Uncle Harry
Requiem for a Water Bug

I was at a girlfriend's house and needed to pee before we went out. She was in the bathroom doing her hair. I walked in, raised the toilet lid and seat, and saw some kind of water bug swimming around in the bowl. Good time for target practice, I thought. I got out my dick, pointed it toward the bowl, and turned on the water works. I kept moving the hose around trying to hit the bug, but he (she?) kept swimming away from my stream. It was more like herding the bug than hitting it. I tried to herd it to side so maybe it would crawl out of the water and I could splat it, but no. The bug was too smart for that and swam the other way. In the mean time, the GF was cheering me on, calling out instructions. "To the left, Harry; now up; don't let him get away". Well, the pump went dry and I never got him; and there was the "Energizer Bug", who just kept going and going and going, swimming around in the piss filled toilet bowl.

Since my rifle approach had failed, the GF decided to try her shotgun approach. She typically had a broader, spraying, stream than I did, so we "changed nozzles on the garden hose", so to speak. She took off her skirt and panties and straddled the toilet facing the tank, holding on to a towel rack above it for some support. "Ok, bug", she said, "You've met your match", as she let go a heavy stream of piss, straight down, as it sprayed and spread more widely the further down it went. By the time it reached the water, it was covering about half of it. By moving her hips around, she managed to cover the whole area, including getting some on the rim. Well, the bug was no match for her. Anywhere it swam, there was her ciss falling on it. Heavy rain storm, he must have thought. She finally got a direct hit with the center of her stream, as the bug swam right through it and went under. It bobbed to the surface a few inches away, but was no longer swimming. We flushed the toilet and gave it a decent burial. Boy, was the GF proud of herself. She had accomplish a pee task that a man couldn't; she had proved that a female could do something with her pee that a male couldn't. Maybe we should have gotten this into the Guinness Book of World Records.

I just love it in the morning,there I am brushing my teeth and in comes my girl friend, to take her morning pee.She sits down and lets this strong long pee hit the water,all the while looking at me with this big smile.She finishes and lets out a hugh fart,and says to me,after breakfast the best is yet to come.I know what she means and I can't wait.To be continued.

Just curious. If there were another way for the body to rid itself
of poop, without smelling and embarrassment, not to mention inconvenience,
how many women would rather have an alternative to smelling bare-bottomed
on the toilet? How many would rather smell and poop no matter what? Just

Fr. P
Hello all, I have a really embarrassing question to ask you nice people. Is it considered improper for a male to not only unzip his trousers but also unsnap the waist fastening, like the button, snap etc? I know it's a dumb question, but this is the method I use, and am wondering if this is considered improper. I just find it hard to use the small fly on my trousers. Please answer, I would deeply appreciate it.

God Bless You All!

Father P

I love to get home and sit on the cold porcelin of the pooper and let it all out and plop out of my nice little anus and men love my ass so people are alaways envying meabout it so they should know I have chrones disease ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Hi folks.I havn't been posting as regularly as before,so for anyone who is interested i am 38 years old and live in Scotland.I don't know what made me suddenly remember this but i have another true incident from my childhood.
I was around 8 or 9 years old at the time,i can't quite remember.This happened while visiting my Aunt and Uncle.My two cousins,male and female,were being naughty in the bathroom together and they invited me in to watch.Alison was sitting on the toilet with her trousers and underwear around her ankles doing a poo! Gordon and i stood watching as she pushed out her turds.There was a splashing sound as they hit the water.She told us that she had finished,then reached down to wipe her bum.She then held up the TP which was covered in brown mush and showed it to us.I remember her brother and i looking at each other and screwing up our faces with a mixture of excitement and disgust.We then left her to finish up.There was no repeat of this and although it was a long time ago it was one of those memorable incidents which probably sparked my interest in all things toilet related. As i have mentioned before,i prefer peeing stories and would love to hear more of these.KEEP PEEING AND POOING! cheers,bye for now Andy.

I feel very bloated, gassy and uncomfortable right now, probably caused by a weekend eating fast food :( I am constipated and very uncomfortable, probably will have to take some stool softeners lately.

My side and stomach are hurting :( I've been drinking green tea lately to try to push everything out, because green tea usually works for me to clear everything out.

Here's hoping.

Back. Feeling a tiny bit better after pooping but it didn't get rid of all of it. My stomach is still extremely bloated.

Clean up was easy. Dumped the poop into the toilet and cleaned up with toilet paper the best I could and rinsed the underwear. Panties were totaled, so I tossed them into the garbage can in the bathroom. Changed into dry underwear and shorts.

I've read some stories on here about these open multi user bathrooms on campgrounds that sound awkward. There are just 2 or more seats / holes on one box that everyone pees / poops into, even at the same time? They couldn't put up stalls? Are they ever unisex? Also, is this common? Where do you usually find these kinds of campsites? I've been camping only a few times in my life, but never seen this. Are they only on campsites that are particularly removed from civilization or something? thanks

Two weeks ago I was acting like a real bitch to my boyfriend because he had to serve a detention after school and I had to wait for him to drive me home. Ironically, his DT came from too many tardies to class because he had to stop between 3rd and 4th hour to take his shit. That was the one that put him over his limit of 6 tardies. I told him us girls have learned to move faster on that stuff and to plan ahead because its going to take us longer to get a stall, sit down, pee or crap, wipe, and then get out of there. Frequently, there's not enough time for us to wait and wash our hands. Well, anyway, like he was telling me that the guy's rooms are dirtier than the girls' rooms because they pee right over the seat and that most of their stall doors have been taken off. I asked him what his point was and he invited me upstairs to "tour" one of the bathrooms. It was past 4:30 p.m. and there was nobody around so I took him up on it. Like ours, there was a long line of toilets, all very old with black seats, some with and some without toilet paper on the roll. A couple of them were completely plugged up with shit higher than the water level. There was toilet paper strown about, urine splashed on a couple of the seats that had not dried off yet, graffiti beside the toilet on the stall walls, two sinks were plugged up and one of the hand driers was busted off the wall. Something tells me they're not used that much anyway. There were about 15 urinals on the other side of the room, all built into the ground. I would think those would be cleaner because there would be less chance of guys missing the bowl and splashing down on the floor. He invited me to try using the bathroom once while he watched the door. I don't know what he expected me to learn or say. I took the stall closest to where I was standing, dropped my jeans and my thong, and sat down on a seat that was somewhat cold, but it hadn't been used for an hour or so, and I peed. My bladder was empty within 45 seconds, but I do grant him one thing--it's strange to use a toilet and look straight ahead at potentially dozens of other guys peeing into urinals, or while you're waiting for your stall, shitting away. I told him I would always take the stall the farthest away from the crowd and that I would definitely keep my jeans and panties at seat level. I think I would also want a book on my lap. Other than that, I conclused that the girls' rooms aren't all that different from the boys'. Most everybody has to use them, some people abuse them, and while they certainly suck, I doubt there's going to be much change made by the adminstration. It would be nice if they offered those toilet seat covers like some nice stores have, but I doubt that many girls (and he admits the guys probably wouldn't use them)would take the time to use them. I told him, Oh well, school bathrooms suck. Then we went over to his house where he could take his crap. Something I do everyday AT SCHOOL!

Brandy Sue,
It sounds like IBS to me. You should look up the symptoms and see if you have any others.

Timmy Toilet
One time I had to crap my pants real bad so I had to stop in a fancy restaurants bathroom and I let loose, man!,,,I had to go real bad,because I stopped up the toilet and it wouldn't flush, and it smelled really bad. I overheard one of the bartenders saying "what's that smell"...I was so embarrased, I had to jam outta there!!!

To pooping Girl,

I can only speak for myself saying I always knew women pooped and farted. But many could doubt it because of the lack of attention it gets publicly. Could you tell us about more of your pooping?

Keith D
To Lady Sandra: It sucks that you don't feel like you have your privacy when you really need to go. I can't speak from experience but I have an Aunt (Lily) who suffered from chronic IBS while she had two kids. She spent a lot of time in the toilet with constipation. Although she stayed at home most of the time, she couldn't allow the kids to go unsupervised for the time she spent in the loo so used to take one or both in with her.

Lily was surprisingly open about the whole thing. I remember being shocked when she was telling me about it over coffee once. She described the details in such a matter of fact way as if it were something so ordinary. She talked about the amount of time she spent in there - often over an hour - the things they'd chat about, especially the number of questions Ben would ask about what was going on: What's that noise?, Mommy, why are you frowning? Is there more? Wow, that was a big splash! She laughed at how he'd have trouble balancing because he always sat on her knee. I guess at least with him sitting up there, he wouldn't be looking at her private parts. Apparently, she often went in there naked as she sometimes breast fed the kids while sitting.

At the time, I was shocked to hear that she did this. She could mess her kids up for life! My parents certainly never took me into the toilet with them when I was little. It seemed so weird...

But looking back now, I think her attitude was probably quite healthy. I grew up with all sorts of bizzarre questions about toilet habits because I just had no idea and hadn't had shared experiences with adults. During toilet training, I was just shut in the small toilet room and left to "do my business". I had no idea of what to do - what position to sit in, how to push, how much pushing is normal, if something is wrong. This led to major problems in later childhood with constipation, accidents, wasting hours of my life sitting on the toilet, feeling bad and guilty for not being able to go, feeling different to other people and a lack of confidence in my teenage years. And having all these unanswered questions and thinking about them all the time and feeling weird for doing it. I think that what you are doing with your son in sharing your time is great and very healthy. You shouldn't feel embarrassed or that you have to be too modest. Just be natural. If you read a lot of the old posts on this site, you'll see that many people have developed a fascination with toilet habits from the lack of information around and most people's obsession with privacy.

Sorry, I know that's not an answer to your question. Just don't feel awkward.

When I was in high school I got the surprise of my life when my uncle suggested giving me an enema while I was staying with him during the spring-break.
It all began after I had attended a birthday party with some friends three days earlier, and ate all the usual junk food that's served at a party. I ended up with a severe case of constipation.
I didn't want my uncle to find out that I was constipated so while he was at work I checked his medicine cabinet to see if there were any laxatives available. I found a box that had one Ducolax suppository in it. After reading the instructions on how to use it, I dropped my jeans and underwear and inserted the suppository up my butt and waited for it to work.
After about 45 minutes had passed I felt the urge to have a bm and went into the bathroom and had a seat on the throne. But I only farted a lot of gas and still felt bloated and miserable.
Later when I came out of the bathroom, still feeling miserable and very uncomfortable I went and laid down across the bed hoping I would start feeling better. A short time later my uncle came home from work and noticed that I was not myself and asked me if I was sick.
I was feeling real bad by then and thought I had better go on and admit the truth so I told my uncle I couldn't use the bathroom and was feeling sick to my stomach.
He asked me if I had taken a laxative. I admitted that I had tried a suppository but it didn't work. At this point he suggested that he could give me an enema, or he could show me how to give it to myself.
I had never had an enema before as I could remember, so I asked my uncle to explain the procedure to me and what it consisted of as I had no idea what to do.
He removed a flat box off the top shelf of the linen closet and pulled out a red fountain syringe bag with a matching hose and a white rectal nozzle attached to one end and explained to me in detail how to use it.
Since this was going to be my first time having an enema I decided that I had better let him do the job as he was experienced and knew what he was doing. After I agreed to let him give me the enema he told me to go into the bedroom and strip from the waist down and meet him in the bathroom. I was a little reluctant at first about having to be butt naked in front of my uncle, but the pressure and discomfort in my stomach from me being constipated, made me soon forget about the humiliation of the treatment that was coming, and I quickly slipped my Levi's and underwear off and wrapped a bath towel around my waist and went into the bathroom where my uncle already had the enema bag filled to the brim with soapsuds and warm water hanging on a towel bar near the toilet.
He had me take off the towel and spread it on the floor and lie down on my back with one foot on the edge of tub and the other on the toilet. I was very embarrassed because I had an erection and didn't know why this was happening. Normally the only time I would erect was around my girlfriend and not around another man.
My uncle noticed that I was embarrassed and told me not to get alarmed about my now fully erect cock. He told me he would also get an erection whenever he took an enema. He told me that it was normal for a male to become erect before and during an enema. It put my mind at ease knowing that nothing was wrong with me.
My train of thought was interrupted, when he asked me if I was ready for him to start giving me the enema.
I said yes and he got down on one knee and inserted the rectal nozzle up my butthole and released the clamp on the hose, filling my ass up with warm water. As this was my first time ever getting an enema, I was unable to hold the enema solution and begin to squirt water and turds of shit all over the bath towel that was under my butt. I was making a big mess.
My uncle told me not to worry about it, just squirt the water and shit on the towel. He would clean it up afterward. He then reinserted the nozzle and continued giving me the enema until the syringe bag was empty.
I must admit when he had finished giving me the enema I had shit and water all over floor and on the towel under my ass but I felt 100 percent better. I got up off the floor to take a shower while my uncle cleaned up the mess that I had made.
I have many more stories, this was just one of them.

i would like to hear stories about people who were on a plane and they had to pee really badly.

Hello, Im a 19 year old, sophomore in college. Im an african american and i dont see myself as handsome although i've been told that many times, especially by my girlfriend, Michelle. She is caucasion and we have a special interracial relationship that we are both proud of. This here is a poop story we had together(BTW if there is anyone here named Michelle, that isnt her....I dont think...)

One day i was at Michelle's house and I really needed to take a crap so i asked her if i could use her bathroom and she said yes. I went in and sat on the toilet and waited. I farted loudly about 3 times and then it started to come out. It felt almost like diarrhea or something because of how much it was coming out at one time. It kept farting or should i say "sharting" while doing it but it felt so good. It seemed as if every time i farted, a load of poop would follow. One time i sharted super loud and i could here Michelle groaning in disgust. I spent about 5 minutes in the bathroom, when she knocked on the door and asked to come in and put on her make up(we were supposed to be going out to eat later) and i said sure. When she came in she instantly covered her mouth and made gagging noises to entertain me. She came in and started putting on her make-up in the mirror while i sat on the toilet beside her. Eventually, I felt some more about to come out and farted and pooped right in front of her. Everytime i did it she would go "ew" and give me a disgusted look and the times that i farted or sharted really loudly she would just groan in digust or say something like "god....". Eventually she couldnt take the smell and walked out to do her makeup in the other bathroom (where she should have gone in the first place). Eventually I was finished and the load was done and i wiped, and looked back to see a whole load of floaters coming to the top of the water. I was proud. I flushed the toilet and went with Michelle to Golden Corral for dinner.

When we got back, I felt that i was about to have the runs and went back to her bathroom, pulled down my pants and shot a load of diarrhea in the toilet. Every so often i would stop and fart and shart really loud but it just kept coming. I didnt know what they put in that food at the restaurant but it sure was an effective laxative. Eventually I heard a knock on the door and Michelle was asking if she could use the bathroom right quick. I told her i was on the toilet and she said she didnt care. She had anxiousness in her voice. I let her come in and she ran in and closed the door holding her butt from the bottom. She ran over to me and started unbuttoning her skin tight jeans and she told me to spread my legs. At first i thought she wanted to have sex with me when she pulled her pants down but I then she told me to scoot back on the toilet and i did and she sat down on the front edge of the toilet and let loose a huge wave of diarrhea between my legs. I could hear her stomach growling and the vibration of the farts when it came out of her. There we sat and pooped together and it was great. I finished first and when we were both done, we wiped each other got out

I did it again. I pooped my panties on the drive back home from school. I did it about a week ago too, but that's for another post for those that want to hear it. But back to today.
I hadn't pooped since friday morning, so it was rather large. I'd remembered the feeling from last time. On the way out of the building, I felt the urge. I still had my gym shorts on because I figured that being cold for five minutes on the way to my car would totally be worth the 10 minutes I would save avoiding traffic. I'm parked far away from the building. So I felt the urge and remembered the last time I did a poo in my pants a week ago (it was the first time since first or second grade). This time, though, it wasn't so much spur of the moment. I'd worn tighter panties and shorts this time because I had planned it this time. So the urge hit me, and I was about two minutes from my car. It was a big urge too. So, as I planned it, I let go, and the turd started to advance. It touched my panties and then stopped. It's hard to do a motion while walking. I got to my car and felt another cramp. I let go and the turd started advancing again. It was big because I had held it for a long time. I watched as the bulge started to form in the back of my pants. I pushed and the rest came out. I had filled my pants intentionally, and I got that weird feeling, that one that you get when you know that you are going against what society has taught you. I looked at the back of my pants and the bulge was very noticeable. I walked over to the drivers side of the car when something unimagineable happened. A huge cramp hit me from out of nowhere and I bent back over and this time started pooping unintentionally. But that wasn't the worst part. Right as this happened, the boy I have a major crush on walked up and saw me squatting on the concrete pooping myself. He walked away as if he hadn't seen anything, but I knew that he saw everything.
After the turd finished, I looked at the back of my pants and saw a huge bulge. I got into my car and placed a few towels on the seet just in case. I went the fifteen minute drive home with a huge load in my pants. On the way home, I got caught in the traffic. But it wasn't the usual traffic. There was an accident, and the road was blocked. Unfortunately, I had been suppressing the urge to pee all day, (the toilets at school are absolutely disgusting.) After about fifteen minutes, the pain grew too much and I was forced to let go. I would have held it, but I realized that the pain was not worth it. My panties were at this point destroyed. The accident was cleared up after a half hour, and I drove the rest of the way home with a pair of soaked and filled panties on. It took twenty minutes to get home from the accident. So in total, I had spent almost an hour in pooed panties. Although the experience was terrible, I got the same rush as last time I pooed my panties. The cleanup took forever. But luckily, nobody was home. The panties were a hopeless case, and the shorts were amazingly, only wet from the pee. So They're currently in the wash.
Maybe this weekend I'll try pooping in pantyhose.
I sure hope this post wasn't too detailed

February 2006: I'd had the stomach flu really bad...poop and puke all day, everyday. Suppositories couldn't even stop the forever flowing fecal fountain. It's amazing I hadn't shit my pants after suffering for 5 days like this.

Finally, the illness was leaving my body. I wasn't throwing up anymore, and I was only having...4 spurts of diarrhea per day. It was early one morning before class; I felt well enough to return to school. I got up, went to the kitchen, poured my juice and a bowl of cereal. I sat down at the kitchen table to enjoy a breakfast I knew I wouldn't throw up or shit out in 10 minutes. As I sat there, I felt one of those pains.
<i>"Oh, it's just a big fart brewing from sleeping all night,"</i> I thought to myself. I let it go, hot and slow. <i>"Damn, that's really warm, and it sure isn't getting any cooler."</i>
I realized that my fart...wasn't alone. I rushed to the bathroom, stripped down my panties and plopped down on the pot to my wondering eyes what should appear, but streaks of doodie brown and a big tan smear! Gotta clean that up for sure.

The moral of the story is to never trust a hot fart right after having the stomach flu.

so and so
This story takes place a month ago. I was 20 at the time. I was with my girlfriend at my house. We were eating dinner, and everything was going great until I took a big gulp of my soda. I belched loudly right in front of her! I started apologizing, saying, "I'm so sorry." over and over again. (See we had never burped or farted in front of each other until then.)She sort of smiles and says, "Is that the best you got?" She picks up her soda and chugs some and releases this huge belch that lasted for about ten seconds. Not one to be beat in a competition, I drink some more of my soda and beat her previous attempt.
We continue our contest for the remainder of the dinner. After dinner, we went downstairs to watch a movie. Our competition was still going on. After I had blasted out my best belch during the movie, my girlfriend smiles mischieviously and says, "Pull my finger." I oblige, and she lets out this massive fart that seemed to shake the house. I was in literal awe of her feat. We were almost crying because of laughing so hard. Later during the movie I felt a fart coming. I lift my butt from the couch and ripped a loud, loooooong one.(I had been exceptional at farting ever since I was little.) My girlfriend had gotten the signal that our competition changed directions, because five minutes later she rips another one. We continue trying to outfart each other during the movie. I rip a wet fart, laugh, and say, "I think something else came out with that one."
She laughs and gets that smile and lifts her butt from the couch, farts and grunts. What I saw next surprised me. I saw a bulge forming in her pants and saw a brown spot spreading on her white pants. She just kept smiling at me while she was crapping her pants. When she was done the room started to stink more than it already did because of our farts. She sat down and said, "I bet you can't make a bigger crap in your pants more than that. As a matter of fact I think you'd chicken out of crapping your pants at all."
I found this change in the competition strange, but as I said before I am not one to lose a competition. I got off the couch and acted like I was going to leave the room and chicken out, but I turned around and gave my girlfriend the same mischievious smile she had given me. I positioned myself where she could see my butt. I squatted a small bit and pushed. A giant log started to curl around in my briefs like a snake. After I was done pushing out the first log, I started pushing out a soft, smaller log. I had had to crap all day that day and finally letting go felt great.The feeling of my poop coming out into my pants felt weird but it was a good feeling. I honestly liked the sensation. I checked my reflection in the mirror nearby and saw a bulge and a small brown spot on my khakis.
Then my girlfriend said, "Time to check to see who won." We both went to the bathroom. I dumped the poop in my pants in the toilet first. It was pretty large and I thought that I would have a good chance at winning. I flushed away my creation, and then she dumped the poop in her pants in the toilet. Let me tell you, what I saw was a monster.
I had lost fair and square. We clean up and as I was driving her home, we both farted quite a bit since we were obviously comfortable with that. When I reach her house I tell her, "I had fun tonight."
She rips a small fart and said, "Me too." I kiss her goodnight and I drive home thinking that this all happened just because I had burped after drinking some soda.
More stories about me and my girlfriend later.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi I am a frequent visitor to this website but have never posted. I recently was out driving around doing some errands i n the country and I had the urge to go poop right now so I pulled over next to a bridge in a place where I know no one ever comes through and I didnt want to go in the ditch so I pulled my jeans and boxers down and pooped over the side of the guardrail into the creek. It was an experience. Let me know what you think about this if I should write more. Any ladies here have ever pooped or peed off a bridge before if so please post!

Welcome back everyone! sorry if i was a lurker, i was busy. Now I have an question for anyone here writing: why when girls on the toilet start pooping they istantly do very big farts, and then no more noise? it is a big enigma, i would appreciate every answers. Goodbye!

hi ppl! could any of you ladies tell more stories when you vomited then had diarrhea in your pants? i'd appreciate it

Has anyone here ever had to crap really bad on a plane with no bathroom, or any other unusual place?? What about any people in a pool who can't make it to the bathroom? And ahve any of you any stories about kids crapping?

Uncle Harry
On my last post, Girlfriend Shower Pee, I forgot to include my name, but it's me.

Laundry Room

I was spending the weekend at my girlfriend's house. She lived in a sprawling, 3-story, garden style, apartment building, where each 6-flat unit had its own entrance and a laundry room on the lower level. She lived on the first floor, just above the lower level. On Friday night, she put a load of laundry in the drier, but we didn't want to wait for it to dry before going to bed. After we got up on Saturday morning and did our wee-wees, she asked me to go down to the laundry room and bring up the dry clothes. I threw on a bathrobe and slippers, grabbed a laundry basket, and went down. I started unloading the drier when a young woman, probably mid-20s, came in with a laundry basket. She lived on the third floor and I had seen her before in passing.

It was summer and she wasn't wearing very much... a flimsy tank top with no bra and a frilly shorty bottom. "Good morning", she said in groggy voice, like she was still half asleep. She started to unload the other drier and then stopped suddenly, a pained look on her face, and reached for a plastic container on the counter. I recognized it as a dry food container with the snap-on lid missing, because I had one... 4 inches wide, 8 inches long, and 9 inches deep. There seemed to be a little laundry detergent on the bottom. "I just got up and forgot to pee and I gotta' go", she said. "Do you mind?". Of course I didn't mind and she obviously didn't mind that I was there. She removed her bottom completely, exposing a furry muff. The she spread her legs and put the container between them, holding it a few inches below her pussy, facing me. I had never thought of using this container to pee in, but it seemed ideal... narrow enough for a girl to get between her legs, long enough to catch any stream that arced forward, and deep enough to hold the contents of any size bladder.

Anyway, she no sooner got the container between her legs when a gusher poured out of her slit and she gave a sigh of relief. A lot of foaming occurred, probably because of the soap in the container. She looked up and asked, "Do you really have to watch me go to the bathroom?". "You didn't ask me not to", I replied. She just said, "Oh...yeah", and went back to looking down and watching herself piss. She finally finished, shook herself a little, pulled the container out from between her legs, and out it on the counter. Her ample fur had really gotten soaked and was dripping onto the floor. She grabbed a paper towel, mopped up her muff, then wiped the drops off the floor and disposed of the towel. She dumped the container into the sink, rinsed it out, and put it back on the counter. Picking up her PJ bottoms to put them back on, she commented, "Sorry I had to do that, but I just couldn't wait". "That's ok", I replied. She finished unloading the drier and left.

When I got back upstairs, I told my GF about this. "Oh, her", she said with some disdain. "She has no inhibitions. I saw her once in the laundry wearing only a bathrobe with no waist tie that fell open every time she let go of it, even though there were guys in the room". With a lot of single people living in that unit, I couldn't help wondering if that was the whole idea.

Hey like all your stories! Anybody got any more stories of like kids that had to crap really bad but weren't in a place where there was a toilet?? I have a couple of stories. I guess sometime last year I was at the mall and I was peeing in one of the stalls. There was this kid in the stall next to me that was crapping. I heard her actually say out loud "hey mommy one's about to come out!" lol. And then and I heard her parents say "hurry up we have to go now!" And then then she yelled out loud again (there were like 20 people in the bathroom with stalls) "There's another one coming!" And then she yelled out again real hard "UUUUHHHHHHHHHHH" That was a really funny thing. And then another story was I was at a bookstore buying some books, and there were these two toddlers playing, and one of them told the other one to sit down, but that one wouldn't completely sit down. She also walked with her legs spread out and walked really careful. i was completely certain she had a diaper full of poop. And a half hour later she started crying and her mom felt her diaper and knew she had shit in her diaper, took her into the bathroom. Ok and here are the tow best of all:
I was walking in the mall getting some ice cream, and this 11 year old I guess pulled his pants down in front of everybody and pushed out all this diarrhea and then gigantic logs. And then all the diarrhea actually overflowed and poured down the rails and to the bottom floor of the mall. And then he took his penis and stuck it straight where the rail was and peed this huge stream of pee downstairs. Lots of people downstairs got hit with the overflowing diarrhea and pee... it was soo funny! And the next story, someone who also crapped in public:
This kid, bout 9-11 something,
was at the same mall a month after the other incident with his mom, and he grabbed his butt cheeks really tight and cried really loud, and his mother yelled at him, "don't dump in the mall here!! I'm not going to buy you new clothes here if you dump in your pants!!" Then the kid just couldn't take it anymore and didn't want to have crap full pants for another 3 hours. (the mother said another three hours before they get home, and the bathroom was nowhere near) He pulled his pants down, in front of people, and crapped these gigantic logs onto the mall floor, like a foot wide I swear. and then his mother grabbed her purse and swapped his dirty butt with it 5 times, and then he screamed out really loud and did more big logs and diarrhea and more harder whoppings with the purse. And then he peed too. And then he got this weird constipation thing after he was done and screamed more and said "IT HURTS!!!!" His mother said "oh ok so now your constipated!!! your going to be grounded for 3 months!!" And the boy stuck his finger up his butt and tried to pull it out, and OMG all this crap came out nonstop, diarrhea and big logs for like 30 minutes, dirrhea poured everywhere, Everybody was watching the show!!!! And it just kept flowing. people got it on their shoes, alot of it!! and OMG IT WAS SO FUNY!!!! More stories soon

whats up everyone, just call me Cass, even tho that ain't my real name but o well. my friend showed me this site a long time ago and when i told her about what happened she said i should send it in, so here it goes: i dont usually have accidents except when i was real little i peed my pants with my mom at the supermarket. but no poop accidents that i can remember. okay, this happened last summer, i was 18 and were going out to this amusement park. i cant say what it was cause we live kinda close to it. i was with my boyfriend and we were going to eat breakfast and drive to the park. about an hour drive probably. my stomach had been acting up all day ever since I woke up, but everytime i tried to poop i would just have bad crackling gas. don't remember what i ate. anyway we went to a waffle house and ate which was good as it usually is, but i dont think it couldve helped my stomach. well were on the road for about 20 minutes windows down, music up and i had a bad cramp. i mean bad, it was evil so i farted. big mistake. i was startled at first but clenched my buttcheeks together so no more would come out. some poop definitely leaked out into my buttcrack. i was wearing jean shorts so it wasn't as noticable cause they were tight in the crotch, but it would be noticable soon. i told john we had to find a gas station. he argued a little but i said i might be sick he didn't know i sharted. he smelt it and the bad thing was i was still holding on to a massive diarrhea dump that needed out now! we finally got to a wendys and i wobbled into the bathroom to survey the damage. worse than i thought. a lot worse. my thong had poop all over it, my jean shorts crotch was caked in really loose shit. probably about a big handfull if you scooped it all up, but it was mushy. i almost threw up looking at it, but i immediatlely sat down and had diarrhea. mushy ass fire acidic diarrhea. there was foam in the toilet. my stomach was truly sick, i don't usually get that way. when i had cleaned up as best i could as i still had dried shit on my body and clothes i came out. john said he crapped too but made it to the toilet, i was not in the mood for his joking. i said we have to go back he agreed. i felt bad and was still sweating and embarassed. i was so embarassed cause i knew it was noticable. later in the car something horrible happened. i suddenly had to vomit and so i leaned out the window and puked. but i also shit! i felt my drawers fill with liquid shit as i purged my guts out on the side of my boyfriends car. sad thing is i knew i had to sit down in it eventually as i was puking. he layed a shirt down on his seat. he took all of this a lot more well than i thought he wouldve, so i didn't cry even thought i felt like it. when i got home i wrapped the shirt around my ass even though it was stained with poop. my front was also stained, disgusting and warm. it wasnt really going down my leg cause lots of it was dried but i was worried about a piece escaping my pants legs. my jeans shorts were definitely ruined. my thong was unsalvagable. i'm glad i wore sandles cause i couldn just hose em off, but that was definitely one of the worst days of my life. i had diarrhea all that night too and puked. bad day to go for rollercoasters - Cass

Very interesting stories here......Im male 32 been a reader on here for several years....Btw, what ever happened to Fat Woman or Fat Chick? I like stories, as I like watching or listening to females take dumps....
Here's my reply to the survey on page 1603
1 What is your gender? Male

2 What is your age? 31

3 How would you describe your body? wiry
4 How often do you poop?maybe once a day

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? it depends
7 do you enjoy watching others poop? I enjoy watching females poop

8 How much time took your longest toilet session you can remember? hmmm

9 Does your poop comes out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? it depends

10 How many pieces do you produce when pooping? it varies

11 Do you fart while pooping? Yes

12 Do you shart while pooping? Yes

13 Are these questions annoying? No but they do seem vague

As promised, the story about sharing a communal bathroom with two other girls on a spring camping trip. A few hours after arriving on the campgrounds, setting up our tents, etc., I decided to hit the bathroom. Upon walking in, I noticed that this bathroom area was perhaps the weirdest I have ever seen. There was a long wooden box on each side of the room, with a passage down the center. Each box had 6 or 7 holes, each of which were covered with a toilet seat. I guess the seats were there for comfort, although it didn't help a great deal.

I chose the left box and sat down on the seat closest to the door. Very shortly I began peeing a very long stream. I could hear it spattering against the bottom of the box below. Maybe halfway through, one of my friends comes in and sits down next to me. She commented a bit on how she'd been holding this in for most of the drive up here and produced a huge booming fart and large stream of pee. I had finished up and was wiping, while she was still peeing full blast and letting out short little turds you could hear crackling, plopping, and splatting below. I made a comment about how she must be very relieved now, and she said yeah she definitely was.

The person who asked for more diarrhea stories will probably like this next part. The next day, I went in to take a huge dump and found my other friend busy crapping her guts out. It sounded horrendous, loud juicy farts and lots of mushy poop pouring out. I guess something we ate must have not gone over so well. While I was pulling down my pants and thong, she was standing up to wipe. I could see a puddle of brown poop in the box and the smell was even worse than it sounded. I swear she must have used half the roll of toilet paper wiping up. As for me, I just farted silently a few times and squeezed out a big huge log of poop. I love the sound of a huge log crackling out and the feeling you get when it eases out oh so slowly.

Tomorrow, I will post about the time I found myself with a nasty urge to poop right this second... catch is, I was in the middle of a lake swimming at the time.

Keith D
To Julie: Most of the best toilet stories come from camping experiences. Little or no facilities, everything is unisex (because people could be anywhere) and there's always a chance of getting caught or seeing someone else. Even if it's embarrassing at the time, the events seem to stick in your mind and are fun to think about later. Going out in the open is the best, fresh air, the breeze against your bare butt and a comfy squatting position make it all the more relaxing.

I understand what appeals to jane's friend courtney about the possibility of getting caught.

To Courtney: Your story was very cool. Please post more! I used to do a lot of outdoor work and was often in situations (camping, hiking, etc) when I had to go discreetly in the bushes with the possibility of a coworker discovering me. I don't really understand, but there is a bit of a thrill to that. Although I think that if I actually did get caught, I would be very embarrassed. There have been a couple of times that I think a coworker might have seen me mid-poop, but they didn't let on that they did (just had a naughty sparkle in their eye). I don't think that I could openly stage an "accident", especially with someone of the opposite sex. They might take real offence and that would make me feel very bad. Pretty daring what you did in the kitchen with the plumber nearby. Hardest part is the mechanics of getting the job done - getting a cup of the right size in the right position and then not getting pee-shy at the last moment! Imagine the logistics involved in a quick, sneaky poop in the same situation! Perhaps you'd need a few practice runs first to get the technique right. It would have been interesting to see the plumber's reaction if he did find you. I doubt that he'd mind too much. I think that in his profession he may encounter a few circumstances like that, particularly with people who aren't shy about their habits. Some people may even be attracted to the job by experiences like that. Courtney, please write about more adventures!

Here's a story from the organist at a church I used to attend. She just told me this recently, butr it happened when I used to go there.

She was playing the organ as usual one Sunday morning for service, and started feeling the urge to take a BIG shit building up inside of her. She said that she normally goes to the toilet before leaving home on Sunday morning, but this time, she woke up late, and didn't particularly feel the urge. So she just left for church.

Anyhow, so here she is playing the organ at the front of the church with the pressure in her gut slowly building into a congested feeling that she felt she could still control, at least as long as she was sitting. That was the problem-as long as she was sitting. When the pastor called for everyone to stand, that was it. As soon as she stood up, a HUGE log slid from her ass into her undies, quickly followed by a second one, and a smaller third. She was wearing a long dress like she always does, and fortunately they were nice, solid logs, so nobody knew.
The only problem was that now she had to sit again. So she stoicly did her duty, and sat back down at her organ and just let the shit smush against her ass. It was rather dry, so it just pasted itself to her ass cheeks, and didn't really go anywhere. Needless to say, as soon as she had finished playing the postlude at the end of service, she very quickly and discreetly excused herself and heade staright to the ladies room, where it took a LOT of tp to scrape the mess off of her ass and out of her shorts as well. She wrapped them up in tp and took them home to wash-she is a very practical person, not one to throw out a perfectly good pair of underwear over one accident.

ass wipe
Today wile i was walking home from school i felt the urge to poop so i started to run home by the time i got home i felt my poop coming out so i pulled down my jeans but it was too late a baseball sized poop was making its way in my underwear. By the time it all came out i was now peeing well i cleaned myself off put the underwear in the washing machine and that was it. But after that i started having unusually smelly and continuous farts. until next time...

My husband is a private pilot and we have our own plane. Once I had to shit in a sick bag. Nearly missed but had the runs. Sealed it and when we landed threw it out onto the grass next to the runway.

Well this week I'd been constipated for pretty much five days and I finally got the urge to go in a major way at school on Friday round about 2 PM. I knew it was going to be devastating so I somehow made it home to let it out in the En Suite I was telling you about, even though at times during those last couple of hours it was pushing itself out like it had a mind of its own. I will never know how I managed to walk home.

My sister was home and in the bedroom first and had her friend Steph with her, 'this could be interesting' i thought, as I waddled over to the en suite. Well I didn't have to worry about the noise too much, for once, because they had music on and, apart from that, most of the poo came out in logs that were in the water before they'd left my butt at the other end, seriously there were a few of these, and my farts were so long and gassy that there was no sound to them, which is really unusual for me as they are usually so loud you can't miss them. But the smell was the worst I have ever smelt from ANYONE, It was like manure and it was so strong I was actually holding my nose and I held my breath so many times I felt dizzy. My longest logs also left multiple skidmarks round the side of the bowl.

The coolest thing was - for me at least - half way through Steph started knocking on the door saying was I going to be long cos she was bursting for a pee, so I just said I would do my best but I think I took another five minutes. My sister's friend was shy and I was worried she might feel bad about changing her mind cos of my smell, so when I opened the door I was like, "honey, give it ten minutes unless you wanna suffocate", and straight away they knew just what I meant anyway and they were rolling around on mine and my sister's bed ramming their noses in to the sheets. We sprayed air freshener and opened the window but it didn't really work. We hung out in the bedroom with our noses down our tops and decided not to subject the rest of the house to it because it was kind of too bad to be a joke. Steph needed a pee so much she was holding herself, but in the end every time she approached the bathroom doorway it was too much for her. She eventually went in after like 3 quarters of an hour and did it with the door open, and she really must have been desperate because it was an incredibly long wee.

My family has a tradition of getting together about oncwe a month. In December the meeting is moved to a steak house in a nearby city. I normally poop every other day and although today was not my time, I knew I could push some out if I wanted.

I have a pair of latex panties that I can put on to protect my jeans and in turn the seat of my vehicle. I still live with my parents but drove myself to the party. I felt slight pressure before but all went fine.

When the party was over, I was the first to depart. I had to stop and refuel on the way home but Dad is usually a slow driver. I fully expected to get home and clean up before they arrived. At the service station I pushed as I fueled up. When the log started to come out I then held it back. I finished refueling and went inside to pay.

After paying for my purchase, I exited the store and pooped my panties as I crossed the lot to my vehicle. I then sat on my log for the remaining twenty mile drive home. I forgot to consider that I was traveling about forty-five miles per hour on city streets and state roads while they traveled about seventy miles per hour over interstate highway. As I backed into the drive, I shockingly discovered my parents car already in the drive. I entered the house and found the bathroom occupied. Afraid someome would smell me, I quickly made my way to my bedroom to hide until the bath was available. With loaded panties, I walked past my mom into the bath and cleaned myself.

Morning Shitter Morgan
to Morning Mandi:
Your posting could easily have been written by me. I, too, have wondered where a half roll of toilet paper could have gone by 7 a.m. in the morning when at most two other girls have used the toilet. And I've seen it happen several times at my school which has a two-stall bathroom down in the music complex where students start coming in at 6:30 a.m. for band practice. Being out on the field for marching band for an hour's practice and getting caught having to take a shit with the full uniform on would suck. So before we suit up, I stop in the bathroom, sit for five minutes or so, and I'm often able to take my morning shit. And what a relief it is because the alternative is not one that's desireable. Unlike some of my friends, I don't worry about sitting right on the seat to pee or shit. Sometimes my sit is pretty quiet and it tales a while to get my shit coming, even though I can feel it there before I sit down. On several mornings while I'm sitting and drinking my Starbucks, I will hear a student come into the adjacent stall. I can hear her tug at the toilet paper roll, and then the seat drops. She apparently uses toilet paper over her hand to drop the seat with. Then I hear another longer tug on the toilet paper and then I hear a wiping noise as she wipes the seat off. Sometimes it even sounds like she's doing it twice. Then, from under the stall, I can see her feet point to the toilet and there's a lot of unrolling on the roll as she tears off larger strips of toilet paper and carefully places them over the seat. Occasionally, one will fall or blow off and you will see her lean down, pick it up and place it back down. Sometimes I will hear up to 9 or 10 strips being pulled off and placed down on the seat. Then I hear her and I see her panties drop as her foot comes close to the left hand sid of her stall and there are a number of plop, plops heard as her shit falls into the toilet. What I find amazing is that although she stands to shit and pulls up her skirt, before that she not only wipes the seat off, but also covers it with several layers of toilet paper even though she's not going to be sitting down. Therefore, so much toilet paper is missing off the roll and that's why the next user will have less toilet paper to work with, probably some of it on the floor, and (as I've seen on so many occasions) a clogged bowl due to a large shit and also a large amount of toilet paper to flush. Why waste all that paper if you're not going to be sitting down on it. Also, even if you're a hover shitter, I don't understand why one layer of paper is not enough. You hardly need to build a nest like a bird would, or so my boyfriend has said in being critical of guys who have some of the same wasteful habits. Since there's no doors on their stalls, he says there are now more boys covering the stool before sitting down. To both me and him, it seems like a lot of waste and it almost always will mean running out of toilet paper later in the day.

Keith D
To Lady Sandra: It sucks that you don't feel like you have your privacy when you really need to go. I can't speak from experience but I have an Aunt (Lily) who suffered from chronic IBS while she had two kids. She spent a lot of time in the toilet with constipation. Although she stayed at home most of the time, she couldn't allow the kids to go unsupervised for the time she spent in the loo so used to take one or both in with her.

Lily was surprisingly open about the whole thing. I remember being shocked when she was telling me about it over coffee once. She described the details in such a matter of fact way as if it were something so ordinary. She talked about the amount of time she spent in there - often over an hour - the things they'd chat about, especially the number of questions Ben would ask about what was going on: What's that noise?, Mommy, why are you frowning? Is there more? Wow, that was a big splash! She laughed at how he'd have trouble balancing because he always sat on her knee. I guess at least with him sitting up there, he wouldn't be looking at her private parts. Apparently, she often went in there naked as she sometimes breast fed the kids while sitting.

At the time, I was shocked to hear that she did this. She could mess her kids up for life! My parents certainly never took me into the toilet with them when I was little. It seemed so weird...

But looking back now, I think her attitude was probably quite healthy. I grew up with all sorts of bizzarre questions about toilet habits because I just had no idea and hadn't had shared experiences with adults. During toilet training, I was just shut in the small toilet room and left to "do my business". I had no idea of what to do - what position to sit in, how to push, how much pushing is normal, if something is wrong. This led to major problems in later childhood with constipation, accidents, wasting hours of my life sitting on the toilet, feeling bad and guilty for not being able to go, feeling different to other people and a lack of confidence in my teenage years. And having all these unanswered questions and thinking about them all the time and feeling weird for doing it. I think that what you are doing with your son in sharing your time is great and very healthy. You shouldn't feel embarrassed or that you have to be too modest. Just be natural. If you read a lot of the old posts on this site, you'll see that many people have developed a fascination with toilet habits from the lack of information around and most people's obsession with privacy.

Sorry, I know that's not an answer to your question. Just don't feel awkward.

Someone once said thers a time and place for everything,well this wasnt the time or place.I was in a line up at the grocery store, a very long line i might add when suddenly i had to poop i mean it just hit me like that. i got to thinking should i get out of line and use the washroom or stay here and take a chance, i decided to wait in line after all i was sure i could hold it in for a while.Ten minits passed and the line up was moving SOOOOOO slow,i begun to let little silent farts go the urge to poo grew stronger i clenched my bum i even put my hand there to help hold it in, i begun to realize that i may just not make it to the toilet. I was about fourth in line by now good i thought i can still make it {i hope} i was now only second in line great iam gonnar make it. The lady in front of me took for ever talking about her kids the weather etc etc then of course she cant find her purse and her cheque book oh for f--- sake move it lady just then it happend i guess i momentarily lost my concentration and out came a huge soft mushy smelly mess i mean it just filled my underpants i just couldnt stop pooping, and then my worst nightmare came true i felt a warm wet feeling in the front of my pants--- i looked down, a rapidly wet spot was appearing on my pants and trickling down my legs oh my god oh my god iam peeing my pants as well {i havent done that since i was fifteen but thats another story}it was finally my turn i quickly put all my grocerys on the counter as the girl rang them through. All the time the woman behind me kept giggling and holding her nose she whispered to me you smell like you crapped your pants did you ? I nodded (why lie) the smell was obvious the bulge in the rear of my pants was obvious. Finally i was done, i wheeled my cart out to my car trying to walk normal,very aware of people staring at my wet pants, the laughter the sneers and grins the comments i have to admit i love pooping my pants i dont deny that,but like i said thers a time and place for everything. I got in my car and sat down on the garbage bag i keep in my car for such situations i felt the poo mash against my bum, the smell filling the car up,i drove home somewhat exited but at the same time embarrased.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I am feeling quite good today..had a bit of a hard crap this morning but was at a customers office this afternoon and got a slight urge so I answered it. I passed a few big turds and whilst I have had some good BMs this is the first time for a while that I have passed large turds...they were hard but not too hard...very satisfying. Either the colonic or the bowel herbs are working!
One interesting feature of the colonic is that at the conclusion, when the nurse pulls out the hose she hands me some toilet paper to wipe with which I do in her presence and then she helps me get off the table. Last time I had to ask her for more tp. I really do not find this embarrassing.
Thunder From Down Under

Greetings again from Down Under.It is 8.45 on Sunday morning here in
Melbourne and I am feeling great as I have just dropped a huge load.
I got up at about 8.00 feeling sluggish and bloated.I have been eating
a fair bit of junk food lately so this may have contributed.I had a pee
and made a cup of tea when I got up.I soon began to feel a build up in
my rectum which quickly became more uncomfortable as I prepared
breakfast.I headed to the toilet,sat down and got comfortable.
I let out a puffy fart and it was only a matter of seconds before the
first log began to stretch my anal valve.It was one of those logs with
a hard chunky head so I had to be careful and ease it out slowly.Once
the head was out it was plain sailing.The rest of it came out slowly
but with no pushing required.There was no noise when it hit the water.
I suspect the head had already reached the water while it was still
coming out.I then unloaded three more smaller but solid logs which all
made a nice plop as they hit the water.I finished with a big fart that
really cleared the pipes.When I stood up to wipe I had that lovely
empty feeling.The session took less than five minutes and was further
proof that you cannot beat a big dump first thing in the morning.

To Imagining-No you are not the only person who tries to create a
mental image of others sitting on the toilet.I do it

To Laura the teacher-Love your posts.Hope we hear form you again

Till next time,keep those stories coming.

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