Keith D: I've just gotten back from spending several days with my friend. It was a little different this time as I stayed at her place. I think she was a bit more comfortable there but also think she is poop shy. I only heard her fart twice but I did hear her pooping a few times when the place was very quiet. If it wasn't really quiet you can't hear to the bathroom.
Once at night when she got up to pee I heard a smallish fart and a few plops into the toilet. Another time during the day we'd been sitting there watching tv when she suddenly got up and hurried off to the bathroom. I heard her taking her pants down and snuck closer to the door to listen. She had a strong pee that came in when you push out a load then pee then push out more etc. Then after a second of silence it sounded like she was pouring water into the toilet. Liquid poop..again a few waves.
The last time i heard her poop was again at night when she went in for her pee. I could hear her peeing and at the end heard a couple of loud splashes into the water..much rolling off of the paper.
The other time I heard her fart was while she was in bed. I heard her roll over and give a good BRRRRRAPPPPPPP. Not sure if she was awake or not as I was in another room.
So a somewhat eventful stay and I look forward to another in a few months.

I left before and i had to shit but i didnt bother i was a hurry i felt it all night im my gut i had to go but where i was there wher no toilets so i kept holding and holding and i just got home about 6 hours later and rushed to my toilet tool my clothes off and sat down and then boom it shot out of my ass shit and gas and farts felt so good smelled pretty bad tho :-( lol im Aussie bye the way anyone else here from australia girls keep the Peeing in public stories comin i think there great laters all


I was hanging with my girlfriend and three of her friends (I was the only guy) at her one friend's apartment. It's a studio apartment. The bathroom is right off the main room. There's no door, just a curtain you pull over. Long story short, I had a nasty bout of diarrhea while there and repeatedly had to rush into the bathroom and shit my guts out. Very loud, very smelly. It was a tad embarassing to be taking a noisy, liquidy shit while four girls sat right outside the bathroom hearing every fart, plop and grunt. They were nice enough to repeatedly ask if I was okay or if I needed anything. But in a way that made it worse.

I think the next time I go over there I'll take an immodium first, just in case.


To Camdyn:

The bathrooms at my school are disgusting. I am in the twelfth grade, when I was your age, I wouldn't THINK of going to the bathroom at school.. lol..
Well, with me, I'm not the GERMOPHOBE of the world, but if there is visibly splatters of pee on the toilet seat, I will use another stall. If I am desperate, I will wipe it off the seat, and use that stall, but feel a little gross about it. But then you've got to realize that first, you can't get STDs or anything by sitting on a toilet, and you especially can not expect for public toilets to be clean. high expectations lead to big dissapointments. I think that even if your brain finds it gross, when your in the bathroom, you should follow how your bladder/bowels feel comfortable. if you don't feel that you can go with toilet paper on the seat, then don't. i never have, i shower every day, and i'm disease free. call me gross, toilet protecter fans, but that's just how i am.

"Women Using Men's Facility when Women's was Crowded: About 60% of guys seem to be bothered by this, but attitudes vary depending where you live. Apparently, this is common in New York and LA, somewhat less so in Chicago, and even less elsewhere in the U.S."

My only experience with this was one time while I was taking a shit in a restroom at a McDonald's, a girl leaned in the room and asked if she could quickly come in and wash her hands. The guys in the bathroom, including me, all said sure. She came in and washed her hands. I assume she could see my feet in under the door. I don't know if she heard the plopping. Don't recall any farting.


Great story. I have been in a situation like that before when at camp and can appreciate how you felt!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Had another colonic three days ago and it was rugged. The nurse slipped the tube up me and as I filled up I was having problems evacuating anything. I seemed to be filling up and filling up...and then out squirted a heap of was like a high pressure hose delivering a very narrow stream. I looked and was only passing water on the first few evacuations. Then another evacuation of water and plop plop plop fart and crackle...I did a poo! I was very sore and crampy when the nurse came in and she gave me a massage...she could feel a big blockage in the colon but fortunately it was moving. After 45 minutes of having a hose up my arse the nurse came in and pulled it out...she gave me some tissues to wipe with, which I did, and then helped me off the table and onto the toilet for a final push.
That night I had reduced sleep due to cramps and wind, I called the clinic the next day and they said it was not too unusual, the next day I felt much better. Going for another colonic on Thursday and that might do me for a while.
Thunder From Down Under

When I was a kid growing up in a small town in MD my friends and I would love to play in the woods for hours at a time. There was one girl named Angela that was a tomboy that would hang with us all, always trying to prove she could do whatever we could do. One day, it was getting late and it was just the two of us at the playground and I told her I had to shit. Instead of going home to do it she convinced me to just go in the woods. Much to my surprise, when I was halfway in the woods I found a nice spot, pulled my pants down and began to push when I noticed she had followed me standing there right as my asshole made loud crackling noises and a big brown turd started oozing out.

Laughing, she said, "EWWWW! Let me see?" looking over my shoulder arching my back so she get a better view. We both laughed when I told her to get me some leaves. I left a big ole brown pile that the flies jumped on right away as I wiped my ass. The leaves kept breaking and shit was all over my hands and I remember not wiping very well, having to rub my hands in the dirt.

Just when I thought it was all over, she began to unbutton her pants saying "Now it's my turn", like it was some sort of game. Surprisingly her panty was very feminine with flowers and a little ribbon up front as she pulled everything down to her ankles, squatted and began to groan. There was a long fart followed by the loose, sloppy sounds of soft poo that exploded into the sand before 3 really big, soft logs slowly curled out behind it. I found out two things that day: one, womens' poo will never smell as bad as ours, and two, they can push out some really big turds! I had never seen a vagina up close until that day and I'll probably never have a girl poop in front of me like that again but it's an experience I will always remember.

As we got older, we stayed friends and she became one of the biggest sluts in the entire county. They said she would do anyhting to please you or get off and I believe it!:)

to Skye:
You make a good case for covering public toilet seats, and I know because I get the same nagging from my mother, but to me it's just not worth the extra time as my ass is ready to explode (as a college student I have a lot of gas followed by a fast, ferocious shit) and more often than not, I barely get my underwear down before the dam breaks with my pee. More than a couple of my roommates and friends have been surprised when I'm painfully standing waiting for a stall to open at Memorial Field or in the Student Union. I'm often thinking while I'm waiting in line how it's beyond me how anyone could sit on a toilet for 10 minutes before they can get their shit out. I'm doing everything I can to hold my shit in--and it gets harder as the gas accumulates but I don't dare fart because I swear I'll have a two or three pounder in my pants within two or three seconds. That happened most recently at a concert when there was a long line stretching into the hallway of our arena. Although the line was moving some and I was begging my 20-year-old bowels to calm down, I dropped a five-inch log into my pants and it broke off and part of it slid down my leg, outside my shorts and onto my sandals. Many of the 20 to 25 ladies in line saw the turd and my need to pull a Kleenex out of my purse with which to pick it up and then deposit it in the trash as the line meandered into the restroom. Although I love Reba, that concert was not the "experience" I had intended. My boyfriend was understanding and will occasionally ask if it's a Reba emergency when we're at the mall or driving around and I ask him to look for a bathroom. Two summers ago I peed my pants for the first time in my adult life. My friend Megan and I were out shopping and both she and I had to stop and pee at about 10 p.m. one night. We arrived at a Sinclair station just as the lights were being turned off and the attendant wouldn't open the restrooms up for us. Megan cussed at him and made him even madder. She suggested just squatting over a bucket between two of the pumps. But there were too many cars passing and I was worried that we would attract attention. She had to go so bad she was about ready to cry and with the car still parked, I looked around and two buildings over I found a 24/7 coin-operated laundry. Since I use one of those businesses weekly, I suggested we run over there. There were only about three patrons in there, the stereo was playing loud and we both hurried to the back to find the ladies room. ****! she said when she saw the ladies room was occupied. Both of us instantly got the idea to use the mens room which was right across the hall and obviously open. It was the one-sink, one toilet, no-stall type and while I was fumbling for the light switch, Megan had already dropped the seat and was on it peeing. ### #######, I thought as I could already feel the pee starting to run down my leg. To her credit, she was done within about 90 seconds at which time she quickly yielded to me. However, in pulling my shorts down and changing places with her I hit the sink (yes, I'm kind of awkward too!) and the pee I had been holding burst, getting all over my legs and the seat, even though I tried to throw myself onto the toilet it as soon as I knew what was taking place. Megan felt bad and offered to help me clean myself off and wipe the toilet seat off, but I knew it was something I had to do and that it wasn't really her fault. So, back to my original point, and that is that my mom and Skye can talk about not sitting on public toilets, but they need to understand that for some of us, a dirty public toilet seat at the right time can be a blessing.

i think that people should post more peeing stories. they also should post stories about peeing in unusual places like outside, in the shower, sink, carpet, cup, garbage can, pants, towel, clearly in public, on the street, in the alley or anywhere else. i've done it and its so much fun. try sitting, standing, squatting, or anything else.

i was wondering if any of you guys pooped your pants before

i was in the middle of global class and i was holding my poop in. i had to go very badly. the bell rang i had managed to hold it in for 30 whole minutes then i made it to the bathroom there was a huge line and then i pooped all over my thong it was sooooooo embaressing

Call of Doodie
I have been a member of the police station for 6 years. I have had some interesting experiences relating to the bathroom during my career. I will start with the story of one man I pulled over for running a stop sign. When I got up to his window I could see he was grabbing his stuff. He pulled down the window with his free hand and asked if he could use the bathroom he was on his way home and had to go bad. I told him I had to check his license and I would be back in about 7 minutes. He sighed and threw his head back against the seat. I checked his license which cleared and by the time I got back he had completely peed on himself. I gave him a warning for the stopsign and he thanked me embarassed. Another time we had been on a chase for about 30 minutes and I really had to go pee and poop. I radioed I would be back in the chase in about ten minutes I needed a break really bad. By the time I got to a gas station I was dribbling in my pants. As soon as I got out I completely flooded my uniform and started to poop in my pants. I was being stared and laughed at when I looked around. I just got back into my car and forgot about cleaning up. I was supposed to get back to the chase so I did and stayed in my car when they got out because I knew they would get him. My boss came over and asked if I was OK and saw my pants and just said Oh... sign off for the day and just go home and relax. So I did. Another day I caught a man beside a car taking a leak. He saw me and jumped and put his stuff back in his pants, still peeing! He flooded his pants. He said he was sorry he couldn't wait. I said it was OK I would let him go. I have more stories

The r man
To zip: how did it feel to get that poop out at last?

Keith D
To Uncle Harry:

That certainly is an amazing array of experiences and I don't feel as though you'll run out of stories anytime soon. My own experiences of other people going to the toilet are fairly limited - it really does depend on where you live and travel.

Your thoughts that things have changed over the years are interesting. I wonder if things are getting more or less private. Obviously, the internet allowing us all to share our experiences is a whole new world. But I have wondered about how things were in the past. In my short experience, people have been very private and the event of observing someone of the opposite gender is rare.

But I've noticed that in the last 10 years, unisex toilet facilities seem to be popping up everywhere, especially in parks, at beaches and sporting facilities, where they double as change rooms and showers. Why is this? These are the areas that are most public and the most likely to attract peeping toms. I guess it addresses the problem of the women's toilets overflowing. Lets face it, at big events women often have to wait for a stall, while over in the men's facilites, most of the stalls are empty as the guys mostly use urinals. Or are people really becoming more broad-minded and less prudish?

Saw a special on TV where they were looking at putting "shared facilities" inside womens toilets and interviewing the public for opinions. Apparently, the concept was that women were getting jealous of the shared "bonding" experience that males reportedly enjoy while peeing at the urinals? Can't say I've ever experienced that. So someone was going to install two toiletstools to a stall in a womens toilet, so that buddies could go together. Most of the people interviewed were against - "it would be alright to pee but I wouldn't want to crap in front of my friends" "we can already talk through the stalls anyway" or "I wouldn't want to have to change a tampon with someone watching". Oh well, another social experiment down the drain.

And what of the past? It seemed that in my early childhood, and from what I can gather of the few decades before, people were a little less urbanised, more people lived in rural areas and more people regularly travelled to the countryside as more owned their own cars and used public transport less. And in the country, facilities were more open and people often had to go out in the open... And there seemed to be more shared experiences, especially within families and between close friends. These days, people have such a heightened fear being caught out.

And then of course, it makes you wonder about how things happened a very long time ago. e.g. 19th century. Such things as toilet habits were considered unsavoury to write about so there are few records. But things for the average person must have been very different. No flush toilets, few public toilets, no toilets in homes, bedpans outhouses instead. People either had very strong constitutions and waited until they got to the privacy of their own homes or, well, or what? Was going to the toilet in public more common? Hard to imagine, as nudity seemed to be so frowned upon, if you believe the stories and movies. Who emptied the bedpans and toilet cans? Everyone would know what you did. Would you be able to see what the last person did if you used one?

I remember being on a tour of a theme park and there was this old restored stagecoach for the old west. The guide said something about particular trips on the coach (which carried 7 passengers) that took days/weeks and only stopped at taverns for a rest every night and to change the horses. One woman on the tour asked "What did the ladies do when they had to go to the toilet?" What a question! From some of the pictures they showed, of wagons travelling across the open prairies with not a tree or bush or rock in sight to conceal yourself behind, what did they do? Did all the well dressed ladies hitch up their frocks and just pee out in the open, while the "gentleman" did the right thing and looked the other way? Did someone hold up a curtain for them to go behind? What if they had to stop for pee-breaks often? Did the coach have to pull over every couple of hours while everyone else waited. The mind boggles.

We live in such a technologically advanced and enlightened age, to the point where we know next to nothing about people's toilet habits other than our own because its all behind closed, sanitised doors. And we know little of the history of such habits. Then like the majority of posters here, we have to go and blab it all to the world on the internet!

Hi everyone.When I was dating Rhoda,she was very open minded to everything.She never closed the door to the bathroom.She also new that it was a turn on for me,to see her sitting on the toilet, doing her thing.One evening,instead of going out,we stayed in at my place,ordered pizza and enjoyed a good movie.She ate a lot of pizza and complained her stomach was bursting.We started watching the movie and then it happened.She let out this huge fart and that started it.One fart after another.After about an hour or so,she said guess what,I have to take a poop and would I want to watch.WOW,like I said thats a turn on for me,lets go.I followed her into the bathroom,watching her cute little butt wiggle in her tight skirt,heart pounding,thinking about what I'm going to see. We walked into the bathroom and she slowly pulled up her skirt.It was so tight,she had problem getting it over her butt.She then lowered her panties,all the while looking at me, with this silly grin on her face.She sat on the toilet and again let out a huge fart.Then it happened,plop,plop,plop,she was filling the bowl.

I am a13 year old female with I slim body .(just thought id let you know) well I just found this web site and I'm trying it out. I think im supposed to tell u a poop story.
So here is goes…….
I was at my friends Janine house and she said she wasn't feeling very good. I told her to eat a grilled cheese(it always helps me..I know its weird) and she had told me that she wasn't eating any more cheese(that was her problem)
She was constipated… I almost fainted , I love constipated people its funny.
I told her to take a laxitive but she wanted to go through it.
So she went into her room and squated while we were talking and stuff. She thought it might push it down a little.
Well she thought she needed to go so she got up and went into the bath room. And told me to come in and hold her hand. She squatted down and grunted GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she said it wouldn't budge. She triend again and it poked out like a turtles head. She said she was done.
I told her the turtle head was out and she said ohh well.
We went into the basement/family area and watch TV then she doubled over in started crying. She told me to drag the dog bed over so she could get in birthing position. I ran upstars and go a plastic(washable) sheet and layed it down. I came back down and she was in birthing position once again in tears.
I asked her what she wanted me to do.
She said get behind her and hold her legs up close to her head.
Them Janine dug her finger into her ass and started DIGGING out the poop… didn't work.
I told her to flip on her back and I will rub her belly. She is very skinny and I could feel the knots inside of her.
Them she started hearing crackling and she pushed out o 9 in round turd!

I have been busy with work and travel and have not had much time to post. Howwever, there have been some great posts lately. It is always a bit surprising to learn how many of you guys deal with constipation.

Linda, I am constipated most of the time. I have what my doctor calls colonic inertia - a slow colon. I usually only dump twice a week. A lot of the time I have to have help in the form of a suppository, laxative or enema. When I don't, I can sit there for 30 minutes to an hour straining and grunting out a few rock hard lumps about the size of golf balls. Sometimes I bend forward and push my pecs into my knees. This seems to help get things out.

Jason, I was very embarrased when my friend suggested giving me the enema with the hot water bag thing. I agreed to it because everything else I had tried had failed and I was going to be facing a trip to the ER if I did not try the enema. Under those circumstances, it was a no-brainer to get it done. My friend had done them before for himself and was amazingly cool about the whole thing. By acting like it was no big deal, he made it a lot easier for me. Once the tube was in place, I was more concerned about not losing control than being embarrased. I was relieved in more ways than one when it worked.

Uppity Bunny, we seem to have similar issues. How often do you have to take glycerin suppositories? How long does it take for them to work? The glycerin ones don't work that well for me. I usually use dulcolax suppositories, which always work well. I retain one about 30 to 40 minutes before it makes me take a big poop. At the end, it is a bit uncomfortable because they cause cramping. I usually insert the suppository in the morning and then shave and drink coffee while I am waiting for the it to work. What do you do while you wait for a suppository to work? Do you go about your routine or wait on the toilet for the suppository to kick in? Do you ever take oral laxatives?

Danny B, how long have you had IBS? That sucks. Do you use enemas often? You said that you did an enema in the back of your boyfriend's truck. How did you manage that? Where was the truck? Weren't you worried about someone seeing you? Where did you relieve yourself?

Just Curious, weren't you worried about taking such a huge overdose of laxatives? What did you mean when you said that the result wasn't what you expected?

Mr. Clogs, I always enjoy your posts. How often do you have to take citrate of magnesia? After you did the big poo at 2:30 AM, did you have to go again? Have you ever done an enema for your constipation? I have clogged the toilet a few times myself.

I did give myself a Fleet enema last night. I had been traveling for four days and had gotten very plugged up. I was tired and did not want to wait for a suppository to work. After giving myself the enema, I waited too long to get up to go to the toilet and ended up squirting water and a couple of small, hard lumps on the towel that I had put down on the bathroom floor. After I finished relieving myself on the toilet, I had to deal with cleaning up the mess in the bathroom. I will be more careful next time. Maybe I should do the enema in the tub.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have a constant problem with pooing too often. Is not uncommon for me to poo several times a day. A few days ago I gave myself two enemas to clean my self out. Friday night. I didn't poo again until Sunday morning, which for me is quite a long time, but then went back to pooing several times a day. Tonight, (tuesday) I had reasonably large poo (for me) which was diarehish.
Not long after I had some wind and then needed to poo again. I pooed out about half a cup of soft serve. I decided to give myself a small, quick cold water enema just to clear anything out in the lower bowel. I took about 3/4 of a litre of cold water, cold to get a quick reaction and kneeling upright so it would only stay in the lower bowel. At first I just expelled clear water, so I thought that the lower bowel was clear, but I was mistaken, first I started expelling some poo then even more poo started coming, the amount surprised me. What was a bigger surprise was when I looked at the poo there was peas in it, that I had eaten only 4 hours ago. I thought the average time for food to pass through the digestive system was about 24 hours. Is there anybody reading this that can tell me something about this high speed digestive system of mine.
Thunder down under, I was surprised to hear of you going to a clinic for a enema, I didn't realise that there were any in Australia. Out of curiosity, if it doesn't break the posting rules can you tell me where it is? Don't want details just say Melbourne, Sydney or something like that.
Regards Aussie John.

Ok. Heres my most awkward moment.

Back when i was 13, i'm 16 now, i was on my last cubscout camping trip. It was the last day of it and i had to go ot the bathroom, bad. So i went over to the bathroom. It was a little shack kinda thing with what i can only describe as a toilet couch. It was just a big shelf souta thing with 3 holes. Well i went inside when there was no one else around (i don't even like pooping in public BR's, im very shy with that).

I pulled down my pants and sat down on the far end toilet hole thing. I pushed out my first thick turd and as the second was coming, a younger kid ran into the bathroom looking desperate. My face was bright red. Then he farted, pulled down his pants, and sat down. There was a hole between us. As soon as he sat there was an eroption of diaareha from him. His face was as red as mine. But, i had to poop so bad so i kept on pushing. As my third big turd was almost out, and a few more eruptions from the younger kid, a third kid came in looking desperate. I could tell he was about to crap his pants. So pulled down his pants as fast as he could and sat down between us with an eruption of diaarhea! Imagine, me on the end pooping with 2 other kids pooping right next to me. I don't even like to poop in a public bathroom! Well, i was finally finished and eager to get out of there. I wiped and left as fast as i could

I was just sitting at my computer and felt the urge to poop.
I tried to fart, but ended up pushing a log out.
My panties are damp to...
Uh oh.
gotta change.
more posts later.

to Camdyn:
I'm 15 years older than you and just about a month ago my daughter, who is 11, came to me with questions similar to ones you have posed. She's in middle school and some of the girls put paper over the seat before sitting, some just wipe the seat off, and some sit right down and think nothing of it. My Marcella is a very concrete thinker and she asked me which is the "right" and the "wrong" thing to do. Up to this point she has not been taking any special precautions, but she is very leery of sitting on toilet seats that have urine on them--and according to her, that is becoming much more of a problem. She will sometimes open a stall door, see that there's pee--and occasionally even smeared crap on part of the seat--and immediately turn around and get in line for another stall. While she's in line, she will see other girls come running in, place themselves down on the stool and think nothing of what they are sitting in. This summer while we were traveling, I remember her saying that when she would put a toilet seat protector down on the stool, and then sit on it, she wasn't as comfortable and that peeing and crapping didn't come as easy. I wonder if she, like you apparently, might be a little self-conscious in such a situation because you are doing something a bit different from which you are accustomed to. As for me in answering Marcella's questions, I told her I almost always will cover a toilet seat in a public place because I don't know how long since it's been cleaned, how many women with careless habits (such as those who sit right down in someone else's pee) urrrghhh have just used the toilet, and that it's just a good habit to get into as you mature, start using public bathrooms more, and want assurance that what you're sitting on/in is as clean as you would be using at home. Extra protection just takes a second or two and, once you get the hang of it, you will feel better about your decision.

Hi all, I'm back.
To answer a question posted to me. No I have never had an enema growing up and I shudder to think of having one. I asked my older brother and he said no and shuddered too. Anyway I got a Thanksgiving induced poop session to share.

Well we had gotten back from Thanksgiving dinner and FINALLY got my aunt to leave. I share she's so clingy to me. And no she doesn't come into the stall with me to be a perv she like feels that something bad's gonna happen to me. What? I don't know maybe she feels I'll be flushed down the toilet or something. Kinda hard with my chubby butt but oh well. Anyway my big brother's knee was acting up and he said he was gonna go soak in the tub. he asked if I had to go, so I went in and had a nice quick pee. Now I SHOULD have tried to poop but I didn't. Hadn't even crossed my mind really, but you think with the massive amount of food I ate a few hours ago I would have thought to. I didn't so I wiped, got dressed and washed my hands as my big bro started filling up the tub. Anyway much later I was sitting watch TV when it slowly crept up on me. I ignored it..BIG mistake. Within minutes the urge to poop was so overwhelming I was sweating. I had no choice so I knocked on the door. My big brother answered and I burst in. I apologized for bursting then, then I apologized for mooning him as I pulled my sweat pants and undies down and sat my big old butt on the seat. then I apologized for the huge poop I was about to take. I grabbed a copy of Nintendo Power at was sitting on the tank and opened it up to find something...ANYTHING that would take my mind off of pooping..let alone doing it with my big brother so close. (His head was like right by the toilet itself as he was laying in the tub) My big brother rubbed my back and told me not to apologize, this was my bathroom too and if I needed it then I can use it. He was about to get up, but I told him no to stay. It was OUR bathroom and neither of us should have to leave. Then he said "Well..then I'll mind my business if you mind yours" And with that he got a hot washcloth and put it on his face and laid back down. I kinda felt a little better then and went to my reading. OH GOD did I have to push, reading was VERY hard when your face and eyes are scrunched up. I don't care about my big bro hearing my ooooo's and aaaaa's. Let along my grunts, moans and groans so I didn't hold back. I felt a sing bead of sweat roll down my back and down my big old butt crack when tip finally came out. It was dry and hard. I put the magazine down and started making fists with my hands and feet trying to get it out. Someone said rocking back and forth helps, I felt very little difference. Finally my butt opened as wide as it could go and out came a huge rock hard poop which splashed my big old butt when a KAPLUNK!! I was panting a bit trying to catch my breath as saw my big brother still not looking. I smiled and felt silly so I told him he didn't have to do that. He exposed one eye and asked if I was sure. I nodded and grabbed the magazine and started reading again. After that I pushed out one long poop that kept breaking apart on the way out so it plip-plopped in the bowl like tons of tiny pebbles. Once empty I sat back on the seat and sighed. God it felt good getting all that out. Then my brother said I bet it did. (Stupid me I said that out loud, but I wasn't too embarrassed.) As I sat back pulling myself together, I peed a little then put the magazine back on the tank. I grabbed some paper as I saw my brother shut the shower curtain.(At this point I felt stupid for not thinking about that before, but oh well wasn't THAT big a deal.) I wiped got dressed then flushed the toilet. I felt kinda spacey as I washed my hands. My big brother pulled the curtain open and I apologized. He asked why and I said for leaving you in this stinky place as I left. I did go back in and turn on the fan for him but still... I have a feeling it shortened his bath. Heh. Anyway, talk to you all soon. Take care.


I just moved into a new flat with two other guys and 2 chicks. There is only one bathroom so more often than not when you have to pee there is always someone in there. This is what happened to me and Rick last week.....
I just came home from class, opened the front door and went straight to my room. I had felt a small urge to pee for a while but knew i could hold it till i got home. I put my bag down and did a few things on my computer. I realised about half hour later that i did need to pee a little more than i had thought. I squeezed the end of my penis and got up to go to the bathroom. As i was walking to hall toward the bathroom Rick was coming toward me from the other direction - he straight away said "Bro, I gotta pee so bad" I told him i did too but he could go before me. He grabbed the bathroom door - it was locked!!!

He looked at me with a pained expression and grabbed his cock. He knocked on the door but ne of the girls was in the shower - they always take ages.

"I cant hold it" Rick told me. I told him that I was really busting too and we should either try and hold or find someplace else to relieve ourselves.

By this point i was starting to squirm, my right hand was now permanently clasped on the end of my cock and i had to walk up and down on the spot. Rick was leaning back and forth and groaning.

We have a Shed in the outside area of the flats where we live i suggested we should go there and see if there is a bucket or something to pee in. We cant pee outside as there are heaps of other houses and we would get caught!

Both of us headed swiftly to the shed still clinging on as hard as possible. "oh noooo" Rick yelled "its coming out!!!" The first squirt of pee had dribbled into his boxers. He grabbed tighter and I told him i would find something to pee in fast.

The shed is only big enough for one at a time. I let Rick go first as long as he promised to hurry as I was on the verge of bursting at any second. He went in and pulled out his cock and just pissed all over the floor!! I was sooooo desperate now and the sound of his pee made my bladder weaken. I clasped my hand tighter round my cock. I undid my belt and zipper in preparation and shoved my hand down my pants. Rick moved aside and I raced for his spot. I grabbed my cock from my jeans and aimed at the floor. The biggest stream of piss i have ever seen came flooding out.

"Man that was a close call" I said. Rick and I have deciced to get the gils back by spending ages in the bathroom when they have to pee.

Oh, Sally, that's too bad, especially when it's an accident. But please tell us about the times you did this on purpose!

To Nikki: Has your sister ever peed in your bed? Or pooped in her pants? Have YOU ever had an accident, perhaps because you where in bed with your sister and you didn't want to get out? Please tell!

~Zig (also 15 yo)

I've used the toilet in the park that has the large 2 x 3 ft hole between stalls several times in the past few weeks. It's funny to observe guy's reactions when they see that there is basically a window between the 2 stalls.

Most guys see the opening and immediately back out. Usually they will either leave and not use the toilet, or they will wait until I'm finished and then they lock both doors and crap in privacy.

A few times, the guy really has no choice but to crap in a stall in full view of their neighbor. One was an older guy who laughed and said it looked like a window. I agreed and we just crapped next to each other without saying anything else. Another guy was probably 18-20 years old, looked to be Asian, slim, with blonde highlights in his dark brown hair. He appeared to be mortified. He barely pulled his pants and underwear down past his butt and actually had his hand up to the side of his face, so he couldn't see me. I had to keep from laughing at that one.

One time, there was and older guy, probably 70's, who was already taking a crap when I arrived to use the toilet. He saw me enter and laughed about the situation. As I dropped by pants and briefs and sat down, he mentioned something about it reminding him of when he was in the army. He finished up quickly, wished me a good day, and left. Now thats a good buddy dump!

Another time, there was a race going on in the park. It had just ended and one of the runners came to use the stall. He was probably about 30 years old, dressed as a runner in shorts, running shoes, and t-shirt. He was tall, about 6 ft, and was attractive. Sandy brown hair. He rushed in, pulled down his shorts, (no underwear, just a built-in supporter) and sat down. He glanced over at me and got a surprised look on his face. He laughed and said he thought it was a mirror. He then squeezed out a few squishy sounding turds. We both finished up at the same time and he wiped about 4 times while sitting down. We both exited at the same time and washed up at adjacent sinks.

Keith D
There have been a couple of posts lately with people mentioning being shy about pooping when friends/family are in the house (Tia, shy lurker jane, etc.). I usually feel the same way and have been trying to work out why. Public toilets don't bother me but it is different with people you know.

I remember once when I was about 16. I'd been ot camping for 4 days and hadn't long been home. I hadn't pooped the whole time I was out (not had the time or facilities, and had been doing lots of hiking and was pretty dehydrated). I was finally starting to get a weak urge to poop so went into the bathroom. I sat down on the very cold flat seat and immediately felt the urge wane and the poop move back up away from my sphincter. So I bore down with a hard push. Bbbthhtttttt! I ripped a loud cracking fart but the poop didn't come back. I gave another couple of hard shoves. Brrrraaaap! Brrrrrrtttt! More loud rattling farts echoed in the bowl. Still no action. Just gas. I leant right forward while sitting and pushed again Brrrrbbbbb! I kept pushing and straining. I could feel a heavy weight up inside me and the muscles in my bowels pushing but it wasn't getting down to my sphincter. I don't usually get much gas, and usually the turd moves down to the sphincter early on and plugs it so more gas doesn't escape. Not this time.

I flattened my butt cheeks out across the seat a bit to muffle the noise but it did little and the turd wasn't budging. I brought my knees up to my chest and feet up on the seat while sitting, in a semi-squatting position that usually makes it easier to poop. No luck, more noisy farts and with my butthole now aimed slightly forward and without my thighs down to muffle the sound, they were louder. I wrapped my arms around my knees and squeezed them to my chest, pushing as hard as I could. I held my breath and pushed until I saw stars and felt dizzy. More cracking farts and still no movement.

The squatting position made it feel as though I was applying more pressure to the poop but was getting hard to balance on the stool. I kicked off my shorts and pants from around my ankles, spread some tp on the tiled floor and squatted over it. Pushing and straining as hard as I could, clutching my knees to my chest, I heaved and strained. Brrrppp, barppp, brrrttt! No movement and still clattering dry farts that made the outer ring of my anus sting a little. I kept pushing for 10 minutes until I was too tired. Eventually I gave up. This poop would have to keep witing until tomorrow. I gave my butt a quick wipe but it was clean - everything was dry. I pulled up my pants, flushed the tp and walked out, bending slightly as I felt that awful dull full feeling. You know the one, where you walk away from a poop a failure. I walked down the hall and past the loungeroom. My Dad, my older brother and his girlfriend were inside and all burst out laughing. "Were you in the toilet?!!!" then laughing again. Apparently my attempts had echoed all down the hallway...

Hello I am currently 27 but I have an old story from when I was 21 maybe 22 im not sure.

I had a date with a decent guy, he was alright looking and very kind and I really wanted to hit it off with this guy. The whole day I was nervous about the date and preparing myself for it. After I got dressed for the date I felt kind of the urge to poop..(the I can go but not enough to care urge) I wore very tight black jeans and a black top for the date.

Things went well the whole time. and during dinner I was going to sneak to the bathroom but I never got to the right time to do it. When we left the restuarant in his car he invited me to his house. I declined and asked him to drive me home (My excuse was I had a long day of work tommow but next time for sure) When I got out of his car he offered to walk me to the front door of my building.

I accidently dropped my bag while walking slowly and we made eye contact. Then I said "I got it and when I bent over KAZAM a rocket of wed messy poop shot out of my anus into my panties (thong!!!) and down my legs!!!!
I made eye contact with him as it was impossible not to notice it smelled like a zoo.
I felt it going down my legs and on exited onto my shoes and on the ground....

He then said "Im going to let you go" ... when he called I made it easy for him and said i cant see him again

Uncle Harry
Toilet Attitude Review

Keith D's recent query about the array of stories I've been posting, and my reply about my 71 years of experience, got me thinking. What have I observed about people's, especially female's, attitudes about being seen peeing by persons of the opposite gender? So I'll take a break from posting a specific event and look at the big picture. This goes way back to the first time I ever saw a female pee, when I was 2, in the late depression era of the 1930s, and saw an infant girl pee while getting her diaper changed, through my high school and college years, my 12 year second bachelorhood between the time my first wife died and I met my current wife, and I dated a lot of women, to this year's Thanksgiving Friday, when the stores in my area were mobbed, along with the women's toilets, and women were spilling over into the men's toilets. No doubt attitudes have changed over this period, and what was true way back then may not be today. And of course, these experiences are just mine, and influenced by my liberal city-boy upbringing and the liberal circles in which I move, not to mention my early and continuing interest (purely scientific, of course) in how girls pee. I've noticed that attitudes have seemed dependent on age and circumstances, so I've organized this review that way. I've written 42 posts so far on many situations.

Childhood/Pre-Teen Years: Most older women didn't care much if I saw them pee. I was just a kid. There were some exceptions, especially between the ages of 6 and 12. Girls my age were a mixed bag. Some wouldn't be caught dead peeing in view of a boy or letting a boy see their pussies. Others not only didn't care, but liked the idea of boys and girls watching each other pee and poop. There was a good bit of back-alley anatomical and toilet observation going on among us city kids. It was a great learning period.

High School Years: Women generally didn't want HS boys seeing them "indecent". There were some exceptions, which I will be writing about. HS girls were generally pee and body shy, even among other girls, again with some exceptions. (There always are exceptions).

In adulthood, attitudes depended much more on situation than age.

Significant-Other Relationships: No problem. We watched each other pee and poop. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been in that relationship.

College and Later Casual Dates; Home Visiting. Very mixed bag. Anything from real shy to my holding a pot between a girl's legs in my dorm room while she pissed into it (see post on page 1594).

Outdoors Woods, Parks, and Beaches with No Toilet Facilities: Not too much concern by anyone. You found what shelter you could, did what you had to do, and didn't get overwrought if caught (see posts on pages 1598, 1607).

Health Situations (hospitals, clinics): Not much privacy was expected. You may not have liked it, but you accepted it (see posts on pages 1602, 1603)

Accidental Encounters in Open Toilets: This could occur in open-toilet or open-stall unisex facilities when someone forgot to lock the door, or the door couldn't be locked, or it wasn't clear which gender the facility was for or even whether it was gender specific, or using an opposite gender facility that was thought to be a one-holer. I've run into quite a few of these. About 80% of women didn't care much if I accidentally saw them peeing, some were somewhat embarrassed, and a few got very indignant.

Women Using Men's Facility when Women's was Crowded: About 60% of guys seem to be bothered by this, but attitudes vary depending where you live. Apparently, this is common in New York and LA, somewhat less so in Chicago, and even less elsewhere in the U.S. (see post on page 1599).

Men Using Women's Facility: Rarely happens, except for transgendered folk. Reports are that women become very upset. I've had only one personal experience, due to a post-prostate-surgery emergency, and the one lady who knew I was there didn't care (see post on page 1601).

Using the Other Genders Facility When Yours is Out of Commission: When the working facility is officially declared temporally unisex for this reason, not just because the other is crowded, everyone seems to accept it. When there is no official declaration, there doesn't seem to be any pattern. At a restaurant once, the women's had to be closed because of a broken water pipe. Many women just used the men's, but other's wouldn't until management declared it official. In another situation, where the men's had to be shut down, many women got upset when a few men went to use it; most men wouldn't. Nearly all accepted it when management declared it official. It seemed as if attitudes in this case depended on what some authority said was acceptable and had less to do with personal feelings.

Upscale Nightclubs and Bars: These often have unisex multi-stall facilities or people informally use either gender-specific facility. Obviously, they don't mind or they wouldn't be there. I've been to one with female-friendly urinals that some women used (see post on page 1600).

College Dorms: Many dorms in liberal colleges today have unisex multi-stall bathrooms, but not so when I was in college. Conservative colleges generally don't. When one of my daughters was living in a mixed-gender dorm, everyone used the nearest facility regardless of the designation, for both toileting and showering. The students and parents were ok with that; but this was a very liberal college.

Caretakers Assisting Handicapped People of Opposite Gender: I've had personal experience with this one. When my first wife was terminally ill with bone cancer and had to use a wheelchair when we went out, I sometimes took her into the men's room and sometimes the women's. We had more problems with the men. Most didn't mind, but there were often a few who did. One jerk even told me to get her out of there and he didn't care if she pissed in her pants. We never had a problem with my being in the women's facility with her, but if I had been in there to use the facility myself, I might have gotten a very different reaction. Maybe women are more compassionate. I'm glad to see there is one west coast state, reported in someone's post that I can't find, that gives handicap caretakers the right to use any toilet facility.

Whew! I feel like I've just written another dissertation, but that's what I've learned over the years. See you all next time with another story.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody! This is Mr. Clogs again, hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed themselves.

Well I have a post to share so here goes.

I finally got a chance to take my citric magnesium to cleanse myself out, all that food and not able to take a dump for a couple of days. I've been on a role on going on my own without the help of my dieter's tea or laxatives. Last night I drank the whole bottle with 1.5 glass 30oz of water. So I felt nice and full and letting the laxative do it's thing.

I could feel the laxative work me to clean my insides out. About 2:30 in the morning, I felt that I needed to go and I made my way to the toilet to let loose. I tried to get things going by giving myself a little push, no avail. So I needed to relax and let nature do it's thing. Now about a hour on the pot still nothing. Finally I felt the bubbly feeling in my lower stomach and I felt the turd break out through my butt hole and plopped into the toilet followed by a muddy wave of poop. Then I kept pooping for another 10 minutes releasing more waves of brown heavy gravy poop turning the nice clean bowl into a hot, stinky gravy mess. Man did it felt good. I wiped, washed my hands and went back to sleep. I must of stayed in the bathroom for an hour. I can't believe that! Oh well.

I hope you all like my post. Catch ya' later.

--Mr. Clogs

Matt: Haven't done that yet!! LOLOL

Pee shy
Two different pee shy problems:

Camdyn. At your age you may have the beginnings of being pee shy or having a bashful bladder or shy bladder. The medical and psychological term is paruresis. Look up any of these on a search engine. You are having selective times of not being able to go. The fact that it involves putting down a cover on the toilet seat means your mother has warned you against germs in a public toilet. In other words a public toilet is dirty and you shouldn't use one. This is one possiblity.

But your problem may involve how long you are waiting to pee. Games, concerts, long trips. Do you hold your bladder for longer periods of time under these conditions? You seem to go all right every few hours. Holding until you are bursting means you are holding your full bladder with very tight muscles. When you get to the toilet, you are not able to relax and let go. I have had that problem plus being pee shy in crowded rest rooms. I remember one road trip with a bunch of college guys. We bet one another as to who will ask to go to the bathroom first. I was in real pain when we finally couldn't wait any longer. When I got to the urinal, I couldn't pee a drop. I had held my full bladder for 6 hours and couldn't release my urine. We stopped a couple of hours later to eat. I got to the urinal ahead of everyone else. After 5 minutes I began to relax, to dribble and then to gush. What a relief.

Angie Ann: You have the easiest form of being pee shy. You are afraid to ask. Well, everyone pees. You need to also every day, many or few times a day. Whereever you are, you need not be embarrassed to ask. Anyone in a business building can answer the question. "Sir or Madam, I need to use the bathroom (in Europe, the toilet, in England, the loo) could you tell me the way to the nearest one? Will I need a key? Where can I find one?" Of course you can hold and hold in pain. Then the inevitable will happen, you will pee your dress and shoes, cause a real mess, and then be really humiliated.

Welcome to the adult world. Guess what bladders are: for holding and emptying. Mine is as far as I know. So is yours. Try asking. You will like it.

To Jeannie:

Have you ever checked the quanity of the pee in your bladder when it is full after 12 or 16 hours? A huge bladder can hold 1 to 1 1/2 quarts of urine (1000 to 1500 ml). I have a friend who regularly pees 1500 ml and goes only twice a day, sometimes only once.

Now your bladder is being flooded. This could mean a number of things. The most obvious would be the beginnings of diabetes. If this continues, you need to get to your doctor and have him do a blood test.

The other possibility is you have changed your intake of fluid and are drinking more.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hey all. I was curious, is there n e 1 out there that finds it interesting to smell tp after a good wipe, and comparing it to past dumps?:-|

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