Hello fellow coprophiliacs :-) Unlike my friends George and Moira I dont have my own internet facility so I can only post when I get a chance. The last few weeks have been great to say the least. Many interesting points. I found "new poster's" very detailed account of having Number Two accidents in their pants (incidentally what gender are you "new poster"?) of great interest. In my primary (grade) school days I had a couple of accidents of this type. This was before I changed schools and met up with George, a kindred spirit and a friend ever since. I remember when I was about 8 having to hold in a motion during a lesson as the teacher had decided to stop kids going out during lessons to use the toilets as there had been some abuse of this concession. She said that we should all go during the morning break or playtime. Now on this day I just didnt need then . I had done a pee and that was that. About half an hour later I felt the need to do a poo but thought I could hold it in until the lunchtime break. By the end of the lesson I was desparate and could feel the turd pressing down against my sphincter. When the bell went I tried to make a run for the toilet but the cubicles (stalls) were already occupied. I suppose I could have used the Girls Toilets as an emergency but you dont think of that as a kid. I could feel the jobbie start to come out. It was a solid one but easy rather than firm and squashed up when it encountered the resistance of my underpants and short trousers. Worse still for me, in those days boys' underpants were plain white y-fronts (jockey briefs). Unlike modern male underpants which, like womens' have elastic through the leg openings in those days 1961 these did not so the mass of squashed poo slid down my legs making a mess and attracting the derision of my classmates and others. Girls were more fortunate as the leg elastics in their knickers (panties) usually would retain all but a watery diarrhea accident inside their pants. (I know that George was lucky in wearing his girl cousins knickers when he had an accident). Likewise a girl in my class who did a jobbie in her knickers on the way home one evening it was all kept in as a great lumpy bulge dropping down in the seat of her white cotton knickers No such luck for me. When I got home my mother was hopping mad, not so much with me, but with the teacher. She cleaned me up dressed my in clean underpants and trousers and took me back to school. We were late but she went with me to the head teachers office not my classroom and politely but firmly complained. I must say the Head did accept her point and although the teacher didn't apologise, they never do, she was instructed with the other staff NOT to stop pupils using the toilet if their need seemed genuine. I have found that Girls were treated a lot more kindly if they had accidents of either type than Boys, although they have some advantages over the male when such unfortunate events occur. Firstly, the design of their knickers holds the poo inside unless its very watery, although modern male briefs are more helpful in this point, secondly there is less resistance from a skirt unless its very tight than from tro their toilets are for both types of excretory function since they have (usually) to sit to pee. This was very much the point in the accident I had above. The Boys' Toilets had only three stalls and a large urinal whereas the Girl's Toilets had EIGHT stalls in two rows of 4. If the Boys' had been as well provided for I would have been able to get on to a toilet pan in time. Parents also seem to be more sympathetic to a girl having an accident in her knickers than a boy soiling his underpants. This didn't apply to me being an only child, but a classmate of mine bitterly related that when he filled his underpants as a total accident he got a smacking while his sister who was a year older just got told to go and get washed and change her knickers when she likewise did a jobbie in hers. Other readers observations and experiences on these points would be welcome. Finally, to Jill. Like Duke I too enjoy it a lot more listening to a female doing a motion than if its a male and am more turned on if I see a big jobbie that I know has been done by a woman or girl than by a man or boy. Ive had this fascination since I was about 5 I suppose. I have tried to explain this in earlier postings but it is I agree difficult to explain as the sound effects of someone doing a big solid motion are the same for either gender and the jobbies themselves look much the same in shape and colour and I have seen a lot of really huge fat turds which were done by men and women. Again perhaps Duke or some other reader who feels the same could explain this. Lots of love Tony (from Scotland)

I had a dream last night. I dreamt a puppy came in through a window of the house I was at. The light haired dog was getting ready to pee on a man's shoe. I grabed her quickly and carried her out doors. While I had her lifted her in the air she peed a gushing spirt. Then I put her down to finish the job. She was in the normal squating position for a dog.

Sunday, May 03, 1998

Hi guys! Khris, nice to hear from you again; Jodi's told me a lot about you :) Coprologist, I enjoyed reading about your experience at the Sanisette. I would have been quite embarrassed if that happened. Doug, to answer your question about women trying to dump when they only have to pee, I can only speak for myself. I usually know before I go whether I have to just pee or also take a dump (I'm the same as most on here, men or women, in that I usually also pee while taking a dump). When I'm peeing, I do push to pass gas, but I don't force it. I had an interesting experience this morning. I woke up at around 4:30 AM with a piercing pain in my stomach. Before anyone asks, this is not my *time of the month*, so it wasn't menstrual cramps. I had to pee, so I went down to the toilet and let out some pee. I did get into my position to dump, figuring maybe I had an upset intestine. I strained for about 5 minutes, letting out some farts, but nothing else. I went back to my room and lied down. The pain came back at 5:05 AM, this time more severe. I was in such agony tears began to well from my eyes. I went down to the toilet again, sat down, and pressed again. I sat there for 15 minutes, this time not even farting. I returned to my room and took a couple of Tylenol pills. I was still in a lot of pain. I lied down again, clutching my stomach. Around 5:45 AM, there was sudden pressure on my intestines; I knew I had to shit, now! I went down to the toilet, sat down, and whhsssssssssssssssssssh, exploded a wicked amount of diahrrea!!! I got up to look into the toilet, and the entire bowl, plus streaks on both rims, was brown. I sat down again "just in case." I let out another, less intense "wssssssh" about a couple of minutes later. I was literally sweating with relief after that. I went to wipe and there was hardly anything on the paper. Has anything like this happened to you, guys? Peace, Steph

any childhood pant wetting experiences

Hi there! Yes Harry, both myself and George have experienced the effect when a jobbie is passed but is nowhere to be seen when one looks down into the toilet pan. This usually happens in my experience when a medium sized jobbie is done with quite a bit of effort and then shoots out of the back passage quickly "a power dump" ,making a resounding "KER-SPLOONK!" as its momentum makes it shoot round the hidden bend. A really big one whopper or a smaller lump would jam in the case of the former or merely make a splash in the latter event, but stay within view. This used to happen to me in the Girls Toilets at Secondary (High) School when I was about 16 or so. When I did a really big one say 12 inches long or more it would stick in the pan but one of say 8 inches if hard or very firm and taking a lot of effort could shoot round the bend out of sight. Often what happened was that a few minutes later it would slowly slide down back into view but sometimes it did actually go away rig! ht round the bend without the flush being pulled. I found if I sat on the pan leaning forward over my knees this could happen but sitting straight upright meant that the jobbie dropped straight down and remained in sight. I tend to sit upright nowadays anyway. To Jill . Her friend who had done a smelly dump and who brought the odor back out of the loo with her possibbly hadnt wiped her bum properly. If it was a soft motion a quick wipe with ordinary toilet tissue might stop stains in the seat of her panties but would not totally clean her inner buttocks. I always take some moists (medicated wet tissues) in my handbag or briefcase to wipe myself after a motion or a wee wee, although my stools are usually firm to easy and do not usually smell to badly. I have noticed this with others men and women after they have done a motion and Im afraid even some very posh people dont attend to their personal hygiene as they should. One time I had to share a room at a conference with another female solicitor whom I knew reasonably well. She worked for a posher firm than mine and her outer clothing was quite expensive to say the least. When she opened her suitcase (valise) I was surprised to see that she had only brought 2 pairs of panties although we were staying for 5 days. I had brought a clean pair for every day and a couple of spare pairs in case of need. I was rather put off to see her wear the same pair the following day although she put on a clean blouse, skirt and stockings. I have always worn clean panties every day since childhood as has George. The next day before we went to bed she did a motion in the on suite toilet and I heard her. It sounded like a fairly average easy motion of two jobbies. When she came out and was changing into her nightdress she exclaimed "Oh damn Ive left a skid mark in my panties and I thought I'd get another days wear out of them" That solicitor certainly left evidence in her briefs. Finally, about the accident a classmate of mine had in her navy blue knickers during the field hockey game. She was one of our best players and although she could have asked to be substituted it was a very crucial championship final between our school and a nearby rival the local Roman Catholic Girls Convent School. She had needed a motion at half time but the queue for the 2 toilets in the changing rooms was long and there wasn't enough time before the second half. I could see her fidget and went over and asked her problem. If she had only needed a wee wee she could have simply wet her knickers as I had myself done in a few such occasions. I did suggest she asked to be substituted but she held on scored a goal, but them did an "own goal" in her knickers. I saw the bulge start to develope in the seat of her pants when she bent over to hit the ball but luckily it was a solid jobbie and the tight elastics in the legs of her Montfort briefs kept it all in. About 10 minutes or so later the match ended and we had won. Our teacher and the other girls were very sympathetic and let her go to the shower first then she washed out her knickers. As we all of course had our ordinary white cotton briefs to change into she didnt have to go bear arsed. Ironically the Catholic girls uniform was brown knickers and she remarked ruefully that it wouldnt have shown if one of them had had such an accident. Have any other readers had such sporting accidents either at school or as adults?

No George, it wasn't me. The picture before this one looks a lot like me (I wear glasses). And George, I hate shitting with squatting position. I'm glad that my post make to the forum. I think something wrong with my ISP,'cause they just changing back bone, and the internet connection is ultra-ultra slow. Tell Moira that Patsy will be posting her own post later. just wait and see... Keep the good dump!

All the talk lately about athletes and their little accidents made me think of another group of people that very little is known outside of themselves about what happens...I have always wondered, since I am a child of the "Space Age" era, how astronauts take care of the routines of personal relief, both #1 and #2...I have heard on several occasions that there have been problems with the space shuttle toilet getting plugged and the astronauts on board have to fall back on the system of plastic bags like the Apollo and Gemini astronauts only had for use...I can only imagine the smell in a small space capsule, such as the Apollo moon capsule, and how overpowering it possibly could have got when one of the guys had to take a dump...

New Poster (I'll think of a tag later)
Looooong post coming up... Over the years following the accident I wrote about last time, I thought about the way that people react to messing their pants and to others around them doing the same (I know I was only little, but little kids can think too). I reached the conclusion that if you were absolutely desperate for a pooh, and thought you might not be able to hold it, it was always better to let it all out than try and hold some of it, and end up making a mess anyway. This was for the following reasons - 1) Adults always thought that if a kid had made a really bad mess in their underwear, they must have been in real trouble holding it - so as it wasn't seen as the kid's fault, the adult wouldn't be cross. This went with what all the friends whose experiences I found out about told me. 2) If you're going to make a mess anyway, there's no point in compounding discomfort by just trying to hold it in for ages, or holding half in after letting the rest go. 3) It seemed that most people found it quite comfortable to have poohed themselves, if the pooh wasn't too hard and after they'd got over the initial shock. The main exception to this was if you were very constipated - you'd probably be able to hold on anyway, and an accident would be very obvious and very uncomfortable (and would also get you into a lot more trouble). Around the age of 9, I also found that you can do the following if you start to need to go, to work out what to do: 1) Relax your sphincter totally, until you feel the pooh just starting to edge out. Now immediately clamp down. The idea is to see how far you can let it out and have it slide back in easily (this needs care...). The sphincter needs to be totally relaxed, or soft pooh will just end up going all over the place. 2) If the pooh felt like it was being 'pinched off' a bit, even though the sphincter was relaxed enough for it to come out easily, then it is probably a 'squishy' consistency, but not a fluid. If it can be made to go in and out easily, it could either be very hard or very soft. The way to tell is: 3) Hold the sphincter open a tiny bit and try pushing out some pooh. 4) If it just squeezes straight through the hole, you probably have mild diarrhoea (the sort I had in the last post), but if it won't go at all, it's likely to be quite hard. If the pooh is very soft, obviously it's quite likely you won't be able to hold on as long as if it's hard. I've found this a very good way of knowing *exactly* how long I can last - I never actually mess my pants doing this, unless I have diarrhoea, but the whole point is you only do this if you're not sure you're going to last long enough. (I'm a teenager). An example of this was a few years ago, when I was about 11 and I had to do an important exam at school. On the way to school I started to need the toilet through nerves, but there wasn't time to go. About 30 minutes into the exam, I realised that I'd got the timing totally wrong, as the exam was 2 hours long and not 2.5 as I thought. This made me more worried, and I was desperate to do a pooh. The urge kept getting more and more quite fast. I knew I couldn't really leave the test, because a teacher would have to go with me and it'd take ages of exam time, so I tried to concentrate on doing questions. However, I was being distracted by feeling so desperate, and I realised I probably wouldn't make it to the end of the exam. I suddenly realised that if I stopped trying to hold back and just gave in, I would'nt have to worry about needing to pooh, and I wasn't too bothered about having an accident in the exam because the rest of the day was for teacher training and I could go home and clean myself up without anyone really knowing. First, I absent-mindedly ran through the above sequence - The first time I tried to let go, a little nugget broke off and stayed in my pants, so I thought it might actually be quite hard. I let it come out further and further each time, and each time it seemed to slide back in easily, even though my sphincter felt like it was being dilated to about 2" diameter. I stopped to think about this, and decided to try the second method, and a squirt of semi-fluid pooh came out. At the same time, I got a cramp, and I just pushed my bottom of the seat and let everything go - it poured out, and was held in my pants. The smell was pretty bad, but I felt *so* much more comfortable, and I got on with the exam (I got an A, so it must've worked...). What I hadn't realised at the time was that when I'd been letting it out and in again, it must've just been going into my pants without me feeling, and it was so wet it just felt like I was getting it to go back. The other thing I didn't realise was I was wrong about going straight home, as I had another test in the same subject. I went to the toilet, but I only had 5 minutes to do anything, and I didn't need to go any more, so I gave up cleaning myself and had to sit the second exam in the same, squelchy underwear. When I got home, I realised that cleaning the pants would be pretty much impossible and as I was trying to work out what to do my Dad got home and found me. I was really embarrassed, but my theory had worked, and he was OK about it. After that and a couple of close calls in previous exams, I learnt to put a few pieces of toilet paper in my pants before exams I was worried about, in case the worst came to the worse. I've had a few exam accidents since (I tend to be prone to them anyway), but when I've remembered the toilet roll it's been a lot less of a problem. I have lots more accidents I can write about if people want - I have a very good memory for what's happened to me and what people have told me. I think there should be some sort of group where kids who've had accidents can talk about it, as in primary school it seemed that anyone who this happened to felt better for talking about it and realising that they weren't the only ones - I think a lot of little kids only tease someone who's done it in their pants because they know it's happened to them, perhaps without anyone finding out. I'd appreciate feedback on the stuff above - I'll post more later, and I hope everyone who hasn't had the courage to talk about this sort of thing will do so...

There was some talk about athletes needing to go to the bathroom. When I was in the 11th grade and wrestling, I was in a match. At the end of the first period ( there are 3 periods in a wrestling match) we were standing around. I asked my coach what was up. He replied that the referee had to go to the bathroom.

Hello!!! Glad to see that the introductory picture at the top of this forum was finally replaced. What a refreshing change! RG, you're lucky to have experienced with pooping in a bucket firsthand. I can iamgine what a turn on it must be. George, your joke about Leonardo's titanic effort and about his "nickname" DiCoprio, was hilarious. I never really thought about it that way. Laugh out loud!!! Johnboy, thank you for telling me about the videos that we can find over the internet with people pooping. You're right, I am not much into the hard scat thing, it is something I find completely repulsive. Although, I am definitely interested in the pooping in the toilet ones. I will start researching some of these very soon, {even if Leonardo isn't featured in any of them yet.} Silent Spice, I haven't actually dreamed of Leonardo pooping but I have consciously fantasized about it time and time again. I would love to do with Leo what you have described about reaching between Brian's legs to pull out his stuck turd. Then again, I would rather watch as Leo tries to make it come out himself by straining really hard, what a turn on!!! By the way, Titanic is by far the best movie I have ever seen. Believe it or not, I have seen it seven times. Maybe one day I will get to see him pooping in one of his future movies. I will just have to wait and see!

Saturday, May 02, 1998

Here is a quote from my post last Monday. I was interested in Steph's comments on the street toilets variously called superloos or Sanisettes (the Original name).
>I use them from time to time just for the hell of it, sitting there doing a shit in the little house in the middle of the sidewalk,
>while outside there are shoppers and business people walking past. 15 min is long enough for most people.

Well I used one of these Sanisettes this morning. I had just got in there, carefully noted the time, got my pants down, and was just pushing out a series of rather soft turds when I heard a van draw up outside. It turned out (as I later found) to be the municipal "Street Furniture Department", come to service the toilet. The first I knew of it was when the little window from which you pull the toilet paper suddenly had daylight round it. The engineer had opened the back part of the installation! Fortunately my part was still quite private, so I hastily finished with a very rapid pee, and then began to wipe myself. Then I hastily washed with their very effective wash/dry mechanism, and adjusted my clothing before going out. You don't flush these toilets, after you have left, the floor, toilet and all, tip upside down and are sprayed with water. The engineer looked rather curiously at me, as I headed towards my car. Maybe he had never serviced one with a customer inside before..!

I haven't posted here in a while. Couple of nites ago, I was at the computer lab working on our group project with several other people. I went to the bathroom to get TP to blow my nose into and when I walked in, there was someone on the throne. This guy was making all sorts of sounds such as farting and hearing the turds plop into the water. I thought of saying something but decided to bite my tongue. I thought of saying, "felling better :) ". A week before I went into that same bathroom because of sinus problems and I chatted with the guy in the other stall. It was enjoyable.

Neat experience at the library tonight. I was waiting in the hallway of the old college library when the librarians changed shifts at 7PM. This old building has a unisex toilet but it's down a secluded hallway away from the main hall, which is where I was. I saw the librarian, a tall, attractive young woman proceed immediately down the other hall, figuring that she was going to the bathroom. I heard her slam the door and heard it lock. I followed a ways and heard her throw her books on the floor and a frantic unzipping of her pants. Then I could tell by the reflection (the door has a 1.5" gap above the floor) that she was seated on the toilet. I heard nothing other than scooting on the toilet for about minute, as if she was trying to use the bathroom. Then I heard her pee for about 45 seconds. Just before she quit peeing, I heard two small turds drop in the water. Then it was quiet for maybe 10-15 seconds. Then she let one fart go for about 10 seconds in which I heard about 3 or 4 small turds fall in. She then wiped about 4 times, and it appeared from the reflection that she stood up to do so. I found this exciting for I've often seen the marks in the toilet or sensed the smell after a woman went but never had heard let her farts go as if she didn't care.

Jack>>Sounds to me like one of those teenaged guy shits that I used to have when I was in my teens. I especially remember the big logs that seemed to go on forever, and once you're finished and get up to take a look, there is NOTHING there in the toilet bowl! The only thing that I could figure for me was that it was a big enough of a floating turd that was so long that when the other end came out, it had enough momentum to continue up the bend in the toilet out of sight... Anybody else ever have that happen to them? The other story this time about the person that had an accident in grade school and messed their pants reminded me of an accident I had one time in 4th grade...I thought I had to fart, but was I ever wrong!!! It was a mass of liquid shit. I excused myself to use the restroom and cleaned up the best I could...However, it wasn't until I got home from school that my mom could smell the remains and wanted to know why I didn't call home to have her come and pick me up so that I could go home and change clothes...I got a big spanking over the incident, but it didn't ever happen again, although I have had some very close calls over the years...

To Jay & Paige: Good to hear from you again, and to hear about your exploits with our plumbing over here. So now you know why some of us Brits are always complaining about blocking up the loo! Yes I have blocked hotel loos on more than one occasion. I found it is best to be "absent" when the maintenance man comes to deal with the problem, although on the times when I have been present when he called, he was very polite and courteous - like it was all in a day's work, which I suppose it is! Oh dear! Gatwick Airport is NOT the best place to catch a first impression of our country, especially the station - did you go there? It is a dingy smelly sort of place, and my train passes through it most days on my way to and from work. I am sorry you didn't see any of my "deposits", but actually I haven't done a poo on the train for a couple of weeks. To Duke:
So you are another guy who likes listening to women in the loo? I wish I could understand this fascination. I for one, get no real desire to listen to men (no not even L.di C!). A lot of people seem to be writing about their dislike of using school loos. I don't recall having a hangup about them, but thinking back, some of my friends, who were probably a bit more reserved than me, didn't seem to "go" as often as I did. Probably, if you are a bit shy (as an adult or a child) it is best to go when there are a lot of people about, then the sounds and smells are not readily identifiable. I did like that post from the girl who climbed into the school window to use the loo and then got arrested. I am in the midst of frantic rehearsals for another show, so I am not posting as often as I would like to, but I must share something that happened a while back: After rehearsals in the evening, it is quite common for a group of us to go to the pub for a drink. On one of these occasions, one of our "leading ladies" who is rather prim off stage went off to the loo almost as soon as we got to the pub. Some minutes later she reappeared, and rejoined our group, standing quite close to me. It soon became obvious to me, and probably others (we didn't mention it), that the woman concerned had just had a rather smelly dump. She obviously wasn't aware of it, but I guess she had made such a stink in the loo that it had clung to her clothing, and followed her out into the bar! There is a lesson for us there - I always carry my cologne spray in my handbag, to avoid being too smelly!

Bridget- Funny thing about your last post (concerning watching somebody poop into a bucket) this is exactly how my interest started. When I was about 12 or 13yrs old our family was visiting relatives in a very rural area. They had an outhouse. I was always trying to get a peek at a cousin or my aunt (who was a couple of months older than I). I eventually got an opportunity to watch my aunt poop into a bucket, then I did the same for her. What a turn on!

Some marvelous posts. By the way I like the new picture of an asiatic lady on the throne. Is this "Young" by any chance? Moira and I are delighted that Duke and Bridget like our references to Jobbies and to Moira doing a big one in a bucket. So Bridget would like to watch Leonardo Di Caprio doing a motion (A Titanic Effort? and should he then change his name to Di Coprio???) For my part Id like to watch Ginger Spice (Gerry Halliwell) from the Spice Girls doing a whopper after having had to hold it in during a lengthy gig or recording session. We have found the recent correspondence about athletes having accidents in their pants quite interesting. I didnt know about Chris Evert having problems. I watch the tennis but have never seen any tell tale stains in her panties or any of the others. I often wonder what athletes do if they need a pee or even more a motion during an event. A footballer cannot just put his hand up and ask to be taken off because he needs a jobbie. Im not surprised that some of the London Marathon runners had stains in their shorts or briefs. It did say that the Irish woman who wone her section had "???? troubles" but I notice that a blanket was thrown over her as soon as she finished, they say to avoid chills but I wonder if its to cover embarrasing accidents. I can recall at school when I was about 15 a lad playing football wetting his shorts as he needed a pee but couldnt leave the field, the other boys gave him a hard time afterwards. Moira remembers one of her class mates playing field hockey and doing a big jobbie in her navy blue knickers (briefs) in similar circumstances during an important match against a rival school. Luckily it was a solid turd and it was all contained in her underpants and when the game ended she quickly went to the changing rooms stepped out of her soiled knickers and cleaned off in the shower, washing her knicks afterwards. Unlike my classmate, the other girls didnt mock the unfortunate girl, indeed they were sympathetic. Women usually are in such circumstances and I wonder if this is because they have periods and are thus used to "accidents" of various types in their undies unlike men, as well as the generally kinder disposition of women to people in embarrasing circumstances. If any readers have anecdotes about sporting "accidents" or how sports persons cope with the needs of bladder and bowels when taking part in their activities we would love to read them.

to Bridget Now that you're using the internet you can find a slew of videos with people doing just what you describe. Some of the tapes are amatures, some are professionals, both men and women. (although i doubt if there's one out there with DiCaprio yet). Many of these are hard scat which insn't the interest of most folks in this forum and may or may not be your thing, but there's also a lot of "plain ol' pooping" tapes, and generally onto or into anything 'but' a toilet. You won't get a collection overnight but with a little persistence you could end up with.... oh.... at least 65 or 70 tapes like this. :) Happy Hunting! a collector.... johnboy

Silent Spice
New Poster: I liked that story about the accident you had in Primary school. I was embarassed to ask to use the bathroom too in Kindergarten. I never had to do #2(that I remember..I might of did but held it in and never had any accidents)but there was one time in Kindergarten(which for me would of been in 1985-86)when we were having this little Christmas Party. They had all this juice and food there and I kept getting more and more juice because I was so thirsty. Then near the middle of the party I had the urge to pee but since I was embarassed to ask the teacher I wanted to wait until I got home to do it in my own bathroom(I didnt want to use the public bathrooms because I didnt want to bump into the "big kids" in grade 3-6). Seeing the juice sitting there made the urge worse and I felt like I was going to explode. I grabbed myself in the front and danced around. The teacher asked if I needed to go and I said NO. Stupid me. She asked why was I doing that then?? I said just because and she(and a bunch of other kids there)just looked at me wierd. Finally I stopped and the teacher and the kids looked down as they heard dribbling and pitter pattering and my pants(the butt and between the legs and the front)were all wet(soaking wet that is). A few of the girls tried not to laugh and covered their mouths snickering and giggling. Soon they laughed out loud which made the whole class laugh-including the teacher. "Renee-Anne peed herself when she is 6 years old!!!!!" one of the boys named Patrick laughed. "Man thats way too old to pee themselves!" someone else cried. That was the worse day of my life!!!! DID ANY OF YOU GUYS EVER GET LAUGHED AT BECAUSE YOU TOLD ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS YOU LIKED TO WATCH AND LISTEN TO OTHERS ON THE TOILET??

Bridget: I am glad that I am not the only one that wants to see someone famous take a dump! I had another dream like that last night. Nicks was normal and came out smoothly but Brians got stuck for a minute and he asked me to get some toilet paper and stick my hands between his legs and yank it out(it was mostly out already)!!! It was pretty cool actually! I never had dreams with A.J, Howie or Kevin yet though. Did you actually have a dream with Leo going to the bathroom?? You have alot better chance of seeing him go then I do seeing the BSBs because maybe he will go in one of his movies!! Youll never know and the Backstreet Boys probably wont go in the videos they have with the interviews or anything. The closest I will see of them on the toilet is seeing one of them walk by with a magazine into the bathroom. Titanic is a really cool movie dont you think?? I had a dream like that along time ago when I was 12 which was in 1992 and Christian Slater took a dump!! Then I thought I would be gross for having a dream like that but not anymore!! Well bye!!! I hope you get the chance to watch Leo poop one day!

I remember just a few distinct things. I was but a toddler in diapers. I had walked onto the iron grate above our homes floor furnace. I had to poop. The metal was hot on my bare feet. I stood still for a moment, one chunk of poop fell out my diapers, my feet were burning, and my father had an alarmed look on his face as he rose from his chair and raced toward me. I remember seeing the brown thing fall thru the furnace grating down into the chamber below, just before Dad grabbed & lifted me up and away.

Craig story: Hi: This is my first post. I found this site when I went surfing on this topic. I've been reading it for several weeks and enjoy it. I need to tell you guys about something that happened to me in Texas just a few years ago when I was driving my brother's car across the country. It was a warm dark summer night and I was cruising down Interstate 10. Because it was late (around 11:00) and because the area is so rural, there was very little traffic. I had passed a number of rest areas without even thinking about stopping but as I drove through the night, I began to feel the urge to move my bowels (I'm an evening man). About halfway between Sheffield and Bakersfield, I saw the blue "Rest Area Ahead" sign. Whizzing past some old clunker, I signaled and veered onto the off-ramp.

The rest area was almost deserted. There were no lights inside, but I saw that the walls didn't quite reach the ceiling and it looked like the parking lot lights would be sufficient. Just down the lot, where the pavement narrowed to form the on-ramp back to the Interstate, there was a diesel tractor-trailor purring. It took me a couple of minutes to get things squared away (turn off the air conditioner, radio, lights, etc) and then I got out of the car and stretched the stretch of a driver who's been sitting for far too long. Meanwhile, the old clunker car I'd passed was pulling in behind me and I didn't really pay it any mind as I walked over to the map of the State of Texas that was posted nearby. I guess I was getting my bearings straight on the map while the other driver was getting out of his car because as I walked into the rest area, he was kind of shuffling along behind me.

He was young--maybe 20 to 25 years old--and hispanic. Short and thin and obviously of limited means. His black hair was about shoulder length and I noticed in the soft light that he had acne scars on his face. I said something like "What's up?" and he gave me one of those little half-smiles and cocky tosses of the head. He and I walked into the men's room together and as I rounded the curve that blocks the view from the outside I got to see the layout. Suddenly, I loved Texas.

Like I said, the walls did not go all the way to the ceiling so the parking lot light streamed in. There was almost no noise except for the truck down the street. Along the side wall of the restroom were two urinals with a little divider between them. Toward the back was a toilet with no stall and no door. In fact, the only thing separating the stool from the urinals was a little waist-high wooden partitian. Now I've been publicly defecating since the 8th grade but this was way cool! It looked like the guy was following me so I stopped and said "You need to-----" while gesturing toward the john. "Yeah, in a minute." he said. "Well, I can wait, you know. I might have to sit for a few minutes." I told him. "Go ahead." he said. Kind of nervously, I walked over to the pot, wiped down the seat, unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down. "They sure don't give a man much privacy," I said smiling. The man had stood down the wall from me a little bit in order to give me what privacy the State had taken away. "No, no privacy at all." he said. I bent over and pulled a pack of cigarettes out of my pants pocket. I popped one in my mouth and lit it and then asked the man if he wanted a smoke. He gave me another one of those cocky little tosses of the head and said something like "Yeah, thanks." He walked over toward the partitian and I let him pick a cigarette and then he bent down and I lit it for him. Then he backed up and settled against the wall right across from me. I was pressed for something to say. "When a man's got to go, he's just got to go." I offered. "When you gotta go....." he said softly, looking at the floor. "So where are you headed?" I asked him. "Fort Stockton," he answered. Then, looking up, "You?" "I"m headed out to Vegas," I told him. Vegas. Just telling somebody you're going to Vegas immediately starts a conversation. It didn't fail here. Finally, I extended my hand. "I'm Craig." I said. "Luis." Luis took my hand softly in his and we effected a handshake. "Well, Luis," I said, "I enjoy talking to you but I do have to shit." I thought I'd said too much because Luis started to turn as if he was going to walk away. "You mind if I crap while we talk?" I asked. Luis stopped and resumed his position. "No, go on ahead." he said. "Thanks, man." I told him. Then I started to pee a little bit (I always have to pee before I can go). I let out my warning fart and then I gave a little push. I could feel my anus opening up and I know Luis could hear the crackle of my feces coming out. I gave her another push and forced out my first loaf. "Ummph" I sighed. (I usually have to grunt). I pushed again and this time flexed my arms a little to make it clear to Luis that I was in full defecation. He broke the silence and asked where I was driving from. I told him the name of my hometown and as I did, I let my voice rise about one octave in strain. When that loaf splooshed down, I said meekly "Sorry." I don't remember exactly what he said but it was something like "That's cool" or "Everybody does i" or something. I was just so thrilled about the manly intimacy of the moment to be paying much attention. There I was, sitting with my pants down in front of another man. I didn't matter to me: we were both men. I looked down and saw my white legs in the pale light and the dark cover of my pubic region. Yes, I'm a man. That hair proves it. It was fun--kind of like the first public defecation I had when I was in the eighth grade. I felt--I don't know--naked--maybe even naughty. And I felt comfortable because while I was performing the most private act a man can do, I was in front of a man who fully understood what I was going through. Like me, Luis had to empty his bowels. He understood the pushing, the strain and the pain. That was cool. Nothing else happened. Before I got through, a truck pulled up and two men came into the bathroom. Luis moved away so we wouldn't look gay and when I had finished and washed up, they were still in there. The two men and I met at the sinks and they didn't seem like they were in too much of a hurry. I couldn't go back in there when they'd just seen me come out so I guessed I missed Luis' poop. I did stop at every other Texas rest area along the way and they were all designed the same way. This spring, I drove back out to Texas and found that many of the stops had been modified with walls and doors. However, some of them on Interstate 35 had no modifications and some of them even after modification had no doors. I think I'll be travelling to Texas again real soon!

BEING TURNED ON BY WOMEN I am turned on by attractive women going #2. Occassionally, a lady will pee loudly. A few months ago I could hear one pee from atleast 30 feet away; that also did turn me on. The sound of a lady having a healthy pee is as stimulating as one doing a healthy shit. Have you ever noticed that different women sound different when they are peeing? Some make very little noise while others resound. I wonder if it is an indication of personality?

Friday, May 01, 1998

I am a thirty-something year old guy and I have been having a problem lately that maybe you can help with. A couple times in the past month I haven't quite made it to the toilet. Not #2 .. just pee. It's like I wait until I really have to go and then when I start walking toward the restroom, I have to go worse. By the time I'm unzipping, I'm dancing and the pee starts squirting. I can hardly get you-know-who out in time. Has this ever happened to you?

I've been following this forum for a while. I am 38, male, live in the Northeastern US, and I am very glad to find out that so many others share my interest in what goes on in the bathroom. For a long time, I sort of thought nobody else cared about these things, but I am very pleased to find out that I was wrong. My main interest is women's bowel habits; men's bowel habits don't really excite me. I have particularly enjoyed the posts by some of the women here who have been very frank and detailed about their defecation process, including the sounds they make, the number and size of their bowel movements, whether they have peed or passed gas at the same time, how many times they wiped, other women they have overheard, and so on. I have also enjoyed the posts by men who have seen or heard women using the toilet. Since I have been following this forum, I have also begun to think in terms of "jobbies," a word I particularly like, rather than" turds" or other synonyms.! I thank Moira and George for introducing me to this term.

At my previous job, I worked in a large institution with several thousand employees. When I started working there, I was very excited to discover that many of the bathrooms were individual toilets which were not specified as male or female. This gave me many opportunites to enter the toilet after a good-looking woman came out. I always looked for skid marks in the bowl or some shit which did not fully flush. I found this evidence that the woman had just defecated as erotic. After looking around the buildings at work, I discovered that some bathrooms had an air vent which communicated with the adjacent toilet. By standing on the toilet, I could listen into the adjacent bathroom and hear everything that took place. Usually I would loiter in the hallway to see who went into one of the bathrooms, and then I would enter the next one to listen through the vent. By doing this, I heard dozens of women using the toilet and I always excited at the possibiity that as the woman entered the bathroom, that she would need to do more than just pee. I was amazed at the variety exhibited by the different women, figuring that taking a shit was just taking a shit. Some were silent, some would go "oh, yes" while they dropped their logs. There were several women who would use these toilets to shit regularly, and I would enjoy seeing them elsewhere in the building, such as the cafeteria or outside on the street, and know that I had just heard them unloading their bowels. Well, more stories and details for another post. Take care, Duke

Man, yesterday, I took a huge MEGASHIT! It was the last period of the schoolday when an urge to poop came on. I knew I could hold it off till I got home since there wasn't much time left to leave (I love going in public restrooms, but not at school). When I got home, I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and sat and myself comfortable like a king. As I pushed, I felt this HUGE piece of shit come out a long with an poop odor scent. I looked down and saw that it was sticking out of the hole in the bowl and the part that was shown sticking out was close to a foot long and about 1.5 inches in diameter. But that wasn't all. I pissed for a little bit and then I let out two 6 inch logs, but they weren't as thick as the first. I sat there for awhile reading the sports page when a 3rd load came on, but it was in the form of a few short logs. After I got off, I sat back down, feeling the warmth of the toilet seat that I had created. I wiped, washed my hands, flushed, and I was done. I sat there for about 15-20 minutes!

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