Today I held my poo in all day while I was at work. I couldn't leave to use the washroom because it was way too busy and I had to get everything done before closing time (3 o'clock). I was letting out all these little tiny farts all day too so I could relieve some of the pressure on my butt. Finally at 3, I clock out, grab my coat and backpack and head towards the bathroom. "Ahhhhh, relief!" I thought to myself as I opened the washroom door. I picked the middle stall and hung my coat and bag on the little hook thingy. The poo was RIGHT there about to come out and I was having trouble getting the button undone on my pants!!!! "Oh crap! The poo is coming out and I haven't even gotten my pants off and my butt on the seat!" I was thinking to myself. After a few seconds of fumbling with my pants, the button came undone and I plopped down on the seat just in time. I relaxed my butt muscles and the reliefI had been waiting for all day came to me. 'plop.....plop....plop...............slight push....plop. I sighed a nice sigh of relief and went to wipe. In the toilet were 4 light brown pieces all about the width of a Gatorade bottle opening. When I wiped there was some blood on the TP. Which was expcted I guess with the size of the poos and the length of time I held them in for! Haha

Hi all my pooping friends. I had a great experience last weekend. My hubby competes in a canoe marathon and I go along to support him, plus to have a good bush poo with hundreds of others male and female early in the morning as the sun sneakes up.
I was busy in a small clearing with my tracksuit pants off and hanging on a bush. No real need to conceal yourself as the canoests are all running in and out male and female peeing and dropping nervous pre-race shits. Those that can poo outside know that very little can be seen by a person walking past. A bum is a bum is a bum. While busy a gorgeous blond girl about mid twebties rushes around the bush into the clearing where I am. She does not see me as I am in shadow. She really is beautiful, ponytail, tight figure from lots of excersise obviously a canoest. She rips down her spandex shorts, no undies, that is the norm apparently they chafe and squats. After adjusting her feet, not wide enough apart I thought, I hear a small fart as she relaxes. I can see her arsehole relax and it sort of hangs down with frilly edges. Strange but with that comes the head of a short fat log. It falls on the ground and is followed by a stream of runny, not water but semi liquid as opposed to semi solid, yellow stream of shit. It is a thin stream but never ending. It covers the short fat log and then starts to pile. This goes on until I think it is almost touching her arse then it seemed to settle and pool. I did not time it but I have never shat continuously for so long and I am twice her age. No wind just a solid stream of liquid shit. Bright yellow all the way. Suddenly it breaks off and I assume she is going to pee and wipe. I see her arsehole pinch involuntary and then relax again. This time a long thin log starts out. It must have been 9 inches and coiled onto the pool that was already there. It broke off and fell over but brushed her one buttock as it fell, sure to leave a skid. Now she peed a gusher for about 30 nseconds. She then stood up and got her paper out and staying standing bent over started wiping. Up and down the same routine about 5 times before she was clean. She then folded a wad and wiped the front vigourously and then used the same wet paper to have one last wipe of her arse, I suppose as close to a wash as she could. Spandex up and she jogged away to her boat. I was amazed at the volume, I know these athletes carbo load and eat strange energy supplements but it seemed that she had not shat for 4 days. I could not help but admire her offering as I returned to my hubby. See ya!!

A recent issue I've seen discussed lately is covering a toilet seat. My parents never had an issue with me sitting directly on a toilet seat, but I would dry the seat if there was pee on it, or sometimes I'd just use another toilet. I can't say I entirely understand the logic behind sitting directly on a toilet seat being "bad" or "dirty". There are more germs on the doorknob going into the bathroom then on the seat, in most cases.

Speaking of germs and cleanliness, that was an issue Mom stressed. She taught me to always wash my hands with soap after using the bathroom. Judging by some of the stories on here, I consider my self lucky to have such kind and caring parents. There's some definite evidence to support the conclusion that toilet training can be very detrimental to a child, if done improperly.

For example, I knew this one girl in elementary school. Her full name was Christine, but she always went by Chris. After a while, we became good friends, but I couldn't help wonder why she never had me over to her house. Another weird thing was, she would always go to the bathroom just before going home.

She never talked about it and I didn't pressure her, but looking back, I can see that she was probably treated badly at home, possibly even withheld bathroom privileges from. If that were the case, she made sure she wouldn't have to go at all when she got home. Our teacher was a kind woman and would never go along with a request to force a child to not use the bathroom, even from a parent. I suspect the teacher knew about the situation, and if the parents ever called, she'd probably lie for Chris.

I haven't seen Chris since she moved away after that year. Hopefully she's fine now... I can only imagine how badly that could have affected her.

to Austin:
Yes, I can understand why you are upset. Also, the answer to your question is Yes, it happens in our bathrooms too. I'm a sophomore and me and my friends don't think anything about sitting down on the toilets. We learned a couple of years ago in middle school health class that you can't catch anything from sitting down directly on a toilet seat. However, we have this senior who is a class officer, was crowned prom queen at homecoming two weeks ago, who is every smart and popular but she takes so much time in preparing to use the toilet that it pisses us off. I'm not exaggerating, but she will take a 4th or 3rd of a toilet paper roll and put it over the seat and then she sits down ever so carefully so that her precious royal butt doesn't touch the seat. I've waited a long time--sometimes almost the complete 5 minute break between classes--while she carefully prepares the seat to sit on. Then when she gets done, she wraps more toilet paper around her hand before reaching back to flush the stool. I think it's a total waste of effort, time and toilet paper. Not only will I be late to class due to having to wait for her, but sometimes there's very little toilet paper left on the roll for me to wipe with. Although she's the only one I know of and have observed covering the seat, I know others talk about her and criticize her just like you guys criticize Gil. I don't think it's right for you guys to pick on Gil however and call him things like "Girly Gil" because none of my friends cover the toilet seats like he does. I don't know why anybody would want to be that strange and that wasteful. There's barely enough time to sit, shit/pee and then wipe. Why make something so basic and natural much more complex and wasteful?

Keith D
Hi everyone. I've still got lots more stories but they take so long to write (and my posts are too long...). Some good constipation stories too.

HAIRY ANNIE's survey:

1. how many of you out there find that having a poop is an arousing experience ????????

I do sometimes. I guess it can be arousing for guys as well as girls. It must be a combination of things: It's something that people do in private and are secretive about, it involves baring your most private regions, lots of physical effort straining and pushing and moaning, fleshy parts being stretched... But I only seem to find it stimulating when a poop is hard to pass.

2. do you like to hear other people have a shit???????

Yes. And I've only been lucky enough to actually see people doing it a few times in my life. Strange incident today though. I was at a surf beach and went to take a poop in the stalls in the change rooms. One guy was in the stall next to me already and another guy set up in the one next door. After sitting for a while in deathly silence there were a few weak splashes from either side. I was still pushing and gasping quietly and thought they'd wipe and just leave. But after sitting for a while I could hear a gentle paddling sound coming from the stall on my right and on the left I could hear the spare change jingling in the pockets of the other guy seemingly engaged in the same activity. I guess BOTH of those guys would have answered a big yes to question number one... I didn't know what to do. It sure wasn't what I was expecting to hear... I hurriedly got up and left. I found another toilet block to poop in.

3. do any of you hold on till yhe very last minute,just b4 u end crapping your pants.If so do u end up with skidmarks in your undies.

I usually hold it for a while, often doubling over from the cramps on top of my sphincter. It feels kinda good and I usually like try to delay the pain I know is coming when my butthole first stretches wide. Haven't had skidmarks since I was a kid.

4. do you end up with shit on your hands when wiping.

Sometimes, if I'm careless with wiping. I spend ages washing with lots of soap!

5. If ur at a public toilet and there is no TP, what do u do (a) Hold on till u find one that has TP (b) have a shit and just don't wipe (c) use ya finger to do as best ya can

I just don't wipe. My turds are usually hard and don't make much mess. I often need to do this while working in wilderness areas and not tp is available.

6. If ur on the phone and the urge to shit comes upon you,do u (a) tell the other party u have have a shit (b)try to hold on (c) or just shit in your panties.

Did go to the toilet once while talking on the phone (and I posted a story earlier about a college girl doing the same thing). In another incident, I was just about to get in the shower and had stripped naked when I suddenly got the urge to poop. I was heading for the toilet when the phone rang. I ran out to the lounge to answer because it was from a friend I hadn't heard from for a long time. There I was, chatting to her about my life, buck naked and bent double needing to poop! I started to squat down and clench but it started to poke out. I thought I was going to poop on the carpet. After half an hour of chat and this thing sliding in and out, she finally went and I ran to the pot...

7. If u shit y'self do u clean up asap or just wait for a more convenient time.

Hasn't happened since I was young and my Mom cleaned me up!

More stories soon

I have just got this personal trainer at the gym and told her that I have to work out not too heavily as I get lots of pain and have to take meds and they make me constipated. Since then she has been concentrating on exercises for the "internal" muscles, as she says "to get things moving.". It is early days but after training I did an average (barely) chunky poo but a couple of hours later I was on the road and got this butt pressure and pulled over to a set of public toilets I often use and decided to answer natures call. The toilets have heavy metal doors which creak out loud when opening and sounds like the dunnys are haunted...and Linda From Australia there are mens toilets without doors but nearly always they have doors..and I have used doorless toilets before and mostly have not been seen by anyone. Getting back to the subject I dropped my pants and hovered a few inches above the cold, unfriendly metal bowl and dropped a heap of soft serve with some spluttering farts...I really crapped well!!!! I will keep doing her exercises and see what happens.
My next interesting issue is the some people have moved into the flat above my workplace and our toilet is only a few yards from where they hang out so my privacy will be impeded. I do not think it will stop me from dropping a load whenever the urge hits!
Signing off now as I need a wee.
Thunder From Down Under

i was really gassy today, but I didn't think anything of it, i usually have lots of gas in my morning dump, but today it was just shooting out of me in big bursts. I put on an adult diaper and my panties over it. But later that day, i was walkind home when this huge cramp hit me. I couldn,t even try to hold it it, a massive load of diarrhea filled my diaaper in a split second, and kept coming dripping everywhere. It was all over me! And then, as if to mock me another gassy load came that filled it up so much my diaper, panties, and skirt slid right off my legs they were so full. Then anothe blast of it shot out of my ass, covering all the grass and sidewalk behind me. So embarrasing!

I am a 29 year old male from the uk. I have a female friend from work who hardly ever pees. She can be hours without going. The only time she seems to be desparate is at 5:00pm everyday without fail. As soon as it hits nearly five she legs to to the toilet and will be in there for 5 minuntes. On an other occasion i was waiting for a taxi with her and she looked as though she was about to pee herself. I asked her did she need the loo she said yes. But the work loos were being cleaned so she coudln't go. I would love to ask her can i come in with her but i think she would say no way.

Just responding to AJ-I'm still around and I read the forum as much as possible,but I've been busy with work and the site has taken a different direction since the he old days-I liked it better back then-the stories were more interesting and clever....there's still some good stuff on here
I still go for my bike rides & dumping out in the woods & enjoying it as always,but nothing new to report..I enjoy the ladies poop stories the best
esp the ones of then pooing together in the ladies room.
maybe I'll post a story if it's worth posting,soon
say hey to the old timers that I haven't seen on here for quite awhile
(old pooper-punk rock girl-penny and some I can't remember their names!)

About four weeks ago, I had a surgery that fixed my continence completely. Now, I my continence works, no ifs ands or buts (no pun intended). I got out of adult diapers about a week or so ago. I still wear briefs just in case, because they contain messes better. I was sitting in band today, when the urge came. Since I am so glad about my procedure, I felt overconfident about my ability to hold it. I'd forgotten that my doctor had told me that I might be constipated for a few weeks,but if I had to go, it ment that I had to go soon. Since I had forgotten that, I just kept playing. About 30 minutes later, the urge came back, but it was serious this time. Unfortunately, it was right in the middle of our longest piece. It began to cramp so hard, that it was ruining my playing. (thank god this wasn't my solo piece). I prayed that our director would cut the song short to work on something so I could get up. Unfortunately, he didn't, about halfway through the song, a cramp came that was so painful, My mind forgot about holding my BM and reverted to fixing the pain. The log came partially out, but stopped about five inches out, I was sitting on a chair. I knew the log was too far out to get back in, so, with no other options, I lifted my butt about three inches off the chair, and let go. I hadn't pooed in three days because of my constipation. It was all semi-hard. It just kept coming, and coming. I swear, I must have been pooping in my pants for at least a full minute. I was wearing loose fitting pants, so my bulge didn't show. I then had to sit back down in it. Man that was disgusting. Luckily, it didn't smell one bit. Although, the last class of the day was history. The bell rang for band class to end about 10 minutes after I messed my pants. I couldn't clean up in the bathroom because if I was tardy to History for the fifth time, I would have to show up for a four hour detention on saturday. So I just went throgh the whole history class with a load of three days worth of food in my pants. I couldn't believe that i'd made it an hour through history without anybody noticing I'd shit my pants. I got all my stuff and got on the bus. I survived the bus ride home without anybody noticing the load in my pants either. Unfortunately, the second I got to the stop, I felt the urge to pee. Since I had no previous control over my bladder, the doctor said that I would only be able to hold my pee for short amounts of time berfore I regained full control. On the four block walk (more like waddle) to my house, I was holding back the urge to pee. I made it to my house, went in the door, closed the bathroom door, and began to remove my zipper. My pee started coming out in mini squirts. I finally got my zipper undone. I yanked it down quickly. I had chose to use the bigger bathroom. It turns out that the dog had founds its wasy into the shower while I was gone. It jumped out of the shower and pounced on to me. The sudden shock of the dog made me absolutely flood my pants. It was a good thing nobody was home, because I had just completely destroyed my underwear. I must have peed out enough to lose a pound. Cleanup took an entire hour. It was a nightmare. It took three flushes to get the entire mess in my pants down the toilet, and god only knows how many trees I wasted using toilet paper. Although there's nothing worse than shitting your pants in public, I now know that when the doctor says something, he means it.

I'll end this post with a question.
Has anybody ever shit their pants, and had to leave it in their pants for a long time because they just had no opportunity to clean up?

Kirby & Kelly-Anne
Garry, nice story.... Nice that you were comfortable telling your family about your experience "dropping the kids off at the pool"

Blue Rizla Girl
Sweetcorn kernels contain a soft, starchy material inside a tough outer envelope (which is open at the end where it joined onto the "cob") of cellulose. The starchy inside breaks down in your stomach acid (it turns to sugar under the influence of acid and water) but the outside envelope reacts much less slowly with the acid, and remains mostly undissolved.

On the way through your intestines, corn envelopes that are still intact can fill back up with waste matter; and being opaque, you can't see that they are full of brown shit as opposed to white pulp. It just *looks* as though they passed through unaltered.

Another guy
Hello to all you people. I have a small interest in girls and women going to the bathroom, but it's nothing to obsess over. It all started when I was 17 (I am 22 FYI) I dated this girl. She always had as absession with regularity and at the time, I thought it was gross. But however, there was a time when we were camping without any bathroom and she needed to poop. So she asked if I'd like to come with her and I said oh "Oh what the hell" and I saw her defecate. Soon we goth into the habit of watching eachother go. She did break up with me, sadly, but she still makes me happy to this day.

So for the ladies, I have a survey.

1. Are you actually a lady? Come on! Be honest :-)
2. How long does it take you to go?
3. What does your poo look like?
4. What is your race?
5. What is your diet like?
6. What is your age?
7. Does it feel good when you go?

Hi everyone,

For the next week or so, my poops are going to be weird... I caught a bad bug from a lady in the office where I work... (She's got a young kid who's in their 'biohazzard' stage. i.e. The child catches every flu and cold there is, then passes it on to his mom... who gives it to the rest of the world...) It didn't knock me on my butt, but I sure felt like I had the crap beaten out of me. Long story short... After a bad diagnosis by some quack Dr. at a public clinic, I saw my regular physician and it took him <5 minutes to see that it wasn't a stupid cold, but probably a bad Strep infection. He game me a Rx for some antibiotics and I began taking them yesterday.
I know they can play games with your stomach, so I wasn't too concerned when I felt queezy all day. The shock came when I was in a mall this evening and all of a sudden I felt an 'emergency' urge to take a poop. NO nonsense... NO waiting... *NO* holding it in until I get home... I literally ran to the nearest mens room I could see (which luckily, wasn't far.) I charged into the cubicle, dropped my bags and yanked my pants down as bloody fast as I could! Curiously, even though I was super-desperate to drop a load, it took a few moments 'til things got moving.
I pushed a little bit and then the dam burst! The BM came out in a single HUGE flood. One big SPLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH.... with little or no gas whatsoever.

A wave of relief came over me, then the first thought was that I would stink up the entire mens room with a diarrhea deluge. But what was totally weird was that my crap didn't smell at all! No diarrhea or rotten eggs stench, or any burning sensation as the stuff flew out. No wave after wave of wet messy stuff leaving me on the can for 30 or 40 minutes... I was in there for only about 6 minutes - max.

Even though what came out was a thick soupy brown liquid, with no chunks or pieces of anything visible, the clean up took only 4 or 5 wipes.

I can only guess the antibiotics that are killing the bug swelling the glands in my throat and infecting my ear - are also wiping out the normal flora in my gut too. No doubt I'm going to have a lot more of similar poops until finish this course of antibiotics and get healthy again.

Please take care!


to Rick,

I'm not from the Bay Area, but the truck accident and stopped traffic was shown on a local TV station.

What was it like on the bridge? Did you see a lot of people get out of their cars to pee? What about the women? Were there any buses or commuter vans? If so, did you see any people get out of the buses or vans?

Jessica L.
Justin: I had to post again as I did my early morning check, and as a matter of fact, I have been to Pike Place in Seattle. I was also surprised at the very short doors, though I see them more and more in my travels, I guess it's better than nothing, but I had several people peek over the door at me, but I was wearing a skirt and they really couldn't see anything I don't think.

Now that I'm posting, I may as well tell you about my bathroom trip this morning. I got up about 40 minutes ago, and after I got my shower, etc. I felt the need to poop quite urgently, not surprising as I haven't pooped in several days. For those who are interested, I was wearing a full length skirt and sleeve-less top with a grey blazer. I walked in to the bathroom, and I tried to hitch my skirt up, but found it difficult, and my poop was already pushing out! I started working with the button on my skirt and pulled it down around my ankles, as it was the only place I could comfortably have it and before I even had a chance to sit down the turd splashed into the bowl. I felt relieved, but knew I wasn't done. My husband came in and said he needed to pee badly, and I was almost done, so I got up, but then he suggested he try peeing in a bottle. I was shocked he wanted to do this, but agreed as long as I got to watch. He got an emtpy plastic water bottle and pulled his sweat pants down enough to get his penis out and then started peeing into the bottle. He filled up most of the 20 oz bottle, and I was amazed that he could pee that much. Then, since I hadn't peed, I suggested I try some other way of peeing other than going in the toilet. I decided I would just take my clothes off, so I did, and then got a bucket from the basement. I invited him to watch as I squatted over the bucket and started peeing really hard. After about a minute and a half, my stream tapered off, my husband handed me some tissue to wipe with, and then I got on the computer to check emails, and then got on to check this site, and here I am posting this. Last night, I had an interesting pee experience as well, but no poop that time, for some reason I just couldn't get it to come. Anyway, I was out with my boss eating at a mall food coury when she said she had to pee. I said I had to also, so we threw our trash away, and then headed for the restroom. When we opened the door we were quite stunned. There were three toilets, with kind if a brick partition that barely reached the top of the toilet flush handle. It was so low, someone sitting on a toilet could easily see just about everything in the adjoining stall. It was a unisex bathroom, so there were a few urinals lined up on the opposite wall from the toilets. I suggested to my boss that I could try peeing in a urinal. She didn't believe me that I could, so I lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties and fired away. As I was going, a cute young guy in shorts and a t-shirt walked in and audibly gasped at what I was doing. I simply smiled and continued on. He took the urinal farthest from me, and started taking a leak. I finished, raised my panties and dropped my skirt. My boss had felt an urge to poop and was dropping several large logs as I washed up. I told her I would meet her outside, and about ten minutes later she finally came out, I didn't ask questions about what had taken her so long, and she didn't volunteer, so I'm sorry I couldn't go into detail more.

I have a funeral to go to today, so I'll let ya'll know if I have any more pee/poop stories that come from this

Happy Pooping and Peeing

"Jessica L."

Just a story abou a cruel teacher: I had been holding my wee for a three classes. At lunch I had had two ckes, and now I really needed to pee. About twenty minutes before class was out, I decided I couldnt hold it any longer. I raised my hand and asked to go, and was denied. Ten minutes later, I awas holding my crotch with both hands, and jigglng in my seat. I raised my hand, and was like: "Can I please please please go to the bathroom. I was, again denied. I was in agony the last ten minutes, and when the bell rang I was SO RELIEVED. However, before I could leave, the teacher called me over. She said that I was a big girl, and big girls shouldent Act like that, and I embarrassed myself, and please go before class, and on and on and on.
Finally, I was letting out squirts now and then so I said"Can I go now. I HAVE TO PEE!!!
And then she said well you obviously need to learn to hold it. you need to be a big girl and hold it.
So I said I was about to have an accident, which was true by now it was a trickle.
She said: Now, big girls dont have accidents. You better not have one! I'm not letting you go until u promise you wont have a accident. The trickle was a little stronger, there was a baseball sized patch on my jeans. She noticed, and said "you seem to have wet yourself a little. Only little kids do that. I'm ashamed of you. Dont you dare let that get bigger!
By now, i was really close to having a full out accident.
I said please, oh please let me go(I was desparete, all right!)

"Now youre acting like a baby. Dont act like more of one by wetting yourself! Now, are you going to promise you wont have an accident?
"Yes! I promise! Now let me go! the wee was going a little stronger
"Okay, but in future, go before class so that wont happen. She pointed at my jeans where I saw a basketball sized wet spot. I was SO embarrased! Plus i STILL really needed to go! Suddenly I realized i had missed th bus and would need to walk home! And my mom would ask about the growing wet spot on my jeans. Then, the pee exploded out of me. In seconds, my jeans were soaked! I couldnt believe it. To make things worse, there was a bulge growing in the back of my jeans. By the time I was done, there was a puddle over three feet square, I had TOTALLY mssed myself, and I was really embarassed.
My teacher was livid "I told you, big grls dont have accidents. Look at the mess you made!
She sent me home, wth a note to be signed by my parents and returned the next day, saying they might wasnt to consider diapers for me
I was nevr so embarressed in my life.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hi Everyone. Wow it sure has been quite awhile since I've posted anything. Nothing to ask or talk about I guess. So here I finally am with a question to ask. Why is it that when I go poop right as I'm sitting down the turds start coming out, but after they come out I still feel done like there's still something up me, but it won't come out? No matter how hard I try the turd won't budge. So I have to push back there to get it going or dig. Just had to ask this. Anyone can answer if you want. Hi to my best friend Jenny who likes poop just like me & we like to say the word poo & brownstuff. Funny words. Poo poo to you. Have a great day & a great week everyone.

Happy Pooping & Peeing!

Today I held my poo in all day while I was at work. I couldn't leave to use the washroom because it was way too busy and I had to get everything done before closing time (3 o'clock). I was letting out all these little tiny farts all day too so I could relieve some of the pressure on my butt. Finally at 3, I clock out, grab my coat and backpack and head towards the bathroom. "Ahhhhh, relief!" I thought to myself as I opened the washroom door. I picked the middle stall and hung my coat and bag on the little hook thingy. The poo was RIGHT there about to come out and I was having trouble getting the button undone on my pants!!!! "Oh crap! The poo is coming out and I haven't even gotten my pants off and my butt on the seat!" I was thinking to myself. After a few seconds of fumbling with my pants, the button came undone and I plopped down on the seat just in time. I relaxed my butt muscles and the reliefI had been waiting for all day came to me. 'plop.....plop....plop...............slight push....plop. I sighed a nice sigh of relief and went to wipe. In the toilet were 4 light brown pieces all about the width of a Gatorade bottle opening. When I wiped there was some blood on the TP. Which was expcted I guess with the size of the poos and the length of time I held them in for! Haha

Hi everyone, its been a while since i have posted in here.
The other day i ate corn and the next day i saw corn piecies in my poop
is that normal? I like too talk about poop.
Hi too andi my best friend we both love toilet poo poo poo and a poo too you andi. Have a great week everybody. i just wondered why when i eat corn sometimes its in my poop just curious i quess.
And today i had a dump and 2 medium size turds came out i like to go poop. '
ill post more later from jennifer- jenny have a great day happy pooping every one.

I once worked in a place where there were no partitions between the urinals. Unlike the ones that are relatively flat against a wall, these were about as long as a toilet, so you felt like you were standing in the middle of the room peeing into them. That's the only place I've ever had a shy bladder when someone else was around!

Nasty Blind Aspie and Dale-
The sludge that's left over from sewage treatment plants is used as fertilizer in some places, but some of it goes to landfills. The problem with using it is that the treatment plant has to separate out the organic material (feces, stuff from kitchen garbage disposals) from the other chemicals (paint, etc) that get dumped down the drain that won't help plants grow. Also, they need to take some steps to kill the nastiest bacteria so we don't get food that makes us sick. (think of the spinach and lettuce recalls in the US recently) You're quite right about the methane, especially with it being such a strong greenhouse gas, we should do what we can with it. I've heard about research on how to alter cows diets to cut the amount of methane they fart out. That would be interesting to test!

You did nothing wrong. I've been in that situation too, and the girl has always been cool with it. I think it's been the other way around too.

Please do post more stories!

Is ZIP still somewhere out there? This is from an avid reader missing his posts in a big way!

Although I read the posts here frequently, I've not often had something to contribute. The other day, however, I had a "sighting" that, in the spirit of ZIP, could be worth posting. I had been driving on the interstate all afternoon and needed to take a leak at one point, so I stopped at a rest area. There were a few trucker-types and a family or two in the parking area, but it was fairly uncrowded. As I parked my car and got out to walk to the restrooms, I noticed a guy abut 20 feet ahead of me walking quickly in the same direction. He was about 25, fairly tall and slim, wearing brown running shorts and a white t-shirt. The guy made it to the restroom before I did, and when I got inside, I saw the door shutting on the large handicapped stall at the far end of the big, square room. There was an older guy already at another urinal and a trucker-type washing up at a sink, but none of the other two stalls were in use. I stepped up to use the urinal, and after a moment, I heard what sounded like a big load of fairly soft crap hit the water (the restroom was not very noisy) followed by a loud fart. It sounded like the guy needed to take a dump pretty urgently. As I finished my piss, I could hear a couple more sharp farts coming from the stall. I zipped up and headed for the sinks to wash my hands, when I noticed that one of the front panels beside the door of the handicapped stall was misaligned with the side, or something, which created a gap large enough to where I had an unobstructed front view of this guy sitting on the toilet in the mirror over the sinks. He had his head down, so I was able to take a pretty good look. His shorts and a white jock strap (but no underwear that I could see--he looked like a runner or athletic-type, and there are lots of trails in the area...perhaps that explains the unusual under-garb) were about halfway down his calves. He had pulled his shirt up a bit, and I could see him massaging his lower stomach with one fist, while his other hand was between his legs, I guess aiming his piss into the bowl. I couldn't see his dick, but his pubes were dark against his somewhat pale skin. While still rubbing his stomach (it looked like he was pushing his hand into it pretty hard), he let out another fart, this one long and kinda airy-sounding. By this time, I had finished washing my hands and headed for the towels. As I dried my hands and turned to leave the restroom, I could hear the guy drop a couple more wet-sounding turds into the toilet. Overall, a great sighting with full visual AND audio to boot!!

Jessica L.
I'm back again, I seem to be online in spurts, it isn't the best time of year for me, as I have a lot of trade shows to attend for my job, so it's really busy for me. I saw this survey several posts down and decided I would post replies before I post my stories, which I do have some, as road trips like I have been taking do generate them sometimes

1. Have you ever walked in on someone who was relieving themself on the loo, bushes, ect.? Vice Versa? No

2. Have you ever been forced to relieve yourself somewhere unusual(e.g. Bucket, Bushes, Plastic Bag, ect.) Yes, I once had to pee really bad at a trade show, and had to go outside and pee on the sidewalk, I have a post about it a little ways back, don't remember what page.

3. Have you ever relieved yourself in a body of water(e.g. ocean, lake, etc? Yes, I have relieved myself in a river, and once the ocean when I was a teenager

4. What is the most embarrasing time you passed wind in public?
Hmm, I'm not sure I really pass that much wind, and usually it's when I'm at home

5. Do you talk about your bowels with other people offline?
Me and my husband do discuss it together

6. Do you pass a lot of wind when you have a bowel movement?
Definitely Yes.

7. What is the worst diarrhea youv'e had recently? Did you have a lot of wind? I got food poisoning from a microwave dinner, and had diarrhea all night. I did pass quite a bit of wind, but not as much as usual for some reason.

8. How does your period affect your bowels? N/A

9. What's the most wind youv''e ever passed in a day? Hmm, I have no idea, I've never kept track

10. What was the most awkward pee/poop experience youv'e ever had?
It absolutely must be the second post below, it is beyond awkward, this one was strange, even though it's long, you'll want to read the whole thing
OK, now for my story.

This story isn't about a road trip, I was actually at home. Anyway, I was reading a magazine while I listened to music on my ipod, and I felt like I had to pee, and I thought "It's getting boring always using a toilet", and my husband wasn't home, so I decided to try and find somewhere else to go. I finally decided to try and pee in a bucket I found in the basement. I got it out, and pulled up my skirt. I almost always wear a skirt as it allows me to pee and poop much easier and quicker. I pulled my panties down and settled down sitting on the bucket. First I peed a solid stream which splattered into the bucket with a nice splash, and it filled it up pretty well, as I always pee a lot. But then, I felt a turd poking it's way. I thought about moving to a toilet, and then said, who cares, and started pushing. After several minutes the huge turd stuck it's head out, and finally hit the puddle of pee in the bottom. Then suddenly a wave of small chunks rushed out. It smelled absolutely horrid, I can't even begin to explain how bad it smelled. I took it outside and dumped it beneath our deck and literally halfway filled it with cleaning detergent to make it smell better as the bucket smelled really really bad. I set it underneath the deck so it didn't smell up the house and then had to use air freshener in my room because it was that bad. However, I will say I would do it again

Now for my second story:

I was on a road trip to visit my parents in Wisconsin, and was driving along east of Fort Dodge, Iowa, when I felt the urge to pee. I had worn gray slacks, a nice top, and a matching gray blazer. I saw a little gas station and pulled into it, and went in and found the restroom. To my great surprise it had three toilets on one wall, and on the opposite, there were two sinks. No partitions, nothing. I just shrugged and started undoing my belt and unsnapped my pants. I settled down for my pee, and relaxed. Just then, the door opened and a very well-dressed gentleman in a tuxedo and shoes that looked like a mirror practically burst through the door and said politely that the men's room had a line, which was true, and would he mind if he used the women's, as he had to pee and poop. I said to go ahead, as he was almost dancing, and he was probably going to go anyway, and I really didn't mind his company. He undid his cummerbund quickly, and then undid his belt and pants and sat down. I had forgotten all about my own business, and started peeing at the same time the man did. He peed for only about twenty seconds, but I was still going strong. Then another man in the same plight came in in jeans and didn't ask, but instead walked over to the farthest toilet and started peeing. Several more guys walked in, but I still kept peeing. As the one toilet was occupied, the other guys just walked up next to the other man and they all peed into the same toilet. I thought it was really weird. The man in the tuxedo let out a booming fart and apologized to everyone, but was really constipated. Pretty much everybody laughed and said it was fine, including me. Apparently they were on a bus trip, and they hadn't stopped in a while, so everyone needed to pee, and there were more guys than women. I finally finished my pee, and was about to get up when I felt some poop. I decided I might as well get it out, so I started pushing. The man in the tuxedo was already wiping and then pulled his pants up. One of the women who was waiting stepped forward. A old lady wearing a skirt and blazer was in the back and was obviously desperate. Then she just squatted next to the sinks and raised her skirt and started making a puddle right there. This older women had to be 80 at least and I was shocked to see this. Then a women with her young daughter in a pretty flowered dress came in and saw the situation and realised it was quite busy. All the men had left except the man in the tux who was still pulling his pants up. The women took her daughter down to the end toilet, the only one open, and pulled her dress up, and sat her down and she started peeing. I got up, wiped and finished up. Then I headed out and continued driving.

Weird isn't it, I've never seen a women's bathroom without partitions, and I've never seen men using a women's bathroom in multitudes like this either. I'd really like it if anyone has any other stories like this, or similar, if they'd post them please

That's all for now, folks

"Jessica L."

I recently had a "no paper" incident. I was at the library, looking for a good book to check out and read, when I began to feel the urge to poop. Of course the library had a bathroom, so I just headed into the women's area.

There were three stalls, but all of them were taken and one person was in front of me. At this point the urge wasn't too bad, although from the sound of it, all three were in the midst of pooping. About 5 minutes passed and finally I heard someone wiping, which meant I was getting close to relief.. There was a flush and the door opened, promptly followed by the lady in front of me rushing in and slamming the door.

She made no attempt to hide what she was doing... I heard a massive stream of pee being unleashed into the bowl, which certainly didn't help me any. By now, I was starting to get a bit desperate. Her stream seemed to never end, but eventually it did. The lady flushed and exited, remarking to me that there was no toilet paper for her to wipe with. Just great timing - I REALLY had to poop NOW! Should I take the stall and clean up later at home, or wait a bit for another stall? I decided to just use the toilet available, even though there was no paper left.

I bolted into the open stall, closed the door and yanked down my pants and underwear. I wasn't even quite sitting down when the first log began its way out. It was kind of soft, but I could still feel it working my bowels.

The first log snapped off and there were a few more not so long ones. I definitely felt more inside, and sure enough a nice creamy poop poked its head out. I heard it crackle every step of the way and then plop into the bowl. I thought sure I was done now, but there was one more log of poop that eased out. It must have been a longer one because I didn't hear it splash.

During the course of my big poop, the other two women had left. A quick peek under the partition revealed I was alone in the bathroom. I pulled up my pants a little bit and quickly headed into the next stall, which had about half a roll left - more than enough.

I wiped myself thoroughly, making sure to get clean after several soft logs of poop. While I was wiping, the bathroom door opened and I heard a stall door close, followed by a disgusted groan and a flush. Apparently in my haste to wipe myself I had forgotten to flush my poop down.

There's just one weird thing about my bowels... whenever I have chicken, I get a bit constipated, and I usually don't have to poop until well into the next day, instead of my usual twice daily. However, when I finally do poop, it's just a lot soft, creamy logs.

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