hi havent posted for awhile I have some new stories. My husband Chis 25 5 feet 220 pounds and i sara 23 4 5 120 pound pee and poop together all the time chris poops alot sometimes clogs the toilet so i put down disposible toels on floor and he squats and poops on them so they can be wrapped up and dicarded in garbage. last nite we came home for dinner chinese food my husband was farted all the way home i said do need to do a big dudi bady he said i feel it poking out of my ass i said i need to make o couple too we went in the bathroom I took off shorts and panties and sat down on the toilet took a about a 2 minute pee i was still trickling when chis comes in and says do you go yet i said not yet he got his towels dowm and dropped hi boxes he squated with his ass facing me it was sticking out about an inch it was gonna be big dark brown i was just spurting a few seconds at a time chris was farting he started to push it more it started to come out about 6 inches was hanging out i started to push too a bunch of dudis came out6 dudies came out and ploped aaah chrisstarted to push more his came out in a dudiabour 10 inches i wiped up get me the garbage can im peeing i put his penis init it he let go of the biggest piss and poop ever

Poop Girl
For Halloween this year, I was a baby. I had a diaper and everything. I went to my gf's house for a party. By the time I left my house I felt something funny with my stomach. I felt a poop coming on, so I went to the bathroom and the line was huge! I felt a turd poke out of my tushie and I knew I wouldn't make it, so I pooped the diaper. It smelled really bad. When I told my gf about it she played a trick on me and took away the diaper. I was the naked baby for the rest of the party.

Xochitl - Why does your aunt follow you into the stall and watch you pee? Is she suspicious of you doing something bad, or just a creepy perv?

Great story, by the way. As painful as it was to hold it so long, I bet it felt amazing to finally get it all out. More constipation stories please!

Just a quick question. I was mentioning in my last post about noticing elderly ladies having to get up in the middle of church service to relieve themselves. Has anyone else made this observation besides me? Maybe someone out there has some stories on this subject, preferably an elderly lady who can give me a first-hand account of this sort of thing-maybe an accident story to go with it. Like I said, it's just something I've noticed, elderly ladies' bodily functions and church services seem to go hand-in-hand. Would love to hear some stories.

I agree with A.W.: Christi, if you have more stories, please post them!!
I really liked your story!

Thanks for your responses to my long skirt question. I have a friend who always wears long skirts. She apparently has a habit of waiting until the last minute to go so she often interrupts our conversations (even when she's talking) to dash to the bathroom. That's what aroused my curiosity

Good morning--cool here. Yesterday I visited again the park with the portapotties and noticed that there must have been some big event besides the soccer games that go on almost daily, because there were now 8 portapotties lined up in a row! Visiting each in turn, I found lots of turds in every one of them, including some very large thick ones (though not very long, no more than 6-7"). Getting to about #6, I suddenly heard the sounds of someone taking toilet paper in the next one. The person took lengths of t.p. quickly, a few seconds apart, so he (or she, possibly) must have pooped and was having a messy cleanup. Finally he left, and after half a minute I came out of the one I was in and went into the next one. Sure enough, a mound of toilet paper was there; as I watched, it leaned over to one side and fell into the water (there was quite a pile of poop). The poop after which the person was wiping was now revealed: quite large, several thick turds, but fairly soft and an almost unhealthy very light brown, almost beige.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Hi, I took a walk to the store today as I don't live far; though I notice I had the urge but find out that it doesn't bother much when I'm walking as I can control it more. On the way way home I stop at the park sitting down I feel the pressure more, it makes a differance sitting I guess. For as I notice of these other letters I try my best tighting my anus muscles for that pressure in my groin did bother me some. I sortof told myself to get going home for though I maybe thought this is a way to learn to control it. Sitting down does make it harder to control. I told myself should I let it loose? I didn't, for I never have. but some day I'd like to try it. When I got home I went straight to the bathroom. I'm learning to hold that pressure more as I am getting to enjoy it when I get that slight pressure. I Thank you all.

The last few days I have been pooing OK. Rather than poop out a huge load I might have say three or even four poos a day. I have been weighing myself every day and have noted that when constipated I am almost 2 kilograms heavier!
To SINGLE WOMAN, great work...i hope it really stunk! I think that house maid needs a bit more decorum!
Thunder From Down Under

Uncle Harry
Health Store

Some years ago, when I was pushing late middle age, I started to wonder if I should be taking food supplements. I read a vitamin and mineral book and one morning went to a small health store to see what I wanted to buy. The owner lady, Beth, and one clerk, Sam, were minding the store. Since no other customers were there, she could spend some extensive time with me discussing my health needs and giving me advice, while Sam could take care of anyone who walked in. She was about my age, so she new a good bit about middle-age nutrition, although she was a little on the heavy side, which I wasn't. I asked her how much of the B vitamin complex I should take. She said that, since some of the B vitamins turn urine yellow, this was a good marker and the only way to determine if I were getting the proper amount was to watch how yellow my urine was. I asked how yellow it should be. (The following dialogue is the best I can reconstruct from memory). "Well", she said, pausing a moment, as if unsure whether she should continue, "If you like, we could go to the bathroom in the back and get some specimens, and I could check your urine color, and I could show you mine for comparison, and we can check both against the chart". She picked up a color chart from the counter and said, "I check mine twice a day and haven't checked it yet today, so I'm due. My bladder is pretty full and I really need to go, so this is a good time to check it. Do you have enough in your bladder to give a specimen?" It happened I did, so I agreed. "Hey, Sam", she called out. "I'm going in back with this customer, so watch the store please". "Sure", came the reply from Sam.

We walked to the back and over to the bathroom. "I'll get some plastic cups", she said, as she stepped in and went to a cabinet to get out some short, clear plastic cups to pee in. I waited outside, assuming that she would close the door and pee in a cup and then we would change places. She came back to the door with two cups, handed me one, and said, "Here's one for you and one for me". She looked at me hesitantly for a moment and then said, "Are you liberal-minded when it comes to bodily functions?". I was puzzled about what she was getting at, but I said that I was. "Well, why don't we just go into the bathroom at the same time then" she replied. "I won't look if you don't want me to. Is that ok with you?". Indeed, it was.

I stepped inside and she closed the door, which had no lock on it. "Why don't you urinate first", she suggested. "Is it alright if I watch?". I told her that it was fine if she watched me. I stepped up to the toilet while she stood to the side, got out my dong, stuck it into the cup, and started my piss. It was foaming quite a bit and I wasn't sure I was going to make it without overflowing. "Your urine is nice and clear", she said. "That's good. No infections". It was all very clinical. As my pee approached the top, I managed to stop my stream and hand her the cup, which she put on the counter, while I started up again to finish pissing in the toilet. I was still making some foam. I slowed down, stopped, milked out the plumbing, shook off the drops, put the tool away, and flushed.

Her turn now. She dropped her slacks and panties and sat down on the seat, which was a commercial type with a cut-away front, which provided a good view. Spreading her legs, she placed the cup under her twat. A few seconds went by, a few dribbles came out, then she stopped, and then started to flow heavily. It was really pouring out from between her twat lips, which spread apart with the flow. The cup looked like it was about to overflow, when she urgently said, "Grab the cup quick. I can't stop". I pulled it away while she was still flowing and put it on the counter next to mine. She obviously had a very full bladder. She peed for about another 20 seconds, then slowed down, stopped, gave a few more squirts, and that was the end. She wiped up with several wads of paper, as her pussy was pretty hairy, the stood up, pulled up her pants, and flushed.

We compared her urine and mine with the color chart. Her's showed she was getting enough Vitamin B. Mine was on the pale side, indicating I needed more Vitamin B. We went back to the store, where I bought some B Complex and a few other things. The next time I came to the store to replenish supplies, I suggested we compare our urine again to assess progress, but she said no, once was enough; I was on my own now. She didn't want to make a habit of letting customers watch her urinate.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To Christi: I enjoyed reading your story. Very interesting. If got more stories to write, feel free to tell.

To Cute and Shy: I'm still here, but you haven't LOL! I miss your fun bathroom..If you can come back soon!

Hi, for those who don't remember/have seen: I'm Danice, a slender 15 year old girl, with a sexy body and long blonde hair.. It has been a while since my last post, because there was nothing unusual for me.. Today I had just one of my regular, very long dumps. It was 9.10 am. when I sat down on the bowl. First, I peed for, I think 35 seconds, and then began the long waiting for my load to come out..

My ring was distended outwards for about 25 minutes, when a turd slipped out of my butt pretty quick! (plop!!)

My anus clenched and relaxed again. I was waiting for another ten minutes for the next piecee to come, when my boyfriend came in. He was going to take a shower, and asked me if that was okay.. (he knows I have no trouble pooping in front of him, but he still asks. He's so sweet!)

He turned the water on, and I continued waiting. After another 5 minutes a longer log made his way out. It was a bit of a hard one. My boyfriend seemed to notice it, and asked me if I was okay.
I told him I loved him, and yes, that I was okay.

My anus pinched again, and relaxed. For the next 45 minutes I produced a small pellet of poop, every few minutes. My BF stayed with me, and I sat very relaxed on the bowl..

When I felt that I empty, I wiped, and pushed a final time to be sure, while my boy massaged my anus, for stimulation. A last small pellet fell into the bowl, and I was done. I wiped and flushed.

But after that it became unusual.. Just about a hour later, I felt the strong urge to poop again! So I told my BF, and we went in the toilet again.. I peed shortly, and my anus relaxed again.. After 5 minutes a loud fart escaped from my bowels, really distending my anus. Then the next fart came, and another one.. Then it was silent for a few minutes, and then again a booming fart, wetting my anus a bit at the end. My BF was already giving me another massage at my you-know-where and suddenly I felt some rumbling in my ????. I was just in time to warn him. "Put your hands away! Quick!!" He had hardly done that, when I sprayed the bowl with runny crap!!

For twenty minutes I sat there, releasing wave after wave of liquid shit and moist farts! It was unusual, but so relieving! And when I was done, my stomach seemed to have settled again. I had no trouble eversince.

I was a bit embarrassed for having diarrea in front of my boyfriend though.. He told me not to worry, and cuddled me tender..

He's really my man!

I always try to hold my poop in school

James, I think toal releif is sliding out a poo load and not having to feel desperate to find somplace to unload it.

True Story on Cleaning the Ladies Room Pee

I work at a grocery store cleaning and I had to clean bathrooms as one of my duties. For my job I always had to clean the ladies room and mens room all the time. To let people know I was cleaning the bathroom I would left the door open to the bathroom by putting the trash can by the door. Anyone male or female need to use the bathroom I would step out of the bathroom and shut the bathroom door. One night when I was moping the ladies room floor a ladies stud by the door opening waiting for me to out to have her use the ladies room. I told her I all I had to do was finish cleaning the floor and told she say ok. She walk in the ladies room and went into the handicap stall she pulled her pants and underwear down and took a good piss. I still in the ladies room moping the when she was in the stall taking her piss. When she was done she washed her hands and walked out. This was the first time I had this done to me. I like the sound of women pee.

Hi Amy,
I share your thought of not wanting to "hold in" my poop. it's just the idea of having feces just sitting in my rectum that groses me out. plus as you pointed out the uncomfortable feeling of pain.
When i feel the urge for a poop arise i'll try to make it to the toilet but i don't ever try to hold it in by squeezing my butt muscles. if there's no toilet around or if the poop is coming too quickly to get to the toilet then i poop my pants. i've taken to wearing diapers when out in public just in case it's a soft poop, i don't want any stains on the rear of my pants. that and when i poop i always end up peeing at the same time.


I am a 16 years old tennager girl and come from germany. I have blond hair and I am very slim. I have for many years constipation. I can very rarely on the wc and it hurts terribly when I come to 10 days or up to 2 weeks. I scream and cry every time on the toilet because the shit is so hard and it bleeds.

Hey everyone here. I'm not exactly new here, I've been lurking for a while now and haven't had the guts to post till now. I'm 9 years old and am rather short. To top it off I'm also a little bottom heavy. In other words I'm a chubby little girl which I hate. My big brother tells me I'm not as bad as I think and that I'll grow and no longer be this way. I love him but he's lying. Anyway....

To Angie
Oh wow, that must have been hard for you to poop with your husband there only a couple feet away. Maybe the reason you can to rock back and forth and try so hard was because he was there. I know it would have been impossible not to mention embarrassing if it was me. By the way, does rocking back and forth really help, if so how does it?

Anyway I got a story from about 3 years ago. My aunt who doesn't have any kids of her own and always seems to like to dump all her penned up affection on me took me to see Shrek2. We had a HUGE lunch first then went to go see the movie. Thing is I'm almost always constipated, and I hadn't pooped in 2 days and well all that food must have pushed whatever was backed up though and you guessed it when the movie started I got the feeling.... big big BIG time. Okay well first thing I always have to push and grunt my brains out to poop which is embarrassing enough but I hate having anyone hear me doing this. And I knwo my aunt would have followed me in and waited till I was done and would ahve heard everything so I held it in. Plus sometimes she even cam ein the stall with me and I had to sit there and pee with her standing over me. Not easy let me tell you. Anyway, I sat through the movie praying, hoping, trying to keep this major poop session from happening in my panties. Also if I remember correctly I ahd on my all time favorite pair so I wasn't goign to ruin them no sir. Anyway, I wasn't pay attention to the movie at all. The whole time I gripped the armrest or was pushing my caboose down on the seat as hard as I could to keep my bumbum closed. I don't even recall much of the movie as my mind and everythign else was focused on keeping it all in. It even poked out a few times and ma it felt hard, dry and spikey. Every time though I'd shut my eye and wrinkle my face and make it go back in. My aunt did notice and asked me if I was okay. I told her I was just cold, which is true. Why are all theaters freezing inside? Anyway the movie was over and by then the poop had given up and the feeling was gone. the lights came back on and my aunt looked at me and said what's wrong. true is I was sweatign a big and my hair was messed up a bit. I said i was just cold and I had to pee but I wanted to finish the movie. So you guessed it to the bathroom and once again I sat all blushign while she watched me pee. So glad I didn't poop! Anyway on the trip back home to my brother's house it came back, slowly and light and first but as we pulled in to the driveway it was not asking to come out anymore it was telling me it was coming out like it or not. My aunt said she should come in and stay for a bit. Oh god I must have turned white as a ghost. That would mean she'd stick around and I'd never be able to poop comfortably. But as if god cut me a break her cellphone rang and it was my grandma. She hung up and said she had to go. I was doing cartwheels in my mind, trust me. My brother opened the door and let us in and I said my good byes then as she drove off I bolted for the bathroom. Running down the hall I undid my skirt and let it fall. Once in the bathroom not even closing the door I stepped out of my panties and crashed and I DO mean crashed my big old butt on the seat and sigh. Trust me by then it had already poked out again. My brother walked in and asked what was wrong. I sat there grunting, groaning,gasping, and trying my best to explain the whole thing to him. He felt bad and hugged me saying I should ahve just gone at the theater. I said no and explained how it seemed auntie loved to come in and stay for the show. He knelt down still hugging me and soothed me putting me at ease. It helped a bit but I still had to give it all i had to get it out. Lots of Oooooos and a few Aaaaaaas and about 3 big splashes later I felt awesome. I sat back, my hair wet from my sweating and panting. My brother said I looked so lady like right now. I stuck my tongue out at him and said leave me alone. He kissed my forehead and patted my on the shoudler and said I'm just playing sis. Then he left me so I could finish up in private. Given the choice I'd pic my brother over my aunt to see me on the toilet. Even now I don't close the door all the way and he does walk in a few times but I don't mind. Least he leaves or asks to stay if he has a reason. Guess cause of that I don't mind. Anyway I have to go it's almost lunch time. Take care everyone.

Hi everyone,

It's Sunday today, wanted to share a really good pooping experience I had this morning at a new church I attended. I got there just before the start of their 8 AM service, and man, did I have to crap bad!!! Both my bowels and my bladder were under pressure when I walked in the door. I had had to go when I left home, but I figured I'd have plenty of time when I got to church. As soon as I walked in, an older lady greeted me, and handed me a church bulletin. And of course she wanted to talk, like older ladies so often do. After exchanging the formalities, I asked her where the restrooms were. Shae gave me directions, but since it was near the start of service, I didn't want to miss anything. So I sat there in the pew a minute, pondering my needs for relief against the start of the service. My bodily functions won out, so I got up. "Right that way, and to the left and around the corner" whispered my elderly friend with an understanding smile, as I arose from my seat. At her age, I'm sure she's had to get up from the pew more than her share of times to relieve herself, that's one thing I've always noticed about old ladies. They always seem to have to use the toilet in church, it's common enough to see them get up in the middle of service, and thread their way out of the pew to the john. Like one old lady I know told me, she always sits on the toilet and tries her darndest to poop and pee before leaving the house, but after she's sat for about 10 minutes with no results, she'll pull up her pants, go out into the world, and trust to providence that she won't have an emergency while she's out. But she always knows where the toilets are, just in case.

Anyhow, back to my shit. I found my way to the john all right, I had to go by the pastor and a group of people who were standing around talking right by the men's room door. The pastor said "hi" to me as I went past, and I briefly returned his greeting, but he could see I didn't have much time to talk, judging by where I was going, he sort of chuckled. I went in, and there were two little boys playing at the sink, washing their hands. I smiled at them, sai "hi" and hurriedly made my way into the one stall, pulled down my pants and underwear, and sat down. No sooner had I done so, than the two little boys exited the restroom, and being the good kids that they were, turned the lights off, probally like mommy and daddy had told them to do when leaving the washroom. I started to ask them to turn it back on, but the door closed, and they were gone. Having resigned myself to having to take a shit in a dark room, I let out a sigh. At that moment, the door opened, and the lights came back on. I suppose their parents must have reminded them that I was in there.

So now I was free to start my shit. First, I released my bladder, and a nice relaxing stream of pee began to exit from the end of my penis, my "preliminary piss" to start the action. As I usually do, I gave a good, hard push while my bladder was voiding in mid-stream, and judging by the amount of resistance, my turd did exactly what I thought it would do. It shot from my asshole like a cannon with a loud, booming fart that echoed throughout the restroom. OOOHHH the relief!!! The rest of the story is brief, service was about to begin soon, so I had to hurry. A rush job shit. 2 or 3 pushes, and a few more squirts of pee from my penis, and I was done. Quite a lot of messy paperwork, and when I stood up I saw that my shit had mainly consisted of one long, brown snaky, as well as smelly turd. Out of the stall, wash my hands, and back out into the church. My elderly usher friend smiled again as I returned to my pew. "Did you find it all right?" She knew by the length of time I'd been gone that i was taking a shit. I nodded my head and smiled back at her just as the service began.

The r man
Lately, i have been hearig nouthing but poop stories on this site, dose anyone have any pee-pee sories?

I wrote earlier about how the metal tp dispenser that is set into a 2x3 ft opening between 2 stalls got knocked out while I was on the can, startling both me and my neighbor, as we're both on the toilet.

I went back to the same restroom a few days ago and saw that the 2 x 3 ft hole in the partition was still there. I decided to take a dump. As I was wiping down the seat, another guy comes into the next stall and sees the hole. He looks a bit surprised, but he starts to undo his belt buckle. We both drop our pants at the same time and have a dump. He sheepishly glanced over a few times. He leaned over the toilet, looking like he was trying to hide. He squeezed a few turds out and then grabbed paper to wipe. He wiped while sitting, and pulled up his jeans in one quick motion. He left quickly after flushing.

Hey good stories everyone great story christi just askin but where you from?like australia
?england? I dont have a clu lol

To Amy

I am also curious regarding your pooing. Do you push it out at the first sign of discomfort or simply relax and let it push out itself?

You say you are 25 and mess yourself often. Do you have a husband/boyfriend? If so, what does he think of you making no effort to control body functions? If no significant other, would you consider seeing a guy who is fascinated by this site, maybe even ask you to intentionally fill your panties while he watches?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

to claire

I know what your going through. When I first got married my husband had no idea about my poops. I've always been a big pooper myself and I mean big. My husband saw me pooping for the first time about a month ago. We were remodeling our house and we only had one functional bathroom at the time. I felt the urge to poop and when I feel the urge I have to go I. I sat on the toilet and I knew it would be a while, it always takes me awhile to poop. My husband knocked on the door and said he had to get ready for work, I couldn't get up so I said come on in and get ready. I was extremely embarrased about the entire thing but I didn't have a choice. I sat there squeezing and rocking back and forth while he was standing at the sink shaving. It finally came out and it was time to flush, he saw the turd and he was shocked at how big it was and asked me if if I always poop that that big

Never cry wolf! I learned that the hard way in sixth grade. I had a bad habit of claiming I needed to use the girls room, then disappearing from class for twenty minutes at a time. Anyway, one day I was feeling sick, and having intestinal cramps. I eventually realized I was going to have diarrhea. I asked the teacher for the pass and she said no. I asked again, she said she knew I just wanted to go off roaming the halls. I assured her that wasn't the case and pleaded with her. By this time, my clenched butt cheeks were all that was keeping my bowels from letting loose. Finally, I just got up and ran for the door. She grabbed me and told me to sit back down. I tried to pull away from her, but it was too late. I lost control and in a matter of seconds my underpants were full of hot, sticky semi-soft poop. It stank to high heaven. It seemed like every kid started either gagging or laughing. I started crying. The teacher apologized and took me to the nurses office to get cleaned up. I was pissed at her for a long time, but it was really kind of my own fault for being dishonest all those times before.

Keith D
Great to see some more good descriptive stories on the site again - especially Laura, Jessica L and Sam.

To Amy:

I guess I used to have a similar problem to you, only it had a different effect. As a kid, I hated the feeling of the urge to poop and considered it painful. I guess its a pretty natural reaction. I know the feeling of dread.

But for me, rather than getting it out as soon as possible, the fear made me hold it back. When I felt the urge, I would go off to some place where no one could see me and bend over from cramps. I would clench my butt and squeeze and compact the poop back in. I used to hold it for up to a week, by which stage bits were leaking out as I cramped. Then when I went to the toilet, it took so long and was so tiring and hurt so much as the compacted dry mass stretched my hole.

Obviously, it is healthier to get it out as soon as you get the urge - while it's still soft! I now go at my earliest convenience and find it much easier. Amy - I actually think you're kinda brave for tackling the problem head on straight away. I don't think it's weird. It's probably healthier to be less inhibited. And I remember that the feeling of going in your pants is much more comforting than on a hard, sterile toilet bowl.

I guess the turning point for me and my problems came when I saw this weird greeting card (of all things) in a shop years ago. On the cover it had a large woman sitting on a toilet wearing nothing but a party hat! Inside, it said: "on your birthday there's nothing better than having a good shit". I don't really know who would buy such a card or who for but it stuck in my mind. I remember thinking - good shit? Who would think it was good? The lady on the card was smiling like she was enjoying it. I wasn't aware back then that anyone would find it enjoyable. It made me think though. And next time I took a poop I really relaxed and concentrated on what it actually felt like. I found that I didn't really find it "painful" as such, it was more just really uncmfortable but that the sensation was kinda nice if you let it be and that the relief was fantastic.

Let it flow.

Becky M
Wow, I had a couple of my favorite "bad foods" last week in the same day: chili for lunch and Chinese food for dinner. I should have known that with my system, that was a huge mistake. Woke up the following morning having to go really bad after my morning coffee, and got to spend the next hour peeing from my butt. Fortunately, it was a Saturday, so I didn't have to work, but I did have to cancel my shopping plans that day, cause I knew this was a bad sign. Sure enough, I've had diarrhea several times a day every day since. Granted, I do have diarrhea fairly often, but not usually this bad!!!

The real bugger is that I had to go on an airplane Monday morning for work. As you can imagine, that was fun. Especially getting out of the bathroom and seeing several people waiting in line to use it after I had just gone. Poor souls...

The good news is that it's been a chance for me to catch up on some reading; I have quite the library in my bathroom, which is a good thing, as I spend a lot of time there anyway. Hoping this lets up soon, but, for me, things like this can stick around for a while, so I'm not optimistic.

hey there I have been reading the posts here, i used to read the posts here for some time but i lost the link for a long time.
I personally like pooping my pants, From what i can read there are some people who enjoy the same.
Like this afternoon i was riding my bike int the bush, and the erg to poop hit me. I was about a mile back in the bush alone on some fairly private trails i knew i wasn't gona make it home... so i just relaxed and kept riding... It slowly slid out into my briefs and piled there, it was so warm and fairly firm but just soft enuph to not be mushed tight to my ass from my jeans. It felt so good to just poo my pants instead of holding it until i got home, I waited until it was a little later to go home and clean up... I had a warm shower then went on with my day. I had a good time

Earlier there was a post by someone who didn't leave their name. They asked whether thin women produced bigger poop than medium or full figured women. I consider myself to be about average... not really thin, but not big either.

The size of a person's turds, whether male or female, depends directly on how much they eat and how often they poop. For instance, one of my friends is really thin, but she just shovels food. I really wonder where it all goes sometimes, because she never seems to gain any weight. She's also clogged my toilet a few times, so I know she produced very large turds.

On a more personal note, I just got back from the bathroom and I had a nice poop. I started out reading a magazine while I peed for a while. Nothing happened for a bit, but I could definitely feel a poop up in there somewhere. I decided to keep reading and just wait for a little while.

I pushed a little bit and let out several silent farts, followed by the crackling sound of a turd emerging. The turd broke off and landed with a splash, and then I farted a really long silent one. It must have gone on for 10 seconds or maybe more. I guess I didn't really have to go that bad, I just needed to release a lot of gas. Either way, I did produce a nice turd about half an inch around and 3 inches long. And I definitely feel better now than I did before.

Single woman
Hey all! Single woman here with another funny post. First off, I appreciate the concern from whoever posted the comment stating that I might have worms, but I don't. I had a check up a few weeks ago and they didn't find any parasites or anything. Now on to my story. My boss sent me to a seminar in Atlanta this week. I was the only employee chosen to go so I feel honored by that but enough of my bragging. When I got to the hotel from the airport I ran up to my room quite fast because I really needed to poop. I threw my suitcase in the corner, ran into the bathroom, pulled down my slacks and panties and sat on the toilet. I started to pee immediately. I also dropped a small turd into the toilet. I was in the middle of reading my magazine that I got on the plane earlier when I thought I heard a door open. I thought the maid was cleaning the room next door but she was actually in my room. She opened the door to the bathroom and saw me taking a shit. We both screamed. "I very sorry!" She said in a thick Spanish accent. "I came to fix bed." "That's okay." I said embarrassedly and she closed the door. She continued to make the bed and I continued to poop. I squeezed and a log fell out. I pushed once more and another turd fell out. When I went to wipe when I noticed that there wasn't any paper. "Miss" I said. "May I have a roll of paper please?" "Paper?" "Oh for cacca!" she said in her accent. "Thanks" I said as I let out a sigh of relief since I was pushing out another turd from my butt. While she was giving me the TP roll she pinched her nose and muttered something in Spanish as she finished the bed and left the room. I have to admit I did drop quite a load and it didn't smell the greatest in here. There were three tan colored sausages and a few of those pieces that look like flakes in the bowl. I must have whipped seven times because the poop was so mushy. I was afraid I'd stop up the toilet but luckily I didn't. Later when I went out to get something to eat I saw the maid from earlier talking to two other maids. They looked at me and snickered. Whatever! If they want to be immature about it let them. Like Laura the teacher says," When a woman's got to go, she has to go."

Take Care.
Single woman

Hi, I am glad there is this web page as this, for times I think I am alone in this world. I think as of how to have a bowel movement pooping is healthy and exciting as of how it starts from your eating and comes out a differant way. I sortof feel as it is only for me to think I'm the only one to see and feel it's warm feeling as it comes out. But for this website I can share and read of others, Thank you. I love you all. I sortof have a self consious which I hate of myself. For when I read of all these others I say I am not alone anymore. For it's now my poop myself and you all. It's now 9:30 am and oh I am hoping I have a poop before I leave to work. I don't know? I just don't take it dirty as I did when I was young. Mybe I need to tell myself to shuttup as maybe I wrote too much on this subject. (smile) Some nights when I get home late and I think I can hold it til I get home to the bathroom. But the way it works it seems that when you get closer to the house door the more pressure I have; I think it's in the mind of holding it. I enjoy it when I get the releaf of it going down my legs when I feel that warm pee running down my leg. Thank you letting me write this; I'm not alone anymore. This helps me enjoy my living; reading of others knowing I'm not alone. Again thank you.

Hi I'm 15 and my family's getting our toilet replaced so we can't use our current one. Normally we just go over to use our neighbors', but when i have to pee, I've found more creative ways to avoid going all the way next door. Whenever I take a shower, I always pee right there. I know it's dirty, but whatever. I sometimes just squat in the shower without even taking an actual shower. My favorite thing to do is use the sink. MY sink's low, so it's easy to jump on. I always close the door and turn the shower on so nobody walks in on me sitting on the sink spraying down the drain! At night, and I'm pretty sure the rest of my family does this too, I have two cups sitting on my counter. I changed it to two because I peed in one once and completely overflowed, pouring pee all over my rug! Now if it starts overflowing, I can switch the cups, although i uselessly dribble on the floor a bit anyway. When I'm done in the cup, I hide it under the bed. I usually wait until a few cups are under there, and the smell of urine is noticeable, and then i dump the pee out the window. The problem with this process is that I'm usually tired when i use a cup and might miss at first. The obvious way is to just pee outside. I generally wait until I'm home alone until I do this. I usually just find a nice tree t squat behind and piss all over that, but recently I've found it to be fun to try peeing standing up. To do this, i just take off my pants/underwear and let the stream go where it wants. I've gotten better at aiming it so it doesn't soak my legs. One other way to do it outside is to bring a book or something and pretend I'm sitting down on the grass. I make sure i wear a skirt and i pee while sitting. This usually doesn't work as a lot of pee will make a puddle and will soak into my pants. I once tried peeing out my window too. At ngiht, i got up and opened the window. I moved my desk over so i could climb up and stick my butt out the window. I then let my bladder go. Unfortuasntely, the pee landed on cement and made a loud splashing noise. IT also didn't dry by morning so im sure somebody saw. I had a lot of fun peeing in a trashcan. The top of the trash was dripping with pee so i made sure to move it to the bottom. There was one day i was going to be home for awhile so i decided to pee on the kitchen floor. When everyone left, i got up and squatted on the tiles. I was pretty nervous, but i eventually got the pee to come out. IT made a HUGE puddle and almost covered the whole floor. Really, the otherwise white floor was completely yellow! I spent about an hour mopping it up. When I was at my computer, I grabbed a nearby towel and soaked it. This was a bad idea, as my bladder was full and it soaked to the chair. The last thing i tried was grabbing some clothes i never wear and just peed all over them while wearing them! OF course i had to throw them out. My toilet will be replaced very very soon, but i think i might continue to try these fun different ways of peeing. Before this whole alternative peeing time, I've had a lot of other peeing adventures and i'll be sure to post them sometimes. You'll be hearing more of my pee stories soon!

new geeky lurker
Amy - I've never heard of a "fear" like what you're describing, and it sounds quite unique and interesting especially because many people on this site have talked about how much they enjoy the sensation of hold it and the amazing sense of relief that follows. I for one would really be interested in hearing more from you. In particular, I have a question about your frequent pooping accidents. When you say that you just poop yourself if you're not close to a toilet, is this when you're somewhat desperate, or as soon as you notice a slight urge to poop? Because I often find that when I first get the urge, unless it's bad diarrhea, it's not very urgent and so if I wanted to go right away (which I usually don't) I'd probably have to push a bit to get it going. So, in times like when you were in the car, do you start to like, push a little to get it going once you realize you're not close to a toilet, or can you just let go? If you push, is it like a nervous push just trying to get it out quickly to get rid of the feeling? I ask because I'm just trying to imagine what that would be like, but I imagine from how you describe it to be a fairly unsettling experience, as if feeling really really desperate even though you're not really. But that's just how I imagine it, please let us know what it's really like. Also, I'd love to hear stories you have. Sorry to be so curious, it just sounds really interesting.

i was going to a friends party the other day where we were planning to really get drunk. well i got there and brought my stuff in and they were about 10 girls in all spending the night . so we proceed with the party aas planned and everybody is having a great time, we were all out by 3 in the mourning. the next mourning i woke up with very bad stomach pains i got up rushed to the only bathroom in her tiny apartment, open the door and gloria was sitting on the toilet with maria at the mirror . i was like oh god hurry and maria said she has been waiting for 10 minutes i am next i have to shhit bad i just clutched my stomach and stood outside the door. i was about to shit i knocke dand asked if gloria was off the pot yet and she said just getting up i opened the door to see maria sit right down and explode and i almost lost it i pleaded with her to hurry . just then cathrine runs up and askes to go ahead of me i told her no way i have been waiting 10 minutes and going to shit myself if they dont hurry she grabbed her but and ran down the hall fina;lly maria was done i ran in and exploded in the toilet . all i can say is that toilet got some major work in today.


I haven't been on in a while, been posting on another site lately, but I just had to describe the shit I took the other day.

We had ham and beans for dinner two nights in a row, and great northern beans usually do a number on me. Anyway, yesterday I had just finished my first cup of coffee when I began feeling really full and bloated. I let out a couple of farts while I was at the computer, but they did'nt do much to relieve the pressure. Finally I figured I better head for the toilet. I took the newspaper with me because I figured I'd be there awhile. By the time I got in the bathroom I was literally in pain.

I sat down, and I expected this to be either very loose or total diarrhea. I gave a push, and instead a soft, long turd began crackling out. It kept on coming, with lots of gas being released along with it. Finally it tapered off, and snapped off. I wiped, and surprisingly, it wasn't all that messy. After 2 or 3 more wipes, I was clean.

I stood up to look at my work, expecting to see a huge, coiled up turd covering most of the bowl. Instead, it was a mound of what looked like brown soft serve ice cream. It was piled up in a mound, with the top of the mountain rising above the surface of the water. Almost like a shit island.

I flushed, washed my hands, and flushed again to get rid of the skid marks. I was now totally pain free.

Thats all for now. Bye all.

With no interesting stories from today to share, I think I'll tell the story of my most memorable experience with an airplane toilet. In most regards, an airplane toilet is similar to a regular toilet. It's a bowl you pee/poop into and flush it away when you're done.

One of the airplanes I was on, and consequently the one that this story is about, had much less water than a normal toilet. The lady sitting next to me on the plane said that was because the toilet uses mainly suction to take away the pee and poop, rather than the normal methods. Well, anyway, during the flight, I was asleep when I woke up to the familiar full feeling telling me to go to the bathroom now.

The seatbelt light wasn't on, so I headed back to the toilets and waited for it to become available. When the lady came out, I headed in and locked the door. The bathroom had a slight odor of poop about it, but not too bad. I pulled my pants and underwear down to around my ankles as I sat on the toilet. It was fairly warm, considering it had just been used.

I started off with a short pee and then the crackling of a log coming out. It splashed into the water and then another log started out, shortly splashing into the water as well. I only needed one wipe to get clean, so I tossed it in the toilet and flushed.

It was now that I discovered that this particular toilet was a bit different from most. The actual flush process took longer than usual and it almost seemed like the logs were sucked down one then the other.

Today during my lunchbreak at work, I had a large coke. Inevitably, within a few hours I was bursting for a pee. Luckily for me, my work is good about letting employees go to the bathroom when they need to, instead of only at scheduled times or on breaks.

Entering the women's room, I found two of the five stalls open, so I took the closest one and closed the door. I pulled up my gray skirt and my thong down, so I could pee. My pee streamed out quite quickly and I had a lot of pee built up. After maybe 30 seconds, I heard the bathroom door open and someone wearing heels rushed into the stall next to mine and shut the door loudly, unleashing a noisy gassy dump. It was a series of plonks and wet sounding farts. I guess she wasn't doing so well.

My stream tapered off and I wiped up and went to the sinks. The woman in the other stall was still going at it. I heard someone rolling off a lot of toilet paper, but I'm not sure it was her. I later found out someone went home early due to sickness, probably that same woman, although I can't say for sure.

After my nice big poop yesterday, I haven't pooped at all. My period's over, so I should be back to normal now. When I don't poop at all in 4 days, I feel even more bloated than usual. It's not my ideal time, but the relief when the poop finally comes out is divine.

Summer Time Pee Desperation
Over the summer I was in Virginia with my mom to visiting my family down there. My mom and I went to a country show during the show I had to pee bad since before I want I really didn't go that much before the show and i had a bottle of water. When the show ended my mom and I had to go pee so bad we stop at the rest rooms. My mom allowed me to go first to pee I went first to the mens room lucky the was a lot of free urinals and I took a long piss. I felt so relieved to empty my bladder scine I held it in for so long. Then my mom went into the ladies room. I was standing outside the ladies room when she was in there. she was in there for a long time because the line for the ladies room was long. she had to pee bad she held it for a long time too so she took a longer pee. My mom came out of the ladies room relieved and I was relieved too. I always love girls peeing the sounds they make and when they are desperationtoo.

A couple days latter my mom and I was at the same place for graduation day. Before graduation day my mom and I both stooped at the bath room because we both needed to pee. My mom waited for me to go to the mens room but the mens room was locked and I had to go. So I went into the ladies room with my mom and we both took a stall I took my piss and my mom took her piss it felt good for the both of us. It felt wired being in the ladies room there was only two other ladies in there.

a few years back I was at a music festival the queue for the limited toilets they had was huge so I went around the back of one of tents to pee as I was bursting to go and got my cock out to pee the queue to get in the festival was just next to me the other side of the fence about 100 people saw me pissing and I was getting whistles and comments off people.

Hi everyone. Just wanted to take some time to introduce myself and share some really good toilet stories. I am 39 years old, and I have had an interest in things of the toilet for years, and I have finally found a place to share that interest in this forum.

I have a lot of really good stories to share-I worked at a large shopping mall for a long time, and cleaning the restrooms was a major part of my duties. For the longest time, we had a small, all male staff, and so I was in the ladies restroom as much as the mens on a regular basis. Oh, the stories I can tell!!! Working in the opposite sex's restroom, there were at least a million times where some desperate lady would come rushing in past my closed sign and either totally ignore the fact that I was there and take care of their bodily needs, or else BEG me to let them use the toilet. My boss told me that if they walked in past my sign, I didn't have to leave, I had my job to do, and if they chose to ignore the fact that the restroom was closed, that was their problem. I never refused, I told them I wouldn't want them to have an accident. One elderly lady told me as she was releasing Niagra Falls from her bladder that's exactly what she would have had if I wouldn't have let her and her friend in to relieve themslves. I remember her sounding as if she was in a total ectasy of relief with several VERY loud OOOHHHS and AHHHSSS as she voided into the bowl. She pissed for a whole minute straight with a stream that sounded as though she was pouring a bucket of water into the bowl rather than relieving herself. I could FEEL her relief, it was so intense.

Anyhow, one of the things I discovered early on in this job was the sheer number of ladies would have pooping accidents-during busy seasons such as Christmas or some big sale at the mall, it was common to find 3 to 4, sometimes more pooped pairs of panties in the sanitary boxes in the ladies stalls. I could always tell when someone had been there with an accident. I'd come into the stall, and there would be a light smearing of poop on the toilet seat, and particularly on the front rim of the bowl. I imagine that's where they dumped the load out of their undies into the toilet. Then, I would open the lid on the sanitary box, and sure enough, there would be a freshly pooped pair of panties all nice and folded up in the wax paper bag. I wonder what these ladies were doing when they crapped their drawers. Did it just come on suddenly, and they just couldn't hold it, or did were maybe so busy shopping that they resisted the urge to go to the toilet until it became desperate. Maybe some of you ladies out there can clue me in on this. I was at the hospital one day, and had to pee really bad, so I went to the men's room. The cleaning lady was in there, but she told me to go right ahead. She was an older semi-retired woman. Anyhow, as I stood at the urinal peeing, i told her about my experiences as a custodian, and she said that she found the same thing in the restrooms there all the time-pooped panties.

So ladies, if you've ever crapped your pants in a public place, now you know that you're definitely not alone, you're just one of the many. I don't know why I mnever found any shitty underwear in the mens rooms, it seemed to be an all girl thing. I hope that telling about this part of custodial work will make a lot of people feel better.

Take care everyone, and I will share more stories form the mall restrooms soon,


Hey everybody.i love this site so much.And i really enjoy pooping.I just love the kinda of feeling.I just had a poo with 3 long turds and a few blobs of nuggets.haha.I love listening to people poo.pls tell me more stories watching ppl poo...or listening

To Melissa,You did indeed have a massive Shit session.Did you have to trash your underpants? How bad did you Smell?

Last week I had a very similar situation. I woke up after a long nite,and went to fart(not a good idea)and then found that i had shit my pants as it was mostly solid, I made my way to my bathroom,which is not a long way and as i got to the toilet,a second load just filled my underwear,and thoght to me,why not just go for the whole load and completely shit my pants as a second load added to the load of shit Ihad pooped, I was a mess as it is. let me tell ya, it was a masive shit mess,and yes i did trash my underwear.

It was bad,

Dave B wrote

"To Kim:
Hard to believe that your poo could clog a hotel toilet. Usually at all the hotels I've ever been to they're usually more powerful than the toilet at home. It was interesting to read that you actually reached in there with your hand to break up your poop. Hope it wasn't too difficult lol. What's the biggest poo you've ever done?"

I was surprised myself. I don't consider my poop to be large, and that was the only time I remember clogging a toilet. Breaking up the poop wasn't hard, but it felt weird. My hand was wet, and the poo was slimy. I must have washed my hands for 5 minutes after that.

As for the biggest poo I've ever done, I can't really say for sure. I don't remember the biggest single piece of poop I've ever produced, although I do have some memorable experiences of producing a lot of poop, all the pieces combined.

The one that jumps to mind is last thanksgiving. As usual, I had pigged out on way too much food over the holidays. Not too long after consuming the big meal on Thanksgiving day, I needed to use the toilet.

Soon after sitting down on the toilet, I began pooping. I let out three long logs of poop, one after the other. They just eased out pretty fast. Following a short pause, I felt a big poo moving out. I had to push a bit to get it out and then it landed with a splash. One more smaller, lengthy log slid out and I was done.

Tonight I had an interesting experience with some trick-or-treaters. I usually get 10-12 people throughout the night. Anyway, about 7:00, I headed to the bathroom to pee. My stream had just started when the doorbell rang. I knew it would be a big pee and I didn't want to keep them waiting.

I did as best I could to stop the stream, wipe once so there would be no stains, and rushed out to the door. It was kind of difficult to keep my mind on handing out candy, since stopping mid-pee just made me have to pee worse. Finally, I was done handing out candy and could finish my pee. This time I got to finish up and wipe myself better.

TO LINDA from Australia: Due to pain meds I get constipated a lot. Sometimes I miss a day but what is the usual is a small motion (very small). Sometimes an average length turd but is very thin. Sometimes I grunt out a turd or two that is very hard but not very big. I do not spend really long on the pot because with me I am going to poo and I do or I am not going to poo! Occasionally I do have a long slow satisfying but exhausting dump but that is rare. A few weeks ago I did have shit in my rectum stuck for a while and my undies got big skid marks and I had to wash the crotch before putting them in the washing machine but mostly the "blockage" is much higher......Tracygirl refers to her rib cage etc ..with me it is in theright side and that part of the colon really bloats...a couple of times I have had trouble doing my jeans up. I also get a blockage on my left side but it is above the rectum area and I have tried suppositories etc but they do not have an effect high up where needed.
Last week I had several days with no or minimal pain meds and ate only fruit for breakfast and lunch for a few days and my bowels started to perform. One morning I was on the throne and my partner had to leave for work and she wanted to clean her teeth and had very little time.. I told her to come in and clean them whilst I was doing what I needed to do and she would not and left for work with dirty teeth! Next morning I was on the pot passing a lot of runny poos and it stank! She did come in and took a towel, put tooth past on her brush and got the dental floss and went to the laundry to clean her teeth. I do not think she was excited about the odour I was producing.
The last couple of days I have been back on meds...I did a couple of poos today but not very big...I find the constipating effect takes a couple of days...tonight I might take Senna & Colyxl, even though I do not presently need itbut I know that the chances of poo problems are high and tomorrow I have no important meetings or issues etc.
If I really need to give the poo a big push I take a good dose of really works but wakes me up at about 5am (or earlier) and the sit on the pot is a long one as I shit out quite a heap but very slowly...I sit for so long the toilet seat cuts into my bum. I find Colyxl & Senna a bit more gentle but take a bit longer to act (sometimes). I usually have a good dose of Benefibre or Metamucil hours before taking the laxative for added bulk to push things along. I find fibre supplements do not do much for me on their own.
Like Pat, Nony and Maya, I find a good poo really feels good>
Thunder From Down Under

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