Randy M.
I was fishing today at the public shore and I witnessed a woman shitting outside. A large but attractive woman in her early 40's arrived at the shoreline with her husband a little after I did mid morning. I hadn't payed much attention to her at first as I was concentrating instead on the fishing, however around noon I noticed she began to move as if she had to go to the bathroom. She also began to look around for a restroom. This interested me and so I began to pay attention to her. "I've got to use a restroom" she said in a low voice to her husband about five minutes later. "There's an outhouse over their" he said to her. Relieved she walked over to where he had pointed and found the outhouse. I knew she would be back however. The outhouse is full of wasps and flies and smells terrible. There was no way she was going to use that. Sure enough she walked back to the shoreline in noticeable discomfort. "I can't use that!" she wined."Well, go in the woods, then" her husband replied. "No, I got to take a shit she said in distress." "There's no were else to go. No one will see you." By now I was getting pretty excited. They hadn't really noticed me and so I could go in to the woods and wait without them seeing me. I put down my pole and walked in to the trees. In a minute she walked in also about a hundred yards away with some paper towel. She began to walk through the thick woods awkwardly and in noticeable desperation. She headed behind a tree and looking around one last time she bent down with her butt in the air and quickly pulled down her panties and jeans. I was about 20 yards away now and I had a perfect view of her chubby rear. She began to shit and it dropped to the ground behind her. She continued in this position looking around from time to time. I watched for the entire 15 minute show until she finished and and wiped hurriedly with the paper towel she then pulled up her pants and left. I now go to the shoreline as often as I can and I already have witnessed 4 other happenings.

to Richguy:
My mother (51) just became lactose intolerant last summer, so yes it is possible at your age. She experienced similar symptoms. Try replacing dairy with soy substitutes: soy milk, soy cheese, etc...

Hi. I was mainly raised by my mom, dad left when I was little, and we lived in a pretty small economy apartment. Between the two of us, we never closed the door on each other when using the toilet. There wouldn't have been much point anyway, because the bathroom was right off the living room, and had no fan or window, so when one of us pooped, the other one could hear and usually smell everything. "Stinking up the bathroom" was pretty much synonymous with "stinking up the apartment", at least for a few minutes. We'd kid each other about it and it was kind of embarrassing, but was just part of life.

Well, when I was 13 we had a financial crisis and had to give up the meager apartment and the meager privacy it afforded, and move in with mom's sister. She and her husband had three kids, Sarah, 16, Nathan, 12, and Justine, 8. I slept with Nathan and used the kids' bathroom. Mom slept in the girls' room and she also normally had to use the kids' bathroom. Going from 2 to 5 people using the bathroom was quite an adjustment. As was having conversations with anyone other than mom about peeing and pooping.

The first night we were there, Nathan went to the bathroom after dinner. We all retired to our respective rooms to do homework or wind down for bed. I had to pee pretty badly but waited for Nathan to get done. While I was waiting Sarah walked in on Nathan as he was sitting, surprising me a little. I don't remember what she went in for, but I remember she said in a teasing way "you're taking a healthy dump, aren't you?" He just grinned and said, "It stinks, don't it" without expressing any embarrassment at all. He continued pooping, wiped, washed his hands, and noticed me waiting in the hall. "You can go in, sorry about the stink."

I tried hard for awhile to poop at times when I thought I wouldn't be disturbed, or at school between breaks, but it wasn't always possible, and they had no more problem barging in on me than they did on each other. That arrangement lasted for about a year and a half until mom and I got on our feet. I never did get over blushing though when one of the cousins saw me on the john.

been reading here for the past 6 months when i last posted.

Kara, good story.
i've had an accident like that when i was little. I had to pooh but thought i could hold it. Anyways i decided that i would climb into the house through the kitchen window because i was small enough at the time to do this and as i pulled up with my hands to squeeze into the window, a big piece of hard pooh came out into my underwear. Thankfully, my parents didn't see and it was dry. I managed to make it into the washroom without further accident.

As a guy, people assume that we all stand up to pee. For me, it depends on where i am. If i am using a public toilet, then i tend to stand because i feel safer that way. When i am at home, then i never stand up to pee mostly because i hate cleaning the washroom and by sitting down, i prevent a mess from occuring. I wonder if other guys sit down to pee as well.

My ex boyfriend told me that his ex wife had once confided in him that she never peed fully. Instead,she would keep herself 'on the edge' of bursting by only ever peeing enough to keep from losing control. I am rather baffled by this as i would think it difficult to stop peeing mid-pee. Wouldnt it be uncomfortable and secondly wouldnt it produce infection? Does anyone else half pee like this and if so why?

Uncle Harry
To Janey: I agree that it should be ok for children to pee anywhere that's sanitary. I would go further and say that it should be ok for anyone to pee anywhere that's sanitary. It is in some countries.

To: Keith D: I liked your post about the Mormon family that was very open about toileting. I don't think it has anything to do with being Mormon; it was just them. I have known some Mormon families and they were anything but open about toileting. My family was very open about toileting and nudity for the most part, which I've written about in previous posts. It's been said many times: we all pee, poop, and shower naked. What's the big deal? It's just the way most of have been taught.

Kara, I would be interested in hearing your stories of close calls.

ass wipe
When i was 7 or 8 after school i romed the school just to like, explore well finally i had to pee so i went to the bathroom. but before going in a girl caught up to me i never met her never new her i didn't and still dont know her name. she asked me if she could go into the boys bathroom with me. Incredibly enough i let her when we went inside she told me she had to use the toilet but instead of using the toilets (they were really dirty) she pulled her panties down and pulled her skirt up and squatted she told me to go behind her if i wanted to see her poop so i went behind her. after a few seconds she started peeing on the floor she squirted really fast and it smelled she probably peed for almost a minute before she farted like a pfffffffffffffft sound her anus then started opening and i could see a turd inside coming out it just kept coming and coming until finally when it was half a foot long it fell to the ground. she then pulled her panties back on and washed her hands THEN she asked me if i could go inside a cubicle with her we had a sort of i'll show u mine if you show me yours kind of moment but that has nothing to do with this. i remeber this one time when i was in preschool i had to use the restroom so i raised my hand and asked if i could use the restroom well when i went inside one of the teachers went inside with me pulled my pants and undies down and as i pooped she was by the door when i finished she wiped my ass and my dick i then washed my hands and ate my lunch. until next time>>>>>>>>.......

To the person who has a problem saying you have to wee. Maybe you could say something like "I'll be right back" Would that be easier?

Yesterday i really need to go, the urge to poop hits me. Normally i could hold for only 5 minutes. The toilet door is locked. I knocked the door, and i heard my brother saying that he's constipated. I heard some grunting too. I feel that i can not hold the urge anymore. So i remembered my brother have some diaper. He bought some because he pee the bed very often. I put one on, and my panties over it. I put my hand on my stomach and another on the wall. I spread my leg a bit, and began to poop. Wow it feels good! But normally i spend 20 minutes to poop. After 10 minutes my brother came out with a shocked looking. My brother says he didn't expect that i need to go that bad, and asking me whether i need to use the washroom or not. I answered him that i will use it after i'm done. My brother need some help so i helped him after i done with mine. He told me to massage his anus a bit so i did, and the urge hit him. He quickly sit on the toilet and poop. I saw a huge log (really huge) and some smaller logs came out. My brother flushed and leaved. I cleaned up my filled diaper and noticed that it was a huge mess to clean up. I had some mushy poop and diarrhea in it. I spent 30 minutes in the toilet to clean up.

Keith D
Janey and Monika's recent posts about whether it's okay to go to the toilet in a public place if you're busting makes me wonder about how far the rules get stretched sometimes.

Has anyone else noticed the phenomenon of people going to the toilet right next to public toilets? Like when there's no need? I first noticed it a few years ago when I was doing a lot of long distance driving for work. I traveled hundreds of miles on a lot of country highways and often had to stop for breaks. Some rest stops have public toilets and I visited quite a few over the time. Once I stopped at this site by the side of a desert highway. I hadn't seen another car on the road for ages and there was no one else at the stop. I wasn't testing out the facilities (a small brick building, only big enough for one stall each for men and ladies), just stopping for lunch and walking around stretching my legs. Wandering past the toilet block, I was shocked to find scraps and piles of toilet paper all over the ground and actually had to watch where I stepped. People were obviously regularly going behind the building, rather than inside. It was mostly lengths of tp, and not many poops, so I guess it was mostly girls squatting to pee. I figured the toilets must be broken and out of curiosity, I went inside the toilets to see what was wrong. They looked fine and were reasonably clean. People just preferred to go outside rather than touch a public seat??? And just go outside and make a mess?

Then last year, I saw it happen. I had been working overtime at the office and it was late at night so I cut back through a public park to get back to my place instead of walking around the block. The park is small, has a childrens playground with climbing equipment, lots of trees and a small (about 2 stalls each) toilet block over near the fence. The toilets are open 24/7, but the building doesn't have lights and the park is very dark at night. As I was about halfway across the park, a car pulled up out front, with its headlights aimed towards the toilet block. Doors slammed and two girls, dressed in singlets and jeans came running past the car in the lights and headed towards the toilets. A guy was yelling to them from the drivers seat. But they ran right past the toilets and were headed across the park in my direction. They stopped just past the kids play equipment both turned back towards the car in the street, dropped pants to knees and squatted. I just froze. I was only about 40 feet away, in the open, looking straight at their bare butts. Obviously, they hadn't seen me walking across in the dark, and were only intent on concealing themselves behind the playground from their friend in the car. They were about 10 feet apart, on opposite sides of a ramp so that they had privacy from each other. They chatted briefly as they squatted for about 30 secs. From their voices, they sounded as though they were mid-twenties. One stood and turned towards the other, quickly pulling up her knickers. The other said "Not yet….. I'm not done". Awfully shy for two girls peeing right in front of a stranger. The first had to wait another ten secs. Then they ran back to the car. On my way through. I walked past the ramp. It was dark and hard to see, but there were only a couple of very small splatters of wetness in the dirt. And a couple of dinner napkins scrunched up, that they must have used for tp. From such a little sprinkle, they were hardly bursting. Must have been just a comfort stop. Obviously, they didn't even want to attempt to use the public facilities in the dark, even when they were lit up by the car headlights. But doing it in among the kids' playground? Gross!

It must just be the convenience or something, especially when people are in a hurry. But it must be a major health problem in some areas.

To Monika: When you visited China, did you have to use those squat toilets? Did you visit any of the country areas where the toilet blocks don't have stalls and just have a heap of holes for people to use all at once?

Fr. P
Good morning everyone
I know I haven't posted in awhile, but Christmas isgenerally pretty busy for me. I have a few stories to share, including one from eating just slightly too much at Christmas, haha.

Story 1:
I was headed to a Christmas dinner that a local parish was holding, and I had been invited because the priest was a friend of mine from the seminary, and he had recently gotten appointed to the parish, so he had invited me over, and seeing that I had nothing better to do, I decided to go. I was about halfway there when I felt a strong urge to defecate. I didn't want to ruin my clothes, so I pulled into a small service station, and headed towards the bathrooms, which were outdoors. I opened the door to the bathroom, and found a small square room, with two urinals across from the door, two toilets with a partition, but no door, and two sinks across from them. I selected the farthest stall because it looked cleanest, pulled my slacks down and lifted my suit coat up, and relaxed. A few pretty good sized turds came out with little effort, and I was nearly finished when this young gentleman, in his late twenties came in in a pretty big hurry. He was very well dressed where a black dinner jacket and white shirt with a bow tie. He practically ran to one of the urinals, not even noticing that I was sitting there, and unzipped his trousers and urinated for what seemed like forever, I would say at least a minute, I looked away the whole time as I could easily see his private parts from where I was sitting. He zipped his jeans back up, and finally noticed me sitting there, right as I was about to wipe. He almost jumped he was so surprised by me. I said jokingly "You must have really had to go"
He laughed and said that he was on his way from a wedding and he hadn't gone all day because there were only two bathrooms available the whole time and they were always packed, so he had waited until now. I wiped as he sat there still talking to me, and I pulled up my slacks and washed up, still having a conversation. I really thought this was weird, that this man I didn't know from Adam had come into a restroom, and we were having a conversation like we were old friends. I told him about myself a little bit, and then we both left and I continued to the dinner party.

Story 2:

I was sitting at home, sifting through my hundreds of emails after being gone for a few days, and my bladder told me it was full. I headed downstairs to the rectory bathroom and began to urinate. I had just started when there came a knock on the door. It was my secretary, and she sounded desperate. Apparently, the other bathroom was also occupied. I told her to come in as I was nearly finished. She lifted her skirt and pulled her underwear down right as I finished, and before she even managed to sit down on the toilet she let go of a strong stream. I politely looked away until she was finished as I washed my hands, and waited until I heard her pull her underwear up to open the door. Then I went back to my work.

God Bless You All and Happy New Year,

Father P.

I can help you over come your dear of sayin you need to wee whatever your name is what you have to do is get a close friend who is a male and ask him to watch you pee or sit with him watch him and get use to it you have to want to do it

Hi Duno, what you did for your wife sounds like what my BF has to do for me sometimes.
I was SO backed up yesterday, probably because of all the junk I've eaten over the holidays. I hadn't had a BM for three days. My BF was off visiting family so I had to take care of it myself. Instead of taking Correctol (my usual) I decided to have an enema. I got out my syringe and mixed up some nice soapy warm water and laid down on a towel while I was watching TV and gave it to myself nice and slow and easy. I laid there for over twenty minutes till the show was over holding the water in and then went in the bathroom and a nice relaxing easy bowel movement. It felt so good!!!!!!!!! (almost sensual)

Happy New Year to Everyone Here.

I took my first poop of the new year on January 1st. I peed just after midnight on new years because of all the drinking I had been doing.

Now I know that surveys get tossed around all the time here, But I'm going to put my questions out there for the first time this year.

As normal this survey is just for the ladies. (You know what I think I'll throw some unusual ones in here this time)

So Ladies:

1) Do you Poop everyday? If not how often?
2) Do you have a time of day when you have to poop?
3) Do you go at first feeling or wait till you're desperate
4) Do you fart loudly on the toilet while pooping?
5) How often are you wearing a pair of jeans when you have to poop? How far down do you pull them when you use the toilet?
6) Do you read anything or have other activities you do while you poop?
7) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being enough to make you gag?
8) Do you get complaints (about the smell) from anyone who uses a bathroom or ladies room stall after you pooped in it?
9) Are your poops big in Size? Are they big in quantity?
10) If you have children, do you poop in front of them? do they complain about the noises or smell?
11) Do you warn others who are entering a bathroom after you that you just pooped?
12) When you flush the toilet does your poop leave stains or marks at the bottom of the toilet bowl?
13) Do you try to poop before going on a date or to a party or just going out?
14) How often do you clog a toilet?
15) What food do you like to eat, that unfortunately makes your poop/ farts really stink?

Happy peeing and pooping to all.


Hi Kara, I really enjoyed reading your pee story. If you have anymore to tell, please write and keep 'em coming lol.

Cute and Shy, where are friend. I miss your fun stories, it's been a while since you've been on here.

Please keep writing more pee stories, cuz they are the best lol

Uncle Harry
Christmas Shopping

The Saturday before Christmas, I decided to take a nostalgia trip to the big department stores downtown, where my Aunt Alice used to take me Christmas shopping when I was a kid. (See my post "Aunt Alice" on page 1607). My wife doesn't like shopping or crowds, so I took the train by myself from the boonies where we live and spent the day reminiscing. The department store had toilets for different genders on different floors, except that the restaurant floor had one of each. I was shopping on a general merchandise floor where the main women's toilets were. The entry was large and open, with a wall inside that you walked around to get in and blocked any view of the stalls from the outside. There have been many posts in this forum recently about women using the men's room in dire situations, but what happened next was new to me... men using the ladies room for no apparent reason other than convenience. Two women and two men, obviously a group, got in the double wide line waiting to get in... and I didn't see any women object. A security guard came by, seemed to take note briefly, and walked on. I thought, well, if they can do it why not me, except that I had no female companion with me. So as soon as a woman stepped in line right behind them, noticing the two guys but saying nothing, I stepped next to her and asked if she would mind being my escort, half expecting a smack in the face, but she just shrugged and said, "Ok". We moved up the line, two stalls opened, and the two couples ahead of us each went into the stalls together. Another stall opened and my escort lady said she was going to take it and, no, I couldn't come in with her. "Aw, shucks", I thought. I went into the next open stall, peed, came out, and went to wash my hands. A few women looked at me in an apparently disapproving manner, but said nothing. I would never had expected acceptance of men in the ladies room, but maybe it was the Christmas spirit and everyone was being accommodating.

ALICE: I want to hear about your accident.

to Richguy:
My mother (51) just became lactose intolerant last summer, so yes it is possible at your age. She experienced similar symptoms. Try replacing dairy with soy substitutes: soy milk, soy cheese, etc...

Hi, everyone,
To answer Edward H's questionnaire to ladies.
1. How often do you poop? (Most times once a day, often twice).
2. Do you grunt while pushing? (If I am constipated, yea. Otherwise
I try to ease my poop out quietly).
3. Do you like the thoughts of
others hearing you go? (Most definitely. Knowing another
woman is in the next stall is so
stimulating, and often erotic).
4. How large are your stools on
average? (My turds are normally say 6/7
inches, varying in thickness, and
sometimes when I am loose, unformed).
5. Do you like to hear others
'go' the plops and sighs? (Yes. Again it is so erotic to hear
somebody else on the toilet, and
sometimes seeing their panties down
arounf their ankles).
6. Which foodstuffs have you
noticed make you 'go?' (Many, but for me, any greens,
cabbage, cauliflower, etc, are
guaranteed to give me the 'runs').

To answer the unnamed query. I always sit on the toilet or hover if it is dirty. Frequently I have to shake my bottom to drop the final turd into the pan. Naturally when I am loose, stools not formed, there is no need to 'shake.' When that happens the only concern for me is to make sure I have enough toilet paper to wipe my bum afterwards.

Thanks for allowing me to express my feelings on this wonderful forum. I will be writing again soon.

Love to all, Jill xxx.

Paiges from a Diary-uh
Hi! My name is Paige. Im planning to become a well-known regular on the site, but irst a little about myself. Im 32, married, have an adopted 19-year old son, am pretty, average height, brown eyes and hair, and an overall outgoing person. People called me gross, but since i was a kid i was fascinated with the souns and smells of the body's "functions". Growing up it wasn't really taught to me as rude, o i was and still am a proud farter. Call me old fashoined, but since i was seven ive kept a diary every day, and still do. I even documented my daily trips to the bathro in detail. Most of it as a whole is boring, but i must have at least a hundred good stories in there. That is ging tho be the main topic of my posts. But first I will take the SOTT survey and describe y responses in this post. Let's begin the survey.

I pee about three times a day. Not a mega-bladder but i probably spend about seven or eight minutes peeing in a day. I usually dont have a set time. I like to pee in the shower, but usually something in my mind keeps me from doing it, unless i really have to go.

My BMs, however, are like clockwork. Big loads when i wake up and right before i go to sleep. Depending on the state of my diet, they can be less than a minute to 20 minutes of straining. It usually starts very hard and silent, but near the end it turns barely solid and erupts out of me with smelly, wet rippers. Usually it is almost continuous, unless im really stopped up. I pee during my BM sometimes, but not that often. If i have to piss or crap, i can hold it in, unless a lot of gas accompanies the BM. On my period i usually get constipated, but like i said before, i get soft shits almos daily. I almost never soil myself, unless im drunk(very rare) or i had to take a laxative and i can't make it in time. I usually pull my pantys down to my ankles. When i pee, i sit, stand, or squat, but i like to bend over for my bm's. In public, ill squat over the seat, but i sit down for bm's. Im fairly quiet when i pee, but BMs are explosive. When I shit, everyone in the house knows it.

I have a pretty spicy diet, and it shows. I have peed and pooped out dorrs quite a lot. I have gone to the bathroom at at least one point in my life in all the places in the survey, except the trash can, subway, and alley. I usually cover myself outdoors, but sometimes take a group. I usually bend over or stand upright when i pee or bm outside.

I am not shy in the least about movements, and let people be in the bathroom when im using it all the time. I will use any availiable toulet, unless it is like satan's portapotty. I talk to people when i go, and let my friends watch e d 1 and 2, and my bravery made some ley others watch them pee. Im very interested in the bathroom functions, as you now see.

Any way, my diary entries are coming soon, and ill always include the old posts page number of this profile post in all my posts, as well as the last diary entry i made. Toodles1

TO ISABELLA: I hover if the seat does not look clean etc..I have no problems doing it. The steps are I stand in the position you would be before you sit on the bowl, My feet are several inches apart. I drop my trousers, of course. Step two is I lower my bum only half way down and lean a bit forward so as the position is not too uncomfortable. Stpe three is - Push! Step four is when the turd starts to move I hover lower to the bowl and drop my load and Step five is after dropping poo I resume my half standing position and repeat the procedure as necessary. A word of warning is that if you have the "splatters" try and hover close to the bowl otherwise your poo will end up everywhere. I always lift up the seat when hovering.
TO DUNO: I wish I had your luck! My other half does not like anybody in the bathroom when she is there...she even prefers to clean her teeth in private!!! I just keep on debating and arguing against the issue.
TO SHY GIRL: Often the same thing happens to me.....if my bladder is full to the max and I am bursting, it sometimes sets my bowels off so when I am desparate I sit (or hover) and give a gentle push as well; sometimes I am well rewarded.
TO MONIKA: Why would you be would probably never see that person again. Remember your health and therefore your bowels come before any man (or woman).

In repsonse to Edward H's questionnaire:

1. How often do you poop? 2 times a day usually
2. Do you grunt while pushing? If the poop is really big or if I'm constipated
3. Do you like the thought of others hearing you 'go'? It doesn't bother me if people I don't know hear me. But my friends and family, I'm not comfortable with
4. How large are your stools, on average? They vary
5. Do you like to hear others 'go', the plops and sighs? Yes. Sometimes I like to go to a bathroom stall just to hear others go. lol
6. Which foodstuffs have you noticed, make you 'go'? Dairy makes me have diarrhea and fast food makes me have softer poops than normal.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Multi-drop Pete
I'm Pete, multi-drop delivery man in England. In my job it's sometimes difficult to find a place to pee. Once I stopped in a residential street with houses on one side and a weedy grass bank on the other; standing between the van and the bank I couldn't be seen from the houses, so was happy to pee in the weeds. Trouble was, just as I started, a woman appeared, going to her car parked behind my van; not wanting to embarrass her, I turned away so quickly that I brushed my willy against the stinging nettles. Ouch!

Luckily, most days I'm delivering in a town with an ample supply of public toilets, no problems there. One that I often use is in a supermarket; there is notice permanently pinned to the door (it's been there for at least a year): "Due to unforeseen circumstances the toilets will be closed at 8:00pm tonight." I wonder what could possibly be the "unforeseen circumstances" that the shop successfully foresees every day?

Delivering out of town, one option is to reverse the van against a hedge, stand in the open back doors and pee into the hedge, the doors giving pretty good privacy.

I understand that in Britain there is an ancient law allowing a man to pee against the rear offside wheel of his carriage, providing he does his best to avoid offending anybody; I presume this law would apply to my delivery van, but I haven't the nerve to try it. Does anybody know of other laws about urinating?

This story is quite random. A while ago, I had to poo, but I was constipated. Now, I was quite young so I'm not sure I had developed any sort of shyness to being on the toilet with people around. And what basically happened was I was sitting on the toilet, really trying to poo, and I was in daycare, and the girl in charge, I don't remember her name, came into the bathroom, and knocked on my stall door. I didn't say anything, I just sat quietly. Then she peeked her head over the short stall (tall to me, because I was maybe 7 years old at the time), and asked if I was okay. I wasn't sure what to say but she did stay, and we had a bit of conversation while I was pooping. Funny thing is, it came out while we were talking. She left the bathroom when I was done and then I wiped and left. That was an.. interesting experience. I wonder what i'd do if the same thing happened today.

Can anybody help me get over my fear of saying i need a wee? My whole life is being ruined as i cannot go out for more than two hours maximum unless on my own. The problem is worse around men. Can anyone help?

To Janey,

A child wetting in appropriate places is no big deal but some 14-16 year olds look really grown up. Do the 14-16 year old girls literally expose themselves to squat in a yard or over a storm drain? If so, do the 14-adult men flock to get a

Janet, That was an amazing story of your just sitting down at the toilet and then an 11 year old girl came running in absolutely frantic to pee. You were very noble to immediately give her the toilet, but I expect you were able to wait a bit.
This reminds me of an incident I saw many years ago in San Francisco. I was in the lobby of a restaurant waiting to speak to the hostess and get a table. The lobby was on the second floor. Suddenly the elevator door opened; a father, mother and their son walked in. The boy was about ten and it was clear, like the girl you saw, that he had been waiting to urinate for a very long time and was overcome with the urgency of his need. He was running in place, raising one foot and then the other, constantly. His hand was at his crotch rubbing himself trying to keep from leaking before he got to the bathroom. Unfortunately the father was told that the bathrooms were downstairs and so they went back into the elevator. I hope he made it in time.

well, he other day, my wife was having some trouble pooping. We are very confortable watching eachother "do our thing" especially me. anyway, she asked me to rub her lower back as she bent down over some paper to push. i watched with anticipation as her bright red hole slowly opened and i could see the tip of her first turd. she started wincing in pain as i started coming out so i tried to confort her. she is very thing and short so i could tell it was hard for her to push the huge log out. just then she said that she had to pee so i got a container and put it under her and watched as a huge stream started to proceed. she finished and i put the container aside and she got onher hands and knees to get in a more confortable position to push. i got back in position to watch the same turd emerge again but it slid right back in when she went to take another breath. my face was right there when she ripped the most smelly fart i had ever wittnessed. she apoligized and i said that it was probably felt good and she agreed. she tried pushing again and started to cry because it just wouldn't come out so i offered to put my finger in her butt and pull it out. she said i suck my index finger slowling inside and she grunted. i did feel something so i told her to push as hard as she could and she did and i got a hold of it. i pulledsome out and she was greatful but there was still alot left i asked if she wanted me to do it again but she said no so i just watched and waited. just then, she farted and grubted and a log turn slid irght out onto my shoe. i jumped back and she appologized as she kept pushing. she screamed as she push a fat turn and she claimed that it felt like she was giving birth (we have a son)again. the poo fell with a thud and she said that she was finished and asked me to wipe her. i di and we threw away the paper she pooped on and thanked me with a big kiss.

do any of you have a story that involves watching someone poo or helping them like i did with my wife? if so, i would love to hear them!

Hi guys, my name is Kara and I'm an 23 yo from Cali, USA. I've perused this site from time to time, and thought i would share some of my own stories with you. I never really talk about these things in real life so I feel like this will be liberating.

I've never actually had a complete accident, but I have had some close calls and minor incidents to share.

8th grade:
I was at my friend Brett's house hanging out after school, and needed to pee pretty badly. I would usually use the toilet first thing when i got home from school, so I had gone about an hour longer than usual without my after school pee. I wasn't too concerned as I had pretty good bladder control and decided I would put it off a few more minutes before walking home (i lived right down the street, and i didnt want a boy to know i had to pee!). However, a small disaster struck when I was finally getting ready to leave. I sat down on Brett's couch to put on my shoes... but i didn't think before i bent over to tie them. This motion pressed the waist of my pants right into my full bladder, and before i knew what was happening a jet of pee was rushing into my panties. I was able to regain control after a second or two, and without brett noticing.

When i finally got home, i hurried into the toilet, took down my pants and panties and was able to finish the pee i had started at Brett's. I was surprised at how much pee i accidentally let out in my panties; they were soaked from the front of the crotch into the butt. I could even feel the wetness between my buttcheeks. I was so embarrassed at the thought of my mom seeing such a big pee stain in my panties that I ran to the park two blocks away and threw them in a dumpster. The I vowed to never go to boys houses after school without having my afternoon pee first.

I have a few more close calls I can share at a later time (ages 15, 17 and 21) if any one is interested.

Hi girls,
a question that always interested me: How big was the biggest turd you ever released in one piece? When it came out, did it feel great or did it hurt?

Hello,my name is Nicole,23 years old,5,8 ft,136 lb,with long blonde hair and i live in Germany.

Last week i had a test-day for a job in a metalworking factory.I worked at this day on a metal working lathe.
A half hour before the end of the shift i felt a pressue in my bowels and it told me that I had to go to the toilet.
But i wouldn´t poop at the factory-toilet and the distress wasn´t too bad.
So i dedided to wait until I´m at home in approximately one and a half hour.....

But 45 minutes later, as i stand at the busstop,the adversity between my cheeks was more massive than I thought , but now i had to hold it until home
And I had no doubts to make it. The last time I shitted my pants was in the age of 9 years while I smoked my first cigarette....

Since that day i hadn´t another accident,even though i hate it to poop on unfamiliar toilets und hold it rather back. so i had some critical situations,but somehow i made it everytime.No reason that things go in any different way today,so i thought......
And while i sat in the bus,the urge was going lesser. As i arrived my village, it was so bearable,that i decided to made a detour to the little supermarket along the way and buy some things for the dinner.

But while i bought my foods,the urge to poop was to hit me again.
I squeezed my buttcheeks with all might ,but the tip of my turd pokes out.I was standing crooked,trembling,and fought to keep my poop back.
And i made it. Almost....
The tip of the turd broke off and cause i´m wore a thong under my worker-overall,the lump fell down to the ground.I turned around und rushed out the market.

At the whole way at home,i was pressed both hands against my butt.I not gave a damn about that the people stared at me,as long it helped me somehow to hold back the furiously pushing log in my ass.
I sweated,moaned, jittered and prayed that i made it anyway right in time at the toilet.

But when i arrived my house the turd already knocked against my thong and while i searched the keys in my pockets, i can´t hold back my shit anymore and lost it all.....

While I waddled in the house i hold the bulge at my backside with my hands,and so i lost nothing on the way.
In the bathroom i dropped down my pants.They was filled with huge,fat lumps...

I think i´ve learned my lesson: Hope it never happens to me again....


to Erin:
I found your story about your family traveling a lot by car and your parents requiring you to place the inner-tube on top of the toilet seat for you to sit on to be very interesting. I bet you appreciate your mom being true to what she taught you by the squat routine you described, and I suspect, you were too young to have "talked back" when you were in the mens room with your dad and you caught him directly sitting on one of those God-awful seats taking his shit. I'm 35 and like your mom was taught by her parents, I was not supposed to sit directly on the seats, but unless my mom or older sister (three years older and a tattler when she got in trouble with mom and needed to mitigate her actions) were in the bathroom, I didn't give sitting down on the seat a second thought. Besides, so many others would sit right down and I didn't really want to be any different. Even when mom came to school for a play or concert, she would put toilet paper liner over the seat and occasionally look in on me to make sure I was. In more than one occasion, when she would get done early, I would quickly stand up off the seat and make it look like I was squatting. I remember feeling somewhat guilty on a couple of occasions when she looked in and saw me and then complimented me. Ten seconds earlier she would have been appalled. One turning point for me came in 4th grade when our teacher would come in with us and in addition to supervising, she would also take a stall when it opened and you could her her fart, crap and pee. Some of us found it to be funny, but when I would peek in on her I noticed she was always sitting directly on the seat and she didn't cover it first. I wonder what my mom's reponse would have been if I would have told her. By middle school and high school, there were a few girls that covered the seat, a few that squatted to pee, and more like me that would just wipe the seat off before sitting down. I feel sorry for you, Erin, and how embarassing that must have been bringing the inner-tube into bathrooms when you had to use the toilet. If I would have been out with your family traeling they probably would have made me use one too! How your mom react to Shelley sitting directly on the seat? What do you think you mom would have said to your father who wasn't setting the "good example" for you like your mom was?

Shy girl
Hi Alice, thanks for the comments. I just remember the panic as I spurted in my pants and knew I just had to pull them down to have my desperately needed pee and give my aching bladder relief. If I had held myself I would have still peed but it would have been all over my hands and jeans.

I have another story about when i was too shy to admit I needed the loo. (how silly was I) It was around about the same time when I was 17 (I'm over 40 now so it was a lot of years ago).

I'd been at a football match with my friend Kim and we went to her house for something to eat afterwards. Now all afternoon at the match I'd felt a slight need to urinate but it wasn't bad really. We went to Kim's and I ended up being there for about 3 or 4 hours. It had been a very cold day and her mum made us lots of cups of tea and coffee to warm us up. Of course the hot drinks eventually took their toll on my bladder and was dying to pee after a few hours. Once again I was too shy to admit to this normal bodily function (I wouldn't think twice about going to the loo at anyone else's house now that I'm older and more confident). So I did what I always did then and left for home. Once again (like at my Grandmothers house) I would have to get 2 buses home. Kim came to the bus stop with me and we talked whilst waiting for the bus. I hadn't even told her of my need so I was trying to be as normal as possible and she just thought I was crossing my legs and stamping my feet because it was so cold. Thankfully the bus soon arrived and I bade farewell to my friend. I sat downstairs right at the back so I could hold myself with both hands without anyone seeing me doing it. It seemed like a long journey as I was bursting and the bus seemed to go over lots of bumps in the road, which really hurt my poor bladder. eventually we got to the town centre and I had to change buses outside the railway station. I knew there were toilets in the station and realised they were my only hope of reaching home without wetting myself. I gingerly got off the bus and even though I wanted to run to the toilets all I could do was take tiny steps or I would have peed my pants. I reached the loos and it cost 2 pence to use them. I was looking for a 2p piece when a lady came out of one of the cubicles and held the door open for me - boy was I grateful to her. Once inside I quickly locked the door. Now is it just me that finds in such situations when you have had to hold it for ages and a toilet is then available you almost lose it? I had to cross my legs really tight and hold myself to get control as I was close to peeing. When I felt I could stop holding myself and uncross my legs again I quickly yanked my jeans and knickers down. I was weeing as I sat down though and some went on the floor and some on the front of the toilet seat. Oh sweet mamma the relief was intense. I sat with my head in my hands just enjoying the sensation of my hugely swollen bladder emptying itself. It did not gush out as it had the day I had to go in the ditch. This time it trickled really slowly and seemed to go on for a long long time, so I pushed a bit to quicken it. Much to my surprise I then began pooping as well. I didn't even have the slightest urge to do that so it took me by surprise. There were 4 or 5 big 'plops' in the pan and I can only say I felt great after getting rid of it all. When everything was finished I stood up and had a look in the pan. There were some really chunky but smooth poos in there along with very dark urine. I wiped myself and I also wiped the floor and seat where I had peed before exiting the cubicle feeling so much lighter. I no longer noticed the very cold night as I just felt so good.

I didn't have to wait long for my next bus and it was only a 20 minute journey from there followed by a very walk home. Funny thing was by the time I got home I really had to pee again and had quite a gusher as soon as I got in. So after waiting hours and hours I needed to go again and passed a lot of urine only 30 minutes or so later. Does this happen to anyone else? I have noticed this often happens to me after I have waited for a long time.

Thanks for the great comments everyone. Back when we were first dating, my wife and I were rather shy around each other about bodily functions. We're getting closer to being comfortable, but there is some room for improvement. I fart openly around her, and she does sometimes. I think society's standard of a woman is affecting her.

Yesterday, I began a little plan I had... I'd purposely hold my pee in overnight, so that I would have to go in the morning. When my wife woke up for her morning poop, I listened as per usual. After she dropped her first turd and was beginning to push out another, I knocked on the door. She answered "Yes?". I asked her if she was in the shower and could I use the toilet. She told me she was on the toilet right now, but she'd be done in just a moment.

I waited for this turd to splash into the water and then I heard the toilet paper being torn off. She must have wiped three times, as I heard the paper being ripped three separate times. Finally, she opened the door and I came in and added my pee to the already diluted toilet water and then flushed.

I suppose the fact that she didn't flush after pooping, knowing that I was immediately going to use it, shows she must be a little comfortable with pooping around me, despite the fact that she was definitely embarrassed about the situation. I took this moment to assure her that I love her. She expressed concern about me thinking she was 'gross' or something similar. I told her I would never think such a thing. Going to the bathroom is a very human need and shouldn't be viewed as gross. I made sure she knew that no bodily function could make me love her less.

At this point if I told her everything, she'd likely die of humiliation. I guess there's no rush on these things. We've only been married 6 years, after all. I think in a few days, I'll poop with the door slightly open and with her in the room, to reinforce my point that going to the bathroom is part of being human.

Hi Single Woman - Happy New Year to you too. That was an interesting story, but you didn't mention if you continued to smoke while in your niece's/nephew's bathroom (I hope not). It reminded me of my ex-wife who always smoked while using the bathroom. The natural odor from fecal matter never bothered me, but that stale nicotine stench was more than I could handle. It got to the point where I never used that bathroom but always went to the other bathroom in the house. By the way, my ex told me that she was going to quit smoking before we got married...yeah, right! Of course, I was stupid enough to believe her too. Oh they say, live and learn. Happy 2008!

Had an experience last Thursday. I was shopping for bargains in Selfridges and needed the ladies badly, christmas food making me loose, thankfully the toilet cubicles were not all occupied and heading for the first vacant one I bumped into another woman heading the same way. We kind of smiled and apologised and then darted into cubicles next to each other. I hurriedly lifted my skirt and scrambled my panties down just in time, I shit with an explosive splatt into the pan then my bum touched the cold seat. I just sat holding my stomach wishing it would finish and the woman next to me asked if I was okay? Somehow I answered her, I'mnot into chatting much in the toilet but we did, both of us having really good shits. Afterwards we went for tea in the Bodega Room. I had found a friend in the most embarrassing circumstances. Has anybody else found a friend when on the toilet?


Why go through the agony of holding it for so long? Just back up to any good-sized tree in the woods and let it fly.

Full Bladder
I think it is a good idea Janey. As long as they pee in appropriet place, it sure beates wetting your pants. We all have to pee sometimes.

Alice: I'm just like you in that pooping my pants isn't a sexual pleasure for me. I'm not turened on by it or anything like that. I just think it adds some excitement to the usual mundane task of pooping. And I would love to hear some of your stories.

This story is about my 11 year old sister. We were at the mall today when she turned to me and said that she had to poo. There was nothing unusual about this to me as we are often open about our bathroom habits to each other. But what she said next was what surprised me. She said, "but I feel like going in my pants for some reason." I was shocked but excited at the same time. I never would have expected her to say that. "you've been doing it a lot lately so it is my turn." I couldn't believe it, she knew what i've been doing for the past month. With that said, I told her "How about I do it with you." So we walked into abercrombie and we agreed to do it in the dressing room on the count of three. On three, we both pushed and I pooped my panties. I didn't have to go that badly. But I could tell Mimi did.(Her real name is Mindy). She stayed bent over for 5 minutes pooping as I saw a huge bulge developing in the seat of her panties. Her panties were completely filled with a huge bulge. We also decided to finish shopping before we went home. Luckily for me, my bulge wasn't big enough for everyone to see. But unfortunately for Mimi, hers was more like the one I had after my genuine accident Yesterday. She didn't seem to care that everyone around her knew what she had done. I just played along and pretended like I had no idea what just happened. We took about an hour to finish shopping and then we both left the store. we went home with pooped panties and helped each other clean up. I hope this was a bonding experience for both of us and I hope we can have more like it.

P.S. Remeber that guy I had a crush on that saw me soiling my panties in the parking lot? He asked me out. It turns out that he is into these kind of things too. His name is Kevin. This winter break has turned out awesome. My sister shares my interests and respects me a lot more. And the guy of my dreams asked me out. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I'll also repeat my question from yesterday. If any of you were ever caught with an accident in your pants, how were you punished if at all?

Peter from Australia again.It is new years eve here in Melbourne and
about 105 degrees with the same forecast for tomorrow.I have just
about melted.I spent christmas at my sisters in the country so have
just caught up with the recent stories and,as usual,there are plenty
of good ones.
I agree with Joe Stool and Edward that you can get your other half to
allow you to watch them taking a dump if you play your cards right.
I am single but have had a number of long term relationships.There are a number of things you do not do on a first date and farting is one of them.However I usually test the waters early in a new relationship and fart in front of my new partner to see what reaction I get.Most of them have not been offended which usually means that you can explore
the possibility of watching them take a dump as the relationship progresses.I figure that if a women is not comfortable with you farting in her presence then your chances of getting to watch her drop a load are probably less than zero.
About five years ago I had been going out with a lady for a couple of months and we were comfortable farting in each others presence and
announcing to each other when it was time for a piss or a shit.
One Saturday she had a birthday party at her unit for one of her girlfriends.When the guests had left and we were cleaning up I began to feel a build up in my rectum.I said that if she needed to go to the toilet now would be a good time.She said that she also needed a dump and suggested we toss a coin to see who got to go first.I won the toss but said that she could go first if I could watch.She thought about it for a few seconds and then agreed so I got to watch her sitting on the throne dropping her load.She had to push a bit to get things moving but then proceeded to to drop 5 or 6 turds which made a loud splash as they hit the water.She had that relieved look on her face when she finished.It was now my turn and she watched as I dropped one big log followed by 3 or 4 smaller ones.My load came out with no effort at all and left me feeling much better.
I don't think it matters whethet it is a man or woman that secretly wants to watch his or her partner drop a load.You can achieve your goal if you push the boundaries at the appropriate times.
Happy 2008 to you all! Keep those stories coming and good dumping

I have recently read a lot about people drinking their own pee. I am wondering,is this safe,particularly if you have held your pee a long time?

I have followed the debate last days on going to toilet outside. I think I agree with ~ric that it is more a question about what is acceptable than what is legal. Said in a practical way - you have to follow local customs and behave in accordance with attitudes relevant to just that situation. When camping at a site without access to any toilet it is usually commonly accepted to go in the bushes (anywhere in the world I guess - at least where I have been). But if there is an easy access to toilet facilities I guess it may be regarded as an offence if you go elsewhere. Certainly there also is a difference between remote areas an in the middle of a village or a town. Visiting Fraser island gave me an illustration of this. We camped for several days in the sandy dunes at the beach. No toilet around, and no doubt what we had to do. Everybody did. Likewise last summer in the mountains of Northern Europe we camped for several days at an unofficial but legal site, waiting for weather to allow us to enter the summit. The only way to get things done was to find a sufficient large stone, squat and get things done. Everybody did. And I guess nobody found it offending or very strange. Both there and on Faser island I saw other people squat, and others also saw me, but I did not feel it embarrassing. But when being unsure about what is ok or not I tend to feel very embarrassed in such situations. Once in China we were visiting the wall. On the bus trip I began to feel a strong urge (after three days constipation). When we arrived I asked the guide for the toilets. She said that they were about 1 km to walk up a hill from where the bus had parked. I knew that I could not manage that, took some paper napkins and went into the bushes. But when I sat there with my bottom exposed another person came about and saw me. I felt very embarrassed. I remember also that I felt very embarrassed once I walked in on a man squatting with his throusers down in the bushes at a parking area along a highway, mostly I think because I saw that he became very suprised. Another time I observed a girl (drug addict?) squat to take a dump in a park in town. I just felt pity for her, but I heard some others that obviously felt it as an offence.


I have been reading that forum for a long time... always nice stories! Still, I'd like to address a thought that I often have:

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by seeing girls on the toilet, especially passing huge turds. I wouldn't say that this is something bad, but still I really wonder what fascinates me so much about it. I mean, it's just getting rid of digested food, so a very unspectacular act which as such does not have anything sexual. Still - it turns me on. Has anyone of you found out why's that? Anyone who has the same, have you ever thought about that concern?

I mean, really, nothing bad about it, but still it's not widely accepted in our society to have such interests, it moreover can be a burden, sometimes. And well, I would have a much easier life if could just take my crap as anyone else does and that's it...

Would be interested in your opinions.

I'm 16, white, 5' 8" and live in California. I've moved around a lot because my dad is a corporate trouble-shooter (he saves businesses that are near bankrupt and then after a year or two we move on). The question about poop squatting is one that I have some expertise on--I guess I've tried it and see advantages to it, but I'm not particularly good at it (Mom's great--we've been in airports and other really filthy places and she'll just drop her dress/panties, lift the toilet seat with paper around her hand, and completely relieve her bowels within two minutes. Those who sit constipated and have to work to get results on the dirty public toilets would marvel at Mom. She says she was taught by her mother just before she started high school about 30 years ago. First, she stands close to the front of the stool so there's less splashing when it hits. Secondly, she spreads her legs as far as they will go--almost so they are touching the stall partition sides. Third, her butt is about two or three inches from the stool so that there's less splashing. Fourth, she says she "holds it" for several minutes and sometimes an hour or more to make sure it's ready because sitting and waiting isn't going to be much of an option. Fifth, on occasion, she has taken a couple of paper hand towels or toilet paper and laid them in the bowl as a liner so there's less splash if her stool is heavy and not broken up. Sixth, she believes there is less breakup in her rectum because the squat is more natural and its easier for the stool to stay compact and come out all at once. Seventh, she likes the fact there is less wiping because the fast it comes out, the less contact it has with her anal hairs. Eighth, she's tried to teach me but it hasn't worked. She has demonstrated for me several times, both at home and when we've been out in public restrooms, especially when we have privacy in unisex bahtrooms at gas stations and c-stores. My problem is first of all, patience. I have patience and I have had great success at squat peeing for the past two years. She taught me just before I started my freshman year. To think about all the toilet paper and time I wasted for several years covering a seat that I didn't even need to sit on....Well, the peeing is no problem and I can often elminate my bladder in about 60 to 90 seconds, much faster than trying to put the paper down and pee and wipe and wash my hands and still make it to my next class within our four-minute passing period. The squat peeing is also great for seats with pee on them (amateurs don't have the best aim and even with it, could/should lift the seat first). My skill can also be deceptive because I've heard a couple of the younger girls call me Mop because they open a stall door, see pee on the seat, and select another stall, I follow them in and with a smile on my face, do my thing, often get done before the others are up and wiped, and I make it to class on time. My problem with the squatting, however, is that I can't get it to work for pooping. I try, it takes me longer, I push and reposition my legs, but I just can't seem to get it out. The drop is there ready to come, if you know what I mean, but it won't come. This was particularly the case just last week at the mall where there was a long line for each of the 12 or so stalls. When it was my turn, I went in confidently, took paper and lifted the seat, dropped my jeans and thong all the way to floor and took my stance. I got close, I think it was starting to hang out, but after about five minutes and numerous repositionings, I just gave up. Mom says I lack "tenacity". I might add, that some of the repositionings/pushings I tried hurt a bit. I went back to the toilet tissue dispenser but there was only enough left for me to wipe with. Not enough to put on both sides, and over the front and the back of the seat. So I lowered the seat, and for the first time in a couple of years, I gingerly sat over the front--just enough so that my poop would make it into the bowl. Within 10 seconds of contact, one long piece of almost 3 inches in length sailed out and miraculously my butt didn't require any more than the remaining paper to wipe with. While I was relieved big-time, I felt a certain dirtiness about having failed in my squatting (again and again) and having had to sit on a public toilet seat. When I flushed and opened the door, a middle-aged woman was waiting and pretty angry with me for taking so much time. She swore at me and made some sort of remark about almost having to crap her pants. But knowing that there was no toilet paper left and I think she was probably already on the stool as I was washing my hands, I knew that she wouldn't be having a most pleasant experience. I took an immediate shower when I got back home. Then I felt even better!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Edward H
Ladies - a quick questionnaire:

1. How often do you poop?
2. Do you grunt while pushing?
3. Do you like the thought of others hearing you 'go'?
4. How large are your stools, on average?
5. Do you like to hear others 'go', the plops and sighs?
6. Which foodstuffs have you noticed, make you 'go'?

Thanks for your time - it's very much appreciated!

Edward H

TO TOM: My significant other is reasonably private regarding her BMs. We have never been able to properly link up in that regard. It would be so much more practical for us if it were not such an issue.
On a different subject I am off to another specialist in a couple of days to see about my health problem of which my constipation may be related to it or to the meds or a bit of both. Three days ago i gave myself the prune juice flush. I had to go to the toilet rather quickly and had a very happy result...and easy too! Upon starting to wipe my bum I noted there was a lot of poo in that area and then realised that there was some runny poo on the toilet seat at the back of my bum...Yuck!!! Due to the urgency I must have squirted a little before my bottom hit the seat. I did not go at all yesterday which did not bother me because I had such an evacuation the day earlier. Today I was awoken early with a need for a BM...I sat on the throne and let out a very loud fart...there was poo up there but it was so hard...TRACEYGIRL I will have to get some lubricant to see how that goes....anyway after some minutes of pushing and grunting I heard little plips tiny pieces of shit were being slowly pushed out then bigger turd../there was still a lot up there...I gave up and went back to sleep...upon waking again I had another long toilet session and produced marginally more but still plenty to the gym...sat on the toilet at the conclusion but no go but rather a big swollen lump in my anus....not the dreaded piles! I showered and pushed the lump back in. Straight to the office and pushed in a glycerin was a bit difficult as it had to go past the swelling..but it got there. Later I was talking on the phone and the urge really hit. There was nobody about and I wondered if I should drop my pants and unload in the bin next to my desk but thought that would be risky because the caller might hear. Fortunately the phone call quickly ended and I made a dash for the toilet and blew out a real lot of shit. My arse is sore!!!! The doctor has prescribe Movicol and it has had no effect...maybe I need a bigger dose...will talk to the specialist.
Happy New Year

Thunder From Down Under

"In some countries anyone 16 and under is allowed to pee in public. I think it is a good idea. Of course you can't just pee any whare, you have to pee in the grass or in a storm drain, so it is not like there are puddles of pee everwhere, which would be grose. There is nothing unsanitary about it. Its convient and it beats wetting your pants. If you pee in the sewer it goes to the same place as when you flush your toilet. When people walk the dogs they pee in the grass, so it is not any groser than for a kid to pee in the grass.

Tell me what you think, I would like to hear someone elses opinion on it."

I think it is a good idea. As long as they pee in appropriet place, it sure beates wetting your pants. We all heve to pee some times

Johnathan, of coure youre are right peeing in the woods is the best part of camping. I always want to go to camp grounds with out facilities

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