Karen's brother
My earliest toilet memory is when I was about 3 years old. My mother used to sit my twin sister Karen and me on our potties every day afer lunch. I usually managed to poo quite soon but Karen often had difficulty and had to sit there for quite a long time, sometimes with no result. When we got a bit older, we used a special child's toilet seat that fitted over the main toilet seat. We took turns to use it and when we had both finished, we used to call our mother to come and wipe our bottoms.

When we were 9 years old, our parents took us on a seaside holiday where we stayed in a hotel. The breakfast was a self-service buffet with cereals and stewed fruit including prunes. We hadn't eaten prunes before but we each put 5 on our plates, took them back to our table and ate them. Our parents told us that we shouldn't eat too many prunes as these would make us run to the toilet and 5 prunes were enough at our age. We went back to the breakfast buffet for a second helping. Karen whispered to me that she couldn't do her poo this morning and I said that I couldn't either. We didn't want to tell our mother we were having difficulty because she would give us a dose of Milk of Magnesia and we hated the taste. I said to Karen "I dare you to eat 10 more prunes". "OK, I will if you will", she said. We each put 10 prunes on our plates then stood and ate them without going back to our table, so that our parents wouldn't see.

Later that day, we were playing on the beach and Karen said, "I think the prunes are working, I need to poo". I said that they were working for me too. Karen said that it was really urgent and she couldn't wait. She didn't want to poo in her swim suit and get into trouble so we decided to go and do it in the sea. We paddled out to where the water was knee deep and there weren't any other people around. Karen stood facing the beach, bent over and pulled the back of her one-piece swimsuit to one side. I watched her from behind as she squirted very soft poo which splattered into the water. When she had finished, she sat down and washed her bottom in the sea. "My turn now", I said as I faced the beach, bent over and pulled the back of my swimming trunks down just enough. Karen watched from behind as I plopped a soft poo into the water followed by some semi-solid mush. I sat down, washed my bottom and then pulled my swimming trunks up.

After we left the beach, we were travelling in the car and Karen whispered to me that needed to poo urgently. "Me too" I whispered. "Oh no, I can't wait, it's all coming out in my panties", she whispered. At this point I had the same feeling of sitting in something warm and sticky. Our parents noticed a smell and asked who had pooed their panties. Neither of us answered so they stopped the car by the side of the road and we got out. I was wearing shorts and runny poo was starting to run down my leg. "It's you", said mother. At this point, poo started to run down Karen's leg from under her skirt. "Wnat, BOTH of you?" mother said. Our mother took us both behind some bushes and told us to take our panties down and finish pooing so we squatted side by side for a few minutes until it was all out. Mother gave us a toilet roll to clean ourselves with and then put our pooed panties into a plastic bag. She put newspaper down on the car seat for us to sit on in case we had any more accidents before we got back to the hotel.

Our parents thought we were both suffering from "holiday ????". We never told them about our dare and our secret prune feast but we learned that 15 prunes each was too many when we were 9 years old.

My wife got constipated worrying about going to court talking to the judge,ect. Before leaving she was having a hard time pooping, could not go. I suggested suppositories, so i insreted 2 of them fully. She waited and nothing happened, she tried and tried to poop no results and it was getting time to leave, so she said to me can you get them out for me, so i inserted my index finger into her rectum and searched and searched and couldent find them.
Well she left to see the Judge and came home and still didnt poop. I finally talked her into a good warm soapy enema to get her going, and she really had the logs in her,they myst have been way up in her.

Hi,me again with more memories from the time when i was growing up.Where i lived with my parents there was a large grass area with houses and pathways on either side and no road so it was very safe to play in.
I remember one time a little girl called Sarah took of her knickers and pulled her skirt up and peed standing up with her legs apart.Everyone else just seemed to carry on playing.Another time a boy pulled down his trousers and underpants and pooped on the ground while one of the girls crouched behind him watching the poop slide out of his bum.
Another time a group of boys and girls playing together watched while one of the boys peed up against a tree.One girl joked"AT LEAST YOU'RE WATERING IT,MAYBE IT'LL GROW"
There was a piece of wasteground nearby which used to be part of the school,which i attended.One of the girls pulled her shorts and knickers down and peed for about 30 seconds there.I also saw another older girl who i didn't know,pull her jeans and knickers down and pee.She was a little drunk.Sorry about the lack of details with these,but they all come from memory and it was quite a long time ago.Hope you enjoyed.CHEERS BYE ANDY!

this happened last year
one day during like towards the end of last period at school i had to go poop i dont like going in public places especially at school so i held it in then last period ended and it was time to leave on the way home the urge got worse i walked as fast as i can and as soon as i got home i ran to the bathroom ripped down my pants sat on the toilet and let go a load of mushy poop almost like diarrhea but not quite then i was done i wiped and flushed and came on the computer then like 5 minutes later i had to go again i went up to the bathroom sat on the toilet and this time i had the squirts that wave lasted for like 10 minutes i let out some farts and was done i wiped and flushed and came back on the computer then 5 minutes later i felt like i had to go again so i got up went to the bathroom sat on the toilet gave a slight push and had diarrhea again this time it was pure liquid it sounded like i was peeing and when i looked in the toilet it looked like someone poured tea in the toilet thats how liquidy it was then after another 10 minutes i was done i wiped and flushed and came back on the computer but i wasnt even on for 10 minutes when i had to go again every 10 minutes i was running to the toilet having liquid diarrhea it just wouldnt stop my stomach was cramping so i decided to lay down and go to sleep then i felt better my mom wanted to go to walmart but i asked if i can stay home i told her i was really tired i didnt want to tell her i had diarrhea the next day i was fine i have no idea what caused it i hardly ever get diarrhea

To Yukari:

I have read your interesting post. You are complaining about this habit the Japanese have of knocking on public toilet doors, habit that you are interpreting as a sign to hurry-up and therefore interfering with your dumping pleasure.

I have lived in Japan and have two things to say about this:
1) Japanese public toilet doors, as far as I can remember, do not, unlike in Europe, have a mechanism to let outside people know that there is somebody in the stall. In Europe, when you look the door from the inside with a counter-clockwise movement of your hand on the lock, that movement is transfered to a sign visible from the outside that switches from green to red or from FREI to BESETZT in Germanic countries. True, in North-America, those signs are mostly absent as well, but since the doors are pretty tall, you can easily, by bending down a bit, look under the door to see if the stall is busy or not.
In japan, you cannot know if the stall is busy or not because the doors are low and do not show any indication on the status of the stall.
2) Japanese people are very respectful of others. For example, it is well known that they cover their mouths in public when they have a flu or something so that they do not contaminate others (a custom that Westerners wrongly interpret as a sign of excessive pollution).
So, if you combine the two, it is only natural that they discreetly knock on the door to see if the stall is busy or not.
I do not think you should take it as a sign to hurry up.
By the way, your English is excellent.

To Jen: I loved reading your story. Write more if have some more to tell about :)

Ebony: I liked reading your story. If you have more, write them lol.

Cute & Shy: Hey friend! where are you? Please come back and write some of your fun stories, I miss you again lol.

Uncle Harry
Stuck Zipper

One late Saturday afternoon on a very hot summer day, my doorbell rang. When I answered it, there was a middle-aged woman I didn't know. She was wearing a tank top and tight, very short, shorts. She was somewhat on the ???? side, with big hips, and her shorts looked like they were a size too small. She pointed to her car parked in front of my house, said that it had stalled and wouldn't restart, and asked me if she could use my phone to call the motor club. No cell phones at that time. I invited her in too use the phone and noticed that she was jiggling and squeezing her legs together while talking. When she got off the phone, she said they would be about 2 hours, as they were busy with a lot of overheated cars. I invited her to stay in my air conditioned house while she waited, which was fine with her, and then she said that she needed to use the bathroom. She had been out shopping all day, hadn't used the ladies room, was on her way home nearby when her car stalled, and her bladder was about ready to burst.

I showed her to the bathroom near the kitchen. She went in and closed the door while I went back to the kitchen. In about a minute, I heard her shout, "Oh, shit!". I went to the bathroom and looked in to see if anything was wrong. She was tugging at the zipper on her shorts and said that it was stuck and she couldn't get her pants down. I asked if she wanted help and she said yes, and hurry, as she was getting desperate. I got down on my knees in front of her, grasped the material of her shorts, and tried to pull the zipper, but it was obvious the material was stuck in it and the zipper would not budge. She had tried to pull down her pants without unzipping them, but she couldn't get them over her hips. I asked if she wanted me to get some scissors so she could cut the pants, but she didn't want to, as she had just bought them and they were expensive. She also didn't want to pee with her pants up and then sit around in wet, smelly pants for the next two hours. At that point, it looked like she didn't have much of a choice, as she knew she couldn't hold her pee for much longer.

Then I got an idea. I told her to hang in there while I went to get my Vise-Grip pliers. I got the largest pair I had and came back. Once more I got down on my knees in front of her and snapped the pliers onto the zipper pull. I told her to re-button the waist band and pull up on it tightly. Then I told her I would have to put my fingers inside her pants leg to get a good grip on it. She said to go ahead, and please hurry, as she was about to lose control. I grasped the material and pulled down and outward, pulled the zipper upward with the Vise-Grips, and the material pulled out and freed the zipper. I unsnapped the Vise-Grips as she unbuttoned the waist band, pulled down the zipper, and started working her shorts over her hips with some difficulty. I reached up for the waistband, got them over her hips, and together with her panties, slid them down to her ankles. There was a small yellow stain on her panties and urine was already starting to ooze out of her slit even as she was lowering herself to the toilet seat. As soon as she hit the seat, the dam burst. Her piss poured out of her crack like from a broken fire hydrant. She gave a long sigh of relief as she urinated like crazy.

She suddenly realized she was going to the bathroom with a man she didn't know kneeling on the floor right in front of her pussy and watching it all come out. She was really embarrassed, she said, and apologized for embarrassing me for having to help her with such an intimate matter. I assured her that I wasn't embarrassed, that I had seen plenty of women pee, and it wasn't a big deal. She peed for well over a minute and never asked me to look away. She stopped and re-started a few times and then she was done. She took some toilet paper, wiped her hairy bush a few times, pulled up her pants, and flushed. We had some snacks and chatted a while until the motor club came and got her car started. She thanked me again for my hospitality, and bathroom assistance, and went on her way.

Well, I'm off for vacation next week, so I'll resume posting went I get back.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I do remember a little bit about my potty training, but not a whole lot. I remember at first, Mom would ask me if I need to 'go potty' and take me into the bathroom if I needed to. And sometimes, she would turn on the water to help me go if she noticed I hadn't gone in a while.

Because I was so young, the bathroom door was always open for me to get to my potty, and sometimes I walked in on my Mom or Dad on the toilet. Also, I was apparently reluctant to use the toilet rather than my potty. Mom tells me she would poop on the toilet so I could watch her and learn 'how big girls do it'.

One thing I do remember vividly however, is that Mom often laid big logs of poop. When she would bend over to wipe, I could see a big, long log of poop in the toilet. By contrast, on the few times Dad took me into the men's room with him, I remember hearing him do several plops, as if dropping a bunch of smaller logs.

On the situation with stall doors beimg removed from a lot of mens rooms. The plant where I work was built in the early 30's, and none of the stalls in the mens toilet rooms have doors. They are small cinder block partitions between each toilet to afford the employees just a tiny bit of privacy from the fellow sitting next to him (i.e. splashing, bad odors, and a direct moon view of the drop and the wipe)... and also to hold the rolls of toilet tissue. I been shitting there for over 30 years, and I can tell you THIS: Guys don't stare into stalls while guys are shitting, unless it's a buddy and we got something important to say. Othervise we just give a 'nod" as we walk past the guys on the toilets in desparattion to find one to 'unload" into, do our business , and leave... Women of course are a different story, and require doors... but I don't see what the big deal is if they do remove stall doors in mens bathrooms. Is it a regional problem? I'm in the southeast here, and it's not an issue

Hi, I'm Yukari, 26 and Japanese. My friends say I'm pretty and sexy and they like me to wear jeans as my bottom has such a nice shape but I don't believe all that, I'm rather plain really, I think. I often read these loo stories because they're fun but this is the first time I am producing my own. I got so angry a few days ago....

I poop when I want to, which means I don't mind where I poop so long as it's clean. But I need time to poop, so whenever I can I go at home. Then I don't keep people waiting. I stay a minimum of 10 minutes on the loo for my own good reasons, connected with the habits of my body.

Recently I felt an urgent need to poop while shopping in a rather new supermarket which has very clean loos and lots of them for women. So I went in. There was no one there at all so I quickly chose a cubicle, exposed my bottom, sat down, and began my business.

One hateful habit the Japanese have; they knock on the doors of cubicles. They say it's to check if someone's using the loo but in fact it feels like they are telling me to hurry up. And of course it happened, just as my first turd was slowly leaving my bottom. The woman sounded like a security guard; they have a recognisable way of walking.

Well I couldn't move so I just stayed there, and the woman went away. Then a few other women came in and locked themselves in cubicles. Me, I just went on pooping, as I only go about 4 times a week and so, as I said, it takes a long time.

Then I decided to flush as I had pooped rather a lot. Almost immediately there was the sound of footsteps, followed by another knock on the door. I could have sworn it was the same woman. She said something, but when I'm pooping I concentrate on that, so I couldn't hear. I just pooped some more.

How dare these people knock on the door. I want to poop in peace. I know some people say you've done enough if you've passed two or three motions, but I say, if there are sixteen or twenty motions inside your bottom, you have a right to take your time and pass them all.


Tim, I think your 100% correct. Women have locking stall doors on every toilet, yet for us men, it's 'back to the 70's and 80's" with stall doors being removed in a lot of places. Probably a combination of vandelism, Larry Craig, and trying to save money. But yes, when you walk in and see 3 or more men sitting on toilets grimacing, farting wiping, it's really a bit you said, 'like a dog shitting on Main Street"

I have read the posts on this board for a long time now and today I decided to post one myself. My name is Andi, I'm male and 25 years old.
I will tell you about a secret in my life.
I live in a big city and I really like the anonymity when living with hundreds of thousends other people at one place.
Sometimes when I have too pee I go out on the street or cycle around. When the need to pee becomes urgent I start looking for a house where I can get in i.e. it has an open door. Usually my bladder hurts at this point.
Then I get up the stairs looking for a good place.
Sometimes I squat on a doormat of someone or just pee on the stairs. Once I pooped on the stairs too, leaving a huge load there. I like the imagination that people will see what I have done and try to guess what they will think about it.
I don't know why I'm doing this. Maybe its from the animal past where we had to mark our territory?
Anyone else who likes that?

I had a major accident about a week ago. I am 32 years old and about 5'2". Anyways It was a hot day at work so I downed a lot of drinks. I felt a small urge to pee but I refuse to use public restrooms unless its an absolute emergency. Well I left work and got into my car when I realized the urge was a lot greater then I had thought. No problem I thought I could make it home. The ride was about 45 minutes. About 15 minutes into the ride I realized I probably should have went to the bathroom before I left. I was getting pretty desperate but continued driving. After about 10 more minutes I had my legs tightly together and was considering going to a gas station or rest stop. I was still determined to make it home. After about 5 more minutes I decided I needed to go somewhere as I had to hold my crotch by now. I saw a sign for a rest stop in 15 miles. There were gas stations on the way but I would prefer a rest stop. I began to bounce a little in my seat. I finally reached the gas station almost tearing in my eyes. I stood up and had to crouch down and hold myself with both hands. A spurt escaped as I began to run to the toilet. I opened the door as another spurt escaped. I ran to a urinal peeing on the way. I couldnt believe I was peeing my pants. After I used the urinal I surveyed the damage. It was completely humilating and visable. As I walked to my car I got many stares and saw two teenagers dying laughing at my expense. What a horrible day.

Brian at Sears
Hey guys, Sorry I been away for so long. Married life and working full time keeps me really busy. Off today, day of needed rest. Yesterday, I was in the mens lounge after lunch with 2 of my co-workers. We had all three bowls tied up for about 10-15 minutes. We all had stomach aches and were shitting non-stop. We were chatting about nonsence, when the outer door creaks open, and in comes an elderly gent, pushing his wife in a wheelchair. He didn't want to take her in the ladies room. LOL ...I was OK, and Dan laughed, but Vern started freaking out, yelling "Please leave this restroom IMMEDIATLY" Can't you SEE there are no stall doors, you wife MUST leave. He apologized, she smiled, and they left. Stuff like that , it just makes me laugh. Today I'm doing laundry.....I love being married ...

to Selene
its kool i like peeing in places other then a toilet its more fun going in other places like i like to pee in my back yard behind the shed u have any stories

Keith D
Today I went for a walk along some trails around a sport and recreation complex in my neighborhood. After the exercise I needed to poop and came across a unisex toilet block near the swimming pool. Each stall had full walls and its own door to the outside. Some had showers (for changing after swimming). A drawback of the separate doors is that anyone outside for a mile around could see your feet while you are on the toilet. Embarrassing for me as I often have to strain a bit and even squat to get things going and it would be obvious.

The toilet bowls were stainless steel and a seatless design. It's broad, flat, uncontoured, cold and just downright uncomfortable. I don't know how women put up with unisex toilets either, especially after the guys standing to pee have sprayed all around the edges of the bowl that you sit on. And the tp only comes out in tiny coarse sheets that are difficult to wipe or cover the "seat" with.

Sitting there (shorts and briefs to my ankles, upright on the seat), I was feeling very self-conscious of my feet the whole time and trying to strain while keeping them flat on the floor and not jiggle them around. I was so busy concentrating on my feet that my poop passed easily - just a few skinny pieces, plip, plip, plip - and I was done quickly. As I was wiping (I didn't clean properly as the paper was so abrasive) I heard the klop-klop-klop of high-heel shoes and slamming of a door as someone took the stall next door. It echoed inside the brick building and I could hear her slacks sliding down her legs. "Aaaauuuuuughhhhh…." A huge sigh of relief and a strong stream of pee started immediately, rattling in the steel pan. I wonder if people like that know they are so audible or do they just not care. Or are they even proud of it?


If you want to talk toilet habits with your friends, then camping is the perfect opportunity! Being so close to nature... First of all, things get interesting if you camp at an area that doesn't have some sort of bathroom facilities or toilet block. Take charge when you first arrive and designate a "toilet area" for the group, behind some bushes near camp. This is a necessary practicality to keep mess from being spread all around the area and to prevent accidents where somebody stumbles on someone else squatting behind the bushes. But by having a designated area, it is always clear when somebody is sneaking away in that direction to go to the toilet and gives you an opportunity to keep track of their "movements", as such. For those who are into it (some of the posters on this site) it would also give everbody an opportunity to inspect other people's "business" later on, and to keep track of your own over a few days.

Also camping and hiking are a legitimate time to make your own bathroom habits a little more public and invite discussion. On a long hike, you need to notify the others in your group when you need to stop and leave the trail for a toilet break. They have to stand around and wait for you and depending on the amount of time you take, it forces them to think about what you are actually doing. It's one way to break the ice.

There are other opportunities to make a bit of a production of when you need to go to the toilet which can be used to attract attention. When you get up during the night to go, stumble around enough and unzip the tent loudly to wake up your friends so they know you're going. You'd be surprised by how often they soon follow close behind.

You may even be able to convince your room mate to join you on a trip to the toilet area. It's not weird - plenty of people take a buddy with them when they make a trip to public toilets and sit side by side in stalls. It's just a bit more open.

It depends on what feels right for you. Kim, from your posts you seem to have a reasonably open, healthy attitude to your toilet habits while still seeming a little shy about them, perhaps with males. I don't think most people consider that such activities or discussions are "unladylike" as such. They're just more embarrassed about their own functions. I have a couple of female friends who are quite forward with bursting out with "I need to pee/poop" during the middle of a conversation and scampering away. If executed with style, they can even manage to make it sound cute, rather than gross.

Then of course, there are the people who always manage to go too far when camping. I went hiking with a couple that decided it would be fun to try and light their own farts while around the campfire. They were rolling around the grass on their backs with their ankles up around their ears and holding candles up to their butts. It didn't make a flame like they expected, in fact, all they managed to do was blow the candles out! It was hysterical but I can't see myself doing that.

Enough of my dodgy camping experiences.

Anyway, please post a full report when you get back!

Timothy, We all sometime leave residue in our pants. That's why undewear was invented to catch any residue.You were just using your undewear for the purpose it was invented.

Holding Pee

I am glad that you told the story of your bladder discipline. It is more like bladder punishment.

I hope that you will go on with the story.

I am particularly interested
in how long this went on: as long as you lived home? Or did it slack off after you became an adolescent? (How old are you now? I am in college.) As I have said I am badly pee shy although I am working on that. It was the result of being forced to hold and not being able to go. The "not being able to go part" caught up with me. Did you have anything happen to your bladder function: pee a lot? or can't pee in a public place at all? Or even at home when anyone is around?

From a fellow bladder sufferer.

Toilet Charger
I had a really weird day yesterday as far as the toilet goes
I woke up with the need to go so headed to the toilet when I went it was really hard to go and was a rather big and thick solid log which took rather a long time to pass.

Then at about 11 i'm in work and start getting the most horrible stomach cramps so head off to the mens and spend about 30 mins having really bad diahrrea first off a load of butt mud followed by water.

Later on just after lunch I need to go again this is once again a solid log that is hard to pass due to the size.

Finally in the evening just before bed I get more stomach and this time have really bad diahrrea again.

I can understand the amount as id been constipated for a few days before but what I can't understand is the switching between large logs and the runs

After having that short bout of diarrhea Saturday night, I'm back to being extremely constipated again >_< The cycle never ends!

I hadn't had a poo since Saturday and I was very uncomfortable and crampy. Finally tonight I felt a strong urge and went to the bathroom. I pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet and had to strain to get the poo out.

It took about 5 minutes to get done, and I still don't feel like I'm done. It was a messy poo and took about 5 wipes.

In the toilet there were 2 turds, both about 2-3 inches long. But one was in the shape of a fish! I'm not kidding!! lol. I flushed the toilet and pulled my panties up.

After years of constipation problems (since babyhood to now) I am deciding to make some major changes towards my diet and become a vegetarian. Cut out the meat, increase vegetables, fruits, brans and protein and increase water. I am also switching over to more green tea and water than regular tea. I think it will make a difference.

That's all for now. Happy pooping.


yes, stall doors are being removed to prevent nonsence like the Lrry Craig incident. It's ok, as long as women don't walk in wlile I'm wiping my ass.

Is it strange that I don't like going on the toilets? I enjoy (whenever I can) to go out and dig a hole. Then I squat down in the hole and enjoy my crapping.

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