Hey there! Have a couple poo stories to share with you all. :)

1) This one was after work on Thursday. I seem to go at about 3:10 when I work, because of when my breaks are. So anyways, I finish putting the coffee pots away, grab my coat and bag and head down to the washrooms. I grabbed the third stall and hung my coat on the coat hook on the door. I pee a pretty steady stream for about 20 seconds or so and then get ready to poo. I sit with my legs apart (but not too far apart) and my toes pushed against the floor. That way I can push easier. I guess on this specific day, my poo was being stubborn and not wanting to come out yet. So I'm sitting on toilet, pushing as hard as I can and a couple squeaky fartsescape. 'Nnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhuhhhhh' 'Nnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhh uhhhhh' 'Nnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhuhhhhh' 'Nnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhh uhhhhh' I could now feel the poo starting to come out. 'Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhhhh' I pushed a couple more times. 'Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhhhh' 'Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhhhh' The poo was now 3/4 of the way out of my butt. I pushed once more time and.... ka-plop...ahhh...ka-plop..........Sploosh! The third one splashed so much that it made my butt all wet! lol. I wiped 5 times and then flushed and washed up.

2) This was at the mall on Friday. I was with my little sister at ???? Mall when I started getting that feeling that I had to poo. So I tell my sister to hold my bag and coat for me while I'm in the bathroom. She of course HAS to come into the bathroom and wait for me. I tell her to wait by the sinks. There are two rows of stalls. One against the wall by the sink and another by the entrance. I take the last stall on the wall by the entrance. I sit down and get in my position. (It's the one I mentioned in my above story). First I pee for 10 seconds or so. As I'm finishing up my pee, a lady enters the stall two away from me. She lets out a pre-poop fart and then I hear a couple ahhhs. I was now starting to push out my poo. It was a soft one so it just slid out pretty easily. It was over in like 30 seconds. Before I wiped, I sat for a few seconds to hear the other lady. All I could hear were a couple grunts. I guess she was having a hard time going! I wasn't going to hear much more, so I just wiped and went over to the sinks where my sister was. As I walked by the one lady's stall, I took a quick peek through the door crack. She was leaning over and clutching her stomach. As I washed up, I heard a couple plops come from her stall.

To Penny regarding the girl passing yellow liquid poo at a conoe race.
I have passed similar, not for as long though. When I use to eat a fair bit of unprocessed bran it sometimes gave me yellow runny poos.
Thunder From Down Under

Uncle Harry
To: Regina

Ask and you shall receive. I'll have a story for you on my next post.

To: Jessica L.

Loved your story about the gas station ladies room with 3 open toilets. Strange things sometimes happen at gas stations after people have been on the road a long time and can't wait. To answer your question about similar experiences, check out my two gas station posts on pages 1354 and 1603, although they didn't involve a whole crowd in the bathroom. Here's another one.

New Gas Station

Another road trip and another gas station. This one was clean and modern and inside a mini-mart. I had just gassed up the car, parked it, and went inside to pee. The bathroom was a unisex single-use type. I stepped in and was still holding the door open, when two middle-aged women came up at a rapid pace and intercepted me. It was summer and they were wearing shorts and tank tops, and obviously no bras. One asked me, almost begged, if they could use the toilet first, as they both had bladder control problems and were desperate to urinate before they wet their pants. I said ok and they both dashed in. One ran over to the toilet, backed up to it, and started to pull down her pants while I was still holding the door open. "Close the door, please", she said as she was seating herself, and I could see dribbles of pee already coming out of her slit. She didn't ask me to leave the room, so I just closed the door. As soon as she was seated, legs apart, a gusher of piss ran out from between her labia. Her friend was holding her hand to her crotch and jiggling up and down. The lady on the toilet, I guess suddenly realizing I was still there, said, "Oh, my! I'm going to the toilet with a man in the room. Please, don't look between my legs. I'm urinating". She didn't seem particularly upset, just a mere statement of fact and a simple request. I remarked that I knew she was urinating, as I could see it coming out. She said nothing further and finally stopped. She reached for some TP, spread her legs even further to wipe her vagina, dropped the paper in the toilet, stood up, and pulled up her pants. Her friend, who by now was holding herself tightly and groaning, said, "Don't bother to flush. I can't hold it another second. I don't care if there is a man in the room". The first lady stepped away and the second yanked down her shorts and panties and squatted back all in one motion. She didn't even bother to sit. As soon as she got half-way down, she stayed there and let go. She gave a loud sigh of relief as her piss poured out in a heavy stream. Unlike her friend, this lady's stream hissed and sprayed around a lot, spraying onto the still lowered toilet seat, and soaking her really hairy pussy. She peed for well over a minute before she finally stopped, gave a few more short squirts, and then reached for the TP. She used about 3 wads to get herself clean. The she pulled up her pants and flushed down their combined bright yellow urine and several gobs of TP.

The second lady stepped aside so I could pee next, but her tinkle-sprinkle was still all over the seat so I didn't want to lift it. And women think guys are messy? I reminded her about it and she apologized and came over to wipe it up. I raised the seat, took out my dick, aimed, and let go. The first lady was now at the sink washing her hands, but kept glancing my way, while the second lady, waiting her turn at the sink, was talking to me and watching me piss. I asked if they had been embarrassed with me in the room. The first lady said she had been, but would rather be embarrassed than piss in her pants. The second lady, still watching me piss, said she wasn't modest and did I mind "going wee-wee" with two strange women watching. I remarked that, yes, they were kind of "strange", but no I didn't mind. I finished my pee, shook off the drops, put my hose back in my pants, flushed, and washed my hands. Then we all left, said good-bye, got in our cars, and took off.

Hi again.This is a continuation of my last post about last saturday night.As well as the woman peeing in the park,i saw a group of girls who all seemed to be in fancy dress.One of them went half-way down some steps then pulled her shorts down(october in scotland!!),squatted and started peeing.I only had a partial view as i didn't want to get myself into trouble.One of her friends took a picture of her.I wonder how she'll feel when she sees that one.Well that's it for now.CHEERS BYE ANDY!

Njight Fart. It's certainly worth taking whatever advice your GP/family doctor can offer to make the situation more manageable. I hope it soon improves though.

Fr P. Have you ever had any awkward 'caught short' moments such as in the pulpit. I'd be interested to know.

Mei. Hi and welcome. It sounds as tthough you certainly had an amazing poo the other day. I don't know what the absolute maximum a human being can excrete at any one time is. I suppose it's never really been measured to any extent. What I have found out from experience though is that usually if a medical textbook says something isn't possible, in actual fact it is. As to the length of the human intestine thazt varies a bit but for an adult 20 geet of small intestine followed by another five feet of large intestine would about be average.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

To Night Fart: It sounds like a dietary problem. Certain foods like onions and beans will create alot of gas in your lower intestine. You can "google" it for information. I don't think that the Gas-X will help much as that's for stomach gas not intestinal gas.

I'm Mei, Chinese, female, aged 23, tall with average looks (my friends say I'm pretty), with small breasts but a quite large and quite nice bottom.

I was a bit scared last Thursday night when I went to poop about 11.30 pm. I normally poop quite a lot because I eat a lot, but on Thursday I was quite unable to get off the toilet for just over an hour. It wasn't diarrhoea, well not all - I dropped a mixture of logs, pebbles, mush and various other types of poo - there was so much of it that I couldn't really distinguish what it was, tho' there were at least 10 or 11 large logs. Altogether I filled the toilet 4 times in an hour. (I flushed it when it was full - luckily I live alone!) Fairly steady; something came out of my bottom maybe every 2 minutes.

On Friday I read this page and found young girls and boys of 12 passing every bit as much as I did so I felt relieved! I am not the only person whose bottom produces large quantities of motion - tho' I always felt I did more than most so I didn't always like going to a public toilet. In some parts of rural China (I don't live there now) the toilet is just one big pit and we all squat over it in a line; women near me never crapped as much as I did and they all finished quicker than I did, tho' some did poo quite a lot. I used to wait until one of them left before pooing my next so that no one would know how much I dropped unless they looked down (and in any case I sometimes shifted so that my poo would appear to have come from more than one bottom).

On Thursday however I set a new record. Even a cow wouldn't poo this much!!! I have a question for doctors or biologists who read this page. I've only just started reading it so if the answer is already there please forgive me. How long are a human being's intestines??

Karen's brother Dick
One summer when my twin sister Karen and I were 12 years old, Karen came home from school on a Friday and she told me that she was constipated. Karen asked our mother for a laxative but was told that this was not a good idea because we would be travelling by car on Saturday morning to visit our Aunt Emma and Uncle Mike near Cambridge. We left home Saturday morning and on the way, we stopped to pick some strawberries at a 'pick your own' fruit farm. Karen was picking and eating more strawberries than she was putting in the basket and our mother told her that she shouldn't do this as we hadn't paid for them and that eating too many strawberries would make her run to the toilet. Karen whispered to me that she needed something to help her constipation so she picked and ate a lot more strawberries when our parents weren't looking. We went to the checkout and paid for the strawberries in the basket but not the ones that Karen had already eaten.

A couple of hours later, we got to Cambridge, met Mike and Emma and then we hired a punt on the river. Mike punted us along the River Cam past the backs of the historic Cambridge colleges and Karen whispered to me that she had eaten too many strawberries and was desperate to go to the toilet. There was nowhere to land the punt on the river bank so Karen just had to wait until we got back to the boat yard. She looked very uncomfortable and then whispered to me, "I can't hold it, I'm doing a poo in my panties". When we got back to the boat yard she told her mother what had happened and they went off to a ladies toilet to clean up while my father and I went to the car to fetch Karen's overnight bag with clean panties.

We got to Emma and Mike's house and they showed us to the guest bedroom. Karen and I were sharing a very small room with bunk beds. Emma went into her bedroom and got a large china chamber pot, which looked just the right size for her rather large backside. She put it under our bunk bed "just for emergencies" she said. That night, I grabbed the bottom bunk so Karen had to sleep in the top bunk. About 6 a.m. Karen woke up and quickly climbed down the ladder from the top bunk. She said that it was an emergency and she didn't think she could get to the toilet in time. As she was wearing a nightdress and no panties, she didn't want to risk dropping her poo onto the carpet while running to the toilet so she pulled the potty out from under the bed. As Karen was getting to an age where she was shy about her brother seeing her undressed from a front view, she turned to face away from me before lifting her nightdress. I could see that some very soft poo was already starting to squeeze out between the cheeks of her bottom. She sat on the potty, which was much larger than her slim bottom so I had a clear back view of all her poo pouring out. It was really soft and a bit gassy so it splattered noisily into the pot. "I've still got the strawberry shits" she said. "Yes but they certainly cured your constipation", I replied.

To Daniel:

Why don't you just tell your roommate that you have an emergency and ask him to let you into the bathroom to shit while he is showering. At my fraternity house in college there was one bathroom per floor, and no one bothered to lock the door when they were showering, shaving, or shitting. In the mornings there would often be a guy in the shower, a guy on the toilet, a guy shaving at the sink, and a guy waiting to go, all at once. The only thing is that you may need to hold off on flushing until the guy finishes his shower, so as not to cause a surge of hot water in the shower.

Mr. Clogs
Hey, it's me again, it's been a while but a got a little story to share.

I just got off the train desperate to pee looking for a bathroom for relief. I got to the waiting area were a bathroom is, but the door was locked! So I walked to my car and decided to pee in my coffee cup in there. I got in, locked the door, but the radio on so no one could hear what I was doing, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, popped off the cover for the cup and slidd my underwear down a but so I can whip out my little pee-pee and put the cup up to it and proceeded to pee in it. It was a struggle because of the tight space and me from wetting myself which I end up doing. I filled the large plastic dunkin donuts cup a little over half way about 3/4 in the cup. I felt better already, a bit nervous because I done this in an open parking lot!

I put the lid back on the cup and put the piss filled cup in the cup holder. I pulled up my undies, zipped up my damp pants, and re-buckled my belt, put the car in gear and left the parking lot. I got to another parking lot in a shopping center to dump the evidence on the ground. I went to the bank, got some money out and went to store to get mom some ginger ale.

I been noticing here lately that when I feel the urge to pee, I start to wet myself when my just as I'm my way to the bathroom.

My question to all of you is, what kind of methods that I can use to hold that pee in so that I don't wet myself.

Let me know

--Mr. Clogs

When I was 7, my uncle was transferred to Germany for a year, and he lived in this really old house there. We went to visit him one summer, and my cousin and I were playing hide and seek, and it was my turn to hide. I hid in the cupboard in my aunt and uncle's bathroom that they used for storing old towels and sheets and stuff. It was a strange closet, about 4 feet up in the wall, that I could reach by climbing onto the sink counter. The door was a crisscross pattern with holes in it, but if I sat towards the back, no one could see me unless they were right in front of it. My cousin came in the bathroom, but didn't find me. After another 10 minutes, I heard him coming back-then the person came into the bathroom and I saw that it was my uncle, who had just gotten back from work. He shut the door, which meant only one thing-he had to go. He walked over to the toilet, which was against the wall opposite my closet. Now, I guess because the house was so old, the bathrooms had squat toilets, which was a new experience for me. I expected that my he would just pee standing, but to my surprise, he undid his pants and took them off completely (he did this because he eventually changed to non-work pants), then pulled his underwear down as he squatted. I realized that he was trying to poop, because he stayed like that and grunted for a couple of minutes, but he couldn't make anything come out. He muttered something about his knees and rose till he was in a half-squat, holding the counter with one hand and the bathtub with the other hand for balance. He tried to poop once more, but gave up; he let go of the bathub and pointed his penis down towards the toilet. He was peeing a dribbly stream that kept starting and stopping for about 10 seconds when my cousin walked in. My uncle, still peeing, told my cousin to get out, and my cousin said okay, but to hurry, because he had to pee really badly and people were showering in both the other ones. My uncle said he was almost done, peed for another couple of seconds, and stopped, shook off, and pulled his underwear back up. While he did this, my cousin had removed his pants and underwear and was dancing around. No sooner had my uncle stepped away than my cousin ran over, straddled the toilet, and started peeing furiously for about 10 seconds. He finished and asked if my uncle had seen me, because he couldn't find me anywhere---little did they know that I was mere feet away! My uncle said he hadn't, then told my cousin to leave because he wasn't done. He locked the door this time, pulled his underwear back down, and got back in the same position over the toilet. He peed again, the same slow stream, for about 5 seconds, when out of nowhere, a huge gush of pee came out of his penis. He peed hard for another 10 seconds, pulled up his underwear, put on a new pair of pants, and left. After making sure no one was around, I snuck out of the bathroom and found a new place to hide so that no one would know I was in the bathroom!

Uncle Harry-I'm glad you're back! I like your stories, but do you have any more stories about you or other guys peeing?

My dad is really shy about peeing-he doesn't even like people to know he's doing it. When I was younger, my family would do lots of outdoorsy stuff at parks and stuff, usually with my aunt and little cousin. We were usually out where there were no bathrooms, but my mom and aunt and us kids would just go behind a bush or something. My father never seemed to go, but I never thought anything of it until one day when I was 7.
We were at a park for the day, and we were having a picnic lunch. We were finished and were starting to clean up and my dad was very fidgety and bouncing around a lot. He suddenly broke away and headed for some the woods nearby. I asked where he was going, and without stopping he said he was going for a little walk. "Can I go?" I asked. "NO!" he answered, "Stay here and help your mom clean up." I remember being upset, but my aunt and mom, laughing hysterically because it was obvious to them he was taking an urgent pee, told me that he was just shy. I had no idea what was so funny, and I was mad until he told me he would let me go on a walk with him next time.
We stayed at the park until late afternoon, when we went home and had a barbecue. My dad was restless while he finished up the grilling and while we were eating. I was playing in one end of a patch of forest while the adults ate. When finished, my dad started cleaning the grill, fidgeting the whole time, while my mom and aunt fell asleep on the blanket. From where I was playing, I watched my dad head to the opposite end of the trees from where I was. To my young mind, this meant that he was going for a walk without me even though he had promised me I could go with him. Intending to catch up with him, I darted through the trees. As I came to the edge of the trees, I saw my dad standing by a tree about 15 feet in front of me, peeing a huge, thick desperate stream and sighing with relief. I suddenly realized that this was what my dad had been doing every time he went "walking," and I stayed hidden where I was and watched, amazed at how much he was peeing. I never said anything to him, and he never knew I was there.
I have other stories about catching my dad and some of my uncles and cousins peeing-most of them were from my dad's side of the family, so they were equally shy. But I'll share those later.

Last weekend my parents drove from Iowa to Colorado to see my grandma who is recovering from surgery. We left right after school and drove all night in order to make it to the Denver area by mid-day on Saturday so my dad could get some sleep and my mother would have several hours with grandma before we had to return home because both of my parents couldn't get off work on Monday. We were on I-80 in western Nebraska at about 2:30 a.m. when I started to feel a crap coming on. In the middle of nowhere, where many nearby towns' gas stations were closed, it was 45 miles before we got to a rest stop. I was thinking about having them stop on the side of the highway but it was raining hard and lightning, so that wasn't an option. When we finally got to the rest stop, and I had already started to unbuckle my jeans in the car, I pretty much ran to the ladies room. Unfortunately, there was a sign on the door and a bucket in front of it saying it was out of order. With nobody else around, I quickly decided I had no other option than using the mens room. As a 16-year-old high school student, my boyfriend and I had joked about such a situation this past summer when he was on vacation with his parents and was forced to use the womens bathroom. But that was at a gas station because their was a van of grade school age baseball players and a long line that he didn't want to wait in. He took a crap in the ladies room and said it was very uneventful. However, I can't say that. My mom was asleep and my dad decided to wait in the car. There were five stalls, all without doors. I went to the first one, quickly put the seat down (there was icky urine on the seat which I got on my hand when I flipped it down but I didn't pay much attention because I had to sit down and fast. Although I knew that I would be taking a big crap and I could feel it drop in my colon, for some reason it was too big to completely come out. I dropped my jeans all the way to the floor and lowered my panties so I could spread my legs. This had helped me in similar situations in the past. I didn't this time. First, I almost feel off the stool to the left because the seat was loose and my redistribution of weight was almost more than it can handle (I weight 130 pounds). Also, that movement triggered the sensor and I got sprayed on my ass from one very fast and vicious flush that I don't think lasted more than 10 seconds. I got frustrated and made a couple of giant pushes. I started feeling eleated as one very huge log came out but the door opened and a boy about 12 came in, looked at me rather stunned for about three or four seconds, and then took his place at a urinal directly in front of my stall. I pulled my panties and jeans up a bit and reached for the toilet paper. There was none. When the boy flushed and turned around I asked him to grab me some from another stall, which he did. When he handed it to me he snickered a bit and that made me feel embarrassed but not nearly as much so and about 10 seconds later when my dad walked in. He went into the stall next to mine, I heard him lift the seat, and he took one very lengthy pee. Then he turned his back toward my stall and shielded me until I got up and made myself presentable. He, too, thought what had happened to me was humorous and as we got back to the car said that fathers have brought daughters into mens rooms when he has been on the toilet and that he understands how I felt. My mom remained sleeping for a couple of hours and didn't know anything about my "experience." Thanks Dad!

Hey there.I'm 16 y/o and female.I love this site!Anyway I've been hearing stories about people stuffing tissue down their pants and peeing on it and they didn't get wet at all.Well, I tried a couple of times for fun but I kept checking was I getting wet and always chickened out at the end so it wasn't much fun.

But yesterday there was nobody in the house but me and after sitting on the sofa I realised I needed to pee. So I went upstair stuffed a good few wads of tissue down my underwear and pulled up my pants.I was going to take it to the test this time.

I stood up straight and as usual I was a bit nervous so I only let out a few squirts at a time.Then I let out a bit more.I did this for a good while as it takes an awful lot longer to pee when your not letting it all out.I put my hands down my underwear and only the top layer of tissue was wet.I was getting fed up. So all of a I stood up tall with my feet together and PUSHED my pee out.It was like the tissue was holding it in because it still took a long time. I could feel the stream of it pouring out but it seemed to go nowhere was it soaked the tissue.In my head I knew that the tissue wouldn't hold it but it was part of the fun. My pee was surging out of me for about a mintue and was pretty much out of control before I put my hand down to check was I wet. There was a little dampness to the front of my crotch but so far no dripping. I pushed even harder and it was glorious to feel it pouring out. Finally I felt my trousers get wet and I opened my legs to see a thin stream patter onto the floor.Then it tapered off leaving only a small patch on my trousers.

I took off my trousers to check the damage.There was a patch of wet on my crotch,but it wasn't soaking nor was it yellow. It didn't smell either.It was so unnoticable that I gave them to mom to wash. Anyway I must go do it again today,so bye!:)

Back again.Wow i can,t believe it.Last night was interesting to say the least.I was in town and saw a woman (early 20's) peeing in a park ,which was all the more remarkable as not more than 10 feet away from where she let go, there was a portaloo which the local council have installed.Maybe it was a hygiene thing.Here are the details.I was standing in the street above looking into the park.I saw her heading for the trees so i moved further along and from my new vantage point i had a perfect view looking down on her.She was already squating with her ass partly in view and as i watched i could hear her piss splattering onto the damp grass.I reckon she peed there for about 40 seconds or so before pulling up her underwear and trousers and heading back to the main part of the park where a guy she was with was waiting.Yes Saturday nights in Aberdeen can be entertaining.I have more but i,m heading off for the day so BYE FOR NOW ,ANDY.

Uncle Harry
Aunt Martha

I had a third aunt, Martha, my father's older sister. She was less open about toilet privacy than Aunt Alice, my mother's sister, but no where near as prudish as Aunt Louise, my father's younger sister. She didn't mind my being in the bathroom when she was on the toilet, and didn't mind if I saw her pussy, but was shy about letting me see any piss coming out of it. Usually, she would hold up her dress, pull down her panties, seat herself with her dress hiked up and her legs spread so her pussy was visible, and then lower her dress enough to cover her slit before she released her urine. A few times though, I did see some last spurts come out after she had lifted her dress to wipe herself. "Ooops! I guess I wasn't done yet", she had said with a grin. "You weren't supposed to see that". One day when I was about 13, I walked the 4 blocks over to her high-rise apartment to pay a visit. I went to her apartment and let myself in with the key she had given me. I didn't see her when I stepped in, so I called out "Aunt Martha?". I'm in the bathroom, Harry", she replied. The door was partially open, so I went in as usual. Instead of being seated on the toilet, she was standing naked adjusting a shower cap. "I'm going to take a shower", she said. She stepped into the tub and closed the transparent glass shower doors. For a few moments, she stood with her legs spread somewhat apart, and then said "Harry, I'm going to pee. I forgot to use the toilet before I got in. Don't watch. I don't want you to see it coming out. I'd get embarrassed". Then she looked downward at her slit and began to go ciss without waiting to see if I was watching or not. I could see it coming out between her labia. After about 10 seconds, she looked up an saw me watching. "Harry, you're looking", she said. "You're making me embarrassed". Then she again looked downward at her pussy and continued to urinate. She pissed for about a minute, mostly a straight stream that made splattering sounds when it the tub, but some ran down her legs. When she was done, she turned on the water and showered. This was new to me. By now, I had seen several girls, and a few women, peeing, but never standing naked in the shower.

I took a shit in mens restroom in our local J.C. Penney's yesterday... I was with my buddy Taylor. We both had bad stomach aches, and knew it would take both of us a while. There were no doors on the toilet stalls, I think they were removed some time ago, but they were very nice and clean, and each stall had about half a roll of toilet tissue. We both dropped our shorts and boxers, put on out IPods , and cut loose and relaxed. Other guys came in to use the urinals, and wash their hands, but nobody else came in to shit. The room quieted down, and next thing we both see is a cleaning WOMAN !!!! She was embarrased, and so were we. She says she knocked on the outer door, but I guess with the IPods blasting we didn't hear her. She left, but the damage was done. She saw both our dicks, and caught us wiping, and ME inspecting. NO MORE IPODS in public toilets for me !!!

Hello! I am a young boy. 2 days before we returned from a long trip. My father & mother are in service. After theirs' leaving, I felt very much constipated today. Finally I told it to my elder sister who is 14. She quickly went to market and brought something. Then she lied me on her lap and opened my pant. Then she took out a white bullet shaped thing from a wrapper and did something at my back passage. Then she pressed my buttocks firmly. Suddenly I started to feel a burning sensation. I started crying. Then she soothe me. Finally my stool came out. I felt good. Later she said she inserted a DULCOLAX SUPPOSITORY. Thank you dulcolax for clearing my stool.

A.W.: Trust me, it was wrose than mere embarassment. Sometimes I would come back and the guy from the bathroom would be watching the game I was playing in. That, or be a the brother of one of my teammates. Try humiliation.

AJ: I read your post on 1614 and you mentioned the poetry convention. I submitted one of my poems to be rated at ???? and they 1) wanted to send me a trophy, bronze medal, and free membership for it. 2) Wanted to read it at a convention this coming year. And 3) Wanted to publish it in a book! *squeal* Sadly, I couldn't accept it since my mom has no clue I entered it..... And they would mail me everything.

Fr. P
Hello, I had some time to stop in this morning, so I finally got to read all the posts, and I must say there were some good ones this time, I really enjoyed reading Jessica L's posts, but I have been missing NorthPole, he used to get on here a lot, and it seems he hasn't posted in a very long time. Anyway, as I promised in my post a while back, I've been trying to take time out of my days to go to the restroom rather than spending time doing other things, that weren't 100% necassary, and it's worth it, as I haven't had another accident yet, and if any of you recall, I've had quite a few. I not only am happier, I have more confidence in myself, and I haven't been found in a situation where I'm trying to prevent myself from ruining yet another pair of slacks or jeans. Anyway, I came on because I have a kind of funny story to tell. My parents had a parenting workshop that they were going to, and to help out I volunteered that I could watch their adopted daughter for the day. They took me up on the offer gratefully, and they dropped her off around 8 on Thursday morning. We were playing on the floor in my office when I saw her wriggle a bit, and then she pooped her pants. I was surprised, as she is a bit old for that. My parents had sent a couple spare changes of clothes, thankfully. Now the worst part was, I had to poop pretty badly, as I hadn't gone the day before, because I didn't really feel that I needed to, but I probably should have tried anyway. Well, I got her changed and then said that I had to go "poopy" as she calls it and went into the restroom which is in the hallway and quite a few people go by it. None of our doors have locks on them, but I've never really felt the need, everyone in the rectory knows that when a door is shut, it usually means don't come in. Anyway, I went in, undid my belt and slacks and sat down for a nice relaxing break. I had sat there for about a minute when my parents daughter opened the door wide open with me sitting there with my pants around my ankles. Then, loud enough that you could probably hear it throughout the building she announced that "Father goes poopy just like Daddy" She's always called me Father, that's apparently what my parents taught her. My first reaction was to get mad, but I simply couldn't do it. Instead, I asked her to close the door, but right then, my secretary walked by towards the kitchen, as it was nearing lunch time, and she noticed what had happened and she started laughing, and before I knew it, I was laughing too. Before I found this site, I probably would have thought this was embarrassing, but now I realize that even my very good-looking secretary has to poop at one point or another, and it's really not something you should be embarrassed about. Well, I finished up, and when I got up, I went over and closed the door. After I finished up, we went back to playing, and when my parents got back I told them, and once again, we were all laughing hysterically.

Anyway, after looking through some of my posts, I realized I never really told you guys about myself, and I think you have all known me, in a sense, that I should tell you a little about myself.

I am 29, my actual name is Peter, I live in Atlanta, and I was actually originally born a Lutheran. My parents converted shortly after I was born. me and my sister were the only two children they had growing up, but they adopted a daughter and a son later in life. I grew up in Kansas City, and we moved to Atlanta when I was 12, as my dad's job was moving. My dad was the financial advisor for a big company that started a satellite office in Atlanta, and of course they needed him there, so we moved, and that's where we've lived ever since. My dad is actually retired now, and they live in a nice home in the suburbs. I currently am at a very nice city parish, however, I am due for a transfer this fall or spring, so I am awaiting news on this.
I think that's really all I can say about myself for now.

God Bless you All,

Fr. P

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Queue-Yep, I'm still here. I haven't visited this site as aften as I used to, and I haven't had much in the way of sightings to report. Most of the doorless stalls stories were from when I lived in another town and used to travel for work. I don't travel as much anymore and in my town, the few doorless stalls are getting doors!

I have used the public restroom downtown a few times. It is a room with a toilet, a urinal and a sink. There is a partition between the urinal and the toilet, but that's it. It's mostly used by transients, but every now and again, I'll spot a regular guy on the can. I'll go there in the morning when I really have to crap badly. Sometimes, the restroom attendant (he's stationed in a booth between the men's and women's restrooms) is mopping and he'll say, go ahead and motion to the toilet. He'll continue mopping as I drop my pants and briefs and have a seat.

A month or so ago, I walked in and these two Italian-looking guys were standing inside the restroom, having a conversation. They looked like they were in their early 40's, and had New Jersey accents. I stopped and they looked at me and said, "go ahead, we ain't waitin'". It was a little weird that I could see these guys standing there having a regular conversation as I was undoing my belt and pulling my pants and briefs down to the floor. I almost expected them to make a comment about the bright orange underwear I was wearing. I always wear colored or patterned briefs and some of the colors are bright!

They continued their conversation about 10 feet in front of me as I took a leak into the bowl. Stainless steel bowls tend to amplify sound a bit. I started to take a dump, and the crackling was also easy to hear. A few soft farts accentuated my deed. After about a minute or two, they left. I was finishing up when a black guy comes in. He had that hip-hop look about him. Baggy clothes, untied sneakers, white ballcap perched to one side. Probably early 20's. He saw me standing to wipe and leaned up against the wall, waiting for me to finish. I pulled up my underwear, then my pants, flushed, and then went to the sink to wash up. The hip-hop guy went over to the toilet, and pulled his pants and boxers down in one motion, He didn't have to undo his pants, because they were so baggy. He wore patterned blue boxers inside his baggy pants and had them all the way down to the floor. I heard the sound of piss and then some dumping sounds. By then I finished washing up and left.

There is a restroom at this local park that has about 8 doorless stalls lined up against one wall. It is in an area that doesn't get too busy, so most of the times, there isn't anyone who comes in to use the toilet. One day I went in there, and in the first stall, there was a guy who looked to have a runner's build. He was lean, and was wearing shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes. He was in the first stall, closest to the door, and was reading a pamphlet. He glanced up at me as I entered the restroom. His shorts were around his thighs, so only the sides of his butt and upper thighs were exposed. I could see from the white waistband at the top of his shorts that he was wearing white briefs under them. He looked Asian, quite handsome, and was probably in his late 20's, early 30's. In the next stall, was an older guy, probably late 40's, early 50's, definitely not as attractive, and his had his jeans and dark briefs all the way to the floor. His legs were quite white and pasty. His hand was between his legs, probably directing a urine stream into the bowl.

I took the next stall and dropped a few kids off at the pool. While I was sitting there, I could hear the runner grunting and "ahhhing" several times. He didn't seem to care if his neighbors heard him. It wasn't really loud, but he definitely knew that we could hear him.

I finished up and stood up to wipe. The partitions are short, so when I'm standing, they come up to about mid-chest. I'm wiping and I see a guy come into the restroom to use the urinal. I'm sure he sees me as I'm standing in the stall, even though it's only from the side and he can't see me below my chest. I wipe a few times and he finishes using the urinal. He passes in front of the stalls to wash up at the sink just as I'm pulling up my briefs. I pull up my shorts and flush. I get to the sink as he's getting done and I wash my hands. I leave the restroom, passing by the pale guy who doesn't seem to have moved, and the Asian guy who is still squeezing out a few.

Daniel-When I was in college, I lived in a fraternity house and there were usually 3 of us to a room. One of my roomates would simply come in as I was showering and say, "I've got to use the toilet, so don't come out for a minute." The toilet was right next to the shower (it was a shower, not a tub), so if I got out of the shower, I would probably have to step over him anyway. I'd say OK, and just wait until he was done. He was pretty quick in those situations, and I could actually see his shadow as he was on the can.

Another roomate would just come in while I was showering and take a crap without saying anything. I guess he figured that since the toilet wasn't being used at the time, then it was fair game for him to use it. I would smell his crap and say, "Steve, are you taking a shit?" he'd grunt out "yep". A few times I'd finish with my shower and open the curtain only to see him on the can. I'd dry off in the shower while he's wiping and talking to me. He checked the paper after each wipe.

Steve definitely had an open door policy when it came to the bathroom. Many times he would come in while I'd be on the toilet to ask me a question, wash his hands, brush his teeth, etc... I rather enjoyed seeing him on the can as well. He didn't try to hide it when he was having some difficulty pushing one out. He'd grimace and grit his teeth, sometimes laughing after pushing a tough one out. Steve was probably about 5'10" tall, 150 lbs, with pale skin, sandy blond hair, with a hugely infectious smile. Good looking kid. He would sit on the crapper with his clothes pushed way down to the floor. The only underwear he ever wore was white Jockey brand briefs. Never any other brand. I could tell that he always pulled both his briefs and jeans down at the same time, the way they were buried inside his pants. he usually crapped a few times a day. In the mornings, I was often treated to a sight of him sitting on the can completely naked except for his white Jockey briefs in a bunch on the tops of his feet. Then he would crawl back into bed after his morning ritual. Unfortunately, those days are long gone!

To: "29 year old male from the uk"
I hope you can engage that woman who very rarely pees in conversation! If so, let us know.
If I were you, the next time I saw her as you describe, I'd casually tell her that you have noticed that she very rarely visits the loo; is there a reason for that? Then note with admiration that she must have amazing capacity to hold it nearly all day long.
Good luck,

Sorry I haven't posted for a while but it's good to be back.

Here's my answers to HIRY ANNIE'S survey:

1. how many of you out there find that having a poop is an arousing experience
Yes, there's no feeling in the world to compete with that of offloading a good poo.

2. do you like to hear other people have a shit.
Yes although if you exclude faring and particularly explosive discharges it tends not to be a very audible experience.

3. do any of you hold on till yhe very last minute,just b4 u end crapping your pants.If so do u end up with skidmarks in your undies.
I've held on to the very last minute sometimes vbut I prefer to give myself a margin of error these days. I do suffer from occasional skidmarks but they're not usually caused by close calls.

4. do you end up with shit on your hands when wiping.
Only on rare occasions when my hand's accidentally slipped and things have gone badly. I'm relieved to say it's not a frequent occurence.

5. If ur at a public toilet and there is no TP, what do u do (a) Hold on till u find one that has TP (b) have a shit and just don't wipe (c) use ya finger to do as best ya can
I try to avoid using public toilets for #2s if I can.

6. If ur on the phone and the urge to shit comes upon you,do u (a) tell the other party u have have a shit (b)try to hold on (c) or just shit in your panties.
That situation hasn't arisen so far for me. What does happen to me a lot is that people ring up when I'm on the loo. If it's someone I know well I'm quite frank with them when I return the call about why I couldn't get to the phone!

7. If u shit y'self do u clean up asap or just wait for a more convenient time.
Clean up as soon as possible.

Hope that's answered the questions as best I can.

Night Fart
Is this a legitimate medical condition? I know it's gross, especially coming from a woman, but I've got this… um…problem. I'd never had it before, and then - a few months ago - WHAM! I was hit with it - nocturnal flatulence. I just about died the first time it happened. It was the middle of the night and I was sound asleep when it woke me up. This vibration rocked through the bed. I was shocked! I couldn't believe it! I was almost paralyzed with surprise if that's possible. I thought it couldn't get any worse, but of course, it could. My boyfriend was awake and lying next to me, watching TV.
I wanted to lie there with my eyes shut, pretending to be asleep but I opened my eyes and looked over at him. "Was that me?" I asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He started laughing, "Oh, honey, you do that all the time," he said. "What do you mean, I do this all the time?" I burst. He looked at me with a little pity and a lot of love: "It just started recently, but it's kind of a lot," he said and laughed.
"Kind of a lot" - those words kept going though my head. It had happened more than once. What's wrong with me? I've been eating a lot of hummus lately…I wonder if that's it. Allergies? Stress? Age? Is it fixable? I needed answers.
Others blamed protein consumption, dairy and tomatoes. The doctor told me to watch what I eat, take two Gas-X a day and to come back to his office if it persists.
What surprised me was the number of women who have a similar condition. Generally, it's a topic women don't discuss, but when I started asking around, a lot of women admit
ted to…well…having stomach problems, too.
So ladies, know that you are not alone. For everyone else - if there's ever a moment in your life when you feel like you alone have some problem or are in some obscure situation, just think "nocturnal flatulence," have a good laugh, and know that most likely, there's someone, somewhere, who's just as embarrassed, upset, lonely, depressed, sad, bloated or gaseous as you.

Also, this one time, my nighttime farting got even worse. I woke up to the worst night gas yet. I felt as if I had to poo. As I got out of bed, I got the feeling of needing to pass gas. So I let some out, but immediately, the gas turns to diarrhea and begin filling my panties with near-liquid shit. I run to the bathroom, but it keeps coming. When I make it to the can, I don't have time to even pull my panties off. I can feel the eruption about to hit. So I sit down without even removing my panties. The farting runs just explode out of me, overfilling the panties in less than a second, spilling over into the toilet. The diarrhea constantly flows out of me for the next ten minutes, filling the toilet almost to the top. I can't even hold in my super loud gas during the day anymore. I have some intestinal issues. The doctor says I have inflammatory bowel disease.

I have gone 8 days where I 'wouldn't shit' because I was camping with my family (my parents, a friend and another couple of friends of my parents). I hate squatting to do a wee or take a dump but as I had no choice, I had to squat each time I needed to do a wee. I decided just to hold onto my shit until I got desparate. It was okay at first but after 7 days, I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. I knew that we were heading home the next day, so I was just going to wait until we got home to push out my load.

So the next day we started our long drive home (it was going to take all day) and we stopped at a road house (a place where people get petrol and food, plus they have toilets and showers there too - I live in Australia). I needed to do a wee and my friend did too, so we both headed off to the toilets. I went into the first toilet and my friend went into the one next to me (there were only 2 female toilets at the road house). I closed the door and pulled down my pants. I did my wee and then I rembered that I really needed to do a poo aswell. I waited for my bowels to do something and after about 10 minutes, I could feel a big long turd slowly moving towards my anus. I was worried that my parents were waiting for me so I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I ran out of the toilet and found my parents were not waiting for me but instead were eating their lunch. I told my Mum that I needed to do a poo and then ran back to the toilet. I went back in and noticed my friend was still in there - I thought maybe she was doing a poo and also having trouble. This time I waited again for another 15 minutes and then I could feel the log starting to poke out of my anus. I pushed as hard as I could and managed to squeeze a bit more of the log out. This log was burning my arse but I wanted it out of me so I pushed hard and squeezed the rest of it out - it felt like it had glass in it. I could feel more turds so I pushed again and pushed out another rock hard turd. I could feel one more piece of poop up there and I waited for about 10 minutes but this one was very stubborn. I felt better after pushing out the other turds so I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. My friend stayed in the toilet for the whole time I was in there too.

Later, my friend told me that she hadn't pooped in 8 days either and she had lots of difficulty pushing her log out too. She also couldn't squeeze out the last bit of poo and had to leave it. For the rest of the trip home, both of us had a small turd stuck up our butts and it felt very uncomfortable. We had to wait until we got back to my parents house before we could finish off our jobs.

I had a girlfriend, she was 16 years old,that was 5 years ago, i always pick her up on sunday morning, and we playing video games, when she got to poop, she ask me to be in her company, with her legs open on the toilet, i admire every turd, i wish i was young again

daniel - interesting story

i too have had the problem of going and then not being able to clean right away, i have this roommate who likes to take 30 min showers and one day i got home from school and had to go poop really badly i knocked on the door and he said he just got in, so i knew he was gunna be forever, i went into my bedroom and tried to wait it out, i got about 5 mins in and i just couldnt hold on any longer, after 5 more mins i was done. eventually 20 mins later he got out and went to work, thankfully i have lock on my door, so he didnt see me and i was able to clean up in peace, but my briefs were ruined, and this hasnt been the only time he blocked the bathroom with his 30 min showers, i worry what might happen the next time i get home and have to go and he is in there showering again

IBS Group
My severe episodes of constipation are generally on vacation due to lack of privacy and a change in diet and exercise. I just got back from vacation, and I decided to try Exlax chocolate. I took two pieces at 11am and slept until 6pm that night. When I woke up my stomach was bloated and was still hurting, so I took three more pieces. I had huge stomach cramps, but no BM. When I went to the bathroom I let out a lot of loud gas but nothing else. Later on, in the nighttime, I awoke to discover I had completely soiled myself full with diarrhea. This postname will be used by many other members if my Irritable bowel syndrome group, so don't think it is only me posting a bunch of stories.

i could feel a gassy diarrhea dump coming on, so i stripped off my panties, put on a diaper, and sat on the toilet with the diaper still on. It had taken a while to change clothes, so the diarrhea had moved back. I started peeing for a while, to the point that the diaper was dripping and soaked. Then finally the poo farts hit. It took about 2 seconds for my liquid shit farts to fill the diaper and overflow it, and i proceeded to a constant 20 minute shit fart attack that caused the diaper to actually fall off into the toilet it weighed so much

To Jen: Wow! I know it had to have been embarrassing for a guy to see you pee at public toilet.

To Ebony: What a great story. Do you have anymore pee stories to write about?

Hi everyone,

The antibiotics appear to be working since:
a. The glands in my neck are back to their normal size...
b. my throat is no longer sore and my terrible ear ache is gone...
and c. my poops are still very abnormal.

The last 4 BM's I've had were a bit more solid. After taking a look at my leavings in the toilet, I could see that I wasn't passing 'brown soup' any longer. Rather, I was back to dropping discrete stools. (They were still very loose though. The second I flushed, the pile in the bowl immediately turned back into 'dark brown soup.')

The antibiotics have kept me going to the bathroom much more frequently (3 or 4 times a day in stead of my usual 1 load in the mid afternoon) and they certainly have kept me feeling queezy... But the medication has also give me a couple of welcome side effects.

#1. My poops have been almost completely odourless despite how runny and loose they were.
#2. No gassiness. i.e. I'm LI, but I haven't had to worry about farting up a storm after having a glass of milk, yoghurt, or ice cream.


HAIRY ANNIE's survey:

1. how many of you out there find that having a poop is an arousing experience ????????

-I get that occasionally. It's nice when it happens but I have to watch out. Once, I got a real 'stiffy' sitting on the toilet at work without realizing it. (I was very tired and drifting off for a mini-nap.) I started peeing and it took me a second or two realize that it wasn't going into the bowl, but shooting out like a little fountain onto the floor right in front of me!

2. do you like to hear other people have a shit???????

-If I have a lady guest using the toilet in my house, I see if I can hear what's going on while she is in there. (I don't put my ear up to the door or anything. I just pay attention to what I can hear from where I may happen to be in my house.)
In an old workplace, the mens and ladies rest rooms were adjacent to each other... Unfortunately, the most I ever heard was the flush of the toilet from the other side of the wall.
It doesn't bother me to hear some guy in the next cubicle having a BM, but it's not something I pay attention to.

3. do any of you hold on till yhe very last minute,just b4 u end crapping your pants.If so do u end up with skidmarks in your undies.

-On very rare occasions, yes. But only at home - so I can clean up easily.

4. do you end up with shit on your hands when wiping.

-Like just about everyone else in the world I suppose, it happens to me every now and then. But I always take care to wash my hands thoroughly afterwards.

5. If ur at a public toilet and there is no TP, what do u do (a) Hold on till u find one that has TP (b) have a shit and just don't wipe (c) use ya finger to do as best ya can

-I usually opt for choice "B". When I'm done pooping, I try and see if any of the other cubicles have TP so I can finish cleaning up. (If that search fails, I usually just shrug my shoulders and visit the next public bathroom I spot so I may wipe my bum.)

6. If ur on the phone and the urge to shit comes upon you,do u (a) tell the other party u have have a shit (b)try to hold on (c) or just shit in your panties.

-I don't tell them I've got to shit. I just make a plausible excuse to get off the phone for 5 or 10 minutes. (ex. I hear someone knocking at my front door... I've got to pop out to my neighbour for a sec... or the very generic "I just remembered something important I've got to do. I'll call you back in 10 minutes.")

7. If u shit y'self do u clean up asap or just wait for a more convenient time.

-I usually clean up ASAP - unless I'm at home pooping myself for my own enjoyment.

Please take care!

To Andrea

I know the feeling honey. I have that problem myself from time to time. It's a race to see if you can get the panties clear before dropping the bomb then the second wave does not cooperate. I have had several occasions like this and I have no idea why but if I simply stand up for a minute, bomb number two drops into launch position. I lower myself back to the toilet seat and eject with little effort.

To all

I couple days ago I was running an errand for the company. I live in a college town and normally drive side streets to avoid the traffic, however, on this occasion I found myself on a street through campus. It was early afternoon and as I drove past a building I saw a group of what I presumed to be college students on the sidewalk. They were all facing the building as if to be listening to the professor. Just seconds before passing the group my attention was drawn to the butt of a young woman. This young woman was wearing a pastel blue shorts. On the seat of these shorts was a very distinct darkness indicating she had wet herself. The spot was of the size and position to indicate that when she peed her pants she was seated.

This raises a few questions for me.
1. How many people wet themselves and continue about their business as if it didn't happen?

2. On this site I read stories about high school students having accidents at school, on the way home, etc. How many of these high school students continue to accident themselves in college.

The time is 9:00 pm and I live about 15 minutes from college dorms housing nearly a thousand young adults. I wonder if at this very moment any of those students are wearing wet and/or messed pants.

Uncle Harry
I'm back from vacation with more stories.

To: Elizabeth Nudist

Wow! I'm glad to see I'm not the only nudist on this site. On what pages did you find any inquiries about nudists and bathrooms? I haven't come across anything concerning nudists except for a real old post on page 2 by Sue G. My wife and I are long-time nudists. We don't live in a nudist colony, but we do get around to nudist parks, clubs, campgrounds, and resorts. And of course you're right about nudists being far less concerned about toilet functions. However, some are still not comfortable with being watched while peeing and pooping, despite being naked, and toilet arrangements vary quite a bit among nudist facilities... everything from wide open, such as you have at your colony, to gender specific bathrooms with traditional stalls.

There is a clothing-optional (not strictly nudist) resort in the midwest that we frequent which has an indoor swimming pool, so it's open year round.... a great idea in the frost belt. The bathroom arrangements in the club house are a kind of compromise. There are two co-ed locker/shower/toilet rooms at poolside with traditional stalls with doors, probably because it was originally built as a "textile" (clothing required) resort and latter went clothing optional, although you have to be nude in the pool. As a practical matter, many people don't bother to close the stall doors. In addition, each has a few extra stalls on the back side designated for women in one and men in the other. When we were there a few years ago, I did an informal survey of how many of each gender used which toilets, assuming all were available. About 85% of the women and 98% of the men used the co-ed toilets. I guess that, even if naked, there are still some people who just don't want someone of the opposite gender sitting in the next stall, or maybe the women are concerned about the "mess that guys leave".

My wife and I were at the clothing-optional swim club that I wrote about in my response to Elizabeth Nudist. It was evening and the pool was not very crowded. My wife was in the lounge area playing cards with some friends and I was at the poolside reading a book. I looked across the pool and saw a young woman standing against the wall near one end and holding on. I noticed that her head kept dropping into the water, then she would lift it up again, it would sway a little, then drop back into the water. Sensing that something was wrong, I jumped in and swam to the other side. She told me she had had a "few too many drinks", was not feeling well, and would I please help her out of the pool. A few too many drinks? This lady was drunk as a skunk and had no business even being in the pool. She looked like she was going to puke any minute.

I got my left arm around her waist, she got her right arm around her my shoulders, and I walked her to the steps in the opposite corner. I got her out of the pool and she asked me to please get her to a toilet as she was desperate to pee and was ready to lose it all over the floor. I walked her into the nearest locker room and, as we were passing the unoccupied community shower... two shower heads on the wall and a bench with a hand-held shower... she said she was starting to dribble and wasn't going to make it to the toilet. I told her, "Squeeze your muscles, girl, and take a few more steps", as I turned her toward the shower and got her over the floor drain. She spread her legs just a little... any more and she would have fallen... as I said, "Ok, go!". She didn't need any urging. It all started pouring out of her shaved crack, some going straight down, some spraying around and running down her legs, and splattering on the shower floor. She must have peed for a good 90 seconds before stopping, then starting and stopping a few times, and finally she was done.

I got her over to the bench, grabbed the hand-held, hosed off her pussy and legs, and then hosed down the shower floor. A woman had come in, I explained what had happened, and she helped me get her to a locker bench, where we got some towels and dried her off. Now a man came in who new her husband was playing billiards in the game room and went to get him. He got his wife onto a sofa in the lounge, covered her with a blanket to let her sleep it off, and thanked me for rescuing her. My wife, engrossed in her card game, was oblivious to what was going on.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I am a 29 year old male from the uk. I have a female friend from work who hardly ever pees. She can be hours without going. The only time she seems to be desparate is at 5:00pm everyday without fail. As soon as it hits nearly five she legs to to the toilet and will be in there for 5 minuntes. On an other occasion i was waiting for a taxi with her and she looked as though she was about to pee herself. I asked her did she need the loo she said yes. But the work loos were being cleaned so she coudln't go. I would love to ask her can i come in with her but i think she would say no way.

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