Sgt. feeces
Hi I havent posted in a while because my computer crashedand i needed to get it fixed. Im 13 yrs old girl .My father owns 2 houses. We live in one house and we are rentovating another. Last week the toilet was ripped out because we are rentovaitng the bathroom (new shower new toilet, paint job etc.)the houses are about 20 miles fater is not always at the house we are rentovating because he also his an emergency room nurse. everyday I usually crap around 1:30 when im working at the house since the toilet wasnt going to be put bak in for about 3 weeks my mom or dad (if he was there) had to drive me home everyday to take my crap. A couple days into the project my parents got tired of driving me home and back. since the ride was 40 miles roundtrip plus a fifteen minute crap it took about an hour. im the kind of person THAT WHEN IHAVE TO CRAP I HAVE TO CRAP AND I COULD NOT HOLD IT. I could hold my pee not my crap so the second week my parents bought me adult diapers so when i had to crap or pee i could go in my pants and put on another dipaper so i did not have to clean up. my dad says it is not good for me to hold my pee so every day idgo in my pants for 2 weeks i kinda got used to it so my parents kept buying me diapers and ever sincce the bathroo mwas fixed i use diapers

Concerned Mother- tell your daughter to go durring class if possibly, or to take a buch of friends with her if she has to go. Also if she has to go durring lunch, she may be able to use the restrooms in the locker rooms.

girl 1

i got a qestion for anyone to answere after a dump sometimes i wipe and feel clean but im dirty when i fell my butt and my butt itchies from resido does anyone no wat to do

Hello Fat Chick.I enjoyed your story about your humongus turds.How much more did you poop?Did anyone try to enter your stall after you finished?I never thought anyone could fill the bowl like that.I would say my biggest/longest was about 14inches long and 2inches wide.Please tell about other poop experiences.

Hi everyone, I am a longtime luker, first time poster. I am a 16 year old girl, with brunette hair and blue eyes.
Recently I was at a country fair, while at the fair I felt the need to poop, so I went and stood in line for the port-o-potties. I was about halfway down the line when I got a really strong urge and realized I couldn't hold it any longer. I steped to the side of the line, pulled down my pants and thong, and took my dump right there on the ground. I got a couple of looks from people, then another girl, about my age joined me. I did a total of 41' long x 4" around, the other girl had about 7 waves of diaherra, each lasting about 2-3 min. I felt soory for her, having to shit like that in front of everyone. I noticed a bunch of guys looking our way.

Concerned Mother, tell your daughter to go durring classes, as thats when the bathrooms are usually emepty. If she has to go durring lunch, tell her to take her friends with her, and if possible to go in the locker room.

Cindy, quote:

Shelly, I hope you will forgive me for being nosy, but I'm intrigued. You say that you've been bladder incontinent since birth and I'm curious as to why.

I was born with my bladder on the outside(Bladder exstrophy. I had many surgeries to correct this, and even eventually gained a small amount of bladder control, by the time I was 8 or 9 years old. However, it was so minimal that if I didn't get to the potty as soon as I felt the need, I'd wet my pants, so I just stayed in diapers. Everyone knew I wore diapers by then and I had to wear them still at night anyhow. After a w3hile, the little bit of control I gained went away.I;ve been told that with some more surgery,I could once again acheive bladder continence, but at this point in my life I'd rather wear diapers than undergo yet more surgeries. I've kind of lost count, but I think I've been cut on at least 7 or 8 times. Enough is enough

In reply to James talking about his shit while pissing. It has hapenned to me a few times usually standing at the urinal having a well deserved piss. A fart has developed, quite unstoppable, and a huge turd has slid into my briefs. So far I have never done a wet load and I don't want to either! My most recent was in bed a few days ago - I woke in a sweat and realisedI was pissing. I must have just started. I grabbed the front of my boxers and ran for the toilet. My pants were good and wet but I did a huge poo at the same time and this crashed into the crutch of my pants and then slid down my thighs and fell on the floor. I think so far as I am concerned I'll never wear boxers other than in bed!


To Fat Woman and Laura the teacher
I find your stories of most interest.
Getting the facts of your experiences in bathroom stalls and the
sounds and strains.
Can't wait to hear / read more!

Trucker T
Wow, I'm really surprised to hear about so many people that flush their children's diapers down the toilet. When both of my daughters were in diapers disposal diapers where just starting to be mass produced so my wife and I switched back and forth from clothe to disposables. I never flushed any, I don't even see how they would fit through the hole unless you really compressed it. We had a septic tank back then, so if I had flushed them all i can picture is a sea of septic sludge and diapers floating around in back yard because it screwed up the system.

Monday, July 16, 2007

To Nina

yes it is possible to have regular BMs and still be constipated. Many people think that being constipated means not being able to go at all. If you have to strain more than normal to have a bowel movement, you are slightly constipated. If your turds seem to be drier than normal, making them harder to pass, you are constipated. If you don't take care of these early symptoms of constipation by either changing your diet or using laxatives, the symptoms will become worse, as will your constipation. The key is to notice changes in your bowel movements and not to wait until you are unable to go at all.

Concerned Mother
Just an update on our situation: I haven't checked all of the restrooms, but the ones I did check are well-maintained, with doors on every stall, but no urinals, just more stalls than usual.

I talked to my daughter, and she says she's just uncomfortable with pooping around boys her own age. Unfortunately, I am not plagued by these problems - I can poop or pee anywhere, even in a doorless stall if I have to.

I don't know what advice I can give my daughter to ease her mind, but I guess going with friends can make it a little more comfortable.

Question for the women here...

This may sound a bit weird, but does anyone else find it difficult to go to the bathroom when they have their period? I get pretty heavy ones and a lot of the time I just can't push because it hurts too much from cramps! It's not as though I'm constipated or anything and I could go fine if it were any other time of the month. I just can't get things moving because the pain is too much so I leave it a couple of days. Does anyone else get this or am I just strange? lol

Hi everyone,

I read the posts from other moms about flushing their kids' dirty diapers away. When I was raised, we had cloth diapers so my mom was using the toilet to rinse out all of our poops out. I was the middle kid so I got to inherit the diapers from my older sister, and my little sister used them last. My mother had decided that my little sister was the last child she was going to have. So, when she started potty training, my mom decided to get rid of our family diapers, so she simply started flushing my sister's dirty ones down the toilet instead of rinsing them out. When my sister had soiled the very last diaper, we all came to the bathroom to say goodbye to it, as it was the last one all three of us wore. Mom let me pull the flush and we all watched it go down. My sister still had some accidents in her training pants, but diapers were (literally) gone forever.


I have always had a shyness about saying i want to wee. I find it especially hard when im in a relationship and out with a boyfriend. How do people who dont have this problem deal with the situation,say if they are driving somewhere and need to wee,how do they convey this? I never know what words to use!

To PPGirl. Julie and peepee dancer:
Your stories were fun and interesting. Please write more of them, I like them very much.


I get that sometimes usually from natty but tequila and vodka can do tear me up pretty bad too. I just end up drinking more natty than the others and I've had crazyass shits from too much natty and it's like the loud explosive watery kind. I'm totally with ya about puking tho, shitfaced drunk and barfing is about the least fun you can have and still be alive - I'd rather just crap it out the next day.

I took the weirdest looking shit ever today, it was like a bunch of little turds that were each almost exactly half light and half dark. I seriously almost didn't flush it. it was one of those ones that leave skid marks in the bowl (turns out I had one in my underwear too, I usually don't have that problem unless my ass is sweaty or I've been biking).

Last time I had the shits except for some soft serve the other morning was last weekend. I'm not sure what made it happen but I was pretty f'n sick for a while. it was the kind where you wake up with your guts in knots, shit your guts out for 30 minutes and then have a couple squirts of really really liquid shit every 15 minutes for the rest of the day which sux the worst since it's never very much at once but when you gotta go you REALLY gotta go and if you try to eat you'll end up sprinting to the toilet halfway through with your ass clenched shut.

Wow, great posts. I'm new here and have been reading some of the past polls and decided that I was going to post a story here. I'm 15 and a male. Anyway I dedcided i was going to finally pee in a place that wasn't the toilet. Well the other day my parents and brother went out to a movie and I decided to stay home, well when my parents left, I deicded to start me adventures in peeing.

Well I looked all around the house and tried to find a adecent place to pee without my parents or brother knowing, well I found a nice place in the living room. We have a ling sofa that shapes in an L and there was a space between the cushions. So I took out my 'tool' and let it go in between the sofa, it was the greatest feelign ever! I peed for about half a minute and deicided that I would finish peeing later. Well about an hour passed and I felt another urge to pee, so I went into the garage. In the garage we have millions of place that I could go, my heart started beating fast. We have three cars, so I climbed into the car that is really trashed up. I climbed into the back adn then pulled down my pants and let my stream loose, and the best part of all is the car smells already, and is covered in stains so my parents will never know what I did!

Blind Freak!
Greetings. I have several people to address, so please bare with me.
I myself am fascinated with alternative ways to fulfill my bathroom needs, although the diaper is still my favorite by far. It is cleaner (if you take care of your skin) and most people are completely unaware I am wearing one. I also don't have to worry if I have to go to the bathroom. I have a phobia of public rest rooms, so I will do ANYTHING I must to avoid them. I usually just hold it, although I will go outside or use a diaper if I can. I have also heard of people peeing into towels, not to mention the funnel method of female peeing.
Broken bathroom,
I know what it's like to be in that situation. When we had our house built, we spent two or three months living in the woods with no running water. Boy were those days full of adventure. We would usually all poop in one of our packing boxes and then burn it with the other garbage, and peeing was done behind the nearest hedge or tree. We also used buckets at times. Finally, I would like to comment on your diaper experience, which I think could be made to be far better in the future, if ever. From the sound of it, you peed full force into the diaper, which made it feel wet and squishy. If you take it slow, either urinating in a slow stream or in spirts, the diaper will have time to absorb your urine. If you just blast it out, the urine will flow around your diaper area until it finds dry patches to gel, and that will make your skin feel wet and clammy. If you take it slow, the gel in the diaper should have time to absorb your urine, leaving you dry and clean. The squishy feeling cannot be avoided, as it is caused by the superabsorbent turning to gel. Using either baby powder or corn starch also helps to keep your skin dry. As for pooping, there really is no way to improve that experience. All I can advise is the use of chlorophil tablets to eliminate the odor, although it will make bodily excretions turn green. Though I expect you probably won't be doing that again yourself, I think others might find that bit of info useful. I hope this helps and/or makes things easier for you. Although enemas are embarrassing, they are a tried and true way of getting things going when nothing else works. I would vouch for suppositories myself, but it all comes down to a matter of preference.
I also avoid touching anything in rest rooms, although I seldom use them. It is hard, but I have done it. I sometimes use my shirt tails or sleeves if there are no paper towels. I also carry hand sanitizer in the event I have to use one or deal with anything dirty. My mother says I am germ phobic, but I have a low immune system and therefore cannot be too careful.
Thanks everyone for all the great posts. I find all your stories interesting, including and especially how those who are paralysed deal with their bathroom needs. I've always wondered about that. I wish you all the best as always. Pee in peace, and remember, please remain in your seat while bowels are in motion.
C. C.


your name BILL M.
Im taking blood pressure pills and i had them changed for expense reasons. Since ive been taking the new perscription ive had the runs every day sometimes 3 times a day, not sure what to do, i havent had a nice firm or hard feeling poop for a long time i want the feeling back. Any suggestions.


Whats up with all the doorless stalls in mens restrooms recently? I thought we were past those days. Places are begining to remove stall doors like the 70's and 80's .....Problem with now is that women feel they can just walk into a mens restroom, which would not have happened back in the 70's or 80's.

Uncle Harry
Broken Bathroom's post about her search for various pee places reminds me of an incident that occurred when I was a sophomore in college. I lived in an on-campus dorm at an all-male university. One Saturday, I got "fixed up" with a blind date who lived in town by one of my frat brothers, who also lived in town. I had gotten tickets for a play at the campus auditorium. I picked her up at her house, we stopped for dinner at a restaurant, and then headed to campus for the play. We had discovered that we had some common interests in music, so after the play we went up to my dorm room to listen to music, talk, and get better acquainted. The university had no rules about female visitors in the dorms and I had a single room.

When we got up to my room, the first thing she said was that she hadn't been to the ladies room all evening and needed to pee badly.. like, she was about ready to piss in her pants. She asked me where the ladies room was, forgetting that this was a men's dorm and there was no women's bathroom. The single-use guest bathroom was closed because of renovations. I offered to escort her to the men's, but warned her that the rather decrepit stalls had been removed pending installing new ones, leaving only open toilets. She said she would be too embarrassed to do that, but she was clearly getting desparate. Then she asked if there was anything in the room she could pee into and I could dump it into a toilet later; at least only her date would be in the room with her. The only thing available was an old two-quart sauce pan that I had used to heat canned soup on my hotplate. I had since bought a new one, so I didn't think she'd be "pissing in my soup". She couldn't use the wastebasket because it was wicker and wouldn't hold fluid.

She looked at the pot somewhat skeptically, but decided it would have to do. I asked her how she was going to use it... put it on a chair and squat over it or hold it between her legs while standing. She decided that she'd better hold it between her legs because she sprayed a lot when she urinated and wasn't sure she could get it all in the pot if she just squated over it. She figured she would have to take off her slacks and panties, rather than just pull them down, in order to spread her legs far enough.

She took off her shoes and slacks; then, before taking off her panties, she asked me to please look away, as she was shy and didn't want me to see her pussy or watch her go to the bathroom. I turned to the side, but could still see her out of the corner of my eye. She pulled off her panties, and then went through several attempts of trying to spread her legs far enough, get the pot properly placed between her legs, squating back sufficiently, and not losing her balance. I turned my head a little and glanced at what she was doing. "Don't peek", she said. Finally she said, "Harry, I'm having a problem. I'm going to have to do something embarrassing and ask you to help me". I turned and looked directly at her twat. She was quite well furred, had prominant labia, and giggled in an embarrassed manner when she saw me looking at her pussy. She said she needed to hold on to something for balance, couldn't hold the pot with just one hand and asked me, with obvious hesitation and embarrassment, if I would please hold the pot under her vagina while she peed into it. Of course, I was glad to oblige.

I pulled the chair over for her hold onto, then got down on me knees with my face only inches from her pussy. She grasped the chair, spread her legs wide, and I placed the pot under her hole. Some 15 seconds went by and only a few drops came out. I told her to go ahead and pee. She said she was trying, but was having trouble letting go with a man watching, and asked me to please turm ny head away. After another 15 seconds or so, I heard several squirts into to the pot and finally the continuous sound of fluid filling it. I figured it was safe to look now. Her urine was pouring out of her slit like a wide-open faucet, spraying wildly in various directions and making loud hissing sounds. I asked her if she was embarrassed and she said she didn't care anymore; she was just glad to get her aching bladder emptied. When she was done, I handed her some tissue from my desk so she could wipe her slit.

While she was dressing, I took the pot to the bathroom to empty it. Apparently, other guys in the house also had female visitors. A guy and a gal both walked into the bathroom just ahead of me. The guy went over to the urinal, pulled out his cock, and started to piss. The gal went to the toilet closest to the door, pulled down her slacks and panties, sat down with her legs somewhat spread, and started pissing. I had to walk directly in front of her to get to the next toilet, so I could see her stream clearly. Unlike my date, hers was a clean stream that didn't spray and splatter. Obviously, this lady was not shy. While I was dumping my pot, the gal asked me what I was dumping. "My date's piss", I said. "She was too shy to use the men's room". "I should have a talk with her", the gal said. I rinsed the pot, went back to my room, and we put on the music.

babysitter with potty problems: advice for heather !
i'm a 16 year old girl, pretty much in the same boat as you. my summer babysitting job involves a couple full days a week watching a 8 year old girl, 6 year old girl, and 5 year old boy (just RECENTLY potty trained) usually, it's no problem taking him into the same bathroom with me. i just close my legs when i have to go and pull my shirt over my knees sometimes. occasionally, if he's being stubborn, i just take him outside (in a secluded area of course) and tell him to go pee. it's really rough though, cuz he won't go in with his sisters, which would save me a whole lot of trouble. there have been accidents while babysitting those kids, and i won't go into them now.

i just posted a while ago with advice to that heather person, but ijust got home and figured this was a good story, and i should tell it now.

i'm a sixteen year old girl, and babysitting is like a hobby of mine, and i babysit for everyone and their cousin so-to-speak. tonight, i was babysitting for a 15 year old boy, zack (who doesn't really need babysitting, but he's not allowed to watch his siblings by himself and stuff); 12 year old boy, chris; 7 year old boy, josh; and two twin girls, 3 1/2 or 4ish, hannah and chloe. i've been watching these guys pretty much twice a week for three years now, and the parents haven't done much parenting, ever. it's a single mom, but all of the kids have different dads if that paints the picture. the night i was there, the boys got a new game to keep them occupied for the night when i was there, and apparently they were pretty into it. every so often i would bring them snacks and drinks and stuff so that they didn't die pretty much, because none of them seemed to leave the room at any point. i dropped six bottles of water and a 2-liter of rootbeer and a bag of chips and i left them to their game to go play with the twins. the girls were playing with their little pet shop things or whatever, so they were all set. and chloe said she had to go poop, so naturally, of course hannah did too, since that's the way it always is with little kids.

so i took them in, and hannah sits down first with her feet just dangling there for a while, and chloe sat on the edge of the bathtub with me, and i could tell that she was trying to keep it in. and then i tell hannah to get up so that her sister could go, because she was practically in tears now complaining her stomach hurt, and hannah said no because she had to go poop, and of course i heard a small tinkling noise so i couldn't make her get up. then chloe said she thought it was gunna come out, so i was just didn't want to have to deal with that at the moment. hannah sat there, feet dangling while her sister was trying very hard not to have an accident everywhere. i just kept saying 'it's okay, you're a big girl. big girls sometimes have accidents.' but i have a feeling she didn't believe me. she kept crying, and i took her on my lap and hugged her and she cried, and told me she wasn't gunna make it much longer. i told her she could take her pants off and use a pullup, but she really didn't want to. so i opened it up and held it underneath her, and she straddled her legs to pee in it. i wouldn't blame her, i don't think i'd my pee coming back at me, either. then her poop started to come out, so i told her that she could sit down, but she wasn't comfortable with that. so i had her sit across my lap, and held the pullup under her so she could go poop, and she was fine. not surprisingly hannah didn't do anything. i gave the twins their bath before bedtime, and then they got out, and were just about to get dressed when i look over and see hannah staring between her legs, pooping on the floor. and then chloe just said 'she does that sometimes.' and so i cleaned them up, and put them to bed in their room six doors down from where the boys were. huge house.

then i went pee before going to check on the boys. when i walked in to check on them, i see zack (15!) holding himself still playing the stupid game with a tiny wet spot right on the crotch of his tan pants. i hated to have to ask him, but i asked if he had to pee, and he said 'yeah just a sec.' 10 minutes later passes, and he said "ah fudge i'm not gunna make it" and pulls out his penis and starts peeing in one of the empty water bottles. i was still watching them play video games, and i'm witnessing this whole scene. when i asked him what he was doing, i think he forgot i was still there because he said sorry, and kept peeing, and it spilled over the top of the bottle all over the floor. later on, he asked me if he could watch me pee, and i said yes, seeing as how he had already seen me. i have a feeling i'm going to like babysitting over there a lot more pretty soon (=

your name bill m.
one saturday i had to go to work and getting there very early as i do.I was sitting in my car waiting for the others,i havent had a bm the friday before like i should have done. I had the feeling of having to go and poop very bad all at once so i went to the dumpster and found a small box that had a plastic bag in side, went in the back seat pulled my pants down and filled it with my poop, what a relief!

anna b
to laura(teacher)

ive never imagined in my life a TEACHER that actually seems so cool and open about herslef. ive nevr in my life pooped in public and its my worst fear to have to poop in public but hey im only 14 i still got years ahead of me. But anywase are you so open to your classmates about this stuff? because im sure if i had a teacher names laura and came on here and saw your posts i would never see you the same way lol!

nees2pee, I'm surprised you were not scratching every few mintues on your walk back. I know if I leave any residue from my dump on my cheeks, I'm constantly ichy. Toilet charger, great story, but you know how not to wear boxers if you are going to be out late at night. At least the load would have been contaned and you would have been less embarassed. Hyka poo, great story, I hope you do that again. Cyrus, it must have been great seeing that turd slowly blend into the ice. Was there steam rising also? There must have been a yellow hole near that turd. North pole, everyone should be proud as you were of your creation.

I was lurking and reading for some time so now I will pass you some stories. This is concerning my twin sister, miranda.

Growing together we are not shy about each other, seeing other ones body. We sharing all things together, sleeping in same room, clothes when we smaller, bathtub together until maybe 9 or 10. So sometimes we have secrets together not know to parents. These stories are some secrets, when Miranda make accident in her clothes.

One day we traveling home, long trip, from vist to old aunties during we are 7 or 8. We are in back of father's car and he is not wanting to stop to be home before dark. Maybe one hour to home I notice my sister very sad and jump in her seat. Then she start wiggling a hand under her dress, between legs so I whisper, "are you need to pee?" and she whisper, "yes, almost soon." But she not want to tell mother or father in case they are angry for her causing them too be late. So she try to holding it.

For rest of trip she wiggling and squeezing under her dress and this also starts me to wanting pee, so I also begin to squeeze myself. Miranda see me at this and smiles some to knowing her problem is not alone. Finally we are very near home and Miranda whispers to me, "I run to toilet first." But I shake no telling her Ican not wait also. So she says, "I will sit and you can peeing in tub."

As soon as car is sstopped and mother openshouse, we run, jumping up two stairs at one step and down the hall into toilet room. As we turn into doorway my sister lifts dress to high up with one hand on panties front. I open my pants and stop at tub. My sister sits on bowl. I hear the hissing start but not splash in water so I look to see she forget to put panties down and is wetting into her underwears.

The she finish and has to take off wet panties and go into bedroom with only dress on. We hide panties for washing later so mother is not finding.

Another time, for our 10 birthday, father take us on special trip to visit big cities in neigbour countries. Because we must ride buses many days for long, mother decide we should using special diaper pants, not real under wear. Since miranda wearing usually skirt ot dress, she try not to let other people to see them under but wear pants and so no one can tell.

First it is hard to not wory about doing peeing in clothes, but after twodays, sister and me we get very easy to do, and fun since it mean we not need to stop anything to find toilets. When feeling like topee, we stand with legs not pressing closed

Since we are curious knowing when one may have to be wetting, we make twin secrets, we make a special signal of scratching ear to let other know when we peeing in crowds. No one can tell we did and sometime we pee many times in day, then trough in garbage at night. Not usual, we only try not to doing 'big job' in them.

But after trip, one day we are talking in school with friends when I notice Miranda standing her legs apart and touch her ear. Then before I can come to her to stop, she is wetting. Not wearing diaper now, her front of dress gets dark and damp them strweaming down her legs and all friends see her and laughing.

At home mother is angry and is spanking Miranda and sister not sit for all day, even to going pee at house she is standing over bowl, too hurtful to be sit down. But after, Miranda never forget agin.

Fat Chick
This is my first post here although I have come to this site before quite often and have read many of the wonderful posts of which many I have found to be thoughtful and very insightful. Most encouraging is that at least for me it reaffirmed my feelings that I was more or less normal! Having never posted before I should probably provide a little information about myself. I am in my mid-30s, blonde and can be probably best be described as being a very big girl. Specifically, I am 5'5" tall and weigh anywhere between 350 and 400 pounds as it tends to fluctuate in that range and that is a weight I have been at since mid 20s. I think I am pretty cute - I certainly am not down on myself. If I ever decided to lose the weight I could very possibly be a hottie (if one goes by the theory that only thin women can be) - but I do have a serious confidence problem when it comes to meeting men. But for me the bottom line is I love to eat and I love to eat a lot far more than I want to work at losing weight and getting a man. Such things are just mere fantasies for me while eating is my real passion and I just could never give that up. I can dream all day about men but the eating part has to be real! As for what I do for a living, I work full-time as a retail clerk at a major department store.

But what brought me to this site originally is the simple subject of bathroom habits and I am interested in hearing about other people's experiences when they go or observe others going. For the longest time I felt that I had a problem because of how much I would go when I had to go potty as I like to say - I guess since I eat a lot I also produce a lot! And when I have to go I drop some absolutely enormous bombs - huge, fat turds that are almost freakish in size. They often measure almost three inches wide and are normally about two feet in length although rarely do they come out in one piece although it has happened! When I really need to go big (the term I like to use when I really have to go VERY badly) I do my best to find a crowded public restroom - provided I have time to wait. I find there are very few things more satisfying than sitting on the toilet in this situation with my panties around my ankles while I rip some loud farts and take an enormous crap. In the same way I do with comments I hear about being fat, I feed off the negative attention especially when people make rude comments about how bad it smells. I just smile to myself and just keep on letting it all come out. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Last week I had the opportunity to do just that. I had not been able to go for three days and I knew when eventually it came time to go that it was going to be huge. It happened to be my day off so I got up late in the morning - I love to sleep in! I showered and changed into a pink one-piece dress that was about knee-length so I could show off my thick, shapely legs. I wore a pair of white, mid-length heel strappy thong sandals. I was REALLY hungry so it was off to Denny's where I ordered a Grand Slam breakfast with a side of hash browns and two sides of sausage links ( I love those little greasy things!). By the time I was done - I was really full! Fortunately I wore a dress or I would have to undo my pants right at the table! I then went to the mall to so some shopping - mostly just looking as my credit cards are pretty maxed out. After I couple of hours I started to have some really bad gas. I discretely farted several times when I was off by myself and I then realized that really I needed to take a really big crap. So I headed to the bathroom near the food court (I work at a store in the same mall) - it has plenty of stalls even though there are often a lot of people in there. As I entered the restroom, I saw that the first stall was vacant (there are 10 stalls total) so I immediately entered that one. I slammed the door shut and locked it. There were no paper seat protectors in the dispenser but the seat looked clean so I lifted my dress over my head and hung it on the hook on the back of the door. I then rolled off my white cotton panties with a sharp elastic snap and lowered them around my ankles. I sat my huge lilly-white and cellulite-pocked ass onto a seat. The bolts on the back of the toilet audibly groaned as they strained to hold the fixture to the wall. I spread my legs apart really wide and got comfortable - after all I was probably going to be awhile!

Almost immediately I began peeing very profusely and this was followed by a very loud fart that echoed from the bowl beneath me. I already began hearing a few chuckles from outside my stall but by this time it was far too late to stop it - not that I am ever inclined to do that anyways. I then really began to cut loose a series of farts when suddenly I felt a turd begiining to emerge from deep inside me. It was a hard one and ridiculously fat as it slowly began dropping out of my ass. I audibly began grunting as I strained to get it to come out - it was coming out so slowly and it was really beginning to hurt as it seemed to get even wider. I whimpered in pain - it hurt soooooo bad! Then it became stuck - by this time the tip of it was well into the water and the discomfort was excruciating. I grunted hard several times and the pain was such that it was all I can do to keep from crying. I felt like I was sitting on a pole - which in a way I was! It just wasn't coming out anymore! I bounced my fat ass on the seat trying to shake it loose. "Come on!" I whispered my plea. "Oh please come on.." I whispered to myself as the fat turd inched agonizingly slowly out of my anus. Finally it began moving again with greater urgency when suddenly the log broke off under its own weight and slid into the bowl with a heavy andf firm thud. I lifted my belly flab and peered between my legs to have a look. It was probably about two feet long and as wide as a beer can with the severed tail end almost touching the bottom of my ass. The rest of it was curled around the bowl while the front end was solidly buried in the trap hole completely blocking it. I grunted again and the rest of it came out fairly quickly without any splash as the toilet was pretty well filled with a couple of really mammoth logs. The second half was definitely shorter than the first but was well over a foot long - probably closer to 18 inches or so. Then all of a sudden I got a big surprise as my insides gurgled and it was as if the bottom dropped out. I pooped out a very noisy wet fart and then I began having explosive diarrhea. I heard a number of "Oh gods" and "Oh dears" being uttered as I poured an enormous load of loose crap into the bowl beneath me. The stench was absolutely unreal - really funky! I really had to go! There was more muttering along with an audible comment about "somebody is dying in here!" I smiled because I knew I was going to be on the pot for awhile and I wasn't going to be able to flush either! That was a very satisfying time for me...

Thank you. That was an interesting answer to my question and it made sense

to Lisa,

You have the right idea. with me being a firefighter/paramedic hand washing is important.

For me, Sanitizer or hand washing is perfomed:

1)Before and after I inspect and service and Firefighting or EMS equipment

2)Before preparing a meal at home or in the firehouse

3)Before and after contact with patients

4)After a fire

5)Before eating a meal

7) After using the toilet

8) before and socializing with people at clubs, bars and any social function I go to

I am a guy, but still I am selective about where I place my ass when its time for a #2. If It doesnt look clean and I cant clean it up, I dont use it.

Being that you are a woman and My wife has told me of "hovering" (though she doesnt do that) The bigger question is Do you sit on a public toilet when you have to use one to poop?

I agree with everyone who has commented about some of the dangers of not sitting on a public toilet due to hypochondrial fear. We as people can create psychological disorders in children if we impose our fears on them.

Instead of criticizing and ridiculing others for sitting when they should how about we encourage better skills for cleanliness.

and on that note Lisa, lets hear about some of your pooping habits... please share.

Yesss!!MY last post went up!Can anyone tell me why it is that when f
emales pee in places that they shouldn't(i.e outdoors,doorways,alleys)
They ALWAYS seem to try and hide themselves,but us guys don,t seem to be bothered who sees us.Why is that?We all get caught short sometime or other.ladies let me know,what have you got to hide?
If you read my last post you may understand why i ask this question.

I had such a strange day yesterday. I had to pee really bad and was also desperate for a crap. I wanted to wait until I got home but couldnt wait so pulled into a small gas station. As I got out of the car I started losing spurt by spurt as I ran to the bathroom. When I got inside I ran to the urinal aware of my need to crap but there was only one stall and one urinal, the stall was taken. Someone came in behind me as I started to pee.I felt such great relief. I was in bliss until I realized I was filling my pants with shit. I didnt even realize it until I heard the crackling noise. My pants were completely filled by the time I was done. I finally stopped peeing and as I went to zip up I realized the spurts I let out on the way created quite a large wet spot. I could hear the guy behind me laughing. I turned around and he bust out laughing harder. His face was turning red because he didnt take time to breath. Then he suddenly thrust his hand into his crotch and grabbed his dick. He started to run to the urinal. He was trying to unbutton his pants with one hand meanwhile holding his crotch with the other. He started to moan and do a pee dance. Then I saw streaks of pee forming down his pant legs. He was in a real nice business suit. A puddle started to form under him. He gave up and just turned around and said well guess I dont have to go anymore. He walked beside me to the sink to wash his hands. He said he had a big meeting to go to and now he was probably going to be fired. Just then the man in the stall came out and I said now you come out after I shit myself. He said nothing and without washing his hands just walked out, with poop stains all over the back of his pants. Three accidents in ten minutes, what a sight the cashier must have saw.

Hi to my SA poop mate. Glad you back had thought for a moment that the candid poop stories had scared you off. No harm describing a good shit, almost makes you feel better as you type. My dear I have crapped all over this country, on the beach in the mist with no cover just took a chance, loos at show grounds with my friend who rides horses. She has a really loose ???? before competing. In the bushes with lots of others male and female at the Fish river marathon. We sit and fart and squirt male and female next to each other. All athletes together and the point there is to empty before starting so if you are at full throttle and someone with a need comes around the bush you are behind so what. If you have a good look you will notice that when in the position very little can be seen. I have crapped in the desert Namibia not a sole for miles just step out of the car and go side by side with my daughter. My hubby likes to be alone or at a distance. Supermarket malls you name it I have crapped there. Conventions and Agricultural conferences, love to get there early and drop a load as the other ladies all drop theirs after a big breakfast. On our trail on the farm with guests and have had to teach some of the fancy Sandton types how to shit with out peeing into their panties. They are inclined to just bare what is needed and a forward stream lands in their underwear.
As for size, I have mentioned that I have a little firm plug which eases out first, very nice feeling as it stretches things and then a liquid, gassy blast after that. I normally have this type of poo but sometimes it is just straight water. I have never been constipated. So no long logs that leave skidmarks. Have had skids on my undies if I run out of paper. Friend of mine will use her indies for loo paper and then just discard them.
I know PA well. My hubby did his pilots license there and so I spent about two weeks of the 4 with him there. I would go walking in the early morning and the loos at the river mouth are a single entrance type with a left and a right. Lots of people go to the wrong one but that does not bother me as long as the door locks. One xmas there I was walking early and decided to take a crap there and while busy a bunch of JHB joggers dropped in. They must have eaten together the night before because the runs and farts where very evident plus the moans about the wine and the rich pudding. One was crapping pure water and told the others she would join them. When she finishes pouring herself out she turned and puked into the loo and at the same time crapped herself. I saw her washing her jogging shorts out at the basin. Lucky there were showers so she could wash the shit off her legs and arse. She said she was going across to swim and would look like she had swum in her joggers. Do not try to shit bigger just shit normal. It stinks just as bad as huge poop. Look forward to hearing from you don't be shy. Describe it as it feels and smells and sounds..

Hey everybody! I was listening to BBC Radio 1 on Saturday morning and heard something that made me chuckle! The presenter, Fearne Cotton, was telling the listeners that she was at the recent concert in remembrance of Princess Diana, to interview some of the celebrities. She said that after a few interviews, she needed a wee. She went off to find the toilets and, upon finding them (1 cubicle, unisex ones, I think) she walked in straight away, as it said VACANT. In there, peeing, was Keifer Sutherland! After

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Concerned Mother- Tell your daughter to try and go with her friends if possible and that everyone goes to the bathroom, its nothing to be asshamed of.

Recenty I was a a county fair, I had to poop, so I went over and stood in line for the port-o-potties. The line wasn't long, maybe 2-3 girls, (the port-o-potties were dived boy-girl) but it seemed everyone was taking a crap right then, I proably stood in line for 20 min before getting in. There had gotten to be a longer line behind me, proabably 10-15 women, I went in, almost ripped my pants and panties off because I had to go so bad, and started to sit down, a jet of diaherra shot out of my ass before I was down all the way, and then after I sat down, I had somemore diaherra. Then I farted a wet, load fart. Right after this fart, I had more diaherra, at the same time, A girl knocked on the door, and said please hurry up, I'm shitting my pants out here. I replied I'm sorry, I have bad diaherra, I'll be a while. The girl let out a little moan. I said just use the mens. She said I can't, Theres a big line for the mens. I said I'll try and hurry. She said please do. I was in there for another 5-10 min, then wipped and came out. A girl ran in and got to the door before she doubled over and squatted down, I then noticed a large bulge forming in her pants. She then said its too late now, and left the line, allowing another girl to run in and shit her brains out.

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