Hi i'm new to this site. I'm 17, chinese, 5'4, 120 lbs and i'm n a-cup so not a lot of boys pay attention to me.
i play on my school's volleyball team and i just had a very bad accident last year.
i haven't gone in 5 days and i usually go every day. and that day i had a game. i tried goin the night before the game but i couldn't. soi took some laxatives cuz my mom said it should help by morning. i woke up next morning and still couln't go.
the rest of the day was ok unil game time. so about 3 minutes before the game i felt some pressure down there. but since we were at another school i couldn't find the bathroom and it was almost time for the game.
I wore those tight excerise shorts that go to right above the knee with my panties underneath. i usually don't wear them diring a game but in a rush i forgot to take them off and i'm happy i forgot.
the pressure kept building through the game. unfotunately, about halfway through the game it was so unbearable i let a liuttle out. it was semisoft and really messy. i froze and checked the back of my sorts to make check if it's noticable.right then a ball hit me. i lost controll and unloaded 5 days worth of poop in to my panties and shorts. everyone saw and i'm sure i heard the other team laughing.
i tried to make a run to the bathroom but my coach stopped me and told me to stay. she put a plastic bag on the bench and had me sit through the rest of the game with the poo in my shorts. it smelled really bad but it stayed in my shorts and panties. some of the girls in my team started laughing at me and others gave me disgusted looks. i was so embarassed.
we eneded up winning the game and i thought i could go wash myself in the washroom but my coach told me to straight to the bus. we were all walking to bus and my coach had me stand in front so the team could see. by now i cloud feel all the mess in there shifting around and i just wanted to clean up. suddenly i felt the movement again and went in my shorts again in front of my team.
when we got back to school one of the girls on the team called her friends to bring a camera and they took a picture of me. (it was later put in the yarbook under the "embarassing moments section") after that i was teased for a while but it just passed after about a month or so.
the only other accident i remeber having was at the bus on the way home i needed to go pee and i just peed on the seat. the seat absorbed it all and luckily i wore my gym shorts so it wasn't noticeable.
anyways i gotta go use the toilet now so i'll write some other time

Mike, when you said "I can tell you THIS: Guys don't stare into stalls while guys are shitting, unless it's a buddy and we got something important to say." Let me assure you, nothing can be further from the truth. You might think no one is watching, but there are definitely dudes out there who will.

I just passed possibly the largest turd I've ever done. My stomach has been bloated and sore for days, and now that I changed my diet I've been eating more, which probably means bigger turds.

I just went to the bathroom with my book, sat down and pushed and within 1 minute I was all done and my stomach contracted and got smaller.

I got up and looked in the toilet. It was 15 inches long and about as thick as a banana!! It was curled into the toilet bowl. I wiped and flushed it down the toilet, feeling much smaller and much less bloated in my stomach. It went down extremely easy, breaking apart as it went down.

That's all for now. Happy pooping.

I posted earlier about how this morning I took a 15" dump. Well I just came back from the bathroom, after having to go AGAIN, and ended up passing another 8" turd.

It's amazing. My stomach feels a lot smaller and I am not bloated and sore anymore. The major changes in my diet have made a big difference--literally.

I am eating alot of fibre, fruits, vegetables, salad, smaller meals and rarely eating junk food or fast food. I am also drinking lots of green tea, and it seems to work as a laxative. I couldn't feel better than this.

All this is making me pass LARGE turds as well. About 3 days worth of food came out in about 23" worth of poop altogether.

Once my body gets used to this change I should become much more regular, going every day or every other day rather than only once a week. At this rate my IBS-C should be more than manageable and should eliminate or seriously decrease constipation.

Happy pooping!


To cant-find-a-story:

This story is on page 1482 from MANNY.

I live in england, and a few weeks ago we were visiting my aunt out in the country. It was our second day there, and i hadn't peed in the past two days. I hadn't had much to drink the day before we left, but it was stuffy and i had drank a lot in the car and on my first day there, so it was about 4:00 PM and I asked my aunt where the loo was. She said there was a restroom in the woods a few minutes walk from here. when i got there it was actually very nice. It was a large wooden building with a door latch. there was a hand- operated sink, and two deep bowls on the floor. they were removable so you dumped everything into a hole in the floor and rinsd it off with another hand-operated pump. there was even oap and a sliding wooden divider between the two bowls, if you wanted privacy. I locked the door, pulled down my jeans and panties, squatted over the bowl and began to piss. it came out in a fast stream for several minutes. It felt really good, and i let out a sigh of relief. then i let out a few quiet dry farts, one moderatly loud wet one, and emptied out the bowl. I was about to wash my hands when my aunt startd banging on the door. I quickly let her in. she immediatley lifted up her dress, pulled off her underwear, and let out a massive blast of wind, along with spraying some brown on the bowl. she continued to spray fart almost constantly for ten minutes. she also let out a few mushy lumps. then she let loose soe zipper farts, dropping a few snakes into the bowl. Then she began a thundering wet fart that lasted more than a minute without stopping. she grunted, and a huge log started crackling out. it mutv'e been three feet long, and it was unbelieveibly wide. then she let loose a fart that started very quiet, but gradually erupted, shooting out thin brown snakes for five or six minutes without stop. then she let out about 50 squirting farts in a row, ending with the loudest fart of all completely covering the rest of the dump in brown liquid. After she emptied the bowl of the contents of her bowels, she explaind that she had been constipated for weeks, and had taken a natural remedy her grandmother had taught her. She said tat she probably wouldn't have to go to the bathroom again, but would be unimaginably gassy for the next few days, proving he pont with more than one hundred booming long farts before we even got back to the cottage. She has given me the recipie, and enough ingredients to make more than a hundred servings. That stuff can really clean you out. I'm planning ongetting constipated and then trying it on myself, and will give you the play-by-play when i do

Hi folks.Thought i'd share this with you.In the book "Anita and me"there is a passage which describes a group of kids(boys and girls)having a peeing contest.The boys pee first and then Anita hands her knickers to her shocked friend,squats and pees.
Another girl is teased because she has "a poo stripe" on her knickers.One of the other girls then wets herself deliberately because she wants to divert attention away from her friend.
In the film version which came out a few years ago,this scene is not included for obvious reasons.I would be interested to know if anyone else has read a book with peeing references in it. CHEERS BYE ANDY!

Thank you Ebony, I liked that last story you wrote :=)

Cute & Shy, hey friend, where are you? Please come back, I miss your fun stories again. If you're still reading on here, holla back! Peace!

To Single Woman...although I only rarely drink too much alcohol it does not have a great effect on my might just get them working a bit better...the stink is no different.

A comical episode was when I was sitting in a portable toilet facility, I had just wipped and was about to get off the toilet when a flood of water came through...fearing the worst I leaped up from my semi dressed state and jumped out the door and almost landed on top of a couple who were of middle their laughter the cleaners had started to hoe the cubicles further up and the water flowed into my area in quite a torrent.
That is all
Thunder From Down Under

Thursday, September 20, 2007

There was an accident on the San Mateo Bridge involving three trucks. The accident took place at 7 in the morning and the bridge will be shut down until about 10:30. I wonder how many people got out of their cars to pee? Many people have large bladders and can wait for hours.

One of the trucks was carrying dry cement. If the cement had been wet, it would have hardened. Then they would need drills to remove the cement.

Why does it take them so long to remove the overturned trucks?

Once the freeway close to where I live was shut down for a long time. On TV, they showed men getting out of their cars to pee.

To Todd: There is a third option if you come across poopy underwear in a public toilet: leave it there. A few months ago I had to shit real bad while driving and stopped at a men's room on the interstate. There were three stalls (with doors) and two were occupied. I went into the open one which was next to the wall. When I walked in, I saw boxer briefs(size 34)on the floor with a load of shit in them. It looked like the guy who had the accident dumped the bulk of his load from his underwear into the toilet, but what was left was a lot more than skidmarks. I had to shit so badly myself that I had no choice but to use the toilet with the shitty underpants. After I got through I just left them there. There was another guy waiting to use the toilet when I left. He gave me a funny look; he must of thought the accident was mine!


I have a younger cousin who did that a little bit when she was younger, but she stopped when she was like 8 or 9. I guess she just didn't feel like going to the toilet when she was playing, and she was kind of spoiled by her Mom so her mom didn't care at all. Her mom thought everything she did was so wonderful she probably got praised for going in her pants. Eventually she stopped I think mostly because it wasn't socially acceptable to do so. She cared too much about her friends and other people. Do your sister's friends know she goes in her pants a lot? Do they care?


I'd like to hear more stories about your sister. I sometimes will just go in my pants if I'm alone at home, but not out in public or around family (unless it is an accident)! Thanks for sharing!


I'm in my 6th year out of high school. I sell media advertising for a living. I travel to two of the major markets of the U.S. each month and spend three or four days on-site calling on prospective customers and building relationships with current clients. When I am home or at our corporate headquarters building I can pee or crap with pretty good regultarity. However, when I'm traveling I'm not as carefree. First, just finding a restroom with a stall available is often problematic, especially in large airports such as Midway and Reagan. I have stood as long as 20 and 25 minutes waiting for a stall to open, quickly sat down, but after 10 or 15 minutes I've had to give my spot up because I can't seem to produce. Sometimes my crap will be ready but the line and frustration of having to sit with minimal privacy takes its toll and I find it hard to completely eliminate my bowels. Last week I had to pee really bad, got off the plane in Washington, D.C. and literally ran to the nearest bathroom, but it was closed for cleaning. I held me pee until I got into the adjacent terminal and by the time I finally got my panty hose down and my butt hit the seat, there was a deluge that lasted several minutes. Later that day, I was in the Dept. of Agriculture building, and having held a three-day shit in for several hours while I was with a client, I was pissed when there was a long line for the security-check necessary to enter the building. I know I left a trail of smell behind me as I wildly farted but held the crap in until I made it to the first restroom on the floor. Eight stalls, all were taken except the first one that had a door missing. I had no choice but to place myself on it because, even 30 seconds later, I would have made a mess. I tried and used my dress to help cover me and make me less vulerable to the other users and those waiting in line. It took me about ten minutes to get my crap drop going, and that was in the presence of a lower grade school-age child who while waiting only a foot or a foot in a half in front of me, asked her mom why that "old lady" was going to the bathroom in the "open"? The mother's response: "Well, honey, I guess you'll have to ask her!" Thanks so much for that remark, Mom. You're raising your little brat to be intolerant of the needs of others. Later, while telling my boyfriend about the incident, I came up with a much more effective response I could have/should have made. WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME OVER HERE AND SIT ON MY LAP?

I don't have a story of my own to tell, but I will tell you about my beatiful wife Jodi that has been sick for the last two days. She has posted here before. She is 5'8" 115 lbs. brunette, with shoulder length hair. On Friday she came home from work at the bank not feeling well. When I arrived home I found her lieing on our bed. I asked her if she was alright. She told be that her stomach was really upset and she almost had an accident at work. She was in a meeting and almost had diarreha in her panties. She could'nt leave the meeting and fought to hold it in. After the meeting she dashed to ladies room and had terrible diarreha.She dosen't no if it was something she ate or a bug going around. She, I and our daughter had Pizza Hut pizza last night and she had Mcdonalds at lunch. My daughter and I are feeling fine so far. She said that on her way home she had to stop at a convenince store with another attack of diarreha and that her stomach has been cramping and feels that it is on fire. As we were talking she had to make a mad dash to the bathroom with more diarreha.After about ten minutes she came out and said that she was now nauseous.She layed back down on our bed and tried to rest. I fixed our daughter and myself something to eat. Later that night in bed she awoke and while running to the bathroom she had diarreha in her panties. I followed her to the bathroom in case she needed help. She quickly removed her soiled panties and placed them in the tub, as she sat onto the toilet she released waves of diarreha. It was pure liquid. She would sit and hold her stomach as it would cramp up and then another wave of diarreha would occure.She motioned for me to get the trash can near her as she felt as though she was going to vomit. She had dry heaves, as she would gag she would release more diarreha. The rest of the night neither one of us got much sleep. She would run to the bathroom about every 45 minutes with diarreha. No vomiting, just diarreha.Saturday she was feeling some what better, washed out, but better. She has been resting, drinking fluids as much as she can and has only gone to the bathroom three times with diarreha. I love my wife very much and hate to see her sick.


I would like to know after anyone poops do stand up and flush or stay seated and flush?Please explain why you do that.

Fat Chick
Once again I must apologize for my absence from posting. Too many things seem to going on for me although I won't bore you all with the details. Suffice to say I am just fine. I was looking pack at some old posts in an effort to catch up and I saw that an anonymous person asked some questions for me and Fat Woman to answer. So here are my responses:

I am definitely a pear-shaped woman with my lower body being much bigger than my upper body. My ass is about 75" and waist is 55" or so - give or take an inch. I have very fat thighs and thick yet shapely calves. I still think I am attractively curvy even though I have a belly that hangs pretty noticiably.

As for the absolute biggest dump I have ever taken it is hard to say for sure - I regularly drop some really enormous bombs when I have to go. A normal sized dump for me would be in excess of two feet long either all in one long log but normally it will break off into two separate pieces - each about two and a half to three inches in diameter and normally they are fairly firm. I have gone much more than that, of course with a really large crap probably being well over twice that long if I have been constipated for a few days. I would say my longest would probably be anywhere from seven to eight feet long and I am sure I have done this more than a few times. I remember one occasion in particular a few years ago when I was on vacation in San Francisco when I really needed to go really big. I was at Pier 39 (a collections of shops and resaturants on the waterfront) at the time and I immediately headed for the public toilets there and I know that I dropped at least five or six separate turds each no less than a foot long and probably at least two of them were twice that long. I really had to go potty! These came out a bit softer than normal so I was flushing as I was going or I would have had a real problem! A toilet bowl (even those elongated ones you see in most public restrooms) can only hold so much! Needless to say it still clogged quite comprehensively when the last couple didn't go down. The water came almost all the way to the rim and I left the cubicle after a pretty marginal wiping job with a bowl full of yellowish brown water and two fat brown eels swirling around aimlessly in it.

As for the question about the worst case of gas I have ever had I really cannot say for sure. Then are times when I am at home when it seems like I just pass gas almost constantly but it is definitely more memorable when you are sitting on the toilet cutting loose some really loud ones. I get this strange feeling of embarrassment that is somehow still far outweighed by the excitement I get when I hear other women laughing and making audibly rude comments about my farting. I am sure there is some psychological explanation for it but I really enjoy that negative attention for some reason when I take a loud and noisy crap in public. What is even better is if the bathroom is really old and in bad shape (as long as they are reasonably clean) - you know the ones that occasionally don't even have stall doors? I will not hesitate to use one of those if I get the chance. And I will still follow my normal routine of lowering my panties down to my ankles with my legs spread wide apart so I am comfortable. I definitely get some dirty looks from some of the prim and proper types but when I have to go I can't exactly wait too long - usually that first turd is peeking out by that time! And why be so modest? We all do it - although some do it in much greater quantity than others...

Good morning--cool here. School has started again. I teach in a combination pre-K through 12th grade school in a small town. Two recent sightings: Sunday after church I stopped by a local park on the way home because (thanks to large water intake) I had to pee. Going into the large porta-potty, I looked down into the holding tank under the seat and saw the leavings of three very large bowel movements: one near-black, fairly thick and smooth and curling like a snake, maybe 10" long; another, somewhat lighter, very knobby, about 6" long and close to 2" thick; and a third, still lighter, about 1.7" thick and close to a foot long, with part of its length hidden under other turds and toilet paper. It was comforting to know that people felt so free to use the facility. I peed and left. Then yesterday at school, late in the day, during planning period, I again went to pee and, as always, checked the doorless stalls. In the last one someone had left a 1" thick smooth medium-brown turd almost 18" long! There were also two much shorter pieces, but the long one was truly a magnificent effort, left I imagine for the next user to see and marvel at. Not knowing whether it would flush, I left it there until after school, then went back and flushed it. It went down with surprising ease and left some large skidmarks. I wonder how many of the students might have seen and admired this huge bowel movement.
My own movements have been fairly uneventful, though they continue somewhat soft because I drink so much water. I did bring on a diarrhea attack a couple of weeks ago by eating too many nuts, but the next day my poop was quite normal.
Happy pooping!

To Karen`s Brother....I have had some positive results with prunes!!!!!
Yesterday I had the very best dump I have had for ages. I was at the gym and could feel the pressure mounting I mounted the throne but the shit was no show. Went home and had a short sit again but not show.....went to work and soon after arriving felt the pressure so went out back to the toilet...I gave a push and it moved and in one motion I gave birth to this thick solid poo that curled around the toilet arse tingled and I felt relief.
Now for some more toilet poetry
Some come here to sit and think
Other come here to wonder
But I came here to shit and stink
and fart like bloody thunder.

Also the verse
Here I sit broken hearted
Spent a penny and only farted

Thunder From Down Under

Question for the ladies

Ladies if you ever came across a public toilet with poopy panties in it what would you do? Would you flush them down,take them out and put them in the trash, or just leave them there? Please explain.

Jessica T
Hey guys. my name is jessica im 17 about 105lbs and im about 5ft 1
here is my story.

i havent had an accident in a long time (well not as bad as this one)so heres my story.

I have been really sick the past couple of days with a cold :( and its stoped me from doing many things. So heres my story. Yesterday i was lying on my couch watching tv when all of a sudden i felt the erge to Poop, so i said to my self that i could hold it until Commerical, so i continued watching until i started farting, witch was my cue to get off my @$$ and go to the bathroom, so just as i was about to get up i started into a coughing fit (I hate thease so much) and i couldnt stop, finally when it ended i noiticed a funny smell and looked down and thier was a nice Buldge in my cute striped Panties i wasnt that disgusted, it accually felt really nice, so i figured that id finish what ive started so i squated a bit and let out a couple of farts and passed out two more turds into my panties as i was pooping i let out a few spurts of pee aswell. After i was finished my accident i was too lazy to go and clean myself up so i figured id sit back down and finsih watching tv so i did.
Boy was that an exciting day, and i have to be honest it was the most wonderful fealing that i have had in a while. Thats all for now thanks for reading.


I would like to know after anyone poops do stand up and flush or stay seated and flush?Please explain why you do that.

I had a strange day about two weeks ago. I was in the car with my wife driving home from a movie. I desperately had to take a poop and had a bad urge too pee. I was wriggling around in my seat pinching my penis and clenching my buttcheeks. We were about 5 minutes from home but I knew I wouldnt make it. I asked my wife to go to the rest stop we were near because I was going to have an accident. She begged me to go home because she refuses to use public restrooms after a bad experience in one years ago, and she realllly had to pee. She told me she wouldnt make it home if we stopped at a rest stop. I told her ok and to keep driving. We were about 2 minutes from home and my poop started to exit into my underwear. My wife heard the crackling and started laughing but grabbed her crotch hard and shut up. By the time I had completely filled my pants we were pulling onto our street. I had to grab myself with both hands to prevent pissing myself. As we pulled up to our house, a few spurts of pee escaped. I was desperate. I got out of the car and started peeing non stop. My pants got soaked as I stood frozen on the pavement. I saw my wife run desperately into the house holding herself really strongly. When I was finally done I looked around to see two of my neighbors laughing at my misfortune. I went inside and dumped the poop into the toilet and took my pants and underwear straight to the washer. I put on some fresh pants and continued with my day. Later while I was doing Laundry I had to pee quite a bit but knew I was ok. I picked up my wifes clothing from that day and saw her panties were stained yellow and quite damp. Obviously she didnt quite make it. I started to laugh really hard but realized I better stop when I almost peed my pants again laughing. I really had to pee now and crossed my legs as I put the pants and undies into the washer. When the washer started the water made me desperate. I started to run to the bathroom on the other side of the house. When I got out to the bathroom. I tried to figure out how to get my zipper down while being able to hold it once I removed my hands from my crotch. I removed my hands quickly as I desperately tried to get my zipper down. I started peeing before I got my penis out of my pants. I sighed with relief as I went into the toilet. In ten seconds my wife came running in saying to hurry up. I decided to mess with her. I made my pee sound soo relieving as she held her self. She was bouncing up and down. I still wasnt done when she started to pee herself. I saw her crotch become darker while she desperately jumped up and down doing a pee dance. I finished as soon as I saw that. It was too late for her and she started crying. I comforted her telling her I had pooped myself and peed myself today and barely made it this time. She felt better and walked away. I have an extremely small bladder so have to use the bathroom about every 2 hours. She can last about 4 to 5. I have had a quite a few accidents and near accidents since I have been with her. Will post more if you want. Comment on this if you want.

This is a continuation of my story on the previous page on how my parents made my sister and I hold our pee and poop. Thinking back on it I remember the agony I was in trying to keep from wetting myself. Like I said at the age of four my parents would only let us pee before every meal and at bedtime. We usually woke up around 8:00 am, got dressed, when to the bathroom and had breakfast. My mom would make me drink a large glass of juice with breakfast. From 8:00 am until around 12:00 pm I was not allowed to use the bathroom. Before lunch she would tell me to wash up. This was her cue for us to use the bathroom and wash our hand. I would wobble to the bathroom and pee for a long time. We had to use the same bathroom, so we would take turns who would go first.

Now holding it for 4 hours was hard, but having to hold it from 12 to 5:30 pm was even worst. By 4:00 pm I would be in total agony from having to go so bad that I thought my bladder would burst. I would watch as my mom cooked dinner hoping she would finish so I could go. I was not allowed to ask and would just have to wait until she gave me the word. My dad would be home by then and would try and play with me or my sister. He would get mad if we shown signs of desperation, so we had to act like everything was ok. Sometimes as punishment he would make one or both of us wait until after dinner to pee for “acting” like I had to. God I still remember the pain! My sphincter muscle would involuntary twitch and I would get these spasms in my bladder that would cause me to moan in pain. My mom would say “hang in their honey you only got a couple of more hours, you have been doing really well” or something similar.

Sometimes we would go out shopping so I would have to walk around being in this state and they were very strict about me acting normal. So basically I had to suffer in silence. Amazingly I never wet myself in public, but my sister did once. The problem with going out was we would sometimes be out past the time “potty time”. We were expected to wait until we got home. If they decided to go out to eat after being out a long time they may have let us use the bathroom in the store or restaurant, but this was rare. My sister was never allowed to sit down, she had to squat. I will say if we were really sick the bathroom rules were lifted, but going back to scheduled would be hard.

Like I said when school started we had to hold it until we got home. So we had to hold it for 8 hours. When I reached the third grade thing got ever worst. My mom decided to go back to work so my sister and I had to go to after school care until 5:30 until our dad would pick us up. Again we were expected to hold it all day from 8:00 am until around 6 pm. My bladder was pretty large by then, but my sister being only in the first grade had it much worst. I would comfort her like our mom did and tell her to try and not think about it. She peed herself twice during after school care and got the rod when we got home. We learned not to drink allot, but my mom always made sure we had plenty to drink before leaving in the morning. Our parent also took away our bedtime pee, so we only got to go twice a day. They said since we just went a few hours before we could wait unil morning. The problem however was I would sometimes wake up in he middle of the night having to pee very badly. So bad it would be hard to sleep as my body was working trying to keep the pee in me warm. Oh and from the pain too.

One morning before school my mom handed me these shorts called JAMS. If you do not remember them they went down to the knees and were very tight. They also had a tie at the top so they would not fall down. My mom said “I know you have been going at school so you’re going to wear these so I can find out”. After I put them on she tied them very tight and sewed the string. She told me if the string was broken she knew I went at school. She made sure I could not pull them down and told me to get dressed. Well I proved to here I wasn’t going, but the fact they were tied so tight did make it more uncomfortable.

By the fourth grade we both moved on. We just learned to deal with the pain. Our bladders had lost most of their sensation so while I could feel the pressure; the pain was not there like before. We actually got so use to holding it felt odd if we were not. Once our parents seen that we had become part of the hold it club they left us alone.

That’s it for now.

I clean the restrooms in a big office building. Why do grown men leave big loads of shit in the toilets for others to see? We DON'T want to see what slid out of your ass. Please flush it !! One night I cleaned 6 toilets in the mens restroom, 5 had unflushed bowls, with foot-long turds inside. Soiled toilets tissue too. It'sdisgusting !!! And while were on the subject...FLUSH YOUR URINALS !!! thanks

Thank you Phil for praising my English!

Being Japanese I knew all about what you said but I still FEEL I am being told to hurry up. One can't help one's feelings even if one knows the customs! And actually some people ARE telling you to hurry up. One usually knows which by intuition. At least I do.

The stall I was using in Carrefour had a red/green indicator (?) on the door.

Dear JW, with me it depends. Some of my poops are "like that" but I think that after my poop, my intestines are just moving in such a way as to get ready for the next one. At least, that's how it feels. So there's nothing to do but wait. No. I don't normally read on the loo. I just meditate; it can be relaxing so long as I am left alone. My ex-boyfriend's pooping habits are similar to mine tho' he's a bit quicker. When we went to cheap Japanese inns while travelling we went poop together because the loos are unisex, but we didn't talk much through the wall separating us because it interfered with our pooping. He's not Japanese so if there was only one loo to sit on he used it while I squatted next door.

Thank you for your kind words. YW

single woman
Hey everyone, long time no see. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy. I got drunk friday really drunk Friday night and woke up Saturday mourning with one hell of a hangover. My head felt like someonre was hitting it with a hammer and my stomach felt like it was ripped inside out. I let out a vile smelling fart and I knew detoxification was about to begin. As soon as my butt hit the toilet, it was like a water canon. At least five pounds of liquid, rotten scented diarrhea shot into the bowl. I don't know if you know this but alcohol makes your shit smell worse than normal. It also burns the heck out of your butt. I sat there for a good two hours screaming in agony as this rotten burning shit came pouring out of me. It stunk so bad that I puked a little. I spent the rest of the day either lying down or carpping my brains out some more. My bathroom still kind of smells right now. Has anyone ever shit so much from a hangover?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

To Todd: There is a third option if you come across poopy underwear in a public toilet: leave it there. A few months ago I had to shit real bad while driving and stopped at a men's room on the interstate. There were three stalls (with doors) and two were occupied. I went into the open one which was next to the wall. When I walked in, I saw boxer briefs(size 34)on the floor with a load of shit in them. It looked like the guy who had the accident dumped the bulk of his load from his underwear into the toilet, but what was left was a lot more than skidmarks. I had to shit so badly myself that I had no choice but to use the toilet with the shitty underpants. After I got through I just left them there. There was another guy waiting to use the toilet when I left. He gave me a funny look; he must of thought the accident was mine!

On Entertainment Tonight, Drew Carey talked about a contestant who peed her pants on the Price is Right.

She told Carey that she had to pee really bad. When she found out she was going to play Plinko, she peed her pants. Carey said that he dried her pants with a dryer. He said that it was a tough week.

Carey was smiling while he told the story; but he always smiles.

no more stories for now, exept for this one =]

I was at a department store and went into one of those toilets with one child toilets which are REALLY small (literally school sized) and one other toilet which was a normal sized one.

I was waiting in line to go, because I knew I wouldn't have time to go later. Three ladies were in front of me, one with a child, two of them, including the mother, showing they desperately had to pee.

After about 3 minutes of silence (with the exeption of plonking sounds) I heard the mother say softly to her child "Mummy really has to go number 1., can you let mummy go first?" In which her child replies rather loudly, "Do you need to wee wee mummy? I didn't know that!" I watched the mother wriggle around, and tell her child to quiten down as the door to the child's toilet opened. The mother jumped into the cubicle with her child.

I heard a loud hissing sound, and the child saying loudly " she had to go too very soon". The next lady didn't have to go badly, but the one in front of me (third on in line) did even worse than the mother. She was obviously a staff of the department store, and wasnt very discreet about the fact she had to go. She was jumping up and down and crossing her legs and pressing onto her crotch. I left the toielt after that, and went to another.

I remember reading this one post a long time ago on this forum but now i can't find it anywhere. Could anyone tell me who wrote it or what page it is? anyways this it how it goes i think: Theres these 2 girls that are tired to getting up at night to go, so they try to stretch their bladders by holding it until like 6 am. before that time that time they are both in pain and their bladders are bulging out. the first girl pokes the bulge of the second, and then the second girl screams in pain and then punches the bulge of the first, but she still holds it. by 6 they both fight over the toilet and the first girl is able to go. and thats all i remember. anyways could someone please tell me what page it is if anyone can remotely remember?

I find it amusing to read the several postings from persons who were raised by strict parents and who, for example, were taught/forced to "hold it" when they were in public places. My parents were pretty liberal about stopping for potty breaks, even when we were on tight schedules. My dad referred to his daily crap as his "constitutional", a term I've also heard my grandpa use. We'd be driving on the Interstate and he'd announce to my my "Well, Connie, it's constitutional time!" I remember asking my mom once or twice why he had to announce it and she said it was because he didn't want her to worry if he stayed a little longer in a public bathroom. He was actually pretty proficient at it and usually get the task completed within 5 minutes. I remember having girlfriends who would take double that time to just pee, and my sister (who is two years older) was notoriously an abuser of pee times. I remember once when we were at a rest stop on I-80 in Iowa. Dad crapped, I peed and mom waited in the car while we used the facilities. Both Dad and I were back in the car when mom went in to check up on Darci because it had been more than 10 minutes. She came back and told my dad that Darci sure is good managing to get her "hose" tangled. Slam! She finally came out, but about 15 minutes later, we had to stop again but this time she came back with a much more satified look on her face so I knew that she had been able to produce. Both mom and dad were very complimentry and always encouraging. I remember once when I was about four and at the circus with my dad. He had to crap and I had to pee. I was complaining that it was hurting me. We went into the stall, he showed me how to use my right hand to lift the seat and he was very patient as I fumbled with the zipper on my jeans. I was now tall enough to get my penis over the front of the bowl, and although I momentarily took my hand off it and let it rest there while I went, he showed me the importance of my holding it so it couldn't move on me and cause an accident. After I zipped up and flushed, Dad told me to move toward the door and he sat down to crap. I noticed that he hardly took his briefs down beyond what was necessary for the crap to clear. He explained it was for two reasons: 1) it was more sanitary since much of his thighs were not touching the seat; 2) if somebody was to barge in on him or if it was a doorless stall, less of his privates would be exposed. As I got older and went to junior high, that made more sense to me and I've been using his procedure for more than 20 years now. I'm so thankful that my sister and I were raised by nurturing parents. The alternatives--as have been discussed in numerous postings--would not be that pleasant.

I had an accident at a theme park several years ago. I was standing in a long line for one of the popular rides, with my younger sister. We'd been standing there for over an hour, and I'd needed to poop when we got in line. We were in the tunnel before you emerge into another line just before the boarding lanes. Then I had a cramp, followed by some gas. Then, it suddenly felt like my pants were full of gooey oatmeal, only more stinky.I had to take my sister out of the lone and head for the nearest bathroom. I cleaned up as good as I could and threw my underwear away

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My name is Megan, I'm 17 and my little sister Holly is a total weirdo! Well not really but she regularly has "accidents" that aren't really accidents if you know what I mean. Sometimes she just doesn't feel like going to the bathroom I guess, like if shes watching TV or something but she's really bad when she starts playing video games. This has been going on pretty much all her life so I'm used to it but shes 14 now and still does it!

One example that comes to mind is a few years ago when she was about 10 we were having Christmas at my Aunt's house and one of our cousins got a fancy remote control car. Once she got ahold of that thing she wouldn't put it down. Later that day I remember she was squirming and dancing around while playing with the car and obviously had to go to the bathroom. I could tell from seeing it a thousand times before. Well she was so obsessed with it she ended up peeing and pooping her pants and kept on playing with the car! Eventually I think one of our younger cousins told my mom about it and she finally had to put it down and go clean up.

My parents don't seem too concerned about it, probably because they don't find out about 95% of her accidents. Most of them happen in the basement where both our rooms are and we watch TV and all that. She'll just be sitting there and go in her pants then go clean it up after a while. I usually try to ignore it except when she gets really bad like just a couple days ago when I came downstairs I walked by her and cought a sniff of something and I knew that shes probably crapped her pants. I told her she should clean up if she did but she denied it and kept playing the game. I let it go because I couldn't smell anything very strongly but a couple minutes later as she shifted around she lifted her butt for a second and I could see the seat of her jeans were soaked with a giant bulge in them. Right away I told her to go change so finally she did acting like it was such a big chore. Well I guess it would be to clean all that up lol but it would be a lot easier to just use the toilet. I guess she just likes doing it.

I just thought I'd share that with somebody since I try to keep it a secret. Anybody else know of something or somebody similar?

Third Stall Susan
I'm a freshman in a huge high school. It has almost 3,000 students. My mom several years ago when we were on a vacation taught me to squat pee. It didn't make a lot of sense at first because none of my friends were doing it, but when I got into middle school and some of the seats were wet, instead of wiping them off, I would squat. After the first few times, it didn't hurt me so I got use to it. But still most of my friends were just sitting right on down. I use to spread a layer of toilet paper over the seat when I had to crap. That was most every day, usually in the afternoon about an hour after lunch. I had a study hall, and there was more time to do that then rather than when we had just a four-minute passing period between classes. Now I'm finding that when I need to crap many of the stalls do not have enough toilet paper on the roll--sometimes even a two-roll supply in the container has been almost used up--and I don't like sitting directly on the seat. I've had to a couple times this past month and I hate it! Yesterday, I tried to hover crap, but I was unable to push hard enough to get it out. When I spread my legs even wider it did help a little in getting my crap started but as I pushed and pushed, about a foot-long log came out, but it missed the toilet, briefly hit the front of the bowl (I has raised the seat so I wouldn't be tempted to sit on it!)and slid onto the floor almost hitting my shoes and jeans. There was only enough toilet paper on the roll for me to wipe with. So I had no choice but to clean myself and flush. I was embarrassed to open the door knowing that somebody was going to be in for a surprise. I was at the sink when a girl came running in, threw her backback against the wall and ran into the stall. I could hear her drop the seat with one hand as she closed the door with the other and threw herself onto the stool. Then I heard her swear. I don't know if she looked down and saw it or stepped in it. I got out of there fast, but felt sorry for her. I don't understand why the school bathrooms don't have those toilet seat covers that many stores have. I, for one, would use them!

I used one of the doorless toilet stalls in The Home Depot yesterday. It's really funny to see the 'orange aprons" hanging over the partitions while the employees were taking their shits. Two guys lit cigarettes, but nobody said anything. After a few moments of relaxing and starting to 'drop bombs" there was a knock on the door. It was the cleaning lady who wanted to know if anybody was in there. We all shouted "OCCUPIED" at the same time, and she said "O.K. I'll come back later. We laughed as we heard her cart roll away.

Kim, Thanks for answering. Your parent's attitude was much different than mine. The bathromm door was NEVER left open in my house. I was rarely ASKED if I had to go, in the morning, after breakfast the rule was you went to the potty and you had to get "busy" and work at it.
I'm curious about something you said:
> One thing I do remember vividly however, is that Mom often laid big
> logs of poop.
Were they hard for your Mom to get out...did she have to strain a lot? My Mom seemed to ALWAYS be constipated and it often took her a LONG time and a LOT of struggling to poop. I often remember her grunting and straining for what seemed at the time like an hour (I'm sure it wasn't) but back then it seemed so. I also remember her giving herself enemas on several occasions while I sat on my potty chair and watched. I can remember her spreading her legs and putting the enema tube down between them and up into herself. She'd sit there taking the water up in herself and then take the tube out. Uasally after a lot more struggling she would have a bowel movement that always stunk worse than another time.

Hi Yukari,
I found your post very interesting. You paint a vivid picture of your frustration with door knocking:
> But I need time to poop...I stay a minimum of 10 minutes on the loo
> for my own good reasons, connected with the habits of my body.
I've never had a FAST poop in my life, in college I hated to go when someone was waiting on me for one thing or another. My body, especally when its time to poop, doesn't work well if I'm rushed.
Something else you said that really wtrikes a cord with me:
> She said something, but when I'm pooping I concentrate on that, so
> I couldn't hear.
Something I never understood is how people can read and poop at the same time. If I go to the bathroom to have a poop, I need to devote my full attention to pushing the log out of my bottom. It doesn't just happen, I need to hold my breath and concentrate on opening up and bearing down to get stuff to move, it usually takes 5 or 6 minutes of this just to get STARTED. If I sit there and read, all I have is this urge to go but nothing comes out. Are your poops like that?
And as for door knocking. Don't you just hate it when someone knocks just as you've FINALLY got it ready to come out and everything stops? Its like my poop crawls back up there and says "NO WAY". I hated living in the dorms at college because it was always SO hard to find a time to poop when no one intrupted me in the midist of it-- JW

I just tried to post something when my computer froze up and I had to reboot so sorry if this is a repeat. Hopefully the other one did not go thru.

Just following up on my last post with another account of my wife Francine. We had a big dinner last night and she pigged out majorly. Afterwards I was sitting on the couch with the laptop answering emails. My wife came out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a t-shirt that was way to small for her. She's probably gained 50 pounds over the last 6 months. As I mentioned earlier Francine is around 300 pounds right now.

I know Fat Woman & Fat Chick have mentioned that they think their weight have a direct effect on their difficult dumps. I don't know if that's true across the boards but I have DEFINITELY seen a difference in Francine. We've been married over 20 years and I when I stated dating her she was 130 pounds or so and was never shy about going in front of me. Sure she grunted and sometimes seemed to be having trouble but with all the weight she has gained since then I have noticed it takes her a lot longer, with apparently a lot more straining as well. I have NO idea whether there is a connection and I don't really care. But it's an added benefit as I love to listen to the sounds of her pushing and straining. I think she would be really embarrassed if I mentioned that I've noticed how much trouble she has so I keep quiet about the whole thing. That said, I love my wife and will support her if she loses weight or stays the way she is.

As I was saying she went into the bathroom right off the family room wearing her tiny t-shirt and nothing on the bottom. I couldn't help noticing her butt and thighs jiggling as she sauntered over to the toilet. I looked at the clock and at exactly 7:28 she eased herself down on the throne and stayed there until she flushed the toilet at 8:05 so altogether a 37-minute session. I can't stare openly at her but I've gotten very good at peeking occasionally and staring for longer periods when she's reading or when she lowers her head or closes her eyes while straining. I noticed she hadn't brought anything to read with her and I waited till she had finished peeing and started to grunt before asking her if she wanted the paper. I wanted to hear her answer me in a strained voice.

At 7:31 I asked her if she wanted anything to read. I had picked the perfect moment as she couldn't answer right away. Her face had gone red with straining and it ended in a quiet grunt. She huffed and puffed a bit and then immediately started straining again while she answered me: "Not…….I shouldn't be…too long….."
I wanted to laugh at this as she always takes a long time, especially lately but I said nothing and watched with amusement as she grabbed the edge of the sink and grunted: "Ummmm."

I watched and waited. She was getting a little sweaty despite the open window and cool breeze coming in. I continued to fiddle with the laptop, all the while listening to my beautiful wife as she strained her soft, womanly grunts. At 7:47 she finally asked me for something to read as she was having a harder time than she anticipated and thought she would be enthroned for a while yet. I got up and fetched a Reader's Digest. She grunted as I came in the bathroom, hands formed into fists pressing on her thighs that were spread as wide as they were able to go, but they are so fat that's actually not much. I laid the magazine on her the tops of her quivering thighs and patted her hip/buttcheek area, feeling it tense up as she strained and then relax as she let it all out in another womanly grunt.

"Thank….you…." she huffed and took up the Reader's Digest. I wanted to stay in there with her, I didn't care about the smell but I thought I shouldn't push things. Before leaving I told her to take her time and enjoy herself.
She looked at me a little weird and said in a strained voice that she was NOT enjoying this, how could she when it was taking so long and she was exhausted with all the effort.

I quickly recovered myself and told her I meant that she should enjoy her magazine. My only answer was a somewhat angry grunt so I went back to the couch and listened/peeked from there. Nothing else that significant went on, she continued straining, and it was only when she started reading that I heard her bowels moving in earnest. She looked up from her reading several times as she concentrated. At 8:05 she was done. She wiped and heaved herself to her feet, washing her hands and coming out to join me on the couch.

"Are you ok, sweetie?" I asked.

She admitted she was a little sore and tired but she recovered quickly and we enjoyed a wonderful night together (if you know what I mean!)

Survey(girls only please)

1.Do you enjoy farting?

2.Would you ever fart in a guys face?

3.Would you let a guy watch you poop?

4.When was your last accident?

5.Do you ALWAYS poop in a toilet?

6.If not where else do you like to go?

7.What foods give you gas?

8.What foods make you shit?

9.Do you enjoy pooping/farting?

10.Rate this survey on 1-10

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