uncle harry's post about his story reminded me of a similar expeirience i had. i was going on a first date with a fellow i had met in starbucks the other week. we were to go to the movies, then go back to his dorm room so he could cook me dinner. he was in some sort of gourmet cooking school. the dorm were segragated by female and male, on complete other sides of the campus. anyways, i hadn't "used the facilities" since the previous day, and was bursting halfway through the movie. i didn't want to miss anything, so i puished it to the back of my mind. it obviously worked, because i didn't even remember until he was showing me into his dorm room. i sat down, and the fullness of my bladder hit me like a ton of bricks. i immediately stood up, amazed i hadn't began to wet myself right there. i knew i needed the ladies room now. i asked him where they were, and he said that i would have a bit of a walk, as the closed women's restroom was across campus in the girls dorm. i knew i would probably not even make it down the hall. after a moment of hesitation, i told him my predicament. he offered to walk me to the mens room, but he wasn't supposed to have women in his room, and he didn't wan tto risk expulsion. i asked if he had anything here i could go in. he turned to look at me, saw the desperateness of the situation, andfrantically started to search for something. the trash was wire framed with holes, and he used his sinkl for cooking. finally, he presented me with a milk carton, pored the last little bit into a measuring cup to use for supper, and respectfully turned away, though i could see him peeking in the mirror. i opened the milk carton top all the way to give myself a larger target area, and took off my skirts and panties. first , i tried squating deeply over the carton, but i was fairly certain i wouln't be able to make it into the carton. next, i tried standing with my knees bent at ninety degree angles, holding it beneath me. i was surre this wouldwork, and i was ready, so i started to dribble into the cup when i almost lost my balance. i stemmed the flow, and tried to think of an alternative. i could find none, so i begrdgingly asked my date if he would hold it for me. he rushed over, and obliged. i got back into position, held onto a chair, and opened the flood gates. the rush of releif i had expected did not come. i was in agony. i oushed as if i ws having a bowel movement, but still nothing. he told me to pee now, it wouldn't spill. i almost cried in pain as i explained why i wasn't letting go. he turned his head, and i stood up and squatted back down. a minute passed, and i really was crying now, in embarrassment, and in sheer agony of a bursting bladder. he said, that since i wasn't peeing, he would need to resort to desperate measures. he told me to clench as hard as i could, because the was going to hurt. her walked away for a minute, holding the container, which made it clear why he had told me to clench hard. he turned on the faucet full blast, and it took every muscle in my body to hold it. finally, he held the carton in place looked away, and waited. still nothing. sovbing harder now, i asked him what to do. he said wait. so we waited, and waited. finally, he turned around, siad sorry, but desperate times call for desperate matters, and hit me in my bladder area. a dribble came out. he backed me against the wall, and poushed on my bladder. a gushing stream came out, and he removed his hand. i have a large bladder, so i pee a ton! after two minutes, the carton began to topoff, and i was no where near done. i told him to go find something else, and i held the carton and balance against the wall, afraid of ruining his carpets. this time, her brought out a rusty, old pot, that was very large, that he was going to toss away any how. he got it under me just as my urine splaashed over the edge of the carton. then we had aonther problem. i needed a poo as well, and i was not going to be able to finish doing one without the other. i didn't have time to warn him before a thick log made a splash into the pot. two more logs came, i peed a bit more, and we walked two the dumpster to toss it. then we had a nice dinner together.

My last post said I was a bit constipated so the night before last I took my gentle laxative.I awoke early the next morning and did a couple of smallish plops...I wondered if I should take more but did not. After breakfast I had an average motion..but nice and soft. Soon after getting to work I was on the can and did a big soft serve and it splattered all over the inside of the took three flushes...and then about a couple of hours later the same thing...and again in the early afernoon a good gush of liquid poo and I feel so much better.

brandon l
To bladder problems either in see a doctor or as i have heard drink Pure cranberry juice i have heard that is supposed to help peoples bladder problems so just drink that with water for about a week or something and also eat cranberrys they seem bitter at the start but they get really good i know thats what i do and i helps so i hope you can resolve your bladder problems.

hey everybody i discovered this site about a year ago and i read all the posts. i am male and am exactly 1 month away from turnig 15. well i decided to post because my sister was watching an episode of americas next top model and i walked in and there was a girl named lisa wearing a daiper and she said ?lets see if it works? and she peed herself.
the wild boys steve-o and chris were there and steve-os face was amazing. his eyes almost fell out of his head!
well... ill post maybe later today

Uncle Harry
Dear "shy about saying you want to wee" and a similar post a few days later.

When you're out with a boyfriend and need to wee, just say that you need to wee. Everyone needs to wee sometimes, including your boyfriends, so it's no big deal. You say you've been in relationships. Has a boyfriend ever seen you wee? Have you ever seen a boyfriend wee? Maybe sharing the bathroom with a boyfriend and watching each other wee would help you get used to it.

I enjoyed Tom the Linotyper's story about his date peeing in the trough urinal. I've had a few encounters with women peeing in urinals. The first time had nothing to do with long lines for the women's. This was back in my college days again. Senior year this time. It was on an unusually warm, but cloudy and dreary-looking, November day. My new girlfriend Sue, and a friend of hers, Jane, decided to go for a hike in the park. It was a weekday and there was practically no one there. While walking, we got into a discussion of discrimination in job opportunities between men and women, which was generally the case at that time. At one point Sue opined that she could do anything a man could do except piss in a urinal. Jane thought that she could do even that if she really tried. Sue then said that she probably could too. Neither had ever tried it.

We had water bottles with us and after a couple of hours on the hiking trails and drinking a lot of water, we all needed to urinate urgently. We weren't sure the toilets were still open, as the park closes them for the winter. There were some trees around, but no significant bushes to pee in if we had to. We got to the nearest toilets and found that the women's was closed, but the men's was still open, so it became obvious that the girls would have to use the men's. I suggested that maybe this would be a good time to see if they really could piss in urinals. They both laughed, but then decided that, yeah, it would be fun to try. With this section of the park deserted, there was no danger of other men walking in. Jane said ok, she and Sue would go in first and see if they could do it while I waited outside. I said no, it's the men's room and I'm going in with you. Sue thought for a moment and said that would be ok with her. Jane said oh no, she didn't want a male watching her go to the bathroom, especially in such an undignified situation. After some discussion with Sue, Jane reluctantly agreed that I could come in with them.

We went in and found that the urinals were the "female friendly" type with a long, narrow, protruding lip on the bottonm, which the girls thought would make things easier. I suggested an experiment: one try straddling the lip and pissing standing up, the other try squatting back on the lip, and we would see which worked better. Sue went first. She dropped her shorts and panties to her ankles and shuffled forward to straddle the lip. Then she thrust her pelvis slightly forward, used her fingers to pull her labia up and out, and let go. A clean, male-like stream came out of her pussy that arced slightly forward as she urinated for over a minute. She truly was pissing like a man. When she was done, she tried to shake herself off, but had too furry a muff to be completely successfull. I went to the stall to get some toilet paper so she could wipe herself. She wadded it up, wiped her slit a few times, threw it into a wastebasket, flushed the urinal, and pulled up her pants.

Now it was Jane's turn. She backed up to the urinal and pulled down her slacks and panties. Then she spread her legs wide and squatted over the lip of the urinal. She hesitated for a few seconds and then let out a wide gusher of piss which spread her large labia apart as it came out between them. Some of it was overshooting the urinal and splattering on the floor. She bent further forward, shooting her stream further to the rear, which seemed to resolve the problem. After about a minute, she slowed down and stopped, then gave two more squirts and stopped for good. She was pretty drippy and didn't want to stand up without wiping, so I went to stall again and got a wad of toilet paper for her. She wiped a few times from front to back, then stood up, tossed the wad into the wastebasket, and pulled her pants back up. We agreed that standing had worked better, although with other girls it might have been different. It all depended on technique and stream shape.

My turn now. I stepped up to the urinal with the two girls standing on each side of me. "Our turn to watch", they said giggling. Neither of them had ever seen a man using a urinal before and wanted to see how it was done. I unzipped, took out my penis, aimed it at the backboard with my right hand, and whizzed away. They both gasped in mock shock. This was new for me. Girls had seen me piss before, but never two at once, and in a public bathroom.

Good morning--cooler here. Yesterday I had two very satisfying bowel movements, both consisting of three decently long turds and a couple of shorter ones; the first b.m. was early in the morning, the second in mid-afternoon. The best thing about these was that I could feel the long ones coming slowly out and requiring a nice push. They felt a little thicker than usual. The wipes were, as usual lately, a bit messy. After the first b.m., I eventually felt the anal itch that has plagued me of late, but this time when I reached back and scratched, nothing seemed to come off onto my pants. A little later I took a shower and, as always, washed my anal area thoroughly, first with shampoo (it always froths up on my hair so that there is surplus to use), then with bath soap. I felt really clean after that. The two movements yesterday made up an impressive volume of poop.
This morning I had a different b.m.--my first really firm stool in almost two years! I felt the urge almost immediately after getting up, so I went in and sat, letting nature take its course. After less than a minute, I felt the need to push, and the poop felt hard and prickly, which has not happened since I went on my high-water regime (and I did have my required amount of water yesterday). I felt the hardness of the poop as it pushed my anus open; then I heard three small plunks as little hard nuggets dropped. Slow pushing produced a somewhat larger nugger (it felt about walnut size), and then the main turd started. It stretched my anus, which felt wonderful. It slid out slowly, and I felt its hardness every inch of the way. It dropped cleanly, with a soft splash. I waited a minute, but there wasn't any more. I took 3 squares of the Scott's toilet paper, folded them, and wiped. Nothing! Or, rather, just a very faint light stain, hardly detectable. I took my usual dab of Noxzema, put it on the t.p., and wiped again, finally inserting it into my anus. It felt clean, and that paper came out pure white. Finally I looked into the toilet, and there were the hard nuggets clustered under about a 7-inch dark brown turd, a little over an inch thick. This movement felt wonderful, and it was the first of its kind that I have done for at least a year. All of you who do this sort of poop on a regular basis, feel blessed; you cannot take it for granted.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Monica, you are exactly correct. As a woman, I do NOT want to go into a mens restroom that doesn't have stall doors, and watch shit sliding out of guys assholes. What were people THINKING when they designed these restrooms this way. I think we gals should file a 'class action lawsuit" against the builders, because it is VERY upsetting to see men on the toilet bowls, if all we need is say, a roll of toilet tissue from the mens room. It may not bother the men, but, girls...what about a lawsuit?

I haven't posted here in ages! I went to the beach with my family, and have some interesting stories to post.

ryan (13 y/o male): I have been through the same thing lately, but this is my advice: As you might be constipated, you need to take your time on the toilet. This has happened to me because I never take my time and, therefore, some is still left, and I do not feel so relieved when done, until the second time I go during the day. Remember, just take your time. Try posting here about it and maybe me and/or anyone else can come up with any other suggestion.

Long ago I told you my brother played a prank on me. I played one on him also. I put a videocamera in the bathroom, hidden. When he went, I recorded him. Then, one night, when a friend of his came to sleep over, I showed them the tape. Finally, we were even. It was funny, because that time he had diahrrea.

Anyway, on our first day on the beach, after checking in in the hotel, my parents went to their room and my brother and me went to ours. I was desperate for a pee, as I hadn't peed since that morning. I went to the bathroom and peed for almost 2 minutes, which is long for me.

Then, after I had changed into my trunks, I went to explore the hotel (as I always do). After that, I went to the pool area and swam for a while. About 1/2 hour later, I felt like i needed to shit. I hadn't been the day before, so I knew it was gona be big. As I entered the men's room, I noticed there was a big line for the women's. This restroom had three normal stalls and 3 urinals, and it was empty. Just before I entered my stall, a girl about my age (14-15, not older than that) and her little brother, which I consider was maybe 6, came in. She had a good body, had blue eyes and dark hair. I was a little surprised, but she asked if she could come in, because she had to go real bad and the line was long. Her brother had to go too. I said ok.

I took the last stall, she took the next one to me, and her brother the closest to the door. I also had to pee by now, so I pulled down my trunks to my thighs and sat down. I began peeing at the same time as she did. But she lasted a lot more than me to finish peeing. Usually, when around girls my age, I am somewhat shy about having to shit, but this was necessary if I didn't want to become constipated (which I did later that week, anyway). I began pushing and this thick but soft log begam coming out. It made some crackling noises. After about 10 seconds, it fell with a flop sound. I had more to go, so I began working on the second log as I heard a couple of plops from her side, followed by a sigh of relief. I finished with the second log, which came out easy, and began with the third. I couldn't help but grunt a little to get this log out. I heard her giggle and take a breath. I managed to get the 3rd one out, and was working on my fourth when I heard another plop from her side and a pant from her. Then, I heard a big fart from her brother's side, which made us both laugh. My final log came out easily. I began to wipe. I heard nothing except another sigh from her, and she began to wipe also. I looked at my logs, and the first one was huge, about 12 inches long. The others were about 6 inches. We flushed and got out while the little kid was still grunting to get his poop out. We went to wash our hands. I said "I'm sure you feel better". She replied with "so do you. You made a lot". We talked about us and where we lived and stuff like that until her brother was finished.

We became friends after that, as I saw her many times around the hotel. I like her. I mean, I really like her. I got her phone number. We live a few towns apart. I will tell you more about my vacations next time.

TO girl 1:

-Try some baby wet-wipes. More than a few people use them to clean up more thoroughly. Some even use wipes regularly.
-Put a little water on your TP and see if that helps to get you cleaner.
-If memory serves me correctly, I think I've even read here about individuals who have purchased a few soft cloth towelettes specifically to handle those times when they just can't seem to get all the poop out with toilet paper.
-Some people are fortunate to have partners who will help out with problem bowel movements. If you think you might be so luckly, see if he or she will give you some assistance.
-Lastly, if you're at home, why not just step into the shower.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's been some time since I've posted here, but I haven't really had any interesting toilet adventures. For a while a week ago, I ate a lot of greens. I'm sure it was great for my GI tract, but it ended up giving me a lot of movements that were loose. Not actual diarrhoea... just stools that quickly dissolved so no solid 'logs' were left for me to see for my post-poop inspections.

I had the house to myself for a few days and decided to use strategically placed waste bins around the house to poop and pee in. My only regret is that I don't get chances to do this more often.

Take care!


I am replying to the post entitled bladder issues. Yes you can fix the problem. In the past i suspect that you have always gone to the toilet before you really needed to and this has made your bladder really sensitive. Also,do you have urge incontinence where you feel as though you are going to start to wee? This can cause you to get in the habit of going too often as you fear you will wet yourself if you dont. In either case you need to refrain from going immediately you get the initial urge. The feeling will pass and by gradually holding for longer your bladder will become less sensitive

I was having the dirreah from my medication, my doctor suggested taking some metamucill to see if it would help. Im on the second day and it really stopped it.I just was siting by the computer when i had a very strong urge to poop, i was holding it for a few minutes and finally sat on the toilet, it came out so smooth and fast i hardly felt it but when i looked in the bowl, it was at lest 2 feet long and i felt very empty,no more runns!


The other day, when I got home from work, I was really hungry and went looking for a snack. I wound up polishing off half a bag of Fiery Habanero Doritos. My mouth was on fire afterwards, but that was nothing compared to the next morning. I went in to take a crap, and it felt like I was shitting out a hot poker. The turd was well formed, but it was a hot one. My butthole burned for the rest of the day.

Anybody else experience a dump like that the day after eating hot and spicy food?

Bye for now.

Hi.Andy here again.I do pee outside myself quite a lot.Occasionally i like to squat with my trousers and pants down.It feels almost daring and quite liberating.
I have also been known to drop the odd load from my bum when walking in the local woods.It feels great to feel that soft mush slip out and then ,when i'm done i look down to see what i,ve produced.
I tried wetting myself on purpose a few times but it didn't do much for me.Maybe it's because i had a weak bladder as a child which resulted in some unfortunate incidents and hurtful teasing.
Finally i remember about ten years ago i was at a large outdoor event in Edinburgh as part of the Festival, where there were huge queues for the toilets.Many people,children and adults alike,gave up waiting and ended up peeing amongst the trees at the edge of the park.I think i lost count how many i saw.Surprisingly i did not have to pee all day but if i had ,i would have joined the outside pee'ers! Hope you enjoyed.BYE!

Recently I went to three day music festival. There were roughly 30,000 people and the great majority of us were there for the duration and thus camping.
I don't have an issue with using public facilities, be it for #1 or #2, and at this event the lines were generally short as the facilities were plentiful. Each 'unit', which was the size to be transported on a truck consisted of 18 stalls arranged in two rows of nine placed back to back, with riveted steel partitions between them from about 1ft to 6ft from th e floor and all with simple latches to lock them. They were accessed by metal steps at each end of a gangway that ran by each set of nine stalls. All 18 stalls were thus positioned over a single tank, filled with the usual blue fluid and all were uni-sex.

By Saturday late afternoon I was feeling the pressure quite badly, so at a convenient break in the proceedings I wandered over to the nearest facilities. There were four or five such 'blocks' on the site, each consisting of five of the above described units more or less side by side.
After a very short wait I had a stall, the first one as it happens, and bolted the door and sat down to do my thing. I'm not shy when it comes to public facilities so I was soon doing a good shit - except that although all had been silent in the next stall when I took my place I was soon being utterly outclassed by my neighbour in the next stall who was now gently grunting, sighing and dropping logs that, judging by the heavy splats they made on the collected mess below, were clearly huge.

We both finished at the same time and as we exited the stalls - it turned out she was a rather well proportioned girl, not more than 5' 3" and in her late-twenties (I guess) - she said quite matter-of-factly:
"That was such a good shit I just had and I hope yours was good too because hearing you drop yours helped me so much with mine!"

Somewhat lost for words after this strange introduction, we simply exchanged phone numbers.

Joel, it's perfectly normal, if unconventional, to enjoy the feeling of poop or pee. You'll find people on this site from all walks of life who enjoy similar things. I wouldn't worry about it unless you notice it interfering with the rest of your daughter's life. It's harmless, she likes it, and she does her own laundry and cleanup: what's to worry about?

Hey Joel,

about your daughter pooping her pants: please don't make a big deal out of it. You might try to bring up the subject in a lighthearted manner, but going through her underwear seems wrong. It might just have been a couple of accidents, or perhaps she did it on purpose. You say she does her own laundry, so if she cleans everything up again, surely it's not that much of a problem, right?

At that age kids will experiment with things, it's just natural.

rocky mountain lisa
LINDA--you recently asked for constipation stories, did you read the one i wrote for you on page 1584?
Ironically I'm once again constipated. I felt the need for a poop when I woke this morning but after sitting and pushing for over 10 minutes I produced nothing. I'm not one to just sit there while nothing is happening so I left the toilet to go and eat breakfast, get dressed etc.
I've felt full all day and just tried to go again. I sat on the toilet and peed a river, farted a bit, pushed and pushed and was rewarded with a 4inch turd and more farts. That's it. I'm still feeling rather bloated and my stomach is beginning to ache. I'll try again before bed but not expecting much.
I'll let you know.

to >,

You wanted to know how to deal with shyness regarding bodily functions when you are on a date.

Some people are shy concerning this matter, and some aren't.

Eventualy you will be one of the ones that isn't shy.

It could take years. I don't think there is a way of speeding up the process. It gets easier as you get older.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Broken Bathroom
Hi everybody! I have another post! Today I went to the mall to buy some cute summer stuff on sale. Well, as I was on the escalator in one of my favorite stores, I suddenly felt the urge to pee. I also felt the urge to poo. This was terrible for me because I hate using public restrooms. Well, I got to the bathrooms. I then stood over the toilet, with my legs on either side, and let loose of my pee. It was a strong stream that made a loud splashing sound in the water. I then had to take care of my other need. I stood up and pushed, and then whenever it felt ready to drop, I had to squat over the toilet. My legs were so sore! As I was in there, I heard a line start to form (all of the 3 stalls were full.)When I came out, there was a mother daughter pair (the daughter was about 5) at the end of the line. The daughter kept saying, "Mommy, I have to go!!!" and her mom kept hushing her. Then her pleas got so intense, that her mom sat her on a sink and had her pee in a sink. I felt so bad for her! Her mom seemed pretty desperate to, and then all of a sudden her mom says "darn it!" And squatted down. Then the front part of her pants became wet, and there was a stream of pee dripping down and making a puddle on the floor. It was not a good day for those two!

bladder issues! help
i think there's something wrong with my bladder. everytime i get the slightest tinge of pee in me, i have to go right then. i need to fix it, is there anyway i can????

i at my house with my boyfriend and we decided to go fishing in my grandmas lake. we have a lake in her backyard that everyone in the neighborhood shares. being a hot day i sport some shorts and my bikini top and some flipflops. i always wear thongs when he is around :) i felt a big rumbling in my ???? and tried to poo before we got out but all i had was some gas. when we were out, i got some bad stomach cramps. we were fishing for maybe an hour and i lifted my butt off the seat and farted. i froze because some liquid poo slid out into my shorts. ben senses there was something wrong, prolly cause of the look on my face had a sense of urgency. he asked if i was ok, and i said i didn't feel too good. he asked if i wanted to go in and i said sure. all the while i am holding back a huge wave of crap. i felt my butt( he didn't notice yet) and there was definitely some substance in there. it was reallly gross. about halfway back i said "ben i think i'm going to be sick." he said "puke over the side." i said "no, not that sick. diarrhea sick." he said "ohhh". i couldn't just hang my butt over the side of the boat cause there were neighbors outside and they could see our every move. im sure that the last thing they wanna see is some girl having diarrhea over the side of a boat. we got back to my grandmas and i had to slowly walk up the hill cause i felt like a dam was going to blow. ben was so sweet helping me. i think he knew at this point that i had a little accident. i get inside(finally!) and i rip off my shorts and thong. the thong was wedged so far up my ass with shit i had to like peel it down. yuck. then i plopped my little ass on the jon and exploded diarrhea into the bowl. the smell was horrific and ben asked if i needed anything. i wasn't sure if he knew i had messed my pants. i said i was fine. my grandma didn't have any spare clothes for me, first off she wasn't home, second i never have clothes over there so i was screwed. i wiped. this took many many flushes and about 1 1/2 rolls of tp. my thong was damaged but i successfully got most of the poo off. not really but as good as i could. i couldn't just leave my shitty thong in the trash or the dirty clothes for my grandma, plus i didn't want ben to see it. so i pulled the nasty thing back on and buckled my shorts. although they had some fecal matter on the inside, they were jean shorts so you couldn't really tell from the outside. so ben and i leave, he's taking me home. he has no air in his car, so it's always miserable. it was worse this time cause i had poo between my legs. i was in trouble. i tried to fart again and realized that the same thing was going to happen. i said "hurry up ben im going to be sick some more i think." poor guy, he tried to comfort me. to my absolute horror, we then got stuck behind a train crossing. i was freaking out. it was then that ben asked "did you poo your pants?" i was like "yea, just a little earlier." he said nothing, just said "i smell it." he patted my leg. he was so sweet and understanding. by about two minutes into the stupid train i really started to sweat. i had a monster load on it's way out. i told him i might not make it. he handed me a spare shirt to wrap around my bottom in case. cramp after horrible cramp it got so much worse. i havent had bad diarrhea in years, and this was awful. i said "omg ben, i cant wait anymore." i paniced and looked around. cars were totally backed up behind us, we were in the front. theres no way i could releive myself on the side of the road. no way. i put my feet on the dashboard and tried to relax. the pain was too much. "im going to be sick ben. i cant hold it." the train showed no sign of letting up. he held my hand and i couldnt wait. i let a fart slide out. acompanying the fart was a liquid load of the foulest smelling crap ive ever smelled coming out of myself and it was filling up my daisy dukes. it made a real weird crackling sound. i was holding bens hand as i completely messed myself. he said "oh man," about the smell and lit a cig and gave me one. well i had no worrys now, my load was gone. except going back to my parents and letting them see my condition, but i didn't care. he said "dont worry, i still love you." it made me feel a little better, cause i didn't feel pretty at all at the time. i was hot, stinky, and my shorts full of shit. prolly ruined. same with my thong. as we were driving back, the stench wasn't too bad cause of the wind and the cigs. i went a little more, just cause my clothes were already ruined. he couldn't tell. my stomach felt a little better, still crampy and gassy tho. when i got up, he lifted the shirt i was sitting on to survey the damage. total damage! puddle of poo on the shirt, jean shorts totally brown on the back and it went up the front. i even had poo running UP my the bottom of my back! total disaster. i pitched the thong and washed the shorts out with the hose but ended up pitching them. we threw bens shirt away too. it was a pretty bad day.

girl 1

i got a qestion for anyone to answere after a dump sometimes i wipe and feel clean but im dirty when i fell my butt and my butt itchies from resido does anyone no wat to do

Broken Bathroom
Hi! I'm flattered that so many people liked my story! Well, on Saturday, I finally got up the nerve to pee outside! It was great! Here's what happened.
I went outside with a pretty full bladder, wearing a skirt with no panties. I then went and stood behind my gardening shed. I stood with my legs spread apart and waited. I kept having that feeling that is like a really intense need to pee that you get when you try to pee and can't (does anybody else know what I am talking about?). Well, after standing there for about 2 min, I felt my self get wet, and then heard a dribble sound of my pee hitting the ground! I soon was peeing a long straight, hard stream. Since there was no grass behing my shed, it left a big puddle. I stoped before I was anywhere near empty because I had other techniques to try. I then went over and stood in some Ivy, and let another stream out, and liked hearing in hit the leaves. I then went and found a corner, and sat with my skirt out from under my bottom and legs straight out, and tried to pee. For some reason I had trouble starting, possibly because of the pressure of the ground? Well, once I got started, I was peeing very forcefully. I then squatted and emptied the rest of my bladder. For some reason, it only came out in a thin stream, and lasted a long time! When I went back inside, I felt some more pee, so I put a towel over myself, and let loose. It soaked about 1/3 of the towel! It was SOOOOO much fun! I really like everybodys peeing stories! Please post more peeing stories and peeing in strange places!!

Hello Fat Chick.I enjoyed your story about your humongus turds.How much more did you poop?Did anyone try to enter your stall after you finished?I never thought anyone could fill the bowl like that.I would say my biggest/longest was about 14inches long and 2inches wide.Please tell about other poop experiences.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hey! IF anyone has any ideas for peeing while driving that would be great!

Linda from Australia here again. I've been dropping some very nice loads lately and I haven't had any trouble for about 2 weeks now. I just did a very satisfying poo and I felt finished afterwards aswell.

At work earlier in the week, I went to the toilet for a wee. Someone had done a poo and didn't flush. I could smell the poo but I couldn't see it as the tp covered it. The water was brown so I knew there were some turds in the bowl. I didn't tell anyone that someone had done a poo and forgot to flush.

Has anyone been constipated lately? Or had trouble pooping? I was also just curious about something:

Has anyone ever been on the toilet doing a poo, when they had to finish up quickly for some reason, before they had a chance to push all the poo out?? Or has anyone ever been on the toilet, pushing out a stubborn log and had to break it off because it just wouldn't come out any further? This happened to me once when I was constipated.

I fell in to the chance of a lifetime when the Super Bowl came to Detroit. All the celebrities were in town for the big event. Many new dance clubs were opened in what were normally empty buildings in the downtown area. I was lucky enough to be invited to the hot spot of the night. We left after work for dinner and a few drinks. To get in to the club, we had to stand in line outside for over an hour. Whatever I ate was already looking for a way out. I had to take a crap with no place to go. It wasn't that bad yet. I assumed I would have the chance to go once we got inside. The inside was amazing, considering it was an empty building just a short few months ago. It was wall to wall beautiful women, all looking for a good time. After getting a drink, my butt reminded that I still had to take a crap. I had my priorities. A couple babes were talking to my friend and I. The bathroom could wait a few more minutes. After finishing a drink with them, I no longer had a choice. I had to shit and I had to shit now. What I didn't realize is the only bathrooms in this place were a few port-a-johns in a back room of this building. And the lines were long for each one. I had no choice but to pick a line and hope it moved quickly. Each passing minute my need got worse. The thought crossed my mind that I may have a problem if I didn't get to the front of the line quickly. I stood with my legs crossed, squeezing my butt as hard as I could every time a cramp pushed the shit towards the exit. I asked several people in front of me if I could move up, explaining my desperate situation. But they were in no better shape than me. There was a lot of crotch grabbing going on, from both the men and the women. My mind began to wander, trying to think of the last time I had ever shit my pants. It was certainly many years ago in my childhood. This once in a lifetime opportunity was turning in to a nightmare. I was a businessman in the midst of celebrities, and about to humiliate myself by taking a crap in my pants. Sweat covered my body. I looked for any other place to take a shit. I may have been able to run outside and drop my pants in the alley behind the building, but I would never be able to get back in again. I lost control. Soft logs of shit began to fill my underwear. Fortunately I was wearing briefs instead of boxers. I could smell it, but nobody else seemed to notice. Maybe they thought the smell was from the port-a-johns. After standing for about 10 minutes with a load of crap in my pants, I finally moved in to one of the port-a-johns. There wasn't a lot of light for me to assess the damage. I stepped out of my shoes and took my pants off before slowly lowering my underwear. I had made a huge mess in my pants. There was no salvaging my underwear. I took them off and threw them down the hole. I used half the role of toilet paper to wipe the mess off my butt. I considered sitting down to finish the job, but it was so dirty, I just wanted to get out of there. I pulled up my pants, got my feet back in my shoes, and departed the filthy stall. Waiting in line next was a very pretty woman with her hand stuck between her legs, dancing around. She didn't look real happy with me for taking so long. I returned to my friend and partied awhile longer, but couldn't seem to forget that I had just shit my pants. It pretty much ruined the whole evening for me. My buddy was focusing all his attention on a woman he had met, so I took the opportunity to tell him I wasn't feeling well, and was going home. I was so depressed on how the evening had turned out. When I got home, I sat on the toilet for awhile, finishing the job I started in my pants. I took a long, hot, shower then went to bed. By the next morning, I felt better, and actually began to find humor in the thought that I had crapped my pants around famous celebrities. I didn't find it funny enough to ever tell anyone else what happened, until now.

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)

This is the first chance I had to come back here to post (although I've been back here to read and have come across lots of interesting stories), because I've been so busy with a number of activities--a lot of them having to do with helping to build up our organization.

I've told you before that I wouldn't discuss Russell's bathroom habits with you, but I will tell you something that he said recently. He said that he was so busy that he barely had time to eat or take a s***.

Anyway, he's going to be taking a working vacation before long--50% working and 50% vacation--so I have this silly picture in my mind of his making up for lost time and laying a mile-long cable of a variety of colors! Definitely some corn included in places, of course!

That story that I was going to tell you about my septic tank will have to wait, but I'll give you a pee story.

I've been so busy with not only working on things related to our organization but have also been busy with other online activities as well as real-life things.

So, I got myself downright exhausted to where I just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep.

While I was sleeping, I had a lot of silly dreams, and my bladder also filled up bigtime two or three times.

I had a pad on my bed, and I was wearing disposable panties, so I didn't even bother to get up and go to the bathroom.

When things got too uncomfortable, I simply peed in my panties like a baby.

Both my panties and the pad were soaked by the time I finally felt rested enough to get up.

Later on, I told my mom that I not only slept like a baby but, also, peed like a baby.

Not quite so tired tonight, but I think I need to lie down for awhile. My bladder feels full, so I'm going to pee before I do.

My plans for the week are to get a lot done online when it comes to getting our organization "out there" and, then, get with Pinky (one of my "adopted" sisters) and team up to do some serious organizing at my place.

Pinky pees a lot, so she was off visiting her sister and brother-in-law, and they went different places--and she was always needing the restroom. She decided to collect toilet paper from every restroom she visited as souvenirs. I don't mean an entire roll--just a few sheets.

So we got into this crazy phase for awhile where we were always making toilet paper jokes.

One time after church a few years ago, she, my folks, and I went to eat Sunday dinner at a restaurant we usually went to for that.

We got to talking about toilet paper, so I went to the restroom there to pee--and, while I was in there, I designed a hat (like a turban) for myself out of toilet paper and returned to the table.

I acted really casual about it--but watched people doing double-takes as I made my way back to our table.

I'd brought back somed TP for Pinky and urged her to make a hat of some sort for herself--but she told me that I was on my own there. Frankly, that didn't bother me one bit. It would have been nice if everybody at our table each designed a TP hat, but I seemed to be the only one who was into this little adventure--and I had no shame when it came to going it alone!

After we were finished eating, we went on a drive. I was doing the driving that day, so I got us up on this road that turned out to be a private drive. One of the homeowners came out to see what was going on, and I was telling him that I had mistaken his driveway for a public road.

He was staring at me as if I were a sandwich and a few ants short of a picnic--and it suddenly occurred to me that I was still wearing that toilet paper turban!

We all got a good laugh out of that!

Well, I'm going to sign off for now--and go PEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

this is just a funny story that happened at my friends house.
we were hanging out in his room on the second floor of his house and we both had to pee so we made a bet that if i peed out the window into the backyard then he would. so i went first and pissed out the window and as a joke i peed into the flower pot on the pourch and then on the pourch table. so then we switched and he went to a dfferent window by the door and as he just started to piss his mom walked out side the door and then he pissed on his mom she had no idea wat happened and got sooked in his piss it was funny and the she came up stairs sooked in piss grabed him by his penis and tragged him to the bathroom it was funny.

hi i need help?? i want to pooop more

I was wondering whether anyone had any advice to help with getting over shyness with regard to bodily functions. I find it really difficult when im say dating and with a guy when i need to wee. I find myself hanging on until the last minute to say something. I dont know how to put it! Can anyone help?

bill m.
aS YOUKNOW THAT THE MILITARY FEEDS YOU WELL, 3 TIMES A DAY. Ive pooped some very huge ones,on time we were in an outdoor class and when we had our break i felt a strong urge to go poop. Being out side there was an outside bathroom. I got my pants down sat down and the urge was so strong and i could feel the size of what was about to exit my stretched to the maxx asshole.
What a feeling,it was one big long hard log, i dont know how big it really was because you could not see it in all the other mess in there.
I still remember the feelings.

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