Shy girl
I've been a lurker on this forum for a long time now. I love to pee and to poop and wold love to be as open about it as some of the posters on here, however I am quite shy and especially when it comes to my toilet habits. I will tell a story that happened to me when I was 17 years old which is a number of years ago now.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was visiting my grandmother who was moving house. I was there to help her to pack up her belongings. My Aunt, Uncle and cousin (female) were also there. /now as the day wore on I got a definite urge to pee. My uncle was working in my Grandmother's bathroom and I was too shy to ask him to come out of it so I could use the toilet. I was really becoming quite desperate. After some time I left to get my bus home (in fact I had to get 2 buses which would take me about 90 minutes). It was a very cold day in February in the North of England and once I was at the bus stop I was absolutely bursting. I saw my bus in the distance but when it got near it had an 'out of service' sign on it. Oh no it was another 30 minutes until the next bus was due. There were some boys at the bus stop who I would say were a similar age to me. They must have noticed my discomfort as they were looking my way and laughing. I knew there was some waste land about a 15 minute walk away, in the direction the bus would have taken me. I decided to go there to seek relief. I was walking along with my hands in the pockets of my long duffle coat as this meant I could hold my crotch without anyone noticing. It was a very uncomfortable walk and to my dismay when I reached the waste ground it seemed like all of the locals were out walking their dogs or just jogging along a dirt track. By this time I was sweating with the effort of holding on and my bladder was aching unbearably. My heart was also pounding - something that I had never been aware of before. What was I to do? The ground fell away near the side of the dirt track and there looked to be quite a deep ditch. Should I go in the ditch I pondered. Then horror of horrors I spurted into my pants. This shocked me as I had not wet my pants since I was about 3 years old. Before I knew it I was jumping down in the ditch, turned my back on all the people walking dogs etc and just grabbed my jeans and panties and tore them down. I immediately started to gush out a very strong stream of pee. Oh God the relief was indescribable. My long coat meant no one could see my pee although I have no doubt it must have been obvious what I was doing. At last I was done and I stood up again pulling my pants and jeans up. I had splashed the back of my jeans and my shoes but I really was past caring. As I turned around again to walk back towards the bus stop another bus went by. The boys who had been at the bus stop earlier were on it and were laughing and calling out to me from it. They either saw me squatting down or saw me waling from the ditch and knew what I'd been up to but hey I really didn't care by then. I'd had my much needed relief!

Hi everyone,
its been a while since i have posted. Merry christmas and happy holdays too you all. Why is it that whenever i go poop it always comes out a different color like light brown dark brown just was wondering my colors are different alot.
hi too my best friend andi hey andi you should post in here again its been awhile. i love poop.
and yesterday i went i had a fat ???? medium turd came right out.
from jennifer i liked too be called jenny
poo poo poo poo and poop too you andi
happy holdays everyone this site is great bye

to Danice:
In answer to your questions, I suppose my average time time on the toilet is between 10 and 15 minutes. What's curious about this whole situation is that at my apartment, I sit down and I'm up, wiped and flushed within two or three minutes. The problem is when I'm away from home I get so flustered and sometimes I allow myself to take comments by those waiting in line too personally. As a Hispanic, I was one of the few minorities in my high school and I had the same type of problem there when I tried to crap. Those waiting would say things like, "do you think she's fallen asleep in there?," "Doesn't she have a 2nd hour class like the rest of us?", "If I pee my pants it's because of that ####### (racial slur)?", so I would start moving my feet a little, sometimes unroll some toilet paper, and once I even stood up to reposition myself, only to find there were still eyeballs peeking at me through the door. Eventually, I would get so frustrated and just get up and leave. One of my friends suggested in such a situation that I at least tear off some toilet paper to fake wiping and then flush, but I find I get too frustrated to even do that. I just want out. Yes, I strain hard but I've found the more I move or re-seat myself on the toilet, the greater the anticipation in the line that I'm about to get done. Then the harassing comments start up again. In my high school, we had about 10 stalls in each of the bathrooms and probably three or four girls waiting to use each during a passing period. Now at my college, where the Student Union building is in the middle of two long classroom and laboratory wings, there are six toilets on each of the two floors and those bathrooms are very heavily used during breaks and between classes. When I sit and finally give up or give in, I then go to class and have to hold my shit until the next break or class change. Although I've never had an accident, it hurts me to hold it in but when I go back in to have my stool, often I wait longer in the line than I do for the two or three minutes I'm on the stool. I know I need to work on making my initial sitting more pleasant and productive. I just don't know how.

CANTI (^_^)
Hello everybody. I have been reading posts on toiletstool for 2 years but this is my first time posting. I am 15 male and havent had an accident since i was about 5. erica great story. I thought some one was gonna catch you a few minutes after you pooped yourself. well thats all for now ill post later

merry christmas and happy new year to u all. happy after christmas pooping. have a happy and safe holiday season.

I had the most peaceful poop just now. I'm usually a rusher, I just get in, push hard, it comes out fast, and I get out all happy. Apparently athletic people have pretty quick and explosive poops (I've read that a couple times on here and I'm a very athletic guy, and it's seemed to hold true). But, I keep reading stories on here of people taking longer, satisfying dumps. In particular, if anyone remembers Mel and Ash.D's stories, they would sit there and let it come out on it's own. I decided to try this today, so I took a book, sat down, and just let it come out on it's own. It was actually very fascinating to let nature take it's course without any additional pushing. I had four logs in total: 1 large, two medium, and one very small. In total it took me about 8 minutes I think. A great experience, one I hope to try out more often. And I'm sure with Christmas just around the corner here that I'll be stuffed to the point where there will be plenty of chances :)

I woke up three nights ok with this strong sharp pain in my anus. it hurt so bad i didnt know what to do. i went and sat on the toilet and strained and strained and strained and i felt the stool but it was too big too come out and too hard. My teeth were chattering nd my legs were shaking. I could almost hear myself straining,, it hurt so bad. I gave up and went back to bed,tossed and turned all night. The next morning, I had a strong odor. I had a cup of coffee and then decided to try again. After no success and finding myself in tears, I took a warm bath,only to make it hurt worse. All day it hurt to walk or sit down, all i could do was lie in the fetal position.Imoaned the rest of the day and attepted about 20 more times. I woke up sobbing at ngiht ebcause it hurt so bad and I knew I had to go. On the toilet, i felt the same large stool coming, it hurt it hurt just as bad as before but i felt it slowly ripping out of me. I yelped a few times and was so painful, felt like i was pushing out a million pounds of stool. It got stcuk halfway through and I didnt know what to do, I just couldnt make my bowels move. I sat reading a magazine and it slowly came loose, and finnally with a large PLOP landed in the bowl. I sighed a sigh of relif, but I wasnt done yet. There were more pellets in my rectum, small pellets. They hurt too but not as bad. I was probably on the toilet for about 2 hours. I had one stone hard, fat piece, which was very dark brown, and four solid pellets, all dark in color and chunky a bit, but hard. Now I have to go again and im scared:(

Ever sense school let out for christmas ive been feeling sick. My bms have been softer but no diarea. 2 days ago i was laying in bed trying to get to sleep when i felt the urge to poop. I was really tired so i ignored it thinking it would pass. About 30 minutes later i felt soft poop start to fill my panties. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and peed into my panties. I took a shower and changed. I threw the soiled panties away in the garbage in my room. The next day i woke up i had to poop bad. I pooped a little but thats all that came out. I went to walmart soon after to get groceries. On the way there i felt the urge to poop again. When i got there i ran to the bathroom. All the stalls were full and had lines. I couldnt hold it so i just let it go into my panties. I bought my groceries and got in my car. When i sat in it some of it sqeezed out of the sides into my pants. When i got home i threw out the panties and cleaned up. Later that night i messed myself again.

Poop girl
no, i have never sat down to pee and farted. i only fart on the toilet if i'm poopong.

I had to poop so bad so i ran to my bathroom and i shit all over the bathroom floor (which i cleaned up)

Wow, my stomach is shrinking again ;) Last night I was having a Christmas party with a group of friends, and we were all drinking, so we were having a good time, talking and stuff.

One of my friends (Melissa) complained her stomach hurt later that night, that she felt a sharp pain under her ribs and felt uncomfortable. My friend Laura suggested "Lie in the fetal position". Melissa didn't want to. Eventually she just burped (she must have gone to the bathroom to fart).

My friend Laura later dashed out of the room in a hurry with her hands over her butt. She must have needed to poo pretty bad.

Pretty soon my own stomach was gurgling but I couldn't go when I went to the washroom. So mine and Melissa's stomachs were gurgling, between the pizza & cheese bread, all the alcohol and the Coca-Cola we had.

This morning I woke up feeling bloated and nauseous and my stomach once again was gurgling. We had a small breakfast and hung around for a while, and eventually went home.

I came home, had a couple cups of tea and had dinner. I went poo once. A couple small logs and a bunch of little pieces came out, so I was happy.

Then a few minutes ago, I had to go AGAIN, only worse this time. My gas smelled REALLY terrible because I had let off an SBD. I went to the washroom, pulled down my leggings and thong and pushed.

A pretty big log came out pretty quick. I wiped, and saw that I had let go of a 9" or 10" skinny log.

I still feel the urge to go. I am happy that I am able to go :) And I am happy I didn't do anything embarrassing or have mushy poop at my friend's house.

Whoo...feeling much better!

Linda from Australia here again. I have been pooping once (sometimes twice) a day lately but only small amounts and I haven't felt satisfied. I have still felt like there is more poo in me but it wouldn't come out.

A few days ago, I had some trouble on the toilet. I had curry the night before and although I love it, it makes my turds hard and dry. I had the early shift at work so I didn't have time to try for a poo in the morning. All day, I could feel a big load up there and my stomach was a bit bloated. When I got home after work, I sat on the toilet straight away. I did a wee first and then I had to push hard to get the poos moving. A huge turd started to open up my hole and I could tell this would take a while. The log felt hard and wide. I pushed and pushed and pushed and strained as hard as I could. I had to screw up my face and hold my breath to force the poo out. After about 10 minutes of pushing and straining, the log was almost out. One last push helped it come out completely, it slid out slowly and fell into the bowl. I still had a small amount of poo left in me and when I pushed again, it got stuck in my bum. After another 5 minutes, it finally shot out of my butt. I had a look at my job and it consisted of 2 medium sized logs. They were wide and looked rock hard. My anus was sore and burning. The next day, it was still a bit sore from all the straining.

Linda from Australia here again.

To Hermione: Wow, 8-10 days is a long time to be constipated. Just a few questions:

Have you ever gone longer without a poo?

How long does it take for you to push your poos out?

Do you grunt and groan loudly while pooping?

Do you get butt phlegm (liquid poo that gets past the impacted mass and ends up soiling your knickers)

Do you squat on the toilet or stand up to do a poo?

Have you ever been on the toilet, had a log half way out your bum, that you can't push out anymore and had to break it off? Or had to get up to answer the phone or front door with a log hanging out your bum?

Sorry about all the questions, Im just curious.

To Sarah Jo:

I certainly horrified to read your account of what happened to you after you had the accident. I think your teacher should have been prosecuted for child abuse for what she did to you. You had an accident and its nothing to be ashamed of -- it happens to the best of us. Lets hope it happens to your teacher sometime, although I suspect it probably did happen to her and she was just taking out on you what may have happened to her.

As I said and accident (even one in school) is nothing to be ashamed of. I've had more than my share myself and yes, I even had one in high school just like you. Fortunately, I went to school with caring teachers who were nothing but sympathetic and helpful to me when it happened. The only punishments that ever come as a result of one of my accidents was in 8th grade. The only thing was that the punishments were not given to me but to 2 girls who were teasing me -- they each had to write 500 times, "I will not be disrespectful to my fellow students." and they each got 2 double detentions and had to apologize to me.

Please try not to feel too bad about what happened that day in class -- it simply wasn't your fault.

To Erica,
It is my understanding that the lack of stink in your poo is a good thing. I was informed that stinky poo and smelly farts indicates a deficiency of chlorophyll. I would love to be able to dump without a stink alarm.

To Kristi,
A couple of years ago I started having sudden bladder urges usually resulting in wetting accidents. Working as a teacher, I could not excuse myself to 'go' during class time so I purchased and wore adult diapers. I put panties on over the diaper to hold it tight against me so nobody would see the added bulk. I thought I had a urinary infection but the doctor said the test came back positive for ecoli. I know it seems bad but if the accidents don't stop then you need to tell your mom that these accidents really were beyond your control and you want to seek medical attention. If talking to your mom or dad is not an option, talk to someone else. An aunt, cousin, school nurse, a friend's mom, someone at your doctor's office, etc. Let us know how things go, even if it is only to say that you stopped having genuine accidents but now mess your pants intentionaly.

Yesterday morning I slept in an extra half-hour. I had not pooped for two days and would need to expel before going to work. My dad was going to the doctor and I would have over half-an-hour alone in the house before I left for work. I fixed my breakfast and sat down to eat. The poo tried to come out but I held back as I ate. My parents left as I finished eating and I sat alone at the table drinking my milk. After a few minutes I stopped holding back and my panties slowly filled. When the milk glass was empty and the panties were full, I placed my dishes in the dish washer and headed to the bathroom to wash my panties and bum.

I did some Christmas shopping yesterday at J. C. Penney's. I had to shit really badly, so I found the Mens bathroom, right by the elevator. The stall doors were removed from all three toilet stalls, but that wasn't stopping anybody from shitting their brains out. 2 of the men were employees of the store, the third was a customer. I had to stand and wait my turn while they made their drops. I had to cough, and one of the guys apologized for stinking up the bathroom, he thought I was gagging on the smell LOL....One guy wiped up, and I sat down and my turds just slid out like butter. At this point 2 guys came in and were waiting for bowls, so I wiped up and flushed and said 'NEXT" .......... Merry Christmas !!!

Has anyone peed in the fridge before?

Say Paige G.- I know exactly what you mean about the girls with the mega-bladders who pee for 5-10 minutes (or more.)

I'm about your age (16) have strawberry blonde hair about 5' 8" and have an above average figure. Anyway, I got a weird phobia about peeing a long time ago when my older brother heard me in the bathroom and called me Niagara Falls. After that I always would make sure I peed often, even if most of the time I didn't have too and I made sure I peed on the side of the toilet and didn't pee over about a minute.

So a couple of months ago I was in the women's locker room at this health club my family belongs to. It's late in the afternoon and the place is vacant except for me and one other person who I hear go into the restroom section next to the showers. O.K. the stall door closes, a few seconds later came the sound of this heavy pee stream hitting the water. But it just went on and on and on- I'm not kidding you. The longer it went the more amazed I got, along with a little embarrassed and aroused all at the same time. I think I was just planning on changing and hitting the treadmill, but instead I went to the shower area for a quick shower. I stepped in, turned on the water and probably stood in the shower for three minutes (and never saw anyone pass by from the toilet stall area.) When I turned the shower off there she was STILL peeing away. I felt my legs shake I was so astonished!

When she came out and walked to her locker she was a few years older than me, about an inch taller, but somehow she was endowed with this incredible colossal mega-bladder. I was envious and jealous and wished I could ask her a million questions about it but couldn't. Fortunately she was changing into her street clothes so I took an opportunity to ask a dumb question about membership and found out she came in on Tuesday afternoons about that time.

For about a week a started consciously drinking a large amount of bottled water and holding my bladder rather than running to the bathroom every little while. The first couple of times I peed it was rather a pathetic time and volume, especially compared to that endless piss at the health club. But by the weekend while taking a shower (I did not want my family hearing me) I took a pee that lasted 3 minutes 42 seconds. I suspected that I had a naturally large bladder with growth potential that had been under-filled for a long time. My bladder throbbed in a good way like it wanted to be exercised even more. On Tuesday I barely made it through school and the ride to the health club. Once there I more or less sat around clamping my legs and sipping even more water. My bladder was filled!

At about 4 o'clock she strolled through the workout area and into the locker room- I got up and staggered in after her trying to look casual. Unfortunately there were two old ladies in the locker area too but I didn't care because I really had to go. I walked passed her and into the restroom area and into a stall. Then for some reason, my pee started out in little spurts before it built up to a respectable flow. I peed right into the middle of the water.

I went for as long as I could. I didn't have a watch on but I listened for sounds out in the changing area as I peed and I could hear clanking of metal lockers opening and closing as well as muffled conversation. I kept peeing. Then I heard something like "goodness gracious" and a nervous laugh and I wondered if it was directed at me because my pee sounded awfully loud in the locker room. They must have been nervous or something because I heard the exit door open and close. Then it got really quite in there except for my pee stream then starting to waver.

When I came out (much to my glee) Miss mega-bladder was standing next to her locker in her warm-ups. I went over and opened up a locker right next to hers. It was crazy because I didn't know what to say to her so I started to make conversation by asking what the two old ladies were talking about. Miss Mega-Bladder shrugged and said not to worry about it, they're just envious. I made them envious?! The funny thing thing is she never said what they were envious about but we both knew. And I tried to keep on being real casual. I put my stuff in the locker and started to changed. Not even looking right at her I said maybe they were talking about me in the toilet taking too long. There was silence for a couple of seconds before she answered well perhaps they need a lesson in manners- some people just hold more than others. Coming from her!

She asked me how old I was and I said 16. She said I shouldn't sweat it because my bladder will probably just keep getting larger and larger. I have more stories about her over the last couple months. She is an unbelievable pee'er.

Hi everyone. I posted earlier about a childhood experience with the woman who is now my wife, Nicole. I've been noticing that there are not very many stories that deal with peeing, rather than pooping. I do have a story that Nicole finds embarrassing, but I think it's interesting.

For a little bit of set-up, it was a warm day in May. Nicole and I were having a picnic in the park. After a while, Nicole excused herself to head to the bathroom. She returned in about a minute and explained that the women's restroom was out of order. She asked if I would escort her into the men's room. She must have noticed the men's room has no doors on the stalls and been afraid a man would walk in while she was peeing.

I had no problem with this and we headed into the men's room. No one else was in there at the moment, but I still stood guard, with my back to her while she used the toilet. She began with a very loud, clearly much needed stream. It just hissed and splattered into the water, seeming to go on forever.

Inevitably, another guy did come in. We exchanged greetings and I explained that the women's room was out of order. He took the next stall over, paying no further notice to us. As the last drops of my wife's pee landed in the bowl, she wiped up thoroughly, washed her hands, and we went back to the picnic. Nicole was very red-faced and embarrassed about this, so we don't talk about it at all, although I do remember it well.

Over this past holiday weekend, my daughters--ages 6 & 8--were cleaning out my parents basement and garage since they are selling their house and moving to Florida to a retirement community. Saturday afternoon while my parents were out Christmas shopping, my daughters and I discovered boxes of my old toys, games and at age 32 I was asked to explain some of the things we bought, did and used in the late '70s and early '80s when I was their age. There were the usual momentos from rock bands and TV shows, but the one "find" that caused the most discussion was the now-obsolete black car innertube that was one of three long-deflated but nevertheless still stored. I explained to them that grandma and grandpa were stricter on me than I probably am on them and how I was made to sit on the innertube when we were traveling and stopped in public camping areas, interstate rest stops and truck stops to use the bathroom. Mom was insistent that I come back to the back the station wagon and she would grab one of the innertubes and carefully watch as I took it by the nozzle to carry it in. I would be required to place it over the toilet seat and then sit on it when I needed to pee or crap. They got a good workout because my uncle owned an auto dealership (we always had the newest model of Ford) and mom was a manager at a travel agency and she won a lot of incentive/discounted trips for us in some of the finest hotels. Even with two incomes in our household today, we still can't afford that kind of lifestyle. The problem was after I got into elementary school (and especially about 3rd or 4th grade) I remember friends when they were allowed to go with me on overnight trips to places like Six Flags or an hour or two away to attend our state's fair or the circus, were curious and in some cases, even made fun of the innertube. I didn't really question it at first but I knew my mother (and I had seen her do this many times) NEVER sat on the seat--she would put paper on it first or squat. I remember once when we were at a rest stop and my friend Shelley was on one side of mom peeing and I was in the stall on the other side on my famous inner tube pooping when I indeed found mom was true to her word: Under the stall, I could see her widely spread her legs, drop her shorts and panties to ankle level and there would be a torrential succession of plops as her bowel movement dropped into the toilet. I remember wondering if she was getting hit by the water that must have splashed up and at least messed up the seat. That day, I was stil working on my crap (I was inpatient and embarassed and was probably pushing to hard at first) when mom got done first, went out and washed her hands and then peeked in on me "We don't want you to become constipated, honey!" was her most famous saying. Mom peeked in on Shelley, too, something I thought was unnecessary and embarassing for my friend and got on her case because she was sitting right on the toilet seat without what my mother referred to as "protection". From what?, me and Shelley and my other friends would think, but I guess that's the way mom was brought up. About that time we also learned that you couldn't get STDs or AIDS from toilet seats but there was no debating with mom. Dad, of course, would always back her up although I remember on a couple of occasions when I was very young and out with him and he had to take me into the mens room, I remember seeing that he was crapping by sitting directly on the stool and I always wanted him to explain the double standard, but to no avail. I'm raising my two girls without putting such fear and restrictions on them and on a couple of occasions when we've been traveling Adelaide will check out several stalls for cleanliness before selecting the one she's going to use. I just don't think "fear" and indoctrination tactics are the best way to go. If I had done at school what my parents had taught me (never sit on a public toilet seat)I would have been harassed to no end before I could even have gotten the paper down. Therefore, we left the innertubes in the garage after we finished our "talk". But I told Kaydence, when she asked (boy does she pay attention to detail!), abut the mess her grandma made dropping her crap into the stool from the standing position and I explained that when I checked, the seat had been wiped clean and was ready for the next user. I told her that would be a nice attribute to see in more of the users today and she agreed.

Hi Everyone,

It's been a few weeks since I last posted but it's good to see people are contributing as much as ever.

I usually bring lunch to work, but for a change this week I went with a few colleagues to a submarine shop just down the road. In keeping with the theme, I splurged and got a big rib-sub rather than a more hum-drum 'assorted'. I have to admit that it was heaven when I finally got my teeth into it. Mmmmmm! I'm still drooling!!

However, there is a duality in life (black-white, up-down, heaven-hell, et cet.) and around 2 AM that night my little taste of 'heaven' turned into endless toilet 'hell'. I was just on my PC when I got a MASSIVE urge to go. For a millisecond I thought I could finish the IM conversation I was having at the time, but I gave my interlocutor a quick "Sorry! Gotta go NOW!!" and ran down to my bathroom. Once in the loo, I pulled my briefs down like lightning and the first wave of diarrhea blasted out of my ass like a shotgun! Even though I could definitely feel A LOT more was on the way, I turned around and took a look at what had just come out. It was loose - no logs - but still a pretty large cohesive chocolate-brown blob floating there. My curiosity was cut short when I felt the next wave cramping my stomach.
The dam burst with that second wave and it just kept coming... and coming... and coming... An unstoppable fluid mess! When I looked into the bowl, I saw bits of the sub (red peppers, mushrooms and a few other vegetable bits) that was no doubt the cause of my late night emergency. It took forever for me to get my bum-hole clean. I can't even hazard a guess at how many wipes it took, but the roll of TP was definitely much smaller when I was finished.

When I felt things were done, I went back to my room and attempted to get some sleep. I still felt a bit of bloating, but judged that to be just gas. So, not surprisingly, I let go a few farts every few minutes. It turns out, that was a significant error in judgment. I got out of bed for a moment to turn off my light when I let another one go. BIG mistake. It was *not* gas, but another wave wanting to come out. Between my bum cheeks was now a mess of poop with a larger amount that was going to burst out at any second!
The critical urgency I felt inspired a mad dash back to the bathroom where I safely voided the next tsunami of waves.

(Note: I wasn't alone in my house at the time. If I was, I think I might have just gone in my briefs or a little empty waste paper basket I frequently pee into at night rather than make the journey to the bathroom.)

- - - - - - - - - - -

*Here are a couple of news stories that I think are quite appropriate to this site.*

At some time or other I'd wager everyone has farted in a confined public place and attempted to 'disguise' the offence from others by opening a window or door or using some trick. Here's a funny news story I found yesterday about a lady on a jet who, unsuccessfully, tried to cover up her 'crime' and ended up committing another.:

"Flatulence leads US jet to divert

An American Airlines plane made an emergency landing in Nashville after passengers reported the smell of sulphur from burning matches.

The matches were found on the seat of a woman who had attempted to conceal the odour of flatulence with the matches, Nashville airport authorities said.

All 99 passengers and five crew left the plane while it was searched.

The woman was questioned by the FBI but released without charge and allowed to board another American Airlines flight.

"It was determined that she was trying to conceal body odour," said Lynne Lowrance of the Nashville Airport Authority.

She had "no malicious intent but had struck matches which is against [Transport Security Administration] rules," Ms Lowrance said.

The unidentified woman had an unspecified medical condition, Associated Press news agency said.

She was carrying safety matches, which the TSA allows in carry-on luggage.

The matches are not allowed to be struck, however."

Here's another recent farting new story I found... I often wonder if I'll ever be like the old guy in this story when I'm his age, and not give a damn about 'tooting my own horn" whenever it suites me:

"Flatulence ban for club pensioner

A social club in Devon (U.K.) has banned a 77-year-old man from breaking wind while indoors.

Maurice Fox received a letter from Kirkham Street Sports and Social Club in Paignton asking him to consider his actions, which "disgusted" members.

Mr Fox, a club regular for 20 years, said: "I am happy to oblige them, there is no problem. I do get a bit windy - I am an old fart now."

He said he had to leave the club about three times a night.

In its letter to the retired bus driver, the club said: "After several complaints regarding your continual breaking of wind (farting) while in the club, would you please consider that your actions are considered disgusting to fellow members and visitors.

"You sit close to the front door, so would you please go outside when required. So please take heed of this request."

Mr Fox, who lives in nearby Princess Street, said the letter was a surprise because he had been given no verbal warning.

"I think someone has complained about the noise. I am a loud farter, but there is no smell.

"I do not think it [the letter] is unreasonable, you get ladies in there."

Mr Fox also spends two days a week at the nearby Palace Place club, but said he had no complaints about flatulence there.

The club said there was no one available for comment."

Take care!

Every morning, my wife wakes up early to take her morning crap. For the last few months, I've been secretly waking up about 15 minutes earlier than she does, but pretending to be asleep. When I notice her getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom, I get up and go listen at the door as soon as soon as I'm sure she's seated on the toilet. If the house is quiet, like it is most mornings, I can hear everything that goes on in the bathroom.

This morning, right on cue at around 6 am, she awoke, wearing only a black bra and pink panties, and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. As usual, I went over to the door and listened. I heard her plop down onto the toilet seat and begin with a hard long pee. I knew this was all the pop we drank last night on its way out now. The stream tapered off after a minute or two and then there was silence for a moment.

Finally, there were two loud farts I could clearly make out, and there may have been more I couldn't hear. What followed were some soft grunts, as she seemed to be pushing out a large poop, and then a splash. This repeated once more and then one last round of "mmmhh"s and a plop, followed by "ahh.." and the rustling of toilet paper.

At this point, I headed out to the kitchen and began fixing myself some breakfast. My wife came out after a few more minutes, and we exchanged the typical "good morning" greetings. I had just listened to my wife taking what sounded to be a sizable dump, and she was none the wiser. I just wish I could figure out a way to tell her I'd like to sit with her in the bathroom, without it sounding perverted.

I've always had an innate fascination with watching or listening to people go to the bathroom, specifically pooping, but peeing is enjoyable too, ever since my childhood. However, I worry that this is not a common enjoyment amongst people. I love my wife too much to risk losing her because she's freaked out by my likes. Anyone have any ideas how I can tell her without scaring her off?

I feel a pretty good poop coming on. I've been having pretty easy poops for the last couple of days and my stomach has been shrinking.

Tonight I think will be a big one, or diarrhea, or both. Been eating a lot of finger foods like shrimp, cheese, cookies and whatnot.

I should drink a cup of green tea and see if that brings good results.

Merry Christmas and Happy pooping!

so the day before christmas eve, i flew into atlanta and my girl was to pick me up and we would go back home for christmas. i got to the airport and usually she's right near the escalators at baggage claim waiting for me. i couldn't find her. i got a little worried so i gave her a call, and she told me that she'd pick me up at the curbside because she couldn't get out of the car, and she wouldn't tell me why and sounded upset. i got my bag and went out to the curbside and spotted her car, and was wondering why she was so reluctant to come out and greet me. she had a very sheepish look on her face too. when i got in the car, i was instantly greeted with a strong odor of fresh poop. even though it was quite obvious, she said to me "i couldn't go in because i went poopies on the way here." she was trying to be cute and funny about it now but she had obviously been crying. i'm sure she didn't want me to see her for the first time in weeks with a load in her pants. in a way she was cute though. i could see looking at her lap that she had thoroughly wet herself too, as her light blue jeans were dark blue on the inside of her thighs and in her lap. i asked her a little more about what happened and she said that she was doing all of her last minute christmas shopping, had to poop most of the day and though she would get a chance to stop by the house but she didn't. she had to leave from the mall to come get me at the airport and she figured she'd get here in time to go to the bathroom, but she had to go so bad she couldn't hold it in and pooped her pants in the car. she also told me she hadn't pooped in her pants since she was 15 and she made a mess in her underwear when she got stuck at the top of a ferris wheel during a power outage. her friends made fun of her, but i wasn't going to in this situation. i was just sympathetic to her and told her i'd help her clean up when we got home but she politely declined. i gotta say though, that's probably the best airport greeting i've ever gotten.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I had an episode this week...a bit like yours...I was at a customers office and there for the day. I had not been for two days and got some movements down below. The office is on three levels but it is small and cramped. The toilet I went to was just behind the receptionist who is a nice looking youngish lady. I went in, locked the door, dropped the trousers and sat. The log moved into position but it was a hard mass. I tried breathing it out but it was taking a little long. I leaned right forward and strained and pushed ...I just had to grunt softly. At this stage I had been there a couple of minutes and the girl on the desk, only several feet from me would know by now that I was pooing. I thought that rather than give up I would push and not worry about what she might think...I assume she poos too! A couple of little pieces droped pout and then slowly a bigger lump came out and then I could feel the big one come out in slow motion and dropped into the water....there was more there and over the next couple of minutes i relieved myself of some. I felt much better...wipped my sore bum, flushed, sprayed and came out as though I had victory. About half an hour later I got the urge again and back to the toilet...there was no receptionist as she was on her lunch break and I was only there briefly but had a good poo and easy too. About an hour later, the urge came again...back down to the toilet...the receptionist was out delivering things and I had a different movement.I blew shit all over the insde of the bowl and farted up a storm and passed a heap of runny poo...I felt so great I floated of the throne (not quite).
Merry Christmas to All
THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER I got my Christmas present!!!!!
Had slow poo the day before and on Christmas morning no results. Well, after lunch we were at friends home and I got the sensation but it became quite strong, I went to the bathroom and somebody said there was someone in there so I waited and waited and became quite desparate...a good frien said to knock on the door because he thought the toilet was unoccupied....and it was ...hooray! I ran in and slapped my butt on the seat and exploded, the quantity was gigantic! I had a few smaller evacuations as I sat felt just sooo good and the stink was the worse I had ever produced. I sprayed and left the bathroom with the fan going....since then I have not dropped a turd...cannot have too much fun.
Thunder Fom Down Under

Does anybody have any stories about being in a house with kids and not having a bathroom for them to use? Where do you have them go?

To Hermione,

I get a bit constipated from time to time aswell. I like to do one poo per day or else I don't feel comfortable. Sometimes I go twice a day. I will often have a poo one day and go all the next day without pooping at all. Then I have to wait until the day after to do another poo. Infact, this has just happened. I went on Saturday and I didn't go again until this morning. Yesterday, I felt bloated and uncomfortable. I could feel poo in me but it wouldn't come out. I got the urge to go a few times during the day but when I got on the toilet, the urge went away.

Sometimes I go 2 days without pooping. This happened a few times during the year. One time in particular, I hadn't pooped in almost 3 days and I was in a shopping centre. I got the urge to go and I had to use a public toilet. I was desperate for a poo and I would've had an accident if I waited any longer. It turned out that it only took me 5 minutes to complete my dump and I felt so much better after that.

I often take up to half an hour or even longer to do a poo. I have stubborn, rock hard, dry logs that get stuck in my butt and I have to strain really hard to get them out. About 2 months ago, I went almost 2 days without a poo and it took me an hour to complete my dump. I tried everything, from squatting on the toilet with my knees under my chin, to grunting and groaning. I even stood up and tried pushing the load out. A hard log was stuck up my bum and it wouldn't budge. I reckon it was stuck there for over half an hour, I had about 4 inches of rock hard poo hanging out of my butt. Eventually, I sat on the toilet and leaned as far forward as I could, with my bum sticking up in the air. This time, the turds slid out slowly and they all came out.

I had a bit of trouble with constipation when I was younger too. I can remember being constipated a few times as a kid and having liquid poo leak into my knickers.

The other problem I have is not feeling finished after a dump. This happens to me quite often. I hate having some left over turds up my bum and having to wait all day before I can push them out. This happens to me a lot during the week, when I do a poo before work. Sometimes I can't do a poo before work and I don't like to go at work so I have to wait until I get home to do a poo. Does this happen to you?? Do you ever take dumps in public toilets?

I would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback to my first post. Although I have been visiting this site for many years I had felt too inhibited until recently. Having a poo is a very enjoyable experience and it was nice to write about it in a bit of graphic detail. In the post I mentioned having an aversion to pooping in public facilities in the past. I will now elaborate about this and how I broke the phobia. From reading this site I have discovered I am not the only person who has had this problem. I'm sure there are lots of people who are like I once was.

Before I reached my mid 20s you could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I had a poo in a public toilet. On those four occasions there was absolutely no alternative, otherwise I would have gone in my knickers. On two occasions it was in school and there was no toilet paper so I had to use writing paper. One occasion was in a petrol garage and the other was at a park, on a family outing.

It would be TEN YEARS before I would poo in a public toilet again as I was never as desperate as on these four occasions. I remember on one occasion I was out for a meal with my parents and wanted to poo before going to the cinema afterwards. We returned home so I could relieve myself and then returned to the cinema. It seem so silly now!

It seems less likely for a girl to have this phobia than a boy because after all we have to sit down for a wee as well as a poo. Being in the same position made no difference where I was concerned because having a poo was a totally different proposition to a wee. I never had any hang ups about weeing in public toilets, or even squatting behind bushes or in car parks if there were none available. I suppose this had much to do with having to wee a lot more often than needing to poo. I would get by when I was on holiday, I suppose, because I did not classify the toilet where I was staying as a public one. Not to mention it would have been impossible to go for such a length of time without a poo. I do recall that it would often be a long time before I had my first poo on holiday and certainly after a lot of wees to familiarize myself with the "strange" toilet.

I will now come to the time when I finally freed myself of the phobia, after going ten years without a poo which was not in a toilet at home or a place where I was staying. It was a Friday afternoon and I was going straight out from work with the girls for a night out. I realized I wanted to poo and it was going to be quite a long night. I thought about holding it, but it would mean that I would not be comfortable in the evening. It would spoil my enjoyment and might mean that I would have to go home early if I needed to go badly later on. My initial natural reaction was to go home, relieve myself in the familiar place, and then catch up with the girls later, by getting a bus into town. After all, I only lived two miles away. Then I started to think how silly this would be as well as being a waste of time and money. After all, from my visits to the ladies I was aware that lots of the girls pooped in work on a regular basis without giving it a second thought. In the cold light of day, my proposed course of action seemed completely barmy, but I had not pooped in a public toilet for ten years and then it was out of extreme desperation. This was not the case now as I was not in danger of going in my knickers. I just wanted to make myself more comfortable for a night out.

If I was going to break the phobia, there would never be a better opportunity. I left my desk, gritted my teeth, walked to the ladies, entered a cubicle and locked the door. Pulling my knickers down I became very conscious that it was going to be so much different this time as it was not just for a wee. As I felt the seat on my bum I lost the urge and wondered if I did in fact need to poo. I had a wee and remained seated. The urge returned and without thinking too much I pushed and heard a splash. I HAD FINALLY OVERCOME THE PHOBIA. Finishing the poo was then quite straightforward. I felt so pleased with myself! It seemed a bit strange using soap to wash my hands instead of just water, as after a wee.

It was a long time ago and I have forgotten the night out, but the toilet experience will always remain with me as it is the one which overcame my paranoia. It all seems so silly, but through reading posts on this forum through the years I realize I was not alone, which makes me feel a bit better.

After that day I lost my inhibitions about having a poo in public facilities. There have even been some weeks when I have not had a poo in a toilet at home and have still gone every day, in work during the week and out at weekends. It was like a mill stone being removed from around my neck. No longer would I have to ensure I had a poo in the morning at home before going out, even if I did not have much of an urge. I could now relieve myself in a toilet anywhere, if needed. If I had a long wait for a bus and knew I would need a poo when I got home. Why wait. I will now use the public facilities at the bus station without batting an eye lid and watch tv when I am home instead of spending time sat on the toilet. Likewise, if I am on a train journey home and want to poo, I will use the toilet on the train even if it is not urgent. I often travel long distances by air and usually have an urge to poo near the end of the flight. I will always go on the plane.

I have not only freed myself of the phobia but actually like having a poo in a toilet I have not used before. As long as it is clean, has paper, a lock on the door and soap, what does it matter! If there is no toilet, I am not inhibited about squatting to poo on the ground, as long as there is privacy. I hope this post might be of some help to anyone who has the same hang up as I once did. You are not alone and, once the ice is broken, it can be overcome. The newly acquired freedom will feel like a sentence being lifted, believe me!

Poop girl
hey everyone! this is my first post ever so i hope yall like it!!!

it's a poop story.

okay. so one day in the summer my family and i went to a resraunt. the food was really good, and we left happy and satisfied. my sister and i were laughing and giggling in the back seat when suddenly i told her i didnt feel to good. but i tried to ignore it.
the ride home was about an hour. finally, about 15 minutes after we left, i realized that i needed to poop. i told my parents and they asked me if i could hold it for a little while. having only just begun to have to poop, i said sure.
but as the ride wore on, so did my need to relieve myself of the poop. my sister suggested unbuttoning my pants. i did, and it helped a little bit.
when we were about 15 minutes away from my house, i was desperate to poop. a bunny hopped in front of our car, and everyone gasped. "that scared the crap out of us" my sister commented. seeing the irony, she gasped and apologized. "i didn't mean literally!" that made me laugh.
we got to my house and i jumped out of the car before it had even stopped moving. i ran up the stairs to my porch. as i did, i could feel the squishy poop pressing against my pink underwear. i ran inside and hopped on the toilet. splash after splash of poop landed in the toilet. i ripped off some toilet paper and cleaned my underwear. then i peed.

hope you guys like it! tell me what you thought!

Kristi-wow your mom doesn't sound very nice. i mean, it's not like you tried to do it! i would be SO pissed if i were you.

Johnathan-i would have agreed with you a year ago, but a recent incident has changed my mind.

i was at a camping ground with no bathroom. unfortunately, this one also had NO TREES, and i wasn't about to pull down my pants and piss in fornt of all the campers. i ended up peeing my pants. i was so embarassed! i took them off and soaked them with the hose (that was attached to our cabin), then told my family that they had gotten wet when i got up in the middle of the night to get a drink. they believed me.

no, i have never sat down to pee and farted. i only fart on the toilet if i'm poopong.

I have a problem holding my bladder even when i have even the tiniest amount of urine in it. I have to wee as soon as i feel the slightest urge because it feels uncomfortable and if i try to hang on i feel like i will lose control. Why is this?

I had to poop so bad so i ran to my bathroom and i shit all over the bathroom floor (which i cleaned up)

I am a 19y.o.teen girl and i have just pooped in my skirt after long desperation,it was so bad.i was wearing knee-high socks,a mini skirt and no panties on,so i just desperately pooped into my skirt to avoid a piece of poop falling over the floor in my room.after that accident I run to the bathroom and saw that my pretty skirt becomes very nasty by the that was my little accident,sorry for my bad English,see ya;)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hi Erica! Have you pooped in nylons yet? They do contain the mess better than just panties or a thong. It's an interesting feeling.

Hi Hermione! Wow, you go 5-7 days without a BM? After 4 I'm about ready to use dynamite! (and my stool is so big and hard by that time that I need it!)

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