I'm 16 and I do most of my poops and pees away from home. Because I'm in activities, I'm often at school 14 hours a day and my part-time job is at a fast-food stand at the airport. I don't know why it is, but as far back as I can remember I have hated to waste time in the bathroom. It pisses me off when I ask permission of a teacher to go to the bathroom and he says when whoever comes back and it's 10 to 15 minutes. I just don't understand why any person would want to/need to sit on a toilet that long and perhaps even then, not be able to produce some results. Even when I'm constipated, I wait until it's about ready and usually I'm dropping results within a minute or two of sitting down. After wiping and flushing I'm usually back in class within 4 minutes. However, my impatience in the past several months has gotten me into a situation four or five times at the airport that I find gross and embarrassing. There's no toilet at our fast-food stand so while another worker covers for me, I have to go downstairs to the main bathroom. It's huge with more than 30 stalls on both sides of the room and it's almost always very busy. Several months ago I figured out that I can avoid the lines by using one of two or three doorless stalls. First, I'm on the stool for only the shortest amount of time. Two, most of the women may be in line or a crowd that was once a line but they might glance at me halfway, but they have the decency to look the other way and give me my two or three minutes of privacy. The problem, I'm finding, is the mothers who bring in their young sons--some about 3 or 4 and others who might be 6 or 7--who stand around and make faces and try to stare me down while their mother is using the stool next door. I just think it's rude for a boy to stand in the doorway and, at first, sneak a look at me, smirk, then start sneaking another, and then staring or pointing. This past Sunday, this boy who looked like he was at least school age, just stood there staring at me while I sat and peed and when I grabbed for the toilet paper to wipe, he came closer to the entry-way and started to snicker. At that time, I gave him the finger and he started to act up even more until another girl behind him shoved him forward and told him not to stare. I just feel he was being rude and deliberately creating a problem. I mentioned it to my brother, who is a senior, and he said it's my fault for not wanting to wait for a doored stall to open. He said he craps in an open stall regularly at school because all the doors have been taken off the toilets throughout the building. I guess what I don't understand is that although I have selected to use an open stall because it's faster, why am I being stared down and made fun of by obnoxious children who should be with their mother in her stall. It just doesn't make sense to me. I have privacy rights too!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Greetings again from down under.Yesterday I had the best start to a day in a long time.About 15 minutes after I got up I went for a dump as
I do most days.My dump was the usual big log followed by several smaller ones which all entered the world with a minimum of effort.This
dump however,did not leave me that nice empty feeling so I knew I would probablly need another dump later in the day.
I then decided to hang out some washing that I had done the night before.I am not sure of the design of toilet windows in the US but here in Oz they are usually strips of frosted or textured glass fitted at an angle into the window frame.This means that that the toilet window is always open and if you are standing near one when someone is in the toilet you can hear all the sound effects.
My clothes line is located close to my back fence and the side wall of the unit over my back fence is only a few feet from the fence and the toilet is located along this wall.A couple in their 30's live in this unit and as I was hanging out my washing I heard the lady standing
somewhere near the toilet door talking to her other half.The conversation stopped,the toilet light went on and the door closed.
Naturally curiosity got the better of me and I quickly snuck accross to the back fence hoping to hear some action.I was not disappointed.
The lady pulled her pants down,sat on the toilet and did a pee.She also did a big fart during her pee.Nothing happened for another minute or so but then the action really started.A couple of grunts were followed by the classic splash of a chunky turd hitting the water.Over the next few minutes there were several more plops and farts as this lady despatched her load into the bowl.She then wiped a couple of times and flushed.Her load must have stunk as she sprayed air freshener for about ten seconds then left.I finished hanging out my washing then had breakfast.After breakfast I was sitting in my living room having a cup of tea when I began to get the message that the rest of my load from earlier in the morning was now ready to be dropped.
The urge was not great and I was not expecting anything spectacular but to my surprise my bum hole delivered a lovely smooth 15 inch log that left me feeling on top of the world.Mornings do not get any better than that one.

To Erica- Loved your story about filling your pantyhose while out
walking your dog.Every time I see a woman walking a
dog now I will be checking to see if she has a
bulge in the back of her pants.

Edward H

Jill: That was aamzing to hear of your experience in M&S, Cardiff - I can place those loos exactly! Thanks too, for sharing what those experiences were like. I'm in South Wales too, so your writing has a real immediacy for me. Diolch o galon!

Edward H

Hi Jill and my SA pooper friend. So glad you had a good hike and broke the ice with your boyfriend, I suppose he was surprised that you could actually use your bum for something other than sitting on. Red wine and meat do combine to give a rather strong pong. I think certain people just have bigger colons etc and as such when it does exit it is large, not to worry but the great thing is squatting gets rid of everything like squeezing toothpaste without the pushing which ends up with a sore ring and piles. I hope that when you have to change a tampon you first remove it and then shit on top of it that way if anyone comes across your pile it is not so offensive. Tip from a seasoned outdoor crapper!! I had a crap in the dunes on the beach everyday for 3 weeks except for one in the caravan park ladies loo. Just the timing of my bowels and it really is not offensive as I am in the bushes, if anyone is there they are doing the same thing and you will be amazed the next day the pile is dry and half the size as it breaks down to nothing. Must be things that eat it and take it away like the dung beetles even on the beach. Tell me more about your outdoor escapades, I doubt it is the first time you have had a good shit in the wild.
Jill yes I agree you do become popular if you have loo paper or spare tampons etc in the wild. Like a man with a boat!! We have paper in all our vehicles as we work on a daily basis far from home and traveling to town is a 50 kilometer affair so when nature calls you just stop open two doors sit on the door sill and let go. As I mentioned to my SA pooper friend above, shitting in the wild I am sure is healthier and more complete that a loo session. I find that because your cheeks are spread you do not mess as much. One quick wipe is often enough. The cameraderie of crapping together is complex. It is all very well behind a door or in a locked cubicle but when outdoors it is almost like watching someone give birth. You are at your most exposed physically and mentally as facial expressions of either pain or strain or great relief cannot be hidden very easily. I remember once a group on our 4*4 trail with a young shy wife from a very affluent suburb in one of our larger cities. After chatting to her a while I realized she had never been out of a city so had never shat with others or outdoors. This I could see was bothering her, I know the symptoms after all these years of entertaining people outside, first the searching look for an ablution block at the lookouts or picnic spots, then the rather desperate whisper to the hubby, he will then point to a thicket and she shakes her head. She will then touch her ???? at certain points as the contents start to get impatient. At this point I go straight over to her before she shits herself, pull her one side and tell her I am going to teach her once and for all how to shit in the woods. Had too many people come back to the group having shat in their shoes or peed in their panties because they do not remove them. We go over to some trees and I show her how to get one leg out of her jeans and panties, keep all the clothing over the clad leg and get down feet as far apart as possible, support yourself with one hand if needed, remove the pad or tampon if needed, move forward 6 inches and let go on top of the tampon. Normally the shit comes first but if desperate then a double header is started. Do not try to stop it once started you will only gum up your bum and make a mess. Once a lady has been this close to nature, felt the relief of a complete evacuation with the breeze between her legs smelt the fresh raw smell of her own shit or her buddies, only then can they relate to the cammeraderie that we refer to. I have seen some facial expressions to die for, others sit with eyes closed, break out in a sweat and shed a tear afterwards and only a lady inching out a large log can relate to that. You will know what I mean. My husband does not agree but that is typically male. They have yet to give birth!!
All wiping should be from the back, front to back that way no bacteria from the annus can get to the vaginal opening or to the pee pipe. Happy crapping girls!!!

DNA - I agree with you. I don't understand parents who freak out. Clothes can be washed, after all. I'm 15 and I have a 6 year old little sister. Our parents have never punished us for accidents, even when they were caused by laziness or ignoring the need for too long. My sister wets the bed almost every night and has daytime accidents at least once a month. The harshest reaction we ever got was minor annoyance if accidents happened at a particularly inconvenient time or place.

I am curious though, do you think your parents would have been understanding?

Wiping from the front or from the back? I have noticed in videos seen on ???? and stuff that some girls wipe from the back when they pee and some wipe from the front. Why do some girls do it different? What is the big advantage?

Rachel - I know it's embarassing, but you really should talk to a doctor about your constipation and bloody poop. It sounds like you could have Ulcerative Colitis, or a similar problem.

I'm a freshman in high school. I'm 14. I have to pee at least three times a day at school and that's no problem with me. I'm able to go in--often on breaks between classes and although there's sometmes a bit of a line, as soon as I pull my underwear down and my butt hits the seat, I start peeing within seconds and my pee flow is rapid and steady and lasts from about 45 seconds to just over a minute. I don't know why because this never happens at home or at other places, but when I look down, my pee is usually bubbling all over the bowl. I've just noticed this now that is has gotten cold and I don't know that if warm pee onto cold water has anything to do with it, but I do know that it gets rather uncomfortable for me to sit down at first because the seat is so cold. Then I warm it up when I'm sitting on it and it's not that bad. However, when I'm one of the last in a line of girls to sit down and use the stool, the seat is warmer when I first sit on it and I find that there's less bubbling in the stool when my pee hits it. That's fine by me, but for some reason, it takes me a minute or two to get my pee flowing, and once I do, I become more conscious and frustrated by those standing in line waiting for my stall and what they may be thinking about me and how long it's taking me to do what I got to do. In such situations, sometimes (I don't mean to but I do) I hurry to finish up and when I'm washing my hands or like today walking through the doorway back into the hall, I still feel pee and know that I didn't completely empty my bladder. Sometimes, as early as 30 minutes later, I get a pass from my teacher to go back in and finish up and I do and I feel much better when I'm done. A couple of times I've done what I've seen some older girls do and that's put pieces of toilet paper over the sides of the seat before they sit down. Then they sit on it. When I've done that it just seems to make my peeing more complicated than it already is and that sucks too. Is this strange or what? Can you help me?

hi...i am at the computer right now while bending over some paper as my husband is waiting for me to poop. i wanted to discribe what i am doing as i am on the computer.
i feel an urge and i am pushing. my hole is opening and my hussband is sticking a cue tip up my open hole. i am constipated and he is trying to loosen it up a bit. he just took some out and i am pushing again as i type.........uggggggggg!!!! my hubby is sticking his fingure up my butt and is pulling some out. it hurts a lot! the first turd is out and it is about 6 inches long. i feel another one coming so i will push again.......................i just farted and small turds are flying out. i'm typing with one hand as i reach behind me and dig my shit out of my ass. the last turd just fell into caleb's hands and he it inspecting it. it is only 4 inches long but very fat and smell. that's all for now! bye!

rachel. maybe next time when you go like that you can describe what it was like. tell how long it took, how you felt before you went and what you felt like while you were going. not only physically but also emotionally. or you could share some of your past experiences with constipation and what they felt like. if you read through the pages on this website you will find a lot of stories like that. no one knows who you are here so don't be shy.

My best friend Kayla's mum is a primary school teacher and she has many stories of kids having an accident in her class. She usually teaches primary 1 (4 and 5 year olds) so accidents were pretty frequent. This year, however she has the primary 5 class (mostly 9 year olds) so she has less toileting issues but she's still had a few mishaps happen.

She has a boy in her class (I won't post his name here) and he has some learning disabilities that also mean he sometimes forgets he has to use the toilet if he's preoccupied or sometimes he leaves it too late and doesn't quite make it in time. Kayla's mum has him on a pretty tight toileting schedule and always reminds him to go and if she sees him holding himself or looking uncomfortable she'll ask him to visit the toilet but she says quite often after being sent to the toilet he'll come back wet. He doesn't really get embarrassed or have inhibitions about it though and will say, Mrs ????? (I won't post her name) I've peed in my pants. She says he has a really funny walk when he's wet and will waddle and pull at his trousers at the knees. He keeps shouting that he's peed himself over and over until he's removed from the class. Kayla's mum is pretty quick and as discreet as possible with him and just calmly walks him out of the class and into the class next door where there is a male teaching aid who helps him to clean up (he always has spare clothes at school).

She said last week he had a poop accident which has only happened a few times. The class were coming back in from lunch when he waddled up to Mrs ????? and said, 'I've pooed myself'. So Mrs ????? took him quietly next door to sort himself out and as he was leaving the classroom some of the other children were still walking in and he said to them really loudly, 'I just did a really big poo in my pants'. The other kids in the class are used to him though and don't really make a fuss or tease him. I would probably find handling a situation like that really hard but Kayla's mum is so good with it.

She also told us about a time involving that boy when another kid wet herself in class. Just before Christmas one of the girls in her class had an accident. Kayla's mum said it was really unexpected as she hadn't asked to go to the toilet (Kayla's mum always lets her students go to the toilet if they need)or looked like she had to pee, I guess she though she could wait till lunch but didn't make it. Anyway the boy with the difficulties shouted out, 'Mrs ?????, ????? (again I won't use names) just did a pee in her pants'. Kayla's mum looked over at the girl and sure enough she was wet and a puddle of pee was under her seat. The poor girl was softly crying and hiding her head embarrassed. Kayla's mum calmly lead her out of the class and told her not to worry and she asked one of her other students to take the girl to the toilet and then to the office and to get a janitor to clean up the puddle of pee. While the girl was out of the class, she had a word with her class about not making the girl feel embarrassed by mentioning what happened as accidents sometimes happen. The class took this on board. Kayla's mum is really nice and sensitive and her class really seem to respect her so I am pretty sure they listen to what she says.

Anyway, unfortunately due to his learning difficulties ????? couldn't quite grasp this and as soon as the girl returned cleaned up he keep on saying, '????? peed on the floor, ????? peed on the floor'. The girl was really upset and Kayla's mum had to take the boy out of the class and have a chat with him. One on one he sometimes understands better.

Anyway thought I'd share those stories, I have loads more from Kayla's mum about kids peeing in class, on the bus, on school trips and especially from when she taught the primary one's. If you wanna hear anymore, let me know.

Need to go
I have an embarrassing story that happened at the gym last week. I just completed a spinning class and needed to dump during the class. After class I went to the men's locker room stripped completely and headed to the two doored stalls to dump before showering. One stall was already taken so I took the other one. I proceeded to dump and when it came time to wipe I did so but I am quite hairy and I don't know if it was the combination of my sweaty but and cheap toilet paper but I dropped the used paper and it landed brown side down about two inches in the other stall. I quickly picked it up dropped in the toilet and continued to wipe. When I was done I just flushed and walked past the sink area when my neighbor who also finished and was washing his hands only to see that it was a guy who I had just spun with! He looked up at me and I just walked past the sinks to hit the showers and steam room. Needless to say I was embarrassed.

Keith D. Thanks for your remarks again. Keith I have not heard any ladies making dates on the toilet, but I have heard lots of short conversations. Mostly where business women are checking up. Lovely to hear somebody answering in a low voice, "I'm on the toilet, I'll call you back." Once I heard a woman calling aa mate and making a date with her for a sisters meeting (mormons), then saying, "I won't make the early bus, I'm on the toilet now Maria, can't get off." I knew that she couldn't, she had diarrhea for sure and was still goin when I left the toilet."
I loved your story of the German girl pushing her fingers through the paper as she wiped. That is so horrible when it happens Keith, I can sympathsise with how she must have been feeling. Even worse for her if there had been no paper.

Penny It was wonderful to read your stories of girls/women chatting on the toilet. I would love to be in South Africa, you make the place come alive. Very evocative story. I have often gone in the wild as they say, especially when I am on a walking holiday in South Wales. I always carry paper in my rucksack, and often am the most popular woman on the walk because so many just don't take paper, and have to wipe with grass or a dock leaf, if they can find one. One other thing Penny, often on a weekend walk if we stop not on a site but just camp in a shady spot, then in the morning ita all squatting down together, peeing, pooping, I have some tales to that of that.

Had to go to the toilet, unusually there were two other women there, both having a poop. They were chatting and as I sat down I called out good morning to them. They laughed, almost together, "good for some, Jill." Although they didn't have diarrhea, both were shitting quite loose, I soon joined them and the three of us were quietly explaining our bowel movements to each other. One woman wiped and finished pretty soon after and left. Then the other one, Cathy ????, she said how badly her belly was aching. We chatted as I shit, four/five deep sounding plops, filling the pan, and as I flushed she asked me to tell her hubby, Terry, that she was alright and woud be out as soon as she could make it. Its called camaraderie, and seems to me to be an inclusive characteristic of women. I am certanly glad for that camaraderie in my life.

Bye for now, Jill (South Wales).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keith D
Another story about roadside toilets. Actually, it was the same toilet as the one in the last story (I used to travel past that diner a lot). I'd had my sandwich at the diner and felt the urge to go. The toilet block outside was busy after a couple of cars stopped by so I waited for everyone to leave before taking a seat on the throne in the single male stall. I sat on the seat with my butt-cheeks stretched over it to try and work out my poop. Just as I started pushing, a heard another car pull up and a family chatting as they got out. Great, I thought, soon they'll be a couple of guys queing up outside the door to my single stall and I'll be rushed.

But the footsteps coming only went into the opposite side of the toilet block and I guess the father/son must have headed straight for the restaurant. I could hear the women banging the stall doors, reeling off tp, etc. Then someone let out a gushing pee that rattled in the water and I thought would rattle the bolts out of the stall doors! Lots of toilet paper reeling off, flushing, stall door banging, taps running. Then silence. No footsteps leaving. Then a mature lady's voice: "Amber, you okay in there?" Silence for a second. Then a sigh and a frustrated girl's voice "Yeah Mom. Get going." Obviously, Amber wasn't too happy about her mom questioning her while she was trying to take a quiet poop without anyone noticing. Over the next few minutes I could hear Amber straining ever so quietly. Every few seconds, she would exhale "mmmmmhhhhhhhhhh". Sounded like she was breathing in, holding her breath, straining silently, then releasing her breath mmhhhhh to pant quietly. It sounded hard. Every now and then the plastic toilet seat would creak as she repositioned herself.

I was slowly and gently starting to push my log out. As my hole got near maximum extension I stopped pushing and just left it with the poop sticking partway out. I thought Amber might get embarrassed if I dropped it with a splash and she realised how well sound carried through the toilet block and that people could hear her efforts that she was trying hard to conceal.

After about 3 minutes of pushing, a short sharp "splop" was heard fromthe other side of the wall, followed by "uhhhh". Finally, she had some success. The splash was small and it sounded like the result of a small, hard compact turd hitting. She gave only a couple of wipes (only one tearing of the tp) so it must have been firm rather than sticky. She quickly flushed and left. I was finally able to pinch mine off and let it drop. The relief was good. As I went out the family was standing outside the door to the diner. They were a mature family with older kids (Amber and her brother were about 18-20).

To Jill: I find pooping a really exciting experience too. It's not just females that enjoy it lol! Sometimes it just feels amazing. And it can be just as exciting to hear others going as well. If only more people would share their experiences. PS great visual description of your first time in temple. I have never imagined people going in a situation like that.

To anna: I disagree that a woman can't be attractive and have bowel movements. Many people on this site find a woman on the toilet very sexy. You can be sexy anywhere. And sharing something that you do that is private and very human can be very attractive. I'll never forget the first time a girlfriend went in front of me. She was so calm and sensual. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you're starting to sort some things out after what sounded like a pretty traumatic childhood. Most people can't imagine the scope of how some traumas affect people and how they go on interfering with their lives in the future.

How many of you guys and girls feel comfortable peeing or pooping in front of others?

I have no problem peeing in front of my close female friends, mum, sisters, aunt or female cousins. I couldn't poop in front of anyone though.

I think all of my close female friends are pretty comfortable peeing in front of each other. On Saturday me and 4 of my female friends, Lottie, Kayla, Charley and Jenni (Jenni's also my cousin) all ended up peeing in front of each other several times.

Kayla's mum and step dad were away for the weekend and so her step sister Heather (who's 17, a year older than Kayla) decided to invite a load of her friends round. Not wanting to feel left out Kayla invited us round and her sister Leigh who is 21 invited friends too and it turned into quite a party. There was lots of alcohol around and everyone was pretty drunk. By about midnight, Kayla, Lottie, Charley, Jenni and I were getting pretty bored with everyone else so we decided to form our own sub party which ended up in one of the bathrooms.

I think the initial plan was to go to Kayla's room but on route Kayla announced to anyone who would listen that she had to pee IMMEDIATELY or she would go in her pants. Lottie said she had to go too and I realised that I could also do with relieving my bladder so we decided on a bathroon stop. As three of us had to go we all went together, while Charley and Jenni went to Kayla's room next door to the bathroom. Kayla peed first as she was pretty desperate, I went next and then Lottie sat on the toilet. For some reason at this point we were all laughing hysterically at something (I can't even remember what, we were pretty drunk but whatever it was it was hilarious at the time). Anyway laughing usually seems to help people pee but on this occassion it seemed to have the opposite affect on Lottie. 'You guys I can't pee' she kept saying. She sat on the toilet for over 5 minutes trying to make her pee come out but it just would not come. By this point we'd been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. Jenni and Charley must have gotten bored waiting for us cos all of a sudden there was a knock at the door and we heard Jenni telling us to hurry up. Kayla said, 'we can't come out Lottie can't pee'. So we chatted through the door while Lottie continued to try and go. She wouldn't get up and try later as she was insistant that she was bursting to go.

Jenni and Charley said they were going to get some drinks and then return. They returned after 3 or 4 minutes during which time Lottie hadn't produced a drop and we let them into the bathroom and decided to wait till Lottie was done.

We ended up sitting in the large bathtub talking and drinking. After a few minutes, Jenni started holding herself and said she had to pee really bad and Lottie got up off the toilet to let her go. Jenni quickly peed and getting off the toilet seemed to have relaxed Lottie's bladder as, as soon as Jenni got done she threw herself back on the toilet not a second to soon and immediately peed a torrent for about 3 minutes.

We contined our party in the bathroom for the rest of the night all getting out of the bath to pee when we felt the need, which due to the alcohol was a good 3 or 4 times each. All of us were pretty comfortable doing this, although Charley admitted that she was nervous peeing in front of anyone as she'd never done that before and she waited until she was about to burst and could not hold it another second before having her first pee. By the second time she had to go she was alot more relaxed and managed to pee straight away.

All in all it was a pretty good night.

hey Penny. your fellow SA pooper here... been a while, but i must admit i have had a couple of good experiences lately and one of them really stands out.. im also back at work now after a very relaxing holiday.. it was just after new years and a group of us decided to do a 4x4 trail through the tsitsikamma mountains on a trail there. we stayed overnight for 2x nights which left lots of opportunity to get down to business. it was on the 2nd day that I woke up and had to drop a good poop or two, and i immediately decided to go a find a quiet place to relieve myself. the long drop was not very desirable and i had no problem using the bush. my boyfriend came along with me, not knowing what i was about to do.. i sat down for a while and then it hit me, as i felt it sliding out of me.. it must have been 20-25cm in size and about 2cm thick.. probably about the longest ive done.. must have been the steak and bottle of red wine the night before!.. must admit that even my boyfriend was amazed at what he saw, and was quite taken aback at my openess about the situation we found ourselves in..
as you say, even the smell is different out there..
how do u manage to make such big poops? and what sort of size have you generally seen other women make? i am curious to see how i can make mine bigger than the normal 10-15cm that it is on a daily basis.. would be very curious to find out what u have seen.. keep well..

Singing Pee Man:

Donovan (remember him?) had a song on his "Cosmic Wheels" LP called "The Intergalactic Laxative," about the stuff NASA gave astronauts to liquify their poop so that it could be more easily absorbed by the special diapers they wore.

Funkadelic had a song called "Red Hot Mama" - in the intro, a guy asks a lady to be his dog, so he could be her tree...and she could do to him what dogs typically do on trees. The LP is "Standing on the Verge of Getting It On."

Also, in the 1990s there was a rock group called the Cat Chaser, in which the female singers would deliberately wet themselves during concerts! That started out as a genuine accident, when one of them had to "go" while onstage, and the band leader wouldn't let her. She changed the lyrics of the song to convey her desperation, but no luck. Finally she lost control and soaked her jeans; the audience reaction was so amazing, the band made it a permanent part of their act!

DNA again, on and off with my posting. I was curious about how many people, younger and older (I am a 26 yr female) who recall accidents, poop/pee, where their parents freak out on them, or they say "I was so lucky no one was home or I would have been in big trouble".

So I am posing a question to posters who have kids, maybe between 10 and 18. Would you get mad at your child for having an accident say they were walking home from school or long bus ride etc? I never had an accident during this period of my life but I would think that you are embaressed enough as it is, and it wouldn't help at all if you come home with a load in your pants to have your parents screaming at you.

I would think that most parents would be more understanding, I'm sure they have had accidents in thier life.

Why does it take a guy so long to take a dump i mean they sit there with there Willy down and sit and sit I mean I like to take care of my business and get of the toilet but guys i do not know about. Like the other night my bf was sitting there with the door open smokin and doing nothing just sittin there. I actually made him get up so I could pee and I looked and there was nothing in the toilet yet he was moaning and groaning for 20 mins what up with that?

I just had another first.
I had been constipated for a long time. I was walking our dog around the neighborhood when the urge finally hit me. I was going to wait till I got home, but then I reconsidered. I had to go in the worst way anyway. On the firs lap around the park (I usually do two with the dog.) He went into the grass and started sniffing around. This was the sign that he was about relieve himself. As he got into position, he started relieving himself. At that same moment, I let go and started to feel the turd advance. I was wearing pantyhose and a miniskirt. I wasn't wearing any regular panties. Since the pantyhose were tight, the turd immediately started spreading across my butt. It was rather large because of my constipation the other few days. My dog finished way before I did. I stood there for ten minutes just filling my pantyhose. When I was finished, I realized another weird feeling. The warmth wasn't just spreading in the back. I looked around to see if anyone was coming. And then I lifted my miniskirt and realized that the poo had spread to the front. My pantyhose were officially completely filled. It was a terribly odd feeling. It was like suction from each step. That is by far the biggest poo I have ever done in my pants/pantyhose. I went on to complete the second lap and then came home. There was absolutely no smell. While I was in the bathroom cleaning up. My sister accidentally walked in on me. She saw what had happened in amazement. She then said "great minds think alike. She pulled down her pants to reveal her soiled panties. We then helped each other clean up. I'm surprised at how well the pantyhose contained the mess.

Heather Rae
I'm 16, 5'5" and 130 pounds. I consider myself pretty normal, have lots of friends and because I'm away from home a lot, I have to use the bathrooms elsewhere. Hence my problem: loose toilet seats. Is it just me or what, but all five times yesterday that I went to the bathroom, I was scared to fully sit with any comfort because the seat was loose. First, I was low on gas so I stopped at a Sinclair, pumped, paid, and then felt my morning shit coming on. So I went to the bathroom--a unisex toilet--dropped the seat and sat down. I knew I didn't want to be late to school and I only had about 10 minutes so I dropped my jeans and thong all way to the floor so I could better push and spread my legs to get it out faster. I knew this was going to be a larger one since the past few days I really hadn't had much action. I moved more toward the front of the seat, a technique my mom had taught me several years ago, but it seemed like the seat was teetering to the left. After about two minutes, the first of the large pieces came but I had to shift my weight a bit because I was afraid the seat was going to fall off. When I went to wipe, and I had quite a bit of cleaning to do, the seat again scared me and I couldn't get my hand down in back from where I was sitting. So I took some toilet paper, slide as far as I could to the front and so far that my pubic area was now on the front of the seat, and I was finally able to wipe. I went through about a third of a roll of TP before I was clean, and the flush gave that small toilet with the loose seat quite a workout. Then before 2nd hour class, I had to pee. My class was on the 4th floor so I quickly went across the hall and there was only one stall door open, so I went in, pulled down my jeans and thong, and quickly noted not only the cold seat but also the fact that it was cracked across the back. It was about 70 percent disengaged, so I didn't want to chance falling in so I got myself together, went out and found the next stall that opened, went in and quickly put myself down. Luckily for me, this seat was warmer and securely attached. My pee flow started almost immmediately and I was hopeful that I would get done and make it back to class in time. However, I wasn't and I had to take an unexcused tardy. I probably shouldn't drink as much soda as I do, but the caffeine helps keep me awake and alert. So during lunch, I had to pee again. Since I was downstairs, I used a one-stall bathroom for the first time. I don't know why it's so small except it's at the end of the art department hallway. I wasn't in the best of moods (you can probably understand why!) so I lifted the seat and found it was attached to only one of two bolts on the back of the toilet. I sat carefully over the fornt, knees practically against the door and my urine was barely clearing the front of the seat (why are some of the seats not cut out in front?) but again time was important. My pee came fast and I felt relieved. After school, I was at the mall headed to the food court I work at (it sucks but it's close to my school and house and I don't feel guilty about having to cut down on the longer hours they offer me!)and as always, I stopped at the main set of restrooms to pee, because it's a long walk from where I work at and it sucks for the two others where I work at when they have to cover for me. It was almost 4 p.m., my report time, so I quickly ran into the first stall, and since the seat was up, I quickly dropped it and put myself down--just a couple of seconds ahead of my pee. I quickly noticed that the seat was tilted toward the right, so much so that my right arm was practically against the toilet paper holder. I got me to think about whether or not there are any normal toilets out there. When custodians clean them, do they check the seat and how snuggly attached it is? Although it sucks, I can make adjustments,but I wonder if a little child or elderly person could have an accident under such conditions.

Keith D
Hello everyone. Some great detailed stories lately and it looks like a few new regular posters.

I have a few stories from my time travelling the highways for work and having to stop at a lot of rest stops along the way. A lot of rest stops have amenities, even shops. I remember stopping at a roadside diner and truckstop once. After a sandwich and drink, I headed outside to the toilet block, which was separate from the restaurant. As I was walking over, a small RV pulled up and two couples got out. They were young, all early twenties, two guys with near-shaven heads and two very skinny girls with curly blonde hair (one with a bandanna), tight tee-shirts and very short shorts. The two girls raced towards the toilet block, skipping and giggling as they went.

I went into the Mens side of the white brick building as they went into the opposite side of the building. I needed to both pee and poop so took the only stall (next to the only urinal) and sat. I could hear much clattering and clanging going on, apparently from over in the ladies' side. Looking upwards, I could see that the high brickwall that separated the two sides stopped about a foot from the ceiling, so that sound travelled well. The girls were slamming and latching doors, dropping the toilet seats, reeling off tp, etc. Obivously, there was more than one stall on the girls' side. They spoke loudly with strong german accents, but in broken english. From their conversation, they were tourists backpacking around the country. They seemed to be speaking english all the time for practice. One started a very loud, rattling pee, directly into the water in the bottom of the bowl but it lasted only about 20 seconds (probably just a comfort stop). They chatted for a couple of minutes, while much tp was being reeled off.

Then one of them suddenly exclaimed "Scheize!" She seemed to have forgotten her english for a moment and continued to mutter something in German. The other asked quietly, "What?". The first girl laughed loudly "I just stuck my finger through the paper!". I tried not to laugh while straining to drop my own poop. Obviously, she had been doing more than pooping. They were just so loud and boistrous about the whole thing.

To Jill: you said that women where you work often discuss their dates while in the stalls. Have you ever come across someone actually asking a guy out on a date while on the toilet - by using a cellphone? I posted something about this earlier (p1597).

There's been a lot of posts about people stinking up bathrooms. Don't they keep a spray can of deodorizer handy?


I am Rachel, i am 17 years old girl from ????, Texas, thin and blond.

I have horrible constipation problems throughout my life. I am often not going for more than two weeks and it hurts like hell when I finally go.

It is always dark brown, very hard and lumpy all over. ofthen there are traces of blood in it. My parents never asked me about my bowel habits.

Uncle Harry
News Article: Women in Men's Room

There was a very interesting article in the Chicago Tribune, Wednesday January 9, 2008, Commentary section, by humorist-columnist Garrison Keillor, of Lake Wobegon fame, entitled "In Defense of Stepping Out of Line". It concerned an incident at a movie theater in New York City. Keillor had just walked into the men's room, when a woman emerged from a stall. Men at the urinals took note, smiled, and went about their business as if nothing had happened. He then made the point that, because of rampant lack of potty parity, he thought if enough women started using the men's room when the women's was overcrowded, and launched a movement to promote the idea, people would get used to it and the world wouldn't come to an end. In my opinion, this would also lead to greater use of multi-stall, unisex toilets, which are already becoming more common in bars, night clubs, some restaurants, college dorms, and even some public parks and businesses. I recently learned from a travel blog that nearly all restaurants, bars, and night clubs in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC, have unisex toilets. Imagine that! Right in our nation's capital. They seem to be working just fine and I'm all for them. Everything would speed up and there would be equal toilet facilities for all.

Another tidbit gleaned from the web. Some years ago, a man was attending a rock concert at a stadium in San Diego. When he had to pee, he discovered that all of the bathrooms were multi-use unisex. He walked in one, went to the urinals, and found a woman using one. He freaked out, so he went to other bathrooms, all unisex, and -- gee whiz-- found women in all of them. He sued the city and the stadium for $5.4 million, claiming emotional distress that made him unable to pee and he had to hold it for 4 hours. He lost the suit.

To Katie on page 1614.

First, I'm male, in my 50s, and my (female) partner of 10 years is 5 years younger. She looks about 15 years younger though, a beautiful and extremely sexy Japanese woman.

We live in Japan.

When we were just beginning to be intimate (10 years ago) we planned a day trip to some mountains. I picked her up in my car and we drove off to the countryside.

After about an hour I began to feel the urge. I looked at her and said "I wonder if we can find a toilet?" She wanted one too it seemed. (I must emphasise that neither of us is in the habit of having accidents and neither of us enjoys them. If we can't find a loo then clumps of trees are preferable to our underwear.)

And then just after crossing a main road, there it was. It actually looked rather new. So I stopped the car and we went in. There were 2 stalls, both sit-down types, and they both seemed unisex. I told her I'd be a little while as I needed a poop. She said "me too". So we went in.

I couldn't see her. I could certainly hear her. We talked and talked and pooped and pooped. She dropped at least 15 audible turds, in instalments, and so did I, we made the agreeable discovery of having similar pooping habits. I felt very uncomfortable in front though. I'd finished after about 10 minutes, but she pooped a bit more while I waited.

I loved her - I still do - so although we'd planned sex for that evening, we decided to take a break before reaching the mountains. We didn't poop any more. After 2 hours of solid sex, we drove on to our original destination and our day passed smoothly.

Unisex toilets are great. Wish there were more of them. And in hotel rooms, why can't they have 2 toilet bowls side by side? Then we wouldn't need to change places with each other repeatedly during a pooping session. We could poop at the same time; we could kiss while pooping. As it is, we kiss while just one of us poops.

Road Runner
To Karen's Brother Dick:

Hello. I just read your post late last night about Karen, and I have to say it was a very touching story indeed. My heart goes out to both of you, in that regard, especially to Karen. I hope she will not stay lonely for too long now, and I wish I could be there for her myself.

It is very nice to know that your sister is open even to you about her bathroom matters, espcially when she is having a BM. Aside from the kind of BMs you mentioned she had in your most recent post, what kind of BMs does Karen normally have on average? Are they usually the way you had described here recently, or are they normally larger and more solid in size and texture. From childhood onwards, I have always had this huge interest in women's bathroom habits, especially if they are attractive to look at, and I've always wondered what it would be like to watch a lovely naked woman having a massive turd in front of me. Perhaps you could tell me more about Karen's BMs, if you would.

It is obvious Karen's now ex-fiance was very selfish and inconsiderate to call off his engagement to your sister like that. If he truly cared about Karen, then he shouldn't have walked out on her the way he did. It's too bad the two of you are living all the way over in London, and for the fact I am seeing somebody else at this time, or I would want to meet your sister -- because I am a gentleman, and wouldn't EVER walk out on my fiance if she told me she was pregnant. When a woman becomes pregnant, that is the time she needs someone the most, and apparently her fiance did not see it that way. Again, my heart goes out to both you and your twin sister. I'll keep the two of you in my prayers for a while, and I wish you the best in your relationship with her.

And now for my own personal story. I have to admit I don't have much to report lately, and my own family doctor has gotten me on a medical regime to relieve my own constipaton problems. Such a regime has done nothing but give me diarrhea lately, and I haven't had anything solid in quite a while. My last solid and satisfying turd was done about two months ago, but it was not all that big. At least I felt cleaned out afterward, and my poor ???? did not feel so bloated. I hope it won't be too much longer before I resume having solid one-inch wide BMs once again.

Since I am a male, though, I am incapable of having a super-sized turd like a woman can. The more posts I read here about how women are being able to produce a BM in the general size and lentgh of a newborn baby, typically 21 inches in length and sometimes up to four inches wide, the more intrigued I am about female anatomy. Now, I admit my own mother is or was not capable of having super-sized BMs either, but hers used to be much bigger than mine ever have been. Nowadays, my mom is more closed-minded about her bathroom habits, unlike the lady I am seeing at this time. My girlfriend lives out of state from where I reside, and says that when she and I finally do meet in person she wants me to be able to watch her have a BM. Like mine, hers are often runny and very watery lately. It's been a while since her last solid BM as well, but I told her if she worked on improving her diet the solid turds would indeed return. Her BMs are not all that big around in diameter either, despite the fact she's told me that her anus can stretch to a diameter of about two inches. I can't wait to see that for myself.

Well, folks, that's all for now. Once again. You all take the best of care, and I will most definitely keep Karen and her brother Dick in my thoughts and prayers. I wouldn't mind having their email addresses, so that I could exchange messages with them back and forth on a much more personal level, but that would be impossible here. Anyway, thanks for your time here, folks, and keep up the good posts.

Best Regards,

Road Runner

Multi-drop Pete)
I was a caver some years ago, having fun in limestone caves in England and Wales. Caving is a mainly male sport; few women are loony enough to enjoy the discomfort, danger and inevitable bruising. Peeing is not usually a problem; you don't want to stink up a confined space, but if the cave system is extensive enough for the need to arise, there will be ample places to big enough to pee. Imagine standing on the edge of a bottomless rift, your helmet lamp shining down illuminating the golden stream disappearing into the depths… beautiful! Peeing in running water is OK; don't worry about polluting it, it's already polluted; water in limestone caves runs via swallow holes directly from fields of sheep and cows, which tend not to be potty-trained.

A female caver (yes, there a few of them) told me of an embarrassing incident; T. was not her name, but it'll do. T. was caving with a large party of men down the Gaping Gill system in Yorkshire. The system is mainly dry but there are a few short wet parts, so a wetsuit comes in useful (to avoid death from hypothermia). Cavers usually use a two-piece wetsuit and it's easy to drop the trousers, but T.'s wetsuit was a one-piece, front-zip type. They were making their way out via Bar Pot, a 200-foot-high chamber with a ledge half way up, from where a passage leads to a 50-foot climb out to the open. By that time they been underground for some 10 hours and T. was desperate for a pee. The miners' lamps they were using had an endurance of up to 12 hours, but they were rather old and about half of them were already going dim; T.'s had failed completely and she was relying on the men's lamps. It was taking a while for the men to ascend the 100-foot wire ladder up to the ledge, so T. decided to go into a side passage and asked a man (not really A.) to stand at the passage entrance shining his light in while she went just around the bend. To avoid peeing on her wetsuit she stripped it off entirely. (That's easier said than done, many people buy their first wetsuit by mail order, try it on at home, and after an hour of struggling are forced to find a neighbour to help them take it off again; getting your shoulders out is the toughest part.) T., however, was very experienced with wetsuits, stripped in record time and threw it aside. Hard exercise in a mainly dry cave makes your wetsuit stink, so to avoid spoiling her underwear she wasn't wearing any. While she relieved herself, A. was called away to help with a problem hauling equipment up the ladder, and under the time pressure of the failing lights he couldn't delay, so he left T. in total darkness, and when she had finished peeing she couldn't find her wetsuit! Completely naked, not daring to move far, for fear of potholes and other dangers, she was forced to call A. to help.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stranger :)
I just had a close call just now. I was IMing my friend on the computer and had to go for a bath. He was getting supper and we would meet in 15 minutes for more IMing. Well, 15 minutes later I had had the bath...but I was desperate to poop. Really desperate. It was stretching in the rectum like a sleeping bag being stuffed into a bag that is just too small to hold it. I thought I should hold it since we didn't have much talking time and I'd already dashed off once, but my body got the better of me. I felt my anus open up and some warm threatening to rush out. I gasped and jammed my heal between my buttocks, but it hurt. I knew then I had to get out and get to a bathroom or my body would win. When I need to go number 2 I can't hold on more than about five minutes maximum. I signed off with:

Me: Um...mind if I rush off just for one minute? Sorry for hither and thither.

Friend: What is it?

Me: Gotta go

Friend: Door? Phone?

Me: Bathroom

Friend: Go

I went as fast as possible so as to get back to my friend. I gave a few pushes and a long turd came out, followed by some semi-solid diarrhoea. It hurt for a bit afterwards but I wiped, flushed and returned to the computer to carry on the IM as normal

Hello Jill, Yes I agree with you there is nothing nicer than dumping and chatting to the "cubicle" next door. It must be a lady thing that we come out with the strangest expressions while sitting on the loo anus stretched and undies at our ankles. I have heard some "ecstatic" groaning from ladies while dropping a large turd that is just inching its way out slowly. It is special allowing nature to take its course and a two inch diameter monster slowly eases its way out. As it drops your anus stays open and the breeze blows in. We would never say things like that face to face with a stranger. We are farmers in South Africa and I often have to dump outdoors when we are far from home, I love the outdoor shit, the breeze between your legs, the result even smells different. We do a lot of 4*4 trails so get to dump outside with the ladies that are on the trail. You would be surprised at the number of woman that pee into their panties while dumping outside. They do not know how to ablute like that and I often have to show them to remove one leg from their clothing so that they can place their feet further apart and keep underwear clear. Also helps with a large pee or runny poo that you can shift your feet if it starts to run. No problem seeing a fat shiny turd sliding out of some ones arse or sometimes just a torrent of liquid poo. The squatting position always produces more that the normal loo position. It is as you say a different sort of cammaraderie, ladies all doing the same thing. Often say to my husband that the prettiest sexiest ladies are the ones with the really gassy smelly bums and the largest dumps.

when i was about 12 years old we were camping with the family. i woke up after having been asleep already and felt very nauseaus and scared. i went over to my parents' tent and told my mum i was feeling sick and then i must have passed out. whilst i did so i guess i let go of the control of my bodily functions and i had done a big poo in my underpants. instead of being worried about me having passed out my mother got really cold and angry with me as they were my bikini panties so she would have to wash them (could not afford to throw them out). it was so traumatic for me i think i never had a solid poo since. at the time i was already being sexually abused by my grandfather, he may even have been there on holiday with us, and my parents were having a really strained marriage due to my fathers'war experiences when he was a child. later in life i frequently passed out when having pain menstruating and i often also had diarrea then. luckily only once in the presence of someone else, my girlfriend, but she took care of me very lovingly. i was very embarassed in retrospect. i am much better about it all now, but i think there is a lot of quiet suffering in all the irritable bowel syndromes and it's interesting in your survey how many more women then men have frequent toilet visits and loose gassy stools. science is uncovering the connection between brains and intestinal response now. women also pick up on other peoples emotions much more then men and more often suffer from anxiety. and ofcourse, so very important, a woman can't be attractive and have bowel movements.......whereas men can belch, fart and piss in public and still be sexually attractive, maybe even more so. time there was a revolution not only in sexual manners (as has happened, see Sex in the City etc.) but also in the confidence to emit noises and fluids, by women. interesting site this, it's definitely good to find out other people really do the same things.....and feel the same way about it.

Hi, everyone.

Keith D. Thanks for your remarks Keith. I have always found that to be open and honest about bowel movements, urination, menstruation, makes life much more pleasant. My son is mature and understanding for his age, and that makes me love him all the more. You mentioned Harry, quoting him as saying Mormons don't go to the toilet openly. Well Keith, I have been a 'mormon' for a few years now and whilst they may not be so open at home in the wards and branches at the temple its much more open, for the ladies anyway. My first time there was unnerving at first, the clothing in there is all white and there isn't much of it. A long white dress bra, panties, and stockings, all white. And you have a sister to show you around the first time. When she showed me the rest room there was already two women sitting on the toilets and chatting as they had a pee, they had finished and my 'escort' said she had to go. I watched as she went to a cubicle and left the door open getting her dress up and panties down without any embarrassment. As she went to pee she told me that I'd better go because there wouldn't be much chance until way after lunch. I wanted a pee and went into the next cubicle. I could see her legs under the partition and when I heard her start to shit I have to say Keith it excited me. I know I shouldn't, but it is one of the most intimate things a woman can do. To be in close proximity it helped me, as it always has done. I know that most women will say or oppose what I feel about the toilet. But thats the beauty of this site, at last I am able to discuss the things that make me feel more womanly, more mature. Keith I want to thank you again, its wonderful to get 'feedback' it helps so much.

Thats all for now, I hope everyone enjoys this forum as much as I do. Bye for now. Jill, South Wales.

Singing Pee Man
People have be talk here about movies with pee and poop scenes, so I thought I talk about songs.

Weird Al Yankovic has "A complicated Song" about constipation

Comedy singer Marco of Redlands has "He Always has the Runs" about a boy with chronic diarrhea.

Rap group called the Toilet Jokers have a whole album about poop.

Guttermouth has a song called "Pee in the shower"

I'll try to think of more

my friend told me this the other day, and i knew i had to post it, what happened was he had to run home from high school cus he had no ride home, and since it was warm out he didn't care to run home. About a mile into the run he said he got terrible poo pains, so he tried to finish the run home as quickly as possible. He said it was so hard to run home when he had to go so bad, he said he was breathing in short bursts it was so bad. Well with about a 1/2 mile to go things started out a lil, he was able to stop it some but he still had to go badly. Then he arrived home, he had to walk up his driveway because he couldn't hold it running anymore, and he got 10 feet from his house, and he just couldn't hold it anymore, and went in his pants. He said he was so mad he suffered the entire run to poo his pants when he got to his driveway, however i was laughing my ass off when he told me this, he said he was lucky no one was home or he woulda been in so much trouble.

this happen to anyone else?

Hey Everyone.

Last night one of my friends was telling me about how she came home from work yesterday, used her downstairs bathroom that is outside of the kitchen and stunk it up pretty bad. She was checking the mail, when he son came home from playing outside and walked up to the bathroom door. She warned him not to go in there, but he ignored her and opened it. Sure enough he was out of the bathroom just as fast as he entered. All she could do was snicker at her handiwork. Well thats all I have.

mr. whoops
I find it very comforting reading other people's stories. I had an episode this evening, and I am now here searching for some moral support.

I don't know whether to blame my big dinner salad, or the frozen zucchini pancakes that tasted a little stale, or the dark winter lager that I just drank, but I was walking home from a date tonight when it hit me. It was a real sudden urge, and I still had 3 city blocks to my apartment. I was walking as fast as I could, but within 5 minutes of realizing the urge, there I was pooing myself right into my jeans! Luckily, I was wearing tighter jeans than normal, which aided to hold some of the mess in place. But I still had 2.5 city blocks to go. The more I walked, the more the mess ran down my leg, and even onto my shoe.

Then came the big problem--how do you clean yourself up after that? I went into the shower, shoes and all, and carefully disroabed each layer. I threw my boxers away in the trash (no use salvaging those), but my jeans are expensive--so I stuck them into a trash bag until i could wash myself up in the shower. Now the shower is stinky, so I had to bleach that down, while I ran the jeans (twice) in the washer.

Here's the lucky part--the date I was with was REALLY close to walking back to my place with me for a little more intimate time. MY GOD! What would have happened if he was there at the time!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to know how much of you are somehow turned on by seeing or hearing a person of the opposite sex going to the toilet? I guess, there's more boy than girl having this fetish but, I'm just not sure... Also, I don't know if any of you remember back in the days, when we could see, everyday on this site, a different picture of someone sitting on the loo? I think, it was interesting because it was showing that everyone is human and have to go to the toilet. Finally, I have a little story for you. I remember when I was a child (maybe 7 or 8 years old), my mother who believed in the benefit of natural product, gave me a pills in the evening and she told me that it would help remove toxin from my body. My god, if it didn't remove toxin from my body, it for sure, removed lots of shit from my intestine. On the next morning, I woke up with a strong urge to poo. I kind of wanted to keep sleeping in my bed because it was the weekend but, my body was telling me to quicky wake up. That day, I think I had to go to the toilet 7-8 times.

today i got a bike used off of a guy .. well to make a long story short i rode the bike home .. and on the way home i had to follow a girl down a sidewalk and she had no interest in letting me pass .. since its winter i couldn't just go around ... While i was following her all of a sudden she stopped and bent over moaned and then i herd a farting sound . she immediately garbed her butt .. and i could here her cry. She eventually kept walking i passed her latter trying not to let her know i knew what happened . but I told her i enjoyed the show, and it seamed at least to make her day better.

hope u like .. ill post anything else i see

Hi everybody

heres my story,i was at the beach last saturday when i had an accident
i was wearing a bikini and a white one which was worse.I was sitting with my boyfriend and i felt i had to go all of a sudden.The toilet was quite far away and i could not hold in.I grabbed my crotch and then my boyfriend asked me what happened.I was kind of embarrassed to tell him but i told him anyway.

I was afraid people saw but my boyfriend offered to sit on my vagina to cover it.i think he just wanted to sit i just peed and that felt good

however there was a stain on my panties so while my boyfriend covered me i took it off and wiped my vagina first and then i wore a towel i was very embarassed

To the person who wrote the message below:

"I have recently read a lot about people drinking their own pee. I am wondering,is this safe,particularly if you have held your pee a long time?"

-Your urine carries away mostly water, salts and other waste materials from your body. In a *normal*, **healthy** individual, the urine excreted should be sterile. Drinking it shouldn't do you any harm - especially in an emergency situation.
HOWEVER... it's not a great thing to do frequently since, after all, you will be re-ingesting those products you body was trying to get rid of in the first place. Your body will have to work a bit harder to get rid if them.

Take care,


Hi, everyone,

Hi, everyone, Jill here, I had a wonderful time at work today. Had to tell you before I forget the details. I commute to work and I hadn't had a shit in the morning (please forgive me for using the word 'shit' I find it so erotic) the drive along the M4 motorway was slow, traffic heavy, and all the time my ???? ache got worse. I fidgeted on the seat, and rubbed my ???? as we crawled into London, humming a tune, thinking anything to take my mind off my ???? ache. At last, after what seemed an eternity I got to Selfridges and the staff car park area. The walk from the car to the lift was an ordeal, squeezing my thighs together, hoping, yet feeling in my panties already a wetness. There were several people in the lift, I stood already smelling my shit, hoping they didn't. At last the lift opened and I walked, thighs together to the rest room. There are six cubicles and my eyes quickly took in three occupied, there was a vacant one between two occupied ones and I went into that one. I remember in my first letter telling how I loved to be going with someone in the next cubicle. As I unbuckled the belt on my slacks, I heard one woman shit and give a small gasp, I think the other one just had to pee, and already the one farther away had flushed and I could hear her washing her hands. I pushed my slacks down and squatted over the pan before sliding my panties down to mid thigh. As soon as I relaxed my ???? muscles my bowels opened with a loud splatter into the back of the pan, at least my aim was good, and the relief was instant. I was peeing then as I sat on the toilet seat at last, still shitting loosely. It was then the woman in the next cubicle muttered with a giggle, 'god, that sounded just in time.' I giggled back, telling her it was. She told me then how she wished she could go like that. She was constipated. I stopped giggling then having immediate empathy for her, knowing how I hated to be constipated, preferring to have diarrhea, although I was just very soft this time. We chatted as we continued to go, well I was going, she strained and pushed and I heard just one little plop and a huge gasp of relief as I was wiping my bum. Flushing I had washed my hands and left the rest room with her still sitting pushing and trying to go. I just hope she managed to go soon. I was hoping to find out who she was but couldn't then. But later that morning I was in the mail room and recognised her shoes. I took a chance and whispered, hope you managed to go. She turned and just smiled, 'not as well as you, but I did go a bit.' I found out her name and we are having lunch together, thought I'd write and tell you before I go to lunch. I realise I have taken a long time to tell this experience, but I feel it may benefit other readers here, and I look forward to any who have had or benefitted from the same.

Love for now to everybody, Jill (South Wales).

Hello everyone, back from holiday and just thought I would share a strange event that happened. I go for an early morning walk aech day on the beach. One morning on my way down I felt a vilolent stirring in my guts earlier than expected as I usually take a shit in the bushes on the beach. This called for urgent action so knowing the caravan park was on my way I thought I would nip in there. I found a sucluded ablution block at one end and nipped in to find a 3 berther. Knee high partition from the ground but clean and with loo paper. I chose the end booth locked it and got my shorts and thong down. I had just settled when I hear feet coming in. I assumed I would have company so relaxed and let nature start its proceedings. The feet took the first booth and the door closed and locked, I am relieved as I can feel a really bad case of the runs coming on. Red wine and meat spells really fowl shits for me. I suddenly realise there are two people in the booth at the end, and one is a man. I look under the partition and sure enough there are two people. Not sure of what is happening I hold back in case I need to make a hastly get away. You never know peeping toms etc. It is a minute later and i realise they have not noticed me but they are a couple from the caravanpark wanting a little private time together so got up early and shot into the nearest loo thinking it would be deserted for a while. I was not sure if I should just leave but then my guts cramped and a blast of foul wet air shot out followed by a torrent of wet shit. This kept on for at least a minute of wet gas and brown water. The smell was horrid as I wiped quickly keen to leave the love birds to it. I flushed and left and as I passed "the" cubicle said sorry guys could not help that. The lady answered "thats Ok but it was a complete turn off."

Friday, January 11, 2008

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