Hey I am back again! As you have seen in my other posts, I am big into gymnastics and cheerleading. Last week I had a practice at the gym for a gymnastics meet last weekend. We all had our competition leotards on, which means they are nice and we do not wear them for practice most times, until a few practices before the meet, and for the meet. Our team leotards are metallic blue and red, and they are hard to wash and tack care of, and expensive to buy, so this is saying the pain I went through with what you are about to hear. After we got done practicing I went over to one of my friends house and I was there so late she asked if I just wanted to spend the night. I did not have any other clothes or anything with me, and I was still wearing my leotard under some shorts and a tee shirt, but I said yes anyway. I know this is not very girlish, but my friend and I enjoy farting, and all eveing we had kind of been competing to see who could fart the loudest. First of all it was not to fair for me, because the tight leotard, plus it being metallic, does not allow farts to pass through very easily. I was actually getting kind of worried about farting in the nice leo, I mean I have to hand wash it and do not want to get many terrible poo stains in it. I told my friend that I was going to quit farting so much, but she wanted to continue the fun of competing, so us being like so close we are almost sisters, she said I could barrow a pair of her underwear to fart into to protect my leotard. She ran and got me a pair to wear and I put them on and so for a few more hours we had fun farting and having basic fun watching movies and stuff. Later on before we went to bed I took the barrowed underwear off because our farting fun was over. The panties were messy but I never really thought about the fact that my butt was still dirty. I went to bed after taking a shower, but still had to put back on my same clothes and leotard from that day, and that is one thing I hate to do is wear a sweaty leotard for many hours. Well, that night or maybe I should say early the next morning around 5 in the morning, I woke up and had to fart major! I was half asleep and pushed it out, but, I got a bonus along with the fart. I did not feel like messing with it then, but when I got up at about 10 in the morning, I discovered massive semi dry cakey crap stain right on the leotard. To nasty to want to wear for a while, so I got a maxi pad out and put it on to feel a little fresher than wearing the crap next to my butt. Funny thing though almost as if it was useless, on my way home I just got a shot of stinging pain and almost recked my car trying to hold in this apparent nuclear crap that was heading its way out. About ten minutes later or 5 mins to my house I farted to releive so pain, but a good sized squart of liquid poo shot out at break neck speeds and really messed up my leotard, even with wearing a pad, it just could not hold it all. So total bad experiance, and lots of nasty clean up.

Hi.Had a very satisfying pee at work today.I had been holding it for a while so when i got into the toilets,i quickly unzipped my jeans pulled out my penis and let go.It felt soooo good.I pushed out my stomach to make the stream more intense.WHAT A RELIEF!
I have also been peeing outside recently.Both times in local woods.I pointed my penis towards a rock and peed on that.Felt good.Then later on, stepped off the path and stood in a clearing and peed a nice stream.Hope to do a nice satisfying poop in the woods soon ,as that is something i enjoy.Will post with details when it happens.
Just to fill you in,i am a 37 year old guy from scotland.MORE PEEING POSTS from females please!

Cute Linda
Hi all!!

China girl

Oddly enough the bathroom where I live is on the 2nd floor and someone would have to realy want to see me to clim and peek through it, but I always close the curtain on it anyway..maybe it's habit..or maybe I'm really just that shy?

Anyway sorry folks that it's been a while.. but my mother passed away months ago and I haven't been up for doing anything lately. Don't worry though I'm fine and getting along.I'll post again soon. Take care.



Uncle Harry
To "shy about saying you need to wee".

Thank you for your appreciation of my advice. And you are correct that I am open and uninhibited, at least about body functions, but then I was raised that way. My mother was very shy and inhibited and I never saw her in anything but full dress. My father was the opposite. He thought nothing about peeing outdoors, no matter who was around. In fact, he enjoyed peeing on trees. Maybe he had been a dog in a previous lifetime. Of course, he was discrete enough to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure. He never closed the bathroom door, no matter what he was doing... peeing, pooping, or wiping his butt. My younger sister and I never closed bathroom doors either. We just did what we needed to do regardless of who was around. It was no big deal. I will be posting stories about my childhood.

A suggestion about your postings. It would really help if you used a "handle" on your postings to make addressing you easier. Use a fictitious name or something descriptive. Read other posts for ideas. You will still be anonymous. I'm wondering if you're new to this sight and your reluctance to use a handle is part of your shyness. This could be one step in overcoming it. Generally, the way to overcome habits you want to change is to change them one step at a time and work through them gradually, although sudden changes can sometimes work. Still, I don't suggest you "go for broke" and suddenly decide to pull down your pants and piss in the middle of a park. If I sound like a behavior therapist, that's because I am.

Damp Pants In The Midwest-- I saw the episode, the person had to crap really bad and was desperate. He kept mentioning he was going to crap his pants repeatedly and the cop just took his time. It was a funny episode.

Aleysha, a similar thing happens with me. Monday is usually the biggest crap I have all week. Tuesday thru Friday, it's normal, usually small, craps. Then Saturday and Sunday it's nothing. When Monday morning rolls around again, usually between 8:45 and 9:30, my stomach is sending me messages that I need to get on the toilet soon. It's not always a perfect routine. Like this past Monday, my crap wasn't all that impressive. Actually, today was probably the biggest of the week. Sometimes I might have two huge craps two days in a row. So it varies from time to time.

This morning I had a pretty satisfactory poop. It took no less than 10 minutes (I don't like to get in a hurry so I just kinda let nature take its course) and there were several soft turds, about an inch thick. The smell was a strong poopy smell, but not overpowering. Since it was soft, my butt was a mess afterwards and took several wipes. Naturally I ran out of toilet paper so I had to grab some paper towels to finish the job. The entire bottom hole in the toilet was filled with turds and there was a thick turd about 8 inches floating in the water (that was the first turd that came out). I actually had to flush twice because the water was still dirty after it flushed, plus there were skid marks on the bowl. So anyway, it felt great dropping that huge load.

BTW, in case everyone's forgotten (I usually mention this every time I post because I don't post very often) I'm 21 with brown hair spiked up.


The first enema that I ever had was when i was 14 years old from my mother.
Was that ever a experince.
Being bottomless lyimg over my mother's knee and she inserting a rubber noozle up inside of my bum.
Then squeezing the rubber syrigne and enjecting the water up inside of me.
About 10 mins. later sitting on the loo and with lots of very hard straining and pushing the excessise watery enema comes out and then the jobbies.
What a relive but what a pain. It hurt like heck and the smell was something to be hold.

Please write to

The jobbies themselfs were about 5 and a half inches long and about a inch round maybe a inch and a qurater. but I still had to push like hell.

Fat Woman
Hello everyone. I've been away but have been regularly reading. I posted with my thunder thighs hanging over the toilet seat while straining to poo quite some time ago. I've been enjoying all the stories. I've had some writer's block lately so please, I need some attention and inspiration. BTW-Erika and Laura great posts. Princess and China Girl-you're the best.

Johnny Half-Pint
To Aleysha,

Your problem could well be dietary-related. Is there anything, any tiny little thing at all, that you eat or drink on weekdays, but not on weekends? Do you know if the water supply at your workplace comes from a different reservoir than at home?

Every body of water contains a slightly different strain of E. Coli, and it can often take awhile for your body to get properly immune to a new one. (This is why people invariably get diarrhoea or constipation on holiday -- even bottled water may have an unfamiliar E. Coli strain in it!) If you keep switching back and forth then you may never develop a proper immunity.

well i was at my cabin with my parents and my

started was feeling pretty bad and i was farting a lot and then i was going to go to bed and i had to crap badddd but i was trying to steal something out of a cabinet while they were sleeping and it was my only opportunity so i just held it...after i stole the stuff, i went outside and just stood there trying not to shit myself and i ran out in the bushes and just crapped a huge soft load and i felt so much better

Did anybody see Two and a Half Men on Monday night? The two brothers were sitting in the mens room trying to poop. Finally, one stood up and said, "Guess this train's not ready to leave the station!" Boy do I know that feeling. Tracy

I periodically have to mention bidets. No, I don't sell them. My house has one in the upstairs bathroom. Now that I have one, I will never have a house without one. It is a separate fixture right next to the toilet. It has hot and cold water, so you can adjust the temperature. Mine is a Kohler, same people who make drinking fountains. I turn it on before taking a dump, so the water gets to the right temperature (I don't spend much time on the toilet, maybe a minute or two). When I am done, I simply move over to the bidet and engage the nozzle in the bottom of the bowl. It can blast with great force---if I am not on it the gusher will soak the ceiling. It blasts every little chunk out of there no matter how messy a dump. I can see the residue go down the drain. It sort of feels good too! Only one wipe is required to blot up the excess water and to make sure no chunks are left. I never, ever get poop on my fingers, and a roll of toilet paper lasts a month or more. I highly recommend the bidet.

i used to post as ryan but i just found a sure way to cure constipation. first buy a box of instant oatmeal it can be flavored as long as it has atleast 5g of fiber per pacage. take a big microwaveable bowl and empty one pacage on the bottom cutt up an apple and put it on top of the oatmeal then cover everything with rasin bran you can add extra rasins then cover it with another packet of oatmeal add one and a half cups of milk stir and microwave for 2mins eat it after dinner and for breakfast to clean u

Hello there.. Nothing special happened, the last few weeks.. But now I am sick. A bit shaky and feverish. I went to the toilet this morning, because I felt really cramped up. I pulled down my pants, and sat down on the toilet. I felt like I was going to have diarrea, and relaxed so it would run out of me spontaneously.
But after 10 minutes nothing happened!! So I started to push, and I pushed and relaxed for the next 15 minutes.. God, did I want to get rid of this cramping! But nothing happened, and I gave up.

One hour later, I tried again. No results!!

Then, two hours later again, I decided to give it another try. And not a moment to soon! As soon as my butt hit the seat, my anus opened up, and a torrent of liquid and chunky poop and loud farts poored out of me. I went through 9 waves of it, during the next 40 minutes! But here I am, still sick, but what a relieve!

Well, I am a bit bored now, so here is some sort of survey for those who like it, including my own answers..

1 What is your gender?: Female

2 What is your age?: 31 years

3 How would you discribe your body?: slender built

4 How often do you poop?: 2 to 3 times a day usually.

5 How long does it take you to get started, after sitting down?
: Anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. I like nature to take it's
course, if I have the time.

6 How long takes the complete pooping session? : Anywhere between 15-20 minutes and 50 minutes, though my longest dump ever took me 90 minutes! (50 to get started!)

7 do you enjoy watching others poop? Yes, especially females, for some reason, though I am not bisexual or something.

8 How much time took your longest toilet session you can remember? (for my answer see question 6)

9 Does your poop comes out in one wave, or do you have to pause between the turds? : I usually spend more time waiting than actually pooping.

10 How many pieces do you produce when pooping? : Anywhere between 2 and 45 (small) pieces..

11 Do you fart while pooping? : Yes, anywhere before, during or shortly after pooping.

12 Do you shart while pooping? : Also, sometimes. Fairly random.

13 Are these questions annoying? : Yeah, but hey, I am sick and bored. Do you mind? ;)

Pee Shy
This week there have been a lot of persons who are really pee shy, have stage fright, or have a bashful bladder. Usually not being able to pee when you really need to is a sign of that. In medical or psychological terms it is called paruresis. A strange situation can bring it on: being alone with a boyfriend when you have been holding back peeing since the day before. Your muscles are so tight and your bladder so full that you can't let go. Or you try going outside. Your bladder is not accustomed to that and it takes a long time to start going which is always a scary thing. Or you are with strangers or friends in a public toilet which is new and strange. No matter how much you have to go, you can't.

So look up any search engine and type in paruresis or bashful bladder and you will find that many people have the problem: some can't go except at home and others occasionally lock up in strange situations.

For the girl who is having issues with her bladder. You have been receiving good advice. But I think it is wrong. You are having symptoms of a bladder infection. You need to get to a doctor or emergency room as soon as possible. They will take a urine test and find out if that is what you have. Then they will prescribe an antibiotic. You should drink a lot of cranberry juice or orange juice. They both are slightly acidic. They help to keep your bladder free from bacteria if you are prone to get bladder infections.

Many people don't pee when they need to. Holding your pee means that your urine will acquire bacteria. So go as soon as you need to. If you keeping going all the time do bladder training by holding an extra 15 minutes when you need to go during the day. Then in a couple of weeks wait 30 minutes, and so on until you reach a holding time that is comfortable for you--1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or even 4 hours or more. Then eventually your bladder will tell you when you need to pee.

Dave B
Hey everyone =) Just got back from the toilet and am feeling a lot better. I was holding back my poop all day at work today and the minute I got home, I just ran to the downstairs toilet with the squishy blue seat that I like. I started pooping out one big one and then came a bunch of bits n pieces. It all came out nice and smoothly. Didn't even have to push at all. When I got up, I looked in the toilet and saw what appeared to be a giant chocolate easter egg with a bunch of raisenettes lol. Well It only took wipe to get clean and I was able to flush this time without having any clogging (thank god).

China Girl - Hey nice to have you back =P I've never replied to any of your posts, but I've read a lot of them. I enjoy reading your stories about how you make you toilet take in your massive turds and how you punish other people's toilets as well ;) I'd love for you to come over and teach my toilet a lesson lol. I wonder what's the biggest turd you've ever given to your toilet? Like a time that you were ever constipated or something. Well anyways, hope to read your next story soon =)

Friday, July 27, 2007

I have a question that might seem a bit strange: I have BM only from Monday to Friday, never on weekends. When Monday comes, I have to get rid of the "backlog" (pardon the pun), which means having as many as six or seven solid bowel movements over the day (this is the day I use 1,5 kg of weight and do not make appointments).

It seems that during the first months of my working freelance as an information researcher, everything was a bit scary for me. I remember that I used switch on the computer, imagining all kinds of catastrophes like angry e-mails from upset customers and so on, and from pure fright I would have to go to the toilet. Now, it seems that I have developed a sort of "anchor" with my computer, as the NLP guys would call it: Switching it on triggers a bowel movement. When I am on vacations, it takes me as long as a week to adjust.

This weekend my bowels were unusually full, but no matter how I tried, there was no getting rid of it. I did not sleep very well this night, as, with all this pressure on my rectum, I dreamt all night of pooping my pants (a thing that has never happened to me). Monday comes, I set my daughter off to school, go to my home office, switch on the computer and - bingo!

I do not like this very much, and any suggestions on how I could re-train myself would be very welcome. Some say that a glass of warm water in the morning will do the trick, but not for me (it just increases my urine volume). And I'd rather not use laxative or enemas, as I have a whole legion of old aunts who are dependent on this sort of stuff and when they travel, they need an extra car trailer to transport this stuff - it's like a private hospital. This seems to be a family thing, worsened by the fibre-free white bread that people from southern Europe seem to prefer. Could you give me some suggestions?

Greetings, Aleysha

Lynn-thank you for your post regarding my shyness over bodily functions. Did you have the same problem in the past and how did you get over it? I have always had this shyness and at my age i feel i should be brimming with confidence!

Joel, it's perfectly normal, if unconventional, to enjoy the feeling of poop or pee. You'll find people on this site from all walks of life who enjoy similar things. I wouldn't worry about it unless you notice it interfering with the rest of your daughter's life. It's harmless, she likes it, and she does her own laundry and cleanup: what's to worry about?

I'm 16, female, and i have a lot of pee stories for you! :) See, i like peeing in weird places, as does my friend Sarah. So here are some interestinf stories:

1. ME and my friedn Sarah were bored one night and she dared me to pee in a cup. I said alright. This was before i discovered how great emptying my bladder in places other than a toilet was! I took out a kitchen cup and pulled down my pants. I aimed for the cup.It took awhile, but my pee came in a large stream. The cup filled fast. I loved the hissing soud. It started overflowing and pee splashed all over the floor and my shoes. When i was done, sarah was laughing at my soaked shoes. To get even, I splashed pee ( more than i meant too) from the cup on her shirt. She wasn't mad luckily. I dumped the pee down the sink.

2. I once thought it would be fun to pee in an empty ice cube tray. It was! I placed in on the floor, in between my legs, squatted a bit, and let loose. This time, pee got ALL over the floor! I put the pee-filled tray in the fridge and took it out later to see my little pee-cubes. I left the trya in there to see if someone would accidently use those cubes lol.

3. I was at a hotel with some friends on vacation when i got a great idea. I wass going to pee off the balcony into the street! It was a little scary balancing on the railing that i was sitting on , with my pants down, but my friends helped. I had a rare moment of pee shyness but i finally started peeing. We were too far up to hear the splashing of the pee. I couldn't see, but my pee probably got all over people walking on the sidewalk! poor people!

I have other stories so bye for now.

Keith D
Hi everyone. I've been reading for a while so I thought it's about time I contributed a story.

I've always been curious about toilet habits. I guess it's because I've always struggled with my own. For about the entire time I was a child, I was constipated. I could only manage a poop once or twice a week. Over a lifetime, that adds up to hundreds of hours wasted sitting on a toilet, straining in all sorts of positions until I was sore. And wondering how other people managed it. In hindsight my problems were caused by a low fluid intake - I never drank much. It wasn't until I moved into a college dorm that my diet changed and things became easier.

But I've never had an easy poop. It involves lots of pushing. I've always had a burning need to find out how much effort it takes other people. Now I've found this site. Answers finally! Seems everyone is different... But at least some other people are like me and many others have the same "unnatural" curiosity as me. But now they don't feel so unnatural. That's a big relief too. Thanks.

More about me some other time. I guess I'd better share a story:

I was studying in the college library and was really bored so I thought I'd go "check out the facilities". Men's was right next to the women's. I pushed open the door turned a corner into the suprisingly small room. It was dimly lit, with a small hand basin, a single urinal and next to it a single stall. I went in, locked the door, dropped trousers and pants to my ankles and sat.

I adjusted my butt on the seat to spread my cheeks a bit - it seems to stretch open my hole a bit and makes it easier for my usually dry turds to slip out. With my feet pressed flat on the floor I silently strained and relaxed until a few dry slips of poo slid and went "plip plip" into the water. Disappointed, I sat and relaxed for a few minutes.

The next thing I heard the bumping and thumping of a heavy door. I thought someone must be coming into the room and heard tp coming off the roll. But then I remembered that I was in the only stall... Next I could hear a fierce stream of pee rattling in a toilet bowl. It was next door in the girls! And it was so loud, echoing through the room. For some reason, it made me very excited to catch this private moment and I could literally hear my own heart pounding.

As the stream subsided (with "Ahhhh" a sigh of relief), I wondered about the good acoustics and why the adjoining wall between the two facilities was so thin. Looking at stall walls beside me, they seemed identical. It was just that the wall shared with the girls loo had different coloured panels top and bottom. It was like there was another stall on the other side but they'd just blocked off the top and bottom holes. I figure that the two bathrooms had once been a single 4-stall job that had later been divided into separate mens and womens rooms, hence the thin regular stall wall dividing.

While pondering this, I suddenly realised that she hadn't wiped up and flushed. Was she doing more? The silence continued for a few minutes, except for a few "clacks" as someone adjusted their weight on the plastic toilet seat. Then a slight "Ah" and a faint crackling sound. I was actually hearing poop sliding out of her!

My heart racing, there was a very faint "floop" in the water. It had taken her a while so must have taken some silent effort. A few seconds later, I could hear muffled talking. Was someone else in with her? After a while, I realised from the one-sided conversation that she was talking on her cell-phone. From a few giggles and flirty comments, she seemed to be chatting to a boyfriend. She finished by arranging to meet at a time and place. She was making a date while sitting on the pot! Next I heard tp rolling, hurried wiping, doors thumping and she was gone.

I can't believe she actually chatted up a guy and asked him out all while sitting with a dirty, unwiped butt in a smelly stall! I can't really imagine a girl being so candid. It was like going to the toilet had somehow allowed her to pluck up the courage to ask the guy out or something.

I have more weird stories if anyone's interested.


China girl
It has been long time since last post, but it is good being back again. There are many stories yes of my toilet mess but I will pick recent one.

My mom and me went to an american friend's house in country 2 weeks ago for few days. My mom wanted company and did not want to drive way out there alone so she is not bored. These friend are middle age couple who has daughter in college away on summer program. I was ok with going only because my mom and I will have hang out time as well and I was looking forward to getting away out of city. This couple have old house. We sleep in the daughters room on 2nd floor and her room has access to stairs to small attic which is 3rd bedroom with bathroom. Our friend say we can use 2nd floor bath because the daughter never used much and 3rd floor bathroom is further away. Mom and me though just use 3rd floor so we do not have to open room door in middle of night to wake everyone. Well, after one day of local shopping in town, we get to house and my mom goes to shower. In that time, I was on computer and the pressure came but suddenly, so I right away thought of 2nd floor bathroom. But with mom up on 3rd I thought of talking and sharing. Now this toilet has not seen good turd I know for some time-if ever. And with me being Chinese and totaly new to it this toilet would get serious wake up call. The toilet was in back far corner away from door next to back wall small window. My mom was already out of shower doing hair and face at sink. I walk in and tell mom and she is ok with my going as usual. I walk to back to toilet and look at it. It is small, very round seat toilet to fit compact in corner. It was there for "decoration" because of lack of use I think and because there were nice things sitting on back of it on tank lid and there was no candle. When I got to it I looked pretty big to it and I lift lid. There is a small puddle of water inside with a very modest size toilet hole for my crap. When I see that I smile, but before sitting I turn to close window shade to set tone that something big is coming and that focus of toilet should be on me, and we don't need pleasant view of outside (hehe). Even my mom wonder why I did this because she know no one can see from outside since tree is in way. Now I get situated in front of toilet. I breathe out some sigh of my needing to go and I softly jog in place keeping my toes in place on ground while I get my jeans down. I do this so I can show off what I am about to do to toilet, also so my mom know that I have to take good crap, and more importantly because I really have to crap badly. When I push my jeans to ground I was naturally bend over and a strong, but soft air like fart came out of my but and was heard. My hole was in sight right in front of toilet when I did this. Now I am sure the begging starts from this small toilet for me to have a little mercy and stop since toilet know now what is going to happen and I am so foreign to it that it does not know how bad this could be. So I sat down hard, and man it feel good to relax everything. My hole open slowly, then more soft air farting, now you can hear like meat crackling. My hole was just so wide cause it has been a few days since last turd. Then, everything was silent because the turd block everything else from escaping my hole. And then without mercy or consideration, with help from my muscle, this turd just shot out with power and make direct hit in hole so there was this gulp like sound from enormous pressure. After the gulp you hear rest of turd just lap onto porcelan inside toilet. This all happen very quickly of course. My mom just say "wow" (as usual), and it was so powerful that the smell got to her over by sink in just few seconds. But then I sit for minute to pee and got couple of good farts out, and on one of them my mom say I was going to blow toilet apart (hehe). Then to finish, you hear very wet grinding meat sound again as thin crap was squeazing out of my but like toothpaste very fast. This happen a couple times. Now I just had to clean my but. My mom urge me to flush though because my but smell was so strong. So I stood to face toilet and looked. This turd had a long thick end, and was so big that it had to fold over inside. The thickest part that came out first was right in the hole. The later wet crap like tooth paste squirted to the back of the inside so there was big soup like glob sliding down to hole where big turd is. When I flush the toilet was weak and large turd stopped half way down still sticking out. Mom knew that it is clog and say it stink too bad and she does not want to know so she left for bedroom and say she will meet me there. I won't get into detail, but turd had to be repositioned and fortunately a plunge was there. After toilet surrender to my but taste and turd was down (although water was still a little brown), I then clean my but, with much saturated paper to show for it. All paper flush down but slower this time. This toilet got hit hard I must say, and I am sure it was quite sick over my display, and embarass that it take quite a beating. I'm sure it was begging to try to make peace to avoid something later, but I smile and put lid down. I left widow shade closed and walk out closing door with strong but smell still inside, although much smell went down to stairwell by this time. My but was burning little bit but I showered later that night and was fine. When my mom went to pee later before bed, she raise toilet seat and say there was hint of my smell from earlier over toilet and there was slow flush. I say to her that my but taste was too powerful and will be in that toilet for some time probably, and she say "stop being discusting." I knew she would say that. Nice to see you all again, I hope you like post. Sorry it is so long.

Uncle Harry
To Princess,

I enjoyed your story similar to my experience. I suspect this sort of thing happens fairly often, what with there being no women's facilities in men's dorms. I wonder if any guys have had to do anything like that when visiting women in their dorm rooms. Any stories about that?

To Gladys and Monica,

I doubt you have a case for a lawsuit as you were not supposed to be in the men's room in the first place. I understand that you don't want to see turds coming out of a guy's butt, but if you are going to go into a men's room, that's the chance you take. Don't blame the builder. In certain situations, bathrooms without doors on the stalls are not uncommon, in both the men's and the women's. This is often true in the parks in large cities. They have stainless steel toilets without seats and no doors on the stalls. There are two reasons for this. One is vandalism. Toilet seats and stall doors are often stolen or damaged. The other reason is to prevent people from hiding in stalls and doing drugs. There's also a facility at a beach in Los Angeles, that was reported by a female poster about 2 years ago, where the ladies' has no doors on the stalls and the 2 rows of stalls face each other. So far, I haven't run into this situation in stores or office buildings, with one exception. When I was between wives, I went to a Sunday afternoon concert with a woman I was involved with. This was at a library auditorium in a nice suburb. After using the bathroom facilities, she told me that there were no doors on the stalls in the women's. There were doors in the men's. I haven't a clue why.

To Lynn,

I haven't run into to any bathroom situations like the one where the guy met his wife in the men's room with no stalls, let alone doors, and open to public view besides. That's really unusual, but bars sometimes do strange things.

To Any Females Who Care To Answer,

After writing my latest post about the two girls peeing in the urinal in the men's room, I got to thinking if any women on this site have tried it. Have any of you ladies out there ever used, or tried to use, a men's urinal? What type? Where? Under what circumstances? How did it go... successful, unsuccessful, or mixed results? How about posting your experiences. I'd be interested to know.

Some gurl
To PPGirl
I really enjoy reading your stories.
They're very entertaining.

italian stalian
i was chillen at my friends house and we were hanging out in his back yard just screwing around and then his mom came out for a long time. shes pretty kool not like most moms if u ask me. so wat happened was we where out side and by some strange cosidence we all had to pee at the same time so friend the a-hole he is ran inside to the only bathroom before the rest of then his mom said since we both realy have to go we can just go behind the shed. then i followed her behind the shed then she un did her pants and i just stood there, she was like come on silly whip it out and she pull down her panties and started to pee and i pulled out my packege and did the same and all she did was watch me and then all of a sudden i herd a huge fart and saw a huge turd and that was it for me i finished up and started to walk away as she had another long turd and then she asked me to get her tp and when i came back there was a huge pile of poo and a pudel of pee. ya it was a weird day

Damp Pants In The Midwest
Now that's not the usual way to spend a first date. But since he wasn't grossed out by what hgappened, I'd say that's a good start. Are you two still together?

Did anybody catch the episodes of Speeders on Court TV Thursday? I missed them but one show was to have a man apparently in desperate need because the clip that was shown a few tiimes showed him asking how much would the ticket be if he just went in the bushes.

Monica: My husband and our two sons work at a mill in the western end of our county. it's the largest employer in an otherwise depressed area. They had all talked about the doorless stalls in the mens restrooms. They never once said that they look at each others shit sliding out of each others assholes. They say its pretty laid back, most guys bring reading materials in with them. Nobody looks 'down there" Myself, I definatly need a locking door.

Well going to be fun here the next few days I live in gloucstershire in the UK and its been hit badly by flooding including our water treatment works which means they've had to turn the water off. So no flushing toilets anywhere in the whole county for a few days.

Gladys- if you don't want to go into a mens room and see guys sitting on a toilet with no stalls, how about not going into a mens room?

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

It's been a busy week! My main vacation is over and now I'm working a temporary part time job while we're on Summer vacation. I am also teaching Summer classes. I am teaching an Earth Science class and an Algebra I class!

Not too much to post lately. I did have to take a normal poop yesterday while my boyfriend Jake came over to my apartment. I made a huge dinner and as we were washing dishes, I felt the urge to take a dump. I am no longer embarrassed about having to poop when I'm around my boyfriend…if I have to go, I'll go to the washroom, either pee or poop. We all do it and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Anyway, this morning, I had the day off from work (both jobs). Since there is no reason to get up at 4AM to be at the Gym at 5, I woke up, 7:30, I had a decent breakfast of Wheaties cereal and some toast. After breakfast, I went to the Gym for my morning workout. Today, I didn't do any running or toning, I went for hard laps in the pool and aquatic exercises! After about an hour of working out, I was tired and decided to go to the locker room to change up. After a refreshing shower, I felt the need to have a bowel movement, I was getting stomach cramps, and I had to go pretty badly... After leaving the shower, I dried myself off with my towel, put on my flip-flops and made my way to the toilet areas (towel around my body and one around my wet hair). As I arrived, one stall was in use and, by the grunting and the smell, you could tell she was pooping. I arrived to my toilet, closed the door, took off my towel which was around my waist, placed it on the hook, placed a toilet seat cover protector down, sat down, spread my legs, hunched over with my elbows into my thighs and immediately let go of a loud fart. The sound was embarrassing, but, when you're on the toilet, anything gives…there is no such thing as being "lady like." Approx. 10 seconds after my first fart, I farted loudly again, which, echoed in the bowl. Directly after that, I continued to have light gas, then before you knew it, I started dropping poops into the toilet. Ka-plop…..(5 second pause) ka-plop……ka-plop…..loud fart…….ka-plop……some peeing…………another fart……....ka-plop………..and then another tiny log dropped from my behind into the toilet below! It felt soooo good…After 5 minutes of just sitting, I wiped my front, then wiped my behind. It was somewhat messy, but, after 10 wipes or so, I finally got clean back there. I flushed the toilet (left a minor brown stain at the bottom of the bowl), placed the towel around my body, washed my hands and changed up. I felt bad for any woman who came into that bathroom, especially with the smell I left behind ;-)

I hope all is doing well!


Re: Gladys/lawsuit idea...the men's room is labeled "Men's" for a reason. To suggest that not only should you be allowed in, but allowed to file a lawsuit for seeing something you didn't want to seems a little insensitive. What about the men who you saw? You don't think they care about a woman being in the area restricted to men?

A book I'm reading right now (by a fairly well-known author) happens to have a situation in which a girl who is disguised as a boy has to deal with doing her necessary away from others (as obviously she'd have to squat). There's actually a rather suspenseful scene where she's so deep in the woods that she has some unwelcome furry guests that see her with her panties around her ankles.

Uncle harry - i am the person who posted saying im shy about saying i need to wee when out with a boyfriend. Thank you for your post,you have helped me in gaining the confidence at least to try and say something. Normally i will just hang on till im desperate! Anyway, i will post and tell you how i get on. No, a boyfriend has never seen me wee ever. From your posting you sound as though you are really open and uninhibited about everything though which is how i wish i was!

I feel a really good poop coming on :D Earlier I went poop, after having stomach cramps and a hard stomach for 2 days and finally I got the urge, so while my husband was in the bathroom I squatted down to try to hold it. Finally he got out of the bathroom after having a watery/mushy poop, and I went in after.

I took my book in with me and sat on the toilet after pulling down my thong and pants. I strained and pushed a bit and with one hard push in a semi-squatting position, I pushed the monster poop out. It hurt :( Then another piece came out. I wiped and looked at the load in the toilet.

The first log was about 5 inches by 2 inches wide. The second was about 2 inches long. It hurt to push out, that's for sure. Then I flushed. My stomach felt a bit smaller.

My stomach is still bloated and I feel another crap coming on soon. I ate a lot today, including 3 bowls of salad, a bowl of date, raisin and almond bran cereal, plus some fruit and ice cream(spread out through the day of course). I feel a good shit knocking on the back passage. Maybe I can even hold it until tomorrow and take a good dump in my panties, maybe out in public. I always lose my nerve before I actually do it tho. Next time it rains hard tho, I am going to pee in my pants outside, just to try it. I always have the urge to do both of these things but always lose my nerve. It is supposed to rain Friday. Maybe I can do it then if it is a shower. Then I can pee my pants no problem.

Happy pooping!


Anny, you and I like similar things. I look forward to your next post. I am SURE it will be awesome!

TO Caryl Marie:

Please tell your friend that she is wasting valuable toilet paper. Her health will be *infinitely* better served by washing her hands thoroughly (i.e. scrubbing for at least 20 seconds with warm, soapy water) after her poops rather than wasting trees by papering toilet seats.

Any doctor will tell you that if you are going to get sick from someone else's bad sanitary habits, it will be via the "Oral - Fecal" route.

-A person uses the toilet and doesn't wash their hands properly
-Eventually, they touch something (a door knob, computer keyboard, fresh food, et cetera...) and pass along some of their bacteria onto it's surface.
-You come along and touch with *your hands* that same surface and accidentally transfer the bacteria into your mouth.

I should note that even doctors, nurses and other medical professionals frequently forget to wash their hands properly and often. As a result, neonatal and geriatric facilities have seen significant increases in illness and even deaths due to oral-fecal infections (eg. C. difficile, E. coli.) Some have even had to close down temporarily while EVERYTHING is sanitized (doors, walls, floors, instruments... EVERYTHING!!)

Your friend shouldn't be worried about catching something from a toilet seat unless: a) She enjoys eating off toilet seats OR b) she likes sitting on seats that are obviously covered in feces and urine OR c) She goes around kissing the asses of perfect strangers.

Take Care!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

messy1 doody
one memorable experience to the tiolet stool for me is one where i took a "healthy" dump and felt like passing wind at the same time, i 'splattered" the back of the bowl and to this day it's still there becuse the janitor doesn't want to stick his bowl brush in it in fear of the bristles will not let go of the fecal discharge. had pork-chops and salad the night before and boy you talk about gooey poop, man that was a mess!! such a mess was so hard to clean from the tooshey that put it there....


I liked your story!

One of the most interesting stories I ever read was about a guy who met his wife because she saw him sitting on a toilet in a men's room in a bar.

There wasn't a door or partitions around the toilet. Whenever anyone opened the door of the men's room, whoever was on the toilet was visible to everyone in the bar.

If you had been in a men's room that had an open toilet, the celebrities and everyone else in the club would have watched you clean up your poop accident.

At least no one saw what you had done!

To PPGirl: I loved your last story. Please keep them coming!
Also, to that girl Me, wow! you're pee story is very interesting. If you have some more, please write them.


nice stories, if you have any other accident or not so much of an accident stories please share them

Hello all toileteers, as promised, here are all my toilet visits from yesterday:

Wasn't a very interesting day, got up, got dressed ate breakfast and went out to walk the dog. I got back from my walk and got a nice book and headed to the bathroom for my morning poo. I sat down on the toilet and after a few minutes, a few small short skinny turds came out, I felt empty and I wiped and washed up. We went out to lunch at KFC, and while we were there, I had to pee, so I told my parents I was headed to the restroom and I went in and all the urinals and stalls were occupied so I sat back a minute and waited and a stall opened up, there were two urinals and there were these guys sitting there talking, which talking at the urinals absolutely drives me nuts. Anyway, I went to the stall and it looked clean enough, so I peed, flushed and went back outside, the two guys, both in there late 20s to early 30s were STILL talking at the urinal, even though they had finished their business a long time ago. I hate that. We headed back home, and that night, after I had already undressed and was climbing in bed with my laptop to catch up on emails and play games for a bit, I had to poop again. I never have to poop more than once a day, but obviously the fried chicken basket I had had gone right through me, so I headed to the throne again. I got in, pulled my underwear around my ankles and pushed. A wave of semi-mushy poop splattered out making a big spalsh in the toilet bowl. After 10 or so minutes I was finally done, I guess the chicken didn't agree with me, so I wiped and washed up, and went to sleep. This morning I got up, and surprisingly, I didn't need a poo, so I just sat around and watched TV, being bored, as my parents have been gone all day today and they still are as I type this. It's just been really boring, but now I'm beginning to feel I have to pee again, maybe I'll try peeing in a bottle just for fun and to break the monotony of the day. I'll definitely tell you all about it tonight before bed!

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