Keith D
Hi everyone. I've just had a memory from my days in high school. In gym class there was a special unit we had to take for hiking and wilderness survival. It was pretty hardcore, with mountain-climbing and long distance hiking in remote areas.

We mostly visited national parks and one park had particularly tough environmental standards. You were to leave no mark - no rubbish, no digging, no campfires (even though it was snowing). You had to carry everything you needed for a week including shelter, food, survival and cooking gear had to be carried in a rucksack on your back. Everything that you carried in had to be carried out. Pretty hardcore survival stuff, especially for teenagers. The teacher went so far as to snap the handle off his toothbrush to save weight in his pack!

And there was a rule that the teacher was pretty strict on: No pooping in the National Park! He didn't mean to hold it in but you had to literally carry it out! At the beginning of the hike, he provided everyone with a handful of those clear plastic snap-lock sandwich bags to "do their business" in. He was serious! Apparently you shouldn't bury poop in snow covered areas because your poop freezes in the snow then in the Spring thaw lots of turds show up all over the surface of the ground in the National Park from all the tourists.

Worst of all, the teacher put me in charge of the jar of talcum powder. I asked what for - apparently I had to carry it and people would use it to make their rucksacks smell fresh while carrying their little packages.

There was no way I was doing it. I couldn't imagine walking around with a load of stale poop in my bag - the same one I carried my sleeping bag, changes of clothes and food in! I held my poop in for the entire trip (a full 7 days). After I got back home it took me hours to push the entire compacted rock-hard mass out of my butt and it even left me bleeding slightly (ewww).

I'm not sure what everyone else did. One of my friends held it for a couple of days, then left the tent one night and "buried it under a rock". A couple of people did come up to me to borrow the talcum powder. One guy was coming a couple of times a day (morning and evening). At one stage one of the girls asked. Amy was blonde, small and curvy. It was strange because we both knew what she was about to do when she asked but she was really open about it. As she went to go off behind the bushes, she pulled a plastic bag from out of her pack to take with her and I could see that it was already half full. A small mess in the bottom, with a big pinched off log in the top, turned black with age (maybe 1-2 days old) and the top of the bag was fogged up with drops of condensation. No way would I have used that!

I can't imagine carrying it around with me. What about the weight? I mean, I know we all carry it around inside us anyway (and I wound up carrying a week's worth). But we were supposed to keep our packs light for long distance hiking. It must have added pounds! I don't really understand how a teacher was allowed to impose this on us. Anyway, I got over it after my butthole healed! LOL

Dear Kim:

Thanks - I'm glad you liked the story about seeing my cousin go as a kid. It's amazing what can be remembered from your childhood. Events like that are so rare that they get burned into your brain. Jess is in her late 30s now and has a family - I think she'd be shocked that I still have such a vivid recollection of that day... I'll try to write more descriptive stories and post more regularly.

I wonder if everyone has their own favourite "type" of poop? I've never done one of those perfect little long, skinny, soft ones that just seem to ease out like the one my cousin did. Mine are usually fairly dry, lumpy, broad at the end that pokes out, thicker in the middle, then taper to a soft end where it pinches off. I do have skinny ones at times but they don't hold together well and drop off in pieces. I like my usual ones because they have a good surface texture that I can really feel coming out. I don't know why but the stretching sensation is good. And at the end you feel like you've really achieved something!

As for being able to discuss toilet habits with someone - it is always hard to bring up, especially in a subtle way. I've always had so many questions about people's habits and felt like a freak for even thinking about it. Kim, I've tried to approach the subject like you, by mentioning my own habits as I go off to the toilet (e.g. "ooohhh... I really have to take a big poo right now"). On very rare occasions you may be able to start a conversation but with some people you could swear that they never go! Like plastic dolls that didn;t have orifices and even if they did, their poop wouldn't smell and they wouldn't have to wipe their teflon-non-stick-butts!

Sometimes, the subject is brought out by an accident - like someone walking in on you while you are on the toilet. You can take advantage of a situation like that by engaging them in conversation as they turn to leave. Although a little embarrassing, they might hang around because usually, they are waiting to go themselves and don't really have anywhere else to go... When you do find a rare and special person that you trust and you can talk with and maybe even share a toilet experience with it is rewarding. At least with this forum, we can all share our experiences in detail and not feel weird. After reading some people's regular, lengthy and descriptive posts - I'm starting to feel like they're friends.

Lately, I've seen a few posts about absolutely cruel parents withholding bathrooms from their children. I'm upset by the fact that someone could do such a thing. Growing up, my parents were very relaxed about my "going potty" as they called it.

Thanks to stories from my mother and father and my own memories, I can recall some of my childhood habits. After being trained to not use diapers anymore, there was a small plastic child's potty in the bathroom. At first, Mom would empty it after I ran to her proud of myself.

Later on, it became my responsibility to empty my pee and poop in the toilet and flush it away like a 'big girl'. When I started school, I was fully using the regular toilet, although using the bathroom at school was a little interesting sometimes

In elementary school, I could pee or poop freely in the small one stall bathrooms in the room. However, once I hit 5th grade and transitioned to a big school with multi-stalled bathrooms, some problems occurred. Peeing was never a problem - everyone had to do it - so I just sat on the toilet and let nature take it's course.

Sometimes, I felt the urge to poop. I could never bring myself to poop at school... Very few of the other girls pooped at school, most of them never even farted (that I knew of, anyway). I was too afraid of being mocked to poop.

One day during my high school years, I had woken up late. It was a mad dash to quickly grab some food and get out to the bus stop. I barely made it, although about half way to school I felt a nice poop building. I knew I could never hold it in all the way until after school, but I really didn't want to go at school.

The public bus that I take to school arrives 15 minutes before class started, so I had time to walk the rest of the way. I got to school with about 9-10 minutes left, and I dropped my backpack off in my classroom on the way to the bathroom.

Being before class started, the bathrooms were nearly empty, only two stalls taken and one girl at the mirror fixing her hair. I took the closest stall and let out several crackling farts while pulling down my jeans and panties. Surprisingly, no one laughed or even seemed to care. Plopping down on the toilet, I proceeded to push out a long soft log of poop.

Another soft log of poop streamed out and seemed to go on for quite a while. I peed a tiny bit and stood up to look in the bowl. Two light creamy brown logs resting in the somewhat yellowed water. The logs were littered with corn from the corn on the cob I had the night before.

I suppose this post is getting a tad on the long side, so I'll just say this - parents, please don't withhold restrooms from your kids

I'm 25 and live with my boyfriend in our apartment. I work full-time, go to school three evenings a week as part of my work on an associates degree in business, and I also am able to squeeze some time in for community volunteer work. All told, I use bathrooms away from home five or six times a day. I never really worried about sitting directly down on a public toilet until last month. My boyfriend and I were at a large concert at our municipal building. Just before the opening act, I had gone down to pee. I completely rid my bladder of its famous fluid in less than two minutes, and when I reached for toilet paper to wipe, I didn't find any. The roll was completely used. It wasn't really a problem because there would have been little, if any, urine on my underwear as I got up off the stool. Perhaps it was the two 20-ounce Dr. Peppers I had consumed and the hotdog but as soon as I got back to our seats I started to feel a crap coming on. I waited until intermission to go back down. Due to the length of the line I had to use another bathroom and when I finally got my stall, I was delighted to find there was more than a half roll of toilet paper available! I know there's probably little logic to this (and yes my boyfriend's probably right when he criticizes me for thinking nothing of sitting directly on the seat to pee but yet making more out of not sitting directly on the seat to crap), but I must have spent 10 minutes trying to make the sheets of toilet paper I had torn off stay over the seat until I could sit on them. The blower on top of my stall didn't help things, nor did the difficulty I had keeping the paper from sliding off the seat before I could sit on it. I finally got wise to lifting the seat an inch or two and tucking the start of the paper between the seat and bowl top before I set it down. That motion caused the sensor to flush two times and the heavy spray that came up partially made the seat look like my kid brother had just performed his usual ritual of peeing without lifting the seat or aiming. By the time I finally got the seat completely covered and I pulled my underwear down and was seated, my stool was coming. Since it was larger than usual (three days worth), I had to reposition myself on the seat in order to make the mighty shove necessary to extract it. When I had resituated myself I noticed that one of the tissue liners had ripped and the one separating my pubic area from the front of the seat had fallen in. Impulsively, I just said **** **!, pushed the remaining tissues into the stool, dropped the complete load, and I still had the tissues I needed on the roll for wiping. A long-time friend of mine when visiting me this summer suggested that I learn to cover the seat. She did it so easily and with almost no complication. However, I can't get it to work for me. After having gone all these years of sitting directly on the seat, I just don't see myself permanently making the change. I mentioned it to my boyfriend when he asked what had kept me in the bathroom for so long, and he just said that very few guys worry about covering the toilet seats. He just smiled and said his kid sister had experienced the same problem in high school, but that she just learned to hold her shit until she got home. I can't see myself doing that because I would be afraid of crapping my pants. I know it would be a reality for me. Have any of the rest of you experienced the difficulty I've described? Please let me know. Thanks.

I started night school at our local high school. After working and travelling all day I needed to take a massive dump. The instructor, a man in his mid-fourties, and pleasant enough, gave the class a break about halfway through the class. I hit the 'Boys" restroom, and it brough back memories, the smell of stale cigarette smoke, the row of stand-up urinals and the traditional short, doorless stalls. When I walked in, the janitor was sitting on the first toilet, plopping away. I sat on the middle stall, and started firing away, when the door creaked open, and the instructor bolts in, smirks at us, and and took the last toilet. He actually was the loudest farter, and a wave of diahreah blew out of his ass. We sat for a few minutes, then the janitor finished up, and replaced both of our stalls with a fresh roll of toilet tissue. The instructor and myself both thanked him (His name was Lennie) Lennie told the instructor if he got to the school before 6PM the faculty mens room was available for him. He smiled and told Lennie the "Boys" room was fine, as long as there was plenty of toilet tissue. We all laughed. The instructor and myself went back to the classsroom and finished the class.

Uncle Harry
In the Park

When I was 7 years old and my sister was 2 1/2, my parents hired a part-time housekeeper/nanny to help out my mom. Nora, who wanted to be called Aunt Nora, even though she wasn't a relative, was an early 60ish widow who lived in the neighborhood and was unemployed, living off her late husband's pension, so she was available most of the time. One summer afternoon, mom asked her to take me and my sister to the park, which was about 3 blocks away. This was a miles long and block wide park that ran along the lake shore. My sister rode in her stroller to get there.

We got to the park, walked around some, explored the sights, and sat on a bench and fed the squirrels and pigeons. After about an hour and a half, Nora announced, "Aunt Nora needs to make wee-wee. I forgot to go before we left the house". There were no toilet facilities in this area; the nearest were half a mile away. Nora started to look around to see where she could relieve herself. There was a long stand of bushes near by, but they were took thick to get into and open to view on both sides, so she couldn't "go behind the bushes". There was a place where the bushes formed a corner and wasn't as exposed as most areas, so we walked over there.

Nora took a small blanket, about the size of a large bath towel, off my sister's stroller and handed it to me. She wanted me to stand in front of her and hold it up so that people passing by wouldn't see her. She stepped into the corner and I held the blanket in front of her up to my chin. I wasn't anywhere near tall enough to cover her completely. She told me to hold it higher, in front of my face, so "you won't see Aunt Nora making wee-wee". I held it up and then heard her shorts and underpants slide down her legs, followed by some other movements. At that point, I lowered the blanket to my chin again and saw her standing up with her pussy exposed. She quickly covered her crotch with both hands and told me to hold the blanket all the way up, telling me boys aren't allowed to see what a woman has between her legs. I told her my arms were to tired to hold it up higher. She told me ok, but I would have to close my eyes and not peek. I closed my eyes and heard some movement and then the sound of fluid flowing. "Don't peek, Harry", she said. "Aunt Nora is making wee-wee". So of course I opened my eyes, started blinking, and said I had something in my eyes and couldn't keep them closed. I was a very resourceful kid. I saw her squatting back, hands on her knees, urine pouring out from between her legs. "Harry", she said sternly. "Close your eyes. Don't look. You're being naughty". But I kept on looking anyway. I told her I had seen girls go pee-pee before, including my sister. She insisted this was different, she was a grown woman, and she was going to tell my mother that I watched while she was going to the bathroom and would get into trouble. She made no attempt to stop her urination. After nearly a minute, she stopped, gave a few last spurts, and then finished. She shook the drops off her muff and pulled up her pants.

I don't know whether she ever told my mother. She didn't when we got home, she didn't quit the job, and I never heard anything further about it.

This is in response to Holding Pee's question

Yeah my parents were the same way man. I was forced to hold my pee on trips. If we were out shopping and I needed a pee, I was forced to hold it until we got home. Often these trips would be 6-8 hour excursions. I remember one in particular, I was taken shopping with my grandparents, aunts and mom. I had to take a piss something terrible about 4hrs into the trip, but I was told that "proper" young men can hold their bladders. God I still remember the pain. We stopped for lunch where I was forced to eat and drink tea, I begged for the toilet but was denied. After lunch we stopped at two more stores, then finally we could head home. On the way I remember actually feeling the piss inside me slosh when the van took a sharp turn. I never had accidents though. Sometimes it would be hour before my bladder could relax and let me pee though.

Now as a grown man, I have to pee all the time. I recently found out that for some reason my bladder never matured passed the size of a 10yr old.

A few months ago I was dating this girl. She looked like a model. She had blonde hair down to her behind. She had a skiknny figure. We decided to go to the movies and dinner. When we got to the theater she looked a little stressed. But I didn't notice it yet. By the time we were driving to her house it was about 11:00 pm. We were really lost. And I felt sorry for her. She had a grunted face. I asked her if she had to use the bathroom. She said no. So we continued for about 5 minutes untill she burst out into tears. I asked what was wrong and she told me she had to go. So I stopped.

I stopped to this little secluded area. She told me I could watch if I wanted to. And I said yes of course. She bent down sticking out her perfect butt. And grunted for about 10 minutes nothing came out. So we continued. About thirty minutes later she started farting. It smelled really bad so I opened the window. She told me to stop so I stopped. She ran out the door and pulled down her jeans. And started crapping but not much just one or two small log. Since we couldn't waste anymore time I told her a idea. It was sort of stupid but I thought it might work. I found a bucket in my car and told her to sit in it when we were driving. She agreed and did what I said.

About two hours of driving she started to crap again. I could tell she was in pain. She told me she had been constipated for too long. She grunted. She told me she couldn't go in the bucket. I took some news paper and put it where she put her legs. And told her to put her butt over the news paper. She agreed and went. Finally she continued. But by the 4th log she started peeing everywhere. She apoplogized. She continued crapping. By the time she finished we were at her house. And I had a car full of crap. She decided to help me so it went quicker.

I was at the Atlanta airport between planes (Concourse E) and had time to take a dump so I went to the airport mens room rather than waiting to do it on the plane. I laid a big one in the toilet and then stood up to wipe, which is my usual way of doing it. The automatic flusher did not trigger when I stood up, so I hit the little manual flush button. Uh-oh. That toilet was not going to digest my large log! I saw the water level coming up very quickly. There was a very soon-to-be-unfortunate guy in the next stall. I zipped up fast and exited the stall just as the water gushed in large amounts over the toilet rim and flooded the area. Brown water and clumps of TP everywhere. I bolted out the door without even finishing my cleanup or washing my hands. I finished my cleanup on the plane. I feel really sorry for the guy in the next stall, as his pants were down around his ankles. I hope he didn't get wet. But I am not feeling particularly guilty about it. The damn toilet wasn't up to the job. Not my fault. World's busiest airport should have world-class toilets.

one time i came back from my grandmoms and i had to go poop really bad but my sister was in the shower i knocked on the door and asked her how long she was gonna be and she said she was almost done so i waited but it got worse i really really had to go so i knocked on the door again and said to my sister can you please get out real quick i have to poop so bad she said just wait i was like please i'm about to poop myself she would not come out i stood at the door holding my butt cheeks together trying really hard not to poop myself then i knocked again she ignored me i had to go so bad i was about to cry i stood by the door praying for her to get out then a little squirt of diarrhea came out in my pants i squeezed my butt cheeks harder pleaseeeeee let me in i really need to go pleaseeee let me in i yelled to her she said i'm almost done wait i said i cant wait then finally she was done i rushed in ripped down my pants a little squirt came out on the floor before i can hit the toilet then i sat down and let it go diarrhea poured out of me for a minute straight after that wave i sat there for a little breathing heavy i felt so relieved to let that out i let out one more squirt and was done i wiped and flushed and cleaned up the floor and my panties the mess wasnt bad at all i was fine the rest of the night i guess whatever i ate didnt agree with me

This morning when I woke up, I needed to pee just like every morning. I got out of bed and grabbed my clothes for the day, heading to the bathroom. The door was closed, so my roommate must have been using the bathroom.

I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table for a few minutes, drinking a glass of juice. My roommate came out and said "Bathroom's all yours, I'm done in the shower". I took my clothes with me and set them on the shelf in the bathroom, stripping out of my clothes from yesterday.

Sitting on the toilet, I proceeded to have a nice long pee. I turned the water in the bowl completely yellow, having held my pee for about 12 hours. I found the shower water still hot, so I proceeded to take my morning shower. I even peed a little bit more in the shower, although it all went down the drain.

Another morning routine having been completed, I dressed, ate breakfast, and left for work. I haven't pooped yet today, so I'll probably have a good story for tomorrow.

That's kind of my daily schedule - I'll pee at least twice, sometimes three times and poop once. There are occasions in which I don't poop one day, but I have a big relieving poop the next day.

Linda from Australia here again. For some reason, I remembered a childhood pooping accident today. I was in kindergarten at the time, around 4 or 5 years old. I was busy playing inside (I can't remember what I had been doing) when I did a poo in my knickers. I was wearing long pants as it was in winter. I think I continued playing for a few more minutes, then the teacher realised I had a poo in my pants. I was so shy as a child and probably too scared to tell her. I remember she wasn't angry about me having an accident, infact she was really understanding about it. There was another teacher there too who was equally as nice. Even the other kids didn't really care that I had pooped my pants. The strange thing about this situation was that one of the teachers didn't wash out my knickers. Instead, she wrapped them up in some paper (with the poo still in them) and a plastic bag and then put them into another plastic bag. I thought it was a bit weird that she didn't at least empty the poo into the toilet and left it intact in my knickers. She had some reason why she left the poo in there, maybe she thought my mum wanted to see it or something (which I doubt she wanted to) It wasn't a loose poo or unusually smelly or anything like that, it was a firm, decent sized log of poo. I'm not sure why I remembered that today but it just came to me. I haven't thought about that incident in years (and Im in my 30s now)

Linda from Australia here again. Does anyone here discuss their pooping habits with their work colleagues?? I remember I got into a discussion about poos a few weeks ago. There were 3 or 4 other girls, besides myself, all having lunch in the staffroom. One girl was telling us about a natural therapist she had seen. She said a healthy load of poo should float in the toilet. One girl said hers always sinks and I said that mine mostly did too. Another girl said hers mostly floats. Then another girl said it didn't matter if the logs floated or sunk, as either one was normal. I had heard that healthy loads sink and if they float, there might be something wrong (like gluten intolerance or wheat intolerance) What does everyone else think?

Linda from Australia here again. During the week, a friend of mine told me about her Dad falling down some steps at his mates place. He broke a few ribs, hurt his neck and did a few other injuries aswell. He stayed in hospital for a few days and now he has gone back home. My friend was telling me that he hadn't done a poo since last Saturday (she told me this yesterday, which was Saturday). He hadn't done one yesterday either, as my friend was with him for most of the day. Unless he did one last night, he has gone at least 7 days without doing a poo. Infact, today it would be 8 days since he last did a poo. She said the hospital gave him something to help him go, that was earlier in the week, about Tuesday or Wednesday. That didn't work so they gave him something else which didn't work either. I bet he is feeling really miserable by now and he would be so full of poo. He also has a neck brace on which also wouldn't be too comfortable. I hope he is able to go soon, I will write back if my friend tells me any more details.

Fr. P
Hello Friends,

I think I may have had my most embarrassing accident ever. Last night at the 5 o'clock Mass, the pastor had the Mass, as I am only an associate, so I figured I would get a nap in for a little bit, though I always show up after Mass to talk to people as they leave. I slept for about I guess forty-five minutes, and then headed over to the church. I hadn't pooped in about three days, which is actually fairly usual for me, I generally don't have a lot of time to poop, so three days is fairly usual. I had to poop pretty bad, but I figured I could hold it, but then got in a fairly long conversation with a woman in my parish, who wanted to ask about my future, as I have been considered for a transfer to a different parish.Well, my short fifteen minute trip to the church turned into forty-five minutes, and I was doing everything in my power to prevent my plight from becoming obvious. Then, our church caretaker came in and said he was ready to lock up and asked if we could leave. We went outside and I just suddenly lost control and a large piece of poop slid into my underwear. It was almost dark, so it was hard to see, but I'm sure the bulge could be seen. I said I was getting tired, and could we talk some other time, because I hadn't slept the night before, which was true. We said our goodbyes, and I pretended to be adjusting the cuffs of my pants until she got far enough away I was sure she couldn't see me, and then I had to think. If I went over the rectory, I was sure everyone would notice me. I remembered I had an overnight bag with a spare change of underwear and pants in my car, as I always want to be ready in case something happens where I need to go somewhere overnight. I was walking to my car when someone stopped me asking me about who to contact if he wanted to play in our music group, as he could play the piano quite well, as I had heard him on several occasions, I said he could get a parish bulletin and that would give him all the contact info he needed. He thanked me and then I realized his car was right behind where we were talking. When he opened the door he looked at me, and I'm guessing he saw the enormouse bulge in the back of my slacks, and looked at me with this funny look, and then got in and drove away. I was so embarrassed I was almost in tears. Here I was, a responsible and mature adult, and I had just soiled my pants like a baby, and now someone clearly knew about it, which made things worse. I walked to my car, and found I didn't have my keys, but I disovererd I had neglected to lock it, so the Lord was definitely on my side there. I got in, opened the trunk, and got my overnight bag out of the car, and quickly pulled off my pants and dumped the huge piece of poop and my underwear into a sewer. My pants weren't stained except on the inside, and even that stain wasn't bad, so I packed those in a plastic shopping bag, and finished getting dressed, and walked inside carrying the plastic bag which I had tied very carefully, thankfully no one questioned me and I managed to get my clothes to the wash before anyone noticed, so that helped my situation a bit. I still can't believe I had this accident, it's my second pooping accident so far, all in a course of a few months. I'm so embarrassed, going to the bathroom doesn't embarrass me anymore, as everyone does it, but I'm sure that not everyone has had an accident like this.

Hope you enjoyed this story, and hopefully I'll have more

God Bless you All,

Father P.

The other afternoon, I was at a library, not nearby by home, but it is a large urban library, and I was looking for a specific 'antique map" I pretty much thought they would have. It was fun going through boards and boards of maps, but also very time consuming. One of the librarians, a very nice Mr. XXXXXXXX was very helpful to me in finding things I needed for some zoning and planning in a remote county area. After a while , I felt my stomach rumble. I asked Mr. XXXXXXXX where the mens restroom was, and he explained we were in the "attic" I had to go down 2 flights and it was the second door on my right. I thanked him, and asked him if I could bring some 'reading material" in with me. He laughed, and said "NOT MY MAPS !!... but I'm heading to the restroom myself, I'll bring some magazines with me" I smiled and said "great, take a look at my shoes, so your recognize them, and you'll know which stall door to knock on" He said "what stall doors?..I walked away not really paying attention, cause I really had to shit. Founf the mens room, walked in, and found 3 toilets in stalls WITHOUT doors !!!! I chose the middle stall, droped my trousers and boxers, and sat down. Just as my first fart popped out, the entry door opens up, and just as a turd strarts sliding out, Mr. XXXXXXXX is standing in front of me, offering me reading material. He had Sports Illustrated, Better Home and Gardens , and People" I chose "People" Mr. XXXXXXXXXX sat in the stall to my right, and we both shit and farted and shit and farted, and pissed....I was very relaxing, and the magazine reading was a nice touch. I asked him why there were no stall doors, and he said because we were in an urban area, they had lots of homeless guys sleeping in the stalls , tying them up for hours in the middle of the day. Makes sence to me. We both finished up in the shitter, and new guys walked in to use the toilets. I found my maps, and head home to the suburbs....

Today at work I had a very satisfying poop. The urge hit me suddenly, and as soon as I had a free moment, I headed to the bathroom. 3 of the 5 stalls were in use so I took the closest one available.

No sooner had I sat my bare butt on the seat did I unleash a wet fart and a short log squiggled out. Almost no downtime in between as I let out a few more farts while pushing out two more short logs. I must have let out 7 or 8 small logs, farting many times during.

Looking in the bowl, I saw several green logs of poop all floating and the smell was definitely noticeable, but not overbearing. I had to wipe a lot, maybe 10 times or more to get clean. An interesting change from my usual firm loads that hardly smell at all and take three wipes, maybe four at most.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

this is the story of when my girlfriend and i went backpacking through a beatuiful area near a lake/river. it took about eight hours to get to the drop off point. on the way up, we stopped for pizza. we each ate three slices and had two extra large sodas. by the tiime we were about 3/4 of the way there, my gf (well call her jill) had to go so bad she was discreetly holding herself, squirming, and i was about ready to burst. i finally said, i gotta take a leak. lets stop. me and my somewhat shy girlfriend stumbled out of the car and up a grassy hillside with good tree cover. i let her pick her spot first, then i headed up a little higher so i could see everything, but she didn't know. she hurridly unzipped her pants nd tore them off, along with her thong. i took this loll in the activity to let mine go.i took out the boys and let loose. then i went back to watching. the squatted, looking deperate. she was obviously straining, but nothing came out. next, she stood with her legs apart. still nothing. she tried sitting on a stump, and concentrating on what i assumed to be pretending like she was on a toilet. finally, she put back on her pants, and walked back to the car in agony. i came down the hill a minute later, and not fifteen minutes later did she scream pull over, jumpout, and squat, pants still on. i saw a look of relief flicker on her face, but it was over as soon as she noticed nothing was happening. she turned to me, tolld me to turn around. she tried again. nothing. she explained the situation. i told her that i would sit in the car and look the other way, and she could try then. she agreed, but it didn;t work. she got back in and sat ona towel, just in case. by the time we were almost there, she was almost crying in pain. she said she was sorry, but she was going to have to ask me to pull over agin. same results. thats when i saw the small lake ajacent to the car. there were several families stopped there to eat lunch. i told her that if she could hang on a couple minutes, i have an idea. she did, and the family left. we went over to the lake. it was quite a hike to theplace where we could swim. 1/2 way there, she said hold on, and popped a squat. a strong stream poured out,,but only for about 5 seconds. she said, thats not nearly all of it, please hurry. so we started sprinting towards thelake now, fueled by the near-success. we arived at the shore, stripped, and jumed in. she started peeing before she even got to the water. she was at the waters edge when it happened. she bent over, unable to move. sudenly, a tital wave of liquid gushed from her slit. i stood up and stated peeing with her. in three minutes, her stream began to taper off. she said, i'm terribly sorry, but i've been constipated all week, and a major shit started emerging from her backside. when she was finally done, she stood up, only to squat down again and pee for another solid three mnutes. finally, she finished and we went skinny dipping.

HP Are you Male? THis sounds exactly like a prostrate problem. This can easily be checked by your doctor and i would recommend you do it sooner rather than later. The check involves the doctor putting a lubed finger in the rectum; it's all over before you know it. In England there is a big drive to try to get men over 40 to have this done regularly because it's the surest way to guard against prostrate cancer. Don't wait - get it done.

Once when I was in the bathroom at a department store, there was a boy in the bathroom who was about eleven years old. He was with his mother. Instead of waiting for an empty stall, he was looking through the cracks on the sides of the doors. He seemed way too interested in what was going on in the stalls.

I wonder if going into the women's bathroom at his older age would cause problems for him later on.

Uncle Harry
Aunt Louise

A few months after by downtown excursion with my Aunt Alice, my Aunt Louise, my father's younger sister, told my mom she was going to take her 4 year old daughter, my cousin Cindy, on a trip downtown on Saturday and would I like to come along. Aunt Louise was nothing like my father or my Aunt Alice. She would never dream of leaving the bathroom door open when she was on the toilet; she was much too proper for that. So came Saturday, we went to the same department store and explored the toy department. This was close to Christmas now and Cindy wanted to see the dolls and I wanted to see the train sets.

We had lunch in the store restaurant. When we finished, Louise said she needed to wee-wee and did anyone else need to. Well, both Cindy and I did, so Louise took us both into the ladies room. As usual, there was a wait to get a stall. Cindy was getting restless because she needed to wee-wee real bad. Finally, we got a stall and went in.

Louise said Cindy needed to wee-wee first. She told me I had to face the wall because I was a boy and wasn't allowed to see Cindy's "girl's thing". I asked Louise why I couldn't see her "girl's thing" since I had seen my Aunt Alice's "girls thing". She got all huffy and said that was naughty and Aunt Alice should have known better and turned me around by the shoulders. I heard Cindy's dress going up, her panties coming down, plunking onto the toilet seat, and then pee running into the water. I turned around and looked. Her dress was bunched up around her waist, her legs were somewhat spread, and I could see her wee-wee coming out of her slit. She saw me looking, but didn't say anything at first. Aunt Louise was facing Cindy and didn't know I had turned around. Finally, Cindy said, "Harry's looking, Mommy". Louise turned to me, gasped loudly, and pulled Cindy's dress down to cover her pussy. "Harry, you're being naughty", she scolded. "Boys can't watch girls make wee-wee". Cindy finished her wee-wee, mom reached under Cindy's dress to wipe her, then held her dress down while Cindy pulled up her underpants to make sure I didn't see anything.

Now it was my turn to wee-wee. Louise now told Cindy that they both had to face the wall so they wouldn't see my "boy's thing". I got out my dick and started to pee when Cindy said, "I'm going to look at Harry's "boys' thing", and turned around and saw me peeing. Mom got all upset, grabbed her by the shoulders, turned her around, and said she was naughty.

I finished and put my dick back into my pants. Now Louise said that it was her turn to wee-wee and that I had to face the wall and I'd better not look at the "girl's thing" between her legs, but Cindy didn't have to turn around because she was a girl and it was ok for her to see mom make wee-wee. So once again, I faced the wall. Louise was wearing slacks, not a dress. I heard it slide down, then her underpants, and then a loud waterfall. "Don't you dare look, Harry", she reminded me. Of course, I turned around and looked. She was hovering over the bowl, legs spread, urine pouring out of her crack. She had no dress or skirt to cover herself with and apparently had to pee so badly that didn't try to stop. "Harry!", she said in a very indignant tone of voice. "This is private ladies' business. It's not for boys to see. I'm going to tell your father that you watched me go to the bathroom". She scowled at me the whole time that she continued to urinate while I was watching. She finally finished, wiped her slit, pulled up her pants, and flushed down the three loads of piss that now filled the bowl.

I wonder what the other women in the bathroom were thinking about all this loud conversation. When we left, many of them looked at me as if in disapproval, but didn't say anything. When we got home, she did tell my father. He, being as liberal as she was conservative, and often disagreeing with his sister anyway, had some argument with her and said she was making a fuss over nothing. I was only a kid, for gosh sakes. My mom didn't take sides.

Charlie: Does your wife ever have diarrhea? what is the worst diarrhea that she has had - can you tell us about it?

Daniel, you asked if anyone has lost their control due to surgry or such. I do believe that most people who have had an apendectomy have had one prob or two with their bowels. A friend of mine had his out and was on a water diet, not easy to contain in the rectum. I myself has mine out when I's 5. That was when they didn't allow you to eat. So I had nothing but ice for a while, then the TPN. But i did have an episode, my grandpa was in the room, too, or maybe my uncle, but any who, I had a diarea episode in bed. They had a pad down, but my dad didn't believe me. LOL, I's in it, I knew, but yup. Then i had a couple episodes at night, but I's young and in the hospital, leukemia, so, yup.

I've had only one poop since my last post and it was pretty uneventful, but I'll post about it anyway. The story started out the same as any other - I was watching a movie when I felt the urge to poop, so I paused and headed to my bathroom.

As I got into the bathroom, I closed the door, slipped my shorts and panties off and sat on the toilet. Spreading my legs a little, I began with a waterfall of pee mixed with a few farts. My stream was going strong when the first log emerged.

I could feel my muscles working to push out a big log. At last, the log broke off and settled at the bottom of the bowl. I let out three long but quiet farts and it felt like there was definitely another log of poop up there, but it didn't want to come out.

I wiped a few times and was leaving the bathroom when my roommate came in from outside. We are good friends, but she never discusses anything she does toilet-wise. I'll often say I'm going to pee or poop, but she never does.

Maybe I'll ask everyone here... I want to talk to my roommate about this, but I don't want to come off as weird. I see people on this forum who discuss toilet functions with their friends all the time. I think it would be nice to have someone to discuss it with.

To Keith D:
Great story about you watching your cousin. Jess' poop was described well, I can almost imagine myself in the situation. That's my favorite kind of poop... soft, but still firm and thin. I've done a few of those over the years, and you are right they do generally go on a long time.

Camdyn's Mother
My daughter is in her third week of middle school. She came from a relatively small grade school where each grade essentially had their own bathroom right off their classroom. She really didn't have too many problems going in that type of situation, although not all the girls flushed. Now she's in a building of four grade levels, 800 students and the school, at least to her, his huge. At open house last week I counted 13 stalls in the one bathroom I used, and although it had been cleaned before the program for parents that evening, I could see why size could make it seem unwielding to students--especially those who are still only 10. Even though there's so many stalls, few are readily availalble because there's almost always a line. She feels uncomfortable waiting for a stall, preparing to sit down to pee (I've taught her to wipe the seat off first)and finding it's out of toilet paper or that she's doing to have to pee onto a large empty soda pop container thrown into the stool. Yesterday, I was driving her to school and about six blocks from there her morning crap as starting to come. She begged me to go back six blocks so she could have it at home. I gave in, returned home, and altough it didn't take her five minutes, I ended up having to call the school to excuse her tardy for being three minutes late. Camdyn says some of the girls are just gross in the way they treat the bathrooms and bathroom users. How do you explain a log of poop on the floor on the side of the stool or somebody that flicks cigarette ashes onto the seat and doesn't wipe them off. Camdyn was apparently the next person to sit down but she didn't see the ashes. She had a minor burn on her butt when she sat down to pee. Try and get your pee flow going after that! The school has a great reputation, academically and in activities, but the restrooms are almost intolerable for my daughter. Other parents out there? Are you hearing similar things? What can be done? Camdyn has almost four more years in this building.

Holding Pee
I was forced to hold a full bladder when I was a child because my parents said, I needed to since we might be out somewhere and there would be no toilets. My mother never peed when she got up and held it until noon. Then she never peed until bedtime. My father used to brag that he never went at work. He peed in the morning then not again until after dinner. They expected me to do the same. But my bladder was much smaller when I was a child and couldn't wait so long. They insisted. They locked the bathroom. I was allowed to go in the morning. Then not again until after school at bedtime. (I was so pee shy then that I couldn't even sneek a pee at school.) If I asked to go other times, they refused. If I wet myself, I had to give up my bedtime pee. Many a time I couldn't sleep because my bladder was so full. Then when I got up in the morning I was forced to wait some more until after breakfast. Then before I went to school, my father would take me to the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bathtub and tell me to pee. With him watching sometimes I had trouble starting. If I waited too long to start going, he would say I guess you didn't need to and was sent to school with a bladder that had been filling since 4 o'clock the day before.

I remember a time when I was in class and was bending over with pain. I was sent to the nurse. When she found out that I couldn't pee from holding it in so long she took me to the hospital ER. They drained out my piss. The doctor asked how long I had been holding it. He found that I had a liter and a half inside my bladder. He gave my parents hell for doing such a thing. Being forced to hold so long could have killed me. They stopped doing it. As I grew up in high school I found that I had developed a large bladder like my father and mother. So I could hold it for 10 or 12 hours. I had inherited my parents' size bladder.

Now that I have small kids I would never do what my parents did to me.

Any other stories about being forced to hold it in.

Mike / Allentown: Great story about your picnic. Yes, it sound like the maintenence guys did a terrific job keeping the restrooms clean. Probably not too much 'down time" for the toilet seats to 'cool off" LOL ...Also nice that you all felt so comfortable shitting together in such close quarters. Cute how your wife and daughter reacted to 'latrine set-ups" hahahahaha

I went to take a dump at work yesterday (I work retail at JCPenney) and all the stall doors were removed since last week. I asked my manager, she said the decision was made by each store manager in light of the Larry Craig situation. I questioned the store manager, she said she felt it was better to be 'safe' rather than 'sorry" It's a bit embarrasing, but I'll get used to it, I have no choice, I shit a couple times a day.

A few years ago I was 17 and in highschool and I met this guy. We had been dating for about 2 months and I said I had to go take a crap. I'm about 5 ft 6 longish blonde hair and hazel eyes. My breast are about a C cup then. So alot of guys were sort of intrested in me. Well as I said I had to take a crap he stood up and left and said he also had to take a crap but he'd use the upstairs bathroom. He left and instead of going upstairs he went into the shower of the bathroom I was about to use. He hid in there and saw a good portion of what he needed. When I was in the middle of crapping out a good 7 day constipation. It stunk that I wanted to gag. I had already probably plugged his toilet. He stepped out of the shower. I immediatly blushed but didn't mine and asked him to hold my hand. He did and squeezed it like I was going in labor. He didn't seem to mind. He became suddenly weird and asked me to continue in the tub.

Cute and Shy: Hey friend, where are you? I miss your stories again. Please come back again. I miss you! LOL

guy from Newie
Hi, I'm a 45 year old male from Down Under

Thanks for all the great stories guys! I particularly like the stories where couples watch each other pee or poo. It just seems so natural and I can't understand why a lot of people are hung up about it. When I was married, my wife and I used to watch each other poo all the time and I think we both got a kick out of it. We had been married years before we actually saw each other poo for the first time but once the ice had been broken it was a regular occurence. At first it just started out standing in the doorway watching, but I can remember one time when I wanted to actually see the poo come out of her bottom. I was surprised when she allowed me to watch this close but she bent over and lifted her bottom up so I could see her cute little hole. I guess watching her this close must have put her off a bit as the hole was puckering in and out. After about a minute it really started puckering out and I could see the tip of a turd start to emerge - I can remember the way that her hole stretched around the edges. Presently, a really short fat brown turd started emerging slowly and then dropped with a plop into the bowl. She then pushed another short, fat turd out, this time a lot quicker. They looked quite firm and didn't leave any poo behind, so she only had to wipe twice. We didn't get many opportunities to watch due to the kids etc but when we did it was quite fun.

catch you all soon

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Keith D
Hi everyone. Good to see lots more descriptive stories posted again.

I was in the mall today and had some gas so I thought I'd go to the bathroom and try to poop.

The room was long and the 4 stalls were down the far end, all empty. The floor was wet and there was a lot of paper lying around. I took the end stall, shut and locked the door, wiped splashes off the seat with some tp, dropped my shorts to my ankles, sat on the seat, adjusted my butt cheeks to spread my butthole open a bit, then leaned back, spread my knees wide with my dong hanging down into the bowl, put my hands on my hips and started pushing.

A couple of high-pitched dry farts escaped my stretched hole pffffthhhheeeett, pfffffft. I sat straining silently, holding my breath with my anus flexing. I could hear other guys going to and from the urinals out near the door. I felt a little marble-sized hard lump pass through and land with a plip in the toilet. That was it. Disappointment!

As I sat straining some more, footsteps approached the stalls, paused, then a guy took the stall right next to me. I heard a belt coming undone and trousers sliding down and a clack as his butt hit the plastic seat. There was some rustling around as he was moving. A few deep breaths and then a low deep whispering voice "oh shit.... oh shit. Ohhhhhhhh. ohhh shit. shit. ohhhh shiiiiiiiiiit" From the rustling of his clothing he was wriggling around a bit and straining hard. "ohhh shit, ooooh shiiiit..." I never heard any splashes so I don't think he had any joy. But a least he was chanting the right mantra!

In my late forties, I want to know if anyone feels like they REALLY need to pee, but then barely pees but just a little, but even after they have peed all they can, they feel like they need to pee a little more, but cannot.

There. Thanks. There is just no one to ask this to!!

To the girls

1 How often do you fart?
2 When do you fart?
3 Scale of 1-10 How bad does your fart smell?

1.What underwear have you pooped in Fruit Of The Loom briefs or Hanes briefs?
2.What color were they white or other colors?
3.Have you ever dunked your poopy underwear in the toilet? Was toilet at home or in public? If so please explain.
4.Have you ever flushed your poopy down the toilet? Was the toilet at home or in public? If so please explain.

Becky M
Hi Everyone, it's been a while. Thought I would answer a couple of old suveys I found as I was getting caught up on some posts:

1 What is your gender? Female

2 What is your age? 26

3 How would you describe your body? Fit

4 How often do you poop? At least twice a day, some days more.

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? Right away

6 How long takes the complete pooping session? 20 to 45 minutes.

7 Do you enjoy watching others poop? No

8 How much time took your longest pooping session you can remember? About 4 hours. Wave after wave of constipated diarrhea.

9 does your poop come out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? One big wave starts the process, then I have to wait for the smaller waves, which can take me forever sometimes.

10 How many pieces do you produce while pooping? Usually liquid, but once in a blue moon a couple of larger, loose pieces.

11 Do you fart, while pooping? Yes.

12 Do you shart while pooping? huh?

13 Are these questions annoying? Nope. Keep them coming.

Survey 2:

1 Do you enjoy pooping? Usually, unless I have an emergency wave at an inconvenient time, and I have to go to a crowded and dirty public ladies room.

2 What is your favorite position when passing a BM? Sitting with my forearms on my upper thighs.

3 Do you get stomach aches before your BM? Are they severe? Usually. Sometimes severe, but not usually, thankfully.

4 How many times a day do you poop? At least twice a day, sometimes more.

5 What was the longest poop you ever did? 4 hours.

6 Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes, very much so.

7 Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Sometimes..

8 How often do you get constipated? Rarely.

9 What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? 2 days.

10 After be´ng constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relieve? No.

11 Do you get stomach aches often, when you don't have to BM? If so, how long do they last and are they severe? Not very often.

12 Are you gassy when you poop? Extremely so.

13 Do you look forward to take a dump? I love my dumping time, usually.

14 What are the two signs that you have to go? (besides a stomach ache?) Pressure in my ???? and in my rear.

15 Do you ever lie down after taking a looong dump because you feel weak or tired? Yes.

16 Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? Yes.

17 Do you like to take as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? I take as long as I need. Why rush it?

18 When you are constipated, or are having a tough time getting it out
what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself without taking a laxative? Hardly ever constipated, so I just wait it out.

19 Has a BM ever hurted so much that you started to cry? No.

20 How often do you have diarrhea? Every day. Had it yesterday, will have it again tomorrow. And the next day....

21 When on the bowl, taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position? Resting my forearms on my thighs.

22 Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? No.

23 Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? No.

24 How do you feel about having someone to poop with you, like to keep you company? I don't like the idea. It's my private time.

25 How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diarrhea etc.? Uncomfortable.

26 After a long hard poop, diarrhea or constipation or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? Sometimes.

27 Do your stomach aches continue even after you pooped? If I'm getting sick, yes.

28 How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize, as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more then twice in a row(for the same dump)? Happens all the time to me, sometimes for hours.

Take care everyone. I hope to have some good diarrhea stories to post soon.

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