poop boy
HI this incident happend to my ex girlfriend lara,now lara was nineteen at the time and we had only been dating about a month or so. Well one evening we had gone out to a mexican resturant for supper i personally thought the meal sucked but lara said she enjoyed it.Any way walking back to my place she suddenly farted loud,and let out a groan clutching her stomach then very quickly she put her hand on her bum really tight,she took in a deep breath saying 'i need a toilet NOWWW i gotta go so bad'she was allmost crying standing there. To be honest i didnt know what to say or do,i was getting very exited down below hoping she would mess her self but at the same time trying to show sympathy so i said just squat down and go no ones around quick before you shit your self. Even as i was saying it lara let another loud fart go and that was it diarrea exploded from her rear the brown smelly liquid flowed down the back of her legs into her runners, the rear of her niki short shorts had a brown wet patch on them and the smell was vile. We walked the rest of the way as quick as we could lara crying saying 'you wont tell any one will you? dont tell my mom please dont'i assured her i wouldnt,we finally got back to my place i helped her out of her messy shorts and panties then she got into the shower to clean up.We no longer see each other,it had nothing to do with her messing her self not her fault anyway, we just grew apart.

Constipated Dude
I just had to post about experience the other night. I had been constipated for three days. A few days before, I had taken three stool softeners which were not working. By today I was feeling very miserable, full, and bloated. Tonight I shoved two Fleet glycerin suppositories up my ass at about 7PM. I got in the shower about 8PM. I had gotten in and gotten soaped up and started washing my face, hands, arms, and bent down to wash my lower legs and just as I bent down I felt the shit start to move. I felt a HARD and HUGE lump work its way out of my ass and hit the bottom of the tub. That thing had to be the size of a basketball!!!!!! no joking. Followed by several tennis ball sized lumps. I have NEVER had that good of a result with Fleet glycerin suppositories. Anyone else ever had that good of a result from being MAJORLY constipated and using Fleet Glycerin suppositories??

once when I was a cild, my granda took me to the fair where we ad sausage& onins, fries, all jinds of junk. Later at her ouse I thought I had to poop so I pulled down my pants but then realized I had to vomit. I stood up and truned around to vomit and when I did a turd shot right out of my butt to the wall! I was so sick, I didn't care!

Poopboy, Your right there is nothing that spells releif better then when you slide out a huge load of logs. Sean, I don't know about you, but if just a tiny amount of shit remains in my ass it itches like crazy till I clean it thoughly. You must have been scratching a lot.

Linda from Australia here again. I was so busy this weekend that I only managed to drop a small load on Saturday morning and I didn't go again at all until this afternoon (its Monday here). I squeezed out about half my load but as Im cooking dinner, I will have to wait until later to finish it, plus I couldn't get any more out. I will let everyone know how it turned out.

Keith D
I've never really been all that interested in the whole cover the toilet seat / don't cover the toilet seat debate that often appears on this site. Personally, I don't and have to admit that I've never even seen the "seat protectors" that many people described - none of the toilets around here have them. I learnt at school that you can't get STDs from seats because urine is pretty clean as far as bodily fluids go. I certainly wouldn't sit in pee but have had to wipe it off the seat a few times before I can sit down (damn kids!). Can't really imagine how girls ever manage to wet the seat unless they are hover peeing because they are afraid of dirty seats...

Having said that, I was in a public toilet recently and it was at lunch hour and one of the rare times I've ever had to wait for a stall. Then going in, I notice pee on the seat with a pinkish tinge. As I wiped it up with tp, I could see droplets of blood in it! ewwwww! Is that an exception? Urine might be fairly clean and the bacteria may only survive a few minutes in air, but surely blood is different?????

Uncle Harry - great intel on peeing in the old west. Anyone out there today that does the same thing? ie Peeing outdoors in public by wearing a skirt and standing in one spot so that no one notices? Ahhh... Secret lives.

Tuesesday, December 04, 2007

Linda from Australia here again. Well after I took my small dump, I cooked a heap of vegetables and some chicken. Within half an hour of eating dinner, I could feel a big load moving down. I made my way to the toilet and it only took 5 minutes to push out a huge pile of skinny logs. I felt SO much better after that, as I hadn't pooped since Saturday morning. About an hour later, I could feel more poo developing in my anus but I didn't get a big enough urge to push it out. Then this morning, after breakfast, I pushed out another huge load and a smaller load 10 minutes later. I also squeezed out an even bigger load this afternoon. I must have been full of poo, after not going for almost 3 days.

Hey sam yea i mean outdoor did you see standin up in the river if so how do girls pee standin up? Anyone else from australia?

Uncle Harry
Ladies in the Bushes

Another tale from childhood. When I was about 15, I went for a walk in the long park across the street from where we lived in a high rise. It was late afternoon, I needed to pee, and there were no toilets in this area. There was a clump of bushes with an open space inside, so I went in to take a piss. There I found a middle-aged woman standing with her dress bunched up around her waist and her hands on the waistband of her panties. I wasn't sure if she had just pulled them up or was about to pull them down. "Uh.. sorry", I said. "I need to pee". "That's ok", she said. "I was just about to go wee-wee myself. I haven't been to the toilet in a long time. I need to go real bad and I bet you do too, so just go ahead and do yours and I'll do mine. First, I have to take off my underpants. You can go ahead and take out your dick. It's ok. I've seen boys pee before". She pulled her panties down to her ankles, slipped them off completely, and pulled up her skirt again, exposing her furry muff. "That's where my wee-wee comes out", she said. This lady seemed weird, to say the least. "Ok, I'm going to go pee-pee now. You can watch how I do it". She bent back just slightly and then let go. At the same time, I took aim and started to piss. A heavy stream poured out of her crack with a kind of swirling motion as a foaming puddle started to form on the ground between her feet. "It's coming out now", she said. "I can see yours coming out too". She peed for over a minute before her stream started to slow down, while I was making my own puddle. Then she stopped and started a few times before she was done. She shook off her labia, put her panties back on, and dropped her dress. I finished just shortly after she did, shook it off, and stuck it back in my pants. Then we both left the bushes. "See you around", she said as she waved to me and walked off. This lady really was weird.

A few days later, I went for a walk in the same park. Once again, I passed the same bushes as before and again needed to pee. So I stepped in and... surprise... there was another woman in there. Seemed to be a popular spot. Her shorts were off and she was already bent over in pee position, but nothing was coming out of her crack. "Oh.. sorry", I said as usual. Just then, dribbles of pee began to come out of her hole and quickly reached a heavy flow. "Wait your turn", she said. "I'm goin' to the bathroom. You should close your eyes and not be lookin'. Boys aren't supposed to be seein' a woman makin' ciss". Well, I didn't close my eyes and told her I had to make ciss too and couldn't wait. I took out my dong, aimed, and started pissing. She saw me watching her while she was watching me at the same time. "This isn't decent", she said. "We shouldn't be toileting together". She didn't say any more after that and we just kept on pissing. She finished before I did, shook off her labia, and put her pants back on. "Well, you saw what boys aren't supposed to see", she said. "Now you can brag to your friends that you watched a woman make ciss". Then she left the bushes while I was just finishing.

I've been constipated a lot lately, despite a good diet. This past weekend tho I've pigged out alot, so that could explain why :)

Sunday night I was bloated and sore, so I took 3 Colace stool softener pills, drank a cup of black coffee and ate an orange to hopefully get things moving.

Yesterday had no luck. I was sore and bloated and sick. The cramps were brutal because there was a lot in there.

This morning I woke up at 5 am with really bad cramps, so I got up and went on the computer for a while. Then the urge came. It felt like it was going to be diarrhea, so I took my book into the washroom and sat down.

The cramps started badly so I pushed gently and it slipped out pretty quickly, tho it hurt. I was done within 5 minutes.

I got up and wiped and pulled up my pants.

In the toilet, there was a skinny 8 inch log, followed by a 4" log and a couple of chunks.

I was amazed. I do feel better tho, and my stomach has gone down in size, tho it still feels like I need to do more.

I haven't posted on this website in a long time. Sorry for my long-time absense, been trying to enroll in school and work and whatnot.

Keep up the good work!! Loving all the stories :)


Toilet curious
Hi ppl! I admit women peeing and pooping is a turn on of mine, unfortunately my wife is very shy about pooping. She will pee in front of me but when it comes to pooping she won't even go if i'm near the bathroom. I dont know how to tell her i wanna watch!

Katie S.
O.K. I found this site by accident, and I have a story that happened to me last weekend. Well I just turned 15 on November 27, I have blond hair, brown eyes, I wear glasses, just at school, I have a big butt, with an average body. Anyway last weekend, I was typing on the computer, when I had the urge to fart, when all of a sudden I farted and I pushed out a log into my thong, and it slipped out into my jeans so now I have a log in my jeans, then I rushed to the bathroom, when my brother mark was in there. I banged on the door telling him to hurry up I already have a log in my pants. So he opened the door, and I rushed in. I tried to unzip my jeans, but the zipper was stuck, then I lost control, and log after log came out into my jeans, my jeans were ruined, I pulled down my jeans and my thong, there were seven logs in my jeans. that was the worst day of my life.

i woke up this morning and i needed to pee i walked 2 the bathroom locked my brother was in the shower i went to the downstairs bathroom and my dad was using it... the urge to pee became stronger i couldnt take it i begen to panic i needed to find a place to pee but where? i after a min of thinking i ran to the guest bedroom into the closset yanked down my pants squated in the corner and peed it felt sooooo good i peed 4 about 2 min i was almost in a daze... after i finnished peeing i realized what id done.... i hope when sum1 goes in there next it dnt smell lol

I woke up early this morning, about 7, and my stomach was rumbling. I thought I was just hungry, so I went into the kitchen to pour some cereal and juice for breakfast. About halfway through eating, I realized my stomach wasn't rumbling because of hunger but because I need to poop bad.

Dashing to the bathroom, pulling down my pajama bottoms, I sat on the toilet and grabbed the paper for reading material. Some wet juicy farts escaped, followed by a small turd... plop. The next few turds were so small, I barely even felt them come out, but three turds plipped into the toilet, intermixed with loud farts. Splash! A longer turd fell into the bowl, followed by plop, plop, plooop. Pffffff... plip plop. A barely audible fart and two more small turds came out. Brraarrp!! Crrrkkll... ka-plop. A nice formed turd crackled out and fell into the bowl. I let out another long silent fart and I felt empty finally.

I had produced 11 turds total. A few of them were bigger than others and only one was really formed, the rest were kind of loose. I wiped five times and flushed. This dump really smelled bad, even after flushing, so I turned on the fan and went back to eating.

Later, a few hours after eating lunch, an unusual occurance happened for me - I had to poop a second time. Usually I poop every few days, but the body knows its needs. I re-entered the bathroom, which didn't smell at all anymore, and sat on the toilet again.

No sooner had I sat down that a turd poked its head out. I had to struggle a bit to get this one to come out. Nnnggh.. Mmm... Aah. Sploosh! Just one long turd in the middle of the toilet, and one wipe to get clean.


Peeing in public? You mean as in outside, or just in a public bathroom? I do have a story about peeing outside to share I guess. One day, me and two friends were walking to one of their houses, I don't remember which, but it's not important. As luck would have it, our path took us right by a small stream. Of course, this amplified my already large urge to pee, so I needed to go right now.

I told my friends I needed to pee, so they should go on without me and I'd catch up. They said something about needing to go also, so we'd take turns looking out for other people while one of us peed. I went first, since I needed to go really bad. As best I could, I pulled down my pants only a little bit and let loose into the water. My friends stood so that if someone came by they wouldn't see anything, but I was still embarrassed about this.

I must have gushed out pee for about a minute. A solid golden stream tinkling into the water. I can't even describe how great I felt afterwards. I took one of my friends place and she did the same thing I did, although she took her pants and underwear off. Her stream was much shorter, but louder than mine by far. She put her pants back on and took the last girl's place. She also took off her pants, but tried squatting over the river. This one was short and it started and stopped periodically. She put her pants back on and said she just couldn't go. She said she'd wait until we got to the house. Unfortunately, none of us had anything to wipe with, so we just did without.

I had a very interesting experience recently, and I just felt like I had to tell somebody, but everybody I found in person seems to be disgusted by toilet habits.

Anyway, I've been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now and as such, we routinely shower together. In the middle of our shower one day last week, I got a nasty urge to take a dump. I told my boyfriend I needed to use the bathroom, but I'd be right back in.

Sitting on the toilet naked and dripping wet, I farted silently and a turd crackled out and plopped in the toilet. I let out another small turd that splashed into the bowl, followed by a longer less-formed turd that didn't plop at all. I knew my boyfriend had heard me pooping and I definitely knew he could smell it.

I was pretty embarrassed by the whole experience, especially while wiping myself. After I wiped three times, I closed the toilet lid and hopped back in the shower. My embarrassment eased a bit at this point when I realized my boyfriend was aroused by this.

I'm still a little shy with pooping and peeing around him, but it's getting better every time.

I sometimes imagine people on the toilet when I see them just face to face. Does anyone else do this or am I just weird?

Good morning--chilly here. I had an 18-inch poop this morning--watched it with a hand mirror as it slid out easily and smoothly as one continuous piece. It felt excellent. Not very thick--an inch or a little more--but solid, dark brown. I measured it afterwards with a square of toilet paper 4" across.
Happy pooping, everyone!

a guy
nice place, i've been surfing the net for an hour or so looking for a suitable place to share this story. this morning i had a pleasant surprise upon waking up with my soon to be wife, kelly.

we went to a party last night and while i didn't have much besides one drink, kelly drank enough to get a little tipsy and somewhat incoherent. well she's never been too great with drinking, one time she got pretty drunk and wound up falling on some steps and breaking her ankle, and another time she fell asleep on a subway train after an evening of drinking with friends and wound up all the way uptown late at night not knowing where the hell she was or what was going on. anyway, when we got home she just took off her shoes and jeans and went right into bed with her shirt and her panties on. (her shirt was a pale purple v neck shirt with long sleeves, panties were white with pale blue snowflakes on them.) i didn't mind. i let her sleep, and i surfed the net and watched tv for a little while before joining her in bed. the next morning i woke up and started shuffling around in bed and stretching. she started to wake up too. all of the sudden she froze and went pale in the face like she'd seen a ghost. i asked her "what's wrong kel?" and she just said "oh my god i think i wet the bed." i was shocked to hear that, and i said "oh man" and she said "my butt feels all wet..." and she just wouldn't move. i was kind of frozen myself. she then said "can you check?" i was surprised to hear that too, but i wasn't going to say no. i had learned a few years ago that i was turned on by such a thing when a woman i worked with at the time peed her pants on the elevator when i was in it with her, so i was thrilled that kelly asked me to "check" for her if she had indeed wet her panties in bed. she was laying on her side propping her upper body up with her elbow and her butt was facing toward me. i reached forward and lifted up the blanket...sure enough, the back of her panties were soaked..but to my shock, it was a lot more than pee. her panties were stained a dark brown right at the middle of her butt going between her legs, and a lighter brown across the seat of her panties, with the wetness spreading beyond that, taking up the entire back of her panties. she had brown streaks all over her upper legs and there was a wet brown mark on the bed right where her butt was, surrounded by additional wetness. i had no idea what to say. she just said "...did i pee the bed?" and i softly said "you had diahrrea." she shoved the blanket back over her butt and just said "oh my GOD! please leave me alone!!!!" i told her if she needed any help that i'd be in the kitchen. she started to cry as i left the room and i closed the door behind me. she was in the bathroom cleaning up for about an hour and 10 minutes. the whole time i just sat in the kitchen, mesmerized, picturing her soaked, wet crap filled underwear clinging to her butt as she laid in bed. eventually she came out carrying the soiled bed sheets and a couple of towels. i figured the messy panties were in the mix too. she was red in the face and tried to avoid making eye contact with me. i asked her "what should i do about the mattress?" and she said "oh god, i still have to clean that up." i just said "well let me take care of the laundry and you can get on that." she quickly said "that's okay i got it" and went on with the laundry herself (it was worth a shot). i went back into the bedroom and she had obviously sprayed air freshener. i went over to the mattress. there was a urine stain the size of a dinner plate on her side of the bed, and very faint brown mark in the middle of it. you could still smell the urine and a faint poop odor near the mattress. i sprayed it with some spray we have for cleaning up pet urine (have a cat and a dog) then i just turned the mattress over. after all that we sat in the kitchen and had some breakfast, and it was quiet and really awkward. i didn't want to bring it up. eventually i just asked "are you alright kel?" and she said "i can't believe i shit and pissed myself. don't let me come home from drinking and not go to the toilet before bed!" i said "don't worry it was probably just a freak thing." she just sat there looking a little traumatized still, and mumbled again to herself "god i crapped my underwear in bed.." i told her again that she got everything taken care of and to not worry about it anymore. she looked at me and said "you probably think im such a baby". i wanted badly to tell her how much i actually appreciated what she had done in her panties, but i couldn't. i just told her again that i would forget it if she would. she smiled meekly and we went on with our day. i certainly haven't and probably never will forget that. a little while ago when she was on the phone i checked on her laundry in the dryer. everything was now clean and dry. i made sure she wasn't coming or anything and i quickly dug around in the dryer looking for her panties, but i couldn't find them. i was confused. a little bit after that she was in there folding the stuff so i went into the bathroom in our bedroom and closed and locked the door. i looked around in there to see what she did with them. i noticed that the waste basket was really packed down, which it never was. so i picked it up and took all of the tissues off of it. i found a plastic shopping bag at the bottom of the basket tied shut, and sure enough they contained kelly's still wet and soiled panties. needless to say i snuck out of the bathroom with that bag and hid it in the inside pocket of an old jacket i never wear thats at the back of my closet, you know, as a memento of the occasion. i'll have to find a new place for it soon because i don't want it to smell up the closet..

i can only hope that she may have some future accidents where she wets or poops in her panties. i'm certainly not going to remind her to use the toilet before bed next time we go out drinking either. maybe it's cruel of me but i can't help it.

does anyone feel that i should share with her how i really feel about her accident? i just don't know if she'd feel a little better about it or if she'd freak out.

ass wipe: have you ever been constipated?

Karen's brother Dick
When my twin sister Karen and I were 19, we were still living at our parents' house and one evening she went out for a date with a guy called Mark that she had met online. When Karen came home, I opened the front door for her and she ran upstairs crying. She was wearing a rather short skirt and as she ran upstairs, I couldn't help noticing that the back of her skirt was wet, she was wearing thong panties and she had poo around her bottom. Karen went into the bathroom and spent a long time in there and I went to bed.

The next morning, I asked Karen what happened last night. She said that Mark had taken her out for her favourite Friday night curry followed by a few drinks at a country pub. Before leaving the pub, Karen not only needed to pee but the curry was having its usual laxative effect on her and she also needed to poo. There was a long queue for the ladies toilet and Karen didn't want to keep Mark waiting too long so she decided to wait until she got home. Mark had offered to drive her home in his car and that should only take about 10 minutes.

Instead of taking a direct route home, Mark took a long route along country lanes. He had a fast car and was showing off by driving very fast along narrow roads that were bendy and bumpy. Karen soon started to feel sick so she asked Mark to stop. He said that there was nowhere safe to stop and continued driving at high speed. Karen leaned forward and just as the car sped over a hump-back bridge, she threw up on the floor of the car. "Can you stop please?" she said, "I am bursting to go to the toilet". Mark carried on driving. "Please stop or I'll wet myself!", she pleaded. Soon, Karen couldn't hold her pee any longer and it flooded out all over the car seat. "Please stop now, I about to shit my panties!" she cried. At this point, Mark drove along a local "lovers' lane", parked the car and locked the doors. He put his arms around Karen but she said that she needed to go to the toilet urgently. She was worried about what might happen next and she was literally 'scared shitless. When Mark tried to get a bit too familiar, Karen was glad that she had a big load of loose and urgent poo inside her because she fired her 'secret weapon'. As she was wearing thong panties with a very short skirt, her poo came out of her panties and onto the car seat. "I warned you", she said. At this point, Mark lost interest and told Karen to get out of the car and walk home. Fortunately, she was only about 10 minutes walk from our house.

I am from Australia and came across this site by accident.Reading
about other peoples bowel habits is quite entertaining.I have been
lucky and not had the accidents many others have had.I get up between
6-7 each morning and within a few minutes start to get that"lump in the
throat"feeling you get when you need a dump.My bowels are very efficient and I usually only need to sit on the toilet for 3-4 minutes
whilst I drop 1-2 big logs.
My most memorable toilet adventure occurred one Sunday last summer
after mt girlfriend and I had been to a lunchtime barbeque.We both had
plenty to eat,had returned to her unit,and were sitting in the back
yard having a drink when she said she needed a dump but could not be
bothered going to the toilet.I suggested that if she did not want to go inside to the toilet she could take a dump where she was sitting.
I was a bit surprised but she agreed so I quickly got an old towel and
a bucket which I half filled with water.She pulled her pants down and I
placed the towel on the garden seat.She sat on the towel and pushed her
rear end right back so that it was hanging over the edge of the garden
seat.I placed the bucket of water under her and she proceeded to unload into it.There was one plop after another as her load hit the water.I got her some toilet paper and she wiped her bum and I then dug a hole in the garden and buried the load.Since then both of us have on a number of occasions,taken a dump in each others presence.I am not
sure why people are embarrassed about taking a pee or a dump.After all,these functions are a part of every day life for us all.Good dumping to you all!

Frustrated Francine
You might remember me. My posting was on Page #1606. I'm the one who started high school this past August. My school has 2,500 students, really old and cruddy bathrooms with plumbing leaks and seats that, which I spread my legs to crap, sometimes they move so much that I fear they may come unattached from the bowl and I could fall in. Also some of the seats are cracked a bit, so if I move my legs I can feel a pinch on my thigh. What also sucks is that when I go into a stall (sometimes after waiting practically the whole passing period) there's something splashed on the seat and I don't know if it's pee from the previous user or just water from the flush. I began hover peeing in middle school and still do it but what sucks is that I have to sit down to crap and that's pretty much every morning, because our high school day starts 50 minutes before the middle school did so I can no longer crap at home before going to school. It may be that I'm just overly concerned--several of my friends sit down to both pee AND crap daily and think nothing of it--but I just don't like putting my butt down on a public toilet. My middle school had two rolls of toilet paper available in each stall, but now there's sometimes not even enough left to wipe with. My craps are usually pretty soft so there's almost always something to wipe. I now carry little Kleenex tissues in my purse and I have found that they help. Also, my friend Meghan showed me what her mom taught her and that's to use her underwear to partially cover the front of the seat when she sits down. Instead of pulling it down to below seat level, she just keeps it up high enough that she can sit on it and shield much of her butt from the seat, while still allowing her pee and crap to get into the stool. While waiting for a stall to open one day I saw one girl hover crap. As a hover pisser, I didn't think this was possible, but you could hear the plop, plop and finally one large thud as the largest piece vacated. Then I heard a sigh of relief and from under the door I could see that she broke her stance, just before she pulled up on panties and jeans and exited. The problem was that the seat was wet for me and she didn't flush so there was a large amount of crap--perhaps hers as well as that of earlier users--in the bowl. I flushed and was just getting ready to lift my skirt and drap my panties when I heard a gurgle noise, saw bubbles, and the water rose to stool-level and then started to run over. I was able to grab my bookbag just before the water reached it, as I ran out of the stall. The one-minute tardy bell rang and I had to give up my crap and make a run for class. I lucked out in that we had a substitute who was young and really had a nice personality compared to our regular teacher who I feel is just plain mean. I asked to go to the bathroom and told him what happened (without going into all the details because they frustrate me so much) and he allowed me to go. I went upstairs to 4th floor, was the only person in there, and got the choice of about 12 stalls. I selected one with a dry seat, flushed bowl and almost full roll of toilet paper. I momentarily debated whether I would use the paper to line the seat, and my previous frustrations won out. I pulled down my panties, lifted my skirt and sat down for one very satisfying crap. Within 10 seconds I had completely eptied my bowels--a very satifying feeling considering what I had been through earlier. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and went back to class. I felt an incredible satisfaction the rest of the day. Two hours later when I had to pee, I also decided just to sit right on down on the seat. I just didn't want any more hassles. If anything, I think I'm changing my attitude toward school bathrooms. We've gotta use them. They may suck, but we still have to use them. For me, any more, the idea is to go and with the least amount of hassle.

poop boy

I just thought i would tell you all about my recent poop accident.
I was driving home from the mall i really needed to poo bad,luckily
it wasnt diarrea.The malls bathrooms were really busy what with xmass shoppers etc.Now i live about half an hour from the mall not far really,but today due to an accident on the highway traffic was at a standstill i sat in my car my stomach aching for relief,i farted two or three times and then i knew i just couldnt hold it any more i strained and lifted my bum of the seat a bit,i felt a soft mushy mess fill my undies another smely poo inched its way out, OHHH sweet relief. Isat back down in my smely mess the poo squelching around my bum i felt the mess oozzing out of my bikini briefs it felt SOOOO GOOD. I made it home and waddeled into my house the bulge in the rear of my pants felt fantastic,i made my way to the bathroom removed my pants and underwear and examined the big smelly mess.Well thats it i hope you liked the story,i have others ranging from when i was a kid to now so hey let me know.

Uncle Harry
Hey Keith D: That was a great post about your observations of toilet matters and the questions you raised. I think people are becoming more open about toilet and other bodily function matters. Just look at all the intimate stuff that's advertised on TV today that we never saw 10 years ago. I think that unisex, multi-stall toilets will become more common in some situations, but I doubt they will become mainstream for some time. It's just not part of the American culture. Ally McBeal hasn't really caught on in the workplace, although there are a few bathrooms like that. Calista Flockhart, the actress who portrayed Ally in the TV series, said that she would never use such a bathroom for real. Europe is more open-minded. I've never been there, but I have talked to many Europeans. Denmark in particular has many unisex communal toilet facilities. I even came across an alert to that effect in a travel guide. Closer to home, similar attitudes and facilities can sometimes be found in French Canada. About the wild west, I read somewhere on the internet (I don't remember if it was on this forum or elsewhere) that women travelers usually wore down-to-the-feet dresses and no underpants. You might see a woman standing still for a few minutes, and then walk away leaving a puddle where she had been standing. Neat, huh?

Fart Boy
When I was 9 I took one of the biggest dump in elementary school history. In the middle of math class in 3rd garde I felt the rumble of gas coming, so sitting in the group of kids farthest from the teacher I figured I'd entertain my nearby classmates. I pulled my pants down my butt, showing the tighty whities and let em rip.


Fart after fart, stinkinng up the back of the room, and they loved it. We giggled like idiots for 10 minutes until,


I looked down to see a big lump in my briefs. OH GOD. Luckily my classmates thought it was just another fart and didnt see so I asked to go to the bathroom and raced out of there. The faster I ran the harder it was to hold in. I finally got to the bathroom but the stalls wouldn't open, and the next turd was coming out. I felt it bulging up aginst my underwear when I realized I was pushing the doors the wrong way on the stalls. I dropped my drawers and plopped my butt on the throne.


I finished after 10 minutes of pooping my little butt off. I got up to look at the bowl filled with huge greasy logs. Poops bigger than I thought I could make. I wiped up and threw the briefs away. When I got back to class all the kids just looked at me, but I was so proud of that dump it didn't even matter.

Hey everyone. I have a story about a couple of hours ago.

I went to a party at another firefighters house. I was waiting for the bathroom to become free, when I decided to find out who was in there. I took a look around and noticed that another firefighters wife was missing from the party. She came out of the bathroom looking just as relaxed as she did about an hour before she went in. I took my turn noticed a faint poop smell and a small skidmark. She was in there a while and I guess she had to poop. This was my first experience with a police officer pooping, because she is a police officer. well thats all I have. happy peeing and pooping to everyone...


To Mary:

I am interested by what you said about peeing in unusual places. Do you sometimes pee in certain places while standing up? If so, please post a story about it! It's been so long since a girl has posted a standing-up pee story, and they're fascinating to read. I would likely post a story of my own in return, if I can think of a particular pee to post about.

My wife Kathy, best friend Janie and myself went to our mall on Black Friday at 5AM !!! Amazing, don't people sleep anymore? We were up at 4:00 am to get there before the crowd. There hadda be 500 people lined up waiting for the mall to open. It was cold LOL ..... We did some shopping together, and then I excused myself as I had to find the mens restroom. Sears was the closest major department store, so I shuffled off quickly. I followed the signs for the restrooms, and zipped into the mens restroon. I was surprised to see that there were no stall doors on any of the five toilet stalls, as it appeared they were there at some point, but removed for whatever reason. But that was not my concern, My concern was the fact that all five toilets were occupied, with a waiting line. and I really hadda go....bad !!! It was really a sight, five guys in a row with their trousers down just shitting away. There were customers, staff, managers, everybody was in the same boat. One of the guys on the toilet, a employee of Sears laughed and said it was tradition on Black Friday for the room to be crowded to capacity all day. He called it the "Post Thanksgiving ate-too-much club) and it meets every Black Friday same time. We all laughed, but I really hadda go. finally as I was up next, I bolted to the toilet as the previou guys shit was still swirling down the toilet bowl. I sat down and dropped what had to be a 12 inch solid turd. Fellows kept coming in , and waiting for the toilets. A mexican fellow came in to restock all the toilet tissue (thank goodness) I finally finished, and one of the store managers (brass nametag) I felt so honored, sat down on my pre-warmed seat. I washed up and met the girls. On the was home I mentioned my experience, and they laughed. They said the womens rest room all had locking stall doors.

Hey Steph, No I have not Pooped my pants as of late. But have done so in the past. although I sometimes get the urge for a Massive Shit and barely make it to the restroom on time and still go Poop on the pottie.

My last poop experience was two days ago while shopping,and suddenly had to Have a Massive Shit come on! As I made my way to the Bathroom In The bookstore, Took the first stall,Dropped my pants(to my ankles),Plopped my Ass onto the Toilet, And Proceeded to Let out my Load of shit,Followed by a Booming fart for everyone to hear,and then my second load plopped into the crapper. As I stood up to wipe,I saw that there was no TP! I then Just pulled my Underpants and jeans up With Some Poop to be encrusted in my butt and undies. as this is no fun to have a buttcrack full o poop,It is a fun challenge to try to get to the next restroom to wipe and not have anyone Smell the poop in my Butt(That did not Happen) as I had a ride to the next class and someonre noted that it smelled like shit, Yeah It was Me! I got to the next building and wiped clean!

Steph,Are you Wishing that I Shit My Pants Again,And how so?

To Camdyn:

The bathrooms at my school are disgusting. I am in the twelfth grade, when I was your age, I wouldn't THINK of going to the bathroom at school.. lol..
Well, with me, I'm not the GERMOPHOBE of the world, but if there is visibly splatters of pee on the toilet seat, I will use another stall. If I am desperate, I will wipe it off the seat, and use that stall, but feel a little gross about it. But then you've got to realize that first, you can't get STDs or anything by sitting on a toilet, and you especially can not expect for public toilets to be clean. high expectations lead to big dissapointments. I think that even if your brain finds it gross, when your in the bathroom, you should follow how your bladder/bowels feel comfortable. if you don't feel that you can go with toilet paper on the seat, then don't. i never have, i shower every day, and i'm disease free. call me gross, toilet protecter fans, but that's just how i am.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ass wipe
I'm 14 yrs old hispanic going to high school in southern cali. i'm tall, i'm about 6feet 8 inches. I usually poop at least once a day. Usually small turds i love taking a dump in the shower it's pretty pacifying. Yesturday after school i went into the bathroom. I took my clothes off and as i entered the tub i felt i had to poop. So i just started pushing as i felt my anus opening i felt my poop getting really get bigger and bigger about a few minutes later i pushed it all out. i turned around and saw that it was a foot long. Another story, today after school i went strait to take a nap when i woke up it was about 7:00p.m. and straight away i was having diarrhea i quickly got up and ran to my bathroom wich is just about 4 or 5 feet away from my room. I quickly closed the door took my clothes off and went into the tub then uncontrolably i started pushing all my diarrhea out. It felt like this one time when i was sick in 8th grade i had diarrhea all day. well any7 way when i finished there was a big puddle of diarrhea in my tub so i just turned on my shower head and washed it all off. I have other stories but i'll tell ya guys about those later.

My cousin's family is noted for their love of horseplay-especially their two boys. One time years ago when the boys were in high school, the family became involved in some sort of good-natured scuffle. The boys' mother, a very small thin woman, said or did something that irritated her six-foot son.
"Just for that, Mom," he said, "I'm going to throw you out in the back yard!" He picked her up, set her on his shoulders, and started for the door. The mother thought he was really going to do it and became so alarmed and frightened that she lost control and peed down the back of his neck.

wow i havent had an accident in like 19 years. and tonight i had an accident driving home from my date. i hadnt been feeling well all day and then i was like 3 minutes away from home and i knew diahreea was coming so i clenched my cheeks, it hurt bad and then some came out. then i called home made sure the door was unlocked, went in and had black diahreah pour out for like 20 minutes. wow and my stomach is still churning.

Four or five times in the last month at the university, I've entered a stall & noticed only a pair of shoes on the floor in the stall next to me. I could hear the turds hitting the water & the groans of someone straining to crap. A couple of times, I could see the reflection of a guy squatting on the seat or sitting with his legs to his chest.

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