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Hi, I'm Jane, 21 years old, petite body type. Just wanted to respond to one post that made me think of a good story.

Tia - Great story, just curious since I couldn't find any recent posts of yours, if you could describe yourself a bit (or if you already did, what page was it on?) you know like your age and whatnot. Reading that story reminded me of a story of mine that I guess I had kinda blocked out and hadn't even thought about for years. See, when I was late grade school / junior high age, I had a similar problem with not wanting to poop at friend's houses or if friends were nearby and knew I was taking a huge crap. On top of that, I've never really been a regular pooper. I don't get constipated except for rare exceptions, but I usually poop only about once or maybe twice a week, so it's usually big an slightly difficult to pass. If I would forget to poop before going to a friend's house, I would try my best to hold it and just ignore the urge. Occasionally, it got so bad that it was very noticeable that I needed to go, my face must've looked very pained, and I clutched my belly. I think there were a couple times when a friend even asked me if I was OK, and all I could do was pretend nothing was wrong and wait till I got home to poop. Also, I didn't want to poop in front of my friends because most of my close friends were very mischievous at that age, and I was afraid of them bothering or embarrassing me when I was trying to concentrate on finishing my crap. Anyhow, this story was one for those times:

I was at a close friend's house, I must've been 13 or 14. My friend had a good sized house, including a basement that was where we'd always hang out and watch TV and whatnot. But we would also spend time in the first floor living room or the kitchen, or my friend's room on the second floor, so there was really no bathroom that I could "hide" in for a good amount of time to get take a giant shit. This time, we had not spent much time in the basement, which had a very infrequently used bathroom. In fact, I seem to remember my friend avoiding that bathroom even when it was closest, but didn't know why until this day. So, I had been hanging out there for several hours, all the time building more and more pressure in my rectum. Well, after a while, I thought it was about as bad as I ever let it go, so I knew that waiting was no longer an option. I probably could've held it (and in retrospect, I wish I had) but if I did, it would've meant a very very painful constipated crap when I got home, so I decided it was safest to go now. Since we had been mostly on the first floor, I sneaked down to the basement. This actually wasn't uncommon for some reason, we tended to drift apart in that house for no reason and then find and scare each other a half hour or so later. It was kinda an unspoken game we played without thinking about it, kind of like hide and seek, but on accident. So I'm sure that she was in her "seek" mode, which I thought bought me some time. So, I went into the basement bathroom, and quickly pulled down my jeans and panties. I peed for a good 30 seconds first, and then tried to quicly start my crap. Like Tia, I tried as best I could to quietly poop, but some noise was unavoidable. My priority was to finish before being found, not doing so quietly. Bad mistake. After only about 5 minutes, I had my first giant turd poking out and I was almost at the point when it would easily start sliding out, when I suddenly heard my friend running down the hall just outside the basement bathroom. "OH NO!" I thought "she's found me for sure, I hope she doesn't mess with me when she realizes I'm taking a crap." But I knew that such hopes were unlikely to come true, and she started banging hard on the bathroom door. "HEY JANE, CAN'T HIDE IN THERE FOREVER!!!" I froze up in fear, as she continued to yell at me: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE ANYWAY" I knew that as silent as I had gotten, any hope of pretending to not be in there was hopeless, because she'd surely see the light was on. I couldn't bring myself to say a word I was so freaked out. She started loudly turning the handle and trying to open the door. Luckily I remembered to lock it! Then I heard her run away, and I realized in horror, what was coming. That bathroom would sometimes get locked out accidentally, so there was a key somewhere upstairs that everyone in the house knew about. I knew I had a matter of seconds for her to run upstairs, grab it, and run back down. So I tried clenching my bud closed as hard as possible, to either expel part of stuck out turd or suck it back in, I honestly didn't care which one happened, I just wanted to pull up my pants NOW with no poop sticking out of my butt! It was to no avail, the giant turd wouldn't budge! Not in or out, it was totally stuck! I panicked as I heard her running back, surely holding the key in her hand. I looked around frantically, looking for a solution. There was the sink to my right, and the door just across from that, a very small bathroom, but there was also a small shower stall complete with sliding shaded glass doors directly to my left. The kind you still don't want to be seen through if you're naked because you can see most everything, but also gives a tiny bit of visual privacy. But hardly any at all. Nowhere near my ideal choice, but it looked like the only option. As I hopped off the seat and waddled into the shower, pants downs, turd still sticking out of my butt, I heard the key turning. I quickly and quietly closed the shower door, as I realized I had not yet spoken one word. I knew she knew I was in there, but perhaps I could... no way, not even for a second. When she got inside, she immediately grabbed the shower door and tried to pull it open while I held it shut on the other end. "What are you doing hiding like this? I can see you ya know!" She yelled, playfully. If she had really tried, she could've gotten that door open easily, but she was just trying to be playful. As I held the door shut, I still couldn't bring myself to utter one word, I was way to shocked by all this. After a few seconds, she stopped struggling with the door and yelled "EEWWWW you didn't flush!!! THAT'S SO GROSS." Damn, I thought, I forgot that I peed. I realized that also meant I had forgot to wipe my vagina, but I also realized I didn't need to anymore because it had kinda dried while I was trying to poop. (I hate when that happens, it makes my crotch kinda smelly, I try to remember to wipe right after peeing if I'm gonna take a long time pooping, but I guess I forgot this time.) So, as she flushed my pee, she said "hey, you didn't wipe, that's so gross don't you wipe..." And then she realized what was happening as she looked closer at me through the shower door. "Oh my god, you weren't DONE!?" I could see her face looking down at my crotch and my pants at my ankles through the shaded glass. Total humiliation. "Why are you hiding in there, just come out and finish, don't be shy, I'm your best friend." She often called me her best friend, and even though she was a close friend, I don't think I considered her my best friend. Anyway, she wasn't trying to be nice, she knew very well that I was very shy about bathroom stuff, and was trying to mess with me. My heart was pounding, I was very nervous and had no idea what to do. "I'm too shy, leave me alone!" I screamed. She wasn't buying it, she continued to try and coax me out, when suddenly, I felt the turd move. "WHAT! Not NOW" I thought, but it was too late. I had no choice but to throw the door open, jump out and onto the toilet in one fast motion just in time before the turd fell from my nervously clenched anus. Lucky it didn't hit the floor or seat, but it still fell in the toilet bowl with a booming thud the instant my butt hit the seat. My friend stood there staring at me as I tried to cover my crotch and catch my breath. I felt like crying from the pain as well as the humiliation, but all I could do was pant in relief. Instead of yelling at her, I explained how all this had happened, being surprisingly open about it all and even let her look at my giant turd in the toilet (it was at about 9 inches long and at least 3 inches thick). As I was telling the whole story and seated on the toilet with my pants still down, I let out a few somewhat smaller turds uncontrollably. It was still embarrassing to be still pooping with my friend standing right there, but I was too exhausted to try and hold it anymore. When I was done, we both looked at the total crap, which was about twice the size of the first turd. It was by no means the biggest crap of my life, but to her it was gigantic. She told me how she always had tiny disappointing poops (which, at the time, seemed weird that she was unhappy about it, but now that I'm older I kinda understand how great it is to drop such huge relieving craps and how sad a tiny poop is.) and how impressed she was both with the size of it and by my ability to manage the situation given her harassment. Also, she explained that she always avoids that bathroom because the slightest noise carries through the vents through the whole house. She said she was up in her room waiting for me (because she thought I was following her up there) when she heard my noises. She said she didn't realize I was pooping, but she knew I must've been down in that bathroom. How embarrassing! She seemed a tiny bit weirded out from the whole experience, though, so after that we just kinda pretended it didn't happen and I eventually forgot all about it until now! We remained close friends, but never mentioned that day or anything else bathroom habit related again. I still talk to her, maybe I should bring it up and see her reaction... I ended up becoming somewhat interested in this stuff, maybe she did too.

Hope I'm Peeing
My name's Hope. I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school. Since elementary school, I have had to have glasses because I have trouble seeing stuff up close, like right in front of me. However, my eyes get sore, so sometimes I will take them off. But that's where I get into trouble becomes sometimes I will lay them down like on my desk at school and not be able to find them with a couple of file folders out or my large notebook open. That sucks. That was the case Friday at school. There was a DVD being shown on the large screen in front of my geography room and because I had drank 20-ounces of Dr. Pepper at lunch, I had the urge to pee come over me quickly. Our teacher was out of the room but I knew I had to leave and fast if I wasn't going to pee my pants. Luckily the bathroom is right across the hall from the rear door to our classroom. I grabbed for my glasses but couldn't find them. I picked up my two file folders and notebook and I thought ####! What am I gonna do! Luckily the room was well lit by the lights, mid-day sun and I knew its layout well since I had a class in there last year too. I decided not to take my purse, like I normally do, because it's so cumbersome. I guessed that I had chosen a good time because there was no crowd blocking the hallway as I crossed it and ran for the rear door of the bathroom which was open. It was rather dark as usual--no lights on. (I have never seen this much in other places but each of our bathrooms are like two large rooms with about 12 stalls on each side backed up against a wall and the sinks directly across from the stalls). There's a doorway leading to each side and inside you can cross from one side to another. Sometimes we use that to get away from so much smoke in the stalls. I went to fling the first stall door to my right open, but it was shut so I guess it was in use. The next stall was also in use too. I tried the next one. The door opened and I was saved! I quickly closed the door but didn't take time to latch it. I dropped my jeans all the way and pulled down my thong so fast I'm surprised I didn't rip it, and dropped myself onto the stool. I ended up bruising my right thigh when I hit the bowl hard and partially fell in far enough to get both of my cheeks wet because the seat was up! I immediately got up, and although wet, grabbed the seat and dropped it--making connection with it just as my pee was bursting out. I felt greatly relieved when I was done after about two minutes of continuous flow. I grabbed for the toilet paper roll on the left side and all I found was a cardboard inner roll. My butt was pretty wet and with other users in the bathroom, I didn't want to go out and try to find another stall with toilet paper--especially since I didn't have my glasses. I vaguely remembered that the restrooms on the first floor had these metal containers with seat papers right behind the toilet. I looked back and although I couldn't see any paper (I really needed a break!), I pushed down on the lever and was able to tear off a seat paper. Although I had never used one, (I remember my older brother once calling them ass gaskets--and I never understood what they meant), it dried me off pretty good. Because I was still a little shaken up and had left class without permission, I didn't take time to flush and wash my hands as I know I should have done. By the time I got back across the hall to my room and into my seat, the DVD was still going and our teacher hadn't come back. I was having a hard time concentrating and I was frustrated about needing to find my glasses. Finally, after sorting through the folders and my notebook, I raked my fingers across the floor and found them. When I told my older sister about it that night, she laughed and said I should get a chain and wear my glasses around my neck like our grandmother does. However, I'm 50 years younger than her, so I don't want to do that.

Some one
I LOOOVE pee stories! i love holding it til i HAVE to go! im on hour 14 and im going to burst! im trying to make 24 hours!

Hi there I'm new here.I'm 16 year old and female. I love these peeing stories,but decided to post because of a problem. I have a HUGE bladder.My average holding time is usually 12 hours,and after that I don't even really have to pee.I can go up to 16 hours sometimes without noticing.I usually only pee twice a day.

But this morning I woke up in pain because I had to pee so bad.I was just numb and I had peed right before I went to bed.So I peed and it was very clear in colour.Two hours later I was in pain again so I peed another torrent and though I hadn't had anything to drink it was awful clear. I'm just wondering is there anything wrong?

The r man
To sue: no, you did the right thing by not saying anything, you saved your self more imbarresment.

Fr. P
Hello all,
First of all, I would like to say I hope everyone is going to have a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm finally over my stomach bug, I'm really thankful it is over, I was hoping I would be sick for Thanksgiving. This morning, I woke up, said morning prayer and got my shower and urinated. I had the 8:30 Mass and afterwards had donuts and coffee. The donuts clearly didn't agree with me and I left early as I had bad diarrhea I could feel coming. I hadn't eaten anything for about 5 days, so I guessed this may have been what caused it, so I hurried upstairs to the church restroom, which I like because it is really quiet, and you hardly are ever disturbed, so whenever I defecate, I do it there as there's no phone to ring or anything, and when I use the bathroom, I at least want to do it in peace. I closed the door and settled down on the toilet and released a lot of gas and then some liquid poop started filling the toilet fairly quickly. It was more solid than I had thought, but it still was fairly runny, though last night I pooped normally. I finally finished and wiped. After I washed my hands I went back to the church basement until nearly everyone had left. I just pooped again before typing this, and it was again normal, solid poop.

Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving (A little bit early)

Fr. P

Danny B
Uppity bunny, I was wondering how you did the Fleet enema in the car. I haven't ever done a Fleet in a car, but I did do one on the back of my ex-boyfriend's truck. Do you suffer from being constipated often? I would love to chat with you about your constipation and using enemas.

Good morning--cool here. I am in my fourth day of antibiotics, and so far no diarrhea, perhaps because I have also been eating yogurt every day. I had written to another forum about how many waves or impulses of poop a person has during a single bowel movement, and last night I had a triple wave! I had had a nice morning b.m., so I really wasn't expecting another movement, but about 8 p.m. I started feeling the need to go. At first I didn't heed the message, but about half an hour later when I got up to do something, I decided I had better visit the bathroom. I sat and watched with a large hand mirror as several soft but formed turds dropped slowly and smoothly from my bottom. I didn't feel quite empty, though, so I waited until the feeling built up again, perhaps a minute. Then I pushed again, and a long slender rope of poop slid out, breaking into shorter lengths as it fell. I felt done, but I still wasn't sure; again, a minute or so later, I felt the fullness, waited until it got intense enough, and pushed a third time. This time several more soft turds eased out, falling into the bowl; and that time I was done. Even though I waited, no more waves occurred. I wiped and stood up, and I had done a large pile of long thin turds, a hefty and healthy movement. Most satisfying.
How many of you sometimes or often have two or more separate waves of poop at one bowel movement?
Happy pooping, everyone!

Hey Cassie, there have been many other stories her about these encounters. I'm sure you're not the first to have to re-schedule for this reason, and I'm sure that there have been plenty who have lost it while on the table getting the US, or in the waiting room waiting to go in. Don't feel bad about it. Perhaps you can set something up so that you can get there earlier, and wait there until your bladder is full. This way it gives both you and the people there a little flexibility, and if you're not going to make it for the actual US, at least you'll be near a bathroom. The other thing you can do is get some diapers and wear one when you start "tanking up". This way, if you don't make to the exam, or the bathroom, it'll be easier to deal with. If you wear something like sweatpants or something else loose fitting, it's real easy to hide the diaper, and I'm sure you won't be the first person, even your age, to wear a diaper to the test.

robby; i really liked your story about you and your cousin doing a poo at the sametime.

once my dad was lying in bed when he suddenly felt the need to poo.he poo in bed

Keith D
Hello everyone. Recently I've posted stories about pooping in the toilets on a bus and on a plane so I should probably complete the trifecta and post a story about a recent poop on a boat.

I just got back from a short cruise. It was a fairly large ship, with 3 or 4 decks, a couple of bars and lots of cabins. I didn't like to go to the toilet in my cabin, as I shared with a couple of friends. I don't mind going to the toilet around strangers or intimate friends, but with others its a bit embarrassing. I held my poop for the first day and only peed while I was in the shower.

Late evening on day two and I was sitting alone on the top deck - it is an enclosed area with lots of windows. Not much to see outside in the darkness, a few shore lights. The bar was closed and this deck was empty (most people gone to bed?) and I was the only one there. I made my way to the male toilet behind the bar. Funny, it had old west saloon-style doors going in. There were two urinals and sinks, and two stalls at the ends with full length partitions and almost full length doors. I took a seat in a very cramped stall and latched the door. The toilet was very clean (whole boat was - very efficient crew) and I dropped pants to ankles and sat straight on the seat. It was a very cramped, with an upright seat back, little room at the sides to part my knees and the seat was again very short. I hate short seats. It's not like my ass is huge but there just isn't enough forward and back room. Even sitting right to the back there was no room at the front of the bowl for my private parts to hang down so they had to rest on the seat. Seat looked clean but you never know.

I leant forward and started pushing. Almost immediately I felt the hard pointed tip of a turd at top of my sphincter. But it didn't move further. I held my breath and strained a few times, exhaling quietly after each. A couple of dry farts squeaked out. A couple more shoves and I could feel the tip pushing through the sphincter. Not so difficult after all.

At that point, another passenger came into the room (must have come up from a deck below). He paused at the urinals, groaned, farted quietly, pissed for 5-10 seconds (sounded like a weak stream on the porcelain) and left without washing his hands. I sat quietly the whole time with my anus dilated.

I resumed pushing and it started to move quickly now. The log felt broad but was soft and passed through in about three seconds and plopped quietly below. I was done. A couple of wipes with some nice soft tp and I was clean.

I got to inspect my work once I stood. A single log, just over two inches wide and about 16 inches long (huge for me!). It was mid brown, evenly tapered at both ends and the entire length was made up of large pebbles. Just a clean, neat shape.

I pushed the button to flush and it was only then that I noticed the weird shape of the bowl. It had a tiny hole at the bottom but still big enough to take my load. It was a suction toilet, with a loud blasting noise, it sucked all the water out before more flushed in to refill. But my poop stayed there. It wasn't too big but the way it was lying it was bridging across the hole so that it wasn't really in the suction zone. Only the tp went down. I flushed again with the same result. I wondered what to do. I don't really like to leave poop, even if this one was a nice shape LOL. I remembered Kim's recent post from a hotel where she stuck her hand in to break one up. I briefly considered it but couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't recall seeing soap at the sinks to wash my hands! I left it.

A couple of hours later, my curiosity (or guilt) got the better of me and I went back to the stall to see that indeed it was still lying naked in the water, with not a scrap of tp covering it. Didn't look like anyone else had used the stall since (I wonder why...). At least it was submerged so there was no smell. There was a slight brown tinge to the water and it suddenly occurred to me that its time in the water might have softened it. One flush and the violent sucking action tore it in half and it disappeared in an instant. Success!

To Danice:

I know what you're talking about with the whole pre-poop urge thing. When I first feel the urge, it doesn't pay to go sit on the toilet straight away. I get no results, even with a lot of pushing. Just the sight of the toilet seems to "frighten" the poop back up into my colon. And without the slightest urge I have almost no hope of going. I certainly can't go of a morning. Usually only after a meal (lunch or dinner). I always have to wait a while to let the urge build to a critical level. When I first get a tingling, I make sure I stand up to give it some gravity assistance, and often find a private place to stand and wait, releasing any built up gas silently and bending double when a strong urge hits. I wait a while, until a few cramps have started pushing the tip of the poop into the sphincter (seems to lube it slightly and make it pass more easily later). Then I rush to the toilet. I don't like to sit for too long - my butt cheeks go to sleep! And I always have to push. I don't think I've ever had one make its own way out. You're lucky, even if it does take time. The pushing of the turd against my anus makes my sphincter clench involuntarily so it never gets out by itself.

I have a question. You say you massaged your anus to stimulate it and help you go. How does this work? A few others have mentioned it on this site. I sometimes have trouble pooping when something big is on the way. My anus seems to have a sense of fear to stretching so in clenches and refuses to let the mass pass. I've wondered if massage would work but don't know how. It must have been a while since I last actually touched my hole. Other than through paper to wipe or a quick scrub in the shower. I guess I was an anally retentive child. It was only much later, in my teen years, when I was struggling with constipation, that I actually felt the outside of it with a finger for the first time. I put my index finger over it while I sat on the pot straining hard to find out what my anus actually did. I discovered that my pushing technique wasn't very good. To my great surprise, I found that every time I bore down and pushed, I simultaneously clenched my sphincter so that it was actually stopping the turd from coming out. I found it difficult to use muscular control to relax my sphincter. It seems that I could not actually sense it relaxing and could only feel it with my finger. It took some time to learn to control the sphincter so that I could keep it relaxed while pushing.

Does massage help it to relax? How is it done? Is it internal or external? Sorry to ask something so personal. Do any others have suggestions?

my name is sarah, and i'm 10 years old. i have been reading this site for probably 2 months now, but this is my first time posing. i don't really have any stories since i' only in 5th grade, but this is kinda funny. my friend, whom is in my school but not my homeroom, has a huge bladder infection. you all know what its like to have a bladder infection, you sit on the toilet, pee, and then stand up, to find yourself having to pee again. well my friend has a bladder infection that's ongoing, meaning in a few years she might grow out of it, but it could stay with her forever. we both have language arts together, and out teacher is really nice, probably my favorite teacher, and she understands aboout this. but our teacher doesnt like her going to the bathroom so often. so she said that my friend can get diapers or pull-ups, and every hour she can go change her pull-up or diaper. we all think she's starting to out grow it, because now she only goes 3 to 4 times a day.

Had a real bad case of the shits today, I was at the library, and kept getting stomach cramps. Sat on the toilet, and this explosive yellow diarrhea exploded from my asshole. My ass cheeks, thighs, and even my testicles had yellow shit smeared all over them from this yellow mess that kept coming out. Came within seconds of shitting my Fruit-of The Looms (I wear tidy whities-they're plain, simple, and comfortable. And if you shit in them, they absorb the mess pretty well and keep it contained from running down your leg-usually.) Finally felt better after about my sixth trip to the toilet-was all "crapped out" as they say. Hope I don't have shits like this again for a long time.

Ever notice how in life, things change but then stay the same? Let me explain.

As a kid I often was so keenly occupied with what I was doing that a 'potty break' wasn't high on my priorities so, after some delaying tactics like ignoring the urge, pressing my dress up against my 'pee hole' or squeezing my legs together eventually I just let it go where I was standing. Of course people around (usually Mom) could soon tell either by the wet front of my dress (if I peed while still pressing) or the water traces down my legs. (previous post on 1566)

What I wore also made some difference. I almost always had a dress on, in the hot summer a thin plain cut shift with light cotton panties underneath. During winter I wore a school tunic or thicker dresses with a wool blend thick under pants and maybe wool tights too. Only on those rare occasions when I wore overalls or jeans did I have to suffer 'the agony of delay' before rushing home, More than once I didn't make it in time, arriving with a wet circle in my crotch that broadcast my accident.

By age five however, I had discovered that if I didn't keep my legs too tight together pee didn't run down my legs. If I didn't hold mayself and act desperate that meant no one would tell I peed.

In winter, because the thicker panties absorbed more liquid, I would let them. When I was sitting, I made sure my dress tail wasn;t under my bum and, rather then waiting to the 'last moment of inevitability' I would pee some intothem whenever I felt the first needs. When playing outside I just stood still for a few moments while soaking the panties hidden under my dress. I was never found out. By the time I got home, they were normally quite dry.

In deed, until I confessed to Trevor in grade 2 after his own pee accident that girls in dresses could pee their pants without anyone knowing, no one was aware of my secret. At first he didn't believe me, so as we walked home together I peed a bit, then let him put a hand under my tunic to feel the wet spot on my crotch. It seems that was what started us bonding, the shared secret of my pantie wetting episodes.

By late high school i had moved out of the habit of 'pants wetting', mostly because I usually held it longer. So the irony of my story?

Now in my mid-50's, I have developed some incontinence. Once again, I occasionaly pee under my dresses. So again I am back to wearing dresses and thick underpants, not now for convenience as for necessity.

Linda from Australia here again. A friend of mine was staying in the city for the weekend, he came down from the country on Friday. As I live about 30 mins out from the city, he caught a train and I picked him up at the station near my house. Then we had coffee, went to the movies and caught the train back to the city. He was staying at this hotel where all the doors needed a card to unlock them. Even the bathrooms were locked. He only had a card to open the mens bathroom and when we got there, I needed to do a wee. He opened the bathroom door for me but it sounded like someone was in there so I didn't go in. I told him I would wait and use a toilet somewhere else. So we went to his room and he got dressed for dinner. Then he said "Lets see if the bathroom is free now". He opened it for me and stood outside while I did a wee. Luckily, nobody else came in. I hate to think what would have happened if I needed to do a poo in there!!

I really need to do a poo now!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Story time. Soooo embarrassed.
I've got a fairly bad cold right now and am sneezing a LOT. I had to go to the drug store for some cold meds and tissue. As I was walking through the isles I started to feel like I needed a toilet. I hadn't pooped in a couple of days. I quickly got my stuff and went to pay. In line I feel a sneeze building rapidly. My hands are full so I can't do anything but let it go. APTCHOO BRAAAAAAAAAP..omg I sneezed AND farted...loudly! And not one to sneeze just once I did it again. No one said anything but I KNOW they heard me. Should I have said anything?

im cassie, 19. last month i had to have a pelvic ultrasound, and for any girls who have ever had one know that you're required to have a full bladder when you get one of those. this was something i was nervous about for days leading up to the exam because i have trouble holding in my pee for that long. eitherway, i got up the morning of my exam, peed a little bit, then started drinking things all day long for my 2:30 appointment. it didn't take long before i had to pee, and by the time it was time for my appointment i had to pee so bad i couldn't even walk right. i was really panicky about peeing in the middle of the ultrasound or something. well it turns out i wasn't gonna get that far. i was in the car on the way and i peed a gallon into my pants. i was so upset! my whole but was soaked and the front of my pants were pretty wet, and between my legs obviously. the worst part was having to call the ob/gyn office and reschedule. i actually told them it was because i couldn't hold my bladder that long (although i realized afterward i could have made a less humiliating excuse) and the receptionist could tell by my voice that i had obviously wet myself... my mom was trying not to laugh at me but told me she understood. she better have understood because she peed her pants in the car once too in her mid 30's, and she wasn't even required to not use the bathroom and was a lot older than me!

A couple of years ago I remember someone told of being in the next stall from Tobey Keith, anyone know where it is?

uppity bunny
BrentC, i can definitely relate to the slimy farts after a Fleet enema. One time I took one, and a few hours after I'd already taken it and pooped it out, I was quite gassy. And one of the farts ended up being a huge squirt of liquid/slime right in my underwear...eek! As for taking the enema in the car, it's not as hard as it seems. I just don't do the recommended lying on my side or whatever the instructions say...I took my pants down, raised my ass up off the seat and stuck it in. It seemed to work fine :)

Hi, I'm 16 old skinny girl from Netherlands.
Ive been watching this site for a long time, and think it's cool.
I sit a lot on the toilet. I poop 4 or 5 times in a day.
My poopoo takes about 10 to 20 minutes each time.
Be cool!

Hey people! Another story today!

So it's Friday and my mom is at work. About 9:00 and I invite my best friend over. She's been my friend since the 2nd grade and we are really close. She has been with me through thick and thin. So we decide to have a movie marathon. I call my mom and she's on her way home so I ask her to pick up some snacks and soda. In fact she was the one who suggested it. It was around that time that I felt my stomach grumble just a little, nothing too serious but I could feel it. We get a bunch of my movies together and a bunch of my friend's movies together and we get ready. Setting up our sleeping bags in front of the TV and moving some of the furniture aside. That's when my mom comes home and she has like ten bags of chips and 5 packs of soda. My mom decides to join us for the marathon and we get started. We open up bag after bag and drink can after can and you can see the end result. When we get to the scary movies we are already filled with a whole lot of chips and soda. So we were watching The Ring, probably one of the world's scariest movies and then...BAM some scary face appears on the screen and my friend and I scream our heads off and my mom wakes up. First thing I notice is the smell then I feel it in the bottom of my panties. There is this HUGE lump in the seat of my panties and it smells disgusting. My friend stands up and says she has to go to the bathroom I see the big brown spot on her bottom. I start laughing and she starts laughing and my mom asks why she's all wet. We laugh even harder because we had put her hand in some warm water. Afterwards my friend cleaned up and I had just washed my arse off in the sink because I was too lazy to take a shower. Then my mom is all irritated cause we made her wet herself so she goes to bed. We're gonna do it again to her cause she's one HEAVY sleeper.

Hi Brent,
I bet you were embarrassed for your friend to give you an enema. I sure was embarrassed when my Mom had to give me an enema for the first time in my life about a week ago. Since that embarrassing experience I have started eating a lot of fruit and vegetables to avoid another enema, and so far I'm staying pretty regular.

To answer your question: Yes, My Mom had 2 quarts of warm water in the hot water bottle with Ivory soap in it, and 'Yes, the enema worked very well.

Jason B

My first accident!!!!

Last night i was walking home from the bar and needed a piss really badly. I walked faster to get home as soon as possible but it just made my bladder hurt more. I held my dick through my jeans but there were heaps of people around so i couldnt do that all the time. I knew of an alley way nearby and thought i could just run in there and let it all go. Then a cuple of drops came out!! I grabbed my dick again and squeezed it really hard but the pee kept on coming untill i had fully peed my pants. I got home and went straight to my room to change, then the urge to poop hit me!!! I wasnt taking any risks ths time!! - i ran to the bathroom and sat straight down and let out a huge turd!!!!

Today my friend told me a story about how he had an accident a few years ago. He was at summer camp and one morning he did not want to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. He held it and held it until he finally pissed himself and his bed. Not surprisingly, he was very worried about getting caught, so he took off his sheets and put on some pants to cover his boxers. Later that day, everyone was talking about bodily functions and someone mentioned that it smelled like piss. My friend was very nervous that he would be caught, but the counsleor just said, "When I talk of piss, it smells like piss. When I talk about shit, it smells like shit." This ended the conversation. My friend also said that his mom asked him if he had peed the sheets when she was laundering them, but he managed to convince her otherwise some how. Now he always pees before going to bed at a sleepover, even though he has not had any accidents since.

Does anyone else do this or has anyone else had an accident at camp?

Last summer at camp, I was up late and one of the counselors was talking to a kid who was a real jerk about shitting his pants, but I only heard snippets of the conversation. It was very hard to tell what they were actually talking about.

Hello Everybody! I thought I would take this time to introduce myself. My name is Wyatt. I am 33 years old, stand 6'0" tall, and weigh 210 pounds.

I am not sure where my fascination with the toilet began, but I believe that my fixation all started when I was young and anal-retentive. I would have to be told to have a bowel movement. It was not until the sixth grade when I would be able to motivate myself to use the toilet to defacate that I would be able to do so under my own power.

A few things about my toilet habits. I usually bring toilet paper, toilet seat covers, and sanitizer wherever I travel. I like things soft, whether it be my bowel movements; toilet seats; or just toilet paper. I also like using portable toilets out in the open as not only do these porta-jons give me a sense of privacy, but having a bowel movement usually results in a thunderous plop when the feces hit the bottom of a barely used toilet. One day I would like to get a toilet seat bidet so I can clean myself after I defacate without using toilet paper.

I have been to this site several times and, after several months of debate, have decided to become a regular poster to track my bowel habits. You will find that some of my posts will be from the toilet itself since I have a laptop computer that allows me to "multitask".

Well, I am going to go wipe. It is nice to meet all of you and good luck the next time you either urinate and/or (especially) defacate.

Good morning--chilly here. Yesterday at work I found two toilets with b.m.'s left in them, at different times and in different restrooms. Around 10:30 I went into the one nearest my room (which has two doorless stalls) and caught a slight odor. Sure enough, the toilet by the window was unflushed. I pulled aside the toilet paper and uncovered a large bowel movement, medium brown, three large pieces and some smaller ones. The biggest piece was perhaps 7" long, 1" thick, smooth on one side and sort of lumpy on the other (and lighter colored); the other two big pieces were slightly shorter and smooth throughout, and there were a few smaller thinner pieces. Soon after lunch, I went to the office downstairs, then afterward visited the restroom down the hall from it. This one has a single stall with a door and is favored by some who dislike doorless stalls. I had never before found anything in it, though a few days ago, walking by it in the hall, I heard a loud fart through its outside door. This time, there was a large and hefty movement in it: two thick hard turds, each maybe 4" long and 1.5" thick, lumpy and fairly dark brown, and numerous nuggets about the size of cranberries. Two nice sightings in one day--a first at this workplace. I can't help thinking that the donors deliberately left without flushing.
Later, shortly before going home, I felt an urge to poop, so I went into the one near my room with the doorless stalls, dropped trousers, and sat. I am taking Amoxicillin, an antibiotic, so I have been on the lookout for any hints of the diarrhea that often goes with such medications. This time the urgency had come on quickly, with several strong farts, and I was apprehensive. This would be my second movement of the day, and the first, before breakfast, had been large and satisfying. When I first sat, I felt a wet spot on the seat that made my left leg wet; getting up to dry the seat and my leg, I farted again, and it felt and sounded slightly wet. When I sat back down, though, I let the movement start itself slowly, and it was solid. Then I pushed, starting the main movement, and it felt thick and good--and long! It just kept on coming, for what seemed like quite a long time as a continuous impulse of poop, sort of like a rope or cable. Finally the last of it fell out. I waited to see if there was any more, then squeezed to get any hanging bits off my anus; a little piece pleeped into the water. As has been the case since I started my high-water regime, the poop, while solid, was soft, so my anus was sticky. I wiped several times and then stood to look. The continuous stream of poop had broken up into several pieces that curled up and filled the bottom of the bowl; the longest piece that I could see was about 6", and there were several of 4"-5" length. In all, a most satisfying bowel movement, and not diarrhea at all.
Happy pooping, everyone!

how do most people crap so much? I dont get it, i only crap out a small amount. i have never produced multiple logs

When I woke up this morning, about 6.00 am I felt the urge to poo.
I went to the bathroom, lifted my night-clothing and sat down on the bowl. I peed for about 30 secs and relaxed my anus.

After 5 minutes my anus began sticking out, as it always does when I'm anticipating for a dump.. I let out a loud dry fart, and waited..
After about 3 minutes, I let out a similar fart.

10 minutes later my anus clenched, and relaxed. It stayed silent for another 5 minutes. My anus clenched and relaxed again.

I was sitting for about 25 minutes now, and I wondered why it always takes me so long to let it out. (very long sittings are quite common to me)

It's not that I'm really constipated or something like that. My stools are normally firm to soft. But rarely very hard and painful. I don't like to push much though..

Anyway: After 25 minutes I was still sitting on the bowl, with my anus open and portruding, but with no turd on the way.

I decided to stick a finger up my butt to feel if it was going to be one of the rare tough ones.
I wetted my finger, went in and felt... NOTHING?!!?

I bent forward and tiptoe, and started to push. Far away I felt something pushing against my finger. I farted again, and pulled out my finger. I started to stimulate my anus, by massaging it..

Suddenly the urge increased, and after e few wet farts, my entire load shot out of my ass, into the bowl.
I was very relieved. I looked at the clock in the hallway (yes, at home, I leave the bathroomdoor open often. Especially when no one's awake yet) and I saw that I have been on the toilet for 50 minutes!!! That's a fairly quick one to me!

However: I am still wondering: Why do I feel the urge long BEFORE my back passage is filled? They say you'll feel the urge when the poo is pusching against your anus, but I felt nothing when I went in with my finger!

Are there more people around with an (too) early pre-poop urge?

Love: Danice

Keith D
There seem to be a heap of posts lately from teenagers really frustrated with constipation. Pop Tart, Jason, Lauren and Laura (from Germany) - don't feel weird about it, it happens to many people your age. I had the same problem as a teenager. I felt totally alone in this. It's not really something you find easy to talk about with your friends. Everyone is always acting so mature and everyone wants to be normal...

But I think that in reality it is actually quite common and that you guys shouldn't feel alone. A lot of people on this site will give you diet tips or direct you to laxatives, etc. And they can help a lot of people. But I think it's probably more of a lifestyle thing. Teenagers can live a pretty erratic lifestyle. All the pressures and timetables and schools, sports, etc make it very hard for the body to adjust and perform when you need to poop. I was often constipated from anywhere 3 days to 2 weeks. I never managed a daily until I was 18 and settled into a life where I had some independence and could decide where and when I went.

But I remember the feelings. It feels terrible, stuck in a small room alone and straining your gets out. Feeling weird. I wasted so much time in the bathroom as a kid. The stories you guys mentioned, about painful motions and wanting to scream really strikes a chord. For all of you, I wish the best of luck in the future. But whatever happens - don't feel weird or embarassed about it. It happens to lots of people.

It seems to get better later on. I'm 26 now and as an adult find it much easier.

I'll have to post some stories from my earlier years sometime.


To Emma - wow, were the poops you did really that long? 2 and a half feet! That's amazing. How were the squat toilets able to take all that? Were they the flush type? I prefer squat toilets to the sit down type as I find it much easier to go and get everything out. But I've never managed to get that much out... You should be proud!

To Jayna <3 - awesome story! Your revenge sounded sweet. Sorry to hear about the breakup though, cheating sucks. I don't really know why, but the act of pooping really seems to relieve frustration, doesn't it? Combined with the usual relief of emptying yourself, just the "dirtiness" of it really helps vent your anger, even if it is anonymously. I remember once when I was arguing on the phone with an ex-girlfriend, and was so frustrated I went for a dump on the toilet, even though I didn't really have the urge at the time. I didn't tell her about it at the time. But just sitting there with my pants round my ankles, forcing out a stiff stick of shit while listening to her voice made me feel so much better at the time. Pales in comparison to your awesome effort, though.

To Megan - great story of the buddy dump with your Mom. Must be a weird sensation, being able to feel someone push and strain behind you, while doing the same yourself! But pooping is such a natural thing, there's just something so soothing about sharing it with others. If only I'd learnt that myself years ago. As I was talking about above, when you're a kid and having trouble, you feel weird because you don't know enough about other people's toilet habits because no one ever shares...

long time lurker but really like uncle harrys posts. this past week I
was extremely constipated for three days. finally went but really had to strain to get anything out. went two times that day. Two days later things back to normal. very large and normally only have to wipe about once. I don't go everyday.

Sometimes I get a sexual urge when I have large movements and take care of the problem. anyone eles have this sensation frequently?

As to the constipation maybe I don't eat a high enough fiber diet?

Also I like to pee in the shower, it just goes down the drain!!

hey there i was reading some old posts .. and i see there is another james here .. so im adding ( ????) my callsign in video games and other things...
So anyways at the moment im in a car going by a place that has wireless . but I really have to go .. badly... i have to poo and pee .. i havent pooped yet today... and i have had to go for some time now. Idono what im gona do .. I guess im just gona give up and go in my pants . well talk to u later im loseing the signal

Just Me
BRENT C: im so excited your still around!! I love all your posts! Im sorry to hear your so constipated still~ Do you have a partner that helps you out?? how old are you?? take care


Wow.What a great story,and amazing experience!Have you anymore like that to share?Thanks for now.

As i,m writing this i can feel my bowels beginning to tell me that i need to visit the toilet.I have already started clenching my cheeks together so that i can finish this.A busy day ahead so bye for now.ANDY.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The r man
Hey fellows...i am a 18 year old guy...any one of you guys have any childhood memories of your anoyance kown as the sister taking forever in the bathroom? I have some but i cannot remember at this minit.

To Peeing Priya- why don't you just hover over the seat? ive pooped hundreds of times in public restrooms and have never in my life touched a toilet seat with my butt. i just assumed no one else did either. eww. its not like you're gonna pee all over the place, right? it'll all go into the bowl. i know it's still cold even if you don't touch the seat but at least you don't run the risk of having your butt stick to the seat! LOL

I had a nice dump at work today. After lunch, I could definitely feel a poop coming on, so I walked to the ladies' room. Of course, lunch is a busy time for a restroom, so all the stalls were taken. I could feel my urge building a little as I waited. Finally, I was next in line and a stall opened.

Heading in and locking the door, I knew the last person to use this had a big poop as I could smell it and I saw a few skidmarks on the bowl. But none of that mattered, as I needed to poop pretty badly. I plopped my butt down on the toilet and let out a few silent farts.

Shortly, the flood gates opened and at least 5 turds shot out, almost all at once. It was almost like diarrhea, but it was solid. I really don't like pooping at work, because the toilet paper is really crappy (no pun intended), but it's better than nothing to wipe with.

As best I could, I used several sheets to wipe myself with, but I still felt dirty. I tried to make sure my skirt and panties didn't get stained by placing some paper in them. I found out when I got home it didn't quite work, but no one noticed the smell.


That's an interesting arrangement you have. It kind of reminds me of my set up. Our family had only two bathrooms, one in the master bedroom, my parent's room, and the other for everybody.

Even from a young age, I liked to read on the toilet while pooping. I guess it's because my mom also did that, so it just came naturally to me. There were a few times when one of my sisters would knock on the bathroom door while I was reading. I'd usually actually been done for some time, but just kept reading. They weren't too happy about that.

Good morning--mild here. Yesterday in a toilet at work I saw two thick, short, soft reddish-brown turds, together with a huge ball of toilet paper with a large poop stain. I flushed it away and was surprised that the big wodge of paper went down.
My own poops may undergo a change in the next week or so. I finally went to the doctor about my cold, and he prescribed Amoxicillin, which may cause diarrhea. He told me to take the pills with meals twice a day, and at lunch have some yogurt, which restores the intestinal bacteria lost to the antibiotic. We'll see what happens.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Sentinel Chicken

Thanks for your story about your friend and the berries.

You say you "don't have accidents often" - does that mean that you have had accidents though? Care to share some with us?

This happened a few days ago when I was at my friend's place. We were downstairs in her bedroom watching TV and just chilling out when I felt some pressure in my butt. Now normally, if I was home by myself or out in public I would have no problem going. But my friend has never had me take a crap at her house before. She doesn't know that I can take up to 30 minutes taking a crap. So I held it in for about 15 or 20 minutes, hoping that the pressure would go away and I wouldn't have to go at her house. Unfortunately for me, the pressure never went away and so I told my friend that was going to the bathroom and that I'd be right back. I headed upstairs to where the bathroom was located and got ready to go. I spread my legs apart and leaned forward a bit on the toilet. Since I was at a friend's place, I tried not to make any noise. But sometimes, I just couldn't help it. As I'm pushing out my first piece, I'm letting out some groans. After 5 minutes, the first piece plops into the toilet and I'm starting on my second piece. Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn. I'm hoping my friend can't hear me because I'd be totally embarassed that she can hear me pushing out my poos. Another couple minutes pass and my second piece plops into the toilet. By then my friend knows I'm not just taking a pee because I've been in the bathroom for almost 10 minutes now. My third piece is now making it's way towards the exit and as I'm pushing it out I let out a fart. Now this wasn't just a small quiet fart, it was loud echoing in the toilet fart. Great, I think to myself. How embarassing. I'm stinking up my friend's bathroom. I push for a couple more minutes and the poo makes a loud plop into the toilet. I was now finished pooping and I went to wipe. I wiped 6 times and before I threw the TP into the toilet, I looked at my poops. There were three pieces all about 8 inches long and and inch around in diameter. I knew they weren't all going to go down in one flush. I flushed the poop down and then after they went down, I flushed down my wad of toilet paper. I washed up and just before I left the bathroom, I sprayed some Febreze to make the smell better. I headed back downstairs and my friend was laying in her bed. I enter the room and she looks up at me and the first things out of her mouth were 'What took you so long? You were up in that bathroom for like 15 minutes.' I told her that I was taking a crap and I usually take a while. Was I ever embarassed when I told her that. That was the first time I had taken a dump at a friend's place. Out in public I don't care how long I take or how much noise I make, the person in the stall doesn't know me and therefore won't make any comments about my habits.

Hey everyone, I'm home sick with a stomach bug today and it really sucks. I've been home since about 10:30 this morning. I woke up for school feeling fine. Well I had a bit of a stomach ache but I just figured I was hungry or whatever. So I grabbed some toast and started my walk to school. I get to school at about 8:30 and my stomach is starting to hurt more. I just shrug it off and head for my first class-English. During silent reading, my stomach is hurting to the point where I have to stop everything I'm doing and just lay my head on my desk for a while. The teacher comes around and asks me if everything is okay. I tell him no and that I have a really bad stomach ache. He continues to let me lay my head down. During the lesson, I feel like I'm about to be sick. My teacher comes back to my desk and asks if I'm feeling any better. I tell them that I feel like throwing up. Just as I say that, I gag and my breakfast comes back up and goes all over the floor and my desk. As I'm throwing up, my bowels let loose and I have diarrhea in my boxers and flowing down my legs. The class is laughing at me and I'm totally embarassed. My teacher tells one of the kids in the class to grab the janitor and tell him what happened. Meanwhile the teacher is escorting me to the washroom so I can clean myself up. After I've cleaned myself as good as I can, he takes me to the office where he calls my mom and lets her know that I'm sick and that I had an accident in the class and that I need to be picked up. The teacher leaves me in the office where I wait for my mom. At about 10, my mom comes and gets me. Once at home, I have a shower and clean myself really well. I take some Gravol and sleep for a couple hours. As I write this, I have just woken up. My stomach still hurts really bad, but I haven't had to throw up or have diarrhea since this morning at school. Let's just hope I had the 24 Hour bug because being sick is no fun at all!

Warm Peeing Wendy
to Priya:
I know what you mean. I'm a freshman in college and our games are played on Satuday nights. The toilets can get really cold, especially now since it's November. My boyfriend also complains--he goes in to crap and says he tries to wait for an occupied stall because when that person leaves, the seat will be warmer. He just complains, however, because he can shit anywhere. On the other hand, I can't stand the cold seats and like you, I have a hard time getting my pee flow going when I'm sitting down on a cold seat. It also doesn't help that everything from the door latch to the toilet paper is cold. Last week our game went into overtime, and I had to go in one extra time to pee. The third time I went in and sat down seemed to be the worst, but I noticed that my pee was so warm in the cold water that it seemed to bubble or something like that for the first minute or so. I've seen some of the ladies tear off toilet paper and put it over the seat before they sit down. I don't, nor have I ever done that. It just seems like a waste to time and paper to me. I guess I'm one of those persons who just likes to sit down and get rid of it when most convenient rather than waiting until later when an even less opportune time may have to be selected. I've seen girls/ladies open every stall for inspection before they finally decide on the one they want to use. That's a little much for me as is the case with one of my friends who won't sit directly on a public toilet seat without using an ass-gasket. I guess public toilets can be a problem, especially in cold weather.


Some years ago my husband and I took a job delivering telephone directories door to door. We got to a warehouse early in the morning and filled the car with all the phone books possible and an ice chest of water bottles. We were assigned an area and told not to leave-when we ran out of books, we were to call the company and they would find us and restock us. About two hours later, we had both had lots of water and coffee and had to pee in the worst way. We were in a large apartment complex, so there were no restrooms anywhere. We made it up to the top floor of the building we were in, and saw that there were two apartments there instead of four, and that the space where the other two apartments would have been was like a little patio with a little flowerbox on one wall. There was no cover, but I didn't care-counting on the fact that it was 6 a.m. and that no one would be awake, I unzipped my shorts and yanked them and my panties down and squatted over some small pink flowers and just peed and peed and peed on them. My husband tried to wait till I was done so he could also go in the box but he couldn't wait-he pulled out his penis and started peeing on the wall beside the flower box and peed just about as long as I did.

to PopTart:
Up until I was around 10, I was always constipated. Miralax is great!

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