In some countries anyone 16 and under is allowed to pee in public. I think it is a good idea. Of course you can't just pee any whare, you have to pee in the grass or in a storm drain, so it is not like there are puddles of pee everwhere, which would be grose. There is nothing unsanitary about it. Its convient and it beats wetting your pants. If you pee in the sewer it goes to the same place as when you flush your toilet. When people walk the dogs they pee in the grass, so it is not any groser than for a kid to pee in the grass.

Tell me what you think, I would like to hear someone elses opinion on it.

To all girls:

If you were in the woods and had to pee and there was no bathroom would you rather be wearing a skirt or pants?

Hey Everyone

To Cammie E., That was a great story! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to witness that!

Jarrod, When I was in middle school, about 13-14, When I played basketball most of the schools would have us use their girls lockerrooms as our lockerroom for games when we were the visitors. Once before an away game I went into a stall to pee and I found a small turd sunk at the bottom of the toilet bowl. When I was in high school, I was on the basketball team for 2 years. There was this girl on the girls varsity team named lauren. She looked kinda like Kristen Kreuk from "smallville" but Lauren was 6' 6". Rumor had it, (untill the girl I was going out with confirmed it) That lauren used to take a massive dump before every practice and every game. Of course the girl I was going out with was on another team, but during a off season camp my Girlfriend went to go take a dump before practice and found lauren doing the same thing. Besides that I'd never had a coach that wouldnt let us use the bathroom of course most of the guys I played with wouldnt have asked him or said anything.

Julie, I like your camping stories. Do you have any poop stories that happen at home or anywhere else?

As an 18-year-old Hispanic who was born in the U.S., I would like to address the "girls don't poop" issue. I'm a high school graduate now attending a community college. The problem, as I have seen it especially when I'm away from home and using a public toilet, is that everyone's in such a hurry and you are expected to go in, sit down, deliver, get out and let the next person in. That's tougher for me and I find that some women are intolerant when they peek in and see a woman--especially a minority--sitting there hoping and praying that the troublesome crap she's been carrying for hours is finally going to make its entrance. In public places, I move as fast as I can and I don't even worry about putting the liner of paper on the seat before sitting down. I pull my panties down, sit and start pushing. Sometimes after about 5 minutes, I will reposition myself--usually sliding myself more to the front of the seat--and spreading my legs as far as they can go. With the movement, and often the lines getting longer when we're between classes in places such as the first floor of our student center, I will start seeing the first eyeballs up close peering in between the door and the partition. I learned a couple of years ago in high school, that the more movement of my legs, the greater the anticipation and rudeness may get from those at the front of the line. And I've learned not the touch the toilet paper until I get it out and I'm on my last minute or so in the stall. I'm thinking: please give me a break because I'm not sitting here for my own entertainment. However, there's times when I get up--should I use the term "give up"--after about fifteen minutes and immediately leave the stall. I'm honest about it, unlike a friend of mine who suggest faking a wipe and then flushing,and I pull may panties and slacks up and just leave. Then about 10 minutes later my crap is already to come and I'm stuck taking notes on a 90-minute class. Then at the end of class, it's time to wait my turn, sit down again, and then I have my most satisfying crap. Sometimes I'm so satisfied that it brings tears to my eyes since I'm not sitting frustrated, or equally worse, holding it in. A couple of times I've had to go so bad that I can't poop fast enough so to avoid the lines on both floors of the student union, I will go to the classroom building, only to find they're crowded to. Once this past summer, I even got in my car and drove two blocks to a public park where I used the bathroom. It was just two open stalls and it was gross. I don't think I was seated for more than 10 seconds before I blasted away. The problem was that I immediately found that both stalls were without toilet paper. While I was seated there for a couple of minutes thinking about my dilemma, three young girls came in and were rude--actually obscene and racial--in the comments they were making about peeing their pants. I just pulled my panties up, adjusted my slacks and accepted the smelly soil job I would carry with me for the rest of the day. I know it was wrong, but I didn't flush. I figured they could do at least something!

Paula Poop
Hello?...I am a girl and I have a toilet story for you! I was at the mall one day with my friends and I had to crap my skirt real bad,because I was wearing a skirt and some high-heeled boots,so...I ran into the bathroom and I didn't make it all the way. My poop decided to come out right into my skirt and ran down my legs and into my new high-heel boots (the pointed kind),I have all this poop down my legs and in my skirt,I had no choice but to run out of the bathroom and I headed right for the mall's front door,I had to run in front of all the people and my friends. They were looking at me as I had poop all over my legs. The very next day I didn't go out at all!

Keith D
Ah, sorry, I think I forgot to put my name to my last submission.

Wow, so many great descriptive stories and discussion topics going now!

To HSH: Used to have a shared laundry/toilet in my place. It was nice on a cold morning with the warm washer and drier going, humming away heating the room and making vibrations you could feel through the seat!

To Watching Girl: When I first moved out of home the place I stayed at had an outdoor outhouse. when it was cold/dark/raining I would go in a container inside next to my bed. Weirdest I used was a plastic sports drink bottle! I unscrewed the lid and the hole in the top was about 1 inch in diameter (lucky my poop sausage was narrow). I held the rim of it against my anus and pushed down. Really weird sensation - feeling a foreign object against your hole as you push. As my butthole domed out it sort of pushed down into the rim and extruded my poop inside. I threw it in the bin afterwards.

PS: Hey Mr Clogs - I've pooped in the Pringles chip can too!

Great to see so many detailed descriptive stories again - particularly Laura (teacher), Claire, Karen's brother Dick, Mr Clogs and Cammie E. Also good to see some new posters and long time lurkers. Keep writing! I agree with Jenna and Claire that pooping is one of the most relaxing things in the world (well, for me the relaxation bit comes after a lot of straining...).

Hermione: Your constipation sounds a bit like my previous bowel habits - waiting 4 or 5 days because of no urge to poop, then getting an urge and having it wane. Then having to struggle for a couple of days to get it out. But for that time you can feel it sitting there. And yes, it takes my butthole a couple of hours to "pull itself back together" (get comfortable) after I go. But its an enjoyable sensation (just difficult to sit on!). I will post a story on my constipation sometime.

I totally agree with you, Julie. My interest in pooping stretches back to my childhood and natural curiosity about toilet habits (I should also post some stories on this). The most intriguing part was the secrecy, especially when I struggled with constipation as a kid and just wanted to learn "how to poop like other people". The few times that I did "catch a bit of the action" and see other people - those memories are burned into my brain and I guess that's how my interest started. And it is interesting because everyone does it.

And going outside is definitely the best! Aside from the excitement, it is the squatting position that makes it so much better. I'm a squatter in most circumstances - it is so much easier (it is something to do with the shape of the digestive tract and pelvis) and I use it to overcome constipation. I regularly squat on the toilet seat. But I don't need to worry about balance. I developed a technique over years as a kid. I started by sneaking into the backyard to poop and I could just squat over a hole. I found it so much easier. I thought it was something to do with being outside or being naughty that made it easer. Took a while to realise it was squatting that made it easier. But I sometimes got caught. When forced indoors, I used to spread paper on the floor in the toilet then poop onto that, then pick up the tp and dump it into the toilet. But sometimes cleanup was messy. I found balancing on the seat to squat too hard. Then, I finally learnt to sit on the seat normally, but lift up my legs so that I was hugging my legs to my chest and my feet are on the front of the seat. I'm still sitting, in that my butt cheeks are supporting all my weight on the seat, but with my legs drawn up it is as comfortable and effective as a full squat. Do try it sometime. Just be careful, as the position points your butthole forward a bit so be careful not to mess the front of the seat or your pants (best to kick them off). And if you pee while pooping, it can squirt forward and miss the toilet altogether too.

I have pooped in the water too. But I didn't strip to do it. I just stretched my swimming briefs to one side and pooped out beside my hand while standing up. Weird sensation!

Hmmm... There haven't been any surveys for a while. Julie's:

1) Do you fart a lot while pooping?
No. I ease a bit of gas out silently first, but then my log comes down to block the hole. If I let too much gas escape first, I lose the internal pressure and can't poop!

2) Do you fart a lot prior to needing to poop?
For about 10 minutes before I sit. I let it out silently and it helps the log into position.

3) How would you describe a typical fart?
I like to give it a bit of a push and like to hear the different tunes. Usually not too stinky, unless I haven't pooped in a while then they are stale.

4a) Will you hold in your farts if you are around strangers of the same gender?
Usually, I only fart around family.

4b) the opposite gender? No

5a) Will you fart around friends of the same gender?
No but my friends do.

5b) of the opposite gender?
Very rarely and only with good friends.

6) Have you ever blamed your fart on someone else?
Yes but only temporarily. I like to own up and be proud of my work.

Gruntly Bogwell
Thank you CAMMIE and LAURA for your very descriptive notations on your pooing adventures. I too enjoy the sensation of pulling my pants and underwear down and seating myself on the commode. Then gathering myself to produce a bowel movement. Lately however, my poos have been a bit of a struggle thanks to the prostate medicine I am taking. My poo has begun to clump together in poo eggs and poo balls of different radiuses or widths and lengths and are dark brown in color. These balls have been piling up a the anal exit and I have to grunt and strain to get them to come out, giving me an achy feeling in my lower belly. For example, today I went to the toilet, pulled down my dark blue sweat pants and maroon spandex underwear and settled my skinny butt on the seat pooching it into the cool air above the toilet water. Then having to grunt to get the plug started, my breakfast prunes and lots of pulp orange juice instigating the issue way up inside, but a recalcitrant plug at the nether end didn't want to cooperate. Slowly my hole opened, but little balls and ballettes started falling from my stretched hole, while I sat red-faced and straining. These little poo-ettes fall off the main pack and the cool air above the the commode water finds its way up into my rectum a centimeter or so given that the poo mass is stretching my hole open, but not wanting to move out. So more puffing and grrunnnttting is needed. I have come close to getting up on the toilet seat on a hovering squat oriental fashion to "birth" the poo plug. Finally the mass begins to move and the plop...ploop...plip...plip...plop... ???? of different size turds begins...leaving me achy in the rectum and lower belly and unsatisfied, but a bit relieved. Then, its like laying eggs as the turd balls come trundling down one at a time. Everything sinks to the bottom, except for a few floaters and my toilet paper is nearly clean. I have had two more poo egg-laying sessions with only normal bearing down before writing this. Here's hoping for some real logs in the near future.

fascinated boyfriend
cool story from tonight. i'm just a 20 year old guy, and i've always been interested in girls bathroom habits, and i have a particular interest in accidents. well tonight i was talking to my girlfriend on the phone like we do every night, and we probably spend an hour to an hour and half on the phone. we're far apart from eachother right now due to school, which is why we spend so much time on the phone. anyway, we were less than 20 minutes into talking when she started to sound really strange, kind of distracted or even scared. it seemed like she wasn't even listening to me or being into the conversation. i wasn't too concerned about it, i don't want to sound like a crappy boyfriend but personally i was playing a video game at the same time so i wasn't too into the discussion either. after a few minutes though, she sounded really strange so i paused my game and i started to ask her what was wrong. she just said "nothing i dont know. my heart is beating really hard." so i said "well does anything hurt? i mean you can get heart palpatations for a number of reasons and a lot of times its nothing, just try to stay calm." she said "yeah i know im fine." i said "are you sure?" she said "yeah don't worry just talk to me." so we carried on a conversation and i could hear her breathing a little heavy at times and just being really distracted. again i asked "are you sure you're ok? are you nervous about something" and she kind of stubbornly said "believe me i'm ok it's nothing". so i said "okay then." and we carried on talking. after a few more minutes she cut me off mid sentence and said "i'm sorry sweetie but i have to get up early and my heart is beating really fast so i have to get going ok?" and i thought this was really weird because she never rushes to get off the phone. i said to her "please tell me what's wrong ok? you're being weird are you sure you're alright?" and she said "i'm sorry i really have to get off the phone it's really embarassing but i'm about to poop in my pants if we don't get off the phone i can't go while im on the phone with you!!!" i was at a loss for words. didn't see that coming. i was thrilled, too. i tried to stall a little bit and said "are you sure? i'm sure i can't hear anything you can just-" and she interrupted and sounded like she was going to cry and whimpered a little and said "i'm really really sorry i'll call you back in the afternoon tomorrow i love you!!" and she hung up on me!

i haven't been able to stop thinking about it all night and i had to come here and post about it, because i've read stories here for a long time but i never had anything to contribute. i really think by the way she sounded and got off the phone that she didn't make it to the bathroom and pooped her pants, or she atleast started to poop a little bit in her underwear while we were talking and that's why she was so urgent. i can only imagine.

does anyone think she should have just kept it to herself and gone why we were talking? i don't know if i would have even noticed. are a lot of people afraid to poop while on the phone? and also, would it be wrong of me to ask her tomorrow if she made it to the bathroom. i must know if she had an accident although i'm 75% sure she did.

poop boy
This story was told to me by a very good friend of mine. It seems while at work one day lisa my friend had to traine a new girl on the till,this girl it seems was the stereotype dumb blonde <no offence>well anyway this one day lisa noticed the girl fidgeting and making faces are you o.k? lisa asked sandra nodded and assured lisa she was fine. Half an hour later sandra still had a concerned look on her face and by now was clutching her stomach,it was now time for lisa and sandra to go for a break i gotta pee so bad lisa mentioned UUMM yeah like i need to you know like go so bad too said sandra <yes thoes are the exact words she used> barely had they gone two yards when lisa was aware of a very strong smell of poop wafting over the air POOOO who let a fart go she said giggling, sandra turned angrily towards lisa and said ok ok i admit it i shit my self i couldnt hold it any more f---- sue me and with that sandra turned the other way and walked out of the store she never came back. On another note does anyone remember the old ???? site? i cant seem to find it does it still exist?.

Hi Paige, and welcome to the boards!

Well done on your outdoor pee adventure. A three minute hard pee is no small feat. I certainly couldn't do it. As much as these types of stories entertain me, please be careful not to overdue it. You would certainly hate to have bladder problems as a result of holding too long.

You mentioned being envious of girls with mega-bladders. Does anyone or any story come to mind when you think extraordinary peeing? Thanks for posting, looking forward to more.

Hey everyone,
This is my 2nd post on this site. Since my last post about my 1st enema, I thought I'd read old post in the archives. Now I feel good enough to tell you all some more of my stories. I have one to tell you'll about that happened last night. Here it is.

All day yesterday I had nasty gas. I mean nasty. The whole time I was in school I though I was gonna die from all the pressure in my belly. By the time I got home it was all good to let my farts free. At home it's only me [15], my older brother [Bobby, 19], and my younger brother [Bryan, 14]. I know you're wondering were are the parents. My mom died when I was 7 [bad, bad car accident. May she Rest In Heavenly Peace] and my dad is currently at sea [Navy Man]. So while he's away, the house is all to Bobby, Bryan, and myself. Although my uncle [from the 1st enema story] drops by to check on us now and then. Now, back to the story, all night I just blasted out warm smelly farts. Boy did they feel good. The relieving pressure felt amazing. That was until about 11:48, when my farts left my butt hole feeling raw. Then at about 12:30 all of my stomach pressure was back. I soon realized that the pressure was no longer farts this pressure was from a wave of poo. Unfortunately, my brother, Bobby, was in the shower. I ran to the door and banged.

"Dude! Let me it. I gots to go. BAD!" I said.

I banged on the door a couple more times and still no reply. In a panic like state a made my way to my bedroom with my butt cheeks tight together. In my room I sat down and tried to make the poo sensation go away. I felt it bubble back in my stomach. But this just made me feel worst. I had to get the poo out soon or my p.j. pant were gonna be full of mushy poo. Feed up with waiting for my slow ass brother in the shower, I did the very next best thing. I grabbed an empty red Hefty cup from my dresser and pulled my p.j. pants down to about mid-thigh. I placed the cup right at the middle of my butt and squatted. This was kinda hard to do because my butt is so big [its like a brother thing. Me and all of my brothers have really big butts. We're still tryin to see who's is the biggest. LoL] finally, I gotta the cut to a good angle to relieve. 1-2-3.
S P L A T S P L A T.S P L A T.S P L A T.
The mushy green poo felled the red cup. Oh my god, I felt so good after letting it out. I stopped pooping just in time, because the cup was about to overflow. I sat the cup on the floor and got a washrag to wipe. After the clean up, oddly enough my brother was done with the shower. He stopped at my down and looked in.

"Did you knock on the door?" he asked
"Yeah." I said, "I had to shit really bad."
"Well that is what I was doing. So you wouldn't of been able to come in any way." he said, "Do you still have to go?"
"No" I said, "I used a cup."

When I said that he just laughed and walked to his room. I started to wonder how me and Bobby could have to drop a major shit at the same time. Bryan called me to his room. I walked into Bryan's room to see what he wanted. When I got there and opened the door, boy did I get a surprise. Bryan was laying across his bed on his stomach. I though it was funny how his butt was sticking out [almost as big as mine. LoLz]. But something else got my eye. There was a rapidly appearing buldge, smell, and stain coming from Bryan's butt. I couldn't tell if he was awake or asleep so I went to him and shook him. He looked up at me.

"Dude! You're shitting yourself." I said
"ahhhhhhhh. I know. Ahhhhhh. Oh my god. I feels so good." he said.

I couldn't stop laughing at him. I though it was so funny. As he got up on his knees, I punched him in the butt. It was so gross. I felt his poo mush into the shape of where my fist hit it. Then we started wrestling. God did that smell! The whole time we wrestled his poo mushed and mushed. The shit even started to fall out his breifs when I picked him up from under the leg. Even more gross! But it was mucho funny. He went and took and 1 hour shower [no joke]. He was in there so long, I fell to sleep in his bed. And he had a mad way of waking me up. Still in the nude, he placed his bare big ass in my face and farted. Now that was gross. But it woke me up. Punching him in the ass again, I left for my bedroom. Yesterday was one WILD DAY!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Since having colonics and taking bowel supplements I have felt very much better in that department...I still have my problems but way less.
There were some interesting posts of late:
JULIE: I am an outdoor pooper when I get the chance and like you I hang my butt over a branch, or is a lot easier than squatting. As for farting sometimes I do not fart much at all and sometimes a lot...sometimes I fart whilst pooing and sometimes not. I did some ripper farts when I had colonics. As for farting around others I do not usually but on a train I might let a few out. I believe in not holding farts in but sometimes I have to.
KAREN`S BROTHER DICK: Most males would do what Karen`s bf did but I would not...if invited to stay I would do exactly as you did.
TO PAIGE G. I find peeing not so much as a turn on for myself but pleasureable and relaxing. With the condition I have I cannot hold urine as well as I use to. I have to drink a lot of water so I wee very regularly.
TO CLAIRE: Very well written and I really enjoy my poo, however, I do not go regularly every morning. I make a point of going when I feel the urge. I do not read on the toilet, I never got into the habit but maybe I should. Mostly I am not on the throne very long...I either shit or I do not.
TO JODELLAVITA: Although exercise, fibre and water is very important there are conditions where some of us need a little extra help and an enema may be just the thing. Sometimes too much fibre may make the situation worse because it accumulates.
TO JULIE: I have pooed in lots of places but never in the water (yet)...I will try it if the situations allows.
TO DAWN: It is very convenient if one could regulate one`s bowels but this is not always so. It is good to try and condition the system to go first thing in the morning but if big deal.

Desperate to poop
Hiya everyone,

I've been really busy at work lately but always find time to have my morning dump. I'm pretty regular. Today I got in at 8.30 and not long afterwards felt the need for my morning dump. I went into the 2 cucible toilet on the floor I work and both were taken and judging by the smell and sounds they were pooping.

In the 1st cucible the lady had the runs and in the second cucible she was dropping quite a few logs. The lady in the second cucible came out after about 5 mintues and I was able to go in. I recognised as working in the other dept but didn't know her that well. We smiled at each other as I took her place. The seat was nice and warm and her ample but had covered the whole seat and warmed up it up :). There was a strong smell in the toilet but a bit musty with perfume as well and a few skidmarks on the bottom.

I took my long skirt off and sat down for a good dump. I could feel quite a big pooh lodged in my asshole. As it was early morning I took my time to let it come out naturally. It took a while to make it's way out and stretched my ring quite a bit but not too painfull. I heard the door go and someone came in. The lady in the first cucible was still going and was moaning on and off in between waves. I could see her pink and white stilletos (white with pink polka dots) but not much else. After about 5-6 minutes my log finally made it's way out but I still had a few more logs to go. My first log was bout 8-10" and about 2" in diameter. A couple more mintues later and a few smaller 4" had exited out and I felt finished. I cleaned up with a few tissues but thankfully it wasn't too messy flushed and left.

The lady in cucible one was still in and didn't look like she'd be leaving soon. I recgonsied the lady waiting as my friend Vicky and I said hello as she went in. Just as I was washing my hands another ???? lady also came in and waited. She was jiggling a little bit so probably needed a wee pretty soon. I watched the toilets from my desk and about 10 minutes later the lady in cucible 1 came out looking a little sweaty and not well. I saw her rush back again half hour later.

Red Headed Michelle any stories? Happy pooping and xmas all

One time I was walking in the woods and I really had to poo. I didn't have time to find a bathroom. So I decided to go in the forest. I found a secluded spot a little bit off the path. I squatted, pulled my pants to the middle of my legs, took a piss, and crapped. I coered it with some leaves.

I had a pretty good public dump today. I had just had lunch at Loive Garden with some friends and I hadn't pooped since the previous morning, so I knew I'd have to go. After eating some salad, breadsticks, mushrooms and a big cup of coffee to drink, I could feel last night's dinner pressing against my rectum. I excused myself and went to the ladies' room. After I sat down and peed, I farted a big fart and pushed hard for about thirty seconds. A log came out silently and then a few seconds later there was a soft plip-plop. I felt much better but still a little more pressure so I pushed harder and about half a minute later, there was a sharp plop. I wiped and after I flushed, there was a strong poop smell left behind. I felt so much emptier!

Did anyone see the last episode of Bad Girls Club? One of the girls, I think Genevicia was seen drunk sitting on the sofa with her pants around her ankles screaming that she had to piss.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, it's Mr. Clogs again. Have post to share. So here goes.

Yesterday I took the bus to the city so I can get to work, I left the car at home due to the bad roads. As soon as I got on the bus, the urges for me to take a dump hit me. Man I was fidgeting in my seat to hold back the wave of poop that was ready to come out. It got to Times Square to catch the subway to go to work. At this point I didn't care about being late, but I have to take care of some personal business. Luckily there are public bathrooms for people to use, free but the catch is you have to let the restroom people know that you have to go and the point you to the stall to use. He says use #1 so I did. I closed the door, quickly undid my headphones, hat, gloves, and scarf off and got ready to take a dump. To my displeasure, the toilet was full of toilet paper and the stall smelt of stale pee.

I didn't care so the toilet set was up and I didn't feel like sitting on it, I decided to squat over the bowl! I was little nervous but "bleep it". So to keep from getting poop on my pants, I rolled them up to my knees with my blue briefs and let loose. I let the poop flow slowly into the bowl full of toilet paper and not to make a complete mess. Being about 220 lbs pretty impressive, not even slipping my balance. I couldn't really enjoy the moment because this is public toilet I had to hurry. I let a little pee into the bowl wile squatting again amazed by this! I never done this before in public not to mention having the door open while I was squatting over the bowl quite embarrassing, but I didn't care I just want to get the poop out of my system. After i was finished, I got off the bowl, wiped the best way I could, pulled up my undies, and fixed my pants and put back my coat on washed my hands and exit the stall and let the restroom attendant know that the toilet won't flush. Oh well the next person that has to use it or clean it has to deal my mess. It felt better and a bit turned on by the whole thing. I got to try that again soon. That was fun

Watching Girl: Hey what's up? I hope that you post a story about you using that bowl to poop in. You're asking about interesting things that people used to go to the bathroom in. Like you, I'm interested in what people use too. Well here are some interesting things that I've used to go to the bathroom in #1 and #2! I've peed and pooped in fast food soft drink cups, laundry detergent bottle (don't ask me how, I did it), in a plastic bucket which looks like those enamel type chamber pot, I got it at the dollar store and it's blue in color (my favorite color). I pooped in a shopping bag, inspiration from the poop in the bag lady story, and the Pringles chip can (well very little pop in the can, and poop sliding down the can and on the floor, not to mention the mess I had to clean up, I won't try that no more, I need more practice). Well Watching Girl hope to here from you soon and happy peeing and pooping. I' pretty luck that I don't have a snoopy mom, I still live at home (unfortunately) and she doesn't go through my things not even my peed filled containers I leave in my room. I think she knows that I pee in containers, heck she does it too. She even told me that she pees in cups while I'm the bathroom taking my shower (because I spend a long time taking one). I guess you can say were pretty open about it. I've been doing this so long that she doesn't care. I hope things get better for me and her so I can finally move out and let my interest in peeing and pooping in containers in my own place. I might get me a chamber pot as a home welcoming present to my self, one as a display piece and the other for me for some fun time.

Take care and happy peeing and pooping!

--Mr. Clogs

Today's story deals with my most memorable outdoor pooping experience. Late one fall, I think it was October, I left my tent in search of a nice spot to crap.

It just so happened that there was a tree that had fallen over. It was big enough that I could sit on it and hang my butt over the other side. The drop of about two inches would be enough. To ensure I didn't pee on my pants or panties, I took them off and set them aside, now wearing only a white shirt and a coat. I began with a brief pee and then a fart. I squeezed out a nice formed turd and farted two more times, finishing up with a smaller log.

The first, longer, poop was a light brown and I could see a couple of spots were it looked like it would have broken off, but it held together. Then there was a slightly darker brown log. It had a smoother texture, almost like butter. The clean up was nice and easy, just three wipes in the back and once in the front.

Watching Girl:

Large plastic bowls work excellently for pooping in. If you enjoy seeing your creations, see-thru bowls work better. I've used them a few times during winter trips.

Any container where you have only a small drop between your butt and the bottom of the container is preferable for me. I like the feeling you get when you're pushing out a huge turd, but it's hit the ground or something else, so it has to curl around. It makes extra work for the muscles in your butt.

If people don't mind, I'd like to conduct a little survey about farting habits. Both male and females are encouraged to respond.

1) Do you fart a lot while pooping?
I don't fart much while on the toilet or wherever I may be pooping.

2) Do you fart a lot prior to needing to poop?
I get a lot of gas in the hours leading up to a big dump.

3) How would you describe a typical fart?
Most of my farts are loud, but don't really smell. With me, it's almost always no smell at all or sometimes a really awful smell.

4a) Will you hold in your farts if you are around strangers of the same gender?
No. I never hold my farts in at all. My mom used to tell me it was unhealthy to hold in a fart, so I don't.

4b) the opposite gender?

5a) Will you fart around friends of the same gender?
My friends and I fart around each other all the time. Sometimes we see who can fart the loudest, or the longest.

5b) of the opposite gender?
I don't have many male friends, but I see no reason to be shy around them.

6) Have you ever blamed your fart on someone else?
Not that I can recall off the top of my head. Sometimes I won't say something and let someone else take the blame for a particularly smelly fart.

Interested Fan
Great story Erica! I want to hear about the accident you had the first time!!!

Hey everyone.

I was working on a floor plan for a house this morning when came up with a question to ask.

In the plan there is a small bathroom with both the washer and dryer in it. I recalled a few of my friends houses I visited who had toilets in their laundry rooms. My best friend (whose step mother I have wrote about pooping before) pooped a couple of times in their bathroom/laundry room while I was visiting. So did his step sister(I spied on the step sister pooping once from another room through a window). His step mom pooped once in there immediately after a fast food dinner from wendy's.

So my questions to any of the ladies here is this.

Have you ever used someone's bath/laundry room to move your bowels?

Did you find it to be almost too big a bathroom?

Was the washer or dryer running to drowned out some of the possible noises?

Did the smell of fresh laundry (if present) or detergents cover and or deteriorate the smell of your poop?

I hope somebody has some experience.


Uncle Harry
To: Watching Girl

Regarding your question about things to go to the bathroom in, check my post "Laundry Room" on page 1630. The container is a Tupperware Cereal Stor, They also have an Oval 4 container that is a little longer and narrower. These seem to be great for women to pee into, but not for pooping. My wife keeps one on the lower level of our trilevel house because there is no bathroom down there and she can't always make it up the stairs in time. It's been a life saver... er, carpet saver.

I work in a small office and there's just two of us guys so there's not much competition for the men's room. I'm into bodybuilding and I drink a lot of water, so every couple of hours I have to pee. It's a real nuisance and sometimes I hold it as long as I can. Well, last week I held it way too long and I ran down the hall just in time to see the men's rom door close. So I called in to Raj that I had to pee really bad (I was squeezing my member and dancing) and he said he couldn't wait either but I could pee in the sink and he unlocked the door. So I ran in and started peeing in the sink and he was sitting on the stool and I heard this loud gush of water that went on for maybe ten seconds. He was real embarrassed but so was I, standing there at the sink with my dick in my hand, and he said he has to take milk of magnesia to poop and it makes it all liquid. Has anyone else taken milk of magenesia and pooped gallons of water?

PS I think I know why Raj wanted me to come in and pee in the sink.

Karen's brother Dick
When my twin sister Karen was 20, she went on a skiing holiday in the French Alps with her boyfriend Mike. She had a bad fall while snowboarding and injured her back. Her holiday insurance paid for her to be brought back to London by air ambulance and then she was in a British NHS hospital ward with her back in 'traction'. This meant that she had to wear a girdle with ropes attached to weights that hung at the end of the bed. She was in effect tied to the bed and had to lay on her back all the time so she couldn't get out of bed to go to the toilet. Karen and I had always been very open about our pooing habits ever since we were children. One day when Karen's boyfriend Mike and I went to visit her in hospital, Karen told us about her hospital toilet experiences in great detail.

Karen always had a tendancy towards constiptation and being immobilised in bed made it worse. She said that when she had an urge to poo, she called for the nurse to bring a bed pan but when the nurse arrived, Karen had usually lost the urge so she became constipated. She said that she was eating a high fibre diet that made her fart a lot and the nurses were giving her Polyethylene Glycol type laxative. This consisted of sachets of powder mixed with water to make a gooey drink. "Normally, two sachets make me go but it makes my poo sticky and difficult to wipe", she whispered. "Some days, if I can't poo, they give me three sachets the next day and that really makes me go. Sometimes the urge comes on so suddenly that I can't keep it in", she whispered. "What happens then?" I asked cheekily. "What do you think happens? I shit in the bed!" she replied.

Karen said that she couldn't think of anything worse than being given a laxative that made her want to run to the toilet when she was tied to the bed and couldn't move anywhere. Karen told us that one day when she had taken three sachets, the nurse didn't get a bed pan under her in time and Karen had a poo accident in the bed. After that, they put adult incontinence panties on her. Karen said that she didn't do any poo yesterday so the nurse gave her three sachets this morning. Karen's stomach was making a lot of gurgling noises and she felt that the laxative was going to work soon. She said that she had two days worth of poo inside her, so she would probably need to poo very urgently but the nurse might not come soon enough to put her on a bed pan. She didn't want to poo in her incontinence panties as it would be messy. Mike seemed rather shy about poo and he asked whether Karen and I always talk about poo all the time. Karen said that it was a very important subject in her situation. Then she said, "Sorry to be so gross but could one of you please stay with me while I poo?"

This was too much for Mike and he said that he had to leave for an important appointment. "Hey Dick, it looks like you're on 'poo duty' today", he said as he left. There was already a bed pan near the bed and Karen asked me to put it under her. I pulled the screens round her bed and lifted the bed clothes. She pulled her thick padded incontinence panties down and I slid the bed pan under her bottom, put the bed clothes back and then sat down on a chair by the bed. We chatted for about 5 minutes, then she said, "Here it comes". I heard her fart and do some soft poo into the bed pan. "That's better", she said. "Here comes some more". This time is sounded really runny and a bit gassy and I heard her squirting it into the bed pan. A few minutes later, she did some more. "I think it's all out now", she said. Then she asked, "Do you remember when we were children and I did a poo under the hedge in the garden and you wiped my bottom for me?" I remembered it well and I wrote about it on page 1614. "Well, it's difficult for me to reach underneath to wipe myself properly so would you mind doing it again for me please?" she asked. I slipped the bed pan out from under her and wiped her carefully at the back. As she had said, it was quite sticky.

Then suddenly, Karen said, "Bed pan quick!". I slipped the bed pan back underneath her just in time and I saw a stream of liquid poo pouring out of her bottom. I left the bed pan under her, put the bed clothes back and we chatted for a few more minutes. When Karen was sure she had finished pooing, I wiped her bottom again then she called a nurse to take the bed pan away. Karen asked me to visit her the next day about the same time as the nurses always gave her a dose of laxative at the same time each day and she knew what time she would need to poo. When I visited Karen the next day Mike wasn't there and she said that he would arrive later, after she had done her poo.

One day when i was 15 i had broke my arm in a soccer game. I am right handed and I broke my right arm and it was in a cast and I brused my left arm so bad that it hurt to move. So over the weekend when my parents went to a wedding I stayed home to rest. It was about 1:30 pm when I felt the urge to poop so I went to the bathroom and with my left hand I finally got my pants down and my panties down and sat down and pushed a decent size turd out. I was sitting there seeing If I could push more out when I heard the door open in the Kitchen and my cousin yelled is anybody home. He is a boy who is two years older than me. I yelled to him and told him I was in the bathroom so I tried to hurry up and tried to reach for toilet paper when I fell off the toilet and landed on my left arm and I screamed and started crying and my cousin ran in and opened the bathroom door and saw me laying on the floor butt naked. He came in and helped me up on the toilet and I was in so much pain and embarrassed that i had to have him wipe me. I dont know who was more embarassed him seeing my turd and wiping me or having him see me butt naked and tuching me but we have always laughed about it.

I'm taking a night course at our local high school. I usually grab a quick bite after work, and head off to our local high school and get there just in time for class. At 8:00 our instructor, a male, gives us a 15 minute break. I always make a quick dash to the 'boys bathroom' and take a well deserved crap. The boys bathroom in this school is very old fashioned, and the toilet bowls are just lined up next to each other without any partitions. I was sitting on the center toilet the other night, and the entry door opens up, and in walks our instructor, as I am grimacing, farting and ready to make the drop. He says "hey Rob, Is this seat taken ?" referring to the toilet next to me. I said " It's all yours" "have a seat, relax a few minutes" He laughed, and dropped his trousers and boxers to the floor and as he exposed his buttocks I couldn't help but notice he had the hairiest butt crack I ever saw in my life. He sat down and immmediatly started firing out shit logs at the same time as me. We talked about class, and in a few minutes we were both ready to wipe up. There was a half a roll of toilet tissue on the pipe of my toilet, I reached over and grabbed it, I wiped up, and handed the roll over to Mike, knowing it would never be enough to get that hairy crack clean. I flushed, and found a fresh roll on the window ledge, and gave it to Mike. he said 'thanks" and I washed up and met him in class.

I'm 16, 6'1" and I play basketball for my high school. I also play on a club squad in the off-season, so like Norah and the debaters, I get into a lot of schools. The differences in the bathrooms, especially those in the locker room, are pretty big. We play a 15-week regular season with games on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights. Many weeks we have two games. I generally crap some before each game. So after I suit up, I sit down and try to go. At some schools, that means a small area on the side of the locker room where there are three or four toilets and three or four urinals, but no actual stalls--no partitions, nothing. Those suck the worse. Coach might be three feet in front of me at the urinal peeing, while I'm on the stool, and he reminds me that warm-ups are already beginning. I find that very embarrassing, and sometimes I have a hard time getting my shit out. There's nothing worse than playing an aggressive game and fearing that you're going to crap your pants. Yes, there are locker room toilets that have stalls (and yes some even have doors) but sometimes they smell and are filthy because they haven't been cleaned since last week or a few days ago when the last visiting team was in. I just find such shit rings in the bowls to be gross. Also, I don't always remember to check for toilet paper first so sometimes I have to go to another stall to clean myself. At some schools because of a lack of locker room facilities for competing events we are assigned to a girls locker room. They might be a bit cleaner, but they don't always have doors on each stall. And sometimes I have to wipe pee off the seat before I sit down. And its somewhat strange to see the hygiene product dispenser as you sit and crap. Since I'm a rather large guy, I remember once last winter when I was wiping and got a cut/blood on my arm from brushing up against it. Once last year we were making a 60-mile trip to a game and our top scorer had to tell Coach to stop the bus so he could use a rest stop bathroom because he couldn't hold his shit until we got to the arena. Coach cussed him out because we were already running late and made a sarcastic comment when he came running back for the bus. "Did you remember to wipe"? I felt sorry for him and how he must have felt but the other guys thought it was funny, but Coach was still pissed when we got to our locker room.

Paige G.
Hey. I'm Paige, and I've been reading the posts on this site for awhile. Well I'm 15 and I have like blond-ish hair and weigh about 110.

I'd say I've had an interest in pee for a few years now. I'm not so much into accidents though. I'm more into desperation and holding. I love the feeling of a full bladder and being desperate to pee. It's like a turn on, its so pleasurable. I don't know why it feels so good but it does.

Anyway, I have a pretty average sized bladder, but I've always envied the girls with 'mega-bladders'. Like those girls when they have a full bladder they can pee for 5-10 minutes! I guess I always wanted one of those 'mega-bladders' because I love the feeling of peeing after being desperate or not peeing for a very long time, and I always thought it would be really pleasurable to be able to piss that long. I actually have been trying to 'stretch' my bladder so I can hold more, therefore take longer pees. I don't know if that's possible, we'll see. I do this by a few ways. Heres what I do:

Sometimes I will skip my morning pee and go through the day until I absolutely have to go or I'll have an accident. Or I'll pee sometime during the middle of the day and I'll say too myself 'last pee for today' and I'll hold it into the wee hours of the night. Then I'll time it. Or sometimes, I'll simply hold it whenever I have to go, for and extra hour or two. I do not do this everyday, because I know its not good for you. But my bladder capacity certainly has increased.

Well heres my story, finally. I really wanted to pee outside, as I've never done it before today. So I woke up around 10am with a bigger urge than usual, I don't know why. Usually I don't even have to pee first thing in the morning, I need time for my bladder to wake up. But this morning I deffinately had to go. I wasn't quite at the uncomfortable stage, but I deffinately knew it was there. So I ignored it, and went through the day drinking much more then usual. I kind of forgot about it, but by 2pm I could certainly feel my bladder getting full. I was getting uncomfotable because I hadn't peed since 10pm last night so it had been 16 hours, most of them being asleep but it was still there. I had 16 hours worth of piss and I could not ignore it. I figured I'd wait till I was really desperate. So around four I was sooo desperate and my parents were supposed to leave. But they wouldn't hurry up and didn't leave till five and I was getting really desperate. I was squirming and had my legs crossed. They finally left and I rushed outside in my backyard to pee. I was so excited ! Both from finally peeing outside and also I loved the feeling of how much urine I was holding. But scared I was going to lose control and pee all over myself. So I frantically looked for a place to pee as I was shifting from foot to foot with one hand in my crotch and my legs crossed. But both my neighbors were home and there wasn't a place I could pee without beeing seen from atleast one of them if they walked out. But I needed to pee so bad I just walked to the side of my house behind a huge bush but still visible from both neighors. I quickly pulled down my pants an underwear, squatted, and began to pee forcefully. I was so excited at the fact that I could be seen by someone at any moment. I moaned at the feeling of releif and it was so pleasurable. I pissed for three minutes. I was so happy cause that's the most I ever peed.

Well that's all for now because I have to pee really really bad again. I could certainly hold it for hours but I want to pee outside again today, as I won't be able to do it if my parents are home. Bye for now, I gotta go. Litterally ;)

Greetings again from Oz.Plenty of entertaining stories among the
latest posts.Keep them coming!
Pooping Girl has certainly created discussion re the idea that women
don't fart and shit.Who has ever watched a porno movie? They leave
little to the imagination.You can see various types of sex including
???? involving any number of people in any number of situations.
What you won't see though is anyone taking a dump.Further proof that
we are way too secretive about this activity.
One positive though is that we are hearing from new women all the
time on this site telling us about their toilet adventures.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Uncle Harry
Department Secretary

I was doing some consulting work at a residential campus for disabled people. I worked out of a small, old, two-story building on the second floor. On one end was the department director's office with his secretary's office right in front of it. At the other end was an empty office which I used when I was there. In between was a bathroom with a big, wood-paneled door that no longer fit properly into the frame and was always ajar about 3 inches when closed. There was a supply cabinet right next to it.

I had been consulting there for about a year and the three of us knew each other pretty well. Just how well, I was about to find out. One day, when I was writing up my reports, I needed to talk to the secretary about something; the director was out. She was getting up from her desk when I came in and said I would have to wait until she used the bathroom, as she "needed to go pee-pee" first. She went in and swung the door shut. It didn't quite close all the way and stayed about 4 inches ajar, but that was enough to block any view of the toilet, which faced the door. I heard her slide her slacks down her legs and then a "thunk" as she sat down. In a few seconds, came a loud "Oh, shit! There's no toilet paper on the roll. Harry, would you mind getting some from the cabinet? I'm already on the toilet and don't want to get up". I went to the cabinet, pulled out a roll of toilet paper, and asked how she wanted me to get it to her; throw it through the cracked door or what. "Just bring it in", she said. "It's ok". So I walked in and handed her the TP.

She was seated on the toilet with her legs just far enough apart to make her pussy visible. "Thanks, Harry", she said. I didn't think she had peed yet, as I hadn't heard anything, but she unwrapped the TP and unrolled some into her right hand. Then, both hands on her legs, she urinated without waiting for me to leave or even asking me to. I don't know why, but I've seen other women get some TP to hold in their hand before they start to pee. Is it easier to reach the roller before their muffs get drippy? Maybe some ladies at this site could enlighten us.

Anyway, while she was peeing, she asked me what it was I wanted to talk to her about. So I told her and, for the first time in my life, held a business conference with a woman while she was on the toilet pissing. Talk company business while doing her personal business, you might say. So she finished, spread her legs wide, wiped up front to back, pulled up her slacks, washed her hands, and we went back to her office to continue our talk.

I discovered this board by accident some years ago and have been visiting it on and off ever since. I have never posted, feeling a bit inhibited initially, but have been tempted to for some time. Now I am at last taking the plunge, if you pardon the pun! To introduce myself, I am a married 40 year old female, from the UK, in full time employment, 5ft 6ins, brown hair and average build and appearance.

I think it is refreshing to have a discussion forum on what is, after all, a necessary and pleasurable experience. I think having a poo is as nice as taking a warm bath. I am pleased that we all have to relieve ourselves and view it as anything but a necessary chore. I have come to the conclusion there are far too many inhabitations about the whole subject, and discussing it, especially where females are concerned. After all girls have to go to the toilet, just the same as boys. We are just more inhibited about talking about it, especially where pooping is concerned, and I think it is to do with traditional attitudes and the perception of women as the fairer sex. When a girl enters a toilet the primary reason is not to "powder her nose". I must admit that I have been, and probably still am, to an extent, as guilty of toilet talk inhibitions as anyone. This has a lot to do with me refraining from posting for so many years, although I enjoy reading the posts and discussions.

I wee quite regularly throughout the day, without giving it a second thought. They say it is healthy to drink plenty of fluids and I follow this advice, adding to the need. I am not one for holding it when I have the urge. I think pooping is a far more pleasurable and this is what I will write about. I am usually very regular and go every morning as I always have an urge. I will often have a poo again later in the day if I feel the urge when having a wee.

The time I poo in the mornings varies. It is usually in the downstairs loo after I have bathed and dressed but on many occasions, if the urge is not great, or time is short, later in the morning. I know the urge will come. I will use the toilets in work or public facilities if I am out. I have no inhibitions about having a poo anywhere, as long as there is privacy, even if it is a hole in the ground or if there is no toilet, although that has not always been the case. It was a silly hang up which took me a long time to over come.

I like to take my time and a common scenario is for me to take the morning paper into the downstairs loo with me, if it has arrived. If it has not I'm not too bothered. I think it is nice to have the perfect excuse to spend some tranquil undisturbed time alone in a locked room, during a busy day. When I pull my knickers down I like the sensation of fresh air on my uncovered behind. It feels even better when I lower it to the seat! I usually start with a wee and then just relax, knowing that nature's call is about to be answered. I often fart (I can be quite nosey) before soon hearing splashes. There is no real conscious effort involved and it is such a nice feeling! My poo usually comes out very quickly to begin with, and this accounts for most of the load, then a lot slower with intervals between the splashes. I never have to strain or grunt. When it seems that I am done I will remain seated because I am usually not. Half a minute or so later I will be dropping more poo, often accompanied by another fart and possibly a wee. I will then remain seated for a while to ensure I have finished. If I am reading something interesting in the paper it could be longer. I can rarely resist the temptation of standing up to have a look in the bowl. Although it might not always seem like I have had a big dump, I am often surprised by the amount. I rarely produce big logs, it is usually a pile of small ones. It can be quite smelly, though the amount of odour varies a lot and the small window is always slightly ajar for ventilation and the benefit of someone who might soon be using the loo. I will sit down again to wipe, which I also think is very pleasurable. I will start off by tearing off a wad for the wee I had, before the nicest and more serious part. My bottom sometimes takes a lot of wiping. I will start off with a big wad to wipe the whole area, before smaller pieces to clean more specific areas around the sides. I will then finish by giving the hole a good clean. This is the nicest part, the feeling of my finger against my butt hole, through the paper. I then rise to pull my knickers up and/or let my skirt fall down/pull trousers up, finally pulling the flush and giving my hands a good wash in the sink. On unlocking the door and leaving the room I always feel a lot more comfortable, and also refreshed, than when entering!

Hope you have enjoyed my first post. It is not about a specific experience but a description of a typical enjoyable poo, like the one I had earlier this morning!


back again.
To Anny:sorry if you are still constipated. try eating more ???? and do fit exercises regularly. of course you shouldn't do any enemas. I am constipated too, and i relieve a little doing the things above. Try avoiding fast food too.

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