Keith D
I was just thinking about my first experience at seeing someone else poop.

I was about 3 at the time but I think the images were burned into my brain back then. We'd just moved to a new house and the sewerage system wasn't working so for the toilet, we all had to go down to this old iron shed that had been used to keep pigs in and "do our business" there. Just on the floor.

One day my cousins Jess and Mary were over to visit. Both were in their mid teens, with long dark hair and I guess average builds. They were doing stuff outside when Jess mentioned that she needed to go to the toilet. They went down to the shed and I followed too. They were talking and Mary stopped and opened the door for Jess to go in. Jess said "oh, you can come too" and beckoned Mary to follow.

Mary was heading in when I said I wanted to come too. I guess I always wanted to copy what other people did back then. Mary said something along the lines of "No way Squirt". I threw a tantrum and yelled. Mary shut the door and locked it but I kept yelling. Jess said "Oh, just let him in he won't hurt." Mary let me in but was frowning at me.

The shed was fairly dark and stunk because it had been used for a couple of weeks. Along the far wall were rows of piles of dried poop, where people had been trying to concentrate it all in the one area. Jess went over to the corner, turned to face us and started pulling down her jeans. As her blue and white stripy nickers came down they revealed a thick bush of black hair. I remember being surprised at the time because I didn't think she'd be old enough to have pubic hair.

She squatted over the concrete floor and kept chatting to Mary about where they would be going later in the day. From where I was standing, her jeans blocked most of her bush but I could see most of her butt cheek from the side.

She never made any grunts or obvious straining, and her voice never wavered as she chatted but quite quickly poop began to emerge. With her head bent down and her dark curly hair hanging and jiggling, a thin ribbon of soft poop touched the floor but did not break off. It was pale brown and appeared moist. As the tip touched down it trailed across the groundand began to curl around. Still it didn't break. It started spiralling on top of itself, mounding up and up. It coiled back on itself at least three times until it almost reached her butt hole before pinching off.

I'd never seen anything like her poop before. It was so long and the way it coiled - I've never seen or done anything like it before or since. The whole time Mary just stood and stared. From where she was standing I guess she was looking directly at Jess' crotch. she was slightly younger than Jess and maybe curious too. They weren't sisters (also related as cousins - all of us had different parents) and I guess she hadn't seen Jess naked before.

Jess got up and pulled up her pants without wiping. We all left the room with Mary and Jess still chatting. But later in the day I kept thinking about it and decided to go back for another look. I went into the shed and inspected all the piles. Jess' was still the most impressive. It just looked so soft, coiled there like a little rattlesnake or something. I stuck my shoe on it to see just how soft it was. It squeezed all the way up both sides and all over my socks! I still don't know why I did it. When my mom saw me later and the mess I'd made she almost killed me LOL!

Has anyone had to hold their pee aginst their will like as a punishment or because the teacher would not let them go during class? Anyones parents refuse to let them use public's restrooms and/or during a car trip?

Wendy Sue
I'm a junior at our city's college. I have my classes in the mornning and in the afternoon I get four hours in at a downtown office. Since it's related to my studies, I get academic credit for the work in addition to a salary. Since I can't afford both my small apartment and a car, I take a city transit bus to most places I need to go. Since I live on the main bus route, the service isn't too bad and the $l per ride is much cheaper than I could afford if I had a car and the parking charges, etc. I pee before I leave campus (never sit--always squat)amd prefer to have my BM when I get to the office. It's a real nice building, very modern bathrooms with toilet seat protectors (yeh!) and there's rarely a line like there is on campus. Sometimes in the student center the line extends outside the restrooms and into the hall (sux!) It's just a half hour bus trip from campus to the downtown office, but twice so far this year, my bus has become stuck in traffic and just can't go move. Once, there was a three-alarm fire that was just happening down the street and everything was shut down to get the trucks in. Hoses were across the street and we just had to sit and wait. On another occasion, there was a rear-ender accident directly in front of the bus and the driver had to give police a statement. The fire incident was especially hard on me. I know it's wrong to hold a BM in but I was in pretty significant distress just sitting on the bus for 45 minutes and envisioning what I would do if it continued to get worse. The bus was crowded with mid-day riders and although there was a trash can next to the driver, I don't know where I could have taken it for privacy. Five lanes of stalled traffic and a large crowd gathering isn't my idea of privacy! Finally, police flagged the driver to back onto a side street and maneuver through a parking lot in order to get back on our way. By the time we finally got downtown I was sweating and feeling nauseated. I knew I wouldn't make it for the three block walk to my office building. The federal courts building was the closest but I knew I would have to go through security and with my bookbag that would take time (time sux!). I thought of a large department store because of its food court area being right on main floor,but it was lunch hour. Finally, I realized I was one-stop away from making a very important decision that involved a very possible disaster. I chose the city library. A big facility like that (four stories) should have a least one toilet available for a very needy college coed to take an explosive shit in. I jaywalked, violated two red lights and briskly walked up the stairs to the main door. There was no traffic on the stairs or in the lobby. A notice on the door told the story: the facility was closed until 2 p.m. due to the funeral of it's long-time director!! ****! In the hot sun, and about ready to pass out, I spotted lots of people on our city's six-block central mall/outdoor garden. I remember several years ago when I was at the library with my mom and I needed to pee one night right after it closed, I suggested the public restroom at the mall and she said "No way--that's just not going to happen!" She said there were a lot of homeless people and criminals down there and that the bathrooms would always be too dirty to use. I walked--actually at a pretty fast clip--because my accident was just waiting to happen. As I got closer, luckily I saw no line at the ladies room. Just two stalls, a basin with two faucets, and a cracked mirror that had quite a bit of drawing on it. With no air circulation in the room, it was hot as hell. I was particulary appalled that there were no stall doors. A bag lady (literally, she had her bag on her lap to help cover herself up as she noisily peed with what must have been a heavy stream)and a tween girl and her friend taking turns using the other stall. I remember hearing them talk about how embarrassing it was to pee without a stall door and I was thinking "Keep your mind on what you're doing and HURRY Please! They were done in a couple of minutes and vacated without flushing. I pulled my jeans and underwear down at a record rate and didn't even look at what I was sitting on. My dump was over in 10 seconds and I felt great! I used the last of the toilet paper to clean. Pulled up my panties and slacks, partially washed my hands because there was no hot water, and walked the six blocks up the street to my job. I used the restroom there to clean myself a little better and I mentally reminded myself that my morning shower the next day would feel especially refreshing, since I had sat directly on a public toilet seat. Then I logged onto my PC and started by daily data-entry work.

Hi again guys and girls. I posted before about my 18 year old sister Taylor who wore diapers because she wet the bed and liked to poop in them as well. If you've forgotten, I'm 22 years old.

When we were little our parents made us wear "protection" during long road trips. At a very young age it was diapers, then pull-ups, and later Goodnites.

When I was 9 I decided that I was too old to "wear diapers like a baby", and I told my parents, and convinced them to let me go on our summer trip without wearing diapers in the car. Since I'm writing about it here you have probably already figured out that it did not go well for me. I peed before we left, and I peed again at a gas station about halfway through the trip. At this point I should probably mention that there was a cooler full of pop in the backseat, and when I get bored I have a habit of drinking to pass the time whether I'm thirsty or not. It was also very hot outside, so during the time between our bathroom stop and reaching our destination, I probably drank 6 cans of pop. In other words, it wasn't long before I had to pee again. When I first told my parents that I needed to go they told me that we were very close to our destination and asked me if I could hold it for a little longer. I said I'd try. Turns out we weren't as close as they thought, since we wound up getting lost. After a while I told my parents that I really needed to go and that I wasn't sure how long I could hold it. My dad promised to find a bathroom, but we were kind of in the middle of nowhere. Eventually I got to the point where I really couldn't hold it anymore and asked my mom if I could wear a pull-up. Much to my disappointment she told me that they were in the trunk, and that there really wasn't a place to pull over and get one out. Knowing that I didn't have a choice, I kept holding on but I didn't last much longer. Eventually I started losing control, dribbling into my panties. When the wet spot on my shorts got to the size of baseball I gave up and wet myself completely.

My parents weren't mad but they made me wear pull-ups in the car for the rest of that trip, and I never asked to wear regular underwear on a long trip again. In fact, I still wear Goodnites anytime I think I might be in the car for a long time. With proper planning I could probably survive a long trip in regular underwear, but I hate riding in the car as it is, and a full bladder doesn't help matters.

II just realized that I've mentioned Taylor's bed wetting in two different posts but I never mentioned my own. As a child I wet the bed regularly until I was 5, and off and on until I was 8. I peed in my bed a few time after that but it wasn't an accident and I wasn't asleep. There were a few occasions where I woke up needing to pee but I just didn't feel like getting up, so I didn't, and since I had wet the bed in the past my mom just assumed it was an accident, and I didn't correct her assumption.

Bedtime. I'll write more later.



Recently I was walking the bicycle path at my local park. As I was walking along, I knew I should head to find the bathroom. Unfortunately for me, I picked the one day the bathrooms were under maintenance, although they did have two porta-potties nearby for use.

I headed inside the potty on the left and situated myself, while lowering my red shorts that I wear when I'm out walking or jogging. Before I actually began pooping, I made sure to look for toilet paper. There were two full rolls hanging on the side and the last occupant had left behind a newspaper. I don't personally read while pooping, but it's apparently a common practice.

I began with a loud fart that echoed a little and had almost no odor. A few more quieter farts and I felt the first log stretch my hole on the way out. The log eased out and finally landed with a plop on top of the poop and pee already in the bottom of the potty. I farted loudly two more times, grateful that no one could hear me and began pushing out a second big log.

As the second log was on its way out, the porta-potty's door opened. There I was, sitting on a plastic platform with a hole in the center with my pants and underwear nearly off, pooping out two days worth of food, when in walks another young woman perhaps 30 years old. We were both rather embarrassed and she left almost immediately.

My second log broke off and a third, smaller one oozed out and I was done. I stood up to look at my poop, but I could hardly tell what was mine. I quickly wiped, left, and apologized to the other woman for the embarrassment we suffered. She said it was alright, at least we're both females as she walked in and locked the door (yes, I forgot the door had a lock)

So, that's my embarrassing story... All in all, I suppose the other woman did have a point - I would have been worse had a male walked in on me pooping.

Mr. Clogs
Sweet-Survey-er: Thanks for your reply to the question, I'm glad you don't do that. I notice those empty bottles in public men's bathrooms. Sometimes they still have drink in it, that's for another site. Anyways, I sometimes find cups and bottles filled with urine sitting on the curb or in the mist of garbage scattered on ground. You can even see the urine change from a rich golden color to this cloudy brown mess, yuck!

People, if you're going to do those things in a cup or bottle, do humanity all a favor and throw it in the garbage or pour it out.

Man I'm so clogged up now, I haven't been able to take a relaxing dump for weeks. It's Labor Day weekend, I guess I'll clean myself out tomorrow. If I have anything interesting to post about it, then I'll keep you posted. Until then, have a great weekend, happy peeing and pooping, and keep those containers flowing with your pee and poop.

Talk to ya'll later.

--Mr. Clogs

Hi folks.If you read my last post you will see that i mentioned that i would be going to an outdoor concert.Well that day was today,Sunday.Just to give you a picture,this is a free concert held normally every two years by the local radio station.Thankfully the weather was dry, so i was set for a good day.When i arrived things were livening up and the crowd was growing.
Anyway,enough background stuff.There were plenty of portaloos which were well used,myself included about three times.After the last act had left the stage people gradually started drifting away and that is when i saw a female disappearing into the bushes.Due to the number of police and stewards present i didn't want to get myself arrested for being a prowler so i left her to do what she had to do.
However,after walking with the bulk of the crowd to the edge of the park where it meets the road, i saw lines of people waiting for buses.One female left the line and headed for the trees.I stood and acted as if waiting for someone,so as not to look out of place.It was fom there that i saw the woman pulling down her trousers and knickers and squating down.I had a perefect sideways view and she must have been desperate because i reckon she peed in that position for about a minute.I saw her gradually stand up and shake her ass to get rid of the drips.She then pulled up her clothing and headed back to the bus line.So altogether,the concert wasn,t bad and i saw some pretty interesting sights including a few other females disappearing off to pee in the bushes.
Hope you enjoy reading this.CHEERS BYE ANDY!

I got constipated very often as a little kid. This caused me to have severe medical issues that compromised my continence. I have to wear protection in the front because I lost all bladder continence after a mistake during a surgery to fix my stomach. My stomach used to be placed much closer to my waste than safety would allow. I was born with a cancer that was not well understood at the time, and the chemo treatments did something to my bowels that the doctors still don't understand. So I can only feel the need to poo when it is extremely urgent. Sometimes I just wear a diaper when I know I'll be gone for a while. unfortunately, the day of the paintball accident, i had run out of pull-ups, and was forced to wear briefs. Luckily, my briefs are very capable of containing large loads.
Just out of curiosity, has anybody temporarily or permanently lost control of their body functions as a result of a sickness or surgery? If you have any stories please tell them.

Jessica L.
I have yet another post for you all. I was sitting in my living room, watching a movie last night. My husband was with me, and we had both had some soda (we don't drink beer or liquor). My husband said he really had to pee, so I pressed pause, and then he asked if I wanted to come with him. I said "of course" so I went with him, and to my utter shock, he simply walked out the front door and unzipped. I swear I'm not kidding. He just peed right there on my plants, and then joked "Well, you won't have to water those anytime soon!" We both started laughing. I said I had to pee too, even though I wasn't desperate, so I went over to the plants, and unbuttoned my slacks. He watched with great interest as I pulled my panties down. I started pushing to get my flow going, and I started to tinkle. My stream was nice and straight as usual, and I found I peed more than I thought I had to. Finally, I was done, and I didn't bother wiping, I just pulled my panties up and pulled my slacks up, and we went inside and restarted the movie. Towards the end, I had to pee again, but the movie was almost over, so I decided to hold it. About five minutes from the end, for some reason, I just lost control. I started peeing in my pants! I just couldn't stop and I jumped up. "What's wrong babe?" My husband asked. I'm peeing my pants! I said, almost shouting, and crying at the same time. I was so embarrassed. I was crying and sobbing. I had wet my pants like some silly schoolgirl, and I'm a responsible adult. My husband just said it was OK, and he could clean up the chair. The movie was over, and we headed back to my bedroom, and my husband was very good to me, he helped me pull my wet slacks and panties off and throw them in the wash, and then I got in the shower and cleaned up. My panties didn't clean up, but my slacks did wash up fine, and smelled perfect, so at least I didn't ruin those, since they were almost new. I'm just happy I had a husband who was so helpful, though I was really embarrassed. I just hope he doesn't look different on me after my accident. I'm really hoping it doesn't happen in public again, I'm really embarrassed and nervous it will happen again. I have a good pooping story for you as well:

This morning I went shopping. I went to WalMart to get food supplies and just odds and ends, and then I went to JCpenny to look at clothes. After JCpenney, I went to my local Kohl's and about halfway through I felt a pressure on my butt. I asked an employee where the ladies' room was and headed for it. I got there, and chose a clean looking stall, wiped the seat and settled down for my nice dump. I decided not to try too hard at first, and just gently pushed. I felt the turd emerging from my butt, and it crackled slightly as it left. I heard the door open, and I saw a set of high heels pass underneath the door, and then the woman stepped into the stall next to mine. I reached for the toilet paper, and found there was none. I knocked on the stall. "I'm out of paper, could you give me some" She said yes, and I didn't bother pulling my panties or slacks up, and she knocked on the door. I opened it, and she handed me half a roll. I thanked her and closed the door and wiped up. It took quite a few wipes, it had been a pretty messy dump, so I used most of half the roll. I finally finished, pulled my panties and slacks up, and walked out of the stall. The other woman was at the sink washing up. I thanked her again, and she said it was no problem, she had been in the same situation before. Then I walked out and continued my shopping

Happy pooping and peeing!

Jessica L.

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Since our organization is a relatively new one, Russell and I keep a lot of weird hours when it comes to finding time to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom between getting work done.

One time, he actually told me that he was being kept so busy that he couldn't even find time to "take a sh**." Poor baby!

Me? I make time for that--but, often, will postpone it.

That is, I might feel the call of nature but will be busy doing something online and will postpone it, and the feeling will pass. But let me warn you that, if you do this too many times, it might cause some difficulty later.

I usually have a relatively-uneventful pooping session, but procrastinated pooping will often result in what feels like having poop logs pass out sideways--that is, instead of slithering out lengthwise, it feels as if they're coming out widthwise. I don't know if they actually are or not but it feels that way.


At this time, I'm feeling the urge to pee, and I've been having that urge for quite a little bit, so I need to get into the toilet pronto.

All through the night last night, I kept getting up and peeing like a racehorse. That probably had to do with eating peaches and nectarines my mom and I bought from some truck farmers (a husband and wife from a small community about 20 miles northwest of us).

I still have plenty of those left and am just about to grab some more on my way back from peeing. They are so sweet, juicy, and delicious!

I told this couple about our organization and gave them some fliers. Hopefully, they can get some sort of a celebration going in their community.

What Russell and I are trying to do is to make people aware of ????????????????????????????

We live over 2000 miles apart, but that's no problem--other than I'm Jones-ing for some facetime! LOL (Did I mention that we met online!?!)--as we have people involved in our work from many parts of the world.

One thing that I'm doing is passing out information sheets about our work, so that means that I drive around a lot. There have been several times when I haven't even had time to pee and will get home, get out of my minivan, and immediately drop my jeans and panties and start peeing!

Fortunately, I live in a secluded enough place where I can do this.

More times than not, my pee comes out like a small puddle but will have extending from the puddle a little river that's about a yard (or more) long and about three-and-a-half inches wide.

Cemeteries are one of my favorite places for emergency pit-stops. They're good for a lot of things when one is on the road. It's commonplace for me to gather up some grub at a convenience store deli and take it to the nearest cemetery to eat it.

After I've eaten--as I generally like to drink more than one type of drink--I'll be ready to emerge and create one of my great rivers. Then, I might be a little sleepy and will take a nice nap. When I wake up again, my bladder will be talking to me once more. Therefore, whichever cemetery I might end up in certainly becomes a well-watered one.

Well, I can't hold off peeing any longer, so I'd better sign off, send this, and go take care of business...

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