To stevie:
Well I rarly ever wipe, wiping takes too much time. I poop about 3 times a day and usually shower every day. The most memerable time was 3 weeks ago. I'm a freshmen in high school by the way. I woke up, took my shower, then took a big dump. As usual I just pulled up my thong and jeans and continued on my way. At school I had to take a dump again around 3rd period, I walked into the bathroom, but all the stalls were taken. I really had to go, and was about to poop myself, so I pulled down my pants, just to my thies, and sat on the garbage can. Alot of girls saw me, but it was better this then in my jeans. I pooped out some big hard turds, but a lot of soft stuff came out to. I wanted to get out of this situation quick, so I didn't even think about wiping. I pulled my thong and jeans back up, and went to class. All day, wherever I went, people thought I had steped in dog shit. I went to a party after school, so when I got home I was really tired. I went to the bathroom pulled down my pants, and saw a hole lot of shit caked up on my thong, I took a shower and went to bed.

I'm a 21 year old female in college and i have learned how to pee standing up. it is working pretty good but last week i went to pee in a port a potty and i dont like sitting on the seat so i figure i would pee standing up. i started a good stream and finshed with a ok stream but when i went to pull my panties up, i found the crotch dripping wet. i must of accindently peed in my pants when i was tring to pee standing up. there was a time while i was peeing my stream went weak but i didnt think i was peeing in to my panties.the good thing was i was wearing a skirt and no one could tell i peed my pants.

Has this ever happen to any other girls. if so i would like to hear some stories.

Hi Leanna, wow! what a great post about being desperate needing to pee bad. Let us know how you made it! We need more pee desperation stories lol. Thanks!

anyone have any stories about getting diarrhea from eating too many prunes

Private Patti
I'm a recent college graduate and I sell display advertising for a chain of weekly newspapers. Three and sometimes four days a week I spend six or seven hours a day calling on clients whose businesses are located in office buildings or separate retail buidings. I usually have my morning crap about 9 a.m.and I pee at lunch (usually at a fast-food place unless I'm with a client and then I can use my expense account for a nice place) and I pee a couple of times in the afternoon. What id do differently, however, is that I try and avoid using the bathrooms in the large office buildings of my clients or at their stores. I've never liked bathrooms with multiple stalls (too many bad experiences when I was in school)so I regularly stop at gas stations and convenience stores where they have only one stall and often a unisex bathroom. I guess I just feel less inhibited being the only person in the room on the stool. One of my girlfriends can't believe I wouldn't want to use the bathrooms at some of the largest office buildings in the state, but instead will use a much less desireable toilet in a gas station or convenience store. My mom says the same thing. She can't believe I wouldn't use the cleaner bathrooms in the large office buildings which have toilet seat covers and similar amenities. But I don't care about those things and just like the feeling of being the only person in the room using the bathroom. Nobody's making fun of my pee hitting the bowl or the large drops of shit (in high school I was harassed by a girl who said my shits sounded like a ******* bowling ball hitting the water). I guess I just value my privacy more than taking advantages of nicer and probably cleaner bathrooms. Anyone else out there feel like I do?

Need to go
Today, I had to pick up a coworker at a separate facility from the main work site. I thought that I had timed it so I could take a needed dump at that site before he finished up. When I arrived he was already done and waiting for me, in fact he had taken a dump himself because I could smell it as I paused by the restroom door debating if I should go or not. I considered to ask him to wait for me but decided that it would be silly to have him just wait there for me while the main facility is only five minutes away. After getting back to the main facility I had a bit of running around to do and then had a meeting to attend so going was not an option. Another has now passed and by now I have to go quite badly. Ironically, just as was going to go the men's room I see the guy who I picked up earlier putting gloves on to clean the bathroom's (he also has the duty of bathroom cleaning). (three single occupant one men's two female) So I ask him if he was going to be cleaning because if he were I would wait because I would be causing a stink that I did not want him to have to endure. I went as far as telling him that I was going to go when I was picking him up earlier but because he was done I decided to hold it. He began to clean and I went back to my office to work but found that I could not concentrate so I kind of wandered around the bathroom area. I felt like a vulture circling. I think he noticed and as soon as he finished he motioned to me that it is all mine and said to me when you gotta go you gotta go. I went right over closed and locked the door dropped my pants to my ankles and sat down. I no sooner hit the seat when I began to piss and let out a loud fart. The guy cleaning had moved on to the next bathrooms, which are not sound proof, and he said that I guess you really did have to go. That broke the ice and we continued our conversation for a while complete with a strained voice as I pushed. All in all it was a unique buddy dump that took about ten minutes.


1. How many times do u pee in a day?
-Perhaps 3 or 6 times a day depending on how much I drink.

2. When u need to pee do u go as soon as possible or wait. If wait,how long for?
-I usually follow the commands of my bladder and go as soon as possible...
On occasion, I may wait a while and hold it in order to enjoy the sensation.

3. If you wait,what is the reason?
-See #2 for answer.

4. Do u ever pee and not flush? If so,why?
-Ok, I admit it... I plead guilty to not always flushing the public urinal when I'm done. Mostly out of pure laziness I suppose.
That doesn't apply to when I use public toilets to pee. I always flush when I use a public toilet to pee.

In the privacy of my home, I'll sometimes pee in the toilet throughout the day as the need arises and flush just once or twice.

5. What phrase do u use whilst in company to convey that u need to pee?
-When I'm with friends I use phrases like, "I gotta take a leak", "I've got to take a piss", or "I have to go pee." In polite company, I usually say something like, "I have to go to the men's. I'll be back in a moment."

6. Do u ever pee in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend and if so how long had u been dating when u first did so?
-With my last GF, I peed in front of her on occasion. But mostly I enjoyed watching her when she was on the toilet passing water, so-to-speak. We were together for about 2 years before the two of us were comfortable with seeing each other go.

Take care!


Robert, your post was rather interesting. I also have an interest in female desperation. This sight is really great. It's very rare that something like this is openly discussed. I myself have attempted to post several occaisions when I purposefully soiled myself, but I guess I made them sound a bit too risque. Regardless, I am quite disappointed with not having seen an actual accident in person in several years.

Women, my question for you is why do you think that women never say that I have to poop, but will quite openly admit to having to pee? Whats with this taboo?

hey pee bed read your story lol you need to send some more stuff about experiences at school

to daniel - that sucked that you pooped yourself without knowing. at least your parents werent home or else you would have been in trouble

hey tommy loved your story you must post more and it wuld be great if you could remember some pee stories from when you were younger as well

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Woah, I really need to pee right now.

Posting from my laptop on a train.

The urge is really bad and the train is jiggling. Its obvious another high school aged teen needs to pee as well. She keeps holding her hand over her crotch and holding herself. The urge is really bad now and I can feel a little wetness in my panties. My stop is in about 15 minutes. I really need to pee now!

Update ya'll later!

hey all ive been enjoying the posts about peeing and pooping experiences in their childhood plz post more of those!!

sophomore college girl
Hi. I noticed that a lot of people post stories about peeing in their pants and some of you seem to enjoy it. I've even seen stories on here where people make themselves desperate so they can have an accident or just let go in their pants. I was wondering if anyone does that with poop?

A few hours ago, I was sitting around watching TV. Nothing out of the ordinary, nobody was home but me. I watched for about an hour and then got up to walk to my computer. When I sat down I heard and felt a faint smush. I looked down into my pants to find that I had totally crapped my pants. I didn't even realize I had done it untill now. My underwear was absolutely filled without me knowing. I must have shit my pants while watching television. I probably got so concentrated on the TV that I just let loose in my pants. I couldn't believe that I had shit my pants and not known that my pants were loaded for a good 20 minutes. I figured that since I was on the computer, I'd post about this. So here I am with a load in my pants, writing about how it got there.

Before I clean up, I have a question, Has anybody here had an accident in their pants without knowing or remembering yourself do it?

Hello my name is Robert and I'm a 21 yr old college freshman. I've posted once before on this board a long time ago but have just been a lurker since then. I've been interested in this type of thing since I was very young. It all started when I was about 5 me and my cousin Jordan where playing at my families Christmas party, just the usual running around screaming in a house full of people. After a couple hours it got late and we were getting sleepy so our parents took us upstairs to bed where we bunked down in the floor for the night. Some time later that night Jordan woke me from a deep sleep to play while everyone else slept, or so i thought. Once I was awake she started asking me when the last tome I went to the bathroom was. I thought about it and said sometime before we went to bed. She said me too and I need to go now. Almost before the words left her mouth I realized I had a serious urge as well. My next thought was where, and how soon. Thats when she said the bathroom was downstairs and she had to go bad. I asked what she had to do, as all kids do, she said both and then asked what I wanted to do, I responded the same. We then made a decision to hold it and go back to sleep. We both laid down and tried but soon we were up again jumping around holding our crotches. I suggested we just go in the floor but she was opposed. So we sat around holding our openings shut tightof course at five thats pretty hard. We were getting scared and agreed that if we peed it would help so we let go of our bladders and wet ourselves full force, I for one was extremely relieved but Jordan seemed even more concerned. We sat and talked about how it felt and how cold it was gettin when she jumped up and held butt squealing. I too was feeling the pressure but she was actually pooping herself and it was a big one. As she began to cry I said I'll do it too to make you feel better. I pushed and it came out with one solid motion. After experience trama and extreme relief we laid down and went back to sleep. The next day I parents woke us and cleaned us up blaming themselves for not taking us the night before.

This was the beginning of an interest I've had for years now. Female desperation is my one real interest and I would appreciate any stories you have or any comments on mine. I plan to post many more but if anyone has a specific type of request let me know.

To Amy

I have pooped and not wiped many times. I later checked and depending on firmness found everything from still clean panties to minor skidmarks to a brown spot large enough even I was surprised. Tell us about when you did not wipe.

im 22 weeks preg and i peed my pants in wall mart

I had to poo, from after school, until I finally made it to a toilet. The story begins when I walked into the coffee shop and asked the guy if I could use the bathroom, and he handed me a key. I walked casually, but gladly, over to the bathroom, and unlocked it. I was delighted to see a clean seat, and barely any stink. I pulled my pants down just below my knees and sat down. I peed first, and then I started pushing. Not long after, I felt the poo begin to come out, but an inch out, and it stopped. I made a soft grunting noise, and then continued my poo. Just two more pushes and it was out. I felt really relived, and I was enjoying just sitting there in the rather large, private bathroom, being the person on the toilet in the corner... and I needed to check if there was anything else in there that I wasn't feeling. But I pushed, and all that came out was gas, so I figured I was done. Then I reached for the toilet paper and... oh god, the toilet paper was gone! I desperately looked around as much as I could while still sitting on the toilet, and there was nothing I could have even semi-wiped with. I said out loud, 'holy ????', and got up. I looked in the toilet bowl, first, to examine my work (it was huge!), and pulled my pants up, clenching my cheeks together so as not to dirty my underpants. As I walked out, another man walked in, and I decided to waddle as fast as I could, because I didn't want to face the man who probably would have had a good look at my poo. I walked out, and went to the convenience store across the street, walked in, asked the guy if I could use the bathroom, and he, surprisingly, said yes. I waddled, probably making it obvious that I was desperate for SOMETHING, towards the bathroom, and, again, it was one of those huge private bathrooms with one toilet and I felt like I was just sitting on the toilet out in the open, which is a great feeling, for some reason. And, I sat there for a minute, before I reached for the toilet paper, wiped myself three times, and sat back down on the toilet, again, enjoying the feeling of sitting on the toilet in the open. After a few seconds of this, I got up, pulled my pants up, flushed, and left. Happy ending!

I enjoy girls' poo stories, especailly solid accidents. They're funny, usually. No offence, gals!

hey all i am very concerned about a recent thing that has been going on. I am a line cook so i am around hot equipment a lot. So lately only during and after work when using the restroom i have noticed that the seat of my underwear is damp. I would think that it is sweat but it has a fish smell to it which is concerning to me. Also my underwear are all getting a light pink stain i cont get out by washing. Anyone know iwhat the hell is going on?

Hi again.Nothing much of interest been happening so i shall tell you all about the shit that i did at work today.I work as a gardener.(OH YEAH! GARDENERGIRL are you still out there?)You posted ages ago,would love to hear more from you!Anyway,back to today.I had a large lunch and shortly afterwards felt something stirring down below.The pressure quickly built up,but i managed to hold on for a few minutes to allow myself to finish what i was doing.Then when i felt more comfortable to walk without shiting myself i headed for the toilets,(it is not possible to do it outdoors where i work).Once inside the small single mens toilet,i pulled down my jeans and underwear and sat down.The plastic seat creaked a bit as i settled myself.A brief pause then a push and i felt my bum open up nicely.PHLOOOOOP!! out it came softly,quite firm followed by small stuff, then with another push some mushy stuff.No smell thankfully but a nice load in the bowl.I pulled out loads of toilet paper before flushing.
As i wiped i looked into the toilet and saw a brown turtlehead peeking from the u-bend.I flushed again,then bent over to give my bum a final wipe.All clean and no evidence left.JOB DONE!!Hope you enjoyed this.Off to Berlin for a few days next week,so probably won't post till after i get back.BYE FOR NOW,Andy!!

to Kathyrn
In my school, where I'm a senior, we have over 2,000 students competing for a small number of toilets. I'm on Stu-Co and the subject of adding either toilets to the bathrooms, or overall additional bathrooms, has come up, but the administration said "supervision" is an issue--especially since 9/11 and Columbine. Three years ago, I started high school just like you and was taught by my grandmother, with whom I live since my mother is deceased, to put paper over the seats. We have passing periods just like you that are 5 minutes long and it just took too much time. Also, by mid-morning, there were stalls that would have no toilet paper. At first, I would get into line for one that I hoped would. Sometimes it did; sometmes it didn't. But then, while in the adjacent stall and sitting on toilet paper, I would hear girls come into that other stall, sit down fast, quickly pee and be offf on their way. I doubted that they were even looking for toilet paper with which to cover the seat. About that time, I received my first Saturday morning school for too many tardies and that got me to thinking that I had to be realistic. So I just gave in and started--just like at home or when I'm at a friend's house, sitting directly down on the seat. I do, however, make sure I don't put my hands on the seat itself and I sit back far enough so that my pubic area doesn't wipe across the front of the seat. (My school has the black oval seats that don't have the cut in front of them). Once you start doing it, Kathyrn, it's not that bad and in my situation it's what several hundred other girls are doing, too. I have to crap about once every two days at school and I use the same routine. Back when I was still the "germ phobic chick" that once acquaintance called me, I was especially frustrated when crapping because I find my craps are sometimes large and difficult to get out, and as I repositioned myself and spread my legs, I would look down and find that I was off the toilet paper anyway. I feel bad that I can't tell my grandma about the situation but she's 71 and pretty set in her ways. I remember once when we were out and she said she's never sat directly on a public toilet. I find that hard to believe but I still love her and know that she is just wanting the best for me. When I'm at places like the mall or getting gas, I'm finding as I get older that I' using the restrooms more. I take a sheet of toilet paper and wipe the seat off. At airports and really, really busy places like that, I sit on the seat protectors that are provided. And even then, I will have friends who will think nothing of just sitting directly down. To each his own, I guess!

Hi all,

I believe this year marks 10 years online for this site! I just wanted to say that - like a good BM - it has been an EXTREMELY refreshing experience to freely read and exchange stories about this unfortunately taboo subject with others around the world.
The moderation has been very impressive since the only assholes I've run into here have been chats about the literal ones.

Three cheers!


I think the party is pretty much over for my largely enjoyable time of gas free and stink free BM's. My jobbies are still not all that solid, I'm still going to the can ~4 times a day instead of just once, and it still takes me 5 or 6 wipes to get clean, but I can definitely see a change in what's coming out of me since I finished my medication for strep throat.

The colour, size , and consistency of the stools have noticeably changed:
*With the medication - As I mentioned before, at the beginning, the stuff started coming out as a dark brown 'soup'. But that eventually changed to rich 'chocolate' brown poops; <1" in diameter +15" long 'snakes'; lose that fell apart easily. The volume of each BM was very consistent regardless of what I ate during the time.

*After the medication - They are now a lighter yellow/brown colour; they're coming out in discrete bits, about 5 at a time - each about 4" to 5" long x 1" wide; I can detect in what little gas that is now coming with the BMs, a very VERY slight odour of diarrhoea. It will take another couple of days before I can judge if the volume of poop has changed much.

Please take care!


Movie, there is NO dump scene in Tommy Boy. The only time poop is ever mentioned is when Tommy is trying to sell brake pads and guarantees, and he says, "I can take a dump in a box if you want..." other than that, there is no poop scene, nor any mention of it. Don't know what movie you're thinking of...

Keith D
Has anyone ever had to use the toilet facilities on one of those buses on long-distance interstate trips?

I was on a bus last year and found it dead boring. It was an 8 hour trip between rest stops, only a 1/4 of the seats were filled and the scenary was flat and uninteresting. I was eating and had been drinking a lot of water just to pass the time.

I'd noticed that every now and then, a passenger would get up and make their way to the back of the bus. I knew there was a toilet back there because the driver had made an announcement at the beginning of the trip that there was a "facility" on board and to make sure that the door was locked shut because the latch was faulty and that an "accident" with the door coming open could be embarrassing...

I'd been drinking lots and was starting to get the urge to pee. I could have held it until the next rest stop but was curious to see the bus toilet. How did it work? Surely it wouldn't bee as sophisticated as a plane toilet?

Just as I was getting up to go, a girl about 18 with mid-length dark hair stood up from a seat up near the front and made her way up the back. As the bus rocked side-to-side her stride sort of zig-zagged along the aisle. She tried to stare straight ahead but made nervous glances at people as she went as it was obvious where she was going. She was only in there for about a minute and a half so I guessed she'd peed.

After she had got back and sat down, I staggered my way up towards the back. There were only 5 or six passengers in the rows behind me and most were asleep. The last passengers up the back were a young couple, maybe about 20, who were leaning against each other, eyes closed and kissing slowly. As I got closer I could see they had a picnic blanket across their knees and that the guy's leg was sticking out into the aisle blocking my way. Closer still, I could see that the guy's arm was across the girl's lap and they were fumbling around. I guess the trip didn't have to be boring for everyone! I had to stop where his leg was blocking my path. After a moment, they disengaged from kissing, opened their eyes, both grinned and he pulled his leg in so I could pass.

Getting to the toilet, the door was on the left. It was free and swinging and I had had to step up into the single toilet cubicle. It was a tall, narrow room not much more the 3 feet by 3 feet. I pulled the door shut tight and latched it. It was difficult to shut because it had been upholstered in carpet and barely closed.

The toilet was very low to the floor and as I lifted the lid I found it was not a toilet but a camping-type commode. Just a shallow bowl that you sat on the rim of, with a funnel-shaped bottom ending in a small shiny steel trap door, leading to a shallow pit below. No water, not flush, only the door to separate you from the sights and smells below. Not stinky though. I noticed that there was a sheet of tp (a square sheet from the grossly inadequate dispenser) screwed up and sitting on the corner of the steel plate. Must have been left by that girl when she wiped. I guess that if you just pee and don't poop, there isn't enough weight to activate the door and everything just piles up on top. In the middle of the plate there was a tiny puddle of pee, no more than 10 or 12 drops, very yellow. I guess the girl that went before me didn't really need to go, perhaps she was just going out of boredom like me and needed the walk to stretch her legs.

I stood facing the toilet and fumbled with the elastic at the top of my shorts and eased them down to discover a problem. I wasn't aware at the time but my encounter with the happy couple at the back of the bus had left me with a full prong. I still needed to pee but it would be difficult with that small low toilet and me pointing the wrong way. Guys know the problem. I stood facing the wall for a minute hoping that it would subside so that I could start peeing. At the very top of the wall there was a narrow window slit that you could see out of. A pee with a view and at high speed too! Not much to see - just the tops of trees whizzing past and there was no traffic on the lonely highway. Standing there, waiting for things to subside so I could pee and looking out the window, it was really quite tranquil.

Suddenly, the bus hit a bump and swayed to the side. My head bashed into the window and for a moment I saw stars. I regained my balance against the wall. Great - wouldn't it be nice to knock yourself out cold in there and winding up collapsing head first into the toilet. I decided to sit down. I found the seat was VERY short. I partly stood and hovered and tried to direct my parts down into the toilet to pee but it was too difficult with the bus swaying around. I tried sitting while leaning right forward so that I could try and fold my thing down into the bowl. I was leaning right forward with my legs apart and knees touching the stall walls and my head practically touching the floor. I decided to sit up in a normal position and keep waiting for things to subside.

While waiting, I thought I'd see if I could activate the trapdoor. I spread my buttcheeks wide over the seat and bore down. I couldn't feel anything coming. After a couple of minutes of hard silent straining, I felt a tiny hard pebble pass through my ring and heard a "ping" on the trapdoor. Just a tiny little brown nugget sitting on top of the door. With no weight, it would be still sitting there when the next person came in. I wiped once but I was clean.

After a couple more minutes, I had completely relaxed and was able to pee normally. I washed up and went back to my seat.

My boyfriend of two years seems to have developed a phobia about using the toilet. On three separate occasions recently i have caught him peeing in a secluded area of the rear garden. When i question him about this his explanation is that he couldnt make it upstairs to the toilet and had to go urgently. The thing is,he never ever seems to go toilet indoors anymore so how is he managing to have a poo? We spend all day together so he cant always be going outside to do a pee because i would know. Im really quite concerned because he sometimes complains of pains and i think it might be because he needs to go toilet. But what can he be scared of?

Here is a survey for anyone to complete.
1. How many times do u pee in a day?
2. When u need to pee do u go as soon as possible or wait. If wait,how long for?
3. If you wait,what is the reason?
4. Do u ever pee and not flush? If so,why?
5. What phrase do u use whilst in company to convey that u need to pee?
6. Do u ever pee in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend and if so how long had u been dating when u first did so?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To Nicole, One thing your drinking proved is how much poo was in you...although I am not advocating drinking to excess, it did have an interesting bi-product in that it really evacuated your bowels. One thing that I note is that if I have liquid shits (which is very rare) they do not follow with solid logs....with me it is solid then softer.

A few weeks ago I went to a party and had a little too much to drink. Well I was fine that night and I never threw up or anything but in the morning I learned my lesson. I woke up at 11 in the morning. It was raining and my parents were both gone. I went to the kitchen first to fix some cereal and take some asprin. As I was reaching for the cupboard to get cereal my stomach growled. I figured I was just hungry so I continued to make breakfast. I took advil and started eating my cereal with milk. Well after about my fourth bite my stomach growled again and it started to cramp. I farted a couple times to relieve some pressure and I continued eating. By the time I was done I could barely stand so I went to the bathroom. I was rushing to get there and moving very slowly at the same time. I did not want to have an accident. I made it to the bathroom and I left the door open. I lifted the seat up and sat down. I was expecting some bad diarrhea and I was not dissapointed. As soon as my butt hit the cold seat farted and sprayed some shit to the back of the bowl. I kept farting and eventually I started to drop these loose turds. They were half solid and half liquid. It sounded as if I were peeing. I had a few waves of diarrhea on the same sitting. My stomach continued to hurt and I continually farted and peed from my butt. I had been on the toilet for about 40 minutes when I decided to wipe myself. It was quite messy and took me a while to clean up. Well there was no point. As soon as I got up I realized I had to shit again. I sat down and right away a wave of diarrhea hit. Brown liquid sprayed out my hole for about five minutes. I am not joking. Wave after wave of diarrhea I started to feel weak. I wiped again and went to the kitchen. I still had to poo but I got some water first to stay hydrated, I grabbed a water bottle and some salteens and went back to the toilet. I farted a few times a dropeed a completely solid log. I thought the runs were over with but I was wrong. I continued to drop loose shits fro about an hour. I felt fine for a few hours so I went on a run. Bad idea. Since it was drizzling the running paths in the woods were empty. So when I felt the need to relieve myself I didn't worry too much about being seen. Problem was I forgot to bring toilet paper. Oh well I though to myself. I bent over near some bushes and let loose. More diarrhea shot out of me and it started to semll real bad. Luckily no one ran by. I had to stop three times before I made it home with diarrhea. When I got home I hopped in the shower to clean off and right as I got in I needed to shit. I left the water running and hopped on the pot. It was still liquid but now and them I would drop a small log. I neglected to wipe as I could just hop in the shower. I cleaned out my hole pretty well. I was okay for an hour as I did some homework. Then I realized I had to poop again. I went to the bathroom and dropped a semi solid load. It was not complete diarrhea so I was happy. It was about five thirty and I had some cheezits for dinner. Well little did I know I was about to pass my last load of the day. I headed to the bathroom thinking I would be dealing with the runs for hours but I was wrong. It started off liquid but quickly turned solid. I dropped about seven decent length logs. I was so happy to be done and I vowed to never drink that much again.

I don't know exactly why, but I am much cleaner about myself than many of those who post about using public restrooms. I'm a junior at my high school and I have never sat directly down on one of the toilets--I always put paper tissue over the seat first. If the seat is up when I come into the stall, I will tear off toilet paper with which to wrap around my hand when I put the seat down. I flush by using my left foot. Why would I want to touch a flusher that perhaps a hundred other students are using in any given day? Those of us who take such precautions are in a minority. Part of the problem is the 5 minute passing period we have between classes and the lines some of the restrooms (especially those on main floor) attract. It grosses me out to bypass a stall because there's urine on the seat, only to go next door, take the seat covering precautions I do, and then to hear someone come running into the dirty stall, throw themselves onto the seat, and worse yet, I hear the noise of their gigantic shit, which they will leave unflushed in the bowl because they run off pulling up their jeans as the one-minute tardy bell rings. So many users don't even stop to wash their hands! Each morning I sit down and try to have my stool at home and if I feel a crap coming on by 6th hour, I will generally hold it until 3:30 when school is out and I can take it at home. I pee twice a day at school, but I always cover the seat first before sitting down. I don't know about you others, but the hardest thing is to sometimes get my flow going when there's so much noise and banging of stall doors, etc. The worst, absolute worst, situation I've been in is to just get my pee flow started and that tardy bell rings. That means, at most, I've got 30 seconds to finish up, wipe, wash my hands, and then get to class which is often at least a minute away. I have a student teacher who is very understanding but my regular teachers will use sarcasm and other putdowns for those coming in late. I find their motivation to be somewhat curious since I have a 4.2 GPA and I am involved in clubs and activities. However that commitment has kept me at school until after 9 p.m. some evenings and that means a few more trips to the bathroom. On one evening last month I went in to pee about 8 p.m. and all six of the stalls were without toilet paper. Other music students went in, sat down and peed like normal, and thought nothing of it. I refused to sit on an uncovered seat and held my pee until I got home. A couple of them said I was "strange". I don't know. Am I????

Movie poop scene
Has anybody sceen the poop scene in Tommy Boy?

I went to the mens bathroom in the food court of our mall with two of my buddies after eating McDonalds. To our surprise, all the stll doors were removed recently. Chris said "It's just like being back at school" Just as he said that we all noticed in the center stall was our high school Shop Teacher , Mr. _ _ _ _ _. He was having a major bowel movement, and even though the two other stalls were occupied, we all thought he had created the eye-tearing stench ... My other buddy Jason said 'hey Mr. _ _ _ _ _ , how you been? He responded with his hand on his stomach, saying "I been better" We chatted for a while and eventually he wiped up and flushed and left. We all sat down and cut loose. We stayed about 10 minutes, then we all wiped and left. It was kinda like a 'reverse deja vu" because he used to always bust us when we used the high school doorless stalls. It was cool....

Fr. P
Adrian, sorry it took me so long to reply, I was on a retreat and did not have internet access.

Yes, I was caught short once, but not at the pulpit, Catholics actually call it the ambo, but I won't go into technicalities. It was a Sunday morning, and I was scheduled to say the noon Mass, but one of the other priests was sick at the last minute for the 7:00. At 6:40, they discovered this, and they had to find a replacement, which naturally was me. I didn't have time to use the restroom to still make it on time, even though I knew I had to, so I simply got dressed and went over to the church. As it was, I barely was able to get ready in time. I was about half-way through the Mass when I for some reason lost it. Thankfully, none leaked out onto the floor, and for those who do not know, Catholic priests wear a series of vestments, a all white bottom robe called a alb, then a stole, which is a piece of cloth that hangs around your neck with two long pieces of cloth hanging down the front, and then a chasuable, which is colored the same as liturgical colors. I was actually thankful for these layers of vestments, as nobody suspected anything. Just when I thought I'd get out of there without anyone knowing about it, I had gotten the vestments off and noticed there was a barely noticeable, but large wet spot on the front of my slacks. I opened the door to leave and the deacon came in. He was about to say something to me when he saw what had happened, and simply said "good morning" and walked on. Thankfully nobody else said anything, and I threw my clothes in the wash, and that was the end of that. I always use the church restroom before Mass, but that morning I didn't have time. What the funniest part was, afterwards, I confided what happened to the other priest, and he said it had happened to him several times before, sometimes you just can't help it. Today, I actually laugh thinking about it, and I've always wondered what the deacon thought. It wasn't that funny now, but now, I look back on the experience and laugh.

God Bless you All,

Fr. P

Pee Shy Guy
To the 29 year old man from the uk.

Your woman friend probably holds her pee all day because she can't urinate when anyone is in the women's room. She is probably pee shy and has a bashful bladder or stage fright. The psychological and medical term is paruresis. So by 5 p. m. when she is ready to burst most everyone has left for home. Then it is safe to try to go. Many women are afraid someone will hear them pee, meaning a gusher straight down into the water. I am sure your friend has a large bladder since she waits so long to go. Just say you admire anyone who can wait so long to go to the loo. Then tell a story about a guy friend who was terribly pee shy. I am one of them. I never can go when anyone else is nearby in the men's room. Many a day in school I held my piss all day--9 hours before I got home. At work now I have found a private loo in the building where my office is located. What a relief. If you want to know more just go to Google and select shy bladder or paruresis.

Are there any girls who poop without wiping often or have ever done so?

Hi, I used to write about eighteen months ago. Back in Cardiff now and thought I'd let everyone know its wonderful. I am wondering if there are any old friends who used to write when I was hear, love to send some more stories and will soon. I am still with Myra my special girl friend from those days, and will write as soon as I have any stories about us. Love and best regards sheila xxx


After the first time I saw my dad pee, I kept trying to catch him, but I didn't have a chance until a few weeks later. Since it was summer, we spent a lot of time outdoors having picnics and stuff, and after every meal, all the adults would fall asleep, as would my cousins, both of whom were really young. I would go off into the trees and play, but I noticed that my dad would wait till everyone was asleep, walk into the woods for what I now knew was a pee, and then go fall asleep. He would always be gone for a while-since he was so private about peeing, he would usually hold it all day until he could get away unnoticed. I noticed that he always went to the same spot, so one day, I went in that direction. I had no idea where my dad went, but I hid in the middle of a clump of low, leafy trees from which I had a pretty good view all around. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, I saw my dad hurrying into the woods. He stopped at a tree a little bit in behind and 10 feet to the right of my clump of bushes. He reached for the zipper on his pants, and tugged a couple of times, but it seemed to be stuck. "Come on, come on, come!" my dad kept muttering as he tried to tug down his zipper. He hurriedly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, in an attempt to get the zipper down. By this point, he was reaching down and grabbing himself in between tries at the zipper, and finally, with a huge tug, he got the zipper down. He shoved his jeans and underwear down to the top of his thighs. The second his penis was released, a huge gush of pee shot straight out into the ground in front of him, while my dad let out a loud moan of relief. When he was done, he shook off his penis, pulled his pants back up, and went back to the rest of the family.

P>Mr. Clogs
Hello folks it's Mr. Clogs again. Hope everyone is doing well, me I just had my tooth pulled out today at the dentist so I'm relaxing in bed and chillin' online on the laptop. Mr. Clogs will be fine after I put the second gauze in my mouth to soak up all the fluid around the tooth. Cool isn't it.

Now on to more related subject, that's peeing and pooping! I got a post to share to ya'll, so here goes.

This morning was one of those delightful crapping in the toilet today, boy did it felt good to take a nice dump in the toilet without the aid of dieters tea or a bottle of citric magnesium. I called the dentist back so I can come in to have them look at my tooth that had been bothering me for a while. So they told me to come in at 11:30AM. So I wanted to take a nice shower before I go there. I felt the urge to take a dump. After I had my 2 cups of coffee, I felt the coffee working my bowels and get the juices churning. Before I took my shower, I made my way to the bathroom to take my morning dump. I yanked off my sleeping shorts off while farting up a storm and sat on the can. It didn't take long for my poop to exit out of my behind hole, I was peeing and releasing some nice poop into the toilet, man did it felt good, all natural not to mention the smell was funky and awesome. I sat over the can for a good 10 minutes making a nice pile in the toilet. I wiped up using a goog 2 wads of toilet paper and got ready to take my shower so I can go to the dentist. I didn't flush the toilet until I was finished takeing a shower. It must of been those all the way hot dogs and fries plus the lamb sandwich with fries and 2 bowls of honey nut cheerios for breakfast.

I guess I found my cure for me clogged up system. Increase the fiber and increase the liquids. It works for me, now I don't need the tea to help me take a crap. I hope to make a nice crap the next time I do a number 2.

The Lone Loafer: Thanks for your reply, I find that habit strange myself. I haven't heard of anybody doing that, nor will I try it myself. I this regard, I can't multi-task that subject. Thanks again for your reply. Catch you later.

Hope to see more stories about folks peeing and pooping in things or in strange places, need more of these stores, I love those stories.

Take care everybody, have a great weekend.

Your pal.

--Mr. Clogs

Hey 42!!!
Hey 42 ... I was wondering if you'd tell us more about your accident. You said that you peed and pooped your jeans ... what happened when you got home?

Did you have to sit in the mess? Was it soft or firm? Did you have to wash out your underwear or just throw them away? Did your parents consider your teacher's note and get you diapers?

Please tell more!!! THANKS!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hi Kia, I really enjoyed reading your story. Do you have anymore interesting pee stories or accidents?

Why are companies taking the stall doors off in mens restrooms recently?I waa in Sears last week. It was very embarrasing to shit 'on display" to everybody. Especially while wiping my ass ....

Hi my name is jack and I don't understand why people get so freaked out about girls pooping and farting. I mean we all do it right? So what's the big deal if we want to watch it or talk about it. My wife goes to the bathroom with the door open and doesn't care if I watch, hear, or see her. For me it's just funny to hear the sounds of her apples dropping and hissing farts. By the way I want to give a special shout out to Queen Lizzy from ???? for recommending this forum to me. She recently closed her fart forum and is sending her old customers here. I am so glad because there are not to many places where a guy can talk about this stuff without feeling weird. I will contribute more soon if that is ok.


Thanks from Mei to all who answered my silly question. Different people had different answers but in a sense they were all the same in that all the lengths were longer than I had thought. To Alexander: I poop about 5 times a week on average and at various times of the day. That big one last Thursday followed a fairly long and voluminous one the previous afternoon. The next one was on Saturday morning and was smaller than the Thursday one, I was done by the second flushing. To Adrian: I don't feel so very embarrassed. I like to do lots of motions at a time. I just wondered if I had an abnormal medical condition, but it seems not so. I always feel good after passing a lot of motions. Yes, my stomach does feel smaller after a long session on the throne. Writing all this makes me want to poop....probably a lot....bye now.

Mei again. Sorry Keith, I answered Adrian when in fact it should have been you. Sorry Sorry Sorry. And now I'm off...u know where.

To Mimi:
You mentioned how surprised you are that some girls at school come into toilet stalls so fast that they don't notice or care about the condition of the seat. They just throw their bookbag down, pull down their clothing and don't worry about sitting in someone else's urine on the seat. I can't speak for the girls but with open stalls in the boys' bathrooms, I see it pretty frequently. First, on many occasions, especially between class periods, boys will not want to wait in line because all the urinals are taken. They don't take their bookbag off. They just go into an open stall and whip it out and start peeing away. Of course, they are not going to take the time to reach down and lift the seat, because of the heavy book bag. Last week I was on the stool taking my morning shit when I guy came into the stall next to mine and sprayed so badly that some of it got on my right shoe. I yelled to let him know what was happening and he said he was sorry but that his dick got stuck in his underwear just as he was starting his flow. I went to wipe my shoe off and found there was no toilet paper on the roll for me to use. ####! I finished my shit, holding my pants up and went for the stall on my left to use the toilet paper there. Bad idea. There was a very young freshman boy sitting there peeing. He must have been afraid to stand at the urinal or not willing to wait. I went to the famous stall on my right which was now open and used three sheets of toilet paper to clean myself. In doing so I noticed the seat was dripping. I flushed the toilet, getting pee on my hand since I had forgotten to wipe the flusher off first. Then while I was washing my hands at the sink, I looked back on the stall that I had originally used and there was a football player in there peeing without having lifted the seat. To his right, there was another jock already on the stool that had been so thoroughly peed on. I couldn't tell if he had wiped the seat off before he sat on it or not. So, Mimi, this is what the guys' bathrooms are like. If anything, the guys are probably worse offenders than the girls. However, I guess, that old saying is true: "When you gotta go, you gotta go."

Kia and Regina, I would love to here more peeing stories!

The Lone Loafer
Mr. Clogs: on page 1607 you asked if anyone here eats while pooping. I must admit that I do this every once in a while. Only in the following circumstances, however: if I am in a big hurry, and otherwise I would only have time to do one or the other, but need very much to do both; or if it's one of those days where people keep calling from the minute I get up, and I have to both take a crap, and keep my hypo-gli from making me shaky, so I multitask by eating and pooping. Otherwise, I find it to be an awkward process, and unsanitary to boot, because if you have to flush in the middle, you know that that bacteria laden water can spray six-twenty feet, and if you're sitting, it just exits through the gap between the bowl and the seat. So I would normally say that I hate looping (if you're putting it in one end, while sending it out the other, I'd say that has got to be some kind of """"looping";)).

I just thought this was funny: there is this underwear product that apparently "hides" your farts. Im not sure if it stops the smell or the noise tho..... By the way, can we hear more accidents?

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Lone Loafer
It's been quite a while since I posted here - doubt anyone remembers me.:)
To Jessica L.: really enjoy the many stories, keep em comin! One question, though. On page 1608, you mention that "my husband helped me back to MY bedroom", or something like that. Do you and your husband have separate bedrooms, and if so why?? At least in people I know, that is unusual for a younger couple, but it has been something I have been curious about in general, and you have now given me a reason to bring it up.
Thanks for your answer, either way; and for your stories.

Keith D
Hello all.

To Mei:

Don't be embarrassed about producing big quantities of poop. Be proud of your achievements! It's totally natural. Human intestines are over 13 feet in length but most of the processed "poop" sits in the lower colon and rectum but there is still plenty of room. Does your stomach get noticeably smaller after you've had a big motion?

Personally, I don't produce much in a sitting and I think I would enjoy it if I could do more. I'm jealous.

On to other topics...

Not many experiences lately but I did manage to poop myself in the shower last night.

I'd just gotten undressed and stood under the water when suddenly I heard a glug, glug, glug sound and felt my stomach churning. It felt like diarrhea but I don't get that often. Next I felt hot, warm liquid against the inside of my sphincter.

I was already wet from the shower and didn't want to have to towel off and run naked to the next room (the toilet itself is in a small room and not in the bathroom with the shower). It felt runny and not like a large volume so in my laziness I thought I could get away with letting it out in the shower...

I squatted down and squeezed and it started to squirt out silently. The water going down the drain turned a little murky then ran clear. I stood back up feeling relieved then felt the hot burning sensation again. Squatting down, more liquid, then a small log 3 inches long slipped out. But it broke up in the water and flush away. I'm relieved that I got away with it but don't think I'd try again...

clean up guy
Yesterday I peed outstide. I was home alone and i realy had to pee plus i had to take out the trash. So I got trash and took it to the dumpster. The coast was clear so i whiped it out and pissed for like 15 seconds, after i was done i went back to my apartment. I had to say that was a rush. I'm going to do or try to do it more offten. It's at night. So waht the hey. I'm goin to pee outside or in the shower. What do you think

I once had an accident in front of my girlfriend. She was really mean about it, and kept teasing me. Eventually we broke up, but since shee lives near me, I still see her a lot. I was driving her home from a party (since we live near each other, even if I dont like her, It's easiest to carpool) and she said she needed to pee RIGHT NOW!!! Seeing the perfect opportunity for revenge, I purposely drove slowly. I looked over to see her with a hand over her crotch, bouncing up and down. We were about 5 minutes away from the house, and I told her so. She said she hoped she could make it, and put the other handon her crotch. 30 seconds later, she told me she was leaking a little. About a minute later, i looked over to see a small patch on the front of her pants.She said it was comng out faster so i should Drive Faster!!!. I suddenly speeded up, right before we went over a bump. I heard her cry out than a hissing sound. She completely wet AND messed her pants. Sweet Revenge.... If u have stories about making other ppl have accidents, please tell.

Earlier this fall I started college. The food here isn't bad, but it took some getting used the early days it tended to "go right through you". One afternoon before classes started I started to feel rumbling in my bowels, but figured it would pass in time. I went to help a friend move in. After about a half hour, it was clear I had a load of poop in me aching to come out.

But relief could not be had yet. A couple of more friends from home were coming by to visit, and my friend asked me to come wait with her outside for them to pull in. I had to, because I was the only one with a card to get in the building.

We waited outside for what seemed like an hour. My bowels screamed at me, and I seriously began to fear I would crap my pants. The worse part was I couldn't fart to release the pressure because a) I was in the presence of a very squeamish female and b) it probably would be more than a fart anyway. Finally the visitors came and I let them in and bid them farewell, and then hurriedly set off down my hallway to the lavatory.

Totally against my will, my bum started to open up and unleash its contents, and I barely managed to clench it off. I burst into the restroom, fortunately finding it empty, and rushed into a stall. I dropped my shorts and plopped down onto the seat. Promptly my butt opened up, releasing the loudest, most resounding fart it has ever produced, accompanied by wave of soft poop. I chanced to glance down at my boxers around my ankles, and saw that they were marked with a thin layer of brownish color (which came out in one washing).

Well, I must go now, as my bladder is swollen to the size of a small continent and I can feel a poop log "knocking on the door".

Uncle Harry
Regina: Here is the story I promised you.

Girlfriend's Bathroom

My pee stream is usually straight, but occasionally it does strange things, but never to the extent of this incident... and it sure picked the wrong place to go crazy. One Saturday, I went to pick up a woman I was dating, as we were going out for the evening. We had only had a few dates... no real relationship. I was early and, since she had left the door unlocked for me, I just walked in. She was at the bathroom sink, in her bra and panties, putting on her lipstick and make-up. I had forgotten to pee before I left my house and hadn't peed for a while and really had to go. I asked her if she would mind if I took a leak while she was at the sink and she said she didn't mind.

I stepped over to the toilet, next to the sink, raised the seat, took out my cock, and aimed straight for the center of the bowl. Well, my stream didn't go straight, but came out at an angle to the right, and I was pissing on the rim. I quickly swung the hose to the left so the stream would go to the center of the bowl, but just then it straightened out, and now I was pissing on the left rim. So I swung it back to center, and now it split into two streams going both left and right, with a bit of sprinkle in the center and some splattering on the bottom of the upraised toilet seat. My date was watching the whole show and laughing like crazy... and this was the first time she had ever seen me pee. Well, enough of this nonsense, I thought. I managed to stop pissing, even though I was nowhere near finished. With my thumbs, I worked my pee hole open and closed a few times. I had found that this works for such situations. I went back to pissing and no more problem. Straight as an arrow to the bullseye. My date laughingly suggested I put a control nozzle on my cock, like on a garden hose; or maybe use a women's stand-to-pee device to keep things under control. Ha! Ha!

More seriously, she said I better clean up, as she needed to pee too and didn't want to sit on my mess. I finally finished, flushed, put away my dick, and got some damp paper towels and cleaned everything up good as new. "Let's see if you can pee straighter", I told her, knowing that women are far more prone to pissing in assorted patterns than men are. "Maybe not", she replied, "but at least I'm sitting down. Let's find out". She put down the seat, dropped her panties to her ankles, spread her legs really wide apart to give a good view of her pussy, and then... pulled her labia apart and started to piss a really straight stream. "You're cheating", I said. "Any woman can get a straight stream that way". "It's my toilet", she said, smiling. "I make the rules".

Shortly after this incident, we stopped seeing each other. I often wondered whether she just didn't want to get involved with a guy who couldn't pee straight. Do any of you guys out there have this kind of problem? If so, what do you do about it? Does anyone know what causes it? I've never figured that out. Any ideas would be welcome.

Johnny Half-Pint
Your large intestine (which is connected to your hole .....) is about as long as you are tall, so about 1.5 to 2m. Your small intestine is another four or five times that. So you can have about ten metres of tubing coiled up inside you!

To Nanci:
I agree with you about the older toilets. I prefer them too. Not only are the stalls larger and more secure (less opportunities to peak in and this is sometimes an issue since I'm one of only a few African-Americans at my school)but I feel comfort is important, especially when taking a crap. While the bathrooms in the older wing have more stalls (two lines of about 10 stalls on two sides of one large room) I prefer them because I like the comfort of the higher stools, too. My best friend's mom went to this school too in the early 1970s and she has told us to to look for cigarette burns on the seat that she said she made when she was bored and just sat and smoked to get out of class. There are smoke detectors in the bathrooms now and that has stopped most of the smoking. I also prefer the older-style restrooms because since there's more stalls available, when there's a wait its not going to be as long. Down in the new music wing, there are only two stalls and during passing periods there's amost always a wait. Also, I'm 6',1" so when I spread my legs to release a difficult crap, both of my knees are touching the stall partitions. Also those toilets frequently clog. It's probably not good citizenship (my 3rd hour) but if I flush twice and some of my crap is still not going down, I just walk away because I don't want to be late to class. I don't know of anybody who lines the seat with toilet paper because there just isn't time with a five-minute passing period. However, once last month I went into a stall after a teacher (I think she was a substitute) used it and she had papers on the seat. I wonder if that's just something that more older people do. What I most hate--and this is the case in most of our bathrooms, older and newer--is occasionally finding urine on the seat. I think those who squat over without lifting the seat first are dumb. Their aim isn't always good, and I can't always avoid using one of those stalls. While I wipe the seat off first, there are a couple of girls I've seen come in real fast, throw their bookbag down, and sit right in the pee without looking. Urrgh!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My high school has about 3,000 students. Some wings of the building are only 10 or 20 years old; others are from the original building which was built in 1917. The toilets in our 100 wing (the oldest) are quite old, much larger than in the more modern wings, they have the old-style large black seats, and the stalls are made of hard marble casting that go all the way to the floor level. Overall, the stools are higher, which I find more comfortable to sit on, although it takes a lot of pressure to reach back and completely push down the flusher lever because it is so old. However, I love these toilets and stalls and I try to stop by and pee each morning in one of these stalls. I also like the charm of the old, varnished wooden doors. One a week or so I will also have my morning crap in one and I seem to produce more than when I'm in one of the more modern bathrooms. Could this be because of the stool being higher and the black seats being larger and more comfortable to sit on? In a couple of the other wings, the stools are smaller and in more cramped stalls. The stall doors don't quite fit and there's more girls looking in on me. The toilets are lower and its more uncomfortable for me to sit on them. Some of the stools seem a bit loose on the wall, and speaking of loose, some of the seats are. When crapping if I shift my weight, I worry that some of the seats are about to break off. Also, because the bowls are smaller, the toilets seem to clog more and I've had to flush twice or even three times to get someone's (sometimes, I suspect, multiple persons') crap to flush before I sit down. Then it seems I'm not able to produce as much as if I were using one of the older toilets. I also hate the newer stalls because they have holders where the toilet paper comes in pre-cut squares. I've heard the administration likes the small squares because less is wasted by students wanting to line the seat before sitting on it. In the older bathrooms I've noticed that sometimes there will be a line of paper over the seat that the previous user has left. But I've never worried about sitting directly on the seat. I always figured a daily bath or shower will take care of any germs I sit in. Do any of the rest of you guys have schools and toilets like those at my school?

Poop Girl
I went to the beach today with a girlfriend of mine. I was wearing a one piece swimsuit and enjoying the sun. then, I felt the need to poop, and there was no bathroom anywhere. so my gf told me to just go in the water. I got pretty far out and took off my one piece. then I relaxed my bowels and some liquidy poop came out . after about a minute, a huge wave hit and made me drop my suit! I finished up and walked back naked. I was so embaressed. my gf made fun of me the whole ride home.

TO MEI: How often do you go to the toilet?Some people are just able to drop bigger loads than others even women so its nothing to be ashamed of.I know lots of people who can take big dumps even me and by the way Im also 23.Like to hear from you in the future.

Hey, im Emily, 23 F. I had an interesting question: have you ever gone in your pants (number 1 or 2) just because you simply couldn't break away from what you were doing? I don't mean like if you weren't able to, but if you were just so absorbed in something you just neglected to go to the toilet?

I've got a story. I'm a huge baseball fan (new york Yankees ) and back in 2003 they were playing the red sox in the playoffs. I was watching in my family room with my family and some friends and the series was tied and so was the game, and it was really late in the game. Around the 8th inning I felt like I had to go number 2. Well this was the Yankees and red sox in game 7 so it was around that time where if I left the room for even a second I could miss something huge, so I stayed. Well, it stayed tied for a while…and I was really struggling to hold it in. finally, it was going to I think the bottom of the 12th, and the Yankees were coming to bat..little farts kept escaping and it was taking all my strength to keep from going in my pants. The game came back on, and I lost it…I farted pretty loud and I pooped my pants really bad. It felt so weird because I was 18 years old and had never had an accident before and it was hot and smooshy. I guess the best way to describe it is it felt like someone just stuffed the back of my underwear with mashed potatoes. My family was grossed out but also kind of amused because they had known I really had to go and was trying to hold it in… anyway, it turned out that the VERY 1ST pitch that inning was hit for a game winning homer by aaron boone….I was really happy they won but I was also like god, I only had to hold it for like 2 more seconds and the game woulda been over. Oh well though, I was happy my team won so it made me feel a little less ashamed during the 30 minutes it took me to change my underwear! that's it, I hope to read some good responses

to Mei-

i believe that the human intestines are 13-15 feet long. yea thats a lot of tubing all coiled inside of you.

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