Watching Girl
It's been quite some time since my last post - but I had great feedback that time so I hope to please you all this time too! My last story was about my camping trip and my "lurking" or shall I say "watching" story in the shower. This time I'm asking more of a question than telling a story.

While I was in the tanning bed today for my appointment, I started thinking about different things one could use to go to the bathroom in. For the longest time I've had my heart set on a chamber pot, but never found one in the city I live in. I know there's always Ebay, but I'm also quite impatient too. Also I've been looking at comodes, but I've been too embarassed to go into a health equipment store to actually look at them. I'd use the story that I would be purchasing for a family member and I got stuck with the job of picking that up. Good excuse I suppose? All of them have arm rests, which I don't want because I'd like to be able to spread my legs to observe. Collapsable is also something else to keep in mind. I've been looking at those camping portable potties too. I've seen everything from a blow up one, to a bucket with a toilet seat lid, to something you'd stick on the back of your truck bumper and go right there! No joke! Again - all things you'd need to order online though.

My issue is that I have a snoopy mom, so when she comes over and I'm not looking she goes through my closets and drawers. She found some pretty embarrasing 'toys' of mine that I didn't need her to see! So if she found out about my little curiousity about bathroom habits, she would go postal.

Some things I've read here are great stories about experiences from when you were a kid and using a chamber pot. Also I recently read one about a girl using a cup to pee in for the thrill of not getting caught by a plumber in her home! That really would be quite the thrill! A long time ago I read that a story that a guy posted that he uses a liquid laundry detergent bottle too because the top was just the right size for his... well... 'you know'.

My question is what interesting things have you used for going to the bathroom in? Personally - I'm more interested in hearing what you've used for pooping in. You'll be proud to know that I did purchase something to use for just this. Tonight I found a bowl with a matte finish if you will. It's black with a bit of an odd shape. It's round but has little corners to also make it look square. Very hard to describe. They type of thing you'd probably have to see to understand. It's about 10" in length and 3 1/2" deep. They had them in black (my choice), grey, and a sandy/peach colour. $10! Score! Avoided the shipping charges heehee. So please post your stories. I'd love to get more ideas!

~Watching Girl

Cammie E.
Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I am Cammie, 21 from Houston. I have often visited this site, but finally have enough courage to post! I am a 21 year old junior in college....finally done for the semester! I have long black hair and have an ample bubble butt that loves to sit on toilets! I am 5'5", 135 lbs and I have brown eyes. Now that you have an idea of who I am, I will also tell you that I am a definite fan of pooping....for as long as I can remember, it has always been one of my favorite hobbies....why as why?!?!

I have to tell everyone about an experience I had today while out shopping. I was at Kohl's and finally gave in to the need to go poop. I had the feeling for about an hour, but wanted to wait to find a good place. I usually have to shit everyday, between 11 am and 2 pm, I was at the store around noon and after about a dozen farts that I left in my wake, I decided it was time. I journeyed to the ladies room and found 5 toilet stalls...all unoccupied. I selected one in the middle and locked the door. I peeled my tight jeans down to my ankles and lowered my panties to my knees and sat down. My butt had no sooner sank down into the seat before my hole opened up to allow a few farts out! I dropped my panties down to my ankles as well and opened my legs wider, leaning forward in the process, lifting my butt off of the seat in the back. I could tell I was in for a workout today...I pushed a little to get things going and finally felt a small turd work its way out. Because I was leaning forward, I soon heard a nice spash. After a few more minutes, I dropped about 5 or 6 more small pieces. Finally my hole stretched wider and a larger log snaked did not spash as it fell, but I could tell when it dropped. After another few minutes, I sat, waiting for more...because I could definetly feel I was no where near done! A few farts later, I pushed out 3 or 4 more small pieces, the toilet was getting pretty full of my poop by this point. I then pushed down thinking I was about done, wanting to get everything out...but instead my hole began stretching wider open...I was about to have a major log! I spread wide and leaned forward...the feeling was amazing....I closed my eyes and pushed very hard to get things eyes watering in the process. Very slowly...this monster began sliding out....I can't describe the amazing feeling of my hole wide open as it slid out. I pushed ever so slightly to aid in the process and could not believe how long it was. It was not all that thick, maybe an a little over an inch, but it felt bigger. It broke into 3 pieces as it came out and the toilet was literally full of my poop. My last log was well over a foot long, after it broke into three pieces. Funny enough, nobody came in while I was pooping, but I definetly left a bad stink....not to mention skid marks after I flushed 3 times!

Hope yall liked my hole still hurts almost 4 hours later as I write this...I promise to write again later!


Keith D
Sorry for the big post. After reading the story by jane's friend courtney I guess I'll post a story of my own about a time when I was nearly caught in a precarious position.

My work used to involve a lot of surveying for land titles, etc. It involves a lot of hours spent outdoors. We worked in small teams and one girl I used to work with a lot was a bit toilet shy (I am myself) and her nervousness made me even worse.

Her name is Cynthia and she ahead of me in the company. She was 24, about 5'3, jet black hair in a ponytail, fit and curvy. Very no-nonsense. At one stage, we were working together (just Cynth and me) around this site out in the wilderness where the forest had been clear-felled. It was a week of walking, lugging heavy gear and taking measurements. It was bitterly cold and exhausting. It was lunchtime on the second day of surveying, I'd just moved the equipment along and was gulping water from my drink bottle when I noticed that Cynth wasn't carrying one. I offered her mine. "No" she said, "I'm fine". Later in the day she was getting noticeably exhausted and complaining of thirst. I offered again but she refused. I asked why she wasn't drinking. She said: "I can't drink 'cos if I drink I'll need to pee and I don't want to pee out here". I left it at that. Looking around, I guess that there wasn't much cover for a squatting girl. No trees or bushes, just fairly flat ground with gentle flowing ridges. But then there was no one else for miles and it was not as if I was about to perv on her.

As soon as we got back to the motel room (the company had us in a twin share room) she'd rush to the toilet and the room echoed with a gushing pee that splashed right into the water at the bottom. Then she'd come out and get a drink. Each evening She'd have 5 or 6 drinks, and race in to the toilet about every hour.

I thought she was being a bit immature but appreciate that she's shy. Didn't mind peeing around other people when it's only a room away thought and making lots of comments about it ("oooohhh... I needed that!). And it was a real health hazard out in the field.

And worst of all, it made me even more shy. I don't like to go when friends are around and we were working together all day, carrying gear, keeping sight of each other, calling out, etc. It was a full day with no breaks except lunch. So I didn't get much of a chance to pee either. I remember at one stage we were stopping for luch and I started to head off down a dry stream bed out of sight to pee when Cynth called out "Where are you going?". I blurted out "I need to pee". "Not until you move that tripod and case up the next 100 feet you're not." She yelled back. She was so sarcastic! I moved the gear then ran over a low ridge to pee. As I went I noticed her sitting eating her sandwiches with her legs crossed and foot jiggling - whe was busting to go and jealous!

And how releaving my few daytime pees were... When I'm really busting to go, I have trouble getting the flow started. But it's nice in the cold weather to hold a warm hose in your hand and feel the heat radiating from the steam of the ground.

But I was getting worried about Cynthia. When you spend all day working together without breaks, sighting each other through a small lens, then spending the mornings and evenings together in a small motel room, you notice things. She definitely wasn't pooping at all and was holding it in. Her frequent trips to the toilet in the motel were very brief and audible. Obviously very shy about that. She wasa very down-to-earth person but definitely didn't want her poop to be heard or smelt. I felt bad and felt that I couldn't really go with her around either. So I was holding back too.

One morning she raced into the toilet before I got out of bed. I heard a gushing pee rattling into the water for about two minutes, followed by "Bttthhhhhht-t-t-t-t". A booming, gassy fart. The type I usually get when I have a big, hard, dry mass up inside of me. She came straight out so she didn't even try to poop.

By day five she wasn't looking well. Her skin was cold and clammy, she was walking slowly and stiffly, and groaning slightly when she bent to pick up gear. I don't know if it was the cold, an illness, dehydration, constipation, or what. Poor thing. She was miserable and grumpy all day.

Finally, just afer lunchtime, I'd had enough. I needed to poop. I was tired of carrying around this big heavy mass inside. One more swig on my water bottle and it started to move and hammer on my sphincter. Cynth was busy adjusting equipment so I quickly walked over a nearby ridge. It was a low ridge and I could still see her in the distance, but once I squatted down I couldn't be seen. I wriggled my pants and briefs down while already in a squatting position. I immediately bore down with a strong push and a bthhhht bthhhht bt-t-t as a bit of gas escaped and the turd moved to plug my hole. I could feel it was a monster but it wasn't too dry. Five minutes of hard pushing and it was starting to emerge. The sensation was excruciating but electrifying at the same time. I was sweating, shaking, and having trouble balancing as I kept looking over my shoulder, terrified that Cynthia would come along and see me.

And the poop was having an unwanted side effect. Sometimes when I have a really big poop and have to push hard, it seems to completely squash all the organs in my pelvis, including the prostate I guess. It forces all the blood to flow into my forward area and gives me an involuntary erection. I could feel it sliding up my inner thighs and pushed against the back of my pants, which were round my ankles. And the stiff turd was sticking half way out. It was very uncomfortable. I rolled forward on my toes until my knees were on the ground and I was in an upright kneeling position. I hoped that the poop wasn't about to drop onto my pants, which were back behind me around my ankles. God, I hope Cynthia doesn't come looking for me now. Whe would wonder what the hell was going on with me kneeling half naked in the grass with a pole sticking out the back and one sticking out the front.

Finally it thudded to the ground. I stood quickly (and shakily), ripping my pants up (nothing to wipe with). I could see it between my boots - a single log about 2 and a half inches wide by 18 inches long - huge for me, smooth, dark brown with a tapering soft tip with a slight greenish tinge. Relief! My ring burned a little. I stumbled over the ridge to find Cynth waiting right ver the other side with the tripod. She smiled and said "I've been looking for you!" Damn, I hope she hadn't seen me like that. But it was the first time I'd seen her smile all day...

About 10 minutes later, she finally declared, "I need to pee! Don't look!" And went over behind a log. At least she was over her shyness.

I already posted a bit of a teaser for this story, so much back explanation is not needed. Imagine the situation, if you will, I'm swimming in the lake, maybe about 20-25 feet from shore when I get hit with a big cramp and urge to crap NOW. Getting back to dry land was challenge enough, but I pulled it off, even without releasing my load.

However, from there, I knew there was no way I could get to the bathroom area or even find clearing. I had maybe a minute more at best - this poop was banging on the back door hard, and it wanted out. Thinking quickly, I figured the best option would be to strip down, go back in the water and just crap there. I hurriedly took off my bikini bottoms and bra and ran back in the water, fully nude now.

I already had the tip of a turd poking out, so as soon as I could, I squatted down to get my butt underneath the water and let it rip fully. After I pinched off the first big log of poop, I got a bit deeper in to be more comfortable. I squeezed out two more long turds, with minimal straining.

Usually when using a toilet or other facility, I have to strain a bit to get each turd started. But when I'm squatting, be it on land or in the water, the poop just eases out with no pushing needed. If I could master the art of squatting over a toilet, I probably would, but I just can't quite get it down.

To Pooping Girl:

Your post reflects my views quite well. I think more people need to deal with the fact that women do poop and fart, just like guys. In fact, from my experience, women poop and fart more than men do. Most women just hold it in around guys, for whatever reason.

The first few times I went out on dates, I held in my farts the whole night. Since then, I've learned, it's much easier to just be yourself, even if it means losing a boyfriend. If he's that grosses out by your bodily functions, when he himself has them too, then I figure he's not worth the effort.

To Keith D:

I think you may be on to something. I personally developed my interest just by being where there is often few facilities available, but the interest in toilet habits could definitely be sparked by lack of public attention.

I've heard it's natural for children to be curious about everything, including pooping and peeing. But if they don't get that curiousity out of the way early on, I'd imagine they'd have a fascination later on in life. I don't know for sure, but it makes since to me.

Growing up, my mom allowed me to come in with her up until I was 4 years old, by which point my interest was dwindling anyway. I had a very good knowledge of the toilet and what it was for, even from a young age. The thing I was forced to kind of learn on my own is the man's side of things - my dad was much more private about the bathroom, leaving the training to mom.

Erica-I would like to hear story of your accident last week, please.

so and so - your story is awesome, have you had any other instances with your gf or yourself?

I'm a 32-year-old SWF that has worked both dead-end hourly jobs (to get thru college) and, for the past 8 years, has had a professional career. The question on why "girls don't poop" is an interesting one, and one by the way, that I remember my mom correcting me on back when I was still in elementary school. When we were out away from home I would be constantly corrected when, I was with friends at places such as McDonalds or a birthday party at the bowling alley when I would say "I have to pee." At first, mom would frown and say "Do we really need to know that" and she would point me toward the bathroom. Many times when we would be out in really big public places such as the circus or our state fair, I would ask permission (or so I thought) to leave the group and go pee. "Mommy, can I pee?" "Can you, I don't know," she would say. "Are you going to go in, sit down and urinate or are you just going to sit?" So I learned early on the difference between "May I" and "Can I" at a very young age from a woman who hadn't even graduated from high school. (She later went back and got her GED). I don't know what it was, but by the time I got to middle school, I started to need to crap more away from home. Quite logically, I think I was just away from home more. We'd be traveling on the interstate and I would ask mom to stop at the next rest area because I had to crap. "You should have done that at the motel, honey!", would be the most common response. Then for the next few days before we'd leave home, I'd hear "Did you remember to sit down and have your stool now?" before we left for the mall or simple errands that would take us to places like City Hall. Once my best friend Ashleigh was with us at a boy band concert (we were about 12 and mom had to take us rather than just dropping us off and letting us attend alone) and Ashleigh just let out "I gotta take a shit real bad" and mom seemed very disturbed by that language. "We just don't talk like that in our house", she said. She walked Ashleigh and I to the door of the ladies room, but let us go in alone. Ashleigh seemed surprised at being corrected and as we stood in the crowd waiting for a stall to open, she asked me why mom mom was so touchy about such words. When a stall came open, Ashleigh went in fast, pulled her shorts down and let it rip. I don't think 5 seconds passed from the time the stall door opened to the time when she was on the seat and she was taking a loud and massive dump. I peed after her and you could sure smell it. As we were going back up to our seats, mom overheard her telling me "That is one of the most satisfying dumps I've had in a month" and again mom corrected her: "Ladies don't talk about things like that--both you and Dawn need to learn to regulate yourself so that you're having your stools at home." I sometimes wonder if it was because I'm an only child, that mom put more emphasis on such things. Mom's 59 now and when we're out shopping or I pick her up at the airport (we live on opposite coasts), we often go to the restroom together and use adjacent stalls. I've always heard her pee but I've never heard her crap. Although I majored in business management, I minored in sociology and in the latter I learned about the "assimilation" of teachings and values from one generation to another. It's the best explanation I can think of for the "girls don't poop" discussion.

1. Have you ever had to poop at a nightclub
2. What kind of fast food make you poop
3. Have you ever had to take a crap or fart on a date with someone you just met.
4. Have you ever took a shit but did not wipe your ass.

To Pooping Girl: I'm pretty sure that it stems around the archaic, and male chauvenistic ideas that have been around for many years. It's part of the concept of girls being sweet, innocent, dainty, feminine, etc. Remember that there was a time when women were not allowed to swim in public pools during their menstual cycles. I don't remember what the ricidulus reason was, but it was ridiculus and naive.

ass wipe
I remember this one time when i went in a sams club i had to go to the restroom(i was about 6 or 7) when i went inside with my mom we saw that there was a long line of women of about early 20s to late 30s of age most of them were taking long dumps it didnt smell that bad becaus there was a fliter that cleaned the air. well anyway when i was finally in the front of the line the lady in front of me probably mid 30s average hieght kinda slim went inside me curious as i am i peered through the gap between the door and the wall and i saw her. frist she placed her purse on the hook then she started unbuttoning her pants she was facing the door she didnt see me looking at her so i just kept on looking well she then pulled them down and i saw her wearing white panties(she was white) she then farted as she pulled them down i then saw her vagina all hairy. i didnt realy take any notice to it i just kept watching. She then sat down,it only took a few seconds for her to start peeing i then heard a fart and saw her pushing out what sounded like a long turd it took about a minute for me to finally hear a plop sound finally she started wiping by this time i really had to go she got some paper reached all the way to back and started wiping her ass then she got another piece of paper and wiped her pussy.she then flushed the toilet and left. Finally it was my turn i got inside my mom closed the door as i got some seat paper placed it and pulled my pants down as i sat down i started peeing i had to grab my dick so that i wouldnt squirt the hole cubicle after i peed i felt my anus opening i didnt have to push that much it was already on its way.a long story short i took a shit washed my hands and left with my mom and went buying some food.

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

For those of who do not know who I am, my name is Laura, I am 28 years of age, petite, 5'9" tall with brown hair just shy of my shoulders and brown eyes. I am a Math and Science teacher at a local private high school in the local area somewhere in New England USA.

I haven't posted in a while, but, I thought I would share a story. The day started when I woke up at 4AM to get ready for my early morning swim / aquatic exercises at the Gym. I arrived at 5AM and finished my workout by 6. After my workout, I went to the locker room to shower, and change up to get ready for my class. As I entered, I went to my locker, stripped out of my swimsuit, covered my body and wet hair with a towel, placed my sandals on and walked over to where the toilets were located (I really needed to pee). As I entered, the custodian was cleaning the sinks. I said "Good morning" to her and she replied with a "Good morning" back. I walked into the stall, closed the door, took the towel off of my body and placed it on the hook, placed a toilet seat protective cover onto the toilet seat and sat down. As I was urinating, I could feel some gas coming out. I tried to let it out slowly, but, I let out a loud fart which echoed in the toilet. This was somewhat embarrassing, especially with someone already in the washroom. Once I finished, I grabbed some toilet paper, wiped my front and flushed the toilet. I grabbed the towel from the door, covered up my body once again and made my way to the showers. From there, I changed up into my work clothes and drove myself to work.

Today, the whole school had a field trip, I didn't have any classes to teach. In fact, this was great! The school which I teach at is somewhat small, and once a year we have all the classes (grades 9-12) attend a field trip. This year we went to the Museum of Natural Art and Modern History.

As the busses came to pick us up, it was my job to keep a head count of my students. Once we arrived to the museum, I took another head count. From there, we could all have a washroom / restroom break. I waited in the main waiting room for all of my students to return. Once they had returned, we started the tour.

We happened to be touring for nearly an hour when I was starting to feel the effects of the previous night's dinner and morning's breakfast moving in my stomach. I was having bouts of gas which was becoming very difficult to hold in. I continued the tour with my group as my stomach started to cramp up. I needed to take a dump and dump soon. I told my friend Anne (Anne is a well respected teacher who teaches music) if she could watch my students as I needed to find a washroom. She agreed to watch as I looked for a washroom. I walked in the opposite direction, went towards the main entrance and found the women's washroom. Not a moment too soon as I was really starting to develop quite an upset stomach. As I entered, the washroom was simply beautiful. Nice tiled floors, very clean, large, and plenty of privacy as the stall doors went all the way to the floor. There were a few other women in there taking a dump as you could smell the odor and periodically hear farting and splashing from a few of the stalls. They were soon going to hear many more from me. I quickly went into an empty stall, closed the door, placed my purse on the hook, placed a toilet seat protective cover onto the seat, lowered my panty hose, lowered my panties, lifted my skirt and sat down. Immediately I let go of a loud booming fart and started to pee ferociously. As I was peeing, I had to let go of another loud fart which echoed into the toilet. I could feel my stomach starting to cramp up, With my skirt being held high up to my waist, my legs spread apart (as far as my panties would let them go), my elbows placed into my thighs, I hunched over, farted loudly again and dropped a bunch of mushy poop into the toilet. It wasn't quite diarrhea, but, mainly just mushy poop. The smell I had created was simply disgusting. Approx. two minutes after the first round, I could feel more in my bowels. I hunched over again, and had another large mushy dump. The relief I was feeling was simply unbelievable. I am not sure what had triggered the upset stomach, but, I continued to stay seated. As I was sitting, I continued to have bouts of gas when the big one hit. Out of nowhere, another round was coming on as I could feel my stomach churning. Once again, I hunched over, spread my legs apart and without warning pllOOOOOOffeffefftshlufflufffbrtttffft-ffft-fftPLOPfffft! into the toilet. I was extremely embarrassed as the washroom was getting quite busy, but, "when a woman's got to go, a woman's got to go." I thought to myself. I sat for nearly 10 minutes after that episode, making sure that I was completely done. I felt fully relieved and felt that it would be a good time to clean up. I wiped my front a few times, and wiped my backside many times. I got up, pulled up my panties, reached over w/ my right foot to flush the toilet and grabbed my purse. I retrieved a sanitary wipe, pulled down my panties once again and while standing, I used the wipe to clean up any remaining residue which could have been back there. Luckily, there wasn't any, but, it did make me feel "clean." I threw the wipe into the toilet, pulled up my panties once again, rolled up my panty hose, lowered and straightened my skirt, flushed the toilet once more, grabbed my purse and washed my hands. I couldn't believe that I had spent nearly 20 minutes pooping my brains out. I did have gas most of the day, and on the bus ride back to school, I was having trouble holding in the gas. Once the bus arrived back to the school where I work, I rushed to the women's faculty toilets and had another case of the mushy poops. Luckilly, it wasn't as bad as the previous bout, but, it was still annoying just the same.

Anyway, I hope all is well! Now that things will be settling down, I will post more often during the next few weeks! I hope all is doing well!


Last year I had a "shell stuck in the breech", so to say, and spent the best part of four hours straining to launch this Titanic turd. "Go towards the light! Go towards the light!" I screamed at it, to no avail.

My son (who was eight at the time) asked me what was keeping me in the toilet for so long, so I explained to him the mechanics of constipation. He then remembered a story they had been reading at school that week, where a young boy had got his head stuck in some railings and the old lady who lived at the house had rubbed butter onto the boy's neck, thereby releasing the distresed infant.

Well I wasted no time in cutting myself an arrowhead of butter and with it, I confronted the huge shit lurking in my arse. Within five minutes the brown bastard was born, and I was a happy chap once more. I can recommend it every time for clearing log-jams.


PS I read once that the longest shit ever produced by a human was 18 feet long!! Is this true??

To Pooping Girl,

We all know that girls poop and pee and fart but society programs girls (most of them anyway) to pretent they are above these common needs. Then they are conditioned to prevent anyone else from discovering the truth. They believe that if guys find out that girls have, shall we say, "not so sweet" smells, then the guys will stop thinking of them as delicate and soft and cuddly. Who wants to cuddle with a stink bomb? I would not be embarrassed if she has an accident from timeto time, that's what showers and clean clothes are for.

Hi. I've read posts here for about 4 years now and I finally decided to post something myself. First off, I'm a guy aged 16 years and am a junior in high school. I've always bee turned on by girls taking a big dump. I recently started dating this girl I've been in love with for a while.(Which i found out she really loves me too) Last weekend, we were alone and started getting a little intimate, but not that intimate, and she asked me what turned me on. I got a little nervous because I wasn't going to lie to her and i reall wanted to tell her about my turn on but was afraid of her reaction. When i finally said it (it took me 3 tries to get it out) she thought it was a little strange but kissed me and said "Thank you for telling me that" and said not to worry that she didn't love me any less. She didn't have the same turn on, sadly. Four days later while we were talking i told her I still felt a little nervous about it. She consoled me and said she would always love me. Well, I decided to expand upon the subject a bit by clarifying that I wanted to see her poop and not just pee. Then she made me a promise that made me smile so. She said "If we ever get married, (which i do hope happens) I will let you watch me." God I love her so much. I don't think any of that would have happened without this website. I'd like to thank the moderator and everyone who posts here. Your stories have helped me a great deal.

its been a bad week for me... my insides are churning, and i am very bloated. i'm lying on my side right now, the only position that is at all comfortable, and i'm just pushing while i type this. i don't care if i poop my pants, its worth it for the pain i'm in now. i've been eating so much fiber and drinking lots of water, but it doesn't matter. i keep pausing in this message to massage my abdomen, where it hurts the most. that dulls the pain a bit. i am straining so hard into my pants, the cramps are so bad.. i just haven't been able to go in days... mmmmmmmmmmm... i can't stop pushing... i think maybe i can get a small piece out.. wish me luck.

to Myra:
I like your point about school bathrooms having the toilet seat covers available just like a few of the really upscale (a word my mom uses because she's involved in a business) department stores do. First, I've only put one of those down a couple of times when I've been traveling with Mom--she's insisted and it was a few years ago. I'm almost 17 now and she allows me to make more decisions on my own. She doesn't hover over me like a child (thank God!) when I'm with her and need to use a public bathroom. I get to visit a lot of schools because I'm on the debate team and every Saturday we're at a different school for a tournament. Some of the tournaments go more than 12 hours so we have to go to the bathroom a few times. Just last weekend we were at a school that had those, it was 8 a.m. and I was on the stool taking my morning (I'm really pretty regular--at least compared to some of the other posters) shit when my partner who was in the stall next to me was fumbling and cursing this metal holder on the wall that had the seat protectors in it. She couldn't get one to come out without it totally ripping up. Then it jammed, and she said "What the ****" and that she would sit down and pee like she normally does. She was telling me about a friend in another high school that has the covers and apparently they don't get used that much. The freshmen and sophomores don't much care, but most of the users tend to be the seniors. I told her I doubt that I would use one each time I sat down and she agreed with that. Later, when we were hanging out waiting for the tournament results to be determined, my boyfriend (who is also on the team) said that he was 4 days constipated but was holding his shit until he got home later that night. He doesn't like sitting on toilets in "strange" places. I burst out laughing and as we talked he said he would go in and crap because the school had the seat covers available. He came back out in a minute and seemed really dejected. None of the stalls in two boys rooms he checked even had the seat cover holders! He said that was probably discrimination, but I don't know. The results took longer to tabulate than we thought. I went back in the bathroom--this time to pee--but I pulled down a seat protector, sat on it, and it seemed strange for some reason. I don't think I had the full, satisfying pee I would have normally enjoyed. Then, upon leaving, I pulled off another seat cover and put it in my purse. I gave it to my boyfriend and he used it to go in and shit. The stalls had no doors and he said a couple of other competitors looked at him funny as he sat there with the paper cover under him. He wasn't fully able to evacuate his bowels and thinks that may be the seat cover made him more self conscious. I don't know. I was just trying to help him.

My daughter had a bad stool moving for last 4 days. She is 6 now. So I brought a dulcolax suppository. I pushed it into her buttocks when she was sleeping. Then I hold her buttocks for 8 minutes. Finally she waked up after 25 minutes for a burning sensation and went to toilet and I got a better result. Thanks Dulcolax.

Hey Father P-

I'm the same way man, I always undo my button and fly when I pee. It's just more comfortable for me. I've noticed about a third of guys seem to prefer this too.

You reminded me of something too, A while back I was using the restroom after mass and the priest came in and took the urinal beside me. Talk about a slightly awkward moment! Kinda funny to remember how nervous it made me feel back then.



To Erica,

You said school but you did not say if it is high school, college, etc. Yes we would like to hear of your accidents past, present, and future. I think it very fascinating that you would intentionally load your pants in a public parking lot with a high risk of getting caught only a week after your first genuine accident as a grown up.

P.S. Let us know about the next time you meet the crush who caught you mid-accident.

Hi! I'm a long time reader first time poster. I'm 24, with brown hair and green eyes. I love to poop. It actually relaxes me. Yesterday while I was driving home from work, the urge to poop, and I mean it hit me good! I almost drove through three red lights! Finally I got home and ran up the three flights of stairs to my apartment. I slammed the door, ran to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and my thong to my ankles and plopped on the bowl. About ten seconds later the first turd oozed out of my butt into the bowl. The turd broke off and then I started to pee. I like it when poop and pee both come out at the same time, it feels so good. I still felt more up there so I pushed and three small pieces came out. Plop Plop Plop! Then one last big piece slowly crackled out but got stuck half way through. I grabbed the counter where the sink is and I gave one big squeeze. The turd landed with a splash and I let out a sigh of relief. I wiped five times and flushed. The smell lingered about until about five hours after I went. Good thing I live by myself, I don't think anyone would want to smell a bowel movement for five hours.

To Erica,

You said school but you did not say if it is high school, college, etc. Yes we would like to hear of your accidents past, present, and future. I think it very fascinating that you would intentionally load your pants in a public parking lot with a high risk of getting caught only a week after your first genuine accident as a grown up.

P.S. Let us know about the next time you meet the crush who caught you mid-accident.

Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your Holiday season.

Well I had a nice dump today at work. As soon as I got into the city, I felt the juices flowing in my stomach. I walked at a steady pace so I don't make a big smelly mess in my pants. So I made to work quick undid my jacket and hat and made a dash for the men's room. I took the last stall in the bathroom quickly shut the stall door and placed the seat cover on the toilet and plopped down quickly and made my mess in the toilet, it felt good coming out not to mention stink good. I sat for a good 20 minutes until I was empty. I wiped 3 times with a handful of toilet paper to make sure I get no poop stains in my underwear, anyways I wear color underwear so I don't care if they get stained.

Pooping Girl: I'm glad that you're around. I find women pooping hot thing, noting to be embarrassed of just do your thing. Hope to see more of your stories.

jane's friend courtney: I really enjoyed you story of peeing in the cup while the plumber was working at your house.

Take care everybody and have a great week.


P. S. Hi Cheryl and Carmelita, my favorite ladies who I enjoy reading their stories. Hope you beautiful ladies are doing fine.

Warning: DO NOT double the dose of fiber pills. I've been super stressed lately which of course means a sluggish digestive tract. This is also from being sedentary and eating crap rather than meals. Lots of coke, lots of carbs because they're easy (pasta), not many fruits and vegetables (cause no time to go to the store). Okay so last week, I decided to take 3 fiber pills (recommended dose is 2 and it says it should produce a BM within 12-72 hours) and the next evening I had a small poop but still felt full. I waited again and still was having only small and not satisfying poops all week and then didn't go all weekend since maybe Thursday. So since I wasn't happy with how the 3 pills worked, I decided to take 4 last night.

This morning, I woke up and peed in the shower (which I love doing...saves time and water) and headed off to school at around 8 to study. I had some breakfast at school (bagel and cream cheese) and then studied. I started feeling really bad around 9:30, so I went to the couch and laid down on my stomach. I fell asleep for about an hour and woke up feeling worse. I decided that I would try to go to the bathroom.

I went into the bathroom (my regular one--three stalls across from the 2 sinks which have a mirror behind them), took a little bit of paper and wiped the seat off (I always do this in a public bathroom regardless of if I can see pee or not, and I don't line the seat unless the bathroom looks really nasty. My school does have toilet seat liners but what's the point?) I threw the paper in the toilet and pulled down my jeans and blue panties and sat there. Within 20 seconds, I could feel tremendous pressure in my bowels. I tried to push and sharted a couple of times. Then I managed to get out one ball which was maybe the size of a walnut in the shell. I pushed really hard and finally felt another little piece move down. It finally started moving and came out quickly but it hurt a little at the start. In about 2 seconds it was over. I still felt like there was lots more so I rested for a minute and then pushed again. I released a couple more sharts (which for some reason were an orangy-yellow-brown rather than dark brown) and a couple more tiny pieces (smaller than a walnut but larger than a cherry). I still felt like there was more, but I couldn't get anything else out. I looked down between my legs and was shocked to see that the second piece was quite bit--maybe an inch and a quarter in diameter and I could see about 8 inches but it was hiding down the hole so I'm not sure. The big piece was light and dark brown and the little pieces were all dark brown.

At that point, another girl came in. She was a bit slow starting, but then she had a very strong pee. I just sat there trying to decide if there was more. The girl wiped with one piece of toilet paper and flushed and washed her hands and left. I pushed again and put some toilet paper on my finger to see if I could feel anything trying to get out. I didn't, but the paper was the orangy-yellow-brown. At that point another girl came in for a pee and I wiped and flushed and washed my hands and went back to studying.

At 11:30 or so, I met with a friend to take a study break and we got Starbucks. At 12:15 when I came back in, I felt like I had to fart but I went to the bathroom. It was a good thing because more of the orange-yellow-brown mucus came out.

Then, all afternoon I have not stopped farting. They have mostly been silent ones. I judged all of them correctly and went to the toilet the one other time I sharted.

G'day again from Oz.I felt a bit ordinary when I got up this morning
but improved rapidly after sitting on the toilet and dropping two huge
chocolate logs.You can't beat it.
Pooping Girl says all women fart and shit.I am sure she is correct but,
at times it is hard to imagine.I had the day off work today so I went
and finished my christmas shopping.I lost count of the number of
attractive women I saw at the shopping centre and,to be honest,it was
hard to imagine a lot of them sitting on a toilet dropping a big smelly load.I suspect that it is just not regarded as lady like for
women to talk about their toilet habits and adventures although I do
not have a problem with it.In fact I enjoy it.
I also enjoy watching the fashion channel on cable TV,particularly the
swimwear and lingerie segments.Imagine if one of the models was hit by
the sudden urge to drop a load whilst on the catwalk.How embarrassing
would it be if she could not hang on.I doubt that it would be a good
career move either.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sometimes I get really big hard poos that really cause pain upon passing same. You get the urge, sit on the pot and push and then realise this turd wants out but is a bit big to fit through the "door way" and a bit solid to be flexible... I then really push and grunt and lean forward...right forward and out it comes but my bum is usually sore for a day or two and sometimes very sore. What are the suggestions for pushing out such a log to minimise pain and harm...any body got any ideas?
Thunder From Down Under

On constipation:

I am a divorcee, approaching 53, brunette, tall with an attractive full-figure and a largish but pear-shaped bottom. I live and work in London and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables each day.

This is a typical scenario if I have not been for 5 to 7 days:

I do not have the urge to go but feel a bit bloated - my rectum has not filled at this stage i.e. the hard lump is somewhere lodged higher up in my large colon.

At some stage I will feel some movement inside me and a large fart forms as the large plug of stool moves slowly down my descending colon towards my rectum.

This sometimes happens when I am asleep and on waking I can blow a very large dry fart - of equine proportions my boyfriend says and it can wake him up !

At other times I can hold my fart until I sit on the lavatory bowl when it can be very noisy - being amplified by the bowl - and can be embarrassing if I'm not in my own house.
At the office I tend to blast away in the Ladies and have heard gasps from other cubicle users which I find amusing.

Once this wind has been expelled in one or more farts, my rectum then feels very solid as the hard plug fills and stretches it. I try to defecate but might not be successful for a day or two more or I may decide to leave it until a more convenient time. The urge to go subsides - but I remain aware of the presence of a large compacted lump either by an aching rectum or if I have to sit down on a hard chair.

I usually try and "make myself comfortable" every 4 or 5 days at the office - mainly just after the lunch hour.
There are 3 cubicles to the Ladies on each floor. Each cubicle is typical with a thin plywood partition and a gap of about 12 inches underneath and a gap above the partition top up to the ceiling. Not much privacy from noises but I do not mind.

Farting and then straining hard usually produces hard plip-plop pebbles from marble to golf ball size breaking off the much larger mass. The stool that follows can get stuck owing to its diameter, and I have often just sat there for 10 minutes or more with my anus fully stretched and plugged. It is then I sometimes have to resort to some lubrication of that well known jelly - which I keep in reserve in my handbag. I let the stool retreat back into my rectum and then lubricate the anal walls. I keep my index fingernail short on my right hand for this very purpose.

I would never dream of using any laxatives or other purgatives. The only downside is feeling bloated sometimes, and a slight malaise headache if my rectum is overstretched for a long period.

The resulting stool always splashes water onto my bottom and generally will not flush. It sometimes bobs about semi-submerged. Occasionally I do a really long one and no splashing is involved.

I have no qualms about leaving it for the next person to see if it does not flush away. It is not unusual in the office Ladies to see large turds left on display by accident or on purpose. Women in the office tend to get to know over a period of time who passes large stools - but only your closest work colleagues would ever mention it. I recall seeing some whoppers from time to time and mostly know who has passed them.

My anus often takes an hour or two to recover from its stretching. Fortunately I only suffer occasional slight bleeding - never a painful fissure or piles.

As my stools are usually dry and hard there is little to wipe - which is just as well as my bottom crack is quite hairy and I hate the risk of soiling my panties with skid marks and therefore smelling. I tried shaving my crack at one time but the new stubble growth became so itchy making my anus sore that I decided never again.

During the summer - I can be constipated for 8 to 10 days - always worst in hot weather.
The stool then gets particularly large, hard, and difficult to pass.

Pooping Girl
A question has risen to my mind lately, and I came to this site looking for the answer. Where exactly did the idea that girls don't poop originate? Girls are humans just like boys, so we poop and fart just like everyone else. I guess people just seem to have trouble imaging a cute, hot girl perched on a toilet taking a big shit. But, I'm living proof that girls do poop, and some of us are damn proud of it.

There have been several occasions when I've been out with my boyfriend and his friends, and I've let off a smelly fart. It's actually quite interesting to watch the boys blame each other for it, completely forgetting I'm sitting there. Nah, couldn't be the cute girl sitting there.

Also, if you've ever been in a ladies' room, you'll know that our poop doesn't smell like roses or perfume either. I remember one day when I was waiting for a small one-stall bathroom at a restaurant to become available. A dainty girl, maybe 20 years old or so, walks out looking contented with herself. I walk in and close the door to find a definitive poop smell in the air, and looking in the toilet I saw several skid marks on the bowl.

Anyway, I just thought I'd voice my mind and let people know that women and girls do, in fact, poop, just like everyone else. Surprise, surprise.

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