My name is Ashley, and I'm 17.
This year my class went on a two week long camp trip.

The only bathroom was an outhouse. So I went out there. When I got there, there was a first grader standing there looking scared, so I held my poop in for the first 10 days. On the eleventh day I woke up that morning nto feeling too good. But what should I expect, I hadn't taken a crap for 11 days. I was having horrible cramps, but i was still convinced that I could hold it.

Until at night i went to the outhouse. I opened the door and stepped in. The toilet was just a round hole with no seat. I turned around and pulled down my jeans and underpants.

I sat down on the cold wood and my stomach was pushing really hard and it hurt because it wasn't moving and it was so big. I started to cry. I begann straining and grunting. Then i push harder and harder, but nothing happen. Then after 20 minutes of pushing and grunting the very thick rock hard log moved slowly out.

The log was 6 inches thick and rock hard, and there were traces of blood in it. My anus was buring after this.

Does anybody else have any stories about being in a house with kids and not having a bathroom for them to use? Where do you have them go? What if they have to poop?

Hi i'm Angela, 16 years old, big butt, kinda chunky side and 5'4'

First let me tell you about my 14 year old sister; She poops 3 times a day, is really gassy, her farts are long and loud and dry and don't smell bad and she can hold her poop in when she gets the urge

Me on the other hand; I poop every 2 to 3 days, only gassy hours before a poop, my farts are long loud and wet and smell really bad and i can only hold my poop for 10minutes after the urge.

Christmas day i ate a lot and before bed i lay in my bed wearing my goodnite cause i wet the bed a few times a week. While laying in bed trying to sleep i kept farting these loud long dry farts which slowly turned into loud wet short blasters over 20minutes. I let go one fart that lasted like 8 seconds wet and muffled and the urge to poop hit me. I headed to the bathroom but my sister was in there brushing her teeth then going to poop and change for bed which takes her 20minutes. I went to my room waiting to hear her going back to her room but after 10minutes i really really had to go. I thought maybe trying to release a fart would help. I pushed to fart laying on my stomach and it was a small pop fart with poop sticking out my butt. I decided to just poop my goodnite which i did once when 12 while peeing it in the morning and accidently having it slide into the diaper. I stood up and began to push out a poop into my goodnite. I pushed out a log and i couldn't push anymore cause the goodnite was on tight. I slid it down a bit to give it room and then i pushed again and farted a thunderous BRRRRPPPPPPUAUAUAUAPPPP with a wet PRRTTT at the end pushing out some poop and it all started coming out. It was really gassy and i pooped for 5minutes(not straight pooping). I made sure i got it all out along with the farts.

It didn't smell very much suprisingly probably because of the goodnite. It held the mess well and i made sure to pull it up tight but it sagged a little from the weight of the poop. I sat down and it all kinda mushed into my butt and waited for my sister to goto bed. I got up and went to the bathroom when she went to bed and pulled down my goodnite and it smelt bad. I cleaned out the goodnite of the big poop and wiped my butt the best i could. I put it back on and went to bed. I didn't clean good enough because my butt was itchy the next day.

My mom saw my goodnite the next day because i slid it off onto my bedroom floor because my mom throws them out for me usually and she asked if i had an accident. I told her it must've been from all the farts i did last night and she laughed and said "must've been one big fart" and she said good thing i wear goodnites so she doesn't have to clean my bed sheets.

Hope you liked my story. I've pooped my pants before with some "farts" before and i got some stories about my sister farting and having diarehea in public. Hopefully i'll have time to share them.

I found this site by google after a xmas eve traffic jam, about me I'm 36 and in pretty good shape for my ripe old age, I live near a mall and I was driving home from work usually a 20 minute drive I was really starting to feel the need to poop, 5 minutes from home ( taking the exit the mall is on ) I got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, alot of starting and stopping and I have a standard shift car so there was alot of movement going on , after about 30 minutes of this I started to lose control and I was touching cotton now here's the thing once that happened I had this uncontrollable urge to push which I did, I completely pooped my pants !! I don't think i've ever pooped my pants that I can remember even as a kid but omg did it feel good ( for at least for the first minute anyway ).

Bursting to pee
Janey that is a good idea for any one under 16 to be allowed to pee in approprate public places.

To Meesha: Oh sweetie, don't strain like that when you're constipated or you're going to hurt yourself, like give yourself hemorrhoids or an anal fissure. If your stool is that big and hard and won't come out, lubricate your anus with something to help it pass. I always keep a little bottle of hand lotion in my purse and I use that when I'm in a public bathroom and my stool is stuck. At home I use K-Y jelly. Just put some on your finger and gently push it up in your butt several times to spread it around. Tracy P.S. Maybe you should have an enema to get all that hard stool out. How long since you've had a BM?

I have a question to ask of all the females. When you poo in the ladies' room, do you sit or squat (standing in front of toilet or on top of toilet)? When squatting, do you shake your bottom to get the last bits of bowels out or no? This is a survey

i was driving in south ga doing some buiness when i felt the need to go to the bathroom . i was coming into a town so i knew the would be a gas station or something soon i was quite desperate now i pull into a friendly express i rush in the bathroom is in the back a one seater i walk towards it unbuckling my belt i opened the door saying outloud which i regret now thank god i have to shit so bad i turn the corner and there a young woman was sitting on the toilet she said sorry door doesnt lock i will be out in a minute i turn around buckle my pants and walk out and wait man i really have to go a few minutes later she walks out and applogizes agin i rush in pull my pants down just enough to get my butt on the seat i start to go and a lady walks in just as i splater the toilet she just dropped her jaw i said no lock she just laughed and walked out. yea i thought she that youg woman on thed toilet was funny to .

Edward H

That was an eloquent posting from you! That situation was one that I found myself in some years back. The conflict between "Shall I say something to her?" or not. With my ex-gf I chose the latter course, though I think that, in time she came to realise that her 'going' was of more than a passing interest to me.

In fact, she visited me a month or so ago, and after I'd shown her round my new house, she said she needed to use the bathroom. "This is just like old times", I thought! I made as if to go back into the kitchen and she closed and locked the bathroom door behind her.

Standing close to the door, I heard her pull her white jeans down and start peeing. Then, I held my breath, thinking "Will she/won't she?". Gradually, I could make out soft, feminine grunts as she began to push. At first it was just a succession of short pushes....and then, the plops - hard distinct little pellets hitting the water. Then a pause, as she caught her breath. Another intake of breath and she pushed a bit harder - some softer stuff flumped into the pan, as she let out a soft "Aaaahh" and sighed to herself. Having spent a good 5 minutes she wiped, flushed and returned to me in the kitchen.

The way she smiled at me, I just wondered if she'd remembered my 'interest' from the past and wanted to 'go' in my house for that reason? It was sweet....and made my week.

Tom: How about dropping 'bathroom' things into conversation from time to time? Maybe saying, "I really need to go to the loo - might be a while" or even saying that you're having 'difficulty' going? (even if you're not). It would be a way of seeing how open she could become to the subject, within the context of a relationship. Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

Edward H

yesterday i was sitting here on the computer when i started getting really gassy i kept farting a lot than i started to get a little stomach cramps this was telling me that i had to poop i went upstairs pulled down my pants sat on the toilet and started pooping it was soft and a little messy to clean up i wiped and flushed and came back on the computer then like an hour later i started getting really bad stomach cramps and i had to poop again i though i was going to have diarrhea i went upstairs again and sat on the toilet i didnt have diarrhea a bunch of soft mushy poop poured out of me i farted then i was done i wiped and flushed and was done
well thats all for just

i know this may sound weird but i like having diarrhea
what foods can i eat or drink so i will get it
prunes didnt work

Joe Stool
Tom: I understand your reluctance (and embarrassment) about asking your wife if you can watch her crap. However, my first instinct is to say that you are probably exaggerating the potential consequences. I mean, come on - you're married; you share just about everything already, you've been through a lot and you hopefully connect on deep and important levels. Though I'm not married, I've had many long term relationships. When my interest in women defecating came up, even the women who were not yet ready to engage me were relieved at the relative triviality when I finally revealed my interest to them; the way I had built it up, they thought that there was a real horrible secret. The worst that she could say is no; you would have to respect that, but maybe you could still ease her into the idea over time. Regardless, if she's willing to leave you over something this small (and it is small, bro - relative to the large existential crises that are part of the human condition), then there were probably much greater (ultimately unrelated) relationship issues to begin with. How you approach this may also depend on the overall level of intimacy that you both enjoy. Are things generally good with your marriage otherwise? Furthermore, how she will react may depend on how open and comfortable the two of you are about all things bodily? Do the two of you fart around each other? Are you able to be casual about your bowel habits around her? Does she discuss her bms, mentstration, etc. with you?
If the two of you are already comfortable and casual about bodily functions, you might go ahead and mention your interest without directly asking. If you are both, however, as many otherwise close couples are - reserved about things bodily, perhaps first, you should slowy work on becoming more comfortable in this realm: bathroom humor jokes, taking the lead in being open about farts, bms, etc. Regardless, whenever this comfort level has been reached, it becomes easier to mention your interest. After this is done and further comfort is established, then it may be time to ask for the biggie. Above all continuing to do small things to show her how much you love, respect and appreciate her is key. Though it takes courage, the rewards are worth it and the bonding may improve your marriage. Who knows, maybe there is some kinky interest that she has and has been too shy to mention.
Good luck in your quest. I doubt dire consequences will result. Again much of your inhibition probably stems from your own embarassment, as well as an underlying fear that the listening pleasures that you enjoy may go away if she becomes aware and apprehensive. By the way, if she already comfortably craps in your presence - albeit asleep, this is a good sign and a good start; many otherwise successful relationships never even achieve this (she has to know that at some point you've heard her). What I'm saying here is nothing new; it's been said "many times, many ways" by men and women alike throughout the history of this forum. Additionally, I really enjoyed your description of your wife's movement. Please continue to keep us updated with details (grunts, plops, farts, smells, etc.) and also let us know how your larger progress is going.
To all other poopers and pissers here: Happy Holidays! Lets here from women about their holiday dumps and from men who have heard and/or seen women pooping recently. Good cheer, Joe Stool

The holidays always does a number on my belly.

All the food I've pooped out over the past week could have fed the homeless for a month.

I need some advice from all you experts. For the last month or so all my bowel movements are in the form of diarreah. The pattern is I have diaraeh for a brief period--no more than two trips to the bathroom, usually just one. Then I don't poop at all for two or three days and then it starts again. The advice nurse at my medical plan said I was probably dehydrated, but I've increased the amount of water I drink but it hasn't helped. I have varied from the usual pattern the last couple days because I pooped today after having diaraeh yesterday. Today's poop was more solid sort of a mixture of solid poop and diareah. Normally my poops are very dry and solid. I wonder if I could have developed lactose intolerance. I didn't think people my age (48) got LI.
Any thoughts


You are right it is not real camping if there are toilets at the camp ground. But it is easyer fro a guy than a girl. But most girls can too.

My parrents have this old toilet behind the garage that they were going to use as a planter but they never did. Sometimes when I me or any of my friends need to pee we just pee in it and sometimes even poop. It is also a good place for girls to go if they have to pee while they are outside.

Poop girl-
I think it have been less embarassing to have just found some wear to pull your pants down and pee, Than to wet your pants and walk around in wet pants for the rest of the day.

I still say it is not real camping if there are bathroomms. Does anyone else agree?

I think this is an interesting point not least because I suspect that there is a difference between what is actually strictly legal (for which one can not therefore be prosecuted) and what is generally deemed acceptable behaviour. I suspect that, at least as it seems to be in Britain in 2007, this is also a grey area in the laws of many other countries too. (I'd like to hear your thoughts on this quite regardless of whether or not you agree.)

Allowing kids to wee in (appropriate) public places is generally well tolerated here in the UK even though it may not actually be legal. For adults that is not normally deemed acceptable and is certainly not legal. When out in the countryside however, and in the privacy of a secluded spot, it is extremely unlikely that even an adult would risk prosecution for taking a dump. If they were caught doing so (other than by a police officer, which is unlikely) it would require someone to go to the police with a complaint before the legal process could start.
If however there were allegations or reasonable suspicions of something much more serious, such as any inappropriate sexual motive, that would immediately trigger a criminal investigation. I think that we would all agree with that..."

I am not sure If there acually is a legal age thet determins if you can pee in appropriate public places or not, but up to 16 years old it is deemed acceptable behaviour. However I have hered that in some countries there actualy is a legal age.

I was in my bedroom with my fat friend when he said to me that he really needed to poo. My bedroom is connected to my bathroom so i could hear him pooing the whole time. He sat down on the toilet and started grunting. I heard 2 long poos crackle out and plop into the toilet. While he was pooing i recorded the sound of the poo hitting the water on my cellphone. Then he told me his poo was really green. He told me was going 2 finish wiping and then he would let me see for myself. I looked into the toilet and saw 2 big logs of green poo. He flushed and we went outside.


I think you just shouldn't be bothered by harassing comments.. Maybe you should even go rebellious against it!!

Compared to my toilet sessions, your 10 to 15 minutes on average are pretty quick! I only poop at about every 3 to 4 days, but when I go, I sit for a very long time. Mostly about 90 to 120 minutes.. Though, lately it has been a bit shorter, because I let the pressure raise longer. I do this because I found out that, when my first urge hits me, my rectum isn't filled yet!

So I let the pressure build up, and then I take a long relaxed sitting on the toilet. And I don't really care if it's a public or a private one.

Maybe you should wait longer before you go..

Single Woman
Hi everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. I know I did. It's good to back home though. Anyway I have a poop story for you. I went over to my sister's house on Christmas Day for lunch. My mom and my oldest sister cooked a lot of food. There were 25 of us including myself, my oldest sister and her husband and children, my brother-in-law's parents, my other sister and her family, and my parents. Needless to say, we ate a lot. After lunch I went out to the porch for a cigarette when out of nowhere, I got the urge to poop. Since I didn't want to poop where there were a lot of people, I went up stairs and used my niece's bathroom. I locked the door, raised my dress, pulled my panties to my shoes and sat down. I peed first for about 40 seconds when I started to feel the poop come out. The first small piece fell out with a small plop. I took one of my sister's magazines on the rack by the tub and started to read it. Then I felt another piece up there. I squeezed and it fell out. Just then I heard what sounded like a crackle. It was probably just my butt I thought. I pushed again and a small turd splashed into the toilet. I hoped there was air freshener because I started to stink up the bathroom. I thought I had finished when I felt a turd creep out of my butt. I looked between my legs and I saw this light brown snake emerge out of me and the crackling noise it made while coming out echoed through the bathroom. Finally it fell into the water and I sighed in relief. I wiped five times and flushed it down. I washed my hands and went back downstairs to talk. About fifteen minutes later I was talking to my mom and my sister when my five-year-old nephew came running in laughing. "Mommy! Mommy!" he said. "Guess what!" "What is it honey?" my sister said. "Aunt Linda went poop in my bathroom and she left a floater and she stunk up the potty!" he said. I felt humiliated because almost everybody heard him. My sister got mad at him. She yelled at him and told him that you don't discuss people's bathroom habits to other family members and to apologize to me. I told him that's okay. I mean, he's only five, and yes, I did leave quite a smell behind. My sister told my nephew that he had to wait until everyone else opened their presents before he could for embarrassing me. Sorry the story was so long, but there was a lot of detail. Talk to you soon. Happy New Year!

About a week ago, I remember thinking about how many times I've pooped my pants. But I realized i'd never had a genuine accident since second grade. So I thought that I'd just hold it untill I couldn't hold it anymore. I started holding it on wednesday. I would only visit the bathroom to pee. Thursday wasn't that bad. I had a few cramping sessions but they all subsided. This morning, I got up and within a few minutes, I started to feel cramps again. But these didn't subside. I put on some jeans and drove to a store that was an half an hour from my house. I chose this location because I didn't want anybody I knew seeing me with pooped pants. I walked into the store and started looking around at the clothes. The cramps got worse but I resisted the urge to use the bathroom. I kept looking around for another hour when the cramps were terrible and I knew that I was only a few minutes away from a true accident. I got to a dress that I thought looked really pretty. For some reason, the store put the price tag on the bottom of the dress. I bent over to check the price and my bowels just let go without me doing anything. I stayed bent over for a minute as my pants expanded to form a huge bulge. My panties were completely filled. And it was very noticeable to everyone what had just happened. It is one thing to deliberately poo your panties. But it is different when it is a genuine accident. I'm sure that everyone I passed knew exactly what happened. I walked out of the store with a load in my panties. I drove home with the windows opened. When I got home, I became terrified at the sight of my mother's car. I had completely forgotten that my mother had the day off today. My mother was very sympathetic about it because to her, this was my first accident. But I have an 11 year old sister that has accidents about twice a year and the standing rule in the house is that you have to spend the rest of the day in your soiled panties and you cannot use the toilet. I could tell my mother didn't want to do it but that wouldn't be fair to my sister. So I had to spend the rest of the day with a load in my panties. That isn't what I call delightful having to spend a day with soiled pants and everybody around you knowing about it. The worst part of it was that one of my friends rang the door bell and I had to explain everything to her. I sure hope she keeps that experience to herself. Because the last thing I need is The entire school knowing that I pooped my pants.

If you ever had an accident and your parents found out. How did they punish you if they did actually punish you?

Keith D
I've remembered another story from my childhood. This one is a bit weird. When I was 11, I was best friends with this boy, Luke, who lived a couple of blocks away. Luke was 10, a year younger, short with blonde curly hair, and we used to play together on a few sports teams and I often used to go round to his place after school to watch TV. We used to play a few board games with his older sisters. His family was pretty cool - they all seemed to get on and didn't squabble. They said that they were Mormons. I didn't really understand what that meant, other than it had something to do with believing in God. They had a few strange traditions in their family, but I don't think that their customs were anything to do with being Mormons. Their parents were just very strict. But they were just fun people to get along with.

One Saturday I was staying at Luke's place while my Mom had gone to a business meeting. I was eating lunch with Luke's family and had just finished. Luke's Dad said it was okay for me to go upstairs and watch TV. His dad was pretty stict and authoritative, but was nice enough, really kind to me, and was happy to let us kids run around and for "boys to be boys". Luke had already left the table and I just presumed that he was already upstairs watching. As I went down their hall towards the stairway, I just happened to look sideways. Their toilet was in a small room off the hallway, with a single stall facing the door and a brown carpeted floor. The door was open all the way back until it rested against the wall. And there sat Luke, jeans and briefs around ankles, knees together, leaning forward. He was looking at the wall and slowly turned his head to look straight at me. His eyes widened and he dropped his head and looked a bit embarrassed Given that he was seated, I realised that he was taking a dump.

I was totally weirded out. I had never really seen anyone sitting up on the throne before. Nobody in my house ever left the toilet door open and I'd never seen anyone in my family use the toilet. I guess I was a bit sheltered as a kid. I'd seen people poop before, outdoors and things like that, but it just seemed strange that someone would leave the door open as if they wanted to see. I was interested even then in people's toilet habits, but I just got a shock at the time.

I just panicked and ran back down the hallway to the kitchen. His father stopped me by the table "What's wrong?" "Luke's taking a poop with the door open!" I just blurted out, without really thinking. Luke's Dad put his hand on my shoulder and sat me down and in a deep and knowing voice explained that "in our family, we do things a little differently. We don't close doors on each other and have no secrets from each other." By this stage, I was starting to feel a bit creeped out, things just didn't feel normal (for me, anyway), and his dad was keeping a firm grip on my shoulder. "Er, okay" I said, and he let me go back upstairs to watch TV. I made sure not to look towards the toilet on my way past. I didn't mention the incident to Luke.

I kept thinking about that day for a long time. I couldn't work out why people would leave the door open, as if they wanted people to see what they were doing. And what was the big secret? Were they all sharing the secret of how to poop?

A couple of weeks later, I was visiting Luke again, and after watching TV we were going outside to ride our bikes. As I went downstairs, I made sure to look towards the toilet to see if anyone was in. This time, I was even more startled. Sitting on the toilet was Luke's sister Ally. Ally was 12 at the time, a year older than me. She was tall, skinny, with straight brown hair down past her shoulders.

She sat on the toilet, in a white T-shirt, with her green plaid skirt hitched up and back, bare feet, and her white knickers bunched up on the floor in front of her. She was sitting bolt upright on the seat, with her knees spread apart so that her thighs were at a 90 degree angle to each other. Against her pale skin I could clearly see a patch of pale, fluffy hair between her legs. It stood out because it was such a light blonde colour, compared to her naturally dark brown hair.

Again in shock, I stopped and stared. I guess I expected her to yell or scream and slam the door shut. But she didn't. She didn't look shocked, or embarrassed, or ashamed, or angry or annoyed or self conscious or start giggling or anything. She just stared straight at me, her piercing blue-grey eyes just staring so cooly and intently right into me. I just stared straight back. I don't know if she was peeing or pooping or what, as there was no smell and nothing was coming out at the time.

Luke came down the stairs behind me. He pushed past, saying "We going riding? What's up? Oh it's just Ally." We ran outside and went off on our bikes. But I guess I'll never forget the unabashed intensity of Ally's stare.

I guess that as an adolescent I didn't really understand what was going on with the family at the time. Was going to the toilet with the door open a mormon thing? I don't think that's likely. I don't have anything against mormons or anything, after all, Luke was one of the coolest guys I knew. Was the father afraid of what the kids might get up to behind closed doors. I recently saw a copy of a leaflet called the guide to Mormon youth or something. There was this section on how to cure your children of the evils of masturbation! One recommendation was to have them leave the door open when showering or using the toilet, so that there would be no privacy or temptation. Was this what the father was worried about? We were only kids back then, 12 and under, surely he couldn't have been worrying about us getting up to that sort of stuff.

I'm just curious as to whether leaving the door open is common in some families and the reason why.

Like Michelle, I'm absolutely terrified of Sarah Jo's account. I personally haven't been able to get it out of my head since I read it. I can't believe something like that could even happen! If I were in that classroom, I would have definitely objected to the teacher's decision, catholic or not!

I really wish to offer my deepest and sincerest feelings towards that account. Accidents, like Michelle stated, should be met with care and understanding. I'm so sorry that it even happened. I've never had an accident in school, but I wonder what I would have done in the same situation.

I really feel better posting my feelings about this, and I hope you don't feel any worse about the incident. All I can say is feel better! ^___^

Karen's brother Dick
When my twin sister Karen was 22, she went on a summer holiday to Turkey with her boyfriend Mike. When she got back, she told me about everything she did on holiday, including things that I can't mention here. Karen and I had always been close and since childhood, we have been very open about toilet matters.

Karen told me that she suffered from a bad attack of 'the runs' when she was in Turkey. She woke up one morning feeling sick and she had an urgent need to poo. She rushed into the bathroom in the hotel room with nothing on while Mike was in there taking a shower. She was having an emergency at both ends at the same time and wasn't sure which one was more urgent. She knew she was about to be sick so she knelt down on the floor, put her head over the toilet bowl and was violently sick into the toilet. At this point she lost control at her other end and diarrhea ran down her legs and onto the floor. Then she sat on the toilet as she thought it was better to do her diarrhea down the toilet even if this meant being sick onto the floor.

Karen had thrown up and done a poo in front of me when we were children and also while she was drunk when we were 18 (I wrote about that on page 1622) so she didn't think it was too much of a problem doing it in front of her boyfriend Mike. Mike had never seen a girl pooing before and to see Karen kneeling on the floor with diarrhea coming out of her bottom was too much for him. He was completely grossed-out by it and the smell made him throw up. Karen told him that he would need to get used to things like that if they ever had children. Little did she know that might happen sooner than they expected.

Later that day, Karen and Mike were sunbathing on the beach. Karen suddenly had stomach cramps and an urgent need to run to the toilet but as soon as she stood up, she had a poo accident. As she was wearing very brief thong type bikini panties, there was nothing to keep her poo in and her diarrhea ran down her legs. She said that it was a bit embarrassing to be seen on the beach like that but it seemed to worry Mike much more that it worried her. Karen ran into the sea, sat down, took her bikini panties off and finished pooing in the sea. Then she washed herself and her panties in the sea and went back to the hotel room to change.

Karen didn't feel like eating much for the next two days but fortunately she wasn't sick again although her diarrhea continued. She had brought some oral rehydration salts with her and she took these to combat dehydration. She also tried taking some anti-diarrhea tablets but she found that these 'stopped her up' and she felt really ill so she stopped taking them and let nature take its course. One evening when she felt better, Mike took Karen out for a romantic meal at a local restaurant on the sea front. During the meal, Mike asked Karen to marry him and she was pleased to accept. After leaving the restaurant, they walked along the beach in the moonlight, they kissed and Mike talked about what he wanted to do when they got back to their hotel room. Karen said that the only problem with that idea was that her meal would all come out the other end soon. Mike said that she was so romantic!

As soon as they got back to the hotel room, Karen went and sat on the toilet and had diarrhea for about 10 minutes. When she had finished, she came back into the bedroom and got undressed but she warned Mike to keep clear as she had more diarrhea inside her she might explode at any moment. Mike lost interest in his idea after that and Karen went back and sat on the toilet for an hour. By the time she got into bed, Mike was fast asleep. The next morning, they decided to catch up on some unfinished business from the previous night. Karen was worried that her diarrhea might have flushed her birth control pills through her system but as they had just got engaged, that didn't seem to matter too much.

The next day, they were due to fly home and Mike was driving them to the airport in their hire car. Suddenly, Karen said, "Please stop NOW, I am about to shit myself". Not wishing to lose the deposit on the hire car by leaving a mess on the seat, Mike stopped immediately. Karen jumped out of the car, dropped her shorts and panties and squatted by the side of the road in full view of passing traffic. "I was shitting water," she told me.

A few weeks after Karen got back to England, she told me that she was pregnant. She hadn't told Mike yet and she was worried about how he would react. She thought that he might leave her and I told her that I would stand by her whatever happened. She said that was very sweet.

To Shy girl:
I think that was really brave for a shy girl like you. I am also very shy and I don't think that I would have had the nerve to just pull my pants down. I think I would just start to hold myself after I had spurted. Obviously your solution is better than mine! So praise you for doing this as a shy person! Weeehoo!

Hey all, I'm new here (well, I've been a lurker for quite some time now but this is my first post). Maybe I'll post about an accident I had a couple of days ago, but it's not that special so I'll only post it if people want to hear it. If you would like to hear about my accident, please tell me and I'll write about it.

To Erica: I think it was very brave of you to poop in your panties while at school and stay in them for another half a schoolday! I would never dare to do that. Also, it would be difficult at my school because we sit very close together in all classrooms.

To Sarah Jo: That's so mean of the girl behind you AND your teacher! Like many others here I hope they both pooped there pants at least once, because having an accident is not that funny!
Furthermore, you said you are having accidents since then, currently a couple a week. I think that's very unpleasent (and I can know, because I am having accidents too, see below), but you are having a lot! How do you handle this? Do you wear some sort of protection? Are you usually to far away from a toilet or does it come out unexpected? Please tell us some stories about your accidents. There should be enough, so pick some nice ones ;-)

I totally forgot to introduce myself! I am Alice and I am a rather shy 15 y/o girl (white) from Europe. I am about 1.70 long I think and I weigh about 50 kg. I'm a bit skinny (I have been told) but I eat a lot and also healthy food so I guess I just don't gain weight/get fat that fast. I have blue eyes and my hair is blond/gold-like, not really light blond but not really dark either and it's a bit straight at first but it curls some more past my ears. Its shoulderlength. My breasts are not very big, but I'm not flat either: just regular breasts I guess. I usually wear jeans and a tight top but I also like skirts and loose tops.
I have been a betwetter until somewhere around the age of 8. My parents have taken me to a couple of doctors and I've had therapy which eventually helped. Before I always came home from school with a wet patch on my jeans, because I had been dribbling but I hadn't noticed. After the therapy I stopped wetting the bed for which I wore diapers during the night and I did not wet my pants during the day anymore, at least not every day. Now I never wet the bed anymore, I haven't done that in like 5 years! (pretty good for an ex-bedwetter, eh?) However, my panties are not always dry. I do not dribble every day like when I was 7, but whenever I am holding it for a long time or when I am sporting I start to dribble again.

Now comes the tricky part: I sometimes like to pee my panties! (No-one knows except me and now you guys on this forum. ;-) No parents, no friends, NO-ONE!) It's not a sexual thing for me like dozens of people on the internet, which is why I've come to this forum. I just like the feeling. I hope people will accept me as I am on this forum. I think you all will, though, because I have seen other girls my age here recently of who some like to do this too! Oh well, I mean people like Erica and Paige. I really liked your stories, girls! Go on like that and tell us more. I will too if someone asks for it.

I sometimes (really really sometimes, not often) poop my panties too. I do this and the peeing with some panties I keep hidden, so no-one will know. I only do this when there is no-one at home.

I hope some people will read this post till the end, despite it being long. If someone wants to know something about me, do not hesitate to ask me! I will answer all (well...almost all ;-)) questions.

Lots of love,

I just finished my first semester of college. I made the 600-mile drive back home during the Christmas travel rush. Although my parents were against me doing the whole trip in one day, I didn't want to waste money on a motel. About every three hours I stopped at an interstate rest stop to pee because I drink a lot of soda and coffee to stay awake. My most interesting bathroom experience came last weekend in Illinois. There were three stalls, each without a door, but the far stall had police tape blocking its entrance. You could see the stool had been broken off the wall and was just sitting out on the middle of the stall floor. There were five of us waiting our turn initially, including an older lady who took the first stall, sat down slowly and for about the 10 or 15 minutes I was there, she just sat and we didn't hear any noise in the bowl and she didn't move or say a word. My first thought was: what luck, a constipated lady taking up 50% of the toilet space and not producing nothing. It was so strange seeing her sitting there with her white underwear and sweats down to floor level and no movement on her part. I would have been petrified in a situation like that that the others would yell at me or cuss me out. The woman in the first stall had been a fast pee-er (less than a minute down) and she hurriedly pulled her jeans up and flushed. There was a grandma in front of me--I remember complimenting her on her charm bracelet on which she had pictures of each of her god children--and she seemed to like the conversation, although she made some remark while wiping the seat about hoping she wasn't too nervous to "move her bowels" with a line and audience. She did fine and was out of there probably within three minutes and apologizing for taking that long. I was next in line and by now felt I would have to do more than pee. Due to the stress of finals, I hadn't crapped in five days and I was feeling bloated. I had just sat down and felt good about there no longer being a line and me having some privacy, relatively I guess, when a girl about 11 came literally running in and pleaded with me to let her go because she was about ready to have an accident in her pants. I got up immediately, turned sideways as I was pulling up my jeans, and she brushed by me, and started getting herself situated. It was obvious that she was in pain and scared. She was wearing a parochial school uniform so what she did was position herself in front of the toilet, pull down her panties, and by holding her skirt up a little, she squatted and did a fast two minute pee without sitting down on the toilet. She said she'd been holding it for more than an hour but her father refused to stop earlier. She thanked me twice and wished me well on my trip as she was washing her hands. There were about 5 or 6 droppings of pee on the seat that I wiped off before sitting down. My pee was average, especially for such a chilly bathroom and seat, but within a minute on the stool I was able to release one of the largest shits I've had since high school. It was about 2-feet long and wide enough to stop up the stool. I wiped and although, I tried to flush it, it was to no avail. As I washed my hands, I felt bad about what I was leaving for the next user, but I had no alternative. And I made a final check in the mirror of the woman in the other stall. That stoic lady was still sitting there, doing I don't know what.

Friday, December 28, 2007

TO CLAIRE: Wow, what a relief it is to drop a load as and when the need demands! Like you sometimes I do more poos out of home than at home. I like privacy but it is not essential. i have often pooed in unisex toilets etc. I have no trouble pooing outdoors either.
TO LINDA from Aust...methinks you might have to follow Claire`s example and poo at work...why not see a naturopath about having your poos made softer...colonic irrigation has helped me somewhat.

Hi Linda from Australia
My response to your questions:

Have you ever gone longer without a poo?
Yes - 13 days. It was over last Christmas and the New Year. I did not go from a few days before Christmas day - until early in the New Year. Overindulging in too much Christmas fare left me absolutely solid. I did start to feel uncomfortable after about 10 days with my rectum aching and a mild headache.

How long does it take for you to push your poos out?
Can take up to 20 minutes if they are wide dry and lumpy

Do you grunt and groan loudly while pooping?
Yes I often have to grunt when trying to get started, and sometimes have to abandon trying to expel a difficult one. My rectum aches for about an hour and then the urge to empty subsides. I have another go the following day.

Do you get butt phlegm (liquid poo that gets past the impacted mass and ends up soiling your knickers) ?
No - fortunately, sometimes mucus when I strain hard to pass a large impacted lump without success.

Do you squat on the toilet or stand up to do a poo?
No, but I do lean forward and bounce up and down on tiptoe sometimes.

Have you ever been on the toilet, had a log half way out your bum, that you can't push out anymore and had to break it off? Or had to get up to answer the phone or front door with a log hanging out your bum?

Yes, and the remainder retreats into my rectum to be passed another day. I would never go to answer the front door with a log hanging out of my bum !

A happy and peaceful New Year to you.

Keith D
To Claire: I guess I was like you once. I wasn't really conscious of my "phobia" as you call it. It's just that for the first 20 years of my life, I never pooped in a public toilet. I mean, I had no idea of what the stalls even looked like. I went in to pee, but as a guy, only had to visit the urinals, not go further. And I rarely used public toilets anyway, I could hold all day until I got hme if I needed to, without consciously getting the urge to hold.

As a child, I was often constipated (as I've talked about previously). I guess it's possible that part of the reason for that is that I wouldn't go when I first got the urge, partly due to my avoidance of public facilities. But really, I just didn't like the feeling of pushing it out. At least it's something I've gotten to really enjoy now. The only time I ever really used a public stall as a kid was when I was about 7 and on holiday and was in trouble from my Mom for getting skidmarks (the damp juicy type that squeeze past a hard backed-up turd in you rectum) in my pants again. She took me into a block near the beach. It had a single, brick-lined stall that was a very dark. I think I sat there for half an hour, only half-heartedly trying to push something out. Eventually she had to come get me and get on with our travelling. No poop that day (or week).

By the time I got to college, I still hadn't pooped in a public facility. While there, I was on this trial medication for about a month that had nasty side-effects. One was skin exfoliation, particularly of "internal surfaces". Basically, it made the inside of your mouth and nose sore. What the doctor didn't mention, however, was that it also made your urethra very very sore. And it stung so bad when I peed! I would put off peeing for ages and when I did go it took twice as long to empty and caused twice as much pain. It got to the stage where I dreaded going and it would take ages to actually get the stream started. Eventyually, I found I was waiting so long that I was having to sit and relax to wait, and brace myself against the seat or wall to handle the pain while going. I spent a lot of time sitting on the bowl waiting. Finally, after a lecture one day, I felt the need to pee while on campus. I made one of my rare trips to a public loo and had to enter a stall (1st time!) so that I could sit to pee. Once comfortable, I found the stall quite interesting. It was clean and shiny, and the graffiti was kinda cool. Crude, but some of the pictures and poems and things were quite clever and funny. While sitting, I even managed a small (couple of marbles) poop, which with little effort slipped through my ring. I also found that by sitting there, you could hear what the people in neighbouring stalls were doing. It was the first time I'd ever gotten much of an idea of how other people go to the toilet, how long it takes, whether they push and strain, etc. It was a real eye opener, and with curiosity revisited that toilet many times again when i had the need.

I now like to poop in public facilities any chance I get. But I still have a phobia of pooping when my friends or family are around. Somehow, that is different.

Claire, got any stories of specific poops you have had in unusual places? Your detailed, descriptive posts are great.

To THUNDER: Lucky the receptionist wasn't there later on or she'd wonder what you were doing. Actually, it can be interesting to get people's comments sometimes. When I work in the office, I have one female coworker who is stationed near the doors to the toilets and always stares at me as I go over to the door. She must sit there and monitor people all day...

Paul - A few years ago when I was 12 our toilet was broken for several hours. When I needed to pee my dad lifted me up onto our kitchen counter and I peed in the sink. Eventually I needed to poop, and when I couldn't hold it anymore my mom told me to put one of my little sister Gina's diapers on, but it wouldn't fit so I opened it up and sat on it. I wanted to squat over it but my mom was afraid I'd miss and poop on the floor. Pooping while sitting flat on my butt was a struggle, and when I was finished my butt was covered with poop. I had to use a bunch of baby wipes to clean up.

Also, I was babysitting one time when the little girl I was babysitting needed to go to the bathroom. Since she was being potty trained I took her right away. Well, she was taking forever and I needed to pee. Eventually I couldn't hold it anymore, but I didn't want to rush the little girl so I squatted over their cat's litter box and peed. The little girl's mom thought the cat was sick or something, and I was too embarassed to admit what I'd done.

Once when I was about eleven, I was staying overnight at a friend's apartment with only one bathroom. She went to take a shower and was in the bathroom for a very long time. After a while I realized I needed to pee. I held it in as long as I could, trying to distract myself. I had no idea what to do since there was always another bathroom to use in my parents' house.

I was way too ashamed to knock on the bathroom door and admit the truth. I could hear the shower still on, and knew I was running
out of time. I was losing the battle as a small trickle of pee began to leak onto my legs. Thinking quick I pulled off my underwear and jumped up on the kitchen counter with my naked butt hovering over the sink. It only took about a second before my bladder let go and an unstoppable river of pee forcefully hit the stainless steel sink.

Thankfully, I didn't pee the carpet or get caught in the act of using her kitchen sink as a toilet. I rinsed the sink with clean water leaving no evidence or smell behind. I never told anyone what I did. I find it so sad that I was ashamed to admit I had to urinate. After all it's a normal bodily function.

When I was in early teens my grandfather passed away and we moved into his house in the country. Grandfather built the two bedroom, one bath house but left the outhouse standing in the event of need. We were a family of six so my brother and I had one set of bunkbeds and my two sisters had another set of bunkbeds all in one room. We had lived in the home only a short time when the plumbing failed. The toilet was in the house but not usable.

Shortly after bedtime my sister informed us she needed to poo very bad, but she was afraid to go outside after dark. None of use would go with her. Soon after, I fell asleep. The next morning I discovered her pooed panties and lumps of poo floating in the bathroom sink. I don't know if she crapped her panties in bed or in the bathroom, but she did crap her panties. She was eleven or twelve at that time.

Doesn't Wipe
Does anybody have any stories about a girl who didn't wipe after pooping, or a girl who never wipes? Or If you are a girl, have you ever not wiped after pooping?

Keith D
To Viky: Wow! nice catch! I'm amazed that you were able to hold it all within just your skirt. I assume that it was a fairly firm poop. Was it big? How did you get so desperate to go in the first place? From your story, it sounds like you were in your bedroom and not far from the bathroom. Was somebody else in the bathroom so you couldn't get in? Or were you distracted by doing something else until you had held it for too long? I have had to "catch" my own poop before when I had to use a public toilet with a really dirty seat. I squatted in front of it to poop and lined my hand with a wad of toilet paper to protect it from getting crappy. It's a weird feeling pooping into your own hand. It's firm and stiff and pushes against your hand. And poop is way heavier than it looks! You really appreciate the mass you've been carrying when you need to lift it and carry it to the toilet bowl.

On other matters - Another toilet-related memory from when I was a kid. Every year my family used to visit my uncle for a couple of weeks vacation. He lived in a country town and owned the local hardware store. It was a really old store, with several old buildings set in a grassy field. The checkout and small items were in one building, where my uncle worked, and the others were unsupervised. I used to spend heaps of time there with my uncle, playing with the tools and stuff.

One shed was all plumbing supplies. There were lots of taps, piping and toilet tanks in racks. There was also a selection of porcelain toilet bowls along a wall, about 20 in all, in different shapes and colours, even pink. Sitting ready for sale. They were just the stools, no seats, tanks or piping, sitting haphazardly on an old wooden floor. When I was about 8 years old, I remember looking in one of the toilets and there being a handful of mud in the bottom, with a blade of green grass growing out of it where light was shining through an old window with broken glass. I remember pointing that toilet out to my uncle and crying "ha ha, that mud makes it look like someone pooped in there" and reaching in to pull out the dirt. My uncle grabbed my hand to stop me. "Don't touch that! $#*@#! It really is poop! Dirty @#$%s come in and do that all the time." He dragged the bowel outside and cleaned out using an industrial steam cleaner.

I remember thinking deeply about the episode at the time. I didn't recognise the "mud" as poop as it was at least a week old and had broken down a lot and no longer smelt. My uncle didn't go out to the buildings to check the stock often unless somebody bought something big, which was rare in that small town. Who knows how long it had been there... I wonder if the grass grew from some seed someone ate...

Anyway, getting to my point. At the time I remember thinking "How stupid could someone be? Obviously the toilets don't work. They're new and sitting in a shop and not hooked up to anything. Some people are so stupid..." Over the next few visits, I noticed that everytime, one or two toilets would have poop in them, or even a slight yellow stain from pee. I started to think that people must have come in and been really desperate to go. But why wouldn't they have just gone out the back behind the buildings, where they'd be more privacy, and no one would need to clean up? Or ask my uncle to use his toilet? Or drive 30 seconds down the street to the park where there were public toilets? Or just go on the floor of the shop as it would have been easier to clean it up?!!! I couldn't get my head around it.

I wondered perhaps if it was kids or pranksters or someone doing it for a gag. But it was an ongoing thing and in all the times I spent there, I don't think I ever saw anyone under the age of at least 20 come to the store.

Now that I'm older, and having read many of the old posts on this page, I have another theory. Perhaps the people pooping in the hardware store toilets were doing it for a thrill. There seem to be a lot of people interested in going to the toilet in weird and wonderful places. Including myself, although I'm pretty shy. The hardware store's closed down now. The old timber buildings didn't meet the new fire safety regulations.

So has anyone here ever gone to the toilet in a new toilet set up in a hardware store showroom? Pretty risky, given that staff or other customers could come in and see you. I figure at least someone here has tried it before or is game. Any stories?

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