recently, I had to shit badly while driving on the interstate, I had just passed a sign that said "Rest Stop 15 Miles", now as I was going about 75-80 MPH, that was only about 10 min or so, but I knew I couldn't hold it. I pulled over, got out of my car, went around the car to where there were some woods that I figured would provide me cover, pulled down my thong (I was wearing a skirt) and squated. Immedidatly I let out a booming fart, follwed by a long hard turd, about 12-15 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. this was followed by another fart, and a bunch of soft serv, intermingled with farts. Still I felt I wasn't done, but I had been pooping for about 5 min now. I gave a slight push and diaherra spurrted from my butt, I had 4 waves of diaherra, each lasting about 2-3 min. I then stood up, took off my thong(so as not to ruin it) and walked back to my car. I got in my car and kinda squatted in the seat (so I wouldn't get anything on the skirt) as I was driving to the rest stop. At the rest stop, I went into the ladies bathroom, and into the last open stall, just as I was locking the door a lady ran in and began trying all the doors. When none open, she asked if someone could please hurry up as she really had to go. You could hear all of the girls pooping, and they were all still going steady, so I just wiped and put my thong back on, flushed and opened the door. She ran in, and without even pulling the door closed, squatted and had diaherra all over the stall, it was on the toilet seat, the walls, the floor, everywhere. I then went and washed my hands. Halfway washing my hands, I got hit by another cramp, and I knew that I had to get to a toilet fast. Unforunatly for me, all of the stalls where still ocupied and the women were all still going strong. I didn't know what else to do, so I left the womens and knocked on the mens, asking if anyone would mind if a woman came in and pooped. One guy said come on in. So I went in took a stall, and sat down, as soon as I sat down, I had more diaherra which lasted about 20 min. Durring this time, I had several men who came up to the stall and not knowing I was a woman asked if I was all right. I said I was fine, and when they heard my voice and figured out I was a woman, they went about their business, rather hurriedly and left the bathroom. Does anyone else have stories about haveing to use the other sexs bathroom, or being in a multistall unisex bathroom?

I had to drop a friend off at the airport early this morning and on the way home I felt a certain feeling and decided to "help it along" by tensing and pulsing my stomach muscles. When I got to work my stomach felt like it was in knots but I didn't feel sick, just kind of bloated/full. I had to get gas for the car on my lunch break so after filling up, I decided to toss some garbage that was on the back seat and stooped over to get the stuff out, feeling a fart coming on I pushed to help it out and relieve some of the pressure. Although I could feel that there was something there, I didn't sense wetness but more of a solid poop which came half way out of my bum. So here I am half in my car and half out, the same as my poop! I figured there was no saving my underpants so I pushed some more out and to my surprise it was quite a bit more than I'd planned on! Fearing other customers would start to notice what I was doing, I gathered the trash and tossed it in the container then got inside the driver's seat and slowly drove away, still pushing more poop out when I could get my ass off the seat now and then. When I got home I fell to my knees in the kitchen and pooped even more into my pants which by now where feeling like a large grapefruit was placed in them! My stomach felt much better and I figured I could waddle to the bathroom and clean up without event, that is until the phone rang and I found myself politely chatting with a friend that talks WAY too long on the phone whether you like it or not. I laid stomach down on the bed and tried my best to hurry things along as I needed to eat lunch and get back to work after all this, but she was on a tear about something that upset her last night, blah blah! I couldn't believe it but there was more poop ready to come out and no chance of me getting to the bathroom (not a cordless!) so I squatted on my hams on the bed and pushed out a really long turd that folded over itself, sagging my underpants onto the sheets-GREAT, I thought to myself. After more attempts to liberate myself from her rambling, I found myself balancing with the phone on my shoulder and reaching behind myself to try and pull my underpants up and away from the sheets, then I slipped and fell squarely on my ass, smearing poop all over my bum and soiling the sheets a little too. At this point I hung up on her and would explain later that I had accidentally pulled the cord out of the phone! Needless to say my ass was covered in sticky, smelly poo that took a long time to clean off-so much for lunch!


Have you ever been to Pike Place in Seattle? It's a really cool market in Seattle that looks over the sound. The only thing about it that kind of sucks are the public restrooms. If you just have to pee, no big deal (for guys), but if you have to take a shit, it gets a little more unpleasant. While the mens rooms have stalls and the stalls have doors, they're only "half doors!" When you're seated, the door only comes up to your shoulders. If there's a line for the urinals (and there always is), any guy standing waiting can see right over the door at you while youre shitting. There may as well not even be a door! My wife told me the womens rooms are the same.

Not sure what the person who designed the stalls was thinking! I've been told that the reason some restrooms have stalls with half doors, no doors or even no stalls at all is if they are in an area that has a high crime rate in order to prevent anyone from being forced into a stall and mugged or sexually assualted, or a mugger hiding in a stall. Also, it stops homeless people from sleeping in there.

For me, it's no big deal if there's no door. But some people might be wary about taking a shit with someone standing right in front of you!

Linda from Australia here again. Well after that strenuous pooping session last weekend, my poos have returned to normal, although during the week, I had some runny poos because I think I caught a stomach bug. Now for a funny story that happened to me:

I was at work during the week, I think it was a Tuesday or Wednesday. As I started early, I went to have my morning coffee break at about 9.45am. I had to do a wee first so I made my way to the toilet. When I sat down, I could feel the toilet seat under my bum and it felt a bit loose. It moved a bit but I didn't worry about it and did my wee. While I was wiping my bum, the toilet seat broke off completely and slid off, onto the floor, making a loud, crashing sound (it was still all in one piece) Luckily I didn't fall off or anything and I stood up quickly and pulled up my pants. I washed my hands and opened the door, to find someone else waiting for the toilet. She was laughing because she heard the crash of the toilet seat and when I showed her it had come off completely, she laughed even harder. I tried to tell her that the seat was already loose when I sat on it but she kept laughing, saying I broke the seat (it was all in good fun, she was just stiring me and I was laughing too). Word got around that I had 'broken' the toilet seat and it was a laughing point all day. I thought it was funny but I was also embarrassed, maybe it did break when I sat on it (Im not overly big but Im not skinny either). But there are bigger people than me at my work so Im not really concerned. Plus it was an old ceramic seat so it would have broken off sooner or later.

To JD: Here in Australia, I don't think I have ever come across public toilets with no doors on them. I have been to many parts of Australia, even to remote places and the public toilets still had doors on them. The most inconvinient thing I have come across are public toilets that only have 'one' toilet in them (1 for men, 1 for women). Its ok if there are just a few people waiting but when its a big long line, it gets annoying. I have used the mens toilet before, I think it was once when the womens was out of order and I was desparate. Luckily, nobody else was around.

Tanya from NM
I was eating some chicken bisquits the other morning and the need to crap came quickly in a cramping of my intestines. I ran down the hall to my upstairs bathroom and thought about my ex, Lars, how I wish it was his face in the toilet, and me crapping all over him, his short cropped hair, his dark lashes. The poop came out in soft thick heavy chunks, and then a huge flow of brown soupy sludge, all over his face, running down his chin and chest, smothering him in the stink. He doesn't even deserve my excrement.

Both dogs came to investigate the huge mess I left. My little girl dog, her paws on the edge, looked in, and then looked up quizzingly at me. I had to flush and get to the gym. I flushed and with the enormous amount of poo, it wouldn't go down. I left it as is, but forgot when I returned until later that evening, and then I only had a few minutes before I had to leave town. I flushed again, and it came pouring out all over the place. I finally found my plunger and got it down, but had to use 5 towels to wipe up the mess. Yes, this is all for you Lars.

Tuesesday, October 02, 2007

Another guy
Hello to all you people. I have a small interest in girls and women going to the bathroom, but it's nothing to obsess over. It all started when I was 17 (I am 22 FYI) I dated this girl. She always had as absession with regularity and at the time, I thought it was gross. But however, there was a time when we were camping without any bathroom and she needed to poop. So she asked if I'd like to come with her and I said oh "Oh what the hell" and I saw her defecate. Soon we goth into the habit of watching eachother go. She did break up with me, sadly, but she still makes me happy to this day.

So for the ladies, I have a survey.

1. Are you actually a lady? Come on! Be honest :-)
2. How long does it take you to go?
3. What does your poo look like?
4. What is your race?
5. What is your diet like?
6. What is your age?
7. Does it feel good when you go?

My boyfriend's name is Nick. He has a nice body but is really shy. He also has a bladder issue that causes him to only be able to hold his pee for 30 minutes max when he gets an intense urge that comes out of nowhere. One day I went to go meet him for a movie. We watched the movie that was halarious. When we left he said he had to go to the bathroom and looked kind of desperate. He ran to the bathroom to find the door locked for cleaning. I told him to get in the car we would go to the gas station down the street. When we got in the car he was at the point he was holding himself. He told me to hurry. When we got there he said he couldn't get out because he was going to pee himself. I told him he was going to pee himself if he just sat there. He didnt want to pee on my car seat so started to get up and ran to the gas station desperately. I looked down to see a dime sized wet spot on the seat. He came back and his pants were drenched. He apologized and put his sweater on the seat so it wouldnt get wet. Another time, we were at a football game. We are both in the marching band. He plays the drums and I play the saxophone. Right before we went on for our halftime show I saw him run to the band teacher and ask if he could run the the bathroom quick. The band teacher told him that he didnt have time too. He looked worried. During the show he was squirming during holds I could see when he was in front of me. We finally got done and we went to the sidelines in a huddle. I saw him try to take off his drum but it looked like it pressed into his bladder and he squeezed his legs together and I thought he was going to pee himself. He put the drum down and ran to the bathroom without even asking. Our pants to the uniform were white so I hoped he made it. He didnt come back for the rest of the game so I knew he didnt. Some other drummer brung his drum back. The next day I was in the teachers office and asked him to figure out why my sax wasnt working. He called Nick in there when he saw him and asked him why he left yesterday. Nick said he got sick and needed to go home. Then the teacher stared at him and said tell me the truth, I checked to make sure your uniform was in the bag yesterday... Then Nick said he didnt make it to the bathroom. He had to pay extra for dry cleaning.

This is a stoy from back when I was 12. I was at my friend Brians beach house with my friend Allison (both were 12 as well). We had alll spent the day together alone for the first time (our parents finnily thought we were old enough) at the board walk. we had just had a big dinner, and decided to take a walk on the beach. We were all dresed in our bathing suits and were the only ones on the beach. We were walking talking and enjoying life and the beatiful sunset when Allison started to get alittle figety. She told us she really had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to run all the way to the home or back to the board walk. More time passed and Allison was in the middle of telling us a story, when out of no where, she reached behind her pulled her bathing suite bottom to one side and started to poop. She continued her story unphased and even continued to walk as at least 10 huge turds slide out of her butt. Me and Brian were stund. At the end she just let go of her bathing suite and it went back into place. Brian looked at her and the trail of poop behind her and told us he had never seen anything like that before. When we finily got home, we played board games until we fell asleep. Allison never did wipe herself, and didn't take a shower until two days later. Every time I was close to her rear end (when she was standing and I was sitting, and when I was behind her on stairs I could smell the left over poop. Were all still friends to this day, and still have vivid memries of this event.

JD- I'd say the least private bathroom I've ever been in was the one at a park about a mile away from my house. I played tee-ball/softball there and well.... they were disgusting toilets that were waaayy too far from the fields. You had to go back through the parking lot, up a hill, down a hill (couldn't go around it sadly, fences blocking it), then up another hill, and then you were there. And for a little kid who hasn't peed in 4 hours and hasa really small bladder, it can be quite the hike.
It's doorless stalls and unisex. Talk about CREEPY!!! The walls were made out of clay/cement type gunk and of course, most of the time I went in there, a guy (usually decently hot too) would walk in. And I'm sitting there, out in the open, pants down and nothing but a long t-shirt to cover myself with. *shiver* hated those things.

I have been pooping less lately so when i do finally poop it is a lot and very sticky coming out. today when i took a shit. it was sticky and mushy coming out as usual but i noticed that some shit was still in my ass. i tried to shake it out a little bit but it wouldnt come out when i wiped there was a big clump of poop. I wiped plenty of times and it still wasnt coming clean so i ended up having to take a shower. have any of you been taking a shit and had a poop get stuck half way I enjoy this site but have never posted before so here goes.

I'am in my early 50's and my wife is 48,some months ago we attended a friends daughters wedding and reception.The wedding was at 3:00 but the reception wasn't to start until 5:00 so wewent back to our hotel room to change into some different clothes for the reception(I hate suits and ties) and we were allowed to dress casually.

Once in our room I got the 'runs' and was on the toilet when my wife kept coming in the bathroom wearing her bra,pantihose and panties telling me to hurry up as she had to go. She had her hand not only holding her crotch but also her panty seat,I tried hurrying but it wasn't easy and every time I thought I was finished more came out.

Finally my wife came in the 3rd time in about 15 minutes 'almost' crying and as she stood and 'danced' around she peed her pantihose and panties,it spurted out and ran down her legs,she was now begging for me to get up but I couldn't because I was still filling the toilet.

Then while she stood there with wet panties and hose I heard her 'crackle' and grab her bottom as she bent forward she cried out..
I'am shitting myself and boy did she ever. Her yellow panty seat and pantihose filled out in back and they were badly stained,she grunted and groaned while bent over a 2nd bulge joined the 1st and this one was even more prominent as it settled in her panty.

Finally I finished and she 'waddled' to the toilet and un-loaded what she could,jumped in the shower and we changed clothes and went to the reception...

Karen's brother
Another childhood toilet memory of my twin sister Karen was when we were 10 years old. Karen didn't like to do a poo in the school toilet so she sometimes became constipated. When this happened, our mother used to give her a laxative on a Friday night before going to bed. When Karen woke upon Saturday morning, she usually had to make an urgent visit to the toilet but in our house, we only had one toilet that was in the bathroom and when we were children, we didn't lock the bathroom door. When I knew that Karen had taken a laxative, I used to try to get up before her on a Saturday morning and take a long soak in the bathtub so that she had to come in and poo while I was in the tub.

There was a high privet hedge on one side of our garden, against the wall of the neighbour's garage. There was a space under the hedge where we liked to play but the way in was a bit too small for adults so our parents never went in there. We had an empty 5 litre plastic paint tub that we used as a potty. Sometimes we would both pee into this potty and then empty it behind a bush at the bottom of the garden. One Saturday morning, the laxative Karen had taken the previous evening hadn't worked so our mother gave her another dose. That afternoon, we were playing under the hedge in the garden and suddenly, Karen clutched her stomach. "Quick, I need the potty!" she said as she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down just in time. I held the tub under her bottom as her poo poured out. She sat down on the tub and continued to do a load of soft mushy poo. After about 5 minutes she had finished and she asked me to go indoors and get some toilet paper for her. I went into the toilet, tore off a few sheets of paper and took them back to Karen. She knew that I was interested in her toilet habits and she asked me to wipe her bottom for her. She bent over while I wiped her gently and I then dropped the paper into the potty tub. Then she asked me to empty the potty so I got a spade from the garden shed and dug a hole behind the bush at the bottom of the garden. I took the potty and emptied it into the hole and then rinsed it out with water and buried Karen's poo.

That summer, our parents took us on holiday to France. The Channel Tunnel between England and France wasn't built in those days so we took the car ferry. Last time Karen went on a cross-channel ferry on a day trip to France, the sea was a bit rough and she was sea sick. Karen didn't like being sea sick and she told me that if she had nothing inside her she couldn't be sick. The evening before we left, we went and found the laxatives and Karen took the maximum child's dose. "That should make me completely empty" Karen said. The next morning, Karen got up early and ran to the toilet, but not early enough as I had got up earlier and was doing my usual trick of soaking in the tub. "I thought you might be in here," she said as she quickly dropped her pyjama bottoms and sat on the toilet. She did wave after wave of soft runny poo and after about 10 minutes, she said "I think I am completely empty now".

Karen didn't eat any breakfast before we set off in the car with our parents. After about 2 hours, we saw a lay-by sign. "Can we stop here please? I need to stop NOW", said Karen". Karen jumped out of the car, went through a gap in the fence and behind the hedge. Our mother thought that maybe Karen was suffering from travel sickness and after a few minutes, she asked me to go and see if Karen was OK. I knew what Karen was doing and when I went behind the hedge. I was not surprised to find her with her panties down squatting over a pool of runny poo. I went back to the car and told my mother that Karen needed some toilet paper so I took a toilet roll to her.

We got to Dover and drove onto the car ferry. As soon as we were on board, Karen went into the ladies toilet. The sea was quite rough and we didn't see her again until we were just about to arrive in Calais. "Were you sick?" I asked her. "No but I was on the toilet for most of the voyage" she replied. Karen decided not take a laxative when we came back from France and fortunately, the sea was calm.


I got caught on the SMB that morning, also. Luckily, I care an
old milgue container for just such occasions. In what part of the
bay area to you live?

TO Nina: I think your friend should not require you to accompany her to the toilet when they are public toilets. It is very goog that she is not shy but when you are occupying a cubicle and there are people waiting it is very unfair.

We had 'back to school" night on Thursday at our Township High School. My wife Gina and I attended and met most of our son and daughters teachers. Light refreshments were served. After the meetings, my wife started chit-chatting with some of the other moms. After a while, I decided to 'relieve" myself so I looked for the closest mens room, most of the restrooms were locked, including the 'faculty mens" room. I found an unlocked boys room , and dashed in, finding 3 urinals, and 3 toilets, 'latrine style" the partitions and stalls and doors had all been removed. Two were occupied by one of my sons teachers, and the other one by one of the fathers. They were having a conversation about the curriculam. I asked if they minded if I took the middle toilet, and they both said "sit down, take a load off your feet" I unbuckled, dropped my trousers, and sat down. Immediatly there was farting , grunting , and all types of plopping from all three of us. I joined in the conversation about the curriculam, while we all continued to expell our waste. When 'clean-up" time started, there was only one roll of toilet tissue for all three users. I was getting nervous as both of the guys had extremly hairy buttocks and used a great deal of toilet tissue. By the time the roll was passed to me, it was nearly finished up. Luckily, a male janitor entered the room, and brought in 3 fresh rolls of toilet tissue. We all laughed and thanked him, as we finished up cleaning. We washed up, and I found my wife still chit-chatting. When I got home and told my son about my experience , he laughed and said 'welcome ot our world, it's like that every afternoon, after lunch" My daughter laughed and said she was glad the girls room had partitions and locking stall doors.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I caught the flu recently, and then I had to play catch-up with work, so I haven't had much free time. I'll tell you one thing though, the flu sucks. There were days when I must have been dashing to the bathroom every 30-45 minutes. I didn't throw up too much, but I had a lot of diarrhea :(

The camping trip did happen, but it was quite different from the last camping trip I remember. The bathroom facilities were interesting, to say the least. There were several outhouses, each with two holes, seperated by a wooden partition. Just enough to keep from seeing each other, but you could hear everything happening on the other side.

There were a total of 5 of us who came, including my roommate and myself. From what I gathered, one of the girls from my work, who I've gotten to be good friends with, is a morning pooper. One of the days I was just waking up when she was headed back towards camp, looking relieved, so I can only assume she just had a very satisfying poop.

I ended up sitting next to several people in the outhouses, but I never knew who was who. One of us has a very large bladder - she just kept peeing a gushing waterfall. I wish I could actually see them, rather than just hear, but I'll take what I can get.

The outhouses also seemed to be cleaned out routinely. When we arrived, I had to pee right away from holding it all the time riding up. There were only a few small pieces of poop sitting in the bottom of the "stall" I used, but I didn't check the others.


That has to be awful. I've never had to poop by the side of the road. I've peed a few times. That's not so bad if you can't wipe. But pooping is messy, especially diarrhea. I hope you can look back and have a chuckle at yourself - we all need to do that from time to time.


You asked about what I remember about my mother's pooping habits. As I previously stated, all I really remember is that she would produce long logs of poop. The time I remember most vividly is when I was 3 years old...

I had just eaten breakfast, and felt the urge to poop, so I headed off to the bathroom. My mom was already in there, with her pants only down enough so she didn't poop on them. She didn't mind that I came in and started "doing my thing".

I was sitting on my potty chair with my pants and underwear almost off. I guess Mom must have already been pooping for a while before I came in, because she stood up to wipe shortly after I started.

I caught a glimpse of a scrawny log of poop at the back of the bowl and a long log of poop, almost like a stripe in the bowl. I guess I must have been looking at her strange, because my mom began telling me that big girls poop just like me, only on the toilet instead of the potty.

Some people say you don't remember much at that age, but that's one memory I don't think I'll ever forget. It was probably the first time I saw someone else poop, and actually knew what was going on.

Footie Pyjamas
Hi there!I'm 16 y/o and male.This site is awesome!But it just occurred to me how footie pyjamas and dungarees are such a nuisance!I was thinking back to my childhood accidents and most of them have occured because I couldn't get my trousers down in time because I was wearing dungarees,or a snow suit.

I remember when I was about 6,my mom still saw fit to dress me in footie pyjamas.Usually that was no problem to me.If I had to go to the bathroom I would go when I felt the urge so I would have enough time to unzip myself. However one time I remember waking up in the middle of the night with an incredible urge to pee.Still half asleep the urge was only just dawning on me as I scrambled to the bathroom to pee.I reached for the zip at the back of my p.js and loe and behold it was jammed!I immediatley woke up in the fear that I would wet myself.I was doing an extreme pee dance as I tried to undo myself.I remember the desperation I felt as I knew I had to let it out.I grabbed my crotch and I was on my knees as the pee poured through my fingers onto the bathroom tiles. I didn't know what to do so I simply went back to bed in my wet pyjamas and slept till morning. My mom discovered the puddle in the morning and after that I never wore footie pjyamas again! More later!

OK. I'll come clean.I enjoy watching women peeing outdoors.I often go out of my way to see them squating down.I live near a city called Aberdeen in scotland where things can get a little wild on a Friday and Saturday night.What with hundereds of drunk revellers wandering around with full bladders.Last night i saw two girls peeing behind a statue.They took it in turns to relieve themselves.I watched the first girl pulling her shorts back up,then her friend pulled her jeans and pants down,squatted and peed.I was able to watch from a close distance.It was good.I have watched females peeing in alleys,in car parks,behind litter bins and in doorways.It is amazing how many times i've seen it.I feel a little excitement every time i'm lucky enough to catch them in the act of relieving themselves.I hope to see some more soon and when i do i will post it on this site.I,ts late and i,m tired so off to bed. CHEERS BYE ANDY!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here is an interesting story. Tonight I went out with my friend and his girlfriend, and another female friend of theirs who I didn't know. On our way to the bar we stopped at a small plaza to use the bathrooms. As we walked into the plaza (which was completely empty) we were engaged in a conversation, and the new girl continued talking to my male friend and I as she opened up the door to the ladies restroom. Well, she wanted to finish the conversation, so she just stood their, propping the door open with her foot. My friend's GF decided to go into the bathroom, but this girl never closed the door. My friend picked a stall that was directly in my line of site and proceeded to pee. I could see her feet and hear the sound of her urine hitting the water very clearly; what a turn on! Needless to say, I don't think I'll ever get another chance like that.

C : )

A story I vividly remember from Christmas `05.

I was at a small department store doing some Christmas shopping and felt the small urge to pee, so I decided to go to the toilets before there was no time left.

As soon as I got to the toilet (which I had trouble finding =.=) my urge to pee was really bad and I was jiggling around to keep it all in. But when I got in, there were 3 stalls, one with a dodgy door that couldnt close more than half way. There was a line of 6 people, all pretty much as desperate as me.

A lady in front of me in the line started a conversattion with me while crossing her legs and squeezing her crotch. She said that "even though she had a really big blagger, she HAD to go and that if the cubicle with two toilets opened up, could I go with her" I said I didnt know there was a toilet with two toielts, but that I wouldnt mind.

Two stalls opened, the bad doored one and a single one. The two people at front of the line basically ran to the doored one and then took the doorless one. From the sounds of vigorous grunting and little feet underneath the multi-toileted cubicle, it would probably be a while.

There were 3 people still left in front of us. One of the suddenly swore and a dark spot started forming. She ran out of the toilets, leaving two. The two stalls soon opened up, not the multiple doored one wither. By that time I felt like I would burst and I saw the lady in front of me grabbing herself as if she were a toddler.

The multitoileted cell FINALLY opened up. It had a scent of a mixture of deodorant and a slight stinky odor. We basically ran to the cell and respectively sat on or toilets.

Let me say, I had NEVER felt so relieved. I got up to flush the toilet and so did she, but her's wouldnt run.

We just walked away after that.

This is an odd story, but it is embarrasing to say the least. Well to introduce the subject, I play water polo at my high school, and I also am a cheerleader. I really enjoy beeing with the other girls on my water polo team, they are all really open about everything and we get along really well. I don't know if anybody know this, but the swimsuits that we wear are rubber, and that makes for all kinds of fun. One of our great past times in the locker rooms after the games is to fart in the rubber swimsuits and the resulting sound is sooo funny. Farting in rubber is a different story than in regular clothes, because the air does not travel through the material. That makes it so funny, I can't put my fingure on the science of why it is more of a funny sound than farting in like a regualr swimsuit, but it just is, trust me. A couple of days ago I started to head home from practice and I still had my swimsuit on under my clothes. On my way home I gave a good push and a massive fart errupted from my butt and I sprayed the inside of the suit with some crap, not much but enough to just be funny and not really a problem. The great thing about the rubber swimsuit is, even though they are blue, no one will ever see poop stains through it, and the stains are so easy to wash out. I am typically more careful while farting in a bikini, because if you leave skid marks the stain shows through. This is only half the story, the rest is when it gets worse.
The next day I went to the lake on my friends families boat, she is a team mate of mine in water polo. We never wear our team suits for anything but practice and games, but that day we decided to wear them to be funny. That was a bad idea it turns out, because wearing one piece rubber swimsuit on a 95 degree day is like being in a blast furnace. All we had to do is sit down, and we were sweating our butts off. Later that day we were cruising down the lake at around 55 mph on the boat, and it was just my friend at I at the front of the boat, and no one else on the boat could hear what we were up to, so I farted and even over the sound of the boat and wind, the explosian was clearly heard. Then my friend farted and we almost got in a competition. I got a little over confident in my suits ability to hid skid marks and not worrying about it, I pushed as hard as I could and violently farted my way to a flamming disaster. I actually shot liquid/solid crap right into the suit right there on the boat, infront of my friends family. Her little sister was laughing her head off, and her little brother was marveling over the fact that girls really do poop, lol, and yelling for the entire world to hear, "Kayla pooped her pants!" pver and over again. By this time we were stopped over in a cove where alot of boaters stop to swim and tie the boats together for a bigger party platform. It gets really crowded in that cove with boats, and of course this day there were hundreds of boats all around the place, and not to mention the boat of hot guys about 50 feet from our boat that obviously heard my friends little brother yelling about my situation. Ahsleys parents were all like making fun of me to, well in a frienly way, I mean we are the most sarcastic group of idiots out there, so while they were all having fun laughing I was still marinating in my own crap. There is a tiny bathroom on board the boat, but that was not going to help much in a clean up process due to the limited space. With no other options I decided that jumping in the lake would be the best I could do for now. I jumped off the back of the boat and so did Ashley to make it look like we were just swimming, however she kept her distance. I was about to barf because of how discusiting this whole thing was, I mean I had to reach around and kind of pull the bottom or butt portion of the suit away to let the gooie rotting mess out. After some figgiting aound I felt that I had gotten most of the mess out of the suit and we just continued swimming for the next hour or so and even peed in the water a few times, in which the force of the pee got even more of the crap out of the suit. After we got done at the lake, and once I got home, I foud that the damage was a lot less than I expected. Just some major stains, but I got those out pretty quik. In all not bad as far as clean up and nothing was even ruined, but wow how embarrasing.

Certainly has been a while, but I thought I'd post about something. There's a unisex, one-person-use restroom at the place where I work, and on the one side by the toilet there's this huge window that's just about at waist-mid-thigh level when you're standing and shoulder height when you're sitting. It's got a film on it so that you can't see in, but you can see out just fine. And over that is a set of blinds that, depending on the last occupant, are either up or down.

On a couple of instances, I have gone in to the room to find both the blinds and the window up all the way. All I can normally think is, "?" Why would someone open both the blinds and the window completely when there's any number of people beneath that could tell what is going on, as well as people across from the window who could easily see your every move?

Anyway, I remember having a discussion about people going into the restrooms of the opposite sex, specifically the more accepted variant of women using the men's room despite the fact that the latter generally has a higher chance of being doorless and/or completely stall-less, leaving its normal occupants fully on display. It would be hard enough to use it in the presence of the same sex, but the opposite sex...I can't imagine. And reading some of the recent stories tells me that it's much more prolific than I'd imagined.

Matt - That seems rather odd. I don't know how anyone could fault you for your actions. Perhaps it is telling of the type of girl she is.

Becky M. - I'm glad you made it home, as I know that it's all too often that traffic starts to build, and people end up either messing themselves or sticking their butt out the door and splattering on the side of the road. Cute story though. I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall :P

That's all for now.

Elizabeth Nudist
Hi my name is Elizabeth and i live in a nudist colony in the states. I noticed there were some people asking about nudists and bathrooms, so ill give you the info about nudist restrooms, as wel as any good toilet stories I get. First off, nudists are generally more hygenic than other people. 1st off, since everything is totaly on display, were all well shaven usually everywhere. We also wipe very thouroughly. At least in the colony where i live, there are no stalls or shower curtains, but since everyone sees u nude all the time anyway, everyone is pretty open about their bowel functions,, which allows really good toilet stories. I have 2 go 4 now!

Lazzy one
This was the weieredset experience i have ever had. I went camping this past spring, we had been there several times but this time was the craziest. The frogs were terible they had taken over the bath house. Every where u looked there was a frog. As frogs like to swim they were in also in the toilets. We arived on a Thursday afternoon, I had went two days without going poo which was quite unusual for me. Finaly Saturday afternoon the need to go hit me like a ton of bricks. I had a mini emergency on my hands, it was going to be detrimental if I didnt get to a toilet soon. I headed for the bathhouse. I went in a looked down to see if there was anyone else in there the first and second stall were occuoied (there was 5 stalls) I went to the one all the way on the end and low and behold there was a frog swiming in there with unine, feeling for the frog as I was not going to reach in the water and get him in there so I checked the next 2 stalls and found frogs in each of them as well. So I went back to the last one and said I was sory but Iam desperate and flushed hoping to get rid of the frog. The need to go was getting much worse I hurried to flush and pull my pants down and begin my deed. As i was getting started i felt a splash on my rear, I looked between my legs, it was the frog again, so I flushed again. After the flush was complete I looked to see if he was gone. He was still there, so I flushed again. Affterwords I looked to see if he was gone, nope he was still there. This frog had determination. I gave up and just did my bussiness. After about ten minutes I was finaly finished. So as not to risk cloging the toilet I flushed before wiping. After i finished wiping I stood up to survey the damage, it wasnt to bad, and there was no frog either. He finaly must have gave up finaly. To be sure I flush again and wait about three miniuts and still no frog. The rest of the day I felt bad for murduring that frog. Has anyone else had a simular experience where they pooped on anything?

I agree, lets hear more accident stories, especially #1 accidents.

rocky mountian lisa
I've been extremely constipated lately. For about 4 days I feel the need for a crap but when I sit on the toilet all I can produce is some farting and a couple of nugget size turds. I'm feeling rather bloated and really need to take a good long crap. I just tried again a few minutes ago and could only produce a small 3inch log and that was after about 20 minutes of pushing and grunting.

Replying to those who want more accident stories:
i would like to hear more too, here is mine: when i was 10 i was at a sleepaway camp in the oregon desert. it was really hot there 90+ degrees in the shade,and it was REQUIRED to have 2, count 'em 2, two liter waterbottles. needless to say ppl drank lots of water. i woke up in my cabin at 2am REALLY needing to pee.we had been told that if we woke up needing to go we had to: wake up and tell our counselor, and wake up a cabin mate so we would have a "buddy". I didnt want to wake anyone up so I stayed in bed. Finally i got up, and out of my bunk. I was wearing panties and a nightgown. I went over to my counselors bunk and whispered her name. she didnt wake up. suddenly i started to pee. It ran down my legs, onto my bare feet. i ran barefoot, leaving wet footprints, to the bathroom. I went into the stall, hoping no one would come in because they would see the foot prints. i put my soaked panties in the little bucket for pads and stuff, and that was that. it didnt get on any of my other clothes, and it was so warm, even at night, that by moning th puddle by my counselors bed and the footprints had evaporated. No one ever found out.

Hi! i was just reading this, and it gave me an idea...... I had to go #2, so i decided to see how dogs did it. I went outside, and went on the lawn, figuring ppl would think it was the dog. But it didnt look like dog poo at ALL! there was one log and some smaller pieces. I realized it couldnt Stay there so i got a doggie bag, picked it up and threw it away.

Hi there ,
I have had an amazing few poops the last few days. Well I told you recently when I pooped in my panties while watching the Rugby World Cup. I have been pooping my panties for years now and am lucky that my b/f doesn't mind at all.Although I very rarely piss my panties,sometimes I will let a little go. If I'm in the garden working I sometimes just piss my pants out of pure convenience.
But the other morning I did something different. I mostly sleep with just my panties on because I do poop in the bed at times. So if I wake up needing to poop I just do it in my panties then go back to sleep. But I very rarely piss in the bed.I do have a plastic mattress cover.
Usually I wake up go have a piss in the sink, I prefer to stand and piss, then go about making coffee. This morning I woke up as usual about 6 00 o'clock, this was one of the nites I went to bed nude. I walked to the bathroom had my morning piss which is usually a gusher.Then I went to the the kitchen to make coffee, while the kettle was boiling I fed the cat then lit a smoke. I could feel this monster of a fart brewing , instead of letting it go then I waited till it got to it's peak. Ireally enjoy a good fart, my b/f and I often have competitions.
So hear I am nude in the kitchen, making coffee and having a smoke. Oh I'm in my 20's ,brown hair,flat chested (thank heavens,don't have to buy or wear a bra)and average bod.Ifelt the fart had peaked so I pushed really hard to get maximum sound effect. It was a boomer,even the cat looked up from its feedbowl,but I'd pushed too hard and started to follow through.A big hard turd just oozed out of my hole,then I had that feeling of about to have a fully blown shit. For some reason instinctively I put my hand under my hole to catch my shit. My kitchen floor is tiled so I could have just squatted and shit on the floor,my shit is usually very sticky.Well I ended up shitting in my hand, omg what a mess,some of it fell onto the floor,some mushed between my cheeks and some mushed into my pubes(what I lack in boobs I make up in pubes LOL). I emptied my hand into the toilet then had shower followed by cleaning up the floor.

Has this happend to anyone here ????????


AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Does anyone know what became of Buzzy? He was such a delightful poster, and I haven't seen him here in like forever.

The question was asked recently who read on the toilet, and I'm somebody who has every since I was a preschooler using a potty chair.

I was an early reader who recognized the brand of our refrigerator when I was somewhere between 1 1/2 and 3. It was that brand that started with the letter W. There was a commercial on TV about it at the time (early-to-mid 1950s), and I can't remember now which adult was carrying me while getting something from the refrigerator--it was either one of my parents or an aunt--but I do remember being excited to discover the letters from the TV commercial on the refrigerator door, and I began pointing to them and spelling out the word.

Anyway, I eventually had my potty chair in my playroom, and the corner it was in was designed by me. It had a box of a popular brand of facial tissues (though I didn't use them on my face) beside it, and a stack of children's books.

I might not have recognized all of the words at the time, but, what I didn't, I made up for with looking at the pictures.

In short, I was in hog heaven!

My folks and I would spend part of each summer visiting my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins on their Kentucky farm. There was indoor plumbing, but my cousins and I enjoyed using the three-hole (small, medium, and large) outhouse so that we could visit while we did our business.

I even took books out there to read at times.

At this time, what I have in there to read are two popular women's magazines and a popular religious magazine out of New York.

Yesterday, I had to go both ways PDQ. I pulled down my panties and sat down, also, removing my hostess gown once I was seated and started peeing almost instantly. Same with pooping. It slid out of me like a well-oiled snake. Not sure what it looked like because I was too busy reading a couple of stories.

One was about the recently-passed-on wife of a much-loved evangelist and what it was like being married to him, raising a family, and living in a beautiful country home. It was so romantic! So was the other story I read about this retired couple where the husband's health problems put an end to their taking even overnight trips, much less world-traveling, so they began to take vacations in their own city and the surrounding area--and, during that time, they really started connecting as a couple again!

A few days before, I was reading the embarrassing moments section in one of the women's magazines, and one of the stories was about this mother and daughter who went into the restroom together.

The mother thought that her daughter had taken the stall beside of her. When she came out of her own stall, the other one was still occupied by somebody going to the bathroom.

So the woman asked her daughter if she were going poo-poo in there.

The "daughter" didn't answer her, so she repeated the question again, and still no answer.

So, picture this woman standing outside this stall asking over and over, "Are you going poo-poo in there?"

While she was doing this, her daughter--who had actually done her business and left ages ago--came in to tell her that Daddy said that it was time to leave.

And leave she did--before her "daughter" had the chance to come out of the stall and learn who had been asking her if she were going poo-poo in there!

Something like this happened to me back in the summer of 1985 when our national poetry convention was held down in Texas.

One of my friends (a lady named Marianne who went by Mickey) had told me that she didn't know if she could stay for the entire evening or not because she'd been dealing with diarrhea all day. She said that she might have to just go back to her room and call it a night.

We had this one speaker who went on and on and on with the subject matter being rather dry.

This one poet who was originally from Germany made the comment with his thick accent, "Most everytheeng be beeg in Texas!?!"

Mickey and I got a kick out of that.

Soon, she left.

The lecturer finally finished, and we had some stretching time before we had the award presentations for the night. I had to pee, so I saw that there was a restroom that was close to the convention room and went there.

After I peed, I was washing my hands when I heard "Boop-boop-booooooooop!" coming from this one stall, and I said, "Hey Mickey! I heard that!"

No answer.

I said something again, and still no answer, so I just thought that she didn't feel like talking, and I went on out of the restroom--only to find Mickey coming from another direction with some needlework.

She told me she had gone back to the room to pick up her needlework because she thought that speaker was going to go on and on, and she wanted something quiet and polite to do to take her mind off of him.

"If you're not the lady in the restroom," I exclaimed, "I wonder who was in there!"

About that time, an elderly lady of the prim-and-proper sort came out and gave me a glaring look as if she were trying to stare right through me before leaving the area.

Talk atcha later!
AJ :-)

Desperate to poop
I was off to work today on hols and decided to do some shopping in the town centre. I had a nice omelette for breakfast and large cup of coffee which I knew would get me going later on in the day.

Sure enough half way through shopping I felt the urge to go. I was in the main shopping centre and tootled off to the ladies conviences. As it was nearing lunchtime the toilets were reasonably busy but there was still 3 or 4 free stalls. I took a free stall between two people, one of who was audibly farting. I knew I was going to be doing a nice big poo as I head eaten well the night before to.

I pulled my skirt up and dropped my knickers down to my trainers and nestled my ass on the seat. It was actually a little cold and made my bum tingle. I unleashed a rather loud fart and then began pushing a rather large log out. I took my time to get it out and found it very pleasurable as it came out. It was just big enough to tingle my anus but not enough to make it painfull. I let nature take its course as I sat there enjoying my poop and after a few minutes a 10inch log dropped out. I had a tinkle and then dropped a few more turds over the course of five minutes. I finally finished wiped up and left.

The lady to my right was still going strong and gasping every so often as she shat. She stunk the place up quite bad. Mind you I was quite stinky as well. As I was leaving a Lady came in and winced her nose from the smell.

Red Headed Michelle. when's your next desperation story? They're cool!

Outdoor Jenny not heard from you for a while

Happy pooping all

I have another holiday pooping experience,

For the first few days of our Holiday we hired a day boat. It had a toilet on it but bizzarely the big window behind the toilet was NOT frosted and if you were moored up having a pee/poop anyone walking by could have seen you :). Wouldn't have bothered me too much but I don't really want young kids seeing me on the toilet.

Anyway one day we went out on the boat and were travelling for about 3 hours to our destination. I had felt bloated and gassy before leaving but could only drop a few pebbles. Halfway throught the journey I felt a slight urge that the rest was ready to come out. I decided to hold it as I was driving the boat and didn't really want to test out the suitability of the toilet for my big dumps. Anyway slowly but surely my urge increased. The speed limit for the boats was 6 miles an hour for environmental reasons so we weren't going anywhere fast. Anyway I managed to hold it until we moored up at our destination. A large windwill with an associated pub that you can only reach by boat or train.

You couldn't go round the Windwill as it was closed but the pub was open, THANK GOD. We made our way in and I excused my self to the toilet along with a friend who also joined. I quickly entered a stall and dropped my jeans and knickers and let out a large fart and proceeded to drop a large log. It was a good 10-12 inches and quite fat. It came out quite effortesley but had left a small mark on my knickers where it had been poking out. My friend left after a short pee.

I was not finished and felt another turd emerging. As I was getting this one out the door swung open and a lady came hurriedly in. She slammed the door shut and quickly got her pants down before unleashing with some softserve and letting out a big 'phewwwwwwwww'. There were only two cucibles and we now occupied these for a little while. I was on for a further 7-8 minutes. All the time the lady was unleashing horrible soft serve. I finally felt finished wiped up and left. There was one lady waiting and she went in and started a big tinkle.

We sat down and had a drink and I noticed the lady who had been soft serving (I could see her red trainers), come out about 15 minutes later

Happy pooping

I was wondering about an old story on here. It was about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend because she kept pooping her pants at Yankee Stadium. What page was that story on.

The Nasty Blind Aspie-

Well can you blame them? I wouldn't want to burn poo for everyday uses even if it IS possible. It's gross!

A survey for you.

1. how many of you out there find that having a poop is an arousing experience ????????
2. do you like to hear other people have a shit???????
3. do any of you hold on till yhe very last minute,just b4 u end crapping your pants.If so do u end up with skidmarks in your undies.
4. do you end up with shit on your hands when wiping.
5. If ur at a public toilet and there is no TP, what do u do (a) Hold on till u find one that has TP (b) have a shit and just don't wipe (c) use ya finger to do as best ya can
6. If ur on the phone and the urge to shit comes upon you,do u (a) tell the other party u have have a shit (b)try to hold on (c) or just shit in your panties.
7. If u shit y'self do u clean up asap or just wait for a more convenient time.

MY answers to my survey.
1. I have always found having a shit a very arousing experience. Reading back in previous posts I have noiced that many women find the same thing. I have masturbated many times while having a shit.
2.Of course I alwayys listen to the woman next to me ,especially when she is having a big dump.
3.I have always held on till the last second, as a child I hated having a shit cos I ended up with more shit on my hands than in the toilet. Therefore I have big skidmarks on a regular basis.
4. Yes after all these years as an adult I still get shit on my hand and fingers.
5.I have done all 3. If I have a tissue I just use my finger ,then wipe the shit onto the tissue and wash well after. Sometimes I have held on and shit my pants.The safest is to not wipe LOL.
6. Iusually just do it in my pants if the urge is too strong.
7. If I was getting up and the phone rang I'd shit my pants for sure,then clean up with my morning shower. But if I was say painting,I'm anartist, I will shit my pants and clean up when I felt I had the time,say 3 hours later.

I'm just starting high school and we have those open stall bathrooms. I choose the farthest stall down, but at the beginning of the passing period, I just know that all 9 or 10 stalls are going to fill up and there's going to be a line. Sure enough, in two or three minutes there is. I probably wait a period longer than I should before I go in but then I can sit right down and crap. There's very little sitting and waiting for it to come on my part. Within 15 seconds of my pulling down my briefs and sitting on the seat, I'm crapping. I've also learned to wipe fast and then get out of there! However, there's this guy named Gil--he got moved ahead a year because he's real smart--and he get's bullied because he goes different than the rest of us. Once he gets his stall, he'll spend two or three minutes carefully putting a layer or two of toilet paper over the two sides of the seat. Then he puts another piece or two over the front and then he puts another piece over the back. While I was washing my hands yesterday, I could see in the mirror why the guys pick on him. What he does is so different and it takes valuable time while the others are waiting. And I would be pissed too if I were the next in line and I sat down, crapped, and then found that he had used the last of the toilet paper. They call him "Girly Gil" but I don't think he hears it or at least he doesn't show it. My question is does this happen in the girls bathrooms too? I would think putting paper on the seat would take up time, waste paper, and piss off the other girls too.

Friday, September 28, 2007

my friend vika told me her ???? hurts so we wen to the toilet she went to a stall and she did a poo i heard a plonk

Me and my best friend Mya have known one another for about 10 years. We do a lot of stuff together during summers and also when we are in school. We are both in the 7th grade. When we are out away from home, Mya craps and pees a lot more than I do. That's no problem with me, but I was just taught to go before leaving home and that the inconveniences of public bathrooms can be avoided that way. Who wants to wait a half hour for a stall at Hannah Montana? Or make a choice about sitting down in someone else's pee or holding it because there's no toilet paper? Well Mya doesn't seem to care. And she always wants me to come into the bathroom with her and talk while she sits and goes. I don't mind that, but I think its unnecessary. Like what's wrong with me just sitting on a bench outside the mall restroom and drinking my soda while she goes into pee. I use to give in to her plea, take the stall next to her, sit down and pretend to go when I didn't have to just to keep her company. And I know that pissed off some ladies because you could see them peek in on me and Mya too. She had to crap and she would sit for a while to get it to come out. As for me, I was just wasting stall space by dropping my jeans and underwear and pretending to be going. Sometimes I would feel guilty and the smell from the other users' crap was a big turnoff. Once this past summer Mya was constipated and having a hard time getting her crap to come out. I think we tied up our stalls for about 15 minutes and other fans at the pro baseball game were getting restless and making nasty remarks. From under the stall partition I could see Mya shiftng her weight and widening her legs. I could tell from her sighs that she was in some pain as she stood up a couple of times, then sat back down and pushed hard to get it out. Then there was a thud and then several splashes I could hear in the bowl. She said: "****, I think my entire guts came out". Then she swore again when she reached for the toilet paper and there was none. She called to me to give her some under the partition, but I also had forgotten to look before sitting down and I also had none. She said something about me being dumb for not checking first and I got pissed. I pulled up my underwear and jeans and didn't even pretend to flush. I was standing outside in the hallway when Mya finally came out. She had to go down the line to another stall and sit down and clean herself. I got the impression that she thought that I should have went down and gotten the toilet paper for her. We're still friends but I just don't like having to fake using the bathroom so much just to please her. I think by the time a person is in middle school, they should be able to crap and pee on their own and not expect their friends to always be with them.

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