I have a question to ask the ladies. When you're wearing a long skirt that goes all the way down to your feet do you lift it up or pull it down to go? Does it make a difference whether you're pooping or peeing? Thanks.

TO Melissa:
"...the deal-breaker (sounds like Dr. Phil) is having to sit in someone's urine."

I know exactly what you mean. I came in to work last month and went straight to the office mens room. I walked into the cubicle, pulled my pants down, and proceeded to have an unremarkable poop in the toilet. When I was done, I wiped, pulled up my pants up and was about to flush when I realized my butt had an unmistakable cold and wet feeling. It turns out that I failed to notice that someone had pissed on the floor, evidently making a little puddle - and my pants had apparently soaked it all up.
The seat of my pants and the back of my thighs were soaked... and I ended up spending God knows how long trying to dry it off my backside using paper hand towels. In the end, I gave up and went to my desk to get to work.

I could smell the urine for most of the day and it took a couple of hours for the pants to dry off in the air - so I tried to maintain a low profile with the others in the office for that day.


Those antibiotics I was on have messed up my regularity. I was never a morning person for BM's, but it seems like I've been having them every morning for the last while. It's no really something I like since it means I have less time to spend eating breakfast and getting dressed for work.

Take care!


Laura (Teacher)
Hello to all,

It's been a while since I last posted, well over a month by now. I apologize for that, I've been extremely busy teaching, coaching (assistant coach in cross country running), working a second job on the weekends (for a little extra cash as I am saving to buy a home in a few years) and trying to spend time with my boyfriend in the area and my family back home in Canada.

In case if you do not remember who I am, let me reintroduce myself. My name is Laura, I'm 28 years of age, 5'9", petite Brunette (hair to my shoulders), with brown eyes. I am a teacher at a local private high school where I teach Math and Science courses. I absolutely love my job!

This morning, around 10:30 I was in the middle of teaching an algebra II class as I felt a poop coming on. I hadn't had a dump since the previous day, and usually since I go twice daily, the feeling in my stomach was really taking over. One half hour later, I was starting to get desperate. I was showing the class how to solve for an equation when I felt that I needed to release some gas. Since I was at the board, standing in front of a class of about 20 students, I had to hold it in. Finally, the class had ended, and it was time for me to leave class and head towards the women's staff washrooms. As I entered the washroom, there was a strong smell of poop in the air as another woman was dropping her load into her toilet. I entered the first stall (total of 3), closed the door, placed my purse on the hook, placed a toilet seat cover onto the toilet seat, lifted my skirt high above my waist, pulled down my panties and quickly sat down.

Immediately I released a loud fart and started peeing. As I was peeing, the first piece of poop started to come out. A few seconds later, you could hear the first piece of poop Ka-plop into the toilet below. I was far from done. I spread my legs wider (as far as my panties would let them go) and hunched over. I could feel more wanting to come out…..another long piece of poop slowly came out of my behind…ka-plop once again into the toilet. I could hear the other woman a few stalls down periodically farting and dropping poops into her toilet as well. I could feel more in my bowels as I let go of a puffy fart….about 20 seconds later I dropped another long piece of poop into the toilet. The relief I was feeling was simply unreal. I took my hair out of my ponytail and simply let it hang loose. A few minutes later, another faculty member had entered the staff restroom, and took the middle stall. I could feel another piece of poop exiting from my behind, it crawled out very slowly and dropped into the toilet. After about 10 minutes of pooping, I was starting to feel relieved. However, there was still some more which needed to come out. As I sat, I had to pee a little bit, I hunched over and let out a slightly embarrassing squeaky fart. The woman who took the middle stall to my left farted as well. Between the three of us, we were really stinking up the washroom. I feel that I was mostly to blame though as I have not had a dump for nearly two days. It was somewhat embarrassing, but, when a woman's got to go, a woman's got to go. As I was crouched over, skirt held high, panties above my knees and legs spread wide, I continued to pass gas and started to drop the remaining poop in my system. One small turdlet after the other…. Ka-plop…….long pause…….ka-plop…….long pause………ka-plop…….long pause………..ka-plop. Since I didn't have a class to teach, I sat for a few minutes longer, just to make sure that I was completely relieved. Once I knew that I was completely done, I wiped my front a few times, and started wiping my behind. It was pretty messy back there, after six or seven wipes, I finally got clean. After throwing my last piece of poopy toilet paper into the toilet, I got up, pulled up my panties, put down my skirt and flushed the toilet. I left many brown stains in the bottom of the toilet, so I flushed once again, grabbed my purse off of the stall door hook, washed my hands and put my hair back into place. I felt sooo much better as I exited the ladies room.

I hope all is doing well! Once again, I'm sorry that I haven't posted recently, my schedule has been extremely busy.

Take care,


I was at the mall the other day and there ws a woman with two boys, maybe age six and ten. It was obvious that the boys had to pee (the little one was holding his dik) but she wanted to take thm into the ladies room an they said they were too old for that and that their dad let them use the mens room alone. She finally let them and I went in and the little one was using a stall and the older one a urinal. What would you ladies think about a ten year old boy in the ladies room? If he's big enough to use a urinal he should use the men's room.
When I was a kid I either used the mens room or I had to hold it till I got home.
That brings up another subject. If I have to pee I can hold it a while (although drinking beer it's just a SHORT while), but if I have to poop like diarhea I'd better find a toilet quick. That doesn't happen often.
And another thing, when I wasa kid, whenever we went anywhere my mom used to tell me to go to the bathroom before we left, but my dad never did. Actually, he sometimes didn't go and we'd have to stop on a long trip so he could pee or he'd have to go right away when we got there. I decided that women plan peeing better than men.

ryan, i know what your problem is, because i have the same thing. it's called a pylonidal sinus/cyst. feel around at the top of your crack, and you should feel a small hole, similar to another asshole. with mine, the hole leaked puss a bit, and a bruise-like blemish on my ass bled a little bit. surgery is about the only thing available for it (or so i've discovered) but only at a 70% success rate. and even then, it may grow back. if it doesn't hurt, don't worry about it. it shouldn't be anything that'll be more than a discomfort. or, if that doesn't suit you, go to any medical website and ask about it for possible treatment.

Has anyone here ever shit their pants so bad that it totally filled them, front and back? I did that when I was about 4. Bathroom usage was strict, not to pee, but to poop, as my parents believed that I should defecate immediately before bathing in order to ensure a perfect cleanup, and it would disrupt the routine if I was to shit at any other time, and sometimes I just couldn't hold it. Unfortunately, I couldn't always hold it. And my last childish pants-shit was the biggest of all. I remember running and playing in the yard when a sudden cramp hit me and the next thing I felt was a great wave of relief and something hot running underneath my balls, up around my front, around my butt, down my legs, everywhere. Standing there in shock, it only seemed like a second but was probably much longer, planning an opportunity to sneak off to the bathroom and clean out my underwear, when my mother called me for lunch. And I just couldn't help but blurt out "I shit in my pants". The cleanup was enormous. I'll never forget those pants floating in the sink, totally shitted, even the front pockets.

Has anyone ever had or seen a shit like that?

I understand your problem and where you are coming from.
I hope that your bf will see it the same way but it is probably better to address the issue sooner rather than later. It is quite likely I think that he'll have no problem with it at all.
Some time ago I had a gf and between us we had with pretty much the same problem that you seem to have. The main difference was that I was the one that was most shy about the going to the toilet for a #2 but she was the one well capable of clogging it.
It need not be a big issue: I remember that, one of the first times she stayed at me place, she went over and picked up a book and announced as she was walking out of the room " See you soon, I need a big s#it!" I was amazed that she was so blatant bout it but, while she was away doing the business, it occurred to me that this was actually a rather a revelation.
After she came back, some fifteen minutes later, I asked if she felt better - needless to say she said she did - and added, with some pride I think, that she had needed to use the toilet brush to clear a blockage that she had created!
After that we became quite open about the whole toilet thing and before long we were actually comfortable doing #2 in the presence of each other. I'm pretty much a daily pooper, if all is well, but she was a twice-a-week girl and so her dumps were almost always much larger than mine.

Good morning--cool here. I am finally approaching normal bowel movements, and yesterday was an unusual day--3 b.m.'s, at 5:05 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m.! All were still soft, with lots of 3"-6" plopping turds, but at least the color is still gradually darkening. The morning one was still light brown, but the evening one was a nice rich medium-brown that left some skidmarks on the church toilet that I used. Having three movements yesterday makes it likely I may have only one today--or maybe none, who knows?
Slight sighting yesterday--in one of the school toilets, some small soft dark-brown turdlets had failed to flush.
Happy pooping, everyone!

To single woman, from your description, it sounds like you have worms. Do a search on intestinal worms, and you will find quite a bit of info. There are safe herbal deworming treatments. Many people have worms and dont even know it.

I read about a portable car toilet that was invented in Japan. It was invented for people stuck in traffic jams.

There is a curtain for privacy. The toilet bowl is cardboard, which is covered with an absorbant sheet. There is a plastic bag to collect the waste.

I don't know if it's available in other countries.

This morning I had a very satisfying poop, although the timing was less than desirable. I woke up and performed my usual routine of showering and then getting ready for work. When I was fully dressed and just about to leave the house, I felt something brewing down south, so to speak.

Rather than try to hold it in until I got to my work, I decided to poop now. Lowering my pants and underwear, I let out a few big farts and plopped down on the toilet. Another soft but long fart and a log began moving down. My hole opened as the turd slithered out, taking its time. Of course the one time you're in a hurry, everything seems to take forever. The poop began to bend as it hit the bottom of the bowl, and finally it tapered off. Two small poops splashed into the water below. It was a clean poop though, only needed one wipe to get clean.

Reading Claire's post reminded me of my only memory of clogging a toilet:

I don't quite remember why, but I was staying in a hotel room on this particular day, a number of years ago. The rooms were really nice, but the toilets looked a bit old. I suppose the age of the toilet is what led to this story in the first place. Obviously, I felt the urge to poop sometime during my stay, so I headed to the bathroom.

I pooped out two decent sized logs both a dark brown, although one was significantly darker than the other. I wiped three times and flushed, only to find the toilet stopped mid-flush. I flushed once more for good measure, but it still wouldn't go down.

I reached into the bowl and broke up my logs into smaller pieces and flushed again. Sure enough, it went down this time. In the end, despite having to wash my hands very thoroughly, no harm was done.

Good morning--still rainy here. Yesterday, as I foresaw, I did not poop in the morning because I had done it three times the day before. After supper we went shopping; first stop was a nice department store three miles from here. I had felt some pressure on my anus, but so far nothing more than some intermittent farting. At the store, the pressure increased, so I excused myself and headed to the restroom, which I had used several times in the past. I farted several times on the way, including some audible ones, but the general noise level was high enough that it appeared no one heard me. I went in, and there was a young man cleaning the room. He was washing out one of the sinks. Farting quite loudly, I went into a stall, shut the door (with some difficulty, as the mechanism kept sliding out of position), dropped my pants, and sat, whereupon I let out a long, loud fart that echoed in the bowl. My movement was the usual succession of soft turds, but this time it was a fairly normal brown color, and the longest turd was about eight inches. I even had a secondary impulse, with a lesser amount of poop. My turds made a few plops, which I am sure the young man could hear quite plainly. He swept out the stalls on either side of mine, then left. I wiped up and looked at my poop, a collection of soft logs of varying sizes and lengths. It had felt good, and I did not mind in the least that the worker had been there to hear it; I wonder what he thought.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I work at a city library where the toilet stalls in the mens lounge do not have stall doors. They face the urinals, you you really can't catch much privacy when it's your time to take a dump. It's generally no big deal, we all shit and piss so who cares.....But the library manager, a middle aged man , about 55 or so, always stops right in front of me while I am shitting, either on his was to a toilet to shit, or to use a urinal. You can't be bashful at our job, so I usually exchange some light bantor with him. One day , while I was 'making the drop" to told me that he noticed my 'bowel movements" were a bit darker than normal, and I might want to have it checked out. I got nervous and made an appointment with my doctor. Next day in the lunch room, he saw me eating a bag of Oreo Cookies. He laughed and said "those cookies will have that effect on you" A few women asked what he was talking about, and he explained. The women seemed surprised that there are no stall doors in the mens lounge, and even more surprised that the library manager was examining my shit. Turns out he is a doctor who does not practice anymore from stress. Now, as a joke, all the men spread their legs open when he comes in, and he will announce who ate corn recently LOL....It's done in fun...

I had t ogo to the bathrrom badly at my house. I ran for it but couldnt make in time. I pooped on the floor in the bathroom. SO EMBARRASSING!

rocky mountian lisa
Oh I am so constipated right now. I haven't had a good poop in over 3 days and I'm feeling very bloated. I have a constant pressure and feel the need to go but when I sit on the toilet I can't produce more than a couple of small nuggets. I was at the mall today when I got a cramp and headed off to the toilets thinking this might be it. I sat and immediately let off a round of farts. I could feel a sold hard turd wanting out but as much as I pushed,grunted and strained ( I didn't care who heard me) I only managed to fart a bit more.
I find this happening more often than I'd like.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

This is my first time on this site, im in a bit of a dilema. My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to move in with him and I really want to but I have a little problem. I'm not very open about my bathroom habits and I'm kind of shy about this I only poop once or twice a week and when I do it's always quite large and clogs the toilet. I've always had large poops and I guess he'll find out eventually, but I don't know how to bring it up in conversation. Maybe I should just let him find out after I move in and clog his toilet for the first time. Are there any other toilet cloggers that have any advice.

This was way back when I was still with my ex. I had been in a night class that was really long and since I'm not big on using public bathrooms and I didn't have to go that bad I decided to wait to until after class instead of going during the break. By the time I got out of class, I was dying. I stopped to pick up my ex b/c we'd had plans to watch a movie or something that night. This was also before I knew it's perfectly okay for girls to use the bathroom on that floor as long as your guy can stand in front of the stall and block you if someone came in. When I did start using that bathroom my guy was always good about that though. :c) I think he enjoyed looking at my cute undies or thought I looked cute sitting there as long as my stream wasn't too loud. Sometimes my loudness freaked him out a bit as I've mentioned in previous posts....Anyway, so by the time I got back to my room I was positively bursting and I dashed into our bathroom. Since I had also eaten dinner before and drank at least two big glasses full of fluids I was pretty full. I hurried into our suite bathroom and let loose and it felt so good! I was probably in there for at least 2 mins and thought I'd never stop. When I finally got out I found my ex smirking at me and telling me he was about to start timing me. I just laughed and told him how much better I felt. Also, as we dated longer my ex became more comfy w/me and my pee sound effects. I remember one morning when we had tried to go camping and we wound up in his bro's yard. Well I tried to use their bathroom but freaked out b/c one of his kids walked in on me. So, I wound up going in the yard behind our tent. It was a good thing I didn't go in their house b/c I would have driven his family crazy! My bladder freaked out and I wound up peeing like 5x in an hr! And it was raining too! So annoying! Anyway, since it was raining I didn't go too far away from our tent. In fact, I mostly just went behind it so my ex heard everything. If it wasn't raining it probably would have just been a splatter and a hiss. But since it was raining, he just heard a hiss. And in the morning I can be mad hissy!I don't know why it just seems that morning is the only time I am hissy a lot and on a regular basis. Anyway, during my first pee I felt bad because I know he doesn't like sound effects and I was very hissy so I asked him if he was ok and suprisingly enough he said he was fine w/it. I guess him being half-asleep helped! Lol! I don't know what the hell happened to my bladder that day but I was glad when my 5th and final pee was done. The funny thing was they were all normal-length too. And I hadn't had a lot to drink the night before or that morning at all.My ex said my body did it so that I wouldn't have just 1 endless pee but I honestly would have preferred that. Does anyone know if that could even be true that that's why it happened? Or does anyone else have any other explanations? Thanks! ~Pig~

Josiah: You have no idea, man. That situation would be horrible, I have to admitt, but the girls stalls at my school are disgusting! Random crap all over the floor, feminine hygeine* products hanging out of the trash cans, some more random things clogging toilets (sometimes crap, pee, and tampons all together... EW) and in the bathroom by the student center/cafeteria, 2 stalls don't even lock. It's miserable and gross, but heck, when you need the 5 minutes between classes to pee, change out some things, go to your locker, and THEN head to class, you get in and out so fast you barely even have time to glance down. Trust me.

To Single Woman

Real real cool cool story about your pooping. If you have more I would really like to hear. I'am a 33 single male myself.

To MomLady, if after child birth the protocol is to give an enema if a BM has not occured for three days. I agree with Tracygirl that you needed to do more than stool softeners.
To Linda from poo gets stuch up high in the colon and so high up, suppositories are not always effective. Right now I am eating mainly only fruit, drinking gallons of water, doing abdominal exercises in an attempt to get things moving along.
Hope youm got yur poo out by now!!!

Good morning--rainy here. After my two-day spell of diarrhea last weekend, it has been a slow return toward normal (not there quite yet). By Sunday I was having sloppy but still sort of formed stools, but very soft and so pale as to be nearly white. I went only once a day Sunday through Tuesday. Yesterday (Wednesday) I had a large but soft b.m. early in the morning, this time light brown and several turds of varying length. Then, after lunch (during a free period, thank goodness), I felt the urge again, went in to the boys' room, and sat in the doorless stall next to the window (second floor; window can be opened for ventilation). Taking out my small hand mirror, I watched myself as the poop started out, first a thin ropy piece, then several 4" to 6" soft turds about an inch thick. It felt pretty good, and the color was better, still a light brown but slightly darker than the morning poop had been. At least there were distinct turds this time; this was the closest to a normal b.m. I had had in almost a week. I hope to have another one this morning, though yesterday afternoon's session may have taken away my ammunition.
No interesting sightings lately; I'll let you know if I encounter any.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Keith D
Had been busting for a poop all day today. The urge doesn't usually hit me until late in the afternoon but I got this one mid-morning. I was alone at work and could feel a very hard mass pushing on my internal sphincter. I was bending half over leaning on the table for a couple of minutes at a time every time the cramps hit. The poop would push down and I could feel my anus start to dilate slightly before my muscles natural reaction was to constrict and clamp down and push it back up in again. No toilet at work so I had to wait all day. It slowed my work down a bit but it was a good sensation. Trouble was, every time I squeezed it back in I could feel it squeezing and deforming the turd and compacting the end of it and making it a hard, blunt shape that would be harder to get out later on.

By the time I got home tonight the urge had subsided a bit. But I didn't really want to go into the toilet. My parents are staying over at my place at the moment and for whatever reason I don't like using the toilet for number 2s when they are around. It's strange, I don't mind going in public toilets and don't really care who hears or smells me but I knew this poop would be a struggle and be a bit gassy and for some reason that is embarrassing for me around family. Friends, girlfriends and complete strangers it doesn't seem to matter.

So I decided to go for a walk. There's a nature reserve near where I live that I like to walk through some days. Rarely does anyone use the walking trails (I've only ever seen people there twice). After a long hike up a hill the strong urge to poop returned. Exercise always seems to help. I figured I might as well go while I was alone and had complete privacy. I left the trail and pushed through some bushes and went round behind a large boulder. I pulled down my shorts and briefs to my knees and stood momentarily, looking all around. As usual, no one for miles and the rock would conceal me. I squatted down and gripped the crotch of my shorts and held them up out of the way. I relaxed my anus (finally! after all day!). It was just great to relax. Some airy farts squeaked out. I held my breath and pushed a little. Just as I thought, after holding it in all day it would now be difficult to push out. No matter, I had plenty of time.

Wriggling around a bit, I felt my butt brush against some leaves and grass on the ground. It tickled and the breeze felt nice and refreshing on my bare butt! On a nice day, outside is always better. I could actually feel my butthole brushing against leaves on the ground and realised that I must have been squatting very low and wondered if there would actually be room for the poop to come out.

I took a deep breath and pushed hard. Although my sphincter was relaxed, the mass inside barely moved against it. My breath caught in my throat as I continued to bear down and squirmed around and my butthole grazed against the ground. Feels weird to have something touch your butt like that when it isn't tp. I finally relaxed and released my breath quietly "mmmhhhhh". I few more pushes and sighs like that and the brick inside me was starting to move.

Finally, my ring started to stretch open and the poop just started to poke out. No sooner as it did by I had to relax and gasp another breath and the elasticity of my sphincter slipped it back in. D'Oh! Oh well, at least now it had poked out a bit it would have moistened the passageway and make it a bit easier to slide out. But by this stage I was already getting a little tired. Having my shorts around my knees didn't help. They were holding my thighs tight together and that closes my hole up a bit and means the poop has to squeeze through a tighter hole. I would have liked to have pulled my shorts off but that seemed a bit dodgey out in a public place, even when no one else was around. I noticed that I could start to smell the poop too, even though it was still inside me. Is it just me, or have other people noticed that poop smells different outdoors? Seriously, it seems to have a slightly "sweeter" (although definitely not sweet) smell. Like there isn't as much methane or something. Perhaps it is smellier when it is confined to a porcelain bowl and the gases are trapped and the poop is smothered by water.

Then, off in the distance I could hear voices. I paused a moment and clenched my muscles a bit to force it right back up again in case i had to stand and pull my pants up in a hurry. There were two female voices a long way off (I could hear them because it was so quiet and still in among the trees). When I'd convinced myself that they were in one of the houses that backed onto the reserve and that they weren't coming my way and I was safe, I resumed pushing.

It came more easily and swiftly now. The blunt head of the turd soon touched the ground and I felt the resistance up inside my butt so I scrambled forward on my tip-toes to give it more room. It slid quickly out, only pausing halfway to catch my breath with it sticking part way out and my hole stretched to max width.

Finally it lay on the ground, I half stood to see. A single carrot-shaped log (flat head and long tapering tail) made up of individual knobs with a sticky tail. About 14 inches long and 2 inches wide at the thickest end. The head was dark brown, the middle lighter and the tail had a greenish tinge. It didn't look too sticky so I figured I could just pull my pants back up (nothing to wipe with anyway). Walking home, my butthole was warm and burning - you know the feeling after a rough poo and still a little unclean.

When I got home I went straight to the toilet to wipe up. Not too much to clean up, it hadn't smeared up my crack and there were no stains in my briefs. My sphincter muscles had puckered up a lot after emptying myself out and allowing them to contract and there was some dry poop in the ridges. I had to wet the tp to dampen it to clean myself off.

I was watching some show on Spike last night. This show was called Manswers, where they answer wierd questions geared towards men. What caught my eye and is fit for print here was the question "whats the big secret about the president of the United States' poop?" The story claimed that the president has a special porta potty type thing they use when he travels. The secret service collects his poop and takes it back to the united states for disposal. The reason for this was because lots of information can be acquired from poop. The information is obviously health related and focuses on preventing such devious attacks on our president from terrorists. Obviously if they knew his health condition they could develop a plot to injure or kill him by such things like food alergies.

So which makes me wonder... Its Obvious that the president isnt the only one who travels with the secret service to defend him. Others like Hilary Clinton, The first lady, and many other reperesentatives of the united States such as Condoleza Rice each have a detachment of secret service agents assigned to protect them. So do they collect their poop for secure disposal too? If so I wouldnt mind being the agent to go in and gather the stools from either Hilary or Condoleza, or even the presidents daughters (who happen to be the same age as myself)Just to see it and experience the foul smells they leave behind. And since they often do not go anywhere alone I wouldnt mind being the agent who stands outside the stall or bathroom door listening to all the plops, grunts and farts that occurs.

That part of the Job must truly suck for someone who doesnt think highly of poop like we do on this website. It must be truly irritating if they are protecting someone who has more than one Bowel movement a day...
I've watched CNN and wondered how often Ms Rice poops. I bet she has a regular one every morning that doesnt smell nice with a few loud farts.
Well untill we know more happy peeing and pooping to all.

The Chick Who Can't Stop Farting
I recently had a medical rocedure where they stuck an air hose down into my stomach and into the beggining of my small intestine. Then they turned on the hose because hey needed my small intestine and my large intestine to be full of air to the stretching limit to take pictures. A few minutes after the hose turned on, without warning i started this constant fart. It felt as though my body was pushing the gas out. Im not kidding, the fart didn't sputter or pause at all, and it was a loud one, louder than any ive done before, and ive ripped some big ones. The uncontrollable constant fart didn't stop for about ten minutes after they turned off the hose, and i was still getting huge ones every few seconds. After about ten more minutes it calmed down and the doctor told me that I had about 5 month's worth of gas in my colon and small intestine still. But he gave me a pill, and it eptied me out. For the next 36 hours I was farting every few seconds uncontrollably. Every day or two i still have a gas attack that lasts 3 or 4 minutes, and often results in brown marks, and it has been a month since the procedure. Oh well. Another gas attack is coming. OMG it is diarrhea. I cant stop it. gotta go!

Just wanted to share a little story with everyone from an elderly school crossing gaurd that I got to know in my walks around town. She told me how a couple of times she had to crap really bad while she was taking care of her crossing, and couldn't leave her post. She always managed to hold on long enough to leave it five minutes early and get in to use the toilet in the Catholic school before having an accident.

Then one day she was reprimanded by her supervisor (a real arrogant jerk-he was a police sergeant, and had a reputation around town for being a jerk of a cop) for doing this. So about a week later, she gets a stomachache while guarding her crossing, and is getting pretty desperate, shifting her weight from one foot to another. She said if she would have had that last 5 minutes to go into the school, she would have made it, but she didn't, so you guessed it, she crapped her underwear so bad that the shit completely overflowed into her sweat pants, and down her legs into the rubber galoshes she was wearing. At least that kept it from puddling on the ground by her feet. All this with a group of kids crossing the street-she had to waddle out with her stop sign, and waddle back to the curb with a HUGE load of shit in her pants. Finally, her time was up, and she waddled into the school and down thes tairs to the girl's bathroom in the basement. She said she didn't even bother going into a stall, she just took her galoshes, sweat pants, and underwear off right by one of the sinks.She used paper toweling from the dispenser to clean the worst of the shit off her ass and legs, then proceeded to rinse her underwear and sweat pants off in one of the sinks. She filled another sink full of water and let her underwear soak while she rinsed the pants. Then she wrapped the underwear up in paper towels and put it in her coat pocket, put her pants and galohes back on, went home, threw the shitty clothes in the washer, took a shower, and laid down on her bed and cried.

This lady is 72 years old. I certainly feel for a lady this age who has the guts to go out and work like that. She loves her job, but this whole bathroom issue is a real problem for her. I feel sorry for her.

Hi TraceGirl,
Your post was interesting, you wrote:
"When I'm constipated my boyfriend does digital rectal stimulation" You are lucky to have someone willing to do that I don't think most men would.
"You probably should have had a Fleet enema. When I get one down in my butt that I can't pass that's what I do, instead of straining and hurting myself."
I've often wondered why this isn't the choice of most people, its quick and simple and works where the problem is. I do this quite often because laxatives always give me cramps (I've tried ex-lax and ducolax). How long does your correctal take to work and do you find it causes cramps?- JW

Mom Lady
For Keith D.
Childbirth was a very good experience for me. It wasn't something I dreaded. With the epidural and additional narcotic in the iv I was pretty much pain free. Struggling and straining to free a turd the size of a small tree branch, that isn't normal for me and I was dreading it. I knew it was a big one. My system is slowly getting back to normal. But if I miss a day or two I take the stool softeners. The delicious cheese fondu from the other day has constipated me but I will try not to let things get as bad as they did.

For tracygirl
Yeah, now I realize that I should have had an enema or suppositories early on before it got soooo bad. Those stool softeners didn't do a lot for me.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

To MomLady: Wow! After all those stool softeners and your stool was still hard, I bet you thought you were taking placebos!
Stool softeners don't do much for me either. My laxative of choice is Correctol, but I try not to take it too often as I don't want to get dependent on it. When I'm constipated my boyfriend does digital rectal stimulation on me and that usually moves me. Last week I didn't go for four days. After day three I had my boyfriend give me a massage but that didn't do it. I could feel the poop farther up in my ???? but it just wasn't moving. Finally I took Correctol and was able to go the next day.
You probably should have had a Fleet enema. When I get one down in my butt that I can't pass that's what I do, instead of straining and hurting myself.

single woman
Hi! Long time! For those of you who don't know me, I'm a thirty-two-year old single female. I'm quite tall for an Asian American, and have a skinny build. Last night before I went to sleep I had one of the most refreshing bowel movements in a long time. It was about 10:30 while I was sitting on my couch, naked, watching television. I'm live by myself so why shouldn't I be able to watch TV. naked. Anyway at 11:00, just after I brushed my teeth I had a cramp. I took my book and sat on the toilet. The second I sat down a huge boulder went FLOP! Right into the toilet. A few seconds later I squeezed again and what felt like a molten rope flowed out of me ass. When I got up to wipe, I saw this rock with what looked like a thin, tan, string wrapped around it. Wow! I thought. That felt great but smells awful. I flushed twice and wiped three times. Then I went to sleep.

I posted here a few days ago but didn't get much of a reply. I had mentioned that since I was young I have always had an interest in this kind of thing and I believe there are a lot of others out there who have had that same interest. If not why would this site exist? So feel free to comment and spark some conversation on this "forum" if anything I say interests you at all.

I guess now I'll try another story that again helped to in grain this interest in me at a young age. When I was nine I had a friend, who I'm still very close to, we'll call her Becky, and she was the only person I ever felt truely comfortable around. We were pretty much inseperable. Most days after school we would ride the bus to one of our houses or the other and stay there till our parents came home from work around 6:00 to get us. On this particular day in December we road home to her house which was right across the road from the playground. Now at age 9 very few things are more imporant than playing on the monkey bars, so obviously as soon as her mom said it was okay we were out the door and across the road.
Even though we were as close as we were I was unaware that Becky was afraid to use the school toilets and afraid to say she had to go when I was around, but at this time I wasn't yet aware of my own interest in this kind of thing.
So it was roughly 4:00 when we got to the park that day and Becky was neglecting one of our bodies most important urges, the irge to poop. She had, as I would later learn, been waiting all day at school and hoped to sneak in a bathroom break when we got home without me noticing but I had whisked her away from her house very quickly. Not to mention the importance of the monkey bars to her as well. As we played on the big curly slide she seemed to slow down and concentrate on something else, which completely threw off the game. I was still blissfully unaware of her need but not for long.
Within less than an hour her poop had become urgent enough that she needed to sit and talked me into swinging instead of running around. This must have helped because after sitting there for a few moments we returned to normal play. Alas this didn't last long as she doubled over seconds later. I didn't know what was wrong and started to run to get her mom when she yelled for me to wait for her. She tried to walk and then squatted down in the middle of the park and gave into the long denied urge to go. This was when I first realized what was wrong as she started to wet herself. Initially it wasn't noticable but very soon her pants turned dark blue as they were flooded with her whole days supply of pee. But then the real problem became apparent as she started grunting to get this horrible load out for some relief. Again it wasn't noticable at first but then her pants poked out a little and quickly bulged out with a huge load of her poop. I was astonished at this and she was mortified but regained her composure and said she was going to the bushes to get rid of it before her mom found it and we would stay till her pants dried some. I never found out if her mom knew what happened but this event was truly a huge factor in the development of my own interest in this sort of thing.

I would like to know if anyone dunks there poopy panties/underwear or diapers in the toilet to get them clean? If so please explain in detail thanks.

To Stevie: Hey. To answer your question I'm rather fixated on it. I was traumatized when I was growing up by my mother who would beat me or yell at me for having an accident. I became obsessed with avoiding accidents and as a result have grown fixated with stories where people have accidents on purpose and enjoy it. It is like rebelling for me though I am too ashamed to do it myself. I enjoy reading these stories and am hoping that in time my system will relax (I am rather clogged these days from the stress I had growing up and have trouble going). I would love to hear more stories from you!

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