Good afternoon--hot here. A couple of days ago I had an unusual attack of diarrhea. Just the one--no more poop that day, and none the next until late in the afternoon. The urge was only moderate, and it likely could have waited, but I went anyway. I watched with a large hand mirror as my turd slowly exited. We had had some dark chocolate doughnuts with chocolate frosting, and I think they strongly affected my poop. It was very dark brown, and it seemd sticky; it came out slowly and was hard work to pass; just a normal-looking cylindrical turd, but sticky. Finally about a 7-inch length of it dropped off, leaving another few inches sticking out. I pushed and pushed, finally getting a little more out, which then dropped off. I wiped, finding that a large sticky lump was still adhering to me; it took several wipes before I felt even moderately clean. I finished up, as usual, with a dab of Noxzema on the last pad of toilet paper; and, as usual, after using that to wipe the outside, I stuck my finger (with the paper still on it) up into my anal canal and into my rectum. I could tell that I had not emptied completely--there was still another turd inside. It did not feel like it needed to come out; rather, it felt as though I had insufficient bulk to pass it. So I left it there. Later that day (yesterday) my anal area began to itch badly, so I went in, pulled down my pants, and re-cleaned my anus, getting some more brown off on the toilet paper. Later that evening I had some whole-wheat crackers, then some popcorn, to help supply some bulk.
This morning I got up early (as usual), did some computer work, then felt the urge to poop. It was stronger, more normal, than yesterday, and I went in with some hope of a more normal b.m. I took a book to read, but had only gotten part of a paragraph read when the movement started. I pushed, and felt a long and satisfying turd pass on out. A few seconds later I was able to do another one. Then I wiped--still quite dark, thick and viscous, but not quite as sticky as yesterday. After wiping (including the Noxzema cleanse), I felt much more empty than yesterday--I couldn't feel anything in my rectum. The b.m. was long and curled, in three pieces; much better than the day before. (As has been the case for a year or so now, all my movements are somewhat soft due to the great amount of water I must drink--at least 64 oz. a day.)
Later, after breakfast and some housework, I went outside. Gradually the anal itching seemed to be returning. Finally it got to the point where I reached my left hand back there and scratched through my work pants until I felt relief. Going back into the house, I lowered my pants to see if I could tell where I had scratched--and sure enough, there was a brownish spot, about 1.5 inches around, on the inside of the seat of the pants. I checked on the outside of the cloth, and it was faintly visible there as well. It smelled as you might expect.
A couple of hours later, I felt another urge to poop--a bit unexpected, since my earlier one had been quite satisfying. I went into the bathroom, sat down, and watched as another quite long movement slid out with only moderate pushing from me. It was at least as large as the earlier b.m., and it felt just as good. Again, wiping was the hardest part, but so far I have no itching, so it must have been cleaner this time. Between the two movements, I had quite a successful morning in the defecation department.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Hey guys I know I said I would post everyday but I have had a busy summer and and I have been on a trip to Montana. But this trip did generate some good pee/poop stories, so here they are!

We were driving along west of Omaha and I felt I had to pee, so I told my dad, so he said we would be at a walmart where he had been planning on stopping in about 5 minutes and asked if I could hold it that long. I of course said yes, as I have always been able to hold my pee and poop for a long time, so once we got there I headed to the restroom. I opened the door and a fart slipped out. I decided to try and poop while I was there, so I selected a clean looking stall and sat down. I peed very strong for a little while, but no matter how hard I pushed, I simply couldn't poop. I just gave up after a minute or two and went and found my parents. About two hours later I felt the urge to poop, and my stomach was getting a little tight, I was feeling a little constipated. I unsnapped my dress slacks to relieve some pressure and I farted. My parents asked if I was OK and I said that I was, just had a little gas. That wasn't surprising as I had had 5 tacos at a Mexican restaurant for lunch, and they always give me gas. We got to a gas station about thirty minutes later and I headed inside to try and use the restroom. I found the men's surprisingly clean for a service station, they even had seat covers. I put a seat cover on and sat down. After a few seconds I felt a huge turd pushing on my butt. Slowly it inched it's way out. It hurt really bad, and my butt was getting really sore. Finally after about ten minutes, the huge turd hit the water. I felt beyond relieved! I sighed with relief at getting this monster out. My butt was sore, but I didn't care. I felt so empty and so good I could have jumped up and down right there. I wiped, pulled my pants up and flushed. After I washed up I bought a bottle of soda and went back out to the car. My parents asked if I was OK and I said I just had to poop. I really really thought it was strange that tacos gave me gas and constipation, I didn't think those two things went together, but obviously they do. we got to Montana, and we decided to break out the camping gear that we had brought for the first time that trip. After we set up, I had to pee, so I walked a few feet from the tent and unzipped and peed. My mom said it was gross to pee in the open. I replied "well where else is there to go." My mom glanced around and then started laughing. We were kind of on a cliff on the prairie, with not a tree in sight. After dinner, we were getting ready for bed and my mom said she had to pee, so I watched with amazement as my mom walked to the edge of the campsite and undid her jeans and peed. Then a turd fell out with a dull thud, and she wiped with some tissue, and came over and went to sleep.

That's all the stories I'll post for now, but expect more soon

My daughter is 12 years old and still has accidents in her pants. I think that she just likes the feeling of poop in her pants because she never has any wetting accidents and every pair of her panties has massive brown stains on it. I started noticing this about 3 weeks ago right after i finished devorsing my wife and me and my daughter started getting some quality "Father, Daughter time."

the first time i noticed this was when we just walked into Fosters Freeze. As we walked up to the line i fumbled my wallet and dropped it on the ground. I bent down to get it and my daughter made some joke about me, I looked up at her and then something caught my attention out of the coner of my eye. There was a growing bulge in my daughters panties under her miniskirt. It was getting huge and spredding into her crotch area and she just stood there as her pants turned brown. I got up and asked her if she needed to use the bathroom and all that I got for a reply was "no." As we were about to sit down I became curious as to what she would do. She just sat down with a faint smushing sound.

A few days later we went to see a movie. We went in and sat down. About half way through I heard a soft mushy, gooey sound that I identified as my daughter crapping her pants yet again. when the movie was over I said that i needed to go to the bathroom and she could wait in the car. she just said "ok." when we started the drive home i saw that one of my daughters shoos was untied an told her. she leaned forward to tie it giving me a perfect glimpse of her completely soiled underwear. the bulge from where she wasn't sitting was huge and her panties had a greanish-brown tint. later that day i decided to do some snooping. I went through her underwear droor(not in a perverted way) and found huge stains in all of her undies that confermed my suspision. I never would have figured this out because my daughter does her own landry but i need some advice on what to do. can someone help?


Thanks for the wonderful post! I am so glad you decided to contribute. I don't post that often but I have been a regular here for several yrs. Look in the archives and you'll find me.

It sounds like we have alot in common. I am also 5'5" and around 350 lbs. I am 48 yrs old. As you said, we eat alot so we poo alot! I usually go twice a day, once in he morning and when I get home from work. Sometimes three times if I need to after lunch where I will go into the office bathroom and take all the time I need. I am also pretty shameless in public and while I'm not a big farter I do grunt alot and get constipated every once in a while. Even when not constipated a toilet session is quite an ordeal. All this weight makes me tire easily and I need to stop and rest and catch my breath in between straining.

In the past yr or so I have gained 50 lbs and I find the heavier I get, the more strenuous my time on the toilet becomes. My partner and lover Nina is a little heavier than me and she also spends alot of time in the bathroom. It's become a nightly ritual for us to come home and relieve ourselves after dinner. We have a comfy chair set up in our bathroom so we can keep each other company while one of us strains on the toilet.

I have a few questions for you:

Do you find that your girth contributes to your strenuous toilet sessions? Do you you have to stop and pant a bit till your heart rate gets back to normal?

Do you grunt audibly every time (as I do)? It;s one thing to strain loudly in a public bathroom where no one knows you but how do you handle this at friends' houses? With family?

Do you ever have trouble with toilets that are too small to accomodate you comfortably? I have this problem 99% of the time. My bottom half is so big my buttocks and hips overflow on both sides.

What do you do with your hands while on the toilet? I usually grip my buttcheeks while spreading them apart, something I learned from my mother who is also very heavy and has a lot of toilet troubles at 70 yrs old which is compounded by her weight, irritable bowel syndrome (the constipation kind) and diabetes. She is over 400 lbs now and is in assisted living. She needs help on and off the toilet and when I visit her I am glad to do this. Lately she has been wanting me to stay while she goes which is a little awkward. She has always been extremely inhibited and private in the bathroom (although growing up the family could hear her grunting from all over the house.

Actually one of the reasons my mother wants me or the nurse there is because she sadly had a mild heart attack a few weeks ago while on he toilet. The nurse told me she helped my mother sit down and left to give her her privacy and dignity as usual. She went into the living room, keeping an ear cocked in case my mother needed her. For over an hour my mother read the newspaper, grunted and struggled on the toilet. Towards the end the nurse heard her panting very heavily and grunting very hard. After a while the grunting stopped but the panting continued and the nurse dashed in to find my mother sweaty and breathless on the toilet, one hand on her chest.

It was scary but she is pretty much ok now, and back home. She is terrified of another heart attack while on the toilet so I sit with her when I visit. Often she squeezes my hand while she bears down. I don't mind, I know someday I may be in the same boat. It is interesting to observe how I may be in 20 yrs or so.

Sorry I brought up this sad story, I guess I needed to get it off my chest. Anyway, FAT CHICK, please post more stories, your 1st was great!


to gavin-

There are plenty of times that I was standing at a urinal and let go at both ends- many times accidentally.

For this reason, I've never been a fan of boxers really, either. I usually wear standard plain white briefs or boxer-briefs. Any time this has happened accidentally, it's often because I have to 'go' so badly that an uncontrollable urge will hit me and next thing I know, BOOM- a huge heavy poop will push out. Soft, runny poop is obviously hard to control, but heavy, firm poops are equally difficult I've noticed.

I've also (thankfully not since I started college) awaken at night while pooping. Last time happened when I was 17 and I hadn't gone in a couple days- I was dreaming that I was squatting down over a big hole and pooping into it. Sure enough, as soon as I was awake, I had an odd sensation down below in my underwear- I was suddenly met with the realization that my body was still pushing out a huge dump- bigger than a softball! Since then, I rarely 'hold it' more than a day for that reason.

Shy Girl
I just came back from holiday and I had a few memorable trips to the toilet I wanted to share. I was staying with my gramma and for some reason I've always had trouble with her toilet. I've clogged it several times and this trip was no different.

It had been a few days before I could finally go. I was in agony and so I pulled the "I'm getting in the shower" trick, when in all actuality I was in desperate need of a dump. I turned on the shower and got undressed, then made myself comfy on the toilet. I wasn't comfortable for long because once I got the farts out of the way and the tip emerged I realized this was going to be huge and painful.

I know people exaggerate on here but I assure you this isn't one. I had been sitting on that pot for about 45 minutes struggling with this turd. My ass hole felt like it was stung by a bee and I wasn't sure when I would hear a splash and get some relief. I spread my legs as wide as I could and really strained. I didn't want to either... because the more I did the more my hole stretched. I kept thinking "if I can't handle taking a big dump, how the hell will I ever have children?" C-section? anyways... I started rocking back and forth, hoping the mass would just loosen and fall out but no such luck. I thought about digging it out but remembered my ass hole was at its maximum and my finger wouldn't help that aspect.

So I bore down and gave it hell... my face was red, I was out of breath, sweating... It was very strenuous on me. FINALLY I felt it leave my bum and cool toilet water splash up on my poor hole. It felt nice. then I had to wipe... oh god. I carefully touched the paper to me and dabbed it a few times. There were no brown marks, only blood. I decided to rinse off in the shower that I said I was taking... If I came out with dry hair they would know something was up!

I looked in the bowl and, no joking, it was the size of a softball. Perfectly round and resting on top of the trap. I wondered if it would go down... OF COURSE NOT. So I had to smash the little demon with the plunger and flush it a few times to get rid of all the traces of the dark brown mess.

That same week I had a similar incident... I dont normally poop like that (huge painful ones I mean) but I was eating more that usual... a lot more, and I wasn't comfortable using some one else's toilet. Ideally, I would be home alone and I would really enjoy the whole experience. On retrospect that was fun, except for the excruciating pain of course.

Hi,i,m the same Andy who has posted recently and i thought i would share a few experiences from my childhood.
1.When i was 5 or 6 years old i persuaded my older sister to let me come into the bathroom with her while she peed.Unfortunately i didn't see much and my mum came in and caught us.She was not pleased!
2.I watched a little girl whom i was playing with pee into an old saucepan which we found while playing in the woods.(*see below*)
3.In the street where i grew up there lived two sisters who would regularly pee outdoors while playing.Even in their own garden.And they never bothered to try and conceal themselves.(On reflection i suspect there may have been abuse occuring in their house)
4.And finally, once when out fishing with my male cousin when we were about 12 or 13, he suddenly pulled down his trousers and pants and dropped a huge poo from his backside onto the open road.
(*These are all that i can remember for now,but i do know that there is a longer, more detailed version of my #2 Story from here on a previous page,posted long ago. Hope you enjoyed these true accounts of an otherwise ordinary upbringing in beautiful Scotland.) BYE!!

Hey :) I did not end up eating anything spicy at Taco Bell or pooped my pants at the mall like I was thinking of doing. My friend Cat and I still did go to Taco Bell, and we each ordered food. She ordered like 2 tacos, a burrito and something else I couldn't identify, plus the fries. She must have been hungry. I ordered 2 soft tacos combo, but I decided to wait and eat it at home.

So now I'm home and finished eating. Problem is my stomach is beginning to act up, even though the tacos were mild, nothing spicy or hot on it. The fries were okay, just bland. But I'm having loud gas, and around my ribs are hurting kind of and my stomach is bubbly. I hope it's just the fact that I need a good poop, and not food poisoning again.

I went out for dinner with friends for my birthday 2 weeks ago, and my friend and I each ordered a caesar salad. Our other friend had some kind of sandwich. Then when we got home, I became sick with really bad nausea, stomach pain, etc but no diarrhea. My friend Cat who had the same thing as me complained she was sick too. Our friend who had the sandwich was sick as well, but only for 2 days. Cat was sick for about a week. I am finally now getting over the food poisoning. I don't know what happened, I mean it was just a salad. But they must have made it with dirty hands or something, not sure.

So now I have indigestion and feeling kind of funny after eating the Mexican food. I'm kind of tempted to go to the store and buy some prune juice to purge out everything that's trapped in there. It would feel better to be able to get rid of everything and clear my body out. I am also tempted to eat more Mexican food, and beans to increase gas so I can fart more normally, and probably get softer poop. It would eliminate the constipation problem.

I wonder if Cat is having the same problem I am right now, because it looked like what she ate was spicier than what I had. :S So she might have it worse. Hopefully she didn't poop her pants on the bus on the way back to school, since her university was about 45 minutes away from the mall :S

Will let you know how tonight's poop goes!

Happy pooping.

::Anny:: :o)

gavin- tell more stories if you have any

Uncle Harry
A few weeks ago, I was at a mid-size mall which I frequented, had a few lemonades during shopping, and needed to piss. I headed for the restrooms in a small corridor off the main mall. There were two single-seaters, WOMEN and MEN. I walked past the women's, which was first, and went into the mens. It had both a urinal and a toilet, without a stall. I didn't bother to lock the door, as I am not concerned about who sees me piss. The urinal and washstand were on one wall and the toilet on the wall adjacent to the right. Through the thin wall separating the two bathrooms, I could hear the sound of peeing coming from the other room. I stepped up to the urinal and was about to unzip when I heard someone trying the knob of the women's and apparently found it locked. "Shit!", I heard her exclaim loudly. A few footsteps and then she came in the men's. The conversation that follows is the best I can remember and should be fairly accurate.

My cock was hanging out, but I hadn't let go yet. "Oh! I'm sorry! The door wasn't locked and the women's is in use", she said. I turned to look at her and saw her desperately squeezing her legs together and breathing heavily. She was wearing a blouse and shorts and appeared to be in her 50s. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to use the toilet", she said through gritted teeth, looking at the toilet and jiggling. "I'm about to flood my pants. I won't look while you urinate". "Go ahead", I said, as she quickly locked the door before running to the toilet. She turned her back to it, yanked down her shorts and panties all the way to her ankles, and made no real effort not to look at my cock. Then she stood up and started to lower herself to the U-shaped seat, spreading her legs as she went down. "Please, don't watch", she said. After the initial request for a little privacy, she seemed to lose any further interest in what I was seeing. Little sprays of urine were already coming out of her slit before she got all the way down and there was a yellow stain on her white panties. It looked like she had already started to wee in her pants. No wonder she had to use the men's.

The minute she hit the seat, the dam broke. A humongous gush of yellow fluid shot out from the hole between her legs, as if someone had opened a fire hydrant on a hot day. It formed a massive solid stream that ran straight down into the toilet, making loud splattering noises as it hit the water, and saturating the large mound of hair in the bush surrounding her vagina. At the same time, I began my pee while watching what was going on between her spread legs. She didn't stare at my pissing cock, but made little effort to avoid seeing it. Her stream changed from solid to swirling and spraying, sometimes splitting into two, and making loud hissing sounds. "Whewwww!", she exclaimed as she made her ciss, obviously enjoying the feeling of relief. She looked up at me and my pissing dong, and seemed to be feeling some embarrassment. "I'm really sorry I had to do this", she said sheepishly, "but I get uncontrollable urges and just can't wait. I'm the 'accident waiting to happen', like in the TV ads. I'm sorry I have to see you urinating. I hope I'm not embarrassing you". "Don't worry about it", I said. "It doesn't bother me. Are you embarrassed to pee in front of a man?". "Well, sort of", she said. "But when a woman has to go this badly, embarrassment and modesty take a back seat and you do what you have to do".

I was still looking intently at the piss coming out of her crack while mine was splattering against the back of the urinal. Her stream had changed back to solid now. A clump of long hairs hung down from her muff and looked as if they were guiding her piss into the toilet. She had so much fur that I could get only a glimpse of her labia. I was already slowing down while she was still urinating strongly. By the time I stopped, she finally began to slow down. As the pressure behind her stream eased, it began to spread out and became a wide, sprinkling, spray, which began to splatter against the top of her thighs. Then she stopped, made a few more sprinkles, and then stopped completely. By now, I was shaking the drops off my prong and starting to work it back into my pants. She pulled a large wad of toilet paper off the roller. Her muff was so wet it looked like a soggy dishrag and a thick hair dangle was dripping a lot. She mopped up her bush with the paper, dropped it into the toilet, and repeated the operation with several more wads before she seemed satisfied that it was dry enough. Then she took another piece and wiped the inside of her thighs with it. She was a really messy pisser.

After finishing her clean-up, she pulled up her panties, then her shorts, turned, and flushed the toilet. After washing our hands, we left the bathroom together. A man waiting outside, who had previously tried the locked doorknob, seemed a bit startled to see a "couple" come out of the men's room, stared a bit, but said nothing as he stepped in and closed, and locked, the door. When we got back to the mall corridor, she asked me if she could buy me a cup of coffee to make up for the "embarrassment" she caused me. I agreed and we headed for the Starbucks in the mall. I suggested that we better not drink too much coffee or we would be back in the men's room together peeing it all out. She laughed at the thought. We chatted a while and then went our separate ways. When I got home, I told my wife about it and she thought it was pretty hilarious. She admitted that she had to do something similar once, but had never mentioned it before.

Speaking of pooping. I remember when i was in the service we were at a outdoor class and when we got to have our break i really had to go and poop and it was the kind that wants to come out fast but it felt so big and hard at the same time, i coulde't hold it back because it was wanting to come out fast and it was really stretching my hole to its limits. I dont think i ever had a poop like that in a long time, i couldent see it because it was an out house type of bathroom but im sure by the way it felt comming out of me it was a site to see.

Recently I was reading the newspaper and there was a medical article which pointed out the importance of farting and how it was natural and healthy. I then boarded a mini bus and it was in the country or bush as we say in Aust. The trip was for about an hour and there were about seven on board. There was this young boy next to me who told his father his stomach was hurting again...and then he was rank!!! But he kept on farting and the air was totally foul...I have never witnessed such a smelly episode..he just kept farting. I wished he would ask to pull over and pop a squat to get rid of what was inside him. I was worried that at any time he would crap his pants something severe. We then pulled up at a service station and he asked to go to the toilet and he did. He was not in there that long and came back looking more comfortable. It was short lived and the farting started again big time. We arrived at our destination...he went his way and I went mine...I hope his way was straight to a toilet!
I note the comment by Chris as to what is constipation. I may add to this where it is with me a reduced output and an incomplete evacuation. I then get aches and pains in my right side due to a full colon. It becomes noticeable when exercising and doing certain stretches where I feel a full bowel and some small pain. I know it is time for a laxative, I am feeling that way right now and if nothing of consequence happens between now and bedtime I will hit the pills for blessed relief.

Going to try pooping my panties at the mall today. I am going out with my friend for lunch and to hang out at the mall, so will probably hit Taco Bell and eat like a spicy taco or burrito or something and walk around the mall until I feel like I'm going to fill my panties...and then let go and do it. Of course, I'm going to make sure I have clean panties to change into after. And know where the washrooms are.

Hopefully I have the nerve to do it and don't lose my nerve right when I'm going to do it. It feels solid right now, so I'm hoping it will be mostly solid not diarrhea by the time I am done eating the Mexican food.

Wish me luck.

P.S. I want to change my diet to give me softer poops and more gas. What causes these things? I want the bloating in my ???? to go away and I can't seem to fart properly. I want to fart and poop more. What types of foods should I eat to cause this?

::Anny:: :0)

When I was in high school, one day we were talking about touching the stall latches after people have their fingers up their asses and have touched it. Well, one guy from the football team says "We guys don't have THAT problem, we don't have any latches in any of the boys bathrooms. I thought that was nasty. Then his buddy says "Yeah, we don't even have DOORS on our stalls. We girls all neary fainted when we heard that. I never went into any of the boys rooms, but I asked my brother and my dad (who attended school there 20+ years ago) and they BOTH said it was true. Guys just sit on 'open toilets" and shit, fart, and wipe in front of everybody. Sounds disgusting to me, I don't want to see ANYBODY elses shit coming out of their asses....

hi i am a13 y/o male i am 5'6. recently i have not been feeling relieved after pooping and have been finding it harder to poop. does anyone have suggestions thanks

Good morning--warm here. On a recent trip we stopped at a rest area and I went into the men's room and sat in a middle stall. It turned out my bowel pressure was merely gas, but a gentleman next to me had a b.m. that made a slight splash. He wiped, got up, and left, expecting that the toilet would flush automatically (mine certainly did, even though there was nothing in it but water). The other toilet didn't flush, so after he left I went in to see what he had done; the toilet paper (lightly stained) did not cover his poop, which was dark, soft, and curled around the bottom of the bowl. A similar experience in a large store yesterday: I went in to pee but noticed that one of the toilets had not flushed. There were three large dark brown turds, well over an inch thick, two of them about 6" long and the third maybe 3". They had been there a while, as the poop had begun to go to powder, but the display was still impressive.
My only other sighting came at a local park a couple of days earlier, where I visited a porta-potty. There wasn't much in it, but there was a single solid turd, maybe an inch thick and 6" long, narrow and tapered at both ends, light brown but tinted greenish by the blue water.
My own poops have continued to be soft and ploppy, except that yesterday I also had an incident of diarrhea that I could not explain; it might have come from tension. I had been working outside when the urge hit. I essayed a fart to relieve the pressure, but it felt wet, so I came inside, sat, and let a large volume of liquid poop come out with considerable speed. A couple of squirts later, I was done; surprisingly, it didn't require much wiping. The poop was splattered heavily at the back of the bowl, forming a dark orange blob just at and below the water line. (I had had an earlier, more nearly normal, poop an hour or so before; it came, as is often the case, in three separate waves or impulses, making a fairly large movement, which is why the diarrhea was such a surprise--entirely aside from the fact that I so rarely have diarrhea.)
Happy pooping, everyone!

Uncle Harry
I've known that many men are interested in how the opposite sex pees, but when I read Laura Pees' and Mindy's postings, I was glad to see that women do to. When my sister and I were young children, we both liked to explore how each other peed and wondered why boys and girls had different kinds of "wee-wees". Our mother told us "thats so you can tell boys and girls apart". We had older friends who knew the real score and explained things to us. And of course, there was a certain amount of back-alley exploration among the boys and girls in the city neighborhood where I grew up. Even my wife, who grew up in a different city, admitted that, as a kid, she watched boys pee and allowed them to watch her pee. But I figured girls lose this interest when they grow up. I guess they don't.

Hi everybody! Well, I have two stories of me and my best friend. Both are from when we were eleven years old. They are long so I will post them separately!
My first story is when I went on vacation with her and her family to a theme park. It is about the two days before we left I was just getting open about peeing around her and in odd places. Well, here goes!
We had been looking forward to this vacation for a long time. It was five days long, and since my parents were going out of town for seven, I was spending the first two days sleeping over at her house and getting ready. As I have mentioned before, both of our parents were pretty wealthy, so it was a pretty extravagant vacation. I think I will write this story in days!
Day One: My parents dropped me off at her house at 8:30 in the morning. Her parent had breakfast waiting, and we both had drunk a lot of orange juice. Her mom said she needed to go to the store, and we went with her. We figured since it was only a quick trip to the store, all of our orange juice wouldn't cause a problem. Well, once we were in the car, her mom surprised us. My parents had given us each five hundred dollars to buy stuff at the mall for our trip! We were shocked! After trying on and buying lots of stuff, we were busting! While we were trying on in adjoining fitting rooms, we got an idea. Since there were garbage cans in the fitting rooms, we each squatted over them. Then on the count of three, we let loose! We felt soooo much better! Then we got home, and packed up all of our new clothes into our suitcases to take with us. While my friend was packing the diapers we each put one on. Then we both sat on her bed, then HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DRIP DRIP DRIBBLE HSSSS we both let loose of our pee! It felt amazing to just feel like I was peeing in my pants and not actually be going. Well, before we went to bed last night, we had both had a lot of soda. We also forgot to put a diaper on. BAD COMBO! I woke up to her peeing all over the bed. I figured since the bed was soaked, I might as well let loose to. It was the first time I could remember peeing in the bed. I loved the feeling of soaking myself through my pjs and the allover warm feeling.
Day Two: Jane's (my friend) parents spent most of this day getting ready for our trip, so we spent all day outside. That was when Jane got an idea. She took their spare key out from under the door mat, and locked the door. She then tossed it in the Flower Bed. We then spent four hours peeing in our pants. We would drink a lot from the hose, and then Jane stood with one leg up like a dog and peed. I then started jumping up and down while peeing. Later while on her swing set, Jane hung upside down and peed. The pee went all over her, even on her shirt. I peed while swinging. I made a zig zag pattern on the ground from going up and down while peeing! It was soo funny! Later, we hugged each other, and let loose. It was the weirdest feeling ever. Then we went and kept banging on the door. Her mom answered it.
"Girls what happened?" Seeing our wet pants
"we got locked out! We tried to find the spare key, but I think it was lost! We knocked a bunch. We then just had to pee our pants!" -jane
"Oh, you poor things! I wonder where the key went??? You go ahead and get changed for dinner!"
"Oh wow! Jane, the key just fell in the flower bed! Sill us!" - ME.
As you can see, we tricked her parents in getting to be able to pee our pants all day!

Hello, all. My name is Russell, and I'm a 36-year-old caucasian male, weighing in at around 184 pounds. I also live in the USA. I have an average build, but with a belly that sticks out slightly. If I were a female, I would look as if I were 5 months pregnant. Other than that, I'm fairly healthy.

To FatChick: I really loved your recent post here, about pooping very heavily in a public restroom. You definitely are a woman I wouldn't mind meeting, because I've always had a fascination about wanting to see a large -- but attractive -- girl or woman on the toilet having a massive-sized BM, just like you and what you produce. You might also see about posting future stories about your big poop loads. In fact, I wouldn't mind watching a video of you getting rid of one of your bigger loads. Just keep that eating habit of yours in check, though, for you could easily get diabetes before long. I also wouldn't mind if you told me where you live -- whether it be in the USA or elsewhere. I'd appreciate that, if you don't mind.

Now for a story about one my recent poop events. Not long ago, I had to take some Metamucil for the bowel problems I've been having since the spring of 2005. Anyway, one day while driving home from work I literally felt like I hadn't gone in weeks, even though it had been just two days since I previously had a satisfying BM. So, after I got home I decided to strip off my wet work clothes and get into the tub. My bathtub has one of those hoses that mounts a hand-held shower head. I unscrewed the shower head and turned on the water to achieve a moderate pressure level and mild warm temperature. I then settled down into the tub and gently inserted the hose into my butthole. Not long afterwards, I achieved my first results -- small and rubbery, dark-brown turds slid out and made their way towards the drain. That did feel good, but I knew there was far more up inside me.

I then reinserted the hose for a longer fill and flush session, and finally -- after about 10 minutes, or so -- the big stuff began to make its way out of my aching body. The first major turd was light-brown and looked like a dead snake. It felt weird as well, more like rotten body tissue than a turd. This continued for almost 30 minutes, and by the time I was finally cleaned out I had a sizeable pile of BIG turds covering the tub drain. The smell was not too good either, so I knew I had gotten rid of a significant load. I might have also saved myself from developing colon cancer. Anyway, because of the Metamucil there was no consistancy to the actual width of my bigger turds, but they were significantly longer than usual and literally shot out of my behind -- as a result of the building water pressure.

Afterward, I felt MUCH better, as if I had lost 10 pounds. Of course, after picking up my mess out of the tub, I had to thoroughly wash my hands. But then, I decided to go ahead and take my bath. And while I bathed, I left my toilet unflushed and occasionally looked into the bowl to see the huge load I had just produced. After getting finished with my bath, I did finally flush the toilet. But I wish I had my own digital camera to prove how big my load was. You see, I usually don't produce loads that big, but since I was obviously constipated I had to do something to get rid of the extra weight bearing down on my stomach and tail end.

Well, folks, that's my story for now. I haven't had any other types of sessions like this since then, so I don't know when it'll be before I post another story like this one again. Since I am a guy, I usually don't poop big like some of you ladies out there -- and that's so VERY unfortunate! Anyway, keep the posts up, and happy pooping to all.

Here is a story about me meeting one of my other friends who really likes to pee. We were 11 years old.
I had just switched schools, and one of my new friends, Clair, invited me over to her house. On the way there, she kept saying she had to pee. When we got about halfway there (we were walking) she said "I will let you in on a little secret! I love peeing my pants. As soon as I get home I will pee in my pants." I was shocked, but happy, because as you know, my other friend Jane was the one who got me interested in peeing, and I have really like peeing in my pants. Since my parents had worked alot, they didn't notice/ didn't think it was a big problem. Well, as soon as we got to her house, she stood facing me and let loose. Her pee soaked her pants and dripped onto her front step. Then I started peeing in my pants only since I didn't have to go that bad it just got my pants a little wet. Well, we walked into her house and her mom said "well, I see you have shown her your little secret! Oh my, she seems to do the same thing!" Obviously her mom didn't have a problem with it. Well, her mom got us a change of clothes, and then we went up to play. After about 3 hours of playing, she said, "I have to pee again." I expected her to pee in her pants but instead she got up, and tooker her pants off. She then sat down on a chair with two unfolded washclothes underneath her. She also had two folded up that she put infront of her. She spread her legs a little bit and let loose. The pee shot out and hit the washclothes infront of her. Once her pee was done, she asked me if I wanted to try. I said yes so she got the same setup for me. I then sat and tried to pee. For some reason, nothing happened! I usually dont have problems with that. She then told me to close my legs and sit exactly as I would on a toilet. I did, and concentrated, and soon a small dribble came out, and stopped, and then soon a big hissing stream. We had a very fun afternoon. I have many more stories with clair and jane. If you would like to hear more, just tell me!

HI! Well, I got a question for you girls. Have any of you every just peed in your maxis because you were tired of looking for a toilet or didn't want to get up so you just put one on, peed and kept doing what you wanted to? That has happened to me several times like now. I gotta pee so I went & put a super maxi on so I can keep reading these funny posts but I can't pee anywhere other then the toilet. Does anyone know of a way to make me just pee already!?!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just Me
Hey I was just wondering where all the men with the good constipation stories went?? Come back and share you stories with us :)

When I was a little girl, I used to pee A LOT, it was an all the time thing. Well, there was this time when I was 4. We were on a boat and I had to pee REALLY bad. I tried to go into the bathroom, but my cousin was in there. It was the only bathroom on the boat, so I ran to my mom crying and holding my crotch. I told her I was going to pee in my panties really soon if I couldnt get into the bathroom. My mom quickly romoved my panties, picked me up, she sat me on the side of the boat with my butt and my vagina over the edge, she held on to me, by this time, I was already starting to dribble down my leg, so I finally let loose and I pissed a very hard stream into the lake below. I relaxed and just continued to piss, I farted once, and continued my hard hissing stream. Finally, it started to dribble off, a few spurts here and there and I was done. My mom pulled out a tissue and wiped me and put me back on the boat, she put my panties back on and smiled. "Better?" I told her yes, and that I really had to go!

Broken Bathroom
Hi everybody! I have another post! Today I went to the mall to buy some cute summer stuff on sale. Well, as I was on the escalator in one of my favorite stores, I suddenly felt the urge to pee. I also felt the urge to poo. This was terrible for me because I hate using public restrooms. Well, I got to the bathrooms. I then stood over the toilet, with my legs on either side, and let loose of my pee. It was a strong stream that made a loud splashing sound in the water. I then had to take care of my other need. I stood up and pushed, and then whenever it felt ready to drop, I had to squat over the toilet. My legs were so sore! As I was in there, I heard a line start to form (all of the 3 stalls were full.)When I came out, there was a mother daughter pair (the daughter was about 5) at the end of the line. The daughter kept saying, "Mommy, I have to go!!!" and her mom kept hushing her. Then her pleas got so intense, that her mom sat her on a sink and had her pee in a sink. I felt so bad for her! Her mom seemed pretty desperate to, and then all of a sudden her mom says "darn it!" And squatted down. Then the front part of her pants became wet, and there was a stream of pee dripping down and making a puddle on the floor. It was not a good day for those two!

Love to pee
When I was a little boy, I used to love to pee. I would pee anywhere and everywhere, i didnt care where I was or who saw me. I loved to go out into my backyard and just piss wherever I wanted. No bowl to aim in or nothin. Well, I guess I took it alittle too far when I was about 5 years old. My mom took me to a park and of course I had to piss. So right where I stood on the jungle gym, I reached into my sweatpants, pulled out my penis and proceeded to piss off the jungle gym in front of about 20 people. Another time, my sister took me to her friends house with her, and I was only like 3, and I had to piss, she wouldnt let me go outside, so I told her I was going to bathroom, and instead I went into the family den, I lifted the couch cushion, pulled my pants down, and pissed right there, then I pulled my pants back up and put the cushion down. I did that a lot over there. lol

to chris-thanks for your posting. Do you know if tension of the stomach muscles can cause you to get constipated?

Pepper--I think it's great that you're able to (electronically, at least) laugh about your accident THE DAY AFTER IT HAPPENED! Just based on this site, it seems that it takes most people at least 8 years to be able to laugh it off. Bravo to you.

To emma-if you need to poo when you are on your period it will make the cramps worse if you hold it. Try eating very light foods for about three days before you are due on and dont eat a lot of processed or junk foods as this may give you diarrhoea. I think your cramps are being caused more by your need to have a bm. Eating lightly prevents the bowel becoming overloaded. Hope this helps.

Me and my wife were eating at a chinese buffet and afterwords we went to the store next to it to browse. After walking around a while, i felt this motion inside my bowels and felt kind of like i had to poop very bad,without telling my wife i exited the store and walked as fast as i could to the grocery store that had a bathroom and at the same time trying to hold the poop mess from comming out.
I just got in the stores bathroom and found the empty stall got my pants down and had a seat. All at once came pouring out of my bowels,liquid and a lot of chunks. I must have ate too much or drank too much. I finished and returned to the store where my wife was and told her, she didnt know that i had left.

Broken Bathroom
Hi! I'm flattered that so many people liked my story! Well, on Saturday, I finally got up the nerve to pee outside! It was great! Here's what happened.
I went outside with a pretty full bladder, wearing a skirt with no panties. I then went and stood behind my gardening shed. I stood with my legs spread apart and waited. I kept having that feeling that is like a really intense need to pee that you get when you try to pee and can't (does anybody else know what I am talking about?). Well, after standing there for about 2 min, I felt my self get wet, and then heard a dribble sound of my pee hitting the ground! I soon was peeing a long straight, hard stream. Since there was no grass behing my shed, it left a big puddle. I stoped before I was anywhere near empty because I had other techniques to try. I then went over and stood in some Ivy, and let another stream out, and liked hearing in hit the leaves. I then went and found a corner, and sat with my skirt out from under my bottom and legs straight out, and tried to pee. For some reason I had trouble starting, possibly because of the pressure of the ground? Well, once I got started, I was peeing very forcefully. I then squatted and emptied the rest of my bladder. For some reason, it only came out in a thin stream, and lasted a long time! When I went back inside, I felt some more pee, so I put a towel over myself, and let loose. It soaked about 1/3 of the towel! It was SOOOOO much fun! I really like everybodys peeing stories! Please post more peeing stories and peeing in strange places!!

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