In response to the one post about completely filling pants. I have done that once, but it took more than one accident. I sitting in the last class of the day, when all of a sudden, I felt the urge to take a dump. There was no warning, it came out of thin air. It was very severe. At my school, each class is about 70 minutes. This urge came on about five minutes in. The horrible thing was that we were taking exams, so we weren't allowed to leave the classroom. The urge became terrible at about ten minutes in. I knew that I wasn't going to make it out, but I was going to go out fighting. It would be much better to fill my pants at the end of class, that way, there would be less time for everyone to figure out what happened. 5 more minutes passed untill all of a sudden, the person next to me let out a huge sneeze, he shook violently, knocking the books off his desk. He scared the crap out of me... literally. The poop started to come out in my pants, and I couldn't stop it, after 30 seconds of fighting, the pain was too much, I was forced to give up and let the terror run its course. I watched the clock as I elevated my butt and let go, it took a whole five minutes for the dump to finish. It's a good thing that I was weaing loose sweat pants and tight panties with legs that go half way down to my knees. It was also a lucky thing that the log was mostly solid, so it was all contained, but I could tell that it had filled the entire back half of my panties. I looked at the clodk and realized in horror that we still had 45 minutes left in the class.

I'll skip through those 45 minutes to when we are dismissed and I walked... more like waddled to my car. The school stalls had no doors, so I wasn't about to clean up in there. On the wasy back home, I got stuck in traffic, and another strong uurge to poop hit me, this one caught me by surprise, and before I could hold it in, it came out into my panties. By now, as you can imagine, my panties were a mess. The poop had squeezed its way into the front of my panties. I'm utterly amazed that nothing got on my pants. Yet somehow, through it all, I didn't feel bad at all, in fact, it felt rather good. This all happened During my senior year in high school.

When I was a kid, I had a friend down the street from me who had a
sister, 13, with the body of a twenty-year-old. I was about 14 at
the time and hung around with him. A budding exhibitionist, his sister was attractive and loved to sit bare-bottomed on the toilet with the bathroom door open and others present. She also craved the sun so her bottom was round and very pale. Sitting there with a magazine in hand, you could smell her bottom from ten feet away as she pooped. she pretended not to notice anyone.

Hi folks.Back again.Havn't posted for a while as there has been nothing of interest happening, plus some personal things which arn't worth mentioning here.So i thought that i would share this with you all.A female friend of mine once told me that when she was growing up her friends and her used to pee outside while playing.Not in front of each other but usually behind bushes.I also remember one night after a night in the pub(bar),she went to pee behind some garages.I joked with a guy we were with that we should try to catch her in the act but we were to slow and didn,t do it.He said to her that i wanted to see her frilly knickers and she quipped back "I don't wear frilly knickers!"Fun times! Well thats it.Hope you enjoyed.CHEERS BYE. ANDY

My friend told me about this site. The webs got everything now. Anyway I have a very memorable experience from 6 years ago. Back when I was 14 and my sister maria was 12, and my other sister Juliet was 9, we were getting our bathroom redone. My mother told us to go at the beginning of the day because it was going to be worked on all day. One of the workmen happened to be this boy named Rick who was one grade above Maria. She had a huge crush on him, and needless to say she occasionally went in to flirt with him. We all went to the bathroom first thing in the morning before the workmen came and then continued with our activities.
At one point or another in the day, we all went over to use our neighbor's the McKenly's toilet, but at 3:00 they went out on a family vacation so nobody was there. Maria was out for most of the day with her friends, but had to come home at 4:00, because of her soccer game at 5:00. she was the star player. When she got home she changed into her uniform, and came in to watch tv with us. About 15 minutes before the game she told mom that she had to go to the bathroom. This pissed my mother off. She ranted and raved about how she told us to go before our neighbor's left.
Eventually there was no other option but to go into our bathroom. At this point this had become one of those things that me and Juliet had to see. We always had to watch when mom got mad. There were 5 workmen in the bathroom. I think they were replacing the sink and painting the walls or something. When we walked in my mom announced that even though she warned Her, Maria had to pee. The workmen offered to leave but my mom insisted that they stay. She wanted to teach Maria a Lesson.
Maria walked into the room and pulled her short shorts down just in the back, as to not reveal anything to the 8 people in the room with her, and sat down on the toilet. The workmen pretended to ignore her. We could hear the stream hit the water. after about 30 seconds it stoped. My mother motioned for her to get up. "come on your game is is in 10 minutes." but Maria just sat there. "come on!". I felt so bad for My sister. She couldn't even bring herself to look up at mom, so she just stared at the floor and mumbled. "I have to go number 2". "What," my mother explained "speak up" "I have to poop mom!!" Maria's face turned bright red. at this point one of the workmen spoke up. "Ma'm, we can take a break if you'd like" my mom put on one of her fake smiles "No that's ok. I wouldn't want Maria's self centered attitude to slow you boys down."
Maria looked over and made eye contact with Rick. Her eyes started to water a little bit. The awkward silence of the room was broken by a crackle, followed by a Plop that made everybody in the room cringe. Then there was some squirting and a load long fart followed by an even bigger Plop. "you disgust me" My mother said, "hurry up and Finnish". Maria let out another couple of big plops. Then strained alittle bit and fared again. "Ugg" my mother said. "you stunk up the whole bathroom". It did smell bad. Rick even started to gag.
Maria's bottom lip started quivering. "can i have some toilet paper" She could barley keep from balling her eyes out. "you could've used toilet paper at the McKenly's house" she snapped. "Please!" said Maria. "No, if your going to act like a baby, you'll get treated like one. Now pull up your shorts so we can go." "I can't" Maria was sobbing now "I need to wipe!"
I could tell it was one of those bad ones that sticks to you and kinda hangs there. The gross squishy kind. "you'd better get up and leave right now missy, before you get in even more trouble." Maria gave in and stood up and reached behind herself to pull up her shorts. She reached toward the toilet handle. "no don't" said Rick's father "its not attached to the pipe". A humiliated, defeated Maria dragged herself out of the room.
"now you apologize to these men" "I'm sorry" Maria sobbed. We got outside and Juliet and I got into the car first. When Maria backed in, she put her butt in my face. There was a small brown stain in the seat of her white soccer shorts. It smelled really bad too. Like sweaty arm pits mixed with poop. Maria sobbed the whole way there. At the game Maria got in some good playing time. it almost made her forget about the horrible event.
After the game though, my mother reminded her. Apparently the workmen had to replace the toilet because Maria had pooped so much. This made my mother so angry that she didn't let Maria take a shower or change cloths. She locked the bathroom, and all of our bedrooms and made Maria sleep on the coach. The next morning Maria's stain was even worse. She smelled horrible too. At school no one made fun of her because of her popularity. She was the kind of girl that all the boys wanted to be with.
Everybody talked about her behind her back. She told me that the only comment she heard was that made by some boy who said "somebody forgot to wipe". My mother kept our bathroom locked to Maria for a week. She was forced to use her friends house. One time she had to poop in our backyard though. (a whole nother story) We found out later that my mother had had some type of psychological melt down due to her boyfriend dumping her, and her losing her job in the same day. Unfortunately she took it out on my 12 year old sister. Well ironically, Maria now has a steady relationship with Rick. He's a nice kid. I guess he wasn't as grossed out and turned off as everybody else was.

I had to shit and pee so i went to the bathroom and i barely made with 2 secs to spare. i had to poop again 2-3 hours later i couldnt make it in time before i shit on the floor.

try peeing on a towel, i wanna know how that is. just when your bladder is juat about to burst, get a thick towel, lay it on the floor, and pee on it

Karen's brother Dick
When my twin sister Karen and I reached 18, Karen started drinking rather a lot of alcohol at times. This caused her to lose her inhibitions about going to the toilet.

One weekend our parents went away and Karen took full advantage of this to go out 'binge drinking' on a Saturday evening without our parents knowing. Karen and I went out with some friends for a curry followed by some drinks at a pub. I liked this idea because I fancied Karen's best friend Alison and Karen liked me to go with her because I didn't drink much and she could rely on me to take care of her and get her home safely if she had a bit too much to drink. As we left the house, Karen told me that she had been constipated for a few days but she thought that she would have the opposite problem after eating a curry and drinking a few beers. After the meal, we went to a pub where Karen had far too much to drink. We were standing at a bus stop waiting for the bus home and Karen was a bit unsteady on her feet so I was supporting her. "I am bursting for a pee." she said. I said that I also needed a pee so we went behind a wall near the bus stop. I held Karen steady as she stood with her legs apart, reached under her skirt, pulled her panties aside and did a quick but powerful standing pee that gushed out against the wall. Then I did my pee.

We took the bus home but after getting off the bus we still had a 10 minute walk to our house. While we were taking a short cut through a park, Karen stopped and said, "That curry has really given me 'the runs', I think I am going to shit myself before we get home". The public toilets in the park were closed at night but there was a dog waste bin nearby with some black plastic bags. I grabbed a bag, said "Here, you can use this" and led Karen into some bushes. She squatted down and held the open bag under her bottom. Her bowels were quite loose and she poured soft poo into the bag. Karen she didn't have enough tissues with her to wipe herself properly. "I'll just have to walk home with a shitty bum", she said. Karen took her panties right off and put them into her handbag, then we walked home. I put the bag of her poo into the dog waste bin as we passed by. We got home and just as I was unlocking the front door, some soft poo dropped from under Karen's skirt and onto the doorstep. Then she was sick on the doorstep.

As soon as we got into the house, I rushed Karen to the bathroom and fortunately, she didn't throw up or drop any poo on the carpet on the way. I sat her down on the toilet and she did a long gushing pee then a load more mushy poo. "I feel sick", she said, "Can you get my potty?". I fetched the potty that she kept under her bed and held it in front of her face. She was sick into the potty, bringing up a mixture of curry and lager. I told her to try and bring up everything before going to bed to reduce the risk of vomiting in her sleep and choking. She leaned forward and heaved into the potty for a few minutes. While she was being sick, I could see more runny poo coming out of her bottom. When Karen had finished throwing up, peeing and pooing, I unrolled some toilet paper and handed it to her. She wiped herself at the front and back then I brought her a glass of water to rinse her mouth out and then I helped her to get to bed. I emptied her potty down the toilet then rinsed it out and put it by her bed. I put her on her side in the 'recovery position' in bed in case she was sick again then I put a large plastic sheet under her bottom in case she had any pee or poo accidents in bed. Karen soon fell asleep but I was worried that she might be sick in her sleep so I sat by her bed for a couple of hours, but she was OK.

The next morning, I went into Karen's bedroom to ask how she was feeling. She said that she had a terrible hangover and asked me to help her to get up and go to the toilet. She was unsteady on her feet and as soon she got out of bed, she grabbed the potty and sat on it. She said that she had the 'beer shits' and didn't want to risk doing it on the carpet on the way to the toilet. She squirted some noisy, runny and smelly poo into the potty then I helped her to get to the toilet. I emptied her potty down the toilet then I washed it out and left it with her in the bathroom. Karen was on the toilet most of the morning peeing, doing loose poo and being sick into the potty. Meanwhile, I cleaned up her sick and poo on the front doorstep before anyone saw it.

Later that day when Karen was feeling better, she said that she couldn't remember much about what happened last night. I told her that she did a pee at the bus stop, a poo in the park and on the front door step and threw up on the front doorstep. She was embarrassed about this but said that she was so lucky to have a brother who took good care of her when she was messy at both ends. I told her I would do anything for her but she had gone a bit 'over the top' with last night's drinking and it upset me to see her in such a state. She decided to moderate her alcohol consumption in future and stop 'binge drinking'.

Hi. My name is Loretta. I'm a quiet brunette. I've been reading for quite a while. But recently I've endured something quite embarrassing. I've been dating this really nice guy for about 4 months. I'm really slim, and I'm 23. I kind of short too. So as I was saying I've been dating this guy for 4 months.

On one of our dates we went to dinner and a movie. Very bland yes. But we stopped by his house for a few hours. When I started to feel my stomach rumbling. I exused myself to go to the bathroom. After about 20 minutes of no progress or anything he knocked on the door asking if I was okay. I said I was okay. About another 10 minutes of no progress he came back asking if I was okay. This time I replied no. He asked if he could come in. I said yes. He walked in. I felt my anus tighting as I grunted again. But nothing happened.

He started to rub my stomach and that helped immencly. As I started to grunt again. A few long pieces of turds flowed out. I thought I was finished so I wiped and pulled up my pants. I washed my hands and we walked out. After a few minutes of talking I had to fart. So I let out a little fart. Instead of air smelly fluid poured out. Right onto his couch. I ran to the bathroom as quick as could and jumped into the nearest thing. Which wasn't the toilet but the bathtub. And relieved myself. Leaving him to fend for the deigusting mess. After I was finished I helped him clean up the mess. He was caring about the mess and let me stay over since I was sick.

I was clearly embarrassed and wouldn't look at him in the eye for the rest of the night.

keep posting i love constipated stories

Dave B
To Amy: I was checking out your post about some of your ex boyfriends and I was just surprised to see how they reacted to your irregular pooping habits. For one thing they should have definitely been more supportive and comforting and not just stand there all pissed. I mean I wouldn't make such a big deal over it if I had a girlfriend do that. I actually would have been turned on a bit if a girl pooped her panties lol. Even if she really needed to go and couldn't move at all, I'd pick her up and take her to the toilet like a true gentlemen =) Usually, in my relationships I try to be more open, understanding, and supportive cause if I really the person I'm with I wouldn't wanna lose them. All I'm saying is that those guys shouldn't have been nicer cause now they've missed there chance to be with a sweet girl like you. Anyways, hope your problems get better and that I hope you were able to make it to the toilet at the end of your last post lol.

Using the toiet can be almost as good as sex. Yes, really! If you've been constipated and you have this awful pressure inside you for like days, and then you finally push out this enormous log, and it feels so good! I don't get constipated often but there are lots of times when I have to pee real bad. I put off peeing until I really have to go, and then there's no toilet around so I have to hold it longer. Then, when I finally have a chance to pee it feels so good! Once in a while I can't hold it long enough and I start to wet my pants, and if nobody sees me that can be a good experience too. I think with guys it's more intense because either poop or pee passes right by the prostate where there are lots of pleasure nerves, and if there's a lot of it there's a lot of pleasure messages being sent.


If I wait until my body insists on a poo I would only go twice a week but I can assume the position and with light pushing (usually only a medium effort and only a few seconds to start the process) I can have a relaxing small poo each day. As for your logs being stone hard, my first thought after reading your message is what do you eat. Some foods are necessary for our bodies to soften that log before dispatching it towards our panties. If you are nearly always constipated then try eating small amounts of foods known to cause the runs. Like raisins or prunes. It may take some time to figure out just how many is enough but passing a poo should not be painful


Very few teenagers have received enemas in the presence of let alone at the hands of their mom but I am quite sure you are not the only one. You said couldn't go thhis morning, so why an enema? Were you constipated for several days? Were you feeling intense pressure? Is your mom a doctor or nurse?

To Amy

YES I have driven my truck home wearing messy pants. I try to keep plastic in my truck in case I need something to sit on. We accept that babies have accidents and that the elderly have accidents. Why are we not allowed to have accidents? I'm also single. If we lived in the same city, I would take a chance on you...

I think I understand. Like all of us you hold it as long as you can then out it comes. The difference is that before you reach the "lost control" point, your fear takes over. At this point you are concerned about getting this poison out of you, you just choose to let it out sooner. You would rather deal with the embarrassment than the fear.

So what is the "driving force" for this fear? Are you afraid that if you hold to long you will damage your organs and spend the rest of your life in diapers pooping and peeing like a baby?

The r man
Has anyone seen that toyoda commercal about the family of five on a road trip and the youngest one, a little boy, has to use the potty to pee-pee really really bad but they can't find a potty anywear? I thought it was cute

To amy: i love your stories and i was wondering if you had any pee-pee stories from your potty traning days

I'm just curious: what's a normal poo size for you? I feel like mine are too small, and I just want to check if they're normal or not.

To CA: Although my sister and I didn't talk much about what we did in the bathroom while we were growing up, I do remember one time when we were coming home from high school together from the bus stop (she would have been 15 at the time) she said she needed to use the bathroom as soon as we got home. We had two bathrooms at home and she went into the downstairs bathroom and she was in there forever so I figured she was pooping. It wasn't until about an hour later that I went into that bathroom to wash my hands. The toilet wasn't even flushed for obvious reasons; there was a huge turd that obviously would not have flushed. My sister must have been constipated big time because I had never seen such a huge turd, much less from my sister! She was sort of private about her bathroom habits, as was I from our upbringing, so I didn't ask her about it. But from that point on I realized that even my sister could do big poops. I don't recall ever seeing any of my family member's poops so having seen this was really an eye opener.


I found your post interesting. You remind me so much of myself at that age. You asked someone about rocking back and forth. It definately does help when I'm straining and nothing is happening. I think it breaks things lose from the walls of you intestines and squeezes it out. The same thing would happen if you took a full tube of toothpaste and bent it...some toothpaste would come out.
I also identify with being constipated and hating to be watched. Just like you, I had to really struggle to get poop out when I was a kid. For me it was my Mom who I didn't want hearing me grunt. The grunting was always what embarresed me the most, I don't know why really, I heard me Mom do it often so it wasn't like I was the only one that did it.
Has anyone ever helped you poop by giving you an enema or a suppository? Enemas were my Mom's favorate thing, I got them often. BOY did I grunt after one of them!!!-- JW

Good morning--rainy here. I've had a cold for a few days, and I decided to try a new medication, which I took last night. I had some rich food yesterday--and a lot of it--so I was awaiting this morning's bowel movement with some interest. The new medication (or possibly the rich food) gave me gas overnight; I farted strongly several times in the night, including when I got up to pee; I stood at the toilet, peed, blew out a blast of hot air, and was able to pee some more. This morning, upon getting up, I knew I still had some gas inside, but I also expected my bowels to kick in. About ten minutes ago, they did. I felt reasonably ready to poop, but sometimes that feeling has been a false alarm. I decided to test (before pushing) by moistening my finger and seeing if it would go in easily; if so, and if it could find my poop immediately, that would mean I was ready. (If I'm not ready, merely having some spit on my finger does not make it easy to insert, so I don't.) This time, seated on the toilet, I tried it: my finger slid up easily, and an inch inside I could feel the turd. Immediately, without any push from me, the turd began to come out. I withdrew my finger and began to push; the poop felt good and thick, though soft because of the amount of water I drink. No hint of all the gas I spoke of until the very end of the poop, which came out with a sudden explosive THWOP! I waited a minute, squeezing off a little bit that was left hanging, then wiped (messy) and stood up to look. The poop was large, lots of 4"-7" pieces ranging from 3/4" thick to just over an inch; medium brown, smooth texture, filling the bottom of the bowl. The explosion had left four or five little splats on the upper part of the bowl up out of the water, scattered over a wide area, not diarrhea at all but little solid soft turdlets stuck on the porcelain. After washing my hands thoroughly, I flushed, and the little stuck pieces stayed right where they were, so I took toilet paper, wiped them off, and washed my hands again. A most satisfying poop with an unusual ending.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I am presently sitting on the toilet as I am writing this, just getting done having a breakfast consisting of GoLean Cereal and GoLean Waffles. By consuming a lot of fiber, I am very confident I am going to have a bowel movement. I starting pushing to get the bowel movement started. It takes several pushes to finally expel the stool from my anus.

This is my first bowel movement of the day, by the way.

Linda from Australia here again. Ive had no trouble pooping for the last couple of weeks. Last Saturday, I went out with a friend, her husband and 3 of their kids. We went to a picnic area and cooked sausages on the bbq for lunch. I didn't have time for a poo in the morning, as I had to get ready and be at my friend's place early (I had tried going at her house before we left for the picnic but I just couldn't do it)

While the sausages were cooking, I made my way to the public toilets near by. I needed a poo so I went into the 2nd toilet and locked the door. My friend's kids were hanging around outside and I didn't want to stink out the toilets so I decided not to do a poo. We ate lunch and went for a short walk and took some photos. Then we drove back to my friend's house. All the way there, I really needed a poo. I could feel some turds moving down and I had clench my butt cheeks together so I didn't fart. When we got home, I didn't go to the toilet straight away. I waited for about half an hour and then went. By now I was desparate. I did a wee and waited. I thought the poo would come out quickly but it didn't. I thought I was in for a hard time, as I had to push a bit. Then the poo slid out easily. It was soft and slimey but it hurt a bit coming out. I did another wee but I could still feel more poo in me. I decided not to do anymore and wiped my butt. I had to wipe 5 times as it was a messy one. I had to wipe a few more times but I still had more poo around my vagina. I wet some tp and cleaned myself up properly - I even had poo on my butt cheeks!! It was smelly too.
I wet another piece of tp and cleaned my butt again, and a bit more poo came off! Then I wiped my butt with some dry tp and finally, I was clean. That was the messiest poo I have done in a very long time! I don't know how poo got on my butt cheeks.

The r man
In responce to the "anybody hear a fan of sarra silverman" q...i like her because she is not afrade to take risks....i was taking a pee-pee just a min ago

Presently, I am on the toilet as I write this. You may be interested to know that I am having my first bowel movement today. I begin pushing to get the bowel movement started. Fortunately, it only takes a few pushes to expel the feces from my anus. I now feel relieved.

tonight i had an accident... I was just getting off from work and had to go pretty bad, well the bathrooms where i work were being cleaned, so i figured i would be able to make it home. Well i was wrong Its about a 5 min drive from work to home, and by the time i got out of my car it was poking out, as i was walking up the stairs to the back door, I slipped on the snow that had just fallen last night, and fell, it was only the first step so i didn't get hurt ... but i filled my boxers with a huge load. what a mess, I put my hand on the bulge and cupped it so it wouldn't fall down my leg( witch made me quite turned on) I went inside and cleaned up, and here i am now writing this down.
well im off to bed I hope someone else enjoys the story I did, a little un expected but meh .. no worry well good night yall

I got home an hour ago and yes I had to pee badly, for I didn't use the bathroom at work before I left to come home. Less than an hour ago before I ate I had to poop, wasn' difficult for after I sat there there were no force as as though it felt as it was a long one but it always feel that way when the size is big; as they came out slowly for my anus had to stretch some for it to come slowly as whem I look I see two normal size. And by the way Coming home last night I had to pee badly for yes I did it this time;(smile). For the closer I get to the house the more I have that pressure on my urethral sphinter as I try to control that muscle the best I can. For when I got to the door I relaxed that mucsle of my penis and just let it flow. That warmth went through my panties and down my left leg, I went straight toward the shower as I stepped in the house. So last night was a happening which was a happening I haven't done for maybe a year ago. So as last night was a big night for me. I was glad I did it for something to share with us toilet readers, Thank you!

uppity bunny
Hi everyone. I keep sporadically posting but never get it together to post regularly. As you probably don't remember, i'm a 23 year old bi male.
A few weeks ago I was visiting my parents. For a few days previous, I had been pretty constipated and hadn't passed a decent poop in a long time, probably 4 days or more. So one night I was out driving around town, enjoying the crisp fall evening. I decided I wanted to do something naughty and try to poop in a public place, so I went to a beach in the area that had wooden stalls where they put porta-potties during the high season. They were empty at this time of year, and being in a somewhat secluded area, I knew I'd have a good amount of privacy. So I stopped the car in front of the stalls and went inside one of them. I could feel a big poop pushing against my anus, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to get it out. I dropped my pants and undies, and squatted. I pushed, and a jet of piss came rushing out of my dick. I pissed ALOT. But I kept pushing really hard, and I could only manage one or two small rock-hard balls of poop. I knew then what I enema.
So I went to the Stop&Shop down the street and picked up a Fleet enema. I went back to the beach, and under the cover of darkness in the car, squirted the whole bottle up my constipated ass. Within seconds I could feel the liquid working its way up my intestine and loosening my poop. The most intense sensation of diarrhea came over me, and I thought I would shit my pants, but I held it in as long as I could. I had to drive back towards the stalls, and it was all I could do not to shit myself every time I pressed the clutch. I raced back into the stalls, whimpering in pain. I ripped my pants back down, and upon squatting, released an enormous wet fart. Immediately after this, a barrage of poop fired out of me mixed with the enema solution and gas, sounding like a machine gun. It was an incredible feeling, being emptied out so quickly and thoroughly. I pissed more too, alot more. More slightly larger poops squirted out of me, and every so often I ripped a serious fart. The wave of poop subsided, but my hole was still agape and my intestines felt full. I pushed and pushed, but only got out some gas and soft slimy poop towards the end. My hole ached. My ass was wet. And I didn't have anything to wipe with. So I had to drive home with a dirty ass and a hurting hole :( But it felt SO good to be empty. I did keep farting alot the rest of the night, which I enjoyed.
Hope you enjoyed it. I wanna hear more stories from young guys!

The last couple of days the bowels have slowed down....It was convenient for me to take my laxative last night as the next couple of days my schedule does not allow for random toilet stops. Anyway I took the tabs ...this morning at gym I sat on the pot but could only pass a couple of small turdlets at home I sat on the pot and had a couple of average plops intermingled with some low level work I really unloaded my colon as soon as I arrived and again later in the morning and just really stinks but I feel so much better. I have booked in for a colonic in a couple of weeks so will keep you posted.
Thunder From Down Under

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last night I had been trying to hold in my poop while at my dad's house. I am very bashful about farting outloud or admitting to having the urge to poop. I had that burning sensation in my anus and could feel my sphincter slowly dilating. To make this short, I ripped a big wet fart right next to him and lost control. I will finish this story tonight when I come home.

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
To Buzzy--I notice that you'd posted awhile back and was sure to tell me "Hi!" so "Hi! Right back atcha!"

Guess we've both gotten too busy to post much, but it's good to know that you're okay.

WHEW! I just returned from taking a good pee, and I feel so much better! I think I'm going to give up on staying up any longer and am going to go to bed.

I've been burning the candle at both ends, in the middle, and on different other places on the candle, so I've been exhausted.

I was so exhausted a few nights ago that I didn't even want to get up and pee. On top of that, I wasn't wearing any sort of protective panties, as I wanted to let myself get some much-needed fresh air down there.

But I would sleep and wake up with a bladder full of pee, so I would hang my butt off the bed and pee on the floor. Once I was more awake, I put down some towels to soak it up.

I must have peed six or more times during that time and had to also pee once I woke up enough to get up like an adult and go into the bathroom.

Anyway, I have some peeing stories to share here that I'm just too tired to write about tonight--but I didn't want to wait any longer before telling Buzzy that I'm glad that he surfaced again!

Hi, I've been watching this site for a while and found it most interesting so I decided to share an experience I had not so long ago. I was talking to my sister on the phone when suddenly i could hear this hissing noise in the background. I asked her if she was running a tap and she said no she was sitting on the toilet having a pee and that was probably what i was hearing. I was speechless at the thought of her doing it while talking to me let alone telling me. I heard it taper off and stop and laughingly said i bet that feels better, to which she replied yes it does but i'm not finished yet. I said surely you cant want to pee any more and she said no i'm now having a poo. Just as she said it i was able hear it drop into the water. Well by now my imagination was running wild. I'd never thought about my sister going to the toilet before but here i was wondering what it would be like to stand and watch her doing it. I said do you normally talk to people on the phone when sitting on the toilet. She laughed and said no not normally but you rang just as i was going in the bathroom. I cant wait for her to visit me.

Punk Rock Girl

Sorry it's been so long. Not enough hours in the day!

I took a wonderful dump last week. It was such a nice, relaxing experience, I had to share. Every once in a while, if we're really caught up on work and there's not much to do, the boss will close the office early and send everyone home. Last Thursday was such a day. Around ten o'clock, he told everyone to call it a day and come back tomorrow. When I'm on my regular schedule, I take a dump around 9 or 10 in the morning, but I hadn't yet.

I figured I'd wait until I got home. I walked to the subway and the whole ride to my neighborhood I felt pressure building in my hindquarters. Not urgent, but intense. I walked to my building, climbed the stairs and entered my apartment. I took off my coat, grabbeda book I've been reading and entered the bathroom. I lit some incense, then pulled my pants and thong down to my ankles and sat my bare buns on the chilly toilet seat.

I opened my book and let my body do the work, no puching or straining. I wasn't in a hurry, why should I do any extra work? Very, very slowly, a huge, solid load began creeping out. Man, did it feel nice. After a good minute or so, it finally slipped out and plopped into the water. No gas, barely any smell other than the scent of clove coming from the incense. I peed, but kept on sitting on the toilet for another forty minutes or so. Nothing else came out, I was just very cozy. Finally, my buns started to fall asleep, so I stood up and sneaked a peek at my movement. It was about twelve inches long, very dark, very thick and perfectly formed.

I rolled off some paper and wiped, but my asshole was clean as a whistle. I flushed the toilet, kicked off my sneakers and pulled off my pants and laid on the couch in just my shirt, thong and socks and read for a few hours.

When I was at the centre, I suddenly felt the need to pee. I went to the ladies' room. Fortunately the stalls are lockable. Anyway, I went there and all the stalls were taken. So I waited for 10 minutes. When I eventually went, I took my panties down, locked the door and sat down. I sat there for half an hour and nothing came. I then decided to try later again. Then I got up, pulled my panties up and left. No sooner had I left than I needed to pee (again). I went to the ladies, the same stall, pulled my panties down and sat again. Now the pee started to come and I was relieved. When I was ready to leave, more pee started to come. It took me about ten minutes to bring this under control.

I'm 17 yrs old, and I was just wondering if other guys my age have ever had this happen to you?

This morning I couldn't go to the bathroom, so my mother gave me an enema bending over the bathtub with a hot water bottle hanging from the shower curtain rod. This was the first time I ever had one, and I thought I was going to die from embarrassment. Am I the only teen guy this has ever happen too?

Hi, my name is Lauren. I'm a 15 year old girl. I have blue eyes, and long brown hair. All my life i had severe constipation. i poop a max once a week, sometimes i go up to 2 weeks or more without going.

Today at school I felt the need to poop. I had gone ten days without a bowel movement. As it was lunchtime, I went to the bathroom in the basement. This one had two stalls. I go into a stall and cover the seat. Than I I pulled down my pants and sat down on the toilet. I started to push, but I stopped couse it was hurting so bad. I stick my middle finger into my anus and push it in, but it dosn't help. So I had to continue to push it out. I push as hard as I could. „Nnnhhhhoohhh" , „nnnhhhhoohhh" It hurt so much, I tried to scream, but no sound came out. It was dry, really dark brown color, rock hard and full of lumps. Those were the hardest poop I can ever remember doing. I finished my bowel movement and flushed.

Hi,my name is Robert and I became fascinated with other peoples pooping habits when I was a boy living in a coal mining town in Pa. We lived in a company house which held 2 familys and outhouses only,no indoor plumbing. The outhouse was one big building devided by a deviding wall with one side for each family. Each side had 2 holes side by side and if you were sitting on the hole next to the deviding wall then you were in a sense sitting beside whoever was sitting on the corresponding hole on the other side. This led to some very interesting trips to the bathroom. The first time my interest really began to peak was at the age of twelve and I really had to make a poop. I hurried to the outhouse as I had terrible cramps in my stomach. I pulled down my pants and sat down on the seat away from the wall. As I began to push I could feel my poo began to exit my butt hole. Just then I heard the door open on the other side of the outhouse and as I found out later it was the wife of the couple that lived in the other side of the house. By this time a long peice of poo was hanging out of my butt and as it fell into the pit I realized that the woman on the other side of the wall could hear it. As the toilet pit was open the whole way across I had a plain view as I looked down the hole to my left of whatever the other family left in the pit. I could hear her clothes rusteling as she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. I began to hear her straining and then she began to pee. As i watched down the hole I could see her pee falling into the pit. She continued to strain and then a huge peice of poo began to become visible. I was astonished at how big it was and wondered how anyone could ever pass anything that large. It must have been two foot long and at least three and a half inches arround, then finally it broke off and I could hear a big sigh from her. She pooped a couple of smaller peices of poo and then I could hear her pulling the TP. I hurried to wipe and pulled my trousers up and as she cam out the door on her side,I came out the door on our side. As she looked at me she had a smile on her face and I could feel my face getting red as I knew she had heard me just as I had heard her. From that time on I began to have an interest in other peoples BR habits. Hope you enjoyed, will write more soon.

Fr. P
Hello all, I've been missing you all, but partly, I haven't had anything to really post about, though I have been watching as much as I can. As usual, I enjoyed Uncle Harry's post, very well written. I'm sick with a stomach bug right now, and I have been vomiting and having diarrhea almost every five minutes it seems. I've hardly moved from my bed for days, though I did eat lunch yesterday, but it came right back up. My secretary has been a great help, because I am so weak it's hard to walk, and she has been helping me to the bathroom when I have to poop, which is quite often. Last night, I was sitting on the toilet having liquid poop just pour out, and I was vomiting into a bucket. It was absolutely miserable, I felt awful. So, since Sunday afternoon, I've been sick as can be, and I just want it to be over. The vomiting seems to have subsided, as I haven't vomited since 2AM this morning, so that's a good thing. I still feel pretty miserable, and have had diarrhea twice this morning, but I'm hoping by tomorrow I feel better. I haven't bothered getting dressed as I've already ruined two pairs of underwear, so I've simply been wearing a diaper, because I'm too weak to get up, I generally simply pee in my diaper. I probably sound like an absolute wimp, I've just never been this sick before.

Pat: I don't think I've ever noticed that many elderly persons using the restroom during Mass, but I do see lots of people getting up to use the restroom, but I don't notice it concentrated on elderly persons, it's pretty much everyone. I do believe that elderly persons to have to use the restroom more often, though I'm not sure why this is, but I don't think I can say I see them using the restroom during Mass.

God Bless

Father P

anybody here a fan of sarah silverman? i've come to like her recently because, well frankly, she's not bad looking, but also she makes a lot of bathroom references. first of all, in interviews she's done on conan o'brien and in maxim magazine, she admitted being a bedwetter into her teens and occasional bedwetting as an adult. now she has a show (the sarah silverman program) which is just a comedy about her life with a lot of crude humor (as is her style). here is a list of a few occasions in the show which i enjoyed.

-in an episode in the 2nd season she was dating "god", and when telling her sister about how nice he was, she said "yesterday i had really bad diahrrea and even though i know he heard it he didn't say anything!" or something along those lines.

-in an episode in the first season, she was in a diner with her friends and during the course of a conversation, one friend finishes a sentence or something by farting. they laugh and another friend responds by doing the same thing. so, sarah wants to get it on the fun, and tries to make a joke with a fart punchline, but when she leans over to fart there is no sound. instead, she looks horrified and all of her friends look shocked. the camera zooms in on her face and she whispers "...i pooped". she proceeds to sing a song about how she pooped her pants.

-in the newest episode she fires her maid after accusing her of stealing from her. when she goes to her house to fire her and her maid is trying to plead for a job back, sarah tells her "please, i cannot be disrespected by the woman who folds the underwear that i poop in..."

there are a number of other bathroom references in the show, but those were some of my favorites. i wonder if it's just her strange sense of humor or if she does secretly find joy in pooping her pants? any thoughts on her?

I was just reading back through the recent posts, and I just wanted to comment on Kim's airplane story. That sounds like you had a very relaxing shit. The small quiet cubicle, the nice, warm comfortable seat to sit on, no sounds except the light crackling sound of your turds coming out and the splash of them hitting the water. And the oh so relaxing feeling of dropping some heavy logs into the toilet. It must have felt like heaven sitting in there. I've found that the turds that crackle when they come out feel the best because they're usually pretty big and solid, and they feel like they weigh a ton, and make your stomach feel oh so swollen, congested, and in need of relief. How big were these two turds? And what color? It sounds like you had a nice short, but enjoyable shit. You deserved a few quiet moments in the john.

hey it's Amy again. I wanted to answer some questions about my last post.

First someone had asked to give more detail about the "process" if you will of going in my pants and explain more how i'm feeling. well like i said, when i feel like i have to poop, it's scary to me for some reason. it's weird, i know, but for some reason i just feel like something inside me like my intestines or something are going to burst so i just want to get it out of me as soon as possible, and if that means messing my undies, so be it. it's not like the second i have to go i just crap my panties, i try to hold it for a little bit but i just don't like to. if i'm in the car and i have to poop, i'll hold it for like 5 or 10 minutes and if i don't see a place to stop or don't know of a place coming up, i just stop holding it and let it come out in my pants. i think someone had asked something along the lines of whether or not i would push it to come out because they didn't think it would be that urgent so soon- well, i guess it's the mentality i have about it, but whenever i have to poop it feels like an emergency right away. so i never really have to push, i just stop holding it in and the poop just naturally goes into my pants, like when i sit on the toilet.

another person had asked whether or not i had a SO and how he felt about it. I'm currently single. i've had 3 different boyfriends in the last 5 years. when i was with them, i would force myself to hold it in somewhat longer so i wouldn't have any accidents near them, but they knew how having to go would freak me out. with one of them i never had an accident and he never really seemed to care much about my problem, except this one time we were on our way to a party and i had to poop, and i made him pull over. he was kind of annoyed that i couldn't wait to go at the party and didn't want to be late. he told me to hold it in but i jsut said "i can't i'm gonna poop my pants!" and he stopped. we eventually broke up because we just weren't really getting along or having much fun together, nothing about my bathroom issue. with the guy i was seeing after that, he seemed a little weirded out when i told him about it. we had been dating for about 6 weeks and i told him one thing he should know about me is that when i have to go to the bathroom i need to go right away, so he should bear with me. he seemed a little weirded out at first when i told him that but he was cool with it.we never had an problems and i never messed myself in front of him, but i did wet myself. we saw a movie and i had to pee when it was close to the end,but i waited for it to be over. when we got out of the movie the ladies room was packed, and there was no way i could wait. i just went back into the lobby and told him i would have to stop somewhere on the way home because i couldn't wait for that line, but i peed my pants while we were leaving the theater. that was one of my few public accidents, it was really humiliating. i was dripping pee on the floor walking past people in the ticket line. he was nice though, he helped me hurry to the car. i sat on a shopping bag in the car. he understood that i couldn't hold it anymore and it was ok. the relationship was weird from that point on though, moreso because i was really embarassed about it and felt awkward. eventually we broke up because he liked another girl, but i wasn't too heartbroken about it.

The guy i was seeing most recently is the one who took a real issue with my problem. i told him about it fairly early on in our relationship and he said to me "well, for the love of god, don't shit your pants." i was a little worried when he told me that. i really liked him though, we had a really good electricity, so i made sure to try and go to the bathroom before we ever hung out. we had been seeing eachother for about 8 months, and we went to Atlantic City this one weekend with some other friends to have a good time. the weekend went fine, but the drive back is about 3 and a half hours. i was in a car with 2 of my girlfriends and he was with his cousin and two of his friends in another car. about halfway home i had to poop. i told the girls i was with we would have to stop. we were following their car, and we called them to let them know to pull over soon so we could use the bathroom, and they said ok. they waited too long to pull over though, and i knew i wasn't going to make it. i had to poop too bad and i was getting too freaked out, and i started to poop in my pants right when we were about to stop. my friends found it kind of funny and teased me a little in good fun and it was just like a crazy moment. when we stopped though my friends went in to pee and some of the people in the other car did to. my boyfriend came back to my car, and i got really nervous and embarassed. he asked me if i was gonna go to the bathroom. i just looked at him and mumbled "i had an accident." he looked really stunned kind of and said "...did you pee your pants?" and i just looked down and didn't say anything. a second later he was like "oh. did you shit your pants?" and i just mumbled "i couldn't help it." and he said "god." and then he just said he'd see me when we got home, and went back to the car he was in. i was really upset about his reaction the whole way home. my friends were nice though, they just tried to cheer me up and tell me it wasn't my fault. i could tell my boyfriend was really embarassed that i pooped my pants though. we broke up like a week later, because i was upset that he wasn't nicer to me about it.

i'll post again soon, i hope that answers some of your questions for now. i have to get going now because all this talk about going in my pants is making me have to go. bye for now!

I recently told you about my trip with a friend and how after 2 weeks I finally heard her fart/poop. Well I'll get another chance soon. We'll be hanging out together for another week. I'll let you know my findings.

I just had a most satisfying crap myself. Felt the urge as soon as I woke up and hurried off to the toilet. I peed a little and an enormous log bean to emerge. It crept out slowly and finally tapered of and thuded into the toilet. I peed some more and another turd swished into the bowl. After a second a final turd dropped in with a load splash. AHHH such a great feeling.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

hi, I had a experience on a camp trip at school. There were latrines with no stalls or doors and the toilets were unisex 'squat' toilets are very dirty. I was constipated for the two weeks I was there. I could feel the hard mass in my rectum, but I couldn't go. I was doubled over, my stomach hurt so bad.

At home i went to the bathroom. I sat and pushed it really hurt so bad... i could fee the tip sticking out, i touched it to feel was really hard. So then i really strained and pushed as hard as I could and it hurt so bad it felt like it had glass in it then finally i got rid of that sucker in to the toilet.

I belong to a fitness center and recently switched to a new center that has better hours. Yesterday I went in to do my normal walk on the treadmill. I normally walk for the full hour the machine defaults then a five minute cool down at a lower speed but on this trip my bottom decided to change plans. I was walking for about 20 minutes when the urge first arrived. At around 25 minutes I knew I would have to choose between dropping the log in my panties or completing the walk. I comtemplated pooping my panties and finishing the exercise but was afraid the other members would smell and notice. At 27 minutes the urge began to push hard and i could feel the crack of my butt becoming moist. I had to stop walking and clench hard to keep it in. When the pressure eased I resumed walking and at 30 minutes stopped the machine to go to the toilet. In the bathroom i pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet. As I pooped I checked the panties for skid marks. Yes I had very light brown stains in my light blue panties. When the log was out I wiped 3 times and pulled the marked panties back up and returned to the treadmill to complete my exercise.

My mom pees in the Mens room
One time when my mom and I went out to eat and we stop at my work to get some things. When we got to my work my mom say she had to pee.
So she went to the ladies room but there was a bagger cleaning the ladies room. My mom then told me and she say she wait untill he was done cleaning the ladies room. We got just about done shoping when she tryed to go again to the ladies room but the bagger was still cleaning the ladies room. My mom asked me how much longer world it be untill he was done cleaning the ladies room. I say I dont know it takes people more time than others. She looked at my and she was bouning and down and say she had to go. Then she asked me if I can look in the mens room to see if anyone was in there. There wasnt anyone in the mens so she went into the stall to pee. I was standing gaurd and I heard everthing when she was in the stall. She pulled down her pants and underwear quickly and relased a steam of pee.
She got done and say she needed that.

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