i'm amanda, i'm 17, blonde. i wanted to share the stories of two accidents i've had. first of all i do NOT have any sort of interest or enjoyment out of going to the bathroom in my pants, i find it uncomfortable and very embarassing. however i've had 3 accidents and there is one in particular that i wanted to talk about. the first two i had were both horrible experiences. when i was in 14 and in 8th grade we had to take these state standardized tests on like math, reading and writing. they were really long you did them in 2 hour sessions for 3 days this one week and the problem was you couldn't talk or leave the room the whole time. long story short, i made the mistake of not going to the girl's room before one of my tests. before the test was over my bladder was throbbing and i was squirming like crazy in my seat but eventually i was too weak to hold on anymore, and i flooded my jeans and made a big puddle under my desk during the test. it was extremely humiliating, i was very very upset and i didn't go to school the next day and i was self conscious about it for years. my second accident happened last year when i was 16 and in 10th grade. i had been staying after school a lot to work on missed assignments because i was absent a lot and it was getting toward the end of the year. how it worked was if you stayed after you either had to arrange for a ride home or get the late bus, which didn't come until 5pm. well i was finished my work at about 4:10. most days my mom was able to pick me up but she couldn't this day because she had to take my brother to the dentist, therefore i had to wait for the late bus. the problem was i had to poop kind of bad. i figured i could hold it in. luckily the bus came early, at around 4:45 so i was confident i could make it home without an accident. little did i know, since i'd never used the late bus, was that there was only one so it had to take kids to places on all different bus routes, so it was gonna be a long ride. and of course the driver first took us in the complete opposite direction of my house. i got really worried and the need to poop was growing more and more unbearable. i was starting to panic, because to be a 16 year old girl and poop your pants on the bus would be social suicide. it become quite evident after a while that that was exactly what was going to happen whether i wanted it to or not. we were starting to head back toward my end of town but by know i had already had three red alert situations where the poop was trying to force it's way out and it took everything i had in my to hold it in. on the third one it felt like a little bit went into my underwear. i knew if it happened one more time i wasn't going to be able to stop it. my eyes welled up and i was trying not to burst out crying because that would attract attention which i did NOT need. finally, another intense urge struck, and out of reflex i leaned forward in my seat and raise my butt slightly off the seat and farted loudly just before a big mushy poop quickly pushed out into my panties, smooshing between my butt and my tight jeans and spreading out in the seat of my pants. i was in a state of shock about what was going on and i just turned to the window and cried as quietly as i could. my stomach was really cramped and i still had to poop very very bad, but i had already pooped some and my jeans were so tight that it was like the rest couldn't come out. it was agony. i was 16 and on the bus with poop in my pants, and i still had to poop even more. the only lucky part was there were only 5 other kids on the bus and we were all kind of spread out. the discomfort got so bad that i was trying to force more poop out, but my pants were just too tight. it was horrible. finally my stop was the 2nd to last. i had to walk past 2 kids to get off the bus and i think they knew what happened because of the smell and a lump on my butt. when i got off the bus i burst out sobbing and started to walk home. it felt really weird smooshing against my butt. the cramps from still needing to go got bad enough that i finally continued pooping my pants. i stopped on the sidewalk and bent slightly at the knees as another big mushy poop forced it's way out, filling up the seat of my pants and making the bulge even bigger. i continued my walk home and i pooped two more times before i got to my house. by the time i reached my drive way it felt like i shoved a pound of warm...cookie dough or something down my pants and it felt really weird to walk. luckily no one was home and i was able to go upstairs and clean up in private. i had pale pink panties on and they were totally fully of poop, but it was kind of solid and all fell out into the toilet at once and surprisingly it didn't look like there was gonna be much of a stain so i kept them. unfortunately when they came out of the wash there was still a pretty obvious brownish stain throughout the seat of my panties and i think my mom suspected i had pooped myself. anyway that was a very interesting and embarassing experience, and it feels good to tell someone aobut it for some reason.

Hey I'm Sammie. I'm 15, 5'4, blond hair and fairly slim.

Yesterday I witnessed my friend Lottie peeing her pants. It was about 11.30 at night and we (me, Lottie and our other friend Kayla)were walking from the train station to her house (about a 15 min walk). All the train trip Lottie was pee dancing because she had to go pee so bad. I wasn't worried about her as once we got off the train it wasn't too long a walk to her house so I thought she'd make it.

Anyway we were about 5 mins from her house when Lottie suddenly stopped and grabed her crotch, 'oh my god you guys I'm peeing in my pants' she said in a kind of shocked voice. Kayla and I both started laughing cos we both thought she was kidding around. This made Lottie start to laugh then she said, 'seriously guys I can't stop I'm totally pissing myself really bad'. I wasn't sure yet if I believed her but after about 10 secs I heard this spattering sound and looked at the ground to see a puddle quickly forming below Lottie. She kept spattering pretty hard and fast and the puddle grew pretty huge. She must of been having a serious gusher. She peed for over a minute before going 'omg I cannot believe I just wet my pants!'

She was kinda embarrassed about her accident so I told her about an accident I had recently where I peed my pants pretty bad too. If anyone wants to hear about it let me know and I'll post it.

Hey all!

I haven't been able to post or read lately, because I was having a terrible headache. It's gone now, so here's a new post of mine, including my first story! I still have to read A LOT of posts so I can not react to them in this post. Sorry! :P

Erica: I think it's wonderful that your sister and your date are into this stuff too! I can't wait to see what happens next too!
You also asked about the punishment for having an accident. Well, I usually have an accident about once a month and my parents are not very strict about this - as long as it is only about once a month. I am very sure that they will be more strict if I would have more accidents, but at the moment I do not get really 'punished'.
When I have my monthly accident and they find out about it, they usually send me to clean everything up as soon as possible. If it was an accident at home and for example I wet something like the floor, I have to clean that up myself too, but that seems locical to me. I will almost always take a shower after an accident. I just leave the clothes I wet in the shower while I wash myself, so they do not get pee-stained too badly. After the shower I will wring them out and hang them to dry. Then my mother can put them in the washing machine, however if she does not know about my accident, I will hide the clothes and wash them myself later when no-one is at home.
Though I don't get 'punished', my parents do ask me things like 'Do you have to go to the bathroom?' or 'This will be a long drive, do you...' and stuff like that until a couple of days after the accident, but I know they just don't want me to be embarassed by having an accident. Sometimes my sister teases me, but only a little bit and only when we are at home. I guess that is the 'real' punishement for me! ;) The rest of the time she is a very sweet sister.

Now for my story.
Because I like detailed stories on this forum, I will try to make my own a detailed one!

This happened on Christmas Day, when only me and my sister were at home. I was wearing bikini-style panties, a tight green pants and a tight red top. I knew I needed to go to the bathroom, but it was not very urgent and I just went downstairs. There, I sat down against the heater and watched some tv. A couple of minutes later, my sister joined me: she sat down on the couch. The need to pee was becoming more and more urgent, but I could still manage and it was so nice and warm there watching the tv, I did not get up. When I shifted a bit, it felt a bit damp and I felt my butt. As I told you in my first post, I dribble when I have to go and I sure was dribbling, but only a little bit. I didn't care and just continued to watch tv.
Twenty minutes later I scratched my butt and to my surprise I had been dribbling rather fast! The wet spot on my butt must've been 15 cm wide. Because I was sitting on my butt against the heater, my legs were dry, only my crotch was a bit wet too. By now I realised that I had a problem. I did not want my sister to see me in wet pants so I could not just stand up and walk away, she would see. Running was not an option because my bladder certainly did not feel like doing that! :) I decided to wait until my sister left. I needed to do something about the wet spot (small, but noticable) on my crotch, though. I decided to grab a pillow from the couch. So I stood up and quickly snatched a pillow. Wrong, that was too fast! A large spurt escaped into the seat of my panties and tight pants and because I was no longer sitting, but rather standing up, it wet my legs instead of my butt. I think it went until half of my thigh. I regained control after just one spurt (pfew...) and flopped down against the heater, feeling another small spurt soak it's way through my clothes. I quickly positioned the cushion on my lap to hide the now slightly larger wet spot. I felt myself getting red in the face and tried to look neatral. Thankfully, all I got from my sister was a weird look, then she turned her attention back to the tv. Now I was really pressing my thighs together.
Luckily ten minutes later my sister finally got up. Hurray!! ...or not. She was going to the bathroom downstairs, so I had to climb the stairs to get to the bathroom! As soon as she closed the bathroom door I trew away the pillow and stood up, accompanied by a small spurt. As fast as I could while pressing my thighs together I walked to the bottom of the stairs. My sister could come out of the bathroom any time, so I just had to climb the stairs quickly. I thought 'If I do it quickly it will be over soon.' So while now holding myself I 'rushed' (well, not very fast, but fast enough ;)) upstairs, leeking with every step I took, but I didn't care: I HAD to get to the bathroom. When I reached the bathroom I just slammed the door shut behind me and locked it. While now dancing a bit and holding myself I lifted the toilet cover. Now I was peeing almost continuesly slowly but surely. I just couldn't take it anymore and lost the battle. I didn't even have the strength to sit down on the toilet: I just stood there wetting my bikini-style panties and tight green pants, crying softly, because though I like peeing and very sometimes also pooping my panties, I do not like loosing control. The pee now streamed down my legs and I just finished peeing. I then cleaned up the mess and went downstairs to clean up what I had left there. There was a tiny wet spot here I sat earlier which smelled faintly of urine. I cleaned it up and luckily no-one said anything in the days after my accident, so I don't think anyone noticed.

I know it's a bit late, but...
Happy newyear!

Multi-drop Pete
I had several jobs before becoming a multi-drop delivery man. I was a bus driver for a while; my job took me out to a bus depot some distance from my usual route, where I used the drivers' toilet. A compact 2-man trough, I was shoulder-to-shoulder with another driver, so when I had finished I politely turned away from him before tucking my willy away. That put me, indecently exposed, face-to-face with the cleaning woman! Neither of us said anything; I tried to pretend she didn't exist as I made myself decent. Funny thing is, I had to visit the same depot five more times during the next couple of weeks, and every single time when I went for a pee the same cleaner followed me in. Spooky! Just a weird coincidence I suppose.

Shy girl, I LOVED your story about having to hold it in when you went to Kim's house! I am also quite shy in some situations and I have made a connection to a story. I think I'm even more shy than you!

Well I was about 10 years old when this happened. It was summer. I had gone to my friend chelseas house after school and I don't pee at scool a lot. I had not peed that day and I was starting to regret it. Since I almost never pee at school, I'm always dying to pee when I get home, so when I got to my chelseas house, I was bursting. Worst part is, since it was so hot outside, her mom had made us lemonade! The king of bladder filling! She asked me, "ami, do you want lemonade?" I could not say no. So I drank a cup of lemonade then I went upstairs with Chelsea and we played connect four. Now or course, I could not have fun with the game because I was so focused on my bladder. The lemonade had made it fill up even more. I just tried to act normally like my bladder wasnt full and played several rounds of connect four with her. I was of course, now dying to pee but I really didn't want to use her bathroom. Well then we decided to watch some TV. When I sat down on the couch I got a little bit distracted from my need to pee, but then the urge hit me again, this time worse than before. I was now in pain and was wondering for how much longer I would stay at Chelsea's house. Fortunately my mom called and said that I had to go home. So I tried to act like I didn't want to leave when I said goodbye to chelsea but I was of course, happy. So I biked home, (I had gone to Chelsea's house with my bike.) Fortunately, I don't live too far from her house, and I raced upstairs and peed a huge yellow stream. I must have peed for about 3 minutes, did it feel good! So everybody, always pee at school, so you don't suffer what happened to me! And BTW, happy 2008! Ami

hi, I'm a long timelurker but have never posted on this site before. I was wondering, is it common for teenage girls to pee themselves, I mean to pee a little when they laugh. I hear my sister laughing at her friends (they're usually laughing about it too) saying that "she peed herself earlier." or something towards those lines and I hear her friends say that they're gonna pee laughing. is this common for teenage girls ?

I'm 14 and live in the midwest. Our city is average size and other than at school, I don't have to pee or crap away from home that much. The first day of Christmas break I remember sitting in my bathroom (yes, I'm an only child and don't have to share!) at 9 a.m. thinking about how nice it was to have my morning crap at home and not at school since I worry about being late to class, what I'm sitting in (if you don't look carefully when you sit down, you could be sitting in some squatter's urine or worse--yes, occasionally there are complete logs of shit sometimes left on the seat and since our seats are black, it doesn't always stand out because the lights are dim), and my seat at home is not cold like many of the seats at school. I had one of the largest and most complete craps in weeks because I was relaxed. Then about noon I peed--it was very relaxing and satisfying. About 1 p.m. I got an e-mail from my grandma who lives in the New York City area and my Christmas surprise: she had paid for my trip to visit her over my two week break. So the day after Christmas, my mom drives me to the airport at 4 a.m. (grandma has always liked what she calls the "red-eye"--I just call them the cheapest flights) and my mom heads downtown nearby to her office. Going through security with my two bags was fast at that time of day. and while waiting for my flight to depart, I stopped at a coffee kiosk and that made me realize that I had better going in and pee before I boarded. The lines were getting longer and more people were waiting, so I figured I'd better hustle into the bathroom. There were only about a dozen stalls in this bathroom, and there were several women waiting. Some had children with them and that added to the wait. By the time I had gotten into my stall, I had to pee badly (my grandpa use to say that for those of us with small bladders, what goes in will come out and only faster!) and since I noticed that I had drank about half my large cup of coffee, well, I knew what was coming. First, an older lady came out, actually bumped into me at the doorway and almost spilled my coffee. The smell was obvious--she had just crapped, and once I looked at the stool I could see the evidence. There was almost a fully-stinky bowl of both crap and pee and and she had sat on toilet paper that was left half-hanging from the seat. I held my coffee in my left hand and used my right hand to slide the toilet paper (it looked like about 3 layers--she must have been a really paranoid person, but I guess I don't believe in covering the seat). It was puzzling when I looked for the flusher and found none. And there was no sensor light flashing either behind the stool. By now, me pee was starting to do some radical things in my bladder, so I put my coffee cup down on the floor, pulled down me jeans and panties and seated myself to pee. The noise and stench was somewhat distracting to me as I tried to get my pee flow going, but once I got it started, I again went to look for where the sensor was. Now that I was on the stool, I found that someone had put a small, yellow piece of notepad paper over it. While I was still peeing, I kept turning around and I was tempted to pull it off, but I remembered that I had seen heavily-used and loaded toilets like that flood and that was something that I wanted no part of. Initially, I was thinking of taking it off just as I was opening the door to leave, but I was wired pretty good from my coffee that I finished by the time I was done on the stool, so I just said to hell with the flushing. I know I learned in 8th grade social studies that it was bad "citizenship" to do something like that but I just wasn't in the mood. I went to wipe and found that both rolls of toilet paper in the dispenser were gone (I just think its wasteful to use so much paper to cover the seat and then to have no for the more important tasks such as wiping, but that's just my opinion). I know my mom always covers the seats or she'll hover, but that's just what her generation was taught. Anyway, I pulled my panties and jeans up from stool level (I learned a couple of years ago that they can get wet if you allow them to fall all the way down over your shoes because some of the hovers miss the toilets with their squat and I've seen really young boys use the womens rooms without learning to point their penis down. My grandpa use to call them gardenhosers!). I opened the door and smiled for what looked like the college student who was next. I heard her gasp when she saw the condition of the stool, but I figured, rather cynically I know, that with several more years of education than me, she should be able to figure it out. I will post more about my trip later.

my name is daniel, i live in san diego in an apartment with my cute gf britney. She doesnt mind me being in the same room as her when she poops, and usually doesnt even shut the door all the way. One morning i was shaving before we went out to see an early morning movie. She walked in and started peeing. She let out a moderatley loud wet fart, but i was used to that, she often had gas in the morning, partially because she talks in her sleep and swallows a lot of air, which then uses either of the two primary exits during the very late night and in the morning. Then, her stomach made a loud gurgle and she loudly expelled some partially soilid shit. She usually had fairly firm shits, so i turned around and asked her if she was all right. She moaned and said she was having some bad gas cramps, and felt like she had a lot to empty out, but most of it felt pretty far up. I asked if should rub her belly she said yeah. I started near the top, and pushed lower andlower, like a tube of toothpaste. She immediately let out more gas and shit, and said"wow that just burst out! I hadn't even put and push on by spincter." I started pushing again, but she said now it made her belly hurt. so i left the room, but she kept fart-shitting for a while, we missed the movie, but she ended up putting on a "ka-ka show" for me, fart-shitting in different positions. I told her about this site, and she said she might post next week under the name "danny's girlfriend", but im not sure if she will or not.

To Erica
As part of your punishment did you have to clean your poopy panties? If so how did you do it please explain thanks.

I saw an advetisement for medical check ups, and it said (words to the effect) that you should not let your pride stand in the way of telling the doctor about bowel problems.
I have read many stories about people being shy about bodily functions and my view is that it is silly. On the other hand with my in-laws they are very arrogant people and above everybody else. Unfortunately the incidents of bowel cancer in that family is very of the 5 aunts und uncles 3 of the 5 have had bowel cancer, two have died. Nonetheless the remaining two refuse to have a colonoscopy. Apart from my partner only one of the offspring has had a colonoscopy and he had a heap of polyps ( polpys can turn into cancer). My parnter did have a colonoscopy recently and fortunately she was fine. The family problem, as I see it, is that they are too good to shit...shitting is what others do, not them! For some reason they cannot believe that they would have anything but long lives,,,so far they have been proven wrong!
The message is to get over your illogical ideas. Who does not poo. who does not wee? Who has not had the runs? Who has not had to make an urgent bathroom trip at a time not convenient? Who has not farted? Who has not been constipated? Leading from this, who has not had to strain or grunt to push out a stubborn log? How many people have shitted their pants at some stage (apart from infantcy)? Who has not wet their pants? Who has shit that does not and never has stunk?
Readers, try answering the above.
After that, have you ever enjoyed a poo or a wee?
I have now got that off my chest

My name is lexxie, and I am a highschol teacher. During the last days of the first semester, we were having final exams, when we would have to stay in one class for the larger part of the day. My story takes place on the last day of exams, the day that we had the block exam. This exam lasted 3 hrs, with a break after 2 and a half hours for lunch.
On this particular day, my husband had woke up late and went to take a shower as soon as he woke up, so I didn't have time to get in the bathroom. I realized that I had to pee, but it was nothing too serious, and I figured I could wait until I got to school.
Once I got to school, one of the women who worked in the office asked me if she could talk to me for a minute and I said sure, and walked into her office, figuring I would still have plenty of time to go and pee.
It was nothing serious she had to talk to me about, just making sure that I ha all of the answer keys and stuff that I needed since she hadn't had the chance to ask me yesterday. But, with all the small talk, this took up most of the time until the bell rang.
At this point I had to go fairly bad, but being a teacher I am used to having to hold it in for a while, so I was sure it would be no problem.
As I unlocked the door, I heard 2 girls arguing out in the hall, but one of them walked off so I thought it was no problem.
Fate would have it, however, that these 2 particular girls would get into an actual fight near the end of 1st period.
So, needless to say, I didn;t get a chance to go during or after first period.
I spent the entire 50 mintues of second period in the principals office explaining to him what had happened, and hearing both girls' stories. Which was completely pointless, because all they did was sit and call each other liars and whores. Which left me plenty of time to worry about my increasingly uncomfortable bladder.
By the end of 2nd period, I was getting desperate to go, but being foolish, and not wanting to show up late for my own class on the day of the final, I rushed back to class, trying to ignore my rapidly filling bladder.
I explained the rules, pretty basic, no talking, hang on to your test until everyone is done, that kind ofthing, then handed them out.
As I returned to my desk at the front of the room i was shocked at how much my need had increased in the 10 minutes that I had passed out the test.
At this point, I was extremely desperate. I was finding it hard to concentrate on the tests I had been trying to grade. 20 mintues later with an hour to go I was very worried about the condition of my bladder. I hadn't peed since 11:00 last night, and had drank a med. coffee and a bottle of water. I was trying to sit still, and not let the other students see how badly I needed to go.
You see, I am pretty young, and most people would say pretty, so whn I first started teaching at this school ome of the other teachers warned me that the students would take advantage of me, so I had been very strict. Less than a week prior to this, I had denied a student the privilage to go to the restroom, telling her that she should have went earlier, and causing her to nearly to have an accident. As she was leaving the room, I saw that she had a wet patch on her jeans about the size of the bottom of the pop can, and she was doing the most desperate pee dance I had ever saw.
Needless to say, I felt horrible for the girl, and would die of embarassment if any of the students saw that I needed to pee nearly as bad as that girl had needed to pee.
I looked at the clock and realized that we still had 45 minutes until lunch. I didn't know what to do. This wasn't the worst I had ever needed to go, but I was almost positive I couldn't wait 45 mintutes. passed the time crossing and uncrossing my legs, jamming my hand between my legs, which didnt help much because i was wearing a skirt, and doing everything in my power to not let the students know how bad I had to pee.
For all of the attenion I was paying to them, they could have been shouting answers back and forth. I was so desperate by the end of that 45 minutes that I doubt I would have known.
By lunch time, I had to pee so bad I didn't know what i was going to do. It hurt so bad, and I could focus on nothing else.
Finaly the bell rang, but I had to go so bad I wasn't sure I could stand up without losing it, so I waited for the class to exit.
The last girl out was the one who had been so desperate the other day. She stopped at my desk and said that she wanted to apologize to me for aggravating me to use the restroom the other day, it was just that she needed to go really badly. Not only did this make me feel even worse for making her pee on herself, but it was making me wait longer to go myself. I mumbled something, doing everything in my power to hold back the tidal waves of pee crashing against the walls of my bladder. Are you all right? she asked me. Yes, I'm fine. I'm just not feeling very well. I said. At least that was true, I wasn't feeling well. I had to pee so bad I could taste it, and it wasnt getting any better. She said something about how I should go to the nurse, and I was about to reply when it happened, the first droops leaked out. I let out a gasp and shoved my hand in my crotch, no longer caring if this girl knew that I needed to pee. Do you have to use the bathroom or something asked the girl (as if it wasnt obvious) yeah, i whispered, knowing i had to get up and go or i wouldnt make it. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry the girl said, but i just ignored her and stood up. Thats when the dam really broke. The pressure added to my bladder was immense an I could't hold it another second. The warm pee was gushing out of me, running down my legs and puddling on the floor, as the girl just stared at me. I peed for the longest time. Then, just stood their in humiliation. I looked at the girl and said, I'm sorry, I just couldn;t hold it. She just said,I understand, I completely peed on myself the other day, but thankfully I made it to the bathroom. I didn't say anytthing, but she said, Maybe i should go, and I said okay. As she was leaving she looked at me and I guess felt sorry for me, standing their humiliated and nearly crying, and said don't worry, I won't tell anyone. I thanked her, and hurried to clean up the mess. Thankfully,I always keep a spare outfit in my car, so all I do was change, but still, It was an awful experience and I hope I never have to go through it again. As the girl was leaving my class after lunch, she said are you okay now, and I said yeah, and I feel a lot better too, finally able to see the humor in it. She just smiled and walked out. I guess one thing I learned from that is that not every student is out to take advantage andskip classes, and I will never again be so harsh. Or put off using the restroom for so long.
I hope you enjoyed hearing about this awful experience, lol.
If anyone else has had something similar to this happen to them, please post on here, or if any students have ever seen their teacher have an accident or come close to having an accident.

Hi folks.Andy from scotland here again.Hope eveyone had a nice christmas and a happy new year.A few things to tell you about.Firstly yesterday,i really needed to pee,but decided to hold it for as long as possible.After a while i went for a drive and ended up pulling into a woodland car park.I got out of the car,walked a few feet towards the edge of the parking bay,had a quick look round and unzipped.As soon as my penis was released i started to unload a steady stream of piss, pssssssssssssssssss!! What a relief!I must have peed for about 40 seconds or so.It slowly trailed off and i shook off the last few drips.I think that was the most satisfying outdoor pee i have had in a long time.
I have also been pooing fairly regularly(indoors as normal)some soft squishy ones but also some fairly large logs due to the christmas excesses of to much food!Finally for now i would like to mention a couple of sightings over the festive period.While in town a few days before christmas at night i walked past a couple,male and female,having a conversation while the guy was quite openly peeing against a wall.This was in full view of anyone and they just seemed to carry on regardless.I don't know if the woman did the same but if she had it would have been amazing to see.Also witnessed numerous guys in various states of drunkenness peeing in the open in doorways and up against buildings.I should point out that these were fleeting glances as i didn't want to stare for obvious reasons.The most amusing one was seeing two guys,both dressed as Christmas Elves peeing through railings onto a street below.Santa Claus would not have been happy!
Hope you enjoyed.BYE FOR NOW. ANDY.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

1. How often do you poop? Sometimes twice a day. But normally once a day.
2. Do you grunt while pushing? No unless i'm constipated.
3. Do you like the thought of others hearing you 'go'? It's ok for me.
4. How large are your stools, on average? 20-30 inches long. 2-2.5 inches wide i think...
5. Do you like to hear others 'go', the plops and sighs? I like to hear the grunting sounds of my friends. Some of my friends are ok with it. And i'm always happy when my friends sigh when they are relieved.
6. Which foodstuffs have you noticed, make you 'go'? Dragon fruit can makes me go with a very strong urge, that i can just poop my pants after i ate like 3 slice of it. Morning cereals always cause me stomachache and i always poop 2-3 times after eating it.

Hi, everyone.

Keith D. I'm a mormon, not an active one now. But I agree they are very open about toileting. I speak for the women only of course, but in the chapels, I met mostly in other building on Sundays before we had a chapel built. They are very economical, the gaps between doors and partitions are quite big. I have often carried on a converstaion whilst having a poop to the woman next to me as she went to. But it is at the temple at London, that it isreally where the 'openness' occurred. We change out of our day clothes entering their and wear very little, all white. Then when we go I have seen everything, no blushing, as all ages of women from 18 up, get their white panties down and go to the toilet. I have been asked for toilet paper and actually gone into the stall to give it to them, then they have wiped without any embarrassment. Mormons see using the toilet as something that has to be done, it is the Lords way for us until we pass away and enter the spirit world. I have long since been a member but the things I lean't have stayed with me, and going to the toilet is so naturl now. I have taught my son that it is something that is natural and open. We now just go to the toilet and if one of us is in the bathroom on the toilet the other waits and chats normally. I have to admit that the first time I had to poop when he was there was a little awkward, but within a few seconds I got over it, asking him the most mundane things as I went to the toilet. Wiping my bum at the end was something I did without any embarrassment. In fact the only bad moment was when the 'flush' didn't act properly, and there was some paper and turds still in the bowl. But my son laughed and made a joke as he flushed the toilet a second time and then sat on the toilet as I washed my hands. I stayed with him chatting as he went. Now as we rush to get ready each day we are often in their together, showering, pooping, peeing, and it has brought us much closer together.

Love to everyone, Jill (South Wales) xxxxx

Hi, everyone,
To answer Edward H's questionnaire to ladies.
1. How often do you poop? (Most times once a day, often twice).
2. Do you grunt while pushing? (If I am constipated, yea. Otherwise
I try to ease my poop out quietly).
3. Do you like the thoughts of
others hearing you go? (Most definitely. Knowing another
woman is in the next stall is so
stimulating, and often erotic).
4. How large are your stools on
average? (My turds are normally say 6/7
inches, varying in thickness, and
sometimes when I am loose, unformed).
5. Do you like to hear others
'go' the plops and sighs? (Yes. Again it is so erotic to hear
somebody else on the toilet, and
sometimes seeing their panties down
arounf their ankles).
6. Which foodstuffs have you
noticed make you 'go?' (Many, but for me, any greens,
cabbage, cauliflower, etc, are
guaranteed to give me the 'runs').

To answer the unnamed query. I always sit on the toilet or hover if it is dirty. Frequently I have to shake my bottom to drop the final turd into the pan. Naturally when I am loose, stools not formed, there is no need to 'shake.' When that happens the only concern for me is to make sure I have enough toilet paper to wipe my bum afterwards.

Thanks for allowing me to express my feelings on this wonderful forum. I will be writing again soon.

Love to all, Jill xxx.

Hi, everyone.

I had a wonderful experience last week during the after christmas sales. I was in a crowded store, Marks and Spencers in Cardiff and my ???? started to ache. I went to the ladies straight away, because I cannot hold it in when I feel the need to go. Got there to find a long queue to the three cubicles. I must have been eighth/ninth. One of the cubicles had somebody who was really ill, diarrhea. But the other two were coming in and out fairly quickly. I got to chatting to the woman in front of me, she wanted to poop she tole me, whispered the word shit in my ear. I smiled and told her that was my problem too. By now the traffic had really slowed down and all three cubicles had women having a shit in them. The woman I was chatting to suggested we share a cubicle and I was overjoyed to agree I felt quite bad by now. At last a cubicle opened and we went in together. My friend, her name was Sally, went first and I stood, legs crossed a little as she went quickly, then moved off the seat and allowed me to go. We interchanged, several times, but at least we both had clean panties at the end. I have never been in a cubicle with a stranger before, but after we went to the cafe and had a nice pot of tea. I have made a friend and we are going to meet regularly to shop together. See you soon, Jill (South Wales)

Jill. I was interested about what you said about taking a shit in Selfridge's last Thursday and how the festive food over Christmas made you want to go. I've found that if anything the festive fayre tends to make me rather constipated if anything. I wouldn't go without it for the world though.

Im severly lactose intolerent. Like REALLY bad. Well, Im at this fancy french resterant and somehow I eat soemthing with a large amount of dairy in it. I feel the ultimate WORST pain in my stomach. Its like this bubble sorta. I double over. I cant move. Every muscle is clenched. Im all like shitshitshit. My stomach makes this unhumanly sound. I start to sweat profusly. I let out an utter cry as another unfathomable pain hits me. I feel my stomach tying up in knots. I excuse myself. I cant walk. Keep in mind I'm on a DATE! I sit down. My date looks at me like Im crazy. I cant move. I'm in so much pain. I get up. I walk. Like a chicken. I go to the ladies room. There is a line. Shit. One bathroom, three people. My hands are sweaty, my whole face is sopping, and the back of my dress soaked. My butthhole keeps contracting because its ready to fire, and I've bit through my lip. I breathe. Deep. Im miserable. When its my turn I get into the restroom and as I lift my dress I just cant hold it. I soil my expensive langerie. When I take it off and throw it away I vomit. All over my hands. And feet. My diarhea has soaked the bathroom. I plant my butt on the toilet and go. Im in there for about an hour thinking and crapping. My poop is about the consistency of toothpaste. Then it gets really watery. And chunky. Think soup. I'm a mess. Then who would walk in. MY DATE! He says thats okay and helps me clean up. Im done now. He says its acctually kinda sexy. We end up doing it right there on the bathroom floor. I ended up LOVING that night.

Edward H
Jill & Tia: Thanks so much for responding to the little questionnaire! It's reassuring (and fascinating) to know that you ladies can have the same thoughts and feelings about this as us chaps.

Any more 'eavesdropping-cubicle-plop' stories gratefully received!

Edward H

Thank you for your comment, which I totally agree with. Laws may be written as right or wrong but, particularly in cases such as this, they should be interpreted with both discretion and sensitivity.

I (and probably almost everyone else here) welcome your open honesty and also your forthright opinions, which suggest that you have indeed found the right forum.
Why should we be shy about what are things common to all of us? We may experience them, relate to them, or enjoy them in many different ways; that's a large part of what is discussed here and an interest in toilet issues hardly seem to me either unusual or unhealthy. I suspect, although I admit that I have absolutely no statistics to back it up (and no survey on here can help either I think of right now), that denial is actually far more common.
For many years I've been much involved in outdoor activities and so it is pretty inevitable that there will be outdoor toilet experiences and, on occasion, they may not be as private as they could be. I've no problem peeing in sight of my friends but, and I find this strange too, when taking a dump outdoors it would somehow bother me less if I were seen by a stranger.

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