Hi JW, Correctol works overnight for me usually, but if I haven't had a BM for three or four days it may take till noon to kick in. Two tablets seems to be the correct dose for me. I have heard people say that Correctol is either too strong or it doesn't do anything for them, I would think you would have to adjust the dose (and it says to do that on the package). Remember too that, when you're constipated, if you are still eating, you are still making stool, and it is piling up somewhere. Where ever it's 'stuck' at there is going to be pressure there until it breaks free and starts to move again, so you are going to have some abdominal discomfort with any laxative that is doing anything at all for you. I do often feel some discomfort with Correctol but it is usually wherever in my ???? I was feeling discomfort before I took it. (Usually under my diaphragm and rib cage).
And yes, my boyfriends definitely a keeper :)He wants me to move in with him so I wouldn't have to call him over special when I'm constipated :)

Trop Clair..I hope you can get over any shyness about your poo poos. As a man who lived with a woman who passed fat healthy poops, I was very comfortable with her pooping and se would let me see them before flushing. Wf may be real comfortable sooner or later with your poo poos. Is it ok to ask if you are thin medium or full figured. Just curious . I often wonder if thin woman make larger bms thatn medium or full figured woman or vice versa..Best to you always.

Hi, Melissa again! Anyway, today I woke up with cramps. I sat up and my stomach growled. Suddenly, I was farting big ones every couple of seconds. Then it stopped but i felt the almost unstoppable urge of a really big fart. I let it out. Big mistake. It was a really loud and long one, I could tell/ So I started counting the seconds it lasted. When I reached 37 it started getting really wet, by 40, it elevated into a superloud explosive one, and the next thing i knew, totally runny shit was flooding my panties. I tried to stop it as i ran to the bathrom, but i couldn't. I made it to the toilet just befor they startd overflowing. I didn't even take the panties off, just sat down with them on, the diarrhea flowed even faster, i let off so much gas i could see the bulge in my belly get smaller and smaller as I farted. It was a real mess to clean up. Bye!


can a person

Toilet Training Mom
I've been lurking here for a while, and I've noticed this forum has almost no posts relating to toilet training. I'll share some of my observations from training my three children.

Both my girls were relatively easy to train, although all children have their quirks. The oldest one, she's 17 now, was a late starter. She was reluctant to start training, preferring diapers until she was almost 3 years old.

We first began the process shortly after she turned 2. I noticed she was uncomfortable sitting on the potty. After a few weeks of having her sit down for a few minutes after meals, I decided to let her wait. My mother forced me to toilet train early, but she was forgiving if I had an accident. I didn't want to be that way to my children.

One day, my daughter told me she wanted to use the potty like her friends. Once she was willing, we progressed through the steps quickly. Before I knew it, she was using the potty all the time, with a few accidents in the night.

Next came the boy, he's 13 now. Traditionally mothers do the training, so boys are difficult. I trained him with the basics of telling me or my husband when he needed to go, and that the potty was were poop and pee went. The rest I left up to my husband, so there's not too much to talk about here.

Last, my second girl, 8 years old. She was the easier of the two to train, except for that period when she wanted to pee standing up like her brother. I let her try it a few times, and she figured it out on her own. The cleanup was not so fun, but it was better than getting in a power struggle with her.

The thing I found most peculiar about her was pooping. After the little 'episode', peeing was not a problem. She had no problems sitting on the potty to poop, but it was the actual poop that I thought was strange.

Even before she was toilet trained, her poop was very large. Where her older brother and sister typically had several thinner logs of varying lengths, she would push out one big log.

Jessica L.
Hello all gals and guys, it's been a very long time since I've posted here, I've been really busy, I was on vacation visiting my brother up in Canada. He lives in a cabin in the woods, and it's really a cool place to be. He lives with his wife, who is a really cute young woman, very talkative and personable. I always enjoy going to see them. Their cabin is fairly small, so this year, I decided to take my RV up there. It's a fairly small RV, built out of a standard passenger van, but it works fine for one person. I arrived there, and the showed me where I would be staying, as they didn't want me to stay in my RV, despite my best efforts to convince them it was fine. After I unpacked, I decided to have a look around, as they had recently redone a few things. I had to pee after the drive there, so I asked where their bathroom was. It was literally a small closet right off the kitchen, with a shower on end, with the toilet facing the door. Or doorway. There was actually no door on the bathroom. I assumed this was because the toilet was so close to the doorway, the door would have had to open out. Then, next to the toilet was a urinal, that could be reached if someone was sitting on the toilet, but only barely. I was surprised, as I've never heard of urinals in houses. As I was nearly finished with my pee, my brother came in and asked if I would mind if he peed, he was really desperate. I said I didn't if he didn't and he came in and unzipped his slacks and started peeing. I was shocked he wasn't more shy about me sitting literally right next to him, so I had a fine view of his privates, but he didn't seem to mind at all, and he also explained to me why the bathroom had no door. It was exactly as I had thought, there wasn't enough room. He said if I wanted more privacy, the upstairs bathroom was larger and had a door, but the downstairs bathroom had been an after-thought by him, as he had always wanted a second bathroom. He said he bought the urinal from some surplus store near there for a dirt-cheap price, because he thought it would make it easier if more than one person needed to pee. After our unusual encounter, he showed me their barn which they had recently built, and then told me a secret, that when he had to poop, and his wife was in the upstairs bathroom, he would come out to the shed and poop in a corner, because it really turned him on. All these years, and I never knew my brother was interested in bathroom habits. I told him I hoped we could poop together in the barn sometime soon, and he thought it sounded like a novel idea. Their barn has a dirt floor, so you simply dig a hole, and then recover it once you're done. The very next day, we both got up early, and I was, of course ready for my morning poo. He was as well, so we headed out. I was wearing a pair of slacks and a coat, as it gets cold in the fall. We got there, and he said he would go first. He undid his wool slacks, and pulled them down not quite to his knees. He smiled at me and told me it might be a little smelly, but I said I didn't care at all, I'm usually the same way. He started grunting pretty loud, and he said he had been constipated for several days, and he was hoping he could get it out. The turd he was forming was huge, and it finally broke off. I had no way to measure it, but I'd guess it was around fourteen inches. He then pointed his thing down and made a little puddle of pee, and told me it was my turn. I hurriedly undid my pants and pulled them down just far enough, I was getting pretty desperate. I farted really loudly, and we both laughed heartily. I usually fart several times before I poop, no matter what. I made a much smaller log, and then peed a good stream for about a minute. Finally I was finished and he handed me a cloth to wipe with. He threw both the cloths out, and we filled in the hole. We then went for a walk, and as we were coming back, his wife met us along the road, and had been wondering where we'd gone. Of course we didn't tell her about the experience in the barn, so we said we went for a early morning walk. After a amazing breakfast of toast and milk, we played checkers for a while, and were about to watch a movie when his wife said she had to pee and headed towards the bathroom. We both watched from around the corner, without her knowledge, but she got into the bathroom and then said "Darn it!" Her zipper was stuck, and she was dancing around. My brother was about to go in when she said. "D***!" I saw a wet spot forming on the back of her jeans, and it just kept getting bigger and bigger, and dripping onto the floor. She came out a minute later crying, and my brother helped her get cleaned up. Apparently, she has a medical condition that makes it very hard for her to hold her pee when she is desperate, and medications haven't done much, so this apparently is a fairly common occurrence. She was really embarrassed she had done it in front of me, but I reassured her I had had many accidents before. She seemed to feel a little bit better after this, and we had a great time watching the movie. My husband was flying up the next day, so I called him that night to see how he was, and he said his flight had been canceled but he had gotten on an early flight that evening and would be there the next morning. The next morning, right before breakfast my husband got there. He immediately asked where the restroom was, and I showed him there. He was surprised there was no door, but started undoing his pants and pulled his underwear down as he farted really loud. He sat down and farted again, this time it was loud enough it probably could have been hard a mile away. I heard my brother and his wife laughing in the living room. He smiled "Sorry" he said "I must have a lot of gas" As he said this, he farted again, and then I heard the crackling of a turd. He generally lets me accompany him into the bathroom, and this time he asked if I wanted to watch it come out. He spread his legs so I could see, and I was amazed at how big his turd was. It wasn't terribly long, but it was several inches in diameter. He finally got the last of the logs out, and then he peed for a moment before getting up, wiping and washing his hands.

That's really all I have for now, though I will answer Richguy's question

When I wear a long skirt, I sometimes pull it down, though it depends on what kind of skirt. If it is a fairly thick material skirt, I can sometimes pull it up, but generally if it goes much below my knees, I find it easier to pull it down rather than lifting it up. Generally, it makes no difference if I'm pooping or peeing. I have a very loose thin skirt that is nearly impossible to lift up, as it seems to fall down, making it very uncomfortable. But most of the time I lift it up, as it's just easier and faster for me. Laura(Teacher): Great post! Keep them coming, I really enjoyed it. I will try to post more.

Also, it seems Fr.P hasn't gotten on in a while, I really enjoyed his posts, they were always very entertaining, but then again, I enjoy most of the posts on this forum.

Until next time,

"Jessica L."

I suppose I'll jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, and talk about how my interest in toilet habits came to be. When I went away to college, my first roommate was rather strange, but we became good friends anyway.

She pooped at least three times every day, but only flushed once. I guess it could be to save water, but I think she enjoyed showing off her creations. At first, it was a little weird, but after a while I started to be interested in it.

The door to the bathroom was almost never closed, unless we had company. It was not uncommon for us to chat while one of us was pooping, peeing, or showering. Sometimes both of us would pee at the same time and have a good laugh about it while cleaning up the stray pee. I find it interesting, because before college I treated going to the toilet as a private matter.

Since then, I've never found anyone I can share my interests with like that. I still think about Nanci sometimes, although I have no idea where she lives now or what she does. Well, in any case, that's the main reason why I'm interested in this subject now.

To Richguy:

I rarely wear skirts, but when I do, I pull it down to the ground. It might be an irrational fear, but I always worry my skirt will slip down while I'm pooping.

I was on the bus coming home from work today, when the urge to poop hit me like a ton of bricks. I hadn't pooped in four days, so I needed to find a toilet soon. I placed my hands on my stomach, over my white sleeveless top.

My butt cheeks were clenched so tight, I could hardly walk as I got off the bus. Walking as best I could, I carefully went up the stairs to my apartment building. First floor... still in agony, trying to hold it together. Second floor... finally my door. I quickly found the right key and threw my purse on my floor, dashing to the bathroom.

Before I even got to the toilet, my long black dress was off and I was inching down my black lace panties. At long last, I plopped my self on the toilet, now naked from the waist down. I let out a few of the loudest, but not smelly, farts while I undid my ponytail, allowing my brunette hair to rest upon my shoulders and back.

My hole opened to let out a turd. It creeped out of me and I was feeling immense relief every second. I could feel my muscles working to push out this turd bit by bit. It broke off and settled into the water with a 'plip' sound.

Once more my cute little bottom opened up, revealing another turd ready to emerge. Despite having a huge urge not more than 10 minutes ago, these turds were taking their sweet time getting out. At this point, I took a magazine off the rack nearby and began to read.

I moaned softly as the turd grew longer. It must have been a half foot long or more by now and still coming. It felt like every muscle in my butt was getting a thorough workout when the turd snapped off. The urge had subsided a small bit, so I decided to sneak a peek at my poop.

I saw one turd off to the left, probably my first as it was short. It curved slightly towards the end and was a nice creamy brown, with some dark patches throughout. There was another long turd and it was pretty much the same creamy brown color. A portion of this turd poked out of the water and the end turned much darker.

I felt another turd coming, so I sat back down to let it in the toilet. This turd felt a little different coming out. I thought it was probably the corn I ate a while back. Turns out I was right. There were corn kernels littered throughout my third turd. It wasn't too long before this one broke off and was immediately followed by another turd that streamed out.

I started to stand up to look again, but another turd wanted out, so I decided to stay hovering over the toilet while pushing it out. I felt this turd reach the bottom of the bowl and start to bend, getting more difficult to push out, so I pinched it off.

Looking in the bowl, I saw a stringy darker brown floater and another sandy brown turd at the bottom of the bowl. I sat back down, as I could still feel a little more stuck up there.

I tried pushing on my stomach to try to force it down lower, but no luck. Finally, I started to wipe. I guess the pressure of the paper made the turd dislodge, because I felt the turd slip into position to come out. This turd felt thicker than all the others, so I had to push harder to get it out. I grunted a bit while I pushed to get the turd moving. Sluggishly the turd was emerging. Finally it hit the water with a plop.

All at once, with no warning, a bunch of little turds hit the torrent. It was like liquid, but not quite. Just a ton of little small turds splashing into the water. A few more farts and one more short turd squeaked out. Finally I felt emptied out.

Again I tried wiping... I ran the toilet paper from front to back once, it was almost covered in poop. The next piece I ran back to front - a little less poop, but still messy. I alternated for two more times, a total of six wipes. To finish, I used a wet wipe that I keep handy for just such an occasion. Squeaky clean again.

I flushed the toilet, watching all my turds spiral around and go into the hole one by one... I almost thought the toilet couldn't handle it, but they all eventually went away. Ready to get on with the rest of my day, I pulled my panties back up and put my dress on again.

I can still smell my massive dump over 4 hours since it happened. Overall, it was a fun experience - I like the feeling of pooping - and yet I prefer my normal once every day or two poops. Whenever my period comes around, I have massive dumps about once, maybe twice a week.

Hopefully, I'll be back in a few days with a more condensed story


get sick from swallowing poop? Pleas answer

maya (r.i.p. turdy)
well id like to say i never thought much about dumping at all! that was until i met a special friend who made me realise how damn good a turd makes you feel! after i started talking to her i appreciated every one of my turds i shitted out...especially turdy (r.i.p) i also enjoy dumping with her, but as she lives half way across the world, i enjoy chatting to her while dumping. we like to dump together whenever possible...btw her turds are frikkin amazing...unfortunately my bowel movement isnt as up to speed as hers so sometimes shes a sweetheart and holds it in for me... i dedicate this to her, because of her i now enjoy my bathroom experiences at a whole other level...i hope all of you out there do too...much love...MAYA...-x-

I'm a middle age straight woman and had to share this story.
I've just gotten back from a couple weeks vacation. I went with a good friend and we were together most of the time, including sharing a room in the motels. We're pretty easy going around each other but I had never heard her fart or have a good poop. Each morning when she would awake and go into the bathroom I would listen closely (she thought I was still asleep) but never heard anything more than a long pee. I knew when she would poop though as I could hear more toilet paper than usual being rolled off (4-5 times always as opposed to just once when she'd pee). One day during the trip we were in the public bathrooms in stalls next to each other. Right after she sat I heard a wet fart escape. That was it though no sound of pooping.
On the last night together I didn't sleep very well and at an early hour (3am or so) she rolled over in her bed and let a couple of small poots out. A little later she rolled over again and let a couple more little farts. Finally around 5am she rolled over yet again (facing away from me but her butt was pointed at me) and let a small fart followed by a much bigger one...much bigger. I'm not sure if she woke herself up on not but after a few more minutes she was up and going to the bathroom. I had the bed next to the bathroom wall and listened. I heard a loooong pee as usual but then I heard several plops and long wet fart with more plops.
Then the usual rolling off of toilet paper 4-5 times.
Finally I'd gotten my wish of hearing her fart/poop. Looking forward to another vacation with her in the not so distant future. I'm usually not this interested in hearing a woman but the fact that I never had intrigued me. Now I'm curious to know if it's her standard to only fart at night or if she was not doing it because I was there.


That was a really good story of taking a nice, relaxing shit after holding it in during a busy morning. I like those shits the best, where you finally get a few moments in a hectic day to relieve that pressure in you gut that's been building. Sounded like your bowels were pretty full, I know that feeling like a steam engine starting out slowly and building up speed. Ka-plop, ka-plop. Relief!!! And your shit must have felt good for you to have taken your hair out of it's ponytail and unwind on the toilet. Just a nice, slow relaxing shit that you can enjoy. Do you wear pantyhose with your skirt as well? I'm just glad to hear that you felt so much better, relieved, and relaxed after your well-earned bowel movement. I'll be eager to hear more stories about your shits in the future, and will be glad to share mine as well. Taking a shit is a great one of life's little moments that was meant to be enjoyed and savored. May all your shits be as relaxing as the one you just described, and may you feel relieved for the rest of your day!!!


my name is Amy, i'm 25. Is there anyone here who has a "fear" of holding it in for too long? maybe not necessarily a fear, but a preference not to. I'm like that and my friends think it's really weird, but i'm an only child and my parents never seemed to weirded out by it. i'm kind of a hypocondriac (sp?) so any pain kind of freaks me out, so when i have to hold it in and it starts to hurt, i don't care to let go and just potty in my undies. it doesn't happen with pee that often, but i resort to pooping in my undies fairly often. with pee, it's only if i've been holding it for hours and i start to feel a little pain, and if there's no bathroom really close by i just wet my undies. but with poop, i don't know why but the feeling of having to poop is like, frightening to me, and if i have to poop and won't be able to get to a toilet within say, 5-10 minutes, i would much rather poop my panties than hold it in. is there anyone else like that? it doesn't happen in public or around people a whole lot, and it mainly happens during car rides. the last time it happened was 3 days ago, i was driving home from a class and i felt the urge to poo, so i decided i was going to pull over at this one restaurant that was a little ways up the road. soon thereafter however, i got into quite a bit of traffic, so i just gave up and messed my undies.

Keith D
The story I posted a while back about my experience in a bus toilet has reminded me of one I had in a plane a couple of years ago.

I was on a flight to an island in the Atlantic. It wasn't a major flight route and although the plane was a big airliner it was pretty old. From the interior, I'd say it was from around the 1950s and it had propellor engines instead of jets (don't know what sort of plane - don't know much about them). It was a 2-hour flight and mid-flight I decided I might as well stretch my legs and walk to the toilet. The plane was nearly empty (few passengers) and I got straight into the single stall, although due to turbulence I was staggering around the aisle to get there.

First thing I noticed was that the stall was quite big. but then it was entirely upholstered in padded brown vinyl! What I assumed to the be the toilet looked like a small flat couch or large ottoman. The top "cushion" or lid had to be lifted and I found it pretty heavy. It was upholstered on the inside too and so was the toilet seat, all the way around. The padded part went halfway down the sides of the bowl. The thing must have been a nightmare for the flight attendants to clean as the padding must get splattered and splashed all the time. Struggling with the lid, I managed to hold it up while pulling down my trousers and getting seated. You had to lean back against the lid to hold it up but it was comfortable because it was like the back of an armchair.

I was having trouble staying on the seat due to the turbulence and the lid/backrest leaning against me. It was then that I noticed on either side of the cushions a seatbelt! Never been to a toilet that required a seatbelt before...

I just had to put it on for the experience. The canvas webbing of the belt feels strange across the top of your bare thighs and the buckle wits right on top of your private area. I stretched the bottom of my shirt under it for comfort/hygiene.

I started to push out a small, unremarkable poop. It was long, skinny and soft. The plane bucked a few times in the turbulence and I was starting to worry about something splashing me from the hole below. The whole room swayed and I was glad I had the belt on, clawing with my hands trying to grip the slippery vinyl cushions. Looking down, I could see me dong swinging below and could feel my half-ejected poop swinging. The poop sausage up near my hole and slapped against the side of the bowl and slid down. As I pushed more, I could feel the next length swinging. It was a bit like riding a bull at a rodeo! I felt like yelling "Yee-Ha" while riding the toilet. When I was done, there was no flush mechanism, everything fell down the hole leaving a few streaks. I dropped the lid with a "thud" and went out and back to my seat, a bit dazed by the whole experience. I passed a middle-aged blonde lady in a blue uniform on the way who was the flight attendant. She gave a little smirk, acknowledging the "novelty" of the facilities.

By the way, what happened to our couple of flight attendants who were posting here back earlier in the year? Got any more stories about your own or other passengers high-flying functions?

Jimi (Martha's Cousin)
A while back I posted some stories about my cousin Martha, and it's time for an update. Martha is 15 now. She kind of decided at the beginning of last school year not to have accidents anymore, because she began to realize that people were increasingly thinking that she was weird and shunning her. She has always been comfortable with being a loner at school, but like many things for her, choice is really important. I think she was bothered by not being able to choose to be alone. So, since she really didn't have bladder or bowel control problems, she chose to begin using the toilet instead of her pants. She has quite a few friends now. She's still not part of the really popular crowd at school, even though she's quite cute and lots of boys seem to notice her. But neither am I that popular, or most people for that matter.

She got over her crush on Kevin (more about him later), which I think was a good thing, because he really is pretty much of a jerk, and everybody knows it. She actually has a boyfriend now! His name is Tom, and he's a really nice guy. He moved here from Oregon the middle of last year.

Tom is also pretty shy, and it took a long time for him to make friends. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't go out of my way to make friends with him either, but Martha was one of the few who did. They weren't really close, but she sometimes sat with him at lunch. They are both in the high school band, but they play different instruments and so didn't have that much to do with one another there either. But that all changed on a bus trip to an away game. It turned out that Tom is kind of pee shy, and didn't want to use the porta-potties at the stadium, and had several sodas at the game, so when he got back on the bus, he really had to go bad. And then the bus broke down on the way home, and, to make a long story short, Tom wet his pants on the bus. Martha told me the story; she'd been sitting a few rows back from him, it was totally dark on the bus, lots of noise and commotion as kids goofed around while waiting for the road service to arrive, and suddenly the boy sitting next to Tom jumped out of his seat and started shouting that Tom had peed his pants. Tom was crying from mortification, and the rest of the kids were howling with laughter, and so Martha stood up and went over to sit down next to him and comfort him. In doing so, she sat right down in the puddle of his pee, and so her pants and panties got wet too. But she told him not to worry about it, and put her arms around him, and they just sat quitely the rest of the ride home, and then she walked him home. Some kids saw her wet pants as she got off the bus and razzed her a little, and she turned to them and said fiercely, "Yeah, so what if I wet my pants, what are you going to do about it?"

The only problem she had was that her parents didn't quite believe her when she came home in wet pants -- although she hasn't wet or pooped her pants in some time, they didn't quite trust that she hadn't done it on purpose.

A few days later, after Tom got over some of his embarassment, and realized that Martha was not going to make fun of him no matter what, he asked her out -- she told him she didn't want to date him, and he said that was OK, he just wanted to take her out for ice cream to thank her for being so nice. And they got to talking, and he actually admitted to her that his accident had been such a relief, and the warmth of the pee as it soaked through his underwear and pants and pooled under him was comforting. And then Martha told him all about herself -- how she used to go in her pants a lot, and how it really did feel good for her too. Even though Tom expressed no interest in deliberate accidents, Martha doesn't do it anymore either, and Tom proved to be no more judgmental about Martha than she is about him. It was just the sort of friend she needed, and him too, and so they began to hang out together more and more. I think it helped him socially a lot, because he's not that good looking (he's a little overweight and has some bad acne), but kids were impressed that he was hanging with such a cute girl.

Over the summer, she went with him to his parents' lake cottage once, and I guess she changed her mind about being interested in more than a friendship, because they started dating in earnest after that. Her parents really like Tom a lot, and his parents like her too.

I was invited to the cottage with them too -- and one time the three of us went out in the rowboat, and Martha said she had to pee pretty bad when we were out there, but since it was just Tom and me with her, she peed through her cutoff shorts into the bottom of the boat. And we splashed her with lake water with the oars so his folks wouldn't know what she'd done.

Good afternoon--chilly here. This morning I had hoped to have my usual pre-breakfast bowel movement, but it didn't happen. I farted a few times, but nothing more. I ate, brushed my teeth, and, since time was running short, decided to try digital stimulation. I dabbed some Noxzema on the end of my middle finger, spread the salve over my anus, and carefully inserted my finger, which went up easily--and immediately encountered a turd, all the way down into my rectum and ready to come out. Why had it not felt ready? I don't know. However, with my finger in there, I was able to push slowly and feel my anus relax and the rectum slowly propel my feces on out. As the turd pushed my finger out, I pulled the finger away and slowly pushed out my poop. It was a decent movement, not exceptional, but well formed, though soft as always from my water intake. I don't know whether I would have been able to push it on out without sticking my finger in; but this solved the problem, letting me move my bowels and get ready in time to leave. I'm not sure I would recommend this, but it seems that simply having my finger in the anal canal stimulated enough motion to empty my bowels. Who knows? It might work for you as well.
I had another b.m. this afternoon during a planning period; it was perhaps a bit larger than the morning one. For this one I took along some papers to grade and let the b.m. come out in its own good time. Total time elapsed was perhaps ten minutes, including grading a couple of papers.
Yesterday on the way home from church I stopped at a local park to use the porta-potty. In the first one was nothing but a viscous brown liquid that was not feces--I don't know what it was, but it was very odd. I went to another porta-potty in a different section of the park, near an equestrian ring. People and horses were about in abundance, so I went into the porta-potty with high hopes of seeing a nice turd or two. I was not disappointed--these horsy folks seem to have healthy digestive systems. I saw several nice turds, of which the best was about 7-8 inches long, about an inch and a half thick, heavy, medium brown, smooth. It must have been a most satisfying dump for its donor.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I had a pretty sad day today. I have a friend who has a disease that makes his muscles really weak and he is wheel-chair bound. I find him so cute but cant confess it to him.

Today, while sitting in a class we have together I noticed every once and a while he would grab himself down there. He was squirming a little in his wheelchair and looked desperate to pee. I asked him if he had to go to the bathroom and he said yes, really bad, but he didn't want to miss any class time since he already misses enough.

About ten minutes later, he grabbed himself really hard and bent down a little. I felt really bad for him. He said he wanted to ask but he was afraid to because there were so many people in here. He is really shy but opens up around his friends.

So finally after seeing him so desperate, I told the teacher he wasnt feeling good could I take outside for some fresh air and to make sure he's OK. The teacher said sure and we left together. He thanked me when he got out.

He started to head to the bathroom but stopped and grabbed himself with both hands. He started to cry a little and said he didn't think he could make it. I felt really bad for him because he's a really sweet guy.

He started to make his way again, me following him, because he needs assistance in a lot of things. He got to the door and I saw a wet spot start to grow on his pants. He put his head down in dissapointment. I told him it was OK, I have had accidents before.

I really had to pee by that time seeing him wet his pants. The woman's bathroom was on the other side of the walkway and I knew it would make him feel better if I wet my pants, too. I decided to hang around with him some more and hold it until I have a genuine accident.

About 30 minutes later, he came out of the bathroom in new pants (he kept an extra pair in his bag I guess in case of an accident). By this time I was quite desperate and we headed back to class. The teacher asked if he was OK and I told him yes.

We went to lunch afterwards with our normal group of friends and by the time I started to eat I had to hold myself. After lunch when no one we knew was near I told him I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom and wet my pants and he said I guess we have something in common today and smiled. I went back to my apartment and changed, a few stares along the way but it was worth it to make him feel better.

Dave B
Hey Everyone. Not sure if anyone still remembers me and just a refresher I'm a guy with brown hair, blue eyes, 6ft, and about 200lbs. Just got back from the toilet after taking a satisfying poop and thought I'd read up on everyones stories and give a little feedback.

To Laura (Teacher):
Haven't seen any posts from you in a while, but it's alright and it's understandable that teachers have a very tight and busy schedule. I love hearing about your amazing poops that you do =P Glad you have some free time to post some of your stories. Sounds like you made it to the washroom just in time after your class. Is two days the longest you've ever held in a poo or have you gone longer without going? Just a little curious.

To Kim:
Hard to believe that your poo could clog a hotel toilet. Usually at all the hotels I've ever been to they're usually more powerful than the toilet at home. It was interesting to read that you actually reached in there with your hand to break up your poop. Hope it wasn't too difficult lol. What's the biggest poo you've ever done?

Anyways I gotta get going. If anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask. I'll be sure to post more stories later.

I woke up to possibly the most embarrassing thing ever...I was in a deep sleep, dreaming about how I was at a Clay Aiken concert...and for some reason me and this woman were talking about diarrhea 0_o and then I had to go to the I was in the bathroom shitting and peeing....

And then I woke up to myself STARTING TO PEE THE BED!! :O Thank God I woke up in time, otherwise I would have emptied my entire bladder in bed!!! I was quite embarrassed because this hasn't happened since I was 6 years old...for the same reason!

Thank god I was sleeping by myself and not with my husband!!! I woke up and moved slightly off the bed and noticed a fairly large wet spot, about 4 inches long. So embarrassing :(

I got up and went to the bathroom, took off the top sheet (thankfully the only thing that was wet) and went back to sleep.

This should not be happening at 21!

It seems like a long time since I last posted, but I have been busy with school and everything else. I began to get used to go to the bathroom before going to school, but because of time and pressure I often do not empty completely. My younger brother also has the same problem.

Anyway, I decided to try to go back to my usual schedule of going after I got home from school. With the new schedule, both me and my brother would often become constipated, and therefore, take longer in the bathroom. I started to exercise more and drink more water. It worked after a few days of doing it, so now I am back to taking a dump after school.

It changed last tuesday, when we were in gym class. We were running when I felt like I needed to go, so I asked the teacher permission. He said that after we finished running, I could go. They remodelled the buildings, and now we have different changing rooms, two more classroms and 2 more restrooms, 1 for the boys and 1 for the girls. These new changing rooms 2 toilets in it, both of which hardly ever are used. I do not really consider myself shy about going to the bathroom, but it isn't the most comfortable experience to push out a big one with some of the others watching, although they never make fun of anyone (probably because they could need to use it some day). So after we finished running, I ran to the dressing rooms and sat on the second toilet, which is next to a urinal. I was about to pull my shorts down when someone else came in. It was Bobby, a friend of mine. He looked at me and I looked at him, then he looked at the toilets and said, "well then". Then he came closer and he pulled his shorts down, and I did the same, and we both sat down.

We began talking about the Halloween party we were going to organaize when I heard his voice become a little strained, so I looked at him and he was pushinng, his face a little red. Because of how he was sitting, leaning forward, I could see his log coming out. I used the moment to start pushing too. I almost didn't need to, as my load was soft, and came out fairly easily. Bob, on the other hand, kept pushing and grunting in a low tone until it came out. "Had some trouble?" I asked. "Just a little, but I'm fine", he said. I started to wipe while he pushed the other one out, and he was done. We both washed our hands and left.

Later, after I got home, I had to go again, this time almost the same as the last, only this time I crapped more (guess the exercise and diet worked). I did not have to go again until Wednesday after school, and have been going at those times since then.

I will post more stories later!

I was going to the bathroom lastnight as I get slight pressure in my groin as hoping I can get something coming out; An uncomfortable as something will come out until I need to sit maybe 5 min or more. As I take that deep breath and try to push, I need to do that maybe 3 times to make something happen. I will touch my finger to my but hole to see if there is anything on my finger. I don't know if that is what others do but I smell it sometimes.. I felt so comfortable taking a shower afterwards. Thanyou.

Two stories about clogged toilets/toilets not working (as Kim mentioned in her post):

I was on a business trip to North Carolina and stayed at a hotel. After dinner I retired to my room and eventually needed to do a bm. It turned out to be of fairly significant size (long/thick) and it wouldn't flush down. I didn't want to call housekeeping and eventually came up with the idea of using the trash container plastic bag that was by the toilet; I put my hand inside the bag and used it as a glove to reach into the toilet and break up the turd and then successfully flushed. I turned the bag inside out carefully, tied it and placed it in the trash can. It worked quite well.

Another event, this one much more embarrassing, happened about a year ago. I was babysitting my neice, who was 8, at their house (they had just moved in a few months ago at that time) not far from where I live. We were watching tv and I took the opportunity to use the downstairs bathroom, which I hadn't used before. I did my business, wiped, and (attempted to) flush the toilet. For the life of me I couldn't get the darned toilet to flush. I lifted the lid to check out the flushing mechanism; there was enough water but the flushing mechanism just would not flush. In hindsight I guess I could have tried to lift the flapper manually, but I didn't think about that at the time. I ended up calling my neice over to the bathroom and asked her how to flush it. She came in and immediately made a comment about how smelly it was, and then, if that wasn't bad enough I had meant to put the cover down over the toilet seat but forgot and she ended up commenting about my big poop. It was actually quite embarrassing. She showed me the trick to flushing it and I felt so stupid and embarrassed after that.

Funny thing happened to me as I was taking a dump in the park restroom. These are stalls with doors, nothing unusual about them. The first 2 stalls have one of those stainless steel boxes that fit in a hole cut into the stall partition. You load the toilet paper and seat covers for both stalls from one side. Then you lock the door and voila, there's your paper dispenser. Well, there are regular dispensers on the other partitions, this box is still there just to cover the hole between the 2 stalls. Apparently, someone removed the bolts that were holding the box in place. This guy, probably in his late 50's, came in and took a crap. He bumped the box a bit as he sat down, and I saw it move. That's when I noticed the bolts were missing. He finished crapping and as he stood up and pulled up his pants, he bumped the box again. This time the box was knocked out of the hole and lands on my side of the stall with a loud bang. I look up and he looks at me and we both start laughing. There's a 2 x 3 foot hole in the wall and I'm sitting on the can, with my shorts and white briefs at my ankles. I say something like, "boy, that was a surprise. Looks like the walls are coming down!" He laughs about it and says sorry. I say don't worry about and I grab paper from the dispenser and start to clean up. I did end up putting the dispenser back into the hole after I finished, though.

Richguy: I personally will pull my long skirt down for both peeing and pooing but if I'm wearing a mini skirt I'll just lift it up.

Lynn: after I read that I looked it up and sure enough i saw a picture of it! I think that it would be great to have them in America don't you?

Pig: It may be that you had those 5 differant pee sessions when you hadn't had a lot to drink becuase you may've forgotten to pee the day before or something. Sometimes I don't even know I have to pee until I feel urgent. It may be it's that your body had decided on having one long one but when it took a break you thought you were done and didn't feel the need to pee anymore when you really could have. That's my thought at least!

tanya to richguy
funy question. i pull down the long skirt when i go to the bathroom

Linda from Australia here again. Well after having trouble pooping that morning, I finally dropped a big load that night. I came home after my staff meeting and ate dinner. Then about half an hour later, I sat on the toilet. I thought it was going to take a long time so I got a magazine to read. After about 5 minutes, I could feel the tip of a huge turd moving out of my anus, very slowly. Then it slid out quickly into the toilet. I still had more in me so I pushed a bit and another huge turd slid out easily. It hurt a bit but it only took less than 10 minutes to get it all out. I had a look at my job and there were 2 thick logs in the bowl. I felt so much better after that. I didn't have any trouble pooping for the rest of the week.

To Thunder: Sounds like you are well and truly constipated. How long has it been since you last did a decent poo?? Does it take you a long time to do a poo, when you are backed up??

Craig: how wonderful to be working with a warm, caring medical professional, who takes his own time to examine his co-workers bowel movements for signs of disorder. You guys are blessed.

TO CLAIRE: The subject will have to be addressed sooner or later with this bf or the next so you might as well bring it up now. One thing for sure...if it creates a problem then he is clearly not for you so the sooner you know this the better.
Have you ever tried to take measures to help you poo more often...maybe you could introduce it that way i.e I am eating a lot of fruit because I need to poop more often..I only poop once ot twice a clogs the toilet and it cannot be good for me etc
Let us know how you get on!


Women plan peeing better than men, Leo? maybe....I must be the exception. I suppose the same goes for pooping. I almost always poop in the morning before leaving home and set 15 minutes aside for that as I like to poop a lot in one sitting and that takes time. And (Laura pls note) I am a teacher too and I always pee (or sometimes poop) before every class. So that I won't need to go before the class finishes.

Yesterday was the exception however. I had to leave home early for a conference. I didn't really feel the need to poop and decided that since I was going early (to secure a free parking place) I'd have a lot of time between registration and the first paper reading.

I wasn't wrong. When I arrived with an hour to spare, as soon as I had finished registration my bottom started sending out gentle signals. I went off to look for a loo; in a women's university finding one that men can use isn't easy, especially if you are planning to take your time emptying your bottom very completely.

I decided to go up several floors and found a single loo at the top, presumably used by men teachers during the week. I was soon glad I'd taken the trouble as after unloading the first package I began to feel that my bottom was preparing to enjoy itself. And enjoy itself it did. After about four minutes turds began to come out, slowly....again and again and again....all of them perfectly smooth. How many? I lost count...maybe 15 or 20....about one every 10 seconds.... medium-sized I think (when I looked into the toilet they had intermingled and I saw one great mass the size of a frizzled football).

No one came in which was a great relief. After flushing the football I settled down to do more (less comfortable, but they came out). I like to poo in front of my girlfriend but not when other men are around.

I'm glad Laura that you too have the sense to take your time and poo a lot. I can't understand people who think they are finished after dropping just one log; or more correctly, I feel sorry for them for not having more time... Poor them. My hat off to Mei, too.

To Trace girl and Mom lady,
I agree and think itis good idea to use a Enema before things get too hard. However you are probably better using olive oil and/or salt water enema rather than a chemical enema like a fleet enema. The oil/water is safer and less harsh on the system. (I'm not saying you shoudn't use the chemical type, but you are better off with the other, if they work OK. A lot of people are very fearful of enemas but they are not painfull,if given properly and many people enjoy them.
JW. I think you are wrong about most men not helping their wives with consitpation probelms, I think most men would be happy.
Aussie John.

I'm new on this website, but I enjoy it immensely. I often wondered
what it would be like watching a shapely, young woman on the toilet.
I've experienced it a couple of times by now, but it always gets me
very aroused. A woman's being seems synonymous with fresh, flowery
odors, but a pretty girl on the toilet can smell horrendous, yet
looking at that beautifully sculpted white bottom makes it all worth
while. Give me the crackling of a slowly falling turd from the puckered anus of a woman anytime.

Richguy...If it is a loose fitting long dress I will lower and remove to it to shit as you may just wipe and then a fold falls onto the paper and if it is a little messy then you have shat your dress. I like to spread my legs when I shit then I can watch the progress and sometimes fiddle a bit.... A pencil type cut I lift as it fits tightly around your waist and there is little risk of a fold dropping onto the soiled paper. Hope that answers your question.

I used to contribute to this forum regularly, back in the days of Keith, Fernando, and Carlos.

I used to have problems with constipation, but lately not so much. Until recently.

I am a diabetic, and recently had two spend a week in the hospital having a tow amputated. Despite three meals a day, I could not shit. I had a roommate, who shit about 4 times a day, and I could hear everything, so I knew that if I did, he would hear me too. Not only that, but nurses were constantly in and out.

I have no problem pooping in public restrooms, but in the hospital I could not even get the urge. I farted a lot, and every day the nurses would ask me if I had a dump. I finally started lying and telling them yes so they would stop hasseling me. I think if it was a male nurse I could have bee more honest.

My friends picked me up three days ago and we went straight to Wal Mart and I bought some laxatives. It has been three days now and I have only managed a few little balls.

I don't really feel much of an urge. I also quit smoking the same week so maybe that also is messing with my system, as well as antibiotics.

I miss the days when I could blow out huge explosive shits in public restrooms with pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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