lot of time hugging each other. As her pregnancy advanced, Karen needed to pee more often and she said that sometimes she felt like she needed to pee all the time but when she went to the toilet, only a few drops came out. She sometimes sat on the toilet for a long time trying to get rid of the last drops of pee or doing a messy poo. She never closed the bathroom door and I often went into the bathroom with her and sat on the edge of the bathtub while we chatted. Karen told me that like most women, she suffered from constipation during pregnancy and the vitamin supplement with iron that she was taking made it worse. A girl can't push hard to get her poo out when she is pregnant so she was eating a high fibre diet and taking fibre supplements and stool softeners.

One day, Karen accidentally dropped a glass bottle into her toilet and it broke the toilet bowl leaving a hole. She phoned me and asked if I could help as it was Sunday and it would be expensive to call a plumber. We drove to the local branch of B&Q, which is like Home Depot and we bought a new toilet bowl. Karen used the customers' toilet at the store and said, "Just a pee but I'll probably need to poo soon". In the car on the way home, Karen told me that recently, the doctor had prescribed a Lactulose type laxative for her. It took a few days to act but now it was working rather too well and it had made her bowels very loose.

As soon as we got back to Karen's apartment, she said that she needed to poo urgently and she asked me how long it would take to fit the new toilet bowl. I said that it might take half an hour or more to take the old one out and fit the new one but she said that she couldn't wait that long. I suggested that she could do it in the bathtub but she said she that it would be too messy so she wanted to do it in the toilet. I took the old toilet bowl out while Karen watched and tried to hold her poo. She took her panties down and sat on the edge of the bathtub so that if she couldn't hold it, she would poo into the bath tub and not in her panties.

As soon as I had put the new toilet bowl in position and connected the soil pipe, Karen said that she couldn't wait any longer and her poo was starting to come out. I said that she could use the toilet but the flush pipe wasn't connected yet and the bowl wasn't screwed to the floor, so I needed to hold the toilet bowl steady, to stop it tipping over when she sat on it. She said that she knew that I liked to watch her pooing but she warned me that it would be messy and probably smelly so we opened the bathroom window. I sat on the floor behind the toilet holding the bowl steady while Karen turned her back to me and lifted her maternity dress. There was already some poo around her bum as she sat down directly on the toilet bowl because I hadn't fitted the seat yet. I could see her bum as she did an explosion of runny dark brown poo that sprayed all over the side of the toilet bowl. I asked her what she had been eating to make her poo so dark and she said that it was her iron supplement. She wiped herself then we got a bucket of water to flush the toilet. I finished fitting the new toilet bowl, Karen thanked me and then I went home.

Shortly before Karen was ready to give birth she said that she wanted a close family member to be with her at the birth. Our mother wasn't very happy about Karen becoming a single parent and Karen didn't want her mother to be with her at the birth. Karen asked me if I would be with her and I agreed. She warned me that she might do a poo during delivery, sometimes known as a 'code brown' but she knew that wasn't a problem for me as I had seen her pooing before.

I took Karen to the maternity hospital and the midwife thought that I was the baby's father but I explained that I was Karen's brother and we were quite close but not that close! In the delivery room, Karen was lying on her back with her legs up, revealing all while giving birth. Fortunately, the birth wasn't too painful for Karen but at one point when she when she was pushing hard, she did a poo. She gave birth to a baby girl and we decided to call her Emma.

Like Jody, I too, choose the doorless stalls. Not only is it faster--I too, work in a retail store and often am the only clerk on duty--so I have to hang a "Be right back!" sign on the door, lock up and run to the main section of our 200-some store mall where the bathrooms are. If I crap, I'm gone for about 8 minutes and when I pee, it's about 5 minutes. Our store is locally owned and my manager is the one who suggested I use the doorless stalls. At first, I though it would be gross, but in the past two years I have gotten use to it. The seats are cleaner because less shoppers use them, there's almost always toilet paper on the roll, and at 25, my craps have become noisy, big and messy. (I wonder if that has to do with the aging process--it sure didn't happen when I was a teenager, constipated and frustrated, and I'd sit down at the same mall in a doored stall and, when I had taken up 10 to 15 minutes, and still couldn't go, I would leave very disillustioned). Sometimes, the next woman in line would make a snide remark like "So you're awake, we thought you'd fallen asleep in there!" What I would recommend to Jody and Jarod, who also use the doorless stalls and are being starred down by the little kids who are not being properly supervised, is to take a newspaper in and use it to cover your lap with. Wearing a skirt will also help. I've only had the little boys come by on a couple of occasions, and because I look a little older than my age, I just take on a mean face and they look the other way and walk on. One little boy, though, was a little defiant and was peaking around the stall front just as I let off the large rumble fart that starts my craps. He snickered, would back off and then I would see his head protruding again into the stall doorway. Because I had my newspaper on my lap and I was reading it, there was little for him to see, but he must have been suspicious of the noises. Just as I was looking up and directly getting ready to say something to him, his mother came up from the back, grabbed him by his little hoddie and literally shoved him as hard a she could across the aisle to where the sinks were. I could hear her scold him, actually cuss him out, and she told him that's how "perverts get their start!" For me, it was then time to get up and wipe, wash my hands and get back to my job of selling figurines.

To Mark: How great that you and your dad were so comfortable shitting side-by-side in those doorless stalls at Penny's . Nice story, showing there's hope for the younger generation yet. Good thing you caught the cleaning lady before she walked in on those other guys. That would have been really embarrasing.

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

It's been quite a while since I lasted posted, but, for those of who do not know who I am, my name is Laura, I am 28 years of age, petite, athletic, 5'9" tall with brown hair just shy of my shoulders and brown eyes. I am a Math and Science teacher at a local private high school in the local area in New England USA.

I haven't posted in a while, but, I thought I would share a story. Friday I woke up pretty late as my alarm clock did not go off. I usually go to the gym early in the morning and usually have my morning bowel movement at home or after my workout at the gym before work. Unfortunately, Friday would not be one of those of days. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, packed a light breakfast (an apple for the ride) and took off immediately. As I was passing Dunkin Donuts, I noticed that there was only 1 car in line, so, I got into line, and ordered a small plain coffee. As I was driving to work, Thursday night's dinner, the apple that I was eating and my morning coffee was starting to put pressure on my bowels. Luckily for me, I only have a 20 minute commute, and only had approx. 5 minutes extra to go. A few times, my stomach cramps were getting intense and I knew that I would have to take a dump before my first class of the morning. To decrease the cramping, I let out some gas periodically. Luckily, I arrived to work on time and had approx. 15 minutes to spare for my morning dump. I got out of my car, walked quickly down the parking lot, arrived at the main entrance and entered the Women's washroom. Most of the time, I would have used the staff washroom, however, I could feel the poop pushing at my back door and I didn't have too much time to walk to the other side of the school to use the faculty toilets. As I entered, I noticed a few students of mine talking at the sinks. "Hello Ms. MyLast Name" one of them called out. "Good morning Girls" I replied as I entered the middle stall of approximately 8 stalls. As I was closing the stall door, I politely smiled back to my students. I placed my purse and coat onto the stall door hook, rolled down my panty hose, lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and quickly sat down. Just in time as it was getting difficult trying to hold back my bowel movement. I immediately let go of a loud fart and a few seconds later the first of many poops crept out of my bottom. As the first piece broke off, it quietly slipped into the toilet water without making a splash. I could feel more wanting out, so, to make things come out easier, I spread my legs a little wider and with my skirt being held high with my left hand, I crouched down and placed my elbows into my thighs. I farted again, started to pee loudly and another piece of poop started to exit from my behind. Unfortunately, the poop did not pinch off immediately as it continued to just hang. Three quarters of it hanging from my bottom, one quarter of it in the toilet water. As I felt the next piece of poop wanting to come out, it pushed the hanging piece into the toilet - ka-plop into the toilet below. I peed once again, and another long piece crept out of my behind and splashed into the toilet. The smell that I had created was horrible, but, I simply could not help it. As embarrassing as those sounds were, I had to go badly. When a woman's got to go, a woman's got to go! I could feel more in my bowels, I hunched over once again, waited a few minutes, farted loudly a few times and dropped the remaining poop from my system. A few light pushes, mmpphh - kaplopů..mmpphh - kaplopů..mmpphhh-kaplop. Three small poop balls came out! The relief that I felt was incredible! I sat for a few extra minutes feeling like a new person. Once I knew that I was completely done, I reached over, grabbed a bunch of toilet paper, wiped my front a few times and wiped my behind many times. It was quite messy back there. Once my bottom was clean, I threw my poopy toilet paper into the toilet, rolled up my panty hose, pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt and flushed the toilet. Since there were many pieces of poop and a lot of toilet paper, it took 2 flushes to get everything down. I left my stall, and went to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands, a student who was also taking a dump the same time I was, was also washing her hands. She seemed quite embarrassed at the sink. I simply washed up, dried my hands, fixed my hair and went off to teach my first class of the day - feeling like a million bucks!

I hope all is doing well!


Mark: Did the cleaning lady knock on the mens room entry door first? or was she going to walk in unnanounced on the men shitting in the open stall toilets? Thats so wrong if she just invaded their space, geez, she has to know that there are no stall doors and men will be shitting in birds-eye view...

To help: I know what you're going through with being pee shy, I used to hate to tel people that I had to pee or have them know that I was going to the bathroom. It was strange because I've always viewed going to the bathroom as a very natural thing, and I always understood that it is something that everyone needs to do. The hardest part about this situation will be breaking the ice, once you actually say that you have to, or actually use the bathroom when others are aware of what you are doing, you will instantly become more relaxed about the whole thing. I can remember times when I would go to visit people at other colleges and things like that, and I would hold my urin for like 8 hours because I didn't want anyone to know that I had to go. This resulted in me being very uncomfortable and not being able to fully enjoy my time with my friends. Once you can "break the ice" you will instantly realize that it's actually not that big of a leap, and you will notice mager improvements in how you feel. Now I'm totally open about going to the bathroom, well, still a little poop shy I guess, but I feel much better for it.
In responce to Nicolaus: I am one of those people who is interested in the bathroom habits of the opposit sex.
Speedy BK: good poste, very discriptive. I'm actually off at college and there are a lot of people on my floor who are disabled and they have nerses who help them with certain things. A lot of the time when I go in to the bathroom in the morning to brush my teeth and shave, there will be a student in there with his personal assistant (most of whom are female).
Lots of great posts on here lately, let's keep them coming. I actually need to pee so I'm outa' here.

I thought I would share the following with you. A good portion of my 1st grade year I was forbidden from using the bathroom during school hours.

It all started one day when I had gone in to use the bathroom. I had this "friend", who was kind of a troublemaker. I think we had initially started hanging out mostly because we were both kind of "bad kids"... never paying attention, never could sit still, always off doing our own thing (ADHD to the core, at least in my case). So I'm in the bathroom one day taking a pee and my "friend" is in there too, and all of a sudden the whole room goes dark. I stumbled around for a while before I found the light switch, and opened the door to find my teacher staring at me with a not so impressed look on her face. In the elementary school that I went to all of the little kids washrooms had big cinder blocks holding the doors open. My "friend" had turned the light off on me in the bathroom (which had no windows in it), kicked the cinder block out from the door and shoved it in front of the door. So now here I was, in all kinds of trouble. I even remember thinking at the time that it didn't make sense that I could have done this myself what with the block being in front of the door that I was on the other side of, but the teacher wouldn't listen to me. I was banned from using the washroom for the rest of the schoolyear for messing around in the bathroom and my "friend" was praised for ratting me out to the teacher.

So when the class would have a break I was not allowed to go into the bathroom. I had to stand there and watch while the rest of the kids got to go. I could sneak in and go before school started, but I usually didn't have to go then. I did sometimes sneak in there a few times during lunches and things when I thought I could get away with it, but on most days I had to hold it from around 8 am in the morning until around 4 pm when I got home. I could not even go after school as our eacher would walk us to the bus ramp. Some days I would have to go bad early in the day, no matter how much I begged or pleaded she would not let me go. The afternoon break was the worst standing there, hearing the toilets flush, but not being allowed to go. I told my Mom what was going on, and she told the teacher that she thought it was cruel but there wasn't really anything she was able to do. Remember things were different back then than they are today.

I know now it had nothing to do with the light thing, it was just the teachers way to get even with me for other things I did. She would make comments like if you fail this year I'm going to see to it that you get me again next year and if she could she would keep me after class to make me hold it even longer.

I really do not know how I made it going sometimes nine hours without peeing or pooping without messing myself, but I did. Keep in mind I was only 6 to 7 years old then. I'm not exactly a large girl, and even now my bladder is the size of a pea.

Hi everyone. You might remember me from my earlier posts. I haven't been posting much lately, but I hope to start again. For lack of a topic to discuss, I'd like to ask about the differences between men and women's toilet habits.

I can only make a few assumptions based on my observations, but I have noticed some key differences. From what I've seen, women seem to be more regular with their pooping schedule than men... is that really true though? I mean, my wife always craps in the morning just after waking up, and I remember growing up my sister was in the bathroom every day, right after lunch. However, I can't speak for every woman.

But I've seen that men just seem to go whenever the urge hits, not really on a schedule. I'll poop anywhere from once a day to sometimes only twice a week. My roommate in college, also male, was mostly the same way as me. This leads me to believe that women are far more regular than men.

Also, I know that on TV, you see women going to the restroom in groups, but that never seems to happen in real life. Of course, TV is not supposed to be realistic, but could there be some truth to this?

I'd appreciate both male and female input on this to get an accurate picture of the reality of the subject.

First off let me introduce myself.
My name is Iulia pronounced ether Julia or Ulia. Im now 26 from Romania, moved to Chicago about 5 years ago and recently started working in a art sales store just outside of Chicago.
My first day of work was absolute hell. I tried everything even dressing to impress. I wore tight black pants and a nice maroon blowse with a black vest and I thought I looked pretty hot. The whole day at work I was flurted with. My stomach was very uneasy at work tho... I had very bad cramps. I asked another guy working there Mike where the bathroom was because I had the feeling like I was about to eject a rocket. He then informed me that our toilet was broken. I then paniced.. there isn't a place where I could run and use the bathroom near by.

I then asked him ...where I should go. He told me that he onced used a bucket in the back then put a lid over it and when the store is empty run out and toss it away. I was SO desprat I agreed but I made him make sure nobody came into the back. He told me he would take care of it. I went into the back and found an empty bucket. I then went into the corner of the room and tried to find something i could use as a toilet seat as im tall and not very good at squatting. I could not find anything and my legs were shaking I had to poop so badly. I just pulled down my pants/panties and sat right into the bucket (Which hurt FYI) I then before pooping realized I had nothing to wipe with. so i got up (Not even pulling up my pants) went and got a roll of paper towel. I went back to the bucket and put my self back into position to poop. I then let go of alot of big logs and then a wave of wet messy poop. Mike then walked over with out looking and said Iulia WE CAN HEAR EVERYTHING AND THE JOE (My BOSS!) JUST PULLED INTO THE PARKING LOT) I PANICED I quickly WIPED up put a lit on the bucket dressed myself and then realized it smelled like extreme poop!!

Joe walked in with large roll of display plastic. I grabbed it and told him id move it to the back. He completely fell for it. when I got out two coustomers had come in. I was assisting them when all of a sudden I see Joe walk into the back room. then walk out with a preplexed look on his face. He knew something was not right back. He then looked around. in the back and I began to sweat hard. The two coustomers left and I then had to go out back. I walked in and Joe asked me if I smelled what he smelled. I said no.. I don't smell anything hes like really... it smells like shit back hear.

Thank god he walked away (So I thought) then I watched him leave the store and waited about 5 minutes and since the store was empty I thought I would go dash the bucket. I walked out of the store and TO MY SURPRIZE Joe was in the parking lot!!!!! He walked up to me and asked what was in the bucket I refused to let him see he then put his hand on the handel and opened the lid to see my waste just sitting there. He gave me the biggest look of discust and told me to put that in the dumpster and come inside.

He brought me over to a table and asked me to sit down. I was tearing up but I came. He said so... would you like to explane yourself or am I going to assume you poop in buckets. I said it was an emergancy. He told me thats no excuse and thats my one warning he also told me after my shift is done before locking up I have to make that place smell proof or it could be my job.

I continued to sob and then I got up and left. Mike then walked over and said I THOUGHT YOU HAD TO PEE NOT DROP A LOAD. I then burst into tears. I smell proofed the back and then in my car on the way home cried for one hour and a half.. but thankfully nobody at work has ever mentioned it

I made a post earlier tonight before I really discovered the site.
I figured I thought I would post more about myself along with another story.
so stuff I have not posted.
My Size- I am really tall 6'4.
I have really big legs and a really big bum
I tend to wear dark colours and alot of my pants are tight + my dirty deed is I wear leggings as pants and I seem to get alot of looks especially with the size of my legs

The second story:
I am oddly not uncomfortable with using the bathroom infront of people. but probally one of the most awkard times had to of been last summer when I pooped infront of my father. I needed to go and he was showering. I snuck in and practically ripped off my pants and panties. the shower stopped but the flow of poop that was exiting my bowels had not yet. He came out and just gave this look of horror from the sight of me sitting on the toilet. He put on his bottoms and started to shave and I still sat there doing my buissness. He was like rushing while he was shaving and I was almost done pooping. As we both concluded we left the bathroom together and he still never said a word.

One more story:
I HAD to tell this one. I had just moved to the states and was a complete new comer to everything in america. One day I went to Wall-Mart because I wanted to buy a new hair dryer and my mom heard wall-mart sells everything. While I was there nature called. I could not find a restroom. I really needed to poop but still could not find one. I walked up to a cashier and to the best of my ability I had to speak english. I then blurted out "Where can I toilet poop?" the girl walked me all the way to the back of the store and said brought me to the ladies room. I then waved ran into the bathroom and pooped for 10 minutes wipped and left. When I got home and told the story to my mom she then yelled at me because I did not cover the seat with toilet paper. My mom knows with my height squatting is pretty unpridictable on a count of my head is over the stall with my feet on the toilet.

I've only attempted squatting once and I fell and got some pretty bad bruises not to mention I peed all over my clothing

ALSO I have only once pooped in nature but il write about it later
tata Iulia

Tuesday, January 23, 2008

Monika, I agree with you but some of our guests are first timers and previously some have peed into their undies as they have squatted too far back on their heels and others have shat on their ankles especially if it is explosive and runny as it can be after being shaken up in a Landcruiser while on the trail and then holding till the last minute. That is the basic first lesson I teach them from then on they must modify but they have the extreme technique. Will post more on privacy and peepers that I have had.

Monika, Hi again. Yes the privacy bit is important but the safety in numbers aspect comes into play in this country with all it's violence and rape. So if there are a couple in a strange place best to go like that. As for being observed I have had more than my fair share of that. I have been spied on in mall loos by perverts either looking over the partitions or through holes that they have made in the walls. Each time they have been doing something to themselves so could not get out as quickly as I did and I alerted the security and they were taken away. Out in the bush is different and I know that at sports events like marathons and canoe races, (hubby canoes and I second him) You can be in a situation where a lot of people are shitting in the bush and if you are seen well it is most likely by a fellow athlete who is just getting on with his/her business as fast as possible. Sometimes there are a few "spectators" that seem to be there for your second trip to pee and they are the watchers. I once was come upon by a person while shitting under a low bridge while traveling alone one day and this man was not violent but was enjoying the fact that I had a stomach bug and siddled up and removed his pants and squatted next to me dispite me asking him to find another place. I realized he was there for the spectacle when he did not shit but was very aroused so I peeled off a wad of paper picked up as much of the pile that I had made and managed to throw it at him hitting his face and chest. He left very fast. I agree with you that it is not necessary to remove a leg but when I can safely do it like on the farm then I do. I love the feel of the breeze between my legs and other things, as Claire found out years back. Good on you girl!!!! A woman peeing or pooing can do it very discreetly with the half mast clothing position. As you say jeans to mid thigh and squatting properly exposes very little and if done properly you will not pee into your pants. A lot of our hikers/4*4 trailists sit rocked back and have peed into their pants as the stream's aim is projected forwards and they have pushed their clothing down to their ankles. After a lesson they get it right and I teach them the leg out method so they realize where everything is being aimed and projected. Who would ever think that there was such a science to having a pee and a shit in the bush?

girls what gives you gas and what gives you the shits.

Greetings again from Oz.
To Jill-I have a hairy crack and often little bits of turd fail to drop and I try to shake them off.Sometimes it is hard to tell if my efforts have been successful so I make sure I use a big clump of toilet paper for the first wipe.Sometimes it is caked with the brown
stuff and this results in me needing 5 or 6 wipes to clean my crack.

People regularly talk about squatting for a dump in the bush and the risk of getting shit on their pants or shoes.I don't go to the bush as often as I used to but even if I go just for a day I always take an old towel with me.If I need a dump I try to find a fallen tree or something I can sit on.I use the towel to cover whatever I am sitting on so I don't get splinters in my arse.I sit on the towel and push back so that my arse is hanging over the back edge.I then relax and drop my load.You don't have to worry about your legs getting tired from being stuck in the squatting position and there is no risk of getting shit on your pants or shoes.
Keep those stories coming!

Hi yall, don't know if you remember me but I'm 26 male, in the middle of the usa. I've said before but I'll say again the I'm disabled and unabled to push to poop.

I was reasently at the mall and wasn't going get picked up for five more hours when i started feeling awful, must have been something i had for lunch. I wasn't sure what to do because i could feel a massive pressure that i knew would be a very big messing load of mushy poop. Usually I'd just call and go home and if i couldn't wait until i was in bed at least I'd be going home well today i wasn't nobody was home, and my stomach started to really tighten and it began to start making noises. I started to fart lightly and knew i was minutes from pooping myself and not being able to go clean up or continue to shop because of the smell. I was sweating now and my nurse ask's me what is wrong i tell her my stomach is killing me and I'm about to poop very soon. She was like well i might need the bathroom after anyway could we go to the family bathroom and try and save my clothes and maybe my day. I wasn't very sure but agreed, we get into the family bathroom and there wasn't enough room for me to park next to the toilet so she grabbed the trash can. As my nurse worked on getting my armrest off and my pants down i felt a cramp and hear a loud wet fart, sure enough big streak in my underwear. So took them of with a sissors because i didn't want to fall all the way out of my chair taking off my jeans then underwear to get rid of the fairing badly stained underwear. So now I'm half way out of my chair bare butt naked with a trash can tipped sorta under my butt and hole. Another cramp hits and i hear another wet fart followed by the snaps of the plastic can liner. So I'm laying there half sidways and she my nurse standing near sinks holding her stomach. I said "Amy(not her real name)are you ok? Because i think the rest of mine won't come itself. " she's like I'll be ok and goes into my bad and finds some glove to help me open again and let more of my poop out. she's putting on the gloves and she groans and says "Um can i move you and your can right in front of the toilet? " I said yeah sure and i was like why, she's rushing to move me and she gets me into a spot as close as she could to the toilet. I feel awful and feel a cramp and yup splat right on the floor, i yelled hurry up I'm starting to shit. She ran over with the can and stuck it back under me, she's like I'm so sorry and Amy drops her purple cords and purple thong and sits on the toilet. I, don't have the best veiew but still wasn't to interested anyway. She's farting and dribbling pee. When she says "Ok, I'm going to help you but if i stop it's because I'm going to lose my own." She's gets her glove on and pushes her finger into my hole and wiggles it around, i start feeling incrediblely hot and feel something inside move, Amy pulls her finger out and i heard snap spppallllaaaattt and she sticks her finger back in my hole and she moans "How's it feeling? I'm going to start now because I'm dying too. I then feel my poop really building up as i hear a squish prrrtttt from amy. Amy pulls her finger back out it's covered in very light brown mush. I feel more come out as she ask me if, i needed her Finger again, I said yes, so she gets a new glove on and i made her use her middle finger because i needed a little more reach. So she went in was wiggling and told her to stop and push her finger sidewas and hold it, until she felt alot of poop. She was sitting there with her middle finger in my hole she's still having farts and she says "my finger is getting really warm and there is a bunch of poop up here you want me to pull out or wait?" i said wait. She's holding it when she gets a huge cramp herself because she pushes really hard sidewas and started having wave after wave farting and spluttering and bubbling and she pulls out automatically saying sorry and holding the toilet with both hands one with my poop still dripping off on the floor. And she pushes super hard and i look over at Amy Head down sweating really squirting away and holding the trash can with her foot tight against me while I'm finishing my huge dump. She checked me one last time and i was done, she peed little more. Amy got up wiped herself three times front to back and then three more just on her butt. She pulled up her thong and pants and pulls the trash can out from under me and wipes my butt about six times and wipes the hair around the hole with a wet paper towel. She pulls my jeans back up and straightens me in my chair. I look first thing into the trash can and then the toilet i pooped about three good sized mushy logs and then lot of soft seve with very running stuff. Amy had many small mush balls will little snake logs and all the water was brown and the tp was sitting on top of all of her shit. She flushed and put my armrest back on. She was standing there just staring at me so i said "What?" she said "I've never gone to the bathroom in front of someone before, let alone shit my brains out." I said i know i have to all the time but it's something you have to do or feel bad. She said yeah and we went and shopped. Right before we left we went back to the bathroom and emptied my pee bag, and she pulled her pants down and peed too, she caught me watching and pulled her pussy open just for a second and laughed at me. I felt really good but i still ended up having diarrea in my jeans about five minutes from home.

I'll post more feel free to ask anything about me or my proceedures to using the bathroom.


Hey. I've been looking around lately for a site that might help me, and I found this one, so I was wondering: I'm astoundingly pee shy, especially around girls. If I have to go during class and I have one of my female teachers, I never ask them if I can go. I'm a guy, 15, a sophomore in high school and have been like this my entire life. I never let on when I need to pee, and, in a few situations, have gone far longer than I should have in terms of holding it and my abdomen has gone numb before because I had to piss so badly. To me, it's embarassing, and I hate people knowing I need to go. I won't even tell my mom unless I'm totally bursting. It's worse around my friends, since they're all guys and just walk off and leave if they have to go. So far, it's been miserable and I'm trying to get over it, and I was hoping someone here could help me.
Any suggestions or advice for a guy who just wants to not be embarassed by having to piss?

I can relate to what Jody is experiencing at the airport when parents bring in young children of the opposite sex who then violate the privacy of those using open-stall toilets. For us guys, sitting on an open crapper is not a choice; it is a daily reality at school and also at some public places like parks and stadiums, where gay sex acts have been reported and the police are trying to discourage them by taking the door off the stall. Twice this winter, I've been on the crapper at a game, minding my own business, sitting with my underwear and sweats at stool level, when a father brings his young daughter in with him and she is grossed out (or plays like she's grossed out!) by standing and watching me take my shit. I'm only 18 and know that the father has few alternatives but to bring the child into the bathroom with him, but if he has to crap, the child has even more time on her hands to invade the privacy of the others. If it were my child, she would be in the stall with me and she would be told not to stare down or watch the others who are using the facilities. They need to have respect for the privacy of others. When I was in New York City last summer as part of our week-long junior-class trip, I would use doored stalls and even have such children going stall-to-stall and peeking in the cracks on me while I sat and shat. Once at Kennedy airport, I was peeing at the urinal and a father brought a girl (about 6) in and she stood a watched us pee while her dad was across the room in the stall. My friends have suggested several rude things I could have done for her to get her to go away, but I don't think it was totally her fault since she was given a lot more freedom than she should have been.

cool dumper
Hi! Haven't posted in a looong while but the other day I had a weird thought. Why are we so embarrassed and ashamed to poop in front of other people, yet we blow our noses in public without a second thought? Consider the similarities: In both cases we make weird sometimes comical sounds. In both cases we are ejecting an icky disease-laden material that nobody wants to touch. And in both cases we wipe ourselves afterwards. Now the differences: When pooping we have to uncover the genital area. Hence toilet facilities are separated by gender because until recently it was thought that viewing the opposite gender's genitals was taboo but viewing those of the same gender was OK. Secondly pooping emits a foul odor, more for some individuals than for others. With the old "outhouse" toilets this wasn't as big an issue as they always smelled to high heavens anyway. Maybe this is why the "multi-holer" outhouses did not have privacy screens between the holes? With today's toilets and today's phobia of anything hinting of stench, the odor is both very objectionable and very traceable to the originator. Hence a "mask" to hide the individual is desireable. More to say on this later but I would like to hear some of your thoughts.

The Dude
The only accident I ever had was way back in 8th grade (early 20's now). As I recall it was a nice Spring day towards the end of the year. It happened in the second to last period of the day and it was computer class. I had to pee so bad. After two other people asked to go to the bathroom but weren't allowed, I figured I'd do my best to hold it. I was secretly holding my dick without anyone noticing, and it didn't help that I was sitting next to the hottest girl in the class (who was always very nice). I remember I couldn't concentrate on what we were doing. A little squirted out. Then a little more, and a little more after a short while. "Oh man, here we go..." I thought. Sure enough, it all let loose, soaking my boxers and pants with some piss actually running down my leg and onto the floor. I remember trying to cover it up with my shoes. It felt so much better but I was soaked and had a very pretty girl sitting just inches from me! Now all I had to do was wait for the bell to ring.

Somehow I made it through without anyone noticing and remember I waited a bit after the bell ran to get up (since my last class was just across the hall). The puddle on the floor somewhat dried up but the seat was damp. After most of the crowds cleared, I dashed across the hall to my last class...still soaked, mind you. But as far as I know, nobody ever found out about it. I thought you guys would enjoy the story. I also have girlfriend pooping stories too if anyone's interested.

Till next time

The Dude

Me and my dad were shopping at JC Penney's yesterday. I had to go to the bathroom, and my dad thought it was a good idea as well. We found the mens restroom, right near the elevator and when we walked in, we were both kind of surprised to see the stalls had no doors on them. All three were occupied, so we had to wait for our turn. It was a bit odd to have to stand right in front of the guys sitting on the toilets, but the urinals were also in use, and the sink area was very tight, and we also didn't want to lose our place. None of the guys seemed to mind, they continued their farting, shitting, pissing and wiping up. When two of them finished up, we bolted for their toilets, as their shit was still swirling down, and I know my toilet seat was still pretty warm. We did our business, farts, log drops, and pissing (my dad had a bit explosive diahreah, from the mexican food we had for lunch earlier) we wiped up, and gave our seats to the next guys who were waiting. One was the optometrist from the Vision Center. As we walked out, the cleaning lady was about to walk in with her cart. We told her there were several men still in the room. She said 'thank you, I'll do the womens room first" We did more shopping in the mall, and we drove home.

To Penny - I have read your advice on getting one leg out of the jeans before squatting when going to toilet in nature. I cannot really understand why that is necessary. I am quite used to doing both no 1 and no 2 outside as I am very active with outdoor sports. I have never had any problems with spoiling myself. (And occationally I have even had quite soft/liquid poos too.) I think trying to undress only should make it more embarrassing than necessary for most of us. Besides it will also take more time I guess. When in need and having found a suitable spot, I just pull down my throusers to the middle of my thighs, spread my feet as much as possible and squat. I prefer to sit tip-toeing because then I can keep in balance. But I have seen quite many others sit with their foot blades flat on the ground. I prefer to squat as far down as I can but I have also seen many just bend in their knees and bend strongly forward supporting their elbows on their knees. Perhaps there are differences around the world? Most of the people I have seen is from Europe. Even though I feel quite relaxed about this issues I still prefer to get it done as quickly and as private as possible, especially no 2. Keeping the throusers on makes it possible to get it done very quick and easy, almost always without any others noticing it. When staying with others my experience is that going to toilet is an issue that is not very much discussed. And I also have found that the respect for mutual privacy is high. But certainly occationally I have walked in on others, and likewise others have come by when I have been going to toilet. The only conversation I can remember from such situations is oh sorry or something like that. But a few times I have been surprised by children or young boys obviously very interested to study what is going on. Once I also experienced a young man obviously very interested. I noticed that he observed me on my way into the bushes and when I sat there he showed up just behind me. Then I felt happy about being able to pull up my throusers very rapidly! (I think it is a big difference being interested in the habits of other persons than intruding their privacy.)

To Jody,
Unfortunately, you do NOT have privacy rights. You gave up those rights when you exposed yourself in a doorless stall. As for the many people who "take forever" on the throne, read some of the stories on this site. Some people fight to keep their pants clean and dry while others "drop logs" after exhausting themselves pushing and straining. If I waited until I "needed to go," I would have more accidents standing in line waiting for a stall.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Greetings again from Down Under.We have had a number of entertaining posts recently from Penny and Jill telling us about their adventures of
group dumps in the bush and chats with fellow dumpers in public toilets.They suspect that this is a girl thing and I suspect that they
are right.For as long as I can remember women have always been more social than men where toilet habits are concerned.If a mixed group of people are at a restaurant or night club the ladies always seem to go to "freshen up"at least in pairs and often in groups of 3 or 4. Men,or at least the ones I know do not.
We have also had a number of recent posts from a variety of ladies telling us how they have delberately unloaded in their pants in a public place.I wonder if this is also a girl thing?
Until next time,pleasant dumping.

I wonder if there is a world's record for the longest fart. Last weekend my uncle did a loud, continuous fart that lasted for 12 seconds! I timed it. He says he's done longer ones. I used to thik he had to pee a lot, but he goes into the bathroom to fart. I guess he has a gas problem.

To Dan: Its important to wipe fro, the front to the back in order not to bring bacteria from your anus to the vagina.

Had a suffering poop just now, gotta push very hard to get the log out. I was in the toilet grunting and pushing for 1 hour and finally it came out. Quite a huge dump i do. The yogurt helps a bit, at least when i get something out it won't be stuck at the middle.

Hi. I am new here and have loved most of the stories. I also would like to ask... Yesterday, i took a nice dump and it was a faint purple! Wth did that happen?

Hi Caryn, I really enjoyed reading your story very much. It seems what you're doing is quite normal

A few days ago, I was driving to work and had to piss and crap really bad. I drove to the park thats on the way and saw that the restroom was still locked up. I went to the next closest restroom building and found that the park staff was doing maintenance on it. By this time, I was cramping up and had to concentrate to keep from fouling myself.

I decided to try the downtown public restroom with the single doorless stall. I parked and waddled over to the restroom, only to find a guy already parked on it, smoking a cigarette. Luckily, the cramping had stopped and I was ok for a minute. It seemed like the dude was never going to get off the pot! He finally did, and I rushed over, yanked down my jeans and red briefs, turning them inside out as they came down, and sat on the still warm seat. I actually had locked up a bit, so it took a bit of pushing to get started. When I finally did crap, everything came out in one quick whoosh. Filled the toilet. I stood and flushed, making sure that I didn't clog the can for the next guy, then sat back down to pee. I pissed for about 3 minutes straight. All the time I'm emptying out, there's about 6 guys who come and go in the restroom. Taking a leak, washing up, waiting for the toilet. I finally finish up and clean myself up. There actually wasn't alot of paperwork necessary. I stood up, zipped up, and let the next guy have a seat.

At another park restroom that has a large hole between stalls, where the double sided tp dispenser goes, the hole has been filled. New tp dispenser. I used that restroom several times. Most of the times, guys would be too shy/weirded out crapping next to someone without a wall between us. They would see the hole and leave. A few times, guys would use the stall. Most of the guys who used it were older. They might even jokingly say a couple of things to their neighbor. Once there was a guy who decided he needed to take care of some other business while he was there. Time for me to finish up and leave!!

Hi, everyone,

Just a query today. Does anybody, man or woman, shake there bum at the end of a shit in order to let the remains drop away?

Love everyone, Jill xxx

It has been a little while since my first ever two posts, last month, about a typical visit to the toilet for a poo and overcoming a long lasting phobia I had about pooping in a public toilet, so I think the time has come to make another contribution to this forum. Although the forum is called the toilet the posts I enjoy reading most are the ones describing situations where there is no toilet, especially when a poo is involved. I will often skip lots of post and only read these, sometimes selecting pages in the achieves at random. There are many excellent posts about out door pooping experiences. I think I have now given the game away about what this post is to be about. It might not be the most original as I am sure many have been in a similar situation to the one I found myself in.

Many years ago I was staying with relatives in the USA. They were into camping and were keen to take me on a trip with them. I had serious reservations as I had never been camping in my life as it did not appeal to me. However, I did not want to say no and agreed to come along. My suspicions were, because of the vast wide open spaces, there would not be toilets or facilities of any kind. After a road journey of nearly a day, they were confirmed when we reached the site where the tents were to be pitched. It was very beautiful and picturesque, but like the middle of nowhere. We were by a river, into which our boat was lowered from a trailer and moored. Woodland surrounded the river. The boat allowed us to travel along the river, fish and admire the scenery..

It was not decided how long we would be staying. But it would definitely be too long to go without having a poo and there were no toilets! I had no qualms about having a wee out doors as it is something I had done countless times ever since being a toddler. I quite enjoyed squatting to have a wee behind bushes and did so on arrival, but the thought of having to poo!!! It was something I had never contemplated in my life. It was not all that long since I had overcome my ten year phobia about public toilets and now I was faced with a situation where there was not even a public toilet, of even the most basic kind. I knew I would want to poo the next morning and did not have the best nights sleep. The sleeping bag, instead of a bed did not help either.

It has to be remembered that these were the days before this forum and perhaps even the Internet. I had never read about anyone having a poo out doors, making it all the more alien. If this forum had been in existence I'm sure I would have felt differently.

No one mentioned the lack of a toilet, probably because it was something they had become so used to from camping trips since early childhood. They could not be expected to know that the UK is so different without the wide open spaces and having camp sites, you pay to enter, with every facility. I felt too embarrassed to raise the toilet subject, apart from saying I was going for a wee in the bushes after getting up in the morning.

We had a nice breakfast cooked on an open fire which only increased the urge I had for a poo. I knew I would have to go sometime and decided that this would be a good time to get it over with. Instead of stripping off a wad of toilet paper I picked up a whole roll and also a bar of soap I had brought. I did not just want to disappear into the woods without saying anything so announced, in a soft voice, that I was going for a walk too "powder my nose". Hardly accurate, but there was no way I could say I was going in the woods for a shit!

I walked a good way into the woods to ensure there would be total privacy. All sorts of trepidations were going through my mind, not least that very soon I would be shitting on the ground, just like an animal. It was going to be so undignified, not to mention un-ladylike. But what was the alternative? I would be depositing a pile of poo on the ground which would not be flushed away to a sewer. It would remain on the ground for I don't know how long, not to mention the toilet paper. However, being in the wilds, no one was ever likely to see my mess.

When I was a good distance from the campsite I stopped by a big tree. This was going to be the spot for my first ever out door poo. Very tentively I undid my belt, unfastened my jeans and undid the zip. Even more tentively I lowered them to my ankles. My knickers slowly followed. There I was, in a wilderness, stood up and naked from the waste down - feeling very embarrassed. I squatted, had a wee, pulled off a wad of toilet paper and wiped myself. But this was not the reason I was here, my bladder might be empty but my bowels were not. I needed to poo, but my bare bum was not sat on a seat inside a locked room or stall. It was just thin air underneath. Also, there were no walls and no roof above my head. I could hear birds in the trees, so although there were no people around this was not total privacy. I closed my mind and pushed. I was soon aware I had started to go and there was a smell. The silence, as well as the squatting position, felt so strange. There was no splash and the quiet was not even broken by the sound of a fart. I continued to poo and it did feel rather nice from the squat position. I was actually enjoying the experience and did not want to rush anything. When I thought I might have finished I remained squatted in case there was more to come. There was. After a loud fart I continued to go, increasing the size of the mound under my bum.

When I was sure I was done, I stood up and looked down. The mound of poo was big and it looked so different to what it does in a toilet bowl. When I wee outside I wipe while still squatting, but following my poo I was going to stand as it would be a far longer job. I picked up the toilet roll, ripped off wads and wiped my bum. My first out door poo had been quite messy and a lot of paper was required to get myself clean. When I had finished, the pile of poo was quite miniscule compared with the amount of toilet paper. When it is dropped it in a toilet bowl you have no idea of the amount which can be used. But when it is on the ground, and dry, you get the full picture. It is not a pretty sight, white and smeared with poo. Brown or darker coloured toilet paper would be more appropriate for out doors. It would have been more environmentally friendly to dig a hole to poo in and, more importantly, conceal the toilet paper but we did not have one. I suppose, being so far out in the wilds, it was not considered essential and storage space was limited.

I pulled up my knickers and jeans and proceeded to the river to wash my hands with the soap. On returning to the camp nothing was said to me, which was a bit of a relief. I suppose it was hardly surprising because everyone else must have been so used to having a poo in the woods they thought nothing of it. They would not have suspected it was my first time.

The next morning, after breaking the ice the previous day, I went for a poo in the woods with no inhibitions what so ever. I really enjoyed it! My jeans and knickers came down in one go and almost in the same moment I was squatting and relieving myself. A wee followed the poo on this occasion. This poo turned out to be the second and last one because the weather forecast for the day ahead (we had a radio) was not good. I t was decided that we should make our way back at mid day.

To my great surprise I had enjoyed the whole camping experience of which having an outdoor poo was only part of. It felt nice to be outdoors, miles from civilization, and close to nature. As well as the lack of a toilet it was nice not to have shower and washing facilities. I really enjoyed using the clean clear river water for these purposes, even for shampooing my hair.

I have not been camping since and the idea of being at an official pay site, surrounded by lots of other campers with showers and toilets provided, does not appeal. I think that if you want the true experience it has to be wild. The subsequent occasions when I have had an out door poo are very, very few and far between. If there is a toilet in the vicinity it does not seem appropriate, even if you can find the necessary privacy. However, should the need arise, I do not have the slightest inhibitions about not using a toilet for a poo, as long as no one can see me. I don't think anyone should consider it disgusting or have reservations as when you need to go, you need to go. The availability of a toilet to poo in is not a necessity as long as you can't be seen for as long as it is going to take

Karen M.
Hi, I am new here and after reading some of the stories I have decided to submit on of my own. BTW, I am 38, 5'6" and 145 pounds. This happened to me last March after I had moved into the suburbs with my husband. It was a warm spring day and I had decided to take a long walk and explore the new neighborhood. I got up around 7:30, took a shower, ate breakfast and got ready to go. I had gone poop the day before and so I figured the I would be fine. That was my first mistake. Usually I only need to poop every other day if even. So I walked out the door and set a brisk pace. After I had walked for 20 minutes I began to become disappointed with the area. It really was just a sub-division with no commercial activity at all. Oh well, I thought it will only be temporary. So around the 30 minute mark I turned back. That was when I realized that I was lost. I was not worried however, and I began to walk in what I thought was the right direction. I was sure that I would eventually find my way. After 5 more minutes of this I began to get a little more anxious. Damn this neighborhood with its curving streets! To add to my growing anxiety I also started to feel movement in my gut. I ignored it though and kept walking at a brisk pace. 10 minutes later I found a familiar street. I was either way to far east or west on it. As I stopped to think about it I could feel the slightest amount of pressure in my intestine. "Not now!" I thought, annoyed. At the moment this only seemed to be a minor inconvenience and I still didn't have much worry over the problem. I decided that east was the right direction and so I set off quickly again. I thought the sights were familiar and so I relaxed a little. 5 more minutes though and it looked unfamiliar. Once again I was lost. The feeling of pressure in my gut increased again. I turned around and headed back to were I had came from now sure of my direction. I was a little angry with myself for getting lost but I was still unconcerned over the pressure in my intestine. Finally, I got back to the spot where I had turned. Just as I passed it and began heading west my intestines moved and the pressure intensified. It become an undeniable urge to poop. As my anxiety over this increased I tried to think back to how this could be happening. I had gone yesterday afternoon hadn't I? But thinking back I realized that I never had because my sister called and then I had forgotten. This made me get just a little panicky as I became aware of the 3 days worth of food waiting to get out. I walked faster bu t this seemed to speed things up. After only a few minutes I was getting desperate to poop. But where the hell could I go here? I asked myself angry and anxious. I clenched my cheeks together a grabbed myself. I couldn't be more than 20 minutes away now. But 20 minutes was to long to wait I had to go. Just house after house after house. No businesses. Not even any back streets I thought desperately. Finally, I turned onto my street only 10 minutes away. I had to make it! But my anus was already opening and closing making it difficult to walk. Come on! Come on! I was 38 years old, the last time I had an accident was in 2nd grade! I made the decision not to go in my exercise pants, but the only other option was in a bush but their were none. Then I saw sit. There was a small field up ahead. No bushes or trees but I didn't care anymore. I had to go.I walked as fast as I could which wasn't fast at all. Finally within 20 feet I new relief was ahead. Unfortunately, this was the last straw. My bowels began to move the poop down and out. I ran as fast as I could desperately clutching my ass. It began poking out just as I made it to the edge of the field. I saw that their was a ditch in the center of the field. I ran only 30 feet away now. I was going to make it! I was going to... It happened. In only a few seconds the poop squeezed out spreading across my ass an into my crotch. I held the rest in, but at least half had gotten out. I waddled slowly to the ditch and pulled down my tight pants. I was in shock. They were completely ruined. I should have worn panties and they my pants would have been saved but I wasn't planning on this happening. I squatted pushed the rest out. Just sat there with my pants around my ankles thinking what to do. My husband was in the city at work. My sister was away on a trip. I decided I would have to walk home. I had no intentions of pulling my pants back on but I had no choice. My shirt was to short to hide myself. I pulled them back up and the shit squished around more. I stood up and walked. I was still shocked when I finally made to my house went inside and cleaned up. On my walk home at least eight other people had seen me and noticed what happened. Despite this I never told my husband. Eventually he got a better job and we moved away. I will always hate the suburbs though.

I had really bad stomach cramps last night and was constipated through my period.

And for some reason just a couple minutes ago I felt like I was going to have diarrhea. So I sat on the toilet and pushed and this big turd slipped out pretty fast.

It seemed to pump its way out of me. I got up and wiped and saw a huge 12" turd in the bowl and a smaller turd next to it.

I feel much better now =)

IBS is confusing lol.

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