When I was fifteen, my family went on a trip to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Vermont. In the car was me, my two older brothers and my parents. It wasn't a super long trip, about six hours. We stopped at a diner to have lunch. Mine was not very good. It was really greasy and oily, but I was so hungry I ate it all anyway. Big mistake number 1.

We got back in the car and kept heading toward my relatives. About an hour later, I started having bad stomach and intestinal cramps. I thought I could gold it another hour or so, so I didn't worry when my Dad decided to take a "short cut," despite the fact that we had not visited my Aunt and Uncle for several years. Big mistake number 2.

After a half hour of driving, we were hopelessly lost in the middle of nowhere with nothing in sight but road, trees and an occasional house or building which looked abandoned. Now my guts were screaming to be emptied. I clenched my buns together as hard as I could and prayed I could hold it until we at least returned to civilization.

That just wasn't meant to be. A wet fart escaped and a glob of mushy shit slipped out of my ass. I caught it between my cheeks and yelled at my Dad, "Pull over!" He said, "Huh?" I yelled, "Please pull over, I'm going to shit my pants!!!"

He veered to the side of the road and stopped the car. I nearly ripped the door handle off getting the door open and ran as fast as I could with my butt cheeks clenched and my hands planted on my ass to the first patch of tall grass I reached. I tore at my button and zipper, yanked my pants and underwear down to my knees and squatted.

My ass erupted like Mt St Helens. What felt like a gallon of hot, sticky mud gushed out and splattered loudly on the ground below. I prayed that my brothers couldn't hear me farting or see the liquid shit spurting out of my bare bottom, that shit wasn't splattering onto my pants or sneakers and that no one else drove by and saw me. I knew I was barely covered, and the best I could hope for was that some cute boy in a passing car would think I was just peeing.

After what felt like a long, long time, I was done. I stood up, feeling light-headed. For a second I thought I was going to pass out, but I managed to retain my composure. I pulled my pants up, not even caring that there was who-knew-how-much leftover shit squashed between my buns and staggered back to the car.

We managed to make it back to the main road and got to my Aunt and Uncle's house within an hour. Luckily, I didn't have another bout of the shits until we were there. I went in the bathroom and pulled my pants down, not surprised to see a big brown stain in the seat of my panties. I had a little more diarrhea, not as bad as before, and then took a shower, and stuffed my shitty underpants in the bottom of the trash can.

Quite a trip.

Thanks to all the ladies posting your posts are great.Susie I agree with you its a fun experience soiling your underwear so post more experiences.Claire I also liked your post so keep on posting.

hi i am a fairly large girl or about average i eat a lot and i dont have the option of waiting so i often have to use public toilets to poop. i was driving on my way to my sisters i my stomach starting hurting i knew there wasnt many places to stop on this route and i really had to go badly now i see a gas station up ahead i pulled in praying nobody was on the toilet i ran in asked for the bathroom it was in the back i walked to the back a one seater for both men and wemon i opened the door and almost shit myself a guy was sitting on teh toilet i closed the door and sttod there waiting i knocked and asked him top please hurry i needed to go badly . waiting in line a women walked up holding her stomach asked if she could go ahead of me i said sorry iwas about to crap myself, finally the door opened he said sorry door dosent lock but i didnt care to needed to sit on the toilet so bad i ran in yanked my pants down to litterally exploded in the toilet then the door swings open and the lady who was behind me came back said sorry please hurryi said about 5 minutes. she closed the door . i was still going after 5 minutes she knocked and asked if she could have some paper i said one minute i am about done i wiped walked out she didnt even shut the door pulled her pants down and started pooping . that bathroom really needs a lock!!!!!!!!

Becky M
Hi everyone, Becky here again. Time to share a funny story. A couple of weeks ago I went out with some friends on a Thursday night. We all had a few drinks over dinner, which was really good Mexican food, one of my weaknesses. I had fun, but I knew the next day I was going to pay. My bowels are problematic as they are, so my imbibing was sure to have a significant impact the next day at work.

Sure enough, about mid-morning while at work, I had to make a mad dash to the ladies room. While I was coming in, there was a woman I see a lot in the ladies room. I believe she has "bathroom problems" similar to mine, as I see her there so often. I'll call her Nancee for this story. Anyway, I say a quick hi and run right to the stall and sit down. I am shy about my bowel habits, so I was glad she left right away, as I had a massive diarrhea explosion as soon as my butt hit the seat. Sure enough, I paid the price for the next 30 minutes. I finished up, and as I was washing up, Nancee came running in with an obvious urgent need. Sure enough, I soon heard a diarrhea explosion coming from her stall. I quickly left, as I hate it when people hang around the ladies room when I am having my own difficult session and am clearly hoping for some privacy.

I was good until after lunch, when I had another cramp signalling the need for another liquid dump. Into the ladies room I ran to spend another half-hour of my life on the can. Once again, as I was finishing up, Nancee came running in. We exchange quick hellos, and she ran to her stall and starting having another diarrhea episode. She was clearly not feeling well. At that point, she laughed and said "I swear some days I should just move my office in here". I told her I know the feeling, we both laughed and wished each other well as I left. Then, about 30 minutes later, I had to go yet again. I run into the same ladies room, and there is Nancee on her way out. AT that point I told her about my Mexican food experience the night before. She laughed, and told me she had a similar experience with Chinese the night before, and was paying a similar price today. This time, it took me nearly 45 minutes before I was done, at which time I decided to just go home early, as I was not going to get much work done under these circumstances. It was a good thing, too, as I spent another hour on the throne later that afternoon, this time from the privacy of my very own bathroom.

Take care all, and keep those stories and surveys coming.

I am wondering what is the LEAST PRIVATE public restroom anyone here has ever had to endure?

For me, it would definitely be the restrooms at Washington Square Park in Manhattan. I don't know about the womens room, but the men's room toilets sit in the back with no stalls or anything. You have to take a dump in full view of anyone washing their hands or using one of the other toilets. At least they have their own little area and aren't out by the urinals.

Curious to see if it really does get worse than that! Taking a shit in there was a truly nerve-racking and humbling experience.


desperate to poop
Hi all,

I've been away on hols for the last week. Red Headed Michelle hope to hear some good stories from you soon. Anyway for you and everyone else I have a new story from my hols. Well I have a couple but I'll start with this one

I went to a cottage and we also hired a boat out for a few days last week. Anyway the one day I got a pretty bad case of diarreoah. Not sure where it came from but I was up one morning shitting for quite a while. Anyway we decided to got to Asda to get some shopping and also allow me to pick some immodium up to be on the safe side. As we entered into the big superstore I got a severe cramp and knew another wave was coming. I told the others I'd meet them and to carry on shopping without me for now.

I quickly bolted for the toilets. Alas for sucha big store there weren't many cucibles (only 3) and when I arrived all 3 were taken and there was a line of 4 people waiting. Being lunchtime I expect it was extra busy. I was very desperate and was doing SBD's every now and then. The girl at the front was also jigging quite badly, but looked more like she really needed to pee. Just then a big fart came out of the 3rd stall and a moan as the lady unleashed a big load of poop. Thankfully the 1st cucible opened up and the girl dashed in. she only needed to pee and was done in a couple of minutes. This allowed the next lady to go in who also only had to pee (phew!). A forty year old ginger haired lady was next in and she took the place of that lady as the other two cucibles were still in use. Just then the middle store opened up and a gorgeous blonde walked out, looking very relieved, the blonde in front of me replaced her and I was next. I was now severely desperate and about to shit diarreoh into my pants. I had my button undone and my hand on my bum. I had also leaked very slightly

All 3 ladies were pooping and I really needed to get in. A queue had formed behind as well of about 3 people. The lady in the 3rd cucible was really bad and was pooping like no tomorrow. finally 5 minutes later the lady in the middle stall the blonde came out and I dashed in. The seat was warm and there were a flew floaters. I quickly dropped my jeans and plonked my ass on the seat and let rip with a prfffffffffffffffffft and some mushy poop. I couldn't help but groan with pleasure and relief 'oooooooooh'.

With the initial load out I still needed to go but could take some time. The gigner haired lady was constipated it seemed and grunting hard. The other lady who had black high heeled shoes and a skirt as there were no trousers round her ankles seemed to be finishing and was wiping up. I was still going and let another sludgy mush go. The gigner haired lady finally dropped a bomb and let out a sigh of relief.

I had been going for ten minutes now. The lady in stall 3 had left and been replaced by another couple of ladies. The last lady had to ask me for TP as the stall was now empty. As I had a replacement one I passed that under ensuring I had enough in my roll. I finally felt finished wiped up and left. The ginger haired lady was at the sink washing and looked like she was much relieved. I smiled as I approached and she smiled back as she left.

Happy pooping all

The Nasty Blind Aspie
Greetings. I agree that feces, both human and animal, could be quite useful if utilized properly. The methane gas could be used to fuel generators, and the poo itself could be burned as a substitute to coal, which is limited in supply. Once the coal and oil are gone, we're stuck, but feces NEVER run out, especially what with the population on this planet. Much of the manure produced on farms is used to furtilize fields, but human feces are simply "treated" and released back into the environment. I think if sewage plants would allow the water to be cleansed and keep the solids that the remainder could be used to harvest methane and/or be dried and burned as described above. The current trend is simply to let such a useful renewable resource tgo to waste, like pretty much everything else in this country. Have a great day

Pee lovers
I love the pee stories! Please post more of them! Thanx! ! ! PSSSSSSSS

Big G
Ive been a lurker for a long time but wanted to tell a story of my own finially. Im a male with black hair and greenish eyes. In 7th grade one day i had to poop really badly. In first period i was told i had to wait bc of a stupid school rule where u cnat go the first 10 minutes of class and then another student had to go to. Well after i was allowed to go i started going in my pants. It sucked i had to clean up which i did badly and chuck my underwear. I finially went back to class only 10 minutes later to start to shit my pants again it was so embarrasing. So i asked the teacher to go again adn seh let me go and now i had to clean my pants again it sucked. Finially another kid from the class came and asked me if i was alright i lied and said i felt like i was gunna trhow up he told me to go to the nurse. So i went back to class and went to the nurse. She did nothing. I made it threw the rest of the day without anything happening and i dont think anyone ever figured out somehow idk but im sure happy about that oo well i gotta go now ill post more again some time bye

The Nature Boy
I was searching through this site for info on Shirley Manson of Garbage, and came across page 1097 and the story of her taking a dump in her ex's cornflakes!

Anyhow, I was checking to see if anyone else had posted what I was about to: Wikipedia says she was quoted in an interview as saying "I hate boys who are frightened of pee and shit and menstrual blood… I want a man who will let me pee in his belly button."

I qualify in her book for the former, easily! The latter isn't usually my kind of thing, but for HER....!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I had an amazing pooping experience yesterday. I was walking to the market when I saw someone ahead of me. She was a woman and looked like she was in her late 20's. Very attractive, wearing a tight tube top and spandex pants. The spandex pants were so tight, you can clearly see that she wasn't wearing any underwear. So she was going 'commando' I guess you could say. She was clutching her stomach at times and apparently she needed to find a toilet and fast. After about 15 minutes of more walking, she started holding her butt and pausing to sit on her butt at times. All of a sudden, she bent over and let out a huge blasting fart. I thought she lost it right there because I saw something poking out of her crack, but she managed to push it back in. She started power-walking, looking all around her; I guess she was trying to find the nearest bathroom. With no luck, she let out another long, loud fart, and it happened. The huge turd came out so quickly. I saw her spandex stretch out as it curled under her butthole and made a huge, noticeable bulge. It just kept coming out with no end. After about 5 minutes, she started to pee as well and soaked her pants completely. Surprisingly enough, she never saw me! After a few more farts, she stood up as the turd weighed down her pants. She felt the bulge in the back and decided to keep walking like nothing happened.

One of my earliest memories of attempting to pee or poop in a public restroom came when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I was developing confidence in so many other areas and was not having any accidents or trouble going at home, so I was able to convince my mom that she would no longer have to take her little girl into a stall. I could select my own stall, close and latch the door, get up on the stool, pee or poop, and then wipe, flush and get down, and go out and wash my hands. Mom prepared me well. I especially remember the feeling of being on my own in going at places such as gas stations and I think once at Sears when we were shopping for my first school outfits. The problem was that these were smaller and out-of-the-way bathrooms, none like those at the Civic Center, Hall of Justice, highway rest stops or even the mall that would petrify me. I never really had much of a problem dropping my shorts and getting up on the stool, although some of the toilets seemed higher than others. Mom would always take the stall adjacent to mine and reassure me because she knew I needed confidence in order to go at school when I would be on my own. Many times when we were the only ones in the bathroom I found it fascinating to hear Mom's pee so loudly hit the toilet bowl and othertimes, I would hear her gasp, then a large fart, and even a larger noise of her poop blasting into the bowl. Often it would be followed with a sigh of relieve. I would ask "Are you OK Mommy and she would say something about losing half her weight". She would then remind me to take my time, wipe carefully and flush. Often, however, that's where it got difficult for me. I would be spooked sitting on the toilet when a person on the other side of me would throw the door open and it would bang against my partition and shake my stall badly. Once the adjacent toilet overflowed and the water started to come into my stall and onto my sandals and feet. Several times I would be scared by eyeballs looking at me between the stall door and partition and I also remember one situation where a woman get sick and hurled big time all over her stall. It was the worst smell I had ever experienced and I was further scared because she was down on her knees and I could see her hands coming under my partition to hold her up. In such experiences, I simply pulled up my shorts, got off the stool and ran to mom next door. I would be frightened and crying and she would open her stall, slide herself back on the stool far enough so that I could be seated immediately in front of her and she would hold and comfort me as we did our business together. I loved this and, as she tells the story, eventually came to expect such privileges each time we were out together. She said by the time I was in lst grade she mentioned my fears to my pediatrican and he gave Mom a plan to "wean me out of my comfort zone." When we were at public places, Mom would open and inspect a stall, watch me go in and then she would wait in the entry-way for me. There would be a reward for me when I was fully independent and consequences when I was not. Then Mom would go in and go by herself without being interrupted by me. I was terrified at first, but then got use to using the first or last stall (I loved the extra privacy)and by the age of 7 I was fully independent. I was visiting with Mom just last month when my daughter, 5, was about to begin school. With such a wonderful mother, I wanted to make sure I was doing things right for our family's next generation.

A poo option on a car would be a great addition, stuck in a traffic gammm, push a lever, the floor opens the seat opens too, and ones load go out on the freeway.
This country doesn't give enough credit to poo, poo could save the world from running out of energy.


I found this site today and i have a story to tell. first, let me describe myself. I'm 19 and my body is beautiful. I have long blonde hair, a wonderful face, large, natural breasts that bounce when i wear a bikini ( 0 )( 0 ), perfect thighs, and a sexy, beautiful ass. Anyway i was hanging out at the mall one day when i really had to use the bathroom. so i ran to the restroom, sat down and started letting out a long stream of piss. It started to stop', but i felt like i had to go number 2. Then, another girl sat down next to my stall and started peeing. I didn't want to be rude, and i tried to let everything out as quietly as i could. Then, probably cause i was nervous, a colossal fart exploded out of me. She asked me if i was OK and i said i think so, how about you. she said not so good and let out a messy fart accompanied by what sounded like diarrhea. She told me that last night she had had a few too many chipotle burritos, and was paying for it now. i was about to say something when a wave of gassy explosions escaped from my ass, along with, to my shock, massive diarrhea. The sound and smells said it all. all i could say was "oops". she laughed, pooped out some more diarrhea accompanied by some resonant farts, then said "don't be embaresd, what goes in must come out, and everyone gets diarrhea, constipation, gas and piss." we both let out several more diarrhea explosions, then finished up and exited our stalls. I ended up getting her number and email, and now wer'e BFF. i'll tell her about this site.' Expect some posts from marissa soon. POOP ON!

To Wendy from Chingford on page 1129.

Hi, I'm Remi, I had the same problem as you when I was small. My parents told me that motions were shameful and never talked about. And I was expected to go every morning before leaving home so that I wouldn't have to go at school. I always went quickly and wondered why some of my classmates needed 10 minutes or so just to do a motion.

The day I did a motion at school for the first time, at age 12, I found out why.

I had been exempt from gym for some reason. I was alone in the classroom reading while the other boys did gym. Suddenly I felt like it would be nice to poop so I went to the loos and chose one and pulled down my pants and sat down.

It felt good... I didn't want to move after the first motion. So I stayed where I was and a minute later my bottom opened again. This time a few motions. I stayed put, and my bottom opened again, and again, and again. So I flushed and then sat down to do more. And more. It was wonderful. I stayed there doing motion after motion until 5 minutes before the bell.

I felt like telling my friends, so I did. It made a nice subject of conversation. Some of them belonged to the "2-minute brigade" and others to the "10-minute brigade". I converted to the 10-minute brigade but still took only 2 minutes at home. Now I really enjoy my daily motion, and talk about it with my Japanese girlfriend. (She's a 10-minute like me.) When we are together we poop together, we can both deliver 1 metre of motion or more if we have enough time. We usually take turns, so the whole operation takes about half an hour. And it's great fun! when we marry, I'll tell our children to relax and enjoy their motions.

one time my BFF and I were going 2 the beach. I noticed the knot on her bikini bottom was loose. B4 i could say anything,a bug flew in her face, and she fell back, her bikini bottom fell off. And there she was, legs spread, so startled she was peeing up in the air, probably without meaning 2. Then, since she probably couldn't stop' it, a loud fart came out of her bare asshole, along with a little turd. She was so embrsd, but nobdy saw her, so it ws OK.

TO LINDA FOM AUSTRALIA...keep on will have to watch that you do not get piles! I have been having hard poos lately due to pain meds....I am thinking of colonic irigations etc
Thunder From Down Under

Sorrie if this sent mour thin once

Im 28 and I am a mail. I have muscular dystrophy and a learning disability. I am in a wheelchare because I can feel my legs I justed cant move them. One time in the hospital before I was in a wheelchare my docters told me not to go anywear with out help. I dont like to be helped when I go to use the bath room so I went on my oan. I got to the bath room but feel when I tired to get on the toylet. I wanted to ring the help bell but they wood have got mad if they found out I did not do what they said. I reilly had to use the bathroom bad and coulndt get back up. I did not no what to do. I figurd I cood justed tell them I relly had to go and coulndt wait. I rang the bell and wile I waited four them to come I began peeing on the hospital gown. They were simpathatic and got me a clean gown and washed me up. They did not talk abowt why I did not ask four help.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Toilet Quiz Lady
OK so I have a few questions for all the ladies reading this.

1. Have you ever walked in on someone who was relieving themself on the loo, bushes, ect.? Vice Versa?

2. Have you ever been forced to relieve yourself somewhere unusual(e.g. Bucket, Bushes, Plastic Bag, ect.)?

3. Have you ever relieved yourself in a body of water(e.g. ocean, lake, ect.)

4. What is the most embarrasing time you passed wind in public?

5. Do you talk about your bowels with other people offline?

6. Do you pass a lot of wind when you have a bowel movement?

7. What is the worst diarrhea youv'e had recently? Did you have a lot of wind?

8. How does your period affect your bowels?

9. What's the most wind youv''e ever passed in a day?

10. What was the most awkward pee/poop experience youv'e ever had?

hi im Silvana a 33 yo mom of 2 girls who have many wettings during day.
I m liberal with it,i wet when i was little too,and sometimes i do it now.
i think its not a big thing when someone wet.its ok for me.
And when your kids wet dont be angry with them. pee is a natural thing!
This is what i want to say.


Me and my best friend MacKenzie walk together to and from middle school each day. We live on the same block and spend a lot of time at each other's houses. We do most everything together except go the the bathroom. I don't know why, but I just prefer to go to the bathroom at home. I have more privacy and even despite three brothers who pee over the seat rather than lift it, I just prefer using my own bathroom. That means most mornings I'll be on the stool crapping before MacKenzie walks over and when I need to pee in the middle of the afternoon, I'll hold it in until 3:30 p.m. when I get home. MacKenzie, on the other hand, is just the opposite. When she gets here on several mornings she will say she's ready for her crap and I'll suggest that she use the bathroom upstairs right next to my room. In most cases, she has to wait anyway while I get my stuff together. She says no that she'll hold it for a half hour until we get to school. On days when it's not storming we have to wait outside the doors of the school until 7:45, at which time a 15-minute warning bell sounds, we are let in, and we have 15 minutes to report to our homerooms. On days when the weather's bad, we can enter the school earlier and she heads right to the bathroom to take her crap. I'll usually go in with her and while I'm waiting I'll comb my hair or just keep her company from outside the stall while she relieves her bowels. In the afternoons, right after school gets out at 3 p.m. MacKenzie goes back in--this time to pee. I have to pee usually but I will just wait for the half hour it takes for us to get to her or my house. I just don't like using public toilets unless it's an absolute necessity. My mom is the same way and will even avoid using the bathrooms at places such as the public library or in the office building where our dentist is located. Then we can't arrive home fast enough for her to go. Most of my friends are like MacKenzie and they think nothing of sitting on a public toilet stool. I try to avoid it whenever possible. Am I really that strange?

I love 2 pee! I just peed in the sink! It rocked. I loved the hissing sound. I have been peeing in my pants and i just love it! You feel gultty before you do it and then you feel warm hot pee run down my legs! My mom got mad and i stopped but peeing outside is fun 2! Keep the pee stories comin!

I keep reading posts about people whose parents force them to hold their pee. What is up with that? It's completely unhealthy! I hope that those who are victim to parents who are severely strict about holding your pee don't subject their own children to such things. I myself have never had that problem. My mother was never strict about such things because she has a weak bladder herself. I usually only go about three times a day anyway. In the morning, after school, and before bed. More when I'm sick though. Are there anymore good pee stories out there? I especially like those about guys having accidents.

so i'm a senior in high school, and i'm a 17 year old girl. here we go with my desperation story. i have my license, but no car, so there goes driving to school. i have to take the bus. well, everymorning, i have this big jug of water before homeroom, and usually by 3rd period study, i go to the bathroom. well my teacher wasn't there today, so there was no more bathroom passes available. jsut great. so lunch rolls around, but i won't use the cafeteria bathrooms cuz they're gross. so i held in my pee. the last bell rang, and i really had to go by that point. i didn't want to miss my bus, so i got on it for the 25 minute ride home. not that bad right? well it is when you have to pee. i sat on my feet and held my crotch the whole entire way back to my bus stop. i made it to the bus stop. more bad news.. the bus stop is about a 1/2 mile away from my house. luckily i didn't have any homework so i wasn't carrying any books. i had to pee so bad it hurt to walk. as fast as i could, i went into a person's yard where i knew they were all at work, so i could pee. i went behind their shed and opened the shed door just so i was completely covered. i'm exteremly pee shy, and i tried to go so bad but it wouldn't come out. so i pulled up my pants and ran home. the door was locked, and just lucky enough for me, no one was home and i had given my sister my key. fantastic. well, i managed to climb in through the window, and i had already spurted a little bit of pee into my underwear, but it wasn't as bad as i feared. it took me about 10 minutes to climb through the first story window, and then i had to go bad. on my way to the bathroom, i had to hunch over for two minutes so i didn't pee my pants. not like it would have been a big deal because i was the only one home, but still, i didn't want it to happen. well it didn't work, and i started to pee in my pants in the bathroom on my way to the toilet. i undid my pants and pulled them down to about my knees and then i stood in front of it, and i didn't even sit down. i just peed. and it felt really really good. just standing there and peeing my entire water out into the porcelin bowl was the most relief i've felt in a while.

Hi Bernice; Thank you so much for your story! That must have been quite an experience. Please share any similar stories. I'm trying to get up the nerve to poop in public. I have peed in public a number of times, but that's easier!!! Love to all, Jamie

Linda from Australia here again. I mentioned in my last post that I hadn't done a poo all day yesterday (Friday). I felt the urge to go as I finished writing my post but when I tried on the toilet, nothing came out, not even any farts. I was feeling very bloated and I really needed a poo. I had a shower and tried again on the toilet but I still couldn't get anything out. I watched tv for a while in my bedroom and I had a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Before I went to sleep, I tried on the toilet for a poo yet again but it wouldn't budge.

I slept okay during the night but every time I got up for a wee, I could feel a big hard turd in my anus. It felt sharp and quite uncomfortable. It was about 9am when I decided I needed to push my load out. I sat on the toilet and did a wee. Then I waited. After about 10 minutes, I could feel a turd moving down slowly. I pushed and strained but the poo was well and truly stuck up my butt. I felt my anus with my fingers and it had opened up wide. I couldn't feel any poo coming out yet. I pushed and pushed and pushed but it wasn't working - the poo just stayed stuck in my anus. I strained as hard as I could but that didn't work either.

I got up off the toilet but I didn't pull my knickers or pj pants up. I found a magazine in my room and went back to sit on the toilet. I read some articles while I tried to relax a bit. I thought this might help my poos to come out. It didn't work so I started pushing and straining again. This time I pushed so hard that I closed my eyes and screwed up my face. This didn't work either and by now I was getting desparate. I had been on the toilet for nearly 45 minutes and I still hadn't managed to squeeze any poo out!! I thought about digging the poo out (I felt my anus and the poo had only come out about 1 centimetre, it was thick and sticky) but I had a few more things to try first. I stood up, still with my pants around my ankles and pushed. I put both hands on the wall in front of me and pushed like there was no tomorrow. Then I sat back down on the toilet and leant as far forward as I could. This time I could feel the poo move down a bit more and FINALLY it slid all the way out!!!!!!!!!!! My butt was SO SORE after that, infact, it was burning. I wiped my bum and it took 7 or 8 wipes to clean all the poo off. It took me an hour to push that load out!!! I had a look at my job in the bowl and it consisted of 2 medium sized logs. I expected to see rock hard logs but they weren't. They were so stubbotn to get out though! I wonder why only medium sized logs took an hour to push out?? I think it may have been the chilli sauce I had on my steak a couple of night ago that caused this. I often get a bit constipated if Ive had chilli but never this bad!! I had such a terrible time on the toilet this morning and it was the worst time Ive had doing a poo in years!!!!

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having a bit of trouble with poos lately. I seem to be going only at night after work. I prefer to go in the morning before I leave for work, otherwise I feel very uncomfortable all day. All this week, I tried to poo before work but nothing would come out. I had to wait all day to go. I noticed that I've been pooping out lots of rock hard turds. Last night I did a small load but each log was hard as a rock. As each log came out, they hurt my butt. The last bit of my load got stuck as it was coming out and I had to push really hard to get it moving again. I haven't done a poo all day today, I tried this morning but I couldn't get anything out. Then I tried again when I got home and still nothing. Hopefully I can go soon.

To Matt: I found it strange that your girlfriend felt weird about you needing a poo, while you were 'getting close'. Surely she must understand that everyone needs to poop, even her. Did you explain to her that you would be able to perform better after you had taken a dump?? I can also understand that she felt frustrated but she has to understand that sometimes we all need to poo when its inconvinient. When I was with my boyfriend, I got turned on whenever he did a poo. He used to let me watch and I let him watch me. One time, I watched him take a massive dump and he had a really hard time getting it out. He looked so sexy when he was straining and sweat was running down his face. He had to work really hard to get his load out and it took him a good 20 minutes. I loved watching the expression on his face as he had to concentrate hard to push his poos out. He told me later that he hadn't done a poo for a few days and it was the biggest dump he had ever done!!

I'm now feeling the urge to poop so hopefully its not too hard to get. out.

Matt - I'm fairly certain she'd think dropping a load in your pants while making out with her was a hell of a lot less romantic, so I don't understand her reaction to you telling her you needed to go.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

I don't think you were wrong. But then again, I'm a guy, so maybe the girls here will tell you differently.

Unbelievably I had two accidents in one single day.

On monday nights I usually go to sleep really late because im editing my local college paper. I got up tuesday feeling kind of bleh and exausted. As I went through my day my stomach was hurting but I didn't have time or a chance to go to the bathroom.

Lately, I've been having these weird and suddenly strong urges to pee that come on me suddenly. I think they are related to my stomach problems because when I've not gone in a few days the urges are much worse.

I had debate practice from 7-9 and felt bed throughout. Then, I was walking back from my dorm with a friend of mine ( who I think may like me and who I think is really cool) and I felt like I had to poop pretty urgently. I began to walk away and towards my dorm at a fork in the path and when I got about 20 feet away was hit was a strong urge I could hardly contain. I managed to hold in the poop, but when I looked down I suddenly saw my pants growing wet and felt myself wetting my pants. This is was first truly accidental accident since I was in about 3rd grade, so I was shocked. It only lasted for a bit and I regained control and went up to the bathroom on my floor.

Fortunetly, I decided the damage was not bad and that I could continue to wear the same clothing. I sat and tried to poop but could not, so I got up and went to the campus center to do my political talk radio show.

Half way through my show, my co-host had to leave and left me alone to talk for the rest of the hour. I could not talk bymyself for 30 minutes straight because I already had a sore voice and did not feel well. I got up to instead play some music cds and was letting out a couple of farts as I went along. Suddenly, one feltl ike an explosion and I suddenly my underwear was splattered with wet poop. I quickly put the show on automation and left the station

I slowly waddled down to the gender neutral single stall bathroom down the hall and took a look at the damage. I instantly threw the underwear away. They were utterly ruined. My pants were salvagable but badly damaged. I cleaned them with soap and made the stains look less conspicuous. I eventually went back to the station to pick up some of my stuff and two other djs were in the station and gave me strange looks. I am pretty sure they noticed or at least smelled me. It was definetly humiliating. One asked me my name for whatever reason, and I told him and then I left. I tied a sweater around my waist as i went outside so no one else noticed but i had to stop and give someone directions and probably grossed them out with the smell

I cant believe I had two pretty bad accidents in one night. I decided to throw the pants away because I had no where to put them other than in my laundry bin and then they would stink up the room. Aside from the people at the station I don't think anyone could have noticed and I don't even really think they did, so i guess things could have been worse. Still I shit my pants at the campus center and wet them a few feet away from a cute girl who I think likes me ( though I have a gf so I can't be too interested) so overall it was not a very good day at all.

To Jessica T.

Just read your post, I agree with you it is a good experience to poop in your panties. My urge often comes when I first get up and frequently I am able to hold it for a long while at least till the end of the day. Therefore I sometimes end up with skids. My shits are usually quite sticky therefore I end up having a "sticky wedgie".

But this morning I was up early watching the Rugby World Cup with my boyfriend and felt a very strong urge about 1/2 time. I did not want to miss any part of the game. So I said to my b/f, Jack I really need to shit, I've been holding it since I got out of bed, do u mind? He knew what I meant, so I just lifted my left cheek and gave a gentle but firm push and shit my panties. We'd had a big meal of pasta the night b4,the result was a bout 3 huge turds of sticky poo that filled my panties. As I sat down it went into my crotch and around my pubes and up the back of my panties to the waistband. A very pleaseurable experience, I then finished watching the game, had a coffee and had a shower about an hour or so later.
I shall tell more of my "accidents" in future posts if anyone is interested???????????????
Love Susie xxxxx

To Matt: What would happen if your gf suddenly wanted to go to the toilet in such a situation? Now your gf said why did you not dump before you came over...does she not realise that not everybodies bowels open on command?
I think what you needed to do is rather than "loose interest" during the event and her realise it, take the lead and excuse yourself for a dump sooner rather than later.
Now if she is put off by needing a poo then maybe she is too shallow and brittle and remember People in Glass Houses should not throw Stones!
Next time tell them that you need a poo and if they want they can come and keep you company!!!!!

Right now there is a big one knocking at my back door, I had some pain killing meds last night and have not been today so do not know what will happen...I will leave the screen on and report back in several minutes.
I am back success, I suppose...sat on the throne and the turd was too big..too hard waited for a while and got the long push and grunt and out it came and hit the water with a plonk.
Thunder From Down Under


I am with my fiance quite often when things get uh "HOT" and in the middle sometimes i have to pee or he needs to shit. its really no big deal for us because its natural. i would never get put off and neither would he. hmm. i wonder why she acted like that.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hi, I'm 17 and fairly skinny. I eat a lot though and have to poop twice a day to stay comfortable.

I normally do my poos at around 7.30 in the morning (after my breakfast) and then again at around 7.00 in the evening (after my main meal).

Yesterday evening for some reason, although I sat on the toilet and thought I had to go, nothing happened. I was going out on a date with my girlfriend Rachel, so after a while I just gave up trying to crap and just went out.

The date went "really" well and Rachel invited me to stay at her apartment. I was feeling pretty 'hot' towards her so this arrangement suited me just fine.

Things just started getting 'groovy' with Rachel though when I suddenly felt what really felt like an iron weight move down and sit right ontop of my bum-hole. Boo! my delayed evening poop was making its presence felt.

Try as I might, this need just got stronger and stronger, and Rachel noticed that my 'interest' was waning. She said what's up don't you want to do this any more? I told her I really really wanted to do "that" but unfortunately I really needed to sit on the loo first.

She just went really unfriendly then and said why couldn't you do that before coming home with me and that it's not very romantic to get in bed with your boyfriend only for him to tell you that he really has to take a dump.

Obviously at that stage there were things I'd much rather have done at that tme than empty my guts, but I don't know about other men but I know that I can't keep my 'boys bits' 'interested' if I really need to sit on the toilet.

Was I wrong or was she wrong? I know I needed (and enjoyed) a massive dump but I'd have far rather had that then had a night with my gf. But she seems to think it weird that her bf would need to do that?

I feel inadequate for not being able to satisfy her needs, but if she'd only let me go to the toilet beforehand without going on about it I'm sure it would have all been ok.

I know I've got a lot to learn about the opposite sex, but why would someone who claims to love you get put off by the fact that you need a poo?

I remember another accident I had when I was a kid. I was 6, and before and after school my mom sent me to this after school program from about 4 til 6 pm called BASK. I remember once after school I peed my pants because I couldn't hold it. I was wearing these corduroy pants with those stupid suspenders. When that happened I couldn't stop crying and the staff tried to comfort me. Luckily it dried quickly so my mom never found out, or if she did she never asked me.

One time I was really, really sick and came dangerously close to shitting myself. I was 15, in Grade 10 and I had an upset stomach the night before the Literacy Test, but I didn't think anything of it. At about 3 am I got up and was vomiting in the bathroom and felt really sick. I went back to bed until 7 am, and my mom woke me up. It was Valentines Day, 2002 and the day of the Literacy Test, so it was really bad timing to get sick.

I told my mom I didn't feel well, and she got mad thinking I was trying to make excuses not to go to school and take the test. I insisted I was sick and she didn't believe me and said get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast. My sister told me to come have breakfast as well and I said I didn't want anything. She told my mom. I sat on the stairs and my mom got mad and told me to stop fooling around.

All of a sudden I lost consciousness and fell down the stairs, and this got my mom freaked out because I was falling/sliding down the stairs on my knees and rolled to the bottom landing with my legs behind me and my head on the stairs. My mom was terrified because my eyes were rolled back in my head. It felt like I was out of it for half an hour but it was really less than a minute. My mom asked if I was okay, and I came to and realized I had to shit...BAD!

I told my mom and she said I couldn't go back upstairs and I asked to use Dad's bathroom downstairs and she said no she didn't want me going down the stairs. I insisted I had to go really bad, and all of a sudden I had the urge to throw up again. I grabbed a bucket and made my way slowly upstairs. I got into the bathroom, pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet. Diarrhea gushed out and I was shitting and puking at the same time. I almost lost it in my panties on the way up the stairs but I managed to hold it.

I went to bed after and fell asleep and my mom told me not to come downstairs or get up unless it was to use the bathroom. I didn't have anymore diarrhea that day, but I threw up about 7 times.

I woke up to my mom telling me we had to go to the hospital to check out my head to make sure I didn't have any injuries, so she called a cab and I got dressed, and threw up once more before going into the cab. I was at the hospital about 2 hours. They did a CAT scan on my head, which thankfully there were no injuries, and checked out my legs which were badly chaffed and had abraisions. They also gave me some Gravol for the vomiting, and we were able to go back home and I rested the rest of the day.

The next day I was alot better but considering it was the 2nd day of the Literacy Test my mom let me stay home since I had missed the first part of the test. I ended up taking the test the next year.

That was the worst flu I've ever had, at least the only one that I blacked out in.

That's all for now :)


Red Headed Michele
Desperate To Poop: I really miss your stories. Do you have any more desperation stories that you're famous for. I have a couple and I'll write more in a little bit. I jus got back to my regular work schedule as I've been away training.

Pee lovers
Hey! I havent got a story but i have requests. Please post some more ubsurd pee stories! Like peeing where u shudnt! Please? I love em! See ya soon! I need to go pee real bad! Or wait, im goin to try and hold it! Mabe ill have to go outside then....;)

Coming home from the grocery store today my wife was holding herself while I sat beside her. She had one hand on the steering wheel and one into her crotch. She was bouncing slightly in her seat. I started to get turned on as as watched her. But I had to pee myself. I had my legs crossed as we pulled into our driveway. I got out and bent down grabbing my penis tightly. I was desperate. I started to run to the door and thought CRAP because my wife would get into the bathroom before me. I ran to the bathroom doing a desperation dance. My wife had the door open. She was jumping up and down trying to get her zipper down, cursing. She begged me to get it down she was about to have an accident. I grabbed the zipper and tried to pull on it but it wouldnt budge. I grasped it tight and pulled really hard and it finally released and as soon as it did I saw a wet spot start to grow on her pants. She pulled down her pants and underwear pee shooting from her vagina as she desperately sat on the toilet. Seeing this I felt a spurt escape into my underwear. I begged her to hurry up I was about to pee myself. Hearing her pee I lost it. My pants were soaked in a matter of seconds. She finally got off and I pulled my penis out and began to pee in the toilet. As I did I felt my pants being filled with poop. I didnt even feel the urge too! I couldnt believe it. My wife began to laugh. My face turned beat red. She left still laughing. Another time watching a movie at a movie theater I saw a man beside me grabbing himself and twisting wildly. He told his wife he wanted to finish watching the movie. all the sudden I saw a wet spot suddenly appear and quickly grow he jumped up and ran out of the room. I started to laugh really hard. I couldnt stop. I winced when I felt a hot jet of pee shoot out of me. It wouldn't stop. I just sat there because I knew I lost the battle. My pants were soaked. I guess thats what I get for laughing. I hate having such a small bladder. I have about an accident a week because I wait until the last minute.

I was just reading Single Woman's post about drinking alcohol, and having to poop the next day. A girl we'll call "tina" I used to date told me once that when she drinks alcohol, the next morning she has an extra bowel movement. Normally she has her daily BM in the afternoon just before she goes to work as a nurse in a local hospital.
So she told me that on typical friday nights when she goes out for drinks with her cousin and best friend, that saturday morning after when she wakes up, she has one of those powerful and strong smelling farts, that signal a major poop session coming on. So on the way to the bathroom she asks her family (an uncle, Aunt, and Sister) if they need to use the bathroom, because she's gonna "tear it up".

Tina says that its a 15-20 minute session involving several medium sized, extremely foul smelling turds. when she finishes and flushes she leaves a few poop stains in the toilet. Later in the day she proceeds as normal to have another bowel movement, which is a few medium turds smells not quite as bad and only takes 5-10 minutes.

I find that after 5 or more beers at night I have the worst case of farts the next day... My current girlfriend gets the same way as Tina and has an extra large BM in the morning instead of the just normal morning BM.

I know I have a problem both at school and when I'm out in public. Often when I clearly should be sitting down to pee or shit, I'm diverted by talking to my friends, classes that don't have any breaks (two of my teachers this year are really mean about letting students go from class to the bathroom), and occasionally, I initially get turned off by pee left on the seat or a long line waiting to use the few toilets available. I don't know why, but I often will hold my afternoon shit until I get home at 3:30 p.m. I just like the privacy and there's always toilet paper on the roll when I go for it. However, this past weekend me and my best friend Megan went to an alt. rock concert at the Civic. The bathrooms were huge, 20 or 25 stalls in two lines facing one another. There were at least two or three women waiting for each of the stalls. The first time we went in about 11 a.m. (we both had had coffee and needed to pee badly)Megan didn't want to wait and found a doorless stall about halfway down the row. She immediately went in, dropped her jeans and panties and seemed very relieved by the huge sound of the pee draining into the bowl. I was standing in the doorway talking to her as she peed and also shielding her from others who were in line--some of them rather impatiently waiting--for one of the other doored stalls. As soon as Megan got done, she immediately pulled her pants up and left the stall without flushing! She said she would wash her hands and come back and help shield me while I sat down to pee. But the pain of me holding it became too much and I just couldn't resist dropping my jeans, pulling down my thong, and getting rid of the pain. I didn't even worry about flushing or putting paper over the seat (sorry Mom!). I had just started my pee flow, Megan was talking to some girls she knew from another school and she forgot me. I looked up and there was a boy about 6 or 7 standing there eyeing me and making me feel really creepy. He just stood there and watched me. I thought: "Am I the first girl he's ever seen use the toilet?" Of course, I knew what the answer was. I was desperately trying to complete my pee with him standing there practically in a trance. Finally, a woman (I assumed it was his mother) came out of the stall next to mine, glanced at me and when he pointed me out to her, she made some sarcastic comment about him being too smart to sit directly on a public toilet seat and not in a stall with no door. She put paper over the seat for him in the adjacent stall and I could hear him take his shit. Then I pulled up my pants, wiped, and flushed and then got out of there as fast as I could. Megan was still talking to her friends from the other school. Great job Megan, subjecting me to such embarrassment!

Mr. Clogs
Hi single woman: Love your post. That happen to me once, but I didn't stay a long time like you did in the bathroom, but I had one of those type of hangovers, it felt good after I got all of that booze out the system. Keep the posts coming.

Fat Chick: Hey, I love you BBW who can make a nice piles of turds. Who says you have to be lean and trim to make monstrous turds. Do you struggle when you have to take a dump? Also have you peed in poop in things and places other than the bathroom or a toilet? I love yours and Fat Woman's posts as well.

Juanita: I can feel your anger and frustration, nothing worse I you have to use the bathroom after some idiot didn't flush the toilet. People do humanity one big favor, please cleanup after yourself.

Take care everybody and have a good week.

--Mr. Clogs

Keith D
Everyone's been posting stories about strict parents enforcing bizarre rules on their kids' toilet habits. I guess I'm lucky that I don't have any stories like that. But I do remember one incident at school with someone else…

I was in grade school and about 10 at the time. There was this one girl in my class, Nicky, who was always getting in trouble. She sat at the desk behind me and was always getting into class late, talking when we were supposed to be quiet and generally stuffing around. You know the type. There is one in every class. Nicky used to get really bored and was always putting her hand up to ask the teacher permission to go out to the bathroom. At least every couple of hours. Even during tests. And it would be ages before she got back because she used to take the long way and talk to everyone she met.

One day, the teacher was getting really cranky because he was trying to explain something in maths and Nicky talked constantly. Then she asked to go to the bathroom. He just said no and waved his hand dismissively. "But I really have to go." She pleaded. "No!" and he just kept talking. About five minutes later Nicky was fidgeting loudly and the teacher was scowling at her while writing on the blackboard. She put her hand up, said "I really have to go" and started getting up from behind her desk. "SIT DOWN THIS INSTANT" the teacher yelled, slammed down the chalk and started heading our way. I slunk down in my chair. He had a booming voice and when he was scolding someone he used a tone that always managed to make everyone in the room feel guilty like they were doing the wrong thing too. "You'll sit right there and not disrupt my class again!" He yelled at Nicky right behind my seat. The hair was starting to stand up on the back of my neck.

Nicky kept squirming mumbling "I really have to go…" The teacher stormed back to his desk and pulled something out and held it up. A roll of duct tape. Everyone in the class giggled. As scary as he could be when someone was misbehaving, he like to play practical jokes. But this time he actually wasn't joking.

Nicky was laughing out loud as he approached, starting to reel off some tape. The whole class was laughing as he pulled her chair back from behind the desk and started to wrap the duct tape across her thighs (she was wearing the school uniform of checked skirt and stockings), down through the chair legs and around several times. Some kids were still giggling but others were falling silent, not really believing what we were seeing. He kept going till he ran out of tape, leaving the end of the roll hanging and walked back to the front of the class to continue the lesson. Nicky was tied to the chair and silent.

A little later I could hear her wriggling and whining to her friend sitting next to her "I really have to go…" A little while later Nicky started sobbing quietly and someone was giggling. I looked around behind and Nicky was sitting with her head hanging low. I was instantly met with the unmistakable smell of pee. It was that really strong, pungent stinky type of pee, it was dark yellow and running off the front edge of her chair and dribbling onto the tile floor. I grabbed my bag off the floor from behind my seat to keep it from getting wet. Everyone started sniggering. The teacher came over and looked genuinely horrified. "I told you I had to go…" He whispered a few things to Nicky, cut the tape with scissors and led her quietly from the room. The whole class broke out in laughter and chatting.

The teacher came back a little while later with a cleaner. Nicky didn't come back for the rest of the day. She was at the school principal's office or something. We all got a lecture on "the boy who cried wolf". I can't believe he (the teacher) got away with that. I don't think Nicky's Mom even made a complaint. There's no way you'd get away with it today - the teacher would get fired for sure. It's got to be abuse.

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