Once when I was about 7 or 8, the two upstairs bathrooms in my house weren't working, so we all had to use the one downstairs bathroom. Now, my mom took huge dumps like clockwork every day, and when she got in the bathroom for one of those, she was in there for at least 30 minutes. One day, I had just gotten back from my friend's house next door to find that my mom in the bathroom. She didn't like it when people talked to her in the bathroom, so I figured I'd tell her I was back when she was out. I had made it up to my room when I heard my dad get back from work earlier than usual. Instead of coming upstairs like he usually did, he stopped at the bathroom, which was directly under my bedroom, only to find my mom in there. He asked how much longer she was going to be. She said something back, and he told her to hurry. By this point, I had left my room and was lying on the floor outside, peeking through the banisters. After a few minutes, my dad knocked again, saying he was dying to poop, but my mom had just gotten in, so it was going to be a while. My dad asked for a roll of toilet paper, which my mom handed him after a couple of minutes. She asked what he was doing, but he just muttered something about desperate times calling for desperate measures. "Is Alice home?" he asked my mom, and she said that I was still at my friend's place. After confirming this, my dad hurried to this tree we had sitting in a huge pot by our front door, which I could see clearly from where I was. If my dad had looked up, he would have probably seen me, but he never did, fortunately. He quickly put several layers of toilet paper on top of the soil in the pot, then turned so he was sort of facing in my direction and undid his pants. He pulled them to his knees, and then got in a high squat over the pot. I couldn't see anything until he put one hand against the wall for balance and used the other to hold the bottom of his shirt up and out of the way, and his pants and underwear fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them. I watched as a long log came out and landed on the toilet paper in the pot and he sighed in relief. Two more smaller pieces came out, and my dad stopped and stood up. He wiped a few times, then wrapped up the entire thing with the toilet paper in the pot and left it sitting there. He then moved to the other side of the tree and pulled up the bottom of his shirt with one hand and used the other to point his penis into the pot. He stood there like that for a few seconds and then started peeing strongly. He finished and shook off and then picked up his pants-realizing he was about to come up the stairs, I snuck back into my room, and he never found out.


Yesterday I took a really nice dump before I left for work. I have to be at work at 7:30, and most mornings I take my dump at around 7, so thats usually the last thing I do before I leave.

I'm usually a once a day guy, but lately, possibly because of stress or not eating right, it's been every other day. So anyway, yesterday I was getting ready for work when the urge hit. I knew it was gonna be a big one, so I got the morning paper and entered the bathroom.

After I got seated I read for a few minutes, farted a couple times, then felt the log moving down into position. I began pushing, and the tip of it began coming out. It came out really slowly, and I kept pushing and straining till I was out of breath. Then I just let gravity take over. I just sat there reading while the last few inches slid out on it's own. It landed in the bowl with a loud plop. I finished reading the article I was reading, then reached for the TP.

After a few wipes I was clean. I stood up to pull up my pants, and checked the bowl. It was a long, lighter brown, snake-like turd, coming up out of the trap, stretching all the way up the front of the bowl, with the end of it resting a few inches above the water line.

I flushed, and left a small speck right where the end of the turd was resting. I gave it a quick scrub with the toilet brush, then finished getting ready for work.

I guess I'll finish this, because it's now 7 AM, and I think I better go take a dump before I leave for work.

Bye all.

eh eh eh i did a big gassy dump never ended. I even did let out a 16 in long!

Well I'm a seperated 44 year old mum and I have two daughters one of 24 and the other of eighteen. One afternoon we decided to go to a restaurant. When we were ready we decided to go to a historical site. When we were half way trough I felt diarrhea but there wasn't anywhere to poop. I told my daughters and they told me to try to hold it. BUT I KNEW I COULDN'T.

When we went out I started to fidget because I felt it was coming out. When finally we managed to find a toilet there was a 20 woman que. I plead them to let me pass but they did not want, at that moment poop came wth more strenght and I realised that I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom, so I had to poop my pants. For me it was vera embarrassing to lay there and poop my pants, in front of my children but I coudn't make anything else.


I would have rather had a friend ot brother give me the enema than my mom, that would be embaressing....Gosh, for your mom to see everything,hairy pubes and had to be really hard for you....

Zip--glad to see you're still around occasionally. I always enjoy your stories!

I had a brief but cool sighting last weekend at the airport. The men's restroom was shaped sort of like the letter E...this created a layout that made the sighting possible. You enter through a short hallway, like the bottom horizontal part of the E, and then turn right into a long corridor (the vertical part of the E) with sinks all along the left side, a hallway off to the right (the middle horizontal part of the E) with urinals on both sides, and at the end another hallway to the right (like the top horizontal part of the E) with four or five toilet stalls. If you were entering the restroom and walking past the sinks along that vertical part of the E, the toilets and their stalls would be facing the same way that you were walking, facing the outside wall with their backs to another solid wall. Tricky to describe...sorry!

Anyway, I came into the restroom after my flight to take a leak. As I finished up at the urinal, I noticed a college-aged dude walk past the urinal section headed towards the toilets. Although I only got a passing look, he was sort of average in height and build, with short dark hair, wearing dark blue jeans and a light blue hoodie. I zipped up and went over to the sinks, and saw that the guy had gone into the first stall (some of the others were occupied), nearest the corridor with the sinks. It was then that I noticed the cool thing about that stall: there was a pretty large gap of a few inches between its side partition and the wall behind the toilet, but because this was the first stall, I could get a great view of most of the toilet and the space above it by moving down the line of sinks so that I was both across from and behind the stall. It was also the sort of gap that probably wasn't as obvious from inside the stall. I took my time washing up, checking my face, hair, etc. as I watched the gap in the mirror and, a couple times, turned around to look when I could do so without being obvious. We were only about four feet apart. I saw the dude wipe down the seat with paper, and then he turned around to face the front. I now had a pretty good view of him from the back, and I watched him first lower everything just past his knees, exposing his butt, and then raise his light green boxers up a little bit above his knees. He hiked up the bottom of his hoodie and then put his hands on his butt cheeks and spread them pretty wide as he gradually lowered himself onto the toilet. As he did so, I actually got a really quick glimpse of his anus as well as his equipment as it hung between his legs before disappearing beneath him. He got settled in, and the top of his butt crack and the left side of his butt was still clearly visible as he sat there. Unfortunately, the restroom was too noisy for me to hear the guy dump his load, and there was no way for me to linger long enough to see him wipe. Perhaps he gave someone else a show, though!

A great sighting, however short...I'll have to use that stall the next time I'm in the airport and return the favor!

Linda from Australia here again. Ive been having some nice dumps lately but nothing exciting.

To BrentC: It sounds like you suffer with bad constipation. Especially if a Fleet enema doesn't work. How often do you get constipated? Or are you constipated all the time? Please share some other stories with us. How long does it take you to do a poo, without taking anything, when you are backed up? I get a bit constipated from time to time aswell but I have never used an enema kit before.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hi everyone! I'm Jess and I'm 22 years old. I'm about 5'7", with shoulder length brown hair and I'm about 110 LBs, fairly slim I suppose. I ran into this website by accident and found it hilarious.

I don't have accidents often but both my best friend Sophie and I have rather sensitive stomachs and we've had our share of "almost-accidents" over the years. (BTW Sophie is also 22, has short blond hair, also about 110 LBs and very pretty...I'm actually jealous! LOL)

Once when both of us were 12 we went on this school camping trip someplace or other. (forgot where) anyways as Sophie and I went out exploring on our own and found these little berries that looked edible. So, being innocent and naive 12 year olds we tried some and thought they tasted fine. (Note to all kids out there: this was a REALLY BAD IDEA don't eat berries just because they look good haha read on) About an hour later the kids in our class had a dip in the lake, which was freezing even in summer. I was wearing a one-piece red swimsuit and Sophie, being more daring than I was, had bought her blue bikini and was wearing it. Anyways within two minutes I suddenly felt my insides rumbling and churning. I froze, bent over, clutched my stomach and slowly backed out of the lake. When you're 12 its really uncool to say "I have diarrhea" so when the other girls asked if I was ok I lied and said I was ok when my stomach was literally killing me. I glanced over at Sophie, who was also looking distinctly uncomfortable. In fact, she looked in worse shape than me, because she was groaning constantly and pressing her hands into her ????. Now at this point my stomach affected another cramp, giving me a "20 second warning" that I HAD to find a toilet, NOW! I gingerly walked to the closest girl's bathroom (running would have made things really messy) with my right hand holding my buttcheeks and my left hand trying to massage my stomachache into submission. Now these toilet stalls had no doors, the bathroom itself had no windows and only a ventilation fan and everything was rusty and gross but I really had no choice, so I plonked myself down on the nearest toilet and splattered runny diarrhea into it. Whenever I had diarrhea, which was fairly often, (then and now) I would often also throw up, and at this point I proceeded to do just that onto the bare concrete bathroom floor. The fact that I was freezing from having just been in the lake and was now sitting on this really cold toilet made me feel worse, and the breeze from the ventilation fan was right above my toilet. After I threw up I saw Sophie running into the bathroom with her hand on her belly. She ran into the stall next to me and also proceeded to have noisy diarrhea. I continued to puke and have diarrhea at the same time, and each time I thought I was done another cramp would strike and I would groan, rub my ???? and try to relieve the horrible pain. This happened 7 or 8 times, and by the time I finally made it out I was shivering, weak and clammy from all the puking and diarrhea attacks and everyone was really concerned about me and Sophie. Sophie actually had the runs worse than I did and lost count of how many "explosions" she had. Throughout the rest of the day and well into the night we were still feeling constantly nauseated and stricken with twisting, cramping stomach pains which were the worst we've ever suffered in our whole lives. Our teacher was really nice and gave us hot water to drink whenever we started to feel sick again. I threw up 3 more times and cramps forced me to the toilet at 1 AM, while Sophie's stomach pains made her go to the bathroom a total of 3 times. It was awful. We did feel somewhat better the next day and we were able to keep a little food down but we still had bad stomachaches throughout the day that sent us scurrying to the bathroom, as the nurse decided against giving us Immodium A-D as it was not recommended that we take it or something, I don't know. She only gave us each a hot water bottle to put on our stomachs and hot water to drink. We continued to battle stomachaches and diarrhea for the next week even after we both got home.

Now, Sophie and I look back on that almost as a "bonding experience", haha. We had eaten those damned berries together and we both got really sick together, took turns having stomachaches and diarrhea, and just feeling plain awful. Nonetheless I think it made us better friends. She had been somewhat bratty before then but after that experience she became much sweeter and nicer, and we've been best friends since. We still have sensitive stomachs and still get sick fairly easily, but as we're both older and wiser its not as common as when we were 12, 13 years old or whatever.

Later on we also had another "bonding experience" involving sickness and toilets, but that story will have to wait for now.

Hi,im 16 years old and Ive been having severe constipation most of my life. I ussually wake up around 2 am to have a bm.This morning, I woke up havin g to go so bad I was almost crying. I sat on the toilet and pushed for 15 minutes,and expelled a small balck pellet. I decided to try taking a bath, which was a big mistake. I felt pressure in my anus from the warm water,and sat back on the toilet to try again, which was even harder. I started to tremble and shake and sob because it was simply too big and too hard to push out. I tried squatting, and the pressure feeling felt worse. I couldn1t sit cus the hard stool was halfway out, my face was flushed and i was strainiing harder than ever. Eventully, my mom came in and gave me a suppository,and I passed a large dark mass with a little trouble and 5 other dark chucnks of stool.Then the enxt morning it repeated, so we went to the doctor(totally embarassing) and he prescribed miralax, which is working a little.

I'm a 15 year old girl from a large well off family- me, my parents, my 3 sisters and 2 brothers in a 5 bedroom house. For the last 18 months I've been sharing not only a bedroom but also an en suite bathroom with my 13 year old sister. We tend to stick to this toilet at all costs rather than get mixed up with my brothers in the other one.

It turns out that we have similar pooping habits as well as the fact that we both poop extremely large amounts. We both try to go in the morning but often do not have time before school and instead arrive home from school very desperate within about 5 minutes of each other, and poop one after the other while whoever is not pooping gets changed.

My sister can be pretty gross- her poos are bigger than mine and tend to make a lot of noise and smell. She also makes a big fuss about it when she needs to go. Sometimes when she has been really desperate she has not waited for me to get out of the shower before pooping, although to be fair I did this to her the other day when I'd been bursting since about 10AM. Also I have sometimes woken up during the night to find her poooping with the door open.

Also, although the bedroom is private, the en suite is not private if you're in the bedroom, you can hear every sound very clearly and any smell from the bathroom stinks out the whole bedroom. Sometimes I have taken friends including guys in to the bedroom and after 2 minutes suddenly heard my sis having a noisy poo when I didn't know she was in there.

More stories to come.

Hi everyone! I'm not a local for this site but I have been wandering about for the past few days and it has intrigued me. After reading a few posts I decided to put one up of my own. First, introductions. My name is Shawna, I'm 17 years old (nice typing thought right?), I'm of african-american descent, I weigh about 119 lbs and I think I'm 5'4. I currently am living with my mother in an apartment complex that has two bed and two bath so its perfect for the two of us. Now for my story.

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 just about. I don't know why this happens, for some reason I just wake up really early. Sometimes when I wake up really early I'll just read a book or watch some TV till I feel tired again, but tonight I had stomach cramps, they weren't so bad so I watched some TV for a little bit. Now any sane person would've just gone to the bathroom but mine was out of commission due to mold and whatnot. So I just held it in thinking it would go away. Eventually it did but I decided not to risk it so I went to my mom's bathroom. Now my mom and I have no secrets from each other and she's not close-minded but she's a bit of a prude about the bathroom. Me? I always go with the door open and I pratically sleep in the nude with just a thong on. So I went to the bathroom and I hear some grunts and I thought maybe my mom was using it and I'd come back later when it was my turn. Then there was a particularly hard grunt. I decided to investigate but not to be some conspicous I pretended to have constipation and clutched my stomach. I walked in and my mom was naked on the toilet grunting and red-faced. I noticed some splatter on the toilet and realized she had diarrhea bad. She looked at me for a brief moment and then went back to her business. I still clutched my stomach and pretended to hop from foot to foot then I realized I actually had to pee. So I dropped my thong and hopped on to the sink and just let it go. I felt so relieved but my mom was practically convulsing in pain so I asked her if she needed help. She said no because the diarrhea was dying down. Then she looked at me in a sort of semi-horror that I was in the bathroom with her. She sighed and decided it didn't matter from the look on her face. When she stopped grunting she asked me for help. She had been on the toilet for over an hour and was so tired she couldn't even wipe her own arse! She asked me if I would wipe her arse for her, I agreed cause the idea sort of turned me on. So she turned around on the toilet so that her butt was facing me and sort of lifted her arse in the air. I took a huge roll of toilet paper and started wiping her arse. She sort of squealed a little and told me she felt so embarassed and that her butt was raw but I sort of looked at her and chuckled to myself. Who wouldn't be embarassed with their own daughter wiping their arse for them? Anyway after like five flushes it all went down and she went to bed.
And that's that! I hope I have more stories in the future!

James, great story about returning home from work. Now you know your limits and just when not to try to hold it. it must have been a huge load if it filled your boxers.

Upstate Dave
First of all hello to all. It has been a nice fall here in upstate New York. I had a chance encounter a few weeks back walking on the bike trail near my new home which passes by the high school which is a couple of blocks from my house. This chance encounter was durring half time of a football game.
I was walking back home and the game had just reached half time as I came up the trail up behind the field. The team this year was doing very well. So the crows at the games were big. So many people would wander up the hillside where there is trees and brush to go to the bathroom instead of waiting in long lines for the toilets in the school.
I reached a high point on the bike path which I could see down through into the trees and brush. I saw two women comming up through the brush and they were in a hurry. They looked like a mother and duaghter. They both looked alike. The mom looked like she was in her late thirties and the duaghter was at least 18 or a little older.
Both of them were pretty with long blonde stright hair. Both of them were wearing jeans and light coats since it was slightly cool outside. I heard the duaghter say to her mom that they had gone far enough. Mom we are out of sight.Stop here. So they both stopped.
Each of them took a look around first but did not look back to where I was standing. They both had thier backs towards me. I saw them both then reach up and undid thier belts which I saw the belts hang down after they undid them. Then they popped the snaps or undid the buttons on thier jeans next from the movment of the arms that I could see.
Then the duaghter was the first one to slide her jeans down followed by her mom. Both were wearing thong styled panties. The duaghters were a light blue and the moms were a light green. Both of them squated down into a high squat together side by side. The duaghter started dribbling pee at first and the mom she had a strong stream of pee shooting to the ground under her.
I heard the duaghter say to her mom that she was going to sh*t too so stay with me till I'm done. Her mom told her duaghter she was going to sh*t also! At this time the moms pee stream slowed and stopped while the duaghter did a very short hard pee spurt. Then she just dribbled a little pee and it then stopped.
Then I saw a light brown big chunk of shit poke out from the mothers rearend. It then stopped its movement. The duaghter then let out a fart. Then from rearend she started shitting. Her shit was not light brown but brown and it was a fat smooth one that came out pretty fast.
A piece that reached about seven or eight inches in length broke off from the duaghters rearend and fell to the ground. Then a little more pee shot to the ground too. Then the stub that I could see poking from the duaghters rearend started moving slowly. It took several seconds for it to come out which it did. It reached about the same length as the first piece and that one too broke off and fell to the ground.
Now the light brown knob that was poking from the mothers rearend started moving.It was getting thicker as it slowly came out. It was really chunky looking and hard not like the duaghters shit. I could even hear the mother let out grunts when she was pushing. I heard the duaghter say to her mom; Having a tough time mom? Her mom just shook her head yes.
Then the large chunk must have passed out. The moms shit started moving much faster. It got real long real fast. It looked like it easily was well past a foot long. Then it tapered right down to a point and fell to the ground. The duaghter then did a coupl of nugguts and they both started peeing again. The mother hard while the duaghter just dribbled.
Then they both stopped peeing. They then stayed squated and got tissuies and wiped thier rearends and then thier fronts. They both grabbed thier panties as they both stood up and pulled them up. Then they pulled up thier jeans and took care of them and thier belts.
Then they both turned around and looked down at the ground. I heard the mother say; That was the reason that one was so hard to do. It also hurt. The duaghter told her mom that her shit was a fat one. The mom commented that the duaghter looked like she did a pretty good one too. Then they started back down the hill heading back down to the football field. I started my walk back home.

Hey Stevie;
To answer your question, Yes, I had been constipated for almost a week when I finally had to asked my Mom for a laxative, milk of magnesia, and it failed to work. I was really uncomfortable, so my Mother, who is a stay at home Mom, decided to give me an enema. As I said in my pervious post I had to bend over the rim of the bathtub with only my T-shirt on, and I was really embarrassed for my Mom to do this to me, but it worked.


this morning around 3 in the morning i woke up with stomach cramps i layed there hoping they would pass but they didnt then i had to poop i went up to the bathromm sat on the toilet expecting to have diarrhea but i didnt it was a little soft but formed then after about 10 minutes i was done but i felt like i had to puke i kneeled over the toilet and started gagging noting was coming out but i knew i had to puke cause i felt it so i stayed kneeled over the toilet them i started gagging again and started puking a little them i gagged and another wave of puke came this time it came out of my nose too it was gross them i was done i blew my nose flushed and rinsed out my mouth then i went back to bed my mouth and nose were burning a little so i got a drink then fell back to sleep

Megan--that's a terrific story. What a great mom you have!
Priya--I don't think you're too senstive, it's just that everyone's different. Personally, I could pee even if it was below zero!

Well, I was at the mall today and bought this great bumper magnet. It says "I'm only speeding because I really have to poop!" Then I went to the movies. I was sitting there enjoying the film when I suddenly needed to fart. Mine are usually pretty quiet so I went ahead. A bunch of part-liquid poop sqirted into my panties! There were only about 12 other people in the theatre and I didn't want to miss anything so I just stayed until the end. I don't think anyone noticed the smell (other than me). In the restroom afterward, I found that, thank God, my sweatpants were clean! My bottom needed 8 wipes to get relatively clean, and I managed to get my panties into the trash without anyone seeing. I just went commando around the mall for an hour before I left. I had this crazy feeling like everyone around me knew what had happened and was laughing behind my back. I felt shamed but I enjoyed it at the same time!

Presently, I am sitting on the toilet writing this. I had just urinated and am preparing to have a bowel movement. It does not take long after I bear down to expel the feces from my anus. Although I have not looked into the toilet yet, I believe my stool was very big. It was definitely a pleasure excreting.

Well, I am going to go wipe.

Good morning--mild here. Yesterday at work I went into the men's room on the second floor and smelled a faint poop odor. Going into the last stall to investigate, I noticed that the window was open to let in fresh air. There in the toilet was a large bowel movement--11 turds, medium to light brown, ranging from an inch to about 5 inches in length, smooth and somewhat soft, though fully formed. One of the pieces was sticking up from the bottom of the bowl and had a red food item stuck in it, perhaps a piece of red pepper or tomato. I estimate the total length of all the turds to be just over 2 feet. There was a single wad of toilet paper, well stained, so I imagine the donor's bottom was still somewhat messy. Somewhat reluctantly, I flushed it away. A nice sighting.
My own poops have been decent, once a day, nothing unusual.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Well my name is Jeanel and I'm a Math teacher in a Secondary girls school. Last Monday I woke up late and I was busy so I didn't have time to sit a quarter of an hour on the toilet before I go to school.

When I was parking my car I felt a great stomach ache and I made a sound of pain. I was walking inti the school, when I felt a toilet emergency, I clutched my butt cheeks, and some girls started to laught with me, which embarrassed me a lot. I sat down, to trie to hold it. After a while I taught that I could make it to the bathroom, so I stood up, but when I went up, it all came again this time into my white panties!!!!

In that time all the students were looking at me and I ran into the school to try to clean my clothes, but they still remembers this exerience and even I.

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
I had it pretty well-guessed what was REALLY bugging your mom (though I didn't know exactly why). I saw this as some kind of jealousy she had for Maria, and the situation just gave her an excuse to vent it.
When I read what was going on with your mom, I put two and two together.
Tell me if I'm not right.
Did your mom's boyfriend leave her for a popular type of girl like Maria?
I'm guessing that the answer is Yes to this question, because it would be easier for her to attack a little girl than it would be the woman who helped her boyfriend scorn her.
Anyway, I'm glad that Maria came out the winner when it came to Rick. Did your mother ever get her act together, or is she still vindictive?
This reminded me of something that Joan ????Crawford might have done to Christina.
I have a couple of interesting pooping experiences to report.
A day or two ago, I suddenly felt as if I'd had a touching cotton experience for sure--and I was surprised to not only find my undies still white with no brown skid marks (or skid marks of ANY color).
Not only that, but the wipe-up afterwards was an easy one.
This was surprising when I was thinking that what I'd be finding in my panties had even gone beyond skid-marks to some kind of gross, brown blob.
Today, I was on the phone to my mom when I suddenly knew that I HAD to go!
She was telling me about how Daddy Bush was skydiving again--and that he was 83 years old.
I told her that she could tell me about this latter but that I really had to go poop now. I think she thought that I meant that I would be having to poop soon--so I emphasized that I REALLY had to poop NOW!!!
Then, I started making that putt-putt sound like a distant motorboat as gas escaped me.
Thank goodness no cotton-touching involved in this pooping session either.
When I sat down, poop just slithered out of me, breaking apart into segments on several occasions.
If everything had held together, I would have had a golden-brown snake that was about two inches in diameter and going towards two feet long.
What I actually had was several segments, with some floating and others sinking.
Did I EVER feel so much better--and for good reason!
Now,I have to go pee...

The r man
To peeing priya: you probubly are not able to pee-pee all the way in the could weather because your simply not used to it

Hi. I have a story to tell that happened a few days ago. I was in gym class at school as usual. Standing nearby in her role call spot was this hot girl named Paige. She seemed slightly uncomfortable, and I had a feeling that she had to pee. We walked out to walk laps around the football field. She was walking with her friends behind me, when she said "I need to piss really bad!" She was giggling and did not show any signs of urgentness, so I figured she did not have to go too bad. Her friends hissed and tickled her so she might piss herself, but to no avail. After the laps, we went back into the gym to have some free time. Most of the people, including Paige, were playing soccer. I stayed on bleachers near her to watch how bad she needed to pee. She mainly tried to stay still, and she also was shifting from foot to foot. She obviously had to pee now. About 15 minutes later, she was even more urgent. She crossed her legs often and occasionaly bent over & grabbed her crotch. A few minutes later we went to pick up our things to get ready to leave. Paige had her legs tightly crossed as she bent over to grab her backpack. Just then, the principal came on the intercom and said that all of the bathrooms in the school were broken. "Ooohhh, I'm going to pee on myself!" cried Paige as she bounced up and down. The bell rang for 6th period. Luckily for me, she was in my next class and sits next to me. As we walked to our next class, she walked very slowly, as though she would wet her pants if she walked any faster. She once or twice stopped and bent over to hold it in. When we got to class, Paige sat down. She was no longer her happy self, but was desperate. As we arrived, we sat in silence and did our daily work. Paige was crossing her legs and had her hand in her crotch, but she was trying to keep it subtle. Not for long. About half an hour later, she was rocking back and forth, sucking air through her teeth. She had her hand very tightly in her crotch and her legs were very tightly crossed. There was only 10 minutes to leave, so I did not think I would see her have an accident. Suddenly, I heard Paige gasp softly and her face contorted up. I heard a hissing noise and I looked at her lap. A shiny wet spot spread rapidly from under her crotch and down her legs. A puddle of pee formed under her butt and fell off of the chair and formed a large puddle on the ground. She pulled her piss-soaked hands from her crotch and spread her legs out. She was still going. The wet spot ran down her legs to her shoes. She stood up, looking at the mess she made, still peeing. Eventually the torrent stopped. Her pants were SOAKED. Her ass was also drenched, along with her socks and shoes. Everyone started to laugh at her, and she ran out of the classroom crying.

something really weird and embarrassing happened to me the other morning.

i was asleep in bed, and i was having this dream where i was in some weird warehouse and i was christmas shopping or something. while i was shopping i really had to poop, but i was just continuing on with my shopping and looking for the bathroom. i kept seeing signs hanging from the ceiling the said restrooms and i would follow them, but i just kept getting to more and more signs leading to the restroom, but never the actual restroom. the feeling of having to poop was lucid, really realistic. i could feel all of the pressure and the poop trying to push it's way out. i was still trying to find my way to the bathroom, when i started waking up. i was barely awake, and not even fully aware of it and still kind of in dream world, and i could feel an extreme need to poop and it starting to come out. needless to say, i totally pooped my pants while laying in bed. i thought i was dreaming still. i'm 17 years old so i was really shocked at what i had done. i carefully got out of bed and waddled to the bathroom to clean up. it was semi-solid, kind of mushy, and it filled up the whole seat of my panties. they were white and had a blue and red feather design (now they're brown though!). it came out of the side of my panties a little bit and stained my pajama pants, which are stretchy cotton pants that are light purple with dark purple flowers on them. it took me a really long time to clean myself up, and i just couldn't believe i pooped myself in bed at my age. even though nobody i know knows about it, i can't help feeling embarassment because of it. it was weird how the need to poop in my dream didn't wake me up in time to go to the bathroom, i didn't wake up until it was too late. i remember having dreams in the past where i've had to pee really bad, but i would wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom. only one time i actually peed my pants in the dream, and woke up starting to wet my bed but i got up in time to go to the toilet and minimize the damage.

I ate 3 full plates piled high with food, plus a gigantic desert for lunch, and I felt the effects right after. I still have not pooped. I feel it in my stomach, but it's not quite ready to come out yet. When it does though, it will feel GREAT.

I just got back from a trip to Japan, and have a story.

While I was in Japan, I took a trip out side of the main part of the area for foreigners, and that ment squat toilets. I was out doing some shopping, when the worst urge hit me. I looked around for the womens room, and quickly walked over to it, when I saw it was a single staller, and it was occupied, I knocked lightly on the door, and asked in my best Japanesse if any was was in there, the women replied yes, I asked how long she was going to be, and she said a few minutes, so I waited. % min later, she was still in there, and I really had to go, but, looking around, I didn't see another bathroom anywhere, so I had to wait. After another few mins, I felt myself start to lose control, and I had a small accident in my panties, but managed to just control it. After another min, the lady cam out appoligizing that she took so ln, but she said she had diaherra. I said it was ok and went into the bathroom. I quickly pulled down my panties, taking them off, and hitched up my skirt. The small accident had left some poop on my but, but I knew there would be much more to come. I squatted, and then felt my butt pushing out turds, I pushed out first one log, about 2 inches round by 2 1/2 feet long, then another, about the same size. Then another started comming out, this one was slightly smaller, only about 1 inch round, but felt just about as long, however, after about a foot of it, it broke off, and was follwed by a long strem of diaherra, I then had several squirts of diaherra, about 5 min worth total. I then wiped, flushed, awashed my hands and steped out, only to be almost run over by the same woman that had used it before me, she siad that she didn't finish yet as she rushed past me.

btw, I'm a 21 y/o female, with C brests, blond hair, and an aravage build.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to get back and say hi and also give qan update on my elderly crossing guard friend. I ran into her the other day on her corner, and she had a group of little friends with her-some of the little girls from the school where she protects the crossing. Their leader told me "We're here to help Mrs.- because she's old, and sometimes she has to go to the bathroom real bad, and can't wait until all the kids are gone, she might poop her pants. So we keep the kids from crossing while she goes to the bathroom."

My friend told me this was indeed true. She told me how she had been careful not to eat anything before going out to her crossing since her accident that I had mentioned in a previous post. But one day, 2 weeks ago, she was about halfway through her sahift at the crossing, and had gotten the same gassy stomachache as before-she had to take a shit real bad, and she highly doubted whether she would make it the rest of the way with clean undewear. But she didn't intend to shit her pants without a fight. Every time a cramp would hit, she would pause a moment and, stand still, and hold her breath. Shifting her weight from one leg to another seemed to helped some. But eventually, she knew it was just a matter of time....she wasn't going to make it, the cramps were getting worse.

It's at this point that the group of little girls came along. She knew them, they were always so friendly to her, and always liked to be helpful. One time, they telled at some boys that were giving her a hard time, and told them to stop. And they always liked to listen to her stories of when she was young.

Anyhow, along came this group, and they stopped to say hi like always. Their leader immediately noticed her obvious distress, and the worried, nervous look on her face. "What's wrong, Mrs.-?" she asked. "Are you all right?" To which my friend finally admitted her predicament-"Oh dear no girls, I've got to go poop very badly, but I can't leave this crossing with all you kids here." "Oh yes you can, Mrs.-" said this spunky little girl. "My friends will watch the crossing while you're gone, and won't let any kids across. Come on Mrs.-you're coming with me to the bathroom before you poop your pants." That was the end of the argument, the little girl grabbed her hand and firmly pulled her along with her into the school and down the stairs into the girl's bathroom. She even held the stall door open for her, and took her stop sign, and stood like a sentinel in front of the stall while my friend pulled her sweat pants down around the top of her galoshes, sat down on the seat, and released the pressure on her bowels with a loud liquidy fart as the smelly, yellow poop totally sprayed the inside of the bowl.

"Boy, Mrs.-you've really gotta go" said the small sentinel "Yes I do,thank you, my dear, thank you." she grunted from the stall as the next wave of cramps hit, and she sprayed the bowl with more shit. "Well, you're staying in there until you're all done!!!" declared the little girl. It took about 4 waves before her stomach settled down, and she felt relieved. Then she wiped herself, pulled her sweats and underwear back up, and came out of the stall. "Just a minute my dear, I've got something for you as soon as I wash my hands" she said as the little girl turned on the sink and ran the soap dipsenser onto her hands for her, finally handing her a paper towel. Then she bent down and gave the little girl the biggest hug in the world. "I'm sure glad you feel better now, Mrs.-" this little sweetheart said. "So am I, dear, so am I" replied my friend. "Come on, we'd better get back outside to the crossing.

And so they went, hand in hand, back up the stairs and out the door to her post, where the little girl's friends were standing vigilant to make sure no kids tried to cross. And now, every day, this same group of girls stands with her to the end of her shift, ready to help her if another emergency should arise. The only problem is that the girls have been arguing over who gets to escort her to the bathroom next time. So she has resolved the problem by assigning each of them a turn in order. So far, she's only had to take advantage of their services one time since the aforementioned incident. And as she's told me, they're her little lifesavers.

Uppity Bunny
I can totally relate to your Fleet enema story. I was really constipated yesterday and had to give myself one. I was so bloated and full of crap after lunch that I went to the pharmacy and bought two Fleet enema extras. I paid for them at the pharmacy register because I thought that there would be less embarrasment than waiting in line at the front of the store. Ironically, another guy in his late 20's came up right behind me to check out. He had two of the Fleet twin packs in his hand. We made eye contact for a split second and we both grinned a sheepish grin and looked away. So much for avoiding embarrasment.

I gave myself the enema at home kneeling on a towel on the bathroom floor. My chest was on the towel and my butt was in the air. As soon as it was all up my ass, I started feeling a huge urge to evacuate it. I know that you are supposed to hold on for at least two minutes, so I decided to try for three minutes to ensure that it worked well. At about a minute and a half, I started to lose control and leaked a few drops of the liquid on the towel. At two minutes, it was cramping and churning my guts like crazy. I managed to hold on for three although it was starting to come back out of me. I leapt to my feet and moved to the toilet. Before I could get my ass cheeks completely down on the seat, I exploded. A torrent of nasty water shot out and splashed the back of the toilet seat. Fortunately, the main bowel movement, which was also explosive, ended up in the right place. I continued to push and grunt out hard turds and gas, along with a few dribbles of solution, for the next couple of minutes. It was a pretty impressive dump when it was all over. It never ceases to amaze me how fast an enema causes everything to come out that has been up there so long. It seems to happen in a split second. Anyway, I felt so much better, even though I had nasty farts for the rest of the day. Some of them were slimy, too. Does that ever happen to you after a Fleets? How were you able to give yourself the enema in the car? It seems kind of confined to assume one of the recommended positions. I, too, like guy constipation experiences.

That sounds like a very embarrasing experience with your mom giving you an enema. I had a similar experience, but I was older than you and the enema was given by a male friend rather than my mom. I wrote about it in one of my postings here years ago.

I had been constipated for days and nothing was helping - not even a Fleet enema. My friend offered to give me an enema using the hot water bottle device he had. Rather than having me bend over the bed, he spread towels on the bed and had me kneel there. I could have died from embarrasment, but he was very cool about the whole thing. He inserted the tube and held the bag up above me since there was no place to hang it. It took about five minutes, but he got the full two quarts of water in me and I held it for a while. That enema really cleaned me out. I pooped my guts out for a good thirty minutes. He came into the bathroom periodically while I was on the toilet to make sure I was OK. By that point, I was pretty much over the embarrasment and was focused on what was happening to my bowels. How much water did you have to take? Did it work well?

John (and Maria)

That is an interesting story: it just shows that, when he or she is under some kind of emotional strain, a parent can take it out on kids when they actually didn't deserve anything of the kind and Megan's tale that also appeared today is pretty much at the other end of the scale.
Nobody, whatever his or her age, is totally immune from the sudden urge to take a dump. While some are surely more prone to it than others I think that anyone who claims they are never afflicted is almost certainly telling you what they wish was actually the truth! I'd be lying to you if I said that it has not happened to me as an adult and while we sometimes, more or less, bring it on ourselves (and I'd be lying again if I claimed I had never done that) the worst of all are surely the totally 'surprise' events.

From what you say, despite the unfortunate incident years ago, at least things have worked out for Maria and Rick and I think that actually says a great deal about what really makes a relationship special...

I have been woken on a couple of nights with soreness in my rectum etc...from hard poos so I needed to do something constructive. Yesterday , after a couple of poor toilet results I had a large glass of prune juice and headed for the gym...towards the conclusion of my session I was doing abdominal work and the uge hit...I had to put myself on a toilet quick. I ran in to my favourite has a view over a park! Everything gushed out in one big explosion and I felt much better..the toilet was destroyed. A miracle one flush and it was clean. Today a further glass of prune juice and this time at the end of training I had minimal urge put evacuated a few large well formed turds..and easily too. My arse is still sore but not as sore.
I will try the same trick again tomorrw.
I think Linda from Aust you will just have to drop your load when the urge arises..and try prune juice!
Megan, I like shitting not to be shameful and enjoyable but I could not do what you did...well done to you and Mum.
Thunder From Down Under

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello. I have an interesting story to tell. First of all, I'm 18, have shoulder length brown hair, and about 120 pounds. While I'm not fat, for some reason I have a chubby butt lol. I look a lot like my mother. She is 42, has the same hair as I do, and keeps herself well. My mom and I were shopping in the mall earlier and all of the sudden I felt the need to poop. It wasn't too bad at the time, just a little bit of a sensation. Almost as if she could read my mind, my mom says that we should stop by the restroom. As we are walking, I see my mom start to fidget a little and I'm starting to really need to go. We go into the mall restroom and every stall is taken. My mom says, wow I didn't realize how much I needed to take a poop. I giggled because I haven't heard her talk like that before.

After what seemed like forever the larger stall opens and my mom and I practicly dash in. She says lets try this since we don't want an accident. Just then my mom pulls off her pants and then her red underwear and kicks them to the side. I didn't know how I felt because I have never seen my mother have nude before. She has some cellulite but I hope my butt looks like hers when I get to her age. She sits on the toilet, opens her legs and tells me to sit between them. I pull off my shorts and thong and sit down myself.

This was really weird to me, sitting on the toilet half naked ith my mother also half naked and her legs wrapped around my hips, not to mention her light brown pubic hair brushing against my butt. My mom sighs as we both began our poops. I start to push out a soft turd that I felt go plop in the toilet. I hear and feel my mom pushing and I hear her pushing out a firm log of poop that must have been big because it didn't make a sound when it broke off. My mom gave a soft moan so it must have felt good. In the mean time I'm steadily going plop plop plop on top of my mom's shit. She and I sat together in silence for a few more minutes as I squeeze out another poop and my mom did a couple of smaller ones on top of my poop.

I stood up and wiped my butt. I wasn't too dirty, only a small bit. My mom opens her legs and begins to wipe her butt. She stands up and we are both WOW. The bowl was completely filled up with our poop. My mom left one long neat poop that curled in half with a couple of smaller ones. My poops weren't as big as hers but I definitely did more of them. Kinda funny how my mom and I were standing half-naked looking at our poop like a couple of kids. We then redressed and left the stall, pitying the next woman who came in after us. I guess parents and their kids poop alike!

Jayna <3
I do not usually act like this. I was just pretty pissed of at the guy.

I was dating this guy. And I had this so called friend. I had been dating this guy for about a year so I had his key. Well after I introduced him to my friend he instantly fell for her.

Well one day after a long day of work I decided to visit him. I opened the door saw that there were two lumps in his bed. I realized that they were my friend and my boyfriend. I ran out the door in tears. The next day I thought of revenge. He was at work. So it was the perfect time too do it.

I drove too his house and parked my car. I opened his door went into his bedroom and in his closet. I pulled down most of his clothing. I dropped my jeans, crouched and crapped like I never. And since I was filled with anger and poop. I left quite a big pile of poop on his clothing. With a tissue I smeared it all over his clothing.

It was pretty disgusting but it was worth it. I went over to his bed and peed. I laughed quietly to myself and left and waited for his response later.

At about 5 he called saying some lunatic somehow got into his house and left a mess everywhere. I didn't tell it was me but it was pretty funny. I told him I would come over and look. So I drove there trying to hide my smile.

I saw my mess scattered across his room, and on him. There was some poop on his faces. After a moment of looking. I told him that I wanted to move on and threw his key at him.

Lo Zozzone
I think that girls fart more than boys, but in their toilets, because they have a good polite, that mostly boys haven't got.

Peeing Priya
I'm 14 and a freshman in high school. All my friends go the Friday night football game. It's a great place to hang-out. However, since wer're in the midwest and it's getting colder, and the toilets in our stadium are not heated that well, I'm having difficulty in peeing. I just hate pulling my underwear down and sitting on the cold seats. I had to go twice last week and was able to get my pee flowing only after sitting longer and for some reason, I wasn't fully able to empty my bladder. Do any of the rest of you have a similar problem. My mom says I should put toilet paper over the seat first, but there often isn't enough left on the roll to do that. My older sister says she knows it sucks but that I just need to get use to it. I told a boy I know about this and he says he feels the same way but that he just holds his crap until the game is over and then he goes across the street to Burger King where we all hang out. Do you think I'm too sensitive?

Hi, I was wondering if we leek out "poo" juice constantly? Most of the time I do a wipe check my anus area is clean, but at times some brownish colored watery substances remains on the toilet paper that I used to do a check wipe and it smells like you know what! Yet I dont have to go. Is this normal and what can I do to prevent it. It is grossing me out!

Last night I stayed over at a friend's house. When I woke up, I decided to take a quick shower while she was still sleeping. I turned on the shower, took of my clothes and sat on the toilet. I peed for quite a long time before showering.

About half way through the shower, something interesting happened - I felt the urge to poop. That doesn't usually happen, but it's sort of annoying when it does. I left the water running and sat on the toilet again, this time dripping wet from the shower.

I like to read while pooping, as it typically takes me a while, but there was nothing in the bathroom. Regardless, I could feel a turd moving into position. The turd snaked out and plopped in the bowl, and another turd shortly started out. This one was a bit shorter and it snapped off. I wiped a few times and dropped the paper in the toilet.

I then hopped back in the shower and finished up, flushing after I was done. My friend's toilet is a fairly new one, but for some reason it has a smaller bowl than most. I thought my dump would stop up the toilet, but it all managed to go down.

I just wanted to let all of you know that I had my first bowel movement of the day earlier. After urinating, I had a feeling that I might have to defecate. So I placed the toilet seat down, cover the seat with a toilet seat cover, pull down my pants, and sit on the toilet. I discovered that my urge was no false alarm as it only took a few pushes to expel the stool. I wipe, put the seat cover in the toilet, flush, and wash my hands.

yesterday i woke up and I really had to pee, but i was tired and didn't think about it. Suddenly, it started trickling into my panties. I ran for the bathroom, but i lost controll and peed my self. I thought that was the worst of it. After i got cleaned up, I started to rip huge farts. They were long and wet. I got the "take a shit" feeling and ran for the bathroom, but it exploded on me and i began a 45 second diarrhea fart. Later that day I was having a fart attack, i am not kidding when i say one every few seconds for like 30 minutes straight. Also, that night i peed and almost crapped myself, but i made it to the toilet before the pure liquid diarrhea flowed wave after wave out of me. I think I might have IBS!

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