I'm Liz, I'm seventeen.Okay, this is about a time a friend of mine really needed to pee.I was about 13, and he was 12. We were hanging out outside our house (he lived on the third floor, I lived on the 1st) and he said he really needed to pee. I told him that he should go inside and go, but he had already gone inside for so many things that his mom told him if he came in one more time he'd have to stay in all night. So he decided to hold it. About an hour later he was starting to get desperate. I told him to go in my house to go, but he was stubborn and said he could hold it. We kept playing for about another hour or so, he was grabbing himself every now and then, but he still wouldn't go inside. Then we decided to climb the tree in our yard and hang out up there like we always did. I went up first and then he followed me. All of a sudden he moaned and clutched himself. He said that he REALLY needed to go and couldn't hold it any longer. I suggested for the millionth time that day that he go into my house, but he said he'd never make it. He was so desperate to go that he couldn't even climb down from the tree. So he unzipped his pants, whipped his dick out and pissed from where he was sitting in the tree. He kept pissing for over two minutes. When he was finally done I laughed at him and said that maybe next time he'd take my advice and use the bathroom.

here my story i went camping and had to take a dump. well I got behind a bushy clif and started droping logs they were a foot long I droped three logs after that I felt better

This happened after I went to see my brother's football game! We were on our way home when my cousins mom thought she had lost her car keys so we went back to the football field to try to look for them! We were like the only ones there because everybody had left and we were looking for them and I let a little bit of pee out to get the pressure off my bladder and then someone turned on the lights for us so then I zip back up and then someone said they found a set of keys but it wasn't the right set! So we try to look for them one more time so we do and the lights were off but we had a flashlight and my dad, and our friend Jeff tried looking somewhere else and my cousin's mom went to wait by the car and I went around to the side of a building and undid my pants and pulled out my lizard and started to pee like a waterfall for like 30 seconds and then zipped back up and we left after they tried to find them!

I was just loading my car with fence parts rails and things wasent finished when i had the sudden urge to poop ans i was a long way from the store and the bathroom was evenfarther to the other side of the building, so i told my wife to watch the things still on the cart and i had to stand there with the most painfull cramps until the urge to pooe got weaker, then i walked as fast as i could to the bathroom luckily no one was there and i didnt have an accident, i finally got my pants down and had a sudden gush of the watery runns i ever had!!

Hello everyone,

This is my first post. I discovered this site a year or so ago but I never bothered posting till now.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Fat Chick and Fat Woman---I really dig your stories. I've been happily married to my wife Francine for over 20 years, she is 44 and a large woman as well. I'm not sure how much she weighs right now, but she is definitely over 300 pounds. We own a business and work from home so I have ample opportunity during the day to witness my wife on the toilet. Our kids are living on their own now so she goes with the door open. She is totally uninhibited about it. I have never told her that it's a turn on for me, I just can't do that. I think it would freak her out and humiliate her so I keep quiet. She obviously does not share my interest actually really hates the trouble involved in taking a dump.

I know that Fat Woman has mentioned in the past that because of her weight she usually has an ordeal on the toilet. I'm not sure still whether this is true for Francine as she has never mentioned it. But it does take her a long time and she is not shy about grunting or anything. She tends to make an event of it, especially on the weekends when we relax. We always go out for Sunday breakfast and usually in the afternoon Francine will take the Sunday paper in the bathroom with her while I am on the family room couch watching TV. The bathroom is right off the living room so I can see and hear everything. Yesterday I decided to time her. As soon as she sat down on the toilet I looked at my watch and it was 3:15. She flushed the toilet at 4:46. So an hour and 31 minutes! That may be a record but I can't be sure as I have never timed her before but I think I will start and report to everyone on this forum when I can.

She wasn't continually going that whole time though. She stopped to read alot and just sat there in between pushing. But when she strained it was pretty intense. She tends to keep her head lowered as she reads and since she is not looking at me I can watch her without her knowing. Yesterday her face got all red as she sat there silently straining umtil finally she let it all out in a loud grunt. Sometimes she lowered the paper on her lap and closed her eyes as she lifted her head. Her face was contorted as she pushed and her fat belly shook as she let more grunts out.

I didn't hear any plops until maybe the last 10 minutes or so so she worked hard for a very long time to get it out. And I never see anything because her ass is so big it covers up the whole seat. When she came out afterwards her legs were all shaky she told me from sitting so long and straining so hard. It's really hard for me to hide my excitement when she tells me details like this but I have to.

I guess this forum can be my outlet. If any guys out there have wives/girlfriend stories please post.


We had our annual company picnic this weekend. They let us bring anybody we wanted, so besides my wife and teen-aged son and daughter, we brought my mother, my father-in-law (both widowed) my brother-in-law, and our next door neighbors. Most everybody else brought extra people, as it was 'jammin" but it was a great time. Plenty of food, soda, and beer. Of course....what goes in, must come there was a constant flow to and from the restrooms all day and all night. Thank goodness we were in a grove which had restrooms very nearby. The building was pretty large, and once inside the 'MENS / BOYS" half, there were plenty of urinals for the beer drinkers (I'm guessing about 20 urinals) and in the rear of the room were 16 toilet bowls (8 on each side of the room) But they had no partitions between them, and of course, no doors either. The rolls of toilet tissue were mounted on the wall between the toilets, which meant there were 7 rolls for 8 toilets on each side of the room, and directly accross was the same set-up. So we found ourselves with 'nowhere to look" without watching the shit drop from the guys accross the way.. It seemed a bit unfomfortable at first for some guys, but once the senior partners came in to shit, and started laughing about the 'latrine setup" everybody relaxed, laughed, farted, shit, wiped our asses, and continued to have a great day. I myself shit 3 times from over-eating. The toilet paper was restocked all day, and the floors were mopped thouughout the day. Considering there were hundreds of men shitting huge loads all day, the room didn't smell too bad. Kudoes to the maintenence staff, on what could have been an impossible task. Later, out of curiosity, I asked my wife about the "LADIES / GIRLS" restroom. She said there were about 20 stalls, 10 on each side, just like the "MEN / BOYS", except that each stall was enclosed in a almost floor to ceiling cinder block cubicle, and metal locking doors on each stall with very little if any space to see inside the stall when the door was shut. She laughed when I told her about the 'latrine style" and her and my daughter both said they were 'glad to be women" My son smirked and said 'geez , why are we even having this conversation about where we shit today" I really liked the grilled london broil" Typical teen aged boy !!!!! Happy Labor Day to all :-) Mike / Allentown

lesser god
I'm a 19 year old male who has never peed outside before. I'm wondering if I'm the only one or if there are any others. I'm not shy or anything but I just refuse to pee outside.

I think there are probably negative psychological ramifications to not peeing outside given that I have an odd fascination with peeing outside and I also respond with extreme anger toward any parents who tell their kids to pee outside when a toilet is available. I don't mind if kids pee outside at all, but that doesn't stop me with wanting to hit adults that tell their kids to pee outside.

Are there any other males here who have never peed outside before, or do you know any? Do you think not peeing outside can effect people psychologically, or am I just weird (I know I'm messed up so there's no need to tell me this)?

To Sam: One of the bathrooms in a classroom building at my college has 3 doorless toilet stalls. I oftentimes use it to pee or poop (I don't mind the lack of privacy). I rember one time walking in when I had to shit real bad and seeing a guy, like you, crouched over a toilet with his feet on the toilet seat. I couldn't believe my eyes and stopped and looked at him for a second. He was just letting go with a load and I could hear it's loud plop and splash into the water. He kind of smiled at me in an embarrassed way. I sat down in the stall next to him and proceeded to start my dump. I heard him wiping himself and then flush the toilet. He walked by my stall to go to the sink to wash his hands. He stopped for a second to say "Hey." I told him that he had a creative way to take a shit, but asked what he did if he had diarrhea -- wouldn't it splash all over the place? He said that if he thought he was going to have a loose shit he would sit on the toilet. He went to wash his hands and then left the bathroom.

I've been a lurker for about a year now and i have something really funny everyone can try. Take an empty shampoo bottle or soap bottle, spread your cheeks wide, and stick it right over your bare asshole then squeeze the air out of the bottle. You should hear a muffled fart. Every time you do this, you instantly get booming farts. And to help you take a dump, fill the bottle with cold water and shoot it into your ass, hold it in, shoot air into it a few times. Then sit down, and all the water will shoot our your ass with a bunch of farts and some easy to pass shit. It fells so good like having a makeshift enema

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

Well, I start work again full time tomorrow. I really enjoyed this Summer vacation, even though I did work multiple jobs. I've got my first class which I will be teaching tomorrow morning at 8AM. Earth Sciences, in fact, it is always a class that I enjoy teaching! My 3rd year as a teacher. I love my job!!

How was everyone's Labor day weekend? Mine was pretty quiet. Jake (my boyfriend) went to visit family in Wisconsin. He had invited me to come along, but, I politely declined. I wanted to spend the weekend here at home. I wanted to finish my book that I've been reading (which I've finished - great suspense novel), get my hair done, get my outfits ready for the week, laundry, some house cleaning, and just enjoy my last days off from work. Even though I'm the type of girl who loves the outdoors, hiking, running, camping, backpacking, kayaking, swimming, sports, etc., I just wanted to take the time and do a few "girlie things." lol...

I do have a quick story to share. Since it is Labor day, this afternoon I went to my Gym to do a few laps in the pool. As I was swimming, I started to feel some cramping in my guts (for breakfast, I had a lot of fruit - see, I tend to buy a lot of fruit all at once...I really do not know why I purchase so much, but it is something that I do.... lol.... So, before it starts to go bad, while it is fresh, I need to eat most of it. My breakfast consisted of many pieces of pineapple (I love pineapple), a peach, some toast, peanut butter, Wheaties cereal with a banana sliced into my cereal. I may be a petite woman, but, I do have a large appetite. Anyway, back to my story. As I was swimming, I started to feel my stomach cramping up. The food that I ate for breakfast was banging at my back door. I quickly got out of the pool, dried myself off, placed my sandals on and walked into the women's locker room. Since it is a holiday today, there were very few women inside. I trotted to the first stall, buns clenched tightly together. Once I arrived, I closed the stall door, pulled down my bottom swim wear and sat down quickly. I immediately farted and had a bad case of the wet poops. Having too much fiber will do this to me. I could feel my insides continuously turning inside and out. For about 5 minutes, I just sat there with horrendous stomach pains, just farting, and periodically peeing. Then without any warning, I got an awful cramp in my stomach. I hunched over as I had such horrible stomach cramps, spread my legs wide open, then the flood gates opened....I released the most foul, disgusting, diarrhea into the toilet. The smell was putrid, and, I was lucky that no other women were at the toilets at that time. That's all I needed, to be mocked by other women as I had diarrhea, not that I personally care what some people think, hey, when you've got to go, you've got to go. I personally do not hold back when I have to poop, but, some women do snicker and whisper when there is another woman on the toilet having a loud poop. I continued to stay seated on the toilet completely hunched over, arms folded into my stomach and my legs spread out as much as possible. I continued to drip diarrhea from my behind, but, within 5 minutes or so from the first round of diarrhea, round two came just as quickly. I knew it was coming as I could just feel it wanting out of my system. Once again, I farted loudly (usually a warning signal of what is about to come), about 5 seconds later it was like urinating from my buttocks, the diarrhea came out in such a force that it completely sprayed the inside of toilet bowl. I could even feel the back splashes on my butt as my own waste hit the toilet water with such force. However, after the second round, that was it. There were no more stomach pains. I did stay seated for another 5 minutes or so, just to make sure that I was done. Besides peeing a few drops every now and then and releasing some gas, that was it. The "storm" ended as quickly as it came through. I stood up to flush. Just looking in the toilet was absolutely sickening. I reached the toilet lever with my foot as it took two power flushes to get everything down. I sat back down onto the toilet, grabbed some toilet paper and started the wiping process. I wiped my front a few times, then my backside. I don't know how many times that I had to wipe back there, but, it must have been at least 15X. When I felt fresh back there, I pulled up my swim wear bottoms, flushed the toilet a few more times and exited my stall. The smell I had created was simply disgusting. Usually, when I have to poop, it's a pretty bad smell that I leave behind....this poop could have been considered "eye-watering." (yes guys, even though I'm a petite woman, we women do take nasty and smelly dumps). From the stall, I went to wash my hands, showered, then changed up.

Later during the day as I just finished talking with my boyfriend Jake over the phone, I felt the need to go again. I walked to my small washroom, closed the door, closed the window and shade (as I can be seen and probably heard by the next home, as the apartments are only 10 feet from each other)pulled down my jeans and panties to my knees and sat down. I let go of a few a loud, echoing wet farts. I continued to sit, just passing gas every few minutes. Finally, I felt what was coming. I had another round of the squirts (diarrhea). The second time around, it wasn't as bad as what I had while I was at the Gym, but, I will be honest with you, it really burned my "you know what" as it was coming out. You know that feeling when you eat spicy foods, and how it can burn as it passes through your system? Well, I did not have any spicy foods recently, but, for some reason, this afternoon's bowel movement did burn as it came out of me. Anyway, that was that...I wiped my front again, wiped my backside multiple times and used a sanitary wipe to "feel fresh" back there. Since I took my evening shower, I've been extremely gassy tonight. I'm not too sure what it is. I suppose it is nerves (teaching all new students tomorrow). Hopefully, I don't get another attack of the runs again. I've got a softball game that I will be attending to tomorrow evening and with classes resuming, having diarrhea is something that I don't want!

Well all, I am pretty tired. It's time for me to turn in! I wanted to wish you all a great week and I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend!


Laura (Teacher)
Jale: When it comes to having to take a poop, I've been caught close in those situations. The type of job that I have, when the time comes to do your deed, you can not just stop and go. You've got to wait until the class is over…however, there have been times when I have had to leave class to relieve myself.. You're walking / trotting so fast down the hall, holding it in hoping that you will make it in time…lol

Well, this is it! My last official weekend off before work starts up again. Even though, I taught Summer courses, I am going to miss my Summer vacation - one of the reasons I decided to become a teacher :-) This morning (Friday), I went to the Gym around 6:30 and had a great cardio workout. After showering this morning, I got dressed and met my friend Anne for breakfast at 8:30 for at a fancy Hotel which is conveniently located next door to my Gym. I met Anne in the parking lot, and we walked into the restaurant. I was absolutely starving. Since it was a buffet, I helped myself to some granola cereal, a bran muffin, fruit, and a few cups of coffee. We ate, talked about our boyfriends, running, books, laughing a lot (primarily a girl's day out type of breakfast). I was in no rush that morning, but during our conversation, I could feel the cardio workout, the bran muffin and the coffee starting to kick in. We talked for nearly half an hour when Anne stated that she "needed to get back to work." I was starting to struggle as my stomach started to make noise and having to clench my buns so I would not fart and create a big stink. It was time for me to use the washroom and quickly. I was pulling out my purse to pay for our breakfast, but Anne decided to pay as her company would pay it off as a "business expense." Lol… I didn't argue with that. After we received the check and she paid, I gave her a big hug thanking her for inviting me to breakfast. We decided to do this again. She is a great person and a great friend. We left the table and went our separate ways. In the restaurant, I walked around to find the women's washroom. I came upon my waitress and quietly asked her where the washrooms were located (I was really starting to get desperate to poop). She told me that the washrooms were not located within the restaurant; I had to walk around the corridor, through the main doors, around another corner and on the left within the hotel. I thanked her, and started to walk in the directions that she told me . I went around the first corridor; I found the double doors, came into the salon / lobby area and found nothing. I saw someone else who worked there and asked her "where the women's washrooms were located?" I had one more set of doors to go through. So, down the hall I went again, through the next set of double doors and there it was "Ladies."

The relief when I saw the sign to the toilets. I quickly walked in and noticed about 8 stalls (4 or so on each side). As I walked in, at least three were in use. I took a stall to my right side, but there was no toilet paper, I immediately retreated that stall and went to a free one on my left hand side…a toilet which had a good supply of toilet paper. "oooohhhh, I have to go so bad" I thought to myself. I quickly closed the door, placed my purse on the door, placed a toilet seat protective cover on the seat, quickly lifted my skirt high above my waist, pulled down my panties as fast as I possibly could and sat down. As soon as I sat, I immediately blew out a long and loud fart and the poop started to flow out of my behind. In fact, I had to go so badly that, at that time, I did not care about the sounds or smells I was creating around the other women, some who were in their stalls, one at the sink. I had so much that wanted out. One long piece of poop after the other………mmppph-ka-plop………..mmpphh-ka-plop…………some farting…….the crackling sound of poop exiting and ka-plop………..ka-plop……ka-plop into the toilet below. Then, a long relieving pee. The relief I felt was simply unbelievable. I had to go desperately, but, there was a lot more that was going to come out. I leaned forward on the toilet, placed my elbows on my thighs once again and blew out another fart. The cardio workout, the coffee and the bran muffin was really doing its job as I had been somewhat constipated. This was my first bowel movement since the previous few days (approx. 48 hours since my last bowel movement). I felt more that wanted out, my stomach contracted in and out, I held my skirt higher, spread my legs wider (makes things come out easier), leaned forward once again, felt my stomach contract and started to push out many poop balls and all you could hear was ka-plop……..ka-plop……ka-plop……ka-plop into the toilet below. I had to go badly! I wasn't the only one who was pooping either, a few stalls down I heard another woman farting and dropping her deeds into the toilet as well. According to my watch, I had been sitting on my toilet for nearly 15 minutes, periodically dropping poop, farting, peeing and feeling the relief. I had nowhere to go that day, so I simply took my time and made sure I was 100% completely relieved. For another 10 minutes, I sat and then felt that I was done! I started to wipe, first my front a few times, then my backside. As I was wiping, I felt that I had to go again. I blew out another fart, peed a little bit more and a few tiny poops came out of my back side. That was it, I was completely done. I stood up, hands holding up my skirt, panties still down but just above my knees, turned to face the toilet and flushed my waste down with my foot. I sat back down on the toilet, started the wiping process once again…a couple of times in the front and about 6 or 7 wipes for my behind (the remnants from those previous tiny poops). I stood up, pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt and flushed the toilet. I noticed that I had left many brown stains along the bottom of the toilet, oh well, what can you do? When a woman's got to go, a woman's got to go…Lol… I grabbed my purse latched open the door and went to wash my hands. There were a few women washing their hands as well. I was slightly embarrassed as I arrived to the sink as they definitely knew I was the one who had pooped and left the big stink behind. I may be petite, but when I need to poop, I can really go…lol.. I quickly got over my embarrassment, I mean, it is a women's washroom, and I wasn't going to hold it in until I arrived back home. As soon as I washed, I left the ladies toilet and went to resume my errands for the day, only, much more relieved :-)

I hope all is doing well!


Uncle Harry
Aunt Alice

Here's a story from my childhood. As this was over 60 years ago, the conversation is as best I can remember. At about 4 years old, I had never seen a girl or woman pee or even seen what a girl had between her legs. I had once seen a visiting infant girl getting her diaper changed when I was 2, but didn't think much of it at the time. My sister had not yet been born. We lived in a three story walk-up apartment building, with my family on the second floor and my Aunt Alice, my mother's much older sister, right above us on the third, so I spent much time visiting her. Like my father, and unlike my mother, she didn't close the bathroom door when using it as long as only family was around. I had seen her on the toilet several times and heard her piss and plop, but always covered by her dress or skirt, so I never saw anything. One day my aunt took me downtown for shopping and lunch at a department store. After lunch, she took me into the women's bathroom because she needed to "wee-wee" and so did I. There were long lines of women waiting for a stall and it took about 5 minutes before we got into one. The stall was roomy, with the toilet mounted parallel to the door instead of facing it. At my young age, the women obviously didn't mind that a boy was in the ladies room. Once in, my aunt turned her back to the toilet, reached under her dress to pull down her underpants, then lifted her dress and bunched it around her waist. This was the first time I had ever seen a woman's slit. She saw me looking curiously at it and explained that girls had a different kind of "pee-pee" than boys did. Then she sat down with her legs apart. Nothing happened for a few seconds and then a torrent of piss suddenly started pouring out of her crack with a loud hissing sound and splattering noisily into the water in the toilet bowl. I watched her pee flow with the intense curiosity of a kid seeing something new for the first time. When she finally stopped, she reached for some toilet paper and wiped her muff. She explained that women have a lot of hair on their pee-pee and needed to dry it after going wee-wee. She stood up, pulled up her underpants, dropped her dress, but didn't flush. Then she told me to take out my pee-pee and go, which I did while she watched me.

On another occasion a few months later, I was out driving with my aunt. She said she needed to wee-wee badly, so we stopped at a rather decrepit gas station. She admitted that it didn't look very clean, but there was nothing else around and she said she really had to go and couldn't wait. Once again, she took me into the women's bathroom. The two stalls had no doors on them and the place really wasn't very clean. It didn't smell very good either, with the distinct odor of stale urine. There were no lines here, so we got into a stall right away. She took one look at the seat and raised it. "That's too dirty to sit on", she said. Then, after pulling down her underpants and bunching up her dress, she bent over the bowl, spread her legs, and squatted about half-way down. Again a slight hesitation followed by her urine exploding out of her twat, hissing, spraying, and splattering. My aunt was a very loud pisser. "Whew", she exclaimed, obviously relieved to be urinating. She commented that boys were luckey that they didn't have to learn to squat over dirty toilets since they could wee-wee standing up. When she was finished, she wiped and reclothed herself. She asked if I needed to wee-wee and I said no. Just before we left the stall, another woman had come in and went into the other stall. As we went to the sinks so Aunt Alice could wash her hands, I saw the other woman squatting over the bowl, with the seat down, her piss pouring out from between her legs and soaking her really hairy muff. She sprayed a lot and got some of her piss on the seat. She looked at me watching her take a leak and then said to my aunt, "Ma'am, would you please tell your son not to watch me". My aunt told me not to stare at people, it wasn't polite. She didn't specifically mention anything about the fact that the woman was going to the toilet. I got quite an early education about female anatomy and toilet functions from my Aunt Alice. Even as I got older, she had no qualms about family members seeing her piss.

I skipped my morning pee today which caused more problems than anticipated. I woke up for work a bit late, and had to just throw on some clothes and go, so i just didnt have time. I usually have great bladder control, so once i got into the swing of things i kind of just forgot about going to the bathroom. However, around 11am when i was stocking some stuff in the back i squatted down to grab a box and dribbled in my panties. I was able to stop immediately but it was a big surprise. After that i figured it was time to go to the bathroom. When i pulled down my pants and panties to survey the damage i was shocked - the entire crotch of my undies was stained and it had soaked through to my jeans a bit. I didn't think i had let that much out, but in retrospect i guess i released more of a full stream than a dribble when i was squatting.

This is the closest thing i've had to an accident in my adult life. just the periodic leak in my undies when i've put off going to the bathroom too long. i have had a few pooping accidents though, all through high school and college.

Hey Cute and Shy, you're so kind too when you read my stories :)
Jen, that was another great interesting story from you.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jessica L.
River Adventure

This is a story from when I was young. I was about I guess 9 or 10, I don't recall exactly my age. Anyway, me and some friends decided to head on down to the river near my house. My mom was pretty relaxed about things like this, as I didn't hang out with questionable friends, so she really didn't care, as long as I was home by dinner. So, early on Friday afternoon we headed out to the river. I had a canoe that had only a small leak, and we would take out on the river. It sank when I was 14, and I remember I almost cried over the loss of it. I called it the "Amelia" as Amelia Earhart was my childhood hero. On this particular day, me and my small group of friends were headed out for a canoe float down the river, and on some days, we would be borrow my father's trolling motor and fit it to the canoe and motor upstream. OK, enough with the reminiscing on to the story. It just makes me talk thinking about the "good old days" We headed out in the canoe, I remember we got all four of us into the canoe, which was way overloaded, and that is part of the reason it sank about four years later. We had brought bottled water and a picnic lunch with us, and we floated a couple miles downstream to a spot we called "Crocodile Cove" this was a pretty neat little spot, with a great deep fishing hole, and it also made it good for swimming, and since no one else was around, we would simply strip our clothes and swim with nothing but an old pair of panties on, but of course our clothes were always kept close by, in case that lone boater or fisher came down the river, but we seldom ever had that problem. We swam for about a half hour and ate, and then had a great time swimming some more. After swimming, I had to pee, and so did the other girls. So, we came up with an idea. We all sat on the river bank and hung our butts over the water and started peeing. By this time we had our clothes back on, my friends had jeans and shorts on, but I had worn a skirt as always, as I liked peeing discreetly, and with a skirt I found I could pee in a lot of places where I normally could not. We all peed for what seemed like forever, as we had had a lot to drink. And as we finished, I said I had to poop. I strained and strained as the girls encouraged me, they were great, one of them even rubbed my stomach, she almost always did if she was with me. Finally the big log hit the water with a splash and we all laughed as it floated downstream. I pulled my panties up as I had heard a boat motor, and I remember seeing a little boat cruising down the river, and we all snickered as the boat ran right over my turd! It was absolutely hilarious watching this, and the guys turned around thinking they had run over a real log, though they had run over a log, it wasn't made of wood :) It was kinda funny seeing it. After that, I pooped many times in the water, but that was the first time it occurred. Then we paddled back upstream, and pulled the canoe underneath some weeds, and walked back to my house and watched TV for awhile, and they stayed for dinner.

Scary how I remember all those little details, isn't it. I remember things like that when they have something to do with me or someone else peeing or pooping. Here's one more example before I have to go:

I was in college, and me and a friend planned a big float trip for our summer. She was one of my old best friends from when I was young, and was one of the girls present on that memorable trip mentioned above. Anyway, when we finished college for the year, we set out on our trip. I owned a canoe at the time I had bought secondhand when I was in high school shortly after my original canoe sank. We floated for a couple hours, and my friend, (We'll call her Tina) said "Jess, I have to pee really bad" So I suggested that she just go over the side. So, she undid her shorts, and hung her cute butt over the side of the canoe, and peed madly for awhile, and then it trickled off and stopped. As we headed on, I had to pee, so I told Tina to steer the canoe for a minute. I lifted my skirt and hung over the side. Right as I was about to pee, she gave me a shove and I fell into the water, and I was so surprised I just started peeing. She was laughing hysterically, with me telling her it wasn't funny as I formed a small yellow cloud around me. She just started laughing some more and pulled out her camera and took a picture of it. I still have the picture hanging in my room! I finally got back in the canoe, and had to change my skirt as quite a bit of pee had gotten on it. Good thing I had brought several extras. My panties were also ruined, but I had also brought spares. Now, we laugh about it, but it wasn't all that funny to me at the time. I had also brought several diapers, because at that time, I would wear them on camping trips so I didn't have to get up to pee, as it was a whole lot warmer in my sleeping bag. That night, I stayed awake planning my revenge. Then I heard Tina get up, and walk over to the river to pee, as we had camped quite close to the water. I noiselessly climbed out of my sleeping bag and snuck over. She was facing the water, and I got up behind and shoved hard. She fell headfirst into the water, her pee shooting out like a geyser and covering her back and neck. I literally and honestly fell over laughing, as she came up quite startled, and almsot angry. Then, she just started laughing, and just made sure to wash very well the next morning, but we did laugh about it quite a bit through-out the trip.

I'll try to write more later, have to go poop, and then started making dinner, so I'm out of time for now

Happy pooping and peeing!

"Jessica. L"

There was a mess in the bathroom at the state fair. I went into the handicapped stall like I always do, although I'm not handicapped. There was a lot of pee in the floor. Apparently a woman hovered and completely missed the toilet. I took all of the toilet seat covers and dropped them on the floor to soak up the pee. I didn't want to step on the pee and have it soak into my socks or pants. I then pulled up my pants befoe I sat down to pee. I didn't want my pants touching the pee on the floor.

in regards to sitting on public toilet seats:

i was at my school the other day and after 3 hours of classes i was dying for a pee. i went to go to the washroom and when i went into the stall i noticed a small dispenser on the wall of the stall. i then realized what it was for after reading the instructions. it was a spray to clean the toilet seat with! you just take some toilet paper, spray some of the cleaner stuff on it and wipe off the seat. i think this is very useful and saves a lot of toilets from getting blocked up from all the toilet paper used to cover the seats!
the only problem is that this may slow down lines when there are a lot of women waiting to use the toilets...

but a good idea none the less.

I first met Travis in social studies when we had to do a project with a partner. Travis and I both had no one so we ended up a pair. He seemed really nice and asked if we could meet at the library to work on the project. I said ok so we ended up meeting at the library at about 4:30. We started working immediately and took no breaks. I noticed that Travis's concentration began to waver after about an hour. He seemed fidgety and distracted. I asked him if he was ok, and he said he was fine. Pretty soon I started noticing him crossing his legs, but I didn't really think anything of it so we kept on working. After about another hour and a half Travis seemed upset and desperate. He took me aside and explained that he needed to use the restroom. Since the library's male restroom was out of order, we would have to walk to the bathroom in the closest building on campus, he also explained that he didn't think he could make it. I didn't really know what to say; I had never seen a boy in such desperation but I sort of liked it. I put my hand on his hand and said that it would be ok and that we would find a way to get him to the bathroom ASAP. Even though I now knew, Travis tried to hide his desperation by clutching himself when he thought I wasn't looking. We packed up and began leaving. It was hard for poor Travis to walk without wetting, so I helped him up and held his hand. His hands were clammy and he was shaking. He let go of my hand to put his hand above his area, and I could tell he was in extreme pain. I tried not to look at his adorable face, but he was crying and he was embarassed. I figured I'd save him the embarassment, poor Travis was already humiliated enough. We were getting closer to the restroom when Travis suddenly stopped and clutched himself. He said "I'm sorry that you have to see all of this...I wasn't really expecting it to turn out this way". I looked at him, his cheecks were red and his eyes were teary. We sat down on the steps, and I could see the wetness growing on his jeans. He tried so hard not to wet himself in front of me but there was nothing he could do anymore. He looked straight in my eyes and apologized for embarassing me. I wiped the tear that streamed down his cheek, and said that nothing he could do would ever embarass me. We left and went to his dorm. We eventually finished the project and every minute spent together was a minute that brought us closer. To this day, my husband and I look back on that day and smile.

Mother of Three
I have three daughters--ages 8, 10 & 12. The grade school ones ride to school on a parent-pay bus route; I drive my 6th grader since her school is on the other side of our city. Yesterday, I felt my bowel movement coming on as we got within about a mile of her school so when we got the the building and I pulled into the parking lot, I looked for a place. I explained to Mattie what I was going to do. She seemed appalled that I was going into her school and use the bathroom. She pointed out the BP/Amoco station on the corner and the McDonalds across the street. Anyway, I stuck to my plan and walked with her to the entrance. She said she had to get some help from her Algebra teacher on the other side of the building and "Goodbye--I love you!". The ground floor was just jammed with students so I went up a staircase to the second floor and immediately spotted a restroom. Some girls were using the mirrors and coming their hair but all eight stalls were in use. I got a few looks as being the only adult in there, but I was just concerned about sitting down and taking my crap. A door opened, I went in and within seconds of my putting my butt on the seat, I had filled much of the bowl. It felt awkward sitting on a toilet that was a bit lower than what I normally am accustomed to and I seemed the seat was a little smaller than normal. I looked to the left and couldn't find the toilet paper roll. I looked the right and found it but, unfortunately, it was all gone. Maybe only one square left. I tapped on the stall partition to my left to get the attention of the occupant because I could see the blue jeans and athletic shoes from my sitting point. I asked to her hand me some toilet paper under the stall and told her I was embarrassed about not having looked first. I recognized her surprised voice instantly: my Mattie!!! She handed me more than enough toilet paper and then had to hurry off to find her Algebra teacher because there was only about 15 minutes left until school started. Moral to the story: crapping will always come first, but should happen only after you have checked the paper supply!

It has been quite a long time since my last post, but I have regularly visited here and checked all these interesting stories. I have enjoyed especially Laura's (teacher) stories. Well, finally now I have enough time to write about my most memorable toilet experience from past summer.

Our family (me, my hubby and 2 kids) did traditional holiday trip about two months ago. First two days we had company of my husband's niece and her fiance. They are nice engaged couple on their early 20's. They were moving by their own car, but we stopped at same places, had meals at same places and spent 2 first nights at same camp sites. Then our routes separated. They wanted go to one rock festival and meet some of their old friends.
In the second evening we ended up in one pleasant-looking camping site. After we settled down I sensed quite full feeling inside my rear. I hadn't pooped since we left to the trip. As I said that I needed pop in restroom my husband's niece told that she needed go too. "I just change my bikini first. You can go ahead, I'll accompany you then" she said.
My urge was worse than I thought. As I walked towards restrooms I had troubles to hold it and I had to walk with my butt cheeks tightly clenched. It was typical camping site toilet: tiled floor and walls, one sink in the corner and three stalls. All of them were vacant. I entered in middle stall and bolted the door. I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped the seat before I pulled down my shorts and sat. After 10-15 seconds delay I started to tinkle. As I was peeing a small fart escaped out of my butt I could feel my ring expanding as wide turd started emerging out. It was thick but fortunately it was fairly soft so I didn't need to make big efforts to get it moving. When I finished peeing I just put my knees together, leaned forward, elbows on my knees and let it sliding out slowly naturally.
Then someone came in and went into the stall on my right. It was my hubby's niece. There was high gap between the floor and the partition wall and I saw her sandals and her pink polished toe nails. She must recognize me too because she started talking to me instantly. I heard her lift the seat lid and a few seconds later start peeing. After she finished peeing she emitted some quiet farts and I could tell from her voice, she was trying to push. Her voice sounded a bit embarrassed and tense as she told that she needed do number 2. I gave a laugh and told that I was doing the same. Just then my turd broke off and dropped into water with nice plooomp-sound. We both giggled. Then I noticed that my hubby's niece went up on her tip toes. I heard a few light splashes followed by one bigger one and then her sigh of relief "uhhhh".
After a short silence we continued talking and pooping. We were having a nice talk while we pooped and listened each others plops and splashes. I ejected three rather large logs meanwhile my hubby's niece dropped almost constantly a huge amount of smaller sounding pieces. They came out mostly in pairs: plop, plop then was short break or a tiny fart and again plop plop. Strong poop smell filled the toilet. About after 3-4 minutes my hubby's niece was done and she started wiping. I proceeded sitting and managed push out a few more tiny pieces.

1 What is your gender? Female

2 What is your age? 20

3 How would you describe your body? thin, with a nice bottom and breasts

4 How often do you poop? About 3 times per week.

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down? I usually start my poop immediately after i have my pants down.

6 How long takes the complete pooping session? less than a minute usually

7 Do you enjoy watching others poop? I never have

8 How much time took your longest pooping session you can remember? an hour once when I was constipated

9 does your poop come out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? My poop almost always comes out in one be wave

10 How many pieces do you produce while pooping? Usually one big turd, but on occassion there will be a few smaller peices

11 Do you fart, while pooping? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I almost always have pre-poop farts right before, which lets me know that i need to get to the bathroom soon

12 Do you shart while pooping? hardly ever

13 Are these questions annoying? nope

Good morning; warm here. Yesterday I went to a Home Depot, felt a pressure in my intestines, and went to the restroom. One stall was occupied, next to the one I usually use, so I went in to my usual one and sat. I promptly farted and felt the pressure ease, so it became obvious I was not going to move my bowels just then. Next to me the gentleman dropped a solid plunker, then after a short pause four more that sounded smaller but still hard. When he started wiping, I left. No other soundings or sightings recently.
I started keeping a journal about a month ago of things I do around the house and at work, including bowel movements. I find that, during August, I had a total of 55 b.m.'s. Mostly I had two a day, sometimes one, occasionally three. I counted turds as well, coming up with a total of 235, not counting a couple of instances of diarrhea. With my high water intake, I never have just one solid long piece any more; usually I have 4 or 5 well-shaped but moderately soft turds. I also estimated the length, measuring (when I could) using a sheet of toilet paper that is 4" on a side; total length about 870", or 72 feet 6 inches of poop! That's almost two and a half feet per day. Of course, my poop is not as thick as it used to be; I used to do pieces about an inch and a half thick at times, but now it is just over an inch to maybe 1.25 inches. Nonetheless, a productive month.
I thought again of a college science teacher I knew many years ago who, in discussing digestion in class, told his students, "Remember that today's feast yields tomorrow's feces. Be careful what you eat."
Happy pooping, everyone!


i personally do not eat on the toilet, but i have sipped champagne whilst drunk on the loo. i work at a petrol station and occasionaly find empty softdrink bottles and sometimes even chicken wing ding bones or half an eaten dim sim in the bin in the cubicle where the loo is. i often wonder do customers really take their food in and nibble chicken wings on the loo whilst taking a sh*t?

hehehe its all quite amusing anyway.

Uncle Harry

One warm spring day, having nothing on my schedule, I decided to take the day off and go for a hike in one of the forest preserves in the area. I parked the car and walked over to the posted trail map to see where I wanted to hike. This was a weekday and few cars were there, but as I was looking at the map, a car pulled in and parked. A woman got out and came over to the trail map. She appeared to be middle aged and a little on the ???? side. We got to talking about where to hike and she suggested that maybe we should hike together, since we were both alone. I agreed. We decided on a trail and took off. We were both wearing hip packs with water bottles, which we swigged often as we were hiking.

About an hour into our hike, Vicki said that we needed to take a break so she could urinate. There were no toilet facilities around, but we came to a clearing and stepped off the path. There were no bushes to provide any privacy; just trees not very close together. I asked her what she wanted to do about privacy and she said we should face away from each other so I wouldn't see her pussy and she wouldn't see my penis. I asked her how she was going to do it, squatting down to the ground, bending over, or standing up. She said bending over. Her knees didn't do well squatting down and she never tried to urinate standing up, except in the shower. Then she said, "Ok, I'm going to turn around now and drop my pants before I soak them". She turned her back to me and, without waiting to see if I had turned around, unsnapped her shorts and pulled them and her underpants down to her ankles. Then she bent her knees a little, and, with her hands on her legs for support, bent sharply forward at the waist. This brought her butt up into the air and exposed her vagina from behind. Her labia were rather short and spread apart in this position. Within seconds, a broad piss stream came out of her crack, not straight down, but shooting somewhat backwards. It swirled around some with some intermittent hissing sounds before hitting the ground and creating a foaming puddle. She kept flowing heavily for close to a minute. Then she began to slow down and, as the pressure reduced, her stream started to fall straight down.

I figured I'd better do my piss, so I turned sideways, took out my dong, and started to pee, all the while keeping my eye on her now dripping pussy. She shook her butt to get the last drops off, then pulled up her pants, stood up, and turned to me. "Oh, my", she said. "You didn't turn around all the way and you're still urinating. I can see it coming out of you're penis. Aren't you embarrassed to go to the bathroom in front of a woman?". I told her no, I wasn't. Then she asked, "Did you see my vagina? Did you watch me urinate?". I admitted that I did and asked if she was embarrassed that I saw her doing it. She said she probably would have been if she had known I was watching at the time, but since it was over, she didn't care. In fact, she laughed about the whole thing. We finished our hike, said good-bye in the parking lot, it had been fun, even if we did see each other pee. We got into our cars and drove off.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

To Jeff: Awesome story of you and your buddy Tommy. I probably would have added some of my famous "Gregisms" to make the narrative more descriptive, but overall you acquitted yourself quite well for your first post!!!!!

To Henry: Hopefully you cut your buddy a little slack for enjoying listening to your BM. Take it as a compliment that he thinks highly of you as a person. Seriously, if we don't care about someone, we really won't be turned on by ANYTHING they do. You like posting your stories here and he enjoys listening to a good BM. I happen to enjoy BOTH! Hey, we all have our little oddities and idiosynchracies!! Where would *MY* stories be if I didn't have buddies like Mike and Josh and others who trusted me enough to be right with them when they performed their most sacred duty?? I wouldn't have any stories to tell!!

Do you REALLY think I've ever gone up to one of them after one of their amazing dumps and said..... "Hey Josh, you know, that really was a fantastic shit you just took and the sounds were just incredible!! Thank you so much for letting me see and listen to it!"

No f'ing Way!! I feel a little bit strange enough just for the fact of enjoying it. I'm not about to freak them out by telling them just HOW enjoyable it was. And other than that, I'm pretty much a normal average guy with normal average interests.

Let your friend have his moment of enjoyment. After all, it IS just a dump! No point in making an otherwise average good guy overall feel humiliated or freakish by confronting him.

Be Safe,


I have my bowel movement most mornings right after the bus drops me off at my high school. It's usually pretty soft and I only spend about five minutes on the stool. Many times I'm the first one to use the stool that day, because the seat is up when I come in and I have to put it down. There's a full roll of toilet paper when I get done and I like that. I do get hurried because there's usually a line and some of the girls start bitching about having an accident coming, etc. Some of them are just being drama queens, but you never know. However, it's different around lunchtime and 7th hour when I go in to pee. I don't know why I have to pee twice each afternoon, but I do. Sometimes there's a line and some of the girls are even more bitchy. When my turn finally comes, I open the door and there's some urine left on the seat. I go to grab toilet paper to wipe if off but the tp is all gone. So I just pull down my jeans, drop my thongs and sit and make the best of it. This has happened three times in the past week. One of my friends said she thinks nothing of having to do this, but that it's too bad that some of the girls are so messy. Another tells me that I should probably do what she does and that's go to another stall rather than sit directly on the urine. My boyfriend tells me the guys get use to it by middle school and that he learned in Human Physiology class the urine is one of the cleanest fluids in the body. Still, it troubles me some as I sit. Do any of you others have a situation like this at your schools? Tell me about it. Thanx.

Danice- I don't know why I always have Diherra, but as for the time, Thats not pushing very much, durring school I push very hard, so it only takes about 10-15 min, which is easy to fit in durring lunch. I usually only have to poop once at school.

To Cute and Shy, your so kind too lol :) but if I were you tho, I would get whatever is making your bladder weird, checked out. Cuz you don't want it to go like that for too long.

Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody, it's Mr. Clogs again, I got a question for you so feel free to aswer, here goes.

Does anyone eat while taking a dump or taking a piss in the bathroom? Sounds weird but I'm curious to know if anyone does this strange habit.


--Mr. Clogs

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