I do actually have a hotel pooping story to share. I was a senior in high school and my government class went to Washington D.C. during spring break. There were about an equal amount of boys and girls as well as plenty of parents, but they divided us up to rooms by gender. I shared a room with two girls I didn't know very well, one I was friends with, and the mother of one of the girls in the room.

Since it was a week long trip all of us had to pee and poop many times. The only event I really remember is one afternoon, we were getting ready to go swimming for a bit and I had to poop, so I did so while changing. I was squeezing out a long log of poop, when someone knocked on the door. I told them I'd be ready in a minute and they started giggling. I guess my voice gave away that I was pushing out a big poop, but I didn't care that they knew.

Rookie Roxanne
I'm 21, a recent college graduate and I got my first teaching job in a large public high school. Like most first-year teachers, I don't have my own classroom and I have to move among three different rooms. Since I teach social sciences, that means there are a lot of materials I have to carry around with me. Unlike my colleagues, however, I have chosen not to use the faculty lounge toilets. First, they are way on the other side of our building. Secondly, because I have a smaller bladder I have to pee three or four times a day and I find it's a lot faster for me to use the closest student bathroom to my classroom. Third, I usually have my daily crap immediately before homeroom and the bathroom is just a few feet from the classroom I'm in. Most of the girls are very cordial to seeing me in the bathroom. I don't cut. When there's a line, I wait. Occasionally, I'll be on the stool and overhear some really filthy language and when I come out and we're at the sinks, the culprits will be really surprised and they will tone it down. Yesterday, I came out of the stall after taking a really satisfying (I was three days constipated)crap, and noticed a very scared looking freshman bolt from the far stall right towards the doorway. Her bookbag seemed heavy (almost larger than her)and may be that's why she didn't want to stop and wash her hands, but I noticed that from under her shorts, she was dragging the toilet paper that she apparently had sat on. I stopped her and called her attention to it. She seemed miffed at first, but thanked me as she went back in the stall to take care of it. It got me to thinking how both as a student, and even now as a teacher, I never really got into putting toilet paper over the seat before sitting down. It always has seemed such a waste of time and resources. Apparently only a small number of our large student body does that. Somtimes, I will see some paper over the seat when I come into a stall. I just take it off and throw it into the bowl. I think it's such a waste and one of the reasons why some stalls are avoided later in the day--both large rolls of toilet paper in the dispenser have been depleted. I know that some of my colleagues would disagree, but I don't mind crapping and peeing in student bathrooms.

Fr. P
Dear NoNameStudent, thank you very much for your reply, I agree completely on what you said, and she was a very nice woman, and I'm sure she would have understood, and it probably would have been better for me and for her, as I couldn't really concentrate on the conversation as much. I thank you very much for your advice, it was very helpful. The reason why I have been going every three days, is mainly because I thought I didn't have the time and was quite busy. But when I think more fervently about it, much of my time I spend is actually things I WANT to do, not things I need to do, such as using the restroom. I have decided to take some of that free time every single day, not every three days, to use the restroom, rather than waiting until I'm desperate, and then having an accident. I truly believe that this will help me serve my congregation and the other people I work with much better. Thank you all very much for your plies

Thanks and God Bless You All,

Father P.

To JW; I do remember sitting on the potty, Mum crouched next to me and looking down with this long poo hanging from my butt. I recall my mother giving me chocolate Laxettes to make me poo.
To Katie; I am one of those people that plop, plop, plop in public toilets, no problem. I was once poo shy but not any more. Think of how much more efficient you would be if you did not have this problem Firts thing is take heart that you ultimately do go so that is a start. To get yourself conditioed try a suppository...just go in, slip in a suppository and then when the urge soon hits away you go! It might only take a few goes to get you right. Alternately you could try a laxative but a low dose and work up if needs be. Maybe you could have a good drink of prune juice before you leave for work.
Please let us know the outcome.
To Keith is another example of toilet poetry
One would think from all this wit
That Shakespear once sat here to shit.

I remembered once this story and came accross this site...

Once I was swimming with my friend at the local pool (my friend is not pee shy at all) and we starting diving. I had felt the need to pee a few minutes ago, but it wasn't that bad. After a few dives it she whispered into my ear that she "had to go pee but could hold a little longer." Because we were having a lot of fun, we kept swimming until she told me she had to pee really really bad. By that time I had to pee pretty bad as well so I agreed to go to the toilets and we went to get our towels.

Little did we know, the toilets were being cleaned! We hobbled over to the showers and there was a line of at least 7 people. I grabbed onto my crotch underneath my towel and crossed my legs tightly. My friend jumped up and down while squeezing her hands in desperstion on her crotch as well. People stared at us while we hobbled to a shower cubicle at long last.

My friend and I jumped into the same cubicle and peed with our swimmers on, at least a minute each. I don't do very good describing but it was a really memorable experience!

Linda from Australia here again. I dropped a big load about an hour ago and it took lots of effort to get it all out. I've been eating healthy food lately so I don't know why I had trouble tonight. I had been doing 2 dumps per day, one in the morning after breakfast and one at night, after dinner. This lasted for about a month and it was feeling SO good!! Now Ive only been going once per day and this has been happening all this week. Yesterday morning, I ate my breakfast and I tried doing a poo before I left for work. I couldn't get anything out so I went to work. During the day, I could feel poos developing in me and I felt a bit uncomfortable. They slowly moved down towards my anus as the day went on. When I got home after work, I sat on the toilet and did a wee. I stayed on the toilet to try and do poos but nothing came out. After dinner, I managed to push out some small, skinny logs but I didn't feel satisfied. There was still more shit up my butt. Then this morning, I tried to do a poo after breakfast. I could feel a log in my anus but I just couldn't squeeze it out. I tried twice more before going to work but nothing happened. I could feel a big load in me all day and I was very uncomfortable. The turds felt sharp in my anus. I couldn't wait to get home to do a poo. When I finally got home, I sat on the toilet and waited. I had to strain really hard to get things moving. I felt a huge turd coming down and it got stuck in my anus. It was wide and thick. It hurt my butt and I had to push as hard as I could. After about 5 minutes, the turd came out but I still had more in me. I pushed again and another thick turd slowly inched its way out. After a few minutes, this one plopped into the toilet. I pushed a few more smaller turds out and I felt much better. I still didn't feel finished, as usual. My butt was sore after that effort. I made dinner and now Im getting the urge to do more poos.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Got a story for you guys! Okay, so, Monday this happened. I was on my period (Never fun) and had a craving diet cherry pepsi. Now, my High School has pop machines all over, so before school around 7:30, after my morning piss, I buy a diet cherry pepsi and have that gone by lunch 3 hours later. And of course, at lunch I buy another. I pee during lunch, noticing some of the caffine/liquid of the first pepsi was getting to me and making me have to pee. So at lunch I have to pee pretty bad. I go, and by the end of 4th hour, my second pepsi is gone. So now I've got 2 caffinated pepsis in my body and have only peed once today since drinking both of them. During 5th hour, Bio, my bladder is full, and i mean FULL. I could barely walk! My jeans are new and tight, not washed yet, and not stretchy. Plus I have on a tight belt. Neither of these factors are helping me, and I have to hunch forward to keep my bladder under control.
5th hour ends and now the last hour of the day comes: 6th hour. Honors English. I barely make it to class, absolutely bursting, and since we were taking notes, I couldn't leave the class. I sit next to this really hot guy I've known since 4th grade, Ian, and I would hate to let him know I have to pee, since I'm very bladder shy. SO I just hold it. I cross my legs and about 3/4s of the way through the hour, my bladder spasms hugely and I have to cross my legs tightly and just try to keep it in. I feel a squirt come out and do everything I can secretly to keep it in. 5 minutes to the bell, we stop notes and I ask if I can use the restroom. The teacher, Tucker, says no, I can wait 5 more minutes. Haha, she hasn't had 2 pepsis in 7 hours.... Well, needless to say, I hold it in, my abdomen pressing on my jeans. The bell rings and thankfully, I sit next to the door leading into the student center/cafeteria, and head out of it quickly. Down the hall, squirts leaking out of my bladder, I walk as normal as I can manage and see the woman's bathroom. Thank the lord! I duck inside and see..... A line. All 4 stalls were full and 2 girls were in line already. A stall opens and the lines down to me and the girl infront of me. I'm now crossing my legs casually, struggling to maintain control. A girl comes hobbling in, hands in her rotch, obviously bursting and far wrose off than I was, seeing as she had a small dark spot on her butt, and I let her go in front of me. She thanked me gratefully and now I was thrid in line, desperate. 2 more stals open and I'm next. And, of course, another spasm hits me. I double over and shove one of my hands in my crotch, glad to be alone in the bathrom other than the girls in the stalls.
I regain control for a few seconds and stand back up straight as a stall opens. I rush inside, fumble with my belt, dancing from foot to foot. I get my belt undone and get the zipper on my jeans down. Another spasm hits me and I double over again, both hands down my jeans and in my crotch pressing firmly on my pee-hole. I clumsily pull my jeans down, not daring to take both of my hands off of myself. Now just the panties. I get those down quickly and sit on the toilet right as the floodgates open. My pee pours out of me, and I swear, I must have gone for atleast a minute. There was a small wet patch on my panties from all the leaks, but my jeans are dark enough and dry. My sister is near my locker and we head home afterwards.
Let's just say I won't be drinking 2 pepsis in a day for a long, long time.

Hi Kim, You said you remember some of your childhood potty habits. Do you remember actually being potty trained? I do and seem to be quite unique in the ability to recall it. I remmember my mother sitting me on my potty and insisting that I "bear down". Just wondered if you could actually tell us anything about your potty training?- JW

Why are stall doors being removed in a lot of mens restrooms recently? Is this because of the Senator Craig scandel? I was in Sears yesterday and I know they had stall doors last time I was in there, now they were all removed, including all the hinges and hardware, so I doubt it was vandelism. I don't think it's fair that we men have to shit 'out in the open" like dogs do, just because of the behaviour of a few guys.

To Father P:
Don't worry. I actually had an accident at work today myself. I took a dump but finished in a hurry. I thought I had wiped clean, but when I left the bathroom, I felt a mess in my pants. I had to go back to clean up. Luckily no one saw me, but I was embarassed, and I had to clean my boxers and pants when I got home.
I'm in my late 20's, so don't feel ashamed. Accidents do happen.

I'm 22 and just graduated in May with my degree in business. I've got a great entry-level job with a Fortune 1000 company, work in a high-rise office tower and I've targeted making second vice-president within five years. The problem is that we have about 350 women on our floor that share a large bathroom. There are about 11 stalls, privacy doors on each, relatively new plumbing (the building was built in 1990)and although sometimes I have to wait for a stall (especially about 9 or 10 each morning) the situation isn't that bad. When I have to pee--and that's about three times a day and especially after my morning coffee--I sit right down and my bladder is emptied within one to two minutes. On the other hand, my daily bowel movement is more problematic. I'll feel like I have to release it, will sit down and after about five minutes I get frustrated with just sitting there and not being able to produce. I've had this problem since I was a child and my mom would take me into places like our city auditorium, stadium and mall restrooms, point me into a stall, and then seem annoyed when I would just sit and not be able to crap. She would tell me to stand up, walk around outside and then come back and that I should be able to crap. I could pee with the best of them, but I couldn't crap for the life of me. Then a half hour or so later, I couldn't get onto the stool fast enough to let the crap out. I can pretty much be assured that when I sit down for the third time in a two hour period that that will be when I will be able to produce. The stool is large and gives me a feeling of immense satisfaction when I see it in the bowl. It's just that my first two "sittings" tend to get pretty depressing even though, as part of my routine, I will stand, reposition myself on the seat, spread my legs like a girlfriend suggested (it helps her) but does nothing for me, etc.I just don't know what else I can do. If I were at my apartment (like I am on Saturday and Sunday mornings), I always fill the bowl on my first and only sitting. Why things can be much more difficult in a larger, public bathroom I just don't know. I've thought of sitting longer than the five-minute limit I've given myself, but that would just add to my wasted time. The way it is now I put in nine hours a day and easily take another 90 minutes or so of work home with me. I'm hopeful this bm problem that I have in public doesn't continue for the rest of my life. I sure admire the women I hear who sit down and the plop, plop starts out immediately. I would LOVE THAT!

I was going to post this on another site related to bathroom stories, but they needed an account set up so I searched around and found your site. I, my wife, and her friend Beth took a day trip today to check out a country market about two hours away. We spent about half the day there and purchased a small table (actually not so small because it wouldn't fit in the trunk of the car, so had to put it in the back seat); I mention the table because to prevent it from blocking my view from driving we had to put it in back behind the passenger seat, which meant Beth was directly behind me on the return trip. So, we were about half way home when Beth asked if we could stop someplace so that she could use the bathroom. I knew the area and said that there was a park nearby. I could see in the rearview mirror that Beth had a worried look on her face and she obviously needed the bathroom stop quite badly. We pulled into the park, which had two portapotties next to each other at the far end of the parking lot. I pulled close by and we all got out since we were all going to use the facilities. Beth went into one of the portapotties and my wife went into the second one while I waited out by the car. My wife came back shortly and mentioned that Beth was doing a poop and she would probably be awhile. I went to use the facilities and, the short time I was in there, I could hear Beth pushing. I exited and waited with the wife by the car. Beth finally came out after about 5 or so minutes and we then were back on the road. I prodded my wife later this evening regarding Beth's need and she said that they were talking briefly while they were in the portapotties. It seems Beth had been constipated for several days and had taken a stool softener the previous day and she got a real strong urge to poop shortly after we had left the market and was sure she wouldn't be able to hold it until we got back home. So apparently she really needed to poop quite desperately. I just felt I had to share that story because it is not everyday that this happens.

First of all,on this sad day of rememberance for all Americans,i would like to send my warmest wishes from here in Scotland to anyone from the states who contributes to this site.
So to my post for today.Late on saturday night i was driving towards town(I live in the country)when i pulled into a deserted woodland car park as i felt the need to release something.I stepped out the car and walked a few feet into the trees.This was not easy as it was very dark.I pulled down my jeans and underwear and squatted down.With a small push i felt some squishy soft poop come out of my bum followed quickly by some firmer stuff.I stayed squatting in case there was more,but that was it.I managed to grab some long grass and leaves and used them to clean myself.This is the first time i have done a shit outside for a while.It felt good.
I also have another memory for you.A number of years ago i was on holiday with my family and my girlfriend at the time in the south of France.The two of us had been out for the evening and i guess we were a little drunk.We were sitting on the beach and i must have said that i needed to pee.At first we joked about me "going" in the sea.Then i said that i would do it.Much to her amusement and probably surprise i stood up,unzipped with my back to her and released a lovely golden arc into the water.A guy walking nearby shouted at us but i carried on regardless.The next day we talked about the incident briefly and agreed that it had been funny at the time.Well,thats it for now.More to come i hope.CHEERS BYE ANDY!

Fr P.--it's good to hear from you again. I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune :( Here is what I am thinking. You need to take better care of yourself. When you get the urge to go, go. You cannot be there for your congregants if your mind is stuck on "don'tshitmypantsdon'tshitmypants" I'm sure the lady would have been very understanding if you had said something along the lines of "Excuse me ma'am, I really want to talk with you right now, but I need to take care of something first. Can I meet you back here in about ten minutes?" Why are you only going every 3 days? When I go every 3 days it is because I don't get the urge to go, not because I refuse to find time to go. If you get the urge to go, go. Immediately. If you were with your baby brother or sister you would never dream of making him/her wait. Treat yourself the same way. Correct me if I'm wrong (it's been a long time), but isn't it true that the only work permitted on Shabbat was to dig a hole and cover your excrement outside of the camp and that in fact was mandatory? This shows that taking care of yourself must be a top priority.
I hope this didn't come across as a lecture. I am just concerned that you are going to not only keep having embarassing accidents but also to damage your health. You are in a profession to help others; to do so, you must put yourself first.

Uncle Harry
House Guest

This story is about a very embarrassing moment, and I don't embarrass easily, but these circumstances made it different. My wife's long-time, out-of-town friend Charlene was in town for a business convention and she invited her to spend the weekend with us. We would put her up in the guest room. I had never met her until she arrived on Friday evening.

We all went to bed, but in the middle of the night I woke up needing to pee. I noticed that my wife, Julia, was not in bed. I walked into the hallway, groggy and half-asleep, and saw that the door was mostly closed, but open a few inches, and the light was on. I assumed it must be my wife, since she wasn't in bed, so I started to take out my cock, said, "Hi, Honey", and started to walk in. Suddenly, a voice called out, "Harry! Don't come in. It's Charlene". But it was too late; I was already inside. So there I was, with my cock hanging out in front of my wife's friend, and Charlene, with her short nighty around her waist, sitting on the toilet, legs spread, with her piss pouring out of her crack in front of her friend's husband. She looked pretty startled. "Harry. Don't look. Close the door", she exclaimed. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were Julia", I said, while trying to get my cock back into my PJ pants, but having some problem with the slit fly that had no snap on it. She made no effort to stop her stream or put her legs together, but kept on peeing while I was apologizing and getting my pisser back into my pants. "Sorry", I said once again before leaving and closing the door.

It turned out that my wife had gone down to the kitchen to get a snack. By the next day at breakfast, Charlene had regained her composure, said she had been more startled than upset, and we all had a good laugh over the incident. Later that day, I went in the bathroom to pee. I heard footsteps while I was pissing, the door opened and Charlene looked in. "Just getting even, Harry", she said with a laugh, and then closed the door. It seems that my wife had put her up to it.

Keith D
Hello again. Some great stories lately and they're triggering a few memories of some of my more bizarre experiences.

To Selene:
There's nothing wrong with finding an alternative to the standard toilet. I personally find them uncomfortable and would much prefer to squat outdoors. I do a lot of work in wilderness areas and get many opportunities to go outside. Sometimes I do it just while I'm out for a walk somewhere when in someplace civilised. It's just so much more refreshing to go outside. A totally different experience to the sterile bathroom when you can feel a cool breeze against your underside. And I think that the squatting position is much better than sitting uncomfortably on the toilet. I find it much easier to pass a poop while squatting and often need to squat on the toilet seat to get it out.

This reminds me of an experience a few years ago. I was working for a surveying team on a ranch. It was in a really arid badlands area with sparse vegetation, no trees and the whole landscape was rocky and broken by dry stream beds. One late afternoon, I'd just gone back to the truck to meet up with the rest of the team after a long day. The flies were driving me crazy. Great swarms of them crowding around my face all day, trying to get moisture from the sweat off my brow. I guess it's a hazard that goes with working near cattle. No one else had got back to the truck yet so I grabbed a drink and sandwich out of the cooler. The flies were all over them. As I waited, the drink and food, combined with a day of walking, stirred the ugre to poop. I grabbed a shovel and roll of tp off the back of the truck and set off over the nearest ridge.

As I walked I was swatting at the flies and trying not to hit myself with the shovel. The sun was getting low and it made my shadow stretch really tall across the bare ground. With the shadow distorting my legs and making my boots and jeans look big and puffy, and my broad-brimmed hat and shovel, the shadow looked like a prospector out of the old west. On the other side of the ridge I went down to a dry creek bed. It seemed like a good spot. But when I tried to dig, my shadow just clanked against the stoney ground and I couldn't make a hole. The poop sensed its time was near and was really starting to hammer at the gate and make me clench as I managed to prise a couple of rocks out to make a shallow hole. I dropped the tools and, still swatting at the flies round my face, dropped my belt and jeans to my ankles and squatted over the hole.

With a small push, there was a crackle and a spfft as my butthole opened slightly. I relaxed for a while to let it all move into position. To my right my shadow was still there. Silhouetted in a squatting position I still looked a bit like a cowboy. Just one squatting with a large, bare round butt! I laughed out loud as I could even see my scrotum hanging in the shadow.

I pushed some more and the load started to stretch my hole. With one hand I grabbed the crotch of my jeans and briefs and held them upwards as the other hand swatted flies. I know from experience that if you don't hold your pants out of the way, then as the poop hits the ground it may topple forward and draw a brown streak down the back of your jeans...

I took a couple of slow controlled breaths and pushed some more. It started to emerge. It felt quite big so I eased it out slowly. I paused every now and then to relax my hole. A nice slow smooth poop feels amazing. It felt knobbly and was stretching me in all sorts of directions. By this stage of the process, I didn't care if any other members of the team happened along and saw me. Has anyone ever noticed that poop doesn't smell anywhere near as bad when outdoors? Barely a scent, except for a slight, dry, almost sweet odour.

I could see the poop sausage making its way down in the shadow. Recently, I heard a plumber describe the process of taking a dump as "growing a foxes tail". That was a pretty accurate description for what I was seeing, as the poop tapered at the ends and bulged in the middle and hung straight down from my butt.

It was then that I noticed something had changed. There was silence. Those damn flies, that had been harassing me and crawling and buzzing all over my face all day, ringing in my ears, had disappeared. Not a single one on my face. But they hadn't gone far. I noticed a tickling sensation around my butt. The entire swarm had moved to my other end, seemingly attracted to a better proposition (sorry if this is too gross!). In the shadow I could see them zipping all around it and could feel their wings grazing against my buttcheeks and crack. It tickled so much I giggled. Hmmm... I thought this may be a good strategy for keeping the flies away in future. Perhaps when I'm working near camp, where the flies are always the biggest nuisance, I could drop one of these bombs nearby and it would keep them busy...

The poop touched the ground and pinched off its tapered tail at about the same time. As anticipated, it toppled forward and narrowly missed my jeans and hand. I wiped a couple of times but there was very little mess. Pooping while squatting tends to hold my hole open better and less gets smeared around it.

I stood to look at my creation. It was about 8 inches long (huge for me), around 2 inches thick on average, with a bulbous leading end (first out), thicker in the middle (football shaped) and a long tapering final end. The first half was dark brown with a slight greenish tint and made up of lots of pebbles only just held together and moulded into shape. The back half was much lighter brown with a soft smooth texture, and was caked around the darker bit inside. And with small black flies swarming around.

I picked up one of the rocks I had prised from the hole with the intention of using it to bury my work. But as I dropped the rock I realised my mistake. An explosion of flies scattering everywhere! As I stood with the air thick with buzzing flies, I couldn't help but think where they'd just been. Grabbing the tools, I ran as fast as I could, still pulling up my jeans as I went!

By the way, there have been some great descriptive stories lately.

Uncle Harry: Your childhood anecdotes bring back countless memories of my early days and curiosity at seeing other people on the pot!

Kim: Your matter-of-fact toilet chronicles make simple stories brilliant and get the imagination going.

Laura (Teacher): How's everything going with the new classes for the new school year? For me, any changes in routine like that (extra hours, stress, not always having time to get to the toilet right when you need to, etc) usually upsets my pooping habits.

I was at Wal-Mart today, looking at some nice clothes to wear next weekend when I go out, when I felt the urge to pee. I went towards the restrooms and took a stall. I let loose shortly after sitting down, but when I bent forward to wipe, the toilet auto-flushed... I hate those things. I wiped once and tossed it in before the toilet finished and the paper went with my pee.

The plan is to call up some friends and go camping next weekend, maybe my roommate will come too. Expect some good stories then :)

Keith D:

Another interesting story. I can't imagine having to go through that. I might be able to hold it in for a few days, but I'd probably sneak away late at night after the teacher and everyone else was asleep and poop in the woods if possible. (Hopefully if people chose that option, they didn't get caught... that'd be bad)

Nice advice about my roommate. I don't know if she's just shy or was raised to be proper or "ladylike". My parents were open with me about my habits, but they also made sure I knew it was a private thing. But I suppose some parents don't ever even talk about bodily functions, and you'd just grow up thinking it's unladylike, or something.

Something I have noticed though is the stereotypes do hold true with young people, maybe college age or a bit older... Guys seem to be more open about their habits. They'll fart loud in public and seem to be proud of it even. Women, on the other hand, try to hold in their farts as much as possible, and deny all traces of farting or pooping.

I've dated a few guys, but never anything really serious. However, in all my relationships, I made not attempt to hide the fact that I poop and fart like everyone else.

My mother and father both came from families where extreme bladder discipline was imposed. They also both came from strict families with what I believe was a history of child abuse. With my mom it was to keep her from using public restrooms. Her mom had a fear of germs and forbid her to use ANY public restroom including the ones at school. Before she even started school her mom imposed holding sessions where she was given a lot to drink and made to hold it to stretch her bladder. The time was increased until she could go all day with peeing or pooping. Her punishment for wetting herself was a spanking. I never talked to her about the way it felt, but she was grateful her mother did it to her as she liked being able to hold it all day.

With my dad it was used as a form of punishment. His father would make him drink a large amount of liquids and would make him hold it if he misbehaved. He was made sometimes to hold it all day. If he complained about needing to go my grandfather would add more time. His punishment for wetting himself was a beating with a razor strap. He too was often times made to hold it away from home. Car trips were the worst. One time because of his attitude about it, when the family stopped at a rest area my dad was not allowed to go. He had to stand and watch his dad and brother by the urinal pee, but he was not allowed to. He too felt that his dad did the right thing my making him hold it.

It seems a little odd to me that my parents had the same thing in common, which make me wonder if they had some king of holding fetish. They wanted their kids to have the same bladder control as they had. My mom only peed once a day before bedtime and my dad peed twice a day.

They had two children I being the oldest and my sister being the youngest. We were two years apart in age. We were always required to ask permission before being allowed to use the bathroom, however by the age of 4 we were only allowed to go before each meal. If we had to go before hand we just had to hold it. Our punishment for failing to hold It was a spanking with a Dow rod which was how my mom was spanked growing up. These spanking were harsh and left marks that lasted for days. We didn't get spanked much, but when we did, it was very traumatic. The fear of getting "the rod" caused us to keep our pee in. I remember have to pee so bad that my bladder felt like a hot poker was stuck in it and my whole body would be completely numb. Every sound and movement could be felt, it's a little hard to explain. My mom was sympathetic to my need, but never gave in and let me go if it was not "potty time". Sometimes when she could tell I was in distress she would put me in her lap and say "I know you have to pee honey, but you have to learn to hold it. Sometimes I would break down and start crying. Again she would comfort me, but never gave in. While on her lap she would not let me hold myself and would pull my hand away if I tried. My dad would threaten to spank me if I did not be quite. I remember him taking me in the room with the rod and beating me for crying. One time I peed myself while being spanked and got it even worst. My bottom hurt for three day. Our bathroom door was never locked so when we past by the bathroom we could see the toilet, but would not dare use it.

My sister seemed to have it the worst. She of course was the baby and was a little more spoiled than I was however when it came to the bladder discipline she was often times held to the same standard as I was. The two combined along with the fact she was a girl made holding it more traumatic for her. I remember her cries and screams for relief along with the spanking. She also wet herself more than I did and got more spankings because of it.

What was weird about our childhood was how normal it was outside of the bladder discipline. We watched TV, played video games, went to birthday parties, had friends. The only difference was we went around with a full bladder and sometimes a full rectum. I remember opening presents at my grandparents (moms side) house during Christmas with a full bladder. My grandparents knew out my parents bathroom rules and supported it.

When we started school we had to hold it until we got home which lowered our peeing to three times a day. My mom could always tell if we went at school or not even if we went earlier in the day. My mom would always tell us she was going to call the teacher and find out if we went at school. Because of the fear we held it all day. When the class would have a restroom break we would just stand against the wall and watch while everyone else did. There were two other kids I know of that never went. I always wondered if they had the same rule, but never asked.

I'm tired of typing, but will post more later.

I have diarrhea tonight. Last night I went a little crazy and kinda pigged out on milk-based stuff. I had a bowl of cereal with milk, a bowl of ice cream and pizza (spread out throughout the day of course). That and the pizza was kind of spicy. In between that I had chips with my friends. So it must have done a number on my stomach, but I needed the spicy stuff since I have been constipated so long.

By 9 pm I was quite uncomfortable and passing really loud booming farts. My husband and his friend went out for a while and I waited until they left the house. Then I felt a really big fart coming on so I let it go to relieve the uncomfortable pressure in my stomach:


All last night I was gassy and uncomfortable but could not poo. Today was a different story. I had stomach cramps all day and tonight I developed diarrhea for whatever reason.

The first wave came on quite suddenly and I ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. It hurt like crazy and felt like I was constipated but when I was done the poo was very loose and squiggly in the toilet. It was a gross grayish-green colour. Yech.

The second time came when I was talking to a friend on MSN. I clenched my buttcheeks hard because it was starting to come out and ran to the bathroom. I almost lost it all over the floor of the bathroom but I sat on the toilet and it came out in one huge rush:

Flomjdjdkjfdjhshpff!! It all came out in 30 seconds with loud farts. Very liquidy. I wiped and flushed the mess down the toilet.

My stomach is still very uncomfortable and crampy and I feel like I'm going to have diarrhea on and off all night. Not comfortable.

I am tempted to go to the store and get prune juice so ALL of it can come out and do a cleanse kind of.

Bye for now.


Sabrina P.
Hello to all...

My name is Sabrina,Im 32 Years old,60 in height,180 lb,with long darkbrown curly Hair. I live in Germany and I hope my English isnt too bad...

Last Week I was on the Way home from a Seminar.
I have the Problem that when Im away from Home,it takes a few Days until i can poop on unfamiliar toilets.Is like my Bowels are blocked.
So it was last Week too....
I hadnt shit since 4 Days and thought I had to take a laxative when Im back home again.
But my Turd had other Plans....

I sat on the Bus as I felt the abruptly Urge to poop.
At this time I a had a 50 minutes Drive ahead of me,but just 15 minutes later I was in big Distress.
At this Point my Luck was that I had not going for 4 Days,so the Shit was very solid.
Improbably that I would go to my pants...So I thought....

But 15 minutes more and a massive Shiver ran over my Body from my Neck to my Calfs and at the next Moment I felt the Tip of my Turd stepped out of my Butt.Hastily I fought it back and clenched my buttcheeks but in the following 10 Minutes the Tip of my Poop poking in and out three times!

I did realized that I would never made it from the Busstation until Home. The only Chance I had was let my Pants fall down under the Elderbush behind the Station.

But first I had to endure until the Station.
The Turd attacked now with Full Force and at this Day I weared a Thong,stockings and Linen-shorts and I knew if I lost it the Lumps would fall out of my Trouser-Leggs for everyone to see...

But as the Bus arrived the Border of our little town,the Turd slids out of my butt again and this Time there was no chance to push it back anymore.This huge Log came out with a crackling Sound and stopped as he reached the Seat.
I sat on my Seat like paralyzed,gasping with that enormous Sausage hanging out my Backside.
As the Bus stopped,I hurried behind the Station but as I arrived the Bush it was much too late.
The only Thing that I had to do was empty out my Pants.

Keith D
Hello again. Uneventful day today - haven't been to the toilet yet. Just a thought - something I haven't seen much of on this site is discussion of toilet graffiti. While not condoning the vandalism of public property, it is a big part of public toilet "culture", is difficult to miss and can be quite interesting.

If you can look past all the pictures of rude bits, gay classified ads, racial slurs and general nonsense, some of the scribblings can be quite profound. Even if they are crude. Having said that, at the moment I can't actually think of any of the good toilet scripture I've seen over the years.

There are the usual standards like:

Written on the left wall of the stall it says "Toilet tennis - look right" and then on the right wall it says "Toilet tennis - look left".

And then there is the poetry (in your best British accent):

I was sitting with the Duchess at tea,
When she asked "Do you fart when you pee?"
I replied, with some wit
"Do you belch when you shit?"
And felt it was one-up to me.

Scrawlings in college bathrooms seem to be the most profound and thoughtful. Perhaps it's all the philosophy students. I saw the following at a college I visited overseas and for some reason it has always stuck with me:

Here I sit in silent bliss
Listening to the flow of piss.
Now and then, a fart is heard
Followed by a sloppy turd.

I have no idea why, and I'm no poet, but for whatever reason that little ditty had great appeal to me at the time. Perhaps it's because the guy who wrote it sounded as though he was in such a serene and contemplative place, despite sitting amid the stench and debauchery. I like to think I go to that blissful utopia while I am sitting pooping.

A question - do girls bathrooms have the same type of graffiti as this?

Question for all

If anyone came across a public toilet with poopy underwear in it what would you you do? Would you flush it down or throw it in the trash? Please explain.

I don't quite know why, but I am all of a sudden reminded of a friend I had in middle school - his name was Max. Whenever he had to poop, he'd say he needed to "take a dookey". I think I remember it clearly because it was the first time I'd heard any term except pooping.


I can't say I really talk to my co-workers about pooping habits... Some of them talk about being constipated due to a period or whatever reason, but beyond that, it's not brought up.

As far floating or sinking poop, most of my poop sinks as well, although I do occasionally have a floater. I read somewhere (I can't remember where, maybe a health magazine or something) that whether a log of poop sinks or floats depends on the amount of gas in the poop.

Dietary changes can cause a change in the gaseousness of your poop, which can in turn lead you to believe floaters are caused by eating less meat or whatever. The way I understand it, whether or not your poop floats is of no consequence to your health.

Hey everyone,

I have been away mainly because of school. With so much studying and internships I havent had much time to post things (Not that I did before) but today I have a few stories and comments to share.

I guess I'll start with the cruel parenting... I think parents should never withold using the bathroom from their children... Think of all the consequences (like cleaning up a mess)

I know this lady from florida, in her early 30's who has 3 kids about 3 to 4 years apart from each other. She told me once that her son who was the middle child between 2 girls seemed to hate smelling the either her poop or his older sister's poop (his sister is now 12) Plus when he was just a bit younger he would do the typical things boys and children do for mischef.

My friends approach to his behavior was this:
1) speak to him at the moment about his actions and if he continued to act out:

2) no TV before bed...and if that didnt work she would:

3) wait till the next morning before she would leave for work, go in the bathroom and pull down her jeans or whatever she was wearing to for the day, Sit on the toilet and call him into the bathroom. While she was sitting on the toilet she would call him in to have a heart to heart talk with him about his behavior, hoping he would notice her starting to pee and preparing to poop... She says she is notiorious for starting her morning BM's with a loud, foul smelling fart. She would continue to discuss his inappropriate behavior with him while she pooped, knowing that her son did not like the smell of her BM's. If he tried to cover his nose she would hold onto his hands while she continued to poop, all the while stinking up the air good. She would make him turn around while she wiped and then would make him brush his teeth and wash his face again if he had already done so (typically to wipe away the tears for having to inhale foul air for a few minutes) before she flushed the toilet... Since the few times she did this... her son has been an angel... She tried the same approach for her daughters but it didnt work as well on them. It may seem cruel to some and somewhat disgusting but I guess it worked. I understand because I never liked smelling my parents poop, and My father would poop with the door open and yell at my brother and I if we were misbehaving around the house.

My second story also has a question. Two days ago I was traveling up state. over the weekend I was kinda constipated and I had bad gas all weekend. During my time on the road I finally had to poop. I stopped at a rest stop and pooped once, or at least till I felt better. On the way out I saw two attractive women leaving the ladies room. I got to wondering if they both pooped too (it was around 6 am) Then not even 20 minutes later I had to stop at another rest stop and poop again. I pooped a third time at the hotel when I reached my destination. Do any of the ladies here have road trip pooping events like that or good stories about pooping in a hotel room while sharing the room with other women? please share those or parenting pooping stories about the parents having to poop.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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