When I was about 14 I was on a road trip with a friend who was my age. We stopped to eat lunch and we both ate a lot. An hour later in the car my friend farts a few times and looks uncomfortable. Soon he announces to his parents in the front seat, "I have to take a big dump." We were right in the middle of a busy highway and there was no way to pull over and squat because there were too many people. So they handed a plastic bag back to the backseat. My friend, whose little sister is on the other side of him, pulls his shorts and underwear down to his knees and puts his butt up in a half-squatting position, as best he could in the car. He tried to hide himself but didn't do very well. His bare, open butt cheeks were essentially pointing straight at me. I could basically see between his butt cheeks and I could see his balls dangling between his legs too. I remember I was surprised at how big and hairy they were. He put the bag underneath his butt and immediately started to push out a thick, nasty, brown turd. This thing was huge. It just kept stringing and stringing out with a lot of crackling. His sister was recoiling and screaming in disgust. I tried not to look but basically his butt and log were right in my face. It was awkward. The log had grown to about a foot and a half when it thudded loudly into the plastic bag. He sighed in relief. Immediately the most awful stink filled the car. His log smelled worse than anything I had ever smelled before. His parents rolled down the windows. His little sister covered her nose. But he didn't take the bag away. He unleashed two more small turds with plopped into the bag before taking it away. He smiled at me sheepishly, knowing I had seen everything. He showed me his pile of dump. It was absolutely HUGE! The big log was brown and smooth and pointed at the ends where he had pinched it off. How that much dump could come out of him I have no idea. Then he was faced with the issue of wiping. Seeing no other option, he took a piece of paper and stuck it between his butt cheeks. He had to wipe three or four times before shoving the paper, covered with brown streaks, into the bag. He opened the window and threw the bag out onto the embankment. Before pulling up his pants, just for good measure, he let out a big, smelly fart. The car stank with dump for hours. Nobody said much after that. We would laugh about it later....

hey all, i can`t think of a story right now but i figured i should give you guys more information about me since i don`t post often. my name is Leon but people call me Damon after my father, i`m half black.

ryan, that smelly stuff in your underwear is most likely a substance called smegma, which is secreted from the penis from not taking great care of your little buddy(it has happened to me a few times, it`s nothing to be worried about). just clean the inside of your penis more.

i just thought of a story so i`ll post it. i was walking past safeway when i saw this lady walking past me with a wet stain on her crotch with the stain spreading a little to the back of her pants, but other than that it wasn`t too noticeable

see ya

Sorry for not Posting recently,Howz Every one?

Last week was at one of the college football games,after having a really big breakfast and some tailgating fun,I noticed that I really had to take a Huge Shit and right now (that is) I went into one of the Porto potties,Shut the door and realized that the toilet seat was covered in piss and wet tp,I dropped my pants and undies,hovering my ass over the "so called toilet seat" and took a massive semisoft shit with multiple turds sliding outta me un controllably,when i realized i was done, there was no TP,As ther were other people waiting to relive themselves,I pulled my white undies up ,with my jeans left the plastic shithouse with my butt full o poop.left the potty and later that eve in the ride home someone had noticed the smell of shit,but could not not tell where it came from,when I got home, and took my clothes off,and i was getting in the shower I saw a big clump of shit that i did not wipe chaced onto my white ass and then i relized,that is what smelled like shit earlier that nite.(It wuz me!) lol, I showered,washed my poop down da drain,and went to bed in clean white underpants(lol)(until my next crap)

Happy Pooping, Sean

Just a short question for anyone who can answer. What does anyone know about Margaret Thatcher crapping her pants during a public speech in, I believe it was Chile? If somebody could fill me in with more details on this, I'd appreciate it.

renegade pooper
Hi everyone,

first time hear and I must thank keith D for his stories.

I have made a few times in the gents but actually hate to go in public. I will even mess my underwear rather than go in a public toilet. Has anybody similar experiences. I would love to know.

Mr. Clogs
Hi ya'll Mr. Clogs again!

I found this survey from desperate to poop, here are my answers, so here goes:

1) What's the longest line you have ever had to wait in to get to a loo. Line that stretched outside.

2) What's the longest you have ever had to wait to go to a loo. Umm....Let's see, 8 hours.

3) What's the worst toilet you ever had to use out of sheer desperation The subway station public toilet, nasty!

4) What's the most unusual place you have taken a dump out of desperation In my room. Man I haven't done that in a while. out of fun and laziness.

5) What's the most unusual thing you've used to wipe. Baby wipes.


Mr. Clogs

desperate to poop's survey

1) What's the longest line you have ever had to wait in to get to a loo - I was at a park in Manhattan and the only restroom available was a single porta-potty. There was a line of about twenty men and women waiting for it. By the time I got inside, it was almost overflowing. Thank God I only had to pee.

2) What's the longest you have ever had to wait to go to a loo - I was on a Subway train that broke down once. We were stuck on it for over a half hour, which wouldn't have been too horrible, but I had to pee when I got on, so by the time I finally got off, I barely made it to the bathroom without pissing my pants.

3) What's the worst toilet you ever had to use out of sheer desperation - Easy. The public restrooms in the park on on Ave A in the East Village. I desperately had to take a shit. I entered, and noticed that the stalls had no doors. Not too big a deal. But the actual toilets, all three, were gross. I mean, the stalls, the toilets themselves (no seats, you have to sit right on the bare rim), the floor around them all covered in sludge, garbage, shit and every other bodily fluid you can imagine. If I wasn't about to shit my pants, I would have held it. I plastered the least disgusting toilet with paper and sat down and crapped my guts out. At least there was paper.

4) What's the most unusual place you have taken a dump out of desperation - Not so much an unusual place, as unusual circumstances. I was working on a low budget horror movie. The crew was staying in a warehouse. There were two bathrooms, one had a urinal and a toilet stall, the other had toilet stalls and shower stalls. Both were used by both men and women, but the one with the showers had designated times when it became the men's shower or the womens shower. Anyway, the women had control over the bigger bathroom. The toilet in the small bathroom had backed up and I really had to take a shit. I leaned into the big bathroom and asked if I could please come in, I really have to go. Luckily the women said yes and I entered. It was pretty embarrassing taking a pretty big, loud dump with six women in the bathroom with me, but I survived.

5) What's the most unusual thing you've used to wipe - A piece of newspaper left behind in the stall by somebody.

Summer Desperation

Over the summer I was in Virginia with my mom to visiting my family down there.
My mom and I went to a country show during the show I had to pee bad since before I want I really didn't go that much before the show and i had a bottle of water. When the show ended my mom and I had to go pee so I went first lucky the was a lot of free urinals and I took a long piss. I felt so relieved then my mom want she was in there for a long time there was a long line for the ladies like there is always. My mom came out of the ladies room relieved. I always love girls peeing the sounds they make and when they are desperation too.

A couple days latter my mom and I was at the same place for graduation day. Before graduation day my mom and I both stooped at the bath room because we both needed to pee. My mom waited for me to go to the mens room but the mens room was locked and I had to go. So I went into the ladies room with my mom and we both took a stall I took my piss and my mom took her piss it felt good for the both of us. It felt wired being in the ladies room there was only two other ladies in there.

Linda from Australia here again. I'm having trouble pooping again. I've been eating lots of junk lately and that has made me a bit constipated. Yesterday morning I did a medium sized load, which consisted of hard balls of poo. It took some effort to squeeze them out. I got up early this morning because I started work at 7am. After my shower, I sat on the toilet and did a wee. I could feel a hard turd in my anus so I started to try and push it out. I knew it was going to take a while and after about 10 minutes of straining, I decided to get dressed and then try again. I had to wipe my butt a few times and the poo was dry. I had to wet the toilet paper to clean the poo off my anus.

I got dressed and sat on the toilet again. I had about 20 minutes before I had to leave for work. The log in my anus was stuck and it felt rock hard. I pushed and strained as hard as I could but the poo wasn't moving. I felt my anus with my fingers and I could feel the tip of a hard turd coming out. I pushed on my anus to help things along but it didn't work. Time was ticking away and I really had to leave for work. I tried one last time to push the poo out but it just wouldn't budge. I wiped my butt several times to clean the poo off and pulled up my pants. I felt very uncomfortable and I wished I could've pushed the poo out before work. My anus was burning and sore. I went to work with a hard poo stuck up there.

We had a staff meeting tonight so I couldn't come home to do a poo before then. Its now after 9pm so Im going to go for a poo soon. Hopefully I can push it out this time.

to Josiah:
I had some of the same frustrations you did when I startetd school. Except for me, it wasn't high school, it was middle school. I guess I had gotten really comfortable being with one class of 25 students using the bathroom in grade school and the size of my middle school (800 students) really caught my attention...and fast. Yes, I remember how rude some of the girls were and since the bathrooms were frequently cold (some students opened the windows to let the smoke out) and the seats were wet (standing over the seat to pee and missing)and we didn't have the amount of privacy I was accustomed to (latches broken on doors, a couple of the doors gone completely). Early in my 6th grade year I remember my mother brought the conversation up because she walked in on me one morning at home when I was trying to force a crap so I wouldn't have to use the bathroom at school and hour later. During our drive to school that morning, she assured me that nothing has really changed since the '60s when she was in school and had many of the same fears and concerns that I did. For example, there were a few times when she left campus during a study hall and walked four blocks home just to take a crap. Her mother than called her out to excuse her. She had waited in line one day for 10 minutes just before a pep rally to pee, and when she finally got to the front of the line, an older cheerleader moved in, pushed her aside, and went in to pee. When she got done, she brushed by my mom and as my mom was preparing to sit down, she found that half the girl's urine was on the seat. My mom, who was in her first month of high school at the time, had no choice but to sit down and make the best of it. Then a friend taught her to hover pee and once she got good at it, she used it for the remainder of the years she was at that school. Having this talk with my mom when I was 11 helped me to better prepare for high school when the bathrooms were even bigger and there were more students using them. I'm 31 now and have a 10-year-old son who will be starting middle school next year. I know that I will want to have a talk with him just before he starts because nothing changes and having to use school bathrooms regularly can cause a lot of anxiety. However, as you get more confidence in yourself and can reason it through, it does become more understandable. Even now, I occasionally encounter rude people and gross situations in public bathrooms, but I've learned not to take it personally. But for me the deal-breaker (sounds like Dr. Phil) is having to sit in someone's urine. I've only had to do that in a couple of emergencies, and like you, Josiah, I find it repulsive--clean fluid or not!


I'm glad everything turned out okay. I thought you were going to write that your wife made negative comments about you.

There was one poster who met his wife after she saw him sitting on a toilet in a bar's mens room. Whenever anyone opened the door to the mens room, everyone at the bar could see the guy on the toilet. Aftter the guy came out, one of the women at the bar told the guy that he looked cute sitting on the toilet, (or something like that).

That's how the poster found this site. He was looking for a card to commemerate how he met his wife.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To Amy

You say it is normal for you to poop 3 times a day without wiping and your thong was caked so bad everyone around could smell it. Did you have any stains on the jeans? Do you have to toss stained panties almost every day?

To sophomore college girl

You asked if others have intentional accidents and now you know that they do. I was only 14 or 15 the first time. I knew I would need to poop soon. Instead of heading to the toilet I put jeans on over shorts to sneak out of the house and rode my bike to a private section along the river. Once there I slipped off the shoes and jeans and within 10 minutes felt very wet soft poop collecting in the void of my shorts. When the butt bulge stopped growing, I made the foolish decision to sit on the bike so the clean up also involved washing the seat of the bike. When my bottom was clean I tried washing the shorts and undies in the river but ended up throwing them both away.

So tell us about your experiences. Are you a pants pooper or curious and want to try loading your pants?

i am amazed at the amount of people out there who've pooped their pants. i've had so many poop accidents i've lost count. i have a damaged sphinter and can't hold back my poop. i have taken to wearing diapers when i'm out.

yesterday evening a group of us went out to a corn maze. i'd had a small poop that morning so figured i'd be fine. as we were winding our way thru the maze i got the urge that i needed a poop, within only a few minutes my sphinter uncontrolably started pushing. my anus opened and there standing in the middle of this corn maze poop started to fill my diaper. i was hoping it would be atleast be a small poop but i just kept pooping. my friend behind me noticed and just gasped. i reached back around and felt just how big the bulge was. the load was fairly hard so it stuck out pretty bad. my friend gave me her coat to wrap aroundmy waist but it took nearly an hour to get out of that maze. i was soooooo embarased.

Substitute Susan
The recent posts by Private Patti and Josiah caught my attention and got me to thinking back how it was when I was in their situations about 15 years ago. In high school communications class I sat behind a boy named Jarrod. He was gawky, underdeveloped and was picking up tardies right and left by coming into our second hour class late. Most everyday when I looked at him coming in, I could see that he had just gotten out of the bathroom: his fly was open, the back of his shirt was hanging out, and on one occasion he was dragging toilet paper on both the bottom of his bookbag and shoe. Because he was so young and awkward (I think he might have still been 13)I figured the other boys were bullying him. One day when we were assigned to be in groups and our third group member was absent, I brought the subject up. At first he seemed reluctant to talk about it--he was an only child and hadn't any experience with girls and he was alone a lot because his parents worked some really weird hours, but after a few minutes he opened up. Just like Josiah, he hated crapping at school and it was his first experience with open stall toilets that usually had seats that were dripping with pee. So he would wait until the last minute of a passing period to take his crap because by then the other boys were clearing out and making a run to class. He also said he would have to check several stalls before finding one with toilet paper left on the roll. About a month earlier I had stolen a pad of hall permission passes off a teacher's desk and I forged the name of a fictitious teacher under which I wrote "substitute". That way there was less chance of it being questioned. I would give him about three passes at a time and by the end of each week he had used them up sometime during the day. He was very grateful and helped me with my math homework (my worse class!) and we became friends. He admitted that I probably saved him a ton of Saturday Schools for the tardies. As for me, at age 15, I was like Private Patti, and I also liked to avoid the large restrooms at my school during passing periods when they were most busy. Since my mom worked at a laundry downtown and had to drop me off at school by 6:45 each morning, I walked the building during the first week of school and found some of the smaller, lesser used restrooms. Although sometimes I had to walk up two floors just to take my crap in relative peace, it was worth it and if I was late to class, I had my handy book of passes. I usually had to pee two or three times a day, but by using the smaller restrooms I was less self-conscious about the noise of my pee stream (loud to me!) or the occasional fart I would give off while seated. And it was always nice to reach for toilet paper and not be confronted with just an empty dispenser. I saw Jarrod last month at our school's all-class reunion. We sat together at the dinner-dance and then went out later that evening for drinks. Although we are both married and have our families, (even though our spouses weren't able to attend the reunion), we found that what caused us to be friends several years ago was vividly remembered. We found that while school bathrooms suck, they can also cause you to bond!

I actually posted this story a few days ago but for one reason or another it didn't make it so I'm going to condense what I said since I don't feel like typing the whole story over.

Anyhow, a few pages back, Matt was expressing his dismay at how his girlfriend reacted when he needed to take a dump during a moment of intimacy.... Anyway, I can totally relate since I had a very similar (OK, actually it was a lot WORSE) experience on my honeymoon in the Caribbean. I believe that Matt needs to find himself a diffferent girlfriend if she's going to be such a witch about such matters.

Anyhow, we had just flown down to Antigua for the first day of our honeymoon and my new bride convinced me to try something new exciting and quite zesty even though we're from Oklahoma and a good-old-fashioned hamburger is usually just fine for us. So for our early dinner, I get this dish with some kind of spicy Caribean jerk sauce. Turns out I was the jerk for trying it!!

After getting back to our hotel room and just starting to get intimate, the cumulative effect of two days of wedding, a big reception, another long day of flying, combined with that ....STUFF I ate for dinner, it all caught up to me at once.

We were not more than 5 minutes into making love when a big overwhelming load of shit just hits my butt out of the blue. But it was such an inopportune moment to go to the bathroom that I tried my best to resist and put it out of my mind sort of hoping it would just go away on its own. Of course I had no such luck and a few minutes later the the urge to crap was just overpowering.

"I'm really sorry honey." I said as I got up. "But I have to go to the bathroom really bad." I was really regretting my decision to try and hold my shit as long as I did and I was praying the lid on the toilet was up and the seat down because I felt I didn't have that time to lose. Racing into the bathroom, I just threw myself on the toilet and my butt promtly exploded erupting soft loose shit in every direction. I don't ever think I've ever needed a dump so bad in my life.

What was worse was that that godawful hot jerk sauce was in the shit and it burned like hell as it exploded out. I wasn't expecting this and I let out a loud yelp of pain. My new bride asked me if I was all right, but the truthful answer was I felt horrible. What was worse still was the horrible smell from my shit made its way out the bathroom window and actually lingered outside. Some young American guys came by on their way to their rooms and started making remarks about the putrid odor saying someone had died not realizing I could hear everything they were saying through the window. They were right though, the odor WAS sickening.

Luckily, my wife had some wet wipes she always carries around which she let me use. The regular dry toilet paper would have been too painful. Unluckily, I had the runs for the rest of the night and into the next day which kind of postponed any plans for intimacy. My wife was really great though going out and getting stuff that would make me feel better. I hope Matt gets as lucky with his next girl as I did with my wife.


Proud Mother of 5!
I have 5 beautiful children. 4 boys and 1 girl. My oldest sons are identical twins Jason and Mark, they are 5. My only little girl Sarah is 3, and I have another set of identical twin boys Mason and Austin, and they are 2. Needless to say, a shopping trip always takes longer due to the immediate potty break in the middle. One of my older boys Mark needed to pee "real bad", he was squirming around holding on his privates. So of course, like any other mother, I found the nearest bathroom in the mall. We ran into the handicap stall bcuz it had the most room for me and my kids. Anyway, Mark was already pulling his shorts down when Jason ran up beside him and pulled his shorts down as well. I told them to stand on opposite sides, but Mark couldnt hold it. I stood over them both and helped them both aim so they didnt pee on each other. Mark had to go pretty bad, I barely had time to aim his penis before he shot out a strong stream into the bowl, nearly missing. But he couldnt hold it any longer so I understood. Jason watched his twin for a few seconds, then started to squirt alittle, finally, he began a nice stream into the bowl. My daughter, and my two other sons were watching from behind against the wall. When I looked back, I saw my daughter squirming and holding her privates as well. I turned back and helped Jason get the last few drips out and he stepped back and pulled up his shorts. However Mark was still going, he was starting to squirt a lot so i knew he was almost done. I stood there aiming his penis straight into the bowl, watching his last few squirts turn into drips, then we shook dry and he pulled his pants up. "Wow, mommy i had to pee bad!" he told me. I didnt bother putting the seat down bcuz I always hold my daughter over the bowl anyway. She ran over to me, lifted her dress and pulled her panties down. I lifted her up over the bowl, and spread her legs alittle and began to pee into the bowl. I watched carefully to make sure she didnt miss. She peed for about a minute or so, we wiped, and then she was done. By the time I turned to see if my other boys needed to go, Mason was bent over in the corner grunting with his face turning red. He was pooping. I ran over and tried to stop him, but it was too late. He already had 2 huge logs in his pull up, and had another that he was trying to push out. I left him in the corner to finish his buisness, and pulled down Austin's pants and pull up, and lifted him up to the bowl. I aimed his penis into the bowl, and told him to wee now. He told me to wiggle it just alittle so he could feel it come out, so i did, and he began to trickle into the bowl. I looked back at Mason, who was still slightly bent over grunting and pushing. Austin had a nice strong stream going when my daughter told me that Mason was "pooing" on the floor. I turned quickly and saw that Mason had decided he needed more room to get his poop out, and he had slightly pulled down his pants and pull up and was now hunched over pooping on the floor. There was already a fourth log on the floor and another slowly creeping out of his bottom. I just sighed knowing there was nothing I could do,I was holding one while he was peeing, and I could move. I told Austin to hurry. He dripped alittle and said he was done. I pulled his clothes up, and rushed over to Mason. He was still red, and grunting as hard has he could to push out his poo. He had a nice pile on the floor now, and was still going! I couldnt believe it. I watched as another log fell to the floor as he sighed in relief, but not before he hunched over some more and began pushing again. We all stood there and watched Mason do his business on the floor. When he finished we cleaned up, and left quick!

I have a great story from yesterday (Sat). I was at one of our local art galleries just enjoying the day when I got the urge to pee........there was one lady at the sink washing up and another lady that just flushed her I went into one of the middle stalls and I could hear someone in the handicapped stall grunting this time it was just me and that person.....I peed and decdied to sit a bit and listen for noises from my neighbor......well that person finished up so I did too and as I was at the sinks out of that handicapped stall came a man!!!! This poor fella was confused by which was the mens or womens restrooms I guess for he bolted without washing his hands....some other ladies came in while he was leaving and tore into was an honest mistake on his harm done...I was actually quite turned on by the think I man heard little ol'me taking a pee......made my weekend!!!!

Cheers Delilah

Uncle Harry
Four in the Men's Room

I was using the men's room in an office building. Not a very large place... two urinals and two stalls. I was pissing away at one of the urinals when 4 young people came in... two guys and two gals all talking to each other. Looked to be in their early 20s. Paying no attention to me, the gals went into the two stalls and left the doors open, while the guys continued to talk with them. One gal sat down to pee and the other squatted over the bowl about 3/4 of the way down. As if on cue, their piss started to come out of their cracks at the same time, all the while continuing their conversation and ignoring me. I finished my pee and went over to the sink to wash my hands. The girls finished their business, wiped up, flushed, and pulled up their pants. Now the guys went over to the urinals with the gals standing on either side of them watching. The guys took out their cocks, took aim, and whizzed away, still yakking with the girls. The guy at the left stall held his dick with both hands, while the guy at the right stall used only his left hand. The right guy got distracted talking to his girl and somehow started to swing his cock rightward, and was apparently about to hit the edge. The gal, perhaps thinking she was going to get hit, said in alarm "Watch your aim, Frank" and reached down and pushed his penis back to center. They finished and zipped up. By now I was finished washing and drying my hands and left them to wash theirs, never stopping with their conversation.

desperate to poop
Hi all,

Just had a nice dump, came out very easily and didn't require much wiping.

Anyway thought I'd do a survey for the first time

1) What's the longest line you have ever had to wait in to get to a loo
2) What's the longest you have ever had to wait to go to a loo
3) What's the worst toilet you ever had to use out of sheer desperation
4) What's the most unusual place you have taken a dump out of desperation
5) What's the most unusual thing you've used to wipe

Happy pooping

I was at Home Depot on a recent Sunday morning taking a dump when I heard a child's voice in the hallway leading to the men's room. I naturally thought that it was the child who needed to use the bathroom. As they got closer I heard the man say to his son not to touch anything and to hurry up because they would be late. I'm guessing the boy was about 3 years old. As the door opens they went to the handicapped stall. The man told his son not to touch anything again and to stand there (along the stall wall). It was the father who approached the toilet and pulled down his pants to take a dump. After a short while the child ask his father if he was peeing or pooping. The father just said, "what do you think?" rather quietly as the father continued to poop he began to talk to his son and said that he doesn't know what it is with Home Depot but he always has to poop when he goes there. The man finished up and after they left the stall and were walking towards the sinks the boy said look there is a small one for me referring to a low mounted urinal. Again the father told him not to touch anything but agreed that it was at a boys height I found it interesting that he did not even ask the boy if he ad to go potty? If it were me I would have taken the opportunity to do a potty check.

Hey Ashley: I really loved your story. Do you have some more to write?

Keith D
To Mom Lady:

Great poop diary! It must be be a strange experience pooping again after giving birth. It must be very difficult the first time, especially when sore. But surely you couldn't have feared it being as bad as childbirth? How did you cope afterwards? Were you constipated for a while or did things get easier?

I've done some huge poops after 1-2 weeks constipation and I know the feeling of dread when its time is coming. Especially when it is rock hard. And why do the hard ones always try to slip back in?

Good morning--cool here. Yesterday continued my diarrhea illness story. The first day concluded with my feeling fairly normal; we even went out for a late evening event and enjoyed it, though it ran so late we left before it was over. We were both very tired. Yesterday I got up feeling pretty good, so I fixed a normal breakfast and ate it. Right afterward, I felt the need to fart, and it started coming wet, so I went to the toilet. After a short wet drippage, I felt a semi-solid piece come shooting out (very fast), followed by a splat of liquid poop. I couldn't squeeze much more out then, but it was unquestionably a continuation of the previous day's diarrhea. The wipe was messy and wet. I stood up to look, and there amongst the powdery poop was a sort of shadowy yellowish turd about 4" long and feathery or dusty around the edges. After wiping, I flushed, and there was a raised area of poop about an inch square on the inside of the bowl--graphic proof of the force of my expulsion. About an hour later I had another small but liquid b.m. After each b.m. I took a loperamide pill; after the second one the attacks stopped. Later, in the afternoon, I drove to deliver a package to the home of some people who were holding a shower for a young lady I had known years ago. On the way I began to feel some pressure against my anus. I tried farting and was able to emit an exceptionally loud and long one. Good--it wasn't liquid. The sensation kept repeating, though, and eventually it was hard to let it out. I got to the house, delivered the package (briefly--I did not want to give anyone my disease!), got back to the car, and tried again to relieve the pressure by farting. A little came out but felt (perhaps) slightly liquid. I therefore resolved to hold it until I could get to a set of portapotties on my way home. It was about a 15-minute drive, and the sensation ebbed and flowed, now stronger, now weaker, feeling almost bubbly at times. I finally pulled up to the portapotties, got out of the car, and went in to the first one. First I looked into the holding tank, but it had been freshly cleaned, so the blue water was mostly empty. Feeling quite full in the rectum, I dropped my pants and sat full down on the seat, not wanting any loose poop to go on the seat itself if it should run backward up my crack. Then I pushed--and let a long and very loud fart that echoed powerfully. I am sure that anyone nearby could have heard it, but I heard no laughter, so I guess no one was nearby. I waited a minute, pushed again, and was rewarded with a much shorter fart. That was it! I even wiped to make sure nothing brown had come out, but the paper remained pure white. I was very relieved. I ate fairly normally yesterday, if a bit milder than usual (I like spices), and had no further incidents other than some loud farts. It is now Sunday morning, and I await further developments . . . I will be very happy when my poops return to normal.
Happy pooping, everyone!

1. How many times do u pee in a day?
Three to five times, depending on how much I drink.

2. When u need to pee do u go as soon as possible or wait. If wait,how long for?
I usually wait until it gets pretty urgent, and if at that time there's no convenient place to go, I know I can hold it a little longer. I rarely bother to pee before going out, so sometimes on a date I end up holding it until it's REALLY urgent.

3. If you wait,what is the reason?
It's a challenge, and it makes me horny. Just ask my SO about that!

4. Do u ever pee and not flush? If so,why?
I do this often, because flushing wastes water. Girls have paper to flush, so it makes more sense for them to flush every time.

5. What phrase do u use whilst in company to convey that u need to pee?
"I have to take a leak" among most friends. My SO likes baby terms like "tinkle".

6. Do u ever pee in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend and if so how long had u been dating when u first did so?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


re: Tommy boy...are you thinking about National Lampoon's Van Wilder, isn't that the one where the guy is slipped laxatives and uses a garbage can in front of some important people in an office... sorry i can't remember it too well, it's been awhile since i watched that movie.
was hilarious though

I love it when a girl sits on the toilet and is doing her thing. I've dated a lot of girls in my time and have been married three times. After a few dates with sex,it would come easy for them to use the toilet in front of me.Rhoda,she was one of my favorites,from the first date on,she would think nothing of farting in front of me.After a few nights at my place,if she had to pee and I was there,no problem.She knew it turned me on.The biggest turn on, was when we went to the beach for the day.We spent the whole day there,then headed home.It was about an hour drive and she was feeling no pain, as we where drinking beer all day.The beer made her very gassy and she was letting out some of the biggest bombs ever.I had to close the windows.I was afraid that somebody would hear them.The problem with keeping the windows closed was,I had to smelled them all the way home.We where almost home, when she wispered in my ear, that she would have a big surprise for me when we got there.When we got home she hurried into the house ahead of me,heading to the bathroom.After about five minutes she called me in.She was sitting on the toilet peeing.I was waiting for her to wipe and get up off the toilet.She looked up at me with this big smile and farted.She then started pushing.I heared three nice size logs hit the water.She was so hot.That was the start of a great relationship.

sophomore college girl
to Dave: as a woman I think I can give you some idea as to why women don't say when they have to poop. For guys it seems more natural but with girls it is usually seen as disgusting by guys and other girls alike. I know I am usually embarrassed. I always say that I have to go to the bathroom and hope that no one hears me while I'm going. I guess because the process itself is louder, more noticeable, and smelly it is considered disgusting for women...We are stereotyped as being cute and farting and pooping seems to be frowned upon. I would like to see some of the stories you mentioned if you could get them on the site...

To sophomore college girl

Yes people do that with poop as well. Just last Saturday I should have gone to the toilet, instead I went outside. A short time later I experienced what it feels like to poop my panties because I lacked muscle strength to stop it. I not only needed clean panties but I also needed a shower.

Mom Lady
I recently had a baby. Before she was born I pooped each morning at around 7:30. You could have set a clock by it! The week after she was born I was so constipated! It was awful.

1st day after birth - no poop
2nd day after birth went home - took 2 stool softeners - no poop
3rd day after birth took 2 stool softeners - no poop - I could feel it up there though! Tried not to worry about it.
4th day after birth - took a total of 4 stool softeners - no poop
I slowly inserted a finger in my butt while in shower that morning and felt the tip of a huge rock hard turd. I was getting scared as this may be worse than giving birth. When I was done in the shower I sat on the toilet naked for about 30 minutes and tried to squeeze the monster out. My throbbing butt hole was dialting but it hurt really bad and the turd wasn't going anywhere. My perineum was torn slightly during birth and this just complicated things. I gave up and took the two extra stool softeners.
5th day after birth - took 4 more stool softeners. I was getting very uncomfortable.
6th day after birth - woke up and took 2 more stool softeners. The nurse called me that day to see how things were going and I told her that I was constipated. She suggested that I continue with the stool softeners and call the Dr if necessary. That evening I was in the house alone. Hubby and older daughter had gone for a walk and my stomach started to ache the way it always had for my morning poop. I was excited. It was finally time! I sat by butt on the toilet and began to strain. I knew it was going to be a struggle but was determined. I put my left hand on the sink and my right hand on the toilet seat, leaned forward and PUSHED! The turd finally began to move stretching my butt to the max. I felt it crowning. My butt was hurting really bad and the perineum felt like it was tearing more. I tried to catch my breath and the turd began to slide back in. No no no I said to myself! I put my hand on my sore perineum to sort of get a grip on the turd and pushed. Then the big thing quickly flew out of my butt. It was the biggest turd I have ever done. It was 3 inches wide and about 14 inches long. It took several flushes for it to go down. The funny thing is that my dear husband never even knew about all this. My, what we women go thru!!!

me and my friend kelly were in the bathroom ! we had a pooping contest! i won ! kelly came in second place. both of us then peed for 20 seconds . when we were finally done we left the stalls unflushed! kelly and i enjoy spending time in the bathroom ! so do all of our friends. we will post more soon! bye for now.

Number 1
jus decided 2 answer a survey...
1. How many times do u pee in a day? Once, twice, possible not to go in a day but rarely.
2. When u need to pee do u go as soon as possible or wait. If wait, how long for? I wait for around 15 hours(can hold longer) sometimes until the next day.
3. If you wait, what is the reason? Can't be bothered to move lol or very busy.
4. Do u ever pee and not flush? If so, why? No I always flush.
5. What phrase do u use whilst in company to convey that u need to pee? Be back in a bit, im going toilet.
6. Do u ever pee in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend and if so how long had u been dating when u first did so? Yeh it was 2 weeks after we started going out

Good morning--warm here. I am home sick today--with diarrhea. I am still on my high-liquid intake regimen, with 64 oz. water every day, so my normal poops now are softer than they used to be, but still decently formed. Yesterday I had a nice movement in the morning, several 5-6" turds, one of which had reddish tinges from some beets I had eaten the night before. Yesterday at work I kept feeling weak and sleepy, and it was hard to drive home, about 30 miles. I ate very little for supper--a few leftover beets and a bite or two of mashed potatoes. I started passing lots of farts, a few of which smelled bad. I called off an evening engagement because I did not feel well enough to go. About eight o'clock I felt the need to poop, so I went into the bathroom. I thought I might have diarrhea then, but to my relief, the movement came out in several decent-sized turds, and afterwards I stopped farting. I went to bed early, woke with the alarm, and thought vaguely about going to work. I went out for the paper, still in the dark at 5:15 a.m. I felt what I thought was another fart and started to let it out. Oops! It started out as liquid, right in my shorts, but I did not let it get far, just far enough to know I'd best get to the toilet pronto. I left the newspaper on the breakfast table, went in, and splatted obvious diarrhea into the bowl. It hardly felt like I had to go, but I obviously did. It was basically liquid. Since then I have had two more movements of butt pee, swift and total liquid. I called in sick--the first such day I have missed at this job. I have now taken two tablets of loperamide, an anti-diarrheal, and nothing has happened in the last hour and a half, during most of which I slept. Incidentally, when I checked my shorts, I could find no trace of my poop, but I put them to the wash anyhow. I look forward to getting over this and having normal poops again.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Keith D
Shortly after getting to work today, I got a sudden urge to poop like there was a big load pushing at my anus. I had to wait until lunchtime before getting a chance for a rest break but it was pushing at me most of the time. At I was releasing silent farts a lot (good that not many other people were around) and ever now and then I would step in to another room and bend double trying to force it back up in. Awkward, but felt good too.

At lunch, I finally got a break in the single stall. It felt big and I thought it would come easily. I downed pants and sat. But I found that the urge wasn't as great while sitting and started to push. Lots of dry, skeaking farts and I had to relax a bit and apply gentle, steady pressure so that people outside wouldn't hear. Bearing down for a couple of minutes, it wouldn't budge. So I adopted a sort of squatting posture that I find makes it easier to poop. With my butt-cheeks planted firmly on the toilet seat, I lift my legs of the floor, bending my knees and get my feet up on the seat. I then wrap my arms around my legs and squeeze hard. My hole started doming out but the poop was slow moving. I could now feel that it wasn't so large - not a long sausage - but a very broad, hard ball.

I really had to push and strain and it stretched me very wide - almost to the breaking point. It was hard and knobbly and formed of small nuggets compacted together. It dropped with a loud "slomp". On inspecting the bowl it was globular and about 3 inches wide. I have no idea what made me do such a hard little ball instead of a nicely formed, butthole-friendly sausage.

hi, im a 18Y/O female with ashblonde hair and weigh about 110 lbs heres my story.

yesterday me and my boyfriend were watching a movie when suddenly i felt the urge to poop coming on and didnt want to get up and go because it was a good movie. Well about half way threw the movie we were starting to make out, as we were doing so i felt the urge come back again but i figured it would subside so i continued kissing him, all of a sudden a fart escaped me and i turned completly red,it wasnt loud or anything but i was ontop of his lap lol and i was pretty sure he felt it... but i was rong so we continued on until the next fart came up and this time he stoped kissing and gave me a funny look and i said what? and he said noting, at this point i was really desperate and i think he knew what was up but i just ignored it but that was the dumbest thing i have ever done because as soon as we started kissing again it happened i farted badley and my poop slid into my panties and it was buldging out threw my shorts and i knew he felt it he stoped and said are you ok?? and i said im really sorry, he said dont worry about its just an accident and its kind of hot. and he wasnt grost out or anything i was amazed and im not going to lie it accually felt good but it was very messy. my next mission was trying to get upstairs without my parents noiticing lol. it was impossible because my basement goes right up into my living room so they would see me walk by so i knew i was screwed so i sat in the basement for a while and decided to pee my pants too then got up threw my panties in the garbage and walked upsairs and my parents asked if i peed myself and i said no my "boyfriend" threw water all over me and they laughed, wow that was a close one...

Hope you all enjoyed my story c yall later

huge pooping
really need tips on how to make long turds. Im talking about a turd that will touch the bottom of the toilet when i poop. EXACTLY what do i need to eat.

Or even if i dont make one long turd just need to know what to eat to make some huge shitting even if it is loose.

When You Gotta Go
Had one of these IT'S COMING RIGHT NOW!! days. I was relaxing and watching TV when I really had to run to the pot. Unfortunately the poop was faster than I was and beat me. Knowing I was already crapping my undies, I shucked off the outer slacks before they got stained. Trying to get my messed up undies off I ended up with soft poop all over the front and back of the seat, some on the floor. Seeing my panties were already stained I just threw them away.

Then this evening when I got home from church I had to make a mad dash before I peed my panties. This time I was sucessful.

I'm a freshman in high school and what sucks for me is that we have large bathrooms with more than a dozen stalls plus a dozen or more urinals. That shold be no problem, right? Wrong. Many of the guys, because they don't want to wait for a urinal or they have small organs and don't want to expose them to those standing next to them, go into the stalls to pee. Therefore, when me and my freinds need to use the toilet for there intended purpose, they are taken. It's true that most of the peeing guys don't take that long, but when I'm 3rd or 4th in line chances are I'm not going to be able to take my shit during that particular class break. Therefore, I'm going to have to hold it for another 90 minutes (we have a block schedule with longer classes)and then I'm back in there again. Yesterday after second hour, I had to shit really bad and I had been holding it since before school. All the stalls are used before school by guys who have to shit and sometimes there's a line. There was about two minutes left in the passing period when the last of the pee-ers came out. To his credit he moved really fast and was already starting to run for the door while he was zipping up. I could smell my shit ready to come out and knew I had only a few seconds before it ended up in my pants. I threw my bookbag down, grabbed for the seat to drop it but it was already down and then I noticed the problem--it was literally dripping with pee. Either the last several users had not lifted it or the one guy was blind and didn't even aim. I grabbed for some toilet paper to wipe if off but there was only a sheet and a half left on the roll and I knew that I would need that much (actually a lot more) to wipe myself so I had no choice but to sit down. I was probably only down for about 45 seconds and my dump filled up most of the bowl. It's a different feeling to sit on something so moist, but it made it a little easier when I need to spread my legs to get the biggest part of my shit to come out. Ahhh..then the relief. Then I grabbed the one small piece of toilet paper left and wiped to the best of my ability. I was proud of myself and never felt so appreciative of a 3 x 3-inch or so piece of paper. I wasn't completely clean but the one-minute tardy warning bell rang and I had to make a run to class. As I opened the door, there was a senior there and very impatient. He cursed me and called me a ***. Just as I was opening the restroom door I could hear him curse again when he saw the wet seat and that there was no toilet paper. I thought: "Hey I did the best I could; at least your seat isn't going to be as wet as mine. I mopped it up for you." Last night I asked my dad about if there was anything I could catch from sitting in that urine. He said no and that urine is one of the cleanest fluids in the body. He said he was in that situation several times when he was my age and in school. My 13-year-old sister walked by at that time and simply said "Gross". I think the girls have it so good.

To dave
i would like to reply to your posting about women never saying they need to poop. I am one of them,but also, i am equally unable to say i need to pee. I have bladder problems which mean i am very often desperate to pee and this combined with my reluctance to say so has led to lots of difficult situations.

Friday, October 20, 2007

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