Since I've yet to have a post-thanksgiving poop, I think I'll post a story from when I was young and stupid. This was several years ago when I was in college. On one three-day weekend, some friends and I went out and had a bit too much to drink.

One thing led to another and we ended up a nearby park. I mentioned that I really needed to pee, so one of my friends dared me to pee in a urinal. Seeing as I was rather drunk and REALLY needed to pee, I went along with it. Luckily for me, this was a smaller park, so it wasn't likely anyone would be using them men's room.

I took off my pants and panties and sort of squat-hovered over the urinal. Most of my stream made it into the urinal, but some hit the ground. Midway through my piss, another of my friends came over and squatted over the urinal next to me and began to piss as well.

Keith D

To Danice: Thanks for the reply! Buttholes really should come with a manual or something for how to operate them. There's a lot that many people could learn about how to do a bowel movement that would make their lives much easier. I had not thought about anal massage relaxing the bowel, rather than just the hole itself. That could be very useful. I wonder how it works? The two must be connected by the nervous system or something. I will have to try it your way next time I'm having trouble with a hard one.

I've only tried something similar to this once. I went out with a girl who was a nurse. She'd been in training for doing "manual decompactions" on people with paralysis. They'd shown her the theory but she was sent home with "homework" to do the "practical" on herself. It was important to get the technique right because some people with paralysis can't feel if you're hurting them and you can do a lot of damage.

After practicing on herself, she decided to try it on me. It didn't work, in fact it had the opposite effect. It involved deep insertion and digging around and she was pretty aggressive and had sharp fingernails!

Despite years of constipation, I've never tried laxatives, suppositories, enemas or anything like that. I've always strained and pushed it out the old fashioned way. As a kid, may parents wouldn't allow me any of the alternatives as you could get dependent on it. I guess that I've just continued down that path. And these days, I don't mind the sensation of pushing one out - and the sense of real relief and achievement you get at the end!

As for myself, my time on the stool seems to vary a lot. When I was younger and only went once or twice a week, it used to take about half an hour, with lots of pushing and straining and often without any success. I would only sit twice a week and if I took longer than the half hour I had my Mom banging on the door teling me to hurry up and get in the shower. I guess it saved time. I have no idea how long it would take for me to poop if I had just sat and waited for it to make its own way out. Maybe a week! It's just never happened before. Perhaps I just haven't tried it and don't have the patience.

These days, I only go sit when I'm having cramps and the log is pushing at my rectum. I sit, spread my cheeks a bit and hunch right down or squat with my knees against my chest and push as hard as I can. I get a few seconds of gas, before my poop plugs the hole from the inside. It takes a couple of minutes of quiet pushing and exhaling to get the tip of the poop through my hole (which is usually too tight and clenching), then afterwards it passes pretty quickly. I usually only make one short hard log, so maybe three minutes all up to get it out. It usually only takes a couple of wipes to get clean (the poop is generally hard and not sticky) so maybe another minute. If I need to pee it may take longer. I don't usually pee during my poop session but if I need to go then I pee first (while sitting waiting) because if I try to poop wit a full bladder the pressure may squirt pee out and it could go anywhere. I'm usually done in five minutes but may often spend longer just sitting and relaxing afterwards. It takes a while before my poor anus feels like it has recovered. That post-poop sensation, where the hole dilates and contracts a few times and gets itself back into order feels good but can be a bit tender if I'm running around or sitting down on a hard seat!

Anyway, thanks for the cool technique Danice, you're an angel.

To Uncle Harry: Wow! Where do you keep getting all these stories from? You seem to have had more than the average number of interesting or bizarre shared toilet encounters in your lifetime. It's amazing the different circles that people travel in and their different experiences.

To Lauren: Auggghhhh... That's a long time to wait for a dump. It would have been so hard. I remember that feeling well from when I used to hold it for a week or two for a time. I didn't really mean to I just didn't get many urges and when I did I avoided it because of the pain. Your post brought back many memories - especially the cold hard seat in the night. It's always the most painful as that dry, scratchy hard tip starts to push through. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... All you want to do is get it out and it takes so long. It might be better if you could find something to distract yourself a bit while going. Easier said than done though. I know some people like to read in the toilet but it's not really my thing...

To Nony: Have you got that follow-up story from spending time with your friend? That's always a fun experience, catching someone going to poop when they think no one has noticed them slip away. I've had to share hotel rooms with a few work colleagues over the years at work functions. You'd swear they never pooped! But eventually, usually the third or fourth night in, sometime in the middle of the night you hear them sneak into the bathroom then struggle because they've waited too long.

To Shy Lurker Jane: Cool story. Embarrassing to have your toilet session broadcast through the whole house, for sure. I especially find it difficult to poop around friends or family. In a public stall is much easier and these days I don't seem to care about any sounds I make. I don't really understand what the difference is. And why is it that some friends are just that bit naughty and have to make a scene? But in other ways, it can be nice to get these things out in the open and share with others.

I'll post some more stories soon.

hey guys to resolve the problem of gassy dumps i come up with this.when i sit on the toilet, i put an hand under the ///, and my loud booming farts came out silently, without harming everybody. I know many girls had that trouble. try this

Danny B
Uppity Bunny,

I can sympathize with your frequent constipation. Although mine is related to IBS, so it doesn't really matter what I eat, I can usually count on being constipated more often than not. Reading your tale of the enema in the car though, well, lets just say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to chat with you on yahoo or MSN about your constipation.

How often do you use suppositories? can you describe a suppository experience for us?

Yesterday I had to help serve deserts for a Thanksgiving buffet my dad had at his restaurant. Over 1,000 people attended. I had one person to help me who dissapeared every five minutes on his cellphone or smoking or whatever. I had been running back and forth all day getting pies and cakes and other deserts. I had to pee really bad since I had been there since 9am and it was about 7 pm then. I was doing a small pee dance waiting for him to get back so I could use the bathroom. As soon as he came in he had a cup in his hand with ice so he could get a drink since we served deserts at the bar. He started pouring the drink in his cup which made me absolutely desperate. I grabbed myself hard quickly for a few seconds while no one was looking. I was about to tell him I was going to go pee when he squirmed a bit and said I'll be right back I got to pee and ran out the door. I didnt want to leave the desert bar alone since a huge crowd had just came in. I went over to help a customer. They asked me for a server to get a slice of pie with. None of them were clean so I had to clean one off which meant turning on the water. I cleaned it off while squirming and hopping around. The customer started laughing and asked if I needed to use the bathroom. I told her yes but I was going to go after my help got back. I served her a piece, pressing my bladder against the counter. Finally my help came back and I told him I would be right back I had to go. I ran out of the door but ran into some people and apologized. It startled me and I had wet my underwear a bit. I started to hurry to the bathroom. When I got there both of the stalls were closed. It smelled in there so I could tell they were taking a poop. I didn't care by this point and hurried out to the back of the restaurant, dribbling in my underwear on the way. I got out and ran behind out shed and finally got sweet relief. I looked at my apron with anout a three-inch yellow wet spot on it. I waited until no one was around and threw the apron on the ground, hid my wet spot with my hands and grabbed another apron from the back room. I thought I was good but as soon as I got back there my help asked where I'd been so long and I said I needed some air. I walked by him to grab a piece of cake to put up on the bar and heard him laughing. He said looks like you didnt make it. I forgot the back of my pants and inside of my legs were wet, he laughed hard. I said shut up it was his fault I didnt. He said I'll leave you alone, go out and take a break until you dry off if you want you have been working hard. He told me he wet himself on one of his dates once so dont feel bad.

The porta-potties are already out for the big race tomorrow. They were put in place by four o'clock. The starting and finishing point of the race is close to where I live. There is a fire station about forty feet from the starting and finishing point, but the only people, other than firefighters who get to use the firefighters bathroom are the police.

To Keith D..

Well, for me anal massage works. I just sit on the toilet, bending forward. The urge causes my anus to relax and portrude automatically, when I don't clench.
Since I poop only about 2 times a week, and I shower often, my anus is always very clean, so I havo no trouble touching my anus whatsoever. It feels nice.

The way I massage my anus: I let it relax, wet my finger, and rub it. Gently backwards, and a forwards a bit firmer. Sometimes I go a little bit inside with my finger. It seems to stimulate my bowels, rather than to relax my anus, since I have no trouble with the latter.. How long do you have to sit when pooping? Greetz Danice..

No spectacular dumps yet.. Just the usual long ones so far.. Hope to have another story soon! Bye!!

Fridayday, November 23, 2007

Due to sluggish bowels I decided to try a colonic irrigation. I went to the clinic this morning and the nurse asked me a heap of questions about my bowels etc and my pain medication. She was quite upfront! She had a feel of my abdomin and it hurt...she said I was full of shit! I was taken to the treatment room and was told to lay on a table but in the middle it had a sort of toilet. You laid down with body inclined and bottom over this square toilet bowl and legs straddled either looked very much like a position to give birth. She sais that I really needed to do a big poo as she put this tube up my bum. It was lubricated and about the width of a pen. The tube was connected to this machine which had gallons of water (pure) in it. The tube felt quite comfortable on insertion and I had a small towel over my male parts. The machine was turned on (it made no sound). I had wanted to move my bowels all morning bu could not shift them so hopefully the colonic would do the job. Anyway the tube fed water into my rectum and after a very short time I could start to feel the urge. She said just give it a small push...I did and nothing happened. I waited a short time and was feeling more desparate and still nothing moving and then I felt the stubborn turd move and plop, plop plop etc into the bowl under my bum....I do not recall passing so much in one filled the air with that smell but fortunately the window was wide open. As I filled up the same happened again but this time it was all runny with some chunks in it. Then the farting began...and the shit splatters and then I seemed to get obstructed and grunted out turd after turd. The nurse came in and gave my stomach a massage...she said I was already a lot less full. More water was pumped in and more was expelled.
At the conclusion I was given some toilet paper for a quick wipe and then helped onto a normal toilet where I passed a bit of watery poo...wiped and dressed. My jeans fitted better...less tight. Since going back to work i have had a couple of trips to the toilet and passed a fair bit of gas and some water...I feel so much better...will be going back for another treatment in a few days.
Thunder From Down Under

right before halloween i had to poop badly on the way home from work. It was dark. i I saw this display of jack o lanterns on bales of straw at a park next to a pic nic table. I couldn't resist. I took the lid off one pumpkin and took off my panties and jeans and squated over it and dumped my load into it. 3 nice logs. wiped and put the paper in on top, put the lid bac k on and left.

would really like to hear those post thanksgiving pooping stories. specially from the younger group here. having to wait on family members etc. like all ur stories. happy thanksgiving to u all.

There is one thing you should know: too much enemas could paralyze your system. You should eat many more vegetables that are in fact fibre-rich. Everybody seems to be constipated today because the people doesn't eat vegetables.

Hi everyone!

I hadn't gone poop since November 7th. Yesterday night i woke up at 1 a.m with the urge to poop I staggered, still half-asleep into the bathroom, took down my pajama pants and sat down on the cold toilet seat . It already started to hurt before it even started coming out of my hole. Slowly the tip started to peak out. I winced in pain. The urge to push was extreme, I press as hard as I could to get something going. I started crying in pain. Then after forty minutes of pushing finaly the hard stuff was over. It was hard as a rock. I flushed and go to bed.


I had to go poop badly so i ran as fast as i could and i lost the battle by 3 secs so i had to clean it up off the floor of the bathroom. EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!

To Robert:
Your story in the outhouse was very very interesting. Please write more episodes of this type.

I haven't been feeling all that great for the past day and as a result, I've been running to the bathroom every few hours with bouts of diarrhea. It all started last night at around 8. I was feeling kind of sick and I felt diarrhea starting to come on, so into the bathroom I go. It didn't start right away as I expected it to. I sat on the toilet for a couple minutes or so just hoping that it was just a gas buildup and it would go away. Suddenly, I let out a fart, and the floodgates opened. Diarrhea came flying out of my butt and splattered the bowl with a greeny brown color. All the while through this, I'm moaning in pain and clutching my stomach. For 10 minutes this went on. The first wave ended, and I'm sitting on the toilet in pain and then another wave starts. More diarrhea came splattering out. This wave was a lot more gassier though. Every time I farted, about 20 chunks would shoot out. Finally after spending 30 minutes on the toilet, my stomach felt better. I wiped 15 times and flushed. I had to flush 2 times to get everything down the hole! I decided to go to bed after this seeing as how I wasn't feeling well at all. I couldn't get to sleep until midnight though, because my stomach was in a lot of pain. After falling asleep, I was up every 2 hours with horrible diarrhea. I woke up at 10 still feeling crappy. As I was getting ready for my shower, another cramp sent me dashing to the bathroom. Once on the toilet, I exploded chunk after chunk into the toilet. I was almost in tears because of how much pain I was in. When I wiped, I noticed that the color was no longer greeny brown. It had returned to its brown color. I wiped myself and climbed into the shower. After that, I took some Pepto Bismol to calm my stomach and diarrhea. Since that, I haven't had to go to the bathroom in a couple hours now.

Becky M
Hey, Thanksgiving's coming, and, for me, that means lots of turkey, and lots of poop. I always get diarrhea after Thanksgiving; don't know if it's the turkey or not, as most food gives me the runs anyway. But I usually end up taking some memorable dumps after the big turkey day!! Of course, lately my bowels have been quiet and well behaved; I am sure that will change real soon, however.

Looking forward to everyone's posting their experiences with their post T-Day Dump!!

When I was about twelve and my sister ten, she used to invite her
friends to play upstairs. If they happened to be over at the house
when I had to poop, I would go into the bathroom, take my pants
down and spread my cheeks. Then I would call them in. I loved the
feeling of having a turd protruding from my anus while several
little girls talked to me. They would walk around and watch me
poop, sometime patting my cheeks as I sat smelling,hands on knees and
butt pushed outward. After I was through, they would leave while I wiped.
We all enjoyed it! Happy shitting, everyone!

Angie Ann
I don't know why it is but I'm a 25-year-old college graduate with a good job that gets me out of the office most of the day but I have yet to overcome one predicament: I can't ask for a bathroom key or permission to use a bathroom away from home. Let me explain. I see media adverting--radio, TV, billboards, bus benches, etc.--so I'm calling on clients most of the day. As strange as it may seem, I have no trouble using large public bathrooms such as those at football and baseball stadiums, shopping malls, etc., but it's the small ones, often those located in the buildings I'm visiting, that cause me the problems. For example, this morning I visiged my office, took a cup of coffee and started to drink it when I noticed I was running late. I continued to drink it as I ran out into the parking garage. I felt a pee coming on, but I didn't want to go back because I had less than 15 minutes to get across town to a meeting. By the time I arrived at the 27th floor suite, I had to pee bad. I know I should have asked the receptionist when I arrived where their bathroom was but I didn't. The meeting lasted about 25 minutes, I left my brochure and ratecard, and again didn't ask for directions on my way out. I don't know why it is, but when I sat down in the car, I felt a greater urgency. Three blocks away I saw a Shell sign and found a very busy colonial-style station with two restrooms on the side. I parked as close as I could to the building. I would almost swear that the car was still coasting when I put it in park and, I actually...ran to the womens door. I almost started to cry out loud when I turned the knob and found it was locked. The sign said it was for my safety and cleanliness that I would have to get the key from the attendant. Why me? I didn't care about sanitation and safety, I just needed to pee...and fast. My salvation was apparent about three feet away where I saw the door to the mens room was ajar. I immediately seized the opportunity and within about 10 seconds I was inside, had closed the door and had pulled up my skirt, dropped my thong and was relieving myself with a ferocious flow. I swear it took me 4 or 5 minutes to completely clear my bladder. As I was finishing up, I pulled up the front of my skirt and found there was urine over the front of the seat. Whether it was mine or the previous users, I didn't really care, because I felt fully relieved for the first time in about two hours. I found there was no toilet paper on the roll--actually there wasn't even a roll in the holder, as I can recall--but I was still relieved. I saw that the faucet was leaking and the cloth towel roll had been exhausted. But that didn't really faze me. That bowl full of yellow pee was the most satisfying thing to me. I opened the restroom door, which I noticed I had not latched, to find that in my haste I had left my engine running and the car door ajar. "In-A-Godda-Da-Vida" was still playing on my classic rock station (it's Adam--my boyfriend's all-time favorite song) and I set out for my next appointment. I didn't have to pee again until about 4 p.m. when I stopped at the mall to pick up dresses I had special ordered. The restroom was crowded and that pee was sooo uneventful.


I think people should not feel bad when they mess in there underwear or panties. Thats what underwear and panties are for if you can't get to the toilet. Before toilets were invented people used underwear and panties for a bathroom.


I would like to know how people clean there poopy pants do dunk them in the toilet, do flush them down the toilet, do you wash them in the shower, or do you throw them in the wash? Please explian in detail thanks.

uppity bunny
Danny B, if anything, i tend to get constipated on a fairly regular basis. Seeing as how I'm a poor musician living in the city (a large city in MA, I'll leave it at that), I don't have the luxury of eating balanced meals like I did when I lived at home. Lots of pre-prepared things in boxes, you know? Perhaps this contributes to my poop habits. I've always done large, hard poops ever since I can remember. But I've only given myself an enema twice...the first time was last year, and the second time was in the car. I usually just ride it out, straining hard on the toilet, sometimes using glycerin suppositories. As for the car enema, I don't recommend it...I was lucky that I was in a secluded area and could stop if I had to on a second's notice. But if you should have an accident and blow it in the car, well...that speaks for itself. At best, it's go get the Febreze. At worst, it's a trip to the dealership for a reupholstering with your tail between your legs having to explain how a puddle of shit ended up in the driver's seat (well, you might not have to explain it, but imagine the embarassment regardless). It was also harder for me since the car I drive back home has a manual transmission (give me a stick or give me death!), and with each frantic gearchange to get to where I was going, the leg movement that comes with declutching brought me closer and closer to a mishap. I was lucky, though.

How does that saying go? Art imitates life? A couple of months ago I was visiting a web site and they were proudly showing a short video clip of three of four young people in a hot tub when suddenly one of the girls shot to her feet and the water around her legs quickly turned dark brown. She covered her face as everyone bolted out of the tub.

Last night I was watching a television program on the FX channel. The scene was a man and woman in a hot tub. The man was trying to get the swimsuit off the woman but she was resisting. She spoke of him being an important man and the press would really jump at the opportunity to catch them naked together. A few minutes later she stands up to exit the tub and he pulls her back down into the water. She stands up again saying she needs to get out and he pulls her back in again, only this time, as the water surrounds her the water quickly turns dark brown. The man scrambles out of the tub. The woman is so embarrased that she just sits there being surrounded by her own diluted poop. The scene cuts to her sitting in the living room and the man enters commenting about how he drained the tub and heavily disinfected. She admits to taking laxatives to offset a high calorie meal and losing control. She is referred to as "the shitter" for the remainder of the show.

To Keith D..

Well, for me anal massage works. I just sit on the toilet, bending forward. The urge causes my anus to relax and portrude automatically, when I don't clench.
Since I poop only about 2 times a week, and I shower often, my anus is always very clean, so I havo no trouble touching my anus whatsoever. It feels nice.

The way I massage my anus: I let it relax, wet my finger, and rub it. Gently backwards, and a forwards a bit firmer. Sometimes I go a little bit inside with my finger. It seems to stimulate my bowels, rather than to relax my anus, since I have no trouble with the latter.. How long do you have to sit when pooping? Greetz Danice..

No spectacular dumps yet.. Just the usual long ones so far.. Hope to have another story soon! Bye!!

Hi yall, don't know if you remember me but I'm paralized male 26 and of course stuff that usually that is discussed here is all different for me.

I have my poop set for every other day so i can have a normal type of life. Well i really can't sit on the toilet or push and usually need help.

So my story starts this morning early it was my time for a dump, and my nurse or whomever i can get will help me get ready and start everything i need to take a poop. That is a paper pad and a diaper but not strapped on just to catch and clean up whatever i get out. This morning was alright but needed a ton of help from my nurse, i layed on my side naked from waist down and she did the normal suppository and exercises that usually start my poop down and out. Today no dice i was going to need full assisstance, meaning digital stimulation of my rectum. So my nurse started that and felt a cramp and she was able to pull small pieces out at a time. She did that for a hour or so every ten minutes until my colon stops opening and gives any goo. I only had enough poop for a half of a diaper. I didn't feel the best all day, and tonight we had mexican food and as I'm typing i can feel that i need more poop out if not a ton. I'm not suppose to get any meds or help until Thursday morning at 5: 00am. But I'm hoping my body wouldn't wait and push it out soon:-(

Although we had Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday before for some reason, and that night after eating way too much of everything i begged my aunt for a dump. She came in at my time and put my suppository into my rectum and waited. I felt huge something inside of me move, so i held my breath and pushed against what felt like a big rock. I could hear and smell the massive turd as it fell onto my diaper and felt more emptying.
i had filled the entire thing to where she couldn't close it and had to drop some of the big poop on to the pad and find another diaper. Layed there in bed on my side waiting for my next wave that needed a start from her finger in my rectum. It began cramping like a normal rectum will and pushed out another load to fill a second adult size diaper. I felt empty but checked in one last time with just the pad left to catch whatever and i had two bubbly farts that pushed out about a fist size of soft serve. I felt wonderful and went back to sleep.

If you guys have questions or anything let me know.
Happy pooping!!


Hey everyone. I have posted a few times before but I usually dont have much to talk about. But recently I had a pretty good experience. My wife has a friend that always comes in for the week of Thanksgiving. She is a very attractive 28 yr old woman with brown hair down to just below here shoulders. She stays in our guest room at night then her (Lianna) and my wife (Amy) always do stuff during the day. Lianna arrived here Sunday and does not leave until Sunday after Thanksgiving. Anyway, last night about 12:30 I saw her walk into our bathroom and shut the door. After I didn't hear anything for about a minute I quietly got up trying not to wake my wife and creeped toward the door. She was still making no noise at all. I squatted down and looked under the door and saw her pajammas down at her feet. This made me sure she was pooping! I waited for a bit longer until finally I heard her exhale. In no time she did it again. Then she let out a small grunt. My heart was pounding now. But I was really scared that Amy would wake up and see me. Lianna continued to sit there and push out her poop. Her grunts were all the same, just exhaling and the small ehhhhh's and uhhhhmmm's. After about 6 or 7 minutes of me standing there I heard her start to unroll the toilet paper but I never heard the poop flop into the water. She unrolled enough paper to wipe herself because she didnt unroll it again. I really wasnt sure that she even pooped because i never heard it hit the water. She flushed so I quickly tip toed back in bed where Amy was still sleeping. A minute passed and lianna still didnt come out of the toilet. Then I heard it flush again. She came out after that. I waited a while then went in the bathroom. I got a whiff of poo in the air so I knew she did poop. I lifted the toilet lid and found a few skidmarks in the bowl. I guess her poop was to big to go down in one flush. And thats probably why I never heard it hit the water because it was big enough to slide right down in the water without making a splash. She does not leave for 4 more days so hopefully thanksgiving dinner will give her a real good poop. And hopefully I will be lucky enough to be awake again if she goes at night.
One question though. Do you hear women grunt and push out really big turds? I mean, my wife is extremely self conscience about going to the bathroom and she nearly always poops while I am at work during the day. I just cant see attractive women grunting and pushing out massice poops like Lianna did. Do you all experience this very often? Thanks alot everyone and I hope you enjoyed. Like I said, hopefully I will have another before Sunday!

Me again. I had no time to post, and nothing interesting really.

Since last Wednesday, however, I have noticed some changes in my bowel habits. Wednesday and Thursday, hard little balls; I did not go on friday; on Saturday I did 2 big logs... and you can guess where this is going.

Every day since last Wednesday, it has been different, but my diet has more or less been the same. Except on Sunday, when I hung out with my girlfriend (we've only been dating for 2 weeks, she's 15 as me, but I'm older than her for about a month) and some friends, but that day everything went normal (2 medium sized logs easy to push out), except that I had to pee more times than usual.

Today, during PE, I got a strong urge to take a dump. Not usual for me during that time of the day, so I waited until class ended and we all were in the changing room. I went to the toilets and sat on the closest one to the showers. I pushed a little to get started, which made me pee a little. Nothing was coming out, so I pushed a little harder. Still nothing. A friend of mine asked me if I was ok. I panted, said yes, and continued pushing. Something started moving, but I was beginning to grunt, and I looked up, and saw my 4 or 5 of my classmates staring at me. I was getting rather embarrassed, so I stopped pushing and decided to give it a try later. I still felt a strong urge to go, but I just couldn't.

Eventually the urge got away, and did not come back until an hour ago. I was doing my homework when my girlfriend called, and about 10 seconds into the conversation I got the need again. I told her I would call her in a minute and hang up. I dashed to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down, the first log came out. Then the second and third logs, which looked like bananas. It took about half a minute for the three to come out. I wiped twice, and flushed.

Anyway, I was wondering if you think it is normal to be having these irregular, strange dumps, especially since I have made no change in my diet. If I keep having these dumps, I will post about them soon.

I just want to let everybody know that I am presently sitting on the toilet writing this, just having a bowel movement. I push to get the bowel movement started. It only takes a few pushes for me to expel a soft, long stool from my anus.

But I am not done yet. I urinate and defacate a tiny stool.

Well, I am going to go wipe shortly.

Uncle Harry

When I was in college taking a sociology class, at one point we were studying the homeless population. We were assigned a field project to interview a homeless person and report on it. My college was in a large city, so there were plenty of such people around. There were shelters, but they were so overcrowded that no one could stay very long. They were occasional places to stay a few nights, take a shower, get some food, and then move back onto the street. Getting them to agree to an interview was easy: we paid them $5.00; no one ever turned it down.

So one late afternoon in the fall, I went to my assigned territory... an industrial area where homeless people were known to congregate. I noticed two women pushing shopping carts with assorted "junk" in them go through a viaduct under a railroad embankment. I guessed they were homeless, returning from their "dumpster diving" with their days loot. I followed them through just as they reached the other end of the viaduct, which opened onto a gravely-grassy area on top of another embankment that overlooked a roadway. I introduced myself, showed them my university ID card, and offered them $5.00 each for an interview. They needed no further encouragement. I don't remember their names, but I'll call them Betty and Mary.

To the right of the open area, underneath an industrial building, was another area, about 40 x 40 feet, open in front, but with walls on three sides. The floor was gravel over dirt. This was their "apartment" as they called it. There was even a vent which put out warm air, so they could even survive in the winter, if it wasn't too cold. The area was filled with assorted junk, including some discarded furniture that seemed useable, including a large mattress and other stuff. There was also useless junk, like old tires, piles of broken concrete, and a few wooden chairs that originally had cane seats, which were now broken so there were just wooden rims with a hole in them.

After we talked for a while, Betty bluntly announced, "I gotta' take a piss. I ain't pissed all day and it's hurtin'". "Me too", said Mary. I was wondering where they were going to piss and then I found out what the broken chairs were for. They both went over to the chairs against a wall, stood with their backs to them, pulled their pants and undies down to their ankles, then stood up, exposing their hairy muffs, and sat down on the chairs with their legs spread wide apart to keep from falling through the holes. Betty looked at me and said "I'm going to piss now. Don't watch or we'll be embarrassed". Then, without waiting to see if I was looking, they both released their urine. With the chairs open underneath the seat, I could see heavy pee streams coming out of their cracks and forming puddles on the ground before running down into the gravel. Betty had large pussy lips that spread apart as her stream came through; Mary had much smaller ones. "He's looking", said Mary, apparently to Betty. "He's watching us go to the bathroom". "Yeah. We ain't got no privacy", said Betty. I got the impression they were playing games with me; they sure didn't seem very embarrassed. After another 30 seconds or so, they finished, stood up, shook themselves off without wiping, and pulled up their pants.

Now a man, wearing a raggy overcoat, came through the viaduct and started talking to the women, who apparently knew him. "I gotta' take a leak", he said. Then he stepped over to an outside wall, with both women on his left and me on his right. He unzipped, pulled out his cock and aimed it at the wall. Then he extended the left side of his coat forward, apparently to block the women's view. "So the ladies won't see", he said to me, and proceeded to urinate on the wall, where it splattered before running down to the ground. Betty moved forward a little and looked around his coat. "No peeking, ladies", he said, as he extended his coat further. "I saw your piss coming out", said Betty with a smile. When he was done, he dropped the left side of his coat, shook the drops off his dick, put it away, and zipped up. Apparently, he didn't care if the women saw his penis, as long as they didn't see his pee coming out of it. They talked a few minutes more and then he left. By now, I needed to pee. "My turn, ladies", I said, as I stepped over to the wall, unzipped, took out the hose, and aimed it at the wall. "I don't have a coat to hold out", I said, "so just don't watch". Yeah, sure! They both giggled as I started to piss on the wall while they watched. "We're looking, fella", Mary said. "Yeah", said Betty. "You've got no privacy. You're doin' your pee-pee in front of women".

When we got back to the interview, they admitted the whole thing was a put-on. When you live on the street, no one has, or expects, any real privacy. In my class report, I briefly included this episode, but left out a lot of details. One other student, a woman, had a similar incident with a man she was interviewing, who took a pee break right in front of her. However, she didn't pee in front of him.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To Tia: Perhaps women feel more embarrassed about pooping at a friend's place than men?

When I went on business trips to Tokyo I would usually put up at the same friend's place there. We were very open about pooping with each other so I would happily sit on her john for as long as I needed, every time. She did likewise.

Once she was having trouble with her boyfriend. He called and I could tell she wanted the conversation to be private. Meanwhile my bottom was sending messages, asking for as long as possible on the loo, so I signalled to her and she nodded. I pushed out my usual 13 or so long thick turds with little trouble but taking about as many minutes as I hate to hurry a motion; it should be leisurely, I think. Then I washed and wiped and flushed and went into her room just as she was putting the phone down.

She thanked me, summarised the conversation, we discussed it for a while, she cried a bit, I tried to advise and console her, and then she went to push out 13 turds over the space of 13 minutes, occasionally opening the door to add a piece of information - and some smell.

By the way I DIDN'T open the door when I was busy in her loo. Her conversation was supposed to be private, after all.

Peeing princess
I love to pee and would like to have an experance wetting the bed but no matter how bad i need to go i can't pee in the bed i have tried not going hours before and drinking alot but i still wake up dry any help out there

Questions for girls:

- Naughty places where you have pooping?
- Biggest logs you have produce?

My boyfriend and i like to go to this park across the river from where we live we like to just chill out. In the summer they have the bathrooms open but this time of year they close them usually it is just us and it is dark out so we just go pee behind the van. He usually backs the van in to a spot

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