jane's friend courtney
Hi, my friend jane mentioned me on here in a story from our childhood. Let me introduce myself: I'm also 21, about 5'5" and 120 lbs. I enjoy watching / hearing others pee and poop, as I'm sure jane has already mentioned. I don't really wanna talk about that story now, I just have a story of my own to tell, regarding some... exhibitionism is it? I'm not sure, you tell me what you think it is.

I had this plumber working in my bathroom the other day. He wasn't fixing the toilet, so if I needed to use it I knew I could just ask him to stop working for a minute. He was working all day, so I knew he wouldn't mind a break and would understand. I wasn't shy about asking him, but I felt kinda adventurous that day for some reason. He started before I could get my morning pee, because my roommate let him start while I was still sleeping. As you could imagine, after a few hours, I was getting pretty desperate to pee. I hadn't gone since the night before. So I decided to just pee in the kitchen. I live in a small apartment with one bathroom and wide open space that can be clearly seen from the outside. Besides the bathroom and 2 small bedrooms, it's just one open kitchen / living room with a big glass door looking out to the patio. That door has shades, but I'm not sure how much privacy they give. Anyway, just to be safe, I opened some cabinets near the floor for a little privacy, and grabbed a cup (thought it would be easier to clean out than a bucket). The bathroom is at the other end of the apartment, so I could sneak into the kitchen without him even knowing I was awake. I was still wearing my long night shirt and panties, but nothing else because I didn't get a chance to change yet. I hesitated, then squatted and pulled my panties aside. For some reason, it was hard to do this and also hold the cup under me. I was trying to make sure the cup was positioned under my pussy correctly and also watch to see if the plumber was walking down the hall towards the kitchen. I was very nervous and uncoordinated trying to do all this so I couldn't get my pee started. I gave up on that idea and went with plan b: I stood up, dropped my panties to the floor, spread my legs just wide enough to fit the cup, all the while keeping my eyes on the hallway. Now, the cabinets were no good, but everything was happening under my shirt that goes down to my knees. If he had walked in, I'm sure it would've looked weird, me holding a cup under my crotch, but luckily he didn't. Still, I loved the feeling that he could catch me, despite how embarrassing it would've been. Anyway, while I was watching the hall intently, I felt around my crotch to make sure the cup covered everything and that nothing would spray outside it. It was a wide cup, so I was all good. My pee sounded like this: quick squirt... short pause... another squirt... longer pause... niagara falls! I actually had hoped I could let it out in longer bursts without letting it all out at once, so I could keep check on how much pee there was. But I'm one of those people that finds it hard to stop the stream once it starts. I heard the sound of the cup filling, and it scared me a bit because I could also feel the pee splash up a bit on my pussy. That made me tense up and stop peeing, just in time because it was about to overflow. I quickly emptied the cup in the sink before shoving it under my shirt again, just in time to catch the last of my pee that wasn't staying in for another second. This time, I only filled it about 1/4 of the way, and felt completely empty. So I washed out the sink and the cup and went on with my day, not one person was the wiser...

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of my story. Do other people here like doing these kinds of things, or just me? I'd love to do it again someday while pooping, but that might be a bit too risky.

Here's a story from the organist at a church I used to attend. She just told me this recently, butr it happened when I used to go there.

She was playing the organ as usual one Sunday morning for service, and started feeling the urge to take a BIG shit building up inside of her. She said that she normally goes to the toilet before leaving home on Sunday morning, but this time, she woke up late, and didn't particularly feel the urge. So she just left for church.

Anyhow, so here she is playing the organ at the front of the church with the pressure in her gut slowly building into a congested feeling that she felt she could still control, at least as long as she was sitting. That was the problem-as long as she was sitting. When the pastor called for everyone to stand, that was it. As soon as she stood up, a HUGE log slid from her ass into her undies, quickly followed by a second one, and a smaller third. She was wearing a long dress like she always does, and fortunately they were nice, solid logs, so nobody knew.
The only problem was that now she had to sit again. So she stoicly did her duty, and sat back down at her organ and just let the shit smush against her ass. It was rather dry, so it just pasted itself to her ass cheeks, and didn't really go anywhere. Needless to say, as soon as she had finished playing the postlude at the end of service, she very quickly and discreetly excused herself and heade staright to the ladies room, where it took a LOT of tp to scrape the mess off of her ass and out of her shorts as well. She wrapped them up in tp and took them home to wash-she is a very practical person, not one to throw out a perfectly good pair of underwear over one accident.

has anyone ever woken up with poo in there pants , panties, or whatever anyone sleeps in ??? .. or maybe tried to fart in the morning and sharted.

Hi I am a frequent visitor to this website but have never posted. I recently was out driving around doing some errands i n the country and I had the urge to go poop right now so I pulled over next to a bridge in a place where I know no one ever comes through and I didnt want to go in the ditch so I pulled my jeans and boxers down and pooped over the side of the guardrail into the creek. It was an experience. Let me know what you think about this if I should write more. Any ladies here have ever pooped or peed off a bridge before if so please post!

A number of years ago, my sister married a man who was employed as a lab technician for a company that eventually transferred him to their new plant in western South Carolina. Some time afterward, my sister told us that one of the company's secretaries had had an accident in the women's rest room. But not the type of accident usually described in this forum. The secretary had broken her ankle when she fell off the toilet.

It turned out that the secretary was from a rural area, and her family's home had no indoor plumbing. It was clearly understood by all members of the family that when you went to the backhouse, you never sat over the hole in the board seat for fear of snakes that could be living in the pit underneath. Instead, you placed one foot on each side of the hole, squatted, and kept an eye out for whatever might be lurking below.

Old habits are hard to break. The young lady learned that high-heeled shoes on a smooth contoured plastic seat are not as stable as bare feet on a rough wooden board.


No, I don't generally pee standing up. I've tried it a few times, but squatting is so much easier to do. As far as the methods I've tried... just letting your stream go doesn't really work, you won't get the distance a man would. Instead, you need to use your fingers to pull the lips of your vagina open slightly and kind of direct your stream with your fingers. It's really hard to describe, and, in my opinion, too much effort for the end result.

Early Crappin' Carly and Frustrated Francine:

My high school was much the same way as the ones you describe. I don't really have a set time for pooping, but nonetheless, I hated using a school bathroom. I remember having brief talks with some of my male friends and they told me pee on the toilet seat isn't so bad in the men's room, since they use urinals for that.

However, the main problem I see is this: Even if the seats didn't have pee on the seat, the passing time they give you is not enough for most people to have a satisfying dump. I know I can't even poop in 5 minutes. If you need to wait for a stall if needed, poop, wipe, wash your hands, you'll be late for class even if you run as fast as possible. If you're anything like I was, you'll find yourself needing to go to the bathroom again within 15 minutes, either because you didn't wipe yourself thoroughly or because you just didn't get to finish.

There was one day when I had just started pooping and just pushed out my first log, when the 1 minute bell rang. I made a mad dash, wiping, washing, and getting to class. I did barely make it on time, but as I fully expected, I needed to excuse myself about 10 minutes into class. The teacher wasn't happy, but let me go anyway. This time I got to complete my poop and feel empty.

Lady Sandra
Hello to everyones.
I'm a mum of a 2 years old boy. When i go to the toilet he always go with me so I must put my pantyhose and underware very high to preserve my modesty. Normaly i wear pleated skirts so i can pull them on the rear part and cover my lap.
So I have no privacy. I would know if other mum or women have the same problem and how they do.
Kiss and have a big poo

As an avid camper, I almost spend more time camping than I do at my own house. Of course, this leads to many interesting situations when going to the bathroom is involved. Over the years, I've encountered camp sites ranging from several porta-potties, all the way down to no facilities whatsoever.

Speaking of porta-potties, I'm sure everyone has used one at some point or another, so I'll be brief with this story. One summer, I was sunbathing, and I felt the pressing urge to pee. This particular camp had two different areas of porta-potties, each with two rows of four. I guess at one point, this may have been gender specific, but now they're unisex. I headed to the closer unit and took the first available 'stall'. The basic set-up was just a plastic bench-type thing with a hole in it for the waste to go to. This potty looked as though it had been heavily used - there were at least 30 turds at the bottom of the hole and a lot of pee. I proceeded to pull down my blue bikini bottoms and piss for at least two minutes, perhaps more. As I was leaning over to get toilet paper for wiping, I let out a really loud juicy fart and a turd rocketed out. I wiped up and went back to sunbathing.

I'll post some interesting stories about this later on. Some experiences that jump to mind include sharing a communal toilet with two of my friends on an early spring camping trip, one embarassing pee in a unisex makeshift toilet (involving a cute guy), and several other outdoor pooping/peeing experiences.

Texas Hillbilly
I just took a dump it was solid but i had 2 wipe a lot. I hate wiping! I miss posts from u Laura the teacher u sound so down 2 earth. I luv women that dont hold back when they have to poop. Luv ya girl hope 2 hear from u soon. Got more diarrhea stories?

To: Kim

Regarding your post on page 1625 about you and your friends peeing in a urinal, I'm wondering: what would you have done and how would you have felt if some guys came in and saw you pissing away. A response would be appreciated. I'd really like to know.

Girlfriend Shower Pee

Amy's post about showering with her boyfriend reminds me of an incident of my own. I was dating a woman who, like me, liked to go hiking. One warm summer day, we hiked for some time, drank a lot of water, and never stopped to pee. By the time we got back to her place, we were both pretty sweaty. We got our clothes off, started the shower in the bathtub, and got in, without thinking to use the toilet first. I was standing under the water, while she was standing in front of me, waiting her turn to get wet. All of a sudden, she called out, "Oh, m'gosh! I can't hold my pee"... and out it poured from between her legs, forming a yellow piss puddle on the bathtub floor. I stepped to the side so the shower could reach the puddle and wash it down while she was still peeing. She tried to spread her legs some, as she had been caught off guard with her legs fairly close together. Most of her stream did go straight down, although some sprayed and ran down her legs. She was rather embarrassed that she had just involuntarily urinated. What if this had happened on the street? Because we were in a confined space with the shower curtain closed, her fishy-smelling pee odor was quite distinct. We had eaten tuna sandwiches for lunch, and you know how eating fish makes you piss smell fishy. It took her well over a minute to get finished. Her bladder was really full.

In the mean time, I realized that I needed to piss too. Now usually I lift up my dick and aim forward, but in this situation I had to make sure it was pointing downward, as I was standing crosswise in the tub and didn't want to hit the wall. This wasn't easy, since I was getting aroused. Now with both of us pissing, the fishy pee odor was getting pretty strong. Well, we both got done, made sure the showerhead was aimed to wash everything down, and proceeded with our wetting down and soaping up. After that, we decided, what the heck, why bother with the toilet before showering. We would just pee together in the shower.

Kayla, I'm interested in hearing more stories about you and your sister - specifically a time when either you or her took a poop in your bathroom and it stunk up the bedroom.

hi all,
i have been looking for some time to share my ibs (i think) stories with an audience, as they just occupy so much of my life. Basically, i think i have the most sensitive colon of all time.. i mean, if i don't shit huge at least once a day, i get super bloated, feel terrible, and can only call it constipation, though i know many others shit way less than this and its normal. If i don't eat high fiber at every meal, including a ton of fruits and ????, i regret it.. but even when i try very hard to maintain this diet, i'll still wind up with incompacitating, horrible lower stomach pains. sometimes i am constipated for days, when i become so bloated my pants don't fit anymore. it constantly feels like i have to go, but i push and push but nothing will relieve the cramps. sometimes a tiny piece will come out, which actually makes me feel a bit better, but only for a few minutes. i can't sleep or function properly during these episodes. the pain is centered in my upper-right colon i think, below my ribs. its strange, but if i push there with my hand very hard, it feels better. sometimes i will get my girlfriend to do this while i strain to move something down inside. i try and shit all the time when it hurts alot, pushing and pushing, even when not on a toilet, just so i can get some relief. Then, there are other times when i have to shit so bad, i don't think i'll make it, and sometimes i don't. Suddenly i just know its coming, and its huge. And the cramps are so bad that i can't stop it. The worst is when I have diarrhea but there is a constipated plug first, so my insides churn and churn and i can't get relief. Does anyone feel this way? love to hear some replies.
well, back to pushing... this time on the toilet.. i'm having the stabbing pains right now.

to:Cosmic Lip Smacker
you story was interesting, I have had that happen to me many times. I usually have that problem when i wake up ... sometimes if i tried
to push a fart out... its poo.

a guy
to whoever it was who asked for more information regarding my wife's accident: i think she probably was unaware of the fact that she had messed in her panties as well because to my knowledge it hasn't happened to her in the past, so i doubt she has a whole lot of experience with how it feels, and second, it was a really wet, loose and liquidy poop, so perhaps she just felt like her panties were really wet and not that she had messed in them. i also suspected that she wouldn't have been terribly embarassed had she just wet the bed, it was the fact that she pooped her underwear probably shocked her and embarassed her.

Morning Mandi
Hi everyone. My name is Mandi, and I'm a 15 year old southern girl. I have short brown hair, not really wavy and I've been told I have big breasts for my age. I share the concerns of Carly and Francine about school toilets. I always need to take a dump at every morning, right around 7:00. Prior to high school I could always take my morning dump in the comfort of my own bathroom, but now I have to take it at school. The bus drops me off with at least 20 minutes to spare, so time is never an issue, but the bathroom quality is.

In this day and age, I notice a lot more people (at least women, can't vouch for men) are becoming morning crappers. Some days there's up to a 5 minute wait, and other days I get there just in time to race for the last available stall. Of course once you get in the stall, the problems don't end there. The toilets themselves are very nice and comfortable to sit on. The stalls, however, are a completely different story. Most, if not all, have graffiti all over the walls and doors, and one of the stalls door doesn't latch, so people sometimes walk in on you.

If I'm the first one to use a stall for the day, there's always two full rolls of toilet paper and never any pee on the seats. It's quite a gamble if I end up waiting for an available stall. On many occasions, there has been pee on the seat. It's almost like the girls don't sit on the seat and just hover. I always sit on the seat, even if I need to wipe it down first. Other times, even though only 1 or 2 people could have used the toilet that day, almost half the first roll is used up already! What could they possibly be using that much toilet paper for? All things considered, my least favorite occurance upon entering a stall is that someone has taken a sizable dump and neglected to flush. I don't think it's too much to ask that people flush the toilet after they go to the bathroom. It's just common courtesy, although that seems to be anything but common these days.

One day last week I did get walked in on while I was using the non-latching stall. I hate using that one, but I couldn't hold it in any longer. I was sitting on the toilet, black jeans and white thong bundled up at my ankles and had just squeezed out four medium sized logs . I reached over to unroll some toilet paper and someone opened the door enough to see I was in there. She quickly apologized and closed the door. I wiped myself thoroughly and hastily left the bathroom, noting the other girl was quite embarrassed as well, so it wasn't just me.

Hi my names Sarah. I'm a petit 16 year old brunette. I found this site while I was searching for toilets for my bathroom.

About 2 years ago when I was 14 I went to this club downtown with some friends. This club was off limits according to our parents, they said it was to dangerous for us. Anyway we all wore our most reveling outfits and danced and grinded like we never did before. Any way after about an hour, I doubled over in pain, the boy I was danceing with just walked on to the next girl, as I asked Becky to go to the bathroom with me. She really had to go to. When we got there we found it to be a dimly lit concrete room with a line of about 10 girls. As the line got shorter, we saw that the 'bathroom' was just toilet out in the open in full view of everybody waiting in line with piss and shit on it and around it. I had never pooped infront of anybody before and didn't know If I could. This made me really nervous, I get embarressed if anybody even knews I farted, so pooping in full view of 15 people is a no-no. But, I really had to go and better here then in my pants.

Becky went first, she walked up to the toilet, pulled her shorts down to her knees, and slighty bent her butt over the toilet. She looked at the ground, and let out a stream of piss into the toilet. Half way through, the precariously ballenced lid fell down, which made her jump. The girl behind me started to laugh. 'stupid white bitch' she mumbled under her breath. Becky ended up peeing on the bowl lid, so it kinda rolled off like a water fall and socked the already dirty concrete floor. I thought she was done, but a big long brown turd fell out of her butt and hit the toilet, then ozed of the lid and slid onto the ground, leaving a trail of brown shit behind it as it made a squishing sound when is hit the floor. 'damn' the same girl behind me said. Becky's face turned red, as she pushed and shifted her body to try to get the rest out. As it came out it missed the toilet completely and made a splating sound as it hit the floor. She was finnily done, she looked around for a roll of toilet paper but found none. 'Do have any tissue?' she asked me. I shook my head. 'hurry up' this time the girl 2 people behind me spoke up.

Becky looked nervously around as she pulled up her pants. She glanced over at me as she walked by me and left the room. It was my turn. I walked toward the toilet, which was now surrounded by Becky's poop. I didn't get to close. I was about a foot away when I pulled my shorts down to my thys. I bent over a little and let out some pee that hit the concrete floor and splashed onto my feet. Then the flood gates opened and turd after huge turd started sliding out of my butt. I thought I heard a rat behind me so I turned just as a turd was halfway out. It hit the side of the wall and slid down to the floor. 'damn bitch comeon now, makin a mess and shit'. I was finnily done. There was a huge pile of shit on the ground, it smelled horrible. I pulled my thong and pants up to an unwelcome squish. There was still a little peice leftover in my ass. It felt so gross.

I walked out, with piss on my shoes, and shit caked up in my butt crack, feeling humilated and defeated. I was still able to dance, but it felt weird rubbing my dirty butt up aganist boys. This one guy noticed the smell of shit mixed with sweat, and moved on to a different girl.

Eventually we went home. our parents never found out about our expirence. we went there a couple of times afterward, but I always made sure to go to the bathroom at home.

brandy sue
Hi I stumbled across this place while looking up incontinence. First I will give a quick description of myself, I'm a 16yo girl about 5'1" and 120 lbs with long blonde hair which is usually in pigtails. I have been having and hiding accidents for about 4 years now. The very first accident I had was when I pooped and peed myself in math class. I was wearing white denim jeans and I felt a full feeling in my ???? but I had no warning that I had to go until i felt the poop against my bum as it began filling my panties I panicked and stood up which only drew more attention to myself. I just froze there feeling my face burn and turn red as my bowels quickly emptied into my pants. I was thinking I couldnt be any more humiliated than this but boy was I wrong. As soon as I finished pooping I felt a warm wet sensation in my crotch and I looked down in disbelief and saw that I was peeing my pants as well. I began crying and the boy behind me announced to everyone "look she pooped her pants too" The teacher took my hand and lead me to the nurses office where I had to call my mother and ask her to drop off clean panties and jeans. The nurse helped me clean up and then I had to sit there naked from the waist down until the secretary brought the clothes my mom was dropping off. The busride home was awful because I knew I would be in trouble when I got home. When I walked in the front door my mother was already waiting. She said to me "12 year old girls should know better than waiting until they cant hold it before using the restroom" then she told me to go to my room and wait until my dad came home, which meant I was getting a spanking. When Dad got home and after mother told him what happened, he came into my room carrying the ping pong paddle he used to spank my sister and I when we were bad. He made me pull down my jeans and panties then told me to bend over and touch my toes. After 10 swats on my bare bum I was sobbing and then I had to promise that I would never poop or pee in my pants again. Dad said he would add 10 more swats every time it happened. That Thursday my mom took me shopping and it happened again inside the mall. I just suddenly began pooping my panties and wetting myself uncontrollably. I was so embarrassed and my mom was very angry and embarrassed too. she drug me out of the mall telling me I was in for it when dad got home. Mom put down some newspaper on the car seat and made me sit in my messy pants for the 20 minute drive home. That night I was paddled 20 times on my bare bottom as promised and told the next time it happened the punishment would be much worse. They have taken me to see 4 different doctors and they all say there is no medical reason for my accidents and that perhaps I am doing it on purpose to get attention. Long story short, I have been having accidents at least once a week since then and I have been spanked too many times to count but I have learned ways to keep my parents from finding out whenever I have an accident. I just wondered if there are any other girls out there that got spanked for having accidents

to Early Crappin' Carly:
I understand that girls have concerns about old and dirty bathrooms at school, but I think it's important to realize that us guys have to go to the bathroom, too. Three or four mornings a week I have to crap during 1st or 2nd hour and it's crowded and very unpleasant. Yesterday sucked worse than many days. As a freshman, I have a hard enough time getting from my first hour math class on one side of the building to my 2nd hour geography class on the far side of the building--it's a walk of about two blocks length through crowded halls. I started feeling my crap come on about 8:30 and in my mind, I was thinking about how to handle it. Do I raise my hand and ask permission for a restroom pass when we had an important test review going on or do I wait for the passing period. I decided to wait. When the bell rang, I made sure I got my bookbag and was the first out of the room. Luckily, the bathroom was right on my way to 2nd hour. I dodged several groups of people talking in the hall, and grabbed the door for the boys room. I flung by bookbag against the wall, but noticed the doors of all six stalls were closed. Others had beaten me in the race--again! I could hear several large farts and sounds of shit hitting the water. One door opened while the guy was still pulling his jeans up and tucking his shirt in. I didn't hear him flush but figured I had about a minute to go before the one-minute warning bell and my lengthy walk to the other side the building. Immediately reached down and flushed the half bowl (two long logs and urine he had left). Just as I placed my butt down on the seat, which was surprisingly cold, I reached down and tucked my penis in because it was resting over the front of the bowl, and when I push to crap, sometimes I pee a little and otherwise, it will splash into my pants. It might be because I get too flustered, but just as I started to get my crap to realize that it was time to come out, the tardy bell rang. I sat for about 15 seconds more, but then had to get up and make the run for my class, where I already have two unexcused tardies and with the third, I will be assigned to a 90-minute detention hall. After about 20 minutes of class, the feeling came over me again and I signed out to go to the bathroom. Luckily the bathroom was right across the hall. This one had about 9 stalls, three of which were taken and two had doors off and tape over the entrances because they were either broken or vandalized. I selected the farthest stall, it was the only one of those available that didn't have pee over the seaat, and I dropped my jeans and sat down. I guess I felt kind of lucky in that my crap came within 20 or 30 seconds this time because I was a lot more relaxed. One long log of about 18 inches. I was also able to pee a little. I was estatic. I always feel kind of bloated when I have to carry my crap around--sometimes the entire day until after school when I make a choice of dumping on my way out of the building or just holding it for my 10 minute walk home. I grabbed for the toilet paper and there was none. The roller and holder had been broken off the wall. I listened carefully and heard no noises. I must have been the only one left in the room. So I partially pulled up my pants and opened the door and quickly ducked into the stall to right. I was greeted with a full bowl that really stunk, but most importantly, I had the resources of a full roll of toilet paper. Thank God! I sat down, used about 10 sheets to wipe with, and then flushed. As I pulled up my pants, I heard a load bang of the door of the stall I had just vacated and then a valcano-like noise and a sigh of relief that some guy had just dropped his load. About 15 seconds later as I was washing my hands, I heard him curse. So Carly, you and your friends aren't the only ones who have it bad with the school bathrooms. They suck for us guys, too.

Keith D
To Nony: Thanks for the update. I wonder if your friend normally poops during the night or if she is one of those people that takes the opportunity to push out a bit more poop every time she sits down to pee.

I'm a bit poop shy when there are friends around but I don't care about strangers and I'm always curious about other people's habits. It reminds me of an experience last year.

I was staying at an army base doing some surveying work. They put me up in the nurse's quarters in a 2 bedroom apartment near the hospital. I had the place to myself to begin with but on day 3 a nurse arrived that was doing a short-term stay to help out a specialist or something.

I don't remember her name but she was about 24, reasonably tall and slim, with brown hair in a ponytail. She was pretty friendly and seemed quite sweet. However, she seemed a little unnerved about sharing an apartment, especially with someone of the opposite sex (strange at her age). I noticed that evertime she went into her bedroom (opposite mine) there would be a loud "clunk" as she locked the door. Obviously wanted some privacy or was paranoid or something. I tried to give her plenty of space (I spent most of my time out working anyway) and only went back to the apartment to eat and sleep.

The second night she was there, I was eating dinner in front of the tv when she got back from work. She said hello as she walked past and went around the corner to where the bathroom and toilet rooms were side by side. As I sat, I couldn't help but hear her rolling ot reams and reams of toilet paper, like half a roll, as soon as she went in. I assumed she was using it to cover the toilet seat. I was a little offended by this. I was the only other person sharing the facilities and professional cleaners came weekly. And I promise I never mess on the seat. But I understand people's hygiene concerns and wasn't worried about that. It's just that I was the one who had gone out and bought all the rolls of tp!

Anyway, I turned down the volume of the tv to find out what was going on. As I did, I could just hear a stream of pee splashing in the bowl as it died off followed by a couple of "plip plips" - of tiny pieces of poop being squeezed out. Then much more tp coming off the reel. She exited quickly and said she was going out to the gym. I swear she'd wasted a whole roll of tp in one sitting!

The next morning I got up early and was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. The table sits opposite the toilet/bathroom doors. I thought she must have already left for an early shift. But then her bedroom door opens and she comes padding out in bare feet wearing a white singlet top and long, colorful pyjama bottoms. She went straight towards the toilet door. She had her back turned the whole time so I guess she didn't see me. She stopped outside the toilet door and paused, turning her head slightly to the side as if listening. She must have been wondering if I was in there. I was going to announce my presence in the kitchen behind her but then got curious as to what she would do and stayed silent. She seemed unsure. After about 30 seconds, she did a little half-squat in frustration (seemed to need to pee), and darted through the bathroom door. I hear water running as she washed up at the sink. A couple of minutes later, she ran back out to the toilet door, more urgently now. She still hadn't looked around and seen me. This time she knocked very softly, then raced in, shutting and locking the door so quickly that she still didn't turn around to see me.

Again, there was an age of rolling off tp to make a seat protector. Then a clack as she sat down on the porcelain seat and a brief squirt of pee. Then silence for 30 secs. I could hear a couple of quiet "ahhhh"s as she released a couple of breaths. Then "plip" "splip" "sssspliiiiip" in the water. I think she made three turds, they sounded like they were long but thin without much weight. Much more tp coming off the roll (why didn't she just stand and wipe with the forest's worth of tp she used on the seat?). She flushed and came out. Coming through the door she suddenly gave a little startled jump in the air, seeing me sitting right across from the doorway at the table. I said goodmorning and she turned a little pink and dashed back into the bathroom, shut and locked the door and had a shower.

I don't know if I'm mean or what but there was something satisfying about catching a cute prissy privacy freak pooping! We all do it.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Had a most satisfying and rewarding colonic irrigation today. There are a number of clinics in most large cities in Australia (for the info of Aussie John). I laid on the table or couch, whatever, and had my legs spread in the birthing postion and the rather chatty nurse pushed the tube up my bum and I waited and waited and did the poo colon must be clearing because I am able to hold much more water and the shit I expelled seemed rather unusual..some of it had a bit of mucous in it and it was of unusual sizes and some was stringy and smelly. I was expelling in waves. After I filled up I would squirt out water and then a torrent of brown muck would blirt out...plenty of farts too!
Thunder From Down Under

Many years ago, I attended a summer camp that featured many classes, including wilderness survival. Of course, the class was separated by gender and purely optional, but one of the things it taught was how to poop/pee outdoors. I signed up for it, and I will never forget what happened.

Although the class was gender-separated, boys and girls did meet up for meal times. One of the girls taking the class was named Nicole and I developed a little bit of a crush on her. Anyway, one morning really early, I woke up needing to pee.

I found a nice secluded spot, unzipped my jeans and had a nice piss. As I was walking back, I heard a noise, so I went to investigate. Lo and behold, I found Nicole and she was also carrying a roll of toilet paper. I decided to hide behind a tree and watch. I thought for sure she'd find me, but surprisingly she didn't.

Until this point I had never really seen a girl naked or pee before. Nicole took off her pants and underwear, something that seemed strange to me at first, but then I realized she couldn't pee standing up like I could. Having only a back view of her, I couldn't really see her vagina all that well, but she did had a nice round butt.

I didn't really want to see her pee, but just the opportunity to see a girl naked was exciting to me. Anyway, she got into a squatting position and unleashed a torrent of pee. Must have been holding that in for quite a while. I could hear a gushing sound of her pee hitting the ground even from where I was standing. After the stream trickled off, she paused for a moment. She reached for the toilet paper on the ground nearby and began wiping herself. Now was when I realized the intricate differences of men and women peeing. They needed to wipe front and back, not just back like boys.

At this point, I expected her to get up and pull her pants up and head back, but she stayed standing for a bit. All of a sudden, her butt opened wide and let out a squeaky fart, followed by a louder booming fart. Nicole adjusted her stance a little bit and let out another loud squeaky fart, but her butt stayed open and a turd eased out. I didn't quite understand why at the time, but this just made the whole experience all the more enjoyable. I even felt myself get a little bit of an erection, even though it was strange at the same time.

Her turd touched the ground and curled up a bit before snapping off. This was already bigger than most of my poops ever were, but she had another turd coming. I almost wondered what she ate to make such massive poop, because near as I could tell she ate the same food as me. This second turd did almost the same thing, although it didn't quite touch the ground. Her butt stayed open for a long time, so she must have been farting silently.

Another thing that took me by surprise is that after taking she had just took such a big dump, the air didn't really smell that bad. In any case, Nicole began thoroughly wiping herself and threw the paper down. After that, she put her pants and panties back on and left. I came out from behind the tree and got a closer look at the poop.

She had left behind two big firm turds laying on top of each other, and as I got closer it really started to smell. I left at this point too, heading back to the boy's side of the camp.

A lot of boring filler omitted, Nicole is now my wife of 10 years. As we met up again after the camp experience, we became better friends, and even dating later (obviously). After we got closer to one another, I did tell her about this day, although I left out most of it. I just told her was coming back from using the bathroom and saw her walking away with toilet paper in hand.

A few times during our marriage, we've used the toilet in each other's company, most times one of us was in the shower. In every occasion, she had huge poops consisting of one or maybe two turds. I even asked her once how she made such big poops, when we at the same things. She said she gets constipated easy, always has and probably always will. I guess that explains the mystery... who knew it could be so simple as only pooping less often.

Cosmic Lip Smacker
Hi. I'm new here. I'm 13 years old, 5'3 and a half and I'm a bit chunky for my age. Today, I had a McDonalds sandwich for breakfast and a hash brown. When I finished my breakfast, I went to watch TV, and after my favorite TV show was over I saw that my stomach was bulging out and it was cramping and gurgling. I farted a loud BRRRRRRMP which lasted about 45 seconds and it stank really bad. I felt like I was going to have diarrhea so I ran to the bathroom, pulled down my pants but I lost all control and mushy, stinky greenish brown poo flowed into my underwear. It was a huge mess to clean up but I took off my underwear, washed them out in the sink, wiped up with toilet paper and flushed. I threw my underwear away, took a shower and put on some different clothes. I hadn't had any diarrhea attacks until a couple of hours ago when I felt that same rumbling in my stomach when there were guests at my house for dinner. I crossed my legs, with this worried look on my face. My mom gave me this "are you going to embarrass me look" and I shook my head no, but I doubled over in pain, lost control and creamy mushy light brown poo filled my panties, and it started running down my leg leaving creamy globs all over the place. Right now, I'm in my room and my mom is going to come up and talk to me. I'm probably getting a serious verbal lashing for all I know. D: I'm screwed!

Kayla, I'm interested in hearing more stories about you and your sister - specifically a time when either you or her took a poop in your bathroom and it stunk up the bedroom.

Early Crappin' Carly
To Frustrated Francine:
I'm glad you wrote to bring us up to date on your situation. Yes, I remember your posting a couple of months ago and I also remember when I read it thinking that your experiences and frustrations were so much like mine. I'm a sophomore that moved across country in July because my dad got transferred. Although my new school has a lot more AP classes that I can't wait to take next year and some really fun activities that have helped me make friends, like you I've been totally bummed out by the bathrooms. They suck big time! Like almost half the toilets are broken or have been vandalized in some way, and some are just plain filthy. Like you report, however, many of the students just accept the fact that the situation is not going to get any better and that they had better sit down and make the best of it. There's a couple of girls who I don't even think have noticed that they are sitting down in someone else's pee. It's so gross! What has been the hardest for me to accept in my new city and school is that the toilet stalls don't have those toilet seat protector holders where you can just pull out a cover and put over the seat. I really miss those. Not all the girls used them in my old school, but at least they were available for those of us who seemed to care more about cleanliness. You talk, Francine, about watching a squat shitter and how they will stand and drop their crap into the bowl, often giving off one huge splash. I would be afraid that I would get my butt wet. Just like you, I have my complete crap each morning right after I arrive at school. Our schedule allows us to enroll in a O hour, an extra class starting at 6:45 a.m. That often means I need to excuse myself about 7:15 a.m. to go and crap. While I've been sitting directly on the toilet seat and hating it, I like your idea Francine of keeping your underwear at seat level so that you can sit over it and have less of your leg and thigh actually touching the seat. At the first of the year, I tried to put toilet paper over the seat first before I sat down, but like you, I found it to be a hassle and sometimes a piece would slip off before I could sit down and working with it to keep it on the stool was so frustrating to me--especially when I was only a few seconds away form crapping my pants. Like you, I've learned to just sit down and make the best of it. I do find, however, that more of us are having early morning craps and that the waits are getting longer and longer for the available stalls. Like you, Francine, I guess I've concluded that crapping at school is necessary and that even though the bathrooms are often filthy, we all have to make the best of it. It's those that deliberatly mess up the stools that piss me off the most.

To the guy who looks forward to the next time his woman has another accident.

There are several possibilities. First, the dream.

You said you checked the sheets. The wet spot was only a few inches and the brown stain very small even though her panties were well involved. What if she really woke up desperately needing a potty and took this opportunity to see how you would respond. If you respond with understanding, it was an accident. If you do not understand, she can blame it on being drunk and it happening while she was asleep.

The second possibility is, it is what it appears to be.

You stated that she made the remarks "god i crapped my underwear in bed.." and "you probably think im such a baby". She is tramatized by this event. I say tramatized because I have wet my bed and I have pooped my panties in bed, I just can't believe she didn't know the difference the moment she discovered something was wet. I would like to discuss (with her) why you had to tell her it was more than a little pee. Why did she ask you to leave the room AFTER SHOWING YOU her most embarrassing moment.

Maybe you can talk about why she would expect you to think less of her because she has an accident. From there you can move the conversion to an accident while awake such as stuck in traffic or I've heard of people speeding to get to a restroom only to mess themselves while waiting for a police officer to write them a speeding ticket. Again beyond control. Let us know how the conversation goes.

Zig - Yes, yes, and yes.

She has peed in my bed a few times. Thankfully since she usually only gets in my bed after she wets hers, the times she's wet mine haven't been major.
Yes, I have wet myself while sleeping with her because I didn't want to get up, but it wasn't in my bed. This past summer we were on a camping trip, and my sister and I shared a tent. I woke up needing to pee, but she was laying right next to me, almost on top of me, and when she wet herself she got my pajamas wet. Not wanting to wake her up, and not wanting to walk all the way to the public bathrooms anyway, I decided to just go...Unfortunately for me, the feeling of my pee getting on her woke her up, so I had to tell her the truth, rather than letting my parents think it was all her. She thought it was cool that big sister wet too. My parents were less impressed, but not mad.
And yes, she has pooped her pants. Never in my bed, but a few times in her own, as well as during the day. Her messy bed accidents all occurred when she was sick with the stomach flu. Her daytime poop accidents have occurred during times when she misjudged how badly she needed to go and didn't quite make it, as well as a few times she didn't want to stop playing. One time she was constipated so my mom gave her a chocolate laxative, made her go outside and play, and told her not to fight it if she felt it coming out. My mom sent me out to keep an eye on her. Poor kid, she had no idea what to do when the laxative took effect. All of a sudden she just froze where she was, and a very slimy "waterfall" ran down her legs, and it kept coming...and coming...Her underwear and shorts were so history.

Anyway, time for bed. Everyone should feel free to ask me questions or share similar stories. I'll write more later.


Sarah A.
Me and my guy friend who lives close to me went into the city to meet some friends who live there. On the way back, I drove because he'd had a few drinks. We'd been driving for about 10 minutes when he said he had to piss. I was pretty sure he'd needed to pee since we left but thought he could hold it. We were on a 2-lane highway with no place to pull over and a fair amount of traffic, and by the time we reached our exit another 10 minutes later, he had abandoned all pretense and was openly holding himself. I told him to hold on for 5 more minutes and I would stop at my house because it was closer. It was actually closer to 15 minutes by the time we got to my house, and the minute I stopped my car, he got out of the car and started pissing right there on my driveway. I don't think he even realized that the motion sensor lights had come on, or else he was too desperate to care, but it gave me a chance to take a good look :)
But it didn't end there for the night-it normally takes 10-15 minutes to get to his house, but we hit every red light on the way, and so it took closer to 25, and my friend clearly had to piss again, pretty badly, but not as badly as before. We got to his house, and due to his desperation, he was having trouble unlocking the back door. When I got the door open, he hurried past me and into the bathroom, which was across from the back door. As I closed the back door and turned around, I realized he had left the bathroom door open, allowing me to see him pissing again. He had taken his cock out but wasn't holding it, and he pissed like that for over a minute. He really had to go!

I have one more story from that night, but I'll put that in a different story.

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